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Archives: April 20, 2007

Bringing Down the House of Lies,The Final "Leg" of the Journey(Steve Bhaerman)

H-1B Answer: Innovation (Good Read)

PAUL KRUGMAN: The Plot Against Medicare

Warming and Global Security

Gonzales v. Gonzales

Tomgram: The Devil's Dictionary of War in Iraq

Iraq fourth in death penalty league, Amnesty says

Apple plugs 25 Mac OS X flaws

Bush and Global Warming

Tata's $2500 car and Fords "Edge Concept" plug-in with diesel or Hydrogen fuel cell.

Former PM Ehud Barak deems Second Lebanon War a failure

Olmert's double failure

UN envoy: Israel's imprisonment of PA children feeds violence

Exclusive: IAF to ask US for world's most advanced jets

Gates: U.S. to sell smart bombs to Saudi Arabia

Jordan's Abdullah tells Israel: We share the same enemies

I'm Signing On: Joe Trippi Joins John Edwards Campaign

Police Hunt Man in 19-Hour Torture of Columbia University Graduate Student

BREAKING NEWS: Melamine in Corn Gluten Linked to South African Pet Illnesses

Colorado to remember Columbine eight years later

Government should be the only party with weapons, says Sistani

U.S. Republicans battle charge Iraq war is lost

Anti-war activists descend on WA Senate

New Push Likely for Restrictions Over Abortions

Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol (2 troops dead, one wounded)

Sunni leaders to form anti-insurgent national party

Senators Chastise Gonzales at Hearing

Reid: U.S. Can't Win the War in Iraq

HP, Sun, Accenture Accused Of Offering Kickbacks In Gov. Contracts

Gonzales Says He Didn't Know Why Two Were Fired

Soldier wins extra time with dying mother

Combat deaths rise in Baghdad, fall in Anbar

Iraq warns Turkey on Kurdish action

U.S. to cut off Baghdad neighborhood with wall

Breaking: FBI Raids Rep. Renzi’s Family Business

House OKs bill giving D.C. voting powers

Officials: Pet Food Poison May Have Been Intentional

Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

Internet hosts should be made to pay for libellous statements, suit contends

Web Source Of Tech Killer's Gun Revealed (22 Walther)

Rules should have barred weapon purchase

Moscow Dorms Shut Before Hitler Birthday

Lenovo Cutting 1,400 Jobs to Improve Profits

I need to learn how to sew asap..

My good boy...

Do you live with a blood relative you don't really like?

La mere's logic this evening while watching a program on Islam:

What the Hell is wrong with DU the last few days

There is nothing more dismaying than OJ writing "If I Did It..."

Cold Case Video... Have You Ever Seen

If you work on a network computer do you pick your nose?

I'm staying glad I found this place....I'm f***in' DU!!!!11

Graywarrior says I have to pimp my blog.

I'm fuckin' glad I found this place....I'm STAYING DU!!!!11

Boys and Girls State Participants Check In

There is nothing more dismaying than OJ after you brush your teeth

Any Facebook people here?

RANT: Why are there people like this?

Sometimes I wonder if the people on the Daily Show are for real...

Berto Gonzales (new lyrics)

Omg, I am *totally* moving here!!

All the discussion of bullying is bringing back memories of middle school

KISS in not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Is DU messed up because Sanjaya was voted off of AI?


Extra hour of daylight "another plot by a liberal Congress"

Please come over and rub my head

Help, I'm scared

A Texan is drinking in a New York bar...

poetry thread, anyone?

Is the internet messed up tonight - anyone?

The triple ignore feature really is better than the nuclear ignore thing...

Google Maps Directions from New York to Paris....

Anybody wanna try a fun game?

Is it 4/20 yet?

Special Gift Advice Please

For my 18354th post, a Marshall McLuhan quote

Funny Futurama clip (Al Gore, Uhura, Gary Gygax, Stephen Hawking!)

Bush does smack with Keith Richards


Probably the saddest song ever written ..don't you think ?

Guess who we're seeing this weekend?

N.E.X.T (you tube)

For my 3864th post I have a picture for all my DU friends!

Is replacing the card/chip in a cell phone easy?

Our Link is on Bartcop Today (Thurs) Woo Hoo!!!!

Sammy Davis Jr. had hip surgery in 1985

Memo to the old folks:

For my 3000th post, I want to revive the Lounge Losers!

Is The Music of Today Not As Good As The Music of 60s and 70s Or Am I Just Getting Old

John Edwards - Only in America

Walter Reed Follow - Up Hearing

Darryl Hanna's video on Biodiesel - Includes Bill O'Lie-ly actually speaking the truth

Conservatives Ruined the Military

Chomsky and Zinn: Iraq, Vietnam, Activism and History

Murtha brings the righteous anger: Don't say WE are fighting this war!

John Edwards YouTube: You choose---what are you going to do?

Iraq Vet Talks With Kingsford Children

CSPAN: Hoyer is reminding GOP they voted yes on a timeline in Bosnia

Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

UN Lauds Al Gore, Environmental Leaders At Green Awards

A request for DU v 4.0 - Hide threads without clicking on them.

This killing had nothing to do with bullying: Cho was mentally ill

More oil than expected in Iraq--Financial Times, UK

World Bank May Target Family Planning

A sniper to catch flag thief? The cops said no. He suggested a bear trap? Again the cops said no

Great picture on "front page" on NY Times online of Gonzo and protest sign

How much of Cho's actions were his fault?

We just got our new tax assessment for our home.

bill clinton on larry king now (n/t)

President Bush Pleased with Attorney General's Testimony (Press Release)

"Coughing Man" versus "The Umbrella Man"

Three days after guilty plea, Griles ties the knot

Bush spoke 35 mins in a small town hand picked crowd by Boehner-no applause

Kucinich to launch Cheney impeachment push on April 25

CSPAN2: Gonzo roast repeat, starting now

Keith is kicking some a** tonight!

Bill Clinton on Larry King right now

Blue Ribbon Kennel in Missouri

Has anyone seen the point made, ANYWHERE that the vast majority of mentally ill...

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill

Democrats to cave in on Iraq . RE: R Wolf

KO connecting the dots on all the missing documents from the Bush administration!

Great news! My neighbor (VT student) showed up here (Greenville, SC) today.

"Terry" 1969~1986

"Scoop" IV With Palast - Democracy, Gonzales, NOLA & Corporate Fascism

Former Mossad chief: Kill Ahmadinejad

Republicans chose the WRONG war and then they LOST IT!

self delete dupe

Clinton supporters check in NOW: Larry King Show w/ Bill

Caption Mr. & Mrs. Nacchio!

So many Republican little time...Here is yet ANOTHER one

Rahm Emanuel plans major speech about Bush corruption

Edwards campaign pays for haircuts, but not video production services in NOLA

Gonzales Hearing Transcript Is Up !!! (Three Parts, Five Long Pages Each) - WaPo

The wingnut media meltdown

John McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran

Dupe, please delete.

Wall to wall endless coverage of the VT tragedy....trying to figure out

on publishing the unabomer manifesto vs. the cho manifesto

Liberals need to reach out to the pro-life movement on the subject of guns

Anyone else having issues getting into GD Politics?

President Bush Discusses the Global War on Terror in Tipp City, Ohio

Media backlash at Virginia Tech

Presidential poll Three days left

Viewpoint: Virginia Tech's President Should Resign

Congress rails against fraud at KBR, former Halliburton unit

McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran

Olbermann and Zahn Beat Billo in the Ratings!

Jeannie Babb Taylor: Reading between the (head)lines

"If Gonzales goes, the whole pack of cards collapses" (Help me find this old Greatest thread?)

What are the specific laws forbidding election theft/disruption?


What's up with DU? Slow as our political system! n/t

Microsoft aims to double PC base (BBC) {$3 OS/software bundle}

Gun hating, godless gay hairdressers giving $400 haircuts to candidates

I think we need another Martha Mitchell.

the feds have your prescription records...

More on the once and FUTURE president?

Replay of Gonzo hearings starting on CSPAN1 NOW

Gonzo said "I don't remember" 45 times before lunch today.

Coming up now Colbert vs Sean Penn battle of metaphors.

Holy usury Batman! I just read a new credit card contract.

Hey DUers! If you're missing Mike Malloy tonight, it's worth the price to get the podcast

Proof that Global Warming Deniers are a bunch of Crazies

The GONZO hearing is being shown on C-SPAN 1 right now.

Hello Margarita!!!

Stephen Colbert Vs. Sean Penn Metaphor-Off On Now

NBC News defends its use of material sent by killer; some, including Lauer, had reservations

FDA: Pet food poisonings may have been intentional -- for profit.

McCain's 'Bomb Iran' joke is moving up YouTube's charts

Sean Penn Beats Colbert!

How Can I Find The CSPAN TV Schedule?

Soldier Forced to Leave Dying Mother for War

Gonzo's twin brother is very, very upset with you guys.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

I am not that particuraly liberal - I don't think.

Defense for alleged fragger asks for more time

HELP Can you get into your yahoo email?

The electrician working for me might have MRSA (methicillin resistant staph)

This is what we're up against (video)

In other democracies 'votes of no confidence' in the leader are not uncommon!


Excrement In Broadcasting

Even those at Freerepublic think Gonzo was pathetic today

All these Tech theories

Is Harry Reid the first person willing to confront Bush face to face on Iraq?

Carolyn McCarthys bill H.R. 1859 is being freeped big time this needs help

DU this Gun Control poll

I have been here - some time.

The GOP USSC hurts women and theirs

Let them die: Civilian deaths in war zones evoke no sympathy

Rocky Mountain News: Olbermann's Star Rising

I'm not the biggest Schumer fan, but god I love watching him grill guys

Dr. D. at college reunion (Agnes Scott): Will "Cruella" Harris be there?

Counter argument to the 'don't set a date for surrender in Iraq' nonsense used by Republicans

Breaking: FBI Raids Rep. Renzi's Family Business

Rove warns of threat of terrorism

“Southern U.S. town proud of its mandatory gun law”

US military to erect 3-mile-high wall across Baghdad

Up, up and away: Gas prices soar in 2007

Fuck, do I hate Neal Boortz

Anti-immigration students made VA Tech killer angry

VaTech and Columbine should not be compared to 9/11

A preview of Moyer's PBS show about the selling of the Iraq war...

It sucks to be a Republican.

Can you take the time to save an innocent woman on Texas' Death Row?

U.S. nabs immigrants working for military contractor (Reuters)

I know a lot of us on DU detest Senator Spector, but today he was

Rove: I wish the Iraq war never existed" and "It was OBL's idea"

VIDEO: Murtha SLAMS Hoekstra On House Floor Over Iraq Statement

Dems: please stay away from health care, cultural and domestic issues b/t now and 2008 election.

World Bank slobs met on the comb licker today.

Just so it doesn't go completely unnoticed... today is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising

Chevron confirmed as key sponsor of Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Electricity Summit

FWB Impeachment movement has kicked off. Join us.

Causes of schizophrenia: Genetics, child trauma, racism, unpopularity during adolescence...

Maybe Gonzales Won't RECALL His Painful Day on Capitol Hill

"'Berto Gonzales" (new song lyrics)

Edwards SOS for DVD

FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional/ plus new names - Blue Buffalo

House vote on Iraq bill

NYT Analysis: Gonzales On A Very Hot Seat ("not a single Repub... came to his defense...)

Looming corporate takeover of public universities? UC Berkeley & BP (UCBP?)

Olbermann and Zahn Beat Bill-o in the ratings

Update: Soldier health scare back in news

Jeb Bush-appointed FL Insurance Commiss'r under investig. for soliciting political contrib's

So "The government has a legitimate and substantial interest in preserving and promoting fetal life"

The Daily Show reporting on A.G. A.G.! "Nailed it!"

Alberto Gonzales Is Not The Problem

I just contributed $33 to The Brady Campaign To End Gun Violence. They MATCHED my donation. NOW...

I heard Rush say today that the VT killer had to be a LIBERAL

Articles of Impeachment in 6 days, anyone else feel like a kid before Christmas?

“Scientists: You Can’t Profile School Shooters”

Cho's granddad: We are glad he is dead, son of a bitch deserved to die


Another perspective on Cho Seung-Hui

Keith beat O'Reilly in key 25- to 54-year-old demographic yesterday

BRAD BLOG: Direct, Unreported Connection to White Houes in U.S. Attorney Purge Scandal...

Were you bullied in school? Let it out here; let's share our experiences.

Any speech therapists here? I think Cho had a severe speech impediment from birth.

Mental Illness and Murder

Bill Clinton and John Kerry: No More Gun Control Needed.

Are we ready for a more 'engaged' Attorney General? A more conservative one?

"Terry" 1970~1986

A good ltte from a real life veteran

Well, I was never bullied and was accepted

Senator Schumer regrets not filibustering Ailito

(R)ampant Amnesia

The Roots and Consequences of U.S. Overseas Imperialism

Everybody is bullied and there is no harm in it.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Karl Rove Determined To Strike In The U.S.

Medicine is still the youngest science

Poor Imus

Disappointed in Jon Stewart's interview with Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater.

Gore goes on the road with new book

Barack Obama thinks COAL is the green fuel of the future.

NY Times Editorial: Gonzales v. Gonzales ("...dull-witted apparatchik")

The Nation: Impeachment Fever Rises

Althecat "Scoop" IV With Greg Palast - Democracy, Gonzales, NOLA & Corporate Fascism

Is there any doubt that Kucinich is the best candidate at this point?

71 percent of school shooters felt bullied--US Secret Service psychologist

No more "They stand up, and we stand down."

Toxic parents

I need some straitening out here.

Does BushCo pay a price for standing by Gonzo??

Kremlin justice in the U.S.

Bwa-ha-ha!! Peter King (R-NY-Asshole) raises NEGATIVE $16,700!!

Senator Whitehouse (D-RI) Unveils Flowchart of WH/Justice Department Communications Expansion

Memo to Babs & Jerry on their "Freedom of Choice Act"

Edwards Calls Imus Insult Symptomatic of Inequality

Is It Ten Minutes Past Fascism Yet?

USA Cummins Fired after Investigation of Rove friend, Thor Hearne (Bradblog)

President Clinton to Larry King: Hillary will be "fine" if she loses nomination

KO: Interviews John Dean -- Dean thought Whitehouse's charts were good

On "Shark" Thursday nite...

"Na na na na, na na na na, Gon-za-les, goodbye."

Republicans ridiculous roster

Bush's reaction: He was "visibly angered" (he was Challenged)

CBS: Clintons Butter Up Sharpton For Endorsement

McCain Rejection Rate Spikes; Clinton, Giuliani Still Lead (Hill's unfavorable at 45)

60% of Americans think Bill Clinton would be an asset to his wife in the WH; 30% think not

Better turn on KO, OMG he lists all records lost, including bush's national guard record

How tough would a Giuliani/Cheney or a Newt/Cheney ticket be?

Does anyone else here think that Gonzo got the piss kicked out of

Anyone know why C-SPAN only covered a couple of hours of AG testimony?

Hillary has the highest unfavorable rating (52%) of any Dem, she should pull out of the race.

Contrary to DU lore, NO 2008 candidate voted for cloture on Alito.

Clark rips into Giuliani: "He has has no relevant experience that's in any way useful"

Abramoff's Specter Rises Again, Troubling GOP Hopeful

LAT op-ed: Kremlin justice in the U.S.: Using law enforcement as a tool of the ruling party

AG questioned sharply about Mercer's jobs

U.S. walls off Baghdad neighborhood

The Courage to Say Me Too!

Iraq Disaster May Cool War Fever

The White House Truth Gap


Dana Milbank: Maybe Gonzales Won't Recall His Painful Day on the Hill

NJ Gun Laws Would have Frustrated Va. Tech Shooter

Deathly silence

Renzi's Business, Doolittle's House Searched

Sidney Blumenthal: The Republicans' grand experiment


Time: Outsourcing the CIA

We Need To Focus On This Week’s Deaths In Iraq - They Belong To Us

Gun control isn't the answer - Los Angeles Times

"Towards an Understanding of Intuition..."

Hired Gun at the Helm: Justice Unhinged

DIONNE: Gun Law Pragmatism: guns on a plane?

Former 'Wash Post' Columnist Expressed Concerns About Editorial Page In Farewell Memo

Cheney's other daughter + Wolfowitz's girlfriend = $50 Million

Gonzales didn't give up Rove

Right-wingers land jobs with Bush-----Competence has meant nothing.

Iraq Pullout Would Lead To Bloodbath, Bush Warns

Skilled American's Jobs May Be in Jeopardy Again

'Devastating' Moyers Probe of Press and Iraq Coming Wednesday on PBS

Baby Boomers Appear to Be Less Healthy Than Parents --WaPo

Sidelined by reality | The neocons are suffering one humiliation after another

Look Who’s Hitched! The secret lives of Washington’s power couples (A MUST READ!)

Man sentenced for seeking to poison wolves - Reuters

Australians warned of drought price hikes - Reuters

Offshore wind farms considered for Rhode Island - AP

Warning over dumping of contaminated pet food

Australia's drought linked to global warming - AFP

Public Service Electric and Gas Proposes $100M Solar Plan (New Jersey)

Fuel cells to power South Africa’s remote locations

Finavera Plans 20 MW Wave Energy Project in South Africa

Scientists Say Link Between Climate Breakdown, Record Australian Drought Strengthening

crosspost: Chinese make first artificial snowfall

Howard - Expect Cutoff Of Irrigation Water By 1 July In Absence Of Record Rains

The Environment Is Sensual

Paso (CA) wineries celebrate Earth Day with festival (SLO County Tribune)

Dimmer-friendly CFLs (Compact Fluorescent light bulbs)

Uranium miner dies from cancer!

please take action to protect wolves

Credits/ Loans/ Rebates/ Exemptions for Renewables & Efficiency

How much wind do you need for turbines?

UC Boulder - 1 In 3 Chance Of All-Time Record Low Arctic Sea Ice In 2007 - AFP

Glaciers Calved In Greenland No Longer Survive Long Enough To Reach Canada - CanWest

Who's coming to Chicago for Earth Day Green Festival?

So here I sit looking at 11 CASES of CFLs. We nearly cleaned out CostCo

Robert Rapier wonders if he's wrong about peak oil.

The Economic Impact of Renewable Energy (NH)

Population, the Elephant in the Room

Nobel peace laureate Corrigan injured in anti-fence protest

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 4/20/07

Recs for Rumpel's great work needed..

FBI Raids Renzi Family Business; Congressman Leaves Intelligence Panel

UN: Children's detention feeds violence

Senators Chastise Gonzales at Hearing

Leahy puts Colombia aid on hold

Rocket strikes base, killing U.S soldier

Bolivia approves nationalization contracts with foreign energy firms

Son of prominent Iraq Shiite leader attacked

U.S. Gov.'s TV Marti Executive Sentenced 27 Months For Kickbacks

Energy companies join to develop Iraq oil field

Alec Baldwin's Threatening Message to Daughter

US builds Baghdad wall to keep Sunnis and Shias apart

Up to 130 (Iraqi) soldiers poisoned in northern Iraq

Oliver Stone Rolling with New Ad Against War

Curfew imposed on Iraq's volatile Tal Afar: mayor

U.S. citizen pleads guilty to training with al Qaeda

'Revolving door' (between Bush admin & Lenders) eyed in U.S. student loan scandal

Feds break up MIA drug ring

Senate votes to put brakes on private toll roads

Rove's name pops up in Dems' questions

Baghdad death squads end truce to seek revenge

Bumps ahead for a toll-road push in Mexico

U.N. rights report omits Iraqi civilians

Curfew said to be imposed on Iraq's Tal Afar

Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghan south

Iran needs 'few years' to make fuel for atom plants

Wolfowitz Backed Friend for Iraq Contract in ’03

U.S. walls off Baghdad neighborhood (Walls are it nowadays)

Gates: Iraq Progress to Set Troop Levels

Military recruiters back out of UC Santa Cruz job fair

Ariz. Capitol evacuated over bomb threat

Attorney general doesn't satisfy critics

President Clinton: Gonzales Should ‘Step Aside’

Offensive furniture label traced to China firm

Va. Tech Professor, Holocaust survivor, buried in Israel

Gunman opened fire at NASA building, police say

Clashes reported around Baghdad mosque

NASA Bldg Evacuated Amid Gun Reports

Scare At Ponderosa High School

House Approves A Full D.C. Seat

Iraqis turn to tattoos as indelible IDs


World Bank board delays decision on Wolfowitz

Murtha: Two-month Iraq spending bill ‘very likely’

Clear Channel Sells Television Group

Bush: Be Sure to Question Odd Behavior

Impeachment Resolution Draws Chants From Protestors (Washington State)

Corzine Is Taken Off Ventilator

White House insiders: Gonzales hurt himself before panel

Staffing at Vet Centers lagging

Va. Tech Gunman's Family Speaks

Imus' producer (McGuirk) fired over Rutgers remark

Iraqi insurgents now fighting each other

Court Backs EPA Chief in 9/11 Toxins Case (at ground zero)

Opponents to San Diego cross subpoena members of Congress

After Tillman death, Army clamped down

Gates 'respectfully' disagrees with Reid that 'war is lost'

Iraq Pullout Would Lead To Bloodbath, Bush Warns

Injured Troops Struggle to Get Health Care

Romanian parliament votes to suspend president

Pentagon prevents military officers from testifying before House panel

Vermont Senate Votes To Impeach Bush, Cheney

Amnesty International Report Condemns Soaring Execution Rate In Iraq (4th Highest In World)

Election audit finds mistakes aplenty

Gonzales Seeks GOP Support _ Gets Little

Criminal Referral in Reading Program

GOP Sen. Snowe sponsoring Iraq withdrawal bill

Chemical found in state hogs

Posada Release Angers Cuba

Gunman in Johnson Space Center

Catholic Church buries limbo after centuries

Pentagon Report: Wolfowitz Did Not Abuse Position by Recommending Girlfriend for Contract

Colombia's Uribe Says Gore Shunned Him

Users force Dell to resurrect XP

Only one hour until An Hero Day begins for us in the Pacific Time Zone!

a little night music for das buds & peeps...

George Bush Blues free song

sig lines are back?

These music threads got me searching for something I wanna hear.

Memo to XemaSab:

Memo to Oeditpus:

memo to me...

Need hugs, good thoughts, prayers if you can spare any

Update on Baby Trevor from Ms. Redacted

So I've got an opportunity to go on a real vacation...

Man Tells Police Drugs Were For Sick, Albino Buffalo Calf - Arrested

Winnie The Pooh Telephone Causes Post Office Evacuation

7 Year Old Boy Finds $9,000 Worth Of Drugs In His Pocket

"Spider-Man - the Broadway Musical"

I would like some advice, opinions and such, please...

Parrot Teaches 4 Year Old Autistic Boy To Talk

Well the tin foil trick did not work with the pissy kitty-dangit

It's only 8 a.m., and I'm already traumatized!

It seems (and I havethis on good authority) I may have allready won a MILLION dollars!


Study Says Fruity Alcoholic Beverages Count As Health Food

Idiot alerts!

Sean Penn on the Colbert Report -- Best 20 minutes of television I've had in 5 years!

Crap - Looks like the storms here did a lot more damage than I realized

Best Tracy Chapman Song/album?

Toddler fight women spared jail

Red Sox Vs. Yankees

Man Steals Cadillac To Get To Court To Face Drug Charges - Arrested

I had a smoking dream last night, for the first time in a long while.

hell with it, I'm going back to sleep for an hour....

Tell me if this is a big deal

Prepare for the next news cycle. Nothing matters except Alec Baldwin yelling

Very sad day for tabletop RPG players...

Greetings from the Republic of Texas

Paging the topology wonks in the audience

The Wit and Wisdom of Bart Simpson: "Who would want to touch a girl's butt?"

Ireland Baldwin IS a pig

PSA To ALL Lounge Lizards: Stay out of GD today

What the hell is up with the little-girlie-voiced women in commercials?

Pickup lines that will guarantee you will get shot at...

Someone recommend Italian pop music that -doesn't- suck with stubbled ferocity?


Let me tell you about my boss!

Cop Forced Couples To Have Sex While He Masturbated

McAfee subscription...

Butt Facials , Anyone?

Nation's (new) tallest building planned for Chicago:

Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic.

What should I do today?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/20/2007)

Mom who urged toddlers to fight spared jail

*sad*Pastor Ted was run out of town....joins Jim Baker in Phoenix

I had a good idea; note this day of infamy!

Question: Are the myspace view counts anything like accurate?

"Ugly Betty" just keeps getting better and better.

Just for the record....

Happy 4/20, everyone!

My back is killing me, I'm going home

painting tomorrow

Breaking news from the food porn front . . .

Rafting is currently turned off due to high traffic

Now THIS is something I could sink my teeth into!

Eating locally grown foods...some interesting information

all right, so i have Google for my home page, and i selected Tea House...

I just want to share that I LOVE the new DU Home Page!

Mother Of Kindergartner Walked Into Class & Fired Toy Cap Gun At Students - Arrested

OK, what wise guy fed the sardine mommies nuclear waste?????

The windows are open and the cats are happy!!

The day Billy discovered he could levitate.

There's no room for masculine influence in a kid's life, only warm fuzzy ivory tower Dr. Phils

Happy Birthday SULU

Bues singer, Tracy Nelson

Alec. Baldwin.

Husband gone for five days.

I'm totally leavin' work early today! It's paddlin' time

some of my nudes....

Screw you guys, I'm going home.

What should Alec Baldwin pay for a haircut?

Have you donated blood this week?

Just watching Shawn Penn (sp) on Colbert. They kept referring to Shawn as having said something

Hey, RetroLounge!

The midnight ride of

Austin City Limits (4/21) John Prine followed by Amos Lee

Any bread experts in the house?

Edit. I don't want to talk about the Baldwins.

Meta-Free-Phor-All: Stephen Colbert vs. Sean Penn

Thongs are currently off due to high traffic

Should Alec Baldwin have responded to his kid's disrespect by planning her Super Sweet 16?

Tracy Klas

Gocco! Has anyone ever tried it?

Nobody can think bad thoughts when they're looking at fuzzy benny hill pics!

Anyone interested in seeing the house I designed for my family?

Today my birthday lunch was at

Kim Basinger? Alec Baldwin? What the hell are you guys talking about?

Amazing!!! Video of Alec Baldwin Talking to His Kids!!!!

Alec Baldwin was great in the Departed

Mmmm... homemade jam!

Kim Basinger was great in L.A. Confidential

Man Wheels Trashcan Full Of Stolen Beer Past Police Station - Arrested

From My Cold Dead Hands!!!!

In level 1 and level 2 we cant hide threads, what do you wish you could hide today

by request: cat/kitten dog/puppy thread (dial-up warning)

Alec Baldwin forces his kids to sit in the smoking section at Olive Garden

So, I'm not feeling well...ask me anything!

Any one up for a game of Solitaire?

Now on KPIG for 4.20

GD-Sludge-Repellent CAT THREAD! Spray the Battlestations!

The team with the best record in baseball is now...

How do you react when someone says the most hurtful thing possible to you (and they know it)

Does anyone else play World of Warcraft?

Where is the DU'r with the child that got in trouble for downloading music illegally?

For 420, let's list some 420 music to toke by

Oh GOD what was in that cat box...

Caption... I don't think these cats are thinking nice things.

How could I pay for (potentially) up to $1700 for data recovery,

Westboro is at it again.....

~ 420 ~

people who profess not to like tattoos seem to love this one

Steve Winwood is currently smoked up due to high Traffic

Has there ever been a national DU get together?

What would you do?

forget ignore, how can you live without...

Life imitating nature.

OMG! Feel Too Good by The Move has just the right amount of cowbell!!!

I Need A Joint

Anybody ever use "Best Offer" on eBay?

I didn't get into the PhD program but they haven't sent me my "sorry" letter, yet.

Lunch was great, just the right spice, not to hot, but then I got this...

For the love of Maude, please don't force me to do work today! If I have to keep

Its time for a DU block sale; I'm putting these items in (all items sold as is, no discounts):

Is 35 too old to get a navel piercing?

GD Rant- I think I have to take a walk!

There is wet stuff falling out of the sky?

OK Mr&Ms Perfect Parents -- ever consider the Baldwin kid actually is a "thoughtless little pig"???

Video of our backyard birds & Morrissey (possible bandwidth warning?)

Ranting is currently turned off due to high traffic

Clerk's mistake turns into $200,000 lottery win.

Okay, dear Loungers.

Alert #2! The Furries/Plushies episode of CSI is on Spike!

Alert!: Red Dawn starting on AMC right now!

Congratulations Lerkfish!! 10,000 posts

Happy birthday chookie!!

Plato (the cat, not the philosopher) finds something in his size

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Nobody can think bad thoughts when they're looking at fuzzy bunny pics!

how many minutes does the Please Remove thread take to load for you

Woo-Hoo! Pelvic day!

TV on you puter, has anyone tried this?

Eddie Izzard from "The Riches" on BBC America tonight

Were you fired up by Red Dawn in High School?

The Apocalypse is Nigh! I just looked out my window and saw

Stephen Baldwin and Michael Lohan (that's lindsay's dad) want to save kid's souls,

Can you help with some market research? -If a company advertises their faith on their website...

I hate the sound of vacuum cleaners - how about you?

I watched Dr. Phil this afternoon, and now I'm a GIRL!!!!

This thread is to mercilessly split infinitives.

That Betty- she was such a goody-goody; I never liked her.

Holy freakin' buckets of rain, Batman!

Got any Sven and Ole jokes, or Ole and Lena jokes? Lay 'em on me!

goddamn respitory infection has returned

I'm sure we could have some fun with this - PETA sign generator

There's a giant flaming orb in the sky.

I am not unbalanced; YOU are unbalanced.

The people in Louisiana are sure peculiar, now ain't they

Oh, hide thread feature, how do I miss thee?

Sax Thread

It's been a full week without Imus. How's everyone holding up?

Kim Basinger is a P.O.S. for releasing that tape to the press.

Hey hey y'all! What are your plans for the weekend?

What a beautiful world this will be! What a glorious time to be free!

Of everything that's available on the internet, where the hell are the Necrotons?

There is to much Sax and Violins on DV! err DU

My parents freighted me as a child.

Barney Fucking Frank!!!!!

My parents loved me as a child.

My parents weighted me as a child.

Happy 4/20 from Humboldt County California...!

Happy ............. uuuhhhhhhhh .............. (420)

Does peculiarity really bread contempt.....

I've been pre-approved for my car!!!

alright posers, it's time for a round of: Battleground God...

Fuck You Pettitte! GAME ON!

Straight men, need your input, please.

Friday Morning Questions

God I love the Bad Brains!

I might end up getting a $200 cut and color.

From Annihilated to Zorped: The Lexicon of Wastedness

Sorry boys and girls, Aishwarya Rai is now married...

It is Friday, I am taking the girls out for a bounce! Join me!


Ugh...I'm hurting today....

Any DUers go to SUNY Oswego?

I think it's time to geaux GRILL and drink lots o'BEER!!!!!!11

Oh- my update from my physical:

Simple Egyptian recipes?

Random Vegetarian/Vegan Question: about vegetarian 'meats'

Pass The Marijuana...

What's the coolest way to get around a discussion forum's anti-profanity filter?

Post a random bookmark

Friday Survey, for the sake of adding some lightness to the Lounge

How long does a star last?

I'm going to start a lot of random topics to help drown out...

The NyQuil is working

You smell that...

I need dog help, especiallyanyone who has worked with pet rescue

Norman Rockwell was a genius. (Oh no, he wasn't!) Oh yes, he was.

I just talked to pawpicker on the phone!

My dad received a phone call from the Army that may have been intended for me.

Do you have a bad memory? (Gonzo... Scooter... Cheney...?) I got just the thing for you...

Ok everyone needs to just stop and look at this.

Who Is Your Favorite Comedian

Violins thread

What do you think of swearing in music?

Friday pic thread!

Half-staff flags displayed incorrectly all over the place, and it makes me mad!

Thoughts On Alec Baldwin's Message to his Daughter

Can you post an embarrassing photo of yourself?

My parents hated me as a child.

The Skittens are two weeks old - and kinda cute. (dial-up warning)

Are you healthy?

Help name our new puppy!

Pickup lines that will guarantee you will get shot down....

Betraying Spinoza

A Nuanced Article on Intuition

Catholic Church buries limbo after centuries

Reclaiming America for Christ

What solace can atheists offer mourners of the VA Tech massacre?

'Pacman' Jones buys full-page newspaper ad for letter to fans

OSU's Oden going pro according to family firend

The Bank

Make Way For The Living.

The challenge of the (D) Super Friends againtst the legion of Doom (R)

Put a fork in Gonzo...

Reckless - MoveOn commercial, RE: McCain's little war ditty

My Generation

Bill Richardson in Iowa today - Part 2

Our Consitutional Republic

Bill Richardson in Iowa today - Part 1

KO--- Dog Ate My Homework

33 seconds of Gonzo- Leahy3- LOL Classic

Pink; Dear Mr. President Video

Gun Safety with the DEA

Delegate Holmes Norton: DC Voting Rights Act

Four Dead in Ohio

Byrd: Veto Threat Does Not Dictate the Law of Our Land

WJ's Brian Lamb is truly an "A HOLE"

Oliver Stone Joins MoveOn for TV Project Critical of Iraq War

McCain ripped off the bomb iran thing from an ANTIWAR animation! moron

OMG! The Today Show intends to discuss Gonzo and how Repugs want him to resign and McCain singing

Brian Lamb Is Rather Brisk This Morning

Mary Matalin with David Gregory on the Imus Replacement Show.

Unintentionally Ironic Statement of the Day

US lawmakers rail against KBR, former Halliburton unit, for alleged abuses on $20B contract

US lawmakers rail against KBR, former Halliburton unit, for alleged abuses on $20B contract

Wolfowitz & the WorldBank Whitewashes (+Sibel Edmonds, heroin & contraception!)

Hokie Hope Day - Fri. April 20, 2007

== Everyone Should Get A Gun! = By Mark Morford

The Friday news dump - what will it be?

Involuntary commitment?

dupe. self delete

The fix is in: Baldwin is a strong liberal and has spoken against Bush and the war

DNC SUES Justice Department In Effort To OBTAIN RNC E-MAILS

Edwards vs Obama: Issue - Environment

* blathers. . .

One of our staff lost her son in Iraq.

Which Political Party Is LEAST Likely To Support Your Rights?


Home foreclosures rise fourfold in Boston

So, when are the Puggies gonna vote Grovelbert off the island?

Does reagan still hold the record for "I don't recall" 's? (150 + times)

Bush, on Friendly Turf, Suggests History Will Be Kind to Him

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Is America ready to be told that "the Iraq war" and all that oil is lost?

Editorial-- Major Texas paper: It's still time to go, Al

"How Do You Feel?"

Bush. Lecturing the World On the Vietnam War and the "Cam Air Roodge".

WaPo: Growing Number of Americans See Warming as Leading Threat

Not defending NBC, but I think ANY network would have broadcast Cho's video.

After Watching Dana Perino I say DEFUND THE WAR.

SF Chronicle: It's No News That MSNBC's Olbermann Knows How To Do News Best

NYT: Iraqi political landscape is more fractured than ever, but US have no one to replace al-Maliki

So I googled "autism" and "South Korea" and found an interesting article

McCain message to joke critics: Get a life

Bullying isn’t just in school. It’s rampant in the workplace too.

"Fair and Unbalanced"

I would like to make a public statement on DU about being wrong.

NYT: Some World Bank employees are wearing blue ribbons in a display of defiance against Wolfowitz

Scoring at the World Bank - Wolfowitz's Quid Pro Quo

"We'll be gettin' freaky like in Abu Ghraib!"

How much education do you have?

PAUL KRUGMAN: The Plot Against Medicare

caption this * pic...

Patton was right.....

Asia Times: Iraq Violence Resurges Amid 'Surge'

Justice Department Voting Rights Decisions Favor Republicans

Sports, Gambling or Theatre - Which is better for your city?

It HAS TO BE incompetence when it comes to the Gonzo Justice Dept. because if it were political...

A List of the Eight Fired U.S. Attorneys

Look who is interviewing at WH for Gonzo's job!

Shadow's medical updates: Breathing easier

Are you tired of being bullied by republithugs? How does one deal with a bully?

Bill Clinton: Hillary would be best; Gore might run; Dems have 'good field'

Breaking: FBI Raids Rep. Renzi’s Family Business

The Bush administration's sex scandal

Why don't they just cut off funding?

I said it before and I'll keep saying it, "Kerry won!"

Vermont Senate: Impeach the president

Weighing in at 10# 15 oz., we have a new Democrat as of

Anyone interested in starting a new grass roots Anti War movement?

Most ironic, truthful moment from a "war movie"....

Mental Illness Strains School Counselors

No Child Left Behind - Bush Administration a goldmine for kids who forget to do their homework

Democrats sue Justice Department asking for e-mail to be turned over to Congress


Raids on GOP Reps' homes; Gonzo hearing; Iraq war dead soaring; QUICK! Look over there!!!

Cheers to Lynn Cullen on WPTT radio. Here's her comment today.

Friday News Dump Watch

Anbody coming to Chicago for Earth Day Green Festival?

Fox News-Gonzales testimony didn't happen

Where do you suppose they'll deport us to?

Bush to Pelosi: "I didn’t criticize your trip to Syria"

Tom DeLay corruption probe continues

Forget "electability"....If Kucinich actually became president, could he govern?

Obama on Gonzo's testimony

New Era

If NBC got video of the killers of the 200+ Iraqis who died, should they not air it...

I'm sorry, but people are just assholes.

When did it become acceptable to say "I don't recall" for most questions, in order to

GOP Catholic Males are now the Supreme Court

Natural Soaps found "positive" for GHB in police drug kits

l8 years after Columbine assacre, victims' relatives still have questions

Al Gore Withdraws From Environmental Conference Over Colombian President Invite

Public's right to know about harmful chemicals halted after 9/11

MoveOn uses McCain's "bomb Iran" moment in new ad

$5,000 tax credit for solar, wind, or geothermal at your home

AP reports "Bush: Be Sure to Question Odd Behavior " LINK

Knock him for saying he knows Gonzales, but Richardson want him to step down

U.S. Military Needs Help Transporting War Dead

National Bolshevik Party Declared Extremist

Gore/Obama 08'

Fred Phelps and WBC will protest at Stack Clark's (VT 2007 ) funeral tomorrow.

Moment of Silence to be observed at noon today in Ohio for VT victims

Pentagon trying to make domestic propaganda legal

DOJ response on the Gonzales hearing from Tasia Scolinos

All in one spot: The Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of George W. Bush

I am SO relieved to learn that Iraq is not a Bloodbath...

Lowest rating for the President in 2007: Today on Rasmussen Reports

Did Attorney Scandal Hearing Put the 'Gone' in Gonzales?

Congress needs to act on the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act

When your roommate is a mass murderer

If the Executive Head of Justice can do no better

So, I'm listening to C-SPAN, and it is R lines only...

Staffing at Vet Centers lagging

Rohrbacher, McCain, and Boortz

where oh where has my tweety bird gone ?

Anyone Notice the RW Noise Machine Has Gone Almost Silent?

why haven't ob/gyns stood up and protected women from the

If you caught your kid lying, and in defense he said "I mispoke", would you accept it?

Sanctity of Life

Le Monde Article With Leaked intel May Lead to Criminal Charges

LOL - Saw this on another blog. Is this real?

New Survey: World opinion -- US cannot be trusted any longer "to act responsibly in the world"

"Hope I die before I get old" . . . seniors express themselves . . .

The Hobbesian Hell of Iraq How Many Dead Equal a Failed Government?

The single best Doonesbury in the last six and a half years

DARPA- The Militarization of Neuroscience

For one day, it would be nice if the Anti-Choicers put their attention elsewhere

Washington State Lawmakers Debate Bush Impeachment - Opt To NOT Vote On Resolution

Sanjaya to attend Correspondents' dinner

Training Iraqi Troops No Longer Driving Force In U.S. Policy

Protesting Gonzo: [PICS!]

Dream vacation: Sea, sand, and depleted uranium at Vieques

Bradblog: Douglas Feith - "There Were No Analysts Who Said Saddam Was Not A Threat"

So Did Gonzalez Play Stupid to Cover Up For Someone Else.

CNN memo: "Cho video and gun pictures--NO MORE USEAGE!!!"

Help DUers: I'm suffering from

FORKS! FORKS! FORKS! We send roses why not forks? "STICK A FORK IN HIM, HE'S DONE!" What a photo op.

Killin' Injuns...Killin' Iraqis.....

So, let me get this straight...

Highly Classified Documents Detailing Designs For US Nuclear Weapons Found In Trailer Park Home

Some poignant anecdotes on this day of mourning..

I can't keep the scandals and crimes straight...

"Richardson says it's time for Gonzales to resign"

With Gonzo a being a goner will today's news dump be the end for Alberto?

Limbaugh says VA Tech shooter "obviously a liberal"

Happy 420 day :)

"Group Launches Ad Against McCain's Joke" ******

OOPS! ---pix--->>>

Did anyone hear Specter say he had lunch with Gonzo at the break?

Adm. Fallon:"there's hardly a week that goes by..major event that also causes us to lose some ground

WH: Democrats' "fascination" with Rove "disturbing and a little bit weird."

A General Question About A Social Norm In India

Super-Disaster Tuesday Ahead

Robert Parry: "Time for PBS to Go?"

We Are Getting Tired of Prying Your Guns out of Your Cold Dead Hand

Cho diagnoised with autism at age 8 according to granddad

The Challenge of the (D) Superduper Friends againtst the legion of Doom (R)

Would the violence in Iraq stop if U.S. withdraws?

Just An Observation About The Bush Administration

640 days, 23 hours, and 37 minutes to go

(Former Ms America) Venus Ramey, 82, shoots tire, stops intruders

“The best way to put this behind us is your resignation,” - Sen. Tom Coburn

10,000 Mother of a March with Camp Casey Peace Institute and GSFP

roy Bount and other Repugs on HOUSE floor Whinning about Dems and

Columnist who called Keith Olbermann "the future of news," finds him having a big week

More Pet Food Recalls: Check this up-to-date site:

Bush went to Ohio to talk "terra", ended up speaking about chicken plucking and rugs

Citing terror threat, U.S. boosts security in Germany...Hmmmm?

Here's my idea: an easy DIY melamine-detection kit

Love Repugnican Style...

What's 'Really' Wrong With the Media and The Virginia Tech Shooter

The Environment Is Sensual

Helen Thomas: Public Service Is Not All About Glory

Sheldon Whitehouse for PRESIDENT.....He showed some strong signals he can do the job admirably

Freepers say Gonzales should resign and be replaced by Ann Coulter

The Killing Season: 3 Days of SURGE in Iraq (274+ Dead)

Helen Walton, Widow of Wal-Mart Founder, Dead at 87

Joe Conason: "A Gonzales Resignation Is Not Enough" (call for special prosecutor)

what does Wal-Mart have to do with baseball?

Poor Brian Williams

The Supreme Court Looks a Lot Like the Taliban

Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

Buhsists ask District Court to dismiss Guantanamo cases, claiming detainee legal status is "settled"

I knew Adam Putnam was dumb, but not so dumb to be one of the people who uses the word "literally"

bush on fox now

Bullying and another culture

Dedication To Al Gore For Earth Day

Number of White House Officials Allowed To Intervene In DOJ Cases Jumps By 10,325%

Li'l George

Ten ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You!

This is offensive, but.... Thomas Friedman: 'The Power of Green' (global warming)

Back by unpopular demand..."W is not for Women"

Regarding Costco's Kirkland Brand dry dog food

It's Friday, did i miss the Newsdump®?

Stephanie Miller and Dr. Laura Shock Jocks? Newsweek's Ignorance Shocking

Press is getting a free pass bashing Harry Reid

Purged U.S. Attorneys Slam Gonzales Testimony

CBS: Obama offers plan to cut gas emissions

Kim Basinger is a P.O.S. for releasing that tape to the press.

My Email to Tom Davis

Memoirs from the camp of suffering

I stand and applaud Alec Baldwin and his kid will never shoot up a school

Examples needed of American business failures in international commerce

Play on Nixon: laughs and White House parallels

Hey wait a minute. When was Iglesias fired?

What ever happened to good old P.A. and loud speaker systems?

Women sentenced over toddler fight

U.S. walls off Baghdad neighborhood

Freeper response to my "reply to all' response.

Hate Group To Protest At Student's Funeral

Gates is saying the worse it gets in Iraq, the more troops he's going to add

"France will never go down on its knees for George Bush"

Should Alec Baldwin have responded to his kid's disrespect by planning her Super Sweet 16?

There's no room for masculine influence in a kid's life, only warm fuzzy ivory tower Dr. Phils

Mayor Reconsiders Fees to Drive in NYC - AP

What a shame that the "hide thread" feature isn't active at moment.

What should Alec Baldwin pay for a haircut?

In the 2004 Presidential debate Bush identified problems "hiring the wrong people".

What happens when a Republican takes Viagra?

McClatchy: Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

Best 'toon yet re: SCOTUS decision

Support whistleblower Jesselyn Radack

Wheat gluten, corn gluten, rice protein, and now melamine pig urine???

Why Is Gun Ownership An Absolute Right, But Free Speech Is Not?

Alec Baldwin was great in the Departed

So is Tim Griffin still the USAtty in Arkansas?

Dutch coffee shops say cannabis smoke here to stay (Reuters)

Bill Maher evades security at Creation Museum...this is good

Broad Coalition Unites to Protest Unfair Postal Rates

Opinion Released. Court: Wisconsin Prosecution "Preposterous" (Biskupkis)

Gov. Bill Richardson - NM calls for Alberto Gonzales to resign...

Paranoia and Loathing in Right-Wingistan Radio at a Fever Pitch

The Great Wall of Adhamiya

Today's climate change snapshot: Warmer weather destroying Arctic treasures

Wow, they're really striking back against Reid...changing-the-focus time!

'Devastating' Moyers Probe of Press and Iraq Coming (E&P Article)

NASA Johnson Space Center/Houston in lockdown: man brandishing a gun

Washinton's 60 Sizzlingist Power Couples (You wondered about Nora O'Donnell.& David Gregory?)

Hang on Stevens, Stevens hang on!

no coal, no nukes. period.

Lacourche and Video Games


Dennis Miller...

What do y'all know about Michael Smerconish ?

While watching Gonzo on Youtube this morning, I started humming this song...

World Bank orders Wolfowitz decision

Report in a RW publication about a prison ministry visit.

Security tight after student brings guns to Fed. Way school

Liveblogging the Women's Health and the Environment Conference

Should Time Warner be setting US postal rates?

Pentagon confirms: Bush Hyped False Iraq Deadline (war funding)

Inside Edition's "Get out alive" video for high school and 4th graders

OK, this is f'in ridiculous...

Massacre and mayhem (Iraq)--Three US soldiers were killed in the city yesterday.

They Ordered Tillmans Clothes Burned

Britain's Mirror says CHO autistic

U.S. walls off Baghdad neighborhood

Does everyone get CSPAN3? Because I have 1 and 2 and have looked high

Richmond was a sea of maroon and orange today

BRAD BLOG: The GOP 'Voter Fraud' Scam Finally Exposed to America...

How many from Clinton's administration left due to incompetence

If They Think He Should Be Gonzo, Why Don't They Impeach Him?

Pat Tillman

Problems with Google's 'Blogger'

I am a medical mystery:two doctors puzzled will the third one be the charm?

I don't see anyway to stop incidents like VT .

After Pat Tillman's death, Army clamped down on communications at his base

Bush: "Its an Interesting war..."

I saw in the paper that today is Hitler's birthday

E! Online Reports Bush Drinking and Marriage Troubles Rumors

BRAD BLOG: Ann Coulter, Death Advocate, Speaks at Pro-Life Rally with Sam Brownback Tonight...

George Tenet Cashes in on the Iraq War

Anyone have good link to Cho's Sister working for State Dept. as Iraq Contractor?

Loser dynasty-Next Ohio GOP chief is loser DeWine's 2nd cousin

Loot. Shoot. Pollute. Vote Republican..

Un-American Tragedy

Can anything be considered SHOCKING anylonger ?

How many of my fellow cspan junkies and masochists will be joining tomorrow night in watching----

Elementary School Students In Mesa, AZ, Hold Peace Rally!

Obama faces questions on Iraq war

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 4/20 .... protecting peace with a bullet

How cruel are human beings?

FYI: CNN/MSNBC are wall to wall Nasa gun guy but Oprah is on Going Green today.

What happened to the front page RDF feed?

So, I guess we aren't going to be standing down as the Iraqis stand up.

Oh yippie, CNN gave Op-Ed space to the guy who rubbed shit all over himself to avoid Viet Nam.

Re: Is this guy a marine??? Please meet Adam Kokesh...

any threads about David Gregory's smoochfest with Mary Matalin this morning?

Tribes seek limit on wild rice bioengineering

Just to balance out all the anti-Baldwin stories...

Sometimes---the YouTube screen captures just aren't that flattering.

Who's on Bill Maher tonight?


Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

BRAD BLOG: Douglas Feith - 'There Were No Analysts Who Said Saddam Was Not a Threat'...

OK Keyboard psychiatrists

Isn't Blackwater a threat to the sovereignty of the United States?

What is this "Mica in the control room" bit on MSNBC?

HELP!!! Who's got Direct TV??

Why a non-binding resolution? Vermont passes non-binding resolution

Dem Unity Raises Questions on Iraq Bill

Waxman Letter Sheds More Details: It Was ‘Related To WMD’

NASA's Johnson Space Center: Gunman Kills himself and One Hostage, second hostage Unharmed

Dead Iraqis piling up by the hundreds and Bush says Iraq crackdown “meeting expectations”


House Democratic Leaders Call Bush's Attention to Crucial Facts in Iraq War Debate

OK Keyboard psychiatrists

Caption this photo of *--- & yes, it is real

Did I see this right? 75% of FOIA requests since 2005 refused. Reason? They can't FIND the....

Oliver Stone to Direct Anti-War TV Ad

Is there a more sycophantic ass-kisser on the planet ...

New Push Likely for Restrictions Over Abortions

Woodbury County puts stock in organic farming

Note how The GOP are so quiet as they usurped women's rights

Reid: As the Situation in Iraq Worsens, America Can and Must Change Course

Gunman kills one hostage and self in NASA standoff

A question to ask your local Bush-loving gun-nut that should shut them up

My bad, sad, mad, prediction.

Give the Medal Back George Tenet, by Larry Johnson

Waxman Letter Sheds More Details About White House-MZM Contract: It Was ‘Related To WMD’

**AWESOME**Jon Stewart Calls Out Bush’s Rhetorical Bull$*#t

Radio host Michael Smerconish to be simulcast on MSNBC in place of Imus

No, to Impeachment....

So now they are building a wall in Iraq


Oh great...another gunman gabfest...

Deer Park (TX) Soldier Laid To Rest

US military builds huge wall around Sunni Baghdad area as the Iraqis enjoy their new found freedoms

No more limbo parties

Gore shuns Colombian president over death squad scandal

Some say the DU is far left.

BREAKING: Limbo consigned to hell

CNN: Rep Adam Putnam(R) calls for Gonzales resignation

GI arrested in bomb case

Corzine Taken off Ventilator

Wow. I actually may tune in to Bill O'Reilly's show on Monday

Remains of Army Capt. Christopher James Sullivan Buried in a ShoeBox Size Container

BRAD BLOG: The Original 'Bomb Iran' Video

Head to Head DU Poll -- Edwards or Obama??

Remember when we heard about William Reinquiest taking drugs..

Gonzales Resignation Watch?

They're JOKING, right? "FEMA to Take Lead Role in Coordinating Disaster Aid"

8 years ago today, Columbine happened.

Dobbs just asked the Pub spokesman who IS competent in this admin.

WP: World Bank Orders Probe of Wolfowitz, Salary Scandal

Something I posted on a board full of GOP posters

McGuirk got the syrup bucket kicked out from under him.

This pet food does not use corn or wheat in anything. All of their

Something funny for Friday, and we sure could use it! MADtv--iRack

The PRETEND PRESIDENT does it again...he pretends Alberto did a heck of a job at the hearings

BBC: Despair stalks Baghdad as plan falters

What Do You Think Of This Pic?

Any economic experts here?

jr wants a war Czar. Why don't we tell him to nominate William Kristol?

There's some TERRA THING on the Cables...NASA Standoff/Shooter!

MARK MORFORD: "Everyone Should Get a Gun!"

Remember when the US helped out the Mujahideen? If the Heritage Foundation WASN'T expecting blowback

Happy Birthday, Justice Stevens!

BREAKING: Alec Nicole Imus Kim Tom Britney Sanjaya-Sanjaya-Sanjaya Baldwin Gets Haircut In House

OMG Another gunman kills self and hostage! This happened at NASA

Wow! CNN really on top of it...Reporting Alec Baldwin's Voice Mail

The Inane, Insane Ramblings of George W. Bush

An nuanced article about intuition

Alberto Gonzales and corporal punishment

1 In 5 Americans Live on LESS THAN $7 A DAY

Iraq war brain trauma victims turn to private care

Tainted pet food fed to hogs (might be OKed for humanfood, supplyer openly sought melamine)

W's "official" response to Vtech

Can we please end the cult of the hopelessly obsequious parent?

GI arrested in bomb case

"Christian Leaders Sound Alarm Over Baldwin Threat to Daughter", invoke Virginia Tech

American Family Radio reveals reason for VT massacre in classy video - surprise! It's liberals!

WOW! Sen Whitehouse's Big, Big, Chart Comparing Clinton & Bush WH Contacts With DOJ

Greenwald: Charles Krauthammer takes rank hypocrisy to new lows

Caption the Photo

Factory Jobs: 3 Million Lost Since 2000

"I believe there is a devil. & I believe there are demons". franklin graham

OH! MY! GOD! 1984 in Venezuela? Airships with big brother message...

AP Probe: Shocking Revelations in Army Coverup of Pat Tillman's Death

"You are a rude, thoughtless little pig."

Oversight Committee To Consider Four Subpoenas To Further Investigations...

The Molly Ivins Avatars...

What Gonzales Really Told Us

Senator Whitehouse Busts Gonzales for Burying the DOJ Internal Investigation

Is the Dow surging...Or crashing???

Basinger/Baldwin: Epochal, Earthshaking or merely Titanic?

Is This Guy A Marine?

Of the so-called Top 3 (Clinton, Edwards, Obama), who do you back?

I'm starting to think the whole key to stopping Cho would have been..

Offensive furniture label traced to China firm

Miles O'Brien's revenge!

Verbal abuse is at least as harmful as physical abuse

Va. Gunman's Family Feels Hopeless, Lost; Apologizes to VT community

McClatchy: Choice of headliner raises questions about White House press corps


A newly released documentary we should all buy to send a message to the Supreme Court on abortion!

Alec Baldwin

You Think You Guys can put up with a little Rant about the Homeless

Are you watching the AUTISM HEARING on C-SPAN 2? It's VERY interesting!

How it was easy to get the ban on late term abortions...our party went along.

I Wrote A Letter And An Inconvenient Truth Is Being Shown In My Community's Schools

Commercial Pet Food: A Diet Inducing Canine Hypothyroidism: A personal story

Let's Get Real: Future Iraq Scenarios & Why An Extra 100 bn Barrels of Iraqi Oil Means Lots More War

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 20, 2007***

**** Baby Trevor Update **** Thank you DU! Trevor gets news spot on SF TV.

A Letter from Anonymous Justice Employees

WAXMAN Plans Hearing To ISSUE 4 SUBPOENAS TO Rice & Card Re: NIGER & LEAK + RNC LEAKS + Contractors

What did Harry Reid really say about Iraq?

NIXON'S (and Bush's?) Presidential Death Knell = "attempting to stop the wheels of justice"

** Bullying** The Biggest Online Resource:

Obama on Gonzo's testimony

Alberto Gonzales was acting just like them Sexual Predators caught in the MSNBC Sting Ops

The Salt Lake Tribune on Whorin' Hatch and Gonzo

White House opposes executive pay bill


Who cares about Gonzales and 8 people!?

Kucinich to launch Cheney impeachment on April 25 -REALLY? His office says 'no info'

Bush tells Pelosi Syria attacks were State Dept.’s fault

More "progress" Delayed?

St. Louis mayor endorses Hillary Clinton

Presidential signatures

GOP Sen. Snowe sponsoring Iraq withdrawal bill (that makes 3)

Harry Reid: Keeping it real

PBS airs neo-con propaganda series. Time to pull the plug?

Gonzalez Hearing on DVD

Alito is whining on Cspan2 about not making more money

FITZ FOR AG! See what happens when the Justice Dept gets politicized?

C-Span: Barney Frank blasting R's for carrying water for CEO's boards, rather than shareholders

Milwaukee mayor endorses Obama

CNN Poll: Hillary 30%, Obama 26%

Anybody else see Barney Frank just now?

Health Insurance companies Playing doctor.?? a rant!

So, just what was Bill Clinton saying last night on LKL about Obama, Gore, and Hillary's chances?

Amazing the attitudes concerning polling data and Hillary Clinton

GOP Gonzales Resignation Roll Call

AP: Shareholder bill targets executive pay (House passes it 269-134)

Gawd. 'The Decider' speaks, plus video:

So, What will happen to Gonzo?

Richardson Wants Gonzales to Resign (now)

this week in baghdad -new york times slideshow

Bush upbeat on Iraq security plan (BBC)

Put on your senator shoes. How would YOU have contributed to filibuster of Alito?

TPMCafe: New Moveon ad Slams McCain for "Bomb Iran" Song

Whitehouse Correspondents' dinner will feature "safe" Rich Little. No more Stephen Colbert!

ted nugent has gone off the deep end

State Polls: Hillary ahead in MA, MI, and PA...

blogger predicted major school shootings on March 28

Where are the "talking heads" on this

'Devastating' Moyers Probe of Press and Iraq Coming

Missouri's Fox the latest big-money contributor to become a U.S. ambassador

Chinese couple sue Yahoo! in US over torture case

A selective definition of voter fraud....Joe Conason

Susan McDougal's Whitewater book to be feature film next year

Statement from Senator Russ Feingold on Earth Day 2007

Renzi's Business, Doolittle's House Searched; GOP Responds Quickly

'Don't tell me WE are fighting in this air-conditioned office! WE are not fighting this war!

Purged U.S. Attorneys Slam Gonzales Testimony

TPM: Another Sign Gore Isn't Running? Key NH Backer Boosts Obama

NYT: Dull-witted apparatchik....painted himself as a bumbling fool

Now HERE is a PBS show I'm looking forward to....

John Nichols: GOP to Gonzales: Care For Some Hemlock?


Wow! DU has an unbelievably nasty tone today! From the bashing that we are giving

White House Renews Gonzales Backing (AP)

Talked to the **OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE** about Porter Goss

Waxman Threatens to Subpoena Andy Card

CBS: Obama offers plan to cut gas emissions

Iran, US take their fight to Afghanistan

Vermont's Congressional Delegation Disses Voters and State Legislators

Edwards vs Obama: Issue - Environment

The Case of the Absentee Attorney, William Mercer, Montana

More evidence Gore is not running?

Bush Did Not Watch Gonzo’s Testimony

Justice Department official: Gonzales in good spirits

Chris Matthews and friends say McCains Bomb Iran song will be used by Liberals and anti-war factions

what Gonzo said boiled down to one line

Questions remain about who engineered the firings of U.S. attorneys

$400 dollar haircuts say more about Edwards than all his campaign speeches.

(Perino sez:) "He's our No. 1 crime fighter"

No sympathy from me for McCain and his 'joke' problem.

People in North Carolina don't have any favorites yet

The Hill: Obama Closes the Gap in National Polls

GOP USA: Bush 'very worried' on Iran nukes

Rep. John Doolittle (R-'alleged' crook) will not resign seat

Shout it out for Sheldon Whitehouse!

Des Moines Register: Edwards jokes about his pricey haircut

North Carolina polling: Edwards 39%, Hillary 25%, Obama 20%

Why do republicans hate Earth Day?

Gonzales on Thin Ice At Hearings (hilarious line from political reporter)

Number Of White House Officials Allowed To Intervene In DoJ Cases Jumps By 10,325 Percent

Bush refers to "the Democrat Congress" ... he does need to be corrected

The Gonzales Testimony: "A Performance Among The Worst I've Seen By A Public Official"

Richardson will be the first to air TV ads in NH; ads will also air in Iowa

It was just a matter of time before homosexuality got blamed for Vtech

No support for either Gonzales (Boston Globe)

Lieberman Attacks Reid: ‘We Should Not Surrender In The Face Of Barbarism’

Boston Globe: Thousands Expected for Boston University Obama Fundraiser Tonight

Edwards campaign pays for haircuts, but stiffs NOLA small businesses

Waxman Letter Sheds More Details About White House-MZM Contract: It Was ‘Related To WMD’

Bill Clinton & James Carville up to their tricks

Raw Story: Kucinich Sets Date To Launch Cheney Impeachment Push - Wed., April 25


McCain Demanded Kerry Apologize For Botched Joke, Now Tells Critics To ‘Get A Life’

Did Alec Baldwin threaten to kill Henry Hyde?

Is Gonzales finished?

Waxman to former Bush Chief: You'll talk on the Daily Show, but not to me? (SUBPOENAES coming!)

In New Jersey, sympathy for Governor Corzine is mixed with resentment

GOP Radio host Smerconish to be simulcast on MSNBC in place of Imus

An interesting observation: Why I don't believe Hillary can win.

Reid - When will the Democrats learn?

It's all about the Independents, isn't it?

Dana Perino: Bush's Bambi

OK, here we go. I am leaning toward Hillary but have an ISSUES question.