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Archives: April 26, 2007

Uphold Right To Form Unions, Protect Middle Class

Glenn Greenwald: The Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch frauds

MUST Read about the prison riot yesterday.. "They Talk To Us Like Humans"

Eyes in the sky grow dim (BBC) {US not funding climate satellites}

Hub hotels, union (5,000 members) reach accord after year of talks

U.S. to press missile shield case with Russia

State Lawmakers Call for Changes at New Castle Correctional Facility

House OKs Iraq bill with pullout timetable

'Gone Wild' founder faces sexual battery

New Orleans Fights Over Housing Projects

U.S. officials exclude car bombs in touting drop in Iraq violence

Sacred texts that reveal a common heritage

Senate May Limit Bush Insurrection Power

Harry Miller

Hey Southpaw - i think i found you a girl for him

Global warming is real...

some fancy hoofing

Shrek the Third?? There's a third one??

Cop nearly rear ends someone he is trying to pull over

Um..does anyone have the Dick Van Dyke/Rockit video??

Bill Moyers Journal on the media's role in buying the Iraq war

OOO... thank GOD I'm alive

Update on Bucky, the "stray" dog. (There's a reason for the quotation marks.)

Donald Trump

Which Non Politician Do You Despise The Most


I wouldn't wish this on my worstest enemy.

A drug rep provided lunch for us at work today...from Olive Garden!

Phil Spector?

Woohoo! Guy who dumped "Benji" the dog in a ditch has been caught!

Three weeks to pack and/or dispose of 2 tiny rooms full of stuff.

Which celebrities do you look like?

Wednesday Night Pic Thread-- what do YOU look like tonight?

You want cultural diversity? We got your diversity right here.

AMERICAN IDOL (spoilers)

So if you're driving down the street and some punk tries to jaywalk in front of you

Does anyone here watch Charm School?

Post a spring picture....

We don't have snow drifts here very often, {dial-up warning}

The NLRB and you

Protect America's workers, Workers Memorial Day 2007 By Donna Puleio Spadaro

AZ: Legislature OKs bill targeting day laborers

The REAL interview w/ Laura Bush

Inside Story - Boris Yeltsin - 24 Apr 07 - Part 1

Rep. Murtha: Iraq Accountability Act Conference Report (bill passes House!)

From The IVAW----Regaining any Humanity PEACE

Daily Show----John Olive on Testimony

Meet the Backbone Campaign...of the progressive movement of course...

Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (4/25/07)

Oh, and the Return of Factor Fiction on Countdown!

U.S. says Pfizer unit pleads guilty to kickback ($19.58 million fine)

Dean on AAR now

What's this "micromanage" the troops crap?...

Nasa's climate science 'in moth-balls' (BBC)

Political Manipulation Of DOJ For Partisan Purposes-Kyle Sampson's Email tells the story

Preview of KO's latest Special Comment

U.S. officials exclude bombs in touting drop in Iraq violence

"The falafel-guy fatwa" on ko.

Caption the psychotic, deranged man....

Did y'all see FINALLY 9/11 "hero" Giuliani being called out for the wanker

KO calls Guliani "out" on his attempt to paint Dems as a threat to US "security".

Any recalls on Purina One fat dog formula?

Tell Rudy Giuliani to Stop Politicizing 9/11.

Bush and Laura dancing - Gak, my eyes!


Building collapse led to Baqouba casualties

I Can't Believe Scarborough is leading off with ROSIE

HEART of the!

Rosie wasn't "fired"

UN accuses Iraq of covering up rise in civilian deaths

Less than 25% of Muslims blame al-Qaeda for 9/11 attacks

Katie Couric on Tenet-"rough treatment of peace/terrorist suspects"-freudian slip?? nt

White House Rediscovers Constitution, Acknowledges Congress Has Oversight Role

A whale of a victory!

New Gas Station Signs...

Dean: Bar Media and Candidates Will Talk

McCain is on Larry King but not "For the whole owwa"

Boeing, General Dynamics Profits Exceed Estimates

Video: Al Gore Opens Tribeca Film Festival

Wow is Keith ever pissed

KO ripping Rudy Guliani a new one...

Where's the sunshine?

Can you imagine how angry * would be if they had the override vote and won?

Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled

Iraq Vet has Jarring Realization: Democratic Victory in 2008 will not lead to IRAQ troop withdrawal

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

OLBERMANN TRANSCRIPT: "We Americans Are Sick To Death Of You & Other Terror-Mongers!!!"

The Global War on Terror (a DU poll)

Freepers speculating Tillman opened fire on own troops and Pentagon wanted to protect him

KO Just Kicked the Shit out of Rudy

House passes Iraq withdrawal timetable: 9 dems vote against

Guy Gone Wild--The REAL Joe Francis (LA Times Expose)

KO - "Mr. Giuliani" special comment

Somalia burns - but does anyone care?

ON CNN.COM: Egypt's 'Dr. Ruth': Muslims need better sex

Name the dems who you feel have shown political courage.

Let Giuliani know exactly what you think of his fear-mongering.

LA TIMES editor wrote back about minimal coverage of Cheney impeachment

Keith has a special comment coming up

Question: What are Rush Limbaugh's current sponsors & advertisers?

Bravo Bill Moyers.

Starting right now! Bill Moyers Journal, "The Buying of the War" on PBS.

(Rep. Dem) DeLauro Threatens FDA (Will 'Zero Out' Management's Pay if They Don't Shape Up)


Ok, I'm putting on my tinfoil suit....

Presidential Press Putz Perino Takes Questions On Iraq

Why does Dana Perino talk so fast?

RNC Releases Partial List Of White House Officials With Partisan Email Accounts

I just wanted to say this - You ever see Deer Hunter - that movie?

One click to VOTE for IMPEACHMENT here!

Fred Thompson?

218 to 208 the Iraq War bill passes

Remember the "Skyway Coke" issue?


Mileage report on my new Prius: Read it and weep!

Pryor Meets With ‘Hazy’ Memory Gonzales, Calls On Him To Resign Again

I hope Guilliani's phone gets SWAMPED..

I just saw an amazing Mitt Romney commercial...

"Our readers don't send young people to war. Our readers are the ones who get sent to war"

Which Republican Presidential candidate do you want in the 2008 General Election?

KO - Pickles says" The pRez and I are suffering more than anyone"

Is anyone watching the "Idol Gives Back" special?

Paula NeoZahn - diverts attention to baby in Texas hospital

WA Sen Cantwell demands Gonzales resign; Sen. Murray undecided.

Hillary would beat Giuliani?

Keep Talking, Old Man

Wexler blasted for opposing Armenian genocide resolution

Rutgers women's basketball coach gets huge raise.

Guardian: (Afghanistan) Killers and censors bring fledgling media under fire from all sides

Bar association gives ex-U.S. attorney Lam 'prestigious' award

Tech Boosting Bills Pass House

Bush touts drop in executions, defends omitting car-bomb, blast tolls

No One Should Be Above the Law (Chris Hedges' speech at yesterday's DC impeachment rally)

Bush veto of Iraq bill could come 4 years after 'victory' speech aboard aircraft carrier

Blair's fear over Bush 'poodle' label

Robert Parry: Dying for W (Consortium News)

WaPo: One Choice in Iraq (Lieberman--Barf!)

John Dean: Despite Incompetence, Gonzales Isn’t Going Anywhere

Bush's Barricade

NYT: Another Dubious Firing (Paul Charlton)

VA Tech tragedy is latest excuse to attack popular culture

"Is Rush Limbaugh Next? (report from Conservative News Conference)

The war, the vote and the Republicans' priorities

Lewis holds fast to approps seat

Editorial: Doolittle's dilemma

White House gives House committee documents on MZM contract

Analysis: Heated war of words over Iraq extinguishes last remnants of bipartisanship

The real scandal at the World Bank

U.S. ‘in trouble’ in Iraq, retired general asserts

Editorial: Moyers to the rescue

McCain, Kissinger and America as a Client State (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Erosion of unions hurts women, particularly Latinas (Chicago Sun-Times)

Give 'Em Hell, Harry (by William Greider for The Nation)

Political Briefings at Agencies Disclosed (Washington Post, via Truthout)

A great post from MediaMatters on Rush and his racist song

Joe Conason: Putting Our Worst Foot Forward (Truthdig)

A Question for Mayor Giuliani: Didn't 9/11 Um, Happen on Your Watch?

Dupe, pls delete

Secrecy, Lies, and the Covert War on the Constitution (Rockefeller interview)

Dana Perino-The Hatch Act Doesn't Apply To Republicans

Paul Begala on Broder vis-a-vis Reid!


American Prospect: Time to Play For Keeps (Dems and Supreme Court nominees)

When Justice Is Skin Deep (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Washington's Bloody Make-Believe

Scott Ritter: Mr. Bush, Tear Down These Walls! (Truthdig)

Brent Budowsky: Bill Moyers on Media and Iraq: When Lies Become Truth, Soldiers Die

SC's recent antichoice decision shows how disinformation has seeped into the abortion debate

Are voters yearning for Gore and Thompson?

David Sirota: When Journalism Became Transcription and Reporting Disappeared

Propaganda Against Carbon Offsets

Chilean Leader Walks the Halls of Her Youth (Bethesda)

Tax Increases Eyed for High Incomes

Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline

Hawk Kristol Confronted by Military Wife

Dutch consider tough biofuels criteria - AP

Helping Yahoo! Go Carbon Neutral

Government eyes 10,000 MW from renewable energy during 11th Plan period (India)

Solar Power For 26 Million Mediterranean Homes By 2020

Canada's largest solar farm to be built near Sarnia (40 MW)

Govt to offer 'Feed In Tariff' for wind and solar energy (India)

Extraordinary Antarctic Ice Core Will Help Scientists Study Global Warming

Latest Z-machine hardware will be studied for fusion power

First Successful Demonstration of Carbon Dioxide Air Capture Technology Achieved

Bush "concerned" about Canadian Trash Bill!

GD post on Dr. Bussards IEC fusion program

Canada Announces Greenhouse Gas Targets

The bees are going AWOL in Taiwan

2 Men Admit Trafficking Whale Teeth - AP

Lights out for old bulbs (Canada)

The Property Cops: Homeowner Associations Ban Eco-Friendly Practices (AlterNet)

Kohl's (Dept. Stores) to go solar in California

Europe swelters in record spring heatwave - AFP

Organic and feral bees are doing OK

Regulators Declare 2 Power Corridors - AP

Frito-Lay Harnesses Solar Power With Rooftop Photovoltaic System For Phoenix Facility

Police source: Bishara will be arrested upon return to Israel

Study finds IDF combat soldiers temper views during service

Israel to lift restrictions on Palestinian Jordan Valley travel

Egypt says thwarts terror attack against Israeli tourists in Sinai

Islamic Jihad: No commitment to end rockets

How the Media Partnered With Hezbollah: Harvard's Cautionary Report

Hezbollah erects large photograph of two kidnapped IDF soldiers

URGENT ACTION ALERT for FL VOTERS: Write Senators today

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday, April 26, 2007


Officer Charged In Haditha Killings Was Nominated For Medal

Pak-Afghan border completely sealed: Pakistan

Saddam's Jailer Under Arrest (Commander Of U.S. Military Prison Accused Of Aiding Enemy)

Iraqi civilians believed dead in US strike-military

Justices Reconsider Campaign Finance

Pentagon wants to end controversial spying program

'Guilty, your honor', Zachares agrees to cooperate in Abramoff scandal

Political Briefings At Agencies Disclosed-White House Calls Meetings Lawful

Lewiston, ME-- 2 arrested in slaying of singer (Jean-Paul Poulain)

Man Jailed for Soda: Should Have Had V-8

Putin hawkish in final state-of-nation address

Iran says committed to ensuring stability in Iraq

US offers advanced missile system to Indian Navy

US senator pens strong warning to S.Korea

Idea of U.S. threat to Russia is "ludicrous" - Rice

Death toll excludes bombs - U.S. officials don't count some civilian casualties

Petraeus Cites Difficult Times in Iraq

Iraqi civilians believed dead in US strike-military

E-mail details false trip data(Abramoff's aid to Feeney)

Congress slated $5.6B in bills for private sector

Gere faces Indian arrest warrant

Court Asked to Limit Lawyers at Guantánamo

Angry Lange lashes out at Schweitzer

UA lecture cancelled after visas denied (University of Arizona)

US to help probe wheat gluten: China

Military Contractors Report Higher Profit, but Say Future Looks Uncertain

Sentate approves Iraq funding bill

Power returning to Colombia after nationwide blackout

McCain: Gonzales Should Resign

Alleged assassin worked at US Embassy in Colombia

White House held GOP election briefings

Bar association gives ex-U.S. attorney Lam 'prestigious' award

Political Briefings At Agencies Disclosed

Supreme Court says radio talk not a political donation

9 Dead in Iraqi Army Checkpoint Attack

Fox News to Help Pick Debate Candidates

Putin freezes Russia's arms treaty commitment

Iranians backed Iraqi cell that killed 5 US soldiers: US general

La. gov candidate switches to Democrat

Iran to explore for oil inside Iraqi territory

France's Royal sets up debate with defeated Bayrou

Renzi Aide Called U.S. Attorney to Ask About Probe

U.S. Returns 2 Guantanamo Detainees

Plan to ease prison crowding unveiled CA

Top U.S. general in Iraq says conditions could get worse before improving

US withdrawal only solution for Iraq's dilemma, says Ahmadinejad

Senators vow to restore rights to detainees

Film Lobbyist Jack Valenti Dies at 85

NH approves Civil Unions

Execute bin Laden? U.S. and Mexico would

Iraqi spokesman criticizes Senate vote

Tax Increases Eyed for High Incomes

Kuwait still won't forgive Iraqi debt

Vermont House Votes NO On Impeachment

AP Exclusive: Corzine says he's blessed to be alive

House Investigating MZM Contact, Link to Cunningham(& perhaps Cheney)

Ebert to make first public appearance since cancer surgery

Wolfowitz Complains Of Shabby Treatment: Report

John McCain to Murtha: 'Lighten Up,' 'Get a Life'

Gilmore officially enters 2008 race

Corzine Gets Citizen Seat-Belt Complaint

Senate orders troops withdrawn from Iraq

Harsh U.S.-Russia Words at NATO Meet

Nine Iraqi soldiers killed in suicide bombing-police

Renzi didn’t reveal $200K

New Hampshire Senate Approves Civil Unions

(Hawaiian) Government managers fight pro-union bill

Riverbend leaving Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 26

No Salt Lake trip for Gonzales?

White House conducted election briefings

Pittsburgh rated 'most livable' once again

(NYT) A Unified Voice Argues the Case for U.S. Manufacturing

Jack Valenti, (dies) 85; former Hollywood lobbyist pioneered film ratings system

Federal Agents Bust "The Free Militia"

Attacks Spark Fears of Taliban Defeating NATO

Taiwan stung by millions of missing bees

Vote Against Killing Wild Horses, Burros

Sports columnist: 'I am a transsexual'

Industry caught in carbon ‘smokescreen’

Huckabee's Son Arrested With Handgun (At Airport)

'Monster Mash' singer dead at 69

More pet food made with tainted protein pulled (Doctors Foster & Smith)

Cops Charged In Slaying Of Elderly Woman (Atlanta, GA no knock raid)

Iran: 150,000 woman detained for breaking veil code

MIT admissions dean resigns

Dozens sick after meal at Chinese school...(3rd case in one week)

Rice signals rejection of House subpoena

Trivia on the DU Down Time

Call me wacky, but I really enjoy doggie style...

Republican sex games

Public service reminder

Skinner, joo got some splainin' to do!

Should we get that crazy pastor Becky from Jesus Camp to pray over DU's servers?

I Know The Real Reason DU Went Down Tonight...

make you own license plate

Lengthy DU lengthy shut-down yesterday

Barney Miller


“When in danger, When in doubt, Run in circles, Scream and shout.”

Olive Garden fact sheet and media relations contacts

Olive Garden Investor Relations

Self delete--my bad (n/t)

having despaired ~ never gonna break my faith

Take a deep breath and smile! We made it through the winter

Sheriff & Deputy Caught In Massage Parlor During Prostitution Raid

Bad Hotels.

"West End Girls"--heard the song this morning, and I wondered

Thursday morning insinuations

Go West, Young Woman!

79 Year Old Woman Killed After Being Run Over By Golf Cart Driven By 84 Year Old

Good Morning America Watchers

Thursday Morning FALSE accusations.

Today is going to be very bad...

I finally got my grades for one of my courses. 100 on my research paper,

I've been having these episodes of PTSD recently...


Marquis de Sade

Thursday Suggestions

Man Charged With DUI On Way To DUI Hearing

I made kimchi on Tuesday, with mixed results.

what type of subprime lending products have you used in the past?

What's the best way to remove a blood stain?


Hugh Grant arrested over ‘baked beans attack’

Will you please come over and step on my neck?

Dry Cleaner Loses Man's Pants - Man Sues For $65 Million (Oh yeah, he is a Judge)

Sleeping Dad Rolls Over And Kills Baby

ginger baker is wearing a cape!

"duck and cover"

Thursday morning commandments

Aaarrrgh! I'm having an anxiety attack, and the extra meds didn't help.

can anyone corroborate your story?

i'll give everyone here a rubber nipple

How old were you when you learned that

the man who sold the world

Hugh Grant arrested over ‘baked beans attack’

Tubelo Miss- Does it mean anything to anybody here?

write a story with me

"The darkest hour is just before the dawn." Is that literally true? nt

Almost changed my signature to the defcon line.....

strategies for memory improvement

Has DU been buggy as all get out the past couple of days for anyone else!

Anyone know how to imbed a sound file in e-mail?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/26/2007)

LOL! Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head.

Favorite national fast food chain....

I'm on the phone with SugarSmack! Weeeeee!


Things you should never ever flush down the toilet:

Did we kill DU again?

Arghhh, Video buffering. Anyone know any way to improve it?

Am I snarkier?

I'm starting a "breastmaster" fan cLub

I'm starting a "breastfeeder" fan cLub

i am now convinced my daughter was switched at birth

My 1000th post!

Finally, a truthful spam subject line.

CNN: Stands For

Is Jon Stewart going to lose to Perez Hilton?!?!? - TIME 100 voting emergency!!!

Any cooks here?

My latest tattoo, ouch it hurt!!!

Whatever happened with that FOX "answer to the Daily Show"-show?

Woman Sneaks Into Prison for Sex

Anyone catch Big Dog on Rachel Ray's show?

RIGHT FUCKING NOW111!!!!!111111

Any kooks here?

My boogers are a light blue.

Happy 74th Birthday Carol Burnett

Isn't there such a thing as being too "open-minded"?

Dagobert: the best toilet ever!!!

White House Deputy Press Sec Dana Perino is a talking box.

Recs please for program to record music (cd) into computer.

Investing a large sum of cash - where?

Must... resist... LOST... spoilers...


There is a hummingbird flying around my flowers in the back yard

Bobby Pickett, voice of "Monster Mash" dead at 69

Ahhh springtime.. Kudzu in bloom...

B Movie posters for your favorite movies

I just ate...

I got a job! Hell yes!

Ricky Gervais circa 1984 in his boy band days

The solution to the recent DU problems is to combine the Lounge and GD.

I'm clocking out of DU

The solution to the recent DU problems is

Bobby Pickett DIED...RIP

Smoking Jesus has not accepted me yet. I am a loser.

And now the reason why I left India is perfectly clear to me!!

Prince pisses off Paris!

It's about time I went to bed.

I'm having a live debate chat tonight over skype

Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp!

You guys are cute.

What time do you usually go to sleep on weekdays?

Girl Finds Condom In Her Happy Meal

I'm back.

i need to go get my hair did

Help. Needed: Good, quality American-made tennis shoes. No slave-labor;

Gere faces Indian arrest warrant

BREAKING: Jack Valenti dies at 85

Did anybody go to Woodstock and see Jimi Hendrix's sweet performance?

Kissing Hanks Ass

But I don't need a nap! I AM NOT CRANKY!

Do you talk to people in wheelchairs?

Anyone Know Where I can Buy a Marc Jacobs "Hilary" T-Shirt?

i'm starting a "beastmaster" fan cLub

illegal code makeRemote ('duboard.php?az=emotion table')

Do you like really flashy glitter letters and don't mind popup windows too much

My husband just found a co........... oh nevermind

Any amatuer (or professional) dream interpreters on DU?

Pittsburgh rated 'most livable' city for 2007!

Bad cooks and bad food.

Late news from Earth Day, courtesy of The Onion.

How many Freepers does it take to change a lightbulb?

What happened to innocence?

Breastfeeding Mom Asked To Leave Chain Restaurant - Yes Folks, REAL Story from today

Orioles Announcer Gary Thorne - Dick Dick Dick DICK

Anyone know where one might purchase ethically-made underwear?

So I'm sitting across from Cow Woman, eating while on the cell phone, at the coffee shop.

Pilot 'raped woman in herpes treatment con'

Lies your parents told you:

Don't talk to smoking people in wheelchairs who try to kiss you.

Bragging Thread - My Niece Got a Scholarship to a Big East School! (Volleyball)

small town newspaper excerpt

"No, it was the herring that did the juggling...tiny little ginsu knives. One false move..."

Japanese fooled in poodle scam (were sold SHEEP as poodles)

I'm working for a media research company, but I was sworn to secrecy about who it is.

What fairytale character did you relate to?

If your life was a TV show that has been made, which TV show is it?

what's the best 1890s name you can come up with?

EEEK, the Yellow Xs

This absolutely CANNOT be true....can it?

Unexpectedly Good Food In Bad Places

White Castle vs. Krystal

Just when you think it's the students that are totally screwed up

1970 - 1979 greatest one hit wonders

List your favorite chain restaurant by ethnicity/cuisine.

Come, and see.........Me!

My apartment was robbed last night.

Thursday Morning Questions

Gods I cannot wait for this week to be over.

Keep my hard drive in your thoughts.

Nini and I have decided to adopt LeftPeopleFinishFirst

Tell me about Northern Michigan, and the places to see, best time to go, etc.

Thursday photo thread

Happy birthday WhoaNelly, Lex & blockhead!!

Okay, I officially love "Scrubs"

Today in history 4-26

The new Harry Potter Trailer is OUT!!! (I'm speechless it's so freaking awesome!)

Here's someone who really should get out of retail:

Deliverance: Need Help with this Movie

People you should never ever go home with:

My husband just found a cockatiel walking down the street. Now what?

What year is it?

Hey check it out - bookmark worthy - The DU-o-matic codificator

Appreciation thread: Amy Winehouse

New "punk" gargoyle graces pinnacle of 15th century church

LOL! The Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head

Which is a more important part of scientific research: studying reality or

The Bible will set you free

Say It Ain't So Curt

Just in case you weren't angry and disgusted enough this morning

Has anyone been through the New Alliance process?

News From USW: Rexam, USW to Return to Bargaining Table (Some 900 workers)

Hospitals ordered to rehire some 210 workers Coming April 27th - Earth

Sideshow Bob spells it all out

Jon Stewart------So Happy Together

KO---Billo;s Factor Fiction

McCain's jokes about IEDs and kicking dogs

Sir Anthony Hopkins speaks out for the whales.

Congress investigating FDA for Mismanagement

KO---War Drums #5 4-25

Code Pink Says, "Impeachment's on the Table"

Rudy endorses a Dem (Cuomo) in 1994, a year AFTER 1993 WTC terror bombing.

Black President Bush----Dave Chappelle

Tim Russert on Lastest NBC Wall Street Journal Poll

Tawain bees vanish and Hawaii bees dying in the millions

Michael Ware And Kyra Phillips On The War

Murtha Blast John McCain's IED Joke

the climate mash! from

Anderson Cooper with Michael Ware

Jon Stewart---Straight Talk Express Part 1

TPM: Phantom Polling from NBC's Andrea Mitchell (BUSTED!)

Jon Stewart---Straight Talk Express Part 2

Tell Us The Mission (Accomplished)

self-delete, tech problem

It was Karl Rove's Fault


Was DU Offline? What Happened?

UK constantly reviewing Prince Harry's Iraq stint (Reuters)

Darn That Abramoff! - UPI/WashTimes Headline Blames Jack for Feeney's Misreported Trip to Scotland!

Friday night -- Bill Moyers with Jon Stewart. Be there or

Was I the only one closed out of DU for most of the night? n/t

Was DU Offline? What Happened? DUPE due to "bug" ??

Trivia on the DU Down Time

So was DU down

DU downtime pissing you off? How bout sending in a little extra donation?


David Broder Creates False Equivalence Between Gonzales and Reid

Is Viacom asleep at the wheel? Daily Show clips are back on YouTube!

What happened, Elad?

Should we get that crazy pastor Becky from Jesus Camp to pray over DU's servers?

I Know The Real Reason DU Went Down Tonight...

Bill Moyers back on PBS....Question?

Beware joining a protest -- the brownshirts may ostracize you for life

Simplicity ain't doing it my Friends....Looking for Security from Heroic Leaders

ok for the millionth time...does it just NOT STOP with this guy?

Debbie Schlussel is a vile human being

Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast

Drs. Foster and Smith pet food added to recall

Will Bill Moyer's "Buying the War" be repeated?

Caption This BUSH-Shit Video

While most of America was watching American Idol, they missed...

James Dobson Gets Representation Through Your Taxation.

Sidney Blumenthal: "From Norman Rockwell To Abu Ghraib"

My teenage boyfriend cheated on me with teacher, says mother of three

Weakened warrior

Last Throes indicator?

Look at these eyes and tell me what you see

willy (ICK!) pnac kristol on cspan this morning

U.S. Asks Court to Limit Lawyers at Guantánamo

Are there gremlins in "MY DU" this morning

Political Briefings At Agencies Disclosed

David Broder's Shameless Screed Against Harry Reid

Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water

Thursday TOONS: “Where does that kind of deceitfulness come from?”

Will, the earl of Kristol is a delusional POS

Moyer's exposed corporate bias towards the rightwing.....

in 2007 racism alive & well!

Dana Perino thinks that

Proposal for some new DU groups/forums...

Make Laugh, Not War. The Anti-War Comedy Tour

How many bills did President Clinton Veto?

Cliff Schecter: The real Traitors

Hey 30 pieces of silver for the Marine officer who helped cover up Haditha Massacre

Shays (R-Whiney Baby)--I begin to feel like I'm in Russia right now:

Pentecostal Preacher accused of stabbing wife locked up on $1 million bond

Brooklyn Assemblyman, Baptist Minister Faces DWI, Speeding Charges

Ex-priest accused of molestation hired by Ft. Lauderdale Catholic school

Man faces 43 child porn charges

NOT to punish the War Criminals would be a DISHONOR to the Fallen Soldiers

Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan to wed...

Record-Setting Spam Effort Turns Computers into Zombies

Another Impeachable Offense - Bush Admin may have violated Hatch Act

Church denies cover-up over paedophile choirmaster who continued teaching boys

Defending against alien invasion-What could go wrong?

AFA: Gawd-fearing Christians and Jews must rise up against Dem laws to protect gays from hate

If they lied to us about Tillman, Lynch, WMD's, what ELSE have they lied about?

Great News! Kyra Phillips is back from Iraq.

Enemy of liberal Anglicans was allegedly poisoned

Meals on Wheels meets 2 discuss fate of arrested Director (Baptist Pastor, Dean of Baylor's Seminary

Lovely! MSNBC coverage of the Democratic Presidential Debate

"Job Market Strong; Wages Rising." Do You Feel It?

Hey our E-mails to Dan Abrams comes MOMMA

DU this CNN poll: Should President Bush veto war funding bill

How was KO's "Special Comment" last night?

The Importance Of Funding For Our Troops

Did Jay Leno really write this?

Four letters spell the GOP's popularity problems..."IRAK!"

Is DU dragging or is it just where I am? nt

Bush Approval Rating Falls to 28%, Lowest Level So Far, in Harris Poll

"If Dems were more like Lieberman, they would probably still be in the majority."

Well, I'm off to OZ! Any Aussie DUers want to get together while I'm visiting?

U.S. General calls Iraq most complex situation ever

Propaganda Day at the White House - old thread suddenly fresh again

Is there a thread for the Senate debate over the Iraq conference report?

Why I hate MSM: Yesterday's Malaria Awareness Coverage

"Ohio Judge Frees Man After Bible Quiz"

Sirota: When Journalism Became Transcription and Reporting Disappeared

X-POST Can US Senators be recalled. One way to STOP the illegal war is recall those

Michael Ware: Pulling out would be devastating

Need credible source re:Bin Laden CIA connection from the 80's

Rep. Murtha Slams McCain over IED Joke on Daily Show...

Anyone hearNPR's interview with Iaccocco? Gore changed his mind!

Bill Moyers showed how compliant our media was. Watching Petraeus presser, nothing's changed.

Flying...terrorist watch list and whatnot

Media is painting Moyers with a Chimp Paint Brush

when Rice rejects the subpeona and the Justice Dept is a political office

Are We Being Manipulated Again?

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST...mandatory DU viewing. Bill Moyers Buying the War

Kerry at HuffPo: Standing With Harry Reid

WH docs show Mitchell Wade was paid $140k two weeks before he bought Duke C a yacht for $140k.

Visa Wants You To Pay More, State Dems Starting To Take Action

FREEPER BAIT on Yahoo: Why are republicans soft on Gypsies?

Here's the latest Bush pic everyone should see

Bill Krystal is really getting dissed from LOTs of callers about Moyers special

Sex, Lies and White Supremacy. The radical right has long been plagued by sexual scandal.

Kudos to American Idol

Hey, Bill Clinton coming up on Rachel Ray! 10 a.m. in DC anyway...

Edwards calls for Karl Rove to be fired --online petition LINK

All hell is breaking loose for Bush and we've just started! Anything you think we should add

Juan Cole points out the truth and nails the bastards one-more-time!

Rudy: if Dems make us less safe, why'd you ENDORSE Cuomo in 1994?

Abu Ghraib was no worse than college hazing and . . .

CNN and Headline news. Anybody else having trouble receiving it?

At Least Hillary Has The Guts To Be Honest & Go Beyond "No Option Is Off The Table" Regarding Iran

Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline (CNN)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Sigh...So I'm here in the office

My tinfoil hat prediction regarding this bit of news...

If you liked The Super Friends as a kid in the '70s....

Pickles & Chimp are obviously suffering more than anyone else

Anyone watching General Petraeus' speech on CNN? Prepared by NeoCons

Re: Will conservatives support our troops when they mutiny?

Laura Bush: When it comes to Itaq, no one is suffering like the First couple. No One.

NYT PAGE ONE, LEAD: Justice Department asks court to restrict Guantanamo lawyers

Petraeus cites difficult times in Iraq - 'might become more difficult before before it gets easier'

You know what?...For once, I think I agree with Giuliani!

American Idol May Be A Silly, Goofy Show

Condoleezza, This Man Has Your NUMBER!

McCain admits that if he won, he would only do *1* thing differently from the Bush Administration

Hey, what states hold the first primaries - I am SPACING it!

Sen. Pat Leahy coming up on Ed Schultz today

The SURGE! The SURGE! It's Working!11!! I'm Series!!1!1!

Bloomberg: I Hope Gore Runs For President

OK - Can someone explain the RW spin on CondiLiar?

Iraq War conference report Debate in Senate...HARRY REID is speaking NOW!

It would be so cool if Congress sent the war funding bill to Bush on the first of May

Wall in Baghdad

Riverbend has a new post up!

Someone call the Waahmbulance for Paul Waahfowitz

Malkin: Just Another GOP Chickenhawk Smearing Democratic Veterans

Wolfowitz: The Puppet Who Cleared The Way For Iraq's Destruction

Dems to send Iraq bill to * on Mission Accomplished Day! GOP says "P.R. stunt"

Stop the drugs that cause the killings

51-46 the SENATE Conference report is adopted.

Bush Administration's demands that Tax Payers foot the bill for Iraq is proof that it is lost

Can you watch the debate anywhere online?

The "Dean of the Washington Press Corp" has spoken -- Let's Yawn

How to prepare for alien invasion

NY Fire Battalion Chief Jim Riches: "We want America to know Giuliani is not the man he says he is"

Come see a history of the vice president's rhetoric

From Perino to Kristol. I am going to

Can we just declare victory and leave?

Feingold on the Floor of the Senate now

I am confused about why war started in the first place

Why did Dan Rather pay the price for the Killian Memos

Geez Louise.. The WJ callers this morning must have forgotten their meds..

Can't watch Nancy speak!

What did Waxman get accused of doing?

Saxby Chambliss R: GA is a fucking tool

Another R.I.P. - SF Tenderloin's "Skateboard"

Petraeus Eyes Long Commitment in Iraq - Didn't they tell us they would know in weeks not months?

WSJ: Bush Approval Rating Falls to 28%, Lowest Level So Far, in Harris Poll

Senate Roll Call Vote on Iraq Withdrawl

When a DEM President works with a DEM Senate and a DEM Congress to end the war...

Any Thoughts about WHY so many republicans were absent from Waxmans hearing yesterday?

Anorexics untie. WIll, the earl of Kristol is replaying on Cspan.

AP: White House held GOP election briefings

Population and consumption

An everlasting war on terror, brutalizing the world, and an event that initiated it all

Main Repuke talking point: "The troops want to keep fighting, so we should...

I have a little fantasy

Just a thought in light of tonight's Debate:

Caption *

Catholicism is subtext of U.S. abortion ruling

Speaking of televised debates...

"Boo hoo!! They're not FUNDING THE TROOPS!!"

Stars & Stripes letters: Operation Iraqi Freedom is a worse massacre

"Barack the Magic Negro" - Offensive to Obama or Sharpton or both?

The delusions of infallibility of the Chimp

I would like to suggest to Reid and Nancy that the next move after the veto be to

Teacher at St. Casimir's Catholic School, Brockton, Mass. put on leave after abuse allegations

"Leaked" video of a Border Patrol Agent committing murder....

Dana Perino on CSpan1

Indian Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Richard Gere for vulgar smooch.

GMO goes Global Warming

Prime Minister of Trinidad calls for investigation of pastor's daughter's sexy dance with musician

Government Keeps a Secret After Studying Spy Agencies

Faux's Shepard Smith: 'They don’t allow us to see the heroes who died in Iraq.’

51-46 Who didn't vote and why?? n/t

The Republicon Party platform: Screw you, America

BUSH ADMIN Violated Hatch Act & Attempted To "Make Government A Stepchild Of The Republican Party"

Was Keith's Show Or Special Comment Extended Last Night?

Moyers' 'BUYING THE WAR' is now online, here:

Al Gore In Indianapolis: The Message Is Getting Through

So, can Condi just refuse to comply with the subpeona and get away with it?

Tonight on HBO, The trials of Darryl Hunt

Caption this * pic

Yahoo has dug up the old "Mission Accomplished" pic

Bill Krystal is the guest on cspan1

Citgo's changing its name.

Did the deaths of 3,500 U.S. soldiers make America safer?

President Bush on Breast Cancer

Two Iraqi women and two children believed dead in US strike: military

Have you called or emailed your congress critter

Blair snubs US Medal to avoid 'poodle' jibes

Reid: "For a president that took the country to war under false pretenses . . ."

More news on the bees

Giuliani leads in key 2008 states, Gore shows strong: poll

This absolutely CANNOT be true....can it?

Bush's Puppet Iraqi Spokesman Criticizes Senate Vote - Baghdad Bob I think

Rasmussen:57% Favor Immediate Troop Withdrawal or Firm Deadline; 43% surge made things worse

self delete

WHY are Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, et al registered democrats?

CSPAN replay of the Tillman hearing. rivetting

Riverbend has had enough - leaving Iraq

Montana state GOP congresscritter goes on a rant...

Virginia Tech, Worst Shooting Rampage In American History - Native Americans Think Otherwise

Petraeus: Iraq war may get tougher, calls situation ‘the most complex, challenging I have ever seen’

"From what we're now being told, there are 2 kinds of Muslims & they dont appear to like each other"

Begala punctures Broder the Gasbag

I just visited freerepublic for the first time

Pentagon formally charges child 'enemy combatant'

Elizabeth Edwards on the Hardball College Tour right now.

Democrats’ Timetable Allows U.S. War in Sunni Region to Go On

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs - April 26 -- Looking under Rocks (and "fan mail")

When you write something - and it comes up with this

Giuliani is a FAILURE as America's mayor!...Here's why...

Progress in Iraq’s Anbar “breathtaking”: US general

Angelina Jolie today left Brad Pitt for World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz.

The upside of the debate tonight?

Is the debate tonight going to be Simulcast anywhere?

Yesterdays Worst Person In The World Dana Rohrabacher R-CA

So if Bush* vetos the supplemental spending bill I guess it means he has no confidence

When media lie, soldiers die.

The Perfect Democratic Response to Bush's Veto

I'm donating to the BYU students doing anti-Cheney commencement!

Crossing fingers DU's "healthy" for the Debate tonight !

Reid: "Heed the call of the American people or keep our troops committed to an open-ended civil war"

Mitt Romney is running commercials already-Hey Mass he turned you around!

Jessica Lynch and the brave women of the 507th

Race Without Color

Did the Patriotism Pigs ever kick down YOUR door?

Pure and Total Fluff Post.

David Huckabee, Mike Huckabee's son was arrested for trying to carry a Glock on a plane.


Proposed: That the new passport regulations are to reduce draft evasion

Does Anybody Realize That West Coast Is Part Of America?

Did anyone else catch 'Crossing Jordan' last night?

Mitt Romney: Catching Bin Laden not worth the money it would cost.

Pelosi: House and Senate Passage of Iraq Bill Takes US in a New Direction in Iraq

Condi Inclined To Ignore The Subpoena?

Will the DEM debate be replayed for us westcoasters?

Tonight's debate: Are there too many candidates involved?

It's amazing how fast things vanish from the news

TENET: "I Was A Talking Point-Tell The American People What Really Happened"

Leave America with Mike Malloy!

Yes! I think so!

Anyone see this online Global Warming Quiz?

This is what's wrong with America: Two records could be broken this month. Only one seems to matter

MSNBC - Why do they have a bunch of Repubs talking about the Dems/Dem. Debate??

Lou Dobbs. The man is sinking fast.

Olbermann on with Tweety right now

PBS Bill Moyers "Buying The War"

Major victory in local city's "war on crime"...we just won't count the rapes as "crime"

So if the US economy is slowing down so much why is the stock market hitting record highs?

Bad things happened to me under Bush's watch.

Tom Brokaw sounds like Jim Ward doing his impression of Tom Brokaw.

Even if there was a draft , I still don't think things will change

Dana Milbank's Washington "Chicken-Shot" Sketch

what time does the debate start?

If Rudy were the GOP nominee what issues should Dem ticket use against him

Here's a "scientist" that tells me how things came about ...

Someone is holding a sign up on MSNBC in the crowd

Was I dreaming or did I see a letter of impeachment re - Chainy yesterday?

Hardball living up to its moniker....

Those not Engaged in MSNBC Candidate Crap "How to deal with "Honking Ignoramuses!" (Good Read )

live debate chat over skype starting now

The candidate strongest on defence will win tonight.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing in the debate?

True or false? You can't give someone a right, you can only stop taking it away.

TAP: Reid's fearlessness is dangerous to a WH teetering on oblivion

The First Lady Is So Elegant ---pix--->>>

You won't hear about Gore's proposal tonight,

What level will DU be at tonight?

Debate is also on CSPAN Radio

Colonel Accused of Aiding Enemy in Iraq (carries death penalty)

Are High Gas prices a good thing?

David Broder's history of "wildly off target" claims and faulty predictions

Official Debate Thread

Larisa Alexandrovna On Bill Moyers' PBS Special "Buying The War"

"Trust and Honor" At the end of the day, Tenet says, that's all you have.

Wash. Post's Broder downplayed Gonzales' actions, misled on Reid

TWIT moment number two 4/26 from the view

For My Thousandth Post.

Any truck drivers here? How do you feel about cars "drafting" you on the highway

VIDEO: William Kristol On C-Span Today Confronted By Military Wife (Calls Him A "Liar")

Class action suit against religious false claims.

If John McCain cares SOOO much about us Staying In Iraq, Why Didnt he Vote Today?

Gravel is rocking it out of the park on IRAN!!

KO: O'Reilly's "real anger and real fear rests in the dread that someone is quoting him correctly"

Anyone have a link for the debate? nt


Gravel is rocking it out of the park on IRAN!!

Fun Gravel Fact #3

Debate - the accessories - So they all got the "wear grey" memo

Man gets 25 years for impregnating 9-year-old

RICHARD CLARK: "Put Bush's 'puppy dog' terror theory to sleep"

Hollow Words and Empty Gestures

had a minor argument with a co-worker

Does anyone know of a link to the simulcast of the debate?

Score one point for Biden.

Mike Huckabee's son arrested with handgun - D'oh!

If its a Dem who gets the white house in 2008, will the Repubs wish for another terrorist attack?



Just in case anyone needs this link

Just when you thought Michelle Malkin couldn't get any more BATSHIT CRAZY...

Are you watching the Debate (MSNBC) tonight ?

There was an earlier post re: a scientist blog beginning April 27

I hope on Rosies last day of the View she smacks the shit out of the TWIT

"Its liberal values that makes conservatives do bad things". E-mail from an aquaintance.

what happened to the DU website and where is the forums front page? nt

***Official Debate Thread #4***

EH on the View TWIT moment of the day 4/26

Right now 3,333 confirmed dead in Iraq war

who chose these questions??? hedge funds???

This is an awful debate....

If Condi defies the subpoena & Gonzales refuses to arrest her... WHAT NEXT?


72 more dead Iraqis today, and Lieberman says leaving will cause chaos and mass death....

Indiana Prison Riot Shows Failures in Privatization. GOP Gov./ex-Bush Official got his $53 M worth

I'd like to dedicate this toon to Bill Moyers

Question for those who watch BET network documentaries.

Brian Williams is a POS !

uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh Obama needs a speaking coach

Debunkers? Help.

We are one signature from gays being real citizens, instead of second class ones

I now understand the purpose of Biden's candidacy.

Why won't they let candidates ask each other questions?

I am a Richardson fan but this debate is no help for him

Funny parable on American Corporate mindset.

"The Supreme Court's Catholic Majority": Five Catholic males turned the Court around on abortion

HOAs strike again! Neighborhood Nazis ban environmentally friendly homes.

Breaking: Jack Valenti is dead

Rice refuses to honor subpoena?

My college campus gets Fred Phelps imitators about this time every semester (finals).

Blog interview of Teresa Heinz Kerry

Why is the US President holding our troops hostile in Iraq?


New Faux show to be called "The Money Shot." I can't make this stuff up

Kucinich Statement on the Iraq Supplemental Conference Report

Kerry: Vote Ends Indefinite US Role in Iraq...will fight Bush's promised veto every step of the way

Senator Jon Tester: My Remarks to the Twenty-First Century Democrats

About the downtime Wednesday night

TOONS: Latest From Four Of The Best - Auth, Oliphant, Luckovich & Toles

Respectable churchgoing sunday school teaching grandmothers arrested over 'satanic sex abuse'

The Bin Ladens: An American Success Story


Olbermann's most damning Special Comment destroys Giuliani with a searing indictment against fear

Heard that a Chicago area student was arrested for writing an essay


After watching the Moyers piece, I'm physically ILL

Iran May Be Closer To Nukes Than Thought!, or, same shit, different country


I want to be on record - I do forgive the germans about WWII.

An open letter to Speaker Pelosi.

What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running The World

It's Official. I Can No Longer Keep Up

Is "The Moyers Effect" a possibility?

After firing 3,400, Circuit City enriches CFO

Help me win a disagreement..... Plame Affair.

Who was President of the USA when you were born? (Nixon has been added to the poll)

Who won the debate?

Giuliani tried to conflate the Virginia Tech shootings with 9/11.

Guns don't kill, people do

Charlton, McKay, Iglesias Connect Dots: New Allegations of Republican Interference

Married women only about "Entertainment Tonite" show

New DU group proposal - Law Enforcement

"Cocks for Clinton"

Reminding DU about YOUR great efforts. Moyers' focused on K-Rs Landay and Strobel

Powerful story of one man's concrete encounter with the right to choose

War Vote by Astrological Sign, I kid you not, in WaPO

White House Aides communicating via texting

Yet another devastating Tom Tomorrow


Who funds the RW smear machine? Let's follow the money

Anyone know when Moyers' special will re-air on PBS?

Hot DAMN this Gravel guy is awesome!

Dr. Bussard: IEC Fusion, the future in a post peak oil world... ?

Can anyone with rethug friends or family answer this....?

"The war needs to continue ... in a positive way." (Saxby Chambliss)

The Legend Of Agent Mike

Should The VT Killer Get A Memorial Stone?

Condi Rice hints at rejecting subpoena

"Web 2.0 (and Wikipedia) worse for right than it thinks"

President Dignitude ---pix--->>>

AP: (Atlanta) 3 officers indicted drug raid shooting

Will YOUR child or grandchild fight in bush's war?


Obama: "We Are One Signature Away From Ending the Iraq War"

CBS News: Tenet - "It's the most despicable thing that ever happened to me," Tenet says. "You ...


Democracy and Abortion

Virginia Tech, Worst Shooting Rampage In American History - Native Americans Think Otherwise

Mother Asked To Leave Houston's Restaurant For Breastfeeding (Florida)

I'm Anti-American, dammit! - Letters To America

'Monster Mash' singer dead at 69

Cho fired 170 rounds in 9 minutes.

As long as my kids aren't in Iraq, I couldn't give a rats ass what happens....

Do you feel a moral obligation to adopt or be a biological parent of at least one child?

the Prison Industry of America

Einstein: "No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

Bush Approval Rating Falls to 28%, Lowest Level So Far, in Harris Poll

The Motherlode - Down a dark hole in the US Attorney purge scandal

It'd be silly to not use Sheryl Crow's "Let's Get Free" as our candidate's campaign theme song

Reid for Vice President?

Ghouliani still at it

John Edwards beats all GOP candidates head to head

Senator (Baucus) pens strong warning to S. Korea on beef - Reuters

When will these murderers face their responsibility for

Congress may punish some FDA Directors...(cut off salaries)

Say Thanks to Bill Moyers here:

Conservative lunatics shooting blanks at Media Matters

kindasleazy doesn't want to say "I don't recall" under oath

Romney pressed to offer better answer on Iraq (AP)

Are Rove's missing e-mails the smoking guns of the stolen 2004 election?

Abramoff Drags Down 11th Scoundrel-Anyone Listening?

Waltham, Mass. Town Councilor Marilyn Devaney accused of assaulting clerk with curling iron

Pelosi pressed to put impeachment back on table

When they don't stand up we Surge

So, did the PBS Moyers report NOT air in your TV market last night?

Bill Krystol on c-span smiles like bush when speaking of war and death

Dems try to lower debate expectations

When the RW and msm roll out the list of horribles if we pull out

I posted this on a local 'news talk' Web forum.

Bloomberg Endorses Gore?

Oh, my. Look at those uncivil gopers in Montana

Suffering? How DARE you, Laura.

Anyone know a site for debunking supposed Dem quotes?

Democrats should pay back MSM with fewer election ads

Obama presiding in Senate for debate of the Iraq supplemental, HR 1591 or as it is otherwise known

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Run along now, Dennis"

I love the Richardson ad, 'The Wall'

UN: Baghdad security operation has failed

The one document you need to send to your Republican friends

Limbaugh plays: "Barack the Magic Negro" on his show....

David Broder claims Harry Reid is "Democrats' Alberto Gonzales" (WaPo)

Can US Senators be recalled?? One way to STOP the illegal war is recall those

Polls: Giuliani Beats Hillary, Obama in Key Swing States. Gore fares Best

The politics of attack and deception

If Cheney gets impeached, who'll preside over the Senate?

Obama Narrows Gap With Clinton

Is "I don't recall" covered by Executive Privilege?

Clinton holds double-digit leads in PA, OH, FL

Kerry: Social Security is sound. Will fight any moves to privatize.

One Choice in Iraq by Joe Lieberman (Disingenuous-CT)

The Rude Pundit: George Bush Is Not Light on His Feet

Thanks to DHS, you can view George W. Bush's driver license online.

vote on iraq spending in Senate 51-46 YES

Anyone watch the new "Nova" on renewable energy?

Voting now in Senate on Iraq Spending Bill - CSPAN-2

An observation on a posturistic change spreading among pols .....

pic of Obama and Clinton

LAT: Race is onstage in South Carolina debate

Another Cheney prediction gone wrong

Anyone gonna hold Collins feet to the fire?

RNC raises more $$ than DNC (1st quarter)

"David Broder Is a Gasbag" ...Paul Begala

Kerry: "affordable, and meaningful health insurance for all Americans” by the end of 111th Congress

Obama: "We Are One Signature Away From Ending The Iraq War"

51-46 in favor of Iraq bill in Senate

This Modern World - Great Moments In Punditry: Four Years Later

If an employer gave me a paycheck and I refused it, would he be defunding me?

Comey will testify on prosecutor purge next week.

John Edwards Statement on New Hampshire Minimum Wage Increase

Edwards Statement on Senate Passage of Iraq Funding Bill

Truthout: White House Faces Sweeping Congressional Oversight

NY Gov. Spitzer will legislate abortion rights: "If the Court does not understand the law, we do."

Great McCain videos on Americanblog

John Kerry: Standing With Harry Reid (HuffPost)

Bill Moyers' excellent documentary "Buying the War" aired last night- A Must See - Link here!

Don Young (R. Alaska) Disrespects Alaskans

Here's your chance to be the moderator and ask the questions YOU want answered.

Kudos to Kucinich, But There’s More to Impeach Cheney For

I wonder ...... how much does Tucker pay for a haircut?

Romney defends his shifts on issues (AP)

Speaker Pelosi at press conference after Senate passed Accountability Act:

"They won't compromise or capitulate." Goper tantrum about his Democratic governor.

Limbaugh makes me want to puke!

When Condi-Sleaza testifies...

Hey GDers, look at what a Democratic controlled Senate in Iowa just did to women

John Edwards Statement on New Hampshire's Recognition of Civil Unions

Perino: Americans Voted For "Surge" In 2006 Midterm Elections


PREDICTION: Kucinich will "Win" tonights debate

Politico runs correction of DeLay claim that Soros funds Media Matters

I want Elizabeth Edwards as our next first lady

Join Our Action on Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, simple E action

Keith and Chris Matthews are hosting the pre-debate right now, 6 ET

FAIR: The media should avoid early election polls

Maine Democratic Leaders Endorse John Edwards for President

Why isn't there an official "MSNBC Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate Thread"?

War Hawk Kristol Confronted By Military Wife: ‘You All Don’t Understand…We Are People Too’

Email Bush to not veto. Please sign Senator Leahy's message.

Geez, it's like a funeral in here...

Richardson Doesn't Seem To Think Much Of Edwards IMO...

Just a heads up...Dean coming up on CNN ..sometime

CAUGHT ON TAPE: McCain Supported ‘Precipitous Withdrawal’ From Somalia, Haiti

Will McCain's Jokes Push Him Out of the Presidential Race?

A Campaign Expert Tells Us What To Look For In The Debates

Perino Blindly Defends White House’s Political Briefings Without Knowing Any Facts

What time is the debate?

SC Debate Thread Here: Live Blogger from SC Too

I like Gravel. He's tough

Who do you favor for Imus' replacement?

Replacements waiting in wings as Renzi (R-AZ) ponders resignation

BREAKING: White House held GOP election briefings...(cross post)

A thought about last night's PBS/Moyers special .... and the lie(?) it may have contained

Tell Laura I Love Her

Hey, Obama, why do you think clergy have any authority to help women make decisions on abortion?

Pelosi Petition.......anyone seen this?

Yes! The Edwards campaign comes through for the NOLA vendor.