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Archives: April 25, 2007

Wolfowitz Hires Prominent Lawyer in Fight to Stay at World Bank


NYT: A Deal on the Minimum Wage

Mitch Albom: David Halberstam wrote his own epitaph - "The Best and the Brightest"

Farther, faster? Not anymore

Tom Hayden: Anti-War Dynamic Accelerating, Bush Power Dropping (from HuffPost)

Eric Boehlert: Part II: Can conservative bloggers tell the truth? (Media Matters)

PowerPoint Politicking on the Job

Record Of Iraq War Lies Airs April 25, On PBS

The Nation: Murder in Monterrey (labor organizer Santiago Rafael Cruz)

Amy Goodman: U.S. Frees International Terrorist (Truthdig)

Stocksplosion- James Howard Kunstler

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Turning the Election Green

MAUREEN DOWD: She’s Not Buttering Him Up

Bush seals Baghdad, but not US borders

The Nation: "Surviving the Climate Crisis,"

African states call for 20-year ban on ivory - AFP

Spain mulls offshore wind farms - AFP

Civilian-death report faults command

Agency investigating Rove's political operation

Air Force Pinched by Iraq Ground War

Pa. university faculty to vote on whether to strike if talks fail

Bush and Cheney Chide Democrats on Iraq Deadline

U.S. examines if human food tainted

Insults fly over Iraq compromise

Rove Investigator Faces Own Allegations

Teens vandalise war memorial

Revival of Oversight Role Sought

Limits Sought on ‘Robocalls’ in Campaigns

Colombian senator alleges death plot

OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

Miss America tries to catch sex predators

FEMA waived its own advice!

FDA Quarantines Hogs Fed Tainted Pet Food; Unsure About Human Food Supply

Philadelphia protest sign at gun rally backfires

Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win

Move to block emissions 'swindle' DVD

Potentially habitable planet found

How many times do you wear your jeans before you throw them in the laundry?

Help. What do I do with Kate?

Found: The New Earth


I'd like some "outsider" opinions on a work situtation.

House: Man rammed wife after police wouldn’t bring him a cigarette

OK, no couch on the porch, limited approval for some basketball backboards, but can someone

Are you ready to move? Potentially habitable planet found

I'm going to Phoenix tomorrow. Will NOT have my laptop.

My mother got a job today!

I had forgotten...

Do you choose poll positions based on the bar color?


I need help with a quotation

I am going to a meth-addict's baby shower!

Has anyone here ever flown Swiss International Airlines?

Do any car rental agencies rent hybrids?

Deadliest Catch is on (spoilers maybe)

I didn't know the moran was a Raiders fan

So any DUers trekking off to Coachella this weekend?

I have to deal with Mary EVERY time I pay the rent! (pic)

Another cute video of cats


Where are the uppermost/downermost places you have been?

I started Belly Dancing class

Demean yourself.

The cats got lobster for dinner and I'm nicely toasted

Damaging storms warning-what a shock.

Good night DU

"Kill the squirrels, let the birds live, and keep your cats inside,

68-47 at halftime

You pick your nose and eat your boogers.

I got a name..................

STUDY SHOWS : Beer contains female hormones !!

No one ever asks where the heck I am

How often do you walk rather than drive? (now be honest!)

The Weather Radar Showed Big Storms Coming...

Kittens playing...(warning: cute alert!)

Anyone want to play Ultimate Movie Moguls? It's like Fantasy Football, only with movies.

I swear I just heard Anderson Cooper refer to Run DMC as "he".

This sank like a stone in GD, but I think this is a good list.

Where's the OUTRAGE, people? What's WRONG with you? Don't you CARE?

OK he is on the morphine drip; hasn't eaten for a couple of days; quit eating....

My new favorite song


They raised the price of my beer!!!

*computer question* how easy would it be to post my profile

I need real help for a major addiction

This is why the Gods gave us YouTube: Kermit does "Hurt" by NIN

Hey, everybody...

(GD cross-post) Green Festival 2007, Chicago!

OK, another kind-of copycat. I do not own any blue jeans. Not even one pair. Anyone else?

A Five-Star DVD Rental Recommendation: " Death of a President "

Where the heck is pawpicker?

Best chain ITALIAN food

Where are the northernmost/southernmost places you have been?

Where are the easternmost/westernmost places you have been?

I just got a bunch of WWII memorabilia (the unwanted kind)...what do I do with it?

I get annoyed when I see ads or commercials that show people "working from home," and they're always

Your highest/lowest land altitudes?

ok all you smarty smarts...answer this simple math/geometry question

Luke 19:27

Wow - the magic-kareem-worthy -scott-cooper Lakers would have trouble tonite...

Did you serve at El Toro, or Tustin?

AFSCME Receives Injunction to Stop Detroit Custodians From Being Laid Off and Privatized

Mueller Reaches Agreement On New Labor Contract

Steelworkers union files complaint against United Way, coercing employees into giving up union rep

Question about mandatory overtime

Portraits of an American Progression - in association with Georgia for Obama...

he's been 'on it' for a long time - AL GORE: Highlights from 1/06 Speech Blasting Bush Admin...

George Bush as Art

Papa Roach - The "Where's Waldo" of Political references.

Olbermann----As Bush Debates Iraq Nine More Soldiers Die

Wes Clark - Democratic Winter Meeting...

Art of democracy - part 1

FDA testing pizza dough and baby formula for tainted glutens

Democracy Now - End of US Democracy/1of2

New DCCC ad: Rep. John Doolittle: Saint or Sinner?

Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t - The War on Drugs Pt 1

Senator Biden: President Bush's New Heights of Hypocrisy

PBS Frontline---Bush's Media Manipulation

You can't make this stuff up

The Economy in crisis...

Bill Maher ----- On The Bees

Theocracy Watch: Dominion Theology (1/5)

Bill Maher And Joe Scarborough Debate Religion


Mark Crispin Miller: The Real Justice Dept. Scandal

dupe; please delete

So * has taken the troops hostage with his Veto threat...Congress

Hand Counted Paper Ballots! Nothing more and Nothing less! nt

Bill Moyers must a have doozy of a media indictment tomorrow night, Faux has the goon squad out.

Want some choice Freeper quotes about the Tillman coverup?

Bill O'Reilly is Showing the Cho Video

john melloncamp on MSNBC - on his free concert for injured troops.

Are you ready to move? Potentially habitable planet found

Dear Vice President Cheney: (impeachment pdfs)

HAHAHA! Screenshot from Countdown "Investigating Turdblossom"

When Gore made LEGAL phone calls from office Washington Post put it on page A1

It's been interesting watching my old X-Files episodes lately

Help! or... Not.

did anybody watch Newshour on PBS tonight? interesting segment on Diyala and "the surge"

HEADLINE: McCain to lay out his case to be President on Wednesday. "I know who I am."

Do you choose poll positions based on the bar color?

Take Bush at his word. Gonzales was as honest as he could afford to be.

Flowers to DK's House office?

Howard Fineman brought up a very good point

mike pence on c-span - catapulting the propaganda

Greg Palast is on Mike Maloy's show right now!

John Kerry and Building Seven of the WTC

Why are retired military people taking over the US intelligence

I am done getting my hopes up .

Bush's Frequent Vacations: Detox? Or Wild Benders?

David Swanson on Hannity/Colmes right now.

Cable News at Its Best - Very Funny

or...Rove to be Probed

How can we believe anything from the DoD?

Green Festival 2007: Thoughts & Photos from Chicago:

IMPEACH NOW! Either you are with us or you are against us. nt

The Tillman equivalent of the 2000 Presidential election "Get Over It."

Delay: Reid, Pelosi - veru close to treason (video)


Mac Hack (root exploit) Click and you are owned

OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

Amusing Freep Fight RE: Pat Tillman

Bush seals Baghdad, but not US borders

PBS Frontline: Hot Politics on NOW! The politics of Global Warming/

I don't get it!!!

Giulian warns of "Old 9/11" if RePUKES steal the 2000 election

I'd like a list, please. A real list of Bushco* crimes.

Any consequences to these investigations or is the party

Everybody Sing... "I Hate Republicans.... " And Then Expose Their Asses !!!

Reid Spokesman: Cheney's Attacks Are Desperate, Lack Credibility

Yikes -This made me cry a little

Dennis for President!

My Fetus Is An Honor Student At Placentia U !!!

More GOP-ers involved in the US Attorney purge scandal - TPM

I am no longer a Democrat.

Rummy profits from bird flu/W's response to it

Indecision '08: Guiliani says that there will be a new 9/11 if Dems win

Jumping on Jon Stewart because of Reid Comments

Email and infomercials

PBS' Frontline will run a program examing the Mormons beginning April 30.

Denny Crane says he may vote for Obama!

Can you feel it? The sweet smell of desperation in the air?

a true confession and an inquiry. . .

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Report: Fat Workers Cost Employers More

Senate rejects attempt to weaken Sarbanes-Oxley

In honor of David Halberstam...

Film Critic Roger Ebert: "I ain’t a pretty boy no more"

"alberto gonZAHmess"

Giuliani warns of "new 9/11" if Dems win

David Horsey cartoon: Alberto Gonzales at home

'Earth-like' planet discovered orbiting red dwarf

Freeper Minds Work The Tillman Postulate...

Delay: Reid, Pelosi - very close to treason

Has everybody read Toxin by Robin Cook? It's about the USDA and our food supply

Larry Johnson:Counterfeit Letter, Counterfeit War

Charlie Rose tonight: The Deciderer-in-Chief -- no scripts or teleprompters?

Rove Investigation: A Whitewash???

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

'Chevy Chase says in new bio was beaten by mother'

Who shot Pat Tillman?

Office of Special Counsel's War On Whistleblowers (Mother Jones)

George Bush kidnapped McCain and replaced him with a cyborg...

Try to catch Jamie Cullum on Austin City Limits if you can

For Uncle Jim: He is an awesome individual that will leave us soon. Please send him regards!

Be aware of pet and people food, folks

Josh Marshall about to break something big.

Wow, The Colbert Report just came to a screeching halt (almost)


Impeachment Activities\Events This Saturday, A28 !!!

Bush sees a surge mandate?????

1500 women die in Mexico each year during illegal abortions

Senators plan a "No confidence" vote on Gonzalez

DOJ CONCEALED CRITICAL INFO-Rep. Renzi Tied To US Attorney Purge Scandal

Michael Savage's ultimate gaffe tonight

Wal-Mart to open 400 in-store clinics

Mexico City officials legalize abortion

IF you want Pelosi to get on the Impeachment bandwagon you need to:

If you could travel to another livable planet, would you?

Nova: Saved by the Sun. on now, PBS. interesting so far.

Three pops to the forehead? (Tillman)

Good News for the Anti-Smerconish Crowd: Awful Ratings

Iglesias Reveals He Filed Complaint Against Rove, Leading To Special Counsel Probe

Bush on Charlie Rose tonight "All we see are car bombs on TV, we don't see the normal stuff"

Here you go

Radio Lady Discusses: Come! See our new planetary home light years away! (ARTISTIC REPRESENTATION)

NYT series, part 2: OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry (hacks)

Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, announces articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney - pics

And Finally... There It Is... We HAVE TO Impeach !!!

So lets hire some inspectors, increasing jobs, and monitor our [email protected]#ing food supply

Let's cut through the political weaseling, shall we?

The Daily Show just did another of their Bush v. Bush inter-cuts, And John McCain is on NOW!

Jon Stewart Kicked the Shit out of John McCain

Tillman's Mom

Economic Armageddon Is Coming

Bill Maher a guest on Jay Leno tonight

An Older Gentlemen in my class discussion pointed out that Robert Kennedy was the AG when MLK JR.

"Our New Old Friends"

Is a fetus private property owned by its carrier?

"GM: Sell Us Your EV1 Electric Cars!"

Cho hired female escort before killings

All Republicans Are Evil: BULLSHIT!

IMPEACHMENT is your patriotic duty!!

From a high level insider and head fundraiser, "My History and why I left the Free Republic."

A question regarding overtime

Anyone know where I can get a 3rd trimester abortion because I just feel like it?

Woodamnwhoo! The only man in government with balls!

Universal health care off to a good start in California.

US Supreme Court reviews limits on political ads

MYDD: Current Primary Calendar With Polling Averages

KY Senate 2008: (Mitch) McConnell 45%, Chandler 44%

Why not a special oversight panel re: Rove to consolidate all the inquires?

Pig contamination expands... tests on chickens, new pet food recalled

If you haven't already, take a minute to send a message about saving organic standards.

How far will the democrats take it?

Democrats need to cut to the chase

Before I get all lathered up over Ohio SOS / GOP servers, IT support please?!

Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win

Rahm Emanuel: GOP's Motto Is "Ask What Your Government Can Do For Our Party"

Why the [email protected]#$ does Dick Cheney always have to tilt his head?

Is Bushco a snake or a hydra?

MoDo Unsheathes her claws on Barack and Michelle Obama

When Al Franken said that he has been married for 31 years

A man can't get an abortion

FRONTLINE: "Hot Politics" (Investigative Report on the politics of global warming) On Tonight (Now!)

DU this Kucinich Poll

EXPLOSIVE REVELATION: 2004 Ohio Election Results Tallied on GOP Servers.

Name your favorite candidate at this point, and three reasons why he/she is your favorite.

Major NYT article: Bush's OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in the Hands of Industry

The organic movement in the U.S. finds an unlikely hero in Prince Charles

Critics doubt official looking into Rove: Advocacy groups cite Bloch's ties to the administration.

Certain Portions Of Harry Reid's Anatomy May Be Rather Oversize, And Possibly Composed Of Brass...

The last thing the Middle East's main players want is US troops to leave Iraq

Doolittle crossed path of Abramoff conspirator

Kennedy's remarks on the floor yesterday: Cheney wrong to say Democrats mislead on Iraq

No "Legitimacy" to the WTO

Editorial: Gonzales must go (Milwaukee WI Jounal Sentinel)

The Oval Office Bunker

Bush Blames the Troops (by Robet Scheer for Truthdig)

Dead-ender presidency-Bush digs in on stem cells, global warming & Iraq, but only delays the inevita

Press Fury at Baghdad Wall

Bill Moyers and the Fight for American Journalism (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Grimm Fairy Tales

Bob Geiger: Kerry: Dick Cheney "The 'American Idol' of Outlandish Claims"

Retired Generals Endorse Democrats' Iraq Withdrawal Legislation

War Causes Air Force Chief Master Sergeant to Change Course

No sympathy for thug culture

Dropping the First Shoe (Kucinich)

Inquiry into GOP legislators ramps up

Progressive Dems of America Set to Raise its Voice

The last thing the Middle East's main players want is US troops to leave Iraq


Our Masters Have Spoken: Guiliani for President !

The Cho in the White House (TomDispatch)

Subprime Bondholders May Lose $75 Billion

What Ottawa doesn't want you to know

Lonestar Iconoclast: The Bush Legacy Of Death

Bill Moyers....On Journalism And Democracy (

Hot Gun on Gun Action! (By Patt Morrison at HuffPost)

David Halberstam on Iraq and Vietnam

NYT: What’s Really Squeezing the Middle Class?

Kevin Tillman: Deliberate Acts of Deceit

Frustrations With Wolfowitz Boil Over at Meeting

Abuse, Torture and Rape Reported at Unlisted U.S.-run Prisons in Iraq

RICHARD CLARKE: Put Bush's 'Puppy Dog' Terror Theory to Sleep

Iacocca Sounds Off On Today's Leaders - Calls Bush Admin "Bozos"

Steven Weber: Ameriholic's Anonymous (HuffPost)

Tim Russert: Take A Clue From Jon Stewart

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi: You MUST relieve Bush of command.

"The FOUR SISTERS" what you need to know as O'Reilly goes after Soros

WP, Shales, on Moyers: "...the media abandoned their role as watchdog and became a lapdog instead."

SunPower Logs 61 Megawatts of Spanish Photovoltaic Projects

UPC Wind's Proposed 57-MW Maine Wind Project Gains Momentum

Tiffany & Co. Dedicates One of the East Coast’s Largest Solar Projects (NJ)

Turning towards the sea for energy (Denmark)

Ground Broken on SunEdison's 8.22-MW PV Solar Plant in Colorado

Dairyland Power Seeks Additional Wind and Biomass Energy Resources (Wisconsin)

Small wind market takes off

Bioreactor would provide energy for Columbia (Missouri)

Coalition Calls For More Solar Power In California (solar hot water heaters)

MidAmerican Energy Unveils Wind Expansion Plan (540 MW, Iowa)

Power by the People! Cities to Generate Local Renewable Energy (Calif.)

China speeds towards 'biggest greenhouse gas producer' title

German Meteorological Office To Nation - Prepare Now For Heatwave Deaths - Deutsche Welle

Great Pall Of China - PRC To Overtake US As Biggest Emitter By November - Independent

New EPA Plan - Inspector General To Lay Off 60 FTE While Getting $15K Bonus - Reuters

WHO Study - Deaths & Injuries Caused By Climate Breakdown To Double Within 25 Years - FT

Wolfowitz Deputy Tried To Eliminate Climate Content In World Bank Strategy Paper - FT

EPA's Johnson Refuses To Concede GHGs Threat To Human Health In Senate Testimony - LA Times

John Howard Says He Agrees With CSIRO (Main Aussie Science Panel). No, Really!

Archeologists Map Ancient Flooded Landbridge Between Europe, UK - BBC

New AC - I'm so excited!

President Hu Jintao Urges Chinese Farmers, Factory Owners To Improve Food Safety - Reuters

China must end its dependency on coal: Greenpeace - AFP

EPA accused of flouting Supreme Court (coal power plants) - AP

Fuel-Efficiency Gains For US Cars In 2006 - ZERO - Detroit Free Press

Vanishing honeybees mystify scientists

Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water (AlterNet)

They're Back!! Spinal Tap REUNITES For Global Warming Concert

Wood McKenzie Projects Non-OPEC Conventional Peak By 2015

Only mother nature knows how to fertilize the ocean (Nature)

Fuel-Efficient Cars Dent States' Road Budgets

Happy 60th Birthday, Defenders of Wildlife:

Let Taibeh go to Palestine (Gilad Sharon)

Palestinian Children Do Not Have The Right To A Fair Trial Under The Israeli Military Court System

IDF: No operation could have freed soldiers

Why Boycott Israel?

Double Jeopardy entraps Palestinians

Can someone answer a ?

FRENCH CALL "CHEATING MACHINES" A "CATASTROPHE" Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 4/25/07

Antichrist‘ cancels visit to Guatemala (American)

Diggers again under fire in Iraq

World Bank committee rejects Wolfowitz hearing

World Bank committee rejects Wolfowitz hearing


Lawmakers flee Ecuador in political crisis

Sadr Calls for Demonstration(re:wall)

Romney's Deputy Campaign Manager Resigns(Feeney's former Chief of Staff)

Roadside bomb kills seven Afghan soldiers

FBI Asks Feeney About Ties To Lobbyist(requesting more information)

China detains four Americans in Tibet Olympic protest

Raided Renzi leaves more House committees

Rosie O'Donnell leaving `The View'

French 'kingmaker' snubs rivals

6 dead as storms strike Texas community

Wanted: Lobbyists who will work for $25 an hour

Republican add-ons may jeopardize paper-ballots bill (Florida)

Suicide attack on Iraq police station kills 9-police

Bin Laden overseeing Iraq, Afghanistan ops: Taliban

U.N. raps Iraq for holding back death toll figures

World Bank committee rejects Wolfowitz hearing

Man Arrested in 'Bishop' Pipe Bomb Case

House Grants Goodling Immunity

Mexico City legalizes abortion

Insurgents claim 'new methods' in Iraq

UN: Iraqi gov't held casualty figures (to falsely show surge is working)

Group Proposes Detailed Plan to Reduce Poverty by Half

Billionaire philanthropist Jim Moran remembered as 'genius of marketing and innovation' (Dead at 88)

DeLay associate tied to Abramoff probe(Ed Buckham)

OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

Sunnis want Palestinians out of Iraq

Taliban: Bin Laden Planned Cheney Attack

Banksy painting fetches £288,000

Greek police detain dozens of Iraqis after US embassy attack warning

Democrats fire back at Giuliani on 9/11 warning

Bomb threat prompts caution at Central High

North Carolina squadron loses 18 soldiers in five weeks in Iraq

House Panel Seeks to Force Rice to Testify on Iraq Claims

Gay-rights proposals gain in Congress

Canada ignored report on Afghan prison abuse-paper

Religious group attacks religion in U.S. healthcare

Army Post to Test for Brain Injuries

U.N. criticises Iraq's Kurdistan on press freedom

Bush says Iraq buildup may be reviewed by September

Iraq needs extra $2-$2.5 bln a year for power

EU Parliament calls for Wolfowitz to resign

Iraq says modifying Baghdad neighbourhood wall

Britain’s Anti-Terror Chief Offers Somber View

Iraq says modifying Baghdad neighbourhood wall

Blair rejects leak inquiry call (about terror arrests)

Biden, Brownback Discuss Plan B for Iraq

Dow Closes Above 13,000 for First Time

Obama Accuses Giuliani of Fear-Mongering

Wilkes, Doolittle connections questioned

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 25

U.S., Venezuelan officials clash over alleged terrorist Luis Posada

Taliban: Bin Laden planned Cheney attack

U.S. ‘in trouble’ in Iraq, retired general asserts

House panel approves subpoena for Rice

It's Rude-y again Ex-mayor erupts over query on rights

Ore. gov. starts week on food stamps

Bin Laden overseeing Iraq, Afghanistan ops: Taliban

Gates not enthusiastic about al-Maliki

Bill to close youth prisons passes committee

Army warden charged with ‘aiding the enemy’

Ex-prisons boss sentenced to eight years

Breaking: Goodling granted immunity.

Iraq: Decline in municipal services boosts violence and disease

US commander orders quick end to "long war"

China to force rain ahead of Olympics

Fight over baby's life support divides ethicists

Democrats predict they can win Iraq vote

MySpace, Mark Burnett to launch political reality show in time for 2008 election

Lawsuit: Asphyxiation of black youth was racially motivated prank

Judge: No religion at post office

Document: Scotland trip for 8, including Feeney, cost $160,000

China Food Fears Go From Pets To People

Austrian Bank Yields to US Blockade on Cuba

Cuba returns fugitive 40 years on the run to the U.S.

New Mexico Gov. Richardson: If elected President, I may tap James Baker as Mideast envoy

Top court overturns three Texas death sentences

Thousands of Hogs May Have Eaten Contaminated Feed

Soldier dies in non-combat related incident

New MSNBC Poll: Americans siding with Dems against Bush

Clinton: We may need to confront Iran

GM's 76-year reign as car sales leader ends

Ore. Gov. Starts Week on Food Stamps

Check in here if you really don't give two shits if people eat at Olive Garden!

Oooh! Oooh! Iggy and the Stooges coming up....

Blast from the '80s...

Do you prefer a long shaft, or a short shaft?

Anyone awake?

OMG! I think I killed the Lounge!

it is 4:15am, its windy and something is banging outside and I cant sleep

Damn! My crotchety old lady kitty cat just punctured two more

Jeez, what's up with DU? I've gotten a number of error messages

Was your high school designed by people who also design prisons?

Has anyone here used

Can I whine? I feel like crying or throwing a tantrum.

I heard this morning that Spinal Tap is reuniting for the Live Earth concert.

Self delete

My totally unscientific proof that the republicans are goners

matcom news UPDATE: *Photo* of drunk German and horse in ATM lobby

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/25/2007)

i have a computer question ---

I wonder about the Coast Guard's record cocaine bust...

Who saw the Ann Curry/Laura Bush interview this morning on Today?

What's with all the blue-and-yellow lately?

Folks, this person may well become the world's hottest head of state.

Picture thread (fun night out) ===>

What a GREAT band to start the day off with...

This is a copycat thread

Do you like this Kitchen Cart? (its about $220)

How many DU'ers have you talked to without having to use text?

1st weekend in May, Should I kayak or SCUBA dive?

In your opinion who was better?


Things you should never ever do bear footed:

In today's only-in-Florida news...

Under Pressure

Ugh. Dupe.

Cat lovers: I think my cat is in love

Luckiest guy in the world, Tuesday edition...

Post Here and I will tell you why I am indifferent to you.

Where you ever depressed in college?

Post Here and I Will Ignore You.

I really, really detest Bush & Cheney. Borders on hate, even.

Let's play "Cure the Cabinet"!

Man-oh-man ........

Teachers Sprinkle Cow Urine On Students

Question for Flight Sim fans and video gamers

Play the maze!

Post here and I will tell you why you posted here

Aqua Teen fans, is the movie any good?

I got flashed..

woohoo!! going to the park to feed the duckies!!!

Hot off the presses. Articles of impeachment

Where is this?

A few views on the news's 8 months until Christmas.

Anybody ever submit an idea to TV for a new show?

Cheers to Oeditpus Rex! Laud him now or die!

There was a battle Royal in our yard last night

how do you pronounce this word:

Gliese 581 c Determined to be in Possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Things that would piss off even Gandhi:

What member of Gilligan's Island would YOU want to be stranded on a desert island with?

I just downloaded a great screensaver!

Post here and i will give you constructive criticism

Skittens - Video of Squirming, Playing Skittens

Question about 24 (spoilers, if you're a few weeks behind)

Would your local paper do this?

Settle a debate? There ARE TOO exercises to build up a deficient booty!

in the 20th century only 2 women who sang were the best.

we will save their souls

Stephanie Miller

Post here...

Arthur Miller

Judith Miller

Windy Miller

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs asleep next to me. All is well with the world!

Mitch Miller

Who Loves Me Baby?

Barney Miller

Stu Miller

Johnny Miller

Pet pic thread - This is Booli-

Mrs Miller

How many pieces of flair are you wearing?

Phyllis Diller

Please pity me...

Sleeping mysteries- the pillow and the loose foot

Okay, why am I seeing people I thought I was ignoring?

i'm sorry i won't be able to kiss any of you today

I need to re-semi-retire from GD again....

OMG I will never ever ever forget April 25th, 2007 EVER!!!

Dr. Johnny Fever


This leaked ending of Empire Strikes Back is where Lucas should've ended the series

I can't wait to get married! Eeeeek!

It's a Miller Family Reunion - or- It's Miller Time


Ummmm.... MySpace has reached a new low....

"Finest Beer I ever tasted"

I am Writer, the Gigantic Dork.

I can't wait to get sullied! Eek!

Some people should really quit when they're ahead....sigh.

I just bought $9.50 worth of clothes at the church rummage sale. Ask me anything! nt

How do you know when you are completely "over" somebody?

Why do Straights hate Gays?

what is the statute of limitations on copycats???

Breast Feeding Mom Scolded By (iParty) Store Manager

Ricky Miller

How do you know when you are completely "under" somebody?

Where are the easternmost/westernmost places you have been?

The Killer

Who should be let go from American Idol tonight?

Post Here and tell me why

Post here, and I'll tell you to shut up.

Post here and i'll blow sunshine up yer butt

How many audio devices are in your home?

I ate so much I feel sick...

I want to get flashed...

Now I'm depressed.


NEW (Yes, another one) Baby Boy Chinchilla - born this AM

I have to pick-up (or make, but that's not happening) dinner

Miller, Miller and Miller...

My daughter got flashed

So At Defcon 2 Our Ignore Lists Are Disabled And Our PM Blocks?

Who's leaving Idol tonight?

Mrs. Miller

Alternative Rock: Is Dave Thomson some kind of guru?

I have smote all my enemies!

Mrs. Mills

Please help me!!!!

Fellow Italian Americans: Let's talk about the GUILT around food

A favor to ask of music lovers!

Fellow Americans: Let's talk about the GUILT around Bush**.

Roger Miller

Glenn Miller

Mullah Dadullah

Fellow Irish: Let's talk about the GUILT around booze

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Who is more badass than Lo Pan?

Today is 'Administrative Assistants' Day.'

Bill Moyers " Buying the War" on tonight at 9:00 PM. In most areas

Did you know...

I'm about to try the new Orbit mint mojito gum

Wednesday Suggestions

The Bobster: He's such a laugh riot. . . but he's right.

I need some info on public Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity

well, my dog's happy

My eyes, my eyes!

Things you should never ever do bare footed:

Important message from Tom on MySpace

Happy birthday QMPMom & uriel1972

DU Opinion Poll

My Eye Just Developed A Twitch. I Look Like This:


amusement park pic thread

prayers and good vibes

We got a puppy!

Would you call this sexual harassment?

Best Camper Van Beethoven album


Rosie O'Donnell leaving `The View'

Why spend money on castor oil when you can vomit from this?

Speaking bozooms, Fanny will you show us yours?

how many times have you ever used the services of a pawn broker?

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Socks on or off?

Billy Mills

Describe your body type in one word.

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I get to go to Virginia next week!

Needed Quickly: Brunette With Soft Eyelashes And Bottle Of Scotch

Wow, dig the hair on Cher!

Email from maineiac: "I've got pawpicker"

Albrecht Dürer

Well, the Campus Crusade for Christ clones just stopped by...

Skittens - Video of Squirming, Playing Skittens - TAKE 2

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If datasuspect won't kiss me, who will?

Well Loungers, I put up a pic thread that you might like.

Friends turned sour. Help?

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I wanna be in love

Gay or Straight or Bi

Baba Brinkman: The Rap Canterbury Tales

"‘Yes’ to Naturalism, Secularism, and Humanism"

NBA Playoffs

VoteVets Shows Support for Reid; Right Wing Meltdown Ongoing

Mother's Day Gifts at the Union Shop

AFL-CIO Presidential Town Hall Forums Kick off This Weekend

Chicago Sun Times: Erosion of unions hurts women, particularly Latinas

2,700 Steelworkers Settle at Appalachian Health Care Facilities

Daily Show----Bush vs Bush

VA Approves Wiccan Symbol on Military Tombstones

Jon Stewart on French Presidential Election

TPM Contest: Josh Marshall wants you to try to remember instances

Kucinich-Impeachment on the Situation Room 4/24/07

ENDA Reintroduced in 110th Congress: Rosalyn Pelles, AFL-CIO

Olbermann: Bush Betrays Troop Locations (also Tillman cover-up)

Countdown---Investigating Turdblossom

Bill Moyers---Discusses the Selling of the Iraq War

New Bushism on Charlie Rose -"Give my chance a plan to work"

Oversight Committee on Subpoeanas

FOX News Attacks Bill Moyers (David Swanson, Brent 'Bozo' Bozell)

Bush lies about watching the first plane hit the towers on 9/11

(TOON) Steve Bell on the French election

At the eye of a hurricane.. more about the injured soldier.

Rove's Newest Investigator Is Under Investigation-OSC

Does anyone know where I can find info on Blackwater and the

OK, here it is; the 50 best restaurants in the world. How many have

Vermont House To Take Up Impeachment Resolution Wednesday

3,333 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

9 killed, 82nd's casualty rate terrifies families, 32 soldiers lost in Iraq

Contractor wants indictments dismissed

Luke 19:27

The men who killed Tillman will not be charged with anything?

will the 5 Catholic radical Supreme Court judges be legislating Burkas from the bench soon..

Wal-Mart credited with Circuit City meltdown plus others

OK he is on the morphine drip; hasn't eaten for a couple of days; quit eating....

GWB just moved his surge judgment from August to "late summer." Who's he kidding?

Jim Caple: A Tribute to David Halbersham

U.S. Not Ready for Rise in Disabled Americans

Does anyone else have DU cooties this morning when they post?

Is impeachment & removal of the fascists STILL an impossible dream?

Letterman's updated Top 10 Bush Moments

the real reason why Bush will veto funding

Will Waxman subpoena Condi today? (Raw story, via GOP source)

He checked in to walter Reed, was forgotten, hung himself (video- Bob Woodruff)

CREW: OSC - wrong choice for investigation

My email to Speaker Pelosi (with contact link)

Bush: "I believe strongly that politicians in DC shouldn't be telling generals how to do their job"

Has anyone heard that articles of Impeachment were introduced on our MSM? also PEN/petition

"The war is lost."

UN raps Bush's Iraq puppet government for holding back death civilian toll figures

Did DU have an almost 4 hour glitch this morning?

700,000 Iraqis fled homes since shrine bombing - Mission accomplished!

Cheney: The master of speaking with authority, except that

Army's credibility takes 2 hard hits - We give trillions of dollars to these liars?

Robert Scheer: Bush Blames the Troops

American Imam Calls for Death of Somali-born woman who escaped an arranged marriage

MA Governor Deval Patrick Stands-Up to the Religious Right

Since the government is now in the business of regulating necessary medical procedures...

New song: "Impeach The Moron"

Caption this messianic photo, I need some funny this morning

Survey: Blacks face housing bias in N.O. (AP)

If Nancy Pelosi Wants The War Ended She Should Support Impeachment

USA becomes the first country in the history of the world to charge a child with war crimes.

Supoena for Rice today? (Raw story, via GOP preemptive response)

Profiles in courage. Anonymous senator speaks

Stephanie Miller show replacing Imus next Monday - Wed!

Stephanie is replacing Imus for three days next week!!!! Yahoo

I say from here on out Cheney or any other public official who gets free medical goes to Walter Reed

Delusional Cspan repub callers sound as if they're on the verge of violence.

== No Sex Is Very Bad For You = By Mark Morford

Why are none of my threads showing on the "latest discussion?"

Scientists Discover Nation Similar to America...sort of

The Cho in the White House: An Ex-Diplomat Considers the World and Virginia Tech

FDA "Regulation"

Is the surge backfiring? (Time)

Man with potent pot odor seeks permit, gun that is

Who has Bush been more generous to?

Anyone hear anything about police evacuating Grand Central Station in NYC?

Did your local newspaper cover Kucinich's impeachment resolution?

WP, Ignatius, "The Oval Office Bunker"

WTF is going on on Washington Journal

Someone needs to say it - Control of the military NEEDS to be taken away from the Bush Admin

CREW: OSC wrong source for Bush investigation

We Are Where We Are

Freepers declare holy war on San Francisco.....

Why Is That pig ru$h Still On The Air? Did You Hear What He Said About Obama?

Mexico City legalizes abortion

"Can't never did anything" ..."nothing ventured nothing gained".."A fool and their money"

Gay-rights proposals gain in Congress

Not having much fun lately, eh, George?

The Bushies want to keep you and disabled loved ones in paralyzing pain

Dupe...Please delete

"i look forward to returning to the committee soon."

Looks like Bush got to Maliki about his order to halt construction on the Baghdad 'wall'

delete --dupe


States moving on stopping one nasty campaign "trick" per robo calls

You damn libruls have forgot nine eleven!!!111

Ireland: 'Hero-gate' hits the White House

At Trial, Pain Has a Witness Source (NY Times - opiates)

Rosie introduces articles of Impeachment!

Anticipated nuclear arms report highly critical of Bush plan to 'modernize' and expand U.S. nukes

lindsey graham on c-span2 orating about the surge

Freep this revolting poll

2fer: Media chickenhawks skedaddle from MOYERS. & a refresher on BARNICLE's IMUS history

Wal-Mart gets credit for the Circuit City melt-down

I just had to put my head down and cry for my country this morning.

When Do Wars End?

Methodist Revulsion at What * Hath Wrought

Tom Hayden on opednews: Anti-War Dynamic Accelerating, Bush Power Dropping

Ramsey Clark: "The Winds Of Impeachment Are Sweeping The Country"

Official CSPAN 3 thread....The Waxman is laying out the Subpoena

Thompson DID bring the "twins" to the WH dinner

ma. phobes pLan day of defiance


Salon: The Pentagon's chronic neglect of Iraq vets

Rosie Will Leave "The View"

Katrina Relief, April 2007

Official CSPAN 3 thread....The Waxman is laying out the Subpoena #3

Need A Link To B Maher's Appearance On Last Night's Scarborough Country

Okay, why does everything good seem to be broadcast on

Official CSPAN 3 thread....The Waxman is laying out the Subpoena #2

NPR's "Morning Edition" just did a report on John McCain's Daily Show Appearance!

Citing Bush's dismal approval ratings, Newsday columnist Pinkerton claimed he is "hanging in there"

Memory Hole: Republican Staffers Hacked Congressional Servers.

Bush: Plan 'B' in Iraq is to make Plan 'A' work

Texas-Mexico tornado death toll reaches 10

Matthews repeated false claim that Clinton called for "permanent" U.S. presence in Iraq

Doesn't Bill Moyers have a special airing toninght?

Amy Goodman interviews Katrina vanden Heuvel: Does it get any better?

Stabbed in the back by a fellow Democrat

Good deeds by Dems

Some people will do anything to win a War

IMO the ONLY way to win the "war" is to win the hearts and minds of the people.

In Honor of the Nine Troops Killed I Offer "ARMY OF ONE" a Flash ad classic

MEDIA WATCHERS - see and hear Walter Isaacson of CNN say

Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win

Ignoring speeches MSNBC's Alexander claims Obama "hasn't really been all that specific about policy"

Diebold Posts 1Q Loss - ($5.9 million )

If you are for impeachment, you are for global warming.

Remember this?

Vote for Rosie's Blog

Kucinich + Kerry to be on Big Ed Schultz today

The lowdown on the Crawford ranch, complete with aerial pics

'Iraq Awakening' -- have you heard a neo con use this yet?

c-span3 - now showing mccain presidential announcement

Oregon's Governor goes grocery shopping on a food stamp budget

MEDIA WATCHERS - see and hear Walter Isaacson of CNN say

'Harmonic Convergence' --Kucinich Impeachment Articles/Moyers TV Special/Tenet Book...


LOL! CNN is advertising McCain on Larry King as his "First Interview"

WHOW HO------Condi will be getting a big present!! here

3,332 Flags. 3,332 Lives. Today, We Pay Tribute (Powerful Pics)

The Rights of Children in the United States - Just This Side of Somalia

Here's a major talking point on the Iraq War

Just because Kucinich has introduced impeachment against Cheney...

What Is the Tiahrt Amendment? (you won't like it)

Colbert may have buried Congressman Wexler (D)

"The Black Ronald Reagan" ????

Watch Wolf Blitzer falsely claim Social Security will "run out of money" in 2041

You know people really hate you when...

Game on-McCain fires the opening salvo against Guiliani

FOX News Attacks Bill Moyers

Rep. Robert Wexler's Dem. opponent's trying to use his Colbert appearance against him!

Don't count on FEMA for this season, either

OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

Heads up for impeachment folks - there was a liveblog at Dkos of the event.

Democrats say they're set for Iraq funding showdown

Roadside bomb kills seven Afghan soldiers

This is the plan that will end the Iraq War.

Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet

OMG, she'd make, like a totally hot First Lady!

Murdoch blames everyone including the media for being routinely unfair to Bush

The Official Tillman/Lynch stories compared with the truth

Visualize this! Karl arrested.

Pomp and artillery as Russia buries Yeltsin - What, no nukes?

Bush: If You Judge My Iraq Strategy By The Number Of Violent Attacks, The Terrorists Win

Former Gen. Grange on CNN just said Americas patience won't last more than another year or 2 on Iraq

Crick and Watson's Paper on DNA Structure was published 54 years ago

Stocksplosion By Jim Kunstler

DK's impeachment effort

Why Impeachment is right....Cheney is political poison

Hannity - dangerous entertainment for the american spoon fed?

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) has a closed meeting with AG Gonzales (tells him to quit) - story and pics

why does have an Ann Coulter ad?

Golf courses are good for something after all.Plane makes emergency landing on golf course

Mogadishu becoming "ghost city" - Another Bush Mission Accomplished

Kerry: Dick Cheney "The 'American Idol' of Outlandish Claims"

Reality Show to "search" for "the next president"

House Offers Monica Goodling Immunity to Compel her Testimony on U.S. Attorney Scandal

Smithsonian Will Charge for Butterfly Exhibit

Gov. Kulongoski (D-OR) is spending one week on food stamps

I'm gonna punch the next global warming deny-er in the throat

Please explain Jessica Lynch story to me

"Hey people die in war..." - RW Talking point....

New Comic: Republican Presidential Forum: The Candidates Speak

The Planned Parenthood Wall of Protest

Caption this candidate of modernity

Property Taxes Up As House Prices Fall

Boston DUers please help!

Bringing Delay Back Into The Abromoff Mix?

So, the House just recessed to go listen to Petraeus sell Bush's escalation before they vote

Ever notice...


Just got an interesting 419 scam email

Apps due May 4 for Wellstone Campaign Management School!

Ab-ab-ab, A-bor-tion

Longer Iraq Tours Good for "Army Stress," Pentagon Says

Oil prices higher on report showing unexpected drop in U.S. gasoline inventories

BUSH Knew The TRUE Facts About Tillman's Death Weeks Before Tillman Family Was Told

Because it's my patriotic duty...Beautiful ...

So. The whole Jessica Lynch thing was bullshit. Whither Shoshanna Johnson??

Oh the irony! Monica Lewinsky...Monica Goodling....

Caption * and Mrs. *

The Fetus and the Poor Family who can't pay rent

Was just at lunch... listened to Ed for his first 1/2 hour

If the missing RNC emails 'prove' Rove stole the election in Ohio, will the RNC turn them over?

Can the Senate have a 'vote of no confidence' on Wolfowitz?

Have the "Cheney rushed to hospital!" reports replaced the Repigs Color-Coded terra alert system?

Caption the Chimp

The Bush economy and a Honda Civic

FLASHBACK: General issued warning on Tillman TO BUSH

The Brits are now thinking that the US is no longer against Terror

I believe that the evidence will be destroyed BEFORE it is turned over

When does asking if the Bushies faked something cross the line into tinfoil hat territory?

McCain want to raise 20 mill by June, i plan on looking 10 years younger by June-neither will happen

Disgusting: Reporters pitch in to plan Bush's "No Surrender Party" (Iraq bill veto)

More * captions

"Home Sales Post Modest Gain in March" (Want to know why?)

popcorn butter additive caused lethal lung condition for workers

Federal raid triggers Chicago protest- "It looked like they were marching into Iraq."

I just watched McCain talk over Jon Stewart in what was supposed to be an interview

Michelle Malkin tries out for the Man Show, and in the process, loses her F'ing mind.

Olbermann to give Special Comment Tonight about Rudy

Tucker to talk Impeachment

Bill Moyers: On Journalism And Democracy

Wolfowitz Deputy Doctored World Bank Climate Change Reports

Tom Morello rips W on Tavis Smiley last night

Does anybody belong to a google group? are they having somekind of problem?

HUMANITARIAN CRISIS: 34,452 Iraqi civilians killed, more than 36,000 wounded in 2006

I heard a woman on Washington Journal this morning...

Rep. Barney Frank plans bill to undo Net-gambling ban

WH Press sec. answering questions about Tilman now on cspan2

Remember this guy and his news timing well he just got this.

How long till America has it's "Wait just a damn minute" Moment?


Good grief. Live coverage of the blue angel casket being removed

Hoyer having Press Conf cspan 2 after talking with Petraus

Dying for W By Robert Parry

Pigs in Cali were fed the tainted pet food, after the fact.

Todd Tiahrt (R-KS): Protector of rogue arms dealers from police crime gun tracing

Stephanie Miller in Imus' slot on MSNBC next week


Caption Pickles

More on Repub Congressman, Tom Feeney

U.S. marijuana even stronger than before: report

EU parliament calls for Wolfowitz to resign

Goodling, Condi, Card and the RNC got called to the mat today.....

BREAKING: Subpoenas for Rice, Card and the RNC!

I'm PISSED that since I don't have CSPAN 3 I Can't know what the Dems are doing!!

Tucker the F*cker: 'The (Dem.) leadership is embarrassed by the whackos (Kucinich).'

Give 'em hell Barack!

And now Michelle Malkin will explain the conservative position

cedar rapidians. Iowa watch the 1st primary debate SC

The Italian Letter

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed 4/25 -- Who let the dog out?

Laura B*sh to recieve Honorary Law Degree and be Commencement speaker

Cindy Sheehan: The Yellow Badge of Cowardice

China Detains Americans And House Church Leaders After Worship Service

Post Office to Favor Big Mags, Spike Rates for Small Pubs


Stupidest republican video EVER!!! (Michelle Malkin)

Yeah, the Dow is hitting (flirting with) 13,000 (a rant)

Right-wing NY Post rewrites AP story - then claims it was *still* written by AP!

Military Families, Vets Stage Reading of Families' Letters to Congress tomorrow

Argentine court overturns "Dirty War" pardon

Rick Renzi--Patty Roe--Jason Roe--Tom Feeney--Jack Abramoff

Queen Elizabeth To Be Feted On Rare Visit to the U.S.

Bush dances with Da Blacks...

Keith coming back tonight, A New Special Comment!!!

Hmm...Sue the bastards. A novel approach.

Senate Committee Asks Gonzales to Re-Testify

Yenehc Kcid

Could you see yourself changing your position on immediate impeachment?

Kindasleazy Rice will be subpoenaed by Congress

Official CSPAN 3 thread....The Waxman is laying out the Subpoena #4

Bad Getting Worse:

John Conyers' blog: We Need Real Universal Health Care Coverage (petition, too)

U.S. Rep. Emanuel attacks Bush White House for partisan politics

GUest on Faux trash show thinks Ann Coulter would be a good replacement for Rosie

Did impeachment hearings restrain or prevent Clinton . . . from doing ANYTHING?

Debunking the Urban Legends of Climate Change

NBC Now... new polls

Dutch coffee shops say cannabis smoke here to stay

Why Darwinism isn’t depressing

Who else thinks pulling Saddam from the "Spider Hole" was another big stinking stunt?

* dances with the Kankouran West African Dance Company (Yikes!) - pics

I'd Like To See Polls Combined With Surveys

Should Roe v. Wade be discarded because it was decided by an all male Supreme Court?

King george Is WRONG!! - We DID Vote For DEFEAT!!

Caption: Poor Tom Davis! (R)

Pfc.Patrick Miller-completely forgotten HERO in the Lynch story

To all my DU friends, I would like to say: Thank You!

Vermont rejects impeachment resolution

Where The Hell Has laura Been? Undisclosed Location?

60 Minutes Tenet on "enhanced interrogation techniques"

Should the government force a parent to donate their kidney to save their kid's life

Sir Mick Jagger has been visited by aliens.

Rush, the flacid dope fiend

White House says Bush didn't know Tillman killed by friendly fire

I am REELING...This has been one HELLUVA news day!!!

Please sign AVAAZ petition for Negotiation, Empowerment and Withdrawal in Iraq...

Wussy repuke's peeing their pants, shaking in their booties on C-Span

Duncan Hunter just called for Sen. Reid to step down

New NBC/WSJ Poll - Solid Majority of Americans Side With Dems AGAINST Bush

Are SMALL FARMERS being DISSED over MELAMINE & Stuff in their FEED?

Tillman, Lynch, Niger documents, Plame, US attys, tell me again why its tin foil

Charlie Rose

Al Gore trains a global army

A Media Role in Selling the War? No question. (Tom Shales reviews Moyers) launches this Friday

I want to scream at "liberals" who supported the war: YOU BRAINDEAD TOOLS!!

Did I Just Hear Joe Scarborough Call Rosie A "WoeMan"?

Doubts About Doomsday: Aide Casts Doubt On Bush's Iraq Scenario

Josh Marshall is getting SHRILL: "When the next big terrorist attack comes, we can thank Bush"

Big schedule changes for Air America Radio

when I hear JFK or RFK speak I am always reminded .

GE Rice Is Not the Solution to Diarrhea

NEW REPORT - From Poverty to Prosperity: A National Strategy to Cut Poverty in Half

Fox's Gibson: U.S. invasion "unmasked" Iraqis as "knuckle-dragging savages from the 10th century"

So...I've done the Energy Replacement Bulbs, bought Prius (battery operated) Ordered Solar Panels

President Bush Dances With African Dancers

Bush's OSHA is putting workers' safety in hands of (cheap bastidges in) industry

Special Comment tonight - for those who missed earlier news.

POGO: Douglas Feith's mysterious $90 million earmark

Rep. Dennis Richardson: Gay Rights = Mass Murder?

The House is in session and will vote on the Supplemental Bill with a starting

Palast: "Gonzales is getting Libby'd" (taking the fall for Rove & Bush)

Kerry discusses Cheney and Iraq with Ed Schultz: "we don’t trust these’s just that simple"

Breast Feeding Mom Scolded By (iParty) Store Manager

I sent this letter to RA - A few people picked this up from the

Howard Dean: "It's Time to Play Offense" (response to Ghouliani)

Cheney impeachment gets 2 paragraphs in Los Angeles Times

"Competence" should not even be all that big of an election issue.

New Scientist: Smarter people are no better off

John Gibson calls Iraqis "knuckle-dragging savages from the 10th century" ....

ABC Nightly news hit piece on Dems and lobbyists

Was U.S. Attorney Fired For Investigating Republican Congressman (Renzi)?

Chocolate is under attack! I repeat Chocolate is under attack

I`m being held prisoner in the Land of Make-Believe

Is there anything that ISN'T bullshit?

"Give my chance a plan to work"


The book on Abramoff

Rosie is NOT going to renew her contract...When she is gone, I WILL NOT WATCH the view

Massive Midweek TOON Collection: It's all hitting the fan now... (Dialup warning)

Leahy Hails Pentagon's Decision to Pull the Plug on the Quaker Spying, 'Talon' Database Program

Hannity: fear of getting fired is the best tool to use against liberal professors

Do you have a 401K?

Secret memo leak 'risked lives' (*,Blair) [tactical nukes?]

Manhunt Underway for N.Y. Cop-Killer; Surrounded House Goes Up in Flames

Marketplace's report on "Melamine in Pet Food," they spoke to Harry Balzer!

Barbara Walters wants it known for the record that she likes fascists...

I heard John McCain announce today. Something is wrong

Who said this?

Have you checked if your PBS station is going to show Bill Moyers' new show "Buying the War"@9:00pm?

tweety's going to "moderate" the republican debate

Laura Bush on Iraq: 'No one suffers more than the president and I do'

Rush calls people "ho", "get that bone out of your nose", plays "Magic Negro" song, DUers yawn.

One of the American "Idols" sang "Imagine" last night. Witness the caterwauling:

"Hannity & Colmes" gets first interview with Imus sidekick Bernard McGuirk


Did Reid really put his hand around Pelosi's shoulders?

the multi-millionaires running for President

Repubs NEVER have an answer to "Why don't you grab a rifle & fight"?

Wolfie: Taliban says OBL hatching a plot to kill Cheney.

From NBC/WJ Poll.... being reported now on NBC Nightly News Now!

Rudy: New 9.11 if democrat is elected (he of course would have memo at the bottom of pile)

Laura Bush: "No One Is Suffering More Than The President & I"

Approaching 4 year anniversary of this Famous Photo-Flop

Harry Reid Needs to hear from you NOW!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

When it comes to Bush and Cheney, what's there to respect?

barf alert: Michelle Malkin or whatever her name is, is outside her mind...look at this youtube!!!

Reid's office not feeling the Love!. . . . (contact him!)

Richard Wolffe, for shame

bush makes goofy faces & dances AS he destroys the world.

Poor Dennis K...

Check this out...China's Baby Death Scandal (fake milk powder)

Schwarzenegger threatens to sue Bush Administration over global warming law

Gore calls for greener US presidential campaign & Spinal Tap reunites to fight climate change

"He's talking so much he doesn't have time to eat," attorney source says of Abramoff.

Kaine May Seek More Data For Gun Sales...

Impeach For Peace asks you to Help Kucinich Impeach Cheney

I attended a city Diversity Council meeting this AM. It was said that other countries

Call Pelosi for Impeachment

Ohio 2004 rigged by RNC IP owners?

Don't Forget new BILL MOYERS show Tonight! "Buying The War" 9pm Eastern

Are ROVE'S Missing Emails The SMOKING GUNS Of The STOLEN 04 Election? (Fitrakis/Wasserman)

Benny Goodman on Jack Abramoff

Dean: Tell Rudy Giuliani to Stop Politicizing 9/ to message.

here's a thought.... (on SC's proposed law re: ultrasounds and abortion)

Had a shouting match at the gas station this morning with a RW, wacko asshole PSYCHO supporter...

One of KO's Worst Persons in the World just quit his job due to “familial obligations.”


Army warden charged with ‘aiding the enemy’

OMG!!! Bush discloses troop locations to the enemy!!!

Pelosi Pressed To Put IMPEACHMENT Back On The Table

NY POST Publilshes FAKE AP Story In Order To BLAST DEMS

Theocracy Watch: Dominion Theology (1/5) - cross posted from the vid forum by request...

NO jail for Willie Nelson on Drug Charge. Good, he's an American hero.

Trevor Kott passed away. Thank you DU for the hope. PLEASE POST HERE!

Bush speaking at graduation ceremony? Alums say, "NO!"

FreepUKES: pregnant Jews who choose to save mother's "sorry life" over fetus need Jesus

Rosie is leaving The View

Men and Abortion

Ab-ab-ab, A-bor-tion! (re-post)

Edwards responds to Giuliani claim only Repubs will prevent another 911...

Okay...I am just sick of all these RW pious self-righteous pricks

School of the Americas - Shut It Down (The Nation)

MSNBC - Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View

BREAKING: Monica "Keys To The Kingdom" Goodling - Granted Immunity

Rosie off the View: Payback has Started?

Kucininch Puts the SMACK DOWN on John Roberts this Morning

Spencer (Massachusetts) residents ordered "DO NOT DRINK THE WATER." (or come in contact w/it)

Barney Frank to introduce bill to repeal Online Gambling ban

Does continued debate on a Woman's right to choose to have an abortion have value?

Family feels blindsided by state's tax bill for online cigarette purchases

CNN says Tony Snow is BACK...but as a Colon Cancer Survivor ..I wonder how he lives?

John Kerry - Health Care for All Americans

Scientists: Chemicals "scrambling brain development" shows "autism-like condition in rats

Studies Predict Fred Thompson Has 77% Chance he will die by 2017

An Earth Day Essay by Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Vanishing honeybees mystify scientists

I need some help. Has anyone here successfully fought a phone company.

Why is Rudy running again?

Bug dupe

Dead-ender presidency-Bush digs in on stem cells, global warming & Iraq, but only delays the inevita

Clinton loses black leaders to Obama charm offensive

Robert Scheer: Bush Blames the Troops

Tom Curry Article At MSNBC On Kucinich's Cheney Impeachment Resolution

My Recent Trip To Washington D.C.......

Biden on a Constitutional Amendment Guaranteeing A Woman's Right To Choose: Not A Bad Idea

Lt. Colonel calls Pat Tillman "Worm Dirt" because he wasn't a Christian

CNN: Gore Could Run

Washington politicians second guessing the military men on the streets in Iraq..

THE UPSTART (Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH))

The "Attack Dog" knew the Impeachment Resolution was fast approaching

"I authorized this ad because being stubborn is not a foreign policy."

Sorry moved to Editorials & Other Articles forum

Kucinich: Impeachment is the Right Response (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Raw Story this AM. Top Dem's close to treason per Tom DeLay

I know most people wanted an "In your face slam dunk." I'm enjoying the trickle effect

William Thornberry , R-TX on cspan1 (Bush Parrot on war funding)

Wow! How to construct a Freeper reality...explained.

Obama Wins Over Chicago Fed's Canning, a Top Bush Fundraiser

LAT: War votes target GOP lawmakers, No signs Democrats plan to let up

Patty Murray (D-WA) rocking the Senate on CSPAN-2. Berating

Beltway Derangement Syndrome

Here's An Advance Copy Of Rahm's Full Speech (to be delivered today)

Rick Rinzi --notes to REsign from Com. Nat. Resources (read on the floor

AFP: "Bush sees possible US-Iran talks on Iraq" -- Well, not really.

AG Gonzales to Return to Capitol Hill For Meeting With Democratic Senator (Pryor)

Richardson Leads Romney in 2008 U.S. Race (poll)

Romney's Deputy Campaign Manager (Jason Roe, former Feeney chief of staff) Resigns

Rap Executive Likes Edwards, Calls Obama a "Mouse"

A very good sign today that even the staunch right wingers are turning against Iraq and wanting

STEAM COMING OUT OF MY EARS!!!!Repubs are confusing the issue

How GOP Strengthened Democrats

Feeney: Jack Who?

WaPo: Pentagon to End Talon Data-Gathering Program

"Clinton Says Damage To Environment Must Be Repaired"

Waxman LIVE on Cspan3 NOW, re: Subpoenas for Rice, Card, RNC, etc, etc.

Concord Coalition's Facing Facts Quarterly Budget News

Hillary Campaigns for pay equity...introduces Paycheck Fairness Act..

Obama: Guiliani Has Taken Politics of Fear to New Low

Harry's War Democrats are taking ownership of a defeat in Iraq.

Elizabeth Hasselback Living Under a Rock

The Rude Pundit: Harry Reid and Alec Baldwin:

Flashback: Rudy Said Blaming Dems For 9/11 "Wrong For Many, Many Reasons"

While Under Suspicion Of Manipulation Of Other Agencies....

The War Supplemental ... why not a month to month funding?

McCain's Announcement - Is This A Do-Over - Does This So-Called Official Announcement....

NPR's "Morning Edition" just did a report on John McCain's Daily Show Appearance!

Wade Horn cashes out from Dept of HHS-----

So Rudy Gualinni plans on winning by using the same old Republican fear tactics

SC: Yet another poll showing a narrow Clinton lead...

Was U.S. Attorney Fired For Investigating Republican Congressman?

Another SC Poll: Clinton leads Obama ...31-27

About the FCC - they work for Congress, not the Executive Branch

Black Caucus Members Push To Cancel Fox Debate

The ‘burden of worry’

Revival of Oversight Role Sought

Outstanding Article by George McGovern - kicking the shit out of cheney

So far, the only politician anywhere that has earned my vote

Crossover Appeal: Former Bush Pioneer and other Republicans are Supporting Democratic Candidate

(Supreme) Court skeptical of McCain-Feingold's ad limits - AP

Challenge Robert Wexler? HA!!!!....bring it on baby

New Comic: Republican Presidential Forum: The Candidates Speak

Tell Sen. Salazar: Gonzales must resign

House Committee Approves RNC Subpoenas (and more to come!)

43 Pit Bulls seized by Feds in Mississippi - (Sad Story)

I'm looking for an up to date equivalent of "Culture Wars"by James Davison Hunter:

"Letting America Compete," SCSTC hearings to address the repeated under-funding of science research

Reality-Challenged President Continues to Embarrass GOP

Rassmussen: 59% support Clinton Tax Plan...

Impeachment--here is the work required

Lieberman to introduce DC Voting Rights Bill...

WH press briefing on csapn 2 now.

Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win

Is * our first…

Edwards To Rudy: A Democratic President Will Actually Keep America Safer

OK for McCain, but not for Pelosi?


Tonight on Countdown W/Keith Olbermann & Special Comment

Feeney Covered Up True Cost Of Abramoff Junket

Priceless! Letter to Gonzo from Leahy and Specter

It Takes a Bubba: Tougher gun laws are better politics than you think

Schumer wants info from Gonzo by Friday, RE: Charlton, Renzi

This is where we should start, rather than with Cheney: IMPEACH GONZALES.

could the threatened veto be a bluff?

Jewish vote increasingly important to Democratic success in election

You are going to watch Bill Moyers tonight (or hate yourself tomorrow)

"She already has said SHE DOESN'T RECALL"

If the corporate media held the Republicans to the same standards that

Methodist minister disses Bush

Dean says if you want to hear truth from the the media.

Declaration of Independence

Rahm Emanuel : Excerpts from speech at Brookings today...blasts Bush hard

Top Bush fundraiser in Chicago switches to Obama...

Iranian athletes invited to USA (BBC)

European Parliament votes for Wolfowitz to resign.

Do Democrats have an electoral disadvantage now, right?

Don't forget the Bill Moyers special tonight

Richard Clarke: Put Bush's 'puppy dog' terror theory to sleep

(Here's another one) Inhofe calls Reid remarks ‘un-American.’

Testing DU..1..2..1..2: Does a Democrat have to drop what he/she is doing ...

Edwards plans busy May Day stop in Seattle

Romney Buys Airtime for TV Commercial (AP)


Poor, lonely John McCain

Holy cow...scary Guliani quote...

Remember the Skyway coke jet?

Laura's plea for sympathy is offensive to the nth degree.

White House Rediscovers Constitution, Acknowledges Congress Has Oversight Role

Testing DU..1..2..1..2: Who knows WHY no Senators showed to support impeachment?

McCain announcing his candidacy in NH; not so many folks in attendance by the volume of clapping

Hillary's response to Rudy's remarks...

THIS is what we are up against. THIS level of stupidity is absolutely intolerable.

Rep. Jay Inslee(D) Wash.: "We here highly resolve, that starting today,

Does anybody else feel like the elction is in Nov. 07 instead of 08?

thursdays debate predictions thread

Stupid congress, global warming is caused by day light savings

I just called House Judiciary to request they schedule a hearing on H RES 333

Court Reverses Wisconsin Voter Fraud Case

No one is taking impeachment seriously... will we stop wasting time on it now?

Wolfowitz Deputy Doctored World Bank Climate Change Reports

Kerry: Dick Cheney "The 'American Idol' of Outlandish Claims"

Moyers exposes the Lapdog Media

Was one of the arguments against impeachment proven wrong today? "The GOP/WANTS Impeachment"

Edwards Statement on Giuliani Comments

Iglasias: Rat or Victim?

THANK KUCINICH--Let's Get it Started in Here!

Leaving Clinton and FDR aside for a moment, where has so-called "executive experience" gotten us?

Clinton losing black leaders to Obama

Rove -ing emails: what else could go missing?

The Queer Thing about School Shooters

Seal Hunters Stranded in Ice

Malkin: Just Another GOP Chickenhawk Smearing Democratic Veterans

AP: Waxman's House panel votes to subpoena Condi to explain what she knew about Niger uranium claim

I doubt our country will ever recover from George Bush and the media..

Paul Begala ripping some Republican on CNN

Edwards Calls for Rove to be Fired and Gonzales to Resign

What did Rudy Guiliani know and when did he know about impending 9/11?

Are you satisifed with the Dem 08 candidate field?

Housing Crash Continues

How many people voted Kerry/Edwards 2004. Just curious.