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Archives: April 13, 2007

Peeling the Onion

Robert Parry: Iraq & the Logic of Timetables

Vonnegut Made Life More Bearable

The World Bank, Stuck In the Mud

Slaking a thirst for justice (Economist re: Argentina & Chile)

A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe... (Independent UK)

Berezovsky: 'I am plotting a new Russian revolution' (Guardian)

15 tons of $100 bills.

US admits Green Zone is no longer safe

A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe...

PAUL KRUGMAN: For God’s Sake

AP: Group pays more than $3,000 to liberate 300 lobsters

From John Edwards, Reduce your "carbon footprint" - here’s how

It occurs to me....

From Barbara Boxer: Fight global warming

Big Apple produces almost 1 percent of U.S. greenhouse gases {w/2.7% of population}

Great court victory in PA for voters vs un-audited voting machines.

T. Rex Related to Chickens

Injured NJ Gov. was to moderate Imus, Rutgers meeting

House committee seeks Republican e-mails in Wisconsin case

Education Dept. Oversight Questioned

Senate panel approves Medicare drug price bill

Illegal immigrant suspected in fatal crash had four DUIs

FDR statue unveiled at Warm Springs

South Korea to consider Iraq troop pullout - Seoul

Thousands march against Colombia bombing

Iraq parliament bombing possibly an inside job: Nelson

Nebraska congressmen to travel to Iraq despite bombing

Colombia, Peru seek Wall Street push on U.S. trade

Jeb Bush joins board of (scandal-ridden) Tenet Healthcare

Howard Dean: Stop Playing Politics With Voting Rights

Warner's Fundraising Raises Eyebrows

Bank Staff Asks Wolfowitz to Resign

Pentagon plans to cover army costs with air force, navy funds

Waxman investigation on trail of e-mails from White House officials

College presidents plan 'U.S. News' rankings boycott

Chavez: Troops to Escort Oil Takeovers

Do you name your axillary glands?

Tax advice....

Vonnegut fans, iPod owners --

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue

What's Imus' duck gonna do now?

I'm forgetful

The God Warrior is back.

Paging wildhorses...

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit punk.

Online game playing children - are they really the future of mainstream America?

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit infatuated

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit drunk.

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit Caffeinated.

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit punk.

Help me and hedges settle a my parents owe us a grand?

Now he's throwing discus for Liverpool and Widnes...

As I say goodnight tonight I want to leave you with a thought


Merle Haggard!! (now watch this thread drop like a rock)

I'm drinking what Clooney's drinking. Who's with me?

Anyone wanna play a game of 20 questions?

What are Georgia sanity laws? I want Nancy Grace committed tongiht!

Any Minnesotans out there, check out the Minnesota Forum

Name a band that is deservedly overrated.

When's the last time you spent an eternity waiting for ONE phone call?

Extremely esoteric Johnny Carson Tonight Show bumper question.

Uhm, hate to bother, cause I'm not a usual "lounge-lizard" - Moon Hoax

What 5 pieces of simple advice would you give for your job?

Youtube: Crazy anti-dark sided Jesus woman. (outake from trading spouses?)

I'm at my dad's, using an old, slow PC...

Voldemort is now 1/5 as immortal as I am

never mind

if wildhorses couldn't drag me away...

I'm bullish on "Kudzu." It's going places.

Hello antique hunters,,, IF YOU CAN LIFT IT YOU CAN HAVE IT

5 Conversation Starters

And now a blast form the past... REM with Radio Free Europe!

I Think That I Need Anger Management

I saw some abortion protesters Friday...

So I call my 65-year old Mom tonight to see how she is doing

Post a song that makes you happy. And one that makes you sad

You know that look your dog gives you when you pee on their head?

Some primal termite knocked on wood

Getting pumped for our vacation next week in New England

Yesssssssssssss Dinosaur Jr is coming

Is this morally wrong?

I bread my T Rex in Corn Flakes before frying

T. rex thigh reveals chicken family ties

"Resurrection Cookies"

I found out today that I'm going to be a teacher.

is there a way to keep your myspace page private?

Attention Old Timers

The waves at the beach today...Pic heavy...

Do you name your computers?

Since I always get in REALLY LATE on pic threads

Another bigoted anti-christian cartoon :

Probably the worst thing that ever happened to

I like this guy Spier, (Angels' pitcher).

Calling all Southern Iraq War Veterans!

That's it. We need a pic thread, damn it.

Weekly Summary NLRB April 6, 2007

Give farm workers a voice

The (Oval) Office

Four years into the war...

Here's W comes to save the day

Kurt Vonnegut

The Look On Your Face...I Hate It

Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual

The GOP's Quiet Revolution...

Anita Dancs on the Costs of the War to the American People...

Harlem's Mart 125: The American Dream...

That is the War on Terror -Roy Zimmerman!

End of Oil: The Bush Agenda - Invading Economies...

Caring For The Wounded --Who Pays -PT1

Excerpts from Henry Rollins - Uncut from NYC (various political topics)

Caring For The Wounded --Who Pays--PT2

So the NJ Guv was in an accident going to a meeting with Imus and the ladies of Rutgers...

Military Families Respond To Announcement of Troop Extensions and 15-month Tours of Duty in Iraq

One of my Dad's friends a 70+ year old Princeton Prof put on "No Fly List"

I often get my weather from the weather radio, with the computer voice. Why can't

How is LimpBogg still on the air????

April 12, 2007 @ 11 AM!

Conyers: Evidence that some of those RNC emails contain info re: Wisconsin Attorney

NJ Gov. Corzine in car accident, leg broken

Imus is such a blessing ,,just like the war was over, wish it was so for the poor soldiers

Calling all Southern Iraq War Veterans!

Question: Our Family Wants To Go To D.C. The Week Of July 4th, What Are THE Places Not To Miss?

What really did Imus in was the pulling out by the advertisers

During CNN Appearance, Al Franken Calls On CNN To Fire Glenn Beck

Keith Dobermann has grabbed some Bushco ass and he's chewing

Sam Seder is on Keith's show

Reminder- Nancy Pelosi is on Jay Leno tonight - 4/12

Don Imus and his "wardrobe malfunction" (a blog post I just put up)

Do you beat yourself up ?

Meanwhile Back in the Green Zone: Suicide Bomber at Parliament Kills 8 Iraqis

EBAY US Govt surplus laptop, check out the seller's name

Have to ask in poll form - reaction to Imus comments - overblown? Please vote.

Liz Cheney attacked Nancy Pelosi today, aided by the Wash Post

Republican phone sex.

Next: Stop O'Reilly, Beck and Limbaugh

I have one particular comment about the Duke University fiasco...

Our one-week-long national nightmare is over

E. Edwards now on Larry King

The media always tells half a story

A constantly lying White House is far more egregious than those who make racist's new daily video piece is highly addictive.

Divorce, suicide, helpless dreams. I'm losing it. >

Kerik cancels Caribbean consulting contracts (AP)

rant against the press

How Can We Best Support the Troops? Impeach the President.

"Resurrection Cookies"

Gonorrhea now among "superbugs" resistant to common antibiotics.

Sean Hannity calls Pelosi "embattled"

Tom DeLey calling for Rosie O'Donnell's firing

Retailers urged to check pet food again

The irony of wolfowitz and the World Bank

Has our Congress done anything about improving public transportation?

Glenn Greenwald: The Bush administration's terrible luck with finding documents

Over 25 National Groups Endorsing Impeach Bush/Cheney Drive

So The Iraqi Govt Contracts Security Out To A U.S. Firm (read no-bid crony)...

Danny Schechter (“In Debt We Trust”) on with Tavis Smiley tonight

NYT:Missing E-Mail May Be Related to Prosecutors

Vermont - Shumlin Shuts Legislative Door On Impeachment (Burlington Free Press)

What's the e-mail to get on Sam Seder's mailing list?

So much scumbaggery! So little time! Look out Karl, do you feel the walls

Goodling May Be Offered Immunity

Which One's The Worst?

If David Gregory wasn't hosting Hardball this week

Full Memo From Rahm Emanuel Urging Dems To Hang Tough

Meanwhile, it appears they are now short one bridge in Baghdad

Reminder: Pelosi on Leno.

Ga. lawmaker: Refusal to hang Coretta S. King pic "like calling Mrs. King a nappy-headed (n-word)"

Whistleblowers to CREW say: White House Given Plan of Action to Recover 5 Million Missing Emails!

What's the e-mail to get on Sam Seder's mailing list?

Anyone know what the War Czar job pays?

I have learned one thing this week

Conyers: Dearest RNC, we want you to work with our technical experts, mmmkay?

NYTimes Editorial: Loosening The Stem Cell Binds

Henry Rollins season premiere (w/ Janeane Garofalo commentaries) is tomorrow

White House might not give up Emails, but the RNC WILL HAVE TO!

Guess who 'suggested' the war czar to the wh? This is who they're taking advice from?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

So Deirdre is getting Imus' slot....

Howard Stern on Imus, Sharpton

'D.C. madam' names a purported customer

Really..What the hell IS Mark Green thinking with the Seder/Lionel switch?

I'm Us

3,296 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

ATTN Conyers, Leahy, Waxman: Go after the BlackBerry servers

Schumer proposes millions for subprime bailout

More Details on Governor Corzine

As a Canadian I can't understand why Imus is the devil, but Glen Beck is innocent. ?????????

In White House Plan, War 'Czar' Would Cut Through Bureaucracy

Troops React To Forced Extensions With ‘Anger,’ ‘Frustration,’ ‘Collective Groan’

Why is it okay to say that ABORTING every black baby in this country" would reduce the crim

Who Is Going To Pay For The Wounded ?

Why is the World Bank paying the salary of State Dept. employee (Wolfowitz girlfriend)?

Two illegal immigrants died in flood waters here a couple of days ago.

Bush Threatens a Veto Over Intel Bill

separated at birth?

nappy is the new swastika -- an old word now a bad word

10 ways to be a law abiding Republican

Michael Weiner aka Michael Savage ... complain to his sponsors

Any comments about my LTTE?

Sen. Leahy in LA Times: "Tell Us Another One, Mr. Vice President"

I have a newfound respect for Elizabeth Hasselbeck (sp?)

(Duke Rape Case DA) Nifong's Non-Apology Apology

The militant ignorance of Freepers never ceases to amaze me....

I thought Pelosi kicked ass with Leno tonight

"The Firm" vs. Bush White House w.r.t. the deleted emails.

"Homeland Security" and the mangled missing email caper...

DNC appoints RIAA shill to run Public Affairs for convention

Tasteless Humor

OK, suppose Congress serves subpoenas for people & documents.

E-mailgate is the absolute last straw; It's not even optional anymore....

What the White House is doing right now, is on some sick level ingenious

anti Pelosi smear ad on TV - from "Republican Jewish Coalition"


India Times: US hawks slam ‘greedy’ India over nuclear deal

OK, I have to ask. What happens if the Rutgers team 'forgives' Imus?

Did Imus say a "dumb blonde joke?"

Have you noticed how the CORP media is spinning the Imus thing to protect itself ?

WSJ Investigative Report on Imus Ranch/ Charity spent 2.6 MIL on Just 100 Kids.

Rudy being advised on Iraq by won't believe it.....John Bolton.

Apple delays Leopard; iPhone on schedule (CNNMoney/Reuters)

The Constitution does NOT grant anyone Free Speech!

Paying the Price

Would Imus still have his job if he'd just called them HOES?

During CNN Appearance, Al Franken Calls on CNN To Fire Glenn Beck

How About A 'Peace Czar' Instead?

And so it goes - Kurt Vonnegut

BBC: CATS’ hunger for flesh has ..them branded “SERIAL KILLERS”

Elizabeth Edwards accuses supporters of Hillary and Obama as Suffering from Cult of Personality

Dumb Anus

"Imus isn’t the real bad guy"

Sexism in rap sparks black magazine to say, 'Enough!'

Radio Lady Discusses: Mass Tram America -- Would YOU use it? (SEE ARTIST'S DRAWING)

Could Randi & Hartmann & Rachel get Sam his slot back?

The power of hate on the radio

Cold Turkey By Kurt Vonnegut

UNICEF fund drive for children in Afghanistan


Report: Gun ownership is at 35 year low and dropping

Who here wants the occupation of Iraq to end now???

Where is the beef with Hillary Clinton?

New Jersey Governor Corzine (D) hurt in car accident, injuries not life threatening

After Boxer's hold, "White House pulls nomination to top EPA air post"

White House says supports World Bank's Wolfowitz (Reuters)

Gates raises possibility of winter drawdown in Iraq (Reuters)

White House says it will not turn over RNC emails.

The 'word' is out there: Key Democrat accuses officials of lying about e-mails

An EMail to CNN ....

Has the Internet helped the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals...

Turmoil Grows for Wolfowitz at World Bank (NYT)

Media Matters: "It's not just Imus" (If you want a reference list all in one place!)

WaPo: In White House Plan, War 'Czar' Would Cut Through Bureaucracy

BREAKING - John Breaux may be allowed to run....Atty Gen. Foti says ok by him, courts to decide

What is this meme about "lost" emails?

Difference between a Monarchy and a Democracy

Which 3 senators should star in the 3 wise monkeys tour

Bush Administration as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

2008 Election and Bush War

For Giuliani, Kerik out, BOLTON in? Ugh!

Doublemitt Romney

Justice Pleads the Fifth

The Urge to Purge - Rolling Heads in the Bush Administration

Alrighty, It's time to get down to business.

Did Bush really "DECIDER"ed that he's tired of being


MoveOn posts two sets of results from its Town Hall poll.

Holbrooke blasts Bush over Iraq refugees (AP)

GOP Hypocrite of the Week @ BuzzFlash


Edwards: McCain "dead wrong" in Iraq

A golden opportunity to demand accountability from CNN over Glenn Beck!

The Warriors’ Second Front at Home


President Bush Expands Influence Over Regulatory Agencies

Holy Cow, Holy Mary, Wholly Shirt

We're all going to die!!!!

Children of U.S. occupation

US neocon Wolfowitz: from Iraq debacle to World Bank scandal

Scott Ritter: The Final Act of Submission (Truthdig)

Bush family does a Moon dance

Media Finally Discovers Army of Pat Robertson Acolytes in Bush Administration

Kurt Vonnegut's Days at the 'Cornell Sun' -- And The Great Pearl Harbor Controversy

Breaking the Army

The TYC scandal in doing the immpossible, it's changing Texas!

Bush's Gravest Impeachable Crime.

Government Gets C-, Defense Department Fails Security Report Card

Sorry We Shot Your Kid, But Here's $500

The US has Returned Fundamentalism to Afghanistan

The Baghdad gulag

Shock and Ewww: Neocons and Hookers (Chris Kelly at HuffPost)

Karl Rove's Secret Msgs REVEALED! LOL :) (Gabriel Delahaye at HuffPost)

David Brooks: The Neocon On Israel

The Democrat Contenders and Iran-The Awful Truth (Norman Solomon)

Time Is Right for Universal Health Care

Bush keeps low profile in days of high anxiety

The Boston Globe: Bringing the jobs back home

WSJ: Behind the Fall of Imus, A Digital Brush Fire (Great Timeline Inside Story)

Should Dems do Fox?- Dionne

Dark of Heartness--David Michael Green/Regressive Antidote

No stemming the tide of good U.S. jobs going overseas (Good Read)

Cheney Daughter Rages Against Syria (Jim Lobe)

Will Durst: Staking the Hypocritical Oafs

U.S.-style consumerism is destroying the fields of China and Brazil. (

Did the Economic Hit Man Takeout the IMF?

A Great Impeachment Editorial From Vermont

S.C. lawmakers oppose plan to keep nuclear waste landfill open - AP

New plant to build super-efficient SIP's

Sat. APRIL 14- STEP IT UP 2007 Nat'l Day of Climate Crisis (1,364 Event in U.S.)

Wild horses munch desolate marshland back to life

Report: Army Corps needs major overhaul - AP

New South Wales Government Approves Plan To Double Coal Export Capacity - SMH

The greenhouse gas emission trading scam

Top U.S. Sushi Company Linked to Whaling

Energy saving, 7 year light bulbs - 3 pack /$1.00

The Scientific Consensus On Climate Change

Nissan, NEC to make hybrid batteries

Amur Tiger Bounces Back - Subspecies' Numbers Highest In 100 Years - Reuters

Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel Installing AC In All Rooms - 1st Time In 121-Year History

12 Million Tons Of Chinese Grain Contaminated By Heavy Metals Annually - AFP

India may begin construction on 6 large scale EPR nuclear reactors in 2008.

Continuing to protect the status quo

How Jimmy Inhofe keeps those pesky EVs out of Oklahoma:

For 6th Straight Year, Australian Farmers Wait For Enough Rain To Plant Wheat - Reuters

Panel: US Faces Change As Climate Warms (IPCC)

Brazil peasants storm farms, torch sugar plants (ethanol) - Reuters

A Terrifying Truth

Barriers to cellulosic ethanol according to the DOE

Gingrich drops skepticism on global warming

Vatican in Holocaust row

Israel suspends officer for using human shields

Hizbullah accuses US of secret war and arming opponents

Masada2000 and ‘Neil Pomper’: Kahanists as Sore Losers

End Secret Vote Counts - a story for everyone

Pending Election Reform In Congress Doesn't Give Citizens Right To Sue

75,000 Voter Registration Cards Found in Trash Bin in Atlanta--X Post

Undeniable Fact That Election Laws and Methods Are Sometimes Cunningly Contrived

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 4/13/07 MIT Prof. Rivest on Voting Systems

State Supreme Court upholds Killen conviction

Blasts kill 2 NATO soldiers in eastern Afghanistan

Strong quake hits Mexico

NKorea Unlikely to Meet Reactor Deadline

Argentina wants Brazil to extradite former Uruguayan colonel

Why this Imus thing is so infuriating

8,000 Citi jobs may be shifted to Indian BPOs

Japan's lower house approves constitutional referendum bill

Imus fired by CBS

India's Infosys reports quarterly profit jumps 70% on outsourcing demand

FDA's Response to Tainted Pet Food Assailed: Senators Say Better Reporting, Inspections Needed

"NAPPY HEADED HO" Teddy Bears Now Available

Russia accuses U.S. of meddling, aiding radicals

MND-B security patrol ends with small arms fire (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Iraq parliament meets after bombing

Santorum fundraising brings fine for Highmark

Food troubles in China move to world stage

Iraq parliament to meet in defiance of bomb attack

38 Taliban, NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan

11 Brooklyn Prison Officers Accused Of Beating Inmates

Tons of Food Spoiled As FEMA Ran Out Of Storage Space

Ex-TYC guard unlikely to face charges over alleged abuse

Study: Abstinence classes don't stop sex

Subpoenas, threat fly in attorney e-mail flap

Colombia mulls curb on corrupt lawmakers' families

Brazil breaks up 'killing firm'

Topeka Church To Pay Marine Funeral Costs

'Human trafficking' of foreign workers in US state

Rutgers Team: We Accept Don Imus Apology

Republican says if Imus goes, others should too

Better U.S.-Iran ties would help Iraq: Iraqi spokesman

Wolfowitz's friend says she's the victim

Gonzales Aide Made Picks to Replace Attorneys

Swann considers run for Congress

Former BOE Director Vu Gets Job in San Diego

More documents released in firing probe

Court blocks Posada release

82 felons may have voted in state (Wisconsin)

U.S. Opts to Continue to Hold 5 Iranian Agents

CREW Writes Patrick Fitzgerald Asking to Re-Open Rove Case in Light of Missing Emails

Court Won't Force FDA to Restrict Mercury Dental Fillings As Risky


Labor secretary assails unionization bill

Hub rep in Iraq: Troops angry at extended tours

Wolfowitz's friend says she's the victim

World Bank Board Weighs Response to Chief’s Actions

Iraq fails democracy test

John Breaux NOT Running For Louisiana Governor

Experts say recovery of missing White House e-mail may be possible, but not trivial

Windows XP to be retired in 2008

World Bank Board Says Will Decide Soon On Wolfowitz

Breaking News: Wife Of Former Senator Jim Jeffords Dies

Bush asks Congress to alter 1978 eavesdropping law

3 soldiers killed near Baghdad

Attorney Replacements Picked Prior to Firings

Net reaches out to final frontier

(conservative) Groups sue FDA over "morning-after" pill ruling

Cheney's Plane Hits Bird

Rove e-mail sought by Congress may be missing

75,000 Voter Registration Cards Found in Trash Bin in Atlanta

Nevada Governor Faces String of Scandals

Researchers explore scrapping Internet

Streisand event raises $1.3 million for Democrats

Study: Abstinence classes don't stop sex

Libby to appeal conviction in leak case

Lawyer: Rove didn't mean to delete email

Costa Rica to hold referendum on U.S. trade pact [CAFTA]

Marines Announce Osprey Deployment

Corporate US wants H-1B visa, green card rules eased

Key Senator (Lieberman) backs creation of "czar" for Iraq

Alleged D.C. madam tosses out a name

Will Someone Please Help Goddess of Guiness

If Southpaw couldn't drag me away...

Imus/Coulter 2008!

Will Ferrell's Landlord:

Just so you know...

Oh, Heidi...I have something for you!!

Wow, the Lounge is really slow tonight. Was there a party somewhere

Global Warming Cartoon

Texas bluebonnets in the snow (WTF?)


What the hell has gone here?

Damn it

I forgot about Vonnegut

CDC Says Gonorrhea On List Of 'Superbugs'

Man Accused Of Dancing Naked In His Backyard In Front Of Neighborhood Children

I'm getting pumped about valve flanges

How hippy are you? On a scale of 1-10?

you a bad bad missus

town in my area contracts to receive hazardous materials even New Jersey rejects

Congratulations 54anickel!! 20,000 posts

who wants to go get loaded this morning?

Congratulations DinoBoy!! 15,000 posts

Gentlemen, do you get treated this way at your proctologist's office?

Wedding Gowns For Pregnant Brides A Booming Industry

Today, I

I poured water on my keyboard.......

Drunk Cab Driver Tries To Cook Sausages While Driving - Cab Catches Fire

Midlo went to Myrtle Beach, and all I got was this stupid shirt:

MmMMmm That's some good "corrugated iron beef"

Has anyone seen Midlo?

Sam Seder says my son is smarter than most adults...

You know that look your dog gives you when they hump your leg?

Jeez, I just realized I haven't seen Midlo in AGES!

When Bjork has gas, does she fjart?

Crap, It's Friday The 13th...

Another meaningless post:

yet one more reason why berwyn is better than cicero

Do people think you are GAY based on the car you drive?

17 Year Old Gives Birth On Laundry Room Floor - Stabs Newborn 135 Times

Ouestion about Parody?

Mama Don't Let Your Babies grow up to be Bushies- Parody

Do we need a Paraskevidekatriaphobics forum?

Which do you use in online discussions of racial/culture issues, if you use either?

Who Else Is In A MonkeyFunk Mood Today?

i watched a whole episode of "walker, texas ranger"

Check out this lady's beaver...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/13/2007)

who put the "bump" in the bump dee bump dee bump?

Know what I hate about Stevie Wonder's "Superstition?"

I've got the worst job.......not

Guess who got a 100% on her midterm?? Hell Yeah! I did!!

How is your weekend shaping up?

I will say it again: Ewoks RUINED Jedi.

Men, are you gossip hounds? I sure as hell am.

Help! I am looking for Shea Butter skin nourishment made by Time & Again

And the award for best use of "mephitic", "cataclysm", "craw", "opprobrium" in a rant goes to...

Ladies, do you get greated this way at your ob/gyn's office?

My urologist just hugged me


which one are you?

How much did I pay for this orange?

Google Maps (FUNNY)

Could I ask for some positive vibes for my family today?

*note to self - never get in a technical debate in GD*

Okay, it's April 13, days away from the end of Tax Season.....

I'm back from Myrtle Beach, but something seems to be wrong

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to deleting WH's emails

Video shows officer shocking handcuffed man

I'm cellphone shopping... anyone familiar with this phone?

Crap! I just turned on MSNBC

Who's had experience with Percoset? My second day home from surgery

You maniacs!

So, I just found out my order from Office Depot was delivered three days ago...

So a couple of Mormons almost ignored the beware of dog sign.

So a couple of Morans almost ignored the beware of god sign.

What the hell happened to the bouncy smiley?

My husband had his first post-hospital appt. w/ a neurologist , yesterday.

It's a post-Vonnegut, Isaiah Berlin-y, Feynman-y kind of day.

Jesus Camp is the scariest horror movie EVER

Introducing Miss Aloha Hula 2007, Keonilei Ku'uwehiokala Kaniaupio Fairbanks!

Time for a pic thread.

LSU College Republicans Host 'Find The Illegal Immigrant' Game

So did that Sanjaya kid win again

45-60 bucks to see Celtic Women.

Who do you think will replace Bob Barker on "The Price is Right"?

What's a non-bigot word for "welsh" when used as a verb?

Guess what I am eating.

Please move.

Has "LOST" the Others infiltrated the White House?

When Hallmark Writers Have A Bad Day

i just took my 7 y/o nephew to the video store and let him pick

Salespeople - stop being so pushing ESPECIALLY when you have a buyer!!

Why is it that I can use file sharing programs on a network that blocks by the signing onto Netzero

Pretend You Never Saw That

I hate my mother!!!


How did the spam author know what I was listening to?

Need rocommendations on Home Design software

Friday Morning Questions

Do You Have a Dirty Mind?

I left my Visa card in the ATM and drove off without it

Just had to have my dog put down.

Things that hurt more than masturbating with capsaicin?

Men More Than Women Look At Faces First in Nude Photos

WIll my daughter's eye brow piercing keep her from ever being

well never mind then

Best Vonnegut novel recommendation for my 15 year old

Sick puppy (literally).

Irony: My Mother Wants to Buy Me a CLOSET for My Birthday.

I'm doing system load tests - SHOOT ME!

Interpret this image

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

I just wanted to say something to you guys.

is there a way to keep your privates on myspace?

Does South Park EVER go after Conservatives?

Hospice: Day 1

Would you drive no faster than 55mph to help global warming?

Has this country gone absolutely bat shit crazy or what....

Which one would you get?

Majority Of Parents Abuse Children, Children Report

I think I got the freakin job!!!!!! HOT DAMN!

I wonder if you can make popcorn from pot seeds

Cockatiels anyone?

For my FIRST post of 2007: HOLY CRAP THE WEATHER IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Babar For National Office!!

So I just bought my ticket for Aqua Teen tonight

How many Deadheads can you get in a VW Bus?

When I go to the neurosurgeon


15 is my limit..... on schnitzengruben

Yet another fat dog

stopping by to say hi

are you a "neat freak"?

CONFESS!!!!! For Friday the 13th - what are you superstitious about?


Happy birthday Patiod!!

How happy are you? On a scale of 1-10?

Cocktails anyone?

how do I tell a friend that his new girlfriend-thing is too dumb and annoying

If you were to get a new pet...

Since Vonnegut died, thus proving that atheism is without benefit, I'm all about Tim Lehaye!

What is Your Favorite Mitch Hedberg Bit?

I recognize Rabrrrrrr as my one, true messiah

Some hawk photos for the weekend

Wholly Moley.... ever feel like this?

911 dispatcher about dead woman: "She must have bitten off more than she could chew"

my nephew is the cutest!

DON'T replace any two words in a movie title with the word "Imus"

Congratulations Kurovski!! 15,000 posts

Majority Of Parents Abuse Children, Children Report

Congratulations sfexpat2000!! 40,000 posts

Don't think I don't know what you're up to.

Splice a movie title and a song title.

my picture thread.....woo hoo

Einstein and Spinoza's God

Your thoughts, please: Humanist Manifesto of 1973 on religion

New Religious/Non-religious Identity Poll

How can I tell if somebody is really a Christian?

Red Wings - Pistons - Pistons - Red Wings....

More Shoulder Trouble for Mark Prior

My son William turns 18 today. Yesterday, he registered to vote for the first time

Kerry editorial in the Denver Post and his busy schedule this week-end

Kerry not the only one mad about McCain's shameful Iraq speech

Kerry slams Bush pick for VA post---Salon


770 Aviation Repair Techs Join Machinists

Union rep's slaying called revenge

Labor peace elusive Flight woes nix meeting of Dean, AFL-CIO leader

LA Times: China union drives harder bargains (a red dragon awakes worrying foreign firms)

Open Your Windows

Japanese Revolutionary Fascist Toyama Koichi

Helen Thomas: "We Have an Imperial Presidency!"

Wolfowitz (licking comb)

If George were King!

War Criminals--Doing the Devil's Work (censored version)

Dennis: The Impeachment Discussion (Update)

A Dissenting Voice


For My Brothers and Sisters who Just Got Extended--Can We Stop The War Now?

Bush didn't know about longer troop tours?

The Legend of Big Giant Head

TGIF--- Bush Liar Liar

A Tribute to the Faithful

Bruno Bozzetto - Grasshoppers

Wolfowitz (holes in both socks)

Osama Bin Laden releases tape regarding Don Imus firing

Kurt Vonnegut - In Memoriam 1922-2007

Demoralized Truthout

So I call my 65-year old Mom tonight to see how she is doing

It is time.....Open Your Windows

So did the Corzine wreck happen while he was on the way to the Imus-Rutgers

How and Why Hillary Clinton took down Don Imus

Canada's Military Manual Targeted Mohawks As Terrorists

Do people think you are GAY based on the car you drive?

Bernie Ward: It's all about the Imus thing -- sounds like it's gonna be interesting

"Republican" is the new "pedophile"

Apology to Duke lacrosse players not enough

Video: Howard Dean in Denver sounds excited about the convention.

FRIDAY'S Doonesbury Vermont Impeachment Saga ("A Visit To The Terrorist Safe House...")

"Israelis Torturing Palestinian Children"

So? What was the outcome of the big meeting?

The New SDS: Letter to Nation Magazine by Bernardine Dohrn

O.K. This Is Just Sickening (Not That I'm Surprised)

TPM: This is one worth slowing down and seeing

ok, found it. 6.2 earthquake southwest of Mexico City

I see Gates, Rice & Cheney just spinning recycled gobbledygook, is a War Czar...

3296 Reasons Why The DSM is Important's home page News section

Libby Day by Day

When Was The Last Time You Watched All Of This - I Mean All Five Minutes Of It

The Urban Dictionary needs some help defining conservative elite

When we were in the right we had good propaganda!

Is it safe to say we now know what she said to him?

White House pulls nomination to top EPA air post ... ONE MORE Recess Appointment coming up

McCain was Dancin' Shaggin' on the Boulevard

Smerconish is such a nerd...

"Nappy headed ho's" = "N*gger Whores"...

How the 'Melamine' got into the Pet food and perhaps your food too.

Thinking out loud about Karl Rove's deleted e-mails

IMF's Rato backs World Bank, could mean more trouble for Wolfowitz

General BetrayUs


'Cute' e-mail lands state Repub. in hot water

First we have this: The Katie Couric Plagiarism Scandal.

Overheard in restaurant last night

Army saves money by extending troops. Now they don't have to pay them...

Isn't it time to begin Impeachment and Criminal Proceedings?

Endless war, endless spin: GOP keeps lying about Iraq

Imagine a terrorist with millions of dollars at his disposal, enjoying refuge in a foreign country

The 3rd stage upon entering the Green Zone is a search by Peruvian security guards.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Janet Jackson's breast, don imus's mouth, the neo con's war...

If anyone's interested here's the line-up for Real Time tonight:

Cartoon Caption Contest - this week: Imus and the NRA.

Rove makes the front page on MSNBC

GOP Lobbyists Work With Spies To Help Kurdistan Snag 15 Tons of $100 Bills!

REGARDING: Bush, the electrical cord and hydrogen car

O'Reilly: I hope they're not in the parking lot stealing our hubcaps"."

Does the fight against concentration of power increase

The $$ is 81.90

Question re. subpoenas is it a fishing expedition vis-a-vis a specific crime investigated?

Windows XP to be retired in 2008

Four Years Worth Of Rove Email Missing- from HuffPo

I never realized that paid Bush commentator Armstrong Williams was such an Imus fan. He's everywhere

Governor Corzine in critical condition after crash

Life for ordinary Iraqis is worse than ever

Seems to me, none of our candidates supports basic human rights for gays.

Imus: XM or Sirius?

Why Imus Had to Go.

"Ho," "[email protected]@er," "[email protected]#h" in Rap/Hip Hop is OK Because It's "Artistic Expression."

Imus Shmimus: Who listens to the radio?

South Korea, one of the closest U.S. allies in Iraq, draws up pullout plan

FT: (Iran) Fugitive says he met missing ex-FBI agent

Great onterview with Kurt Vonnegut:

Bob Herbert on Imus's history of racism

If the email servers in the White House or RNC are not secured, the emails will be removed /nt


The entire Bush admin caught up in RNC e-mail scandal; Waxman's letter to Condi Rice

My theory on the US Attorneys scandal for what its worth

OMG! I just heard about Corzine's car accident!

Limbaugh on Obama: "Halfrican American" - Think he will ever say that again?

Missing emails: An example of tracing emails

"Imus,Bias,Devils and Heaven"

"NAPPY HEADED HO" Tedy Bears NOW Available

TPM Muckraker on WH vs. Congress on RNC e-mail: "it looks like things are about to get even nastier"

Connecticut committee approves gay marriage.

Culture of Life? What about a culture of respect?

WP, Mallaby: The Paul Wolfowitz scandal has the World Bank stuck in the mud

'Cute' e-mail lands state Rep. in hot water (FL Republican)

Which Conservatives should we allow on the air?

It's OK to laugh.

I am sick of this... "Now they are in touble!", "Now they are REALLY in trouble", "NOW we really....

oh ffs... FEMA wastes $40 million in Katrina food

More documents released from Justice Department in firing probe

MmMMmm That's some good "corrugated iron beef"

Back to 18?

37 years ago today - Houston we have a problem

Check out these Imus posts from June 2006:

A great story to lift your spirits today

McCain says Imus-Rutgers flap won't deter appearances - Wrong again John

Long odds for Equal Rights Amendment

Is sports also a big part of this Imus thing?

World Bank to reach a decision on what to do about Wolfowitz

Upset By the Bullshit

Attention: 'The View' fans - Hasselbeck Going to FOX

Bush library plans under fire-Concerns how it will affect Southern Methodist University's reputation

How long before Neocons make fun of Gov. Corzine?

DoJ releases more documents

uh oh...Gov. Corzine wasn't wearing his seat belts.

The immorality of sexism, racism, labor exploitation, and ...yes. .. even rape and child abuse.

Rutgers team: We accept Don Imus apology

Better hold on tight! It is going to get WAY worse before it gets any better.

Kennedy. Kerry. Corzine. Rich white boys!

Exclusive: Think Progress- WH Held Meeting To Pressure Reporters On ‘Division’ Among War Critics

What's up with all this "white boy" talk?

FOX News Attacks Pelosi Over Trip To Iran She Does Not Intend To Make

Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) has said that a constituent's complaint

Whoever did the redacting of the document dump didn't do a very good job

What are some alternative media outlets? (Trying to avoid IMUS 24/7)

Gov. John Corzine hurt in car accident on way to mediate between Imus and Rutgers girls.

Epiphany alert: O'really now thinks we were wrong to invade Iraq

Is the pendulum finally starting to swing to the left?

McCain's speech - almost identical to bush's 25 hours before that

Glenn Greenwald: Weekly Standard: Bush has "near dictatorial power"

One phony cowboy fired

Shock & Awe theorist named as client of "DC Madam", how shocking!

Who spoke out against the Iraq invasion...prior?

Wolfowitz Statement - please read and help me answer

Question regarding Bridge Card (Food Stamps)

Windows XP to be retired in 2008 (BBC)

OMG, I have to update you on the ventriloquist, Bible guy....

Olbermann on-air: Imus "reduced women staffers at MSNBC to tears"

Making babies without men

A Thought About Forgiveness

Rove Purgerer & Perjurer: E-Mails Never Really Disappear Part II

Remember the Enron Emails?

Get em while they're hot!! Justice Dept. documents located here:

WaTimes Columnist Nominates 'D.C. Madam' for War Czar

It's Friday the 13th. Your predictions for the pending News Dump please?

Rove can only delete his emails, not the recipient's

Imus and the movie Crash; Good overshadowed by Evil

Bird Flies Into Engine Of Cheney's Plane

Plamegate meets Attorneygate - It's Rove, Again!

Frank Rich: Imus show "fun." "At its best, it's a smart and provocative show."

FDL: Of Threats And Deletions...

Dupe, please delete

Clean Speech--The Answer To Our PC Problems

Is Milbank's creative writing exercise meant to be an attack on Byrd's mental competence?

I know, not another Imus thread, but.........

Gays in the military - which Dem presidential hopefuls are supporting?

Joe Conason: No More Whining Excuses (for Don Imus)

Tucker Carlson has a new gig as host of a TV game show

Santorum survives defeat

MSNBC right now

Bush Calls for 'Culture of Life'

US Army targets gaming market for potential recruits

5 Million Emails Deleted? Subpoena Karl Rove!

Are hunger strikes effective?

Homeland Security Developing ‘Hostile Intent’ Technology

Stem Cell Bill

O.K., I know this Whitehouse.Org is a Satire site, but are most of these "Bush Nicknames" Real?

Here is your chance to tell Sen. Wyden what you think of his healthcare plan

So what do you think Imus will do next?

My Brother Friend and Why I Fight (Doc) Randy Barnes interment Arlington National Cemetery

All having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States

Where Were You In The Summer Of '07?

Documents Show Wolfowitz Lied About World Bank’s Family Planning Policy

FLASHBACK: Cheney ‘Has The Same Sense Of Humor’ As Imus

BREAKING: "The dog ate my emails"-Rove

From Media Matters .....some nice little quotes

c-span3 wh press briefing

Another perspective on "nappy hair" (Great read!)

White House Claims Executive Privillege on RNC Servers & E-mail

Liberal funny...cuz the one's who are don't even know it.

WH Press Briefing.. we don't know nothin'!!!!!

TIME: Rumor has it that Monica Goodling is looking to cut a deal for immunity.

Imus Remarks - Civil Rights Group Urges Media to Combat Racism

WH Emails Poker Analogy

White House *IS* investigating e-mail deletions

Al Franken Calls On CNN To Fire Glenn Beck

Researchers explore scrapping Internet

First we have this: The Katie Couric Plagiarism Scandal

Abusive hurtful rap songs-go after the supply or the demand?

Deleted My Ass

Computers can be so damn tricky!!! Really it was all a tech glitch...

Bush claims he didn't know Iraq tours were to be extended when he blamed Democrats

Wolfowitz in trouble again, he deleted portions of a report.

Vatican ambassador to boycott Holocaust memorial in row over photo

The bigger story behind the Duke Lacrosse Rape Trial .....

What is racism?

PHOTO sequence from Iraq parliament blast (NOT GRAPHIC)

FEMA Wastes another $40 million.

Where is Bernard Mc Guirk...

Fat Tony's revenge

Reading The Pictures: The George And Nancy Show

War Room: Justice to White House: Let's "muddy the coverage" on firings

Maybe the 5,000,000 emails are under here?

If I never ever hear another word about Imus, it will still be too soon

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to deleting WH's emails

Justice Department Tracked Federalist Society Influence On U.S. Attorneys

Fat Cat CEOs Strike Back at Congress

Luskin (Rove's lawyer) on Fitzgerald's knowledge of Rove's emails:

WH investigating how the Green Zone could have been breeched...

Thinktank to White House: Iran War Would Push Oil Prices Through the Roof

The only constants in the world seem to be hatred and cruelty.

If fundies were in charge

Swear to god- 9/11 just tied into the missing emails

You see..the WH was just trying to comply with The Hatch Act...

1999: House debates measure to cut off Kosovo funding

Think wheat gluten's the only thing we have to worry about? Think again.

E-mail Subpoenas Weren't For Rove: Where Is Rove's Subpoena?

I've been a victim of discrimination all my life too.

Women outnumber men online in United States

Action against McGuirk, Beck, et al

Imus' wife: Stop hate mail to team

Nixon only deleted 18 minutes.

OOPS!! Deleted my fingerprints!!!

Republican Reality and McCain's market stroll -- Bill Maher

A Public Service Announcement: Pan paniscus

Them Rutgers girls are so articulate, and so CLEAN!

It's a Friday, any good news dumps???

Farmer rejects GM crops support claim

White House sure has a penchant for losing things in large numbers

Aerospace power for peace.

Lawyer: Rove Didn't Mean to Delete Email

Let's see...CBS needs to fill air, and Sam Seder needs a job...

It's Friday 'Ya Bastards!

"Attorney Replacements Picked Prior to Firings"

Media Steers IMUS Controversy Away From Limbaugh, Coulter,Beck,Savage Etc

NJ Dem Gov. & Former Sen. Corzine In Surgery - Send Well-Wishes

I didn't mean to delete the emails.

Dahr Jamail: Iraqi Refugees Speak Of Escape From Hell

Assume the RNC Servers are now clean as a whistle....

Hey, he is human and all humans make mistakes.

Salon War Room: Justice To White House - Let's Try To "Muddy The Coverage" On Firings

What does L stand for?

The wife of former US Senator Jim Jeffords has died

Wedge issues from the right..this week- Race, Imus, Rap Music, et all

Cheney plane kills a bird in the face

Lawyer: Rove assumed e-mails were stored

Why would a USA use commerical email to correspond with the DOJ?

I was at a Bill O'Reilly "talk" in Trinity College Dublin last night.

Rove's missing emails go back AT LEAST FOUR YEARS.

"Civilian Deaths Down in Baghdad"

Liberal Forum website for sale

I Want Justice For Madelyn And Molly

Dollar slide accelerates....

Robert MacNeil "America at the Crossroads" PBS special

I like the things I like

Caption *

Subprime bailout? $120 billion

Remember How Rosemary Woods Demonstrated How She Accidentially Erased 18 mins?

N.J. governor might not have had seat belt on

Corzine Update

I wonder how many people actually checked the facts before they made their comments about Sharpton?

It's All Just a Big Joke to Turdblossom ---pix--->>>

secret video: Karl Rove when he received his subpoena

Imus isn't entitled to a paycheck from CBS. Notifying sponsors as a protest isn't 'FASCIST'

Brian Williams on Bloggers:”I’m up against a guy named Vinny in an efficiency apartment.”

Irony of Live Earth Concert

When the scandals hit fever pitch, John Warner & Eliz Dole will retire end of this term

Is Karl Rove Above the Law?

Who here's going to a Step-It-Up (Global Warming) rally tomorrow? John Edwards w/be at Ft. Myers FL

April 14

War on Terror looks like a fraud

MSNBC Again Has Armstrong Williams on Hardball. Guess they didn't receive my e-mail?

Post Sells Cheney's Tired Rhetoric as "Sharp-Edged Attack" on Democrats poll: Should World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz lose his job for promoting his girlfriend? Lil' Boots says NCLB meant to help schools, not punish them

The real issue as always is media control (Imus)

Dupe, pls. delete.

March 5th DoJ talks about how to handle the Attorney Purge situation

Rove's Lawyer-Karl Did Not "INTENTIONALLY" Delete 5 Million E-Mails"-He was Just Trying To Keep TIDY

Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out in Indiana

Suppose you were walking through a fancy club locker room and overheard some guys

Calls for Wolfowitz to resign mount

Edmonton Sun: War on Terror looks like a fraud (Duplicate thread)

a guy from the RNC called me this morning asking for money


When are we going to get the rest of the racist bigots off the air?

Monica Lewinsky's emails were "deleted" too

U.S. Opts to Continue to Hold 5 Iranian Agents (Against Advice of State Dept.)

"This is the chart that the AG requested"

Video, transcript: Senator Kerry's floor speech on Iraq

propaganda in DoD press releases of soldier's deaths (five more yesterday)

Sign AVAAZ petition to fire Paul Wolfowitz

"India "to drop" menstrual forms" - BBC

Did Justice "take any action" To Influence Corruption Cases?

'Fat' gene found by scientists-- The Times UK

Kyle Sampson Lied To Congress....I Suppose That is Illegal, Don't You?

"Hostile Intent’ Technology "-- Anyone else miss this?

Wal-Mart's Conduct in the Phillipines Gets Worse (The Nation)

Why this Imus thing is so infuriating

Oh, gag me. Why do I bother?

Feds will retry pot activist on cultivation charges -even though he faces no punishment if convicted

Malkin Attacks Malik Shabazz in Utterly Pointless, Embarrassing Exchange

While we were obsessing about Imus, this slipped thru the cracks

3299 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

52 Americans have been killed in Iraq in April

This is my 999th post and I wanted to use it for something important, like...

Early this morning I read a post on white women and racism

CBS/Westwood considering Dennis Miller as Imus replacement

Nancy Grace CNN's webpage

.A must see video

White House Supports Wolfowitz Amid Scandal

What Are They Trying To Hide Here? Did Justice ‘take any action’ to influence corruption cases?

For all the people sick of corporate sanctioned verbal abuse

How's about some Friday Afternoon Hitler-does Gaynor?

Attorneygate: Documents Withheld, Emails “Deleted,” the Right of Habeas Corpus, and Impeachment

Karl Rove's Email

CNN discussing the missing emails

Principal Shown Having Sex With Teacher On Video

I didn't know they still had tornado sirens, local news says the sirens

CREW Writes Patrick Fitzgerald Asking to Re-Open Rove Case in Light of Missing Emails

Delete, mods please delete....

Did Anybody see Syriana did we see that play out in Libby's case

"Kindly thief allows ailing store clerk to call 911"

Not a Hangover ---pix--->>>

Next target to get banned from the airwaves? Tom DeLay just told me

Who is Ann Althouse and why do I hate her after only seeing one

Howard: No HIV-positive immigrants

Energy saving, 7 year light bulbs - 3 pack /$1.00

KO to Defend Malkin Tonight

Burying Release of Abstinence Only Report on Friday the 13th Seems Fitting

Robber Lets Florida Clerk Call 911 After She Has Heart Pain

What I didn't expect when my husband died

The Scientific Consensus On Climate Change

Time for RW to call for removal of Gov. Corzine b/c he was not wearing his seatbelt.

Texas Duers

Tune in to the new cable news network--IMUSNBC!!!!

Which President would you prefer

I have a prediction.......and a sinking feeling

Deleting embarrassing e-mails isn't easy, experts say

The historian advising Bush on Iraq is a racist. No, really. An honest to God, Nazi racist.

Rove Defied Fitz’s Repeated Document Preservation Orders.

Bill Moyers has been busy! Set your TiVo for "Buying the War"

Rumor: KO to do NBC Football

Thank Jesus we have Ted Stevens in the Senate to

In my experience, white women are as bad as white men on racism.

Protest Grows over Blackwater U.S.A Training Camp

Howard Stern - "the closest I came to making love to a black woman was a picture of Aunt Jemima".

A Parable in Memory of Kurt Vonnegut


Did George Soros get Don Imus fired?

Kurt Vonnegut avatars, free to good home

Elizabeth Edwards misrepresented by AP story

Air America's big boner

Wolfowitz doesn't care about black people.

Air Pollution Rules Relaxed for U.S. Ethanol Producers

Bush Should Get a Victory Parade!

Coach C. Vivian Stringer - a class act

If you still think the white boys got away with it, I suggest you look at Nifong's tactics

By the way, did you know that Imus got fired?

If we left Iraq & it descended into chaos, how exactly would we know?

Say it loud, I'm elite and I'm proud.. Bill Maher on elitism

Wolfowitz hissed, booed by World Bank staffers

Online organizing and voter mobilization advice (Imagine it's the 1998 campaign...)

Hugh Hewitt attacks Olbermann, claims he is envious of O’Reilly & Limbaugh

What is the value in allowing Conservatives to speak?

Dick at the Heritage Foundation ---pix--->>>

I dropped 20 bucks into a kettle today for the Red Cross and then I went home and smacked my wife.

Sat April 14: Join one of the 1364 Events in US for Nat'l Day of Climate Action

A white woman's take on nappy hair

Edwards should consider postponing his Presidential bid...

ROVE & CO. BROKE FEDERAL LAW With E-Mail Scam (Mother Jones)

Check out this Obama t-shirt from a rightwing asshole I used to know...


When did America become a nation of frightened wimps?

How will they get their reputations back??? Innocent men charged!!!

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 13, 2007***

'Christian' Doctors refusing to treat people they don't like

PHOTOS: She's so pretty for a black girl!

She's a big donor to Republican politicians, but it's news to her

Folks, PLEASE wear your seatbelts!!!!!

A Day Dream

The Edwards campaign office has me so upset I'm shaking...

The Song Parody From Hell

Breaking News: Libby to appeal conviction

Reinventing the old for sustainable agriculture (Healthy hay)

Susan Ralston used Which Shares SERVER with COCKSMOKERS.ORG

Huff Post: Enough Is Enough - Let's Indict Karl Rove NOW

OK, I've been out w/surgery. Tell me, just who blew the whistle on Imus?

DU, I leave you w/a question...

Real Time w/Bill Maher preview: The Right-Wing Crusade to Demonize Elites

All you fascists.

I get tired of the Scarlet letter "Racist" that gets put on people!

A letter to CBS Radio RE: Sam Sedar replacing Don Imus

Raw Story: Human trafficking of Indian guest workers alleged in Mississippi shipyard

so let's talk about the 5 white male racist comedians on TV

"What about Hip Hop?" is a rubbish argument

bad historical shit happens tomorrow (april 14)

The White House has no legal standing to deny access

Fuck these guys "Researchers explore scrapping Internet"

Joe Wilson reveals that outing wife Valerie wasn't Bush admins first attack

Over/Under on first Osprey downing in Iraq.

CREW Asks Fitzgerald To Re-Open Investigation Of Rove In Plame Leak (FITZ LETTER GRAPHIC)

AF Officers Clash with Contractors

US admits Green Zone is no longer safe as suicide bomber strikes at heart of government

Marines will deploy V-22 Osprey aircraft to Iraq

3299 is today's US soldier casualties count. That's 52 so far in April.

Buck Iraq: Another angry soldier speaks up

Cheney: "Well, it's just vital that people not forget 9/11"

Bush didn't know about HIS troop extensions until Wednesday (WOW)

How We Can All Be Part of the Global Warming Solution

Years of OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE E-MAILS go missing. Five Million E-Mails Lost??

Let's Acknowledge Racism and Understand What It Is

NYT: Gonzales Aide Made Picks to Replace Attorneys (Translation: SAMPSON LIED UNDER OATH!)

5 MILLION MISSING WHITE HOUSE [email protected]#$ WTF? How can you misplace/erase 5 MILLION emails?

NPR Blows US Attorneys Story Wide Open By Revealing Rove's Plan & How Bush Is Protecting Karl

CNN Reporting Rove's Attorney Admits that Fitzgerald correct re Missing E-Mails in 2003

The sociopath Delay takes aim at Rosie for 9/11

Abandoned homefront (MA Dems will appreciate this)

Lynch (D-Mass.) skeptical after Iraq visit (AP)

Sarpy County (Ne) judge rules in abortion opponents' favor

Swann now considering run for U.S. House

Attn:DNC, time to wipe emails

GOP complain about welfare for poor and sick

WP, Dionne: Blocking Fox from sponsoring Democratic debates is effective liberal push-back

Imus would have kept his job... if he'd been a *full-time* racist

Why haven't they siezed the RNC email servers?

Retrieving Rove emails

Freeper critique of DU... Pretty funny.

Questions: When I Saw A Graphic On The Green Zone Yesterday.....

It's Newsdumpday!

NYT: Missing E-Mail May Be Related to Prosecutors

Nifong is exactly proof why DAs and judges should not be elected

False intelligence, terror and red faces in Whitehall - 200 years ago

I can't have President Kerry, but can I have President Clark or President Gore?

Counterpunch has called John Kerry a war criminal, Howard Dean a gay basher.

Wolfowitz’s Apology: Don’t Hate Me Because I Launched The Iraq War

Anybody care to comment?

I'm getting pretty goddamned sick of "approval"

Time for Patrick Fitzgerald To Suit Up for 2nd Half?

Those Rutgers Students and Coach one CLASS ACT--Forgiving Imus

Oh, joy! They're starting to ask questions!

Hs the kill order been sent to the media regarding the lost emails story...again?

Elizabeth Edwards says campaign will shift from 'Cult of Personality'

90 year old widow with dementia tricked by slimy Republican politician.

Fox once again shows it's "Fair and Balanced" side

Why it won't matter even if Sen. Domenici (R-NM) resigns

Friday 13th Would Be a Good Day For A DU Dump...

Another dumbass bushie army sniveler in Iraq reporting on C-Span

Political Opportunism in Action: Has Hillary Jumped the Shark?

Column in 1995 slammed Hypocrite Lieberman for going on Imus

What proposed GOP platform matches its actual performance and results?

Study: Abstinence classes don't stop sex (AP)

If rove didn't mean to delete the emails

At least four years of Rove emails missing ~~ WTF!?!?!?

Thompson to replace Cheney???

Justice Department Tracked Federalist Society Influence On U.S. Attorneys

Do you think we'd ever see an Edwards/Obama or an Obama/Edwards ticket?

Conyers, Sanchez Seek Rove's RNC Emails (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Rutgers team: We accept Don Imus apology

Asked about reports that as many as 5 million e-mail messages missing. "We're looking into that."

Why Does Nifong still have a job?

Government Files on Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq Released

Bill Scher: Who Gets Progressives' Support? (

AP's Steve Holland characterizes Rove as "a frequent target of Democratic attacks."

The so called MR. AMERICA'S MAYOR trailing Edwards in presidential matchup

Bush Accuses Democrats Of Extending Troops - Right Before He Does

Just called Waxman's Washington Office: Subpoena the servers. Dammit.

"The Servers" and "The Hard Drives" being mentioned on teevee yakker shows and radio yakker shows

Network Integrity ... CBS Firings ...

DU this poll....Go Al Gore!

Larisa Alexandrovna Abroad: 48 Hours Of Americana ("shite hits the rather already dirty fan")

Letter from wh to Congress sent last night, RE: US attorney investigation:


Who provided the wireless service for the Blackberries/gwb43?

Sampson Lied Under Oath: ‘Had In Mind’ Plan To Replace U.S. Attorneys With Loyal Bushies

Headline at Rawstory

Jeebus, actual discussion on what "Nicorette" means for

Mother Jones: Rove and Co. Broke Federal Law With Email Scam

A.G.'s spokeswoman: 'We are trying to muddy the coverage up a bit'

Organizer’s Murder Won’t Stop FLOC from Fighting for Workers’ Rights

""Bush administration renews push for expanded spying powers"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: DC Voting Rights (continued)

Good diary DK on USA-gate USA bribery

Dana Perrino Doesn't Dispute CREW: Calling Fitzgerald

Detroit news: Michigan pays high price for free trade agreements

why isn't there a bigger stink about Spectre inserting the

Who will join me as an 08 Deaniac?

'08 Senate Playing Field Still Favors Dems: Top Ten Senate seats most likely to switch party

Edwards calls for Wolfowitz’s resignation

Rachel Maddow said Tucker is to host a game show.

The E-mail scandal of the year 2000 - a warning and a heads up

LA Times Poll: People prefer generic Dems more than specific ones for 08

When it comes to Iraq - Biden is the best candidate we have

Webb Blasts McCain; Accuses Fellow Vet Of "Impugning People's Patriotism"

White House Held Meeting To Pressure Reporters On ‘Division’ Among War Critics

Lieberman is backing Susan Collins in 08

Does anyone care that Imus was fired in the middle of a telethon?

The Rude Pundit: Firing Don Imus Stinks

So if the emails are ever found, they're covered under executive privilege?

Wolfowitz in trouble at World Bank after securing $61,000 tax-free raise for girlfriend

Wtf? question: Why is the White House website being routed through Utah!?!?

Talking Iraq With Bill Richardson

Officer Says He Will Resign

Brian Williams -- enemy of the people

I met Senator Obama today! :)

Group to "organize militant direct action" against DNC in Denver ...

We have entered uncharted "Give Me A Fucking Break" territory

"Say it Loud: I'm Elite and Proud!"

Bush Calls for 'Culture of Life' (AP)

ARG poll: Hillary increases lead .. Edwards rises at Obama's expense...

Clinton Aims to Restore Public Trust in Government

The Sound of Exploding Heads

Streisand event raises $1.3 million for Democrats

Sen. Clinton To Speak Out On Imus Controversy At Rutgers

Pernicious Republican Vermicious Knids

Here she goes again: COURIC: Is America ready for a President who grew up praying in a mosque?

Is it censorship for a web-based posting forum to restrict its content?

Why Doesn't Anyone Seem to Notice Bill Richardson?

I just looked at the new released emails, and two things leapt out at me: