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"Think About It, Rush..." Dick Cheney: Dishonest or Deluded?

Dahr Jamail: Iraqi Refugees Speak of Escape from Hell

When Even a Sponge Feels the Squeeze (The Nation)

Deleted - dupl

General Knowledge - Why no one wants to be Bush's war czar

U.S. Ambassador's 1950 Refugee Letter

The prospect of all-female conception ~ Steve Connor

MAUREEN DOWD: More Con Than Neo

Our sick country and planet is exactly like a sick body

Fitzgerald Cited Missing Emails During Plame Probe (Truthout)

The 47-Hour Coup That Changed Everything

"Nothing Compares to the Past Two Years" - Former DOJ official

The ecological and social tragedy of crop-based biofuel production in the Americas

Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians

President Bush expands influence over regulatory agencies

Jordan announces plans to build its first nuclear power plant by 2015.

Peak Soil: Why cellulosic ethanol, biofuels are unsustainable and a threat to America

Menendez (D, NJ) pushes for investigation of the EAC!!!

Voter Action: Significant Court Victory in Pennsylvania

Stones Unturned: Gaps in the Investigation of Sarasota's Disputed Congressional Election

California settles First Amendment lawsuit with Prison Legal News

'D.C. Madam Names Columnist Shock and Awe Creator As Regular Client

Study: Abstinence classes don't stop sex

State (Calif.) building new death chamber; lawmakers accuse governor of hiding San Quentin project

Iraq reacts sharply to Turkish incursion threat

Bush asks Congress to alter 1978 eavesdropping law

Lawyer Says Rove Assumed E-Mail Was Kept

Iraq had intelligence of possible parl't attack-source

Iran seeks talks with US House speaker Pelosi

Political Résumé, Not Court, Stood Out for a Contender(Rachel Brand)

Lawyers argue Bush can eject protesters

Letter reveals U.S. intent at No Gun Ri

Experts: Corzine faces long recovery

Scores of Actors, Writers, Producers Contribute to Al Franken's Senate Campaign

Condoleezza Rice: I'm glad Imus was fired

Australia Pm Howard: Immigrants With HIV Should Be Banned

Cuba's Castro taking back reins of government: Chavez

Bush Renews Call for 'Culture of Life'

Hurray! Stargate is back tonight


What's with us at DEFCON 1?

Get a shovel!!!

what happened? why are we at level one?

Dayum. One hell of a ride outside right now.

Greetings from the Comp-USA -PIC Thread

Show us your TARDIS!

Show us your TATS!

I learned something very important while watching "Hannah Montana" tonight.

I thought these were hilarious.

Why was I not informed about these Black Eyed Peas?

TV Alert! A Face in The Crowd coming on TCM at 9:45

Like Country Music Loretty-Style? You'll Love Elizabeth Cook

If companies refuse to consider a person for employment due to one typo in their resume,

I know I should bee seek out a woman who said she'd think about going out with me, but...

Hey Rabrrrrr! Great news! Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are doing a Da Vinci sequel!

My little VW bug was almost flattened today by a raging (ly) hormonal

I'm concerned....the weather readers on the news


I finally read the LynneSin $60 please remove thread.

The check my roommate wrote to cover his

Poll: Favorite MysteryMan...or Woman...

I like military band music and choruses.

Anybody remember this Lou Reed tune?

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

This is SWEET!

Digital Camera help

Tough Love vs. Spanking

Network just underway on TCM

Kitchenwitch Deprication Thread...

I'm really fucking pissed right now.

Did anyone watch the PBS special about the Jonestown massacre?

it's back!!

Dammit! I can't find my w-2!!

Anyone Heard From Idgiehkt?

Lie to me

Hubby said my daughter had to practice her typing today ...

Great. I'm a walking pile of hormones tonight.

Cockatiels anyone?

Isn't it strange when you suddenly realize that you haven't seen a DUer in ages?

So, if there are Chic Peas.....

Kitchenwitch appreciation thread!

Kitchenwitch Depreciation Thread...

How can Klingons invent anything?

Look out! Ptah has a new camera. (two pics)

My SophieMN is at her first sleepover,

The House I live in.

I now have a cat. And a question

I can see!! Ask me anything!

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me tonight

B-B-Baby B-B-Born Fr-fr-from Fr-fr-frozen Sp-sp-sp-sperm, fr-fr-frozen egg-g-g-g

Miss him!!

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - "Sho 'nuff 'n' Yes I Do."

Playing around

KC DUers-any snow?

I won a medal today! Ask me anything!

Since Vonnegut died, thus proving that education is without benefit, I'm all about Tim Leary!

Name two foods that can't be combined in any recipe.

Pls'spain: Why (kewl) Henry ROLLINS thought Ted NUGENT was kewl?

The Friday Night YouTube Classic Rock Concert!

Valerie Bertinelii is the new Kirstie Alley?

My Random Act Of Neighborly Resolve, Assistance & Kindness...

Anyone know any c uss words that don' begin with the letter

Wow. Mexi-Coke is really good.

Who is your favorite XX Century Composer?

Movie Thread Time

Have any Liberal Christians here ever been tempted to join the Fundamentalists?

How can I keep watching the Phillies?

Warning All Veterans!!

You Bostonians REALLY must have enjoyed kicking Virginia Beach down, didn't you?

Bush can you spare a job (Cartoon)

Women At War

Final Salute: American Soldiers in Iraq

Dear GD : don't forget about the gems in the Political Video Forum

Keith Dobermann is starting off with Rove & the Emails, not I-you-know-who.

White House Should Google 'Email Recovery'. 78 Million Results.

IMUS Replacement idea:

"Senate Panel OKs Negotiating Drug Prices"

has anyone heard anything on the LIVE EARTH lineups for South Africa, Brazil, or Japan ?

Simpsons, Football, Nightly News, Primetime Specials

Did you guys see the story about the dolpins on Olbermann

So Millions of White House emails may be missing

Do you all remember what Mr. Fitzgerald said during the Libby Guilty Verdict?

I just heard Dennis Miller say that...

Human trafficking of Indian guest workers alleged in Miss. shipyard; Contractor defends 290-man camp

Those zany Freepers...FURIOUS that Washington pharmacies have to distribute birth control pills...

Gee, I wonder what AG Gonzales is doing to relax this weekend?

Candidates to be tutored on how to adhere to human rights in terrorism fight

SpaghettiOs - gettin' jiggy!

Cheney chastises Dem's trip to Syria

What would have happened if Imus had called Laura Bush "A nappy headed, whore?"

White House Pressuring Reporters To Further “Dems Divided On Iraq” Narrative

I've lost mail - our new mail alert sound! :) Spread it around!

Don't you just love it when we're proven right - Justice Department weighed prosecutors' politics

Tucker Carlson to become game show host: "Do You Trust Me?"

A serious question for ALL DUers...

Justice Department Tracked Federalist Society Influence On U.S. Attorneys

I am betting that Monica Goodlin Can Fill In A Lot Of Gaps If Granted Immunity...

This week's phrase " The straw that broke the camel's back"

Sampson Discusses Attorney Replacement Issues With Miers

FYI: Guests on 'Real Time' w/Bill Maher tonight:

Three more soldiers from Ft. Richardson killed in Iraq yesterday.

I just can't get over this kid's bravery

Brutal realities etched in red - By ANAND SAGAR, Assistant Editor (IRAQ DIARY)

McClatchy: Proof Biskupie Was Targeted by Justice: Shit meet fan on High.

Dana Perino, Snow's replacement is one strange lady

*moron & Cheney pay their taxes for 2007

It's alright if Bush gets more leeway to spy on more of us, isn't it?

Make Of It What You Will

Just for fun, I was looking at personality theory. Does this remind you of anyone you know of?

HMMM VA Users: Male, Younger, Veterans, Less Educated,Divorced and Smokers

Giuliani Says Confederate Flag Issue Should Be Decided By States - Didn't we do that once before?

Desks are the real reason we are in Iraq

the excellent post about how e-mails are "Presidential records?"

US Compensation Payments to Iraqi Civilians Made Public

A little tax-time anecdote for your enjoyment

Holbrooke blasts Bush over Iraq refugees

Kansas Bans Picketing of Funerals to Protest Homosexuals

Verizon has taken out a patent on the Internet. All of it.

five million emails, KO leading off with

Two hours of Henry Rollins on IFC starting at 8:30 CDT tonight

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Jeff Farias subs for

Violence against parents an 'alarming trend'

I have stated in a couple of OPs today that Lieberman would be a perfect Czar.

I thought Real Time Rocked again tonight!

OMG. Dominechi says to not respond," let's hope this is a one day story".

The American "Big Stick", Dubya and other thoughts

Al-Qaida? Al-Qaeda?

A Good Laugh About Fox Noise

“... Bush needs the world more than the world needs Bush."

Fweeper Panties In Official Wad (Kennedy at Reagan Library)

Holy Smoley!!! Just got an e-mail from Nathan Tabor - Founder, the Conservative

"Out of an abundance of caution they used their RNC accounts to do official business?"

OMG, maybe I get it--Why 5 million emails created & erased?

Domestic Spying Revelations Make Impeachment Now Imperative

Would it be better had I stayed ignorant?

type your phone number into google

South Korea Draws Up Iraq Pullout Plan As US Army Extends Iraq Tours To 15 Months

Bang! Bush throws Wolfowitz off the sled.

Think wheat gluten's the only thing we have to worry about? Think again.

The secrets hidden in the redacted portions of the U.S. Attorneygate docs . . .

Please, its not a Geico commercial

The entire Chinese naval fleet is projected to surpass the size of the US fleet by 2015

Book TV Schedule: April 14th - 16th

Here's the new emails, if anybody wants to look thru them...

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING I've seen that's scarier than this:

Dean: Republicans 'will not bully us'

Bush Threatens a Veto Over Intel Bill

HEY! Where's my Friday News Dumps?

2 NEW Grand Theft Election Graphics about Gonzo-gate: "Georgia Thompson" and "Excuse Czar"

"I've lost mail" - Our new incoming mail sound alert. Please spread it around..

Sorry George, but the President does not get a "stunt double"

'Delete' Doesn't Mean 'Disappear'

John Edwards coming home to Seneca Monday; plans Anderson stop (S. Carolina)

Impeachment - When?

So plastic-face Delay & the RW wanna use this Imus thing to further divide the nation

The 2008 Election,................. An "optimistic" view?

Panel (EAC) Said to Alter Finding on Voter Fraud

Grounds for Impeachment list. Please add if I missed any.

4 frame graphic of Governor Corzine's accident

Anyone else think they will turn over emails but not the ORIGINAL emails

Edwards calls for Wolfowitz’s resignation

Edwards' wife opens Iowa office for campaign

Obama returns lobbyist contributions

Will Lieberman endorse the Repuke nominee for President in 2008?

Independents now outnumber Dems and Repub.

your nominations for "war czar" please...

Retired military officers to brief Edwards, Democratic candidates

Mike Henry...."Making the Case for Hillary"...deputy campaign manager for Hillary's campaign...

anybody else out there who broke out in a gafaw

Denver blogger blames union problems on the party moving so far to the right...

State Polls: Hillary leads in 30 of 33...

Obama: Rappers using same language as embattled radio host Imus

In the Spotlight, the Politics of Buckling Up

Outside parliament, Baghdad residents say attack shows how isolated leaders are.

Attorney-gate & Ohio

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Dangerous Database (Texas Observer, via AlterNet)

Bloggers' search for anonymity (How To Manual) BBC

Officials fight over solutions for prisons

Pelosi Survives 1st 100 Days as Speaker --AP/NYTimes

Bush Administration Fails Workers on Safety and Health

Helen Thomas: Pelosi’s ‘Mixed Message’ to Syria Is More Direct Than The President’s

No Way to Run a Railroad

Remember: I didn't write this and you didn't read it

Bank cuts force, sends jobs to India (First Horizon National Corp)

Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca

Democratic and Republican Parties, Realigned (The Nation, via AlterNet)

'Global Trading Practices and the Impact on American Industry'


Citigroup Cost Cutting Puts A Bull's-Eye On IT

Democrats' Iraq timeline offers enemies a victory, Bush says

Filner wants review of Blackwater (Training Center in CA)

NY Mag: Limbaugh for Lefties (Olbermann)

Unfit For Command: Lies, Contempt and Gross Criminal Negligence of the George W. Bush Administration

Trashing the court

Iraq: follow the money

Exploding the Clinton-Did-It Defense

Lewis Black Interview

The fallacy of the 'We are no better than them argument"

War Profiteering and the Concentration of Income and Wealth in America

NYT article from April 9, 1944: The Danger of American Fascism

"The Imus Fallout: Who Can Say What?" Time Mag..(A Good Read)

Reflections by the Commander in Chief. A BRUTAL REPLY

East River becomes a green zone - AP

Electric Vehicles: Setting the Record Straight

Please read this thread - How we can all be part of the solution to global warming

Farm Act will take alternate energy focus

Digester generates energy & value (Canada)

State explores renewable energy powered by tides (NYC East RIver)

Eye on Iran, Rivals Pursuing Nuclear Power

Project looks at trees for biofuel

Passive solar brings new energy to look of house (MN)

'Global Warming', - the WRONG terminology for now?

As ocean levels swell, an English coast crumbles

Iran’s first solar power plant to become operational in 2010

Saudi king wants to boost oil output - AP

Blogtour Kickoff: An Interview With Teresa Heinz Kerry

Hamas arming Islamic Jihad with Qassams

Wanted: a sane coalition/A crucial summit

Jordan's Abdullah invites Israeli, Palestinian, U.S. delegates to talks

'We're the original owners of this land'

Are You All Yet 'Ris Out of Bed ? Please Vote up Livvy's Daily Thread!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 14, 2007

Poor San Diego Voters -- "Officials" There Have Hired Ohio's Election Botching Michael Vu

from Oregon re vote-by-mail - "Swords at Dawn, Rove, for you have insulted the honor of Multnomah!"

Man Jumps to Death From Empire State Building; 911 Caller Reported Finding Leg on the Street

Prince William splits from Kate

Wolfowitz Fight Has Subplot

Eight police killed, 10 wounded in Afghan suicide blast

Civilian Deaths Down In Baghdad, Not Iraq , U.S. Troop Killings On Rise In Capital

Rudy Giuliani's Cross-Dressing Antics Back in Spotlight as He Runs for President

Ex-CEO of Computer Associates must pay victims millions

Suicide bombers kill dozens in Iraq

Two bombers attack U.S. targets in Morocco

Giuliani frugality tightens money gap with Romney

Iraq: 30 killed in Karbala bombing(updated to 56 killed)

GOP Drops Pelosi Copyright Accusation

E-mails contradict testimony in U.S. attorneys scandal

Air America Dumps Sam Seder's Morning Show

Lenders Sought Edge Against U.S. In Student Loans

Shell ready to return to Iraq after 35 years

North Korea disarmament deadline slips

Agency weighed prosecutors' politics (Goodling chart)

Perry's database of Texans concerns lawmakers

Panel to examine problems at Walter Reed(1st meeting)

Dems Say They'll Get Their Way on Iraq

Iraq Qaeda says kidnaps 20 soldiers, policemen

World Bank scandal hovers over foundation's efforts

Wolfowitz fate overshadows finance chiefs' meetings

Nancy Pelosi Bruised, Not Beaten, After First 100 Days as Speaker of the House

Russian police beat, detain protesters

Kasparov detained in Russia (ahead of forbidden protest march)

Bush slams plan for Iraq pullout date (Radio Address)

George Bush and Gordon Brown in first meeting

Emanuel wants AMT reform

Wolfowitz Dictated Girlfriend's Pay Deal

300,000 march against Turkey's leader

New explosion rocks Casablanca

Moscow Police Detain Over 200 Protestors

Vatican boycotts Holocaust remembrance

Cheney Berates Democrats on War, Policies Attacked as 'Far-Left Platform' of McGovern Era

Police find driver sought in Corzine crash, source tells AP

Suburban Chicago Principal and Teacher Are Allegedly Caught on Tape Having Sex

Medical System Runs Risk Of Nationalization, Gingrich Says

German army in new racism row

Chicago is U.S. candidate for '16 Olympics

Why are we on the level that steals my green bus from me?

Madonna's bombing Sarajevo

Dana Carvey wasn't funny 20 years ago...

Along Along about eighteen and twenty-five, I left Tennessee very much alive

Hey....the miracle just happened!


Well, that was wierd.

Lounge: I'm not a "member" of the Lounge but I guess I need you guys...

Funny video.

Sexist Lyrics

Study Casts Doubt on Abstinence-Only Programs

No one cares that it is 12:15am in Maui!



Well I left Kentucky back in '49,

Whatcha drinkin' tonight?

Anybody else getting rain, thunder, and lighting.

Jeesh! I'm at the library and the guy next to me is sound asleep and

Oh my...Lord of the Phils...

A rare find! "Starship Troopers" soundtrack.

Need advice on speakers

I was an asshole. Can you tell me of when you were an asshole, and

276 hits on a thread I JUST posted??

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/14/2007)

Tax question??

I just sent the email I've been wanting to send for years (*screenshot inside*)

Where's Cuteoverload? I can't load it. Two days now... (eom)

In This Moment, Otep, Flyleaf, and Kittie

I deleted over 9,000 emails last night!

Streetcorner curiosity seen in beautiful downtown Puyallup, Washington:

Four little nuggets from Neil

Got a Snooze Button Problem? Try this:

how long until this tape is on u-tube?

If you were to listen to uncensored stand-up comedy on the radio . . .

Well, I think it's possible most Loungers were right. My - date - last night

1801 L Street...

Calling all DU'ers who've had hip replacement--any with ceramic hardware?

Mungo Jerry and World Of Warcraft!

Why I call * Shrub.

Internet's Lure Ensnares 1 in 8 Americans: Survey

So I made a turkey today

Could anybody use a hitman?

Does the Batcave have special guano-cleaning technology? Or does Batman go around smelling like shit

Prince William splits from Kate

Congratulations IndianaGreen!! 45,000 posts

The funniest thing I ever heard at a dead show

Attention all you soggy San Francisco Bay area loungers: meet up tonight in Oakland

Bullying Common In Grade School

Ungood grammer thread, inside.

Study: Hint Of Payoff Spurs Harder Work

It's that time, once again....TIC Thread!

ralph visits the tax man

Internet addiction is an actual mental disorder

Here's another ad you won't see on American TV!

You guys, I am so fucking HAMMERED!

Anyone seen the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie yet?

I finally got a can of Fix-a-Flat!!

Florida: a few pics from our trip to Spring Training

What was your favorite series finale?

What was the last film you saw?

Today was a great day at work! They gave me a raise!

I Finished Our Taxes!!

The Shining is on the SciFi channel

Don Ho dead at 76

They could not PAY me enough to go on this thing!

Larry Fine(3 Stooges), interview from 1973. Way cool!

It's that time, once again....THC Thread!

I finally got a tube of Fixodent!!

Showtime is offering free viewing of their miniseries, "The Tudors"

Yay! A new cell phone for meeeee!

a wee bit of an off color joke

Make a list of people dolphins are definitely smarter than.

One drawback to being tall:

OMG: The Charlie Chapin comedy classic, "The Great Dictator"

Here I come to save the day!

A little promo clip for my forthcoming band..


Eating really has a positive effect on the mood.

My dad has cancer again.

One hell of a winter storm coming!

I've never read a Vonnegut book...

Post a ghost honor of Friday the 13th (and boredom).

Update on my mom

The world's greatest inventions

So, did anyone lose anything on Friday the 13th?

Do you have a hidden key somewhere on your car's exterior in case of a lockout?

Cooking question: What's the best No-Stick Fry Pan?

40 Degrees, Rain Soaked Soccer Fields, Wind Blowing...

Peace in my house .... at last!! (major cat pics)

Time for a Kitty Photo Thread! Post 'em here!

In Skinner We Trust-- Fun with the Dollar Bill Generator

Self-Absorption. Narcissism. Conceit.

For all the Chicago haters: Chicago is U.S. candidate for '16 Olympics

recommend books for a Bi high school girl just coming out

Moving Day Has Arrived!

Happy birthday ellie & some guy!!

Skittles' Kittens -- Skittens! -- a preview


Thanks Mr. Scorpio for the Movie Thread

a couple months old...but fitting

A Freakishly Large Kitten Head

I rise from the dead every morning

Is it possible to speak with certainty when talking about ethics?

As Religious Strife Grows, Europe's Atheists Seize Pulpit

Lack of funding may force charity to stop sending care packages to soldiers

A 2001 Kerry snapshot, and how he's changed.

Nice picture and article in the Worcester Telegram Business section on Sen. Kerry.

LA Times story ignores Republican Imus guests

Hey y'all check this out...

The ups and downs and uninteded consquences

Blogtour Kickoff: An Interview With Teresa Heinz Kerry

Arbitrator rules UAW contract at The Advocate must be honored

Court rules against Northwest flight attendants

Some places to buy union made and or made in the USA clothes and more online

Sundays cartoon is a little early

George - No kIng of the jungle

A Plea For Peace

Condi Is So In Love with George

Jimi Hendrix ~ Star spangled banner ~

Vietnam vs Iraq We Never Learn

NOW - A Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut - PBS

The Nightwatchman- A One Man Revolution

"Mentally F-ed Up" - Hometown Baghdad

TPM TV: April 12, 2007: Steven M. Biskupic & US Attorney purge

Letting Go Of The Nightmares Of War

War Is Not A Game

The Doha Debates: Tackling Extremism

The Doha Debates: Does Iraq Need a New Dictator?

Donna the Buffalo-Avett Brothers-Down by the Riverside-Ain't Gonna Study War No More

Turkey wants to go to war with Iraq

Justice Department Prosecutors Retry Case They Can't Win

The Mask of Sanity

"Celebs Contribute to Al Franken Campaign" Coleman's in TROUBLE. Franken's going to win his seat...

Scott Mclellan - the only decent guest on Maher? My head is spinning!

Well, At Least They Left The Children Out Of It This Time

My son just told me why Bush is still president.

Nappy Headed Status Quo

WaPo editorial: WH is "sloppy," needs to be "better," and Leahy not "helpful"

Michael Savage is TOAST.

Romney sidesteps question on abortion-ultrasound plan


Bloggers' search for anonymity


Ouch! Painful realization: If Congress represents us, we must be some sorry lazy a** do-nuthins

PBS News Hr (Friday eve.) announced: 3 more troops lost their lives.

If NSA can read all our email, wouldn't THEY have the missing White House emails?

An Uncertain Prognosis, and Many Risks (Corzine update)

NYT: E-Mail Listed Possible G.O.P. Replacements For Attorneys

"Vultures gather as Bush’s hawk falls from grace"-Good headline on Wolfowitz

E-mails point out Bush Administration contradictions

The vulnerability of modern community; and why I love DU.

It’s a federal case: U.S. takes on alleged mortgage fraud

I was correct RE: Philly Hate Radio...

"Rocker Patti Smith Lashes Out at Gitmo"

c-span3 - poppy bush press conf. from 1989 - exxon valdez

Guardian Angel found to be a registered sex offender

"Calif. Grandmother Blogs From Baghdad"

"Wanna Bet on Global Warming? You Can"

Walter Pincus: Administration Seeks to Expand Surveillance Law

How many of you know someone like Bush and how do you deal with it?

Human trafficking of Indian guest workers alleged in Mississippi shipyard

UFO abduction caught on video?

"Libby to Appeal Conviction in Leak Case"

Prosecutors: Judge Violated Al-Arian’s Plea Deal

If the truth were suddenly revealed, would the neocons have time to escape?

The "redacted" Sampson memo that can be read

"lost" and "missing" are LIES

Simple Question: where's Tweety?

Come on DUers. These polls need our help.

Dioxins intresting article.

Op/Ed: Republicans and Military Morale (100,000+ American POW's)

todays headlines

Texas A&M Failed to Report Student Stricken With Brucella During Bioweapons Experiment

Wanna bet on global warming? You can

Tom DeLay is trying to get Rosie fired - along with Imus.

WI Atty Targeted for Replacement, Prosecuted Dem and Kept Job

From former Carter aide, a plan for getting out of Iraq (Zbigniew Brzezinski)


North Korea nuclear deadline slips.

Attention dumb conservatives: It's called capitalism

Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers

Many conservatives are intellectual bullies.. And I know the best way to deal with bullies.


Please delete

Gore's Cult of Genocide? Yes, according to LaRouche!

There are no words to describe how much this pisses me off!

If I'm not mistaken, the US Constitution provides for the position of a sort of "War Czar"

Shocked that this soldier was sent back to Iraq

Pelosi survives 1st 100 days as speaker. Yes that she did and she did it with class

Chavez: Detente with US “impossible”

About those emails Karl deleted?

turning our attention

Garry Kasparov, chess champion, detained by Russian police at anti-Putin demonstration.

How did I miss this? Coulter on abortion doctors

Is Keith Olbermann wrong when he implies that Ann Coulter is actually a man?

142 years ago today, President Lincoln went to the theater

Can anyone tell me on what radio station I can hear Senators, Congressmen.

President Bush Meets with Parochial Education Leaders and Parents (WhiteHouse meeting, wtf?)

WARNING and comment

Drugs Losing Efficacy Against Gonorrhea

The World Bank Still Fuelling Climate Change

Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW! Nothing more and Nothing less! nt

Chavez Headed to Oil Fields with Troops and Shotguns

Drug Giants Accused of Ignoring Fake Medicines that Kill Millions

E-mails contradict testimony in U.S. attorneys scandal

!!!Senate Judiciary gets input on picking IT specialist to recover e-mail!

need help please, in responding to rw email garbage!!

Rudy Giuliani, a Racist With Real Power

GOP Drops Pelosi Copyright Accusation

tucker carlson to host tv game show

How to sell McCain to GenXers. Dude should grow a goatee

The hopes of stopping global warming .

so far this mo. in US there has been 22 airplane accidents with

New Execution Chamber Infuriates Lawmakers

Email scandal on MSNBC now n/t

2001 report exonerating U.S. Army on Korean shootings left out or mischaracterized key evidence

The Early April Quest for the Pulitzer in Terrible Journalism

Who should replace Don Imus? Keith Olbermann

Cheney blasts Dems, media doesn't cover Durbin's excellent response

THK Tours the blogs on Women's Health and the Enviroment

Everything Didn't Used To Taste Like Chicken

'I thought, this is the same crap I went through 40 years ago.'

Maine Impeachment Petition

Scared Pukes and a shill at AP are trying to write off DOJ corruption as "Democratic Rove rage."

Pressure grows on Wolfowitz in promotion scandal

Lynne Cheney, Mary Matlin: "Cheney has the same kind of sense of humor Imus has."

snake cheney gets daughter to write attack article on Nancy P.

Chevron confirmed as key sponsor of Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Electricity Summit

dupe n/t

"Faith2Action" buying national airtime to combat hate crime bill including gay targets

Woman dies after chasing hit and run driver (not Pickles related)

As Religious Strife Grows, Europe's Atheists Seize Pulpit

'Doomsday For The Greenback'

Drug Enforcement Pipe Dreams (

Museum proves a good percentage of people in the US are Idiots

AP Finds Documents On U.S. Atrocities in Korea in 1950

Is it unethical for one to give persuasive reasoning in support of what one believes?

For God's Sake--article by Krugman

Chicago is the US Bid for 2016 Summer Olympics

For that matter, can we talk about the word "HO?"

A Email from a Brother VFA member about Bush's Prayer Breakfast

The Only Thing Bush Recycles is OUR TROOPS

Why do they want to re-create the internet? Is it money?

Hearings on Broadcast Treaty: Corps. Could Trump Creators

So I Got A Bunch of Stuff When My Grandma Died. (Funny Odd Story)

"Our Prejudices, Ourselves" . . . by Harvey Fierstein (a "gay, fat American") . . .

Question about rationale for using RNC email server....

Will Obama and Edwards give us Hillary?

Racial Army Video Airs on German TV

(VIDEO) New Rule on the DOJ and Pat Robertson's law school

If you talk to a contrite/disillusioned Bush voter

Question If Fitz saw another crime being committed then

Proof that BIG-Oil is destroying human progress (other than the war in Iraq)...

Could someone educate me re Gore and the Internet?

Huckabee says that if imus has to go then so should...

Just curious, WHEN do you usually spend most of your time at DU?

Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS

I am not a racist thread!

Bill Richardson 94th in unsexiest man list

Why do SOME whites think that they are superior to all races...

Kathy Augustine

* will visit Pope at the Vatican in June

Everyone's a Little Bit Racist (From Avenue Q)

Why is suicide such an avoided topic ?

Rove Warned In 'Manuals, Memos, And Briefings' To Save E-Mmails - RAWSTORY

Your not going to believe what Fred Barnes just said!

New Letter Suggests U.S. 'Whitewash' on No Gun Ri (Korean War refugee shootings)

Small Wisconsin town has crime involving videotaped rape, torture


What National Holiday Is It Monday?

ABC said Gov. Corzine's Hit and Run Driver Found

quagmires & Osprey deathtraps

Shopped Liver-The worldwide market in human organs

If you want to know why we're so screwed up watch "Orwell Rolls...

VERMONT ROCKS! Activists plan Statehouse blitz on impeachment

Rest in Peace Don Ho (Hawaiian Singer)

Rove rips Democrats on Iraq

Barack Obama Returns Lobbyists' Contributions


Conyers Says DOJ Disclosure Not Enough, Subpoena Still Stands

Rick Sanchez (taser-boy) cracks me up

Israel Bissell outrode Paul Revere, yet didn't get a poem

A nickname for John McCain

BuzzFlash: The Early April Quest for the Pulitzer Prize in Terrible Journalism

Picture Of The Day


Could Governor Corzine's Accident Been Avoided?

It looks like Rosie has given up the fight...

Media Finally Discovers Army of Pat Robertson Acolytes in Bush Administration

Gonzales-GUILTY! E-mail Reveals HE PERSONALLY Requested Info Re: Prosecutors Political Activities

Air America Dumps Sam Seder's Morning Show

Santorum's Filmmaking Jihad Against the Left

Hot buttered TOONS right here. Get 'em while they're HOT and SIZZLING!

It's okay to be imperfect.

Jon Carroll on Women's Basketball and Dangerous Fun

'Emailgate' Puts White House Under Siege

Charlie Rangel and Bill Bradley on Russert's CNBC now - repeats at 10pm and 1am EDT

Shaha Ali Riza is NOT a feminist

Leaked document reveals North American Union water plans

Saying No to Fox News

Vonnegut's rules for short stories

WOO-HOO...Chicago Wins U.S. Olympic 2016 host competition!!!

My how tolerant of tyranny we've become.

Media Matters gets it about why the Imus flap matters--it's NOT Imus.

Conservatism's third failure

If you guys aren't reading emptywheel re: servergate

The Invention of the White Race

Rove, Missing E-Mails and Plame......

West Point grads exit service at high rate

'The Selfishness of the Self-Help Industry' - Blaming the victim is good business.

Imus's Sin? Bad Joke, Wrong Target

Al Gore for President 08 - Make a VIDEO asking him to run

Lothario Wolfowitz Has A Wife

Olbermann defends himself re Imus; says Imus staff harassed women, others at MSNBC

Great post by THE WIZARD

German soldiers taught to "think of American blacks" when firing their weapons.

I owe an explanation and apology for my "All you fascists" post. Please read this.

Will it ever stop? Gay kid beaten up all night so he will turn straight

My, My.. There's a LOT of "draft" talk these days.. everywhere

WH MEMOS Warned ROVE It Was His DUTY To Save E-Mails-Raise Doubt Erasings Were Accidental

Does this mean anything, re: Plame, the firings, the emails, Gonzo, Ashcroft, Rove, Fitz, etc.?

Future of Imus charity ranch questioned

who would take their 14 yr old daughter to monterrey mexico to live for 2 months


It keeps on happening.. We've GOT to change the message

The Executioners of America and who is responsible for the downfall.

..Bush included some of the most demeaning, deceptive, dishonest and delusional words ever spoken...

Now everyone wants a Nuke in the Middle East - Should we thank Israel or Iran?

Conservatism's Third Failure--Article by Robert Kuttner

"the sheer hatred thrown at women bloggers has left some in fear for their lives"

News From Al Gore: Training In Nashville

Returning Troops Face Obstacles to Care

Here It Is! The COMPLETE Doonesbury Impeachment Saga. Including SATURDAY: "Reasons For Impeachment"

Marines sending V-22 Osprey to Iraq(the plane that's already claimed 30)

We underestimated the power of nationalism to motivate a people to fight and die for their beliefs

Oh Great... The Insurgents Won't Even Have To Shoot These Down...

Newsweek: The Perils Of Pulling Out ("Is anyone planning for U.S. pullout?")

What Does Patriots' Day mean to you? Me? "Stop the War!"

Former commander backs return of military draft (Batiste)

McCain Admits He Has No Clue if His Plan for Iraq Will Work, No Plan B if it Doesn't

Whats Chalabi and his goons been up to lately in Iraq? I have my suspicions

It appears al-Qaeda in Iraq runs a chain of gas stations. Whoda thunk?

LAT claimed Dems "came to count on Imus," but obscured his attacks on Clinton and support for McCain

McCain: "I can't think of a fallback 'Plan B' if our Iraq strategy fails."

Pelosi : The president is not king. woohoo.

Can I have a list of the things Cheney has been right about regarding Iraq?

an Iraq lie that fell off radar: Saddam using airliner fuselage to train hijackers

‘Daily Show’: Bush Redefines Progress

A compromise on Iraq

Top Iran MP wants talks with US House speaker Pelosi

The wrong lesson George Buxh learned from the Vietnam War

NSA Wiretapping Program was actually authorized for backup of White House email system.

Anyone have experience with getting care packages through to our troops?

150 appointees in BushCo admin are "grads" from Pat Robertson law School!

NYT: Marines’ Actions in Afghanistan Called Excessive (human rights violations)

Is the term "Republican" now interchangeable with "Criminal"?

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Interview with James Yee, former Army Chaplain at Gitmo

U.S. soldier in London to avoid Iraq war

On the "respectful" declining of five retired Generals....

Bush just now on NPR: "The American people voted for change in Iraq." Now the punchline.

Turks seek OK for attack on Kurds inside Iraq

Observations in the Green Zone

Terrorists don't hate our freedoms, they LOVE them,

Evidence Emerging Of Cheney-Led Smear Campaign Against Pelosi Over Syria Trip

Duke Players Sympathy

White House seeks boost to spy powers

DNC sends questions for Cheney interview on Face the Nation

Did McCain visit Karbala on that trip?

severe weather forecast for northeast - sunday and monday

I will support Hillary Clinton for President.

so when does Congress say "Enough!" and actually do something to stop BushCo? . . .

Ick. 17-year-old mother panics, goes psychotic, stabs her newborn baby 135 times.

New online exhibition launched by Yad Vashem

Broken Warrior: One soldier's struggle (PTSD, 4 X suicide tries, now back to Iraq to court martial)

No Greater Promoters and Protectors of Al-Qaeda in America

Legalize Prostitution

Abstinence only education does not work

What defines "race"?

Barack Obama introduces the "Homes for heroes act."

Why Was Imus Fired But Ann Coulter Is Still Popping Up On Television?

Judge Orders Sex Offender Back Under Bridge . . . (Miami) . . .

Bush's Gravest Impeachable Crime

Remember who the US military in Iraq tried to blame this slaughter on?

Webb Says McCain Is Impugning Patriotism of Iraq Debate Foes

Can Freepers Really Be This Out Of Touch??

Dennis Kucinich: The Invisible Man, the Prohibited Message

The White House E-Mail Saga Gets Fishier

Why are Americans so docile?

Evidence Emerging Of Cheney-Led Smear Campaign Against Pelosi Over Syria Trip

Electric Vehicles: Setting the Record Straight (and long!)

Christian conservatives say Dean redefining Easter by leaving out word "Jesus"

Panel to Examine Problems at Walter Reed

A plan for the dems

Selling stuff online? Here comes the IRS

What Is The Best Age For A New President?

Undocumented Meatpackers Fear Raids

Retired generals, admirals to talk torture with Presidential hopefuls, but McCain won't be there

Evidence Emerging Of Cheney-Led Smear Campaign Against Pelosi Over Syria Trip

A Hillsborough County deputy is arrested on sex charges (Repug it looks like)

Rudy Giuliani's Cross-Dressing Antics Back in Spotlight as He Runs for President

Dissed by Elizabeth Edwards, neighbor wants apology

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

New DoJ documents do not answer Dems' questions

Home Care Worker Seeks Overtime (US Supreme Court) Ruling

Miami Herald: Jeb Bush joins Tenet hospitals' board of directors

NYT: Lawyer Says Rove Assumed E-Mail Was Kept

Conyers and Sanchez: Those emails? We want 'em....

Der Mittenfuhrer flip-flops away from his disasterous health care plan

legitimate complaint vs. manufactured outrage re: imus

Justice Weighed Prosecutors' Politics

Pelosi's 100 days? Look at * 's first 100 days

Starbucks now recording barista's every move at Wealthy St. location in Michigan!

Pelosi on the Internet in the Middle East

U.S. Decides Against Freeing 5 Iranian Agents

Gravel (08): Issues......

When will the GOP bail out the FReepers?

Another reason to hope for a calm Hurricane Season - bush legacy

War ‘Czar’: Just a vehicle to ‘Shift’ blame away from White House.

The KKK marching in Mississippi at noon today

Quick question: Is Bush and Cheney Still In Office and not yet in jail? Been away for a while.

Al Sharpton getting DEATH threats

DU'ers - time to take a close look at Jim Dyke - head of Communications RNC

2nd Surgery Successful on N.J. Gov. (AP)

Barack Obama Returns Lobbyists' Contributions

Imus Was about Power......All About Power.....the "I-Man."

MO Ground "War" Thompson Vs. Romney

I'm sorry, but with only 2 years in Congress, how can this corporate attorney hope to be president?

(UK) Benn says Wolfowitz controversy hurts World Bank - Reuters

Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers

Cheney overrules Rice on Iran prisoners.

Walter Pincus: Administration Seeks to Expand Surveillance Law

When Hillary loses, all of her supporters should be banned from this site

Gravel's campaign is based primarily on his ardent support for The National Initiative

U.S. Corporations Lobby Against New Protections for Chinese Workers

Goodbye, this is my final post until after the election;

Rove Wanted to Fire 93 to Hide Firing of 8

Can you help me find a DoJ memo?

Justice Department's Independence 'Shattered,' Says Former DOJ Attorney

WaPo Analysis: Rove Flap Gives Dems Ammo

Wellesley Class Sees ‘One of Us’ Bearing Standard

Karl Rove using his Blackberry

The Mittlings are blogging. Mittenfuhrer's spawn have their own blog.

Bush getting information about Iraq War from his Generals

Need for 'czar' shows chaos of war

White House Missing Five Million Emails

Call For Impeachment Of Bush/Cheney Over And Over Again! Action Page...

Drawing a blank, somebody help me out here...


U.S. attorney asserts politics had no place in his decisions

Debunking Bush’s Whoppers On Pork

Romney money going fast (Boston Globe)

McCain Sees ‘No Plan B’ for Iraq War

Wolfowitz Fight Has Subplot


Vermont newspaper calls Bush worst president in U.S. history, calls for impeachment

A proposed "LINE OF REASONING" for Reid and Pelosi

Obama's Up, Clinton's Down and Edwards Is In Trouble (by John Nichols at The Nation)

DU GROUP PROPOSAL: Bill Richardson Group

Bill Richardson on ABC's "This Week" Sunday

Edwards tells crowd in Jacksonville: McCain is "dead wrong" on Iraq

What kind of cross section of Dem voters does the DU represent?

CBS Poll: Clinton leads Obama by 15...

"Bush And The Iraq Timetable." (defiant and delusional)

Obama draws 20,000 in Atlanta...

Gov. Mario Cuomo: What Democrats believe in less than four minutes

Is the Hip-Hop argument justified in relation to the Imus incident?

"Generation Dem-Dems staggering 30 point lead among those under 30. Rove is getting his realignment"

DLC praises Hillary for "echoing" DLC chair Harold Ford

Some spokesman says Governor Corzine should get a citation for not wearing a seatbelt.

I Think It's Time For the Resignation Pool--Claim Your Date Here