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Archives: April 24, 2007

Is Mainstream Corporate Media subverting the AIPAC Spy Trial?

My Father, 9/11 Scapegoat (by Laila Al-Arian at HuffPost)

Business and Conservatives Desperate to Stop Employee Free Choice Act

A Nation’s Priorities Are in Its Budget

Gender bias is alive and well in top jobs, pay

Who might replace Alberto Gonzales?

Your Turn: Support the Employee Free Choice Act

Legal loophole gives mentally ill access to guns

W Post: Medicaid Programs 'Severely Challenged,' Report Says

Salon: Down and dirty with the GOP down South (Romney buying votes!)

A Heads Up: Impeaching Mister Bush and Cheney, the People Are Way Ahead of the Politicians

US Army War College Quarterly, Summer 1997: Constant Conflict

ROBERT WRIGHT: The Neocon Paradox

John Nichols: Impeaching Cheney: Step One

Interview With Wangari Maathai/Environmental Democracy

U.S. Criticizes Iran- European Gas Deal - AP

Newmont Exec, Company Found Not Guilty (Indonesia) - AP

WP: FDA Was Aware of Dangers To Food

Mortgage Industry News: More Job Cuts in Texas (770 nationwide)

Washington State To Offer Paid Family Medical Leave

U.S. urges investment in Iraq

Iraq war brain trauma victims turn to private care

Author David Halberstam dies at 73

McCain: Address Energy Security, Warming

9 Soldiers Killed, at least 21 wounded by suicide car bomb in Iraq

Russia Rebuffs US Overtures On Missile Shield

U.S. to allow beef plant inspections by Japan

Kurds step into sectarian battle in Baghdad

Nine US soldiers are reported to have died

Teacher Strike Continues Into 8th Day

Bomb injures Australian troops

Iraq withdrawal would humiliate US, says PM (Oz)

Democrats Back Date for Start of Iraq Pullout

Gov. Corzine Is Moved From Intensive Care

An island made by global warming

Suicide Blast Kills 9 U.S. Soldiers


Series of explosions heard in Baghdad

US senators raise new concerns in pet food scare

Students attend school's first integrated prom

'Girls Gone Wild' founder gets jail time

Cuba frees dissident imprisoned 17 years

Sock it to me!

Best wine for sandwiches?

The ghost of Manhattoes

Does anyone watch The Riches with Eddie Izzard. I love that show

Anybody watching Deal or No Deal?

Fun: Google Directions

we're having a party

What's for dinner?

museum of fart

Post a youtube clip where those who made the clip must obviously have been doped up:

Perfect, not only is my dog a bit overweight, he's "sassy."

Any HERO fans here???

Wolfie talks dirty to his girlfriend...what would he say?

Freaking Hiccups suck!

I just killed a bug on my forehead.

I cleaned up 1100 emails today.

Is 8,000 text messages per month excessive?

So I started a Blog.

Any HERO fans here???

I have to drive from Cape Cod to Hartford tomorrow - anybody know

See Al Gore ... you were wrong about global warming ....

I walked/jogged barefoot to/from class tonight, over concrete, asphalt, and rocks.

Grrf! I'm feeling vewy vewy cwabby wight now!

anyone checking out the great turtle race


Blast from the past - earworm!

Magazines have become nothing more than catalogs for expensive crap.

Have you been watching Planet Earth?

Please be careful out there.

Steven Wright is on Letterman tonight.

Did anybody miss me?

Okay, I have to take my daughter to the airport at 5:30 am. It is now 10:30pm.

Best places to be unemployed in?

Damn! I just replaced the mat. Good thing there wasn't kid jumping on that.

Best route to perversion?

Are They Any Fans Of "Prison Break" Here?

I sang in Beethoven's 9th Symphony this past Saturday night

I just received this email.

Damn! Minutmen doc on Sundance now, almost over.

ok all you smarty smarts...answer this math question...SAT question of the day.

I did it!!! I got my navel pierced!

All these music posts makes me want to ask

Man slices off penis in pizza restaurant

What do you do

Skittens # 3. (Or is this # 4?) (mega-dialup warning - did not reduce size)

I'm taking applications

Please have patience. Another plea for vibes because

This yak is watching you

Your favorite classical composer

Update on Trevor: Bad news. Trevor is losing his fight.

My first picture thread: trip to New England!

OK, here it is; the 50 best restaurants in the world. How many have

Cracked's 11 Guy Movie Classics That Secretly Suck

The Rapture?

Free - Round Bed on Craigslist!

The God Who Wasn't There

MN bill for test of Depleted Uranium goes National

Dana-Farber nurses approve lucrative new contract (makes them the highest paid nurses in New England

Reformers Taking Office In New Jersey ILA Federally Supervised Local

Canada Supreme Court Clears Way for Wal-Mart Union

Unions: Labor prepares for next election

Bill Maher 4/20/2007. New Rules - on Earth Day and colony collapse

VideoVets: Army Captain Michael Breen speaks out against the war

The Trap What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom (1 of 7)...

Truthout-- Talks With Willie Nelson

John Edwards - National Action Network

The Daily Show--Global Warming and the Wrath of God

The Wisdom of Rush Limbaugh

He Checked into Walter Reed-Was Forgotten&Hung Himself


Anyone listen to Jeff Farias today ?

Allison Stewart Instead Of Keith?? I want My Keith!

Roots of Jazz and blues, amen & aho

Watching the chimpenfuhrer on countdown

Hey Congress. Give Bush/Cheney $1 billion each to go away

What do Freepers call us?

Iranian President Offers to Have Televised Talks With Bush

Interview With Wangari Maathai/Environmental Democracy

Al Q allegedly planning an attack on Britain and the West with help from Iran. SURE THEY ARE

Sure, there's nothing to fear from an office for faith-based religions in the WH!

General Petraeus is NOT God!!! He is a dishonest tool when he pretends that

The Colors of a Tragedy. VT and Godless Grieving

Washington State To Offer Paid Family Medical Leave

Ok DUers enough is enough

Why are we building a WALL in Baghdad and a FENCE around us?

My gods. I actually got somebody to CONSIDER something today!

Delete, mods please delete

wheel of fortune

Does anyone have a LINK> to the Bu$h high school speach were he was talking about the Happy rug..

Bush says he doesnt want Washington Politicians telling Generals what to do???

A soldier's letter home

1 suicide bomber--9 dead GI's.---Attrition warfare at its finest.

My gods. I actually got somebody to CONSIDER something today.

Smoking Gun's cheap shot at Sheryl Crow

Pity Drowns In Numbers*

Don't touch me...! I work for the American people...


Queen Mother Babs Bush Yapping Her Mouth on Larry King >>>

Unprecedented: where the nightmare begins

"Alberto has my complete confidence. " The curse of The Decider

The Official Hey, *, FUCK YOU, ROT IN HELL, PAYBACK WILL BE A BITCH! Thread/Poll:

Michael Ware on CNN right now, "Violence in Diyala province has doubled sine last year"

Democrats Back Date for Start of Iraq Pullout

I propose a new rule

Looking for the five top reasons to leave Iraq...

Patriots Plea - Chuck Dunlap - Worth a listen

I'm On Hold With Malloy

9 more U.S. troops & 48 more Iraqis dead today .... ho-hum

trivia question - who greeted ronnie and nancy at LAX when they

Network Hosting Attorney Scandal E-Mails Also Hosted Ohio's 2004 Election Results

Moonie Sushi Business Linked To Japanese Whaling (and politics)

Is Karl Rove America's (And The World's) Cho ???

FYI: TDS/Colbert guests tonight:

Yesterday's Gone...has Senator Clinton gotten the message yet?

Oh. sh*t. Al Qaeda has taken over Iraqi blogger's neighborhood plus U.S. base possibly attacked.

Why did Jr. CUT cancer funding? Didn't he get the BFEE memo?

This is so obvious...of course Bush has more confidence in Gonzo now

On my PBS tomorrow, before Moyers' Journal, Enron's 'The Smartest Guys in the Room'

Judiciary tomorrow: "“‘The Insurrection Act Rider’ ...

32 > 3332????

DU eBayers: You can sell on eBay tomorrow for 20 cents a listing.

I have to drive from Cape Cod to Hartford tomorrow - anybody know

Here's a first: DU this Spanish-language poll ( Es Posada Carriles un terrorista?)

Hey isn't it great? We care about Darfur now

It just doesn't matter -

3332 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bush baby news: Weapons of chimp destruction

FAQ about "The Real News"

Michael Smerconish, MSNBC

Iraqi students deeply saddened by Virginia Tech massacre

PBS gave Perle hour to repeat debunked claims about Iraqi WMDs and links to Al Qaeda

Please...A moment of silence...

Doctors angered at Supreme Court ruling

Three months into the Final Escalation: we are done.

Would you accept 1,000 dead each year for civil liberties?

So now I know why The Bush* Administration was so keen to prevent stem cell research...

In your opinion, When did the * administration "jump the shark"

CHAVEZ: "President Bush, you are a protector of terrorists. As such, you are a terrorist..."

Baghdad suicide attack kills seven near Green Zone

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

At long last, former Russian president and notorious booze-hound Boris Yeltsin dies How Vanity Fair Nipped A Budding Right-Wing Poster Boy

New London Play Puts Tony Blair on Trial

Rice: Iran should attend Iraq conference - Why doesn't Rice just go to Tehran and talk to them?

What an absolute ass Barbara Bush is. See quote below

Wolfowitz Hires Prominent Lawyer in Fight to Stay at World Bank

"It's important for the American people to understand...."

People Executed In US By Lethal Injection May Be Awake As They Slowly Suffocate

"Don't Touch Me" (What Is Wrong With Karl Rove?)

So let's talk bottom line. What is the one thing that will bring this administration to it's knees?

Obama: Bush Falls Short As World Leader

So, has there been a spike in views of the Colbert Press video?

Newsweek's Meacham: "{L}ong time" since Dems have let Americans know they share their values

BBC showing the Phelps klan

John McCain on The Daily Show Tomorrow: The Audience Groaned!

Waxman hearing tomorrow: Kevin and Mary Tillman, Jessica Lynch testifying

Jello Biafra and Greg Palast on Tour Now

Monday (today) marked the single greatest loss of life for 82nd Airborne

OMFG...Vet gives Bush one of his Purple Hearts.

Breaking, St. Pete Times: FBI asks Tom Feeney about trip with Abramoff

WHO: New figures on the disintegrating health situation in Iraq where 100 people a day die

So, what if a group of DUer's took a tour of the Creation Museum?

I admit it, I lost

"Laurrrrraaa...Barney's been 'scooting' again"..

someone has to do it - babs on larry king

Viacom: We goofed on Colbert parody takedown notice; case dismissed (Suck On That Viacom!)

Kim Basinger is so full of crap!

Who is Hillary Clinton's Base?

NYT Editorial: "Mr. Spitzer and Gay Marriage" (Bill to legalize same-sex marriage 'welcome')

VA Allows Wiccan Symbols On Soldier's Headstones

TAINTED PET FOOD: FDA KNOWS of and WON'T IDENTIFY yet another source

I can't stop thinking about this: Every 10 hours we lose a troop.


The 'Conservatives are Crazy' study

Fossilized Rainforest discovered in Illinois

On second thought...FUCK YOU!

Are McCain and Giuliani trying to outdumb each other?

That girl subbing for Keith Olberman is horrible. Trying to act cute. Can't watch my

Bush Sr. (with "amazing candor"!): I didn't know blacks were human until going through their mail!

One More Angry Post By Me

What non north american country has done the most to help the United States

* * * A CARTOON FIX * * *

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

Have you seen who's on the MAY 2007 cover of GQ?!?! Check it out, It's Stephen Colbert!

Why I Don't Believe in the GOP's God

Update on Trevor: Bad news. Trevor is losing his fight.

I don't think too much of this military.

ELECTION NIGHT 04-REPUBLICANS Had Computer Capacity, Software Skills & Elec Infrastructure IN PLACE!

Mental illness and state control

Conservative Warrior: Missouri Baptist says "the secular world is dangerous to Christian souls"

Congress Could Pass Minimum Wage Hike This Week

Act would put democracy back in workplace

Waxman: 'Systematic' security failures in Bush White House (sent letter

Who is Bush, Cheney, Gonzo, Rove, etc. talking to???

Delete, dupe

Pay gap between men and women begins 1 year after college, then grows wider

Critics reluctantly conceded that Gonzales was likely to weather the political storm.

Bush Poised to Veto Long-Sought Labor Reform

Edwards demands U.S. action for peace in North Uganda

"The Courting of General Jones" (WSJ, 4-23-07)

Dennis appears at Chicago Earthday event.

How do presidential candidates develop their lists to seek support?

Here's the beef. Obama Gives Foreign Policy Speech.

Finally, the spotlight turns on corrupt Tom Feeney

Biden praises unions for keeping 'barbarians away from the gate'

"Mayor of Boston bans the DEA's website"

"Wolfowitz hires top lawyer to keep job" Hires Clinton Lawyer, Robert Bennett...

Eliminating candidates who voted against withdrawal deadline last June,

Will doctors give a man Viagra if he's 83 years old and not perfectly healthy?

Romney Draws Fire for Shift on Gay Rights

Suicide blast kills 9 U.S. soldiers

Obama’s Rise Strains Loyalty on Clinton Turf

The Obama campaign does not need to fucking call me at 9:20 on a school night.

Clinton: Will make Bill "Ambassador to the world"

Obama is tied with Hillary nationally.

If anyone's curious how Richardson would have voted on the Iraq War Resolution, here's an indication

In a 3 party election (CT redux) moving to the center is stupid. but...

Edwards discusses detailed plan for Sudan (situation "a huge moral issue for America and the world")

Limbaugh says the Virginia Tech shooter was "a liberal"

"Intentional childlessness is avoiding responsibility"

Why I won't support Biden, Clinton, Dodd, or Edwards in the primary:


Life, Death and Politics (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

(Bush)Support of Gonzales affirms power play

Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall (by Eugene Robinson for Truthdig)


Corporate Accountability is this Earth Day’s Inconvenient Truth (CommonDreams)

Response to the Virginia Tech crisis (India)

As life fades away, Baghdad becomes a memory

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Personifies Why Many Dislike America and Its Policies (by Ann Wright)

Miers weighed Yang’s firing according to Sen. Feinstein

Iraq students show Virginia Tech support

The term "public service" has lost meaning for Americans

The Real 'Fake News' (by Eric Alterman, for The Nation)

Life, Death and Politics

Rachel Maddows on Gonzales (Video) MSNBC COuntdown

White House Admits Bush Never Watched Gonzales Testimony

David Sirota: Selling Out to K Street Is “A Lot of Fun!”

Failed States, the Coming Mexican Revolution

The man who was not there

Beyond Walter Reed: the DOD's Other Healthcare Scandal (by Nancy Goldstein at HuffPost)

David Halberstam: A Letter To My Daughter (May 2, 1982)

Conservative Infant Death Syndrome (Isaiah J. Poole at

Karl Rove's Jim Crow Voter Suppression Machine is Humming Along Just Fine, All Ready for 2008

Conason: A Selective View of Fraud (Ann Coulter's voting fraud)

The Unforgiven (by Jane Smiley at HuffPost)

It Not Just Left Against Right Anymore, It's About What IS Right

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Equal Pay and Freda K. (The Nation)

The GOP and "The theory of diminishing inverses"

Truthout: Rove Investigator Himself Under Investigation

Full Frontal Feminism (AlterNet interview with Jessica Valenti)

Culture of Fear: Poetry Professor Becomes Terror Suspect

‘Devastating’ Moyers Probe of Press and Iraq (Editor & Publisher, via CommonDreams)

Karl Rove is under investigation by the executive branch. So, too, is his investigator. (The Nation)

George McGovern: Cheney Is Wrong About Me, Wrong About War (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Commentary: War crime charges threat to ground Bush?

Touch Football and Television

Hon. Ron Paul Of Texas: We Just Marched In (So We Can Just March Out)

Inside Alberto Gonzales' Diary: My Dementia Defense

Mass Murderers and Women: What We're Still Not Getting About Virginia Tech

Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps (Guardian)

This week's This Modern World

Bush Frets About Place in History

U.N. panel to lay out steps on warming - AP

McCain Hires Prominent Global Warming Denier To Help Craft Global Warming Policy

Angry At PM Climate "Policy", Tim Flannery May Give Back Australian Of The Year Award - SMH

Idled Hmong farmers appeal for land (due to urban sprawl and ethanol production)

Po River, Italy's Largest, At Levels Typical For June - Hydropower Worries Grow - Reuters

EPA Head Johnson Will Face Senate Environment Cmte On Failure To Control GHGs - US News & World Rpt.

Nearly 700 Dead Seals Wash Up On Caspian Shores In Kazakhstan - AFP

Indian State Of Assam Issues Shoot-On-Sight Orders Against Rhino Poachers - AFP

Financial Times - China "Indefinitely Delays" Comprehensive Climate Action Plan

Gavin Schmidt of radio interview

Richard Stallman on Free Software, Fostering Change, and the Enviroment

In N. Pacific Ocean @ Specific Depths, Acidification Already Outpacing Shell Growth For Marine Life

Al Gore Speaks In Calgary

NJ Clean Power

Oz - Hydropower Cutbacks May Come As Early As Next Month In Snowy River Basin

Noise scanner could save whales (BBC)

PBS Tonight: Key Moments In The Global Warming Fight

45Cm Rise In Sea Levels Enough To Destroy Sundarbans - The Hindu News

Rare rhino spotted on camera (Reuters/CNN)

Ethanol: "...about as useful as a flux capacitor"

Former US DOE official attacks GNEP on nuclear waste risks, cost

Study - Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Biodiesel Crops Wipes Out Gains From Avoiding Fossil Fuel - AFP

Bussard Gets Navy Funding For Fusion Research

New Zealand firm says it can make ethanol from carbon monoxide

gas at 3bucks a gallon

12-year-old killed after caught in crossfire of Gaza family feud

Abbas: Hamas truce violations are an exception, won't continue

Husband of Israeli diplomat shot; criminal motive suspected

Homosexual partner deserves full widow's pension, court rules

U.S. had emergency plan for attacking Israel in 1967

Hamas fires rockets into Israel

Israel's 'modesty buses' draw fire

French politicians vote non to voting machines

time to put my 2000 research out here -- researchers welcome

2004 vote count manipulated on GOP servers & Netcraft shows RNC running Ohio election servers 2007

So Many Election Fraud Trails Lead to WH. Election Reform & Related News Tuesday, 4/24/07

So, is this the community you want?

Simple explanation of new "smoking gun" on RNC election fraud in Ohio know what to do.. cough...cough

has anyone here ever heard of the freeman institute?

Screen shots of Ohio Election night 2004. Shows vote switching "errors."

Border Patrol agent charged with murder

Gunmen kill 6, wound 15 in Iraq's Baquba - police

Wolfowitz Hires Prominent Lawyer in Fight to Stay at World Bank

Hamas fires rockets into Israel

Six held under UK anti-terrorism law

9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Suicide Bombing in Iraq

Britain to resume boarding in Gulf after captures

Former Hill Staffer To Plead Guilty In Abramoff Probe

Did Corzine's driver get an e-mail? (About Affair While Driving)

Foreign banks to hire over 50k in India

Support of Gonzales affirms power play (by Whitehouse)

Extra Year Expected for Retirement Funds

Low-key office launches high-profile inquiry (Rove)

Qaeda-linked group claims attacks on U.S. in Iraq

Colombian rights activist assassinated in Medellin

Low-key office launches high-profile inquiry (of Karl Rove)

Baghdad security plan puts US forces, civilians perilously close

Truck bomb kills 25 near Iraq's Ramadi - police

Britain to transfer army base to Iraqis

Mexico City expected to legalize abortion amid fasts, vigils, protests

Despair stalks Baghdad as plan falters

Kucinich puts VP impeachment on hold - Cheney goes to Dr.

Jessup Hall offices locked down this morning

Muslims believe (US) goal to weaken Islam - poll

Al-Maliki support eroding in Iraq

'Violated' by ho 'humor,' say 3 cops

Uruguay Digs into Secret Massacre

Bush renews Iraq veto threat

GOP may target Clinton Administration e-mails

Bush Accepts Unearned Purple Heart

Ranger told to conceal Tillman info

Cove veteran presents Purple Heart to President Bush

Home sales: Worst drop in 18 years

NBC: Vice President Cheney returning to D.C.-area hospital for checkup

Lawmakers to open Tillman-Lynch hearing

The Office of Special Counsel will investigate U.S. attorney firings and other political activities

DNA clears man who was in prison 25 years

Toyota’s quarterly sales across globe overtake GM’s for 1st time

Stoughton Trailers Prepares For 1,100 Temporary Layoffs

Vice President speaks out on Iraq(attacks Reid, and Reid responds)

Delta State U (Mississippi) shuts down due to several bomb threats

Consumer Confidence Tumbles To 9-month Low

'Kryptonite' discovered in mine

Iranian regime 'stars' political students

Giuliani declines to assess Iraq buildup

Mayor: 'Full Scale Riot' In Progress At Indiana Prison

Indonesian Court Clears U.S. Mining Firm

GAO Finds Fraud in Commuter Program, Federal Workers Selling Transit Cards

Low-key office launches high-profile inquiry (Attorney Firings and Karl Rove)

US commander defends Baghdad wall

Bush sees possible US-Iran talks on Iraq

Jessica Lynch tells Congress what really happened to her in Iraq.

Murdoch warns of rise of militant Islam

Singer's toilet paper musings leave Rove untouched

White House: Iraq Funding Compromise Is Possible

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 24

No Impeachment Today (Kucinich postpones press conference)

Kuwait balks at forgiving Iraq's debt

Republican Critics of Gonzales Not Assuaged by Bush

Ex-Prison Head Gets 8 Years in Scandal

New US ambassador to UN seeks multilateral plans for Iraq

Iraq: Car Bombs Near Iranian Embassy

Canadian Guantanamo Detainee Is Charged

Powers consider Iran nuclear proposal

China to top USA in greenhouse emissions

Outspoken judge faces formal charges

Air Force feels pinch of Iraq ground war

Nato criticised for Afghan advert (opium)

(Harriet) Miers weighed (ex-U.S. Attorney Debra) Yang’s firing according to Sen. Feinstein

Tillman Tale "Pure Fiction": Brother

Cheney blood clot said to be improving

Brother of pilot killed on Sept. 11 to run for Congress (MA-GOP)

Existing home sales tumble in March (Biggest monthly slide in nearly two decades)

Media Advisory: Kucinich to move forward with Impeachment News Conference

EPA Won't Specify Global Warming Plans

Ecuador reinstates 51 ousted lawmakers

Report: Cho Hired an Escort Before Rampage

Quick action can avert worst of climate change, scientists say

Britain's Gun Laws Seen as Curbing Attacks

CBS Radio Show Hosts Suspended After Prank Call

Protest by Truckers May Hobble Beltway

Iran arrests 300 ‘insufficiently veiled’ women

Pentagon considers ending threat report system (TALON)

Argentina ex-leader faces kidnapping charges

Ex-DOJ Attorneys Accuse Bush Admin of Restricting African American Vote to Favor Republicans

Gunmen attack Chinese oil company's field in Ethiopia, several workers injured (many reported dead)

Ethiopian tanks pound Mogadishu

DeLay says top Dems close to treason

Medicare funding report puts onus on Bush, Congress to act

Congressman Kucinich Introduces Impeachment Articles Against Dick Cheney

I'd like to see the Geico gecko do this!

Ladies and Gents I present an American original: Son House

I must say, the DU Lounge is a place of refuge.

I must say, the DU Lounge is a place of refuse.


I dared to say I watch 24 in GD and lived to tell about it

Um... Have You Guys Checked Out This Cat Fridge Magnet ???

Who you calling a psycho?!?!

What song makes you Captain Bligh?

Depression lifted. Now I'm starsky.

What TV Shows Or Episodes Put Beer In Your Eyes?

I don't know what to say

When a co-worker says to you "How Are We Doing?"

YEA! DU is back on line

no db connection: dfQuery failed: UPDATE last_activity SET last_date = NOW() WHERE u_id = ''

Only 253 shopping days until Christmas!

oops dupe

Woman Arrested For Flashing Child

Sick of crappy, mind-numbing, banal, soul destroying reality TV shows?

Religion / Theology forum down again?

HEROES thread (with spoilers).

tot gets tackled at football game

Woman Gets Letter Saying She Is Dead - Loses Her Medical Insurance

People come and go

Yeah, I know this is in GD, but it needs to be signed by every single DUer.

How hot does your house/apt get before you turn it up to 11?

Big news! I may be on the TV!


What happened to the Top Ten Idiots?

Shittiest thing after the death of a loved one?

Canucks/stars highlights

Morning wake up music

It's official - I really really really hate my long hair

How come so many men of the cloth seem to be horndogs?

Will Ferrel is about to get evicted!

Well, I guess since I don't have gout

I'm BAAAACCCKKK! What did I miss?

How do you get rid of a peckerwood?

Why does life have to have a "porpoise?"

How do you get rid of a woodpecker??

Does Life Have A Purr Pose?

Why does life have to have a "purpose"?


What Song Makes You Fry?

Here is a good comic book villian... THE PIDDLER...

Captain America Arrested With Burrito Stuffed In His Tights

this morning i am drinking hot coffee

Listenin to "Everybody Hurts"- REM

Get out of your damn car if you want to socialize

I spared the life of a spider in my bathroom this morning.

Horse leaves deposit at ATM ( with bonus pic )

Assholes! Please stop singing at work!

Oh, crap! Toddler gets used as football on sideline of football game!

I'm up to my eyeballs in....

our lips are sealed go gos

Are there any former carrier moms here on DU?


This song brings tears to my eyes...

I just cleared out my eeyore list!

okay how does this song fit this video?

Today boys and girls we are making birdfeeders at arts/crafts!!

Happy 65th birthday, Barbra

more irreverent version of this song in video

For Lynne.

Assholes! Please stop farting at work!

I'm talking amplification

Which Windows registries would you pick?

pork roLLed with stuffing, cranberries, and ..... ?

How hot does your house/apt get before you turn on the AC/DC?

My Tuesday advice to the Lounge: Give it up or turnit a loose!

What is it with men and bathrooms? How many minutes average does it take to PEE?

Have any of you given up your pets and why?

I have David Cassidy and Andy Gibb on my bedroom wall

Anyone ever had a hair sample drug test?

False modesty can take the best of us.


I'm listening to 'My Chemical Romance' for the first time... I'm not impressed

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/24/2007)


How come some people these days won't even speak?

Do you watch Friends here on DU with people you have never met?

I have a rodent in my bedroom wall

Wow. Sig lines off AGAIN? Poor servers!!

My fish weren't learning anything in their school....

What would happen if George W. Bush fell into a giant vat of Anusol?

If we created a DU Lounge Time Capsule - what items should be inclued in it?

Do you have fiends here on DU whom you have never met?

I hate to admit this, but despite it's flaws, I love cactus underwear...

Please help me with my grocery list.

Are there any former career DAD's here on DU?

I won't be racing to the theaters to see this one:

I hate to admit this, but despite its flaws I love Myspace.

Astronomy fans, you have to check this out

The Time 100 - Have you voted yet?


Hey Nickster, don't go into GD

'Girls Gone Wild' Joe Francis Sent To Jail For Contempt Of Court (35 days)

Tuesday Answers

PRISON RIOT in my hometown

Drunk Man Rides Horse Into Bank

So I'm at the Local Half Price books here in Austin this past weekend...


Are there any former career moms here on DU?

Torches on the porch; comments?

Help. What do I do with quadrotriticale?

Help save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

Requesting input/advice from anyone who has experience with this

I hate to admit this, but despite its flaws I love My Body.

James Taylor appreciation thread

**Annual Lounge Ass Kissing Festival** Kissers register your Kissees here.

Uhoh, I just realized I have a number fetish

Question for the tattooed members of DU

i finally watched the movie "The Queen" and "Notes on a scandal"

Anyone else in SF feel a slight quake at 2:08?

Have you ever considered changing your sex?

Windows error messages (dial-up warning)

What were you, high in school?

The beagle was completely nuts in class tonight

Monty Python Coconut Orchestra breaks world record


I'm on the brink of firing an employee...

A school boys dream, you act so shy

Congratulations leftofthedial!! 30,000 posts

BBC: 'Kryptonite' discovered in mine

Just finished my loan exit interviews for all my goddamn student loans

I am what I am....

He has risen

My daughter needs a job

Who said it?

Legless (homeless) man struck, killed by truck.

Goalie playing baseball

Do you have friends here on DU whom you have never met?

Why didn't anyone warn me not to go into GD????


I'm meeting with a Hooker for the first time - what questions should I ask her?

I'm meeting with a Ewerer for the first time - what questions should I ask?

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

Me So Horny

al-Qaeda: Tomatos and cukes are different genders.

Oh, crap! Toddler gets tackled on sideline of football game!

Damn, why am I so tired this evening?

**Annual Lounge Ass Kicking Festival** Kickers register your Kickees here.

The ultimate reality show: Christians vs. Lions in the coliseum

I can't believe I'm going to defend Karl Rove

In-dash CD w/ MP3 playback v. auxiliary MP3 audio input ?

Speaking of toilet paper, in Mexico (I found out recently) and I've

Fellow Loungers: Please welcome our newest DU-er, barneo!

Another friendly PSA: Don't Shop at TJs While Baked

I'm doing a presentation on something I know almost nothing about

What song did they play at your birth?

Question for mothers' of two or more.

Police: Man rammed house after wife wouldn’t bring him a cigarette

Will Ferrel is about to get evicted!

Anybody see Stevie Nicks on Ellen? Damn, she looks good for 58!

Note to self:

Do you always have a song in your head?

Did y'all see that cool html/text tool DUer mogster created

I am a Democrat

"Tusk" is Fleetwood Mac's greatest album ever

Post your ideas for what I should get my secretary for secretary day

Do you wear a seat belt when in a motor vehicle? If not, why?

The rapture?

I'm not a big TV watcher...... but I am totally hooked on Deadliest Catch

Good wishes, please! I had to admit the tooth is painful and needs a root canal.

Help. What do I do with Kale


What's your approval rating?

My Aunt Sandy has passed away at the age of 62.

Couch on the porch; comments?

Why does life have to have a "porpoise"?


So I was taking a shower this morning...

The piano playing cat

Have you ever considered changing your name?

Is five computers too many?

ok all you smarty smarts...answer this question...

Which wedding registries would you pick?

Are there any former career moms here on DU?

What was the Number One song the first time you ever.........

That's about 9-10 inches there.....

Home sick with viral infection and bronchitis

My Tuesday gift to the Lounge: Give it up for Von Von Von!

Would you relocate to Gilligan's Island if you had the chance?

Bush eats baby on Live TV..

Tuesday Questions

What notable person, living or dead, would you most like to party with?

OK, no couches on the porch, but what's with no basketball hoops on the garage?

Kitty massage!

Caveman or Gecco


I'm meeting with a Realtor for the first time - what questions should I ask her?

Shocking Olive Garden incident concerning the future in-laws

Is it my imagination, or are all the good/great "new" singer-songwriters female?

Okay friends, I need some opinions and maybe a hug re: traffic court...

I cannot believe

Radio Lady Discusses: I've Seen A Preview of Spider-Man 3. Ask me anything.

Open letter to Christians.

He has risen

Boxing: this week on TV (April 25-28)

NHL 2nd Round. Who are your picks?

Democracy Now Headlines 4-23-07

PBS----Science Suppressed


The Unclassifed Media Project #2...

Cafferty File: NSA Rules that Bush Broke the Law...

CNN--- Missile Wars With Russia 4-23-07

Government spying on activists...

Iraq Action Camp

Western Kentucky University Iraq War Protest

Impeach Bush and Cheney---- Mail Messenger

Al Franken intros Keith Ellison Progressive States Network

John Bolton and Jon Stewart

Hardball--Sen. Durbin On Iraq

Waxman Hearing on Tillman, Lynch cases (many videos)

Frosty the Snowman

I Hate the War

Kucinich on Iraq War (for 4 years now)

Countdown---Hot On The Trail

MSNBC's Countdown 4-23-07

Tillman's Mom (God Bless Her)

The Amero - North American Currency

Kucinich calls for Impeachment of Cheney HR 333

The "Islamization of America"

Don't get too excited: Bloch is a Bushie! ie: OSC Investigation!

WP, Dionne: "When (American) 'Idol' Worship Pays"

Deadliest month for US troops this year, for UK since Mar '03

Pay Close Attention To Details Of WH Legislation As They Make Arrangments For Their Immunity

OK. What happened to the Rapture?

US says Baghdad security wall is 'temporary' (AFP)

Heard Edwards healthcare proposal on Ed Schulz town hall and didn't like it.

3,332 U.S. Troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis


Am I the only one troubled by these photos?

"...there's a growing feeling within CBS that Katie Couric is an expensive, unfixable mistake."

"Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps"

I just noticed that John Edwards has banner ads on YouTube

Delete this - it didn't post correctly

I'm a radical pro-choicer...

Daylight Saving Time: Another Pinko Commie Plot

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 4/24 -- Blame them

I'm looking for a group of dedicated volunteers to enact a REAL prescription drug benefit

Colombian rights activist assassinated in Medellin (Reuters)

Why do some DUers automatically hold strong opinions on situations they know almost nothing about?

when is AAR Premium going to do timely podCasts.. hartman, randi havent been up dated,

Bill Moyers to be Smeared Tonight.

Hamas is bombing Israel again

What should I do about my son's teacher?

Strange but true facts about Cheney (funny!)

George Soros Pwns JoO

Serious question: was the patrol base in Baquba that got suicide bombed Monday revealed by Bush?

What are the conditions that threaten a woman's life

NINE of my brother Paratroopers lost thier lives yesterday in Iraq--NINE

Conyers: We Need Real Universal Health Care Coverage, Please sign!

If you listen to AAR, could you explain

So we're STILL switching over from winter to summer gasoline?

MSNBC offering latest oil industry lies about price gouging

The motto of the 21st century: "Everything I don't like is terrorism!"

The Repugs are going to hit back HARD with a litany of Democratic scandals.

Reid getting criticized for calling Shrub in denial. I would have called

OK wasn't Nixon put in the hospital with DVT during Watergate?

A Rant about theres proof the right wing should be committed to a state mental hospital

Failed States, the Coming Mexican Revolution

Did MSNBC's Smirk-onish refer to his Farrah poster this AM?

CNN is becoming more like the Rush Limbaugh Show Every Day

c-span wj segment - iraq war funding bill

Heads Up! Oversight Committee Hearing on Tillman and Lynch to start. cspan 3, or

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

So, Gonzo. What happens next?

WH Dep Press Sec: "I have to give Representative Waxman credit for persistence, if not creativity"

Happy Birthday Babs

Rap mogul wants racist lyrics ban (BBC) {VOLUNTARY ban}

C_SPAN3 Accuracy of Battlefield Information Henry Waxman

Cheney to have leg examined after blood clot

Congress panel backs Iraq pullout

How long do you think this stupid nightmare of a war will go on?

Police: Naked recruiter broke into home

Fish Stinks From The Head

Cheney going to hospital for check-up on same day Kucinich to introduce impeachment resolution!

Senator Hillary Clinton Endorses 55 MPH Speed Limit

U.S. scandal threatens Alaska’s prosecutor

NYT David Halberstam Obituary:

To protect food Govt is upping funding of FDA $10 mil = 1/200th spent monthly in Iraq...

U.S. study shows no cancer/abortion link

Soldier's post regarding the tragedy that killed nine soldiers yesterday

Ignoring polling, Matthews claimed "{t}wo-thirds" of Americans say leave {Gonzales} alone

How do you think Freepers would answer this quiz?

MSNBC: Bush to talk @ 11:15 Eastern for eight to ten minutes regarding war supplemental bill

Toyota 'world's largest carmaker'

Angry Marine's post on Craig's list (served in Iraq, lost husband in extension of tour):

Question about medical necessity in late term abortions

Do you care, as a passenger in a car, if you're searched?

'Kryptonite' discovered in mine

China aims to further tame Web (Reuters/CNN)

Before 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq

Pat Tillman Hearing: Live now

Existing home sales tumble in March...Biggest monthly slide in nearly two decades

Reid should go on the air after the Bush and say one thing

Tillman hearings on C-Span 3 n/t

The God Who Wasn't There

Cheney's leg a question

What kind of people are these Iraqis?

GOP Threatens To Extend E-Mail Probe Back To Clinton Era

Is this woman on CNN saying she was sexually assaulted by Americans or Iraqis?

Smerconish simulcast replaces Imus on MSNBC

"SICKO" Michael Moore's New Movie-Dark Comedy About America's Ailing Health Care System

Bush Administration Capitulates On Wiccan Symbol

Speaking of God......

Is the Religion and Theology forum unaccessible for everyone?

Conservative co-worker makes my head explode re: bankruptcy/ heath ins costs

Cobert Report-- The Word: Impeachment

Putnam on Kucinich:"an ill-conceived attempt to generate publicity for his quixotic presidential bid

Nobody sems to have pointed out the link between bush's pointing out the targets

Is the Bush Administration the most partisan Administration in US history?

Lethal injection may cause pain during executions, UM researchers report in study

Iraq insurgents battling al Qaeda (something you'll never here from a con)

Some CNN lady is on with her ass hanging out of her mini-skirt talking about cleaning up Hip-Hop

Congressional Committee Holds Hearing On Military Misinformation Today

CNN Sen. Kyl called Harry Reid ..... Sen. Rude

Army Spec. Jesse Buryj (Don't forget Poland)

Gulf Coast Volunteer Opportunities: Our Help is Still Needed

anyone hear if cspan will cover Bush speech?

Russia Threatens Veto Over Kosovo

Russia Threatens Veto Over Kosovo

I need to shower--I just agreed with everything the Tweety spat

Do you think the republicans REALLY give a fuck about the troops?

Arkansas Woman Blames Liberals In Congress For Global Warming

Office of Special Counsel to investigate attorney firings and Rove's political activities

What If Something Bad Happens To Prince Harry?

How do blind people dream?

Would Bush still veto the supplemental war spending bill if we changed all of the pork to benefits

Bush" "It could unleash chaos in Iraq"...

Murtha Tells CNN: 'Surge Has Failed,' Prepare To Redeploy


May Day March to Demand Punishment for Terrorist Posada

Joel Pett puts the Supreme Court D&E decision in context.

bush complaining about the pork in the troop funding bill, and though I wish it didn't have any

Dog gives its life for family

Life in Iran

Time To "smoke Bush out of his cave"

IMHO This Article on Fascism in America needs to be run on every Editorial Page in America...LINK

Cillizza's ridiculous assertion will blow back in the face of the GOP!

Teens 'wanted to experience killing'

President Rubber vs. Speaker Glue

Despair stalks Baghdad as plan falters

Should the American People have a right to know who a Candidate's "big 4" will be before they vote?

DK's Smoking Gun Guesses...pony up tinfoilers...

Please help New Orleans public housing residents.

Office of Special Counsel Regarding GSA PowerPoint Presentation: "That's the smoke"

'PORK' increased 102% under rethug Congress from 9/11 to 2006.

Cheney Celebrates Earth Day By Breathing Oxygen

Top 15 most embrarrassing photos of W

Tweety is freakin' me out...he's sounding fair and reasonable!

Bush: "Last November, the American people said they were frustrated...I listened"

Who is the greater threat: bush/cheney or Osama bin Laden?

I was quite angry watching TDS last night.

Bush: Americans didn't vote for 'failure'

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley: Mad as hell?

Orange Alert?

Did you know that 79 women in the military have been killed in Iraq?

complete list of those to blame for the VT killings (with links)You didn't know that!

Tillman's Brother Blasts Military

"thesevenproject" is at my sons school today? Who are they? National thing.

Tillman/Lynch Hearing - continued

It's time for corporations making record profits and others to give back to the community

Billo's been binge-playing "Illuminati", needs to take a break

Bolton on Stewart

(ah ha!) Moonie Sushi Business Linked To Japanese Whaling

Kucinich delays impeachment briefing

Is anyone else watching CNN Pipleline?

Warning: Hillary Clinton’s world view may have been affected by Noam Chomsky!

9-11 9-11 terra terra 9-11 9-11 terra.... veto veto veto

The World laughs at US and America: How in Hell can WE allow this Dufus Bush continue his crap?

Latest Wolfowitz Memo: asks for continued patience

Bad Meat, Mad Cow and Rotten Veggies

Rep. Rohrabacher: ‘I Hope It’s Your Families That Suffer’ From A Terrorist Attack

Bush is looking more Nixonian every day.

Pissypants legacy "Mr. Maliki, put up this wall!"

DeGeneres Hosts "Idol Gives Back" Special with Bono, Gwen Stefani, Pink...

Caption the old, sick, lying big bowl of bad....(Cheney)

It's 'terra terra terra' time...

Macintosh "Boot Camp" Clarification and Info

Tillman: Administration lied to distract from Abu Ghraib.

Republicans plan to strike back, investigate Clinton Administration's emails

McCain will be on The Daily show tonight-Jon said it and the audience groaned and booed.

Bush is disappointed

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC)

OMG Check out this photo of Barack and Hillary

"Dick, I'm Going to Impeach You" --->>>

MSNBC: Cheney en route to hospital.

Bush: "Precipitous withdrawal from Iraq is not a plan to bring peace..."

"Why is it so difficult to convince you that your agency should act to protect our environment?"

We can't defeat 2000-4000 al-Queda in Iraq

There is one thing on my wish list....

Darth now spewing forth - MSNBC - attacking Reid's Iraq position

GOP may target Clinton Administration e-mails

Have you noticed this lately? Suni insurgents=al qaeda, Shia insurgents=Iran

caption this * pic...

NBC: Taliban leader claims will push Americans out, just like father fought against the Russians

Tillman/Lynch Hearing-continuation 2

AP -- Maybe Iran can keep it's nuke program

Interracial Couples Invest More in Kids

On MSNBC, it's Contessa with cleavage

Cheney's long history of health problems

The Guardian : Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps

Construction continues on the Baghdad Wall -- er, "Barrier" -- despite P.M. Maliki's halt order

Gonzales Watch: No Call Yet to Senator Pryor

Fair question? Is a majority of Hillary Rodham's support because of Bill?

Bush visiting NYC today --- thought the City felt different

Tom DeLay Accuses Pelosi And Reid Of Getting "Very Close To Treason" (video)

From the fields to the classroom - a link between pesticides and the VT tragedy?


Kerry Sez Cheney should go back to 'undisclosed location' instead of attacking Sen. Reid

I'm thinking CBS should require Brit Hume to correct his

Figured out why Darth went to the hospital this morning

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

Did Fox News cover Tillman/Lynch at all?

Rawstory teaser headline: RICE SUBPOENA TOMORROW: REP.

Tillman/Lynch hearing-continuation 3

26 Easy ways to help save the planet every day.

cheney not only well, just on CNN giving Harry Reid a load of crap.

Tight Race among Democrats for '08 in South Carolina (Clinton ahead)

So what are those snivelling little pukes in the WH doing now after

Warning: Hillary Clinton’s world view may have been affected by Noam Chomsky!

* visits the Harlem Village Academy Charter School - pics

Great LTTE re **'s appearance at Alaska statehood

Do Bush and his business partners see and allow global warming, as a business opportunity?

Should the Senate have removed Bill Clinton so we could remove George Bush?

Time--and past time--to impeach Gonzales.

Bill Moyers to chat with Jon Stewart and Josh Marshall on Journal premiere Friday

Surefire way to make Karl Rove's head explode...


Fascism begins behind closed doors.

Prison riot in my hometown

US-backed Ethiopian invasion of Somalia backfires: country turns into another Iraq

TIME reporter describes complex attack that resulted in 10 US soldiers killed

AP: Cheney criticizes Reid over Iraq policy

You know what that wall in Baghdad reminds me of?

The impeachment of Clinton was not political suicide for the Republicans

Freepukes: Pat Tillman would want family lied to and his death used as propaganda

Methinks Dennis saw through our evil VP's diversion. Sorry

Report: Gonzales may face Senate 'vote of no confidence'

Caption *

On NPR this morning...

Reid: "While ten more of our brave men and women died yesterday . . ."

George McGovern blasts Cheney

Today I Have TWO Items on Greatest Page

Equality is good for you

McCain replaces finance director in latest 'restructuring' move

Well - there goes the news for the day (at least)

Breaking: Out with Va Tech in with Possible Prison Riot

How do I find an bail bondsman?

Hehe. Ron Reagan just called Bush a bully.

Rep. Kucinich! Announce You Will Hold Your Press Conf at 4:00 TODAY!

Photo: Rome, Italy starts gearing up for Impeachment Day on April 28

Naked porn-surfing Army recruiter arrested

Peter Gabriel pays tribute to Alberto Gonzales..

Tonight on Countdown, Alison is in again for Keith

Racial Profiling in Australia.

Caption this Cheney pic

One word to Shooter - - - NOT!

How many people are undecided on Abortion?

Dems have presser to respond to Darth. CNN, OF COURSE, cuts them off!!

After a decade of angling for Iraqi oil, Russian oil company Lukoil is gearing up for new project

Warning: Hillary Clinton’s world view may have been affected by Noam Chomsky!

Is it true that there are no Mormons on welfare?

Hey cheney, Democrats Already Have Political Advantage.

BEWARE of head of Office of Special Council, SCOTT J. BLOCH! He's in charge of investigating KKKROVE

wow, Ed Schultz is calling for Impeachment???

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Wants to Do Business with You.

US Iraq casualties rise to 54,433

CNN this morning had a banner that quoted Lynch

This President is in no condition to effectively manage a crisis.

Who should be impeached first?

Patronize Korean businesses whenever possible!

Well,it looks like Whorea O'Donnel on MSRNC is pregnant

"Cheney Attacks Defeatist Dem Plan" reads CNN website headline

I heard that John Mellencamp is playing Walter Reed

Question: If Cheney and Rove should be tossed out of office, would Bush be our bitch?

Another * caption

Giuliani says he can't evaluate if troop boost in Iraq is working - This guy wants to be president?

Is the Kucinich presser being covered anywhere?


Does anyone know the address for CNN to protest their

If Cheney were impeached, he would just resign and move to the underground bunker full-time...

RNC's Smartech took over Ohio Election Servers on Nov 3, 2004"

There is no such thing as "friendly fire".

I am a Democrat

Ex-Congressional aide to Don Young (r) Alalska pleads guilty in Abramoff scandal

Remember Frist? Whatever happened to the SEC investigation?

My new Bumper Stickers I just ordered...What ya think? I LOVE them!

Kucinich has a message for the world

Whose fault is the recent rash of contaminated food, meat & pet food? Government or Private Industry

Vermont House WILL vote on impeachment!!

Rove investigator(Special Counsel, Bloch) acts a lot like Rove ... White House cover up?

Will Kucinich's Darth impeachment resolultion be on C-SPAN??? eom

PBS Tonight: Key Moments In The Global Warming Fight

doesn't barbara bush have investments in private prisons in this country?

2 U.S. deaths reported,

National Guard activated in North Texas (weather related)

Kucinich Articles of Impeachment Against Cheney

(Bleep)-ing Freepers are blaming Tillmann's family and "the media" for the Tillmann cover-up...

Are you watching Hardball?

Kucinich outlining articles of impeachment on CNN Pipeline

FCC wants to stop expletives, sex, and violence on Basic Cable.

Soldier: Army ordered me not to tell truth about Tillman

Who is dumber? Dan Quayle or George W. Bush?

Economic Armageddon Is Coming

Insane military strategy in Baghdad....

"Misleading Information from the Battlefield."

dupe nt

i have not heard Kicinich on the eve. news (been flipping)

Counselors probe White House maneuvers (please rate this at Yahoo News)

11 troops listed as killed on Mon.

Caption Rudy

I heard Tony Snow was returning soon

No word from Riverbend blogging from Iraq in over 2 months

check out this post on a message board... the light bulb is going on

never mind -- delete

take a look at this pic of Cheney on the yahoo front page:

Tucker is burrowing to a new low tonight

Not a PEEP re Cheney Impeachment on ABC; Tomorrow, Anti-Dem Propaganda Piece!

Karl "under investigation, Cheney articles, and Gonzalez almost fired...

Reid might have said....

AP: Tillman brother blasts military

Cheney must really be ill - he just said "Democratic" Party instead of Democrat.

This "big, secret, investigation of Karl Rove is TOTAL BS!! Please don't get baited.

Republican puts out 'action alert' claiming Rice will be subpoenaed tomorrow

they fed the bad pet food to hogs??

Billo Has Us All Figured Out..

U.S. examines if pet food contaminant in human food (Melamine Maybe Fed to Poultry, Hogs in 6 States

I just called Kucinich's office ...

When is the N.C. NAACP going to stop pushing the Duke rape hoax

Is there a law to the effect of: no member of the military can lie to any civilian citizen?

David Iglesias on Tweety

Okay, what's this shit about Cheney being 'too sick' for impeachment?

Kucinich up next on CNN Situation Room...

Abramoff, who is in jail, has been "spilling his guts" in debriefings with federal prosecutors..

Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet

The 2008 candidates by their religion...

Should Americans vote for impeachment by sending just $3.33 to Kucinich?

Just like you know what the person is and what is coming when someone says "I'm not a racist, but.."

"Columbine dad" and "UN Ambassador Keyes" to address Colorado abortion

Lt. Col. Ralph Kauzlarich - Scumbag extraordinaire

MSNBC Extends Smerconish Tryout to Friday

I'm watching Kevin Tillman's testimony from C&

So, what exactly is this so-called "Artificial Time-line" that * keeps opposing???

Kucinich on right now with Wolf (CNN)!!!! eom

Tibet's Panchen Lama turns 18 in custody

FDA and Big Pharma to basically outlaw NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS- in 7 days ?

Kilmeade of Faux refers to Rosie as "Loose Lipped Lesbian"

3603 KIA in Iraq - but how many have died after being evac'ed, or sent home?

Bush (or any other Republican/Republican term) should really be called ________ (fill in the blank)

We can't go on living like this

Rove investigator under investigation

Air Force Pinched by Iraq Ground War

You put the troops in the middle (of Iraq's civil war)

Iraq military official: Barrier will be built

Glenn Beck is engaging in global warming denial....IT'S TIME WE GO ON THE OFFENSIVE!

Josh Marshall of TPM on Rove's voter fraud speech

U.S. commander orders quick end to "long war"

The Blonde from the View's TWIT moment for 4/24 Gonzales had nothing to do with Abu Garhab

Big Dick Cheney: Too Sick for Impeachment But Well Enough for LUNCH ---pix--->>>

When you watch the Debates on Thursday, are you going to:


Links to Kucinich Impeachment Resolution text (H Res 333)

HEADLINE: Tillman's Fictional Heroic Death: Did Bush Know?

BYU Students, Grassroot Donors Make Anti-Cheney Graduation a Reality

Sir Anthony Hopkins speaks up for Whales!!

Why is DU at Level 1? did I miss a big story? Thanks. nt

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I know he is an a-hole. I know he is a Republican

Cafferty: Should Hillary Clinton try to "sound like blacks"?

NYT: Bush** Endangers Troops by Revealing Baghdad Security Posts.

My plan, tax credits for riding public transportation and car pooling.

Tuesday TOONS: W, Gonzo, Courts.....

GM's Lutz calls for energy 'Manhattan Project'

Pelosi on Iraq Supplemental: 'For the First Time, Bush Will Have to Be Accountable'

Kucinich/Impeachment on Yahoo: Vote it up!


Abramoff probe ensnares ex-Hill aide (11th person to be convicted in the Justice Department probe)

Mexican capital legalizes abortion, defies church

3333 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Breaking >> Kucinich's Cheney impeachment presser is now rescheduled for 5:00 pm ET

George McGovern Hits Chicken Hawk Cheney hard

At dKos: Who Is Scott J. Bloch, Special Counsel and Rove Investigator?

ROVE TO BE INVESTIGATED BY Office Of Special Counsel For Attorney Firings & More (LAT)

'Inadequately dressed' women arrested in Iran

70% of chickens in the U.S. are fed arsenic

DU the Time 100 for Keith Olbermann

Americans United Wins Lawsuit Over Bible Display At Texas Courthouse

Kerry backs up Reid, Rips Cheney: Time to return to undisclosed location

Question about Ohio 2004 and the Supreme Court

CSPAN2 Kennedy attacking Cheney over attacking Reid

Karl Rove's Jim Crow Voter Suppression Machine is Humming Along Just Fine, All Ready for 2008

I have a a 4' by 4' sign in my yard with the US Military casualty count on it. I 'flip' the

Al Gore Speaks In Calgary

The "Right-Wing Noise Machine" appears to be sputtering like a 1982 Chrylser K-Car

Dern: 'Ellen' kiss put me out of work (AP/CNN)

Did you expect this?

DNC: It's Been 90 Days and Counting: Escalation Plan Still Not Working

Korean student at Auburn assaulted by 4 men

Let the Record Show: None of the MSM covered Intro of Articles of Impeachment against Cheney...

I hope the hell I live long enough to see this war end & these fascists get PUNISHED!

And Now From The Absurd File---Army Colonel Says Longer Deployments will reduce stress

George McGovern: " I Expect To See CHENEY & BUSH FORCED TO RESIGN BEFORE 2008 IS OVER"

Everything you need to know about proper diet: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Why We Need to Get Active on the Farm Bill - "You Are What You Grow"

Netcraft Shows RNC Running Ohio Election Servers

Antichrist‘ cancels visit to Guatemala (American)

Email Nancy Pelosi

ABC / Virginia Tech Killer "purchased Ammo on Ebay"...but Ebay doesnt SELL Ammunition!!

Caption *

Is Ed Schultz on the Armed forces radio? his guest indicated that

Democrats Plan Scandal Offensive

Source: George Tenet's Book Will Lead to Cheney's Impeachment

Here's the official term for "friendly fire." Learn it. Use it.

Dear Nancy Pelosi: About that "table" of yours....

"they werent Christian" Military officer to Tillman family... not letting go of grief...

The deaths of 3,332+ Americans in Iraq are "arbitrary."

Reid: "I'm not going to get into a name calling match with somebody who has a 9 percent approval"

AP: Hogs Fed Bad Pet Food Are Quarantined (in 6 states)

Study: Fat workers cost employers more

Blitzer: "VERY VERY VERY unlikely Cheney will be removed"

Did Prescott Bush know Hitler personally?

US allies in Iraq using brutal tactics in Fallujah

The Impeachment of Dick Cheney - Supporting Documents for H Res 333

We're framing the debate about Iraq all wrong

Call/email your US Representative RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Tell them to co-sponsor Kucinich's H Res 333...

Imagine you are in a situation with a crazed shooter....

The US attorney scandal, voter fraud vs. election fraud, and purple hearts

Pelosi on Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution

The DU-o-matic codificator is here!

Fuck you, CNN

"Buying the War" Bill Moyers airs Wed. 25-26th three times

BYU Students, Grassroot Donors Make Anti-Cheney Graduation a Reality

It CAN Happen Here!!! ---Naomi Wolf Calls BUSH A FASCIST (The Guardian) & PROVIDES EVIDENCE

TOONS: Fascist America??? ====>

A Broken Link (in the Chain of Command)

Why do you suppose Democrats are so afraid to pursue impeachment?

Statement by Senator John Kerry on 2007 Trustee Report on Social Security and Medicare

Let me introduce to you: The Real Karl Rove...

The Death Penalty - Support or Oppose? | Please read about PLoS Study & HRW report before voting

BRAD BLOG: Liz Smith Covers ANN COULTER VOTER FRAUD!; Fox 'News' Calls us in For Questioning...

People have to be willing to walk more than 4 blocks to catch a bus or train.

And now for something completely different from whacko right wing bizarro land

Edwards leads in Alabama poll.

2008 Democratic Presidential Primary: Obama, Clinton Tied

Duh, pls. delete. nt

Iran's leader proposes talks with Bush (AP)

Rasmussen: Top Four Republican Contenders Lose Ground Since Last Week, Giuliani Still Leads

Democrats to seek March exit from Iraq

is bush is state of denial? or is congress micromanaging the war? Toll free

Food safety to be focus at House hearing (AP)

NBC's First Read: Clinton, Obama Neck and Neck in South Carolina in New Poll

Bush, listen to your Secretary of Defense who says "timetable has had a positive impact" in Iraq.

WP: Wolfowitz Promises Changes in Leadership (but won't resign)

Heads have got to be exploding in Freeperland

Eugene Robinson: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall

Special Counsel's office to probe Rove's activities (LA Times)

Who'll be Bush's next hatchetman?

A good response to this lunacy

The little things that actually matter

Wolfowitz Lawyers Up

Lone Republican On Pelosi Mideast Trip: "Can't Do This Stuff Behind The Desk"

Security Breakdown at the White House?

Right now on "The View," ALL of the regulars are trashing Gonzo, and none more so

RNC Chairman accused of finance irregularities

I'm looking for a group of dedicated volunteers to enact a REAL prescription drug benefit

I FINALLY know who I will support in 2008 and it better be a

Senators: more tainted rice protein likely in US...(FDA withholding info)

All the Bushistas are just running out the clock..

"Through interviews" DiFi finds WH counsel targeted investigating attys

Escalation Architect: ‘We Are Turning A Corner In Iraq’ (Frederick Kagan)

Gonzo: What Has Me Worried - Recess Appointment.....

"LSD as Therapy? Write about It,Get Barred from US"

Don't forget the first debate is Thursday

Obama: In Defiance of American People, Bush Will Stay in Iraq Forever

Kucinich delays announcement of Articles of Impeachment for Cheney

MSNBC: Cheney lambasting Reid, on now, 12:53amCT. nt

Are there any former career moms here on DU?

Bush: 2006 Elections Showed Mandate For "Surge"

Gilmore announces

Sen. Mikulski endorses Hillary

Cheney dissing Reid live on teevee

Occupation Surge Links to Prosecutor Purge

An Island Made By Global Warming

2 more troops die today ( 11 in past 24 hrs)

ABC - Army Ranger tells Congress he was Ordered to Conceal Info

Could * Avoid The Veto On The Appropriations Bill And Just Sign It And End Around With A.......

POLL: Americans favor raising taxes on the super wealthy by 2:1 margin

Conyers: "We take allegations like this one very seriously"

Clinton names Kelly Adams to direct SC campaign

Giuliani is GOING DOWN! (Rasmussen)

Can we flip Arizona? Poll finds Edwards, Obama beating Romney in AZ

GOP's Cyber Election Hit Squad Exposed (from

South Carolina...Hillary 24% Obama 23%

VIDEO: ‘Attack Dog’ Cheney Unleashes Litany Of Misleading Claims About Reid

Obama's Rise Strains Loyalty on Clinton Turf

" I can say I have never seen a president so isolated since Richard Nixon"

Obama today at the National Jewish Democratic Council: "We can aspire to something greater."

The Inflated Clinton Poll Theory: Are Clinton And Obama Tied?

Cheney got some live air to go after Reid. Did Reid get any live air back at him?

Senate Democrats considering possible "no confidence" vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Senator Reid's response to the dim one's statements this am;

Rep. Hobson: None Of My Republican Colleagues Criticized Me For Going To Syria (w/Pelosi)

How Did Pat Buchanan Get So Smart?........

Who lied in the Pat Tillamn and Jessica Lynch stories?

Edwards Statement on Equal Pay Day

World Bank committee rejects Wolfowitz hearing (Reuters)

Office of Special Counsel, led by...Scott Bloch, is wrong entity to investigate WH scandals

Looks to me like Georgie's sportin' a few gin blossoms of late ......

DU this poll about Rosie

Today is "Equal Pay Day". Clinton, Edwards & Obama release statements.

Obama's favorability ratings highest of any 2008 candidate.

David Inglesias

"Wherefore Richard B. Cheney ... warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office."

Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down Three Xanax With a Fifth of Scotch

Should Americans vote for impeachment by sending just $1 to Kucinich?

Kerry Rips Cheney’s “Interpretative History”

Kyl ‘Walks Off The Battlefield’ Of Intellectual Honesty

Kevin Tillman, you rank among the greatest kid brothers to have ever lived.

Amazing Statement Of Congressional Impotence By Senate Intelligence Chairman Jay Rockefeller

Hands off my chocolate, FDA!

Here is my prediction on this week's Democratic candidate debate

Why does Hillary just look pretty and crack jokes and talk about

Tom DeLay: Reid And Pelosi Are ‘Very, Very Close To Treason’

In my mind, the question of Bill Richardson's initial support for the Iraq war is settled

Zogby: Clinton Leads the Dem Pack in South Carolina

Edwards Statement on the Death of Nine Fort Bragg Paratroopers

Renzi Resigns from ALL Panel Seats

Dismissal of Wilkes' indictments sought (because Lam sped the process up?)

The Gallup Poll is also feeling the effects: Hillary 31%, Obama 26%

Making Impeachment Happen

Bush's Future Terrorists

If you go outside the bubble, do you see anyone interested in the 08 race?

The Goal of Gonzo-Gate : Tamping Down the Black Vote!

GOP Slimes Reid -- And Most Americans In The Process

Prominent New Hampshire Leaders Endorse John Edwards for President

Edwards Demands Action to Stop the Humanitarian Crises in Darfur and Uganda

Moderate Republicans - The key to ending the Iraq War

So, what would happen?

Feingold, Graham to Unveil State Based Health Care Reform Act Tomorrow

Fox News Takeover In Businesses & Public Locations - forcing us to hear or see their 'journalism'

Must Hear Interview with Bill Moyers about his Wednesday come-back Documentary

SS Trustees say SS is broke by 2041, Wrong, the truth here

Edwards wins Maryland straw poll of Dem leaders

(Mass. Gov) Patrick seeks to forgo grant, end classes on sex abstinence - Boston Globe

Clinton up 10 points in California

Senior Flag Officers (including Generals Batiste and Odom) Applaud Congressional Action on Iraq


Edwards Statement on Toyota Outselling General Motors

From a Former Bush Defender (from craigslist)

Call It The "Women MUST Die" Ruling

I think the Cheney Impeachment issue dimishes Democratic credibility.