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Archives: April 22, 2007

Reviewing "Reality"-NYT columnist Frank Rich views political life through a theatrical lens


Iraq’s Desperate Exodus

FRANK RICH: Iraq Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

President Bush Unconcerned About History's Judgment? Maybe He Should Read Some of It

GOP to Gonzales: Care For Some Hemlock? (by John Nichols for The Nation)

The Medicare Privatization Scam

Clueless in the Senate

Planet's splendor revealed for Earth Day

Congress Skeptical of Warhead Plan

When will Islam damn the chlorine bombers?

KKKarl met with Jack Welch (GE) in 1999 - and a cartel was born

Dark of Heartness, Part II: Compassionless Conservatives -Truly a must-read

In Turnabout, Infant Deaths Climb in South

Are GM Crops Killing Bees?

Syrians, Golan residents rally in support of prisoners held in Israel

'The world must learn from Israel about fighting terror'

Palestinians: 6 die in territories; Qassam hits house in Sderot

Blue Angels jet crashes during air show, killing aviator

E. coli fears spur California and Pennsylvania beef recalls

California Station Sued for Imus Reruns

NYT: In Turnabout, Infant Deaths Climb in South

Virginia Tech killer bought ammunition clips through eBay

Global warming swelling insurance risk

Envoy attacks female circumcision in Kenya

Mixed signals in early days of US 'surge' in Iraq

Pilot Killed in SC Blue Angels Crash

Edwards Opposes South Korean Trade Deal in Speech to Michigan Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Wi-Fi: Children at risk from 'electronic smog'

Edwards calls for changes to labor laws

Harry is militia target in Iraq, admits army

Bush Passes Up Comedy at Media Dinner

MID electric customers get big shock from PG&E (retroactive bills)

Gore campaign team assembles in secret

Won't you step into the freezer...

I had a Dem dream last night

If Skinner could harness GD's high-horsepower, would it solve the server problems?

French Kissing--What's in the mouth over there?

"Just put the pickle on everybody's plate; college boy; and leave the hard stuff to me."

Best bumper sticker EVER!!

This guy playing Jim Jones on the History Channel looks so much like Trent Reznor it's crazy.

deleted dupe

The Challenge of the Super-DUper Friends!

Check this out! Google's directions from London to NY!!!!!

Ultimate show of faith? You tell me.

I have 14 million pounds in a bank in Lagos, please help me

Somebody has a LOUD band playing in this quiet neighborhood tonight.

I just realized that is it better to use paper than plastic. You can recycled the paper.

Omigod, Faux News

Has anyone seen Eragon (movie)?

laugh out loud funny mint commercial on youtube

And the Winnah is

Dumbest effing sports fan on the planet.

Windshield question:

Someone actually told me today that my skin is "radiant"

Did anyone else watch UFC 70 tonight??? (Spoilers)

Alec Baldwin...

Any other Google subscribers got customized homepages?

I sent Maineiac an email from hotmail and he says he got 249 copies.

Mets fan charged of trying to distract Atlanta players during game

SNL: Scarlett Johansson hosting w/ musical guest Björk

What's a quick substitute for cough drops?

the lounge is really just the gd's dumping ground ---

After 9 college visits, my daughter finally decided!

I finally saw Blades of Glory today.

Video tells you how to double your gas mileage (adding acetone, etc) B.S.?

Which television cowboy did I used to work for?

Watch my video or a black hole will swallow you whole.

Without love; where would you be now???

Best Fantasy Artist

French Women--What's in the water over there?

Ha! I'm STILL the toughest son of a bitch in the Valley.

Dead Horse!

How about a saturday night picture thread? (I need a life)

Poop On Freeper Website, Or Flame Throw It, Your Choice

Mork and Mindy

How do you get a kid to study who just won't study?

Just picked up some REAL classic coke from Costco a bit ago (Mexican coke that is!)

Arena football sucks


This is How to Feed the Homeless

Jon Stewart --- Occupation Iraq

The Zimmers "Talkin 'Bout My Generation"

Chloe for Freedom Leader 08

Earth Day 2007. With A Prayer Bush Does Not Destroy You

KO---Flubya Blubbering Along

Jon Stewart--- Gonzales

The Kid With No Name has one now, and DUers will be proud!

Clinton Says Husband Would Be Ambassador

This is how to feed the homeless

How Much Longer?

Why can Americans as a whole become absorbed with a mass college shooting and Imus but...

Power bills soar after electric deregulation

I think I know how Alberto Gonzales fights crime as the Attorney General

Ex-Mercenary Mann Fights Extradition From Zimbabwe To Equatorial Guinea

Historical Trivia: The 1920 election was between 6 past and future Presidents

We're so fucked...

Rejected American idol to rub shoulders with rejected American idiot

Do the people who play the Good ole boy games realize that the jig is up?

Anybody want to see my political comedy video?

Article on increase of mass shootings since 1960:

Iraq war veteran holds hostage, wants treatment


In case you haven't heard of it ...

Fresno rocks!

NYT: Military Cites ‘Negligence’ in Aftermath of Iraq Killings

SJ Mercury News: "Gas gone wild"

I must be really ignorant. What the heck is a Wiki?

Just picked up some REAL classic coke from Costco a bit ago (Mexican coke that is!)

The Gonzales Clown Show

Liberals can never trust "red state" Americans until they cut back on guns

Radio America Moves To Arlington, Virginia

The 'Big Dry' In pictures

Big science is running a program on


How to talk out of your ass. Steal this image

Caption - this one's a keeper...

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry on CSPAN2 now 11:30pm

Dead Horse!

Timeline: The Frightening Future of Earth

Three simple ways to fix this country

Dumbest effing sports fan on the planet.

Secret Service needs to take Rich Little out

Sat Nite Live: A Bush press conference.

The REAL White House Correspondents Dinner

Freeper nails it !

Senate minority kills bill to empower Medicare to negotiate drug prices

WTF is wrong with Neal Boortz?

Global warming swelling insurance risk

Castro resumes official business

John Edwards: "we have an obligation and the opportunity to help end the silence."

Alec Baldwin...

It's 2008 and the Democratic President-Elect calls YOU and wants to know...

Commission says woman had right to breast-feed in gym

George and Laura LOVED Rich LIttle- and it was great revenge on the reporters

Iraqi doctor denied visit to U.S. conference

Bill Maher's new rules on Fred Thompson was great

Can I get help finding the stat for PBAs done on "healthy" infants?

Report: Children In Darfur Tortured, Raped

The Challenge of the Super-DUper Friends!

Leahy on Face the Nation Sunday

Just saw on Real Time that we have given up on training Iraqi troops (WTF?!)

Rich. Little.

Troops in Diyala Face A Skilled, Flexible Foe

U.N. to omit civilian deaths in Iraq report

Man's homeless, but not hopeless - Police clear out homeless camps

c-span wh correspondent dinner

I wonder how many kids regret the things they've said to their parents

So is Snowjob gone permanently?

Who the hell dragged Rich Little out of the mothballs?

Gore campaign team assembles in secret

We are so confused, fucked AND blessed.

Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update (spoilers for the West Coast)

Tainted pet food reaches human fare

Ambassador Bill Clinton Good or Bad Idea

Free Republic RAT PROTESTERS Grace Annual WH Correspondent's Dinner

Sunday Talk Shows

Rightwing nut picked to replace Imus on MSNBC

So, why won't Bush let go of Gonzales?

Have you ever had your identity stolen or personal accounts hacked?

Man this Rich Little STINKS!

What is the worst thing your parents ever called you?

Stars and Stripes: What's the mission?

Alec Baldwin is a _____________________!!!

Who's really to blame for the VA Tech tragedy?

Just put 2+2 together and I want Abu Gonzo to STAY PUT!

Some early pics of the dinner (No "Thompson Twins" this year)

What pisses me off about the Alec Baldwin thing is the constant repeating of his words. His daughte

John Prine is on Austin City Limits and just sang this:

The Hate Crimes law is being debated in Congress

Frank Rich:Iraq Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Late term abortion

We are so blessed

We are so confused.

Greensboro, NC Peace Fair Pics I found some fellow DUers!!!

Alec Baldwin is a distraction....What parent has never said something to their children then regrett

A reminder: I am Geraldine Santoro

A Very Controversial Post...

Emmanuel professor fired after shooting re-enactment

Jim Rob gets tuff on Giuliani, and all you socialists and libruls.

Red tape my ass. Well....not literally. Shrub said that the reason that

Judge in Whitewater trials dies in Arkansas (Reuters)

Plame and the prosecutors -- the common thread

A true conundrum for DU'ers: "Whether 'tis nobler,..etc, etc.."

Vermont Votes to Impeach (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Rat, protesters grace annual White House Correspondents' Dinner:

Demoted U.S. Attorney Protested Office Shutdown, Loss of Resources

Governor Corzine faces painful, intensive therapy to re-learn the basics

NYT: The New 5-to-4 Supreme Court

Glenn Greenwald: Right-wing blogs discover massive conspiracy to hide WMDs in Iraq

Obama to activists: "Turn frustration into results"

With dwindling political capital, Bush finds unwavering loyalty tested with Wolfowitz and Gonzales

As a parent I have snapped at my child before...Alec Baldwin is being swiftboated

Iraqi doctor who disputes official death tolls (Lancet study) is denied visa to visit UW

Another Sign Gore Isn't Running? Key New Hampshire Backer Boosts Obama

BREAKING: Clinton WH "Lost" 5 Million Emails!

Blogging Edwards' speech in MI tonight

NYT: In Turnabout, Infant Deaths Climb in South

Can Democrats count to 67?

Would a Gore-Obama '08 ticket guarantee victory?

Is Maureen Dowd even relevant?

The Anti-Poverty Candidate

Seeking Refugee Status Or, Lenny Bruce was a Conservative

Top U.S. Officers See Mixed Results From Iraq 'Surge' (WaPo)

Power deregulation brought few bargains (or how high can your rates go?)

How Media Mistakes Fueled the High Court Abortion Ruling (AlterNet)

Birth of the Christian Soldier: How Evangelicals Infiltrated the American Military (AlterNet)

Michael Medved on Virginia Tech: Words Fail (by Chris Kelly at HuffPost)

The Peacock Inside Pandora's Box: NBC News and the Virginia Tech Shootings

You Are What You Grow

Justice Thomas's Life A Tangle of Poverty, Privilege and Race --Review

Washington awaits a CIA chief’s revenge (UK TIMES)

Iran: A nation of nose jobs, not nuclear war

CommonDreams: Privatizing and Profiteering (college loan scandal)

New spate of bad ethics news for GOP

Bush family Moon

Report finds Burns builds hefty legal bill

What if John Edwards Worked at Wal-Mart? by Ellen Bravo (link added)


Bush administration under a cloud(list of problem people former and current)

Raising alarm over pet drug proves risky (inside the FDA)

Tale of Two Workers Shows Need for Employee Free Choice Act

(NY) Injured workers find no relief in reform

Robert Fisk: Caught in the deadly web of the internet

Is the US Going to Attack Iran?

The Gonzales Debacle (by Rick Perlstein at

Dear Chuck Heston fans.... (by George Schlatter at HuffPost)

Issues in the week ahead for Wolfowitz (The Washington Note)

"Why We Occupied Senator Herb Kohl's Office -- And Why This is Just the Beginning"

George Soros and the AIPAC (from New York Review of Books)

Laurie David and Sheryl Crow: Karl Rove Gets Thrown Under the Stop Global Warming Bus (HuffPost)

When Evil Met Stupid

Posada Carriles: Bush's Mirror Image

"It's an Illegal Employer Problem"

Gonzales's Long Record of Lawlessness

Bush administration awash in scandals

Changing the Social Climate (AlterNet)

The Hudson River Compact: Our Shared Nature

Happy Earth Day

Global warming, DVD Review gives kudos to Warner Home Video

Indonesia awaits Newmont pollution case verdict - Reuters

Climate Change: Why We Can't Wait (by James Hansen for The Nation, via AlterNet)

Australian drought belts conomic growth - AFP

Large-Scale Biodiesel Plant Set To Open In Cleveland

Renewable energy is new focus for Duke (Energy, NC)

More solar power to him - on roof (St. Pete FL)

Solar rises over Fog City (San Francisco)

International Divisions Surface Over Nuclear Energy

Let our sunshine energize our state (OpEd, The AZ Republic)

Karl Rove Gets Thrown Under the Stop Global Warming Bus (Laurie David, Sheryl Crow, Huff. Post)

NYC Plans for Population Boom by 2030

Expert View: Five ways to clear the air as fossil fuels march on (UK)

Obama announces low carbon fuel plan at UNH

Japan, US eye emission-free coal plant - AFP

Salmon campaigner lands top award (BBC)

Iraq may hold twice as much oil (100 billion barrels)

Ice Traps About 100 (mostly seal hunters) Vessels :-)

Electric cars prove to be both handy and sustainable to the city (Chico, CA)

Power on the Prairie (biofuels, Conservation Reserve Program)

Sands are shifting for oil supply; Expert says we should be ready for big jump in price

Megawatt-class (gas hybrid) fuel-cell power plant to power up for 2008

You can now RENT solar panels!

Climate Change Disaster Strikes Austrailia

Bloomberg proposes a fee for driving in Manhattan.

Alberta turns to natural gas after wind lessens reliability

Olmert: Iran 'not as close as it pretends' to nuclear capability

Finance Minister suspends himself over embezzlement allegations

Uri Avnery: Blood on Our Hands

Hamas calls for new attacks on Israel

Shock! "In Nigerian Vote, Chaos and Fraud"

Election Reform Advocate Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald Dies

GAGGED BY THE GUN LOBBY: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 04/22/07

MONITOR at 6 Central ... World Bank; Palast now collaborating with RFK Jr.

Tech gunman bought ammo clips on eBay

Two dead in market blast in Afghan southeast

Congress Skeptical of Warhead Plan

Jury Awards $9 Million In Beating Case

Sauerbrey's plans draw opposition ('a diplomatic faux pas')

Internet Abuzz Over Meaning Of 'Ismail Ax'

U.S. official criticizes Iraqi Kurds

Al Qaeda responsible for Hakim attack

Poison: KGB men to face Litvinenko murder charges

Democrats, NRA team up on gun bill (mental illness background checks)

Iraq will have to learn to live with attacks, says general

The 2007 Goldman Environmental Prizes

Police: Gunmen line up, execute 23 Kurds in Mosul

Rove ‘explodes’ at Crow over global warming.

U2 guitar sale helps raise $2.4m {for NOLA musicians}

Fallujah official, an al-Qaida critic, assassinated: Sheik had taken job despite friends' pleas

US Army's computer game recruiting plan takes fire

Iraq Prime Minister asks for work to end on Baghdad wall

Blasts at Baghdad police station kill 7

Blasts kill at least 11 in Afghanistan

Gunmen execute workers in northern Iraq

Rep. Millender-McDonald dies of cancer

Iraq Gunmen Kill 23 Yazidis

Rep. Millender-McDonald dies of cancer

Bush administration awash in scandals

82 pc support new referendum in Ecuador

Eleven workers fired after wildcat strikes

4 U.S. soldiers killed, 8 wounded in separate attacks on Saturday(+1 non-combat death)

Biden predicts rivals will adopt his Iraq stance

US walls-off more Baghdad districts

Doolittle setting up fund for legal fees

Congress set to defy Bush on Iraq war

Two Trapped Miners Found Dead

Jewish groups sympathise with Muslim desecrated gravestone families

Iraqi PM Orders Halt to Baghdad Barrier

Higher U.S. troop levels in Iraq likely beyond summer

US to help Iraq recruit 40,000 troops

Rove debates warming with Crow, David

Germany says Wolfowitz situation unacceptable

Latin America Divided Over Ethanol

BREAKING: Sarkozy and Royal qualifies for second round of French presidential election

Congresswoman Millender-McDonald (D-CA) dies

Falling dollar shifts economy


Pro-gun lobby strengthened following US campus shooting

Voting begins in French election

Do you think this guy is any good?

oh wildhorses!!! here's that little country biscuit fer'ya...

Can you tell heaven from hell?

Before today, I didn't know what a Fleshlight was.... but somehow...

Sanjaya from American Idol was at the WH correspondents dinner

simian alien scientist who hovers over tokyo creating pollution monsters

Making Beef Stew on a Sunday mornin'

you're just wrong

my new car - problem ....who would have thunk it

Theme From The Black Hole

I saw Baldwin and Bassinger at LGA a dozen years ago.

Got milk?


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/22/07)

The Pursuit of Happyness- GREAT movie!

without cash, where would you be right now?

louis prima's music is like 63% coded sex talk

I just hid all the dumbass Alec Baldwin threads.

I am going to my first Civil Union

Ronny Elliot - born in 1947

I just got a 400 dollar haircut....

I caught the bouquet!!!!!

Congratulations GreenPartyVoter!! 35,000 posts

Good vegetarian eats/food in Washington DC?


If I had a nail for every one of my posts, I'd

Do you read postsecret?

Let's play "Remove Bush's Cabinet"

Where is buddhamama?

"To Catch A Predator"

Chinese boy climbs into crocodile pen, hits crocodiles with stick...outcome unsurprising.

I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning

I posed this question to Crim Son, and now I ask the Lounge...

Southwest passenger to Paula Abdul: "You're no Sanjaya!"

Threesomes Within a Christian Marriage

If I had a post for every one of my posts

Congratulations jody!! 10,000 posts

my buddy Rocky, is sleeping in my lap, snoring.

The Cho incident fucked me up for about three days

Sunday Morning Pop, Rock and Soul Pick Me Up

for all intensive purposes

Congratulations, herbster, on 1000 posts since 2001

Imitation crabmeat is so CARP

Do you ever wonder how things end up at a used record store?

the water is out AGAIN

Happy Birthday, Eddie Albert!!

Here is some "Amazing Grace" for your Sunday morning

Why does urine smell so bad on asparagus?

I did-it-myself!

Yeah.. I got nothing

Time for some andouille and eggs.

I'm about to eat a piece of warm homemade banana bread!

If I had a hammer for every one of my posts, I'd

Do you read postscipts?

One quarter, two pennies, a busted aluminum wire frame, a lead sinker, and some weird aggregate.

Free nose and ear hair trimmer.

DVR/ VCR Alert ! Two new episodes of Planet Earth on Discovery starting at 8:00!

Where the frig are the thunderstorms?

Job hunting is scary

Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf for dinner tonight.

I'm about to transmutate into a noncorporeal being

I'm Having Breasts For Dinner Tonight...

I bought my first CFL today!

DAMN! WHAT was I just going to surf for?!

MySpace is so CRAP

Whaddaya know? This is my thirty thousandth post.

The STBE just referred to a friend's separation as "a trial celebration."

Pickup lines that will guarantee you will get lucky.

When we pulled up the flooring in my son's room, we found old newspapers

in all honesty, i am totally NOT a racist, BUT

OMG...I think I'm in love...

The Complete Father Ted online

For all you percussion afficionados out there: Carl Palmer

In October I will be old enough to run for president

i need help re- teenager's birthday.

My name is Writer and I do not have a MySpace account.

People, tell me about Costco!

Kraft Mac & Cheese

I miss the days of DUers being called out for being in the 700 Club

How did you like "Syriana"? no spoilers, please.

Missing child found in shot croc

My husband's boss is Australia's answer to Viggo Mortenson

Favorite episode of Band of Brothers?

I am THIS close to taking my first Tylenol in a decade

Losing My Religion

I think I'm going to have to end a friendship that is 30 years old.

Had some Engagement Photos taken by a friend of ours this weekend

What's in a name? In 1880, Michael was # 46

Here's an interesting thing I found about persecution of Christians.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for April 22

Classic matchup today: Smoltz Vs. Glavine at Shea Stadium

Sunday's not so funny cartoon on working families paying the bills

What if John Edwards Worked at Wal-Mart? by By Ellen Bravo (link added)

Ingalls workers’ strike. Lessons on labor resistance in U.S. Gulf

Dozens of Allies Join in Employee Free Choice Act Strategy Session

Teamsters win in quick strike against Kroger

Pro-War Organization Celebrates Torture, Opposes Impeachment

Justice at Peabody Mines

CODEPINK Outside Annual White House Correspondents Dinner

Earth Day 2007

PBS--Bush And Company's LIES

Ron Suskind- on the One Percent Doctrine

The Real Stanford Challenge: a Living Wage for its Workers

KO- Iraq Mission No Longer Training Iraqi Troops

Michelle Obama Addresses Women for Obama Luncheon

The Ghost of Statements Past

"God Hates The World" Music Video

KO---Tillman's Death Cover Up

Jeremy Shahill----- Black Water

Torboto- The Torture Robot!

Scientists mystified at Honeybee losses

Hot Country Singer Has Message for the Troops

3,319 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Awww..... JimRob has banned my favorite nutcase freeper!

Google: An Earth Day logo

"Does Bush ever get tired of having to express his 'Full Confidence' in the people around him?"

Berks County, Pennsylvania Votes Unanimously For Impeachment Resolution

World Bank steps up pressure on Wolfowitz

Virtues unknown to the Repukes:

Public Wi-Fi may turn your life into an open notebook

The Iraq War may have caused the Virginia Tech massacre

War Becomes Personal At Academy ('...Wow, There Really Is A War Out There')

Great Speeches of the 20th Century

What are you doing on Impeachment Day, April 28?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sun 4/22 Fantastic job?

w chooses not to be funny cause of VT, is it still cool to make war jokes?

rats! C-span no longer has a message board

Clergy join push to OK medical marijuana---"The moral issue is relief of suffering,''

How sad! Potential loss of a job, is worth homicide & suicide.

Happy Earth Day

my new car - problem ....who would have thunk it

Criminal Probe Opened in Pet Food Scare

New CNN Reporter: Lily Munster

Worth watching again

Unarmed and vulnerable

Endless bad weather, tornadoes, hail, rain in Texas

Laurie David and Sheryl Crow confront Rove over Global Warming

Over 80 U.S. soldiers killed a month since the 'surge' began, all for "modest progress"

Interesting lessons in media manipulation:

General Petraeus & the Magical Modest Success

Trucker's strike Apr 23-25: Is this really going to happen?

Al Gore is going to run

"I am embarassed for being a Republican" cspan1 (discussion of Surge)

Bush's Great Wall Of Baghdad (pic)

“America is going to have to learn... to live with some degree of sensational attacks.”

Jury Awards $9 Million In Beating Case

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah: Why is this Bozo still around

Frank Rich: Stinking Rotten Bush Cronyism-"A Government This Sleazy Couldn't Possibly Win A War"

Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends

Are DUers Church Goers?

I see the whores had thier annual reach-around last night!

Thanks DU- They put my vid up on the front page! :)

Start your day with a smile ... Barney Frank in action

VIDEO! FROM SNL Last Night, Weekend Update re GONZO!

NEWS Stories I don't give a flying crap about

The Hudson River Compact: Our Shared Nature

French elections results? anyone know where I can monitor?

DeLay seems to delight in deceit

Where's Condi?

WH Advisor: Bush Loves Rove ---Too Much (Newsweek)

Is George Tenet going to be on 60 Minutes tonight?

How Cho fell through the cracks and got his guns


Youth pastor hid past from church. Terrell faced molestation charges before

ROVE Met With NBC In 1999 And Promised Them The Moon

Kentucky chiropractor sees empire crumble. Man bankrupt, charged with health-care fraud

The shame of Hale and Lindy BOGGS: Kookie ROBERTS

Ex-teacher at El Sendero Christian Academy arrested on sex charge

It's all about Karl Rove

Before Deadly Rage, a Life Consumed by a Troubling Silence

George Tenet Cashes in on the Iraq War

REMINDER - Gonzo Judiciary Hearing repeat on CSPAN1 at 10:30am

TOONS: Making up for lost time edition part 1

Bush Cheney Rice Told Iraq Had NO WMD and.........

Why isn't lying to Congress to take the country into war considered to be treason?

New York Goes Green

Edwards opposes South Korean trade deal

Emmanuel professor fired after shooting re-enactment

Los Angeles Times to cut about 150 jobs

Take down McCain as a candidate first - He has the most Bush Pioneers/Rangers supporting him

Access Denied (Bush admin "systematically worked restrict voter turnout...")

Higher U.S. troop levels in Iraq likely beyond summer

Guatemala's Congress labeled him a terrorist

Kristol: Reid’s Iraq Remark Is ‘Much More Disgraceful Than Anything Trent Lott Said’

Why do they keep dragging out Newt?

VIDEO from SNL Torboto, The Robot That Tortures People!

Warming Climate Reverses Sex of Lizards

I just hid all the dumbass Alec Baldwin threads.

'you can see one person makes a difference-NOT make law, but rule with

Pinkers go barbershop on McCain! Woodamnwhoo!

A night of G.I. Resistance on National Television

Colbert/Penn Meta-Free-Phor-All - A juicy, juicy treat for language lovers

Gun safeguards must improve, enthusiasts say

What did Reid say? It was not what I've been led to believe he said.

Bloomberg To Announce Manhattan Congestion Fee (NYC)

who knew John Gizzi was a Seer!

"U.S. Internment Camps Exist. I helped build the REX 84 facility...UNDERGROUND."

Pentagon Plans To Extend The "Surge"

Tom Friedman on CNN: All is not lost in Iraq

David Gregory AGAIN

Noble Resolve Experiment Begins April 23-27 Defense Drills

PM touched by an angel while getting makeup done (Canada)

How many times must our troops WIN in Iraq?

Melamine in pigs.... risk to humans? LINK

Newt's spectacular hypocrisy on This Week. Are they incapable of hearing themselves?

Caption *

Any update on the cause of death of the man who bled to death on flight from Egypt.

College Cheerleading Championships 2007 on ESPN2 now -- VA Tech should be there.

Henry Rollin's Ember of rage video

Murtha was right. We cannot continue fighting in Iraq without a DRAFT...

The Most Sexiest Greenest Unlikely Story of the Year (Grist)

The Most Sexiest Greenest Unlikely Story of the Year

I Just Assumed The VT Shooter Was A Young White Male

Gingrich Blames Virginia Tech Tragedy On Liberalism

Well, here's some good news

We can see the causes of Cho's rampage now, so why not before?

It seems like it's gonna be, as expected, Sarkozy vs. Royal

Clarence THOMAS has enough of a soul for it to be "divided." Who knew.

How vets and military feel about the war-view some short videos and vote!

Self Delete... Link doesn't work

Top general: Iraq must live with 'sensational attacks'

So yesterday they ran a program on the new green

Vanishing honeybees mystify scientists

Damn you, NanceGreggs!!

Lindsey Graham: "death blow to forces of moderation"

An important link for DUers in regards to Earthday

U.S. scandal threatens Alaska’s prosecutor

Gore Denies Reports of Secret Meetings in Nashville.

Troop Deployment at 260,000 for Iraq and neighboring countries... Newsweek LINK

Why no calls for Bush to resign?

In no way to diminish the VT tragedy.

It is quite simple....

Today's ABC This Week - In Memoriam

Edwards is Dogpiled, but Thompson gets pass from DU--Why?

Come on corp media - it isn't "incompetence" from the AG its the Corruption of Justice!

Venezuela Opposition Protests TV Closing

Is Lindsey a guy's name?

Looking for an image

Bush: In light of this week's tragedy at Virginia Tech I've decided not to be funny.

Anti MediCare Ads.

Hardcore conservatives: The masters of projection!

Top general: Iraq must live with 'sensational attacks'

"What happened?" (Carolyn McCarthy, Virginia Tech, and gun control)

Walter Pincus: Congress Skeptical of Warhead Plan

3323 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

When Bush held up that map last week showing troop locations,

US to help Iraq recruit 40,000 troops ($14 Billion, 18 months)

Terrorist goes free, but immigs detained - why?

Here We Go--VA medical employees leaving system, find many faults.

An Observation About "gonzalezgate"!

Columnist Chronicles Battle With Cancer: Humor Helps

WHY did the Bush Admin restrict the EPA in what it said about the air in Manhattan after 9/11?

Wolfowitz IS the problem with the World Bank

Google warming up...

"The Real Wealth of Nations," Riane Eisler's new book, is now available.

Westboro hatemongers to protest Virginia Tech funerals...

David and Crow - Rove story coming up on ABC

When Evil Met Stupid

I have a question about Hybrid cars....

Why Mommy is a Democrat book, where is the link?

Iraqis get tattoos for ID purposes-Beheadings, burnings can result in unknown corpses

Just heard about "The Wall"

Viacom Reclaiming You Tube Tapes

Bush Administration's Nepotism will be it's undoing

is the White House Correspondents Dinner worth watching??

Did CBS's "60MINUTES" pull a Bait and Switch? Line up doesn't Include Tenant's Revelations?

Finally Saw Hotel Rwanda

Democrats, NRA team up on gun bill (mental illness background checks)

US officials on the take, FBI provides cover

What is the worst thing anyone could say about the US?

Melamine has contaminated pork sold in California; criminal probe underway.

bush READ 3 biographies of George Washington (yeh right). Which 3?

"VT tragedy happened because: Parents can't discipline youth, the ACLU, no prayer & Satan"

Veterans Affairs Executive Bonuses Highest of Any Government Agency

Fort GOP under fire. Commander Bush reduced to mumbling. Fire creeping close to the Powder

Bush Administration is the most impeachable Administration in US history

Moscow's suburb for billionaires (BBC)

TOONS: Making up for lost time edition part 2

My Letter To The Honorable Al Gore Regarding The Climate Crisis

Lieberman Attacks Reid with Freudian Slip of Facts

UK right-wing rag says Tony will resign the Presidency on May 9th

Gore Team Awaits Signal: from Huffpo

Bush Administration Under a Cloud

Rep. Millender-McDonald dies

Laura Bush's haircut for the second inauguration ball cost $3,000.00

Damn YOU, JGRAZ!!!

U.S. Congress MAY act to keep guns from mentally ill

It stripped the paint off of the freaking floor! What are we doing to the land, people?

Cable News' War Against America; Time to Fight Back

"Long War" label to be dropped. Yup, that should take care of it.

I'm not crazy about daredevil jet air shows in neighborhoods.

Congresswoman Millender-McDonald Dies (D - CA)

Al-Qaeda‘planning big British attack’

What has four-wheels and flies? The answer will piss you off! ! !

1942: Hitler takes full control over every German life

Maliki HALTS construction of Great Wall of Baghdad! "This wall reminds us of other walls," he said.

Another American media Sunday...

You have GOT to see this. It is HILARIOUS!

An open letter to the FearFul

One of our students on the Cho incident.

Is there a Wet Cat food that DU'ers feel is okay to feed? I have a sick cat and

Why do you suppose Gonzales is holding onto the AG job so fiercely?

I must be a terrible person.. Their names are NOT "etched in my heart & mind"

Gingrich had his brain replaced with excrement: advocates concealed weapons on campus

Dad asking for 20K/Books that caused problems for sons

Mad Cow: FDA has decided to drastically lower testing to almost zero

Cindy Sheehan: Mass Murderers

Rise in Mental Illness Linked to Unhealthy Diets, Say Studies

It is the liberals and video games that are behind

Furor over author Ayaan Hirsi Ali's visit stirs debate on religious freedom

Do you change your position when someone likens it to a "Freeper"

Paper: Blair set to end ten year reign as British PM on May 9th LINK

Deregulation killed the cats

You can RENT solar panels!


To all the older members of DU

Happy COVER-UP DAY. It's the anniversary today of this decree ..

Happy Earth Day! Now Go Buy Some Canvas Bags & Use Them At The Grocery Store

Has anyone noticed Google's melting iceberg logo, in honor of Earth Day?

Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Powerless (Nicholas Von Hoffman)

Here's a Buzzword that tells it like it IS in Iraq. The Bush Admin is practicing GENOCIDE. Use it.

***April Photography Contest....FINAL Round

"When candidates decide to publish, they can run, but they can’t hide — at least not entirely."

Continuing focus on legal and ethical issues may hurt GOP's bid to retake Congress in '08

Democrats Recruiting Challengers for Growing Congressional Target List

Rove -ing emails: what else could go missing?

Hand Gonzales, Wolfowitz Pink Slips

Face the Nation: Leahy

Violence in Iraq Pre-US Invasion?

A real hoot-a-toot-toot from snark-snappy Arlen Specter

Is Kelly O'Donnell and Norah O'Donnell related

I think this is a BS story that has no truth.

Specter: Gonzales Undermines AG's Office

Gone with the Wind-is the mantrua 'as they stand up, we stand down"

Specter: Administration Should Not Be ‘Celebrating’ Gonzales’s ‘Very, Very Damaging’ Testimony

Ft. Campbell soldier's suicide leaves widow angry at Army

WaPo: GOP Troubles May Hurt Bid To Retake Congress in 2008

GOP Floating Ted Olson, Head of 1990s Anti-Clinton ‘Arkansas Project,’ for AG

Similarities are adding up between Doolittle, Ney

Newsweek: The GOP: Waiting for Him to Walk

Gonzo's memory deficit: Real or a Lie?

Iraq's doubled OIL reserves & Cheney's 2001 map of Iraq's oil

The Blue Fund invests in Democratic companies

Clinton: Environment a Top Issue in 2008

Hail the deserter-in-chief

Elections have Consequences: The SCOTUS Abortion Decision

George W. Bush is the poster boy for abortion rights

How Precious.. Stevie Griles marries Sue Ellen (Abramoff/spousal immunity)

Wisconsin event pays off for Obama

John Dean on Countdown

Can someone tell me how it is possible to compose and/or read

Which of these Presidential results would be sweeter?

Sharpton introducing Barack Obama at NAN Convention on C-Span at 6:30PM EST.

Clinton vows new focus on 'invisible' middle class - Iowa

Gallup: HRC's favorability declined most among independents (down to 43%)

umm.. I wonder if the Wall is actually stopped/on hold?

Pair of House Resignations Reignites GOP Ethics Woes

The Bush Resignation Pool--Weekly Update Thread

Breaking bush's days are numbered; Speaker Pelosi putting together her team

Here's a pic of Fred Thompson's wife smoozing it up w/Wolfowitz:

The French came out and voted today in record numbers--over 85% turnout in presidential election!

Who's getting Pennsylvania cash for '08?


A Rant under Passionate Control

Alabama Dems backing Clinton, Obama

TPMCafe: Gore Camp Denies Report of Secret Campaign

I hereby call for the resignation of George Bush and the rest

Chicago Tribune: Barack's rock- Michelle Obama

VIDEO: Witness Torture: Action at White House April 19, 2007

Ignatius of 'Wash Post' Previews George Tenet Book: It Will Make Your 'Hair Curl'

A Lesson in Rovian Smear Tactics in the Media

What should Bush's punishment be for his crimes against America

Edwards: Invest billions in Michigan to make it the hub of the nation's new energy economy

Barack Obama speaks at an Earth Day rally today in front of the Old Capitol in Iowa City, Iowa

Gingrich blames "Liberalism" for Va Tech Killings

If Hillary's Nominated....

Since those against Hillary seem to be pounding the drums today, I have a question -

"Dems divided over Webb’s proposal requiring approval for attacking Iran"