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Archives: April 10, 2007

Press United over Iraq ‘Tragedy’

Bob Herbert: 6-Year-Olds Under Arrest


Barack Obama Calls For Investigation Into Long Term Health Care Industry

A cheerless anniversary in a broken country

Elliott Abrams and Déjà Vu All Over Again

Laurie And Sheryl Didn't Make It Very Far Before Exxon Tried To Slash Tour Bus Tires

Bush, Defense Dept. Get 'Muzzle' Awards

NYT: Circuit (City) Breaker

Praying for the Apocalypse

The Green Issue........Vanity Fair......Links to Online Resources

wrong forum, sorry

Military database released to Peace Now shows little land seized from Palestinians to build largest

DC voters' rrights rally

"MSNBC, CBS Radio suspend Imus show"

Coalition of Immokalee Workers Wins Agreement with McDonald’s

Maine Groups Call For President's Impeachment (Maine Lawyers For Democracy)

Tainted Pet Food May Have Sickened Tens of Thousands of Cats and Dogs, Data Suggests

Senators Press for More Files on Removing Prosecutors

Coal group, feds at odds over emergency oxygen

(Representative) Baldwin calls on Congress to look into prosecution of Wis. worker (Thompson)

Public approval of Congress is rising, poll finds

McDonalds (China) to form union in first half of year

(Sen)Casey(D) to oppose bill on embryonic stem cell research

Maryland First State to Pass Living Wage

Howard doubles troop numbers to Afghanistan

Louisiana criticizes federal plan for homeowners

GOP Rep.: Ousted Republican congressional majority has secret 'Plan B' for Iraq

US expert rejects Iran nuke claims

Bush's approval ratings in N.H. on the decline

Le Pen gains as French presidential campaign starts

I did an upper-G.I. for the first time in two years.

I did an upper!

How perverse are personal problems here in the Lounge?

Crap I'm tired.

The next Stevie Ray Vaughan?

OMG, over a million views. I'm like TOTALLY famous

I WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck. I got a new cell phone and I accidentally locked the phone :(

For SouthPawKicker: Proof I was in Dallas this weekend and other random pics!!

Yes or No? MrLaraMN should go get me my damn cookie dough BLIZZARD!

For this week we have my housemates mother, aunt, sister and six children staying at the house.

Meet Sammy Davis Jr. Jr., officious seeing eye bitch.

That new diabetes meter that negates the need to prick the finger...

PUN: a Good Zombylicious Evening to you

"Roots" 30th Anniversary Presentation on TV-One

Our guys and gals should like this. Whack your boss.

Check out this photographer.

Damn, cats can be funny

"Looking back on when I was a little nappy-headed boy"

Kitty catches the bus to Fish N' Chips every morning.

Words of wisdom from Billy Ray Cyrus...

Pics from Sunday...(dialup warning)

Post a safe uninspired cultural opinion

When I got MY prostate exam it was NOTHING like this

British Cat Takes Public Transportation to Fish & Chip Shop.

I misheard something on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me

She's not a girl who misses much....(White Album...)

How the hell did I get logged out??

Fun Fact: Death Valley is higher than Mt. Denali

Geesh, you get a curio thinking you can use it to display knick knacks and such and . . .

I am sincerely concerned about important things, and lament the puerile postings of some Loungers

Sometimes they find out what their gift is early on in life


Like Dennis Leary says...

Helmet (live)- "Unsung", 1991

I am immortal like Lord Voldemort!!!1!! !!1!!!! !111!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!1111!!!

What state has the best drivers?

QUIZ: Which girl is your type?

Favorite words of wisdom from Beavis and Butthead?

Your favorite Neil Young album

The Yanks should be wearing two black arm bands.

Anyone registered at wonkette?

Did anyone else watch Olberman tonight ?

LA Times: Giuliani foes hope 9/11 changes everything

Edwards Bets on Union Support to Grab Momentum in Early Races

Can 'ethical' companies be union-busters?

G.W. Bush and Global Warming

Its Iran Nuclear National Day Woohoo!

Time To Storm The Gates Again

Richard Holbrooke on Hardball

Ok DU the truth on how the chimp Support Veterans

Why I support Barack Obama

ON KO: Man who hammered Saddham Hussein's statue regrets that

April 17th people, don't forget.

Bedbugs make a comeback in all 50 states

Don Imus a distraction from war with Iran

Bush Last Year: "The most important issue facing us today."...yeah, right...

Damn KO's producers for showing animals hurt on a daily basis!

Don Imus' new show format?... Soul Food Cooking Show

Tainted Food May Have Hurt 39,000 Pets (AP)

The Dems need to start blaming big media for the Iraq war

Just to make it clear: I don't give a shit about Don Imus. And you all know that I HATE racists more

I was asked to remove my T shirt or remove myself Part 2

Another GREAT graphic from BartCop!

Dan Abrams says FOX is using Imus' comments as a way to attack MSNBC

Senior U.S. lawmaker says he'll go back to Syria

My town made it on the Worst Person in the World...

I guess this is a real newspaper, but does this sound like Elizabeth Edwards?

update on the harp seal hunt- we can still help

John McCain: "Straight Talker" or "Straight Jacket"?

Colonel Boylan: Pig Make Up Artist Extraordinaire

Lockerbie Bombing /Movie

Good evening DUers!

White House Tells Press: Huge Anti-American Protest in Iraq Shows 'Progress'

My dream ticket for '08? Obama/Imus!

Bush v. Congress: The Looming Battle Over Executive Privilege

Stephanie Miller

Former MO US Attorney Todd Graves Revealed to Be Ninth Attorney Targeted By Alberto Gonzales (?)

Bernard McGuirk called the players Gigaboos

Is radio talker "Lionel" taking Sam Seder's slot on AAR?

AC 360 Covering Edward's Neighbor Story

New GOP Hippo Logo: Feedback PLEASE ;=D

Language. Actions. There is a difference. They are related but there is a big difference.

Phucque Imus, why can't we get Hannity, Boortz, Rush and Focks News for their Garbage?

On Sen.Carl Levin: WTF does Levin thinks folks are doing to "press" Shrub at all?

Elizabeth Edwards afraid of neighbor because he brandished a gun at surveyors

When did 24 become a comedy?

What If Imus Left Radio And T.V. & THEN Apologized?

They've got more say than the people...

Question-What is acceptable to say here on DU?

Obama on Letterman

Suicide soldier exposé - Copenhagen

Al Sharptons email box is full. [email protected] Does anyone have another address?

For any time a conservative says you don't value life, that Bush does, etc

3,288 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Darfur Genocide: New Google Earth Presentation

General Leonid Ivashov says U.S. still planning to attack Iran

NYT: Huge Protest in Iraq Demands U.S. Withdraw

New information shows tainted food may have sickened or killed 39,000 pets -- mostly cats.

NYT transcript of Don Imus on Al Sharpton's Radio Show

Katrina Vanden Heuvel really does wonders for the anti-bumper-sticker-discourse movement

Imus can only survive by throwing McGuirk overboard

ABC News and the anthrax attacks..

We interrupt Imus day for a message from your local Army Recruiter

What does Don Imus and Michael Jackson have in common?

Specter, Leahy, Feinstein and Schumer ask Justice for ALL documents related to U.S. Attorney firings

is alternet an acceptable site for info

Elliott Abrams behind Pelosi attacks?

Chemical Makers and Trial Lawyers :Over Iraq Spending Bill

Ix Indoor Amusement Park Cleveland is criminal .

Shucky Darns.. Just One Spark Away From President Pelosi !!!


NEW Daily Show on NOW!

The McCain Tragedy

CBS NEWS reports that environmental toxins are contributing to lowering Male birth rate

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Can I please get a tinee bit more DU love?

Hopefully, Don Imus will be just the beginning

Lil Abu is Toast!!

Have a look at this racist site (nappy hair)

Have you noticed any similarity between how quickly Enron & Bushco unraveled?

Okla family sort of mourns dead son in Iraq

Barack's on Letterman now

Eliot Abrahms behind the Pelosi attacks.

"Musharraf Playing the West Like a Fiddle” Alleges Benazir Bhutto

Bush loses in court AGAIN!!

Surging Toward Failure in Iraq. How Many More Deaths? Robert Parry

Discovery Hellth, speaking to diabetics, and not one word about

Apparently, you go to NewsBusters when your tinfoil hat is on too tight

Kudos to CatWoman for pointing out that Imus has nappy hair himself!

Half-Staff Flags

World Scientists: Global Warming Could Wipe Out 25% Of All Species

There are three things about this war that are problematic -

Obama says Imus comments "divisive, hurtful and offensive."

Carl Levin....Kiss My Ass. You blinked you whiney-assed bastard.

Was the two-week suspension against Imus reasonable?

Hillary Pulls Out Of Fox/CBC Debate

Woman offered strangers $500 to kidnap her 2-year-old son -- and they did.

"We'll leave when asked." (GW Bush) "Get out! Get out, occupier!"

USAF Colonels Charged for Drawing Weapons on Blackwater Personnel

chandra levy/ DC madame's black book connection?

Elizabeth Edwards afraid of neighbor

Caption This !!!

Yes he is!

Dave Zirin just called. He was looking for hubby, not me.

TIME's TV critic: Imus: From Non-Apology Apologies to Non-Excuse Excuses

I'm still bothered by the fact that Sharpton is calling for Imus to resign.

Which 1st Lady do you respect the most??

NASA plans to put man on Moon again in 2019

Taxes, debt shadow Extreme Home Makeover family

Keep the outrage going

I'll make a prediction that Imus will not be back

A freeper melted my brain yesterday. It's taken this long to even *TRY*

MSNBC's Dan Abrams (Son of Floyd) Programming Chief says Fox News has Attacked them to Fire Imus!

NYC: Greg Palast, Randi Rhodes, & Robert Kennedy Jr. appearing May 1

Sam Seder and Janeane Garofalo belong on TV.

Regent University.

Six U.S. Attorneys Given 2nd Posting in Washington

About the Imus "surge." My theory as to why the numerous threads.

Marcy Wheeler: "I Smell A Subpoena Coming On" (Waxman vs. Condi)


Can someone help keep my wife and I keep this all straight?

DFA Training Academy in Missouri April 14.

Korean Anti-FTA Rally Held Despite Ban (text and audio in English)

Impeach at the beach, latest news, please kick

Al Gore vs. Hillary Clinton vs. Rudy Giuliani...what if?

Fred Thompson: Another Abortion Flip-Flopper

Here's an idea for the next Survivor..... Imus, Rush, Fallwell, Colter...

How much money has Dennis Kucinich Raised?

David Letterman/Obama song & dance went vey well for Obama - Dave's quiet soft

Obama AND Hillary to skip Fox Debate.

Is standing up for a principle, sometimes requiring vast courage, an accomplishment?

CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL, WATER COOLER, please...--Stem Cell funding bill in Senate

Which Presidential candidate would you prefer to run for VP?

Even Michell Malkin is upset with the Imus comment

Little ways in which climate change has affected your life...

Club for Growth pulling a Chafee

Must watch tv debate Tuesday

The Kucinich 50 Million Doors Campaign

Al Gore v. Fred Thompson, who wins Tennessee?

DU a few Imus polls (if you feel like it)...

Warm Reception on Chilly Day for Circuit City Protesters

Waxman Lays the Pressure on Rice

Find another candidate who would dare touch this....

How long will it take FAUX to realize they have a tarnishing reputation? Do they care?

"you have to remove the President." -- John Yoo

Thank God for Nancy Pelosi!

OMG! Did you hear what Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation just said on The Colbert Report!!!!

Its possible Imus is not a racist.

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: In a Courageous Village, Ballots Bring Bullets

ROBERT WRIGHT: Making the U.N. Look Good

Pentagon strains to uphold troops levels in Iraq

H.D.S. Greenway: Cambodia reflected in Iran waters


A Week in Iraq: The children of Iraq

Kissinger's Useful Idiot Bush Now Finds Himself Alone and Friendless

Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly Should Do the McCain Baghdad Walk

Yet Another "Sleeper Cell"

Cohen Solves the Mystery: Goodling Is No Criminal

Wright Redux: The flap over Nancy Pelosi's Syria trip echoes a 20-year-old fight...

A win, win, win ending for Tehran

Muqtada raises the stakes in Iraq

Making a mint out of the Moon By Nick Davidson /BBC Horizon

A light bulb goes off on the Washington Post editorial page (Glenn Greenwald)

American Journalism Review, WP editorial: Time for big-name journalists, politicos to abandon Imus


Values gone haywire: Conservatives and their misplaced moral indignation

Larry Beinhart: Short Shots #4: Dispatches from the War on Stupidity

Bush v. Congress: The Looming Battle Over Executive Privilege NYTimes

False 'Idol'

Which US Attorneys Did Rove's Bidding? (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Coming to a Dead End in Iraq

The Nation: Students vs. Sweatshops (Again)

The Original Obama: How John Edwards Has Gone From Golden Boy to Old Hand

Fox, Imus, and the Crumblin' Walls (Booman Tribune)

A Long, Contentious Grind

Revealing Quotes from "Loyal Bushie" Land

The Saudi Paradox (The Nation)

Matthew Yglesias: Failure to Relaunch

W Post: GM's High-Performance Pension Machine

Impeachment, all down the line

Swift Boat Appointment Obscures the Real Threat (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Colonel Boylan: Pig Make Up Artist Extraordinaire (Larry C Johnson)

Expanding Guest Worker Program—a No Winner for Immigrants or the Nation

Amy Goodman: Take Back the Airwaves (Truthdig)

Broder's "compromise": Dems should give in, Bush should give speeches

Jane Smiley: My Reply to the Pope's Easter Message (HuffPost)

Neocon Godmother Considered Iraq War a Mistake (The Nation)

Salon: Iraq: Why the media failed

Tales from Bizzarro World or The Sound of One Hand Clapping

A quite stunningly daft article about blogging

Circuit City Slaughter: Seniority Means a Pink Slip (AlterNet)

Who Owns Scientific Knowledge?

"Do You Believe in God?"

Evelyn Pringle: Congress Must Cut Off Bush Family War Profits

From Chocolate to Global Warming: The Corporate Takeover of Science (HuffPost)

Unionists' Murders Cloud Prospects for Colombia Trade Pact

Doomsday for the Greenback

New climate change report released (Australia, NZ, S. Pacific) - AP

Wanted: 900-1,400 dead Alaska Black bears

How to Live a Low-Energy Lifestyle, By Kelpie Wilson

Solar Technology Experts Look at Future of Solar Market

State may require utilities to buy advanced energy (Ohio)

Lawrence (KS) could get second hydroelectric power plant

Virginia governor issues renewable mandate

Gasoline to stay pricey, but supplies plentiful - Reuters

Tasmanian Devil Rescue Plan Sparks Worry - AP

Global Warming Claims Inhabited Tropical Island

Report: U.S. Solar Cell Market Increased 33 Percent in 2006

New world record in solar cell efficiency-40%

Christine Todd Whitman: Carbon ruling is welcome

Data indicate warming far worse than thought

Electric Bill

PG&E rolls out a Prius to house hack (2 way feed for power & emergencies)

The ethanol food crisis

The year of the anti-tank weapon

State gets 5 days to explain why it won't release key protocols

Sneh: Cluster bomb use was a mistake

Hezbollah, Israel take grudge to courtroom

Terror attack foiled

PFAW is Misleading Americans on the Holt Election Reform Bill and My Position on It...

Math of elections says voters win with 'winner take all'

DUers ROCK! Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 4/10/07

Question: which states deliver voting machines on election morning to avoid sleepovers?

The Silencing of Carol Lam - Secret 'Hookergate' Indictment Led to Ouster

Bush sees 'amazing' gains in border enforcement

Halliburton wraps up in Iran

Bush, Defense Dept. get 'Muzzle' awards

Iraq's Al-Maliki Says No Need for Withdrawal Deadline (Update1)

U.S. automakers challenge Vermont emissions law

North Korea to hand over remains of 6 U.S. soldiers

Ohio gov. fears for Guard member safety

Capitol tunnel workers have lung disease

General Wants Increased Troops Into Fall

Appeals court rejects Bush salmon plan as "sleight of hand"

Wrenching politics surround stillborns

Ukraine political brawl continues

Unionists' Murders Cloud Prospects for Colombia Trade Pact

Contenders view Bush library as a key stop

Army balks at toxic-gas test

Six(more) U.S. Attorneys Given 2nd Posting in Washington(

Learning to Live with the Militia (Iraqi police enabling attacks on our troops!)

House Panel Subpoenas Gonzales Documents

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad - military(denies report of helicopter going down)

Bush sees 'amazing' gains in border enforcement

Md. Bans Smoking, Approves Wage Bill

Clinton, Obama Shun C.B.C.-Fox Debate

Top Iraqi (Maliki's) adviser urges US 'U-turn'

Jail for Srebrenica murderers

Mexico rejects U.S. court ruling on border canal project, weighs legal options

Birkhead is father of Anna Nicole's baby

ABC News obtains Palfrey's records-Phone lists given 'unconditionally'

Campaign Colleagues Help Ailing Sen. Tim Johnson Raise More Than $660,000

14 killed by female bomber in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 10

Bush to talk up war funding (speech at American Legion)

Bush inviting Democrats to meet about Iraq

Court Rules MySpace Postings Free Speech

15,000 troops could stay longer in Iraq

Washington files WTO piracy cases against China

College study finds wealth of difference:Income levels for the families of freshmen are at their hig

2 former TYC administrators indicted on sex abuse charges

Foreclosure Rates Jump Sharply In Major Cities, Survey Says

Report: Climate Changes to Impact Food and Water Supplies Globally, Affecting Millions

U.S. forces in heavy clashes in Baghdad

Subpoenas issued in fired prosecutors probe

Menu Foods CFO sold stock before pet food recall

16 U.S. soldiers hurt in Baghdad battle

Judge Orders Baby Kept on Life-Support (Texas)

To counter Bush veto, Feingold introduces bill to 'effectively end military involvement in Iraq'

Ethiopia Acknowledges Detaining (terror) Suspects

Gore's Climate Concert Finds Home in New Jersey

McConnell Seeks to Boost U.S. Spy Powers

Judge rejects Padilla torture argument

House panel plans hearings on Tillman, Lynch cases

FLOC Organizer Beaten to Death in Mexico

Peru's ex-army chief says Fujimori knew about massacres

Google Earth maps out Darfur atrocities

"Girls Gone Wild" creator in custody

Citigroup may cut, reassign over 26,000 jobs

Giuliani off the mark on grocery costs

U.S. presidential hopeful John McCain says he still would have toured Iraqi market without heavy sec

"Trapped in a shell, my intention is strong..."

And you think you're so clever and classless and free, {youtube 3:51}

A question about prescriptions... (not medical advice, I already saw the doctor)

Woman Forced To Give Up Pets Because Of Violent 9 Year Old Grandson

Naked Runner Tasered 3 Times By Police

That's much better.

Fun Fact: Lindsay Lohan is higher than Mt. Denali

Rap Replinger

Which letter of the mnemonic for Antisocial Personality Disorder best describes you?

Police Nab Boy Playing Hopscotch!

Evolution Laser Vagina Miami Vice....complete with Viking helmet

"Thank God You're Here!"

Speaking of music snobbery: what music do you like to be ironic?

File-hosting services that will allow uploads of password-protected RAR files?

Proclaim your disgust for all things Rogan & Josh in this thread.

very cool virtual flying ...

This is the absurd idle threat thread.

Now what do I do with this Easter lily?

Congratulations Ilsa!! 15,000 posts

hahaha This Is Great!!

Anyone else's avatar AWOL?


Man Dies In Neo-Nazi Noose Sex Game (Gave Girlfriend Blunt Knife To Cut Him Down)

Does anyone know where I can get some Bagel Dogs?

I am become Orrex, destroyer of threads

Easter Miracle? Virgin Mary Spotted In Cherry Tree - Tree Cut Down

My cat reset my Tivo...

My Victorian dreams have been dashed....

Strangest compliment ever...

A double roll in 24 hours? Seriously?

You know, i'm getting really tired of saying the word "Bush"

How would you know if you had mad cow or just were losing it from

What would Anna Nicole do?

Turney County High School Plans 1st Non-Segregated Prom - in 2007.

my buddy went to see Jerry Springer and ended up stealing the show

Mom Successfully Uses MySpace To Find Someone To Kidnap Her Child

Starbury Shoes: NBA star sells $15 sneakers

I would like to thank all the pigs

Anyone who is anti-smoking is pro-Parkinson's Disease

Opinion Poll: My post-interview thank you note.....

I fear for Monkeyfunk's life!

birds moved in to my front door - with pics!

California homeowners - Property Tax due today April 10. n/t

If you're wearing a belt with slacks that don't have thingies to hold

Tuesday Midmorning Answers

National Zoo's giant panda Yun Mei demands an abortion

YeeHAW! I finished my income taxes!

Just found out my Working Moms thread has been locked due to rules violations.

How old is the oldest PM in your inbox?

I am so tired of bullshit news stories.

If "The Host" is playing in your area, go see it.

Are you smarter than a football player?

Do you think if I labeled it health beneficial, they would buy me a recliner for work?

What Kind of Lounge is the DU Lounge

Poor Kitty!

It's Larry!

Birkhead is the daddy. Never mind.

Tuesday "Cinema of Transgression" YouTube Film Festival.

Interpret THIS dream - I dreamed about Jesus last night

Goodbye, Daddy

***The official Roses for Larry Birkhead thread***

Anyone else here work from home? I need a pep talk!

With great regret, I announce that I am not the child's father.

Tunnel Moves to Save Naked Woman Tree!

a sad fact about dogs in poker games

Larry Birkhead has achieved Kato Kaelin's dream

Breaking: Larry The Cable Guy is the baby's father.

Ok, any other geeks like me playing Guitar Hero 2?

Larry Birkhead is confirmed father of baby!

Who is creating the drama you are dealing with?

Emus Emus Emus Emus Emus Emus

Breaking: Larry Fine of the Three Stooges is the baby's father.

There's no choice but to buy this product. In the name of science and all

Bad nicknames....

Damn, Sam has been passing the most obnoxious gas all day

A Repub pinched me during a verbal debate over Iraq!

Breaking: Larry of the Bob Newhart Show is the baby's father.

I should be back full-time at the beginning of May

Deaf Lesbian Accused In Chainsaw Murder

Our society needs more culture! Wash Post did a story that I

woohoo i got my state tax refund.

William Shatner is doing Lawyer commercials! OMG!

Another UFO video...

Happy Birthday, Cheeta!

What state has the worst drivers?

Has anyone totally lost their motivation for being in college?

Let us now praise obsolete protein bars

The dumbest criminal ever.

William Shatner is doing Rug commercials! OMG!

dupe -- sorry

Which artist "owns" a song

Do You Have Good Google-Fu?


The Rant Game! Join in the fun of disparaging celebrities!

Before I go today....

Maury Povich could found the babydaddy months ago

What's all this about Buckhead being the father??

Next on the Maury Povich show: Dingoes stole Larry Birkhead's baby!

Anna Nicole Baby Daddy Day

Found Cat-Did I do the right thing?

Do the new icons for Adobe CS3 look out of place?

You Know What Really Gets My Goat!

In case you didn't know it, GROUNDHOGS ROCK!

Anyone ever seen Celtic Woman on PBS?

Imus Imus Imus Imus Imus Imus Imus Imus!!

In case you didn't know it, Cleveland Rocks!

In case you didn't know it, Rabrrrrrr's DEATH AMBIENT HAUSMUSIK ROCKS!


Microwave Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick?

Parents, fess up--do you raid the kid's Easter Basket?

Man's wives have no sense of humor

a sad fact about dogs in history.

In case you didn't know it, SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKS!

In case you didn't know it, GRINDHOUSE ROCKS!

OMG, the 'sex education' 'very special episode' of "Alice" is on!

Would you like the long version or the short version?

Did (or do) your grandparents give you birthday or holiday gifts?

Larry Birkhead is the "Baby's Daddy"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/10/2007)

If you could add any room to your home, what would it be?

Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy is Hot!

It's a Beautiful Day or Moby Grape... Which is the better band?

You Loungers are responsible for this, aren't you?

Best bible verse on quarrelsome wives?

I have a second interview!!!

Which TV comedy do you find yourself quoting the most often?

Please answer this question honestly. Don't fucking lie.

Is Scrubs always on?

How many one-hit-wonders "own" a song first performed by someone else?

do you give Easter baskets to high-schoolers?

Hi everybody...

Post a photo of your dream house...

What is So Good About 'Greys Anatomy'


Jesus Christ - The Musical. Is it wrong

Happy birthday terrya!!

I'm gonna be okay

I am bored and cant think of any good questions: So ask me something lounge

TV shows you watch you'd prefer people didn't know about...

So if I say that I'm not a racist does that make me a racist?

What song always reminds you of a movie?

What (tech) products bug you the most?

What would your 3 year old daughter do if a monster came to the house?


Tell me I will get thru this -- No Sleep w/Newborn Twins!

One full bathroom...Five people:

Implants and the Elderly (Not Eye-Safe)

Let us now praise obsolete protocols.

Here comes the sun

Music snobbery: random musings of a recovering elitist

I FINALLY finished the mural I've been working on! (dial-up warning)

GLBTs: What was it like coming out to your parents? A young friend would like to know.

Anybody into glyconutrients?

Racist children's literature

Post a photo of your dream lover...

Your Favorite Or Best Beer

Pop philistine music poll

Sports that aren't sports:

Why does IE continually quit on me?

Lesson: Money does not buy good taste. (Dial-up warning)

Why would men who do not want children not have a vasectomy?

Tomorrow on DVD..."The Untouchables!"

What kind of drama are you dealing with right now?

What would Lola Do?

Mary Tyler Moore Theme Song....

Congratulations noiretblu!! 15,000 posts

Christofascism Alert! Radical Christian Right Preaches Liberal Evil

Joke: Gates of Eternity

The key component that defines religion is _________.

Please be respectful of the atheist holy period.

My admission of my own irrational beliefs

Support for one's worldview

So, ... an atheist was taking a walk through the woods. (email joke)

Well, now that I find myself here in R/T, let me get something off my chest:

Why do some DUers think being Christian means you need to be a whiney little baby?

The basis of science versus the basis of religion.

Kornheiser radio show has great discussion about Imus

Any South Alabama Basketball fans out there?

MLB Extra Innings! We got it back on Comcast!

Oh my. Who's watching Man U v. Roma?

Blue Grass Stakes/Arkansas Derby Thread

Washington Times begrudgently recognizes that Kerry has stayed very active since January.

Senate panel approves disaster loan reforms

JK post up at HuffPo

When did Sen. Kerry start writing his book?

OT: Defending Chris Dodd on Kos

the debate is about to begin!

Tell Verizon: Respect Workers' Rights simple E action

Trump Challenges Dealers Union Vote

FedEx hit with labor complaint; NLRB investigates Northboro firings

Teamsters, Members of Congress Rally for School Bus Workers' Rights

Get Set for Workers Memorial Day, April 28

Labor bills get OK from House committee (Oregon)

Thuggery abounds in hypocritical union organizing bids, Mobile Register (Alabama)

Unions say they would honor grocery strike ( 800,000 members would also mobilize for demonstrations)

Impeach Bush and His Oligarchy...

what a difference a day makes - Alberto Gonzales: No Constitutional Right of Habeas Corpus...

Barack Obama on Letterman Part 1

Decruiter you asked---Depleted Uranium the New Agent Orange

Veteran Witnesses To War Crimes

Gov. Mario Cuomo on the state of the middle-class

Do you think that Dorothy Kilgallen was murdered for knowing too much?

Remember those rats frolicking in a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant? There's a follow-up.

"Chemical may have sickened or killed 39,000 pets" MSNBC

Don Imus and Barack Obama

Bush, Defense Department Get 'Muzzle' Awards

On Racism...

This is the web-site of the guy on the Colbert Report tonight-pretty cool

What will happen to DU once Bush and Co are out of the White House?

i work too much an the wife is in the hosital, not time.. is Imus toast yet..??

RADICAL FRINGE TOON (rerun) Writing on the wall

Creating a backlash to hate speech--Imus fallout

Huge Protest in Iraq Demands U.S. Withdraw: Tens of Thousands chant "Death to America"

TOON: Doonesbury and IMPEACHMENT - Strip #2 (Even Better Than Monday's! Plus Bonus News Article!)

Obama says he's not running to be Clinton's VP

Six U.S. Attorneys Given 2nd Posting in Washington

Don Imus and the Road from Katrina to Rutgers

The blog the Air Force doesn't want its employees to see

Rutgers team to weigh in on Imus storm

Wolfowitz admits he was behind promotion of girlfriend

Trash Talk Radio - Gwen Ifill


But... but... the surge was supposed to work. Fifteen-thousand troops could be in Iraq longer

If there is an Obama/Hillary win in '08, could it cost us the Senate?

Hamilton Jordan defends Imus. LOL Remember Ham Jordan?

"modeled on "the historical practice of previous administrations."" (WH email)

Ahead of the Bell: Stem Cell Research (Senate debates today)

That Don I'mArse is a million laughs.

Imus is a lying SOB, this 2 week suspension is BS, drop the comparison to rap music

How about Obama/Graham?

AP Poll: Congress approval up.

Petition Says Southern Methodist Univ. Tries to Silence Faculty Who Protest Bush Partisan Institute

"Civility In The Media" re: Imus on Washington Journal call in.

Bush administration, Defense Department get Muzzle awards

Argentina versus the USA


Surf the web up to five times faster with Firefox.

Police: 'Laguna Beach' star Wahler spewed racial, gay slurs


Pet food insider sold shares before recall (omg!)

Can intolerance be turned into tolerance?

Can Senators do anything about Gonzo filibustering questions when he testifies?

Perhaps the Imus affair is a way to focus on something rather than a lying wicked WH

What will Imus do during his suspension?

MSM is wrong -- Early Compacted Primarly Schedule Will Work Against Candidates With Most Money...

Iraq duty stretching National Guard

Bush Admin & Defense Dept Among Winners Of "Muzzle Awards"-Worst 1st Amendement Violators In Past Yr

Iraq blog: Mahdi Army’s network extends even into the heavily fortified Green Zone

Citigroup may cut, reassign over 26,000 jobs

We want the Taliban back, say ordinary Afghans

Wis. official's jailing 'ridiculous' - U.S. attorney's office denies White House pressed for case

Halliburton Says It’s Done in Iran

Protect EDR data privacy: Support HR 1015

Local LTTE writer has been watching Bill Maher (sacrificing the Constitution)

Halliburton wraps up in Iran

Jackie Mason is on Fox and calling Gore, Olberman, and Pelosi Schmucks

MSNBC providing the best 'coverage' of Imus 'Scandal'

16 Killed by Female Bomber in Iraq

Dupe - sorry

The Senate Appropriations Committee is to hold a hearing to

Lionel will replace Seder AAR 9-noon

ONE STRING ATTACHED for war funding compromise with Bush...

Fire Imus? Here are some OTHER people who should get the same treatment.

WAPO caught in propaganda rewrite

Why what Imus said does not matter.

Chimp is on CNN talking about Iraq Funding Bill

Chimp is on CNN talking about Iraq Funding Bill

Kerry and Gingrich debating GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS. NOW on Cspan.

Watergate Papers Have Just Been Released - Who Leaked What When?

Southern California running low on servants

The Gutting Of The Justice Department

NV Governor (R) Says Democrats Have PAID Wall St Journal - To Ruin His Chances To Win In 2008

Who is really responsible for bigotry at MSNBC? The internet is full

Mother Jones: Liberalism Is In

Live-blogging the Kerry-Gingrich climate change debate this morning

Tickets for Gore's Live Earth Concerts go on sale Apr 16th (next Monday)

You just don't know how glad I am that Keith Olbermann had the good sense to avoid the Imus show

Why what Imus said does matter.

Edwards Launches "Saturday Morning E-Cast" Series

Sharpton and Jackson and Imus

Don't worry about the Imus flap, folks. Salacious breaking news is on the horizon

LOL, the Al Sharpton entry on Wikipedia cannot be edited


And now, let's lighten up with a joke or two

What part of 'no' is too hard for Bush to understand?

White House ignores fourth anniversary of Baghdad's Fall, as "100 years of crisis are sown in Iraq"

What is going on with all these suspicious packages today

Kerry versus Gingrich on climate - historic watershed

Rep. Cantor (R-VA) Launches Partisan Smear Campaign Against Pelosi For Syria Visit

So a goal at Rutgers is to tolerate black people and women?

"My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life."

Police called to "guard" public school as student protest teachers being laid off.

Police called to "guard" high school while students protest laying off teachers.

(FIORE) Flamey McGassy in Feeling The Heat

Retired Marine Col. makes Terrorist Watch List

Sexuality Is Written in the Genes

Press conference from Rutgers - with the KIDS Imus insulted - now on CNN

Kyra Phillips editorializing from Baghdad on CNN.

Can't Sleep so rant is in order

Bush's Iraqi Puppet 'Rejects' Withdrawal Deadline - Insists it's IRAQ'S Right to Decide Date

Ga. school plans its first non-segregated prom

Tom Tomorrow skewers McCain.

Elizabeth Edwards in her own words

Fire everyone. WE are the new media.

Last night's Daily Show had clips of the British Sailors while captive

WP, Robinson: Misogyny in the Morning (from plenty of radio jocks)

It's Imus Day on DU. Anybody else miss the memo?

Biggoted, Racist Humor Is No Longer Mainstream, End of Story

Bush Inviting Dems to Meet About Iraq

Who the hell is Sharpton to demand apologies?

I am so sad

I condemn Bigotry!

"George W. Bush Is A Lying Sack Of Shit" (Greatest Freeway Blog!)

Republicans may be forced to filibuster Bush's Swift Boat nominee

Argh, did anyone just see a breaking news flash about Subpoenas being issued to the justice dept?

Bush to 'invite' Democrats to White House to bare his ass to them in person

OK, we've evolved from blaming Don Imus, to blaming rappers.

Special report: The Mortgage Mess

Itchmo Alert: Three other products test positive for melamine

My reasons for wanting to remove the Troops from Iraq is for the Iraqi not just us Americans

Thousands Protest US Occupation in Najaf

MSNBC would never fire Imus, he is making too much money for them

What I love about this Imus controversy

Right now on CNN: Rutgers holding press conference

Black People!!!!!

Bill Nelson says war is "sapping Florida of supplies"...finally he speaks out.

Does NBC get a cut of Tom Delay's book?

Alberto Gonzales' future performance

FYI.....THE SENATE IS BACK IN SESSION! They are debating Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

Bush wants to meet with Democratic leaders to convince them to agree with him

So Anna Nicole Smith's baby's paternity test results are tomorrow...

CNN Quick Poll (Sorry, it's another Imass post) Is suspension enough?

Hannity & Colmes Goes To Bat For Imus

Anyone watching "Dana Perino

Am I just having bad DU luck today?

The Subpeona pdf at:

Maybe now more people will start voicing their displeasure with the likes

Tonight on Frontline World-Afghanistan the other war.

Democratic Congress= Bush Administration Worst Nightmare and I love it

Bush Administration Gets Muzzle Award

Lawyer: U.S. protecting Cuban militant (Posada) - AP

Christine Todd Whitman: Carbon ruling is welcome

Reuters: Two helicopters were hit by ground fire in Baghdad

4 years later, some miss hated tyrant of Baghdad

Subpoenas were served today!

Is NBC trying to evade the real debate by focusing on what Imus said.

I Don't Give a Damn About Don Imus

A Poverty of News (Jen Sorensen Slowpoke 'TOON)

Texas hospital AGAIN seeks to take baby off life support. Let's thank Bush.

As the buzzards sit on the branches

Gasoline Price Fixing? While Gas Prices riSE, Refiners Shut Their Doors, Causing a Glut of Crude Oil

Renewable Fuel standards press conference-bush adm. CSPAN now

BUSH Invites Dems To White House So He Can Give Them The Finger

Richard Clarke: US is becoming too reliant on network technology in war-fighting

Reid: Bush charging forward with same mindless strategy in Iraq that Pope calls continual slaughter

My prediction: Imus will return but Democratic establishment won't

McCain: I Didn't Need Armed Guard In Iraq - He should do it again then. Without the guards

Imus has painted himself into a corner by groveling

Environmental Racism Still Major Problem, Report Confirms

We no longer need the word "racist".

Bush rattles on ... on CSPAN right now.... n/t

Retro Poll: If Mario Cuomo had run in 1992 for dem nomination...

Senate Democrats Wants Justice Documents On Wisconsin Case

White Privilege

"Mr. President, to meet with Democrats is not the same now sir, now they insist you wear pants..."

Doonesbury nails Fox Noise!!

To live and die in the "Serf Economy."

Some thoughts on April 15 -- long but possibly worth your time

Birkhead's the daddy...END OF SAGA.

USDA and Agribusiness Conspire to Mislead Consumers

What a shame all orphaned and/or abandoned children don't have

Imus referred to former Def Sec. William Cohen's marriage

Al Roker (NBC Today Show): It is time for him (Imus) to go

Romney wants to increase military by 100K & Defense budget by .1%

Bush Warns of Shortfalls In Iraq Funding (Halliburton won't get a $72 M bonus this year.)

OK, we've all sobbed with the Rutgers women and raged at the skies about bigotry...

Both houses (of WA legislature) OK online voter registration

Woman charged with self abortion...

The Real News

I want more people to be offensive!

"If you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog"

Who Had a Boozy Long Weekend in Crawford? ---pix--->>>

Could a Google Search Have Helped Prevent the War in Iraq?

Senate subcommittee to consider 'legislative response' to FBI's national security letter abuses

rep. john conyers subpoenas gonzales! ouch!

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

FYI..... this Friday is the 13th ... NewsDump predictions?

Shiites joining in criticism of Iraqi government

Has Imus ever said anything negative about GWB?

Ooh! Ooh! It's Baby Day. Coming up in a matter of minutes.

Imus, White Guilt, and the Ugly Racial Underbelly of DU

Public approval of Congress is rising, poll finds

Imus and the forgiveness question

"Concerned Women" say stem cell research is "over-hyped, deadly"

Talk of the Nation on NPR topic:

I hope I am wrong, but I fear a major offensive is building against our troops in Iraq....

The Key To Bush's Fall Will Be The Extra-Governmental E-Mails

Destroy Gonzales-ism

Firedoglake :Subpoena duces tecum has been issued

Hey, did you know that African Americans are "Third World Peoples?"

Tonight on Countdown. Just in case anyone wants to know

caption this * pic...

Why Democrats declined Fox debates (questions from 2003 Fox debate)

Senate debating Stem Cell funding today; urge them to vote for SB 5, NOT the bogus

THIS is what people are getting from the media: Gonzo fired Dem US Atty's!!

Jeb's new job is shilling ethanol

Cindy Sheehan: Hell Freezes Over

Is anyone else sick of the Imas threads? nt

Simultaneous Google News Headlines -

Wrenching politics surround stillborns

Diabetes Experiment

U.S. Proposed Federal Discretionary Budget for FY 2008- Stunning Pie Chart

Child Recovering From Vaccine Infection Contracted from Soldier Dad

Poverty, distrust kept many blacks from fleeing Katrina, study finds

Gonzo has put Melanie Ann Pustay in Charge of FOIA

Obama challenges McCain on Iraq stroll

3292 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

If Keith Olbermann can make a conscious decision to stay away from the Imus show,...

imus and his buddies vs. rutgers women - charity b-ball game

I have a theory about the involvement of Jackson and Sharpton in the Imus stupidity

Uh Mods?

Heavy fighting kills 4 Iraqis in Baghdad and wounds 16 GIs

Cafe Press & FWB come through with the bumper stickers!

Email from Al Gore-Live Earth tickets

Dirty laundry in the Bush fuel spin cycle

Another problem with Imus' words...

Rutger's Basketball players up next on the Lou Dobbs Show n/t

“What is this — the Gestapo”?

3295 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Wal-Mart secures gag order in security scandal

Where is John King

Bill Maher on Imus: He doesn't get it either. It must be great to be white. And oblivious.

Report: Millions Face Hunger from Climate Change

Iraqi McClatchy Staffer Lists Gains After 4 Years Of War: For Example Many New Ways To Kill Invented

McConnell seeks to boost U.S. spy powers (listening devices and hidden cameras, break into homes)

More Anna Nicole News, eh? (Violent Rant, Do Not Read if Easily Offended!!!)

Pelosi/Reid: "Bush demanding we renew his blank check for war without end"

Anyone listening to the townhall on AAR?

What's Right with Maryland - The Nation

DARPA Seeks Shape-Shifting War Robots

McConnell seeks to boost U.S. spy powers

Some of Don Imus' sponsors are pulling their advertisements

More info on the scab taking Sam Seder's job

Fisk: FM 3-24: America's new masterplan for Iraq

Black faces on TV! For however long it lasts, at least we are seeing many blacks speaking on TV. I

Helen Thomas today...."Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11"

Does His Head Hurt? [PICS]

Never Trust the Interns

Matt Lauer and others in media say Imus needs more diversity - they should practice what they preach

Con talking heads are morally bankrupt

My 5-year-old's letter to the troops in Iraq

My hero, Mike Luckovich does Don Imus

48 US Troops Killed so far in first ten days of April

self delete

Overall do you approve or disapprove of the Bill Clinton presidency

Lantos: Cheney Would Prefer Pelosi Stay In The Kitchen Than Travel Abroad

Stray dogs being VICIOUSLY killed in Bangalore

WH Spokesperson Dana Perino Quotes Daily Show Host 'Don Stewart'

Florida Manatees may have their status downgraded to threatened

What do people find appealing about Edwards ?

Don Imus - Typical Northern Yankee Bigot

TPM Muckraker: Rove's Obsession With Voter Fraud

Lou Dobbs: "This Administration has a great deal to answer for."

Condi and Colin don't Trash Imus because "Those Folks" are "Trailor Park Trash Blacks"

Iran planning to stop using U.S. dollar to price oil, central bank governor says

Why is the right defending Imus?

Why would AAR dump Sam Seder and not The Young Turks?

Marin case confirms new tainted pet food (Canned Food Not On Recall List Contains Melamine)

Congress To Probe Lynch, Tillman Misinformation

At the conventions, the nominees should also nominate Secretary of State and the AG

Caption this * pic

Royal Canin Recalls Wet Cat Food Made by Menu Foods

Another one of my Sailors promoted to Chief and will soon be retiring

If GONZALES Does NOT Turn Over Docs Tomorrow-Judiciary Cmttee Will Issue Subpoenas Thursday

Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But I've Got Brand New Respect For Ruppert Murdoch !!!

Reverend Al appears on the Fox News network REGULARLY

What Does It Mean To Support Our Troops?

A Constructive Way to Release Your Anger

Does anyone have any recent news on how Al Franken's doing? Is he gaining?

Commander killed in Iraq

Everyday People (Impeach Dick Cheney)

I'd like to thank the mods. All of you.

The right to forgive (or not) belongs ONLY to the victims!!!

Jonathan Alter: Living with Cancer in America

The Gutting Of The Justice Department

Breaking on MSNBC: House Judiciary Cmte. subpoenas DOJ documents

c-span - kerry/gingrich debate global climate change

Please critique my LTTE on media bias

Are consumer products made to break?

I think it's time to recognize Bill Richardson as an authentic article

Question about health insurance

CNN wants you to send them letters about the racist Glenn Beck

It's NOT about Imus, it's about decent civil discourse.

Not many DUers are stupid, shallow, or uncommitted to the purpose we all share.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Differences of Opinion .....

Read what Imus said 3 weeks ago

Shipping container houses.

100mpg, 115mph and oh my dear Lord, it's fun, fun, fun.

National Review Concedes: Kerry is KICKING GINGRICH'S ASS in a global warming debate RIGHT NOW

Peace. Maybe it should begin right here.

What if it weren't Jesse or Al

Back to the docs in about an hour

Congress Must Cut Off Bush Family War Profits

Iraqi women forced to dress traditionally

DU: Do Eric Cantor a favor -- tell him how you feel about ousting Pelosi

Subpoena just issued to Gonzales

Bush Ties Drop in Illegal Immigration to His Policies

Greening the desert - MUST SEE VIDEO

Impeachment: Why Stop At Bush?

Are you in favor of a Managed Economy

To counter Bush veto, Feingold introduces bill to 'effectively end military involvement in Iraq'

Kerry Forces Gingrich To Admit Inhofe Is Off-Base On Global Warming Science

Tiger Woods to build his 1st golf course in Dubai

Breaking! Richardson Scores Nuke Deal with North Korea

A good opportunity to discuss how sexist the whole cheerleading

Woman Drives Drunk With 5 Children, fourth DUI offense since 2002

I don't know about you but Bill Richardson would be Fine with me in '08

Wolf Blitzer said Imus wears a Shock Jock!

Holding Imus to a higher standard than elected officials

'Motorcycles: Green or Obscene?' - "Park that beast and buy a Ford Explorer for Gaia's sake!"

PET FOOD RECALL: A Genetic Engineered Food Disaster?

Should DU have a separate forum for MSM non-stories like Anna Nicole, Imus, etc?

Number of morbidly obese growing rapidly

imo - Most innovative approach for MSNBC- Give the Rutger's team and their invited

Student wins appeal in "obscene" MySpace case; Court says it's free speech.

"If a CONSERVATIVE said what IMUS said, they'd be fired IMMEDIATELY!" Oh REALLY???!!!

To all the Imus Pilers-On

Shadow's medical updates: Well, I don't have diabetes

Okay DU'ers, is it time for a flower campaign to the young ladies at Rutgers?

Racial Domination/Subjugation

while we all bitched about Imus-45 soldiers have been killed this month so far.

If you have read the subpoena to Gonzo, please check in here.

The Plaidder Family and Imus

Who the fuck is "Lionel"???

To the nannies who complain about obscene posts, I give you Redd Foxx.

U.S. attorney for Connecticut named attorney general's chief of staff

Which US Attorneys Did Rove's Bidding? Real Story Is WHO Did NOT Get Fired? (The Nation)

Ultimate Irony! Justice Dept To Fight Subpoenas On RIGHT TO PRIVACY Issues!

Bill Maher on Don Imus:

The Great NAFTA Debate of 1993: Al Gore vs. Ross Perot

check in: folks who have NEVER seen Don Imus and couldn't give...

Poser wannabe midlife-crisis-motorcyle neighbors wear chaps but no helmets.

Public approval of Congress is rising, poll finds

Never buy a used security system (especially from Der Mittenfuhrer)

Rasmussen Reports: Republicans Remain Virtually Unchanged Since Last Week

John Joseph Kennedy for President...

Bush to talk to American Legion re: 'no strings' war funding

Bush lies,kills and destroys peoples lives and there never

Congress Presses for Justice Docs!

Did the Dems PAY the WSJ to smear Gov. Jim Gibbons (Reno, NV)?

Rep. Davis to Constituents: Make Me Impeach Bush (Dave Lindorff)

The Republic Party's worst nightmare? ........ George W. Bush

U.S. Treasury - SDN List--is your name on it?

Feb 5, 2008: Our next president will be chosen by a TINY minority of our citizens

Edwards leads _________ (insert GOP candidate's name here)

... if Clinton and Obama had appeared at the FOX News debate...

The Rude Pundit ...

NYT: Senators Press for More Files on Removing Prosecutors

NV Gov Gibbons getting loopy: WSJ-DEM Conspiracy against him

EXCLUSIVE…2 Books Tell the Inside Story of Forged Iraq-Niger Docs That Helped Build Case for War

New Dem Website Offers 'Convention 101' for Denver '08

Bush illegal immigrants destroy Iraq

Bush Confirms That There Will Be No Compromising With Congress On Iraq. Now What, Mr. Broder?

NBC: Abramoff could get reduced sentence

Abu in Trouble: Gonzales Failing Prep for Testimony

Cal Thomas Rips Guiliani on abortion...

States Put at Risk from Bush Rip-off

Congressional Dems (respond) To Bush: You Must Negotiate Over Iraq

ok, start your DU investigative engines!

Biggest Demonstration On Climate Change In U.S. History!

bush says we must let the troops finish the job

"Larger-than-life character" Bill Richardson "content to be the only candidate in the second tier"

stop the clash of civilizations

Giuliani Restates Support For Federal Intervention In Schiavo Case


Showdown at the White House over Iraq

Republican who probed Clinton White House hits at Democrats for House investigations

Breaking! Finally! Birkhead is the father. Now, we can move on...

A poem about Bush and me

The media here in the USA is nothing more than a propaganda organ for corporate America.

More Romney Rats

White House Cites ‘Experience From September 11th’ To Justify Staying In Iraq


I'm reading DU on my lunch hour--literally!

Justice Dept Looks Set to Fight Subpoenas

According to Reverend Jackson, Imus loves McCain & Lieberman but can't stand Hillary

NY1 Poll: Hillary far and away frontrunner in NY, both nomination and general...

The Iraq-War Debate - It Ain't About The Money

Rep. Cantor Launches Partisan Smear Campaign Against Pelosi For Syria Visit

Seems like our Dem candidates are directing their fire at Republicans more...

High Stakes: Chavez Plays The Oil Card

TPMCafe: Obama Holds Big Lead Over Hillary in South Carolina

Are Dems de-legitimizing the Bush administration?

Lantos: Cheney Would Prefer Pelosi Stay ‘In The Kitchen’ Than Travel Abroad

Elder residents served notice as homes quit taking Medicaid 26 people need to move out by June 30

Bush has ‘other words’

Obama Smacks McCain Over Baghdad Stroll

Bush --> Stay the Course

I'd like to have a rational discussion of race and the media.

Chairman Dean Predicts Convention Will Prompt More Western Democratic Votes

Reverend Sharpton "Frames" Argument to Reinstate "Fairness Doctrine" on "Hardball" w/David Gregory!

If Gonzo goes...

Richardson’s N. Korea visits yields nuke breakthrough

MoveOn TownHall Meeting Now in Progress.

An example of the Republican corruption of the US A office

Empower Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices. (

Is pulling out of the Fox debate more important than pulling out of Iraq?

Clinton, Thompson lead in Tennessee...with Gore in race, Clinton still leads...

The Obama-Daschle connection?

Hillary Clinton's forgotten "macaca" moment

Must read: Gwen Ifill responds to Imus today in the NYT: Trash Talk Radio

Pat Robertson Law school: 150 grads in the Bush Justice Dept

Why the hell is TOM DELAY on MSNBC talking about the Iraq Funding?

162, 507 (and counting) united to Stop Hillary Clinton

Resisting the Drums of War

Gallup: Hillary the "dominant frontrunner" for Democratic nomination...

Those young ladies & their coach from Rutgers just WOWED me! Beautiful!!

Al Gore should NOT run

The Uninsured and the Unaffordably Insured

Watching last nites Daily Show

* What does Air America 2.0 mean? --from the Pres. of Air America.

Elliott Abrams behind Pelosi attacks?

Hard evidence that the main-stream news media is part of the conservative establishment

who is your 2ND pick for President

The clueless Bill Maher's comments on Imus this morning

Edwards Touts Prominent Gay Supporters


Hillary Smacks White House Over Criticism Of Pelosi's Syria Trip

Edwards people- how do I contribute by phone?

Why are we white people so angry?

Bush invites Dems to talk, but he made clear he would not change his position

Inhofe is suck a fricking dumbass (re: live earth concert)

Obama Leads in South Carolina (Obama 34 / Clinton 20 / Edwards 17)

TPMCafe has received Democratic Leaders Reid and Pelosi's Response to Bush

Why DUers Should Stop Using the Term "Christofascist" and

John Kerry: Supporting Speaker Pelosi (HuffPost)

Maryland Sidesteps Electoral College