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Archives: April 11, 2007

NYT: U.S. Toughens Its Position on China TradeU.S. Toughens Its Position on China Trade

Drudge + warbloggers = foolery

Christian Science Monitor: From L.A., a reinvention of Big Labor

Yet more handwriting on the wall

"The Rockefeller Boys" by Prof. Shimshon Bichler & Prof. Jonathan Nitzan

Iraq policy 'spawned new terror'

huffingtonpost: Circuit City Slaughter

Divide and Rule: America's plan for Baghdad (by Robert Fisk for the Independent UK)

Rolling Stone: Teenage Holy War

(Congo) Selling off the rainforest - a modern-day scandal - Guardian

GM's CO2 Greenhouse Gas Solution: Everybody Breath Less

Latest RightWing Junk Science on Global Warming: "It's the Sun, Stupid"

In Pelosi's playground

NYT story on EAC "altering" report on voter fraud

Larry Birkhead is the "Baby's Daddy"

McCain gets support from former secretaries of state

Congressional Dems reject Bush's overture on war funding

Union federation to honor grocery strike

U.S. Panel Is Said to Alter Finding on Voter fraud

Army Reserve falters on recruitment

Pentagon Considers Extended Tours for All Soldiers

Most Want Gonzales Out, Aides to Testify, Poll Shows (Update1)

U.S. details China satellite debris

Dupe - Delete

New Head of FOIA Office Appointed

Washington Legislature passes domestic partner bill

Connecticut U.S. Attorney Named Chief of Staff for Gonzales

Some in G.O.P. Express Worry Over ’08 Hopes

Senators seek info from Gonzales on Wisconsin prosecution

Turkish commandos cross into Iraq to destroy PKK camps

Manhattan DA Calls Guantanamo National Disgrace

NTSB: Air controller fatigue contributed to 4 mishaps

Fire destroys longtime Johnny Cash home

Edwards Announces Backing of Gay Supporters; CBC Institute Sticks With Fox-Backed Debate

Diabetics cured by stem-cell treatment

Russia threatening new cold war

Advertisers skittish over Imus scandal, pull ads

Pelosi, Lantos may be interested in diplomatic trip to Iran

Coleman 'deeply disappointed' in U.S. attorney resignations

Maryland's dramatic electoral college reform:

Judge Denies Bid to Keep Militant Jailed (Posada)

Duke Lacrosse Case Charges To Be Dropped

CBS News fires producer for plagiarism

Rutgers players describe how Imus' remarks hurt: Stole "a moment of pure grace"

SQUEEEEEEEE! Cordelia's Dad Reunion

I Have No Morsels. How About You?

movie question

I do NOT need to watch a Dulcolax(tm) advert while eating supper!

The Mike Malloy "Hold Music" is driving me crazy!

Mmmmm: fried plantains! Yum!

I have no morels. Houw about you?

I think that the party I am planning is going to kill me

To shake things up on AI I propose a Walker, Cave, Brel and Gainsbourg week

The new season of The Shield has started.

Send DU vibes that I get a long

A little mesmerizing music to set the mood

How much time a month do you spend wilfing?

Has anyone had Duvel?


The scariest Superman camel toe ever.

So my neighbor called the cops on me today.

Tuesday afternoon......

Okay, who tattled on Hitler?

Video - 3 Year Old Kassie And Monsters

OK....I admit it....I wasn't going to be here tonight....but...

I just ...

I am MORE immortal than Voldemort!! 1!!1!!!!!!! 1!111111!!!!

Johnny Cash Fans: What Is Your Favorite Johnny Cash Song?

Johnny Cash's Tennessee house burns down

Everyone Loves The Best Thing Ever:

What would Yoda do?

Winter Storm Warning--6"-12" inches of snow a-comin'

Monthly Vi, Pico, Emacs poll.

For you late-night coffee drinkers

I refuse to bow and scrape for Rabrrrrrr

Do you have a theme song?

1-866-436-5708 (A Vote for Sanjaya is a vote against FOX !!!) 1-866-IDOLS-08

Time to reveal your vain little secrets....

Cute Alert: Bunny Baby

googling a new bf/gf

I am MORE immoral than Lord Voldemort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Does anyone actually

Do you believe there is something after this life ?

Larry Birkhead's sperm wins the ANS derby!

Canada wins gold at women's hockey worlds (beats USA)

Pacman Jones suspended for all of 2007 - How will this affect other sports?

John Kerry is such a good speaker

Steelworkers Strike Maker of Coca-Cola Cans Over Unfair Labor Practices

Immokalee Workers Head To Chicago On Heels Of McDonald's Victory

Bush and What He Wants

America: Sweet Freedom

No Joke Veterans Medical Alert

JOE BIDEN - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall Meeting - Full Video

Lonely People who kids beat

For Every Veterans And Our Supporters on The DU Pay Me My Money Down

TPM TV - April 10, 2007: A few of the reasons why we don't believe Carol Lam was fired

DENNIS KUCINICH: MoveOn Virtual Town Hall Meeting- Full Video

JOHN EDWARDS - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall - Full Video

Why does IE continually quit on me?

Bush Defunds Troops in Iraq

KO showing * catapulting the propaganda and calling him on it

dupe; please delete

Oral arguments from Georgia Thompson's appeal

ABC News: Army proposing extending duty for EVERYONE in Iraq

Chris Matthews and Tim Russert have been very scarce lately?

y'all listening to the candidates forum now?

Gov. Richardson apparently made a deal with the North Koreans

Keith Olbermann just mentioned hearings concerning the spin of Pat Tillman's death and

Taking bets

Digby: "Ivanwald" and 'Reactivating Sleeper Cells" & "Rolling Stone"

KO hinting that suspension may not be all that is in store for Ipig

Playing with GoogleEarth and Katrina'd coast found some stark divisions.

Don Imus meet Julius La Rosa....

A Special Camp Casey Family Reunion

Actually I'm deleting most of this post

# Bush happy to discuss, not negotiate war funds (tea time with Nancy?)

So, ... an atheist was taking a walk through the woods. (email joke)

Aaron Hughes. One voice among us

Please put the word Imus in the subject line

Can someone point me to article(s) about how medically unfit soldiers are being redeployed in Iraq?

Mark Halperin’s Standards of Accuracy and Objectivity

Conservatives Go Ballistic Over Gay Weddings at Disney

Why Do You Want To

Extending tour of duty for all active military in Iraq by 3 months

Church leader charged with Internet solicitation

April deadliest month for US Troops since invasion.

381 killed in Somalia in 4 days

Shadows medical updates: Let's talk about my drugs

The Case Against Grad School

No story yet, just a teaser on Drudge about voter's the teaser...

Regarding walking and chewing gum at the same time

Rep. Gingrey: Bush, GOP Will Unleash “Plan B” in Aug. 2008!

Glenn BecKKK, CEI's Horner denounced Gore's work as "science fiction," spread global warming misinfo

New FRONTLINE/World tonight! "Afghanistan: The Other War" On Now!

"Larry Hagman backs green causes"

With all that is wrong we cannot stop talking about Imus!

Do not feed the homeless law goes into effect. First arrests made.

A little levity...

Here's A Guide To Tell If White Males (and others) Are Racist Or Not !!!

Who listened to / is going to listen to the MoveOn TownHall meeting?

CSPAN: Kerry / Newt Global Warming Debate on now

Bay Area DUers.. "Afghanistan: The Other War" on KQED (channel 9)

I have fucking had it....

Hard work

Daily Show and Imus

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! Darn A Best of Malloy!

Montanans Urge State Legislators To Move On Impeachment

DOD Proposal Limits High-Interest Loans to 36 Percent per year

Justice Dept. tries to dictate content of McClatchy Newspapers report

Destroy FAUX -- Vote for Sanjaya

On MTV now Pacific..Nick Cannon sketch about a "ho"...looking for guidance from the PC squad.

Harry Reid Responds To Bush: "We Are Speaking For The American People, He Isn't"

Corporations say we don't take initiative as a reason they offshore.

Katrina VandenHeuvel: ""We Never Lost Our Head — While Too Much Of The Media Gave Head"

Predator v. predator (pic)

Federal Panel Responsible For Conducting Election Research-ALTERS-FINDINGS ON VOTER FRAUD

Should Don Imus be fired?

WP, Froomkin, "The Next Bush Scandal": RNC e-mail accounts (Rove aide Ralston had at least four)

What a creepy image [PIC]

Prophecy from Paddy...

Duke Lacrosse Case Charges to Be Dropped

Conservative Media Co. QubeTV Plans To Show Obscene Videos

I saw Imus for the first time on the evening news tonight

Tragedy: Johnny Cash Home Burned To The Ground

So I had dinner with my parents... (George Soros)

If you were a cop, from the point of your personal safety, would you rather arrest a __________

I accept the Imus apology

Why doctors and medical facility owners say they want single payer HC

Giuliani off the mark on grocery costs

Pelosi may visit Iran next

Gallup vs. Rasmussen: why the big difference?

The Return of TOM DASCHLE

Jon Tester working on the farm

John Edwards MoveOn Town Hall Meeting 4/10/07

PLEASE!! Try to Understand The Bush Administration. It's For Your Own Good.

Spy Chief Wants Expanded Powers - MSNBC

Wolfowitz email backfires (Guardian)

Edwards/Richardson, Obama/Richardson, Clinton/Richardson - Richardson is the best VP

Bill Maher coming up on Scarborough to discuss Imus

Gas: a pictoral summation

Memo To All Biggots Every Where: Stop Blaming "Political Correctness" For Your Inability To Adjust

Top story of the day - We did this.

Bill Maher is talking such bull I can't stand it.

Rove, Cheney, Gonzales, Bush are loving this Imus coverage

Why aren't R. Limbaugh, Glen Beck getting the blowback Imus is?

Saying goodbye, instead of hello - the scent of a woman, war and peace

Let's discuss Imus or Anna Nicole or ANYTHING besides how badly the Iraq fiasco is going

As Vermont Considers IMPEACHMENT...


Brian Schweitzer: We'll have 100,000 troops in Iraq until we stop importing oil

A Very Pissed Off Monkeyman

Don't be too hard on Imus

Olbermann on Imus (from Dan Patrick's radio show today)

Flame if you must. RE: Imus

Tort Deform – One Example of How the GOP Uses Disinformation to Drum up Support for their Policies

DUer Larisa Alexandrovna (lala_rawraw) at her Blog: Biopsy Came Back Clean

Randi asked a great question today: "Why go after Imus now? Why now?"

Instead of the "Pull the Troops from Iraq" argument, how about "re-deploy to Afghanistan before..."

Have you ever been accused of saying something racist?

Castro accuses Bush of protecting accused bomber


Computer file transfer question

Angry Soldier

Highway Blogger Strikes Again!

Economic Report: Unions Have Improved Economic Conditions For All Workers

One thing overlooked in this budgetary showdown between Bush and

Republican who probed Clinton White House hits at Democrats for House investigations

President Cuckoo Banana's & the Veto of Doom!

We saw a convoy of Sand colored jeeps, humvees & trucks on the interstate today.

Political Ad

Gilchrest Seeking White House Deal on Iraq

Well, My, My, My, Look Who's Jumped Ahead Of Biden. Richardson, Kucinich, & Dodd:

Indulge Yourself: What Would You Do If bu$h ACTUALLY Got Impeached AND Convicted?

Right Wing Uses Cropped Photo To Downplay Size Of Iraq Protest

Notes on the issues from Bill Richardson's campaign website:

What happens when the DOJ refuses to release additional Documents?

John Edwards to deliver keynote address at New England College

National LGBT Leaders Endorse John Edwards For President

Period 6: February 1, 2007 (The surge or troop escalation) through today's date.

So What Is A Feminazi? Why is Edwards A Fag?......

He's King Midas in reverse ...

Kerry's debate with Gingrich is on C-span now

FREE D.C.!!!

Edwards Campaign Isn't Afraid to Dis Fox News ("not a legitimate objective source of news")

Marius Penczner is Back with Edwards (WP blog)

Joe Conason: A Dubious Kind Of Leadership (Giuliani)

I'm SO sick of seeing "journalists" getting more outraged at the thought that one of their own might

Conservatives begin cracking on Iraq bill

MSNBC (and CBS) ... here's a chance for you to do the right thing

No Winners We now have some PDFs you can download, print and copy to hand out at rallies etc.

USC Students Sit-In To Protest Sweatshop University Clothing

If Al Sharpton had used a vicious pornographic slur against Laura Bush

Shocking Graphic!!!

CEO Pay Charts 1990 - 2005

Fire Imus and Rally for Women's Sports (I thought the team interview

Some in G.O.P. Express Worry Over ’08 Hopes

Am I the only one who sees the irony in the story about a group of young black female

3 Generals Spurn War 'Czar' Position

Can Bush use a signing statement to approve the military bill but block the time table

My prediction on the Imus incident

Bill Richardson's Plan for Iraq - - Could he be more clear?

Impeachment: Why Stop At Bush? (

How I knew things were changing in my community....

Kucinich Sends Letters to CEOs of 7 Major Oil Companies. (Gas expected $4/gallon CA etc)

Kerry and Gingrich Face Off on Climate Change

Bush to Democrats: Agree with me (meeting on funding)

3 Generals Spurn the Position of War 'Czar'

MAUREEN DOWD: Daddies in a Panic, and Mommy, Too

West Point grads exit service at high rate

Brent Budowsky: Richard Cohen Lied In Today's Washington Post

Iraqis Finally Unite—Against the U.S. (by Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

Have We Switched Sides on the War on Terror? (Are we with the terrorists now?)

If You Can’t Read, George, Try Television

The Plame Blame Game

In The Name Of The Constitution: Military Dad Fights Religious Right

Medicare Policy Keeps Door Shut on Disabled


Recipe For The Republic Depends On Diluted Power; Not Bush Rule

Introducing Smoking Politics. And Our Mission To End The Right Wing Strategy Of Fear and $mear

The FBI's terrorism trade-off

Novak's Name Surfaces in Watergate Papers

Jeffrey Sachs: Bursting at the Seams (1st of the BBC Reith Lectures)

Rulers and the ruled: Dangerous disconnect

Protectionism, Patsies and Pussies

Six Crises in Search of an Author

Military spending to retain troops skyrockets. $1 billion spent on bonuses for soldiers, Marines .

A Black Mark (WaPo Ed. Gets Religion)

Time: America's Broken-Down Army

NYT: Rare Protests at Brigham Young Over a Planned Cheney Appearance

Report: FBI’s focus on fighting terrorism has left fewer agents to fight white collar crime

They should be worried! NY Times

Icing on the capitulation cake

AP Photographer Still Held in Iraq

Re: Cancer rates among Iraqi children

Reporter recalls the layers of truth told in Iraq (Borzou Daragahi-LA Times)

Diplomacy Works Better Than Bombs

David Sirota: The Great Labor Shortage Lie (

The Imus Affair is About Apartheid in Media (Brent Budowsky)

"Ghetto Nation" --A Journey into the Land of Bling and the Home of the Shameless..

'Surging' Toward Failure in Iraq (by Robert Parry at Consortium News)

Matt Taibbi: Campaign Journalism Is Back, More Evil Than '04

The Bushevik Importance of Embracing Failure

Pelosi unauthorized on foreign policy

Maureen Dowd: Daddies in a Panic, and Mommies, too

Germany: The drinkable beer criris

Greenhouse gas study says 1 pct from NYC - AP

Photovoltaic System to Power 40% of Fresno Airport's Power Consumption

States in U.S. Reach Renewable Energy Milestone

Biofuels, Fossil Fuels & the Greenhouse Gas Factor

Little time left on global warming - study

Feds clueless on global warming impacts: experts (Canada)

Automakers: State regulations won't fight global warming

Caldicott on nukes, again.

Sunshine state (CA) looks to pass bill meant to reduce global warming (SUV tax)

Joe Bartlett's solar-energy exemption bill passed at 11th hour (MD)

Governor's plan would require polluters to pay (Maine)

Sea’s Rise in India Buries Islands and a Way of Life

crosspost: ** TAKE ACTION ** Support California's Cloned Food Labeling Act

Environmental Blog

Thank you to everyone who helped me plant trees

Sea’s Rise in India Buries Islands and a Way of Life

Denmark seeks biofuel solutions (BBC) {1st, 2nd generation, sustainability}

Peak Soil: Cellulosic ethanol, biofuels unsustainable and a threat to America

Ethanol in the kitchen?

Hydrogen fuel cell bus hits the street (CT)

Galapagos Islands 'facing crisis' (BBC)

Warming could damage Arctic, release frozen waste - Reuters

India: The edible oil crisis

Why Must Nuke-Power Lemmings Again Flock To The Radioactive Seas?

funky question regarding sea rise...

Eves Overtaking Adams: Number Of Wars In Future Expected To Decline

The Next Big Thing. (alternative fuel and its hype)

Palestinian minister seeks $1.3 billion in aid

Egypt uncovers Gaza border tunnels, arrests Palestinian

Pelosi's father and the Holocaust

Israel rejects Hamas list of prisoners to be exchanged for Shalit

Syrian-American to brief Israeli MPs on secret talks with Syria

Apr 11, 2:16 PM (ET) On Video: Palestinian As Human Shield

RHP Audits Ohio's Mid-Term Election

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 4/11/07-Whipping Up The Fear Of Voter Fraud

Bush Admin Commits Fraud Reporting On Voter Fraud

EAC Releases STatement Today, Wants to be More Careful in Researching Voting

EDS opens global center in China

This is one vote Edwards never had (The Neighbor)

The FBI's terrorism trade-off

Iraq situation 'ever worsening'

Outspoken Social Security critic gets key role in administering it

Ukraine leader rethinks poll move

Huffman energy, agriculture bills advance

Outrage at India menstrual form

Citigroup to hack 17,000 jobs

Democracy Nows Inside Story On The Forged Niger Docs.

DU this BBC Live Earth Poll that relates to climate change.

Some in G.O.P. Express Worry Over ’08 Hopes

Venezuela court clears possible extradition of alleged coup plotter from Colombia

Iraqi women forced to dress traditionally

Lawsuit filed against TYC

Suicide bomber hits Western troops in Afghan south

White House seeks "czar" to oversee wars: report

2 shot at Chicago high school

Signs of water seen on planet outside solar system

Sea’s Rise in India Buries Islands and a Way of Life

3 Generals Spurn War 'Czar' Position

After 30 years, another push to relax pot laws

(Bill) Gates to Join Simonyi in Space?

Democrats setting veto trap for Bush

Army Reserve falters on recruitment

Dean on mission to Denver

Taliban Release Body of Journalist Seized in Afghanistan Last Month

Castro accuses Bush of protecting accused bomber (Reuters)

Iran May Be Helping Iraqis Build Bombs

Cuban rapper: Fight the injustice

Apr 11, 2:16 PM (ET) On Video: Palestinian As Human Shield

Two Canadian soldiers reported killed in Afghanistan

McCain pleads for patience in Iraq

Report: Hezbollah says rearming, preparing for summer war with Israel

Congressional investigators question Justice Dept. aide

Menu Foods again widens pet food recall

Shirlington Limousine sues as DHS decides to cut it out

White House bucks Crist on national insurance

Gates announces longer tours in Iraq

A.G.'s Statement Dropping Duke Rape Case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 11

MSNBC - Imus Fired!

US military says 2 soldiers killed in separate incidents in Baghdad

Neglect blamed for Walter Reed woes

Senate Set To Pass Stem Cell Bill

Obama: Fire Imus Obama First White House Contender to Call for Imus Firing Over Racial Slur

Gunmen kill senior Iraqi official in Baghdad

Pakistan warns U.S. against critical legislation

Oil giant supports greenhouse gas curbs

In Alabama, Giuliani Calls Confederate Flag a Local Issue

Red Cross: Iraqi Situation Getting Worse (Mothers Appeal For Bodies To Be Picked Up From Streets)

Prosecution to begin its corruption case against Ford (DLC chairman's uncle)

Stroudsburg (PA) station fires host for repeating Imus’ slur

U.S. military says Iran helping Iraq

Red Cross warns of 'ever-worsening' crisis for Iraqi civilians

Roadside bomb targets MND-B patrol (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Ex-President Toledo to return to Peru to face fraud charges

US frees 55 million dollars in military aid to Colombia

Poll: Despite Pundits' Claims, Americans Evenly Divided on 'Defunding' War

Iran shows pictures of 'tortured' diplomat

Explosion rocks Algerian capital

Army tours in Iraq to be extended, Gates says

3 generals spurn war ‘czar’ post

Edwards On Imus Spat: 'I Believe In Forgiveness'

Ford CEO apologizes after joke on Bush blows up

(Rep. D )Holt wants answers from FBI on anthrax

Rare Protests at Brigham Young Over a Planned Cheney Appearance

Former Senator Fred Thompson in Remission for Lymphoma

E-mails may aid Katrina homeowners' case

Senate Passes Stem-Cell Measure Without Veto-Proof Majority

Don Imus gone from MSNBC

Canada offers forum for lecturer barred from U.S.

Pope Says Evolution Can't Be Proven

Probe: Marines used excessive force

Iraq: Sadrists threaten to leave gov't(could collapse Maliki's already perilously weak government)

Galapagos Islands 'facing crisis'

When The Man Comes Around

Let us now praise oblique strategies

someone let me know when its safe to go back to GD

Doc, it hurts when I do this with my neck (pic)

Outsource your insults!!1!

dang, i just googled hubby, he's like this: economist, scholar, geographer, leading authority...

Who else is on Spring break right now, and how are you spending your time?

Who the hell is up at this ungawdly hour

I just counted 27 threads in GD about Imus

That's it - I'm removing all incentives posted for anyone who locked the "Please Remove" thread

Dupe, Sorry

i think men should volunteer for euthanasia to prevent misogyny

Check out my new "Chimpy" tune...

where should i go?

Happy birthday Arkana & AzDar!!

I hate it ...

Most disgusting Easter candy ever?

I am such a baby

Ronald McDonald wants to kill you

For my "Beast" post: Give someone who needs it a hug!

If Bush had been in Hitler's place, he'd have annexed Australia

I am addicted to COFFEE. Are you addicted to anything?

My dogs beg me to stay home and play

Everything I post is a secret call-out of another DUer

Alert on this thread

Just a little sick fun from "Milkman Dan"

They're heeeeeer!

My mind is thoroughly in the gutter

I love it when old women call me by mistake

If you're a Rick Wakeman fan you'll LOVE this one!

Does anyone here take migraine meds that have few or no side effects?

Woo-Hoo, I Just Made My 8000th Post! Tell Me Something Cool!

Standing like Captain Morgan while naked in front of your wife without being noticed.

Gimmie a sweet message to text to my girlfriend

A toast to alcohol

Standing like Captain Crunch while naked in front of your wife without being noticed.

So when half your department is looking for another job,

The new live Frank Zappa release, "Buffalo," is ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' AWESOME.

That's it - I'm never posting in any threads about pet food EVER again

So, how much money do you need to make to make up for physical flaws?

hey kids! if you're gonna go on a crime spree, don't post evidence on your myspace page!

side by side restrooms (in the workplace)

I'm about to order flowers with a debit card. Which way is safer?

so I'm on the bus this morning...

"Love me, love my (Fill in the blank)" - Play along

Lottery scam emails-- from Europe and China... ARGH!

I absolutely freaking HATE cubicle e-mail traffic.

So I just almost put a teabag in my mouth

"We're gonna rock on to...

Dream analysis time....

"I don't know what to think of this..." WARNING: Rant!

Anyone up for a kind of fun, harmless chain letter?

Two Killed in Road Rage Incident This Morning in Maryland

Yikes! (Running Oceana Falls on the Tallulah)

I wouldn't say it's snowing like hell outside...

I'm lost. I keep going through the same Duke lacrosse thread in GD

Things you should not do on a pogo stick:

IE now has tabbed browsing, so why do i often still have three windows open?

I have a friggin' lung infection

Tell the lounge your parent's favorite phrase...

GD is crazy with Imus/Lacross, but this is even nuttier!

Are You A Creature Of Habit

Panda abortion?

Is it Illegal to falsify a birth certificate

See the family resemblance?

Do you use Skype? For phone? For chat? For both?

Man Cuts Off His Tongue To Please Hindu Goddess

Metatarsal Stress fracture DAMMIT!

Disneyland pics. (((picture heavy)))

Calling Out Skinner!! ....

Naked Sushi Arrives on the Shores of America

The Dr. Ruth of the Muslim World - 'Have more sex'.

Let it rain, let it rain....

Kitten Tease

Buying groceries, two women talking about global warming


So if I say that I'm not a lesbian does that make me a lesbian?

Everyone here is INSANE!

For those who gave me a pep talk and suggestions yesterday... thanks!

(A different) Top Gear USA ??

My 18 month old nephew loves me.

Bad director, Good film.

the greatest scene in the West Wing redubbed!

Do Not Remove

Congratulations kgfnally!! 10,000 posts

What kind of comedy are you dealing with right now?

googling a new bf/gf

Anyone know if Oasis's 'Champagne Supernova' a cover?

Breaking: Imus is a boner

I made marble cake

I heard a great nickname for the O'Lielly Factor on Malloy last night

A million ways to spend your time...

Bush joke

Name the Buffy episode

I've brought The Lounge to GD

Ladies: if your SO owed the mafia money & lent them your home to make a porno and didn't tell you

Congratulations seabeyond!! 25,000 posts

As seen on TV

This is just the worst Spring!

The Dukes of Hazard is on, that has to be the

Work sucks

Saudis Skating on the Highway in only sandals. This is NUCKING FUTS!!!!

So, I survived my trip....who actually missed me?

Post a video that would make your SO love you even more than they already do...

"Top Design" finale, "Shear Genius" premiere...

My families experience with racists on Easter

Ah yes

"Champaign for: The Diva."

You are totally aware that I'm, like, Californian, right?

Anyone here familiar with elderlaw?

For sure

Hannidate worked for me!!11!11!1!

ok, i'm glued to the computer tonight

Stem cell research help needed....

Three song miniconcerts.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/11/2007)

Who else got SNOW overnight?

Do you tell your SO everything of importance your child tells you?

Anything to do in San Francisco?

5 year old throws a computer chair down stairs....

What is the top part of Brie Cheese made from?

Hello from Austin, Texas.


Do you ever make a total ass out of yourself?

Frijoles Negros!!

DU this poll

Breaking MSNBC picks Stephanie Miller to replace Don Imus


The world would be a better place without:

You ever just feel like an idiot at work once in a while?

A Song for KoolZip - Sad Eyes by Robert John

Requesting good vibes for my darling daughter....

Going to see Charlie Louvin tonight

Things that you can do with one finger:


A Lady and her Monkey.

Anyone else feel embarrassment after editing a post?

The Atheist's Worst Nightmare: A Banana! From - must see

What Do Dog Owners Think of the "Dog Whisperer"?

Good director, bad film

Do you have a favorite Super Hero?

Post pictures of your dream car

We had a wedding cake tasting yesterday

I need to rant about this Don Imus/Al Sharpton crap for a minute...

Worst Star Trek Episode

My wife went to Seattle and all I got was lousy rain

Child-free/Child-less people.....I'd like to know if you've ever regretted your decision?

Fuck. I think he's a republican.

"If it's not Scottish, it's crap."

Sex Offenders Test Churches' Core Beliefs

Harsh Words For Sissy Christians

Getting Past Barriers to Communication. A Discussion about Having Good Discussions.

(San Diego) Calif. Diocese Threatened With Contempt

The Moneychangers In The Temple: A Banking Parable

Why don't they control time?

Why don't they call?

Pope says science too narrow to explain creation

M theory odds of life predict God over chaos.

Sen. Feingold floor Statement on Iraq Funding bill 4/10/07

Floor speech today - 11:45am

No surprise: Freepers and Red State throw Newt under the bus post-debate

The Main Stream Media reporting on the Gingrich-Kerry debate : from the worst to the best.

ON DU: Sam Fox headed group running ads against Pelosi

That's a wonderful thread going on out there in GD right now about Sen. Kerry

Some Boston praise for Senator Kerry.

Does anybody know why some Dems voted for S.30

C-Span 3 History programming: Exxon Valdez hearings (Chrd. by Kerry)

"Kerry and Gingrich Hugging Trees -- and (Almost) Each Other"

Just found this WONDERFUL post from January about John Kerry

Have any Dems said anything about the Imus incident?

BARACK OBAMA - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall Meeting- Full Video

Bring Our Troops Home Now Bush

Where is the Love President Chimp

For The American Workers I Want My Country Back

Dear Mr. President Stop

TPM TV - April 11, 2007: Intro to TPM Media

Another one Bites the Dust (Island dies)

April 28th, National Impeach Bush Day

Impeach the Butcher

Thank You Cindy - Camp Casey Easter 2007

U.S. Delegation Crosses Koreas Border

One in Ten Million say the Surgeons

Do you believe there is something after this life ?

Johnny and June Cash's house has burned down. Nothing is left.

The Liberal Media ignores the GOOD things that came out of the Iraq War

Marcy Wheeler - "bcc: Karl Rove"

DU this BBC Live Earth Poll that relates to climate change.

Jesus Christ Returns

Spicy mango, hot melon, spicy lime & hot chocolate alcohol "Spykes": aimed at teens?

Who the Fuck is Steve Abudato

Text message sent to a random phone number leads to a wedding.

One question on John Edwards' Town Hall statements

Bodies lie in Baghdad street after US and Iraqi troops battle gunmen

My neighbors came over to visit today after work

== Your Shiny Happy Discount Death = By Mark Morford

Virtual Town Hall:See What the Candidates Said

Fatigue threatens air safety, NTSB says

WJ this morning: Pres v Congress-Compromise on Iraq?

"Surge" now brings over 3 coalition deaths a day. Highest rate since 'Mission Accomplished'

Robert Fisk: Divide and rule - America's plan for Baghdad

China blasts US over WTO piracy complaint; threatens to kill pets

For F8cks's Sake please...I beg more Imus!!!! AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH.

When punk rocker's cleanser comes up dirty in drug test, soap maker gets him a lawyer.

YOU ARE not going to believe this if you are following the USAs scandal

Color Me Wrong ... Tell Me Again For Whom Is USA Fighting ...

Poll: Majority wants Gonzales OUT


If Bush vetoes troop funding

Producer for Katie Couric Fired -- For Lifting from 'Wall St Journal'

It's not just Imus but, it's about Talk Radio as a Whole

It's official: Bush has gone nuts


Barry Lynn blasts the 'religious' Right

Justice Department Looks Set to Fight Subpoenas (TPM/Washington Post Page A1)

Iraqi mother and son killed in crossfire

John McCain, the Red Cross report is proof that

He said it "without malice in his heart," and Coach Stringer

Watershed moment for Climate Change

Good Morning!

You might be a fundie if...

Giuliani Clueless On Cost Of Bread Or Milk: I gotta admit--- so am I.

Rightwinger's comment left on a youtube video I posted of Rumsfeld flipping off reporters:

No Cutting in Line for Puget Sound Ferries (but check out who did...)

Birthing the Electra-Net / Plug-ins as storage

Palast Comes out w 2 New Chapters for Paperback

Sacramento Bee: Test Your Knowledge With Bush-Era Trivia Contest (Funny)

why we must attack Iran


Bush seeks WAR CZAR for Iraq, Afghanistan wars

Iraqi Shias burn US flags on regime fall anniversary

We all know who the real "Ho's" are.

DU just got a big hit on........

Suppose Bush announced the withdrawal of US troops in Iraq

Harry Reid: Bush Smackdown - Gives Shrub Civics Lesson 101

World Bank leader (Paul Wolfowitz) in anti-graft hotseat

The Main Stream Media reporting on the Gingrich-Kerry debate on global climate crisis

Greg Palast: Rove Tries to Bury A White House Gone Wild

Tom Harkin talking of Embyonic stem cell Bill now on cspan1. He is

Republicans are victims of the "Stockholm Syndrome"

Der Mittenfuhrer wants to expand military by another 100,000

3,292 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

The Menu Foods dog food recall, they're ALL the same

Menu Foods CFO sold shares right before pet food recall

CNN: Fred Thompson has Lymphoma

Bush Practices Recycling - Using the troops over and over again.

Family deported, father had been here 20 years, mother 14 years, & 3 kids

Baghdad's Firdus Square in pictures 4 years apart

Stop Shopping … or the Planet Will Go Pop

When you feel that times really suck, and things are terrible,

Washington Journal: US News reports gross disparity in VA benefits for Iraq ground forces

Yay me, I'm living the American dream...

Would somebody PLEASE just fuck IMUS so that we can get on with it.


(Bill) Gates to Join Simonyi in Space?

Glenn Greenwald: A light bulb goes off on the Washington Post editorial page

Far from the CIA scandal, Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson settle into Santa Fe

The Next Chapter of the Attorney Scandal-Senators Expand Inquiry (The Nation)

Helen Thomas vs Perino @ Presser: 911tied to Iraq

Army Reserve falters on recruitment

Big laughs last year about Bush torturing Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison on Imus

McCain says the Democrats are being reckless on Iraq

I had my CT earlier today

I'm pretty sure we have many blackwater mercenaries in Iraq today

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Anyone Listening to Sam?

looks like the Bushies are back at Iran War Propaganda

Everyone here is INSANE!

How is there NOT a draft by now?

What is the single best website for news?

Scandal Limo Co. Owner Speaks (Shirlington)


DUers: Do you have job security?

The Newt/Kerry Climate Warming Debate Should Serve As A Model

"Leave it to Mitt Romney to shoot himself in the foot with a gun he doesn’t own."

Does the US need foreign election monitors in 08?

Iranian support for Sunni groups---tooo funny

NYT: (Federal) Panel Said to Alter Finding on Voter Fraud

c-span 11:30 edt maverick mccain at vmi

Here's a 3 hour idea MSNBC...

Cindy Sheehan And "For The Honor Of Old Purdue"? Not Quite.

Politico's Smith: Fox can now "confirm to its viewers" that Dems are "cowards

The Atheist's Worst Nightmare: A Banana! From - must see

Anyone watch McCain's news conference?

Pioneering Welsh town begins the transition to a life without oil

The problem was WHO said it

Poll: More Americans Favor Congress Withholding Funds In Face Of Veto

what will Bush do if Democrats don't give him money to continue Iraq War?

(last post on FR, I swear) Freepers complain about education, correct each other on spelling

c-span - wh press briefing starting

It was Irony

Producer: PBS dropped 'Islam vs. Islamists' on political grounds

Ah,geez, just heard the new RW talking point for the day on CSPAN

Democracy Nows Inside Story On The Forged Niger Docs.

Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes said that the Rutgers women's basketball team acted like victims

Be honest...Have you watched the Imus show since he made his remarks?

OK now all PSYCHOS check in here.

Oil showdown looms with Venezuela's Chávez

Local Soldier Killed In Iraq - Total now at 3292 and counting....

Multiple Insurgencies in Iraq with video, by Larry Johnson

Americans Don't Trust McCain's View On Iraq

San Francisco Chronicle Raises Questions About Gen. Abizaid's Role In Pat Tillman Scandal

Question about Stanley Goldenberg, NOAA meteorologist who dismisses Gore.

"We also know that training still is being conducted in Iran for insurgent elements"

Larry Hagman is SELF-centered

Will John Sununu Help President Bush Veto Stem Cell Cures?

Why is there a different standard for TV vs radio when it comes to racism?

Christian Newswire: :"Don Imus Needed Jesus! Receives Unforgiving Race Baiting Extortionist Spiel"

Oh, the hypocracy!

Tonight on Countdown

Yet Another "Sleeper Cell."

Two books all pet owners should read about pet food

This will help things...

Humanitarian situation in Iraq worsening: Red Cross

Should we set up one of those flower deals for Imus?

What happened to CNN's outrage over Glenn Beck"s racist remarks

Lynn Samuels (Sirius Left), just slammed Randi.

Anybody watching C-SPAN2 Senate Session on Stem Cells?

Military spending to retain troops skyrockets Bonuses for soldiers, Marines top $1 BILLION

NYPD Intelligence Op Targets Dot-Matrix Graffiti Bike

BREAKING!!!! Fred Thompson Says He Has Cancer

Where would Illinois and SC lie on a map of the state of evolution education in the US?

Anybody ever have their cable box freeze?

LAT: Treating war's 'silent injury'

Recruiting National Guard troops can lead to payouts; recruiter set to make $94K in bonuses

Gates Press Conference on MSNBC re extended deployments

so a story in WaPost was scrubbed about finding an ERP plant in Iraq

Gates, and Gen. Pace on cspan2 news conf (extension of troops deployment)

Dutchman accused of genocide over deaths of 5000 Iraqis - How many has Bush had killed?

Imus and Sanjaya discuss the parentage of Dani Lynn.

Army tours in Iraq to be extended, officials say

McCain policy speech starting on cspan2 now: link here

Romney's Dirty Donors

TOON: America's Favorite Pastime

Move to shore up Hamdan appeal may bring it back to SC; Stevens, Kennedy targeted for persuasion

Citizens Must Step Up To Stop Global Warming

Thank you to everyone who helped me plant trees

How would you, as a parent, evaluate this school?

Should Imus quit helping sick black kids at his ranch?

Need info on accessibility for disabled people

Florida Legislature Forces University To Idolize Jeb Bush

Cuban rapper: Fight the injustice

There is climate change censorship

Doonesbury!! Day 3 of the Vermont impeachment series...

Obama slams McCain for making stuff up about his little stroll through a Baghdad market

IRS-related question

anyone have experience ousting an exec dir?


Love Your Enemies......................

Please realize many of us do not live in the states and sometimes have no idea of whom or what...

Does Smerconish think Fred Thompson should stay home with his two young children?

Plant some trees. Save the world.

cspan 2 - Norm Coleman teaching "science"

So WTF is a War Czar?

Something for perspective and respite...

McCain is becoming Bush 2.0

And you thought Patriot Act II was something! Spy chief wants expanded powers.

Col. Jack Jacobs- "I don't know what they're smoking up at the White House, but it sure isn't legal"

Are Iraqi Women Becoming Mexican 'Adelitas'?


Let Duke be a lesson to us. I had these 4 innocent men convicted in my mind 30 years ago too

Newsweek: Before Iraq war 30,000 physicians registered - now there are 8,000

Group Now Smearing Pelosi Was Led By Swift Boat Funder Sam Fox

Anyone watching DiFI on CSpan 1

Now that combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq are going to be 15 months long,

Desperation from a Boston Globe columnist: "Cheney the grandfather gets it right"

Syria to Pelosi: "Please let us prepare for the future."

(MN) Lawmaker: If the people in my district had voted for slavery ... I would have voted for it

Novak: Deal in the works for Supplemental Appropriations Bill

If you didn't get to see Katrina vanden Heuvel on Colbert:

Pesticide maker sees profit when others see risks

How is our no C.A.R.B diet going??

Al Franken on Larry King tonight

A few questions going round in my head


Gen Zinni on hardball

Ford CEO said Bush Hydrogen snafu was a JOKE!

Such a Purty Face ---pix--->>>

Did Rove Want Wisconsin U.S.A. on Purge List?

FBI Wants You to Keep an Eye Out for WMD

A Mahdi Army *splinter group* says that Iranians are training Iraqis????

Armstrong Williams is back on MSNBC as a talking head

Red Cross on Iraq getting worse: "mothers appealing for someone to pick up the bodies on the street"

These two photos on This Modern World tell all about Iraqi hearts and minds MUST-SEE

Who is Behind the Pelosi Smears??

Right Wing Uses Cropped Photo To Downplay Size Of Iraq Protest

John McCain, Failure Czar 2.0

Edwards interviewed on the Imus controversy::


What Day Are Taxes Due?

Note to my son: If you're at a college party with a bunch of drunk guys, and they bring in strippers

The last blogger on Earth to write about Don Imus

Norm Coleman (R, Gutless Coward) cuts and runs from Paulose

Can you think of one thing that will unite us defeat this scourge that runs us?

FLASHBACK: Shredding with Dick (Was the WH getting ready for the Dem win in Nov?)

Who is the most delusional talking head?

Town officials ban sale of alcohol-spiked malt liquor - Anheuser-Busch

Imus willl no longer be carried by MSNBC

Former NAACP head and current director of CBS Corp. says Imus must go

Pelosi: Extending Tours of Duty Is an Unacceptable Price for Our Troops and Their Families

Government lawyers' membership in GOP group seen as inappropriate

Our old friend, HOWARD FINEMAN. Where is MWO when we need them?

Pope says evolution can't be proven...

Sons and Daughters

FYI: General Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, American Express, and DiTech...

KC Star columnist attacks Rutgers team...

We literally are having a blizzard here in Wisconsin .

To keep recruiting up, US military spends more

MSNBC Will No Longer Simulcast Imus Program

Imus will be on Satellite next month

Orrin Hatch just admitted, on the Senate floor, the repukes are going to LOSE in '08.

With all this talk of Imus, what about his nasty sidekick, McGuirk?

Why are they going after Imus NOW? He's said disgusting things for 30 years!

Bush admin unable to find anyone to accept "War Czar" job

Obama Calls For Imus Firing...

New legislation in N.C. would roll back the "open discovery" law that

Buzzflash: The Bushevik Importance of Embracing Failure

Oh no, Johnny Cash's home is burning to the ground!!!!

Let them follow us here, George.

McCain Campaign Cutting Back on Staff

My Brother's Tour Of Duty Was Extended To 15 Months Today

The Great Labor Shortage Lie

S.30 would only allow research on embryos that died naturally....

Ed Schultz is SMARTER than I ever thought...Great Comments about Imus on MSNBC!

West Coast Alert: heartbreaking story on ABC News

Sen. Dodd: "The Bush/McCain Doctrine is not succeeding, it is failing."

Report: Over Half Of Children In India Sexually Abused

Breaking: Imus is a goner

Boy, The Gas Guys Are Getting Greedy. Up 8 Cents Overnight.

Job Performance Questions: Ever Been Pregnant? - When Was Your Last Period?

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Thank You Cindy - Camp Casey Easter 2007

Imus say I wish we'd move on to something else.

The Imus firing had NOTHING to do with the racist remarks; it had to do with the money

So let me ask you this....Does anybody here really think that

Fraud, identity theft, and civil rights investigations by the FBI are plummeting

WTF is Armstrong Williams doing on MSNBC commenting?

Scientists Study Memory Loss Among Politicians

Conservative Brigham Young Students Protest Cheney Speech: "This Is A Morally Dubious Man"

I sure hate it when I agree with Tucker

self deleted

Have you seenthe new DNC ad? I think they did a good job!

President George W. Bush supports stem-cell research and will proudly sign it into law.

US-British War on Terror Backfires: Think Tank

Why are Armstrong Williams and (yesterday) Tom Delay on my teevee?

Senate passes stem cell research bill...BUT!

Why did I get a second "CNN Email Breaking News Alert" for this?

The media is in defense mode for their own Little Emperor.

Imus fired Syd Rosenberg when he said of a breast cancer

Did anyone else notice that Craig Crawford

so is imus our blonde bimbo de'jour?.....n/t

Who can create a website called

Email from Hillary to Rutgers Women's Basketball Team

Reid: Lengthened Tours in Iraq Yet Another Example of Bush's Failed War Strategy

Edwards, Hillary, and Obama on Imus--WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!?!

Here's Ava's Camp Casey movie!

Israel scrambles jets to escort U.S. airliner

"If it's alive, do you bury it?" Brownback called frozen embryos, 'HUMAN LIFE' and I, for one, am

Please lend me YOUR fave protest photos.

Now we should give rush limbaugh the imus treatment.

How do you think DU does discussing matters of Race?

VA Research Finds Drug Helps PTSD Nightmares

Hey, remember the Mom who got in the high-speed chase

"People Are Pushing ... Everywhere For Impeachment" Update On WA State - Senate Debate Thursday

If the MSM put as much effort into impeaching Bush as they do Imus, we'd have a new president by now

Nifong was stupid

Did something happen with MSNBC and the Imus Show?

EMail Campaign? How do we contact Capus?

Florida Legislature forces university to idolize Jeb Bush

Obama's game of chicken revisited

Sharpton on MSNBC now saying that tomorrow he will protest outside CBS.


The Truth About Imus

Tell Your Senators to Vote Yes on Expanding Stem Cell Research

The Constant Images of "Anna-Nicole" bumping and grinding with her baby's daddy in question

Robert Johson who made Billions off" Black Entertaiment TV "portraying Blacks as 'Ho's and Pimps'

What's happening to the bees?

Steve Capus, Pres. of NBC News Division Blames Imus Firing on his Employees

ok to send a citizen's signing statement with my 1040?

Just saw a truck being blown up on CNN

One Less Ugly Mo-FO on TV

Yes, Imus defenders, there are two standards. Get over it.

Wal-Mart Threatens Woman bought Tainted Pet Food to Dump

"If you are in marketing or advertising, kill yourself"

This is one vote Edwards never had (The Neighbor)


What is Nancy Grace the judge , the prosecutor , the jury and God doing today?

MSNBC: Imus is dumped and Hillary has YET to comment!

Sharpton just said that "PERSONAL" conversations IMUS has had have come to light...

Blatant racism on's homepage again

A ski slope in Dubai? And gas is $3.35 a gallon? (Dialup Warning)

Suggestion to MSNBC: Replace Imus with Sam Seder!

Speaker Pelosi on the Today Show, Tonight Show with Jay Leno


REPORTER MUST ASK BUSH: If Dems cut off war money, will you leave troops in Iraq until last bullet?

** TAKE ACTION ** Support California's Cloned Food Labeling Act

Subject: If this happened to Imus, then it should happen to Rush and Bill-o

Are you getting involved in Imus and related discussions?

Edwards works shift at nursing home

If you can afford to bet, put something on the John Edwards for the

ATTN Journalists: Her name is CLINTON.

Who impacts news more than CNN, NYT, Yahoo, etc? AP exec who fired reporter over Leahy.

Iranian diplomat says Bush had holes drilled into his foot to make him talk

Justice in America

Dems Plot Revenge For Recess Appointments

BWAHAHAHAHA!! Mike Luckovich does it again!!!!

RE:Duke I would like to apologize

Some questions re: Ebryonic Stem Cell Research and those who oppose it.

Gates Sets 15-Month Deployments for U.S. Army Troops (Bloomberg)

A man in AZ is in quarantine by Sheriff Joe.

This country would be great if it had a president.

Why MSNBC had to fire Imus today....

The Coulter Hoax: How Ann Coulter Exposed the Intelligent Design Movement

The President & Secretary of Defense are already the "War Czars"

Richardson Would Exit Iraq By 2008

Russian General Speaks out against coming End Times War

The first time I heard Andrew Dice Clay

My ONLY take on the Imus Flap

Racial slur on sofa label stuns family

US News & World Report: Bush Pentagon and VA Cheating Iraq vets out of disability benefits

great interview with Jeremy Scahill author of, "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful

New Studies Show Organic Food has Higher Nutritional Quality

DU this poll!

Imus was just "doing" his job - comments on human nature

I'm reposting a post from yesterday. I'm tired of DUers being belittled for discussing...

On Tuesday evening we had a soldier commit suicide

Everyday is a "Fuck a Vet Day" in bu$hWorld

Russ Feingold to hold hearing TODAY on National Security Letters by the FBI

John Edwards tells us how to do it right, again

Email from Christine Jennings, District 13, Sarasota Florida

National LGBT Leaders Endorse John Edwards For President


Governors Blast Bush over National Guard Deployments: Bad for Troops, States

ok, I will admit it looks like I was completely wrong re: Duke Lacrosse players

Rudolph Giuliani Thinks Milk is "$1.50 a gallon" and Bread "about $1.25, $1.30 a loaf"

Doomsday for the greenback

N.C. Attorney General: Duke students are "INNOCENT."

I choked up big time watching the Rutgers women's basketball team press conference.

Considering the Imus debacle, maybe people should think twice now about how they refer to Hillary

What is happening to liberal talk radio ?

Ban Plastic Bags

I had a mammogram today because of Elizabeth Edwards.


Limbaugh's song, "Barack the magic negro"...Where was the outrage then?

If the accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case had been a white woman


When was the last time you saw a press conference of Black men

Bush Enamored with the Sound of His Own Voice on Iraq

The Rutgers women are the legacy of the woman who stands in the Harbor of New York

Duke Lacrosse Players' --where do they go to get their reputations back?

Holt wants answers from FBI on anthrax

Russia: U.S. still preparing cruise missile strike on Iran

Hang tough Sens. Feingold, Kerry, Reid and Leahy, Americans are getting the message on cutting funds

A Soldier made me cry today

Lee Iacocca reams out Bush...

GD in DU has become an annex of the M$M.

Two of my students are in psych wards

Check out my new "Chimpy" tune...

USA Scandal: Rove & The Statistical SMOKING GUN

Keith O Takes on Anderson Cooper

"The Rich need to be punished for being Rich"

URGENT: Help Save Baby Trevor

O'Malley Turns 105 Bills Into Law

Waxman Takes Center Stage as Chief Investigator

More partisan smears against Pelosi.

Hillary Clinton strong among Dems, two-to-one over Obama, others


"War is hell". An adviser for McCain used that quote in regard to McCain's support for the war.

CNN just reported Fred Thompson has lymphoma--evidently a treatable form of the disease

The Ballad of John McCain (apologies to CCR)

3 generals spurn war ‘czar’ post-Bush seeks overseer for Iraq, Afghanistan

Sen. Sam Brownback, Cspan 2, caller asked him a question earlier

Say It Loud: Subpoena!

Mixed emotions for Obama Supporters? Tom Daschle "Secret Sauce" of Obama's Campaign

Don't forget the "cc:"

"The gravitational pull of the bush administration"

How progressive is your Senator?

The C.B.C. Stands By Fox

"Democrat" Beats "Republican" in Presidential Poll by Eighteen Points

Brownback has lost his mind

Another Attorney General to be keeping an eye on - McCollum of FL

The business end of US, Iran ties

Ltr from Gov. Strickland (D-OH) to the dim one, RE: Nat'l Guard

How McClatchy Reporter Cracked 'AttorneyGate' Scandal

Cry Tom Delay A River: He compares himself to Holocaust victims

Obama Rakes in More Big Apple Dough

Do you think the "madame/ABC" phone logs will effect any of the candidates?

Opinion: "The Candidates On Iraq and Ending The Debacle"

Something Groovy Has Started In Phoenix, Arizona

McCain Alert: Incoming Stupidity!

Bush: I will only sign a clean bill. Does that mean that he is referring

interesting dick morris comments

"Kerry, Gingrich Debate Global Warming'

As Public Sours On Iraq War, McCain Distances Himself From Public Opinion Polls

‘The problem is this is a morally dubious man’

Why not ask Rudy a real question?

Step it Up for Peace and Planet

King: Pulling out of Iraq would boost Iran, Russia

Time for Congress to Stand Up to Bush on Recess Appointments

Senate Launches First Major Effort To Rein In Use Of National Security Letters

has Bush said EXACTLY what he doesnt like in the Dems bill??

John Edwards works the early shift at a New York nursing home

Pentagon Will Extend Tours For ALL Troops by 3 Months - ABC Breaking

Newt "realizes the conservative movement can’t continue being perceived as the Flat Earth Society"

General Motors and Sprint

Gonzales, Expect a Subpoena from the Senate on Thursday!

Hos, Imus, and Hillary

McCain: Dems Should Be More Like Obama...Obama responds

My suggestion for a "Clean Bill"

Don Imus is one of the few media figures to call for Cheney to be tried for war crimes

DU research help needed Mary Anne Mosack abstinence educator

Robert Novak predicts? deal on supplemental appropriations bill:

Have You Seen Me?

What an IDIOT!!! this discjockey is

(Laura) Ingraham walks off Hannity & Colmes

Bush needs to acknowledge WHY polls shift the way they do.

NYT article about Republicans not happy brought out a huge sentence

I don't see any spin here. Anyone?

FDL: Who’s Behind the Pelosi Smear? (what a cast of characters!)

Governors Blast Bush over National Guard Deployments: Bad for Troops, States

Salon (4/11): VA report found Walter Reed problems in 2004

What's with the ads on DU? Should we condone this crap?

Imus show called for Kucinich decapitation

Why are some making a big deal of this? Najif

Democrats turn up heat on Gonzales

I can't keep up with all the Bush administration SCANDALS - has anyone got a comprehensive list?

Hillary Clinton — playing her game

Breaking: MSNBC cancels Imus

John Edwards to speak at global warming rally Saturday in Florida (push to cut CO2 emissions 80%)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Bush Consults "With Religious Leaders" On Stem Cells

Is Tweety on vacation, ill??

Maybe *I* should apply for that job the White House can't seen to fill.

Richardson: "I Would Have No Residual Force Whatsoever"

MSNBC is dropping Imus

Did Rove Want Wisconsin U.S.A. on Purge List?

Edwards statement on extension of Army tours of duty ('disastrous policy...unconscionable')

Email from Hillary concerning Imus racist statement

Edwards Hammers McCain Speech And "McCain Doctrine Of Escalation"

Edwards announces backing of Nedra What A Pickle

Stop CEOs from Rigging the System E action

Congressional investigators probe why White House aides used GOP-sponsored e-mail accounts

GLBT for Edwards

Al Sharpton was on CNN again today talking about FCC needing to "Regulate Airwaves."

Democrats setting veto trap for Bush

I don't think Imus will survive this. TOLD YOU SO

No one wants to be bush's War CZAR

AP: Obama Calls for Imus' Firing

Does the GOP have anything to offer the country other than old white guys?

USC Threatens to Suspend and Arrest Peaceful Protesters! E action!

Micheal Smerconish: the story will BACKFIRE on the media with the constant bashing of Imus

Sen. Coleman Now Backtracking From U.S. Attorney He Once Championed

CNN's Anderson Cooper: What about all the politicians who appear on Imus' show?

Op Ed News writer says Howard Dean is chair of the DLC.

Stopping the Obama/Edwards/Clinton Charade on Iraq

Is this fair putting the former accuser's picture front and center

" You can't prove I did it, so you can't start an investigation"

Why so many horse race threads

Dem candidates w/ national media access need to STRONGLY BACK UP Pelosi NOW.

DOJ investigated Dems 84.79% of the time, surely there's no connection

WSJ seeks balance on Iraq: "It was a cool spring night, and beguilingly tranquil."

Group Now Smearing Pelosi Was Led By Swift Boat Funder Sam Fox

A salute to John Kerry....

report from the rural Red State trenches

Couric steps in it, again

All 7 of our candidates on youtube for MoveOn Town Hall

PLEASE DU this poll: Should the seal hunt be banned?

Edwards Calls for President Bush to Support Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act

Edwards Statement on McCain Iraq Speech (Congress should reject veto threat, send back same bill)

Obama's silence on Imus setting off alarms

The Hill: Chris Dodd to call on Dem candidates to embrace Feingold withdrawal bill

Talkin' bout a revolution

Follow Through. . .

Edwards Gaining Momentum In Polls...So Why Doesn't He Get

I Interviewed Helen Thomas

John Edwards Works at Westchester Nursing Home (union-sponsored program)

Peace Movement Backs Impeachment

Clinton, Obama in dead heat in Georgia, Edwards a close third

Bob Herbert follows up on the Avon Park police chief who arrested the 6 year old girl.