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Robert Fisk: The war of humiliation

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 285

Not to be rude, but isn't it time Mister Bush just shut up

New Times Require Fresh Politics and Flexible Tactics

Labor bill promises to shorten union path

The Sum of Our Fears (The Nation)

UK Resident: Gitmo Tough to Endure

Common Defense

Bush Balks at Tossing Out Opening Day's First Pitch

Wandering out of the White House into oblivion by Garrison Keillor

Seafood Poisoning on the Rise As Oceans Become Warmer, More Polluted

... SUPERVALU Recalls Select Private Label Happy Tails® Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk

Tsunamiiis Hits South Pacific's Solomons

EMI to announce DRM-free music plans tomorrow: report

Obscure New York State Food Laboratory Gets New Attention in Pet Food Case

Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush - Some on Both Sides See Plans as Risky

Pet Owners Likely to Get Little in Suits

Death in Diyala - A Salute for His Wounded, a Last Touch for His Dead

Cat Food and Dog Food Recall: Pet Treats Affected, Human Contamination?

More Than 600 People and Counting Accused of Katrina Fraud, Some Far From Gulf Coast Area

Balking at the First Pitch

'Freaky Friday' is a totally cool movie!

Herb Carneal, voice of the Minnesota Twins, passed away.

Anyone have any leads on affordable, independent catastrophic medical insurance?

T U R N ! T U R N ! T U R N !

Man, how long does it take to get over a relationship?

Cooked chicken in fridge for six days--still good?

St. Louis Cardinals fans -

I feel like watching a movie, but I can't decide which one to watch.

April Fool's Day ~ 2007

Irony Alert-II I got laid off last year

So I might be getting fired tomorrow..

Excuse me while i freak : can't upgrade laptop video card unless i buy a new laptop - what?

This War on Passover Has To End!!!

Randy Couture stripped of UFC title

What does everybody think of OJ dating Paris Hilton?

2 day old kitten

Shocker! Sanjaya (American Idol Wannabe) to pose for........

Official Condaleezza Rice appreciation thread

Levi Stubb's Tears

Did this come from Sesame Street? (warning: Contains youtube link)

Pigs part I and II

Are there any pervy Northwest baggage handlers flying from SNA to MSP next Saturday AM?

Has anybody heard from Redstone? How is he doing these days?

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear. . .

I have a gay friend.

Any unseemly jesters hiding out tonight?

My thread

Republican Polling On The Matthew Dowd Pullout: "Once You're In, You're In"

I have decided to move in with my mother in law!

Donald Trump wins WWE Title???!!! What is McMahon thinking? (spoiler alert)

Why do restaurant ads hype up adjectives as if they were 'marital aids for single people',

somebody stole $100 from me!

So, I'm going to quit school so I can focus on my domestic obligations. Like cleaning.

It's Miles time, mo'fos!

I went to this bitchin' party - free beer, free food, and $100 for the taking!

Anything wrong w/eating the 4 yr. old box of McCans quik cooking oatmeal I found in storage?

Check In Here If You've Ever Felt "Spied" On

I don't even recognize Air America anymore!

Happy Birthday Emmylou

I'm giving up being a nun. I decided to go and be naughty!

Regarding the possibility that the contaminated wheat gluten was used in human food

Blue Man Group - Anyone Seen Them?

'Planet Earth' on Discovery HD Theater

I've started six times to respond to various posts and then I lose the will.

"Sam Stone" by John Prine -- a master singer/songwriter

I have decided to pull the seedlings up

Why can't folks just talk to a pretty woman without being jerk offs????

Got a job offer at a Houston school...any advice or any info I should know before I accept?

I been a miner for a Heart of Gold...

What's the big deal? They're just animals!

My brother is still alive. And that isn’t necessarily good news.


Four and a half days .... still no ciggies

Loungers, here are some more of my photos. (Extreme 56k Warning)

auntAgonists husband, Gryphons Eyre, is very ill

Five random questions for those trying to deny the reality of the end of the

Chocolate Jesus Refuses to Melt Away

ESPN, you just blaspheemed opening day.

Kos Resumes The Circular Firing Squad with Obama the New Target

Testimony | Darfur

Hunger In the Suburbs

Soldier surprises his son at school after returning home from Iraq

Iraqi Justice Minister resigns over political deadlock

Glenn Greenwald: Nationalize all American industry?

Familial DNA searches. Using one person's DNA to carry out surveillance on their family?

This video doesn't fall under the category of "political" so I'm

Independent Lens - 9 pm - PBS - "Race to Execution" & “The Great Pink Scare”

Baclofen-Rite Aid-$30, CostCo-$19.98, Ibuprofin-Rite Aid-$19.99, CostCo-$7.98

Just caught Real Time. Hughley & Crier did an excellent job

On a day with more groans than guffaws, even the gazillionaires at Google go for the giggles.

Bill Watterson modeled his character Calvin after Bushie Boy.

And, the swiftboating of Michael Ware begins:

So I might be getting fired tomorrow..

A great rant from Tillman's brother


Monthly Iraq death toll up 15 percent despite crackdown in March

Want tainted wheat gluten? Buy it here:

CNN: People missing after Tsunami

Excuse me while i freak : can't upgrade laptop video card unless i buy a new laptop - what?

Iran makes £55 million from hostage crisis as oil prices soar

{OFFICIAL} Freeper/Troll appreciation Thread #1

Matt PUDGE is penis-envying Senators CLINTON *and* OBAMA tonight

God I love Senator Orrin Hatch's music! Absolutely wonderful: has been shut down by Homeland Security?

Sludge "exclusive": CNN's Michael Ware heckles McCain in Baghdad

Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush

The New World Order

US air strike targets Baghdad Shia bastion - We will keep bombing them until they love us

After Marine Reserves train in Belize, where do they usually go?

If you miss listening to Malloy on Sunday...go to...

Rove question - any psyche - analysis of Rove since the dinner?

Disuse of (Computer) System Is Cited in Gaps in Soldiers’ Care

This doesn't sound like Chimpolini, does it?

I don't think Bush ever thought the surge would work

WaPo, LAT, AP, NYT all failed to note Swift Boat Vets' claims have been debunked

Can Chinese Companies Be (Effectively) Sued For Killer Food?

Spring Break 3: Continuing Katrina Recovery in New Orleans

What are we breathing ?

USA Today: Pet food may have killed scores more

Should Dems make Food Safety an issue in 08'?

Roadside bombs strike MND-B patrols (6 US soldiers Killed)

NYTimes: New Leadership Is Seen On Rise Within Al Qaeda

is the History channel changing its name to the Bible Channel?

Pet Food Recall: Demand Accountability

Hospitals calling 911 -- to save their patients.

Middies power napping

3,252 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice

Obama, Hillary and the race-gender factor

Iraq II / Afghanistan veteran DUers. POST HERE.

I'm concerned about concerned trolls.

AP Exclusive: Kissinger says military victory not possible in Iraq

Hurricane Katrina Veterans must travel all over the South for Healthcare

Terry Jones on the British Captives: "Call That Humiliation?"

He started writing in his 90s -- now, at 96, his first book is published.

Has Anyone Noticed An Uptick in Hospital/ER Cases of Kidney Problems?

Want organic, safe dog/cat food?

Former NFL running back offers tips on how women can "find their spiritual fragrance"

Bush Balks at Tossing Out Opening Day's First Pitch

Cloned Milk and Meat: More Bad Food

Daily Kos got it wrong Again.

Gluten free product other words,

Tainted Wheat Gluten Sold as "Food Grade"


An amendment to institute proportional voting in the House of Representatives...

How do we stop another war?

Hey, DU!!! The Jersey Girls Need Our Help!!!

Other than cloned livestock what other scientific advancement should we fight?

Little groups of ambitious men who use their fellow-men as pawns and tools


You know this isn't just going to be War with Iran but WWIII


McCain Strolls Through Baghdad Market, Accompanied By 100 Soldiers, 3 Blackhawks, 2 Apache Gunships

A few serious words about humor, April 1st and DU

GODDAMNIT! HAVE WE ALL BEEN POISONED? Chinese Company sells Wheat Gluten for Human Consumption.

Months of Waiting, Still No Contract for Wayne Co. Workers (video too)

I'm all for regime change in Iran. Recruit and suit up all those chickenhawk

Ladies and gentlemen, what is so difficult to understand about the FEC's filing guidelines?

how about those sunday political shows


(Iowa) Democrats have betrayed unions

Given what happened in Mexico can we stop saying Gore should

AARP's National Call To Action Day (re: Medicare bargaining on Rx pricing)

Pounnd the McCain Campaign. Make his campaign pay for the Iraq trip stunt

I warned about this, seems like others feel the same way about Fred Thompson being a threat

Catch 22

Wash Post Monday Page A1: Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush

Meet Monica "Buzz Saw" Goodling (TPM Muckraker)

Pelosi to Knesset "Iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon."

Breaking: Bush honored by his constituency with memorial of "his great leadership."

Edwards website posts the details of $14 million + fundraising for 1st quarter

Hey, Matthew Dowd, it's too f-ing late for you to wax poetic about how

"The Democrats' honeymoon is fixing to end. It's going to explode like an IED."

Economic Report: Free trader says more than 40 million U.S. jobs at risk

Wingnuts going crazy over Drudge's Michael Ware report...

Take My Party - PLEASE!

Does anybody else find the amount of money these candidates are raising to be positively obscene?

I think most Americans would read this in total disbelief. 25 years

Iran outlines conditions for release of UK sailors

The Kissinger Presidency (Vanity Fair)

Terrified Republican Senators Set August Deadline for Iraq

Distract and Disenfranchise Paul Krugman NYTIMES

Why Does Bill O’Reilly Hate Our Troops and American Values?

Jesus, The Liberal of History, Vs. Jesus, The Fascist of The Christian Right's Fantasies

Washington hurting British bid to free crew

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

The Decoy Effect, or How to Win an Election By Shankar Vedantam --WaPo

Rove and the Destruction of Democracy

'The Surge Is Working!' Isn't Working (Bob Cesca at HuffPost)

Gonzo Justice (Joseph A. Palermo at HuffPost)

America Gone Wrong: A Slashed Safety Net Turns Libraries into Homeless Shelters

FOX News Special Report 'Socks, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper'

DOJ's War on Competence (Larry Schwartztol at HuffPost)

Springtime in Bushland means misery

American Mugabe

Saving Air America (a Truthdig interview with Mark Green)

Sanjaya the next American Idol....?


Anger as UK's carbon dioxide emissions reach 10-year high

U.S. wind industry growing, equipment supply stretched thin

Environmental Defense email re: SCOTUS rulings:

Better than ethanol ( {butanol, ethanol's big brother}

3 questions I need answers or links to answer for my colossal project...

Utility Stocks Surprisingly Pleased With SCOTUS Decision

Doak: Hydrogen project could point way to new energy paradigm

EU Calls for US Global Warming Help

Supreme Court rebukes Bush administration on emissions

Author: Oil prices will prompt resurgence of family farm

European Energy: Role Reversal (UK Hubbert Peak)

Mekong River drying up

EU slams United States, Australia on climate change - Reuters

Cities learning the value of conserving tree canopy

its those pesky natural cycles..

Shipping containers

Impacts of Climate Change

Court Throws Out Bush Forest Management Regulations (ENS)

"SOLAR Act" would ensure fair treatment of solar energy system owners

Bakhtiari calls the Peak and predicts 55 mbpd by 2020.

PA officials: Failure of talks with Israel may empower extremists

PM willing to start dialogue with Saudis, join regional summit

Captors reportedly step back from Shalit deal

'Once Upon a Country' by Sari Nusseibeh, with Anthony David (book review)

Feds Eyeballed AIPAC

Fire destroys NY anti-Zionist synagogue

US Attorneys: Asleep at the Switch. How about ELECTION FRAUD? ERD News 2 April

Bob Bennett sues in Franklin Co. to keep his job on Cuyahoga BOE

Newt slams Spanish, promotes "the language of prosperity."

Grieving couple commit suicide after pet dog dies

British Trooper 135 Dies In Iraq

France ‘was seconds’ from downing Israeli jet

Shiite Cleric Opposes Baathists' Return

Obama Says Congress Will Fund Iraq War

Militias’ reign of terror grips Baghdad again

Death sought for 'Chemical Ali'

Tal Afar toll tops record for Iraq war's deadliest attack

UPDATE 1-US Court Rules Against Bush in Global Warming Case

Colombia begins to investigate massacre at `peace community' (3rd highest US foreign aid)

UK man released from Guantanamo

Suspicious fire destroys N.Y. synagogue

Supreme Court: EPA can regulate vehicle emissions

Veil protest dogs Kuwait minister

Apple, EMI to Sell Unprotected Songs Online

USS Nimitz Deploys To Persian Gulf

Snipers back at Baghdad market after McCain visit

Justices Rule Against White House on Emissions

Tallahassee lobbyists target Palm Beach County's moratorium on limestone mines

Saudi Arabia hails project to reform al-Qa'eda fighters

Colombia bans jailed militia chiefs from politics (3rd largest US foreign aid recipient)

2 people killed in shooting on Univ. Washington campus

Senate leader to get behind Feingold plan - War funding would cease in March 2008

Pacts with Colombia, Peru, Panama 'require change' ( House Democrats)

Meehan (D-MA) to submit resignation letter May 9

Pet Food Recall: Chinese Company Not only Gluten Source In Recall?

New owner announces closings, job cuts at Hoover's home base

(Wade Horn) Welfare, abstinence chief resigns

American diplomat stunned at how deep Iraq's sectarian divide remains(leading reconstruction)

Google Restores Katrina's Scars to Google Earth

McCain trails Romney, Giuliani in fundraising

Two Preschoolers Found Dead In Minnesota

Halliburton CEO got $15.2 million last year

U.S. sends troops back to Iraq to maintain 'surge'

Pet Treats With Salmonella Recalled

Settlement reached in New York student loan probe (Not just NY schools)

Ohio Elections Chief Takes Over Board

Report: Subprime woes to drag housing in ’07

Contaminated Pet Food Causes Human Food Scare

China's Spying Overwhelms U.S. Counterintelligence

Duke DA Backlash

Federici is Latest Target in Abramoff Probe


American reported missing in Iran

U.S. FDA Stops Imports From Chinese Company in Pet Food Recall

South Korea, U.S. agree last-minute trade deal

GOP Fundraising Numbers Hit New Highs (Romney $23M, Giuliani $15M)

Global Warming Expert Fears 'Refugee Crisis'

Cheney says Democrats undercutting U.S. troops in Iraq

Court: Feds Can Regulate Car Emissions

New Century files for bankruptcy; selling units

TYC may release 400 youths by week's end

Big truck bomb in Iraq's Kirkuk, casualties-police

Man Cleared After 22 Years in Prison

Pelosi says White House singling out her trip to Syria

Job losses in Indiana rank 2nd in U.S.

Gonzales prepares for congressional testimony

Ukraine leader dissolves assembly

Bullet shortage tales spur police to load up

China denies role in pet food recall

Former FBI Agent on Private Business in Iran Missing

GOP insider Vic Gold launches broadside at state of party

Kidney failure rate soars among S. Florida's children

Qaeda Is Seen as Restoring Leadership

Seattle to pay WTO protesters $1 million

381 Killed In 4 Days Of Somalia Battles (Gov't tell residents to flee)

Hicks feared interrogators would shoot him

Two shot dead at UW's Gould Hall

ABC News Exclusive: Iran Nuclear Bomb Could Be Possible by 2009

Tehran claims all 15 UK personnel have 'confessed'

Seeking a Car That Gets 100 Miles a Gallon

Schools drop Holocaust lessons

Hershey to buy 51% in Godrej Beverages

Supreme Court won't decide legal rights of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Critics question Chiquita's claim that it was forced to pay Colombia's paramilitaries

Me as a Comic Book Character

Alan Brady, Alan Brady, Alan Brady, Alan Brady

Crappity-Crap I'm tired .......

Four and a half days--still no piggies

Well, I'm off to Nebraska!

The Florida Gator logo on Wikipedia has been replaced with an Ohio State logo.

Has anybody seen "Torchwood" (the Dr. Who spinoff)?

Is it too soon to sell my autographed Cal Ripken Jr baseball ?

I don't like mondays

Woman Offered To Let Undercover Cop Have Sex With Her 7 Year Old Daughter

When coffee meets milk

I have nothing whatsoever to brag about this morning.....

Interesting, I played a little joke on people living on my street.

We need a "Work Friendly Screen Skin" for DU.

Yahoo Underground?!

Happy OPENING DAY!!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone

Unexplained store closing leaves employees baffeld (weird)

To all baseball fans

"Happy people are never wicked."

First, he was kicked out of Bob Jones U. now American Idol

I just started a CafePress store (blatant spam)

Amusement Park Bans Screaming On Ride Called The Screamer

I have "THE COLD." Hack Hack Hack.

April Fool Prank -- OMG, did I get Mrs. Venation!!

Is there a good way to get over jet lag?

FDA Approves Do-It-Yourself Home Vasectomy Kit

The Ad Parasite Hilton wants banned.

Photo I took in London of what I think is the most oddly beautiful flower in the world

I skipped Palm Sunday Mass to go to the casino instead

Why, for the love of God, do I watch "Beaches" everytime it's on TV

Green thumbs, can I transplant rose bushes my neighbor dug up? Roots are

Need a little advice from Bi-lingual DU'ers..(this is NOT a copycat)

Scottie gets beamed up! One last time.

Tulips are coming up in my front garden

Its Opening Day!!!!

I'll be able to kiss my wife soon

Yay, bureaucracy!

Is Windows Update Time Server screwed up?


I quit smoking 12 days ago this year!

Did anybody else not play April Fools' pranks?

I need a ten-inch-diameter cannon built

Check in here if you have resisted clicking onto the 'Please Remove'

Seriously - what the hell happened to Flavor Flav?


If you know what "6EQUJ5" is, you're indeed a super geek

Cardinals, blue jays, palliated woodpeckers, oh my!

I'm hiding all Rachel Raye threads because they make me ill. Also, Benny my cat

Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain

Safe Ways To Color Easter Eggs?

Man Stuffs His Kids Into Trunk To Make Room For Other Passengers - Arrested

OMG, CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN RIGHT NOW. The War on Easter has started!!

Please move.

Chicago Cubs are FOR SALE!!!!

Late April Fool's Disclosure: Global Warming a Hoax after all

Does anyone here have medical experience within a corporate setting?

Dr. Patterson just returned my page twice.

My little sister (6 years old) got into a "gifted" school.

Any "Clean House" fans?

Are people becoming less interested in compact discs today?

I lost my job last Friday. And I'm scared!



Alberto Gonzales to be replaced with Larry Seidlin

This may be the coolest table ever made

Did anyone see Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" movie

Are you ready for passover? Are you SURE you're ready?

Tasting Rachel Ray

Cop Found Not Guilty Of Drunk Driving - Not 'Technically' Passed Out In Drivers Seat

Who Is Your Hero

Yes, let's talk about kittens.......kittens DON'T steal your holiday time.

What movie should I see tonight? Shooter?

Happy birthday Bunny!!

Johan Santana is ON today!

Is it politically incorrect to dislike tofu because of its texture and lack of original taste?

Car trouble - every now and then my timing is perfect

April 2nd seems so insignificant after april 1st

A must read in GD.

I'm Back! Radio Lady returns from Hawaii... Want to talk? What have I missed since March 11th?

Rachel Ray, Giada DiLaurentis or whoever: Most kissable cook

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/2/2007)

Pull the damn thing down!

the Braves will ride Renteria's bat to the Series this year. you heard it here first.

One Prayer


Is this where I let everyone know that T Mobile is owned by Satan?

Most Kissable Cook: Guy Version

Magglio very, very cute. Go Tigers!

Red Sox UP 1-0 In The FIRST!

So my girlfriends ex-boyfriend needed to stay with us last night...

Do you think Rachel Ray was hired for her abilities, or for her looks?

"Doohan's Ashes to Be Blasted Into Space"

Have A Merry Passover!

I have to say, I am So Over "YouTube." YouTube is so Last Year.

Why I loathe my neighbors (this week)

Is this old news? Microwaving/freezing food in..

WESLEY CLARK is coming to my university - ask me anything!

Oh you just got to read this from rapture ready...

I GOT IT!!!!

Grieving couple commit suicide after pet dog dies

OMFG, I'm howling with laughter here!!!

need help resizing a gif

Let the big dick fairy bless you

I miss Temporary SockPuppet

Help me find the best deal for cable TV...

3 Wounded in Shooting at Nickelodeon Awards After-Party

Would you marry someone who loves you but isn't "in love" with you?


Let's Talk About Kittens...

Someone posted "Pics of you when drunk thread" - I now have one

Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches (my new favorite saying) I'm the biggest cheeseball!

A bountiful Easter basket of............. JOSIE PICTURES!


Do you guys like my questions threads? or should i just stop it?


What’s your favorite song, and why?

Well, thank God! World's Tallest Man finds himself a wife!

Check in here if you have resisted clicking onto the 'Please Remove'

Forget cruise ships -- travel by freighter.

Should Major League Baseball institute a salary cap?

Worst thing ever in the history of mankind

3299 post away from 20,000 post ask me anything

Where else would you like to live in this country?

What are the first four words you think of when you hear "chocolate"?

Magic words on TV worry Rapture Ready crowd.

Baseball Fans: Post here when your team will be eliminated from the playoffs

UFO lifting cow up into the sky! (real video)

Monday Afternoon Questions

Creating sites that won't work in Firefox becomes even MORE idiotic (15% market share)

Check out my new stupid human trick

A visit to IKEA: a personal oddysey

Four years of bodybuilding

Post a pic of your kid/or kids --- Here's mine:

Congratulations Rhiannon12866!! 15,000 posts

Philly area DUers: come see me play in Atlantic City this Saturday, April 7!

Vatican under pressure in John Paul push

Did anyone see "Exodus Decoded" on the HIstory Channel?

Bad Theology : Good Theology :: Common inanity : rarefied insipidity.

Global Warming and the Apocolypse?

Why insult Christians during holy week?

Happy Passover

Why insult Christians during holy week?

Tribune couldn't wait another 98 years. Cubs to be sold!

Hey, fellow Liberal Vets, ann coulter wants to deport us

McCain's memory problems

Jon Powers mulling run for Congress next year (26th NY district)

Anyone see this from Political Wire today?

And it's one..two...three strikes.......

Did Shrum dismiss Kerry in this piece on Huffington Post>

JK on Massachusetts vs. the EPA

Anyone have a MyDD account?

JK & THK in Seattle tomorrow

Hey, did you guys see this?

they're carrying the Commerce Cmte meeting on Cspan

JK on Radio this morning / Live blog O'Reilly tonight

A thought occurred to me this morning.

TMOE my latest video. (I should have subtitled it "Photos for Jon Stewart")

DailyKos diary to rec and comment (blogger call w/ the Kerrys)

Twisting of words?

Kerry Joins Reid as Co-Sponsor of Feingold Measure to Change Course in Iraq

Does anybody know what happened to

United outsourcing more than allowed

Trump Plaza dealers OK union

If Everyone Cared

The nation of lunatics: Weapons, Iraq, MOAB & propaganda...

CNN's Michael Ware responds to "Drudge Report" heckling allegations

Flashback - Blitz Busts Bush on Early Iraq WMD Invasion Plans in 2000...

Bill Maher: George W. Bush Collector's Plates Series

History Of Oil Propaganda...

We who have Served say Honor Them By Bring Them Home Now

Who will pick up for me

A Open Video Journal to VP Al Gore: Please run in 08


Are Religious People Smarter?

Bill Maher interviews presidential candidate Ron Paul

Leo Strauss - the Neo Con inspiration

Food Grade

Bill O'Reilly Abuses US Colonel Ann Wright || The Factor

1. Propaganda in America - History of Public Relations...

Debunking the 911 Conspiracy Theories

Peter Werbe interviewing Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater book (10pm Pacific)

Confession in quotes for UK troops-but no quotes when Gitmo detainee confesses to 31 acts of terror

Breaking: Jealous Condi Guns Down W's Pork Dork Boy Toy

TSU calls for boycott of Chinese towels

John McCain has a new song about to hit the charts.

Rep. Kingston (R) Should Apologize for his IED Comment

Incidents that have been healing events lately after the last 6 dark years.

Elsewhere in Baghdad: the day before McCain's carefree stroll

"Swan Lake" makes a big impact with ballerinas weighing 220 pounds.

If U.S. Atty for Minn. hadn't quit, was he on the way to being purged?

Nationwide Memorial and Honoring March, 4/28/07

Paul Krugman: Bush Abuses Of Power & Rising Income Inequality

New Tom Tomorrow: "Secret Liberal meetings!"

Regarding Univision

Why can't folks just talk to a pretty woman without being jerk offs????

We need another investigation into 9/11

People who have lived in a dictatorship and/or have relatives who have...

Evangelist finally disproves evolution !!

Stolen from Bush is a subversive comic genius..... Hilarious.

Never get out of the boat unless you're going all the way.

All UK captives say entered illegally: Iran media

"The charade that took place at Guantanamo Bay would have done Stalin's show trials proud"

Magnolias face 'perilous future'

I have to say, I am So Over "YouTube." YouTube is so Last Year.

Iraqi gov't is going after the "hired guns"

Scientists weigh downside of palm oil (as bio-fuel)

I Am Not an Ape! ---pix--->>>

When learning about the Nazis in school, were you taught they targeted Gays?

Faux quietly posts junior's worst unfavorable rating

The NSA, Then and Now, Here and There

Israel: Iran, Hizbullah preparing for possible US strike this summer

Wounded in Iraq? Get ready to be diagnosed with a preexisting "personality disorder" & no benefits

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Coulter visits Pitt to roast liberals

MSM doesn't care about working people. From the NY Times no less!

c-span - newt's speech replay from 3/31

Michael Ware: "when i raised my hand to ask a question, the press conference abruptly ended"

Accused of fraud in Iraq 2 thugs are living large on the $8.5 million they stole from the coalition

How LONG is Congress' break, anyway? If CSpan is going to subject us

Iraqis languish on meeting U.S. benchmarks

Yahoo Underground?!

A while back, the Senate passed a bill

Federal Judge Rules Bush Administration Illegally Rewrote Forest, Grasslands Regulations

Hahahahahaaa...* doesn't want to get booed today.

The coming Rice-Waxman showdown

Violence in Iraq up 15% in Mar., location of McCain presser hit with mortars right after he left

Forget cruise ships -- travel by freighter.

Newsweek: GOP repeatedly pushed Iglesias to prosecute a group that was registering minority voters

Other than the want to torture why does Git mo exist?

More dirt on Matt Sanchez, the ex-porn star/marine who claims anti-war protests spit at him

Cheney / BYU visit TOON


N.Y. reportedly offering settlements in student loan investigation (AP/CNN)

Well, this is kind of surprising. Romney 1st Q: $23 million

Dozens of rotting bodies still in the streets of Mogadishu. Another Bush success story

Is Windows Update Time Server screwed up?

Canadian army manual lumps radical Native Americans with Hezbollah

Repub COWARDS try to smear HEROIC war reporter Michael Ware

Karl Rove: "Tell your liberal friends you met the devil today."

Ghosts of the past sing to me

Breaking: Top court rebukes administration on global warming

Hicks, Cheney, Howard-The deal

Michael Ware - freepers public enemy number one

Happy Passover - the festival of liberation

From the 1.27.2007 rally in DC - a question and an answer

Explaining "One Tin Soldier" to my Babies...

Latin America: Delusion and Reality

Behind The Numbers: 83,531 Gave To Obama, 50,000 To Hillary

Church opposes more time for victims to sue - Business is business

West Point dilemma

When's the next big rally/protest? Does DU have a calendar of events?

If it wasn't for BAD LUCK I would have no luck at all --SUCKS

Tommy Thompson makes it official!

I am trulley amazed at the spin going on here about Hillary Clinton.

Good GRIEF! Can you believe this AP headline?! "Police report killing 21 al-Qaida members"

McCain Baghdad tour: clothes make the man.

Sydney Pollack to direct HBO Film about 2000 election controversy

I said all along that Harry Reid was as concerned with withdrawal as folks like Feingold

Place your bets: How many lawyers will be disbarred because of the White House shenanigans?

Drudge has a chubby for Mitt Romney

Wash Journal yesterday: a wingnut call in and fired his gun TWICE

Waxman: "I'm not a scary guy, unless somebody has some reason to be frightened of Congress"

Wouldn't You Like To Be A Fly On Dobson & Falwell's Walls? MORMON ROMNEY?!!!

"I decided that I should pray for the housed."

Yep, you can just go right on strolling - Bomber kills 13, wounds dozens, in Kirkuk

Someone posted this here a long time ago - an appropriate poem

It's Official: SCOTUS sez "No Habeas Corpus"....

Senate denies White House push for earlier Gonzales testimony

Pet Products and What To Do?


Report: Giuliani's wife worked for company that killed dogs (to demonstrate product)

***Karl Rove with Brochure of Coptix/SmarTech (GWB43.COM)*** * *PICTURE* *

Hey Monica Goodlin, Here is how to testify before Congress and avoid a perjury conviction....

Larry Johnson: What John McCain Didn't Tell You

A complitation of the latest links (Menu Foods)

Saudi King Abdullah to Ahmadinejad: "Do you think those U.S. warships are out there on vacation?"

You've gotta be "blanking" kidding me!? "The Dennis Miller Radio Show"?

Here's an idea

Gas Rage!

Telegraph (UK) - BBC should "dumb down" own report states.

Keep the Heat on Congress (share with friends)

This could, and should, be our future

Today's GOP...

Gov. Bill Richardson Hosts Luncheon for Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong ahead of North Korea visit

Another crack in Humpty Dumpty.

American Citizen Missing in Iran!

What Are We Doing?

Check out these right-wing seductresses.

Salon / The private war of women soldiers

20 desk top pcs go missing 14 contain atomic secrets

Tancredo throws in his ignorant racist hat into the ring - announces presidential run.

Minuteman Day 1

Just got e-mail from another progressive site stating that...

Newt Gingrich opens his mouth

Local news just reported Calif gas average over $4/gallon and $2.66/gal nationwide avg

Does this smell like blackberries to you -- or is it more like the aroma of money?

This is why we want our soldiers home now.

Iranians have pulled this stunt before (taken British prisoners) and it wasn't pretty

"Martin Sheen Cited at Anti-Nuke Protest"

500 Iraqis killed in week of violence. Who you gonna believe? McCain or your lying eyes?

And in other news, Paris Hilton.... ("Opus" cartoon)

"Doohan's Ashes to Be Blasted Into Space"

Hmmm...a political epiphany on Iraq???

When are we going to attack Iran

Do as I say, not as I do

The Politico: Some Offended by Rove Rap

Get ready for the 'new kind of Republican' and the 'traditional Republican Principles' ....


hail the size of eggs affects 10,000+ people, losses in the mils.

"Democrats Won't Reschedule Gonzales"

McCain Continues Magical Mystery Tour ........ Juan Cole.... he's pissed

Darfur peacekeepers need your help

Kellerman returned to Afghanistan as a mercenary, Assistant US Attorney Mike Walleisa said in court

PETA to Karl Rove: "we do wish you'd give up your day job"

Tommy Thompson wants Bush's Iraq puppets holed up in the Green Zone to vote if troops should stay

"Firing U.S. Attorneys is President's Job" by Token Bushiebot in my local progressive rag

The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum

I just checked the bread aisle -- WHEAT GLUTEN everywhere

War with Iran?

Important message for homophobes

The Monica Goodlings in our goverment are more of threat than Communists that McCarthy Saw..

Clinton tried to protect U.S. Wheat Gluten Industry, Bush Didn't


UK Mirror tabloid reports Brits want Bush to "SHUT IT" on Iran crisis

Giuliani's Wife # 3 Demonstrated Surgical Procedures on Dogs-later killed.

The war on poverty is winnable; "It takes presidential leadership"

The thugs standing behind McCain in his Iraq news conference. Did you see the fear in their eyes?

New Perspective, New Unity Among Hill Democrats on Iraq

"Bush Bashers Welcome" on ClearChannel sign

Cheney snubbed during recent rant against Democrats

Mortify a Monday with a CAPTION!!!

The Tide Is Turning

Army sending units back to Iraq early

Janice Rogers Brown joins the "Waaaah, we're soooo persecuted" crowd

Bush Administration Loses Global Warming Case.

Rep. Kingston (R-GA) "The Democrats' honeymoon is fixing to end. It's going to explode like an IED"

I vote for a pic of Pelosi instead of * on the left...would rather focus on the positive myself

CNN's Michael Ware FLATLY denies heckling McCain at press conf yesterday

I went to a state fish hatchery Saturday

More McCain visit info: Baghdad market was a 3 minute drive from the Green Zone

What will you do if there is another Bush in the White House in 2008?

A true patriot.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon 4/2 --- bush's new neck tie

BYU Campus Protests Dick Cheney Speech ("Cheney just doesn't measure up")

FDA Ofc of Regulatory Affairs supposedly has a fiars

HuffPo: Tainted Wheat Gluten Sold as "Food Grade"

Check out these distributors that are desperate for wheat gluten>>

Honor among Republicans

I just want to come home

Schools drop Holocaust lessons

After This Entire Iraq Debacle, 40% of Americans Would Support Attack on Iran!

Early, early TOONS to start off your week...

nother caption

DU this poll re Pelosi's trip to Syria. Freepers may be gaining on us!


Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating Infants (GRAPHIC)

Bush administration loses global warming case (love the headline)

Remember folks Hate week doesn't offically start until April 4th.

What Obama really Said. The CNN transcript

Minutemen Call Off Rally At Day Labor Site After KKK Show Up In Support

Fox News Polls: Profiles In Loaded Questions

Iraqi Police Go On Murderous Rampage

CATO Launches Politically Motivated Assault on Ballot Measure Donor Disclosure System

Safe Ways To Color Easter Eggs?

Drudge sure dropped his heckling story pretty fast.

- exposee of Bushco by a former paid biographer "Dan Qayle in cowboy boots"

SCOTUS to Bush EPA: Regulate Global Warming

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted to everything. So have the British prisoners

How important is "experience" as a deciding factor in who you support in '08?

New Comic: Strolling Through Baghdad With John McCain

Check out this interview with Matt Sanchez, marine, porn-star and scam artist


A word of advice about DU "boycotts"

FDA food safety inspection down 47%

PHOTO-OP ---pix--->>>

Hannity and Rice reach new level of pointlessness and inanity...

The Iraqi 911

Study: Exposure to dirt may lift mood & boost immune system.

What is that little "digg it" logo/link for?

$1 Million to 175 WTO Protesters from 1999

Has Slannity or O'lielly ever...

A LTTE to the New York Post

What is the downside to cutting off future funding of US mercenaries?

Global Warming and the Apocolypse?

More about media control than running a good race

Marine Mom, Toughest Job in the Corp by Tina Richards

WH says apostate Matthew Dowd is bitter because his son is in Iraq

Man jailed indefinitely -- not because he committed a crime, but because he has TB.


Okay now it's getting REALLY weird.. gluten/autism link?

Republic Rep threatens to set off "IED" in face of Dem juggernaut to end Iraq war

Nader Drops by, Praises Vermont

Hazardous yellow dust descends on US posts in S Korea

I have to wonder why we need to call the reps to prevent attack on Iran

What movie should I see tonight? Shooter?

"President 9/11, Inc.": Giuliani has turned Sept. 11 into big business

Breaking News: Pet food concerns expand to salmonella

Is there a nice, neat summary of what the Dem Congress has...

Tucker is getting his ass handed to him on his own show

McCain raises 12.5M, Edwards rasied $14M. Do we now have the advantage?

The K Street Project Lives

If Menu Foods wasn't a CANADIAN Firm, would we have heard...

Just One Example of The Revolving Door at the FDA/Regulatory Agencies

Media Reseach Center honors Rush Limbaugh with Award for Media Excellence.

Reid: Administration Must Follow Environmental Laws

Bush calls up Civil War re-enactors for duty in Iraq (and other videos from the Onion)

Ben Cohen: Numeric Washingtonese Needs Translating

My semi-adopted son leaves for Iraq on Friday

Injured Soldiers Battle Disability Claims Backlog

Oh My....New Movie, "Recount"...the story of the 2000 FL recount

This just makes me sick.

Lingering Like A Fart In A Mitt...Romney:

Suzanne Malveux (sp)... is such a Bush lover. CNN now

AHA! I know why Tweety likes Giuliani so much!

Ok, I know. Age doesn't matter....

"Please Shut Up, You Dumb Conspiracy Theorists" (David Sirota)

Do you think Iran made the hostage Brits do the Butt Pile?

DLM Foods Canada Corp. Voluntarily Withdraws Jerky Treats Dog Snacks Beef Flavour

Dear GOP Whitehouse: It's called "Diplomacy"

Suspicion Of Cheney Intervention Surrounds Guantanamo Plea Bargain

Kidney Failure Rate in South Florida Soars

John McCain put American troops lives at risk for a photo op.

Carville on CNN: What's that cap about?

Drudge Smears CNN’s Michael Ware As Alcoholic Activist, Ware Responds

Jeff Greenfield Moves From CNN to CBS

McCain only raised $12 million - VERY POOR SHOWING, ANEMIC, CANDIDACY IS DOA

Michael Ware on CNN right now n/t

Lou Dobbs Reporting that 11 Soldiers DIED TODAY IN IRAQ!

Iran Hostage Mania: Breaking on CNN

Bush Administration Moves to Gut Endangered Species Act

Give em hell Harry!!!!!!! (Threatens Bush with funding cut off)

Westpoint asks "24" to tone down the torture

Did you guys catch Bill O'Lielly's CUT OFF HER MIC moment?

his name is general BETRAY-US

Finally, a right wing smear job that will make you laugh!

Randi: Petraeus meeting with GOP-ers exclusively, promissing August results

3255 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Stephanie Miller on What Used to be AAR Feed in NC...talks PORN!

Chimp delayed "country of origin" labeling on food imports

Reid may move to cut Iraq war funds

Tweety says Fred Thompson is the ultimate daddy. OK this is getting weird now

Larisa Alexandrovna: Constitutional Crisis? Way Beyond That Now

TOON: Monday's Doonesbury - Mitt Romney, True Political Courage!

Hubby #2 has unkind words for Judi Guiliani

Man jailed indefinitley.......because he has TB.

CIA money during Watergate...and CIA money during Attorney-gate

White House Travel Office Emails Personal Info Reporters incl SS#

CNN had report that FDA still won't release name of US Contractor (Wheat Gluten)

Baghdad Bob has been found!!!!!!!!

Tsumani in Solomon Islands following


Okla Marine set to come home this Thursday got back sooner. Dead.


France ‘was seconds’ from downing Israeli jet

Leahy has a great letter you can sign and send to *: "Tell President Bush to begin the withdrawal

Planned Parenthood: Pledge-A-Picket

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Toensing Doesn't Know Dick About Val

"The Future of Food" movie trailer (chilling documentary)

Why Arianna and Huffington Post drives me crazy!

Cafferty: should we avoid teaching the holocaust

Rapture Ready board member asks: Was I under a rock? When did "Arab" become our 2nd language?


How does Chinese gluten with 10,000 miles of added shipping costs end up in ... Kansas?

Longtime GOP insider Vic Gold jumps ship, new book charges Bush admin for hurting the GOP

Here's a pic of McCain without helicopters, bodyguards, and body armor

Who do you predict will be the Republic nominee in '08?

Oh, the irony...


Fifth-Pleading AttorneyGate Official is a Loyal Bushie from Pat Robertson University

When "wheat" is listed on a food as an ingredient, could that really be "wheat gluten"?

WTF? Dianne Feinstein resigns committee post

70% of wheat gluten in US is imported....cheaper gluten gotten elsewhere

Is Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) the distributor of the tainted wheat gluten?

"fucking General Petraeus ought to be ashamed." - Larry Johnson (ret. CIA)

UK Paper: Botched US raid led to Brit hostage crisis

"When Democracy Failed by Thom Hartmann" (video)

Will the GOP base embrace Fred Thompson's wife, 24 years his junior...

The millenium begins in 2008

There's just "something" about republican men

Lou Dobbs leads off with the headline: Pelosi's bad trip?

Why is Mc Cain a hero...

Grieving couple commits suicide after dog dies

Dammit. Michigan mother pimps out her 7-year old daughter.

Rosie O Donnell - "A Heroic Woman"

Men who marry/live with much younger women

State Department is scrambling - after Waxman's invitation to Condi to discuss Iraq/Niger docs

BREAKING! CNN willing to project a winner

Must read from WaPo! "McCain Feingold: Reform That Has Really Paid Off"

The Zany Cheney Show

Is there a "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?"

The Ideal Government

Supreme Court Rebukes * Administration on Greenhouse Gases from Cars

Romney Lent His Campaign $2.5M

Back to BushWorld: April Fool's every day

Putnam: Mouse that Roared.

McCain Strolls Through Baghdad Market ...

Just saw this great ad on CNN..

The Rude Pundit: Bush-Fluffin' With Matthew Dowd (Fox "News" Edition)


(Genuine) Conservatives Say: Gonzales Must Go (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Maybe they can call Joe and make it a threesome.

This Modern World: A secret meeting in the darkest heart of blue America...

Jesse's Nod Won't Help Obama - Earl Ofari Hutchinson

A common wingnut reply

Be a Citizen Cosponsor of Feingold-Reid Power of the Purse Bill to Redeploy Our Troops Out of Iraq

Slogans for McCain

Duplicate - self delete

was this really meant to be funny or thought provoking?........

AP: Court Rebukes Bush Administration in Global Warming Case

Breaking from Hotline: McCain Raises $12.5M Supreme Court says EPA can regulate carbon dioxide

The Inspiration Budget (Congressional Progressive Caucus)

MSNBC: 12.5 Million for McCain.

Good one in Funky Winkerbean today

Justices Rule Against White House on Emissions

Is it just me or is outing a CIA agent just not that funny?

Inventing Intra-Democratic Fights

I just heard Moron- in -Chief George Bush demand the return of the hostages.

John Kerry on the Supreme Court Rebuke of Bush Administration on MA vs. EPA

‘Paris Hilton Could Ride A Bicycle In A Bikini Through Anbar’ With McCain’s Protection

Montana Repos Support Right of Meth Addicts to Brandish Guns.

Scheduling conflict:Baseball's Opening day OR photo-op with Navy men???

Obama to announce 1Q fundraising totals Wednesday

There is no doubt that W's regime is the most anti-democracy

Biden Launches "Head to Head 08" Website

I was just called to take part in a Quinnipiac poll yesterday

Why the delay in releasing Obama's fundraising numbers? Is it because ...

"iraqi health issues-diverse and dire" video

BOR supports the troops his way

Henry Kissinger: Military Victory Not Possible in Iraq

Doonesbury -- Romney denies being Pro-Gay

Apirl Fool's day on FoxNews? Chris Wallace & Sen. Mitch McConnell

Democrats Move To Cut Bush's War Funding If Iraq Withdrawal Vetoed

Tweety just said Fred Thompson strikes him as the "ultimate daddy" from the "daddy party"--a term

The poison pet food scare threatens to become a poison people scare, now that we know that the toxic

Good story from Arianna Huffington on the fund raising story

Raving lunatic Tancredo to run for president

Joe Wilson responsible for his wife's outing

Andrea Mitchell reports on Hardball that Obama may have raised $25M for the primary

Sculpture of Obama As Jesus Causes Stir (AP)

Pelosi's Spring Break in Syria (The Nation)

GOP Numbers Are In: Rudy raises $15 million, Mitt Romney 23 MILLION!!!!

POLL: Obama within one point of Ghoul-iani

Because He Makes A Good Impression........

Ah, Alberto Gonzales

Mitt Romney - Perhaps More Dangerous Than You Think

Has the 2008 Presidential campaign started too early?

A weird coincidence???

Giuliani to media: LAY OFF MY WIFE!!!!

Blackwell Sags another Appointment (Club for Growth Leadership Council)

GOP continues to bleed support

From John Edwards: We Did It!

What is the message from Obama's "cave" in to Bush on anti-war Supplemental Bill language?

Senator (Baucus) threatens to block South Korea deal

Senator McCain needlessly endangered the lives of over 100 US Troops for a Photo Opp

Another Former Rat-F#cker Jumps Ship

Bush family has purchased large ranch in Paraguay??

Pelosi says White House singling out her Syria trip days after similar visit by Republicans

How do you view pro-lifers?

Obama: Did he say this or didn't he?

CNN Correspondent Michael Ware says if Congress Cuts Funding for Iraq/Major Bloodbath!

I think Edwards could do overcome Obama and Clinton.

CNN calls Feingold/Reid bill "big chess move." Reid promises vote on it if Bush vetoes Iraq bill.

"Activists Are Out of Step" from 2003 LA Times by Al From and Bruce Reed.

I'm having difficulty with McCain's logic

Al Gore on Swedish television

Is it worth trying to "improve" conservapedia?

Time to Get Real about Nixon and Watergate

Senator Leahy: Tell President Bush. Begin The Withdrawal from Iraq.

ABC Breaking - Iran has more than tripled its ability to produce uranium

War 'Hero' Politicians - like McCain. I gotta get this off my chest .......

Let this be the end of the tales about maverick, straight-talker McCain

Whats up with Romney and all this money he raised

New Comic: Strolling Through Baghdad With John McCain

Those folks who gave Romney $23m, Giuliani $15m, and McCain $12m are not waiting for

Why Dennis and Hillary might be doomed

Gingrich equates bilingual education with “the language of living in a ghetto”

Seriously: Do You Think Hillary Will Win?

Bill Richardson’s First Days as President, as Told by Bill Richardson

Judith Guiliani used to kill dogs for a living.

Nancy Pelosi Is Looking More Presidential By The Day.....

Anti-corruption, open government issues: Do they unite our party or divide us?

Big Supporter for Mitt and his magic undies

Kerry Joins Reid as Co-Sponsor of Feingold Measure to Change Course in Iraq

Place your bets: How much $$ did Obama raise?

Dean Responds To Vice President Cheney’s Scare Tactics

Bush's Brown-Shirts: Blackwater