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Archives: April 16, 2007

A 9/11 "Smoking Gun" Hidden In Plain Sight

A Woman Wrongly Convicted and a U.S. Attorney Who Kept His Job

Restore Fairness, Return to Reality

Ecuador leader celebrates 'win'

Candidates Still Take Cues From Their Base

World Bank staff panel scolds Wolfowitz

Three options for national salvation:

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 287

"How trees might not be green in carbon offsetting debate" article

Bill Clinton: Israel-Syria peace deal could be reached within 35 minutes

'Israeli melons have AIDS'

"Vote by Mail + Election Day Registration = Awesome Election"

TO CONGRESS: HR 811 Unsafe for Democracy! HALT Holt!!! - Election Forum News 4/16/06

45 killed in Baghdad despite crackdown (3 more US troops die Sun.[2 on Sat.])

The Duke Case: Innocent (Lesley Stahl speaks to exonerated players)

Racist German Army Clip Targets N.Y. Blacks

MI5 adopts paedophile-tracking tactics for Muslim extremists

Cheney hasn't called Libby since trial

Northwest Pilot Arrested on Drug Charge

IRS: Online Taxpayers Getting Hijacked

Chavez calls 9/11 gift for Bush

Air Force fills out Army ranks in Iraq

Kerry reopens door to possible presidential run

Ex-Justice Official's Statements Contradict Gonzales on Firings

Why in Jebus' name isn't the Simpsons on right now?

PBS: Nature: Voyage of a Lonely Turtle

Anybody had their old heating - cooling system changed out lately?

George Bush is Sofa King Lame....

Wow! Chimp Wars on Discovery - Anyone else see that?

Lost, The Children of Men and The Stand,,,crazy theory

Jackie Robinson game is on now

20 years ago; April-ish, 1987...


Jackie Robinson Day

Weenie extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest was in line in front of me at Bed Bath & Beyond today.

Otters holding hands - so cute

Stump the band. Where is this house? Post your pics too.

Thanks Southpawkicker. Your post inspired me to remember....

So I did everything except clean the house and enter in my county lists

Todd Snider's song to George Bush

Dear God, dinner tonight was one for the books. Fettucine in a sauce of cream and

I did something today that I have never done before.

Well, you knew it would happen one of these days...

They took the rubber stamp out of the drawer!


Teenager robs Ted Nugent's house.

Interest in politics is inherited. I have proof.

Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself...

I killed a wee animal today

Is Fergie a ho?

So I wrote to the graduate school about my PhD application, and the verdict is...

My comical one post deletion

The latest gizmo for the iPod!

Post good news here!

Who is the worse comedian?


Has anyone seen "Blades of Glory" yet?

So I'm not Super Woman -- SUE ME!!!

Crocodile bites off veterinarian's arm. (Warning: MILDLY GRAPHIC)

The sneaker thread in GD got me thinking...What's everyone's favorite sneaker brand?

Book Suggestions Needed!

New Bright Eyes Album - Anyone heard it?

What's your favorite Jim Croce song?

Guess I am too bland, in five + years, I have never gotten a "Warning"

I MISSED DU!!!! Its been forever....

Happy Bengali New Year Lounge!

What DOES it mean when someone says a person has an "old soul."

The Commonly Confused Words Test

Jesus, I hope the stray dog isn't suffering in this weather. He's been coming around

Did you ever make "stone soup" as a kid?

Here comes the insomnia.

First woman to run Boston Marathon (1967), official tried to drag her off the course

I seem to have fallen asleep for a week. Did I miss anything?

Has anyone else read World War Z by Max Brooks?

This is what really happens in Florida after the snow birds leave. (DIAL UP WARNING)

Ryan Seacrest inspired. Ever see a celebrity in person, and either not recognize them,

Check this car's bumper sticker!

I don't care what any of you elitists say, I Love New York was a great show!!

I finally got my scanner working! Here's my favorite pic

Later Folks...

I was just told that a couple didn't want me officiating at their wedding

I'm giving out hugs tonight!

Highlights from Free Republic 'Ask Me Anything' threads!

Vatican boycotts Holocaust remembrance

This is what I don't understand about faith being considered a good thing.

I Left My Church with the Bushies WAR after 9/11....Corrupted by NeoCons, RW Evangelists and Muckers

Pope's New Book Criticizes Capitalism

Don't forget: JK to be on The Colbert Report tomorrow night.

Inspired readers line up to greet senator at bookstore

JFK Tax Cuts


Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey

InYour Eyes

Shock the Monkey

Knocking on Heaven's Door People can change the world

Polar Bears and Gobal Warming

Poverty In America

How can you tell how many people are actually in the know ?

Mccain is just about BROKE - only $5.2 million cash on hand with $1.8 million debt

Facing Opposition, EPA Nominees Withdraw (on a Saturday)

Homeless Man Runs For Mayor Of Naperville (Illinois)

John Bolton thinks we should get out of Iraq

Review urges Walter Reed closure

Saderists leaving Iraq Government would be good for Iraq, America, U.S. troops

Post a George Bush F_ck up!!

John Bolton thinks we should get out of Iraq

For those you you who watched 60 Minutes - Bard Iniative

Back on Ronald Raygun days, didn't Iraq "accidentally" shoot down

Good-bye, Imus. Mike Wallace is right. You are an equal opportunity bigot.

Deaths prompt outcry: BIA law enforcement is failing, Blackfeet leaders say

This Modern World: Nixon-Bush: Then and - OOPS - Now.

Kuchinch knows he can't win---but he also knows he can get his word out.

Questionable practices get scrutiny at Salisbury VA hospital

why did`t someone tell the terrorists are nuke`n a city?

I.R.S. Audits Middle Class More Often, More Quickly

Is John Kerry getting back in the race?

Prepare a list of questions for Gonzales and make them PUBLIC before the hearings (Brent Budowsky)

Unprecedented fight between Democrats and Fox News Channel

Cheney says he hasn't had the "occasion" to talk to Libby - 3/20 gave speech with Libby in front row

All-female conception may be possible soon!

Live Earth Information

Anybody have a geothermal heat-pump?

Post Petroleum Stress Disorder

Today is our 27th anniversary !

If a mentally-ill woman is raped, does she have a chance in hell at getting justice?

Ex-generals: Global warming threatens U.S. security

TPM: Past statements from the pretzeldente about the attorney purge

Where is Bush during this tribute to Jackie Robinson?

A Rare Look Inside the World of Private Security Contractors- "I want to kill somebody today"

Doonesbury on Republican family values

Why hasn't a bill offering health care for all children made it to Bush's desk yet?

Am I the only one...

The faces of offshoring

More Pet Food & Treats Recalled (4/15/07)

(self delete)

Chimpy and Domenici says, "it's all lies!!"

Algerian government blasts US embassy for mingling in internal affairs

Anyone else watching "Journeys with George"?

I would be really interested in watching the Gwen Ifill Show every weekday morning on MSNBC

Moon Waning in Washington

"I been thinkin' about us, too...

Nearly 300 killed,167 injured, in Iraq violence in one day

This Week in Peace History....Vietnam Veterans Throw the medals away.

Condi Sure Has Been Quiet Lately

Yet another reason why I love the Internets (food humor)

Has Ann Coulter weighed in about the IMUS thing? Not sure why I care...

Group protests Bush as graduation speaker: college security documents protestor names

Cancer and Cosmetics

CEO Pay Levels Tracked Over The Past 15 Years

Murdoch's Propaganda Sheet "NY Post" Bashes Michael Moore, New Film

Salpointe Catholic H.S. Teacher Arrested. Yeah, You Guessed Right

Florida State Income Tax? It's Unthinkable

Cock Fighting sponsored by Puerto Rico Government

Storm shatters rain record in New York

Tenet's Tell-All Is a Slam Dunk to Provoke Invasion's Architects

Drudge Story: POS Bush Paid $XXX in Income Tax...

Thank you Moderators. I really appreciate you.

This is a good summary of what is known about how the WH Email System works, and what it means about

racist German army video: "Think of blacks and shoot"

Kucinich raised $344,891 in the first quarter, 4855 donors, $71 per person ave

Blue State/Red State distribution of DUers.....

The family that prays together ...divorces more!

Just when you thought freepers couldn't sink any lower...

Ahem -- Talking Point Alert!

Help save innocent Iranian 20 y/o woman from hanging

An open letter to citizens and residents of nations other than the USA.

EXCLUSIVE: Diebold Whisleblower Speaks out on Blowing the Whistle...

Vets Are Home And Homeless (Thanks GW)

7,500 detention camp beds have been added in 6 states this for year for immigrants.

NBA star sells $15 sneakers

60 Minutes: Duke accuser made "new wild and vivid" accusations.

Does anyone think that Gonzo's testimony next week will be picked up by cable outlets??

The Duke boys. They don't deserve sympathy because they are male/rich?

Help! Going to UK website crashes my computer! I've tried to get to it in a variety of ways...

Simple question: has this administration committed serious crimes?

Kucinich Has Only Raised 344k


Why are we here? What is the purpose of life?

A country grows in Brooklyn

Somewhere, somehow, someday , someone, in the near future

Michelle Obama on CSPAN now

GOP Lawyers Argue President’s First Amendment Rights Supercede Protestors’

Imus pals played ugly with Barack's middle name

Some South Asians for Obama, others for Hillary

Who's Who in Iraq Advising? (Edwards, Obama, Clinton)

Clinton ready to introduce Cold War medal bill, leading Russian lawmaker warns against it

We need a "stealth" candidate for 2008

The Voting Rights Act, Voter Disfranchisement and the Tail Wagging the Dog

Sen. Schumer Calls For Alberto Gonzales To Resign!

45% Of Likely Voters Concerned About Clinton II Admin. Corruption, 42% view HRC as corrupt

NYT: Donors Linked to the Clintons Shift to Obama

Hillary Clinton and the Huffington Post

Richardson's response about Gonzales makes him unviable to me

War Funding Compromise

The NYT and the US attorneys: Pravda with a Fig Leaf

Clinton defends choice to cash lobbyist checks

Attacks Surge as Iraq Militants Overshadow City (Baquba)

Once called paradise, now Kabul struggles to cope

Iraq returns to its Persian heritage

UN conference to spotlight huge Iraqi exodus

For refugees, returns are hardly joyful

The U.S. Economy Sneezes

Political winds shift on prairie (Nebraska)

Bush Acknowledges Congress's Right To Weigh In on War

Why I Declined To Serve

The High Church of Madness

Death No More: A Dallas newspaper reverses its position on the death penalty.

Brain injuries

David Sirota: Cause & Effect: The Anatomy of a Big Progressive Victory

Gore Vidal: Hail and Farewell: the End of the American Empire

Troops Continue to Die For Bush’s Lies

After All, It's President George W. Bush: So "Attention Must Be Paid!"

New thinking to save the earth by By James Carroll

NYT: Time for Mr. Wolfowitz to Go

A Secret Dispatch from the War on Stupidity

Hired Guns are Wild Cards in Iraq War


Restore Fairness (Doctrine), Return to Reality

Organics: A Poor Harvest for Wal-Mart

The US Government Has Already Been Overthrown!

Iraq legacy dogs Wolfowitz's bank career

"A Tragedy... of Monumental Proportions." (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Right Now, America Is The Democratic Base


The surprising profits of student loans (Fortune)

Trauma scarring Iraqi kids

Torture, Secrecy, and the Bush Administration

President Rubber vs. Speaker Glue

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers (The Nation)

Cheney's Nemesis: Rolling Stone Interview with Seymour Hersh

Marjorie Cohn: U.S. Attorneys and Voting Rights - The New Watergate


Help Wanted, General Idiot


Here's the article that won a Pulitzer: "Bush challenges hundreds of laws"


The Rise of Market Populism: America's New Secular Religion

Kunstler: Blowing Green Smoke

Speaking of worms

Chavez challenges U.S. with energy summit - Reuters

IPCC Lead Authors - Latest Report Watered Down W/O Scientific Evidence By Handful Of Governments

Pellet power (Maine)

New Pentagon-Heavy US Report Warns On National Security Implications Of Climate Breakdown

Indian Rangers Uncovering Hundreds Of Iron Traps, Pits, In Worlds Only Asian Lion Sanctuary - ENN

Met Office - 2007 Likely To Be Warmest On Record For UK

Generals: Global Warming Threatens U.S. Security

Kunstler: Blowing Green Smoke

{UK} Homes to get free energy monitors (BBC)

Italian Activists To Pope - Stop Wearing Fur - Reuters

US firms to make biofuel from beef, poultry by-products - AFP

Scientists Will Cross Arctic Basin By Zeppelin In 2008 For Continuous Ice Survey - AFP

Coal burning having a devastating impact on rural Chinese

Beijing Officials Say China Hitting Limits On Energy, Water, Pollution, Gridlock - AFP

A blast from the past: The Marvelous Chicken (Poop)-Powered Car

Toyota Prius can't pass Georgia's emissions test(because the state is ignorant)

Kill your lawn!

China rejects caps, aims to cut "carbon intensity" - Reuters

PRC Academy Of Sciences - 3 Gorges Reservoir, Yangtze Filthy, Impact "Largely Irreversible"

If any of you are "GREEN INVESTORS"..and want a Laugh...Check out CNBC's Show "Mad Money."

Global Warming May Put U.S. in Hot Water

Hamas: Kidnapping soldiers is best solution to free our heroes

British Journalists Call For Boycott Of Israeli Goods

Has anyone seen this movie?

Soros criticises Israel lobby in US

Lebanon Says To Seek War Reparations From Israel

Bye bye to Cleveland GOP Election Chair Bob "Ballots for Bush" Bennett

Open Letter to Congressman Ehlers (OPPOSE HR 811)

Feinstein and Durbin Seek Response from EAC Regarding Allegations of Altered or Delayed Studies

Riot police crush anti-Putin rally

Roadside bombs kill 8; 30 bullet-riddled bodies found in Baghdad

Iraqis march for better Basra services

War strategy critic to review IED office

Suicide attack kills 10 police in Afghanistan

Amnesty Int'l: Iraq Refugees Need More Help

US obstructing progress on North Korea: Russian minister

Sheehan calls for activism

Kennedy Wants Lenders Blocked From Data

Basra protestors warn of escalation if demands not met

Bombers seek "second Iraq" in Algeria-Islamist

Coroner attacks 'inexcusable' US

Group cleared over Iran murders

Public Knowledge of Current Affairs Little Changed by News and Information Revolutions

Britain fights Japan's bid to control whaling commission

Chavez challenges U.S. with energy summit

Chief: At Least 20 Dead in University Shooting

Maliki welcomes Sadr's decision to authorize him to appoint successors

Wal-Mart dethrones Exxon on Fortune 500

Data-mining of students raises alarms

P-I, Seattle Times settle JOA litigation

Campaign Cash: Details, Details

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,300

Wal-Mart Tops Exxon on Fortune 500

Troops Continue to Die For Bush’s Lies

Iran says its will free Swedes imprisoned for spying

Family of Iraq war vet disputes (death) report but won't sue

France warned CIA of hijack plot in 2001

Gunmen kill college dean, professor from Mosul University

Sallie Mae to Be Sold for $25 Billion

Poll: Most Say Politics Motivated U.S. Attorney Firings

Japanese case for whaling dismissed

Sadr ministers quit Iraqi cabinet

Levin: Dems ready with second Iraq plan should Bush veto the first

Report: French knew of al-Qaida plot

PKK commander warns Turkey his group might abandon cease fire

Poll: Americans Trust Democrats Over Bush on Iraq Policy

Sallie Mae to be bought for $25 billion

'War on terror' phrase unhelpful, UK tells US

Religious Protestors Rally Against Bush Visit

Turtle Race Being Tracked on the Web

Bush makes impassioned plea for war cash

Army Will Study Accelerating Growth To Ease Troop Strain

US scolds Russia for breakup of anti-Kremlin protests

Italy Opens Murder Trial of U.S. Soldier

Three Iraqi Policemen Mistakenly Shot Dead by Coalition Troops

Crisis looms for Iraq refugees: Amnesty

ES&S Voting Systems Now Found Vulnerable to Virus; EAC Refuses to Issue Warning

Poll: Americans Trust Democrats Over Bush on Iraq Policy


Five U.S. soldiers killed in attacks in Iraq

Leahy announces a delay in Gonzales hearings

Sudan agrees to let U.N. force in Darfur

Conservatives to Bush: Fire Gonzales

Shooting at Virginia Tech, Gunman at Large

Petraeus: Extensions increase odds of success

Olbermann returns to NBC Sports

Guantanamo inmate was tortured: father

(Former Calif. congressman) McCloskey leaves Republican Party

'Everyone Started Panicking and Jumping Out the Window' (ABC first person accounts)

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Sandbagged Novation LLC Prosecution

Best-Informed Also View Fake News, Study Says (Stewart/Colbert)

Knock knock. (Who's there?) Owen. (Owen who?)

Do I have to take the nasty roll of paper towel?

Scarlett Johansson seems like a smart young lady. Check out this quote:


Sneaky trick revealed after 60+ years

I'm having fun with my new desktop themes

A smooth cocktail

Help please, what's the phrase: unseemingly jester or what? Thanks. nt

I feel like a bum

You add this into the mix...Maybe just Vegas got to all of us...

I don't know what a hollaback girl is, all I know is I want her dead...

This is why you should always share your fruity pebbles...

are these two videos related

Fred and Barney have some serious issues..

Here's a message from one of our sisters in the Country Music Industry

Really Trippy Optical Illusion

15 Year Old Boy Dupes YouTube To Delete Videos - Pretended He Was Working For Network

Do you believe in karma ? Do you think if you do bad it will come back to you ?

Oh frabjous day! I fixed my turntable today.

The ultimate dilemma: I am too lazy to get up and cook...

The kids and their music these days!!!

Toto says bidet toilets may catch fire

Oh, great....I got a spam email saying that a friend....

Seeking DU'er input on Airlines and Customer Service, especially

Dear IRS,

I saw the movie "Bobby" over the weekend. *sniff* No spoilers

Let me tell you how it will be, there's one for you, nineteen for me.

Some Early Morning Dylan For You

23 minutes ago announcement-Boston Marathon ....... STILL ON!!

Self-delete--should've posted to another forum. nt

Woman Returns Home To Find Naked Man Standing In Her Doorway

Wwwweeeeee 50+ mph Winds, Driving Rain

10 Days of sub-zero temps, daily gusts of 30-40 mph, an entire Saturday

O'Reilly: The Big Giant Head

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/16/2007)

Bird-Watcher Heading To Trial For Killing Feral Cat (To Protect Birds)

Berlin Zoo's polar bear Knut is sick

ABC is now casting(yes casting) for (swear to God ) BINGO NIGHT television show

Today, I had a hellacious breakfast

happy marathon monday

Butt blast blamed on built up gas.

Anyone going to the Live Earth concerts?

No more gazebo and the power just blinked it is so windy here

$1,343 in 5 hours

Butte blast blamed on leaking gas

please delete

Light a candle for the victims, families and friends of VT students.

Worst "90's" influence on American Culture?


BREAKING-white mob chasing black men through Boston area streets

Sweet. Office is closing early today.

the Costanza interview method works!

LeveL 2 sucks

For my 1K post- get to know me.


Texas Monks Admit To Having Sex With Children, Using Eyedropper To Produce Fake Tears On Virgin Mary

I have to write this presentation on an article, and i have been trying to do it since Friday

Why are we at Level 2?

I have become so productive, it's unbelievable! Check it out!

Eatery that sold snake closes

I will never ever go to another salon to get my hair done.

"...It represents the sacred AND the propane..." (SOPRANOS SPOILERS)

I just saw a male and female cardinal feeding at my bird feeding station, don't see them to often.

First rule of smashing: Hulk not talk about smashing

OK, how long till some Howard Stern joker prank calls CNN?

Since WannaBe is not here today...I'm going to BRAG on her...

eeewwww...GIANT camel spiders in Iraq

My friend Cindy Alexander got married ...... ask me anything!

I have a stereo again

In Other news....Ornette Coleman wins Pulitzer Prize for Music

rosie ruiz appreciation thread

Cell Phones May Be To Blame For Disappearing Bees

Ugh. 3 Inches of water in my basement.

Edit: Removed by OP

Are you neither obnoxious/friendly enough for those other threads?

Teenager Arrested For Robbing Ted Nugent's Home

I'm a trucker. Ask me anything about trucking.

Well *I* for one am glad GD has put the ANS situation behind them

What Old People Do For Fun

"Company: Toilets Might Catch Fire"

obnoxious DUers check in

Best cover of the Who's "My Generation" I've ever heard!

Hugs for ContraBass Black and all the Virginia Tech students and staff.

Another cute cat spanking video

Aw, why did there have to be a darn shooting? Now I can't hear about Imus anymore.

JackMN won't eat anything but hamburger buns,

I think I'll just hang out in the lounge for a while

Hi, Everybody!

Easy Supper tonight

I realize that i am pretty awful to Thomcat

I spring cleaned my enemies list and decided to start afresh.

So I just saw "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" for the first time

"Wizard of Id" cartoonist Brant Parker dies...

Does your SO have a My Space Page?

What's for lunch today lounge?

Humble Pie or Bitter Fruit?

Congratulatons petersond!! 25,000 posts

So, my father has prostate cancer.

did you guys/gals see the new DU homepage?

Nominations are now open for the official lounge gay male

So I finally saw Borat this weekend

Have you ever read the DU rules?

I am so confused - taxes due today or tomorrow?

Thanks to all who gave me wedding invitation advice

Global Futbol reported that LA Galaxy in talks with Zidane

Have they named any casualties?

Mini Driver is the best actor on the planet.

I've got one less MySpace pal....

Why do people shoot other people?

Hillary and Barack may as well just drop out now.

Firefighters Leave Stove On While Responding To Emergency - Fire Station Catches Fire

Rabbits block highway - ah, springtime

Hey, if anyone wants to nominate me for official DU straight guy

i spring cleaned my ignore list and decided to start afresh.

non-oxygenated DUers check in


Well, it's DU break time for me again. I'll see you all in a few days or so. Sometimes I just get

Taser used on dad leaving Houston hospital with baby

5 Spring Cleaning questions for a Monday morning.

Multiple pet owners, how to control fur/dust? Help!

I'm handing out Gold Stars today...

three more weeks until this semester is over.

"A gunman is loose on campus. Stay in buildings until further notice. Stay away from all windows"

Today, I had a healthy breakfast.

This Post Is About Nothing. But Its Still DY-NO-MITE!!!!

Less than 30 shopping days left

Scary thread re: GRINDHOUSE at (SPOILERS)

non-obnoxious DUers check in

Nominations are now open to be MY official Gay Man

I am scared

Send a Hug Out to a fellow DUer

Name an artist obviously influenced by Todd Rundgren.

OK. I quit smoking today. Any good vibes would be appreciated.

Does anyone want to talk about The Sopranos last night? SPOILER ALERT!

LionessPriyanka and Rockit poisoned me!

Man, I feel like a chump.... BIG chump

Protesters in India burn [Richard] Gere effigies

I am a jelly doughnut...

I spring-cleaned my friends list and decided to start afresh.

Seeking info on lost luggage and customer satisfaction with airlines.

How Do You Think "The Sopranos" Will End?

"Please remove." is the Sanjaya of Lounge threads

SKITTENS: Would you like to see a couple of new pictures?

Congratulatons donco6!! 10,000 posts

Man, I feel like a chimp.... BIG chimp

Any of yall go to your twenty year high school reunion?

Sex, Drugs And Weeping Icons

New designs available at!

Is he reincarnated yet?

Culpepper's Days in Miami Appear Numbered

DC Teams Dominate in Futility

That was a BS double T on Duncan Sunday and it cost spurs 2nd seed

Aluminum Bat Ban? What do people think?

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick (Dem) launches council to serve returning veterans

self delete - duplicate

I just reserved my tix for JK & THK's 4/21 appearance at Harvard

Totally OT: A Massachusetts Liberal in South Dakota

check this out!!!

the new DU homepage

JK at Boston Marathon - photo

THK Conference Blog Tour Day 3 (DCP): Easing the Body Burden

someone deserves kudos at least!

Here is my ideal candidate, (except for Kerry, of course)

OT: VT shootings

Kerry '08?

Get Ready to Live Blog The Colbert Report TONIGHT

TMOE rankings at Amazon

Liberal Values Post on Today's Kerry Story

Why Would a Midwest Union Local Support Two Generally Anti-Union Republicans in Governors' Races?

Young Trurks War Funding

A Girl Like Me

Scene from Bowling For Columbine on the focus of blame for gun killings

Senator Feingold on Bush's veto

U.S. Justice Department Dominated By Zealots LOL

Retired US Generals on Global Warming and Security

Gwen Ifill on Imus comments

MarkDayComedy; Kittens (America: Sweet Freedom ) Another Hillarious Vid From Our Scottish Pal

Pelosi not having any of this NBC shill's talking points (4:19)

President Kucinich

John Fogerty - De Ja Vu

Just saw Kucinich Live at 12:40 AM CDT. Figures!

Domestic Federal Funds requirement:: Require American Employees

3,301 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Durham-in-Wonderland Blogger Recognized


Seeking DU'er input on Airlines and Customer Service, especially

One man's "gas price history" (from 1979 to 2007)

Amnesty Int'l Charges That Vast Humanitarian Crisis Looming, More Than 3 Million Iraqis Displaced

LAT: A World Wide Web of terrorist plotting

Interesting 2k census ancestry map

Reid and Levin say that Cheney has no credibility

10 Possible Causes of Colony Collapse Disorder

It's time to issue a Burn Notice for the Bush Administration

This poll has me confused.

Krugman: Only RISK Democrats Now Face Is EXCESSIVE CAUTION On The Part Of Its Politicians.

I'd like to repeat a post that DUer DaveT wrote regarding the USA scandal.

Report: French told CIA of hijacking plot in early '01

Exploited living corpse of Audrey Santos is finally at rest

UK: No More 'War on Terror'

Gas crisis affecting you?

If TAXachusetts like taxes so much why do they get another day to pay?

Matt Cooper Tells More: He thought that Time's strategy in the Plame leak investigation was "insane"

Sallie Mae (Student Loans) Going Private

Justice Probes ABRAMOFF TIES TO WHITE HOUSE-Including Rove

Britain will no longer use George Bush’s phrase "war on terror".

HOW should reporters question political figures? Like this.

The O'Brien twins are finally gone from CNN.

Surge Watch

The REAL Reason We Can't Help Thinking About IMUS

Switching parties--So what does the senate care?

Nuclear Weapon-Proof? "Deconstructing the Twinkie"

DUers prepare for the diversion

When is too much way too much?

Where can I apply for the "War Czar" position?

Sisters won't let Katrina, New Orleans be forgotten

Cheney sees mushroom clouds in the clear blue sky

Give it a break, Imus is DONE, time to worry about

How are you preparing for tomorrow's festivities with Pat, Alan and Alberto?

Poll: Most Say Politics Motivated U.S. Attorney Firings

Aren't there supposed to be more emails

Seeking DU'er input on Airlines and Customer Service, especially

holy MSGOP. the blond bimbo just cut off an

(Brent) Wilkes' home to go on auction block

Only - 69% Of Americans KNOW Cheney Is The Vice President of the USA

Newsmap (cool)

Kerry Moves $7.2 Million to Senate Coffers

NYT op-ed: A Woman Wrongly Convicted and a U.S. Attorney Who Kept His Job

Tenet's Tell-All Is a Slam Dunk to Provoke Invasion's Architects

Rep. Ron Paul (R)

Cheney rewrites "last throes"

TOON: Today's Non Sequitur - "Sumsay Facts Are A Lot More Fun When You Get To Make Them Up"

ashcroft on CSPAN 1. interesting.

Coalition breaking?Coroner attacks 'inexcusable' US

Anectdotal tales on New York City area real estate (and not good news either)

"anyway, the bank is where you go after you fuck up at the Pentagon"

Surging out of Maliki's government

They Deserve Better...Letters from Dead Soldiers

ABC: Foley scandal had Hastert, Boehner, and Reynolds spend thousands in legal fees

I'm not sure where to post this, but....

What time is Gonzo testifying on Tuesday?

911, Its hard work...

SURVEY: Daily Show/Colbert Viewers Most Knowledgable, Fox News Viewers Rank Lowest

The liar is speaking, using the families of soldiers to keep the war going

MSNBC: Stand by for another cheezy photo-op from dimson in about

Lindsey Graham is the new Tom Delay...

Right WingNuts are petrified that Limbaugh is NEXT TO GO!

Voices of Iraq is reporting that 11 US troops were killed Friday

I saw general Zinni yesterday on Meet the Press and he said..

delete the photographs or we will delete you

Clinton impeachment was to poison the word!

Keith Olbermann to do NBC's Football Night in America

French "knew in 2001 al Qaeda was planning hijack"

Breaking on MSNBC: VA Tech Shooting

sen reid responds to bush speech - c-span

Chomsky and Howard Zinn on Democracy Now

Senator Kennedy: "WE CAN'T IGNORE IRAQ'S REFUGEES" | UNHCR appeal for $60 million for Iraqi refugees


Bill Maher was just on The View and he was great. He discussed many things.. He

Anti-war tax protests: any observations?

Iraq and Terry Schiavo....

Amy Roback on MSNBC is bucking for an award:

Gonzo: Statement to the Judiciary. Get it here!!!

who killed imus?-the advertisers...

Baghdad's night curfews forcing women to schedule C-sections

Okay, so what's he blathering about now?

Good article on the mass Iraqi demonstrations against the US on April 9th...

Conservative group in letter to Bush: Fire Gonzales; "He has brought rule of law into disrepute."

Only 1.3% of imported food is inspected, despite regularly finding food unfit for human consumption

Public Knowledge of Current Affairs Little Changed by News and Information Revolutions

So when exactly does abu testify? I thought it was today? nt

British Antarctic Scientist pan "Global Warming Swindle" movie

Grief To Anger: Memorial Pet March Planned, Answers Demanded

Kerry reopens door to possible presidential run

LSD is 64 years old today

What kind of a woman would be attracted to paul wolfowitz?

see a lawyers view of doj under zealots.

I just read new Newsweek and have whole new appreciation for Ahnold.

Five Years After 9/11, Bin Laden's Network Is Back

shit, 20 reported dead at va tech shooting

Polling Shows the Presidental Race is Tightening.

News Conference on Shootings: MSNBC

I'm getting increasingly nervous about a money grab by the power class...

I'm not hungry any more...

caption this * pic...

20 PLUS dead at VT :(

Wolfowitz says calls for his resignation are motivated by anti-war sentiment

More Tenet: In new book Tenet denies "slam dunk" comment - talks of Rice pre 9/11 warnings

Mr. Olbermann's Special Comments Book to be published next winter

Justice Department: Independent branch or Poltical Hit Squad?

Scientists announce discovery of new element (joke)

70 days SINCE Bush threw his tantrum to Congress

I know--- I know--- It's not the gun that kills----

Wulsin to challenge Mean Jean Scnmidt again.

Pentagon official: Cheney lacks a grasp on the details of Pentagon budgeting

From my hometown: "More than 200,000 El Pasoans survive $14 a day"

PBS plays it safe with Iraq documentary

Ann Coulter made it!

self deleted

C-Span 1 - Two generals speaking with Senator Reid

What's going on in that video of Virginia Tech?

How many batshit crazy senators are there?

Trauma severe for Iraqi children-Study: In Baghdad, 70% showing signs

Va Tech Kossack is diarying at kos

DU GD Mods; thanks. I imagine you are in for a rough day.

Send a message to Virginia! Link here.

Bush: "We should not legislate defeat in this vital war"’

the cost of 8 hours of hail - 28.5 mil

Let's give Bush the money for the war

Blood for Oil Control by Paul Street (Dems just as motivated by American Empire)

Cheney says Democrats will back down

DU this CSPAN Poll - Should Iraq be divided along sectarian lines?

Leave it to a child...

ANyone listening to AAR now? Who on earth is that?

Important Fact Here Is McNulty Looking For Another Job OUTSIDE OF GOVT ..LINK

oops dupe

Bolton: We have no interest in Iraq’s well-being.

Student at VA Tech blogging live from campus

Need Help for a paper. What is the yearly taxes collected on cigarettes?

The NRA is responsible for more slaughter in the US in one year than Al Qaeda on 9/11

Should US colleges hire Blackwater Security to patrol their campus?

Yikes...MSNBC now reporting death toll of 31

MSNBC is blaming foreigners for several college shootings

Guns and trolls...the just seem to go together, don't they? Seems like every time

22 Killed in Campus Shooting

Guns don't kill people. Lunatics do.

I will not tolerate people using this VA Tech shooting to further their political agenda

A Russian woman and a Kenyan man won the 111th Boston Marathon!

Gays Subject to "Sexual Cleansing" in Iraq

Just thinking outloud on the VA Tech shooting

Abc now reporting 29 dead in VA shooting...

For those who might have forgotten, here is the link

Generals: Global Warming Threatens U.S. Security

Bush Agains Tells Dems He is Willing to Talk, ABOUT WHAT HE WANTS

Buy Jesus' personal tips: Location of heaven! Cure for cancer! World peace! All in one eBay auction!

No link -- VA Tech shooting was over a girlfriend

White House Strategy in 3 steps....

Question about emails

Abramoff-Linked Lawyer Resigns

It doesn't pay to be friends with Cheney. You get shot in the face or

70% of Iraqi children show signs of severe stress

VA shootings - two separate incidents, two hours apart?

Most advanced military in the world is incapable of defeating a few thousand lightly armed Iraqis?

bush "horrified" by shootings? I guess the 660,000 Iraqi deaths

Facts Collected Here --What Are The Connections? What does it Mean?

Bush's Authoritarianism

Tech's Collegiate Times map and -Helicopters couldn't be used due to high winds

Bush Baselessly Asserts That Troops Want To Stay In Iraq

Cindy Sheehan: Sacrifice (Keynote Speech for the Omaha Peace and Justice Expo)

Statement of Senator Webb on the School Shootings at Virignia Tech.

MSNBC reporting: Death toll up to 31

Everyone realizes there is ZERO security in college halls right?

Tenet Now Apparently Says He Never Said "Slam Dunk" On WMDs -- Contradicting His Own Previous Stmts

Padilla terror trial begins in Miami (April 16, 2007)

Tenet Now Apparently Says He Never Said "Slam Dunk" On WMDs -- Contradicting His Own Previous Stmts

I just got an e-mail from a friend. She's got it right!

Anyone listening to this "everybody on campus should have guns" on Randi

Take the USA Patriot Pledge

Taliban committing war crimes

Perino: Bush 'Horrified' about VA shootings & are 'monitoring the situation' WTF does that mean?


Talk about it NOW! the Va. Tech shootings, and the curtailing of our liberties.

I was going to say something stupid about Va Tech and guns and

"It's another Christmas without my husband"

Observance of Moment of Silence on Senate Floor

bush on tv saying how horrified he is by the shootings and

Resident Bush speaking on CNN nt

Why is it so easy for some Americans to believe that we can reconstruct laptops

Take that, Chimpy!: Tony Blair Joins Dems In Abandoning 'War on Terror' Language

According to Randi caller, waiting 6 weeks for a mammogram is no big deal.

We should all be using the Duke hoax to hammer our legislators about

[Cindy] Sheehan: War advocates not supporting troops - By DON WALTON / Lincoln Journal Star

Must-see cartoon from Tom Tomorrow

Enviros score small victory in fight against sulfide mines

As the shooting news broke today, the fundie freak lady at work said "It was probably an Arab."

ahem .... Re: Tenet's "slam dunk"

Requesting Exemptions on Sympathy for Wolfowitz & "Media Whores"

Rush said on his show today

"Journeys with George" reduxe...Watching it again after seeing it a couple of years ago.

Jack Thompson = Sheila Brovlovski

Nor'easter leaves tree in my house! I have to pay a $1000

Why I Declined To Serve as War Czar: Administration is confused about foreign policy

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 4/16 -- **NEW** Flip side of the spin

Another mid April fiasco/disaster

I am scared

My nephew, a student at Virginia Tech...

Canadians Smoking Over Government's High Doobie Prices

Susan Collins has the most annoying voice

Is Liberal Still a Dirty Word?


How soon before Va Tech starts their PR campaign to keep students from

How low can CNN GO! Playing tape of Gunshots for some Analyst to say what this Tells?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

3307 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bush is STILL looking for a "War Czar"?

Brant Parker follows Johnny Hart (comic BC) to the grave.

As bad as today's school shooting was, it wasn't the worst.

Email from man w. niece at VA Tech: ('earlier shooting unrelated to later shootings')

Can we have one thread where VT updates are placed.

Anyone remember these graphs I used to post every month?


Now Do You Understand? By-Larry C Johnson

George W. Bush can't even feign compassion

Tonights Countdown/KO advertised as "Massacre at Va Tech"

Harrowing first-hand accounts of Virginia Tech shootings

60 Americans Killed in Iraq in April

As this tax season draws to a close, let us remember who took away the personal interest deduction.

CNN: Scared about copycat rampages already in the thought process.

Pulitzer Winners Just Announced -- Find Them Here

I think Nancy Grace had a big O this morning.

So there was a school shooting

Survey finds Daily Show and Colbert watchers most knowledgeable. Fox News viewers least informed.

Richard Gere perfect fit for Bush Administration's new "Culture Czar"

Imus: "McGuirk is here to do nigger jokes!" . . .yeah, a real "lovable old coot" Imus is

Jamal Albarghouti has the CNN microphone, "live".

Carla Binion: Impeachment: A duty, not an option

Let's all just chill out!

Clinton Team Gears Up for Fund-Raising Onslaught

My Taxes

Boston Globe reporter Charlie Savage has won 2007 Pulitzer Prize for

It’s gotta be the “Hair”

TPM: Perino doesn't know if Domenici talked with the Smirk

More action, less talk.

WH blames the "IT folks" for the missing emails

If you feel poorer as the pundits say the economy is great, here's why:

Why didn't police at VT do enough during the two hour span?

CNN's Ed Henry mistakenly labeled Bush as "Commander in Chief' on Lou Dobb's show tonight

And Bush Is Worried About Iraq....

We all know the real reason we invaded Iraq. Here is one piece of the physical evidence.

Bush admin indicted for war crimes-now up on Free speech TV

Hos that's in the hood

Caller on Rachel Maddow - The 2nd amendment was meant to arm teachers!!!!!

Who would have ever guessed that this is what we would see today

Bush "to address nation" in the wake of VT tragedy

Texas, corruption, croneyism and how it destroyed CHIP

Tell you what, now that Gonzo's appearance was postponed...

Poll: Presidential races tighten on both sides

Gun homicides and the threat of Islamic terrorism: a bit of perspective

Alison Stewart has taken over MSNBC's coverage, and Keith will be on at 8 Eastern.

Lawsuit Goes to Trial Against the Long Island Diocese Over Sexual Abuse of Teenagers

Sadr ministers quit Iraq government over U.S. troops

Sri Lanka Crisis : Pope and the Punic

Are you ready for some football? ... Freepers aren't, not with Keith Olbermann.....

Tommy Thompson: money-making is "part of the Jewish tradition."

Americans Trust Democrats Over Bush on Iraq Policy

(Indiana) Church Erects (Pro-gay) Billboards About the Biblical Sense

Will the No Child act be left behind?

Italian Priest Sentenced for Cocaine Possession

Hos that's in the hood

...put on military body armor and stated he wanted to "go down in a blaze of glory,"

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: Massacre On Campus

Pulitzer's have been announced

If they won't say the names

Wolf on CNN on Todays Massacre

Drop the Race Card

"Market bombings kill 45 in Baghdad" - - America yawns

Subpoena for Rice MAY be voted on Wednesday.

No question in my mind. We're headed toward a lockdown society.

US navy officer relieved of command in Gulf

There is a news conference coming up on the VT tragedy.

The argument - the winnable one - is that we need our army here

Elearnor Holmes Norton: "I can always count on Colbert......

We don't know who the gun man was-what if it is a Middle Eastern Student?

just a bit of wild speculation...


You almost had me. An open letter to the Republican lurkers from a former right-winger.

BREAKING: Gonzales testimony postponed.AP reports:

DUer Ava featured in March/April Mother Jones!!!!

Kennedy Wants Lenders Blocked From Data (on students)

Do all y'all remember the TrueMajority oreo budget? Well, check *this* out!

How about insurance for American adults under 65?

Something that bothers me

Hokies check-in!

Look at the crud that was on internet re the environmentally-friendly lightbulbs:

Tell congress to grow a pair!! Every DU'er needs to sign it!!

N. Korea and Rummy the Dummy...

So There Is No Law That Requires Americans To Pay Federal Income Tax?

If we don't fight the terrorist in Iraq, they'll come here...

Elisabeth hannitybeck's TWIT moment of the Day 4/16/07 trying to take on Bill Maher

Why would anyone that can do simple math vote for Hillary?

He will tell a story that I think will make people's hair curl.

70% of Baghdad Children Suffering Trauma: Forced to Pass Dead Bodies On Way to School

Bush volunteers argue White House can eject dissenters from presidential events

How has Imus mess altered your view of bigoted language in media, real life, online, "jokes," etc.?

WaPo: Tenet's Tell-All Is a Slam Dunk to Provoke Invasion's Architects

The tragdey @ V. Tech happens daily in Iraq.

Fierce Nor'easter, record rain, high winds, snow, flooding, 9 Dead

After Imus: 6 Steps Toward Fixing the Media Problem

E&P: Pew Survey Finds Most-Knowledgable Americans Watch Daily Show; Fox Viewers 2nd-To-Last Aware

I won't live in fear. Period. (inspired by today's events).

Univ. of South Carolina Coach, Steve Spurrier Against Confederate Flag

The elephant in the room INTERNAL TERRORISM

Marine Mom Arrested at Speaker Pelosi's Washington, DC Office

Your children and military recruiters

TVWeek's "10 Most Powerful People in TV News" -- Olbermann number 6


why is it that everytime there is a tragedy Bush & Co benefit?

The anti war argument we need to make: we are protecting our troops from an incompetent President

What have you sent the GOP (or other orgs you don't like) in the prepaid envelope?

Charles Whitman: The Father Of School Shootings?

WP op-ed: "Why I Declined to Serve" as War Czar, by Marine General John J. Sheehan

VT. I think the cops are lying....

Top Senators: White House Emails Covered Up, Not Destroyed

How many Bushies does it take to change a light bulb?

Are scientists alienating "Americans" from climate change and evolution?

What are my fellow DU parents feeling right now?

I don't trust this guy... (VT Pres)

* speaks about the Iraq War supplemental - pics

NBC's SNL had a sick, sick gun shooting skit last Saturday

How many posts did it take before a freeper speculated if the shooter was a Muslim?

Republican presidential hopeful Thompson: Making money part of Jewish tradition

Air Force fills out Army ranks in Iraq

Why does the US have much more gun violence than Europe, etc.?


That didn't take long... Jack Thompson blames VA Tech shooting on video games.

Is Cheney Right? Will Democrats Cave on Iraq Funding?

Reid Blasts Bush on War – with Two Generals – Parallels to Viet Nam. STUNNING!

Deleted E-Mails Could Prompt Obstruction Of Justice Charges For Rove & Other WH Officials

WARNING: Watch for Buried Major News Stories today!

Why is this V.T. incident not considered a terrorist attack?

A Virginia Tech student I know has a sorority sister in surgery

This country needs more guns

Socially Patterned Defects

Yeah RIght! If ALL Students had GUNS they Coulda Shot the MuthaFucker to DEATH

Regent Univ. scrubs references to administration

Imus called Mary Matalin a liar, Bushco "liars" and "war criminals" and for the hanging of Cheney

What I learned from the Virginia Tech tragedy

Who are these guys at the VA Tech newser????

So, my wife is in jail.

The marines just made my son's entire HS class fill out paperwork...

$500.00 says the VA Tech shooter was on anti-depressants.

Got My Live Earth Tickets!

Pix From Nova M's Birthday Bash.................

Justice Dept. fails to comply with subpoena.

Is anyone else outraged that Gonzo's testimony is postponed?

More dog and cat foods being recalled.

22 dead at Va. Tech-shooter has killed himself-Engineering student

The frightening silencing of Americans. "Unreal" a post by Ro

Blitzer just asked a VT student: "So! What's the mood on campus?"

"If students were allowed to carry guns this wouldn't happen."

With the help of the DU kicked Limbaugh's ASS - wanna go another round?

What's the worst thing that can happen if you mess up on your job?

Pew: The Most "Aware" Citizens watch Daily Show & Colbert

Liberal Media not reporting the "good news" of the number of schools that DIDN'T have a shooting...

Finally! A Democratic Underground homepage that you'll WANT to visit, many times a day.

To anyone minimizing today's horrible tragedy by comparing it to a day in Baghdad

Gonzales hearing being Postponed

Draper's Meadow Massacre, July 30, 1755

Larry Johnson: Now Do You Understand?

Gun culture, no social safety net, military spending - It's all connected

Light a Candle, For Life

Obama wins primary money race

MySpace hijacks the race for president

Interesting article about 08 candiates & finances

Cheney amps up pressure on critics of Iraq policy

For those who support progressive taxation

How did the ins. co's bribe the NAACP and League of United Latin American Citizens to dis Medicare?

Political winds shift on the prairie: Deep red Nebraska is at the center of Congress' debate on Iraq

Clinton-Edwards would make the perfect team

Well Done? Or Well Said?

General John J. Sheehan: Why I Declined To Serve

Gonzales is sorry — about what?

Rasmussen Reports: Obama Within Two Points of Clinton

I wonder how Perino feels about having to lie for the criminal in chief?

CSPAN: Harry Reid up on Iraq War Spending Bil, 10:37amCT. nt

Edwards: Parliament attack shows Iraq 'surge' is failing

Anybody see "Journeys With George" last night on MSNBC?

Today's Useless Political Trivia

Lets not forget Katrina--I fear it is fading from our collective memories:

DFA Training Academy in Austin, TX April 21-22

Bush Baselessly Asserts That Troops Want To Stay In Iraq (speech this a.m.)

FYI: CSPAN-2, press briefing now, 12:00 pmCT. nt

Reid: Republicans "Owned By The Pharmaceutical Industry"

Victoria Wulsin To Challenge (Mean) Jean Schmidt Again In 2008

Cheney Attempts To Prove He’s Not ‘Isolated’: On Saturday I Went ‘Shopping With My Daughter’

This Modern World- Nixon-Bush: Then and now

ABC At least 25 people have been killed at Va. Tech Univ., more expected

House & Senate each going into Live session now -- nt

Perino on Domenici Call: "I Haven't Asked"

TIME: Conservatives to Bush: Fire Gonzales

Campaign donor's cash arrived with baggage (Hillary)

How long before Fox News declares the VA Tech gunman a Liberal?

VIDEO COMPILATION: Bush Fear-Mongering Reaches Fever Pitch In Iraq Speech

The Rude Pundit: For the Family Research Council, Only Sex Matters

April 28-Welcome * to Miami!

US attorney furor: no end in sight

Gives A Whole New Meaning To Sticks And Stones Will Break My Bones But....

Obama: "We don't engage in war because it's a sport."

France warned CIA of hijack plot in 2001

E-Mail Uproar Gives Dems ammo vs. Rove

Republican presidential hopeful Thompson: Making money part of Jewish tradition

In Denver, John Kerry Reopens Door to Possible Presidential Run

Specter Dismisses Gonzales’ ‘Conclusory’ Claim Of ‘Nothing Improper;’ Wants Actual Facts

Good polling sites

Okay, if everyone is not all that keen on talking about stricter gun control laws right now

Wisconsin taxes: Shallow debate ignores big picture (Paul Soglin)

Oversight Is Torture For Bush: Bush Compares Congressional Hearings To Soviet Show Trials

We should ask that all of our candidates no longer answer questions...

I sure do hope Patrick Fitzgerald is prone to human foibles .... like revenge

Wolfowitz's fate to be decided by ministers ....We have to get our news from the UK?

Greg Stevens Dies (Swift Boat Ad Creator) HOTLINE ON CALL

Gore takes away votes from Hillary

(Deleted thread)

Prominent Voices for Impeachment to Go to Capitol

Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, And Apparently Hornier Too

What's that you say? Too early to politicize the Va. Tech Tragedy?

On Bush's watch, we've had 1) the worst natural disaster, 2) the worst foreign attack on our soil,

May 4th 2005..Impeachment Time: "Facts Were Fixed." (Buzzflash) Why is he still in the White House!?

Hold Gonzales Accountable, Then Bush (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Dem candidates pay tribute to the VT victims

It looks like "Coundown" will not be on this evening. More on the horrors

Conservative Group Calls On Bush To Fire Gonzalez!!!

youtube--aljazeera in english

Cheney appointed “Humanitarian Czar”

My Taxes

How long before the Gun Industry...I mean the NRA holds their convention in VA?

If impeachment is begun against Bush will that thwart his efforts @ "veto withdrawal troops"?

Edwards says he's strongest pick, can win some southern states

WSJ: Justice Probes Abramoff Ties To White House; May Be Affected By Missing Emails

Feingold statement today on Bush Impeding Congress's Efforts to Fund the Troops

ABC EXCLUSIVE: Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony

Impeachment and removal of Bush and Cheney: Just do it, baby

Edwards to Tout Southern Roots, Rural Economic Recovery Plan

Perino seizes on Virginia Tech tragedy to grandstand on 2nd Amendment

Have the Gonzo Beans already been spilled?

Edwards, Clinton, and Obama

Working county D convention Sat - anyone have inside view on how DNC is securing

Iraq Ministers Quit; Demand Timeline for Withdrawal

Washington Post Fails to Connect Dots: the president approved Attorneygate and should be Impeached

Hagel Mocks McCain’s Trip To Iraq: ‘We Did No Shopping While We Were Here’

If HRC isn't the STRONGEST candidate in the polls, is there ANY case for nominating her?

Hey, Bush was right! If we don't stop the terra-ists in Eyerack they will come here.

Daily Kos April straw poll. Edwards, so far, leading 43% to Obama's 25% with 11,447 votes cast.

In light of this tragedy I sure hope our Party takes a stronger stand on Gun Control

DU this GOP poll: Should Gonzales step down.

33 Senators Are Up for Reelection in 2008

Hey, Daily Show viewers! Guess who you're smarter than?

Heads Up: Chomsky and Zinn on Democracy Now!

Hyping the Hip-Hop Hate Myth

Do most Democratic candidates have Republican fundraisers? Does this reflect poorly on Richardson?

AP: Edwards says he's strongest pick

"The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms!

Why What DIDN'T Happen at the Texas Youth Commission Matters in the Alberto Gonzales Scandal