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Archives: April 21, 2007

Amy Goodman: Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Women's Health

Institutions matter more than Gonzales, Wolfowitz

Hand Gonzales, Wolfowitz pink slips

The deadly profits of misogynist medicine

Just go: Alberto Gonzales has no credibility and must resign (Salt Lake Trib)

The Gonzales Clown Show (Froomkin / WaPo)

The wave that destroyed Atlantis --BBC Science

MAUREEN DOWD: Running With Scissors

House Republican (Putnam - R. Fla) leader says Gonzales should go

Venezuela to Push U.N. on Militant Case

Waxman Threatens to Subpoena Card, Rice

Obama Hears Tearful Plea To End Iraq War

Bush Rebuffs GOP Pressure For Gonzales to Step Down

Military grants immunity to 7 Marines in Haditha killings

Fed breach leaks Social Security numbers

Thousands of pounds of beef recalled for E. coli (PA, VA, WV)

House Panel Weighs Subpoenas

Georgia Thompson Resumes Work Monday

Va. Tech Gunman Fired At Least 168 Shots (May be as high as 225)

Jihadist Video Shows Boy Beheading Man

150-story skyscraper could become tallest in U.S.

Ah swag...I love it!

How would I remove all the pages from a hardcover book?

Garrison Keillor Comes to XM Radio!

My thesis advisor sent me an email asking me to call his ASAP

Oddball segment on KO

Anyone feel like Imus and Baldwin were meant to...divide us?

ok this is what i rented at the movie store for this weekend

PSA: NEVER climb trees near powerlines...

What's this I hear about Daniel Baldwin?

Can you say the word "breasts" without adding an extra "s"?

What's for dinner DU?

No one wants to see my birdie/kitty video? FINE!

The Zimmers: My Generation

Pass the Mary. Wanna?

In exactly 7 days...

Need help with a sniglet.

Do you like my junk?

ha -- my little blind dog is playing a little blind dog game

I hate golf.

Skanky Red Socks Thread.

Jason Isbell is no longer with the Drive By Truckers

I could use some advice on EASL teaching materials.

Anybody here see GRINDHOUSE yet?

Post a paragraph for others to guess the novel. {warning, graphic}

Just heard Alec Baldwin's Voice Message From Hell to his daughter

What grocery store does Alton always film in...??

So When We Were At Level 2

Lily Allen's Simlish...

Yikes, the wheels have fallen off the Twins' bus tonight

Could you spot a DUer on the street?

Any fans of Hefeweizen?

GMail--Good, bad, what? Give me the word, peeps.

The rent-a-cops in my local mall ride Segways

Why does urine smell so bad after leaving one's body?

Why does urine smell so bad after eating asparagus?

ALERT! Coming up on TCM at 2:00am! Edward D Wood Jr double feature!

When I was a kid, library books used to smell good.

It's finally fucking Friday

Alec Baldwin has *always* been a creep

The Wild are out of the playoffs,

So I quit my job today....

Pretend This Poll Is On freak repukelic: How Much Education Do You Have?

Goodnight DU!

My CafePress bumper-sticker for my new Prius came today!

I got pre-approved by my cat!

What is everyone up to this lovely Friday Evening?

Why can't they make a riding mower that you pedal?

I met one of my new neighbors.

Ebay users, I have a question re; damaged goods

I'm singing in Beethoven's 9th Symphony tomorrow night

Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?

I'm eatin' my veggies

u4ic, KitchenWitch, Kerrytravelers, Kajsa

Fatigue and what it can do to you

Here's a somewhat old picture of me

Meet Katzenkavalier!!

Home alone: Dressed or not?

New York State Thruway's closed, man!

Paging Rev_Acts - Friday night booze report

The 1925 song "Sweet Georgia Brown" is a jazz standard and pop tune.

Yankees Red Sox thread.

Grammar question

so I got a job offer. in the mortgage industry again

Can you control your gag reflex?

'red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme...'

I have a celebrity crush

Ahhhhh, that felt sooooo, so good...

Any famous actresses/celebrities with high asscheeks? n/t

Themeless Youtube thread

Matcom--Mike Malloy is calling for you!! nt

Any famous actresses/celebrities with high cheekbones?

O.M.G.! KitchenWitch and her Balls! (Warning: graphic)

things you've said on phone messages you never want public

Heather Mills and "Dancing With The Stars"

Do you think that you have a part in creating the world around you?

What is the thread count of your sheets?

Any tips for a few days in Toronto?

What Do You Think Of Yourself?

Why does asparagus smell so bad in urine

Link To Brandi Carlile Acoustic Version "The Story"

Question for the gambling savvy out there:

Can I just say: SCORE!!!!!

If I had a dollar for every one of my posts

Do you leave the radio/TV on for your furry ones when you go out?

These women are trying to break me.

Ultra-Orthodox Use Revised Torah: Pipe Bombs Now Okay In Place Of Stones

Kerkorian wants to meet with Chrysler workers

Broken Reminder

The Rachel Maddow Podthing - Four War Years...

Karl Rove Comes To Los Angeles...

KO-- Heck of a Job Gonzales (10 minutes)

Mike Malloy: Arming Teachers - MSNBC Oct. 8, 2006...

John Dean - Conservatives Without Conscience...

Sen. Edwards, "Good Morning America" 4-12-07

Family Guy - U.S. Army

Vince Gill and John Edwards Join in Amazing Grace

FDA says Melamine intentionally put in pet food

Jon Stewart Slams Bush

Don't just sit and something

On the Turning Away

Through the Eyes of a Child

CODEPINK sings "Don't Bomb Iran" to John McCain

Rep. Frank on Executive Compensation Motion to Recommit

Can't we all just get along? Why do so many posts degenerate into flame wars?

anyone else notice * 's slurred speech while he is on his Iraqi message tour to high schools across

O'Reilly at it again - he is close to calling for censorship, and he is there to set the stage

Gasp! ....Olympia Snow is wearing Nancy Pelosi pearls! This is not trivial, guys.

if dems were not pushing the Iraq issue, Gates could not go there and use

This War funding game has gone on too long

Paul Reikoff on KO says Bushco

Iraqi doctor denied visit to Seattle medical conference

FYI: Bill Maher on Larry King Live tonight if 'breaking news' that's over

Just heard Alec Baldwin's Voice Message From Hell to his daughter

Harry Reid: Tell * and Congress what 'support the troops' means to you!

Bush muses on marriage, chicken-plucking factories

K.O. just Reported Americans Are Building A Three Mile Long Wall In Baghdad...

christiane amanpour on "barbara ann"

"FBI Probe Sidelines GOP Lawmaker" Are you enjoying this as much as I am??!!

Juan Cole: Senator McCain is actually Major Kong

A dying mom tried to hold on till police found her attacker

Bullys and Shootings and Baldwin, oh my!

Who is/was Gonzales' "senior leadership"?

Bar calls her son, The Decider, and Leaves a message

Melanie Morgan compares Media Matters to Virgina Tech gunman.

Nanci Pelosi: More than just Speaker of the House

U.S. Government Frees Anti-Castro Terrorist in Hypocritical Double Standard

Ohhh... "Tainted Love!" Anyone Remember Song &Lyrics? Digby goes after Bush with THAT ONE!

What is everyone up to this lovely Friday Evening?

Bill Clinton in Birmingham tonight (Sold Out)

Feel good story. Milagros is taking ballet lessons

Buzzflash: And the GOP Hypocrite of the Week is...

Real Time w/Bill Maher guests (10pmCT, HBO):


Alberto Gonzales Channels Arfy (C.W. Nevius)

John Dean: 'That this must have been a White House-orchestrated operation: That fact is now clear.'


This headline is one of those unintentionally funny ones

Don't forget, and tell everybody.

I feel dirty.

Question for the gambling savvy out there:

Could you spot a DUer on the street?

How's Lionel doing on AAR?

A Miracle at Virgina Tech!

Real Time with Bill Maher coming up on HBO @ 11 pm

Top 3 Power Rankings for the Democrats 08. New #1

FyneUK: Death Squads Systematically Executing Gays In Iraq Like Saddam Never Did

Hey NewsHour! Nice profiles of the VTech victims. How 'bout doing the same for troops dying in Iraq?

Coming Real Soon: $8 To Enter Manhattan By Car

George Webster is dead. He was a great football player, and so very important.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Governor Schweitzer and Senator Webb

McLaughlin Group, anyone? Edit: 11pmCT in TX.

Innocence Lost the use of child soldiers

I'm channel surfing and on C-Span, Dana Rohrabacher is comparing

Factory jobs: 3 million lost since 2000

ROFLMAO !!! - Caption This !!!

This might be too big a question for a Friday Night but, If Gonzales did Quit, Who'd replace him?

"You are a rude, thoughless little pig."

So let me get this straight re: verbal abuse/bullying

CNN's Anderson Cooper has a guest on railing about the state of

"US attorney general 'must resign': House speaker" Go, Nancy, Go!

Code Pink sings 'Don't Bomb Iran' to John McCain

Henry M.Paulson on Charlie Rose; not impressed so far. PS He's

Man with Guns in Standoff with Police at a Walmart in Augusta, ME

John O'Sullivan on Bill Maher

Alec Baldwin is a human being. And he's a good, decent human being.

Love the ocean? Wanna see what we all have missed out on?

Obama Hears Tearful Plea to End Iraq War

REID'S WORDS: "As long as we follow the president's path in Iraq..."

Another Sign that Gore is Not Running

Wolfowitz's girlfriend problem: A security clearance -- unprecedented for a foreign national.

George Bush is a Damn Moron

**If you were a Bully, Check In....Confession Time**

How do you prove somebody really remembers something?

Backlash against mentally ill?

Friday Night---Open Thread--Speak Your Mind.

Infant botulism from baby food

What if bullying was 1% responsible?

Gates says US troop numbers will be drawn down failing political progress in Iraq by summer

Wolfowitz and this shameless adminstration

Amy Holmes: Shuddafuccup!

Larry Johnson: Give the medal back, George (Tenet) ...

Gates decided not to do a 'McCain' during his 'surprise' Iraq visit

They are voting republican to get even with wall street

Posting Blues...

Paul Reikhoff on Countdown says Bush had a Geraldo moment

Schizophrenia, Paranoia and just plain bullying .....

Did anyone watch Keith tonite ? The idiot in chief put up a map

MUST READ: Alberto Agonistes --- Best Gonzales\WhiteHouse Summary Explanation So Far !!!

Turn off your TV

Hypothetical Question about people in the Media

Leona's Sister, Gerri, the DVD- What happens if abortion is outlawed

There was a shooting in Houston this afternoon

E! Online Reports Bush Drinking and Marriage Troubles Rumors

Matching Contributions! The Brady Campaign To End Gun Violence Has A Special Benefactor!

And this fuckhead is replacing Don Imus

Please pray..

Book TV Schedule: April 21st - 23rd

Australia's epic drought: The situation is grim:

Alec Baldwin is a hypocrite

Your SAM SEDER update for April 20

This Picture Tells Me Gonzo Survives...

Need a certain .jpg image!

Anybody wish to sign a petition demanding that Bush be denied from speaking at Miami-Dade College?

Living Deaf ~

Rove's Fingerprints and the Gonzales Fiasco


A WALL? That's Bush's plan to end Iraq's civil war: A WALL?

FDR was a very rich man.

"ELON COLLEGE POLL" from RED STATE Says: ...Waiting for Gore to Jump In..

Orrin Hatch's Intelligence Question

What does Gonzo have on Shrub?

Meet Katzenkavalier!!

Another wildly successful month at DHS


Bill Maher: Who is this Amy person on the show tonight?

US attorney general 'must resign': House speaker (AFP)

Wow! I knew that my Town was liberal, but...

Two-month Iraq spending bill ‘very likely’

they are voting Republican to get even with Wall Street

From Clinton, Hip-Hop Hypocrisy (Colbert I King)

‘Crisis atmosphere’ grips World Bank. (F.U. *)

Housebound Heroes

Here's to the "concern trolls" who "worry" so much about Edwards' image.

Progressives need not apply....

If Wolfowitz is still married, why isn't his "girlfriend" his mistress?


I love the King of New Orleans. He just did great research showing Edwards paid.

Final two parts of "America at a Crossroads" 'Security Versus Liberty: The Other War'" on PBS Now!

Give the Medal Back George (Tenet): Larry C Johnson

Car Bombs, and Pain, Define a War With No Place to Hide

New proposals unveiled for Security Council reform

City-owned cable system offers Al Jazeera, Arab-run news network

Training Iraqi troops not priority?

Army was efficient at hiding cause of ex-NFL star's death

Card's comedy appearance angers Waxman

Two Cases Are Test for Bush’s Unwavering Loyalty

W Post: AFL-CIO Goes After 6 Verizon Directors; Campaign Tests Shareholder Rights

Editorials: "Halliburton Scholars"

Free Speech in Kansas

The victory won't be American

Disseminate Information, Protect Democracy

A hierarchy of death

Reverse Evolution

Michelle Obama: Barack's rock

strib: An insult to women, and the Constitution

After Iraqi Troops Do Dirty Work, 3 Detainees Talk

Key Initiative Of 'No Child' Under Federal Investigation

Wolfowitz no longer has moral authority (Editorial / Reading PA Eagle)

NYT: A New Twist on Snooping at Wal-Mart

Right-wing blogs discover massive conspiracy to hide WMDs in Iraq (Glenn Greenwald)

Given a choice, workers go union

George Tenet Cashes in on the Iraq War

Metaphors of hope . . .

Tax Compliance: Thousands of Federal Contractors Abuse the Federal Tax System, GAO-07-742T, April 19

Culture of Corruption Didn't Die with GOP Majority

Kaiser, TV judge Greg Mathis, Human Rights Watch, Honored for Supporting Workers’ Rights

NYT: Union, in Organizing Fight, Tangles With Celebrity Cook

Alberto Gonzales: Tip of the Iceberg

WaPo--In Iraq, All Terribly Familiar (Hagel)

How did bombing Iran become a joke?

Choice of headliner raises questions about White House press corps

Vermont Delegation Says No Impeachment Yet --Politico

The Ideological Animal (Personality and Politics)

The Buzz Reason, the Real Reason --Juan Cole debumks MSM

Robert Parry: Hypocrisy: Thy Name Is Bush

What I Saw Behind the Scenes at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus by Archele Hundley

Information Age Replaced by Attitude Age --Larry Arnstein


California ISO market monitor says wholesale prices down in 2006

Museveni defends plans to transfer Ugandan forests to Indian group - AFP

Ohio Could Capture Faster Wind for Power

Suntech CEO sees U.S. solar market growing 30-50%

Offshore wind turbines are under study by state (RI)

Seven nuke utilities told to conduct new checks (Japan)

Big Is Beautiful (renewable energy, The Nation)

Scottsdale (AZ) Developer Offers Solar as a Standard Feature

Beyond corn: State's power future in prairie grass, cow manure (Wisconsin)

Kenyan Farmers Want Land Open to Hunters

Norway aims for zero-carbon status with all emissions offset by 2050 - Guardian

Local energy generation system in Woking, England, draws admirers - and skeptics

Toyota to Increase Imports to Meet Demand for Prius

Rubbish ruining fragile coastline (BBC)

China vs. Earth (The Nation)

Aaaargh ... someone beat me to it! Booster Blades, the skates you pedal

In honor of EARTH DAY - let's share stories

Study: Sudden sea level surges threaten 1 billion (Reuters/CNN)

Saudi Arabia's Total Reserves: 175 Gb with only 65 Gb Remaining

Does anyone here have PV solar installed?

Masked gunmen blow up part of American school in Gaza

So who knew Sunni Arabs don't like being treated like Warsaw Jews? Didn't Sadr say

Malfunction prevents major terror attack

The victory won't be American

Police suspect bomb was warning to gay activists

Puerto Rican activist arrested in Israel

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Saturday, April 21, 2007

Court Rejects Blocking Ariz. Voter Law

Lamone/CALTECH/MIT- Discuss Internet Voting in D.C. 4/23

GI arrested in bomb case

Pentagon Invites Kremlin to Link Missile Systems

Report On Haditha Condemns Marines

Polish soldier killed in Iraq, 4 wounded

Factory Jobs: 3 Million Lost Since 2000

Iraqi doctor denied visit to Seattle medical conference (State Dept. cited a miscommunication)

Web of faith: New online ad site caters to Christians

Truck bomb attack wounds 8 U.S. troops, destroys overpass

Yahoo sued for providing data on Chinese dissidents

Bush Rebuffs GOP Pressure For Gonzales to Step Down

(100,000 lbs) Ground beef recalled after Napa children sickened by E. coli

Court Rejects Blocking Ariz. Voter Law

Bin Laden offered Pakistan haven

Toddler fight' family spared jail sentence

U.S. Rules Made Killer Ineligible to Purchase Gun

Key Initiative Of 'No Child' Under Federal Investigation (p. AO1 WP)

Sunnis complain about Baghdad barrier

115 complete graduation early as war duties beckon(1 month early so they deploy early)

State Police probe if gov's driver was distracted by love

Analysis: Iraq surge may be extended

Analysis: Iraq surge may be extended

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, April 21 (One more US troop dead)

Bush sees tide turning in Iraq

Lenovo to lay off 1,400 workers (move jobs to emerging markets)

Iraq: World's Fourth Highest Executioner

Blue Angel Pilot Confirmed Dead

Lieberman Scolds Reid For 'War Lost' Remark

British journalist held for filming Kenya police(researching disputed terror arrests)

Patrol struck by IED south of Baghdad (1 dead, 2 wounded)

First Polls Open -- Overseas -- in French Election.

Gonzo's show a train wreck (admits Rove involvement), but W likes him

E. coli bacteria found in year-old ground beef - Recall

Violence surges across Iraq, coalition forces under attack (Roundup)

Democrats Urge Bush to Say That U.S. Mission Isn't Indefinite (Radio Address)

Bolivia says retakes station, exports to normalize

Fears of Fraud Grow Before Nigerian Vote

Mass exodus from Somali capital

Sunnis complain about Baghdad barrier

Congressman defiant as FBI investigates (Doolittle)

Focus of inquiry may shift to White House

AP: Drug Watchdog Speaks, Risking Career (under bush's FDA

Tainted pet food reaches human fare Officials doubt a health risk, but 1,500 hogs are quarantined as


Bush says Iraq operations 'meeting expectations'

US nuclear worker took software to Iran - FBI

Wash. gov. signs domestic partner bill

New Castro Pix Suggest Recovery

I had only one beer at lunch, yet I was really tired...

We're posting naked. Anyone else?

Hot Fuzz

It's so damn late and I'm so damn bored

Pickup lines that worked. (Sorry, Wetzelbill for the copycat, but I think it's fair.)

I Gave Up Cigarettes

I quit smoking about 10 minutes ago...

Nothing but a pretty niftily designed website if you are into art...

Wacky Wingnut Letter to the Ed. re:Global Warming

Gypsy Girl, oh twisty pearl

I have to sign on to AOL

HELP! My poor baby is miserable!!! (graphic)

he got it at the mount prospect police auction, they were practically giving them away

Just watching the final episode of the "West Wing"

My unabashedly ignorant reason for hoping Segolene Royal wins the French presidential elections:

I got 50 posts. Ask me anything!

Please help DU this poll from my lil' ole local station...

ultimately nothing really matters

who else chuckles to themselves when

MS Excel Question

style and usage question

stylus and usage question

Waaah! Why was Sanjaya voted off?? WAAAAAAH!

i had to go the social security office yesterday

Pass on the marijuana

Any tips for a few minutes in Tornado?

I'm so HAPPY! I put my sister in a home!

i want to give something back to the lounge

look deeply into his eyes, you cannot resist him

june 10, 1974

learn to make disco very good

Best George Carlin Show ever! From 1990 and it's now on You Tube!

iron butterfly en los simpsons

Why does the Lounge roll up and die so early on weekends now?

i think i will release a bass and drums remix on a 12" single in a vain attempt to remain relevant

Art Is Resistance - Year Zero - Nine Inch Nails

Can you post an incriminating photo of yourself?

Rich's review of: Sunshine

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/21/2007)

The Last King of Scotland-2 thumbs up

this is the thread where you can reply in short paragraphs common in trade paperbacks

just be thankful for what you got

Your Saturday Morning D.J.

Star Trek fans - how come Cap'n Pike has a big TV set in his cabin,

Guide to HTML -- download or view in browser -- in 21 languages !

I'm listening to 89.1 Jazz

does anyone else remember this show?

I paid $10.50 for a takeout salad once

"Currently, every copy of OS X out there now is vulnerable to this,"

I hate buckthorn.

I just picked my paws next to the phone!

To yoga or not to yoga...

i had a dream ---

Scientists plan prosthetic tail for dolphin

i had a dream ---

The first nice day of spring in New England is the BEST day of the year!

Take The Airplane!

I have tertiary syphillis.... cheer me up!

Morning Maniac Music!

i had some ice cream

The real "turtlensue" hard at work posting....

i had some ice cream

please refrain

At the Inauguration in 2001 who held the banner

please explain

please remain

please complain

please contain

Pleas Abound

Posted with a tip-o-the-hat to matcom ...

the complete monster gallery

todd are you not aware that i get farty and bloated with a foamy latte

i had some ice cream

I'm going to move to Montana and be a dental floss tycoon

i had a dream---

9 years ago I left home...

Well, Trout Season starts at 6 AM tomorrow (actually today, yes?) so I'm going to

please retain

would you like to go on a coney island steeple?

Today, we go to Ikea...Scouting trip. Weeeeee!

I watched Pedro Almodovar's "Volver" last night.

What's That Sound....

Attn: Boomers (and, actually, their parents) - Must see video - World's Oldest Rock Stars!

change my mind

Atlanta area dogs need new homes; their owner is very ill...

I've been asked out on a date....

I've been asked out on a date....

Must we all take horse... aw, never mind. I'll take anything!

OMG! Larry David was in my dreams last nite.

Congratulations IChing!! 10,000 posts

I dreamed I got my hair cut short and added brown lowlights.

things you've had said on your phone messages the caller would never want made public

One more doggie request: NYC Shepherd mix needs home:

need a bit of help - won't take long

I talked to Crim son on the phone last night

The Kid With No Name has one now, and DUers will be proud!

If you pay 606.96 to have your carpets clean do you tip the carpet cleaner guy?

7-4 RED SOX As BIG PAPI Knocks It Out Of The Park!

Miss America KICKS ASS!!

Big Black Ants!

Why do I like ice in all my glasses of fruit juices, but in orange juice it grosses me out?

what's for breakfast?

i forgot how much i like king crimson

OK to use V Tech icons out of respect for victims?

Has anyone worked with Adobe InDesign?

I had a dream this afternoon that an airforce jet crashed near my uncle's house

Quick question...

Must we all take horse pills? Need advice, please.

What are you not listening to?

Happy birthday ET Awful!!

It's been a beautiful day, I got a lot done, have a nice drink in front of me....

Subtle misogyny or liberation?

Some really good news...

Let's all take a moment to laugh at these people because of their haircuts

Scrappy Doo sucked, he ruined Scooby Doo...

and now without further ado ---

Several months later,how are you liking/disliking IE7?

OMG! I'm usin' Windows Vista! Ask me anything!

Rolling Stone - 40 Songs that changed the world

OMG! I'm usin' Windows 3.1 for Workgroups! Ask me anything!

Happy Earth Day! **PICS**

Congratulations GoddessOfGuinness!! 30,000 posts

Oh, I am very scared - My 5 year old daughter is "in love" with Justin Timberlake

Working Out Sometimes Causes My Brain To Get Sudden Bursts Of Oxygen I Guess...

Just wondering..

Terminator meets Jesus

OK! I have a question for the computer experts....

I have the 'flu.... cheer me up!


how old were you when "friday night" ceased to be a big deal

Just saw the "Power Trio" version of Van der Graaf Generator in London...

i forgot how much i like dream crimson

Dedicate a song to another DUer...

joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

A beaut of a Red Sox/Yankees game going on. Now 7-4, Sox,

Record Breaking Crowd For A Spring Football Game

Get ready to celebrate: Warriors will win in six - Column by Carl Steward

Northwest Airlines flight attendants renew impasse request

Farm worker union upset with probe into killing in Mexico

CN workers returning

Labor revolt ruffles Marin convent (Dominican Sisters of San Rafael)

NYT: Labor Rights Issues Are Stalling Trade Pacts

News From USW: Steelworkers File Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against FiberMark

Talks between union, hospital to resume (2,400 striking workers)

Omaha union contracts being negotiated

University of Chicago Nurses Ratify Contract; Overwhelmingly Positive Response Results in 4:1 Vote

Wal-Mart salaries reviewed; Unionized workers. Should be on par with Loblaws, arbitrator told


Workers Independant News (WIN) Week In Review April 21-22,2007

USW: Homeland Security Chemical Plant Rules Fall Short

Over a Thousand Strong, Masachusetts Labor Movement Rallies for Striking Clear Channel Billboard Wor

125 UAW members marches on UMass Chancellor Lombardi's house to demnad economic proposals

Union organizing Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800)

Clinton picks Detroit for union talk

Stockton caregivers union alleges unfair labor practices

WGA-E, CBS dispute heats up Writers Guild of America East has filed an unfair labor practice charge

Los Angeles Times to Cut About 150 Jobs

bloomberg: Wal-Mart Loses Bid to Halt Union Effort in Canada


Colbert - Donald Rumsfeld for War Czar!

McCain Dishonest on Petreaus & Iraq Stability...

Joe Biden Rips GOP On Iraq War Resolution...

Planet America

FILMMAKER PROFILES from Sundance Channel: Charles Ferguson...

George Bush disses Kanye West

The Truth Gulf Of Tonkin Incident

Jon Stewart Rip's Nancy Grace

Mark Day Comedy: Sharks Vs. Polar Bears ( Earth Day 2007 )

Hardball (Out Takes) Gonzales Testimony

Newfoundland homes fall off cliffs (signs of rising sea levels)

Fund Peace, Not War

Melamine found in Pigs and in rice gluten (its not just wheat)

Sen. Kerry Lashes Out At Sen. McCain On Senate Floor...

1st Ammendment Right to Assemble & the Radical Homosexual Agenda

Bill Maher & The Bible

Too Many War Games April 23-27

DNC video: "I Don't Recall"...aka Gonzales hearings.

New Rules (04-20-07)

4-25-07 Judgment begins for Democrats

A Question Regarding the Tragedy at Virginia Tech


"The war is lost!" -- Sen Harry Reid, Bill Maher, Bernie Ward, more...

Is Orin Hatch after the AG position?

The USSC Male Catholics should judge women's reproductive rights

How did Sen Whitehouse "find" the contact list from the Clinton admin for the hearing Thursday?

Chicken plucking audience

Obama is less progressive on taxes than Hillary or Edwards

HEADLINE: Local craftsmen send cornhole set to Bush

Wow! That was fast!

CNN report on Iraq: Propaganda or News?

Bank investigates contracts linked to Wolfowitz (Guardian)

did you know that WWI started in Anbar, Iraq over oil?

Why is Pfizer the darling of the GOP?

TOON: Ted Rall's Latest

the antidote to terrorism is to ensure that all children

the antidote to terrorism is to ensure that all children

the antidote to terrorism is to ensure that all children

Pistol Packin' Mama, Miss America 1944

How Media Mistakes Fueled The High Court Abortion Ruling

James Hansen in The Nation: Climate Change - Why We Can't Wait

Supreme Court gives a big win to predatory lenders. States/people lose.

Iraq now one of world's leading users of death penalty - Just like Texas

Fear mongering death merchant Giuliani says winning war on terror vital to country's future

U.S. News & World Report Opinion: "Rove's Fingerprints and the Gonzales Fiasco"

Blackwater - DeVos family (Amway) connection

Dennis Kucinich on FranTi-V

The Pen: "The Fox (Gonzales) Promises To Investigate HEN Disappearances

I finally joined freeperville

Is the NRA a business lobby or hot button to fool the rubes?

Since we have rendered Iraq virtually uninhabitable...

Seriously. What is up with his head? [PICS]

Inexpensive Cancer treatment on the Horizon

Really, why can't Feingold, Leahy, Waxman, or Conyers run for President??

World Shocked That Wolfowitz Has Girlfriend

U.S. starts walling off sections of Baghdad - Like Abu Ghraib prison only bigger

Can the existing Corporate stucture solve the problems of society?

Bush is walling off Baghdad like Hitler walled off Warsaw and my TV is obsessed with Alec Baldwin

Gentlemen you can not fight in here

LAT: Iraq Surge May Be Extended

"Obama Hears Tearful Plea to End Iraq War"


Maliki: Law enforcement plan is "going in right direction"

Murtha: Two-month Iraq spending bill ‘very likely’

DU this poll about the media

Alec Yells and Alberto Lies 74 Times and What was......

Amy Goodman on Haiti and "trickle-up journalism."

Don't Bet On Offsets----The Nation magazine

Gonzales show a "train wreck"; "inept, pathetic"; White House says "fantastic"!

Soldier: I Was Deployed To Iraq With Traumatic Brain Injury

Bush, Karen Hughes set to gut Voice Of America broadcasts

"I can't breathe,"

OK Mr&Ms Perfect Parents -- ever consider the Baldwin kid actually is a "thoughtless little pig"???

Congress to probe Pentagon's tale of Tillman's friendly-fire death

Sen. Harkin cspan1 just started a hearing on autisim. Will have expert

Mr. Psycho, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!....."Sunnis Complain About Baghdad Barrier"

george bush and The Portrait of Dorian Grey....

Golly! Is this the SURGIEST SURGE EVER, or what?

I wonder how much St. Reagan's haircuts cost?

Screw haircuts, how much has this WAR cost us in lives & treasure?

Any "hypermilers" out there in DU land?

Suggestion for your Saturday afternoon TV viewing...

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - SAT 4/21 ****SCREWN**** (spit take alert)

Re Edwards, image matters but you'd better damn well not let anyone know that image matters.

C-Span 1 re-airing Gonzo hearings Sunday, 4/22/07 @ 10:30 am

"If you break it you own it"

The president is a rude, thoughtless, child murdering little pig.

Boston Globe: Andrew Card Appearance On Daily Show Angers Waxman

The UK Gun Laws- Could they be applied to the US as well?

Land Swap Plan Causes Trouble For Congressman (Renzi)

Anti-Gay church to picket VT gun rampage funerals

Well, Duh...Bush: "Individuals With Mental Health Problems Are A Danger To Themselves & Others"

Ted Olson-- possible replacement for Gonzalez?

Iraqis fear U.S. wall will turn them into ‘caged animals.’

Check out the look on Herr Bullshitler's face when he says they're still writing

Why I appreciate the people on DU and the community we build

If I held up a rude sign at barbara bush's funeral, what would happen?

Attn: Boomers (and, actually, their parents) - Must see video - World's Oldest Rock Stars!

Did anyone look at the Nova M photo's and Videos ?

New evidence settles all questions about Baldwin/Basinger...

tell me again why we don't raise CAFE standards



Maureen Dowd rips Edwards in her column today

True Americana at its' zenith

Just what is it with pukes and their attitudes about the poor and disabled?

It's called nepotism.... Fred Thompson might want to think twice about

Crooksandliars: Bill Moyers on Realtime

The Nation Magazine Prints First Issue On Climate Change

"Let's Not and Say we Did" and The Great Congress Show. .

Barbara Boxer on csapn1---conf. on eviroment. I have been listening--good.

Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood. "first federal abortion restriction since ..."

Greg Palast on Today's THIS IS HELL ....

"Imagine no Liberals" - The screed of the Right

No place is 100% safe

Lunatic Michelle Malkin wants MORE guns on campus. "Anti-gun officials put students at risk"

Analysis: Surge or Long-Term Increase?

Just give Gonzales a medal and forget about it; that always works

To fully understand media coverage of Iraq

any guesses on what bush will do for a comedy skit tonight

Confined to a Dungeon Above the Ground: Desperation in Gitmo's Camp 6

"pulling yourself up by your boot straps"

* speaking out about mental illness.

NIXON had one "GATE" and BUSH has ... Let's count the many GATES today.

I need DU's help....

Lee Iacocca blasts Bush & Cheney as "clueless bozos"

Activists! Impeachment Action on April 28th! (that's next Saturday!)

Sorry for the political post but the house voted to give DC full representation..

Two Articles Re:Monsanto's Fight Against Truth in Labeling

NY Times: Iraqi Troops torturing detainees

If you can possibly manage it...

Motorists hit by card clone scam

Who Really Supports The Troops?

General’s Report on Haditha Condemns Marines

Cleared by DNA after 26 years in the slammer for a rape he didn't commit

DU the CNN poll at lower right:

Rolling Stone - 40 Songs that changed the world

Analysis: Iraq surge may be extended

Thirty-Two Chinese Workers Killed In Molten Steel Accident - 04/20/07

Do DUers now increasingly see the worth of having a majority in Congress?

Wash. Gov. Signs Domestic Partner Bill

Got a "funny" email from...

Was Bush Drunk in that Loopy "Chicken-Plucker" Town Mtg? ---pix--->>>

Dems have 2x the donors as the rethugs.

Pastor Defends Daughter's Raunchy Dance With Akon

Fred Thompson is a parody and gives me the douche chills

$3.14 a gallon regular in AZ tonight.

Fred Riggs may hold the only hope for Iraq

Alec Baldwin got a haircut in his house while bullying his illegals by calling them 'hos.

My company just stole my 401k match

Federal database for gun-buyer checks.

It just Struck Me: Bush Needs the Iraq War to Avoid Impeachment

Bush and Bad News

Phelps and WBC NOT picketing VT funerals!


As usual, when CNN has nothing to say, they say it repeatedly

Whither MoPaul?

the "Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act"

How much of an effect do you think impeachment would have on our standing in the world?

AFSCME Librarian Wins Top Children’s Book

gEEZ CNN...Stop Dragging the BA Coverage....

Wouldn't it be grand if the media went after Bush the way they're going after Alec Baldwin?

U.S. Database Exposes Social Security Numbers

Heh. Coincidence? Judgement at Nuremberg now on TCM.

Anger comes from hurt feelings

Micron CEO: No need to invest in U.S.

A CIA Man Speaks His Mind on Secret Abductions

If you pay 606.96 to have your carpets clean do you tip the carpet cleaner guy?


Need Stats: Network news airtime for libs vs cons, dems vs repubs.

3319 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I am amazed that some many Duers are so perfect that they can judge Baldwin and others so harshly.

The mother of all conspiracy theories (Bush & Dems colluding!)... and ALL RW blogs believe this one!

CNN Blue Angel Jet crash during performance

Waxman threatens to subpoena Card, Rice

Raw Story - White House Correspondents Dinner hit by rat protest

jihadi, jihadists are out as descriptions of the enemy in iraq

White House and Pentagon Scrap Plan for Iraq Wall; Plans Underway for Baghdad Freedom Dome

Iraq-themed spam - a new one on me.

Damned that "Fox ...Lou Dobbs!" He's VERY CLEVER...he holds off Gonzales Report until Last Minutes!

Yet another Fallujah leader assassinated

Gunmen stormed a house and killed four members of the same family -- a wife, husband & their 2 kids

It's April 21st ........ and everybody knows .......

Buzzflash is my homepage

Isn't there some sort of Republican shindig going on in SC this weekend?

Torture accepted by U.S. troops in the 'wild west' as long as Iraqis are doing the dirty work

On Baldwin: This whole country should talking to each other as if they are being recorded

What do DUers think? Here are the bulletins that got the USM student arrested.

First round of voting in French Presidential election starts in 7 hours

Mediocre job review blamed for NASA shooting

How does this garbage about Baldwin get out there ?

Does anyone have comments how on Earth ethylene-glycol enters the manufacture

Is it just me or do most "blue" areas have expensive real estate while "red" areas have

Dalai Lama live webcast coming April 24 and 25

The 'surge' appears to be working

Is it OK for kids to be disrespectful to their parents and people in general?

Did that "Blue Angel Pilot" just Mow Down alot of expensive homes in Beaufort, SC

I keep reading that Cho violated several gun laws when he bought his guns

"But he has done a fantastic job at the Department of Justice. He is our number one crime fighter"

So why should we respect the "office of the President"?

Cheers to the "Hide Thread" function's return.

BUSH Urges Changes To FISA = TOTAL & ABSOLUTE SPYING - No Questions Asked - Plus Immunity (NPR)

So, how serious is the disappearing Bee problem?

GRAPHIC: Cheney's 2001 oil map & new doubled Iraq reserves

Another hero emerges from Va Tech: Waleed Shaalan

We have a choice now: do we let "MattyfromCincinnatti" rule our society or do we take a stand?

Man Dies on Flight, Bleeding from Nose, Mouth--Emergency Post--Please Read!

Does anyone know if there is a difference between what the difference is between rice ,rice gluten

The children... OUR children...

When did america take the wrong road ?


United States Military Spending.......the REAL numbers will blow your mind.

Let's see if I got this straight, OK?

WTH!! I am starting to get a complex. I have posted many times and no one responds!??

E! Online: Laura HAS moved out; "80-proof suspicions" regarding Chimpolini

Watching HGTV Home Hunters... $300,000 = 360.000 Euros...

Everyone needs to see this: "I HOPE IT'S YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS THAT DIE" - Dana Rohrabacher

Soldier health scare back in news - Depleted Uranium

"He will tell a story that I think will make people's hair curl.

Former boyfriend endorses Judy Ghouliani as First Lady: "Sensual! Passionate!"

Laura Bush paid $700 for a haircut

Anybody tried LIFELOCK for identity theft purposes?

Oh Boy-- Government Seeks Permit For Outdoor Explosions Using Depleted Uranium

Things I heard at the Literature Table today.

Norwegian government introduces US-style surveillance of citizens

Bush gives aid and comfort to Al Qaeda, leaks troop movements

To DU Parents, Have You Ever Said Things To Your Children In Anger?

Instant CYA for Blue Angel crash: and one very important question:

I called my 12 year old daughter last night, a rude and thoughtless little Whore,

so my cousin is in Iraq building relationships

Op Ed: Why The Christian Right Fights the Environmental Movement

Wishful thinking turned into reality

"I won't vote for someone who has a real chance to help the poor--spends too much on luxuries."

The Omega Point

ToM the DANCiNg Bug 'TOON -- "On the distant planet Thamboria, people were always at war"

Internet Abuzz Over Meaning Of 'Ismail Ax'

Video of Bush giving away troop positions in Baghdad

Our Humanity by Margaret Cho-A korean comedian on the issue.

I hope Baldwin/Bassinger get differences resolved, and people wouldn't be so judgemental before...

Does anyone own a Taser?

A Bizarre (and UGLY) CIA Renditions Hearing

Need help disputing right wing lies

CNN reported just now that Koreans gathered around our embassy

Are there still "potery barn" DU'ers?

Iraq in two photos

Republicans intervene to save Alberto Gonzales

Ginsburg's dissent may yet prevail

RW Christianity in a nutshell

Temporary fix to gang graffiti. Heh.

For all who have criticized Code Pink

Reagan Republican calls Bush gang "Brownshirts"

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS???!!!^%$#@ *** "Key Initiative Of 'No Child' Under Federal Investigation"

Reading 1st program referred to Justice--corruption seriously, unbelievable.

Somebody please explain what a hedge fund is to me.

Mr. President, you should seek professional help, immediately. (an open letter)

Kennedy on Alito

Let's just pretend for a second that we don't know who left this message.

How Do We Thank George W. Bush?

Impeachment: A Duty, Not An Option

Give The Medal Back George - By: Larry C. Johnson

Did sexist thinking play a part in the cops' response to the VA TECH shootings?

Just came back from a rally with Cindy Sheehan.

Did Miers Tell Yang to Go or Be Fired?

al-Qaeda has warned vendors not to place tomatoes beside cucumbers because they're different genders

What an ASS this McCain is. he's a loose cannon he would be the easiest to beat

"We're still selling handguns to crazy people."

The Gun Violence Abatement Act of 2007

TO: Maureen Dowd ( George Bush lied about cheesesteak)

A good response to Dana Perino

Fundraising breaks political alliances

Maybe a war tax would chill the hot fever of war

The Working Families Network, Sign up to receive e-mail alerts

We are blessed, having a president like George W. Bush.

Legislating by ambush.

cspan1 is playing the oral arguments before the SC on abortion ban. Very

Breaking News: Fast Ends as (Stanford) University promises to expand living wage

Doctor: Democratic presidential candidate Edwards in 'excellent health'

Will TV journalists start calling the pukes on this damn talking point "The Democrats voted for it"

Bush administration has set aside its principles for political expediency.

Gonzales Fails To Follow Through On Pledge To ‘Straighten Out’ Lies He Told Sen. Pryor

Limbaugh: Conservatives Should ‘Circle The Wagons’ Around ‘Idiot,’ ‘Weak Attorney General’

So The Gonzo Hearing Is Over.......

Edwards should diffuse with humor

YouTube pulls McCain "Bomb, Bomb..." vid.

Fletcher (R-KY) faces past scandal, primary challenge in re-election bid

Obama, Clinton, Dodd, Biden, and Edwards supporters.

Then, bring the war to us.

Class War Driving Historic Income Inequality In The U.S (W's administration to blame)

McClatchy: Similarities are adding up between Doolittle, Ney

Clinton Says Husband Would Be Ambassador

AP: Wal-Mart Reveals Worker Diversity Data

USA Today: Public favors giving illegal immigrants a break

Amazing displacement of Guilt.

What does "Support our troops" mean, anyway? I would

Voter turnout limits (of Democrats) said to be White House goal

Obama Addresses Question of Experience

Senator Harry Reid, Why are we not loudly supporting him?

The Insane Plan of Extending the Surge

Obama/ Kucinich

Campaign against alleged voter fraud fuels political tempest

duped thread

why is Hillary playing it so safe?

Washington Times Smears ‘War Czar’ Candidate Gen. Sheehan For Taking On Cheney

Paul Wolfowitz's Girlfriend Problems Raises Other Big Questions

Rick Renzi's $4 Million Alfalfa Field

Missile defense system - in Poland?

Iran and Syria could carve up Iraq to stabilize it

Gonzales Hearing Showcases Policy Shift

Anybody interested in grass-roots strategy?

19 Massachusetts Legislators Endorse Sen Clinton

Berks County (PA) Democratic Committee Unanimous in Impeachment Call

What do people think of Teresa Heinz Kerry?

(Bob) Kerrey: 1% chance I'd run for Senate

Obama table at Farmers Market Diary V.1

In this hypothetical, you have to make a choice: Impeach or Imprison

48% of Americans would definitely vote against Senator Clinton.

Edwards calls for changes to labor laws (repeal NAFTA)

Barack Obama's speech from today will be on cspan tomorrow

Just came from County Dem meeting, and still worried about election fraud.

NYT: Bush** Endangers Troops by Revealing Baghdad Security Posts.

Obama: Is that Hillary calling

Bill Moyers on Obama..

Senator Clinton would make husband a "roaming ambassador"...that's great!

Environment Sizzles for the Kerrys

Interesting development in Italian politics....and Dean pics from there.