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Immigration bill turns less friendly to millions of illegals

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Resolve to Be Ambivalent

Fatal refinery blast shows wider problems in industry, safety official says

Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers (Mekay & Lobe)

US: Gender Pay Gap still stuck

The Editor of the New York Times Book Review admits to being an Imus enabler

New Workplace Needs New Rules (attention ladies)

NYT: In the Real World of Work and Wages, Trickle-Down Theories Don’t Hold Up

FRANK RICH: Everybody Hates Don Imus

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

Snowy forests 'increase warming' (BBC)

Nuclear goals spark uranium deals (BBC)

High Court to start hearing on possible IDF war crimes in Gaza

A Bitter Spat Over Ideas, Israel and Tenure

High Court to start hearing on possible IDF war crimes in Gaza

The extraordinary undervote rate on the ES&S Ivotromic.

McCain: Dems have politicized Iraq

N.J. Governor Corzine Undergoes Another Operation

It's Up to Gonzales Now (Scott Turow former Illinois Assistant US Attorney)

McCain Trails GOP Rivals in Cash-On-Hand

Coal miners leave picket lines when union, employers reach contract

AP: Clinton Touts Government Reform

GOP Presidential Contenders Woo Iowans

Edwards Proposes Greenhouse Gas Plan

DNC host group seeks union input

'Tiny Bubbles' singer Don Ho dies at 76

Carnage and rioting hit Karbala

French-speaking Canadians reject British Queen's possible visit

I just did something very bad!

Announcing a boycott of Tums antacids by Glaxo / Smith-Kline

New Orleans Jazz Saxophone Great, Herman Riley, died today

I still haven't received word about my doctoral application.

If I proved hypocritical treatment at work, can I quit and claim unemployment?

Yippee! The thunder just started!

The Friday Night YouTube Chris Rock Concert!

Anyone watch Robin Hood on BBCA?

I started watching "United 93".

Hey, Rev Smitty — somethin' else about Gameday

This is just way too good.

Who is your favorite XXX Composer?

Just saw Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie For Theatres tonight!!! (NO SPOILERS)

I'm going to bed really disappointed.

DU this poll -- Windows XP vs Vista vs Neither

I have a girl crush on Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Grocery stores are for buying food. Not tongue-fighting each other.

Comics fans...

Sofa King great!

There's a bug on my monitor

Just curious: Why do punk rockers play their guitars down around their knees?

Anybody here gonna see the 28 Days Later sequel??

Hey kids! Drop everything to help with my inconsequential dilemma!

If for some reason you ever want to really feel betrayed...

My school's rejected prom themes you give this guy your phone number and he calls you

One more tasteless, Imus-related, post. (sorry)

What was the day of greatest traffic for DU, in hits/posts? (Just curious!)

??? "teacup size hail" ???

Bandits! Funny ass movie!!

Avril is Sofa King Contrived....

Since I can't post a sex thread, here's a sax thread.


Isn't this rose GLORIOUS?

A little too big for the bird-feeders!

I bought it Thursday and I absolutely love it!

Drove 50 miles into the sticks for all-you-can-eat pancakes

Should I have a burrito for dinner?

How do you say it, Duct Tape or Duck Tape

Okay... Everybody Hurts (Sometimes)

Does this bow make me look like a fufu dog?

Clinton Asked About Idol Wannabe Malakar

Wow! After reading a few threads here, I realize I am way out of the loop...

"And the doc went on to explain..."

Holy Heck! I made one heck of a drastic hairstyle change.

What are you listening to this weekend?

Can NASCAR drivers be called "athletes"?

"Grown-up" things that I've yet to learn to appreciate....

Kick-ass test results... *grin*

Minnesota DUers go to the Olive Garden!

So Hubby busts six ribs during a coughing fit...

Would You Be Offended?

I've decided to bring my bicycle out of mothballs and start riding.

i just escaped the black hole that is target

Bread and cheese. Can there be anything more elemental?

I like grapefruits.

How happy are you with your town/city/area?

songs you absolutely hate

Some things I'd like to say, if I may please...

Heinz Kerry just quieter, not silent

Found this on the BookTV site:

Hey, I'm no Einstein ...

1,250-Member Union Merges with United Steelworkers

Where Are Our Priorities?

Terry Walls: 'Unions are the best thing to come along since sliced bread' (toxic spill story)

Hotel dispute heats up as officials back boycott

Steelworkers File Unfair Labor Practices Charges Against Rexam

Hi, I'm a supervisor for both SEIU and AFL-CIO bargaining units. And, my question is.

US transport workers call for backing during May action day

Union Official Criticizes U.S. Labor Secretary After Her Visit To Maine

Our Veterans Need Your Help

Viet Rag --You learned nothing from My War

Mandatory Military Anthrax Vaccine (Just Say No)

Ocean levels rise English coast crumbles

New Rules (04-13-07)

Tornado on the ground in South Alabama Worldwide condemnation of Kasparov's arrest

More Army deserters are being prosecuted

State Bird of Florida now common in Northeast.

Divided We Fail: The Need for National Stem Cell Funding

60 years ago tomorrow

NYT: Eye on Iran, Rivals Pursuing Nuclear Power (4/15)

Do any of you have Metlife home & auto insurance?

What do 80,000 Louisianians, (yes, that's a word) have in

S. Korea inks oil, development deal with Iraq's Green Zone government

Pentagon: Troops to Remain in Iraq From Now On - satire

What has Rumsfeld done since resigning?

Thinking of Andy while I rant, and here is one example of

A thought about Republicans in jail

Poverty in the United States and the Democratic 2008 Presidential Candidates

Talking point for next week?

In honor of Patriots' Day, April, 1775...It led to this:

There's a new Senate in town, and the American Family Association HATES it! (stem cell vote)

Did we 'win" that election in Nov? or was I dreaming?

Obama got 20,000 supporters at a rally today in Atlanta.

i just now figured out pat robertson.....

Chenney has not talked to Libby since the trial verdict. CBS evening

George Monbiot- "I'm With Wolfowitz"

I am curious - what happened to the FuxNoise answer to TDS?

Bush pushes new program:" Republican Assistance to Predatory Enterprises"

Who the hell coined the word leaked to describe info ?

Ava has a new project.

SF Chronicle: Health Care System Broken, Says Bill Clinton

Concerns rising over Depleted Uranium at Schofield Barracks

This is not an Imus thread

Four years of Rove emails 'missing'

I think it is time for us all to read this again, adjusting perception to 2007 reality:

I know I know another post on the i'manass but hear me out ok

the beatles 'n me adblocked Mitt Romney on youtube....

Marcy Wheeler: "Congressman Waxman, Interview Jenny Mayfield..." (Emails - Libby, Addington)

Should Will Pitt be banned for calling us fascists?

A nightcap from the great Howard Zinn:

Cheney earns more than Bush

Corporate Socialism

DON HO has died,

should williampitt be fired?

Someone recently said to me that they always felt like Gore was talking down to them.

If I had a dollar for every Will Pitt apology thread--- I'd be Bill Gates rich!

I miss Katherine Harris.....

Wolfowitz Clashed Repeatedly With World Bank Staff

Rice calls Imus' on-air slur 'disgusting'

U.S. military base in Peru?

Who has seen 'The Good Shepherd' and what did you think about the movie?

Scary: Perry aide has has compiled personal data on more than 1 MILLION Texans

Lawrence Livermore wants to "release" 450 lbs. of depleted uranium near Tracy

Pulitzer prize winning Fox analyst: If you can't handle Fox, you can't handle the Iranians..

Interesting and very changeable weather according to NOAA

As Religious Strife Grows, Europe's Atheists Seize Pulpit

Announcing a boycott of Tums antacids by Glaxo / Smith-Kline.

Rush calls the Duke LAX accuser a "ho"

Who owns the companies that peddle hate speech that passes for news and provides "entertainment"?

Alberto Gonzales in WaPo OpEd: "I Did Nothing Improper"

NYTimes Editorial: The Fantasy Behind The Scandal ("Voter Fraud" & The Attorney Purge)

Continental integration 'by stealth' plotted.

Karl Rove Party Nearly Gate-Crashed By Protestors

The clerk will call the roll, all those in favor of Impeachment say aye!

Real Time w/Bill Maher repeat coming up on HBO; did it suck or was it

We don't want to have a beer with your alcoholic pResident. An open letter to the corporate media.

Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS (David Swanson)

Vermont Paper Calls Bush "Worst President In U.S. History;" Joins Chorus For Impeachment

Evidence Emerging Of Cheney-Led Smear Campaign Against Pelosi Over Syria Trip

If you want to understand Iraq, listen to the Doha Debates

TPM: Bush administration sued MO for not being sufficiently aggressive in purging voter rolls

Nothing Improper (Opinion by Alberto Gonzales)

Pravda: Imus Taken Down for Threatening to Reveal 911 Secrets

They ARE NOT Sheeple!! Quit saying that.

I would love seeing Rove's "Permanent Republican Majority" turn into..

Li'l George - in "BEE AROUND THE BUSH" ('Toon by Tom ThE DANCINg BUg)

On Fox, Hannity, North, and Hasselbeck claimed Pelosi may go to Iran, despite her denial

Email sent to apparently all USA's and others in Dept of Justice

Playing into the hands of our enemies.

Announcing a boycott of Tums antacids by Glaxo / Smith-Kline

NYT: Writers Guild President Starts the Countdown Toward Contract’s End

Red Square from a different prospective.

Ben Sargent on "W"

Corzine’s Near-Deadly Crash Puts New Jersey Politics on an Uncertain Path

Excellent interview with Helen Thomas that will leave you thinking...

Most loathsome media stars? from Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly

Heard any punditry about "Nascar Dad" voters lately?

"The State of Black America 2007: Portrait of the Black Male" - with Foreword by Obama

Senator Edwards Walks a Day In My Shoes by Elaine Ellis

NYT interview with Hillary Clinton on Iraq

Democrats Say They'll Get Their Way on Iraq

Comparing gop.COM and democrats.ORG...

Damn Rosie some love

TIME: The Kosovo Conundrum

Asia Times Online- "When Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight"

Hayden Works to Absorb New Hires at CIA

Divided Iraq has two spy agencies

Halliburton: reconstruction racket

U.S. Holds 18,000 Detainees in Iraq

Military medical system: “underfunded, understaffed and overwhelmed.”

Upending the Mayberry Machiavellis

Parsing the Truths About Visas for Tech Workers


On another bloody day in Iraq, Shiites decry brutal bombing(289 killed or injured in Iraq on Sat)

Iraq Gone Mad

Taliban has ways of eluding U.S. hunters

No Red or Blue States, Working Family States

Wolfowitz: Mission Accomplished? (Richard Cohen at HuffPost)

Latest from McClatchy Bloggers in Baghdad: A Little Water

Gonzales says he has "nothing to hide"

4 Hired Guns in an Armored Truck...A Chaotic Day On Baghdad's Airport Road

The World Banker Takes Care of His Own Banking Needs

Medicinal cannabis (Somebody finally got it right)

A new Reaganomics... in Europe, with grave implications for progressive politics everywhere

Overselling Capitalism with Consumerism (Baltimore Sun, via CommonDreams)

Teresa Heinz Kerry just quieter, not silent

KGB ghost stirs JFK mystery-Sunday Times UK

Those who have profited most handsomely in these troubling times are the oil tycoons and drug makers

The Apostles of Deception

Chinese Money Supply Continues to Explode

The Bush Administration's Latest Plan to Build New Nuclear Weapons

MoveOn for conservatives?

Kangaroo tribunals give a Kafkaesque edge to Guantanamo (HILLARY comments?)

Fall of Wolfowitz Marks Twilight of the Neo-Cons (Independent UK, via CommonDreams)

War on Terror looks like a fraud

The Myths Behind "Support the Troops"

Should Fitzgerald Reopen Rove CIA Leak Investigation? (Brent Budowsky)

The long road to ruin for the Amazon forest - Observer

CBS/AP: Global Warming Protests Held Across U.S.

'Step It Up' comes to campus Group calls for 80% cuts in carbon emissions by 2050 (Ann Arbor News)

VRB Power provides update on its Small Systems (flow batteries)

Environmentalists Release Clean Energy Strategy to Replace Nuclear Plants (NJ)

Durango city govt. to buy 100 percent wind power

Super-famine 2015 posters in A4 and US letter!

(KS Gov.) Sebelius Signs Incentives for Renewable Energy Production

Nuclear foes see danger in waste (NC)

Far north feels worst effects of warming

Electricity Generating Jersey Barriers

Climate wars

China's Yangtze river extensively polluted - study - Reuters

Iran to seek bids for two atomic power plants


Does anybody here have a compost bin?

World Bank challenged to fund the energy revolution and halt forest destruction

Everything you ever wanted to know about tires (wrt energy)

States seek permission to kill salmon-gobbling sea lions

WSJ: Crop prices soar, push food costs up globally

Dye sensitized solar cells to begin commercial production.

"We killed BBC reporter"

Christian library, Internet cafes bombed in Gaza

PMO vows changes after diplomat is strip-searched

Oxfam survey: Financial boycott pushes Palestinians into poverty and essential services to meltdown

Hezbollah ready to become political movement, EU official says

Olmert, Abbas discuss broad peace issues

"The 'fries' Are Getting Cold!" Great Stories On Rove's VOTER Fraud Scam...

hints to defend voters against challenges?

Are the presumed presidential candidates ranked anywhere yet for their

Election Reform Forum's autorank Reaches a Milestone!--X Post

MSM Discovers 'Voter Fraud' Fraud: Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 04/15/07

Nancy Tobi on the Election Assistance Commission - 6:40 pm

Nothing Improper (Opinion by Alberto Gonzales)

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

Facing Opposition, EPA Nominees Withdraw

40 Afghan civilians killed or wounded by US marines

Car bombs in Baghdad kill 10

White House, Senators to Confer on E-Mail Expert

Two US Helicopters Crash North of Baghad, Killing Two Soldiers

Military Sharpens Focus on Climate Change

Change in Naming Interim U.S. Attorneys Was Benign, Former Justice Official Says

World Bank policy committee to hear from embattled Wolfowitz

1,000 Russian protesters rallying again (Sunday)

U.N.'s ElBaradei discusses Jordan's nuclear plans

Low savings rate in US seen as danger

Venezuela pays off multilateral loans, says goodbye to IMF

Strong earthquake jolts Japan (magnitude 5.4 - 5 injured)

Brazil looks to join Chavez-backed bank

Bush wades in to save beleaguered Wolfowitz

Iran to seek bids for atomic power plants

Brown and Bush 'got on very well'

China to Go on Buying Spree in US cities

For prison inmate Jimmy Lee Page, a "not guilty" verdict did not mean freedom

(IRR activated) Soldier from Festus killed in Iraq (2 wks before he was to come home)

Hudson voters will have say on proposed prison

GOP candidates unite in support of Iraq war

Green Bay Prison Lockdown Surpasses 9 Weeks

Tensions high in Nigeria as poll results emerge

Domenici Sought Iglesias Ouster

Segolene Royal Rejects Calls for Alliance With Bayrou

Ecuador's Correa heads for resounding referendum win

Possible link between cell phones and bee deaths

BBC, Britain probe reports that kidnapped Gaza correspondent 'executed'

Cheney Steers Clear Of Libby Mess

Domenici Sought Iglesias Ouster (Gonzales wouldn't if the Prez didn't OK it)

Vatican envoy agrees to attend Holocaust service

European nations pile pressure on Wolfowitz

Rove issues call for GOP boldness at local fundraiser

Iraq: 2 US soldiers, 1 Marine killed

Records: U.S. agency did look at threats to polars bears (Admin.lied again)

Hundreds held in Moscow anti-Putin protests

Michael Moore Takes Ground Zero Responders to Cuba for Medical Treatment

Iraq: Al-Sadr orders his 6 Cabinet ministers to withdraw from government

Russia building 1st floating nuke plant

New Navy Submarine Launched

Gonzales defends prosecutor firings (he released prepared Senate statement)

Bombs hit Baghdad Shiite areas; 45 dead

Clinton Reports $24 Million in the Bank at End of 1st Quarter to Spend on Primary Campaign

Cheney Bets Democrats Will Back Down, Approve War-Spending Bill Without Pullout Timeline

Attorney General Says Prosecutor Firings Weren't Improper but Claims Little Direct Role

Clouds Part for Obama's Appearance

Wolfowitz Vows to Stay at World Bank

Democrats Slowed in Efforts on Medicare

Sen. Clinton's Campaign War Chest Tops All Rivals

PBS Stations Brave Potential FCC Fines

"There's a PARTY in Sweden's Pants, and you are INVITED!" (video)

Have there been any "F" bombs in the Lounge recently?

Avril is the King's Contrivance

I'm feeling philosophical

This thread is

Good Night All

So it's midnight, and I'm cleaning spots in my living room carpet

I love it when you call me big pappa!!

R.I.P. nappy headed Don Ho

Pic thread!!


You know, I'm just not that excited about Administrative Assistants' Day this year...

Chow Yun Fat?

Somebody with a good body responded to my personal ad.

You know, I'm just not that excited about Halloween this year.....

Laptop recommendations?

Sniffa hosted poker last night, and my house isn't a disaster!


Did you ever have trouble with math tests in school? You aren't alone.

HELP: I am so conflicted about working out!

lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

Adventures in Moving - Day 2

what do you most enjoy discussing?

Cartoons & comics turned into live action movies done right

You GO Mr. Louie Anderson!

This Fine Spring Day, I Feel Like Giving You...



Fucking Taxes...a rant

Sadly, Imus was never able to apologize to Don Ho......

I think of this place, when I hear this song..

If I post a tax question, will I get any responses, and if so...

Is some coded message being sent?

i got the sweetest hangover

It's comforting to know

It's comforting to know

I'm soooo gonna be able to graduate next Spring! Yay!

Mac users, I need your help. I did some AppleScript applications

Other pusillanimous, piggish people who ought to be fired for saying "ho":

IBM fight song

vision of efficient housing for three million people circa 1920

the modern office in 1978

Painful karaoke

Can’t Fault DeLay’s Logic

High school prom policies

What's good at the theaters?

Does anyone know about IP Renewal/Lost connection?

hey kagehime, from the geek to the nerd (who loves ya, baby?)

How do I put a link to my blog in my signature line ?

OMG. Just found out my 2nd cousin is a stripper/model who's been on some Bravo show...

Just found out my 2nd cousin is a stripper/model who's been on some Bravo show...(now with pics!!!!)

What Dirty Job Would You Have For Mike Rowe?

"There's a song in the heart of a woman"

Someone just PM'd me and asked me to delete my new sig file

Okay...time for the happy song....enough of this gloom!

At last - I'm back from the beach!

What should I do with my day?

Are You Fat?

When did the tv show 'Roseanne' jump the shark?

A Question for DUers with Partners and Children

Any Ebay experts? I've been conned!

Question about 'The Golden Girls'

Tax due date...

a forest falls into a tree and no one hears it...

Arrogant? Moi?

Cat Ballou Pic

That's it. Game Over. Imus linked to 9/11. It's officially come full circle

Jenis is in neither Wiktionary nor Urban Dictionary

There's three cops in front of my house

The real reason some women are always standing on chairs

I'm watching when "Laverne and Shirley" jumped the shark.

"He began his architectural career as an apprentice at the studio of Peter Behrens from 1908 to 1912

You know, an hour long walk/jog felt kinda good.

You GO Miss Lonnie Anderson!

Study: Fertile Women Prefer Manly Men

Alternate titles for threads:

The wholesome goodness of 900mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drove from Amarillo, Texas, to Northern Colorado on a single tank of gas.

Forget C2C w/Art Bell, Check Out Mysterious Universe Podcast!

This guy is absolutely hilarious!!!

Whether or not you take issue with the use of the word "bitch" in conversation,

How do download a youtube video into a powerpoint?

I finally saw "Borat." What was the flamewar about again?

Handicapped forks???

Dame Shirley Bassey - This is My Life

Make a Lavalife profile accenting your faults.


Sweet, pointed sticks in some wierd 80s movie

Copycat? What copycat?

Directions from New York to London

My son is sleeping on my chest -- how can I love them so much???

Cattle used in weird experimentation,

Should I buy a Swiffer Wet Jet?

My 16 year old is painfully unaware of Popular Culture

Weather report time! Here's mine; reply with yours:

What did you throw away long ago that you most regret now?

I played a gig in this fabulous museum in Baltimore tonight!

I want my own Aircraft Carrier.

Here He Is Folks: Morgan Freeman...aka "Easy Reader"

People of Boston - What's the weather forecast for the Boston Marathon?

I set my sights on Monday

things i don't want to do:

Take 60 Seconds To Do This:

DU brother needs prayers, psychic energy, good thoughts sent his way

Who do I list as references on a job application?

Some questions about jobs

Nor'easter? What nor'easter?

I love my job!

My housemate is finishing her taxes so we have to be very quiet.

Who says RaptureReady folks don't have a sense of humor??

Brandi Carlile Video Makes It On Grey's Anatomy

It is done.....(a pic thread)


What if...

You know how they make sporks, right?

People who are into Fan Fiction--Crazy or Normal?

Any DUers on LibraryThing?

They'll never cry again while getting vaccinations!...and other wonderful stuff

Yellow, mostly {dial-up warning - lots of pics}

M*O*O*N that spells the end of the world

Video: Fedor Emelianenko vs Matt Lindland

Just did somethin' I'm kinda proud of

When will the Billy & The Boingers 20th anniversary remastered CD be released?

Website for soldiers in Iraq and their furry buddies...

Dog owners. Does this sound like a seizure to you?

I thought I saw a hobo in my mirror...

who was the 12th President of the US??

surreal meat commercial

Memoirs of a Geisha Cat

Anybody here remember the cartoon "Speedracer". Guess What?!

What does the post office do if your mailbox is too full?

Death is on the way! Nobody gets out of here alive!

I'm a neurotic free-spirit. Ask me anything!

If exercise is so great, why do I hurt so friggin' much right now?

Okay, So I'm No Suzbaby, But I Got My Haircut!

Happy birthday wishes to.........

There comes a time in everyone's life When all you can see are the years passing by

I need something to do over Saturday and Sunday night

Anyone else getting damed sick of fergie?

Bye-bye, chickie. (She's in a better place now.)

For Don Imus. Stories from the Road: Mike.

I just watched Control Room



Create Your Own Motivational Poster

Your moment of zen?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/15/07)

What's your song of the moment? (ZOMG, TEH YOOTOOBE LYNK!!!1)

Kitty Pic Thread!!1!!

Rockit and I had a Personal Trainer show us around the gym yesterday

Egon Bondy is dead

So how's your weekend been?

saw 'Syriana' and have some questions *spoilers*

Congratulations autorank!! 20,000 posts

Why do all of my girlfriends wind up dating my buddies?

America's best pizza--support your local pie shop!

Fundamentalist Islam and Dungeons and Dragons

for my friend bobby who passed away yesterday:

Your favorite suspension bridge?

I am so sick of this weather

Keith Olbermann has a 23 year old live-in girlfriend...

What is a software tester?

How much of an age difference is okay for you in a relationship?

Heads up! It's Woodies!!

Today is Yom Hashoah

Why My Dog is Not a Humanist by Kurt Vonnegut (1996 Humanist of the Year speech)

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for April 15: special Garry Kasparov ediition

The Tribune Review- Sciafe's paper mentions the debate and the Kerry's book without snark

New diary at Daily Kos

DailyKos Blog Tour

Kerry headlines bulb-swapping event

OT, but, another instance where Sen. Kerry doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Day Two: Teresa Heinz Kerry Blog Tour

This is what I was afraid would happen

Plant Closings Threaten Small Illinois Town

Workers in Oklahoma, West Virginia Gain a Voice

US Labor Against the

Hate In America

John Trudell 'Fables and Other Realities' film by Toe Knee

Bush Reveals his 'True Intentions' before the US Senate

Humpback Ballet - shown at the California state coastal commission's hearing against an LNG Terminal


Richardson responds to DFA

Richardson at DNC Winter Meeting (Part 1)

Richardson at DNC Winter Meeting (Part 2)

Richardson at AFSCME Presidential Forum (2/25/07)

In Case You Missed this KO on the Five Million missing E-Mails

The JFK Effect

North American Union...

Contradiction Against War...

American Son: Wes Clark...


What Would MLK Say Today

Bill Maher New Rule - From Elites to Jesus

Henry Rollins - Stephen Gaghan speaks about oil and Iraq, Iran wars...

American War Paar Da! (Look at that American War!)...

A Strategy of Peace - Excerpts of President JFK's Commencement Address...

Hardship Pay--- Are You Ready To Step Up Again Like Bobby and JFK

The Fruitcake Lady Kills George W Bush

Scholastic Films Presents Intelligent Design...

Absolute Certainty, The Ultimate Drug (commentary on religion)

Conspiracy Files : Dr. David Kelly

Craig Hill, Feb. 21, 2007

KO- How to Recover Missing White House E-Mails

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

U.S. report: Slain, hurt Afghans were civilians

Question: When I post ANYTHING about how the Iraqi people are suffering,

Breakthrough! U.S. Military focuses on climate change as a national security issue

Just Watched "Man of the Year" & It Really Brought Me Down

It creeps me out -

What penalties are appropriate for crimes against humanity, treason, war profiteering

How many times have you over-reacted to a DU post?

Nate Clay stream: It's all about Imus. Nate's taking lots of callers -- link

Rainbow PUSH Coalition Evacuated After Bomb Threat

ARE they KIDDING us with this crap? RE; Conservative e mail I received..

'Living on the Edge' ~ Aerosmith ~ "It's getting to You..."

LOL Delta Farce --- We Invaded Mexico

I've got another confession to make... I'm your fool...

Is DU loading really slow for you also??

The most stunning aspect of the Wolfowitz scandal...

Should I eat breakfast?

World Bank employees’ salaries are tax-free?

Like Paulose, Biskupic claims ignorance of political machinations

Abstinence Classes a Bust (Truthdig)

"Sorry We Shot Your Kid, But Here's $500"

Emanuel: Democrats for middle-class tax cuts

The Fantasy Behind the Scandal (scathing NYT editorial)

Take back the blog (blogswarm)

It's time for Wolfowitz to go Former DOJ Director: "Heaven Help Anyone" Who Did Not Think The Way The WH Thinks

Chenney has not talked to Libby since the trial verdict. CBS

China to Go on Buying Spree in US cities

Where's our Jack Ryan?

Gonzales coming up on Meet the Press.

'Nothing Improper' - Alberto Gonzales WaPo

Baghdad bombings kill 18, Two british 'copters crash killing two

Who in the world in John Cox?

In a post Buchshney U.S. (Ethical question here)

McCain on "To the Point" talking about job loss, the great republican economy and

Fundies are so funny --- Tampa FL Father Charged With Felony Battery On Coach

Russian protesters beaten by police

"Most people don't have the courage to leave,"

Are mobile phones wiping put bees?


Carl Levin calls out Graham and McCain for their double-talk

TOON: If A Bush Lies In A Forest And No One's ...

What about public school biology classes do you think is most bothersome to ID advocates?

It's time for an "Official Government Guide To Free Speech," citizens.

Jeeebus....Reichard Perle on CNN promoting surge....what a surprise!!

For prison inmate Jimmy Lee Page, a "not guilty" verdict did not mean freedom


Do you want Bi-Partisanship even more than heathcare?

Radio show warns soon-to-be-prisoners to "stay away from homosexuals"

Crier Wire: Catherine has it down pat.

HITCHENS to become U.S.Citizen. Who will he vote for!!1

Damning statements from the military's OWN final report on the V22 on "autorotation"

Gwen Ifil on Meet The Press

You all knew this...right?

Has Imus gotten any death threats?

The Governator will take on Sen. Boxer in 2010 - prediction on Tweety's show.

A website almost as absurd as Freeperville; ""

Is some coded message being sent?

Andrea Koppel astutely points out that there is "no smoking gun"

Smirk-onish's Inquirer column today:

As of now, who do you think will be the Democratic candidate in 08?

Thank you CNN and Wolf Blitzer...Thank You

Did you know that 60% of the grad of Regent U don't pass the bar exam?

CNN's Toobin: "Dems are incompetent questioners." (Gonzales)

David Brooks Just Called Himself Elite

Looking for something new to read? Recent and soon-to-be releases

Please DU this poll.

While WH Counsel Fielding Dithers with Leahy/Conyers....Waxman Comes to the Rescue!

Bizarre leap from ESPN's Steven Smith

Giuliani Accused of Pandering on Confederate Flag

Taxation Without Representation

Be CAREFUL, people! "Gonorrhoea joins 'superbugs' list"

Broadway Revival of "Inherit the Wind" Reflects U.S. Debate on Evolution

Assistant Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Charged With Lewd Act On Girl, 9, in Whittier, CA

60% of Regent grads don't pass the bar info should be used to

Alleged Ethics Violations Plague Case of Disabled Georgia Writer

Top ex-military leaders call global warming major security risk

Church stands behind Lubbock, TX Baptist Youth Pastor Faces Sexual Assault Charges

New Jersey Rabbis' plan to get arrested at U.N. to protest against Iran

From giant pillows and computer-crushing seats...

What the hail!

Tax Question re: Illegal Immigrants

Faux compared Imus to Dixie Chicks (free speech) + gave Bill Clinton's reaction

Franciscan, Jesuit priests face jail terms for anti-torture protest outside military base

Vietnam cyber-dissident expected to face court

Suspect Arrested After Okla. Standoff. Crowd of 100 threw rocks at cops

Arrogant Imus surfaces: "I could go to work tomorrow. Bigger deal. More money. TV simulcast..."

Ulster duo's child abuse trial looms

Is the right embracing Imus simply because he was a racist bigot?

The next time you hear a conservative say...

Former Presbyterian Pastor Charged with Raping Girls (Springfield, PA)

Live or die -- it's a matter of politics

Oregon bicyclist jailed in Ky.; hosts find he is sex offender

Freepers Crack Me Up! Their global warming denial is pathological.....

Hillary Clinton: Initiated the "Childrens Health Insurance Program"...covered 6 mil children...

Right-wing Brazilian rabbi jailed for shoplifting in Florida

The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus

Anyone? What Rules Prevent Sen. Domenici and Rep. Wilson From Being Called To Testify???

Five more plaintiffs sue Roman Catholic Diocese of Peoria

Was good to see and hear Marian Wright Edelman

Taxes and fees paid by airline passengers are used by Bush administration to fund corporate jets

Loyola College (Baltimore, MD) Removes ANOTHER Jesuit Priest For Old Allegations

Mineola, New York Catholic Diocese faces sex abuse lawsuit

The Iglesias firing trail leads right to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue....

Rove Left Out Of Bush's Push To Reach Compromise On Immigration Bill - Novak

Has Bush or anyone in his administration ever called upon Americans to join the military, to support

on CSPAN2 3:30pm eastern - "Collusion" (fake Italian docs and Bush admin. role)

Too Rich:Paulose says 'conspiracy theories' on her fast rise to top are off base

Pastor Winkler's wife Jumps The Shark: "My Ugly Came Out" when she killed her husband

There is a saying about the "wrath of a woman scorned"

60th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson

Hillary: "Adoption and Safe Families Act"...achievement for which she is most proud as First Lady...

Rather vs. Tweety: DOWN GOES TWEETY!!

Do you have Friends who make or have made Racist Comments.

Tim Russert joins David Gregory in trying to justice racism and mysogyny..

Gwen Ifill smacking down Imus enablers on Meet the Press

480 U.S. Nuclear Warheads In Europe

Election-gate, War lies-gate, Plame-gate, Wiretapping-gate, Attorney-gate, Gonzo-Gate...

More of my hero Keith's pettiness

Imus the other white MEAT

Even for the New York Post, this frontpage is shocking.

Watch The Worm Squirm - Live Stream

Overblown. The Imus situation and really bad analogies.

Cheeeeny FTN video (including burps, "last throes")

Guest on The View tomorrow morning - Deidre Imus.

Gonzales only fired U.S. Attorney after order from the president.

Have you seen this? New questions about Walter Reed. Problems were KNOWN in 2004! and IGNORED!

LOL Department: "Qube TV: The Conservative YouTube!"

c-span3 - press conference from nov 1995 - government shutdown

Freedom to fascism

If you haven't got anything nice to say about Bush come sit next to me.

Imus has enough money to run his cancer ranch, just no radio forum to pat himself on the back for it

Military Families Say: Fund Our Troops and De-fund the War

Albuquerque Paper Ties Bush to U.S. Attorney Firing

Palestinians: Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill 'em all right now IMUS

This should make Democrats think twice before backing down

McGlauphlin Group

Novak: Rahm to Make Major Speech

Wow! CNN just showed Imus having a meltdown a few minutes ago.

Caption Fredo....

Newt Gingrich: A Refresher in Scary

Sock, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper

Interesting: William F. Buckley on Imus...."Imus Dead"

"every once in awhile there were some nasty remarks from the fans or the other team."

Cheney and credibility...

Gonzales Suggests Firings 'All Harriet Mier's Fault': Analyst (Toobin)

Columbia families received $26.6 million settlement--NASA kept it under wraps

Anderson Cooper's Molestation Story With Thomas Roberts

Translating Conservativespeak: Freedom, Liberty and the Liberal Elite

Jailed priest to face sex assault charges

There are plenty of studies that prove that sex-offenders can be rehabilitated.

Pundit: White House wants it 'difficult for people to vote'

John Stewart on Nancy Grace & Duke

Domenici Sought Iglesias Ouster (Gonzales wouldn't if the Prez didn't OK it)

Two charged after convent riot as rival nun faction financial dispute turns bloody

Cheney: Democrats likely to back down on war spending

6 bombs go off in Baghdad today (3 US troops killed Sun and 2 Sat.), nbc

Silenced: Progressive Sites Censored

Elizabeth and Michelle on Cspan.

This is not what happened to Imus (warning; graphic photo.)

Is credit card interest tax deductible except for mortgage payments?

Judge Orders Sex Offender Back Under Bridge

Wolfy vows to stay at the World Bank

I was victimised: Wolfowitz's companion

Ending Poverty in America: How to Restore the American Dream

Didn't Bush already admit the they had a working process to use funds allocated elsewhere for Iraq?

Free speech hurt by silencing Don Imus by Susan Estrich

Thank you guys for reporting on Real Time, as I wasn't going to watch

Wow! Maya Angelou on the CBS Evening News just now! "Vulgarity is vulgarity."

How to say "ho" and get away with it.

George W. bUsh; biggest MFing hypocrite ever.

I seems after all the talk Imus may be even more popular

OK people, How about we take the time from our...

Nickname for Cheney...

German in Racist Video Still on Duty

3301 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

They'll huff and they'll puff and they won't blow the house down,

Our Saudi Arabian "allies" in the "War On Terror" torture Anglican Priest

As a Libertarian, Here Are My Demands

Question regarding Dateline's "To Catch a Predator"

Is Keith Olbermann really living with a 22 year old?

Specter: Gonzales to face 'serious questions' on firings -- Gonzo's statement released.

Can you still spread the tax on a Roth IRA out for 4 years?

Hillary has $24 million cash on hand for primaries

Dad? Who was Jackie Robinson?

Imus wasnt fired for what he said, fired cause workers at station didnt want the association with

New "Conservative" Targets for Media

Don Imus and free speech

Cheney could just has well told 2/3 of the American people to F--K off!

What is the connection between Rove and Cheney?

Caption Cheney

Has anyone else noticed that right wingers don't get it? They keep repeating the same old tired line

Help Leahy Out! A List of Questions For AG Gonzales To Answer Tuesday....

Baghdad bombings kill 35; British helicopters collide - Another great day in the Surge.

Vice President Mondale on CNN --- Now! 12 p.m.

When I heard Cheney was on FTN I picked up the remote to change the channel.

Bush Admin. Asks Congress to Expand Number of People That Can Be Electronically Surveilled

Insult to Injury-...Vets' disabilities are being downgraded

Why we (they) "let" Bush invade Iraq

A while back Gonzo stated that he wouldn't have the time to answer subpoenas from Congress??

Arlen Specter: Re-Hiring US Attorney Generals not a bad idea.

The purpose of punishment is deterrence and that is why hate crime laws are needed

Vets are home and homeless

Does Cheney have a talking points chip inserted in his head?

4 bombs kill 37 in Baghdad Shiite areas.

U.S. troop deaths up 21 percent in Iraq

Kissing Bush Butt Doesn't Get It - Be Outraged

Family Waiting For Son To Return From Iraq Since Thursday

Wonder if any of these guys work for Chalabi

New Photo of McCain "Stroll" in Iraq - Shows the hypocrisy...

Ad graphically links Maine senator to Iraq war, Bush

Under the Bush administration We get NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION!!

Some advice for Bush, from the Greatest Military Leader of All Time.

By the way, 60 Minutes will be doing a segment on Imus tonight

Caption cheney

NYT: ROVE Must Testify Under Oath-"Even Wizard Of Oz Eventually Came Out From Behind The Curtain"

Cheney BURPS On National Television - Face The Nation

Is the Nor'easter affecting anyone yet....

Afghans accuse U.S. Marines of civilian killings

Bush: "Democrats giving our enemies the victory they desperately want"

Has the Imus mess affected your view of derogatory speech in media and slurs as "jokes"?

Oh the irony

Want More Doonesbury? Here Is SUNDAY'S: "Oh, Those Republican Candidates & Their Family Values!"

Have You Picked a Date In the Bush Resignation Pool?

How the Imus debacle happened

Destroying the Internet...In Order to Save It.

Undocumented Worker Identification

John Dean: Why ** Refuses to Allow Miers or Rove to Testify

Why is there all the continued hate for rich, white guys who were falsely accused?

Tenet bombshell in new book according to Tweety show today.

Canadian woman angry over Georgia strip-search for a traffic violation

Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches

Four Hired Guns..., Bullets Flying,.... Who Did The Shooting and Why?

Jobless Don Broadcasting from Imus-less Station (NY Post: DEFIANT STATION PLANS 'BEST OF' DON)

Kucinich: "Yeah, I have a timetable, it's called now."

Green Bay Prison Lockdown Surpasses 9 Weeks

"He told Domenici he would fire Iglesias only on orders from the president."

Carville says Democratic voters want Bi-Partisanship even more than heathcare

Americans Who DISAGREE With President Are A THREAT

Notorious Nor'easters

"Beer Factor"

Cops gone wild! Punk rocker jailed over soap!

Did anybody see Stephanie Miller on Reliable Sources?

Air Force Fills Out Army Ranks in Iraq (AP)

Trying to find an old kids' book, I think about Latin America....

Some scientists suggest cell phones are killing the bees.

Newsweek Hides Global Warming Denier's Ties To Big Oil

D.U. has Gun Forums running scared !

Thank you for teaching us about Republican moral values. An open letter to James Dobson

"Journeys With George" coming up on MSNBC

I'm Just Curious . . .

BREAKING! C-Span I just had live Presser with Schumer...Hitting Gonzalez Statements Released Today!

What hours did Don Imus used to be on MSNBC,

Help MI give Coulter the boot


New DU Group: Bill Richardson Group

Why wasn't Rove indicted for Obstruction and Perjury?

Today is Yom Hashoah

Gwen Ifill Hits David Brooks, Russert for Silence on Imus: "Tim, we didn't hear that much from you."

Possible link between cell phones and bee deaths

Best article I've seen yet on the Imus thing

Should Rosie be fired like Imus? DU this poll!

Olbermann, O'Reilly, and hate mail...

How will Scott Ritter be viewed now by DUer's? The Final Act of Submission

BUSH INVOLVED IN ATTORNEY FIRING: Timeline/Details Of Phone Conversation -Albuquerque Journal

Spending puzzle for US agencies; End of 'earmarks' leaves no guidance (Boston Globe)

For a pupil, Obama gives insight on life after politics

Tom Friedman: To address the most important issues facing us, we need fifty green states

"I serve at the pleasure of the president"??? WHO, in their right mind,

Attention Whore: McCain

Portnoy's Complaint

Lesser - Known Tales Of The Great U.S. Attorney Purge

TOON: Jim Borgman In Honor Of April 15...

"Burning Bush" - Gene Weingarten and the "I" word....

Positive reinforcement in the WaPo? Gonzo's op/ed: Nothing Improper

PRESIDENTIAL STRAW POLL: cast yor vote now

George McGovern drew large

In Case you Missed it we won one against the Oil Polluters this past week

I Guess He's STILL Not Up to a Sunday Show


McClatchy: On Tuesday, all eyes will be on Gonzales

Tancredo (R-Co) opens office in Bluffs to run for President

Goodling: Here are the "talkers" and R's"...

Domenici Sought Iglesias Ouster (Albuquerque Journal)

NYT/AP: Democrats, Fox News Channel Lock Horns (News or editorial?)

Bush wades in to save beleaguered Wolfowitz

"Wellesley Class Sees ‘One of Us’ Bearing Standard" - Hillary Clinton

Question: How much of the Iraq War Funding will go to Private Contractors

The Pentagon Papers. Deja vu?

Breaking: Bush's Playbook for Iraq has been leaked...

Biden meets with Human Rights group and condemned this administration

The Unintended Consquences of Rutgers and Imus

TPM's Canned US Attorney Scandal Timeline

Counting Days in Iraq /\ Counting Days for Bush --Comic

Uncle Sam Wants You --Comic

Security Has Improved Too Much -- Comic

Lone Star project. Failed Leader Series. Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

What do we think about electability this time around?

Bush CIA WMD Source - Comic (Germany 2003)

Operation Lost Cause -Comic 3/29/07

Rove Email Delete - Comic

Supreme Court on EPA - Also about Justice -- Comic

Karl Rove party nearly gate crashed by protestors

Surprise! Dick is a fairweather friend...

Why Impeach If We Can't Override 'Funding' veto?

Fired attorneys may merit reinstatement: senator (Specter) - Reuters

Cheney "willing to bet" that Democratic lawmakers will back down

Gonzales: U.S.A. Review Should Have Been "More Rigorous" (& written statement)

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers

He knew the facts he didn't know - Comic

"What Rudy Believes"

Super spectacular successful surge Sunday

Pelosi gets last laugh (Israel now wants to talk to Syria )

Anti-Cheney rallies planned in Salt Lake as well as Provo

Time: Clinton campaign has released details on her Q1 fundraising. Raised $19.1 million for primary

Don Imus and free speech

Someday Bush might feel he’s had all the marginalization he can stand.

Wow! WI Senators & House Rep Receive "Certificates of Ownership" for Pro-War Funding Votes

"Obasms in Tampa" from the St. Pete Times Buzz blog tonight...

Edwards: charge polluters to finance clean technology investment

TeeHee: Bill Kristol say's Imus is a liberal

Damning statements from the military's OWN final report on the V22 on "autorotation"

Poll: More Americans Want "General Pelosi," Not The Commander In Chief, To Dictate Troop Levels

Electronic voting machines are your friends. (YouTube--ha!)

TPM: Can I get your attention for a second?

Jeffrey Katzenberg: "It is the single easiest fundraising phone call that I have ever made..."

"Guiliani gets a zero-zero"

DU! Cosponsor Russ Feingold's short and sweet bill, S.1077. To Safely Redeploy US Troops from Iraq

Take back America outrage

Clinton "not ready to co-sponsor" Reid-Feingold bill

Gwen Ifill rocks!

Kissing Bush Butt Doesn't Get It - Lee Iacocca

I think it's time to start pushing for RE-Regulation of Television Broadcasting!

The Man Behind the Democratic Assault on the DOJ

The only numbers that matter cash on hand for primaries: Hillary $24 million, Obama $18.2 million

Sharpton - The GOP's useful foil

Children vs. Insurers...Hillary Clinton works to expand health Insurance for all Children...

Vonage Cutting 1800 Jobs

Obama campaign: he's the one Democrat who loves America

Photos: Omaha Steve meets Cindy Sheehan 4-15-07

Wife and I watched "Bobby" last night.

Whom among us thinks the corp fascists will go quietly in 2008.

Gravel: Eliminating the IRS and the Income Tax ?