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Archives: April 23, 2007

Who Gets the Biggest Slice of Pie?

Jordan accused of censorship

Iraq's desperate exodus

Elizabeth de la Vega: The Problem With Alberto (Truthout)

Deadlines, War Money and Pork

Bill Maher’s “Towel Headed Hos”

PAUL KRUGMAN: A Hostage Situation

Text of World Bank letter (Wolfowitz should resign) - FT

This Is Your Brain On Iraq

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 288

No Snitching Creed a Poisonous Ethos for the Black Community

O'Malley Commits MD to Reducing Greenhouse Gases (joins RGGI)

New Jersey Utility is Mulling Over a 4th New Jersey Nuclear Plant.

Germans having second look at use of nuclear energy

Researchers Move Closer To Switching Nuclear Isomer Decay On And Off

Balad opposition delays partial lifting of Bishara case gag order

summary of 2004 and 2006 election irregularities reported to EIRS system, etc.

Nuclear Engineer Accused Of Taking Codes To Iran

Missing child found in shot croc

Hugo Chavez Shuts down Radio &T.V Caracas

Lawmakers Want to Close Gaps in Gun Laws

Venezuela Protests Militant's Release

US urges Iran to join Iraq talks

Rigid stance of US puts N-deal at risk (India)

White House must come clean in prosecutors' purge: Senator

Sarkozy, Royal advance to French runoff

'Gated Communities' For the War-Ravaged

Democrats Craft New Tax Rules, New Image

U.S. Knew Of China's Missile Test, But Kept Silent

Democrats Lead by 10 (%) in Congressional Ballot Poll

Two US lawmakers seek to protect abortion rights

Gasoline prices: up, and rising

Tech Gunman Shot Victims Over 100 Times

FDA Was Aware of Dangers To Food

Chaos in Somalia as Fighting Intensifies and Death Toll Rises

I'm going to go cut my hair and charge myself $400

40 + DUers! What was the song

Born on wings of steel....

it's astounding

4 Homeruns In a Row!

Four Homeruns in a Row!

How is it spelled?


Anybody have a Bose home theater system? Or, know somebody that does?

I thought I knew you...

Proposed: I need to stop dreaming about DUers

why would a book cost $800 at amazon, $200 and another place and finally $34.95 at another place?

4 homeruns in a row. GO BOSOX!!11!!

Cowboy Bebop- inspired genius or just another cartoonie?

Beck had it right

OK, here's my contribution to the world of poetry...

All these 'homerun' threads are making me nuts!

Photo of comedian Jimmie Walker with Ann Coulter

If I hit my head hard enough, will that get rid of the Fergie earworm?

Radio Lady Discusses: Guess what! I have two press invitations to see "Spider-Man 3"...

How cars are made (pic)

Miss America 1944 Shoots Out Thieves' Tires

Second date ideas??

Which icon is your soulmate?

Do you like poetry?

What is your heart type?

My poem the confusing mystification:

Greatest videogame character ever created...

I just watched Why We Fight

Anyone here planning on going to Burning Man?

Proposed: I need to start dreaming about DUers

Dad Wants $20K, Says Lesbian Book Disturbed Teens

A close family member of mine was diagnosed with Parkinson's this past week

How would you like to save the world?

How young were you when you decided you were old?

Anybody watch the Sopranos tonight?

I walked (drum roll, please) TWO MILES today. That would have been a before-breakfast stroll for me

Paul Revere and the Raiders appreciation thread!

Blue Man Group and "Earth To America" A Must-See!

Hug thread...

I think you are just like a nerd or something If you don't have a Myspace page!!

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

youngsters: how many pairs of jeans do you need?

Cher Bono and Lily Tomlin?! You bet your sweet bippy!

hope you guys don't mind another poetry thread

Four OPs on homeruns in a row!!!

DU lounge, meet Uno, (pic heavy, but I'm on dialup too!)

My Sunday haiku in honor of our pretzeldent

If you've had a supernatural experience, would you mind recounting it for us?

Collective Bargaining: It’s Our Right, Remember?

Shades Of Vietnam U.S. Troops Go To Canada

They Told Us...

Parody: 3 Stooges 'Axis of Idiots' in the Whitehouse...


Stryker deaths, lies and video tape...

Women's Health & The Environment Conference

Senator Clinton Calls for New GI Bill of Rights...

The Faces Of 3,480 The Cost Of Lies

E&P: FLASHBACK - Stephen Colbert's WHCA Routine (More people walked out this year than last)

North Korea No Longer Evil?

Crusader for RW 'morality' in TV and 'liberal media' stalker, Brent Bozell, launches into tirade

Germany 'wants Wolfowitz to go'

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent on Sarkozy v Royal

Washington Times Smears ‘War Czar’ Candidate Gen. Sheehan For Taking On Cheney

World Bank's problems go deeper than Wolfowitz

Must we be scientists and economists and shrinks ?

(TOON) Steve Bell on Wolfowitz's troubles

I love the Brighthouse network couple in the commercials.

Idiots: Who will be #1 this week?

Chalabi Acuses the US of abusing and "Provoking Iran"

Food Fight!!!!!!!

Anyone else see the similarity between Moe, Larry and Curly

G*d dammit! NOLA floodwall pilings SHORTER than those that failed in 05

Please DU this Gun Law poll.

A George W. Bush Cartoon from Mexico

Why Does the MSM Insist of being Stupid went talking about candidates?

Who's our worst prez?

Hi, DU - On the History Channel right now: Sherman's march to the sea

Daily pill to beat genetic diseases

Rep. Millender-McDonald dies of cancer (D-CA)

Are there refugee camps in Iraq?

An essay on privilege and "isms" that every DUer needs to read.

We are the American People.

If Elected Hillary Would Make Bill "Roaming Ambassador to the World"

2 of world's oldest women meet in Indiana nursing home

"You can't be a good writer and not be a good thinker...

Guess what . . . the heart, mind, & soul of Blackwater is . . .

Former World Bank Execs Call On Wolfowitz To Go

Obama outlines his environmental plan in Iowa

Poll: Who is out of their job first, Abu Gonzales, or Warmonger Wolfowitz?

Something strange happened on this morning shows

Right-Winger gets most votes in French election

Four Clear Voices Rise Above the Din on Iraq

Sheryl Crow Battles Karl Rove at D.C. Dinner: Strupp's Report

So what's up with Bradley J. Schlozman?

NY Gov. to introduce gay marriage bill!

TOON: This Modern World - "Lessons Of A Gun Massacre"

Is dishonesty an acceptable tactic to win?

Gasoline at $4 Coming to a Pump Near You, Unfazed by Rising Tab

damn sam how many ways can one say I'm pissed. This is bullshit what we are doing in Iraq.

NYT Editorial: "Deadlines, War Money & Pork" (Bush arguments 'completely contrived'; 'desperate')

The Problem with Alberto

OPUS writes a letter to the editor

We'll Send Harry Back With No Ears: Terror gang threat to snatch prince in Iraq

Paul Krugman:A Hostage Situation

I just saw the number.....

Report: Humans In Secret Radioactive Tests- Drank, Inhaled or Were Injected Radioactivity

Tavis asked the same question I asked last week. How did Imus story turn

DVD combo sure to freak you out... "Bobby" and "Death Of A President"

If Al Gore decides to run at a late date

Marcy Wheeler: Sun Microsystems, GSA's Lurita Doan, and Tim Griffin Meet In Arkansas

LOL, DU is a "left wing HATE SITE" now, didn't you know?

Here's a hot topic for you: LOWERING the drinking age.

"60 Minutes" Report: "A Living Hell"... Life In Baghdad

General says that the enemy has "gained support in the United States that gives him hope..."

Sidewalk graffiti

"Don't Snitch"

Open Thread: Your thoughts this weekend.


"Study the Constitution! States can declare themselves Christian!"

Gays and straights! Could this difficult and heart-rending situation have been prevented?

Protestors demand business sign w/joke about dead person in wheel chair be removed

whites still held own private party week before first integrated prom...

"Did Bush Commit Election Fraud?" YES!!!!! Nailed! GUILTY - “Scoop”

1965 biodiesel Impala dusts brand new Lamborghini

I'm gonna be at the Jon Stewart Show taping on Wednesday!

What is Community-based Harassment and/or "Cause Stalking"?

Raise critical children. It might save their lives.

Hugo Chavez Shuts down Radio &T.V Caracas

Belated justice in Venezuela - Caracas refuses to renew RCTV license

What would break George Bush's heart? What could make him experience empathy?

Maliki tells Egypt Pres that Iraq is NOT in a civil war!!

Sauerbrey's plans draw opposition (B'more Sun) {* sends wingnut to Europe conference}

Ray McGovern: Levin gives Cheney reason to smirk

Boston Globe: Vermont Senators & Congressional Representative Reject Call for Impeachment

The Blind Leaders of the U.S. and Iraq

In the Long Run, Is It Better that Bushitler Stole 2004 ?

Will Ann Coulter encourage the next Freeper McVeigh to take down the new NY Times building?

Obama outlines environmental plan in Iowa

If You Actually Listen To The Hillary Clip

Madison County Democrats favor Edwards in straw poll (Alabama)

Paperless computer voting, turnout at 85%, woman vs. far right male

Cheney: Nuclear attack 'a very real threat'

The role of Congress in checking the power of the president (by Pat M. Holt)

Edwards WILL shut down Gitmo (Detroit Free Press)

OK DU'ers i know some Hillary supporters will be upset with me BUT this is ridiculous

Would you vote for this person ?

Edwards speaks to Detroit Democrats and calls for U.S. to leave Iraq

He's YOUR President (and you're welcome to him)

New York's progressive governor Eliot Spitzer to introduce gay marriage bill

Letter from former marine sergeant to Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN 5th), RE: impeachment

Something everyone on DU could use

Money goes for Edwards and McCain (Alabama)

The ban on some abortions is about far more than is about the role of women in America.

O'Reilly Called Media Matters An Assassination Website

Afghan destruction underestimated, adviser says

Bob Herbert: Words as Weapons

Need a Safe Abortion? Go to Mexico City (AlterNet)

The Greatest Casualty of "The War on Terror": Our Constitutional Rights

Yellowcake Follies: An Interview with Carlo Bonini

Baghdad wall sparks confusion and divisions in Iraq (walls continue to be built)


Reading Between The Lines To Find The Bottom Line

Bush Poised to Veto Long-Sought Labor Reform (AlterNet)

Manufacturing Job Cuts Severe for U.S.

Migrants Used to Justify a Homeland Security Police State

Walls will increase violence, specialists say

They Call This The News?

A Challenger to the Church of Free Trade (by William Greider for the Nation, via AlterNet)

Dahr Jamail (The Nation): The Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Top U.S. officers see mixed results from Iraq "surge"

Jesus ‘Love Bombs’ You

Arianna Huffington: Tom DeLay Has the Solution to Gun Violence: More Guns!

Social Security report to be released

Chris Floyd- Where the Dead Rot in the Streets: Bush's Terror War in Somalia Rages On

An island made by global warming

William E. Odom: Victory Is Not an Option

Who Grieves For Them?

Morels and Human Nature, What We Can Learn About Ourselves from a Mushroom.

Controversial Michael Moore Flick "Sicko" Will Compare U.S. Health Care with Cuba's

So Girls, Did You Notice You Were Raped Last Week?

Peter Hitchens: "Iran: A nation of nose jobs, not nuclear war"

From an Angry Soldier

Warming Now on Front Burner - FL Governor

Indian solar energy project wins world award

Aluminium smelters generate hot debate in Iceland

CNNI: China warned on global warming effects

Chinese environmental activist arrested, wife says - Reuters

Cod stocks still on decline (Nova Scotia)

China Vs. Earth - The Nation

China Reaches Net Coal Import Status In Q1 2007 - China Daily

IN UK, Fully Formed Frogs Appearing Weeks Ahead Of Normal - Temps 16F Above Historic Averages

Merkel Expects Few U.S. Concessions During Climate Talks - AFP

Australian Government To Consumers: Expect Sharp Food Price Rises - Reuters

Spill Dumps Equivalent Of 170 Swimming Pools' Worth Of Raw Sewage in Firth Of Forth

John Howard - Climate Not Biggest Moral, Policy Issue Facing Australia

Earth Day: Republicans Are Different Now (by Rick Perlstein at

A Story Of Depletion - How The Best & Brightest Oil Fields In TX Faded Into Obscurity

Iran does not wish to use oil as a weapon: president - Reuters

Producing Renewable Fuels From Renewable Energy (AZ)

In China, Up To 50K Students Majoring In Geology: Fewer Than 500 US Graduates In 2004

Hunters kill one of last surviving Amur Leopards - Reuters

You Are What You Grow (NYT)

Californians Driving toward Global Warming: The Solution? Smarter Land Use.

Nuclear power not the solution for China: official - AFP

More Flooding, Higher Temperatures, Multiple Extinctions On The Warming Menu For Indiana

Burn more coal, and this could be your city!

Billion-dollar boon: Montana Alberta Tie would open door to flood of wind projects

For Ontario Native Nation, Twice As Many Girls Born As Boys - Researchers "Stunned"

The Palestinian people will not forgive the thugs

Abolish the JNF (Uri Avnery)

Freepress: The GOP's Cyber Election Hit Squad

Election Fraud & Research News 23 Apr 2007-Sources for “Did Bush Commit Election Fruad"

Former Aide to GOP Rep To Plead Guilty

Climate Change Disaster Strikes Austrailia


Bush Administration Awash In Scandals

US to supply Iraq with sophisticated weapons

US, Russia clash over missile shield in Moscow

Reid: Bush in denial over war in Iraq

Iraq: Suicide bombings kill at least 22 people

Top U.S. officers see mixed results from Iraq "surge"

Social Security report to be released

On payday, it's still a man's world (& pay DROPS over the years)

Car bomb kills 3 near Baghdad's Green Zone-police(another 10 killed in Mosul)

New KBR chief envisions a new path for company(Army may extend contracts to help with the 'surge')

Russian Ex-President Yeltsin dies

Hillary to appoint Bill 'cheerleader for America' role as roving ambassador

Tepid growth expected later this year: survey (Reuters)

Afghan officer beheaded(and bomb hits another vehicle)

Romanian PM set to propose Iraq troop withdrawal

Kuwait Forms Team To Prepare For US-Iran Conflict

Reid: Congress will endorse Iraq pullout

Iraq bill conferees take out fixed withdrawal timetable

Huge win for Nigeria's Yar'Adua (disputed presidential election)

What's the deal, Mike? (New hint that Hizzoner is eyeing presidential run)

Hedge-Fund Ties Help Edwards Campaign

Three car bombs kill 15 in Iraq's Ramadi - police

Waxman: 'Systematic' security failures in Bush White House

US revs up reversal of Iraq's Baath purge

Army deserters to be executed (Iraq)

Iraq bombing damages British tank

British soldier is killed in Iraq

U.S. to 'respect' Iraqi wishes for wall

Bush rejects calls for attorney general resignation ("broke no laws")

Wiccan symbol ok'd for Veterans' graves

Thousands join campaign to expel U.S. embassy from presidential palace

Bush sees drop in Iraq sectarian violence

US strikes on suspected Qaeda meeting kill 18

Microsoft unveils huge China plans

$3.6B in FEMA awards probed

Poll: Hillary Clinton's favorable rating slips at home

Reid: Congress will endorse Iraq pullout

N.M. National Guard unit alleges racial profiling

12 to be charged in Turkey Bible murders

Work On Baghdad Wall Continues Despite Premier's Opposition

Canada rocked by fresh Afghan abuse allegations

US Senators urge India to cease military co-op with Iran

Author David Halberstam killed in Menlo Park

Visiting sailors enjoy weekend liberty (Nimitz in Guam ?)

Study Doesn't Back Abortion-Cancer Link

200 Taliban fighters surrounded

US to re-assess Baghdad wall after PM orders halt

UK tries to sabotage BAE bribes inquiry


Bruning poll indicates a close race with Hagel (R-Ne)

Pakistan parliament to re-elect Musharraf, PM says

Contracts questioned in Katrina recovery

Obama: Bush Falls Short As World Leader

Wolfowitz asked to resign from world bank

Southern California grocery conflict rooted in previous strike

Professor fired over class discussion of shootings

(Harry) Reid defends calling Iraq war 'lost,' calling Bush 'a liar'

Iran gets tough on women over Islamic dress code

McNulty will testify before Senate committee on Friday.

Brain injuries baffle war vets, doctors

Boris Yeltsin has died

Wolfowitz Hires Ex-Clinton Lawyer as Board Mulls Fate

Bush Sr.: 'Bush fatigue' may be setting in

Gender pay gap emerges early, study finds

New Evidence of Security Problems at the White House

Leaked record of Iraq meeting brands George Bush as 'madman'

Alaskan Press Club judge: Environmental reporting by large papers shameful. No prize awarded.

Government Report Slams "Emergency" War Funding Request

25 Senators call for Lurita Doan's resignation from GSA

Gay marriage evil, abortion terrorism: Vatican

Hunters kill one of last Amur Leopards

Soldier: Honor troops like Va. Tech dead

Author David Halberstam dies in crash

Kucinich Goes for Impeachment Against Cheney

VA Allows Wiccan Symbols on Headstones

Al-Qaeda plans 'Hiroshima' attack

Copperas Cove man to give president his Purple Heart

The true redneck's 25 Rules for Women

Howdy Lizzards! Anyone know how to do stuff with myspace??

Those youtube chain-letters/chain-comments are ridiculous.

Worst comedian ever?

Something silly from last week's conference: Women and ID badges.

the jedi i admire most

Fifth extremely happy day in a row. A new record. Good Morning DU :)

Some terrific news and a treat for your ears!

Man Arrested For Stopping By Dry Cleaners Without Wearing Pants

It's going to hit 84 Degrees in the NY/NJ area today. WTF?

South Jersey/Philly area to Cleveland, Ohio

85 Year Old Florida Man Takes Bike Ride - Ends Up In New Jersey

Prisoner Wrongly Freed After Officials Get Phony Fax (Full Of Typos, Faxed From Grocery Store)

Australian Fence Being Destroyed By Camels Looking For Sex

Webcam Eagle Chicks Fail To Survive Nor'Easter

Charles Schwab is SO lame.

The Last King of Scotland- A must see movie.

I can't go on the cruise

Wisconsin Man Calls 911 After Paying Wrong Woman For Lap Dance

Boy Playing With Rifle Shoots His Eye Out

What do you consider your most important tissues?

"It's magically addictive!" Lucky Charms mixed with Dannon Vanilla yogurt.

It seems there're some misconceptions about MySpace

"Don't touch me"

Congratulations billyskank!! 30,000 posts

Ernie goes boating (puppy pix) ===>

10 am Monday and this week already SUCKS

Man Gets 5,000 Calls for YouTube Posting

Ugh. GD.

cafeteria serving a curried chicken salad wrap at lunch today

Why is Chad Lowe doing weather on MSNBC?

Alberto Gonzales:"Prostitutes Work At The Pleasure Of Their 'Johns'"

So you know the show 30 Rock?

Why I Love Sheryl Crow

I just flipped through Elle magazine- Is the combined weight of all their models, 185 pounds?

Ok... now I'm a little put-off

$5.5 Million Lottery Winner Blames Bad Advisor's For Losing It All

Help - Bird ID? I don't have time to surf but curiosity is killing me

Yankee Fans - A Peace Offering

I'm A Man...

What were you in high school?

Why I Hate Sheryl Crow

Question about US Air and travel vouchers

Is it necessary to keep my concrete porch painted? Will it crack if I let it go natural. I was scr

Has anyone ever mudjacked concrete before?

My husband thinks Katie Couric is hot.

I've created a MySpace page featuring my take on public breastfeeding.

Ahhhhh coffee....

Let's talk "Shear Genius"

2 Hotel Guests Arrested For Refusing To Pay Their $600 Porn Bill

IMDB top 20 movies - how many of them have you seen

Sex Offender Found Not Guilty Of Dungeon Rapes

I spoke with a most wonderful DU'er for hours last night...

I don't remember The Monkees making a psychadelic movie

Anyone got that great pic of the cat trying like hell to escape Bush's shoulders?

Why didn't you wake me up, this morning?!

Why do my fingers smell like garlic?

Inflatable yard decorations--tacky or cute?

Is anyone Dining Out For Life this Thursday, April 26th? (benefits AIDS charity)

Try This! Funny!

Straight forward DU Poll: What is your favorite band ?

*WARNING* LBN thread cross post (not mine)

I've come on a few years from my Hollywood Highs

would it offend you if someone called you "agricola?"

Student Suspended For Wearing "I'm Straight" Sticker

For all you face in the Grilled Cheese sandwich fans

I am not sure that I would try this...

so... sea scallops tonight

Help! I'm in the 4,200 club

the upside of total war?

Help! I am stuck in the 700 Club!!

Some people may be great researchers but make such BORING professors

Hey - I know the Lounge cares about chocolate - we need your help today!

Welcome to Kensington Estates: (pick a home from our variety of styles!)

'Super califragilistic expialidocious' wins $25,000

Jethro Tull appreciation thread...

Don't forget Heroes is back on tonight

Injected codeine appreciation thread...

i'm in a lee harvey mood today

Would you like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?

*Sigh*...well--I guess Barry Bonds isn't finished quite yet...

Where were you in high school?

In honor of Nat'l Jazz Appreciation Month...

I jogged for nearly 25 minutes straight. I'll ask anything!

Da Roof! Da Roof! Da Roof is on FiiYa! We don't need no water...

Happy birthday KingFlorez!!

I want to be the Rhoda Morgenstern of DU. . .

Post a pic you took that illustrates an album title

I want to be the Maude Finlay of DU...


Jethro Bodine appreciation thread...

I want to be the Mahir Cagri of DU.

You should go see The Stooges if they come to your town...

I want to be the Wilford Brimley of DU. No wait, the Fess Parker of DU.

I want to be the Forrest Tucker of DU.

I need to buy a tent and need recommendations

Help with a passport question please!

If you were going to die this afternoon, what did you say today to ironically foreshadow it?

What is the dumbest , most useless thing you own?

I want to be the Fit Finlay of DU...

Breaking news: Robin Quivers breaks up with her boyfriend of more than a decade, Mr. X AKA Tony

I want to be the Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure of the Lounge!

I don't want to be the Bob Crane of DU

What if one were to suggest that people, generally, are irrational?

why do you exist?

VA Tech student, home after shootings, killed in car crash

Damn, I have to pay $35 to get my CPR certification re-newed...

I want to be the MAXINE of the Lounge

Why do they let obnoxious adults eat in fine restaurants?

The Annotated Richard McBeef

Favorite Oasisesque song by a non-Oasis group/performer?

What's the name of that flea stuff for cats?

Count to 10 before you discipline your children ...

So my daughter and two of her friends went to the Mavs game in Dallas

We're so healthy, it Just makes ya sick!

I want to be the Peter North of DU

post something that will get me tombstoned....

Back. To Back. To Back. To Back.

OMG I just heard Yes doing a Beatles song. WTF?

A cop just handed me a cashier's check for $2,000.

Remember that scary picture of Eddie Van Halen that's been posted here?

Man acquitted of kidnapping, raping teens

So when people die of influenza,

If you were given a name....

William Shakespeare born on/abt April 23, 1564

I Want To Be The Lady Godiva Of The Lounge

Woman makes 'terrorist threat' against self.

what do you cast?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/23/2007)

Post something that will get you tombstoned!

What do you consider your most important issues?

what songs have had their meanings changed by movies or shows to you?

"when i was your age . . . "

Is asking for the condoms back from an ex girlfriend going too far?

Depression lifted. Now I'm snarky.

I just cleared out my ignore list.

How hot does your house/apt get before you turn on the AC?

Barking collars for dogs...any opinions?

Last week...

Congratulations patrice!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Heidi!! 30,000 posts

wrestLing fans - my newest favoritest site


87 Christians disrupt a Mike Daisey performance

How did you lose your religion?

Do you think a one hour commute (one way to work) is worth moving

What one song do you want played at your funeral?

Your designated family villain?

What TV Shows Or Episodes Put Tears In Your Eyes

Gutenberg offers 'In your home' support (YouTube type site)

Monday Questions (created for and dedicate to cwydro)

David Halberstam killed in car crash

Heroes is back on tonight.

Hey, I haven't used toilet paper in my home for years either

Favorite Beatlesque song by a non-Beatles group/performer?

I declare myself God Emperor Tyrant of the Lounge! And then, Death to Rabrrrrrr!

What Song Makes You Cry

Monday Afternoon Picture Thread

Go home to CA, see family? Or go back to FL, where I fell in love

I'm going to Alaska next week. Gonna leave southeast

Are you on MySpace? Please add me!

Gay marriage evil, abortion terrorism: Vatican

Odd question

NYC set to ban metal bats in high school

Do any of you Guys remember

Hollywood Producers To Suggest Study Group (will propose to unions that both sides agree)

Workers strike can-making plant part of a national strike involving 900 employees in eight states

Harley income fell in early '07, February strike at Pennsylvania plant followed flat sales

Unions talking tough Letters hint at Genesys boycott

Factory losses severe for U.S. workers - 3.2 million (1 in 6 factory) jobs gone since 2000

Health care costs slam retirees

Firefighters plan Kentucky Derby protests

The Ugly Face of Union-Busting

CBS 60 MINUTES: Laura Logan in Baghdad

A Clinton/Yeltsin press conference that will live in infamy.

In honor of France, for defeating Jean Marie Le Pen,

Governor Bush in 2000

What can you do to hasten the rapture?

Imagine this

Report on the Wall In Iraq

aw, the memories - Triumph of America (Part I) (1933)...

US Government and total disregard for human life...

Sean Penn's Letter to Bush

How not to land a Chopper...

Economics of Empire...

Letterman 'Top Ten George W. Bush Moments' @ Correspondents' Dinner

Catholic Church buries Limbo Alleluia

Rohrabacher 'I hope it's your families that suffer the consequences" short and long versions

BUSH IS OVER!!!!!!!! (if we want it)

Blue Man Group video featured on "Earth To America"

John Stewart at his Best

U.N. Watch -- Denying Darfur

Hello America

The Bottom line on this gun issue and what it will mean in the end..PLEASE READ...

French Parties Call Voting Machines a 'Catastrophe'

Gun Control, and "Alienated Rural Democrats"

OK, so I'm spoiled, self-centered, shallow, and effete...


Cost of Gas in Idaho - $2.96.09 a gallon

Edwards has close ties to rich folks' tax havens

There's really only one conclusion to be drawn from the latest gun massacre ...

3,323 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war. n/t

Maliki to Bush: Tear down that wall

Man gets 5,000 calls for YouTube posting

The solution to drug related violence: More Drugs!

FDA aware of dangers to food

wild, late night speculation

Keystone Cops strike again

Bush Poised to Veto Long-Sought Labor Reform

US Army's computer game recruiting plan slammed by anti-recruiting groups

Consider this war from Iraqi viewpoint

Here is your typical Republican

From Canadian custody into cruel hands

Krugman: "Confronting Bush On Iraq Has Become A Patriotic Duty-Damage May Be Irreparable"

WANTED: Video of Bush saying "When I put my hand on the bible"

Crist's stance on warming novel in GOP

The Bush Adminstration in 2 pictures

Reid: Bush in denial over war in Iraq & Congress Will Show Him The Way To Change War Policy of the Internet, many of these groups now are better equipped to reach out to new audiences

Goddamn, My Appetite Is Ruined. That'll Teach Me To Watch MSRNC (Except Keith)

Washington Journal Begins A New Era

The Hallmark of global warming stupidity: "I can't wait until this fad goes away...."

This Modern World: There's really only one conclusion to be drawn from the latest gun massacre ...

If your last name was "Brann" , would you name your daughter EVA?

'Mr Bush, you're harbouring a terrorist jet bomber'

I know nothing of Smerconich, but....

The Relationship between Concealed Weapons Laws and Violent Deaths

Smirk-onish on MSNBC...

Man Gets 5,000 Calls for YouTube Posting

U.S. Food Safety Strained by Imports

I just received an email from "" thanking me for my comments. But I never wrote them!

A quick primer on "Voter Fraud" vs "Election Fraud" for those still confused.

Supreme Court to Hear Environmental Case (polluters want clean-up $ reimbursed)

EU to tell groups why they are on terrorism list

Ron Suskind's infamous "Mayberry Machiavellis" article

I just flipped through Elle magazine- Is the combined weight of all their models, 185 pounds?

US proposed "de-Ba'athification laws" guarantees comeback jobs for Saddam's state-run militia

I met the Blue Angel pilot who crashed.

Reid: Bush in denial over war in Iraq

What's in a name? In 1880, Michael was # 46

Virginia Tech mass killer's gun purchase may have been illegal says NYT

Bush Regime Won't Say Whether They'll Honor Maliki's Decision To Halt Construction Of Baghdad 'Wall'

Bush to make televised Remarks ar Iraq war -9:15 am TODAY (ET)

As of now-- the Dow is: 12,961.98 +153.35 +1.20%

The Iraq War is strictly minor league stuff...

Op/Ed: Conservatives incapable of knowing when enough is enough.

Bush to make televised Remarks on Iraq war -9:15 am TODAY (ET)

Freidman talking to Wolf. . . In the only language they understand

Having citizens armed to the teeth has really worked out great in Iraq

Debate Week

OK, we've tried everything. Let's try hippy stuff.

Anybody here seen Jeffersons Ghost?

FL Governor Crist Making GOP Wary

AP: U.S food safety strained by imports

Bill Press or The Young Turks? On my radio is Press and on the stream on AAR is Turks. Since I'm

TOON: Ted Rall on John McCain (Ouch...)

Even a psychopathic homocidal lunatic knows better than to trust FoxNoise

Fench Ms ?? forget her name--is on cspan 1 now (they are translating)

Bush just said in news conf, the way Gonzales handled himself at

turdhead in on cnn now

What's your faith?

Wisc public Radio talking of melamine--which contaminated dog and

Breaking: Yeltsin dead

Yelsin Dead

The Courage to Say Me Too!

Moyers hammers the media for 'Buying the War' in Iraq

DNA to clear 200th person (man jailed for almost 25 years)

grapefruit juice and hydrocodene, advice please


This Lee Rayburn is not doing for me on Air America

managed news

If the flag is at half-mast for the VT massacre

Oh how cute! Democratic smear #34 out of 2,375 (forthcoming) has been released!

So, What will be Gonzo's Ultimate Fate?

For all you face in the Grilled Cheese sandwich fans

Meet The Other Barack; Concord Monitor

Trailer for "Maxed Out," a documentary about the credit card industry

bush on cspan 1 now answering questions tof press

You wanna know why the VT shootings happened?

Gerg Palast's view on VT

One mayors solution to curbing illegal guns...

Homeland audit says Katrina contracts were mismanaged (take a bow, FEMA)

Interesting ? from VT Grad... Why didn't he pick the classroom with 500 students in it

Bush: Gonzales' testimony had "increased my confidence'' in the A.G.

In search of old children's books

Myspace's "cool new people." This week: Sam Brownback. Last week: Ron Paul.

When was bush EVER funny?

Soldier: Honor Troops Like Va. Tech Dead

C-SPAN 2...LIVE....Harry Reid is speaking on Iraq War! "How to move forward in Iraq." Wilson Center.

Wolverton TOON: Translating Gonzo

Question Regarding Al Gore in 2000

Obama: Bush Falls Short As World Leader

What do you think of Gregg Palast, and have you read Armed Madhouse?

THere needs to be a place where the general DU public can recommend DUZY awards.

Condi: "I don't think we really understood how broken the fabric of Iraq was"

Does anyone miss having that Howdy Doody impersonator David Gregory on MSNBC all the time?

American Family Assn blames shootings on lack of prayer, and is cashing in

It's Monday Morning and Gonzales still has support of P-Resident.

Still Recovering from the Weekend, George? ---pix--->>>

Democrats Craft New Tax Rules, New Image

Reid: Congress will endorse Iraq pullout

Bush: "Politicians in Washington shouldn't be telling generals how to do their job."

Uncle Junior Soprano writes to Dick Cheney

DU spell check Why does Leiberman come up but not Kucinich?

Do sociopaths cry at sad movies?

Iran: A nation of nose jobs, not nuclear war

"Suicide Bombings Around Iraq Kill 46"

Anybody watching the daily Press Briefing with MotorMouth Girl?

Hometown Baghdad--A site my son sent me and well worth checking out

Desperation Isn't Pretty

Dahr Jamail (The Nation): The Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Bush antagonism to regulation allowed contamination of food

Do Canadian secular schools have a lot of shootings?

What exactly is a reverse mortgage?

LSD as Therapy? Write about It, Get Barred from US-link added

Sick and Getting Sicker

Comedian Margaret Cho on the VT Massacre Gunman

A critical observation on the comming elections

Kucinich Press Release on Impeachment of Cheney

I Wonder What Gore Would Think Of Edward's NAFTA Stand?

Did W sit down for the whole time this morning?

CSM: Dems say they are flooded with calls from constituents - to live up to their campaign promises

Don't mistake Stupidity for Evil... Especially when it comes to the Bush Administration

caption this * pic...

William Shakespeare born on/abt April 23, 1564

Giuliani regarding 9/11 warnings: "Those memos were at the bottom of a (giant) stack of memos"

This is a pretty cool addition to any blog or profile

Reporter: "Does the president ever get tired of having to express his full confidence in the people"

Notice there was no big dust-up over Reid saying that the war is lost due to Bush's bungling?

2fer: Maria Conchita nails Hugo. Plus, cutting Alec some slack.

THE UNDERLYING CRIME: White House Interference into a U.S. Attorney's Criminal Investigation in MO


Pet Food Industry - up at 10 am CDT on radio

US urges Iran to join Iraq talks

What ever happened to the prosecution of Delay?? Did the prosecutor get USAed???

Reid: Bill will force withdrawal from Iraq

Orlando Motorists Pay $4 For Gallon Of Gas (Regular)

Just how bad is

Senator Carl Levin "seems ready to provide additional funding for the war"

Work on Baghdad wall continues as violence kills 29

Petraeus: US surge brings 'modest progress' in Iraq - Wheres the pictures of the progress Petraeus?

FBI says (VT) gunman's family in protective custody

Check of Cables this morning had Al Gore, Al Gore, Al Gore.

R.I.P Boris Yeltsin-- Check the YouTube of one of my favorite Yeltsin/Clinton moments.

Pentagon May Be Shorting Troop Benefits, Commission Told

Support the Mission

This week is Cover the Uninsured Week 2007!

A Night of GI Resistance on National Television -> 5/7/2007

Seymour Hersh Article in Buzzflash Bush is a Very Dangerous Man

Is it OK if a Progressive Blogger/Web Site, advertises for a Republican candidate for Prez?

Has * dropped below 30%?

Soldier: Why is flag at half-staff for Virginia Tech but not troops?

Tonight on Countdown

Which WALL is greater - the one being protested by Iraqi's or the one which surrounds Shrub?

The perfect example of why bush is in office...we're a nation of fricken idiots..

PHOTOS: Super Bowl ceremony, press dinner, where are the pictures of soldier funeral ceremonies?

I've had the TV off all day...

I've heard the blivet use the term strategic objectives many times, WTF is it

Texas soldier who wouldn't serve U.N. mission loses Supreme Court case

Bill Moyers is Back! PBS Journal

This could mean tens of thousands of jobs, world's longest tunnel

need info, please!! is there ANY possibility that a non-com who (supposedly) served three tours in

Baghdad security plan puts US forces, civilians perilously close ('collateral' damage)

No more fugging Bush

What are your two "pet" issues

Hey, I haven't used toilet paper in my home for years either

Since the attorney general services at the pleasure of the president,,,

Lerk's rule no. 14: Murder-suicides always happen in the wrong order

So this guy dies and goes to Heaven...

The Coalition of the Unwilling

Tucker has Herpes

Pit bull owner arrested, released

The Bush Twins ~ Watts and James Carville


HOLY crap! "Bush Reiterates Support for Gonzales"

bush shrinks comedy and drowns it in bathtub

Iraq is Not About bush* vs. Congress. It's bush* vs. the Will of the American People.

JC Watts just let his tongue slip

daddybush suggests nation might be suffering from bush fatigue. No shit

Reason for hope -- Georgia school holds first integrated prom.

My uncle is dying from cancer, he can't keep anything down. He is in Louisiana and ....

Impeaching Cheney: Step One

bush shrinks comedy and drowns it in bathtub

Who was the more sane? Chimp or Yeltsin?

Bush administration under a cloud

DISGRACEFUL cuts to homeless funding.: 75% CUT in two years!

MSNBC's Democratic Debate Coverage- Thursday April 26, 2007

Gonzalez VOWS to keep HIS job...Excuse me, Pudding boy?!

Bill Richardson on Hardball

Media Trash Regarding Mr. Gore

WH: "It's important for everybody to understand this is an enemy determined to kill Americans"

Life Before Video Games or When Reality Ruled the World

LAT: A Terrorist Walks (Luis Posada Carriles)

Am I the LAST person on earth to see this great pic of a young Obama?

Hey celebs concerned about global warming: shut the fuck up about toilet paper

Some thoughts on "Syriana", climate change, and our current situation.

Given the mood of the voters, CNN might be about to give Kucinich a boost

Virginia Tech's ban on guns may draw legal fire

Group to ask for new Burge probe...Reports on cases of torture criticized

"We are losing our freedoms and our Christian rights in America! Shut down the ACLU!"

Contracts questioned in Katrina recovery

Reminder: Don't forget Bill Moyers Journal on Wed., April 25...

US urges investment in Iraq - "All of Iraq is not Baghdad or Anbar, Salahuddin or Diyala"

FDL Book Salon Welcomes John Kerry For a Special Edition

Where is the Rove/ Crow story?

If we "stayed the course" in Vietnam, how long would we have stayed there?

Michael Pollan: The 2007 Farm Bill 'You Are What You Grow'

Wolfowitz Rewarded Iraq War Allies With Key Positions At World Bank

McNulty to be interviewed by Senate Judiciary Committee

U.S. Blamed for Iraq’s ‘Bloody Wednesday’

Babs & Poppy Bush on Larry King tonight! (Talking about Cancer)

CNN Reporting Gonzales Pledges to Stay On after Bushie's praises today!

Ex-aide to plead guilty in ethics probe

Truthout: Pentagon May Be Shorting Troop Benefits

I saw the torture trainer Negroponte on tv today

Huckabee Rachets up Criticism on Gonzales

Monsanto Demands Ban On Honesty

78% in poll call for giving illegal immigrants path to citizenship

self deleted

Al Gore campaign team assembles in secret

Is Carl Levin a "Lieberman" type Democrat when it comes to Iraq?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed Bush is slurring his speech?

Did you all just see that ABC special about the soldier at Walter Reed who hung himself

Migrant worker shot in Central Florida

Here's a joke: Perino demands respect for Bush

Anyone Else Listen to WTPRN Radio

CBS Radio Show Hosts Suspended After Prank Call

Scratcher playing Moran:"We're losing the war because Clinton gutted the military..

The Last Slaves of Mississippi

Do the 2nd amendment people and NRA believe there should be any limits at all?

Tucker: "The 9/11 plot happened under Clinton's watch."

Five Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Kirk Anderson just nails the situation in America

Boy, our Save the Guns People are out in force. KC

Anyone else listening to Rachel Maddow right now going off on Gingrich???

From Robert Greenwald (Brave New Films)

Elisabeth Hannitybeck from the View's TWIT moment for 4/23 she is doing the some are saying now

David Broder, not Reid, should be embarrassed

Danny Schechter: Reading Between The Lines To Find The Bottom Line

Migrants Used to Justify a Homeland Security Police State

Lou Dobbs Cohort Kitty Pilgrim saying all our Vitamin C Supplements are Chinese Imports

$15000 reward for murder suspect Oklahoma/Texas possible location

Michael Moore Flick Will Compare U.S. Health Care with Cuba's

Hey, what has the cat killer senator fritz been doing? Just happened to

"CONDI RICE WORKING FOR PEACE"- my kid's homework from Time for Kids

Feds removing most bison from refuge

Lou Dobbs just read 4 or 5 letters ripping Reid and the Dems about Iraq

Lou Dobbs Does Expose on Toxic Pet Foods!

Church Stands by Baptist Youth Pastor Accused of Molesting Minor

McClatchy: Supreme Court considers case involving searches of car passengers

I can't believe it

What can I do with a Bush "big head" window cling?

Al-Maliki ORDERS U.S. to HALT BUILDING WALL in Baghdad!

You can't spell dynasty without "NASTY".

How did Paul Wolfowitz become head of the World Bank in the first place?

O'really: Media matters - assasination website, I never said those things(Irish show)

How "conservatism" appeals to young people.

Revenge for Daschle? Top Senate Republican & Bush Loyalist McConnell Braces for Tough '08 Reelection

This should be INTERESTING! Carville coming up on CNN...Kuchinich and his IMPEACHMENT of CHENEY!

DU is...

Did anyone see Candy Crowley spewing her bullshit about

The Man's a madman.

WHY is the RW so afraid of Global Warming and go so far to make us think its not real?

Black teen jailed for shoving hall monitor speaks out

OMFG! Sheryl Crow eats food! And drinks beverages! And supplies her crew!

How long can you go without buying ANYTHING?

TWIT moment #2 4/23 Al Gore is Too hollywood and not trustworthy

ROVE & GONZALEZ "Dream Come True" - The Plot Against The First Amendment (Harpers)

Smerconish says Virginia Tech shooter wasn't "hooking up enough"

seabeyond had a post a couple weeks ago asking about how safe Monterrey was--Please Read this

Border Agent Charged With Murder

MSNBC banner: Military says 9 U.S. soldiers killed in blast

Sibel Edmonds movie Panel discussion: James Bamford, Robert Parry, film directors (plus Waxman news)

David Halberstam killed in a car crash

CONSTANT CONFLICT: US Army War College- "To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing"

Bob Woodruff: Where is the accountability?

John Edwards Brings Rural Internet Access to the National Stage

ACOG Statement on the US Supreme Court Decision Upholding the

Re: PB Abortion Ban...Hey Justice Kennedy - READ THIS...

Iraqi Students Saddened by Virginia Tech , hang banner in solidarity

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on why she wouldn't vote for Gore

Ever had to use a wheelchair? What was it like?

From where do people think they get a right to know candidates or presidents health issues? this cool or what? "Gov., Wife To Live On Food Stamp Budget" A DEMOCRAT, of course.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


David Halberstam dead - MSNBC

Happy 53rd birthday Michael Francis Moore

Ever see a picture of the boy Laura Bush killed? I found it.

Crist and Crow get behind global warming...hugs and smiles.

Vatican: Gay marriage "EVIL", abortion is "TERRORISM"

Newsweek really is a shitty rag...

Maybe Gonzales shouldn't go just quite yet - He's destroying what's left of the WH's credibility

The Faces of 3,480 could use DU Love

A storm is coming

After Thursday's Hearing, bu$h* Has MORE Confidence In Gonzales.

Olympia Snowe says Dems could win her over on Iraq, "but they haven't tried"

Gore/Feingold. That is my dream ticket.

Repubs use 'dirty tactics' in S.C. on Repubs as warm up for 2008 Dem attacks LINK

UPI reporting that Wolfie has been asked to resign.

Fox News on the Crow Rove thing--'Out of her mind or is one sheet fine?"

Reid: "Bush hasn't budged from the shoot-first, talk-never style that got us into this mess . . ."

War Ciminal "President" Bush to receive Purple Heart

9/11 First Responders To Be On "The View" This Wednesday, 4/25

Bwahahahahaha! Even John Cornyn's TEXAS seat isn't SAFE anymore! Read this email I just received!

New England Journal of Medicine decries Supreme Court abortion ruling

Credit? Debit? The Difference May Cost You

DNC: Halliburton Hurt Our Troops—At a Cost of $1.4 Billion

My 20 Questions I'd like Bush to answer under oath:

"don't touch me" said Rove

Lots of wedge issues dominating the board lately.

U.S. soldier says flags at half-staff for Virginia Tech; why not for fallen U.S. troops?

I will believe Al Gore is running for President when...

So yesterday I had dinner with inlaws, and my 83 y/o FIL & I

Hunters kill one of last Amur Leopards *WARNING* - Graphic image

A Culture of Passivity

Does anyone else have concerns about a database of people declared to be

Ben Is Getting OUT! Hip Hip Fucking YEAH!!

My house is on fire!

Bush told of hijack warning weeks before 9/11 - April 9, 2004

Damn! Looks like we missed out on a great auction

1950's is when the environmental destruction started

Post-Colbert, WH Correspondent's Dinner returns to Carson-era humor: "Disgraceful, lame, mediocre."

Didn't rise of religious right start about when we started backing fundy Muslims?

Skip lunch! ..$10 can save buy a net and save a family

Aiiiieeeeee! I just realized is no longer operational.

CHOCOLATE LOVERS ALERT: The FDA is going to redefine Chocolate

Network Hosting Attorney Scandal E-Mails Also Hosted Ohio's 2004 Election Results

White House Admits Bush Never Watched Gonzales Testimony he claimed "Increased my Confidence"

Studies back Parkinson’s and pesticides link

The GOP's cyber election hit squad

Amazing GOP quotes. It's like a race to see who can be the stupidest.

Any DNN Pros here that can answer some Qs?

Michael Moore Flick "Sicko" Will Compare U.S. Health Care with Cuba's

Stop the Postal Rate Hike!

George Clooney Goes Political Again

Sprawl = Obesity "Can urban design keep you from getting fat?"

TOON: Today's Doonesbury... Snarky

About abortion -

GWBush and cronies: Should they retire peacefully or held accountable for crimes of office.

Could you see yourself changing your position on Abortion?

Blitzer Reports on CNN, Wolfowitz has hired Robert Bennet as Lawyer to Keep his WB Job..

If you say, "That caused this," are you talking about reality?

Crack, Meth, Heroin & Marijuana.

GHW Bush: Did he retire peacefully in 1993 or continue his global machinations

Man Not Guilty in 'Dungeon' Rapes

Bush Administration Awash In Scandals

Boston Freeway Blogging

Tancredo Isn't As Wacky As I thought

Why doesn't the WaPo ever run a frontpage piece on the effect of DAILY violence on inner city kids?

An article on the religious page of Sunday's paper

UPI/Zogby Poll: 50% of Americans believe * Admin lets security measures trump personal freedom

Rasmussen: Obama, Clinton Tied at 32% with Edwards at 17%

Officially, It is Now a Roberts Court and a strong Right Turn

MSNBC Just Announced That Boris Yeltsin has died.

The US president's men in dire straits

Bush: Gonzales “answered as honestly as he could.”

The Speaker, On the Passing of Chairwoman Juanita Millender-McDonald

Millender-McDonald took Watts to LA- to show him effects of crack sales and the funneling of $$ to

NYPost: Suite Life for Rudy: Hits Swanky Hotels Along Campaign Trail

Don't shrug, CAPTION

Vets having to turn to private care; a third of wounded suffer some degree of traumatic brain injury

It's real good, Georgie...

"Gore Camp Denies Report Of Secret Campaign"

Need info on Thomas Hughes

Just In: Huffington Post:

Learning to fight the GOP while fighting each other.

"Leftwing conspiracy" to fire Wolfowitz ---damn, Novak caught us

We need a "President's Questions" law.

Washington Post: FDA aware of dangers to food

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Another Observation Regarding Alberto Gonzales Yesterday

The U.S. Attorney Scandal: Bush Just Doesn't Get It

Novak Decries Criticisms Against Wolfowitz As ‘A Left-Wing Conspiracy’

So Is This Gonzales Thing Over With?.....

Obama's ban on lobbyist cash not so broad

A simple yes or no-Do you support the impeachment of Richard B. Cheney?

bush said the VT students were in the wrong place at the wrong time

Pentagon may be shorting troop benefits (AP)

has Susan Ralston been "interviewed" yet?

Rassmusen; Obama tied with Hillary in new poll

Bradley J. Schlozman -- who is he?

U.S. Farmers can't find enough workers to pick crops

Late Breaking: Bush Vows To Put Up A Wall In The Center Aisle Of Both Houses Of Congress.....

Clinton 32% Obama 32%

Impeach Gonzales?

How the GOP lost the war in Iraq.

I went on vacation last week

Bush draws up list of candidates to replace Wolfowitz

Broder and Kristol .....listen to Juan Williams for your own sake

Preview Of "Buying The War" How did the mainstream press get it so wrong? : Moyers


PBS gave Perle hour to repeat debunked claims about Iraqi WMDs and links to Al Qaeda..

A critical observation in the coming elections

AP: (Colorado) Gov. Ritter Meets With AFL-CIO President

men make decision to join military when under the influence

The blivet* busted: He must have meant other ‘politicians’

THE UNDERLYING CRIME: White House Interference into a U.S. Attorney's Criminal Investigation in MO

Obama outlines a vision of a new U.S. approach abroad

Edwards' senate voting record put him "in the moderate to conservative range of Senate Democrats"

TPMcafe: House, Senate Dems Agree on War Spending Bill

Bush Flunks Diplomacy 101-How to infuriate Russia and the European Union and waste $10 billion a yea

John Cornyn (another TX idiot) is a f*cking LIAR

Who exactly is this uninformed boob, Doug Schoen??

Corzine May Govern Via Video (AP)

Perino Snaps At Crow And David, Demands They Show More ‘Respect’ For President Bush

Joke: how do you identify the blind man at a nudist colony?

I've made this argument before, and I will do so again. Hillary and Obama are UNELECTABLE!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Running with Issues (The Nation)

Carl Bernstein writes biography of Hillary Clinton

Which will be more important on Feb 5,08; the weather or no bees?

Feigold:A hold by any other name is still a hold

"We will not go to get down on bended knees before George Bush!" Segolene Royal proclaimed at the ra

National GOP Multimedia Web Page Is ... Fox News Video Clips

W Post: What They're Taking From Your 401(k) Obscure Retirement Plan Fees Add Up Shockingly

US Sergeant: Iraq is our Vietnam [VIDEO]

McCain Hires Prominent Global Warming Denier To Help Craft Global Warming Policy

Will Kucinich link 9/11 and impeachment?

Doug Schoen, partner to Hillary's pollster Mark Penn: A Dangerous Game of 'Chicken' for Democrats

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) to hold impeachment news conference:

Texas TWO Poll Taxes: Same Requirements Caused 10,000s to Lose Medicaid Benefits

A gruesome discovery Island covered with seal pup carcasses after hunters killed their mothers

Can we talk about Harry Reid?

Any good sites already tracking 2008 House and Senate polling data?

I'm a male, so I have little standing in the abortion debate ..... but ......

If Bush and Cheney were impeached and removed from office

This Week's Senate Committee Schedule

Sell John McCain stock, buy Bill Richardson's

Clinton II's Favorable Rating Slips to 50% even in New York

Broder: Reid Is A ‘Bumbling’ ‘Embarrassment’

Video: Reid defends Iraq, ‘liar’ statements.

Bush Administration Agrees To Approve Wiccan Pentacle For Veteran Memorials

How about a Peace Czar? (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette LTTE)

Students should think hard about our next president

*Bush: "I firmly believe that Politicians here...shouldn't be telling the Generals what to do." WTF?

George Bush is not incompetent. His administration has successfully completed many of its goals.

A good review of Dems' thoughts on Iraq--tonight, Cspan3

Colin Powell might Endorse Obama in General (Possible Vice President?)

CNN Breaking! Kucinich to Introduce "Articles of Impeachment" tomorrow...

Washington Post: Hedge-Fund Ties Help Edwards Campaign

Hillary Clinton: No Leadership Abilities?

Just finished reading [i]The Case for Hillary Clinton[/i]

Will doctors give a woman an abortion after 20 weeks if the baby is perfectly healthy?