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Haiti's children die in UN crossfire (Guardian)

Is the Earth dying of terminal religion?

NYT:The Rovian Era

French riot boosts vote for right (Observer)

NYT Mag: Obama's Narrator

WP: New Perspective, New Unity Among Hill Democrats on Iraq

A Desert's Lion in Winter

'Israel is not a corrupt country'

How Palestine became “Israel’s Land”

Olmert: 'Not one refugee can return'

Do Paperless States Want to Stay Paperless?

Trial Delayed in Iraq Rape-Slaying Case

Bush to Iran: 'Give back the hostages'

Terry (R-Ne) calls for attorney general to step down

U.S. toll in March is twice Iraq forces

Iraqi government endorses decision to relocate thousands of Arabs from Kirkuk

Program's Creator Is Hired to Assess It

Tajikistan Outlaws Last Names Ending In Letters OV

NYT: Ex-Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President

Sydney in climate change blackout

Prosecutor Posts Go To Bush Insiders - Less Preference Shown for Locals, Senators' Choices

Gingrich decries bilingual ballots

Any other parents being forced by their spawn to watch the Kids Choice Awards on Nick?

Okay, Harry Potter fans, identify yourselves!

Profiles in modern life...

Friday, Friday, Friday

How did you win that T-shirt?

Anyone want to add my Skype group chat?

Well Well Well..... It's sems as if the Buckeyes CAN play B-Ball...

My social commentary...

Dish extra innings update?

I feel so discouraged by the way people act right now.

So I want to do the right thing and license an image but (Dial Up warning)

can we talk about tits?

You've got a friend

I am brain dead, and I'll be gone for a day or two.

The Lake House

I'm of two minds as to whether I should post this here or not

Never heard of B-Tribe? Don't ya think it's time?

The training ground of Alexander Seymour Smith...

Help Finding Bumper Sticker

One of the best songs ever!! EVER!! American Pie!!

A very funny Pearls before Swine comic

Is Crewleader still around here?

What were the odds of this happening

Ok hit the floor it's an All Skate.

Wow, I found the perfect storm of "geek"

I feel so discouraged by the way people act right now.

I'm gonna go pass out now. Here's hoping I don't have nightmares as badly as last night.

Long john pic! For KC2!

Today is Jack's lucky day.

Just got back from "Ghost Rider."

dammit the bar is open, ask me anything!

Anyone else here swear copiously at inanimate objects? I treat mine like they were live fuckers.

I got the new Doctor Who

Can I borrow somebody's brain, please?

Anyone else here copulate copiously at inanimate objects? I treat mine like they were live fuckers.

I just downloaded the first of the new season's Dr. Who episodes

Easter: Do you buy Toys or Eggs? (if you celebrate it)

An Unexpected Find on eBay!

Ah, you have to love the joys of different languages. Take "The Girl From Ipanema."

Sorry, but KEATON/NICHOLSON are creeping me OUT & thus EVERYBODY has to be creeped out!!1

'Times like this I wish I had a girlfriend...

Does anybody really know why Vincent Van Gogh chopped off his ear?

If someone can put down a whole fifth of scotch in one night and still

Take a last gander at my beard

So today flvegan and I made a very cool discovery

I miss Teena around here.

JFK Speech on Secrecy and Freedom of the Press....

Fargin icehole!

Ava Appreciation Thread!

Drunks. Check in!

Should I chop it off?

Fired lawyer bills Larry Birkhead $620,492.84 -- but there's no word on what cost 84 cents.

DEFINATLEY (grammar nazis, check in and let's party!)

Is anyone watching the Tudors (Showtime)?

Time to order a pizza. What do you want on it?

What television shows have you appeared on?

"I Will Survive" watching this but... 7-year-old daughter wants to give you a message...

What does it mean to say something is "Holy"?

One more game to go.

All You Have To Do Is Pray- And Furnish His House With Silver

Poverty in America

Snoop Dogg no friend of Bill O'Reilly

Why I hate War. Welcome to my Nightmares

Studs Terkel doing Passover show now

Bush again affirms support for Gonzales

Camp Casey Easter...they can't rain out a Revolution......

Check this out: cats may be more sensitive to toxins in bad pet food than dogs.

Chris Matthews to wed Rudy in civil ceremony …

What is the difference between a blue dog Dem and a yellow dog...

How's that "Surge" Working? Not so good- 508 killed in Iraq the last 6 days alone

Attention musicians! Check out Neil Young's website

What's the difference between General Discussion and General Discussion Politics?

I was looking at Real time with bill maher and I was listening to Dana...

Bill Donahue is an ASS HOLE!

VIDEO: Artist Of Chocolate Jesus Counters Rants Of Catholic League Right-Winger Donohue

I cracked the GOP candidate code, let me tell who it will be...

Hillary plots 9/11 attack on Rudy

The Tacky Clintonista-CBC-Fox News Backstory

Question about that Rove rap thing?

BILL MAHER VIDEO: George W. Bush - 'Honoring America's Most Beloved Fuck Up'

Finally saw "Erin Brockovich" and "Fun with Dick and Jane". They were pretty good

Did you know that the video U2 and Greenday won special effects for

Female ex-candidate to 'protect' Hillary Clinton

BTW, the beginning of SNL tonight was hysterical, with "Wolf Blitzer"


Clinton panics, brings in Bill for Help

Sen. Grassley (Reich-Iowa): "We ought to expect everybody who's in government to be truthful"

Blood Sprays Out of Sewer, On City Worker

I'm gonna miss my morning coffee with Amy Goodman.

Bush Says Gonzales is "Honorable and Honest;" I say Bush is out of touch with reality!

Am I the only one creeped out at the pet-food ads?

US Flag lapel pins are LAME!

Teenager repellent causes buzz

U.S. Attorney Scandal... It's about oil. And PORN ?

Snoop Dog lashes out of O'Reilly

Sunday Talk Shows

Wow, we're just one month away from the 4th anniversary of Mission Accomplished Day

Hillary may raise up to $60 million in 1st Quarter Fundraising

We all owe Monkeyman a high 5 for posting

DUers...please don't forget we have a PETS GROUP...feel free to discuss

Frank Rich:Elizabeth Edwards for President

Are there any instructions on how to search on DU

Iranian Aircraft Carriers have been spotted of NYC! NT

Gingrich refers to Spanish as "the language of living in the Ghetto" on CNN

NYT: The Rovian Era ("Turn over a scandal in Washington these days & chances are you'll find Karl")

The Most Dangerous American States

So Bush calls KATRINA funding PORK (in Iraq war Bill?)

Everyone here should take a few minutes to check out Monkeyman's post

Does it never end??? Delmonte pulls treats and wet dog foods

Two Florida cities know just how to deal with those pesky 5 and 6 year old girls.

Bush's chief campaign strategist says 'Kerry was right' on Iraq

How to score some fast cash... off of Bush supporters.

THIS Aspen Has Turned

Say you're at Best Buy or WalMart or wherever, and the inventory control device alerts...

Only requires Bush to seek Congressional approval before extending the occupation....

A simple misunderstanding - they thought it was the JUST-US dept., not the JUSTICE dept.

The Generation X's and Y's in the Neocon Political Incubator

The country was betrayed by three Democrats: a mole, a self-serving a-hole and a party switcher.

Obama: War hindering domestic policy (AP)


time for our own supply-side theory!

Angus Reid Poll: Giuliani Leads Hillary, Obama Closer

Pls Let's Put to REST the Idea that Defunding's Unreasonable: Here's Why

Getting Around The Official White House E-Mail Server......

The phony UK/ IRAN "face-down"

Bill Richardson: end the war THIS year.

Lets overlay a map of US bases in Iraq on a map of Iraqi oil fields

What's Freaking Out Bushies Monica Goodling and Sara Taylor?

Former top election strategist breaks up with Bush: report

Kucinich: "Anyone who thinks this Congress is trying to end the war had better think again"

It Was All About Carol Lam, Always. by revbludge /Daily Kos

Torture of the Powerless

Welcome to Pottersville: President Caligula, Your Chariot Awaits


DOJ Official Brings Storm by Taking the Fifth in Gonzales Flap (MOnica Goodling)


FRANK RICH: Elizabeth Edwards for President ...

Why Does CNN Suck? (from In These Times)

Leahy finds chance to fight executive privilege strategy

Beginning of the End Game By James Brett

'Fake' map behind the crisis.

La Opinión Calls for Alberto Gonzales to Step Down

No Trafalgars in the Shatt al-Arab

Guess Who Isn't Coming to Dinner By Missy Comley Beattie

What went wrong in Iraq

U.S. Has Lost Its High-Tech Edge, New Report Finds

Speigel: Evil Americans, Poor Mullahs

Cuban Chernobyl Program Turns 17

"Neil Bush of Saudi Arabia" by Bill Berkowitz (

Custer Battles setting up shop in FL(re: Homestead Pretection Laws)

In Iraq, the tough go shopping at military malls

UK Resident: Guantanamo Tough to Endure (AP)

Need outstrips beds for homeless vets (now this should be as

Electrifying villages with sunshine (India)

Climate change 'could create 200m refugees'

Colorado Tar Sands?

Biofuel goals may strain vegetable oil supplies

Abrupt climate change more common than believed

Scientists Weigh Downside of Palm Oil

The limits of a Green Revolution?

7 short stories on global warming from the AP Frogs, bears, ticks, plankton, coral etc...

Biofuels boom causing some to cry in their beer

Peak Coal - Coming Soon? (The Oil Drum)

Gulf of Maine at center of new fish-farm debate

90 percent or more of the seal pups born in the southern Gulf likely died this year global warming

World oil production close to peak (Swedish PhD dissertation)

A slippery slope (declining eel populations - The Globe and Mail)

Power of wood - biomass plan to tackle climate change (UK)

Federal judge allows global warming lawsuit to advance

Wars of the world: how global warming puts 60 nations at risk

Seafood poisoning rises with warming - AP

Scientists weigh risks of climate 'techno-fixes

Tesla Roadster: Test Driving Your Electric Dream Car

Australia faces extreme weather rise, says leaked UN report

Massive land sculpture pays tribute to the farmer

Diplomats: U.S., Egypt propose Israel start talks with Arab states

Pelosi: Israel is willing to talk if they (Syria) would openly take steps to stop supporting terror

Pelosi conveying Israel message to Syria

Israel offers Arabs peace talks

Ban Ki-Moon: Hezbollah in clear violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.

EAC PLAYING POLITICS,AGAIN! Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 04/01/07

The French are getting voting machines!

(A Hopeful Tale by Lindeman & Stanislevic) H.R. 811: Fact & Friction -- Part III

Former top election strategist breaks up with Bush: report

Inspector Lists Computers With Atomic Secrets as Missing

Britain Adopts Conciliatory Tone With Iran

Half US troop reinforcements now in Iraq -military

Officials reject reports of U.S. involvement in Sadr City airstrike

Two police officers killed in Charlotte

(Tehran) British embassy pelted in sailor standoff

4 dead in Beijing Olympic subway cave-in

Blast shakes hospital as violence tears across Iraq

Bush backs Gonzales, says no evidence of wrongdoing

U.S. House Visit Syria to Discuss Ties

State prisons dept. discloses billions in contracts

Brazil Airports Are Chaotic Post-Strike

Cheney Teases Bush and Gore at Gridiron

'Fake' map behind the crisis.

Cheney pokes fun at Bush, Gore during journalists' yearly dinner

Infractions common in Texas county jails

Kissinger says Iraq victory 'impossible'

Developing: Hillary Clinton raises 36 million (including Senate transfer)

Religious Conservatives Hold on in Iowa

Gingrich proposes abolishing bi-lingual education- likens it to ghetto talk

UK 'regret' over Falklands dead

Two truck bombs hit Iraq army base near Mosul

Bush again pushes 3 nominees seen as pro-industry

Expanded Health Program for Children Causes Clash

Group Judging (failed) Reading Program (also) Set It Up

Justice Dept. saga familiar to fired lawyer(Whistleblower on the Gov't War on Terror)

Saudi king's outburst reflects US Mideast policy failures

Bush ex-strategist says loses faith in president

Israel offers Arabs peace talks

Pro-Union Hillary Harbors Labor Foes

WTO Rebuffs U.S. on Internet Betting Ban

Saudi Arabia bans over 100 firms from employing foreigners

Iran, Britain open talks over sailors

Pelosi conveying Israel message to Syria

Dems Say No to Gonzales Date Change Bid

Researchers find genetic links to prostate cancer

Rep. Mark Udall Calls On Gonzales To Resign


Major pacific earthquake reported

Investors want facts on corporate political donations

Draft of climate report maps out 'highway to extinction'

Syrian President Assad Meets Three Members Of US Congress

White House rejects Senate compromise on firings

6 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombings/McCain is an idiot

Edwards reports raising more than $14 million in early 2007

Teamsters members strike at South Charleston engine plant

Edwards' Wife: No Interest in Cabinet

Iraq death toll jumps 15 percent in March (AFP)

Iranian TV airs new video of Britons

Six soldiers reportedly killed in Iraq

Teamsters in Virginia Protest Coke Job Losses

Hillary Clinton Sets Fundraising Record

Violence overwhelms Mosul city -- security source

Court to rule if chimp has human rights

McCain: Americans don't see Iraq's gains (In the Green Zone)

2,000 cheer on Obama at Bluffs (Ia) event

Authorities: Mom Caught in Sex Sting

(British) Soldier dies after Iraq shooting

Tommy Thompson to run for president

UK Resident: Guantanamo Tough to Endure

2 suicide vests found in Green Zone

Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms

US jet fighters violate Iran's airspace: military(as per a local Revolutionary Guards commander)

MELTDOWN (BABY harpseals are dying in the thousands global warming)

Pet food recall expands to some Del Monte pet treats

Opium for the people: Extraordinary move to legalise poppy crops

Subcommittee Criticizes Google Maps

Travel to Cuba debate divides exile community

Silva, Bush to Talk Trade and Ethanol

Britons oppose military action to free sailors

Obama says Congress will fund Iraq war

(Bartlett)W.House accuses Democrats over Iraq funding bills

7.6 Earthquake in South Pacific/Solomon Islands

Pakistan prepares for onslaught

I left prison today, but I think I'll be back soon

You know, at this price, shipping should be free (link)

Ok, how many have eyebrows that connect

If you could accomplish anything what would it be?

A groovy late night earworm for you from The Temptations:

Fucking OUCH!!!! My cat just clawed my face!

I am eating a chocolate cupcake for breakfast because

I am not calling the chief

Official April Fool's Day Pranks 2007

"In a world where both our cars were totally underwater!" That announcer guy finally gets his due!

Just spent a few minutes browsing Google's April Fools Day Joke...

The perfect day for this link...

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

I need a woman

AP: Dick Cheney Dead of Apparent Heart Attack at 66

I won the Lottery!!! The Nobel Peace Price!!! ...and!!!!

So I found this nice lady's voice...

I bought a DVD movie through eBay last week. How long till they deliver?

Take a tour through the "April Fool Museum"'s version of April fools joke (at the expense of Mr Sulu's sexuality) innuendo heavy!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/1/07)

Who posts the best rants? I vote for jmowreader

More April fools humor: Star Trek Remasters to Get Facelift

I'm giving up being naughty. I decided to become a nun.

Heads up: Google is beta-testing free broadband access!

I'm bored. Someone needs to find a good bird to chase.

So, I got REALLY drunk/high last night.

*Watch me skate!*

Already filed my FAFSA and it's not even noon!

This just in, President attacked by wildcat

Sirius Satellite Radio premiered its Punk channel today.

What?! That was the end of "Rome"?

I need a hug!

What should happen to people who post April Fool jokes in GD?

The April Fools day Picture thread!

Surreal Las Vegas Night ( # 804 in a continuing series): cowboys and a rebel Elvis

The Empire's worst engineer:

Can someone make me be productive today?

The Sunday "Opus" the past two weeks...

April Fool's Day on eBay--Electoral Votes up for sale AND MORE! (pic)

Twins Fans - This is no April Fool - Herb Carneal has passed away!

Last night I was told to pray to the Mother Goddess. Her name is Azna?

Sad day for Twins fans...Herb Carneal died today at 83.

COUGH. Looking for similar experiences. Not advice. Not a health thread.

I must announce: I'm Jim Robinson from

Mmmm. Beermosas.

How big is too big?

We have an offer on the house!!!!!!!

NUTELLA: food for the godess or food porn?

I have a turgid and uninspired April Fool's thread to share with you all!!

Just got a new job!!

No fooling: I have coffee ready!

Quite por favor.

It sucks that my cable system doesn't carry ESPN2 HD!

Google's ultimate April Fool's joke

No fooling! Today is my anniversary.

A man asked me for direction today.

A man asked me for directions today.

Retired Bush valet: W has never wiped own ass

I'm Looking for a recipe for Potato salad

Should I itemize chocolate as a medical expense on my 1040?

self delete

Met a nice guy (for the third time) and lost my voice.

I sat out on my deck today and got a sunburn.

Have any of you here watched "American Blackout?"

As soon as I finish three cans of beer, I'm becoming a virgin

I hate April Fool "jokes" in GD. Most of them are glaringly obvious and poorly done.

No April Fools Jokes?!

"My name means penis."


OMG!!! I'm 50!!!!!!!!!! (I WISH it was an April Fool's joke)

Ok...I'm graduating from college in a *month*


Clinton drops out of Presidential race due to "family crisis"

I can't take anymore!!!!!!!

I Just Donated To The Republican Party!

Does anybody else here wince when they hear "inspirational" speeches in movies.

CONFESSION: My dad is Senator Inhofe.

I keep the following smilies on hand in case of emergency

Post a youtube Video with the word "fool" in either the lyrics or title

I went to church this morning wearing only one boot. It was not an April Fool's joke.

Alberto Gonzales Appreciation Thread!

Men who like kittens ... check out this cute pair.

Irony Alert: GD Flamewar over April Fools' Day.

My confession that I have to make...

So who will kick the bucket first?

April Fools Day Picture Thread

"Why Do You Ask, Two Coyotes Fucking?"

I have an announcement to make

Baseball fans---IT'S OPENING DAY!!!!!!!!

{OFFICIAL} Freeper/Troll appreciation Thread #1

Not a joke: A jaw with huge fangs in can of tuna. Pics!

Hell, we just got my Mother moved in, I am the only one with a wheel chair friendly house.

Ok, The Brady Bunch Movie is on Bravo, See ya after the apocalypse

Don't you just love right wing propaganda

Pondering moving to the Seattle area - any pointers?

So... if you had one TV show to save from being canceled this season...

wildhorses appreciation thread!

I quit smoking 12 years ago today

Fargo and True Lies

Eating Tofu is like eating

Would Christ approve of the war against the ME?

Elizabeth Edwards: " God could not be offering protection and not have protected my boy."

Will the BCS game have any bearing on Monday's Final?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for April 1: Krmanik, Anand take Monaco

A sad day in Twins Nation - Long time radio broadcaster Herb Carneal passed away this AM.

At Risk: Veterans Test Positive for Hepatitis C

How do I get help with VA?

New Princeton study proves Bush won in 2000 and 2004

Kerry's Portland Visit... a few questions..

Sigh. I've got a confession to make: I think becoming a Kerry supporter was a huge mistake for me.

Even Matthew Dowd Now Realizes Kerry Was Right

Investigate the NLRB

Philadelphia Inquirer | Trump Plaza dealers unionize

Tell CleanPower to Allow its Janitors to Organize! Simple E action

NEW feature for our forum: cartoons that make you think

Iraq war dominates labor union forum

TV coverage of the Smithfield protest on 3-31 with VIDEO

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Mar 31, 2007

Joanne Borts: 'A Union Maid Through and Through'

Student Week of Action to Shine Light on Workers’ Freedom to Join Unions

Working America, a new community affiliate of the AFL-CIO for nonunion workers (corrected links)

Unions counter Dana's (bankruptcy) case for cutting wages

Metro-North workers reach new contracts

Tell Bush and Congress to Act to Stop Exporting U.S. Jobs simple E action

Bushwatch: Check President George W. Bush's record on working family issues

Give Peace A Chance (John Lennon)

Arab-American Stand-Up Comedians--Interview

Bush Sucks

"Train" - Global Warming TV Ad

YouTube interviews the creator of the "Vote Different 1984" ad.

Baghdad is now safe! (according to John McCain)

Sept. 11 Republican Fear-Mongering


Conservatives Outraged Over Chocolate Jesus Art

NY Times: Obama's Narrator

Someone who still doesn't have a clue

When The Right Gets Angry

Joel Brodsky dies; photographer captured iconic image of Jim Morrison for "The Best of the Doors"

3,246 U.S. troops now dead in W's war.

Speaking of great videos.... (and a belated thank you to bridgit!)

Link to an utterly charming video about -- of all things -- a goose.

Channel surfing, come across the NASA Channel (Iraq!!!)

Bush supports Falwell in drive to ban the book Moby Dick.

If George Were King! (And indeed he is-Thank you buds & Bush's "terrorist" crime syndicate bros)

One of the largest mission rehearsal exercises taking place in Hohenfels, Germany

Quotable Quotes

Iglasias, the NM Fed atty that was fired 'could' be helping

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Congress & Supporting The Troops

Jerry Falwell has somehow managed to go down even farther in my book...

George Orwell, Big Brother Is Watching Your House

NASA finds liquid water on Mars! Let's go a-colonizing! Woot!

Dear Soldier

Look, I know we don't all like Bush, but there is a war on and we should respect him at least.

Teenage victim of asylum scandal faces deportation

What’s the One Thing Big Business and the Left Have in Common?

Superbug death was 'diabolical' (17 dead in UK)

Bill Richardson Traveling to North Korea

Free broadband through your toilet?? Is this for real?

Drastic measure taken to avoid a Bush speech?

Bush 'covered up a crime': Tillman's mom

Newsweek spotlights Afghanistan on cover for overseas readers, Annie Leibovitz is on U.S. cover

Need outstrips beds for homeless vets... "For most of us, it's back on the streets,"

The U.S. military death toll in Iraq in March was nearly twice that of the Iraqi army

John Nowacki - A name we should know?. . DOJ /GOP

ALPO's been added to the list.

U.S. toll in March is twice Iraq forces

Washington Journal Wingnuts out in force!

Daylight savings clocks - adjusted themselves today : computer, VCR are 1h ahead!

Did Kissinger say we can not win in Iraq?

(ABC This Week) Did Dan Bartlett just admit to White House involvement in firing of US Attorneys???

AP:Lieberman resigning in days

Violent protest at U.K. Embassy in Tehran

One in One-fifty! One in 94 boys will have it.

Blair looks and sounds so honest until you remember he said Iraq could attack withing 45 minutes

War criminal Judith Miller says journalist should have stonewalled...

Why did McCain feel the need to make an "unannounced" trip to Iraq?

2 Suicide Vests Found in Green Zone

McCain skips third of votes in Senate

Iran fears U.S. attack in summer: Israeli general (Reuters)

DU. You don't need to go anywhere else on the web.

The blows to America's standing in the world and the eroding of our

Biden can't point to one specific fuck up of bush??

U.S. death toll in March twice that of Iraq forces...bush's es-kah-LAY-shun in action

Novak Attacks CIA Director for meeting with Waxman

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun 4/1 : You've heard of the Gordian Knot? Now see the...

New Princeton study proves Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

Iraq Says Truck Bomb in North Killed 152...surge working?

Timmy just called him "Horn Hatch"... bwwwwwwwwwa

Pat Leahy, Charlie Rangel today on Meet the Press

Tony Snow, hero....Elizabeth Edwards greedy politico???

RW "Pundit" Smerconish in Philly Inquirer today:

Iraq Veteran Calls for Accountability, Change of Course in Democratic Radio Address

My two FAVORITE images of Bill...

What's this "commanders on the ground " crap?

AP: U.S. March toll nearly twice Iraq forces

Is Tim Russert still taking calls from assistants to the president and not telling us about it?

Just what America needed......a toady reality show

This is a Bush Administration in total denial .... and it will come back to haunt them

Question: Say we attack Iran, then what?

Google to offer free broadband via your toilet?

I just installed my FREE internet connection via Google TiSP

Fired lawyer bills Larry Birkhead $620,492.84 -- but there's no word on what cost 84 cents.

Oh My God, Timmeh--HATCH as AG????????!!!!!!

"Most Foolish Americans" - Shrub, CHEENEE, only in 4th & 6th places - (Who's MORE foolish?!!1)

About swearing under Oath, Republic Party

Miss Universe Cancels Oaxaca Events of 2007 Pageant

Uh-oh... Pfizer, Mother Nature Beat You To It: "Grow-Your-Own Viagra"

Thompson Declares Candidacy, Joining G.O.P. Field (NYT/AP)

More funny business with U.S. Attorneys?

"General Gonzales"?? Why does Orrin Hatch keep calling him "General Gonzales"?

Using Bush's own words to damn him:

is there a Republican Retirement home for all the minions that fall on their swords to save the Pres

Great bumper sticker

President Pinnochio: Gonzales 'honorable and honest'

Iranian students target U.K. Embassy

Matthew Dowd, Strategist Who Coined The Phrase "Flip Flopper" Now Says Kerry Was Right

anybody heard The Pres yet? (nat. sec issue announcement)

Just heard a rebroadcast of an interview with Obama on CNN with Blitzer

Remember Saddam shown in his undershorts?

So, does anyone know if I need to make an appointment to beat down the editor of the NY Post

Chernobyl-based birds avoid radioactive nests

Any videotape of McCain and his minions visiting the Baghdad market?

I'm starting to get thoroughly disgusted at DU

"Google Earth" replaces post-Katrina images

Did anybody watch - 'Journey To Planet Earth' on PBS yet?

Stop! Maybe they are both right!

Iran holding 15 UK troops, US holding 5 Iranian officials in secret

Why the Buffalo Roam

tainted pet food=kidney failure > transplant surgeon urges human kidneys be for sale

Strange Fruit Down South (its not what you think)

Hatch is having a Cow on Tim Russet (ag stuff)

CNN: Iran TV to broadcast "confessions" of 2 British Marines

Where is Jeff Greenfield going once he leaves CNN (just announced on air)??

For those who can't wait for "Top 10 Conservative Idiots" (Like Me)

Diary a clue to Amelia Earhart mystery

Obama says: "No one wants to play chicken with our troops"

On the improvement in Iraq...

Florida House leader's ""rip-snorting, evangelical" push to cut property taxes for weatlhy...

Why the MSM Loves the GOP.

Bush says no to swapping the British captives for the Iranians detained in Iraq

White House Claims Former Aide Turned On Bush Because Of ‘Personal Turmoil'

A prayer for all Democrats. Say this every day.

Alexander Cockburn attacks Gore with mythology.

Retired Bush valet: W has never wiped own ass

Kevin Phillips: Republicans don't vote for anyone who tells the truth.

Prosecutor Posts Go To Bush Insiders

Cockburn on Cspan 2 with all his strawmen....

I've just watched Hatch and Leahy on MTP, and my only conclusion is

CNN: McCain lauds security during Baghdad visit

Caption *

About Dowd's mea culpa - could he believe that election fraud may be revealed soon?

Is your Volvo kosher for Passover?

Russian Intelligence: U.S. ready to strike Iran on Good Friday

Is Dowd a hero or a chump?

We Represent, The Lollipop Guild...The Lollipop Guild...The Lollipop Guild

Your "liberal" media at work (No mention of Attorney-Purge in Time Mag)

I don't remember John Wayne kicking in peoples doors in army movies

Minutemen Hate Mail - this is a great response to them!

Question? The other night on the tv show Numbers, a stolen laptop was retrieved. It was

So if the Rapture is next week, what happens to Chocolate Jesus?

My Circuit City suggestion letter.

Poll: Would the Bush government inform the public , if the Pet food poisoning was a terrorist act?

Drudge: Hillary raised $36 million ($10 million from her Senate war chest), Obama $22...

Why does the US/Britain coalition take detainees while Iran takes hostages?

The Lost Squadron Flight 19 Found ( 5 December 1945-Bermuda Triangle)

SOOOO many witches to hunt...soooo little time.

New Environmental Crisis Looms: We are now past Peak

I predict the candidate who seems the most honest / competent will win the presidency

Dump Dept of HOMELAND Security & rename to Dept of NATIONAL Security

Gore mulling third party run in '08!

Liberty Belle Log-April Fool's Day edition

Venezuela and China Strengthen Strategic and Economic Alliance

Salon's Glenn Greenwald on Barack Obama's "lack of substance"...

Final, Official DOD Report on Cpl. Pat Tillman's death, here:

For Anyone who still hasn't checked out the Progressive Caucus

Protesting at Soldier's Funeral

BAGHDAD (AP) - U.S. military reports six soldiers killed in two roadside bombings.

Did You Guys Catch The Virtual Exploding Star This Week ???

Hugo Chavez’s Holy War

Republicans Are The "Spend On Credit" Party. Their Refusal To Pay Off Debt Is Unsupportable.

The world will end in 2010 and it's all Bill Gates' fault.

OMG! Bruce Herschensohn on BookTV on C-SPAN 2 (and the audience!) OMG!

Obama raised only 4 million less than Clinton.

Can the president pardon himself?

Keep out of sailors row, Iran tells Bush

Cartoon from The Politicol

another sign the RW fears an Edwards candidacy...

"the distinction between political and performance-related reasons…is in my view largely artificial

Jim Kunstler addresses Commonwealth Club on preparing for Peak Oil

Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran

Time Dollar

When you set off the store security alarm, do you cooperate with employees?

3252 Reasons Why The DSM is Important headline: McCain visits Iraq on day when 6 US soldiers die

Crank Up The Lie Machine And Hold On Beause "Thu Preznit" Has "Facts"...

Would the Right Wingers have come out if Chocolate Jesus was made of WHITE Chocolate

Bill Richardson on Iraq: "We should get out lock, stock and barrel."

BREAKING - The President:: "We begin bombing in five minutes."

Clinton drops out of Presidential race due to "family crisis"

I don't like this person, but these happy rainbow colors do cheer me up!

"Mallard Fillmore" to be animated

BREAKING - MSNBC -- Bill O'Reilly caught in pedophile sweep!

New North Korea Movie Up For Golden Globe!!!

Can someone please tell me how an Iraqi father knows if the US soldiers at his door are there...

MONITOR: Liz Holtzman on prosecutor purge, up at ~ 6:15 pm CDT

WaPo OpEd: The Once and Future Republic of Vermont (Great piece)

Did Orin Hatch just play the race card?

McCain proclaims U.S.-Iraqi security crackdown is working; 6 U.S. soldiers killed

Dick Cheney Trashes Al Gore

Dan Bartlett is on This Week bitching about the Dems being on break


OMG!!! I'm 50!!!!!!!!!! (I WISH it was an April Fool's joke)

Yahoo-Senator Clinton Says Targeted attacks on Iran "Very Possible in Near Future".

Pot meet Kettle....."Bush chides Democrats over pork in Iraq bill"

Can we please lighten up with regard to the April Fool's posts?

This April Fools crap on DU is really getting tiresome

Random thought on campaign finance reform

Two new Fox screenshots-Europe and DU are in trouble.

No April Fools Jokes?!

Bush eyes Leahy for Supreme Court

Let America Be America Again - Langston Hughes - Lest we Forget

This Is The Story That Did It For Me, Re: Global Warming

Not to be a party pooper...but why can't the April Fools jokes be limited to the lounge?

Insurgents Answer McCain's Sunday Stroll with Half-Dozen Mortars

60 Mins looks good - looking at the high cost of drugs in the US

Waxing Nostalgic For A Pre-Bush America?

Grow-your-own Viagra craze hits Britain's garden centres

O'Liarly freaks out again, cuts mike on former US Army Colonel

Will Congress do anything to stop the planned

Why is it soo hard for the Bushies or the Blairies to appologize?

Request: Info on how the AVERAGE person lives, globally??

Is Karl Rove the grandson of Karl Heinz Roverer, Gauleiter of Oldenburg?

Some reflections on a Sunday April Fools...sorry.

Weekend TOONS

Mental Health Care for Military Faces Cuts--TRICARE

3 Day Walk for the Cure......(breast cancer)

Los Angeles suffers longest dry spell in 130 years

AP: Funeral homes, cemeteries offer pet services

Attacking Iran = Impeachment

The state of the GOP: A tempest in a coffee cup.

How can we get rid of the USA's that replaced the fired prosecutors??

Cheney Yuks It Up With the Press -- Ha ha ha-- dead polar bears!

Has anyone noticed as the pressure mounts on the Republicons that..

Congress will fund Iraq war if Bush uses veto, Obama says

Wash. State Senator Who Introduced Resolution: "Impeachment Debate Will Have Its Day"

Questioning the borderline of Iran - Iraq

What is the single most important defining characteristic of a police state?

OMG!!! Do you guys know Eric Blumrich?

Elizabeth Edwards' Newsweek interview and a question

Bill of Rights for robots debated by ethicists....

Rarely Have I Seen Senator Orrin Hatch So Shrill

Tommy Thompson announces presidential candadicy

Do you think that pre-installed Linux on Dells will be the end of Windows?

CNN's Michael Ware Heckled McCain - Drudge - here comes Sliming of Ware

Did Schumer really say, this morning he accepts "no oath & Private"???

Unintended consequences to the Daylight savings time change.

6 troops killed in Iraq today

Investors want facts on corporate political donations

Questions regarding vehicles that use internal combustion.....

If it comes down to these two, who do you think has a better chance of winning the Presidency?

Radicals for Capitalism: A Controversial Review of a Controversial Movement

Let's be clear: George W. Bush is letting soldiers die so he can run out the clock.

Senator Sanders Proposes National Priorities Act

Graham’s Signs Of Progress In Iraq: ‘I Bought Five Rugs For Five Bucks’

What do you think of Andrea Mitchell's revelations this morning?

Cry, The Beloved Community -- John Lewis is still carrying the flame

DailyKOS: Gestapo demands internets master key

DOJ interfered with Abramoff investigation

Saudi King Abdullah Nixes Bush Friendship: Using Iraq War to Unite Arabs Against America

Soldiers mama says she supports the president and defers to him when it comes to deciding

New Utah Prosecutor is Person who Tampered with Patriot Act to Allow USA Firings!

Why are SUV's the enemy?

The Five Reasons I am becoming a Republican

Nat'l Guard units told to leave gear in Iraq (no equipment for emergencies at home)

"Is he a Bushie?", asked Harry Reid, about USA Alex Acosta, Southern District of Florida (Miami)

FDA releases name of wheat gluten exporter

Animal Industry, slaughter video really disturbed me

Who here has a family member or close friend in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Globalization and Free Trade:Your Opinion?

"Never in U.S. history has a president so readily exploited a crisis to amass unchecked power..."

Please Gore...Run ....please please please

Please Un-Freep my comic strip

The Politics Of Class

Why Brian Schweitzer will win the presidency in 2008

Catherine Crier - "If George Were King"

Since joining NBC, Chuck Todd has had only good things to say about GOP

US jet fighters violate Iran's airspace: military

Hillary Clinton is raising tens of millions of dollars for her presidential campaign.

Salon's Glenn Greenwald on Barack Obama's "lack of substance"...

Romney's considering Jeb as VP -- here's a connection

"Bush: Adding non-war items to spending bill should shame lawmakers"

Smoking gun video found: Rove flipping votes as bush looks on.


How do we honor our war dead by creating more war dead?

Grandstanding? McCain In Iraq or Is This A 'Hail Mary' Pass?.....nt

Of Pork Barrels and Cow Patties

Gingrich Comments On Pelosi's Trip To Syria Saying She Should Cancel Her....

Hats off to Waxman and Leahy...

QOTD: "...Christian evangelical leaders owe Bill Clinton a public apology"

Finally, Leahy Gets To Talk! Geez, timmy is letting hatch Do ALL The Talking

2001: A Timeline Of What Could Have Been

Statement by the White House Deputy Press Secretary

LAT: Democratic Win in 06 was a "fluke"

Sampson on CSPAN1 NOW!!

I love Charlie Rangel.

Christian Evangelicals Owe Bill Clinton an Apology - Mike Huckabee

Protesters pelt UK embassy as Iran row worsens

Ban Ki-Moon: Hezbollah in clear violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.

Funniest. Bumper Sticker. Ever.

Harry Reid: (Bush) "sets the record for undermining troops more than any president we've ever had."

Ian Masters coming up

Pelosi: Israel is willing to talk if they (Syria) would openly take steps to stop supporting terror

cockburn on c-span, anyone listening?

Update on Hicks gag order: Howard Government insists it did not speak to the United States

RE Iran: Bush FIRST to use the word "hostage"

LA Times: Development Proponents Use Racism & Gay Bashing In Sierra Madre CA

Religious Conservatives Hold on in Iowa

Bill Clinton Good for Hillary Bid, Say Americans

Iraq war fund delay could extend tours: Bush aide (Bartlett) - Reuters

Winning the Reality War

Eric Massa NY29: Ending Free Trade and beginning Fair Trade

Illinois' Military Death Benefit Fund Dried Up

Clinton Camp Turns to a Star in Money Race

When Was It That * Made Comments About Him Not Using E-Mail....

The only ones as annoying as the anti-Hillary people are the pro-Hillary people.

Mixing Politics with Justice - USA Today editorial - good reading!

April Fool's Day edition - Fake news you can really use!

Confusing the issue - on the politically motivated sacking of US Attorneys

Follow the e-mails - Sidney Blumenthal on

Iraq toll up 15 percent despite crackdown

Developing: Hillary Clinton raises 36 million (including Senate transfer)

Just to compare 1st Q 2003 fundraising

NYT Magazine profile of Obama's "narrator," David Axelrod

Female ex-candidate to 'protect' Hillary Clinton (Ferraro)

Who are the members of the group traveling with Pelosi overseas?

Impeachment mood against U.S. President Bush starts its wave in Vermont

LAT: Democratic pups are top dogs in the House

Americans Review Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys (Gallup)

Oh My God!? Could Iran Hate Britain More?

Edwards' on-line donations top $3 million: raises almost $1million in 24 hours

anyone watching 60 minutes?

John Edwards raises 14 million

Will We Have A Real Primary, Or Will It Be All Over By Iowa?

Boy, hatch Is A whiny SOB On MTP This morning

"Tommy Thompson to Run for President" So, they could theoretically have a Thompson and Thompson

Pentagon's WSH hires (PR) firm in aftermath of Walt Reed scandal (PR Week)

Faith in Bush: It's almost like being in LOVE? (a la Matthew Dowd)

Be a man, McCain

Rented "American Blackout" from Netflix...Why didn't John Kerry Count the Votes?

Hotline: "HRC to Announce her Numbers at 2?"

Hotline reports Clinton Campaign leaked the incorrect $36M campaign numbers to Drudge?

I thought Cheney and Saudi King Abdullah were buds?

McCain strolls Baghdad in full armor; U.S. reports six soldiers killed

** Must-Read: Prophetic words by MLK, Jr. on War and TRUE values**

TIME: Every Democratic Presidential candidate promises to lower health care costs, provide coverage

As a resident of Indiana I want to apologize for Mike Pence and Dan Burton.

When people say "USAs serve at the pleasure of the Prez"...

Did Kit Bond just mention regime change in Iran on NBC Nightly News?

Elizabeth Edwards interview in Newsweek--this is one grounded woman!

Mark Warner For Vice President

DU this AOL poll

No hoods. No electric shocks. No beatings. These Iranians clearly are a very uncivilised bunch

Texas Youth SEX Scandal! The cronyism NEVER stops!

Orrin Hatch is so predictable.

Pro-Union Hillary Harbors Labor Foes

USA firings trail of breadcrumbs gets very interesting:

The spin is in: Clinton reports $36 million, including transfer from Senate campaign

How much of Clinton's first-quarter receipts are general election funds?

Dean's DNC on track for new fundraising records this quarter.

Doonesbury -- Supporting the Troops

Newt will likely run for president

Industrial Hemp Farming Act Introduced

blogger exposes another wingnut political operative in DoJ!

One of these 24 people will be our next president.

Fred Thompson, Ladies And Gentlemen, Will Never So Much As Enter A Primary