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Archives: March 8, 2007

Walter Reed, Who Expected More From A Goverment On The Take?

Why Cheney Lost It When Joe Wilson Spoke Out (RAY McGOVERN)

Ray McGovern: Why Cheney Lost It When Joe Wilson Spoke Out

Iraqi-U.S. operations hindered by culture clash

Does Clinton's Impeachment Inoculate Bush From Same Fate?

Don't Send a Lion to Catch a Mouse (insurgencies and imperial armies)

No Calm After Libby Verdict, With To and Fro on a Pardon

WP:Subpoenas Likely for Justice Officials in Prosecutor Firings

Trials of Guantanamo suspects begin without a lawyer or reporter in sight

Monkey Politics = World in Crisis; Candidates in Denial

Libby and the Cheney Unseen

Born to die: Climate change disrupting life cycles with fatal results

Scrap metal sales to see restrictions (copper becomes theft target)

No War for Oil, No Oil for War

Poll: If elections held today, Olmert would be thrashed by his rivals

PM's office says succeeding in portraying comptroller as a liar

Rev. Hagee hopes for the Destruction of Israel, calls The Holocaust "god's judgment."

Hamas promises full cease-fire if Israel helps end boycott of PA gov't

PM: Plan for Lebanon war made months in advance

Morons and Magic: A Reply to George Monbiot

We don't need a new investigation.

The Show Me! Spirit; Taking Back the Vote

Former Navy Sailor Charged With Passing Secrets to Al Qaeda

AP: Legal Experts Rap Media Ban at Gitmo

Fired WA U.S. attorney, John McKay, testifies about "improper or illegal territory."

AP: House OKs $1.7 Billion Clean-Water Bill

AP: Pentagon deploys more troops to Baghdad

China: U.S. violated Iraqis' rights

Coins circulating without ‘In God We Trust’ (Mint Goof - $1 Coin $50 Value)

NYT: Historians Fight Bush on Access to Papers

Nearly 70 percent pessimistic on war outcome (NBC/WSJ Poll)

Hagel (2 term R-Ne) to announce political plans Monday

AP: Bomber Kills 30; 3 Soldiers Die In Iraq

Gasoline again flirts with $3 mark

New daylight time may mess up medical devices, authorities say

LAT: Iran linked to seizure of F-14s in Chino

Top Pakistan nuclear scientists in Taliban custody

Under VA Chief, Effort to Aid Wounded Vets Stalled, Ex-Employee Charges (Only $1 million to fix)

Bush: U.S. not recognized for generosity

NASA fires astronaut Nowak

NYT: Buildup in Iraq Needed Into ’08, U.S. General Says

Food prices to rise at grocery stores: industry

I get to keep my promise! I get to keep my promise!

Alton is doing 'assembly line' ravioli.

I bought my first car today!!!


Did you ever sneeze or cough so hard it felt like your body was splitting at the seams?

Pooping in the laundry room is NOT cool...

Name the new celebrity couple

Dog Camera

I found out what NOT to say to your wife when she asks,

Been a while for me-What are you listening to thread?

Jean Baudrillard is dead

The Truth Was Out There

What does holding the "V sign" in this way mean?

OK what should I watch on 'On Demand' Cable?

Behold...Lightning bolts, crashing out of my nostrils!

What's the one and only correct answer to the question ...

My Son's cell phone called me and said he was smoking a joint

The New York Post's Headline Today...

So, I was perusing lavalife and saw the girl next door.... literally

LOST Alert !!!!! LOST is on East coast

It's been almost 36 hours since Libby's conviction, and my Konigshaven remains untouched

Man, 91, Challenges Jack LaLanne, 92

Lawyers Should Heed Bob Dylan's Words

Where does PBS dig up all these '60s bands

On Monday night, I told my adult daughter that if my husband -- her stepdad -- died tomorrow --

Anyone know how calling someone "peanut butter"...

Embarrassingly, does anyone watch "The Hills"? n/t

Do cats like water sports?

Accused knicker nicker says he was in bad elf

anybody planning to boycott 300

Cheat the zoom feature on Google Maps, then watch your jaw drop from space

SOUTH PARK meets RAHOWA: Unofficial DU Thread

AC/DC Board Meeting: Minutes

If I wore these shoes, would I get a date?

Aiiieee!!!!! I just saw a RAT run across the floor at work...

Extra credit..I can't find the damn answer. Greek History, any buffs out there?

Aww... Johnny Depp's daughter is very ill

Mil Mascaras!

Worst places for progressive young singles

HELP! I need an antidote for Jesus Camp!

My nephew just got a full scholarship!

I found out what not to say to your wife when she asks,

If you post a thread in the lounge and no one responds...

LOST: Another complete twist that just make my head get all messed with.

John Stewart just called Robert Novak a douche bag

Who is to blame for the continuing decline of civilization?

Formerly half-ton man can leave house at last

Attacks on Shiite Pilgrims Continue

Interfaith Group Urges Congress to Insure All U.S. Children

Anybody watch Mr. Deity on Youtube?

Reconstructionists Tap Lesbian Rabbi

LSU Women's Basketball Coach Resigned

Kerry promises aid to Hispanic entrepreneurs

Immigration raid at New Bedford - Another story that shows Kerry human side

Who's going to NYC March 12?

Bush Crazy

VA's Nicholson Abandoned Program to Help Returning Troops

Howard Dean on MSNBC about Walter Reed, Libby verdict

Russian Journalist Ivan Safronov, Working On Potential 'Scandal,' Dies Of Suspicious Causes

FCC received many complaints about latest Superbowl. “My husband rushed in to see the men kissing."

NSA Blocked Domestic Spying Whistle-blower And Pressured LA Times To Kill Story

So who was juror 067?

(TOON) Steve Bell with the latest on cash-for-honours (funny smell at No.10)

Senate may subpoena DOJ officials tomorrow (US Atty purge)

Why pardon? Libby will only do a year or two?

Free Scooter Libby! (NY Post editorial)

Two men charged in cadaver-trafficking scheme

icasualties folks-can you start new time period (#6) for the surge?

Remembered: Clooney's answer to Coulter: " impugning my masculinity? I'd never


Dupe -please delete

Agencies Simulate Cuban Influx (AP)

Here's a great video that promotes understanding between cultures.

Bottom of the barrel damn!

GOPs Bad Behavior Gives Edwards Campaign a Boost


I'll support pardoning Scooter Libby when the repukes support

Countdown is about to cover the Matt Sanchez (rightwing porn star) story

Oversight Committee Fashions New Presidential Oversight Tools: Hearing to Mark up Tomorrow

U.S. News & World Report: Headlines Spur Democrats

Want to see just how neocon the American Legion has become!A rant by my brother

Bush will get a 'warm reception' in Brazil

Repukes didn't buy Bill Clinton's "I don't remember" defense, so we don't

Asking an attorney to talk about a sealed indictment?????

Between the Walter Reed debacle, Scooter Libby, and the fired US Attorneys,

George Bush Obituary (Wausau Daily Herald):

Regarding the Transgender City manager Being Fired

The Venom...Wow

Would it make any difference if it was said the ad depicted a "gang bang" rather than a "gang rape"?

Into the Light..

C-SPAN Relaxes Copyright Restrictions

"How can anyone that cute be covert?"--Elizabeth from the View

Sam Seder on Countdown!!

C-SPAN Takes Lead in Making video of Congressional Hearings

Are Howard Fineman and Johnathan Silverman Related?.....nt

We need a Roto-Scooter song.

Sandcastles In the Sky -- a quick photo diversion from politics

Juan Cole: Libby's Lies, Cheney's Lies (illustrated)

Matt Sanchez!

If other NOC's killed by Plame exposure

Guardian UK: An awful lot of baloney in Brazil (Bush/Western hypocrisy)

Ann Coulter and Gay Porn Star

The secret maneuverings of the Plunge Protection Team

CBC's "THE LIES THAT LED TO WAR" available online -- link -- Holy Shit! ... Canada gets it

Email battle about the Libby conviction

RW'ers panicking over Global Warming!

Vice President Cheney was involved in a conspiracy to forge the Niger documents.

Digby has put together the transcript of the summary at Fox after the 2003 Dem debate.

Bill Gates on C-SPAN2--sounds a lot like Alan Greenspan. Blames the victim.

Liberty Coalition calls for Whistleblower hearings (Edmonds)

Conservatives -- even the most fanatical (Malkin) -- begin bashing Coulter

From G. Gordon Liddy to I. Lewis Libby - Secrecy is the enemy of democracy

Edwards to Skip Debate in Part Because of Fox News Sponsorship

Get out your violins, the freepers are worried

I saw Scott Ritter tonight.

Imus in the Morning executive producer calls Hillary a "bitch"

Readers speak out, 'La Cucaracha' returns to LA Times

Newt to reach out to the Fundies tomorrow...

BBC Picks Up On Vermont Impeachment Movement

Anyone else hear Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity FLIPPING their lids today about Libby?

Conservatives demanding Libby pardon... "Soft on Crime"

AOL poll: bush approval at 20%, cheney at 16%

# 1 Douchebag

Freepers' Al Gore fixation continues....

What's in it for Buh or the Republics to pardon Glibby?

Libby Set To Win Pardon And Escape Jail Term - UK Telegraph

Split Democratic Caucus To Get Iraq Pullout Plan

COUNTDOWN reveals the Marine feted at CPAC, Photo Oped with all them

GHOST TOWN - my rides through chernobyl area

Karen Hughes and Hadassah Lieberman lunching together

Please help my thread - there's a pot o' gold at the end of it...

Have fun with this poll :

Fill in the the right wing, "supporting the troops" means.....

Annthrax: "I don't think there's anything offensive about any variation of faggy, faggotry, faggot..

I'm giddy! Sleep won't come easy tonight. I can feel it coming...

So, will Hagel announce that he's running for president?

A Libby pardon plays too well to the CORRUPT SLEAZEBAG reputation Bush/RePUKES already have

Fuck California Pizza Kitchen

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Guardian: Libby lied, troops died

Every Democrat should refuse to appear on Fox News


PETA 'fashion policewoman" hands out fake tickets (check out the picture)

Heads Up! The Daily Shows "Scooter's Guilty" coverage! On Now!

Gergen: Libby lied; he and Cheney would not testify. There's something they don't want to discuss.

Letting the generals on the ground dictate our involvement in Iraq will always lead to more violence

Feds Seek To Gag D.C. Madam from exposing her client list


"Earth Hour"---Turn out the lights!

OMG!!!! Limbaugh finally admits it - "CRIME HELPS GOP".

Why Cheney Lost It When Joe Wilson Spoke Out - Ray McGovern

God this woman on KO is TERRIBLE

Question; "Why can I not Trade in 'CITGO'?"

Wow! State Department involves Rep. Keith Ellison (D., MN) in outreach to Muslim world

If a police officer is investigating a murder, and I lie to the officer about

Does anyone know if when Bu$h leaves office

does anyone have the whole history of the freeper - andy stephenson's cancer operation fiasco...

Liberal House Dems: No Deal With Leadership, Will Propose Funding Withdrawal

Where is Putin Politically?

The "I don't give a rat's ass" administration


Did the Madame willing to spill her guts do "business" at the Watergate? Cunningham hooker party?

I tell ya, the Right Wing Noise Machine is unprecedented -

Ann Coulter says she can "understand" murder of abortion clinic doctors

Who is this scum-sucking Repuke on Hardball calling for an immediate pardon?

DU this aol impeachment poll.


Vinchen- Kind of a British Freeway Blogger

Daily Howler on Frank Rich and Gore/Kerry

Doees Anyone Here have the Count of Soldiers who DIED IN IRAQ in Last Five Days?

Conservative Award winner at Cpac Turns out to be a Porn Star!

MSNBC poll: 87% say Bush's actions justify impeachment!

The Democratic Party should call for equality for everybody in our '08 platform

FLORIDA - Gov to Restore ex-felon voting rights HISTORY (and they're Dems) "Scoop"/Collins

Anybody catch the Explorer episode about North Korea?

Harold Ford, Jr Joins Faux News as Political Contributor

Failure To Impeach Now Will Irreparably Damage The Republic

O'Donnell was on Countdown saying Libby case is over

Local Couple's Veggie Oil Car Draws Fed's Attention

One Word Only! You Get One Word to Describe George W. Bush. Let Me Have It.

'Size Queens' star, Matt "Rod Majors" Sanchez blames Leftwing bloggers for outing his porn past!

A Primer For Straights On Gay Marriage

Predictions for Iowa and NH

I've started a website of FREE downloadable Progressive Banners. 100 and counting!

Kennedy Rails Into Conservatives Trying To Block 9/11 Bill To Hurt Workers

The Tom Cruise Nexus of Washington Corruption

My parents just gave me their Tennessean take on Al Gore...

Folks - The Pardon Is Coming - Sooner Rather Than Later.....

TIME INC possibly censors libraries

Cream and Sugar With Your Treason?

Time for Congress to Lift the Fog of War

Is Anybody Listening To This Bitch On Tweety's Show Calling For Libby's Pardon.....

The race for Darfur's oil - a blessing or a curse?

Pelosi: The People’s House -C-SPAN has new "liberalized copyright policy"

*** The case for Fox News hosting the Nevada Democratic Debate ***

Sibel Edmonds needs your help.

Republican insiders are deeply worried about the "Scooter" Libby verdict's political effect

Congressman Charlie Gonzalez Endorses John Edwards For President

Dems should call on Bush to pardon Libby

The 16% of Americans who "strongly approve" of Shrub are....

Will the Dems use Edward's universal health money (ending the tax cuts for the rich) to give a tax

Non-Binding Impeachment

People whose candidate dropped out: Whom are you supporting?

What is happening with the Congress's "Out of Iraq caucus"

Think Progress - Libby’s pardon problem

Has anyone ever listed the members of congress by time spent on fox news

Who would you consider the crème de la crème of endorsements?

Dumb Question: Can A Pardon Be Revoked/Overturned Under ANY Circumstances?

Has Obama explained the investment blind trust that was not blind?

Unemployment Woes NOW OVER!

TPM Cafe: John Danforth, moderate R's, trying to revive the centrist Republican Leadership Council

"But there's no underlying crime" vs. "It's not about sex, it's about lying under oath"

Transpartisan Coalition Calls for Whistleblower Hearings (Sibel Edmonds)

MSM approved 2008 Democratic Primary Poll

Conservatives now support gay porn stars?

Edwards Praises Webb Bill Requiring Congressional Authorization For Military Action In Iran

Time: A Challenge to Maliki in Iraq (Allawi on his way back?)

Laura Flanders: For Women in Iraq, A Sad Day (The Nation)

Hershey's outsourcing

Freindly Fire: Walter Reed Fiasco: The Final Nail In Bush's Legacy

Can Christian Coalition aid '08 campaign?

The Fourth Coup D’etat Part 2

International Women's Day in Cuba: Women Fully Participate in Cuba

National Review: Oversight Committee Announces Hearing on disclosure of CIA agent's identity

Maureen Dowd: My Very Own Juror ...

Eric Alterman: Think Again: What About Bob? (Novak)

The Nation: Walter Reed Scandal: How Mainstream Media Let Us Down

Dave Lindorff: Through the Looking Glass in Iraq

Newsweek: Libby's Pardon Problem, He Doesn't Qualify

Jury Pardons Libby

Iraqi Shiite leaders in a tug-of-war with Arabs over regional conference

Bob Herbert: Lift the Curtain ...

Surging: the Lie Admitted


On Libby: To pardon or not to pardon?

Independent UK: Johann Hari: We must shame the torturers' accomplices

The Four Unspeakable Truths-What politicians won't admit about Iraq

Is the Bush surge already failing? (JUAN COLE)

Economic Report: Outsourcing Of U.S. Tech Jobs To India Continues, (Quest) cuts pay in 1/2

Cartoon from Lee Judge (KC Star) says it well:

Time to Admit Defeat in Iraq?

A Wasted War (The Nation)

Democrats: Work to Get Us Out of Iraq ... or Else

Hiding From Plain Oversight (from

Bring all troops home now By Maxine Waters

Iranian influence soaring in Iraq

72 Percent Of Army Brigades Have Served Multiple Tours of Duty

Don't let the neocons call the shots on Iran

Experts to Analyze Oil Prospecting in Gulf of Mexico

WP, pg1: London's New Super-Rich

Iraq's Mandaeans 'face extinction'

Political bloc to target Shiite extremists

The Iraq That George Built

The Department of Justice has "established" its own National Security Division

What’s So Bad About Big? (renewable energy, NYT)

Hyundai QarmaQ’s Plastic Skin: Reduces Weight, Saves Gas

Climate change has 'losers,' but ocean also has 'winners'

PG&E sees power in North Coast waves

The civil war among evangelicals

Government fails to inform city that nearby bomb testing would be of the nuclear variety. Oops

Show Me The Wind: Missouri Town May be First To Go 100% Wind

Former CIA Chief calls for renewables

Here is what the radical right is tossing out now about global warming

JPL - El Nino Shifting To La Nina Over Past Two Months - AFP

Nudists For Global Warming

Nuclear question splits EU climate talks - Guardian

Can Ecology and Commerce Coexist?

Swedish Academy Of Sciences - Mercury Levels In Fish Worldwide Grounds For Serious Concern

Even White House Now Admits Likely Continuing Increases In GHG Levels - CSM

Lloyds Of London Now Ranks Climate Breakdown Among Top Threats - ABC

Climate Big Issue For US Hunters, Anglers - Reuters

Maathai Presses For Action - 613 Million Trees Pledged, 3.5 MIllion Actually Planted - Reuters

Suit hits WindTechCo alternative energy business

Verizon Is First Major Company to Retrofit Vans With Hybrid Power

Castro's revenge: The Cuban oil rush

Solar power system chosen for Prince Edward Island building

(BP's) Reserves are depleted, except in Russia (down 1 billion bbl)

British push on CO2 at security council - Guardian

Americablog: Bush Admin. to government experts: Don't talk about the polar bears

Can Ecology and Commerce Coexist? (AlterNet)

Lawmakers Tout Great Lakes Cleanup Plan - AP

Palestinians injured in crush at border

Israel's Killer 'Bot: Safe Enough for War?

Peace group plasters separation fence with faces

Israel behind Iranian general's 'defection,' US official says

Hardline Pastor (Hagee) Gets Prime AIPAC Spot

10 Characteristics of Conspiracy Theorists (to avoid)

Boeing patents remote flight control for airliners

Voters say no to new 9/11 investigation - Burlington, Vermont

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, March 8, 2007

Protecting Right to Vote: Election Deception & Irregularities in Federal Elections-By John Conyers

Hillary introduces Count Every Vote Act in Senate, Stephanie Tubbs Jones in the House

Good News: Pam Smith new President of Verified Voting

NYT/Reuters: States Undercharge Polluters up to $50 Million: Report

Colombian students protest Bush visit

LAT: Iraqi Shiites bury their dead, A lack of medical supplies adds to rising toll

Conservative Democrats Assert Power

IAEA freezes assistance programs to Iran

Pastor (Lonnie Latham) found not guilty of lewdness charge

Memos Tell Officials How to Discuss Climate

AP: Mortar attack hits Baghdad airport; no casualties

Lieberman strikes again...Fox Makes Friends And Foes

(Reuters) At least 11 killed in Mogadishu attack: residents

WP, pg1: Bush Deflects Pressure To Give Libby a Pardon

AP: Democrats to unveil fall 2008 pullout plan (NOT 2007!!)

AP: Indians face health clinic crunch

AP: Graduation at N.J. Church Sparks Lawsuit

Chicken feed may present arsenic danger

Murtha grills brass on being kept in dark on wounded at Walter Reed

AP: Immigrants sue over crime victim visas

Terror charges for ex-US sailor

Feds: Men brought guns, drugs on plane (Delta Flight 14 Guns 8Lbs Grass)

WP: Subpoenas Likely for Justice Officials in Prosecutor Firings

Vote likely this month on Utah (& DC) House seat

Edwards Rejects Nevada Debate Invite due to Fox News Involvement

Iraq Sunni lawmaker opposes move to lift immunity

Rebels say kidnap 4 Iran troops, issue video - TV

Exclusive: Warlord splits with Taliban (Gulbuddin Hekmatyar)

Guardian: Fourth British soldier in a week killed in Helmand

Afghan official a convicted trafficker

Colombia warns of guerrilla attacks during Bush visit(will he sleep on a boat again?)

Juror calls on Bush to pardon Libby

Ecuador referendum row escalates

FEMA Taking Hit on Sale of Surplus Trailers

U.S. faulted for cutting aid to India

Dems to propose Iraq withdrawal by ’08

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 8

WP: As Iraq Exit Plan Arrives, Democrats' Rift Remains (p. AO1)

Tight security in Brazil for Bush

Maliki suspends cooperation with UK Forces

Update: Hearing Highlights Vet Tracking Woes (too expensive to implement)

Pfizer inks IT outsourcing deal in China

NYT: Fish and Wildlife Service memos tell officials how to discuss climate, polar bears and sea ice

Right-Wing Darling's Alleged Gay-Porn Past

Backlog of disability cases hard on veterans

Students prevent U.S. forces from raiding a university in Baghdad

Higher health bills loom at Ford

Iraqi Anti-Corruption Head: Graft Worse Than Under Saddam (Iraq 4th Most Corrupt Nation In World)

U.S. commander urges talks, sees Baghdad backlash

AP: Federal Raid Leaves Massachusetts Town A Mess

Petraeus: Iraqi insurgents attacks up(but encouraging signs in Baghdad)

CBS fires executive producer of ‘Evening News’

NYT/AP: John Edwards to Skip Nevada Democratic Debate Hosted by Fox News

Democrats want Iraq pullout by fall 2008

Majority of Verizon Workers In New England Want A Union (Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut)

Comedy Actor (Are You Being Served?) John Inman Dies at 71

Wanna Cut Your Jail Time? Donate A Kidney!

Suspicious Package on White House Grounds Under Investigation

Shreveport Paper Becomes 4th This Week to Drop Ann Coulter

FEC to Kucinich. Pay $137,358

White House: Bush to veto calls for withdrawal from Iraq

San Francisco Protects Wild Parrots' Habitat (May 29th at 9:00 p.m. when it airs on PBS' )

Argentina/ Bolivia sign billion pipeline deal

U.S. halts imaginary Cubans in security drill

William WILL get married to Kate, MPs told

Newt Gingrich Admits to "Moral Failings"

Valerie Plame to Testify (Waxman Committee - Friday, March 16th)

Bill banning most abortions will go to [Mississippi] governor

Obama pays 17-year-old parking tickets

Nipping Shafts

Homesick. Physically sick. Found the old necklace that caused a

Poll question: If you have "hard" licker in your home, where do you keep

is there any way to take a cheap boat ride to europe?

I wanted to make a witty post

I just spent an evening sitting beside Grammy Award winning songwriter, Julie Gold

Congratulations on reading the Executive Version of this post

I need some help again...

Well, I'm in DC and it snowed....

Is my VCR compatible with the new DST?

Let's have a late-night party!

What's your story of online lunatics? Here's mine:

Man Burns Genitals in "Jackass" Stunt

Fun fact about lice...

Well hello.

Have you noticed that a lot of people (outside DU) have no clue about the Libby case?

I don't like being called an annoying git. I find it offensive so stop.

Has your dog ever had a epulis?

Drunk WISCONSIN Man Pulled Down Pants, Had Friend Spray Genitals With Lighter Fluid & Light Fire

Someone give me a drink - I just told my co-worker to "kiss my ass"

Red Tails at Dawn and Dusk

How was your fifteen minutes of fame?

does anyone know how to podcast

Uh oh....Someone's smoking weed in the library...

Someone tell MHC that her little ploy to make me jealous...

Somebody massage my neck please.

I very rarely remember my dreams - is anybody else like that?

Weekly MySpace Membership Drive....

INVENTION OF THE YEAR! Beer-Tossing Refrigerator Invented! (Beer Catapult)

How far in advance is it best to book your airplane flights? nt

Have you ever rocked the suburbs?

The "New Mods" thread was pinned to the top of the Lounge for so long

I have to uncover my car ... 6" of bird shit yesterday

Online Columnist Rates American Idol Girls - By Their 'Bang Factor'

I made a really good soup yesterday that was actually pretty healthy

Okay,Who here thinks lionesspriyanka still has some sticky spots after yesterday's sugar/oil fiasco?

Jericho fans your thoughts are wanted

Single Gourmet - anyone ever hear of this?

My little brother is interning at The Nation

I saw the most bizarre combination of bumper stickers yesterday

Random question: Have dogs evolved to not chew electric cords?

Home made exfoliants...

Fans passionate about naming Barbaro's siblings

Caption this * pic from FDL...

Man burns genitals in 'Jackass' stunt

One hit wonders of the 80's

DUers posting from work

Hey everyone!!! I saw my first robin just now!!!! It's spring!!!!!!!! n/t

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/8/2007)

Who remembers and loves this song as much as I do?

Scooter Libby, hero of the stupid, or lying sack of shit?

Post Funny or Goofy Things Your Family Says or Does (kinda vague, read on:)

I have to go uncover my car... 6" of snow yesterday

Where's the best place to buy a Thinkpad battery pack?

Woman Arrested For Trying To Sell Panda Skin

So a penguin, a priest and a talking dildo are in a bar...nt

CONFESS!!!!!!! What is your "Kaopectate"

How many of you thought my username was about a spanking fetish

Now in Vienna, there's ten pretty women.

'Elf' lingerie thief found guilty

ACCCKKKK!!! Twisted Sister has sold out!

Driving with one foot?

Anyone heard any of these musical groups?

I hope this makes you....

Over 1000!!

Update--It's REALLY happening!

Oh I did a bad BAD thing...

Teacher Had Sex With 13 Year Old Student In Her Minivan - Arrested

Now why would someone take a dump i n a urinal?

Judge Rules Accused Child Molester Can Go To Disney World

It's not Thanksgiving today, but I am incredibly grateful...

My husband has to renew his green card

Don't turn around - Wuh-ohh-ohh...

Computer in spanish

Carzy thought, Matt Sanchez/Rod Majors = CubanLiberal??

looking for a picture puzzle

70% Of Chuck E. Cheese Establishments Sell Alcohol

RIP Mr Humphries

DU Threads with videos marked "Must See"

Refrigerator Will Toss You Can of Beer

This is the wierdest pig

Does anyone remember the marijuana propaganda movie

McGahee traded to Ravens for multiple picks

BREAKING: Tom Cruise has snapped. On freeway, echoes OJ...

Anyone else think people around here a little less...TASTY these days?

Company Sells 'Holy' Bottled Water (Company President Thought Of It On 6/6/06)

She let him 'spoon' her?

They sure ain't makin' jeans like they used to

Post your time killers here.

Flossing with both hands while driving

Woohoo! I got Genesis tickets!


Arnold Schwarzenegger, statesman

Now Stop that!

VIRGINIA Man Sentenced For Taking Upskirt Photos Of 11 Year Old Girls At Fair

Sucks to be her...

They killed KMZT - commercial classical music radio is no more in L.A.

Latest news on my she has pancreatitis ON TOP of

Cat question

Hey Loungers...

$42.50 for a polo shirt? $75 for a button-down? $50 for a hoodie?

Should Ian McDiarmid and David Carradine have received noms for SITH/KILL BILL?

Anti war protest in Little Rock AR today! Complete with belly dancers!

Can I brag a little?

Cars, Names, Sex

Oh, there are still times I miss the "Nuclear Ignore" function.

I am so PROUD of my daughter, that I am crying!

Will Antonella get kicked off of American Idol tonight?

You know what I love? I LOVE putting a superior acting,

So I'm almost at 1000, help me be a slut?

Any opinions on the Penguins? (hockey fans post here)

my summer plans...(any advice from europe-familiar folks?)

Thursday Morning Questions.

Happy Dance...Bounce Your Boobies...Update on my friend's breast cancer

A Quick Update -- My Twins Arrived Early

Question for DU Detroit

Man Says Masturbating An Elephant Isn't An Easy Job - But It Is HIS Job


Today I had my first "outsourced" customer service experience and I'm NOT happy about it.

Don't forget the birds.


It's International Women's Day!! Post what you love about WOMEN:

Mini Rant - Please for the love of all that is sacred

ADD and ADHD DU'ers check in here!

German couple in incest row

What trend in popular culture would you ban?


Re: Last Night's South Park -You've already seen it before...haven't you?

Double standards-life in a small town.

"Are you free, Mr. Humphries?" "I'm free, Captain Peacock!"

Do you have a sound something makes or how something feels that gives you the creeps?

I'm liking this Adrien Brody guy.

Well....I went and did it.........

can i just say, i Love chicago and their peopLe

CONFESS!!!!!!! What is your "Kryptonite"


Put quotation marks around one word in a movie title

Did I miss anything on last week's Battlestar Galactica?

Sad news, my little prince had to be put to sleep

So this Orangutan is changing his tire when an FBI agent walks up nt

Going to Chi town for St. Patrick's Day and we're taking the


Dylan Hears A Who

It's that time again... Who can mix the best cosmopolitan.

The man I have a restraining order against....

DU Computer people, help me out here...

Friends I Need SERIOUS Advice - Those Who Commute Via Public Transportation To Work

Great Children's Book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Is retro furniture making a comeback?

Hipsters, flipsters, and finger-poppin' daddies, knock me your lobes!

My Cotton Sweater Caught Fire - Dryer Sheets

Anna Nicole's death has a new twist... this is Thursday, Mar. 8th...

I woul'd like to introduce a new DU'er to everyone! And I hope you all...

Do you DU in your dreams?

Modify an active Lounge thread to include the phrase "Masturbating An Elephant".

My parents just bought a house in Mexico. I'm so jealous! Who's coming w/me?

One-click help for women in shelters

‘Bring Me The Head Of Rich Cizik!’: Religious Right Demands Ouster Of NAE Official

The Brawl at St. Paul's (Jesus' General writes to Pope Ratso)

If true that a wise person doesn't need God, then what did Jesus teach that was so wise?

TVC Fundies release anti-liberal and anti-gay comic books (dial-up warning)

The wise person does not need God to be moral or just or to live a good, meaningful life

Man tries to cash $50K check from God

The Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld and the celebration of its midpoint

Scientists: Sunlight alters asteroids' spin

BBC- "Captain America is dead"

I heard this morning Larry King will bring "The Secret" again

Wow - did I ever have an AHA moment last night!

Help in interpreting dreams requested

Thank God(ess) that Mercury is no longer Retrograde

Plymouth, Mass. Memorial Vigil for the Fallen and Wounded of the Iraq War

Lieberman praising Foxy. Ugh.

Kerry speaks about small business

Why 'Set a Deadline'?

Small Biz hearing: 10 AM Climate Change solutions

Digby on Fox and Lieberman - The Empty Conscience

Senate resolution - Goal for troop withdrawal March 2008

Disappointed in Terry Mac's analysis of the Kerry Campaign at a Dem luncheon

Teamsters Win One For Workers At Allied Waste

Republican odds. Nine contenders, some you’ve never heard of

Rudy Giuliani ---the perfect Husband and Father (This is great)

No Sense Of Decency: A Documentary

Scooter Libby verdict

If you missed's. Matt Sanchez your CPAC porn star

Kucinich: ." create a world where we not only believe in peace but work to make it happen."

Sen. Murry &Graham Discuss VA &Military Healthcare Part Two

Dean, DNC webcast. Speaks of Libby and Walter Reed as Bush's failed legacy.

Bulworth and Connie

Bulworth breaks out RAPPING!!!

Orwell Rolls In His Grave! A Must See Video!

Bush - invading Iraq was a mistake

Sen. Murry & Graham Discuss VA & Military Healthcare

Problem With Pardoning Libby: Bush would have to flout DOJ guidelines

GOP Rep said party Acted Like a "Bunch of Winos"

Obama wins Maryland Straw Poll by a Wide Margin:

George Bush 2000

9 year old Canadian Boy Held in American Custody

Trial's Lesson: Just Take the Fifth

So a nasty woman came to our DFA meeting tonight

I remember when lying in front of a grand jury was an impeachable defense offense

Anybody see this?

The Night of the Generals

Bernie's talking to Joe Conason -- stream

3,188 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Who else was offended by the new South Park tonight?

But..but... Scooter Libby is a nice guy!!!

Huffington Post: Dan DeWalt - Vermont's Impeachment Resurrection

How does Bush Fuck Up:???: Let me count the ways....

"Profile of Sociopath" - who fits this profile?

AP: Conn. bill would force MySpace age check (other sites too)

"13 Ways Bush's Goose Is Cooked"

Prison a wasteland for mentally ill

I don't like being called an annoying git. I find it offensive so stop.

What exactly are searchlights used for?

(TOON) Steve Bell on the CIA leak trial

Secret Poland compound was Used in CIA Black Sites - MI6 reports

"High-fiving Israeli's" upon first plane hitting WTC.....

Which one is funnier POLL

A way to get the truth through the nation's newspapers.

Can anyone give the number of Iraqi military and police that are involved in "The Surge"?

Journalist and Author Andrew Cockburn on Donald Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall, and Catastrophic Legacy

The Nation: Left Forum 2007

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Lucy in the sky...'Diamond of all Diamonds'

Too funny, RW Nut Job at CPAC speaks to a room that is *completely empty*

Options backdated after 9/11 plunge - Making a profit from 3000 dead people. Real nice

New Mexico: republicans Stall Impeachment Resolution

Paul Rieckhoff: Walter Reed: What You Can Do About It (HuffPost)

Settlement reached in discrimination suit against Brookshire’s

Libby should get "as much time as Patrick Leahy, who did the same thing,

The tendency of Congress' critics to blame Democrats first for Iraq is self-defeating

Two thirds of all issues come down to spending more money on education for the poor.

msnbc - all i get is a frozen screen and intermittent audio of imus

War without End: Buildup in Iraq Needed Into ’08, U.S. General Says

Vermont: 36 Towns Call For Impeachment Probe of President

We really need to drive the point Libby is a traitor!

While Bush and McConnell are out partying, facts are coming out about shoddy care at Walter Reed

WP: If Fitz insists Libby begin sentence right away, and Judge agrees, pardon question forced sooner

WJ this morning: Should Bush pardon Scooter?

Gen. Petraeus admits there's no military solution in Iraq

Foreign ministries and presidential offices abroad: Is Cheney losing his influence, or his mind?

NYT editorial: The Gonzales Eight

NYT: "The Gonzales Eight"

NYT: Memos Tell Officials How to Discuss Climate

Moran (D-I can't remember)--There will be no impeachment!

C-SPAN To Offer Free Access To Hearings

Edwards to skip debate hosted by Fox

SCOOTER - Plame no big deal?

Conservatives slam Ann Coulter

Bush Admin: Do NOT mention Polar Bears

Democrats To Propose Troop Withdrawal By 2008

Froomkin: Questions Reporters oughta be asking Bush about the Libby verdict

I am sure this has been brought up before but I didn't see

Libby shouldn't have been told of the charges against him, shoulld

Is there any physical attributes that we can make fun of here on DU...

The world wonders: What has happened to Dick Cheney?

Wasn't Clinton able to maintain his military actions despite impeachment?

Joe Wilson: "....would ever talk about what specifically she was doing, a lot of which I don‘t know"

Will you join me in calling Congress to investigate foreknowledge of the Iraq War?

Liberal Dems Unveil Plan for Fully Funded Withdrawal

Fired US Attorney's Testimony Shows Lengths GOP Took For Midterm Elections

CNN Highlights Vermont's 'Impeach Bush' Movement That's 'Spreading Like Wildfire'

An image is worth 1,000 words (Lieberman)

Whistling Freedom

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 3/8 -- Bush and Cheney are exhausted

"That's who's still supporting Bush, the women who marry serial killers!"

What Has Happened to Dick Cheney?'

Ok, which right wing

TOON that says it all about the right to know

Why I fled George Bush's war

Loise Slaughter talking of Alaska memo to silence scientists. now cspan

"Darwinism" leads to Moral Decay

If you were suddenly anointed a Congressman--- what would you do?

Yellowcake Forgery - Why does SISMI keep popping up?

World marks International Women's day by honoring women — and pledging to improve their status

SR Republicans KNEW About Walter Reed Problems-But Shut Up To Avoid Embarrasing Army/Admin.

WOW..C-Span now. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones slammin the hammer down! (Ethics)

Rudy vs. Rudy on the assault-weapons ban

New ARG national primary poll: HRC and Obama are close, Newt bests Romney

Am I living in the Twilight Zone? Calls on C-span.

Case Before SCOTUS can affect Libby Sentencing

Fiore Flashtoon on Vets substandard care

Mom, aunt charged in spanking of boy, 12

"Owww... My Balls!"

Anybody watching C-Span House Debate? The Dems are cleaning

The Iraq That George Built

What should we call the scandalous firing of the DoJ Prosecutors?

Should we be able to elect the VP separate from the President?

Neglect, incompetence, indifference, lies: By Bob Herbert

Russert on NBC Today: Why B*sh will keep Cheney as VP

What are the republics whining about now?

Are there Democrats you would like to see challenged in the Primaries?

Sisters (and nuns) hold Iraq vigil at Sen. Coleman's office

No military solution to Iraq, warns new US commander

More Duncan Hunter/Brian Bilbray corruption (San Diego gets screwed in McMillan deal!)

PNAC Founder William Kristol heckled in Austin.

Psychic DUers: check in.

"This is America. I have a right to offend you. You have a right to be offended."

Valerie Plame's Mother:"Oh, everyone knew she was undercover..Well,she did not enlighten her mother"

We know why L:ibby didn't call Cheney as a witness but why didn't

Anyone have any details about K.O. interviewing Valerie Plame?

The Private War of Women Soldiers: Female Vet, Soldier Speak Out on Rising Sexual Assault Within US

E&P: Newspapers normally tough on "law and order" urge pardon for Libby

Re-imaging History. A Gallery of famous doctored photos

Top US Commander Patraeus: "No Military Solution In Iraq" (Duh!)

A murderer is walking the streets, and the investigation is over!

Bob Novak: No crime, so Libby should get no time

TX: Legislature Poised To Declare Social Security Numbers 'Not Confidential'

CBS fires Katie Couric's top producer - appoints former CNN and MSNBC president Rick Kaplan

!%!$@!#$@!$%%!! What happened to AAR?

"The Achievement Gap" (Great Forbes Article re: Discrimination)

House Dem Leadership Unveils Its Plan: Withdrawal By Sept. 2008 At The Latest

Arianna Huffington: The Libby Verdict and U.S. Attorneys Scandal: Two Symptoms of the Same Disease

Murtha To Cut Funds For Iraq Contractors To Force Pentagon’s Hand

Brewster-Jennings True Target, Not Wilson

Re: O'Reilly "Enough spinning going on to weave a rug" Naples (FL) News columnist

Off on a weeklong adventure

Senate debate - Graham telling Specter he is wrong. Hell has

Has Lieberman commented on the Libby verdict?

My Cotton Sweater Caught Fire - Dryer Sheets

Global Warming is a big issue for U.S. hunters, anglers

AnnThrax Coulter's column dropped from three papers.

I hope Hagel runs. It may motivate the Democrats to push getting us out of Iraq sooner

Libby's conviction makes impeachment much more politically attractive.

Porn Free (Matt Sanchez)

The Pelosi-Murtha Iraq 'benchmark' approach won't work

Powerful Private Prison Profits

Here's two long lists of Republican misconduct.

Lucky Libby

earlier Pelosi reairing on cspan 1 now (while vote being taken)

Pelosi to have news conf. Today--re: Anyone know the time??

Should the DNC host the Republican debates?

W.Va. legislature votes to allow casino table games

A friend asked, 'You don't think GWB will really pardon Libby, do you?

July 4th - Cheney will resign

ACT NOW to ban electronic ballots

Rod Majors---um sorry, Matt Sanchez says he was bad at being Gay-- is that even possible?

White Supremacists infiltrating Conservative Churches in the Bible Belt

I honestly feel that there's someone behind Matt Sanchez and Jeff Gannon.

TomPaine: Without whistleblower protections, government integrity is just a slogan.

The funds for the troops are already in place...

Why is Plame's status being kept nebulous to America? Why wasn't Rove, Armitage and

twice I've posted in threads only to have my reply disappear

Friend of mine's reply to a freeper email....

'What Has Happened to Dick Cheney?'

Update--It's REALLY happening!

(Newsweek) Former Bush official: "there’s a sense that Libby deserved his fate"

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Hastings - Ranking Member Of Ethics Cmtee

What questions would you ask the Vice President, or a representative of his...

Leaked Pulitzer noms: LAT for Iraq coverage, "Altered Oceans"; Boston Globe for "signing statements"

Why 'Set A Deadline' to get out of Iraq? Surge not ending till '08, at least


OOps self delete double post.

Operation Rolling Call underway

"Are you free, Mr. Humphries?"

Rep. Lynne Woosley: The case for a fully funded withdrawal from Iraq

"Feds Seek to Gag DC Madam"

House Dems Ready for Showdown on Iraq

Salette Latas: Unsung heroes of Walter Reed: kin caretakers

Coulter, Gannon and Sanchez - what a mighty triad they make....

"Don't Pardon Scooter Libby"... a petition

Caption - David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) gets a halo

Which of these "Scooter" Libby Tattoos pictures (from The Daily Show) is the best?

How nice - Senator Domenici is talking about the problems at Walter Reed...


DOJ Guidelines for Requesting Pardons

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Anyone know what the Senate Dems are proposing right now?

couLter gets a "jeLLy doughnut"

Rep. Barbara Lee: Fully Fund the Safe Withdrawal of our Troops ...

I think Bush SHOULD pardon Libby

FreePUKES defend slavery

Ann Coulter: "Right wing succubus"

Bush administration rejects purchase of radiation drug

Cindy Sheehan: The Flash Point

Bush administration rejects purchase of radiation drug

Has Fitz ever used the word "covert" regarding Plame?

Would anyone be averse to seeing the biggest Republican shit-talkers challenged to a fight?

CIA leak case has not ended - Bush Administration faces a lawsuit from Valerie Plame

March '07 Evil GOP Bastard of the Month---Ben Bridges (R-Nutbag) GA

What is Dreier's response to Anne Coulture?

Gonzales caves? Or Democrats?

Beck says "sick" part of him wishes Sharpton/Thurmond related; Sharpton says "may you be healed"

Re: Last Night's South Park -You've already seen it before...haven't you?

FEMA auctioning off trailers at fire-sale prices


TPM: Subpoenas on Hold, Senators to Meet with Gonzales

Please help me fill in the blank: Citing Ann Coulter to prove your point in a debate is like ____

Waxman to Fitz-"Were Any Federal Criminal Statutes Violated by White House Officials?"

Is Emmanuel reading a list of dead troops on cspan1 now?--I missed

David Sirota: Congress’s upcoming "free" trade fight

McCain banner ads

Swift Boat bankroller, Sam Fox, contributed $21,000 to Lieberman day after the 2006 election

May Georgie's South American trip be as warmly recieved at this one poll: Should the U.S. set a specific timeline to withdraw troops from Iraq?

Can someone help with a link to Randi or AirAmerica

What would Walter Reed say?

William Krystol heckled & question at Texas U - video

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Texas families file lawsuit against Governor's order requiring cervical cancer vaccine

Gotta love those South Americans

Immediately transfer WR patients?

Andy Borowitz: Bush Strips Libby of Nickname

Southern Poverty Law Center writes article on infamous homophobic preacher, Fred Phelps

Matt Sanchez aka Rod Majors driven from porn because of LIBERALS

Randi is funnee today

self-delete, dupe

Barbara Boxer is asking for our help in honoring Al Gore prior to his testimony before Senate

Bush does NOT have to follow the DOJ guidelines for pardons

Help run this ad and save the polar bear - NRDC

You can't make this shit up, folks

Would someone tell CNN what the American flag looks like?

Dishing It Out- Excellent Discourse on Food & Economics

Faux Noise has Obama headline (is this the best they can come up with?)

Harry Reid Press Release....Just Now

The Dark Lord and...

I'll have a Tuesday primary and yes Supersize please.

Barbara Boxer: Help me thank Al Gore

Congress has just called off the names of the Fallen

Is it time to Impeach AG gonzales??

Dumb question..... Why wasn't Richard Armitage charged

So, who has more votes to influence the House leadership's Iraq plan? 'Blue Dogs' or Progressives?

My First Sit-in

C-SPAN liberalizes its copyright policies

The View's EH TWIT moment of the day...3/8/07

Great Rudy pic from NY Times article "Is Rudy Too NY?"

My First Sit-in

BBC video - How think tanks took over US gov (PNAC)

New Bush Comic: The Bubble Boy Comes Out.

Anyone seen "Fast Food Nation" yet?

heads up John Dean on with Randi right now

How could some think that a Boycott is censorship?

Hysterical right-wing nut pens Fox News column calling for "Justice" (pardon for Libby)

Greenhouse of Representatives-new committee formed to address global warming

Pro-war demonstrators carry flags and signs in front of wooden crosses at a hillside memorial - pics

Curt Schilling, blowhard extraordinaire, is now blogging

Address to the Youth Council of Europe.

Do you feel it....

GOP knew about Walter Reed problems when they were in control

air america is too busy to stream online.

There aint no doubt that Bulldog and Rod Majors are connected.

Anyone watching the shenanigans on CSPAN2?

Senate Impeachment Trial Powers Upheld..(could this work for Scooter??)

Does anyone have any information on the people in Arkans who didn't get the trailers bush promised..

Nanci Griffith sang some great songs tonight in memory of our progressive angels

San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District nixes govt bomb test finding out it is nuclear

"Brazil Police Battle Bush Protesters" NO ONE LIKES THAT MAN!

Can George feel the love in South America?

press confer. was to announce 'an escalation on the escalation"--air

Tangle of bribes creates trouble for Monsanto

Dean and Gephardt fight for 1st place with Kerry fading in 3rd place and Edwards surging for 4th

Repugs on House floor about Ethics--cspan 1 now---complaining about

Senate Democrats Announce Binding Resolution on Iraq

He's sprouted wings!

Where's the 2nd phase of the intel report , Sen. Rockefeller ?

Faux pundits coment on Rosie's attack on them (la-la-la-la)

If there were strong signs of a positive turnaround in Iraq, would you be supportive?

Pathetic rag NY Sun asks: "Could Edwards Become First Woman President?"

Poor King George. all the riots, all the time.

Now Playing - 'You Bought It, You Own It' - Featuring The Code Pink Players - pics

Scooter guilty. Now it's ...

Kristol gets the red ass treatment in Austin Forum

"Administration Caves on US Attorney Law"

AFA takes credit for Ford's decision not to sponsor the GLAAD Media Awards....

On an SUV with a "W '04" sticker on it....


The Politics Of Fear

"The Blame Belongs To Secretive & Vindictive CHENEY" (US News & World Report)

FEMA Taking Hit on Sale of Surplus Trailers

Clarence Thomas: Affirmative Action Not Needed... Even Though My Office Is "All White Males"

Al Qaeda refers to Baghdad's Green Zone as "the American-Persian-Zionist Zone."

Why won't Tenet answer the question about Joe Wilsons report?

Democrats shelve plans to force Iraq pullout (Boston Globe)

Is it a waste of time to write or email my wingnut Representative?

All Bill's Loofahs

Is Katie Next?

Interesting connections to Matt Sanchez

Deep Inside Kenneth Eng's Brain with His Unpublished Screenplay

Crank Calling for Jesus

Haha...funny CNN screenshot - look at the 3rd name

Senate Republicans Deliver Sharp Criticism of Gonzales

General Petraeus reports there is no military solution in Iraq from Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone

New Mexico Impeachment Resolution in trouble

MSNBC: Dave Dreier extolling the Family Values of Rudy!


"Brazil Police Battle Bush Protesters"

Former Clinton Chief of Staff calls KKKarl on his BS

"One day there will be a new Atty. Gen. Maybe sooner rather than later! Specter

Barbara Boxer: "Help Me Thank Al Gore" (Gore To Testify Before Senate Environment Committee)

We are witnessing the 'dismantling of the Republican Party'....

Simple Q and A inspired by the "complicated" Libby case...

Regarding Rove (Plame Scandal)

Cuba condemns the situation of women

Huffington Post: "Poor Sooter Libby?"


The biggest danger to Hillary Clinton's aspirations? The expectations.

Cheney Exit, Rice Entry Could Alter 2008 Race

How does one deal with repugs if you're on a travel tour

The D&G ad is offensive to both sexes

super poster of Pelosi at Project for the Old Amer. Century

Any other short DU'ers offended by Libby being made fun of for being short!

ATTN Tyler Durden: Shreveport Paper Becomes 4th This Week to Drop Ann Coulter

Naughty Hottie Has Sex With God

LA Times Boots Loathesome Reactionary Comic Strip "Mallard Fillmore"

More examples of rwingnut hate and ignorance (bumper sticker sightings)

Children left stranded after migrants held in factory raid

Circumcision may lift HIV risk for women

I know this is a shocker: Rick Santorum to contribute to Fox Noise Channel

Hagel and Rudy.......Just curious --- Would you rather

We have term limits on Presidents

BREAKING NEWS: Woodward told Armitage about Plame!

my 68th ltte was published today-re:who get's the blame with Vet funding

Dylan a False 'Prophet,' Says Pope Benedict

Time to STFU, Freepers...righty pundit says it's about "LYING UNDER OATH"

Coulter: "'Faggot' isn't offensive to gays; it has nothing to do with gays"

Is it time to give Fox News a NEW NAME? CandyLand?

The Eagles will Gather on Mar 07

Rudy sure loves to dress in drag!

Democrats Are Stupid When They Don't Vote and Republicans Are Stupid When They Do!

Mar. 8 Daily Impeachment News: post high crimes and misdemeanor news here


Uh-Oh, SwampRat's got some photoshopping competition

Gotta be pissing off some Republican TOONS!

UnBEARable: Bush regime forbids mention of polar bears

Editor&Publisher: Four Years Ago: Questions We Raised About Coming Iraq War

Beware of Chuck Hagel!!!

Run Chuck run .....PLEASE Hagel,,,Run as an Independent.

BBC "Captain America is dead"

We never hear about the post-traumatic stress disorders that Iraqi children are suffering

Fourth Newspaper Dumps Ann Coulter

It's the Porn Star/Escort part that's revealing, not Sanchez's homosexuality.

No investigation has ever been done by Congress into the forgery of the Niger documents.

demeaning nick names for 2008 GOP candidates needed.

Congratulations Tyler Durden. Faux Noise has you mentioned

If Giuliani gets the Republican nomination, do you think that Right Wingers

So the Niger forgery story is important because...

Stop Coulter's syndicated column from being published--petition from The Human Rights Campaign

TIME: CHENEY - "THE ENEMY WITHIN - The Cheney Verdict"

Help Boxer thank Al Gore- sign card

"Oh you dirty boy.. I thought you were a gentleman" Rudy kissed by the Donald

The Stop Iran War Campaign Enters the Next Phase

Sports Illustrated(!?!) Cover Story: Sports and Global Warming: Time To Pay Attention


DEM Senators To Gonzales: WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU

James Bamford: 'I support Sibel Edmonds. You should too.'


Random musings on my 1000th post...

New French law says that only professional journalists can film or broadcast acts of violence

X-post from the Lounge: Most contentious topic on DU?

Waxman's Letter to Fitzgerald right here!

House Oversight Committee's letter to Fitzgerald !!

GOP Senator Ensign PISSED at DOJ/Gonzales

Brother-sister couple challenges German incest law

Let's thank all the papers who've decided to drop Coulter (Compiled list and info here):

3...2...1 It's Liberalism's fault that I was a Gay Porn Star (Rod Majors)

Coulter Can't Teach in Iowa Now: New Anti-Bullying Law

VIDEO - SECRET ROOMS - Nightline Segment on NSA Capturing All Net Communications! Must See!

I may go to jail Saturday.

So ummm....wasn't Wes Clark suppose to run for President or something??

Anyone have a list of emails for papers still carrying filthy slag Coulter's column?

How much do you pay for gas? It's $3.18

Sam Seder rocked on Countdown last night. Crooks and Liars has video.

Breaking:Congress to look at CIA leak case

Mississippians! Frank Melton (mayor of capital city Jackson) is in jail...

It is a hard time to be living in Pinellas County, Florida. CNN is

BREAKING: Senate Dems Announce BINDING Resolution To Force Bush To Begin Withdrawal In 120 Days

"any student of history recognizes there is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq,...

An end to FEAR & LOATHING in the voting booth—this one’s the real deal! “Scoop”/Collins

MSM Covers Waxman Victory, Overturning Bush 41/43 Secrecy

Dealing with Fred Phelps

Latinos land 2 in 3 U.S. construction jobs

ABC: VA Chief shelved an inexpensive solution for wounded Vets from falling through the cracks

Newsweek: Libby not qualified for Presidential pardon

Mr. Leopold, I apologize. I hope you'll understand the circumstances.

Lest you forget or deny - on homophobia

Anyone heard from Sapphire Blue this week?

Plame to testify before Waxman hearing on Plamegate

THE COVER-UP CONTINUES: "As Fitz Was About To Indict Rove For Perjury-Rove Got A Lucky Break"

Waxman to Fitz-"Were Any Federal Criminal Statutes Violated by White House Officials?"

Buzzflash: Major Bush Homeland Security Program Suffering "Major Breakdown"

White House's Tactics Threaten War-Funds Bill

Hillary goes anti-"free trade"? - wants both Labor/etc conditions and trade deficit controls.

What Caused the Walter Reed Debacle

Army surgeon general (Kiley) scrutinized in Walter Reed case

REPORT: 72 Percent Of Army Brigades Have Served Multiple Tours of Duty

insurgent attachs up in Iraq----

Gates adds 2,200 MPs to Iraq surge

Massachusetts GOP is not a lock for Der Mittenfuhrer

U.S.: Iraqi insurgent attacks intensifying

Lessons from Walter Reed

AFL-CIO Presidential Candidate Endorsement Process Will Be "Bottom-Up"

Patty Murray: "We Are Fighting A War With No Cause"

hannity defiles Marine Motto

DU a poll: Hagel makes an announcement about his political future on Monday, what will he do?

Pelosi to have news conf. Today--re: Fall, 2008 troop pullout (not 2007)

Two items: NYT editorial: The Gonzales Eight; Letter from GOP group called for firing

"Swiftboat Joe" Lieberbush Demonstrates (again) His Loyalty To The GOP

Let's encourage our congressmen to call Armitage to testify

Why Bush is better than Churchill

2003 CIA Deal Alleged With Iraqi Oil Workers

Texas progressives meet Kucinich, Van Os, and more this weekend

Rep. Dan Burton, R-Idiot Latest Victim of Actual Five Day Work Week

What would be an appropriate punishment for Bush if he were convicted?

Gingrich said NOLA drowned because of a lack of education. So, I wrote him.

sorry dupe

sorry dupe

McKay, Cummins, Lam, Iglesias...

memo from Ted Kenndy--petition: Libby: What will the President do?

The Flash Point by Cindy Sheehan Mar 7, 2007 11:52 PM

U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health and Iraq Accountability Act

Blast from the Past: Karl Rove lays down under wheel of Air Force One

The greatest sight I see as I drive around Memphis...

ABC, NBC still haven't covered U.S. attorney firings -- but reported on "purity balls," Jenna Bush's

An alternative history question--just wondering...

Harry Reid calls closed session to discuss Iraq

Cheney quit his job? Amusing to ponder but unlikely (Reuters)

Time to clean house!

Soldier slammed for decal : Forgive me father I have sinned for our freedoms

GOP leader (Blunt) defends Heather Wilson

Cheney And Libby Need To Thank Rosie O'Donnell For Getting The Focus Off Of Them.....nt

Stephenie Tubbs Jones should lose her position now!

Time for Congress to Lift the Fog of War by Medea Benjamin

Question For Clarkies: Why Is Wes's Calendar Empty?

Lieberman strikes again...Fox Makes Friends And Foes

No Dems came to Gen. Petraus confer with House says Rep. Bonier-he

Libby Conviction - Follow-Up By The Dems - I Just Called My Senator's & Congressman .....

Bush on Libby: "I'm pretty much going to stay out of it until the course..."

Speaker Pelosi sounded like a drug crazed raving lunatic liberal this morning

I was just listening to a Clearly FRUSTRATED Pelosi at her news

Murtha To Cut Funds For Iraq Contractors To Force Pentagon’s Hand

New Edwards E-mail: Universal Healthcare Video

Waxman to hold hearings Plame/Libby/Cheney .... Ed Schultz 3/8/07

Pork Report Exposes $4 Million ‘Polar Express To Nowhere’ (Stevens-R/AK)

Advisory Today Congress will read the names of the fallen

McCain Is Forced To Play Catch-Up As Support Ebbs

Jurors want libby pardoned??

High-profile women back Hillary Clinton

Kate O'Beirne/Matthews on Hardball 3/7 transcript

Yesterday, Sen. Hillary Clinton Introduced The "Gold Standard" Of Election Reform Bills

Fired U.S. attorney's testimony raises broader concerns

The Times Of Shreveport, LA, Drops Coulter

Feingold Statement on Democrats Offering Binding Legislation to End President's Failed Iraq Policy

John Nichols: Dems Aren't Urgent Enough About Withdrawal (The Nation)

It's the Porn Star/Escort part that's revealing, not Sanchez's homosexuality.

Walter Reed disgrace is another hidden cost of involvement in Iraq

Breaking: Outed Plame To Testify Before Oversight Committee

Damned Spot: John Edwards' Bad Edit — The candidate's video sleight of hand

Romney Flip-Flop Speed Record?

"....the Maureen Dowd School of Journalism that Obscured Early Reports of Soldier Treatment!

DFA Training Academy in Columbia, SC March 17-18.

Clinton calls for new GI Bill of Rights

Gravel and Kucinich: "standing up to end that rotten war."

GOP Rep. reveals first hand knowledge of Walter Reed conditions, details Army patient's death..

Batshit-Crazy Bush-frenching Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) says Ann Coulter is her "hero"

North Carolina Republican says he supports House Dems' Iraq plan

Iraq Pullout Could Begin July 1 Under Democratic Plan

2008 Dems seek fair share of spotlight

How Is It That We've Come This Far With This Plame Outing That There Still Is No Agreement On....

"One day there will be a new attorney general, maybe sooner rather than later"

Breaking: Admin Will Not Oppose U.S. Attorney Law Change

New Bush Comic: The Bubble Boy Comes Out.

Sam Seder on Perjury

Labor Works on Election Clout

Former Clinton Chief Of Staff Rebuts Rove Claim That Clinton Purged Prosecutors Too

Bush protests heat up in Latin America

William Greider: Nothing personal, but Hillary Clinton is a candidate of the past.

The Problem With Pardoning Libby

Obama paid late parking tickets

Soldier Under Fire for Truck Decal

Exclusive: Hillary Defends President Clinton’s Military Record Against Bush Attack

Step right up! Have a ball. Predict the future here:

Kerry: Senate Democrats United Behind Iraq Deadline Plan

Robert Reich now has video on his blog. Drop by and give him a word of encouragement, so he will

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