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Does the Press Pick Presidents? What coverage says about a candidate's prospects.

Bush's war at home

my 10,001 post: 2/3 think USA firings politically motivated

What I Think About Guns (by Jane Smiley at HuffPost)

NYT editorial: "What is needed is stronger controls over lethal weapons that cause such carnage."

Article by Bill Maher I hadn't seen. Loved it!!

EPA chief: Bush climate policy working - AP

No-Fishing Zones in Tropics Yield Fast Payoffs for Reefs (NYT)

Dimson Tries to Plug In Hydrogen Car; Almost Blows Self Up

Oil company lobbyists exploiting IRS loophole to steal tax incentives from Biodiesel manufacturers

Vegas water-pumping plan approved - AP

Bureau of Prisons Promotes Confessed Liar to Run Toxic Recycling Program

Chavez, Lula clash over ethanol at energy summit - Reuters

A Sino-Israeli literary axis

Robert D. Novak (R-Traitor): Is U.S. ignoring the Hamas call for peace?

Thousands of Iranians visit Israeli holocaust website

House to begin probe into Fla. election

Candidates Find Cash in California

Bush leaves Nelson (D-Ne) out on Iraq war

McCain Assails Wasteful Spending

Obamas' 2006 Income Put at $991,296

Photos of 'tortured' Iraqi's corpse released (Brit on trial for torture)

Quayle family sells Indiana newspaper

Seven U.S. Service Members Dead in Iraq Attacks

Colombian Officials Probe Uribe Allies In His Home State

India firm on gas pipe from Iran

Citigroup to move 9500 jobs to "lower cost locations"

McCain Backs Gun Rights After Shootings

$2.8M Katrina Verdict Against Allstate

Bush Says Shootings Affect All Students

Second Male May Be Involved in VA Tech Massacre

EPA chief: Bush climate policy working

Thompson Apologizes for Comments

Rokita apologizes for slavery remark (Indiana Republican SOS)

Poll: President Bush's disapproval numbers rise

Judge rejects government plan for secret evidence at trial of two former pro-Israel lobbyists

Lobbyist linked to Abramoff case resigns from law firm (Kevin Ring)

Official: Bush relayed criticism of Iglesias to Attorney General

The Brady Bunch Movie appreciation thread!!

Funny PSA parody...

I nominate Bud Abbott as the official Lounge straight man.

My short term memory is so bad, I forgot to mention I had ADD when discussing memory loss.

Sell Out to a fellow DUer



Woohoo! Hubby traded in our '98 Ford Explorer for a brand new Subaru Forester


Lakota Joint Care Formula

24 and the Riches in on starting now.

I got my student consolidation loan total today.


I just can not understand

Happy Birthday, prolesunited!

Sell Trout to a fellow DUer


I bought at CVS Hershey's Kisses Special Dark filled with Cherry Cordial Creme Kisses.

Cowbell out a fellow DU'er

I'm trying to get reasonably good at Photoshop

Lincoln Soccer Mom Arrested After Game (slaps her 15-year-old daughter)

It's not a tragedy if you can't exploit the fuck out of it

Evening, everyone

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

4000 posts in three years...not bad.

I Don't Like Mondays

It's almost April 17th...Have you done your taxes yet?


So, in America, if I got caught gettin' jiggy with a goat, would I have to 'marry' it?

Watching these shootings play out these last few weeks, I'm terrified of my work....

rheumatoid psoriasis appreciation thread!

Who wants Cotton Candy?

Gesundheit, Knut!

Just for some levity, after today:

I was thinking about Virginia Tech today and John Kleeb came ot my mind

Damn you, Else!

I forgot to tax my males today!

Melancholy Monday Night earworm!

Let's talk Snitsky

Let's talk Kinski.

5 posts to 10,000

I have a confession to make - last night was the best hour on TV EVER!!!

My friend just died (car crash). His widow's my ex-lover. HELP!

Post the WORST lyrics to any tv show here! (real ones!)

Ever answer a piece of spam? /mini rant

In theory I'm taking a break from DU. In reality I'm here, lurking.

I'm posting in bed on my new Toshiba laptop - ask me anything

How much money should you spend on dinner for a first date?


Nothing sucks quite so bad as losing a grandparent.

Sell out a fellow DU'er

I NEVER EVER want to move again. EVER!

How much of an IQ difference is okay for you in a relationship?

One of my professional references called....

Running our own businesses - what would YOU do to make a living on your own?

Bible questions that would irritate Sunday School teachers the world over

Who else just discovered Planet Earth?

Who wants Ice Cream?

Goddammit!!! I forgot to mail my taxes today!

Our "President" is a miserable fucking WORM. Just got news my cousin was injured in Iraq.

I have a homeless friend

*whew* Big ugly fight in the libnnc household this evening...

If It Were Up to Me

A lifelong friend of mine is going through an unexpected divorce...

There is no meaning or purpose to anything

Take action to clean up illegal farm labor contractor violations

Tarnished Crowne: N.J. AFL-CIO Backs Secaucus Hotel Boycott

Toyota: Another Circuit City?

The Last Time I Saw Jessica Rich V. 3

For Joe For Clark and All DU member who's families are serving

Dispatches- America Shame

Bill Maher waxes poetic on religion on The View

Colony Collapse Disorder Spreads

My name is Baghdad, Je m'appelle Bagdad

eeewwww...GIANT camel spiders in Iraq

Iaccoco Blasts the Bushies and the Media in New Book

GOP Lawyers Say Bush can Eject Dissenters from Events, Even if They Don't do Anything

Countdown on despite Press Conference

The surreal reality of witnessing a shooting first-hand. Something you never forget

Democrats in Congress: IMPEACH NOW! We've had it! Do it NOW or you'll be known to be collaborators!

Why We Are Losing in Iraq by Larry C Johnson

was flipping through channels and someone on fox asked if there would be school there tomorrow

I must be a very weak person

Already, talk of going after the VT Administration for failure to respond, but Bush skates 9/11

WH: The Smirk is sad, shocked, horrified, blah blah blah: BUT

Warming emissions increase, administration celebrates.

Romney flips on Hill, walks away from her village

Who or What Will Fallwell and Robertson Blame...

I am sorry I was messing with some of you guys about God -

Have they identified the VT shooter?

I Need A Good Healthy Dose Of Swamp Rat! (Please)

Oil lobbyists exploiting IRS loophole to steal tax incentives from Biodiesel producers

ndia, Pakistan to discuss Iran pipeline next month

Is it possible to put a restraining order on Bush? If everyone does it...

Let's not make the same mistake that we made after Columbine...

Article with more details on Olbermann's NBC football gig

Here's a store manager who's thankful a customer had a concealed gun:

Here it goes again..

"Romney Changes View on 'Village' Comment" Is there anything the guy hasn't flip flopped on?

TRANSCRIPT: The four emails sent out by VT officials this morning

Conyers Seeks To Interview More Justice Officials

NAACP calls summit in wake of racist activities at Clemson

The Self-Hating State--"deep streak of perversity" of administration

did imus really say he would reveal 911 secrets during tim russert interview?

Paula Zahn is pissing me off

This is Funny today after saying they support Bush VFW and American Legion Commanders

Glock must be feeling some pressure tonight

If you had a gun at VT, would you have used it on the killer? (nt)

School killings are not a recent phenemena

murdered girlfriend and RA -- it's a "domestic disturbance" -- no big deal

Rudy Giuliani on gun control...

UNDER OATH - Sampson Tells Congress That - Gonzales LIED (NYT)

Did you know that troops have to pay for their own uniforms and supplies?

The USA has had a serious case of real bad luck and bad news under the BUSH regime.

Deepest Sympathy For Family, Friends & Loved Ones of Virginia Tech

NYT:Ex-Aide Says Gonzales Discussed Firings

I really think line ofifcers or better- - you should resign now.

Speculative Nonsense

Email from a Class Family Edwards

GOP Lawyers Say Bush can Eject Dissenters from Events, Even if They Don't do Anything

i've noticed the media doesn't have the graphics they usually do

"Thompson Apologizes for Comments"

Worst case of road rage I've ever heard of.

America At A Crossroads: Operation Homecoming Showing On WUNC - Devastating

Guess what, this will be framed as an immigration debate, not gun control

Hollywood and violence

Heads Up DUers: Big Dog will be on Larry King this Thursday 4/19

She heard the shots: Virginia Tech

Man This is it for me. I knew good officers - they were my uncles

Happiness Is A Warm Gun...

Message from John Edwards campaign: Today's tragic events

Jim Webb would have killed the shooter with his

As you witness the media coverage of VT, think of IRAQ!

I am watching PBS---US soldiers stories of the Iraqi war. It is good so far.

ThinkProgress: Dispatches from Iraq (Lawrence Korb)

NYT Editorial Response To Virginia Tech: "Eight Years After Columbine"

This is pretty much a no-brainer, Exxon-Mobil tops Fortune 500

It's just never going to stop is it ?

Statement From John And Elizabeth Edwards Re: Virginia Tech Shootings

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


You know - I buy soda - we all do. What - 5.99 a case + CRV .

Odd Behavior for Bush Today ---pix--->>>

How did the shootings go on for hours without anyone doing something?

Have you shot anyone, been shot at, or had anyone shot in front of you?

How to DU polls more efficiently (Our own Diebold)

All right -

Rasmussen: Clinton 32%, Obama 30%

Where the guns come from.....

First Victim of Massacre Identified

Pelosi has a 53% approval rating which is astronomical for a Speaker. Newt toped out at 41%.

Five U.S. soldiers killed in attacks in Iraq on Monday

Thorough article on VA Tech from the Guardian.

For AN HOUR AND 13 MINUTES, no decisions were made as people were dying from the attack

Hey Bush, there's one organization that's helping terrorists here get WMD's that you're missing!

Senator John Kerry on The Colbert Report and on The Daily Show...Andy Card.

"The President believes there's a right to bear arms"...That's right, don't wait til the bodies cool

Hungry soldiers (British) told to buy pizza

Subpoena Porter Goss...How does he figure in the Carol Lam Investigations/Firings?!?

Olbermann reporting shooter was not a VA Tech student

Charlie Rose tonight: DLCer Harold Ford Jr.; Warmonger Richard Perle


School to enforce alcohol-free dances with breath tests

If the next of kin doesn't authorize it Va. Tech or the state of Virgina can't release the name of

Anyone sticking with Skinner's test homepage? I am and loving it,

Boeing an underwriter for propagandistic PBS show ?meaculpa?

Natural Balance pulling Venison formula dog & cat food.

Is The President a Punk?

My hero

I realize many people are looking for answers today.....

Folks, there is no way TV news is not going to cover the deadliest shooting massacre in U.S. history

Virginia Tech The media makes me sick

Secretary of State Rice may face subpoena threat Wednesday

Billy Graham's Franklin son is on MSNBC now. "God loves us!"

My niece goes to Virginia Tech and she's fine

Oh my god, Geraldo is practically jizzing his pants on Faux News

UK news: "A lovers' tiff in the dormitory" started rampage

Cheney: I'm not isolated, I go shopping . . .

Faux News on Vonnegut

FDA Inspecting ‘Only a Miniscule’ Percentage of Imported Foods

Writing on a Wall in Virginia

As incompetent as the law graduates from Pat Robertson's

America at A Crossroads on PBS Anybody watching?

Why * Needs The Dems To Cave

Nothing int he news about Gonzales tonight.

Bumble Bees in Britain going extinct

Do we need a military infantry? Or is it the Saudi royals who need our military infantry?

NYT TV Review | 'The Case for War' - tomorrow's “America at a Crossroads” - starring ...

OK, John Kerry on The Colbert Report, what did you think? I thought

Measures that should be taken following the Va. Tech shootings.

A thread for DU's condolences and solidarity with the community at Virginia Tech

The morning papers will be all Blacksburg/VT. Gonzales should resign

Ninety Nine Things You Need To Know

I hope DUers realize that with all

I'm betting that all over the country tonight, school officials are reviewing..

No mention of VA Tech shooting spree at, no condolences

THIS is one you will not believe! Military recruiter at the mall asks my 14 year old son,

I am greatly concerned about the interpretation of the VT shootings.

Lake drained twice by sinkhole should NOT refill from Florida aquifer.

What's your opinion of Al Sharpton?

Have you ever shot a gun?

.... a hug for those who want and or need one.

EXCLUSIVE: Gunman may have been in U.S. on visa (Chicago Sun-Times)

Give me ONE good reason...

The gun grabbers are right. No college student should be allowed to have a gun. Too young.

Overheard at the Post Office Today

Fred Phelps, et al. at it again

As I was getting out of the vehicle, he looked at me and said, 'You're not Iraqi, you're not Iraqi'

We have failed as a society.

33 killed it's a media blitz; 3200 Americans/650,000 Iraqis killed--media blackout.

I'm a fucking nutcase, and I don't understand the mentality required to start a shooting rampage.

A more mundane rant: I hate PTO!

Maybe it is time to join the civilized world, and do away with firearms

Guns kill people because people buy guns

That which you do not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn - or be forced - to accept

STOP paying the Walmart tax simple E action

Rep. Young (R-AK) retains law firm


Iowa hasn't lost its political magnetism

Richardson Reports Raising $6.25M At End Of First Quarter (AP)

McClatchy: Bush, Gonzales reportedly discussed fired prosecutor

Obama Campaign Studying Patrick for themes, messages, and specific lines

Conyers: Justice Dept. fails to comply with subpoena

Please DU this poll

Waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop

Is McCain the chosen successor to Bush!?

Everyone's views on what they would have done today in VA

Plausible - The Bush Iraq doctrine described.

ABC-WP poll: Pelosi approval up after Syria trip

Nifty graphic of bush approval rating from USA Today

Want to order some Democratic jewelry (donkeys, peace doves, peace signs, yellow dogs)?

400 dollars for a haircut?

Edwards campaign event turned into vigil for VA Tech victims

Rasmussen: Obama within two points of Clinton

Clinton has far more maxed out donors than Edwards, Obama

Sen. John Kerry coming up on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

An Email From The Edwards Family

Obama shelves canned speech for anti-violence oration tonight

Judiciary Committee (Conyers) To Interview Paulose, Others

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Endorses John Edwards for President

How did the Imus thing turn into a story about policing BLACK language?

"You're a Monster, Mr. President" and "What matters is the blood in the sand..."

I think Politico is misquoting some figures on Dean's fundraising in the primaries.

An Op-ed I wrote for the Bridgeport (Ct) Eagle in the 90's...

Broken Promises to a Broken Gulf

On racism, sexism, and free speech

Tobacco Marketing Leaves Women Seeing Red (Truthdig)

How Tax Cheats Are Using Your Money to Fund Republicans (AlterNet)

H.D.S. Greenway: The problem that is Paul Wolfowitz

Beyond Mr. Gonzales (WH) WaPo Editorial

After Half a Year on the Hill: What I Know For Sure

Triage Time in Iraq

New test to push India`s legal process outsourcing industry

India IT Outsourcing Firms Plan To Keep Staff With Double-Digit Salary Raises

What If the Shiites Went into the Streets? (The Nation)

Despite the shootings in Virginia, Americans don't seem to want more gun control

Just An Ordinary Day In Iraq—In Virginia

Salon: America At A Crossroads veers to the right

Eugene Robinson: Are They Serious?

The Nation: 'Bowling for Columbine' Teaches How to Prevent Another Va. Tech Massacre

Democrats Are Standing Up to the President -- Will They Finally Stand Up to the NRA? (HuffPost)

Hail and Farewell: the End of the American Empire (GVidal)

Behind The Virginia Tech Massacre (

Virginia gun giveaway to go ahead despite massacre

LA Times: Why I no longer get this rag!

Sudan Drops Objections to U.N. Aid in Darfur by Warren Hoge

More Guns, More Murder (The Nation)

Sex and the C.I.A. (Harpers)

Please God, deliver us from the banality of evil

Record of War Lies to Air April 25/PBS

Move Along, Lady Liberty, This Doesn't Concern You (HuffPost)

bush's surge not working

What gun control can and cannot do to prevent another Virginia Tech Massacre

Karl Rove's Dream

Noose Tightens on the Bush Bunker Crew

Cheney Involved in Firing Gov't Lawyers in 1969

Let It Be Some Other 'Asian' (The Nation)

Governor Richardson Enacts Four Clean Energy Bills for NM

Greek isle under threat from trapped cruise ship fuel - Reuters

AlgoDyne Ethanol Acquires Land in Canada for Ethanol Production

Sun is Florida's solution to climate change (Tallahassee Democrat OpEd)

Another article illustrating why I'm worried about the impact of ethanol.

US Rejects Call For More Powerful UN Presence On Environment - Reuters

New Island Discovered In Greenland After Ice Sheet Retreats - "Warming Island" Is New Name

'Fewer leaves' behind frog demise (BBC)

French plan green postal service (BBC)

The Financial Times Soberly Notes That "Climate Change May Worsen Instability"

Assam rhino poaching 'spirals' (BBC)

Global Warming Hits Southwest (The Nation, via AlterNet)

Sierra Club's Carl Pope to speak to committee about national security threat posed by global warming

Smog, Heat Waves May Contribute to Big Rise in Illness

RAN Accuses America’s Largest Lumber Company of Human Rights Abuses

Researchers debate warming, hurricanes - AP

Alaska Whalers to Cancel Beluga Hunt

Species Within Protected Costa Rican Park Collapsing - Reptiles, Amphibians Show 75% Slide Since 70s

A Convenient Untruth - Damning Vanity Fair Article On The "Skeptics"

Home Depot To Display New Environmental Label - NYT

High-tech hotbed: Biggest buzz surrounds Toyota's single-person car

Weather System Leaves Devastation From South Carolina To Maine/17 Dead

EPA proposing limits on mower emissions - AP

Even Facing Reelection Next Year, Sununu (R-NH) Wants More Climate Studies, Plus More Studies

African farmers and their seeds under increasing threat by industrialized agriculture model

Up To 90% Colony Loss Rate For Bees In Ontario's Niagara Region - Toronto Star

Israeli killed in Virginia massacre

Belgian Defense Minister: Israel must pay to clear cluster bombs in Lebanon

Reporters' group condemns Gaza police action against protesters

Egypt arrests Palestinian woman for attempting to smuggle arms

Beilin calls Hebron Jews ‘deluded’

A very political problem

Eminent Computer scientist warns of severe ES&S vulnerabilities.


Docs Point to E-Voting Bug in Contested Race

No Warning from EAC for Serious Flaw. Election Reform, & Related News Tuesday, 4/17/07


Why won't Congresswoman Millender-McDonald allow needed amendments to HR811

House Will Begin Probe Into Florida Election

Pentagon: Zubaydah Denies al-Qaida Link

45 dead as bombs rock Iraqi capital

Blast in Afghanistan kills four in U.N. car-witness

Trial of U.S. soldier to open in Rome

Democrats must figure next step on Iraq

Gonzales hearing delayed by shootings

Police have preliminary ID of campus gunman

Army to slow repairs as Congress weighs funds

GM to buy more auto parts from India

Wachovia prevails in Supreme Court

Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony

Police find 17 bodies across Mexico

Al-Qaida: We're building rockets

U.S. soldier on trial in Italy for Iraq killing

Committee Will Consider Transportation Amendments and (Subpoena) Testimony of Secretary Rice

Iraq 'a university of terror' - al Qaeda group

France's Royal in poll boost against Sarkozy

Surveillance bill gets Hill hearing

Contractor says was told to hire Wolfowitz friend

2007 Pulitzer Prize: Charlie Savage, National Reporting (presidential signing statements)

U.N. Security Council holds climate debate

Acid truck bomb attack foiled in Iraq

Sources: Virginia Tech gunman left note

White House may find countless e-mails

General: Afghan arms made in Iran

(Oregon) House passes anti-discrimination bill

CIA Chief [Hayden] Complains About Agency's Critics in Europe

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 17

School Paper Confirms The Identies of 14 Slain Students, Faculty Members

Workers who missed lunch breaks entitled to back pay, court says

Guards Go on Strike at Nuclear Weapons Plant

Dow Jones Breaks Into Record Territory

IRAQ: Sexual cleansing - Gov't denies gays are targets of killings

Court: Gov't Can't Hold Cuban Militant (Posada)

Charges dropped against Marine in Haditha killings

DA Reviewing TYC Surveillance Tapes

Threatening note closes Texas university

Threats rattle 3 universities, 2 schools

White House asked (Senator) Sessions for 'friendly' questioning

Democrats see early edge in 2008 race

Bush offers condolences at Virginia Tech

Guards Go on Strike at Nuclear Weapons Plant

White House Secret Service Gun Accident

Taste of Right is proving irresistible to French

Gunman in Virginia Tech massacre had raised concerns with his disturbing writings

Argentina investigates dirty war rapes

Mexico Decriminalizes Libel, Joining Just One Other Latin American Nation

Iraq war veteran holds hostage, wants treatment

Cho Seung-Hui's Plays (screen plays written by shooter)

17 Decomposing Bodies Found In Ramadi (85 killed/found dead across Iraq)

Sources: College gunman left note

Chimps Genes More Evolved Than Humans

Virginia Tech Killer Identified

Contractor says Pentagon directed it to hire Wolfowitz's companion in '03

Japanese Mayor Shot Dead (Nagasaki)

US Mulls Upping Military Aid To Israel

NJ State Police: Corzine driver was going 91 mph

U.S. Gun Control Laws Criticized Abroad

Reid: No rush to judge gun control laws

Iran navy says it will launch Iran-built destroyer

Kerry: Imus Shouldn’t Have Been Fired

Calif. Reaffirms Moratorium on New Nuclear Power Plants

Massacre Gun: $571 for 9 mm Glock and 50 Bullets at Roanoke Store

Israeli professor, (Holocaust Survivor) killed in US attack (helping students escape classroom)

Iraqi Qaeda says it will kill 20 soldiers, police

heads up! it's wookies!!

Why are tribal photos with topless woman allowed to be publicly shown but all other instances can't?

waaaay tipsy, that is all...

bloop, bloop...

hubby donated two pieces of art for a gal's medical expense's here in town....

triple post. sorry

triple post, sorry

Damn — another little earthquake

See your favorite 80s cartoon stars sell out in this Long Anti-Drug PSA

IF JK Rowlings were to write about Bush

Okay ... we all need a lighter moment ...

Ooh... I just posted in the Gungeon.

Please change your avatar to stand with the VT Community

Drunk Man Survives Falling Under Train

Regarding bees and colony collapse, has anyone ever seen

Who do you think you're fooling?

Seeing the sites in Small Town, U.S.A


I did not mail a check to the state tax commission today.

tax procrastinators check in!

How much of an income difference is okay for you in a relationship?

Passengers fume as sleepy BA crew delays flight (idiots!!)

Yiddish 1.0

CNBC just got "Sanjaya'd"!! LMAO!!!!

So, after the date he created an account on a local singles net.

pneumonia! whee!

Why do I seem to have a stubborn streak today?

How much of a height difference is okay for you in a relationship?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/17/2007)

Borat sings National Anthem

who broke the DU?

I have a feeling PETA wasn't there when this was filmed

Andy Partridge/Barry Andrews/Martyn Barker's "Monstrance": BRILLIANT!

Frequent flyer offers from Discover or others

I think printer ink is distilled from the blood of albino koala fetuses.

Important ABC news item for the Loungers

2:49 The Fox News bio of Kurt Vonnegut (wow)

One thing I'm upset about now that I'm back on DU.

Tonite at work a sr citizen gave her email address as "Flamingho"

Kindergartener Charged With Felony Temper Tantrum - Arrested

Name a true American hero:

Shakespeare on podcast for pupils (BBC)

Has anybody else here been generally happier when not in a relationship

Who's watching Tom & Jerry cartoons with me?

Brother Theodore: The Genius Of The Sinister

The Martin Hannett Biography Project

The musician I don't miss...

Interesting at lunch today

I'm about to buy "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl"

The Pizza Toss

Trying to find an animated smilie/gif, please....

This post is not about guns

This post is not about buns

Servrey says:

This post is not about nuns

And this is why I love baseball (didn't hurt that it was against the Yankees, either)

has anybody seen shooter?

Ted McGinley and John C. McGinley are....

matcom, our services are needed!!!!! The Posse Rides!!!!!

Hillary wants Guns banned in video games about Olive Garden

Someone at Google has a wicked sense of humor

Oh 4-Chan, if only you didn't exist (VT-Shootings Related)!

I'm thinking about replacing my minivan with a car.

If you were to invade the Lounge, what sort of postwar planning would you need?

It worked for me, albeit long ago.

I need help with a vector logo...

Kitty exfoliation

I need a swift kick in the butt

mycritters2 - check your pmail

okay Macaroni or Machiavelli?

Wow! I made the Greatest Threads list!

A very scary ACLU video

Grrr.... Asshat-in-Chief has turned the VA Tech convocation into HIS show...

WOOHOO!!!! Delaware kicks New Jersey's ass WOOHOO!!!!

Congratulations TOJ!! 10,000 posts

Ok, I give up. What or where is the "Gungeon"?

Hilarious...."I have a problem with people that state man-made global warming

Congratulations Mz Pip!! 10,000 posts

Do your TV channels change on their own?

Want to make sure GOPisEvil sees this--what our alma mater did last night.


A liberal funny from a five year old.

alright, Marmosets or Malamutes??

Anyone buy Patti Smith's new cd that came out today?

Can you be friends with people with a different sense of humor?

okay Macarena or Mariachi?

Some of the parents I'm dealing with need a lesson in manners.

Can you believe it? Someone got some video of Madonna without her makeup!

Man, donating blood just knocks me on my ass

Anyone ever had that coffee that is advertised on this site and do you remember the name of it?

Do You Bust Incest In Your House?

Macaroons or Mallomars?

It's true. I hate America

Is owning the following too much clothing for professional/normal wear?

So when I see my doc for my physical, should I wear

I cannot go home until I write this damn SQL script

OK, Mullets or Mohawks?

I'm no Honda fan, but their F1 car kicks all kinds of ass!!

Question for copy editors

Tax Day 2007 and the Federal Government remains in the 20th Century.

Tuesday Morning Questions

A heartfelt thank you to the moderators and admins. It cannot be easy!

Wow. Pretty dramatic Giant Panda news.

What are some good words to live by?

Oy vey. the lounge is reminding me about my first stint as a DU Moderator.


It's windy. I know this because

OK, Apaches or Cherokees?

X-Post: Does anyone here own rental property?


Vote now for the official lounge gay male

If your professor asked you to

This is, quite possibly...

Travolta as big as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe

*ahem* - the Minotaur OR the Medusa?

Do you know your neighbors?

Why was it inappropriate for a child to rebuckle his knickerbockers below the knee?

Most useless cat EVER (pic)....

So Mr. Writer gets The Big Job and I just barely fail to get into the doc. program...

How many guns you got?

So, how big is your Ignore List?

West Wing video reminder - Jeb's response to an attack on a college campus

Do You Burn Incense In Your House?

Gather around boys and girls for some DU Trivia - see if you know the answer

A dog health question- (warning, picture of a skin condition)


Most devastating childhood punishment.

What do you miss about DU times gone by?

Should I Make Dinner for Rockit or Take a Nap?

Board Games: Name you favorites.

Woo-Hoo! Check in if you're NOT sick! (physically, I mean)

Those who have guns, why do you have them?

This post is about nuns... and clams

We made Act Deciderly -- The Video! Please watch for a laugh

Y'know how we refer to mass murderers by all three names?

Fads you remember. And -- did you like/participate in/buy the fad at the time?

Most Grimly Grateful

No! My Kitten Adoption Solution No Longer Exists!

"My Favorite Mutiny" by The Coup

Name a true American villain:

The musician I most miss...

Hey y'all: I got the lead alto solo I'd auditioned for!!

Do you share a computer with another DUer?

Cristiano Ronaldo - best player in the world right now?

**** Nominate yourself for your own OFFICIAL LOUNGE STATUS *****

Aimee Mann Appreciation Thread

I have been suicidal in the past

Oh yeah..I'm gonna'hire THIS guy..

Who is your favorite movie bad ass?

Post your state or provincial motto:

What is the Most Money $$$ You Have Ever Found

I most humbly must beg DU for help.....again

Ken Ham (Answers in Gensis) KNOWS what caused the VT shooting.

I ran across this cartoon

If someone you love comes to you and tells you that they don't believe in gods anymore.

There are a lot more of 'our people' out there

Committee Hearings April 17, 18,19, 2007

THK Blog Tour--Day Four: Poverty, Women, and the Environment

Climate Change Called a Security Threat, Kerry Calls for Congress to Act


Imagine If We Had A President Who Not Only Read Books But Could Actually Write One?

Kerry Calls on Paul Wolfowitz to Resign

Kerry Affirms Support of DC Voting Rights

Video of JK on The Colbert Report

DailyKos diary to rec and comment (about JK on Colbert)

Tomorrow TPM will have an interview with Senator Kerry up:

Completely OT: Intelligence bill

Kerry-Edwards 2004.

Cerberus group's plan to buy Delphi hits hurdle: WSJ

Picture from the Roanoke Times Photo of the Week --Circuit City

Doctors and other medical workers in Bosnian federation go on strike

Take Action to Ensure Full Investigation of FLOC Organizer’s Murder

NYT: Where Delivery Is a Mainstay, a Rebellion Over Pay ($1.40 an hour)

Swiftboat Response

After A day like today we need this.George Michael&George W Bush

This Is War

Sandstorm--- Beyond the Sunrise

The Hollywood Liberal on NBC News Raw

Chris Rock - Gun Control...

George Bush Vs Kanye West...

Bush on leaving Iraq (Freudian slip)

They are Reading You E-Mails Part 1

Bill Maher on 'Elite', Pat Robertson University, and the B*sh Administration

Britain's honeybees going extinct

George Bush; The Speech You Didn't Hear

They are Reading Your E-Mails Part 2

John Edwards Rocks Yancy's in NC!

Arlen Specter and the Kennedy Assassination Part 1

Arlen Specter and the Kennedy Assassination (cont.d)

Robert D. Novak (R-Traitor): Is U.S. ignoring the Hamas call for peace?

Iraq returns to Persian heritage: Rising Persian influence is sign of Iraq's ascendance, not Iran's.

This Post Is About Nothing. But Its Still DY-NO-MITE!!!!

"Please shoot me first."......

Another VA Thread

Imus Mess & Campus Massacre TV Spree--- Further proof that THE MEDIA is the problem

In honor of Tax Day:

3,308 U.S. Troops dead in Iraq. Sixty-six this month

Six years of walking lessons have paid off for the president

Reuters: Qaeda Group Says Iraq A "University Of Terror"

Nancy Pelosi called for a moment of silence for the Va T

... certain inalienable Rights...


If only they'd payed as much attention to firearms ....

Virginia Tech's ban on guns may draw legal fire

Anyone ever heard of John Lennon going through a "Born Again" phase?

On school culture

Maybe we could get all the Va Tech tinfoil on one thread

Virginians, current and former check in for a group hug...

What time do the hearings begin? DC Time.

LOUISA COUNTY, Virginia – The grand jury has filed more charges against indicted Filipino priest Fr.

How many campus shootings have there beein in the last few years?

The blue eyed vs the browned children--rant about Rush L and Hannity

I just wish the M$M would give half, just half the love and care to the

Convicted child abuser, Pastor Charles Shifflett and wife face multiple tax fraud charges

Budget Chairmen Byrd and Obey: 'Bush has two choices, find common ground or divide the country'

Country struggles to end force-feeding of girls - Obesity seen as attractive, a sign of wealth

If you tire of the msnbc or cnn over and over reporting today, clik on this link

UN conference to spotlight huge Iraqi exodus

Does anyone have access to an english translation of the Pravda article about Imus

Dutch Official says World Bank facing Wolfowitz Crisis

What does CIC stand for?

Did cops fire a warning shot towards student cameraman?

Who are the crazy ones here?

What's the cost of oil per Bbl? I mean, the real cost?

The FBI had intended to scare parents shitless in a different way yesterday.

Tell ya what, you Tech tinfoilers. Since I know roughly 100 kids there,

Don't forget to redact the juicy parts on your 1040-EZ

Paula Zahn is an idiot

Steven Colbert Google Bombs...himself. Because he is the Greatest Living American.

Picture of one of the victims killed in the dorm

VT: List of confirmed dead


Blind faith on abstinence education puts kids at risk

Bush cynically attempts to weaken Democrats' resolve by highlighting troops' suffering

Why didn't VT Campus Police "drop-tones" at the first shooting scene?

Cho Seung-Hui

How long before the RWers blame Nancy Pelosi

The Elephant in the Room

Whuh-whuh-WHAAAA? You mean the Va. Tech shooter wasn't a nefarious Islamofascist?

VT: Cho had receipt for Glock in his backpack

We are never going to stop people from going on a rampage (Easy Access Kills)

What is it about the week of April 20?

I've probably missed it, but what is happening with TheShadowKnows?

The Virginia Tech campus shooting did not shock me.

Exxon-Mobil made 39.5 BILLION Dollars Last Year....aren't you proud?

Its like they CANT WAIT until something like this happens..

VT Press conference

Just me, or is the newsmodel now hosting CNN American Morning irritating?

Check out who's representing Wolfowitz's girlfriend...

Bullet removed from Vietnamese soldier's heart 39 years after war

KPFA is broadcasting two hours of discussion on guns, gun laws, etc.

Bush to attend Virginia Tech service

When will AG AG start his hearing?

university of terror

Judge OKs urine test in pastor's DUI case (Cornerstone Church, Maumee, OH)

Seems as if Dubya's at-the-ready for a Blacksburg photo-op, as opposed

Why are they being so fucking vague with "2 shooters" (was the shooter in the dorm lockdown?)

Catholic Charities halting foster care program after 90 years

Student says US gunman’s spree began with quarrel with girlfriend

CSpan1 Arguing against negotiating drug prices on medicare D

Since the Bush Administration keeps 'losing' things...

If you need a break from the "news": CSPAN 3 on FCC Funding

U.S. soldier on trial in Italy for Iraq killing

Bush threatens photo-op visit to Virginia Tech

532 U.S. soldiers killed in past six months, highest rate yet

Freedom of the press?

In Defense of White Men

Looks like N. Korea's preparing to make good on the nuke deal they made with Bill Richardson

What's responsible for the VT shootings? Liberalism!:

NYT" Unusual Trip to Iraq in ’03 for Wolfowitz Companion

An army popping at the seams

School Should Have Done More

I never realized how much money oil and oil related companies were making from the Dept of Defense.

They caused it so US, Britain must help fleeing Iraqis: HRW

I can't believe no one's taken me up on taking a listen to kpig radio this morning

Video of Nancy Pelosi on Leno

The Search for a Motive (Virginia Tech)

Beyond Vietnam to the madness of Iraq

Va. Tech President: "He Was One Of Our Students"

The violence in this world is overwelming....

Iraq: Many women are now head of their households, their husbands and sons having been killed

4 more US troops killed Monday (9 are awaiting DOD confirmation)

Need some help explaining the Iraq War and its causes to

Instant water carrying for gun lobby

Please stand with the VA Tech community by changing your Avatar

What in the world is it about the color orange that makes me

We need a new Geneva Convention

A Common Sense Proposal re: gun violence and control

Investigation of VT shooting extends to Northern Virginia schools..

SALON: Pentagon Reveals New Troop Care Measures

Here I sit all broken hearted, I sucked up and got all my chores finished yesterday

Increasingly, War Tax Resisters Defy IRS in Protest Over Iraq

Since it's all about numbers: 62 US Soldiers killed this month

Elisabeth Hasselbeck trying to spout right wing talking points re: the shooting

General (Pace): Afghan Mortars Made in Iran - AP

NY Magazine refers to as "a left-leaning version of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth."

any German speakers?

Chris Jansing (MSNBC): A new low

Will this post eventually do away with the NRA?

Deleted by poster

Hey *atheists* and *evolution believers*! VT is YOUR fault!

Guns: Forbidden fruit is sweetest.

Let's try again to get this overturned !!!

I went the company cafeteria to grab some lunch and they had FAUX on the big screen

Shell establishes ground in Iraq (17/04/07)

another MAN with a GUN

Virginia Tech Killer Used Easy-To-Get Guns (CBS News)

Health Care That Works - Roger Hickey - Campaign for America's Future

Tom DeLay Compares Himself To Duke Students Falsely Accused Of Rape

Tom DeLay Compares Himself To Duke Students Falsely Accused Of Rape

VT:Timely notification to Campus required by Clery Act

"Usually he waits a week or two"

My THEORY: Kyle Sampson has been granted or is courting immunity.

Post Office to the First Amendment: Drop Dead (Sign the petition!)

Truly terrifying primary schedule lining up

Who Will Ultimately Control Iraq? Bush or the Shiite Majority?

"...very quiet, always by himself,"" loner," legal perm.resident ('92) two shootings connected

Take that, Professor Falken!

In a hole? Stop digging!

Dallas News: Mike Nifong, meet Alberto Gonzales

Bush seeking another bullhorn PR moment today?

So it begins....big bad tough-ass sitting in a chair criticizes student response to shootings

WP: "Are They Serious?"

Majority Expect U.S. Will 'Lose' in Iraq

Single post today: My best wishes to all, peace and healing amidst the grief

Can we get back to Gonzo-gate, please?

Elizabeth Edwards: Courage and Peace and Mercy

Gun free zones. Where are they?

Hey, guess what! The psycho gunman was a LONER!!!

John Hinckley seeking longer furloughs, possible eventual release..

uh oh

I predict the Va Tech Police Chief will be gone

Thanks for killing yourself Cho Seung-Hui, why didn't you do that first?

While My Heart Is Broken over the shooting In Iraq

The face of Cho Seung-Hui

Imagine If We Had A President Who Not Only Read Books But Could Actually Write One?

A spot of GOOD news for the day: Polar Bear Knut Recovered

Your airline ticket fees being used to fund jets/airports of corporate execs

My LTTE on Republican hissy fits

Is it a "Liberal" government or a "Conservative" government that allows

CQ: Iraq Sunni party to open DC lobby shop

Mass. storm victims get extra two days to file taxes

Discrimination against the Mentally ill is the worst kind.

Bob Geiger: Bush Dishonors War Dead By Using Their Families

Time to allow guns in the White House

Why does Chimp need AF1 to go 150 miles?

Is the Press being too quick to question the response by authorities to the VT massacre?

So has it been determined where the shooter got his guns?

John McCain: "I'm a happy loser"

Photos of 'tortured' Iraqi's corpse released (UK)

Cool map of where in the US candidates got there money

Holy Moley! What a new look!

Guns Don't Kill, Bullets Do...Our Culture Does

Why does the media keep saying that this was the worst...

Married to the Mob: Let's document the Spouses of the GOP. A group project

John Derbyshire of NRO tells us what he would have done at VT

How can guns be kept out of the hands of psychotics?

Wow! I just noticed that the DU front page has been changed.

(Maniacal laughter here)

I LOVE it when criminals are stupid! Especially when they are political crimes!

It's not a tragedy, it's an opportunity....

"This happened because God was kicked out of schools/America"

Dupe. Pls. delete. nt

My taxes are done and filed, I am endorsing myself now

So much for racial profiling

Newsweek: Where’s Karl?

What will Annthrax's reaction to the tragedy be?

What does the "well regulated" portion of the 2nd amendment mean?

At this moment, the White House advance team is seeking out 2 black students who can cry.

One speculation about a VT victim

Tom Delay compares self to anal cyst

they stood for the VT president, they stood for

Rate of U.S. losses in Iraq is highest yet

I have a dream....

I have a new nickname for Tommy Thompson: "Instant Toast"

Will you be watching your president at the services today , I wonder what...

How Tax Cheats Are Using Your Money To Fund Republicans

Memorial service on now at VA Tech...

Who did you think the gunman would turn out to be?

Arrested by Dr. June Scorza Terpstra

Where was this freaking idiot-in-chief during Katrina???

"This happened because we kicked God out of schools/America"

Brian Williams blathering on about...

What happened to Auntie Pinko? I haven't seen a question to her for a long time.

I tried to give him (Bush) the benefit of the doubt today

We as a nation based upon the M$M are just way too damned

VT Convocation on MSNBC and CNN right now n/t

Keith Olberman Had a Good Thought Last Night

Does anyone remember this LAT article re: Koreans and suicide?

It can happen anywhere, at any time, so why worry about those Islamic terrorists?

Blackwater USA will be trolling for contract$$$ to 'secure' college...

PBS' America at the Crossroads is a most amazing documentary

Soldiers family disagrees with VA's report, but won't keep fighting

Last night was a horrendous, gut -wrenching night for my friends

What will be the NEXT lame excuse out of the Bush Administration?

looks to me like this is a slippery slope we are on of late. this postponing things

What is more important, children or money?

My wife has been robbed at gunpoint 3 times.

Until we learn to value our connectedness over our separateness, we will keep having massacres.

We need to pick some scabs..

One way to prevent this: make friends with foreign students

Interesting POV: Cheerleading one sport worth ditching

"No True Scotsman" fallacy...

Take the quiz on Virginia gun laws!

Here's one answer to NRA types when they push more guns as the solution

I need help. There is someone poisoning my relationship with

A look at some victims....

Killer had railed against "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans"

Two Secret Service officers injured at White House accidentally

Why is everybody taking this time of sorrow and turning it into a soapbox

Does anyone else think it's too soon for this memorial service?

By the end of the day, we will see Bush hugging two black students.

Dow joins Climate Change fight

"House Panel Eyes Immunity Grant" POSSIBLE IMMUNITY FOR GOODLING!

As a parent of a freshman at A&M in Texas and having worked

Deadliest school killing in U.S, history? May 18 1927 in Bath, Michigan

Why is this man smiling? (Bush at VA Tech Convocation)

April 17, America Loses One of Its Most Inventive Minds

30+ innocents were killed at VA Tech. 90+ innocents are killed in Iraq everyday and no one blinks/nt

So...Bush can go to Virginia Tech but he couldn't be bothered to go to New Orleans...

UN urges Iraq's neighbors to help refugees, Bush Administration downplays crisis

The Rude Pundit on Virginia Tech

“Clusterfu#k Nation” takes down NYT’s Tom Friedman. Hilarious & Devastating

The circus is coming to town:

A deliciously ironic statement from Mr. Rush Limbaugh.

whatever happened to the freeper terrorist?

"Bubba listens to Limbaugh because Limbaugh gives him someone to blame for the fact that Bubba is

Did Cho use the high-capacity (33) clips or didn't he? Who knows

TPM: House Judiciary Committee to give Goodling immunity.

Caller on Randi making shit up on the fly

Is anyone shocked by Phelps and his gang at this point?

The new DU main page is here!

First Democratic Debate

120 gunmen killed, arrested in two days in Iraq

U.S. Gun Control Laws Criticized Abroad

Millions of Christians not Protesting at VT Funerals

3311 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Gun mayhem for DC voting rights: Will Republicans still push this 'bargain' after Va Tech?

Guns, Gun Laws, The NRA, The State of Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

White People Will Protest At Virginia Tech Funerals!

Christians to PROTEST at the VT funerals!

"House Panel to Consider Florida Contest" ****Florida's 13th Congressional District!

Douchebags to PROTEST at the VT funerals!

What Ever Happened to Crazy? -- Chris Rock

The VT massacre will probably result in more infringements on our First Amendment Rights

Because, above all else, I am "Somebody's Mom"...

'Did Va Tech Gunman Use High-Capicity Ammo Clip'? Brian Ross, ABC News

The retired generals on C-span this morning

...the similarities between Iraq and Darfur are remarkable...

He was an English major!

Anti-depressant watch

Copyright Royalty Board Puts Internet Radio on Death Watch

You're a Monster, Mr. President (Huffpo)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tue 4/17: "Vitural PETS may be a danger to E-mail"

2 Ejected From Bush Speech Posed a Threat, Lawyers Say (LOL)

This is Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America:

When is this country going to equate all human life as valuable, not just American

Welcome to Roanoke Firearms!

Can I get some good vibes for my home county today?

We held our breath, hoping for good news from VT. But it was bad news instead.

So long DU (this place is whack)

okay...check this out. YOu will laugh Bush vs Kanye West...frikkin funny

A very scary ACLU video

True Colors Tour 2007 - in support of LGBT rights

Crooksandliars: Ted Stevens calls into the Daily Show

I just gagged at Governor Kaine's description of

Local news leads with Va. Tech.

According to the Right Wing, It's Wrong for Immigrants To Have A Driver's License...

Regarding the planned Phelps protests of the VT funerals:

White House threatens veto of drug price bill (Medicare prgm negotiations)

David Gregory is a scam

Need help with email. I'm so sick of this person's emails, and I need help

Why is everyone so obsessed with the Virginia Tech shooting?

An Armed Citizen With A Permit Stopped The Last VA College Shooting Rampage

Full video of John Lennon vs the US.

Matt Lauer just said Bush will act as "Healer in Chief".

Blaming Charlton Heston (for yesterday....Europe)

David Gregory is a tool

Fiore presents: MC Rove &GWB43

Democrats, especially Edwards, lead in Alabama fundraising

OK Jack Kingston is a raving lunatic

* won't reveal location of secret prisons

Simply put: A killer was on the loose at VT for nearly 2 hours.

Are the RePUKE grief police trashing VT for doing a Hokie cheer at the convocation?

Bush's Failures/Crimes --- OR --- Democrats talking Gun Control

Secret Service officer accidentally fired inside the White House gate,

A solution to Second Amendment concerns: Shall-issue gun licensing.

11 girls burn themselves alive in Iraqi town in 3 months

Randy went off on gun laws in Texas

Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney

Capitol flag is at half-staff.. I have a question

Dang. The VT lunatic is going to make it harder to get a gun in the state of Virginia!!!

"Jeremy spoke in class today . . . "

Angry Soccer Mom Accused of Neglect

No Spitting on the Road to Olympic Glory, Beijing Says

Do these shooting like VA Tech and Columbine happen in other countries?

Shoes, shampoo and bullets

Schizophrenics or psychopaths(Vt killer)

75 year old Holocaust Survivor shot dead as he blocked door so students could jump out windows

Majority Expect U.S. Will 'Lose' in Iraq

Va. Tech Massacre Resonates in Iraq

The -I -Rak

Phelps/Westboro Baptist Church

Inside The Bush DoJ's Purge of The Civil Rights Division / Georgia I.D. Law Examined/ TPMuckraker

U.S. Military Forces Now Detaining 18,000 Prisoners In Iraq

U.S. War Resister Aguayo to Be Released April 18th from U.S. Military Prison in Mannheim, Germany

It's true , if you have a issue like depression .

As a college student, I'm glad that guns aren't allowed on campus

When I was in grad school a professor was murdered in the mens room

There we go. He was LONER!

Wouldn't it be great if W realized that this happens everyday in Iraq.

Murder Charge Dropped Against 1 Marine (for testimony, RE: Haditha)

Why are Republicans fanatical about the 2nd Amendment, but trash the 1st & 4th Amendments?

George W. Bush is a dumbfuck

Sheila Jackson Lee on CSpan1

Too many fucking people

Consumer Directed Health Care - are you wise to this scam? n/t

Has the VT Shooting changed your opinion on Handguns

Humpty and Dumpty Time for all of the BushCo....All the Kings Men and All the Kings Horses

Bush's hypocrisy once again simply amazes me!

OK, we have a name for the shooter, do we really have to know the names of the victims?

Wow! It is ALL bush on Every News Channel

Juan Cole On Virginia Tech Shootings: ‘In Iraq, This Is A Daily Event’


To the cynical "White American Kids" crowd......

Jeb Bush School of Education: 'New year, new name, new rules'

TWIT moment Number 2 elisabeth rush talking point 400$ haircut

65th Anniversary Doolittle Raid 18 April 1942

A week of Imus. Now a week of VT. Anyone know what's going on in the world?

Multibillion dollar textbook scandal reaches Congress

If Monica Goodling looked like John Ehrlichman, would people be so quick to support immunity?

all these US shootings in the 1800's and early 1900's ?

it has happened...hannity raised the spectre of VT being from a terrorist

Another Conservative Jerk-off blames the victims for not attacking the shooter.

Dumbest question I heard at today's VT presser...

Chavez: Increased ethanol production is a sure-fire way to increase hunger by lifting food prices

Sex kills illegal immigrants

'Ismail Ax' written on Gunman's Arm - Any Meaning?

Let's face it. This country is in love with violence.

Why allow foreigners to buy guns in the US?

Excellent Tony Auth TOON...

No locks on classroom doors?

Can anyone help me find the pic of Sen. Tester repairing his tractor?

I am seething with contempt for

FEMA wants students to give money back

When the Phelps freaks came to Delaware

I'm stunned. One of the Jonesboro, Ark, shooters is out of jail and another will be out in a month

It's our society, stupid

LAT: Sampson contradicts Gonzo … AND Conyers weighs options over non-compliance w/subpoenas

How Strongly Do you Feel about Gun Control

The reason for Richardson's moderation in attacking Gonzales

LET'S ROLL!!!!!!

armed citizens inoculate a society against tyranny..

Meanwhile, still another DUer has had a relative injured in Iraq

so did the fucker bush create havock when he insisted on showing up at the convocation?

Ex-IBM senior exec gets it: Globalization is failing.

PM of Australia forced to back down on HIV+ ban, slammed by medical specialists

Smoking Gun has VT killer's violent writings

I am a big 2nd amendment supporter

Lee Iacocca just pisses me off to no end!!! AAAHHHGGGG!!!!!

Is it so much to ask that you obtain a license to own a gun?

An Inconvenient Truth - what a difference a 3 hour drive makes!

Do you think Virginia should have stronger regulations?

Video games are what caused the Virginia Tech shooting!

Two maniacs on rampage kill half a million people! Dial 911!

My Korean roomate is freaking out right now...

It's All About GEORGE ---pix--->>>

I told the Human Resources department today that I was offended by their choice of news station

LOL! TUESDAY'S Doonesbury: Trudeau Just Won't Let Up!

Actually, the deadliest shooting in US history, took place 12-29-1890.

Tainted honey 'came from external source'

I'm a VA Tech mom and I'm heartsick

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: Smoking with the soldiers

Some guy was just "escorted out" of the VT Service.

I've come to the conclusion that if we are to get any relief from these squatters

The guy sitting in for Glen Beck said tonight that this tragedy

Want to make a rightwing Christian's head explode?

Is there any statistical data on how many times a gun has been used for self-defense vs

Well what d'ya know - Defense Sec'y Gates agrees with Dems on timeline

Lee Iacocca's FED UP! Excerpt from his new book...

Two Secret Service Agents shot accidentally by fellow officer...

So the Anna Nicole threads got driven off by the Don Imus threads...

An AP photographer who shared a Pulitzer Prize in 2005 now sits in a U.S. Army jail in Baghdad

the intersection of the right to bear arms and mental illness

Kerry: Paul Wolfowitz should resign

Online Pew Research Center -Test your political news IQ test -


Corzine's Car was Going 91 MPH! Looks Like No Hit and Run Too.

Bush is drunk!

I believe the VT shooter was an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

We held our breath, hoping for good news from VT. But it was bad news instead.

I'm calling Bullshit

Brian Williams said it's "unseemly" to talk about guns after yet another US gun massacre

Dare I ask: Why are acts of mass violence committed by MEN, and not women?

I still don't get it. Were there two gunmen? What happened in the 2 hours?

Holocaust survivor saved students' lives

Kansans will protest at the VT funerals!!


Gun owner?

I'm an English Major and a Loner!

My personal experience with Columbine and students with DSM-IV

Bonus points to the DU'er who said antidepressants were likely a factor in VT killer.

New James McMurtry song, "God Bless America"

Please remind me when Rev. Fred Phelps croaks, I don't wanna miss THAT funeral

MORE pet food recalls: Natural Balance (4/17/07)

The worst school massacre in US history occurred in 1927

Iraq should be the next big investigation

So will there be weapon restrictions

Another school shooting: Native Americans Criticize Bush's Silence

Front Page of Journal Inquirer (Manchester, CT)

Report: 80% of Iraqis lack access to sanitation.

Gun Law — European Style

How would you handle a close friend who is about to become a gun owner?

Conyers Not Done Yet! Requests More Interviews! (Good Stuff)

White House Claims Executive Privilege Over RNC Emails

If the killer tried to buy his guns in NJ, the cops wouldn't let him.

American Media Completely Distorting Bombshell Le Monde 9/11 Report

My 19 year old got a ticket for pot in CA. and they suspended his license for 1 year?!

US Excecutives Talk Entuhsiastically of Moving Millions of High-Skill Jobs to Lower-Wage Countries

So this guy walks into a gun store..

The Town of Democratic Underground. Just under 103,000 citizens. What a great place to live.

Guns don't kill people, immigrants kill people and must be banned.

Elisabeth hannitybeck's TWIT moment...Guns would have saved the students

"Guns don't kill people...."

Brian Williams saying the president was having none of the political ...

Pat Buckley (William F.'s wife) Dies at 80

Well, CSPAN callers this morning have already

From A Virginia Tech Alumnus to President Bush-"Stay In Washington DC & Let VA Tech Community Heal"

There is no necessary reason to own a firearm that is designed for killing people

Going "postal"

"Prosecutors owe loyalty to the public" Commentary by a former assistant U.S. attorney

Inside The Bush DoJ's Purge of The Civil Rights Division

Glock should be proud....

Kucinich plans to file articles of impeachment against Cheney

This post might be offensive to you.

Woohoo! Hubby traded in our '98 Ford Explorer for a brand new Subaru Forester

Minneapolis April 28 Impeachment Event - With Canoes

Kucinich camp closes website for 24 hours in light of shootings

The Senator: Time for White House to Stop the Nonsense and Work with Congress

Don't count McLame out yet.

Mark yesterday on your calendar ... historic day

Rasmussen: Giuliani leads Republican Presidential Primary

Truthout: Justice Probes Abramoff Ties to White House

Gallup Poll puts bush @ 35% approval

Mitch Landrieu Declines La. Governor Bid (AP)

Robert Parry: Bush/Cheney Dig in to Win

ABC - Guman identified as student of Korean descent

Why isn't mental health care a bigger issue?

Please stand with the VA Tech community by changing your Avatar

How do you assess these proposals for foreign policy?

Colbert replaying now - with John Kerry.

When Will The RNC, Cheney, And Boehner Smear Great Britain?

Gonzales’ problems keep getting worse

Bush Dishonors War Dead By Using Their Families

Government unworried by abstinence report (Reuters)

Hypothetical question about Constitutional gun rights

Will Bush jump the shark with his planned photo op to VT today

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at 53% approval Newt Gingrich maxed out at 41% approval

Judiciary committee to vote on Goodling immunity (tomorrow)

Bush, the political animal

Thompson's campaign debut

Could one of you kind DUers provide a link to Gonzo's

Riza Was a Key ‘Influence’ Who Helped ‘Reinforce Wolfowitz’s Resolve’ On Iraq Invasion

Larry C Johnson coming up on Thom Hartman

As Bush speaks at VT, remember he's responsible

Democrats Must Figure Next Step On Iraq

Better watch Mean Jean, she has $309,150 in Campaign DEBTS


Censorship is your friend ...

Not to minimize VT tragedy, but Bush has yet to attend the first memorial service for Iraq's fallen-

We should allow everyone to carry guns

Does Mike Gravel want to Privatize Social Security?

Oh bytheway-MY Governor Tim Kaine

Does anyone know if Jim Webb will attend the VT convocation?

John Coyners and Henry Waxman: Two men who make me proud to be a democrat

Looks like CNN has taken the opportunity in this VT tragedy, to change hosts on American Morning

Rep. Charlie Rangel now speaking on C-Span2 at National Press Club, 1:07PM, EST.

Medicare Rx Drug Negotiations: Bush to veto drug bill

The Hollywood Liberal on NBC News Raw

Secretary of State Rice may face subpoena threat Wednesday

Talking points that show how bad Virginia gun laws are

Hannity Yesterday on the Imus Firing

Theoretically the problem is not guns

One point on Stephanie Miller made me think ...

Why were neither Senators of Virginia acknowleged by any of the speakers. I am

Extra kool-aid servings today! Neocons ruminate how to blame liberals

Has anyone already done the research on which candidates are pro-gun control and anti-gun control?

Current 2008 Primary Schedule

Bush at VT

Obama Gets Fundraising Edge on Clinton, Giuliani on Wall Street

GOP Funk: Top Dems Have Twice As Many Donors

Inside The Bush DoJ's Purge of The Civil Rights Division

One-issue election in my county today. Stupid electronic ballots.

Senate Democrats alter ‘earmark‘ rules

"House panel eyes immunity for Gonzalez aide Goodling"

Military Analyst’s Firsthand Experience in Iraq Contradicts Right-Wing Rhetoric on Escalation

Media Alert! CNN Malveaux using VT to bolster Bush approval!

Rasmussen: Obama Moves to Top of Poll--33% Would Definitely Vote for Him

AWB and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007 picks up 3 more cosponsors.

Who is Mike Gravel?

Fmr. NY Gov. Mario Cuomo: Edwards Comes Closest To Facing Hard Issues

Hotline's newest candidate rankings

Anyone else turning off the TV? I want to watch some of the VT coverage but I can't stand the

"Nervous about NAFTA"....from 1998 by Howard Dean on Canada's The Editors forum.

Edwards, Obama, Clinton, Gore

It takes a village, a family, or a church maybe?

A clever video response to CNN's recent Atheist-bashing at

Has David Gregory jumped the shark? Has he been turned? Is he, maybe, just possessed by the devil?

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