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Archives: April 27, 2007

Larry Johnson:Why the Main Stream Media is Full of

Lawyers for Guantanamo inmates oppose new rules

48 Million Seniors Forecast to Receive Second Smallest Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment Eve

PAUL KRUGMAN: Gilded Once More

Against anti-Europeanism

The World Bank has the perfect standard bearer

‘Millions of Workers Lack Even Most Basic Safety Protections’

Global Releaf Campaign To Plant 100 Million Trees By 2020

Critics Attack Tory Climate Plan As "Out Of Sync" With Science - Globe & Mail

Surprise! US Will Resist Moves By Germany Towards Climate Pact At G8 Summit - Reuters

91% Of Chevron Shareholders Vote To Reject Measures On Environment, Labor, Human Rights - Reuters

Fuel Cell prices falling rapidly with high effeciency and high reliability

On Svalbard, 600 Miles From N. Pole, Glacier Disappears, Birds Return Early - Reuters

Incidence Of Hypospadia Doubles In W. Australian Boys In Past 20 Years - World Today

VIRAL VIDEO in support of VVPB for FLA

San Juan County, WA: White & Rosato v San Juan County

Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline

Fremont workers sue over losses (violating federal pension law)

Son to testify on Cintas death (Sen. Kennedy to reintroduce the Protecting America's Workers Act)

Chilean Leader Walks the Halls of Her Youth (Bethesda)

Satan behind illegal immigration, Utah County Republican claims

Exxon Mobil Earnings Rise 10 Percent (for the 1st quarter of 2007)

M.I.T.’s Admissions Dean Resigns; Ends 28-Year Lie About Degrees

Flight Attendants Reach Tentative Agreement on $195 Million In Concessions

S309 -- GW stands for Global Warming

White House Held GOP Prospect Briefings

Americans siding with Dems against Bush

Frist Not Charged as Investigators Close Probe of His Hospital Stock Sales

Device Found At Women's Clinic Was Explosive, Police Say

Hawking goes zero-G: ‘Space, here I come’

Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq

Democrats Criticize Iraq in 1st Debate

Renzi could soon resign U.S. House seat

Two Cops Plead Guilty to Manslaughter (92 year old lady killed in ATL)

Royal Accuses Rival of Apology to Bush on Iraq; Sarkozy Denies It

Ecuador 'expels World Bank envoy'

Protect God's creation: Vatican issues new green message for world's Catholics

five bucks to whoever goes into GD, finds the "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh Obama needs a speaking..."

naw, moved to GD

five bucks to whoever goes into GD, finds the "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh HypnoToad needs a spanking

Muhammad Ali on the Flip Wilson Show! (this is a riot!!)

Computer keyboard question

Have you see Ignored?

I will be okay if they do not take away my smileys!

Please Post REAL Pics of The Rapture for My Birthday Here!

Why are we at level 18? Server problems, or is something happening?

So I asked a cop about yielding ROW to pedestrians

Those wretched smilies! I just found out what they do in their spare time!

One badass lil' baby

Okay, enough about the bloody sock!

HELP!!! How do I get Porcupine Tree out of my dog's nose????

Forget that Spin Alley. come on and visit this one!!

Happy Birthday Cheetah the Chimp of the Tarzan movies, 75 yrs. old!

words that lose secondary (or primary) meanings due to technology: Warped

Gravel recycles

Interesting quote about the hippie counterculture generation:

Peace Keeping Chickens

Dinner Time?! What's up?! Chinese-ish food, on the way!

Huhuhuhuh.... Chris Matthews said "dicked"...

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when Lounge-type threads pop up in GD/GD Politics?

They don't make 'em like this anymore

Best areas for the unemployed

It's Thursday night and tomorrow is the first day in a week with no obligations whatsoever.

Alright, alright. Which one of you broke DU this time?


I bought wind chimes today, yes now it is spring.

Who here has dyed fabric shoes before?

AAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!! Fuck the ancient Egyptians!!!

Okay, debate's over, and Friday's almost here. What music are you listening to?

I changed my avatar, how does it look?

Is a minor that important in college?

I have to say, as ashamed as I am to admit this....

wow, 5 hours on DU, all in GD... my retirement has not gone well...

If you go to youtube and watch old 1970s commercials, chime in!!

my post in GD about LIEbermean got deleted; I'm so proud

What happened to the little "X" boxes on the left?

WTF has happened to DU? Did the Rapture happen today?

It's been a busy evening. Time for some Kitty pics!!1!!

I'm bringing tonight's debate into the Lounge!

Did anyone watch The Office tonight?

if you're loaded; deeyou is locked

1 down, 2 to go.

I hate to hear these sad ass stories, but since I had to hear it...

did everyone survive level 3249108591850932820918409???

Have you had a past life? If so, what was it?

Favorite DU Smiley?

Whoa_Nelly - your own birthday thread!

Shut Up and SING!!

I'm leaving DU

He made "Monster Mash" famous; now Bobby Pickett is dead.

what are some conflicting aspects of your own personality?

You may think you know about cute. (dialup puppy warning)

Prosecutor: Officer Forced Couples To Have Sex

My cat killed a BIRD!

Did I waste my money on this doggie bed?

It's TUBCAT!!!

What are you craving...

If you could have lived at any period of our history, when would it have been?

I just tied a Woolly Bugger.....

I'm starting to get a little puffy. Is a personal trainer worth it?

I gave myself a virtual makeover. What do you think of the hair color and glasses?

My dog fixed my back!

NewWaveChick and I have our birthdays next Wednesday.

Boy, I'm damn lucky I dont have a job. I'd sure have gotten in trouble today for not

She's gone...

oh btw, my b-day is TOMORROW, but you all still have just enough time...

HELP!!! How do I get Porcupine Quills out of my dog's nose????

Mom Teed Off by Urinating Drunk Golfers

So what is Jesus's middle name?

What was the best concert you ever saw?

Delphi workers brace for new cuts Bad news rekindles talk of a strike

Rutgers reaches agreement with union over organizing 2,000 workers


Bill to prohibit forced overtime for (Pennsylvania) nurses

Union Plus Credit Card Makes the Grade

For After The Debate --The Veto Shuffle

HILLARIOUS!!! MarkDayComedy Gonzales "America's Top Crime Fighter?"

Cowboy Junkies - 'December Skies'

Daily Show-- Back In Black--FCC

What fairytale character did you relate to?

"We HAVE no important enemies! We need to start treating other countries as equals!"

Blow to Bush as top US commander warns of worse to come in Iraq

'Idol' Charity Donations Top $60M ($ raised for poverty)

Obama hasn't looked his best, but he does appear most Presidential.

Somebody explain the X's down the left side of the board

I had to walk the dog, so I missed part of the debate so my question is?

Its fun watching Brian Williams pretend to be a journalist!


Think we are a "nation of laws?" DO YOU????

thanks for nothing MSNBC

Damn that was UGLY

Minimalist DU?

If nothing else, this debate gave me a new criteria to use to judge

What level are we at?

Left You All A Video for after the Debate

US Democrats blast Bush in first presidential debate

Biden is stomping Tweety pretty good

I have a completely frivolous post-debate question:

GORE won the debate...

Recent server problems make me think: "Time to make a donation to DU"

Gravel speaks the truth, will be painted as a crazy, just watch

Any on-line transcript of the debate yet?

Senate Democrat Moves to Expand Federal Food Safety Regulatory Powers

What the hell is going on in the mortgage business?

someone should have said we will win IF IT IS NOT STOLEN

Thousands dead in Iraq, and Williams asks candidates about hedge funds.

"Who The HELL Are We Gonna Nuke???"

Who sounded even weaker than the others on security?

DAMN!!! I tried to find the clip on youtube of McCain on TDS.

At least we didn't have Tweety asking the questions tonight.

Best part was the back and forth of Obama and DK on Iran

I HATE having Chris Matthews doing post-debate commentary

Biden's Performance - Were You Surprised? (I was)

I want all of these candidates to win

Shut the fuck up tweety and let Keith talk!

Debate: Who was the women with the long beautiful red hair?

Break Your Heart! Hat Tip to Firedog Lake for "Little Sparrow."

msnbc----you can vote on the dabators (sev. categories):

The republik debate is a week from tonight

Edwards supporters, what is his position on a "residual force"

now Dodd lies about Irans intentions to make nuclear weapons

Debate: Who avoided the questions? MSNBC Poll:

My, Tweety is minding his manners tonight.

Gravel on Tweety now

Nice to see Bill Moyers and PBS actually reporting news again last night.

Boytiebob. Boy they're bringing them all out tonight. MSNBC

Only "questions" that contain Dem insults or a "Poison Pill". Candidates should boycott MSNBC & FOX

POLL: Did the "debate" - (answer code inside)

Thank god they say no to Fox.

Gravel's site is overloaded

I want GORE but if not, I am an EDWARDS girl

YOUR Debate Winner (Up Or Down)

Okay. Edwards/Obama '08.

What's with the 2 nuked US cities questions, how would it change deployments overseas?....

Damn...I missed the debate!

Scientists challenge "Global Warming Swindle" movie

Make sure we see more of Gravel! Donate to his campaign!

"I'm not planning to nuke anybody right now, Mike."

First of all, it wasn't a debate...

Fascist America, In 10 Easy Steps

Hey Michelle!!

So who thought Gravel was the most honest and genuine of the bunch?

I think I know why they insisted on the short, curt answers

What the fuck is wrong with Olbermann and that bullshit about Zell Miller...

I think Richardson demonstrated the most honestly, experience, and insight tonight...

Who will the Daily Show make fun of the most on Monday?

How do we get a website on Google?

So simple even a FREEPER can understand it!!!

Obama, may not be the best debater in the world, but he is a top notch campaigner.

From what I saw tonight, there's no breakaway favorite

Ron Paul will be the gops Mike Gravel next week.

Who are you pulling for, and who do you think was best tonight?

Who's watching the GOP debate next week?

Debate: I walked away supporting Edwards/Obama andI'm the one who started the DU Edwards house crap

Evil Always Contains the Seeds of its Own Destruction

Tweety is now the fashion police.

Will They Rerun The Debate Later?

Gravel just said he wanted to "mix it up"!

"I took an oath to defend the Constitution"

Show of hands: who thinks we should pull out of Iraq and let the terrorists win?

Ya know I like Harold Ford

Do The Unidentified RNC Email Accounts Belong To Cheney?

Sanity! * to chat with Columbia's Uribe, RE: cocaine prices drop despite billions spent on drug war

I hate little fucker tucker

Is Tweety annoying anyone besides me? He just won't stfu!! Talking over everyone!

Why did Kucinich and Dodd wait to answer the "Do you have a gun question?"

I'm listening to Mike Malloy play clips of this Dana Perrino, sub WH spokesperson....

Did Tweety just say "dicking around"?

TDS, Colbert Report' guests tonight:

Imagine how things might have been different tonight if....

It looks like Dodd painted on some angry eyebrows

Poll results at dKos on who won

Honestly? I'm giving most of these guys (and girl) a pass.

Tucker thinks the best question was about hedge funds?????

Bill Maher on "The Showbiz Show with David Spade" tonight at 10:30 EST, comedy central

anyone else notice that most of the crowd signs are for Edwards?

MSNBC: Obama's doing well with his post-debate speech, BUT...

Welcome to the DU 2008 Primary Season

S309 -- GW stands for Global Warming

It is kind of funny in a way -

Bill Richardson: Second Amendment "precious in the West"

African American Callers Only...

LOL: Zell Miller just endorsed Gravel

My favorite part of the night besides Kucinich holding up

Intresting Movie

Question for Hizhonor Giuliani ......

He made "Monster Mash" famous; now Bobby Pickett is dead.

Anybody who uses the word "highfalutin" in a debate has lost me

Where can I get a link to Keith's comentary last night on Rudy? n/t

who hosted the dem candidates debate?-- a journalist or a pundit...?

Gravel: "I'm Not A Potted Plant"

A nice solid debate, a very solid field.

Yes Tweety...Hillary is a woman!!

Texas lawmakers block cervical cancer shots

Did anyone know riverbend is leaving?? or has this been posted earlier??

isn't it odd

Tweety/Matthews to host the rethug 'debate' next Thursday. What do

U.S. officials exclude car bombs in touting drop in Iraq violence

Tonight's Debates - My take

Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq despite misgivings over security

French candidate accuses opponent of apologizing to Bush for France's Iraq war policy

How would YOU answer the question Edwards paused on?

They're fact checking the Dems on MSNBC

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

See Alfredo's Post

Apparently, the GOP learned absolutely nothing from their defeat last November

"If we elect a Democrat, we will have partial birth abortions return."

OMG, why is Reichwing Joe Scarborough moderating a DEM 'spin room'...

What were people expecting from Obama?

It wasn't exactly a Happy Meal when Grandma found a condom in the McDonald's bag.

Hillary has been getting solid backup for the last hour from...PAT BUCHANAN

ALL the Democratic Presidential candidates did well tonight,

Cant believe the debate aired at 1:00 in the afternoon.

WTF? Is Chimp coming to Oklahoma tomorrow??? Just got a notice from my flight planning

So for all the talk about reducing carbon emissions and energy independence

Are you planning on watering Mike Gravel?

I don't watch fox news so I didn't see the Imus interview tonight. Did anyone?

Hillary stood her ground. She will spell out the details of any proposal she puts forth.

The Freeps are voting on the MSNBC poll

9.3 billion in the first quarter.

Re: Do You Have A Gun In The House? Question

I had jury duty today and was surrounded by women who had family in Iraq.

Have a beer/12 with me tonight - the first debate for '08 - and I am thinking of DU'ers we have lost

Biden for VP?

Today's Natural Balance recall products (4/26/07):

My breakdown of the debate, by candidate.

Banned From A Public University Campus: Can They Do This???

I missed the debate, but I saw pictures and their hair all looked nice.


Anybody else think Tweety resents Olbermann?

Does anyone still want Wesley Clark to run?

NYT Editorial: Gitmo - After The Lawyers ("Outrageous" Justice Department Proposals)

This is embarrassing...huckabee..

Pat Buchanan is LOVING Hillary Clinton

18 more months of this crap! I'm talking about DU!

The Real Scandal At The World Bank

More reality: Major veteran care problems widespread

WHITE HOUSE mocks Vermont's Impeachment resolution

May I suggest a Waxman avatar?

Renzi to resign?

Fossilized rain forest in central Illinois?

Dennis and his wife on now.

Hillary did fine, but MSNBC panel is going overboard for her ... its a long way to go

Barack Obama Won the Debate - according to SC viewers

How do I get out of this DU Panic Room deal?

Great Report by The Daily Show on Current WH Favorite, 4th Tier Law School - Regent University!

Tumulty of is either really dumb, Or Intentionally Making Biden Look Bad

Where have the ants gone?

I'm sorry, but Gravel is full of shit

Could MSNBC possibly have selected worse photos for any of our candidates?

My Secret DU Confession

It seems Mike Gravel got the most use out of the debates tonight. His website is overloaded

"This is a pocket copy of the constitution" (photo)

So I'm seriously entertaining the idea of buying a hybrid, can DUers enlighten me?

I'm very disappointed .....

Hillary, Hillary Hillary

Look at the wording in this WaPo story about melamine, hogs, and human food supply...

If a person works his or her way up from poverty, and now earns a six-figure salary or greater...

Anybody like the sound of GORE/KUCINICH?!

YOUR debate loser?

So, if SPECTRE . . oops . . Al Queda attacks two US cities

I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE Michelle Malkin's new video!

Skinner's Post-Debate Post-Mortems

The father of the US president will speak at a Reverend Moon event.

Arrest Condi (the Senate has the power -- says so right here on

Umm, What About the "World's Largest Embassy?"

Al Gore might be the Democrats strongest choice for 2008, a new poll showed Thursday

Explain why you're not a bunch of jerks! In one sentence!

Cops lie to get no-knock warrant, kill 92-year-old lady, cover it up, now plead GUILTY!

Kucinich Just Stated The Need For Impeachment Of Cheney

Dennis Kucinich rocks


Anybody Tracking The Moyers Backlash ??? Here Ya Go... From CBS !!!

Dennis Kucinich would make the best president

Candidates Rely on Charter, Private Jet

Are there early transcripts of the debate online yet?

Just took a really good Zogby poll - You can sign up here if you like:

Tweety.... SHUT-UP!!

Polls Encouraging for Gore Against Guiliani, The Others, Eh, Not So Much :((

I know it's sexist and yet

Democratic Hopefuls Square Off for First Time

Chris Mathews is a Dick

The best part of tonight's debate was who /wasn't/ there.

Waiting for GORE! .........just saying. Though this stuff is GOOD ...

A ‘First Spouse’ in France? Not Any Time Soon

something to be thankful for

Did I count wrong or is it still 19 months away from the 2008 election???

MSNBC running poll of 6 questions to vote on who won

A round of applause for all the Democratic candidates on a great debate (positive tread)

and how about the wives.......DK's was fantastic!!!

What is it about Alaska...

Does anyone think it's a bit too early to take this debate too seriously?

Edwards deputy campaign mgr. is the funkiest of the candidates'

Is the Debate being rereun anyw here? I missed it and would like to msee it, nit what

Is a video of the debate available? n/t

Tucker's up with cold sores on his face. nt

Are you Decided or Undecided as of 4/26/07?

Not ONE Dem Has Called Out the Reich's BIG Iraq LIE....

the question I wanted a different answer to- What are the 3 biggest enemies/threats

I want to see how Rudy G handles actual tough questions

Most outrageous pundit of the night.

Great Candidates! But I Give the Tip to Hillary (If There Was a "Winner")

Jack Valenti is dead at 85

The Debate: I thought the questions were slanted to make Dems

My own post-mortem for what it's worth...

We are political animals folks

WTF? Is California chopped liver? Why do I have to miss the debate?

Pat Buchannon: Obama was talking like a mayor not a President

Is it bad that I don't care?

Obama, Clinton, and Edward are ruined.

Tokyo Rose - Latest From the Freepers - Can you Believe this?

People in SC think Obama won the debate

Well, ain't Barack soundin' real down-home

I'm not Senator Clinton's biggest fan but I think she deserves to be addressed

Most Impressive, Most Dissapointing, and why?

And how about the DU ADMINS, for keeping DU working after all

Joe Biden

Who impressed you the most in the debate tonight?

What the Hell? NO ONE on the panel rose their hands in support of Dennis

Kudos to Kucinich and Biden for strong responses and for Hillary impressing critics.

Is Tenet going to take down Bushwad Sunday nite on CBS?

OMG! Matthews just gave the results of the polling and Said we Disagreed with Pundits

Joe Biden is the best foreign policy mind on our side by far

Mike Gravel = nuts

We should be grateful that neither Kucinich nor Gravel were in 1941

Up to 345 tainted hogs enter food supply

Msnbc has their poll up - Who did the best?

FWIW, My Top 3 From Tonight's Debate

Pet Food Recall Grows (new and expanded...(seems corn gluten contam. may be in US)

Remember Nate Blake who was on Oberman's WPITW list?

I didn't see the debate. Did I miss anything, and when can I catch a rerun? nt

I thought this debate truly demonstrated our need for Al Gore to run.

The GE Presidential Debate

Are MSNBC pundits bias or is it me.

OSC probe 'makes no sense' to watchdogs

After BPO, it's medical outsourcing (India)

INSIDE LONGYEARBYEN GLACIER, Norway --"This glacier is dying,"

Dupe, pls delete

What Does a Global Society Look Like? California (New American Media, via AlterNet)

Scandal Over U.S. Attorneys' Firing Could Cloud Other Cases

Laura Flanders: Reality check on SCOTUS and women's rights (The Nation)

Watergate-were Nixon and Howard Hughes trying to blackmail each other?

Wolfowitz Loses Ground in Fight for World Bank Post , 40 member os the anti-corruption team

"70 Years of Shock and Awe"

Broder's history of "wildly off target" claims and faulty predictions (Media Matters)

Security Contractors: Riding Shotgun With Our Shadow Army In Iraq


America Since 1980: A Right Turn Leading To A Dead End (Dean Baker's New Book)

Football and Nikki Giovanni at Virginia Tech (by Dave Zirin for The Nation)

A Deadly Misreading (of the Second Amendment)

Leaving Iraq is Not Admitting Defeat - It Is Admitting We Were Wrong; And That’s is the Real Truth!

The GOP punchline: We are fighting al qaeda in Iraq.

New income tax ruling to hit BPO firms hard (India)

“Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet"

WaPo: Bush's Non-Argument (E.J. Dionne)

John Dean: AG Gonzales's "Reconfirmation Hearings": Why, In the End, They Will Change Nothing

My weekly newspaper column: Busting the lapdog press

Trickle Down Conservatism Infects America (


Gilded Once More

The Secret Weapon of 2008-Felons are getting the vote back—and Republicans aren't stopping them

Big Pharma To Workers: Drop Dead (Cliff Schecter at HuffPost)

9/11 Was Bad, But …

TPM: NJ: Prosecutors Looking at Ex-GOP Rep Hayworth


Joe Galloway: David Halberstam spoke truth to power

The puppet who cleared the way for Iraq's destruction

Riverbend: The Great Wall of Segregation...

NYT: Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq

U.N.: Mercenary Industry Poses Problems for Latin America

Bush Administration Targeted Another Top Federal Prosecutor (McClatchy, via Truthout)

Why are Gonzales' amigos so silent?

‘How do our journalists go to war without history books?’

Schaudenfreude Is My Middle Name--Regressive Antidote David M Green

Armed Forces Journal: A failure in generalship -- by Lt. Col. Paul Yingling

Joe Galloway: Back Bush's War Strategy? Then Bring Back the Draft

Robert Baer: Don't Blame Iran for Iraq

Blackwater mercenaries, West Point graduates & other contractors' tales

One lie leads to another (Rod Tiffen in Brisbane Times)

Progress Towards Impeachment is Going Well

David Sirota: After Moyers Iraq Documentary, DC Reporters in Damage-Control Mode

Poll: Chavez Approval 65%, Despite 70% Rejection of TV Channel’s Non-Renewal

NYT editorial: "It’s obvious why the administration is attacking the lawyers."

E. J. Dionne: If All Else Fails, Blame the Democrats

How GOP can blame Democrats for losing war the Nixon way

L.A. Times op-ed, by Greg Palast: U.S. media have lost the will to dig deep

On The Government’s ‘Watch-List’ (SF Chronicle, via CommonDreams)

Worldwide bubble (Finance)

Analysis: Fight rages over Iraq oil law

Climate change heats up Arctic geopolitics - AFP

China's gold-mine wild orchids face extinction - Reuters

Plant vault passes billion mark (BBC)

Bioenergy Could Drive Rural Development

Renewable Energy Corp to increase US wafer capacity with $485 million investment

Hundreds Evacuated As Wildfire Burns Through Okefenokee Swamp In SE Georgia - ABC

TXU facing power fight

UK On Target For Hottest April On Record - 348 Yrs. Since Records Began -

Malaria Unknown In New Guinea Highlands Until 10 Yrs Ago - Now, 14 Dead In Latest Oubreak

Indonesian Governors Of Aceh, Papua Provinces Pledge To Protect Forests - Reuters

Shtokman Gas Project In Barents Sea Faces Climate Threat Of Bigger Icebergs, More Intense Storms

Sensenbrenner Belches Swill As Top Scientists Testify On Climate Evidence, Dangers

Major Aussie Cities Either Don't Have Or Don't Use Air Pollution Monitor Systems

Senior Vatican Advisor - Pope Should Talk To Bush About Climate - ENN

China Urges End to Polluters' Tax Breaks

Darling River (Australia) Takes One-Two Punch From Drought, Irrigators

Howards' Stance On Climate "In Tatters" As Study Shows Australia Will Breach Kyoto Limits

China Urges End To Polluters' Tax Breaks - AP

Plan to Help Rare (Spotted) Owl by Killing Others (Barred Owls)

The Case for Burying Charcoal (MIT Tech. Rev.)

Loophole-Ridden Canadian Emissions Plan Has Opposition, Environmentalists Furious

Overheating Britain: April temperatures break all records (Independent UK)

Bill would boost production of methane fuel from cattle waste

US Thirst for Ethanol Driving Up Tortilla Prices in Mexico.

Algae Killing Birds, Sealife in California

(Food) Self-sufficiency on a balcony (Sydney Morning Herald)

Anti-Gay (pipe bomb) Blast in Israel

Israel wraps up West Bank war games

Twenty-six hours

Palestinians attend a demonstration against violence

Israel to name forest in honor of Coretta Scott King

As Gaza burns

Co-Author of the Voter Fraud and Voter Intimidation Report for the EAC, Calls for End to Censorship

BRAD BLOG: Diebold Whistleblower on King County, WA Planned Purchase of New Diebold Tabulators

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 4/27/07

Writer/Researcher of EAC 'Voter Fraud' Study Says She Has Been Gag-Ordered by the Federal Commission

BRAD BLOG: Three Dismal New Failures from the EAC...

US Democrats blast Bush in first presidential debate (AFP)

Tenet: 'Slam dunk' comment on Iraq distorted

Senators vow to restore rights to detainees (Reuters)

South Korean defense minister criticizes top U.S. general over remarks on base relocations

Miami jail inmate's treatment questioned

Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq

Libyan security suspects win UK deportation appeal

Car bomb kills, wounds many in northern Iraq-police

Stephen Hawking Flies Weightless Aboard Jet

Economic growth slowest in four years

(Utah AG)Shurtleff blasts war critics, says they aid the enemies

China deports Americans over Tibet Olympic protest (Reuters)

Exiled Cuban wins journalism award

Probe of White House political operations moves ahead

Baker Hughes (Oil) Admits to Overseas Bribery

Where's Amnesty International when ya' need them?

.S. Athletes Compete in Cuba Beginning Today

French outpace Americans in French-bashing: poll (Reuters)

Lawyers for Guantanamo inmates oppose new rules

Taliban take over south Afghan district

Renzi says he will not resign from House

Bush administration targeted another top federal prosecutor (McClatchy)

Legendary cellist Rostropovich dead at 80

Legislators wrangle briefly, then send prison package to governor

Justice Dept. lists withheld documents

dupe, please delete

Amnesty International Calls on EU-U.S. Officials Not to Ignore Human Rights in Fight Against Terrori

Amnesty: At least 19 000 people on death row

Panel Requests Tillman Documents

Marines recalled during investigation (Afghan shooting incident)

Detainee dies at U.S. Army prison in Iraq

MNF-W forces attacked (3 Marines killed)

US Democrats endangering Iraqis: Maliki aide

Polish premier says society doesn't need more gays

State Dep't: Terrorism Attacks Expected To Rise Nearly 30%

Police officer faces new charges in bartender beating

Head of TYC facility fired amid claims of inmate abuse

US troops seize gang smuggling bombs from Iran

Berlusconi cleared in bribery case

EU's Solana urges U.S. to talk to Iran directly

White House Dismisses Tenet's Criticism

Gov. Spitzer Unveils Gay Marriage Bill

Pet-food maker, ingredient supplier searched in federal investigation

Economy crawls, raising recession fears

I rejected offer to murder Gus Boulis, witness claims

'Mutual destruction' danger in US anti-missile plan: Putin

Saudis 'hold 170 terror suspects'

Bush adviser Rove cancels speaking trip to Evansville

Researchers find link between pet food, kidney failure

U.S. schools may join inexpensive laptop project

Spanish Judge Indicts 3 U.S. Soldiers

Wolfowitz and Riza to address World Bank panel Monday

Fired U.S. prosecutor warned of 'stink' (Cummins)

Hogs That Ate Tainted Food to Be Euthanized

Interior Plans Broader Offshore Drilling

Calif. Supreme Court: Judges May Silence People Who Defame Others

Turkish MPs fail to elect president, vote challenged at court

Priest, 77, guilty of sex abuse in 1990s. Man gets 60-day sentence, probation

Waxman asks Tenet to testify on uranium claim

Army Officer Accuses Generals of 'Intellectual and Moral Failures'

Dollar slumps to record low against the euro


Pentagon: Al-Qaida operative captured

Justice Dept official resigns over investigation connected with Abramoff

Peru Rejects US Military Base

Britain's slave trade records go online

France's Sarkozy in furor over axed TV debate

Giuliani comes out against civil unions

Annual terrorism report will show 25% rise in attacks(McClatchy)

APD Arrests Man Connected To Women's Clinic Bomb

Failed Suicides Create Plastic Surgery Demand (self-immolation by Iraqi women)

'West Wing' actress considers running for Congress

Petraeus: Syria may slow Iraq fighters

Who Won? S.C. Democratic Debate Poll Results

Student arrested for essay's imaginary violence

U.S. can't alter 'dolphin-safe' tuna rules: court

Estonia braces itself for violent unrest

Waxman Jumps On Report Of White House Political Briefings

Bush to Democrats: do not 'test my will' on Iraq


Deleted and Locked; yeah, du is an open forum, if u hav sht 4 brains

do be do be do, do do be dada, stttrrrangers in the niiiight, dada be dada...

I was just in GDP, to see what people were saying about the debate

Since I have left y'all with some lovely thoughts of potato salad and all... Goodnight!!!

A guy tried to sell me a video camera today -- cheap

To DU Dodger fans. A peace offering:

annnnd, they're OFF ! (cute jockey)

Something I Was Unaware Of:

Debate photo - Mrs. Obama is SO beautiful!

cat playing piano

What do you do with people....

Can I get that quarter from underneath of your pointy boot?

Food Fight! Germany

I am confused, is "bless your heart", an insult or not?

Uffda. I'm exhausted.

Police Apologize After Horses Defecate On Beach

even Google has a sense of humor

Tell Laura I Love Her

My Mom got me a Shih-Tzu puppy yesterday!!!!

Porcupine Tree fans: what do you think of the new album?

Scientists discover missing bees

Going to see Jonatha Brooke on Monday!

I have only posted cute puppy pics. Here is a cujo moment:

Naked Man In High Heels Shuts Down Building

lounge peeps need to get to the vid forum & kick & rec this vid it's just too funny

Teacher Exposed His GenitalsTo Kids On School Bus

OMG! She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!

What does "I Love Ski Bus" mean?

Mushy post dedicated to DU'ers

More weird dreams. This time my own.

What is the best book you read recently?

My dog sucks

If you like lion cubs, here's some great videos

Elvis Costello live in Wilkesboro NC tonight!

Are you underemployed?

I got up 5 am to write about Blackfoot mythology and Christianity...don't ask me anything...

Woman, 95, to Be Oldest College Graduate

Woman ‘tricked into sex’

does anyone else remember how bad the movie "empire records" was?

Planting Arbor Vitae

I am confused, is "cotton headed ninny muggins", an insult or not?

Damn Verizon! On hold, muzak version of...

Indulge me while I brag about my wife

South Park feature film, best musical ever or what?

I refuse to buy Blue Ray until the promise me that . . . .

Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite

My dog's favorite toy


Why does every thread I start or post to, sink faster than McCain's poll numbers?

This story will melt your heart!

Dead man travels across Indonesia unnoticed on train

Post a pet peeve.....

Why on earth are we still at level one so early in the morning?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/27/2007)

This was posted in a thread in GD

my cat sucks

why don't people in the lounge get all apoplectic about hotlinking anymore?

Great sports rant! LMAO!

Woman Kicks 72 Year Old Man In Groin, Hits Him With Shovel Because He Didn't Give Her Beer Money

what do you call it?

Naked Paris Hilton Autopsy Sculpture Warns Teens About Underage Drinking

Give me some moving/trip advice that I will thank you for, and then totally ignore.

Tell me what kind of washing machine to buy!

ATTN: Rabies!!

Ohh, it's the deep burn. Oh, it's so deep...

There must be something really wrong with me.

Mystery of bee disappearance solved

I'm getting a puffy little trainer. Is it worth it?

I'm sorry to say that I am leaving DU

tell me what to do

Don't send me to the glue factory yet!

I want a windmill

Virgie Authur loses another court battle.

Friday afternoon answers

All aboard the ANGST train, ladies and gents!

ATTN Loungies: You're wanted in GD!

Anti-Environmentalists? On my campus? It's more likely than you think.

Waiter melee at Antoine's (famous French Quarter restaurant)

Who has Nine Inch Nails new album "Year Zero"?

Just purchased "Introducing Joss Stone" - will I love it?

Stole this from GD - Most popular Yahoo pics

Hi. My name is Bob.

The Really REAL history of "Bob"

Has anyone ever been an Executor/executrix of an estate?

Six years, 5000 posts.

Man Admits To Shooting Two Nesting Ospreys Because They Were "Annoying"

Rush Hour Traffic Jam As Two Women Start Fighting In Middle Of Highway

It's Arbor Day.

The REAL history of "BOB"

Matcom is evil!!! Want the proof - check this out!!!

Tessa 1990 ~ 2007

The history of "Bob".

Friday tribute to CCR

I hate bra threads, but help me out here, wouldja?

This week's photoshop phriday is sooooo fucking grotesque

ointment question

uh to i contact those HAWT ladies in the web ads?

Road rage, holy shit.

McAfee's newest virus protection is worse than a virus.

Bumper sticker I saw today

So South Park never goes after conservatives, huh?

Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?

WTF is wrong with me?

Just wanted to say hi

Video--Comfortably Numb - Van Morrison & Roger Waters The Departed Soundtrack

Can you believe that this is the pResident?

Don't you hate it when big gas bubbles accumulate in your stomach?

I need to hold onto something big, long, and thick right now!

Baldwin's Request to Quit Sitcom Denied

I just want to say "Thank you" to those who gave me needed input this week...

I got yer real , factual, undiluted "Bob" right here....

No, I got yer real , factual, undiluted "Bob" right here....

Back in my day...

Can you believe that this is a woman?

The beagle is at camp for the night, and already I miss her

I had lunch at Olive Garden today - you cannot shame me whatsoever

Take it Where You Can Get It Department: Bucs sweep Astros - 2nd time this season

Came across Rossini's overture to 'The Barber of Seville' on the radio this morning...

I just want to apologize...

Wow! Star Jones looks GREAT!

Wow! Star Trek looks GREAT!

Of all the flame wars I've witnessed on DU, I can't believe one started about _________.

Which band is more likely to reunite before one of the original members dies?

JVS and HEyHEY in Muppet form

I didn't know where they came from!

Why I love Truman Capote

What should I have for lunch?

What's your pilgrim name?

Oh BiBaby and Sniffa ..... (major dial-up warning!)

My "Little Sparrow" was put to Sleep today at 4:21 p.m. and she was Beloved.

Timeless prank: UW time capsule from '50s reveals porn from '70s

Martinis: Gin or Vodka?

We've got a gorilla for sale...

Anti-Bush haiku?

Abel Ferrara calls Jimmy Page a "prick" and a "cocksucker."

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to...........

WhoooHooo... My mom isn't dying. The doctor fucked up.

predict the next flamewar subject

Hardened Criminals Found With Viagra In Prison Cells, Stiff Sentence Expected

An update on my homeless friend


hey!! its time to get this party started

Should one eat the rind on brie?

Jesus K. Christ. All I can do is laugh. I have strep throat AGAIN!

Congratulations MADem!! 30,000 posts

Friday Afternoon Questions

Failed television show ideas.

I had a dream that I popped a pimple and potato salad came out!

I made a video...A political one :o)

if you had one chance to say something to a bunch of GOP's

What's in your CD player?

Climbing Rainier


The Penis Fish!!!!

Pet Monkey Bites IRS Agent

Worlds smallest dog

Do you have a favorite literary character?

So if you've been getting the "Error Retrieving Update" when trying to update Ad-Aware

Found a kitty, found a kitty, found a kitty

PIC THREAD: Pics of your human babies (not furbabies, but you can if you want) HERE!

What happened to the cocketiel someone found last night?

What's your favorite card game?

Looking for Recommendations on British Comedies

Day 2 Report: Breastfeeding Thread still going strong

Saw "The Queen" the other night. Holy shit....

Whats up with DEFCON 2?

Can you sleep while "touching", or with "body contact"?

I am a Graduate School Graduate!!!!

What is one thing you can't do but wish you could?

What are we all drinking tonight?

ATTN: May babies!!

This is LaraMN's fault. Post a PIC of your kid doing something fun!

Martinis: Gin or soul destroying heresy!

Philadelphia, PA area: come see my band and support a good cause (this weekend)!

Name the worst rock song to have ever been made!

Big flame bait post...(Harry Potter rant)

Asking for those Lounge vibes! Adventure race tomorrow.

Well, it's been a helluva week....

What is your Daemon?

(Episcopal) Bishop, Partner Plan Commitment Ceremony

6 Penn State football players charged in off-campus fight

Yankees-Red Sox again this weekend.

Giants sweep Dodgers in L.A.

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report 4-27-07

The Paranoia Show: "This Friendly George W. Bush World"

Fact Checking Democratic Debaters

George Tenet---CNN--Attacks The White House

Bush Dances: A video retrospective


Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan Confront Our Reps - April 2007

Back In Black----Walmart

Joe Biden on Iran Supplying Weapons in Iraq...

Rangel To Cheney: 'Get A Life...American People Want Out'...

Bill Moyers Journal - Guest: Jon Stewart - PBS

Speaker Pelosi---- Iraq Funding and Veto

Dueling Economic News: CBS vs NBC

9/11 First Responders on the View

Aasif Mandvi - Daily Show: Extreme MakeOver Baghdad Edition

Gore Vidal on Murders, NRA, and Impeachment (audio only)

Everybody Knows

WOW!!!!!!! An honestly angry Dem politician

Mark Crispin Miller: Theocrats to Investigate Rove

Behind Fox Attacks

I cannot believe

is MSNBC STILL analyzing this??? or is that a repeat???

No bees? Not just strange, but scary

Friday's "The View": 9/11 first responders - One needs a double lung transplant to stay alive

Since Dems debated tonight, we ought to start making up questions for GOP debate

Bay Area - Petraeus on Charlie Rose

Rebroadcast of the Debate Now on MSNBC

Bernie Ward's reading Tom Tomorrow NOW -- streaming

GOP Candidates 5/3 In Simi Valley CA -- Any Protests?

In the question to Edwards what the moderator trying to say there is something wrong with hedge

Pictures from before, during, and after Debate

War in Afghanistan being lost, says Musharraf

U.S. Commander in Iraq charged with aiding the enemy

Dems on Partisan Witch Hunt? Well, 1,052 Subpoenas Were Issued To Clinton Administration

What are your top three most important issues?

Folks, the fix is in...

I thought some candidates got more time to respond, and even more questions

Late Night Open Thread. Please everyone post your thoughts.

Bush says Iraq pullout bill "DEAD ON ARRIVAL"...just like 3,334 of our finest, you monster

I have told you about Uncle Jim...Well, he is hours from death

Mexico City Legalizes Abortion

How come we never hear about those poor bastards fighting in Afghanistan? All Iraq, all the time.

WOW Democrat Gravel from out of nowhere.

How come it's "Hillary" for President?

Mike Gravel rocks

"Hezbollah Harry" Reid. & "Iraqi Rocky" Anderson (from Utah AG)

c-span: "war: where's the common ground?"

Baltimore’s Orthodox Jews Ask: Protect a dead rabbi’s name or heal his victims?

Would you accept a million bucks if you knew soldiers & innocents died for it?

Japan hangs three prisoners

Mstislav Rostropovich, A Great Cellist & Person, Has Died

If the Constitution's Been Breached, You Must Impeach!

Mr. Insipid Smerconish on MSNBC:

So in more than six years, bush will have used the veto 2 times:

Bush Mired in Stealth, Lies and Cover-Ups: Margaret Carlson

A Question About The Rebuilding Of Iraq

Off the deep end "conservative!"

self delete

Don't Fire Gonzales. It's ALWAYS always about Rove.

C-SPAN WJ: Scott Bloch...Whitewasher Or Truthseeker?

Caption this * photo

What Do You Think About Scott Bloch?

== The Key Chain Of Your Doom = By Mark Morford

God's view on war...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Guernica: 70 years of 'shock and awe'

I'm Always Proud To Be A Democract, BUT

Stock Futures Drop Sharply On Weaker-Than-Expected GDP

“More IRR activations coming this summer” and Hell No, I Won’t Go!

*Your* PBS tonight-Bill Moyer w/ Jon Stewart then John Prine on Austin City Limits

Scott Bloch coming up on Cspan1 WJournal NOW.


Why don't they fly the flag for military deaths?

Charges and Evidence: The Impeachment of George W. Bush

Bush bailout pal drooling for Iraq oil

Kucinich was the finest last night

Happy Birthday Coretta Scott King

Larisa Alexandrovna: CIA Torture FAX

Pretty good debate eh?

WOW! Dan Bartlett admits WMD intelligence was WRONG!

Kucinich was the finest last night

"Petraeus has used the # of bodies dumped on Baghdad's streets as a measure of the plan's success"

FBI Investigating Fewer Civil Rights Cases Under Bush

FDA approves puppy Prozac

Multicandidate Democratic Debate Format Prevents Clear Winners and Losers

Two Thoughts On Iran's Nuclear Development

Civil rights investigations plummet.

Economy Weakest in 4 Years

Dang, is Coca Cola everywhere?

Pair arrested in Holocaust Remembrance Day vandalism of Canadian synagogue

You know in hind sight I think the early Presidential debates will be good for us as a country.

Why wasn't tonight's debate on non-cable broadcast?

David Broder: Please to be kissing my ass.

This will wake you up. Go to:

Tonights's line up on Real Time with Bill Maher

Was this a small mea-culpa from Hillary regarding her Iraq vote?

Help - Video search

When I'm King the first Law is going to be

I remember Biden's & Obama's Alito vote

I just seen on cnn that 172 saudi's were arrested in a terror plot

Active Army Officer Accuses Generals of 'Intellectual and Moral Failures'

McClatchy: Bush Admin Targeted ANOTHER Top Fed Prosecutor (On Rove's List-Replaced By Bush Loyalist)

U.S. April consumer sentiment at 7-month low-UMich

Uber lobbyist Jack Valenti dies at 85....

I've been thinking about something as I've been listening to interview programs

WP: Down a Dark Road (re: murders of detainees)

Frist won't be charged in stock sale

Pat Robertson makes the argument to keep abortion safe & legal!

Former DOJ Comey To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Okay - I have to say this....


So Now If you say something unpopular you must apologize publicly and go

bu$h* has vetoed ONE BILL in FIVE YEARS.....stem cell research.

White House admits politicizing meetings - So what?

Politics endangers help for farmers

Senate Democratic Caucus to David Broder: Stuff it.

Mystery of bee disappearance solved

Florida Pastor gets 6 years for bilking homeowners in hurricane damage repair scams

"Saddam had prewar ties to Al Qaeda"

Americans alone is disliking the French? Think again

Can a central government be formed without force and violence?

Pipe bomb left outside Austin abortion clinic.

New DOJ docs released 4/26 -- what is this "withheld emails" list?

Uzbekistan Detains Evangelical Pastor; Jails Activist

Imus sidekick McGuirk tells Hannity & Colmes that Sharpton "terrorized" broadcast execs

The Evil One in Tulsa today

Chris Matthews will be a moderating the gop debate next week.

Tom Tomorrow- Great Moments in Punditry: Four Years Later

BWAHAHAHA--From "this" to "this"...

Chimp is blabbering on tv -- looks like someone beat the snot out of him!

McCain takes to the senate floor and demands that the troops come home.

I'm considering joining the Green Party

Did John Edwards sound particularly twangy last night?

Feeney Takes (Spring) Break From Abramoff Probe

do you know of the paintings smirk hung on the oval off. wall?

British military sanctions Afghan poppy cultivation

Anti-corruption team at World Bank says Wolfowitz undermining work

Talk about cautious, Chairman of the AEI lives in a reinforced Mansion

"We Had A War. It Was Relatively Brief & It Took Place In the Spring Of 2003" J. Marshall

Double vomit alert: Cheney about to land in Tulsa, fundraising for Inhofe.

Only Richardson went so far as to say no troops should be left in Iraq.

Low Costs Versus High Wages?

Mayor criticized over gay parade

A Sheryl Crow story from a phone call last night

DOJ - Deliberately - Witholding 170 Docs Re: Attorney Purge

Help! Of the candidates in the debate last night, who voted for

I have a feeling Wolfowitz will go today.

It's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person

Google maps has a sense of humor

Please critique my LTTE on terrorism and Iraq

Best-selling Author Will 'Prove' God's Existence, Debate Evolution on ABC's Nightline

Swiss journalists acquitted in case of leaked secret CIA torture prisons fax

More stupidity exposed - Rumsfeld wanted to turn Iraq into a laboratory for military theories

Yahoo Most Popular Pictures!

Could it be....(into the echo box)...****SATAN****

Senate Leaders Urge Bush to Sign Bill That Funds Troops and Changes Mission in Iraq

How about it, Oprah?---This Modern World

You know what burns my butt?

I was checking a members profile to see where they were from

general betrayus is on cnn now looking like he has just seen a ghost

Army Strip-Searches Entire Hispanic Guard Unit - Richardson wants investigation

Free Dinner from Bill Orally!

RE Hillary's "High Negatives"

How cool is that?! Stephen Hawking experiences weightlessness on NASA

Photos: Impeachment Tour of Rome

Who at DU said they didn't like Stephanie Miller's bangs?

Impeach on the National Mall

John Edwards: The Question I Wasn't Asked

Heads Will Roll - Literally

"The will of one nation against the stubborness of one man."

The Nation: Rush's "Magic Negro" Routine

Can you LOAN me a CAPTION

a photo that will disturb the republicans and their media whores

Mitt & Matt

Dammit, the troopers association keeps calling for $$$.

Active duty officer in Iraq slams the generals ... and failures of leadership

Breaking: Two new Republican Candidates

Embarrassment Dean David Broder WaPo online discussion scheduled for 12 noon ET today (4/27)

Having No Energy Policy Endangers The U.S. And The World

Johnathan Swift, Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain, Stephen Colbert. . . . . .

Pets Need A Voice Too: postcard blitz & a march tomorrow!

Consumer Groups Laud FCC's Channel Choice Recommendation, Urge Congress to Take Action

Hardened Criminals Found With Viagra In Prison Cells, Stiff Sentence Expected

Hey Log Cabin Republicans....who's your #*&^%$ Messiah now, Asshats?

The President is also the Commander in Chief

Public comments on FDA "guidance document" to close April 30

Slowing growth propels euro to record, pinching tourists

Bush's Non-Argument


Dennis be the man!

The GOP's answer to Hillary Clinton:

Where is the link to donate to DU?

60 seconds is not enough (re: The Debate)

John Edwards Petition - Moment of truth on Iraq

Where's Amnesty International when ya' need them?

Walter Reed Opens "Warriors in Transition Brigade"

CBS's Mark Knoller challenges WH press critics "YOU be the reporter!"

Bush: "he told me what was on his heart about the issue,....."

Found a kitty, found a kitty, found a kitty

People who vote for left-wing third parties are...

ATT chief to get 158.5-million-dollar departure package

Women's town" to put men in their place

Bush to Democrats: do not 'test my will' on Iraq

85F possible in Germany this weekend, Summer temps in April?

Save Internet Radio with the Internet Radio Equality Act

Two snaps up for Skinner!

Alison Stewart moves to NPR

Here is a great way to protect the environment and save money in the long run

Renzi didn’t reveal $200K

WAXMAN Demands Political Briefing Info From 27 Fed Agencies & Departments (TEXT OF LETTER TO DOAN)

Fox News actually reported on a parody news story (LOL)

Just some facts

Feds detain 6-year old citizen in immigration sweep (San Fran)

Purged U.S. Attorneys To Hold Forum

Greg Palast in LA Times: U.S. Media Have Lost The Will To Dig Deep

‘America’s generals have repeated the mistakes of Vietnam in Iraq’

Jon Stewart to be on Bill Moyers' Journal Tonight (4/27/07)!!

Tag Clouds from last nights debate

Day of Prayer skips Roosevelt Park

BREAKING: Limbaugh’s “Barack the Magic Negro,” on-air song has workers up in arms

More Florida idiocy - Abortion Bill Mandates Ultrasound

Poll: Most Americans Do NOT Want A Veto Of Iraq Funding Bill

The level of right-wing delusion grows daily

Paul McNulty testifying today

The next time Bush wants to discuss war funding with congressional leaders

I wonder who besides Leahy & Daschle have been threatened with death?

Conyers: Hate Crimes Passage and HR 676 Update

Pat Leahy yesterday surrendered the DOJ to the Pukes.

Why is Rice so afraid to testify under oath about her lies before the US invaded Iraq?

Cheney got standing Ovation at BYU commencement

Next up at the plate: JD Hayworth! (Abramoff)

Stock Futures Drop Sharply On Weaker-Than-Expected GDP

Explain to the taxpayers, Mr. Tenet!

Is "American Idol" good for business?

Frist won't be charged in stock sale

Has Bush Adm. Said anything about Bill Moyers program yet?

They have found a fungus that might be killing the bees.

tweety discussing Mr. Gravel - w/margaret carlson and john fund

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 4/27.... checking email?

anyone else not up for the game?

Iran: Enemies 'plotting' against new dress code says Ahmadinejad

"How is this impacting the troops on the ground in Iraq?" asks Wolfie.

Vets, military families protest against war funding, 14 arrested

**11 softball questions that Tweety can ask during the upcoming "debate"

Gore visits U.N., offers help on global warming

Some poll numbers & interesting take on AZ House race

Spitzer's Statement On His Gay Civil Marriage Bill ("Inalienable Right To Pursuit Of Happiness")

I can not access the Massachusetts Forum this afternoon, keep

Harris Poll has Bush at 28% - lowest number yet.

Where is photo of great protest sign? "I can't believe I'm still protesting this shit"

Senior Justice Dept. official resigns (Abramoff - the gift that keeps on giving)

Mitt Says "Not worth spending $$$ to catch Bin Laden" Media response: Crickets


Dear Tucker:

Putin to Suspend Pact With NATO

Tenet: CIA Warned of 'Anarchy' in Iraq

Tell me, Barack. Who — Barack, who’s — who do you want to nuke?”

I'd like to wake up when the nightmare is over...

I know that Corzine is embarrassed about the circumstances of the accident, but

A response to Rush's little 'parody'

Felons with Guns no problem for Bush DOJ ....

Man Who Fled While Released From Prison To Donate Kidney To Son Captured

Anybody know why Catherine Crier is leaving Court TV? Today is her last day. n/t

Gravel on the "military industrial complex"

Tom Hayden at Huff Post: An Open Letter To Dems - Next Step Is No Taxes For Torture

More Involuntary Call ups for the Corpse

No Second-Guessing...Do you think Gore will run?

DOJ Stalls Anthrax Investigation [UPDATED]

TV to U.S. govt: Hands off violent programs

The Real Scandal At The World Bank

VoteMatch Quiz for 2008

OMG -Just had an earthquake here in Fukuoka, Japan.

i'm just envisioning what it's Like to be a chickenhawk

bush preparing for major announcement for Saturday's radio address

Wow. we DID it.. the dollar hit a TWENTY YEAR LOW against the pound sterling

JOHN EDWARDS: "The Question I Wasn't Asked"

Terror attacks up more than 25%, report says

Mike Gravel vs. Chris Matthews and the supposed cowardice of the Dem leadership

Uncle Jim left us this morning.

Did i miss the Friday News dump?

Was Bill Moyers google bomb?

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Baldwin's Request to Quit Sitcom Denied

Make bush sign a fresh Iraq spending bill every two months.

WH Statement on Iraq Accountability Bill claims it "insists on a surrender date"

Utah only state to allow guns at college

Where's the outrage over Wm. Cohen meeting with Syrian, other ME leaders?

New Limbaugh racist songs

Woman Tricked Into Sex With The Old "Penis Cream Treatment" Ploy

U.S. health agency stages bird flu war game

Officer faces new charges in videotaped beating of bartender - Conspiracy and intimidation

50 Senators Sign Letter To Editor Praising Senator Reid & Debunking Broder (WAPO)

For the first time--- I see Hillary having a real chance.

Debate Report Card: Obama +22, Hillary +12, Edwards +9, Biden -2, Richardson -5, Kucinich -7,

Gore's Army

!!Good TV tonight w/ the two Bills, Moyers and Maher...

Remember Archbishop Burke (St. Louis) who advised denying sacraments

Bush: "I'm just envisioning what it would be like to be a young soldier..."

What the hell? Anti-choice activists are renting old abortion clinics and blindsiding women.


The terrorism that dare not speak its name (media blackout on abortion clinic bombing)

What's all this "Petraeus this , Petraeus that" shit? jr is the CIC, the "decider", right?

In my opinion, it should be illegal to release helium balloons.

What meme best describes the Bush administration?

David Sirota: After Moyers Iraq Documentary, D.C. Reporters In Damage-Control Mode

Well, we all know who lost that debate!

Has anyone else noticed that there is a plethora

God Bless Max Cleland! (just on CNN)

Mission Accomplised Banner .... a new right wing talking point

In anticipation of the DUZYs tomorrow....

On Average, Over Two American Soldiers Have Been Killed Every Day For 1,517 Days !!!

Administration considered firing at least 12 U.S. attorneys


Clinton, Obama, and Edwards will appear at Pentecost 2007 in DC on 06/04/07

History question: righties always mad that we didn't do hot war with commies, but what about last

Tell Us the Mission

Ah, youth! Porn Slipped Into Wash. Time Capsule

Oooo...CSPAN viewers, have I found a free program for you!

is it wrong that I find her incredibly attractive

Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots (April 29, 1992)

State Dept's USAID Administrator Tenders Resignation, "Effective Immediately"

Impeachment events nationwide on Saturday! April 28 is the kickoff for IMPEACHMENT SUMMER!!

Waxman Has Asked Tenet to Testify

Fox News Sinks To New Low, Reports Satirical Story (from The Onion) As Actual News

On Diane Rheim: Reporters are placing the blame for bad Iraq reporting on:

Cavuto - The Democrats Could Use a Little More Courage

Slavery in Guantanamo

Beat the Press on PBS just trashed Bill Moyers

Jon Swift: Winger bloggers in uproar over winger toon with HRC in blackface

Shadow's medical updates: Phun with pharmaceuticals

"Americans want the United States to support conservation and to be a global leader"

David Huckabee hung a dog, slit it's throat and stoned it to death

Tenet and Powell : Pick Up a Bedpan

My letter to the editor re: Dennis Kucinich and impeachment

Post 9/11 terror attacks in the US - need link please for LTTE

Kucinich dominates the Greatest and Home Pages: Please sign in if you support another candidate.

Al Gore Discusses Climate Change With UN Secretary General: He IS A Global Environmental Ambassador

In the last 5 years, have you had a medical procedure?

Friday TOONS: Stories and Liars Edition

Seven dollar myths

Fighting The Corporate Theft Of Our Water

Tomorrow! National Impeachment Day!!

Another Pet Food Recall: American Nutrition dog food (4 varieties)

So who the heck is this Gravel dude?

Hundreds tainted hogs entered human food supply


Bush: "I'm sorry it's come to this."

LEAHY: Restore Habeas Corpus - "This Is Wrong-It Is Unconstitutional-It is Un-American"

Limbo may be gone, but Tenet better hope the pope does away with Hell, too

The Assault On Reason By Al Gore: A Manifesto for Democracy

Harry Reid - Emergency Petition: STOP THE VETO

FREAKING AWESOME video of Gravel

Name the Best Women in Congress

Breastfeeding thoughts from a progressive prospective.

DUers for IMPEACHMENT: Put up your 4/28 actions HERE

New York Times Buries Bill Moyers

The next great depression is but one dollar away...

OK, the Dow goes over 13,, how does that compare to this?

And Justice for All

U.S. media have lost the will to dig deep - By Greg Palast

Jack Cafferty cropped Clinton quote in claiming she "compar{ed}" herself to Tubman

Poppy Bush Keynote Speaker For Moonie Times Event, OMG!!

Howard Stern Blasts Rush Limbaugh

If unions disappear, your lifestyle as you know it disappears with it.

I just had an argument with the Social Studies coordinator for my daughter's school district.

Just a story to share in the wee hours ...


Memo to God

Hey, you guys who are going to the Pentecost forum...let's have a REAL debate.

In the USA many are horrified by beheadings,

Feminist Politics

An Open Letter to Al Gore


Thoughts on Bigotry

Photo selections for REPUBLICAN debates

FDA approves puppy Prozac

diane rehm show this am

The disarming of America


Bush to Democrats: do not 'test my will' on Iraq

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) to be on 'Real Time' w/Bill Maher tonight:

Am I a male chauvinist pig if I said Mrs. Kucinich is the most beautiful woman in the world?

DUer Fly By Night Makes the Cover of the Nashville Scene

Is Saudi Arabia stealing Iraqi crude via the IPSA pipeline?

The pundits just could not wrangle enough over

Campaign surrogates were frustrated with debate format

Debate began with a question about Iraq

The front-runners had no guns in the house

I like to think....

"overzealous politicians and a frenzied press distorted facts." Jessica lynch

Utah County GOP delegate links illegal immigration to Satan


The Global War on Terrorism

Petraeus Eyes Long Commitment in Iraq.........No!!!! Bring The Troops Home Now!!!!!!!!!!

There's HUNGER For Impeachment. Will We Feed It?

Anyone think Richardson had to pinch a loaf during the debate?

Bill v Bill: See Bill O'Reilly's Attempt To Smear A Real Reporter

Explosive quotes from Tenet

Senators debunk Broder

Which candidate spoke the most from the bottom of their heart?

TIME: Democrats Take to a Crowded Stage

Democratic candidates gang up on Bush, war in Iraq

Tenet claims no serious debate held prior to going to war

Bloch, a devout Catholic, has been under attack for 3 years ....

The Myth-ology of Der Mittenfuhrer

Blue Buffalo recalls All Wet Food Plus Treats - has unlabeled Rice

Unworkable Multi Candidate Democratic Debate Format Prevents Clear Winners and Losers

Just heard from an MSNBC talking head: Iraqi Parliament is going to

It won't be hard to imagine what the unified theme of the Republican candidates will be next week

Great Debate review from Campaigns and Elections Magazine

Maybe Gravel gets some of Kucinich's passionate anti-war voters, Maybe Biden wins some Richardson

Joe Scarborough:" Hillary Clinton transcends gender. "

the Morning After take,

What surprised me the most is that none of the Big 3 hit a home run last night

New Hampshire Paper Blisters Hillary, Obama For Skipping N.H. Debate

The Rude Pundit- Alberto Gonzales: Adónde el Amor Fue?

I rejected offer to murder Gus Boulis, witness claims

Clyburn sings Clinton's praises in post-debate review

Frist won't be charged in stock sale

And whoever wishes for Hillary is making a big mistake on the Republican side.”

(another threat?) Bush: Patience with NKorea 'not unlimited'

"Democratic contenders, by any historical measure, match in quality any offered in decades."

Bush will cut funding to the troops with his veto

The Democratic Debate: Winners and Losers

Longshot: could the Senate revoke its confirmation of Gonzales?

Post Debate Polls - Media chooses the Winner Again

Web Mashups Turn Citizens Into Washington's Newest Watchdogs

Gin Blossom Boy just said he'll veto the Iraq spending bill

Anywhere I can download and watch last night's debate?

Withheld Justice e-mails involve talks with lawmakers

bush tried everything not to go to war

Hotline: Clinton, Edwards, Obama Join Pentecost '07 Forum

I would have done better to clean my underwear drawer than watch that stupid 'debate' last night.

Last night's debate transcript is up, here:

Coffee Talk With Bill Richardson

What if there was a scream and no one listened?

SurveyUSA News Poll : Most say Obama won debate

When All Else Fails, Blame the Democrats (EJ Dionne for Truthdig)

Abramoff ‘Slush Fund’ Paid For Feeney’s Scotland Junket

Biggest news from the debate is Kucinich has a girlfriend

California Assembly Speaker Nuñez joins Clinton presidential campaign

Sen Biden was the surprise for me tonight.

McClatchy: Admin considered firing at least 12 U.S. attorneys but cut list down

Michelle Malkin "Defeat-o-crats" cheer (VIDEO)

Edwards challenges rivals on Iraq war

Will The Next Election Be Hacked?

Pew Poll: Hillary ahead by 10 over Obama...

Boston Duers (dial-up warning)

Army Officer Says: "Generals Are Not Worthy Of Their Soldiers"

Colorado Lawmakers decline to investigate lobbyist; Repukes boycotts in protest

Brian Williams hosted the Military Industrial Complex debate

Boehner Voted For Somalia Withdrawal, Now Claims We Can’t Leave Iraq ‘Like We Did In Somalia’

No Veto Petition

Obama Connects in South Carolina (by John Nichols for The Nation)

you think imus was bad? wait until you hear rush's stuff

Reptilius Hyperventelatus: New species discovered


May I please ask for a little decorum?

Bush admits defeat

White House Excuses Partisan Briefings With False ‘Clinton Did It Too’ Defense

The War Bill... What if we gave them enough for 3 months?

Oversight Committee Invites Former CIA Director to Testify (ltr from Waxman)

ABC Breaking - It must be Friday

ABC News Blog: Biden Auditions for VP

AP--Thompson: Help Iranians Overthrow Leader

Edwards Statement on Derogatory Radio Skit by WFNY Radio Hosts

The SurveyUSA poll has Obama winning the debate and in my opinion he won because

Assw*pe pundits harp Dems have to prove they can "protect the country." Like Bush? Bullsh*t!

Very affecting anti-war video..."The Road of Good Intentions."

Anyone else get this e-mail? Good idea???

McClatchy: Lawmakers seek probe of private contractors in Iraq

10:00 EST Saturday, Cspan showing SC democratic convention

Broder on the debate...I agree with him...should I be worried...

Glenn Greenwald: The Dan Gerstein sham

How much has Waxman been on cabal "news" lately?

Edwards: "Are you ready to end this war? Then act now." Tell Congress; Stand Up to Bush,

Hotline: Don't expect HRC and Obama to show up at the next debate

Post Veto: Send this to Bush's desk: Draft. Tax raise for the Rich. 500K troops to Iraq.

Alternatives to impeachment: post-presidency prosecution?

A big new bundle of documents just got dumped by the DoJ

John Edwards: The Question I Wasn't Asked

(Fred) Thompson: Help Iranians Overthrow Leader

Religion and Politics, some interesting facts...

I think the GOP talking heads think Hillary Clinton will "help them" in the GE.

The Democrats' Depressing Debate (by Bob Moser at The Nation)

Best answer of the debate

MSM ignoring Kucinich Articles of Impeachment against Cheney

Wolfowitz, Riza to address World Bank panel Monday

Obama says he was a bit nervous last night

Matthews: Hillary--greatest debate performance or greatestest?

Report Card: Obama +22, Hillary +12, Edwards +9, Biden -2, Richardson -5, Kucinich -7, Dodd -7,

Eliot Spitzer: "What an amazing president (Hillary) will be"

Should Mike Gravel have his own show?

I need help from DU'ers on this e-mail I received

Edwards calls for citizens to urge Congress to stand firm on ending Iraq war

Was the so-called "debate" important? Will it have any signficant influence on the race?

President Barack Obama and his Cabinet - - Dream Picks

Dean on CNN today...two things wrong with Giuliani. First, he sounds like Cheney.

Justice Department official resigns as Abramoff probe heats up

They're saying Obama fumbled part of his two-part answer on terrorism.

Democratic Caucus Puts Smackdown on David Broder

The Nation's William Greider says we "desperately need Harry Reid's old-fashioned politics"

Hilary Rosen, a Hillary supporter, agreed with Tucker that Howard Dean was dumb.

The Big Soros Lie

The church police

Has Wes Clark decided not to run? I don't seem to be hearing

Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Mack Endorses Hillary Clinton

Harold Ford JUST said that "My horses were all on the stage last night with the EXCEPTION...

Cheney (or Bush) Impeachment -- A Democrat close to Pelosi says forget it

John Edwards: Winning the Issues Debate

Okay ladies. Do you find any political men attractive?

President Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Cabinet -- Dream Picks

BushCo's Diabolical Plan Revealed: A Strategery Of Stupidity