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Archives: March 7, 2007

When teaching the liberal arts becomes an un-American activity

Col. Ann Wright: Blood Diamonds and Blood Oil (Truthout)

Russian generals put old foe back into their sights (Guardian)

Editors of The New York Times: A Libby Verdict

Philip Mattera: Outsourcing Walter Reed (from

Flight Attendants Fight Concessions In Court And On The Picket Line

Jane Smiley: Coulter, Cheney, Bush: What's the Difference? (HuffPost)

U.S. Attorneys in the Line of Fire (TIME)

The Right to Organize Today the N.Y. Times Backs Free Choice Act

Chris Floyd; A Tale of Two Houses: How the Clintons and Bushes Took us to Hell

Scooter and a Blood Clot

The Nation: Libby Trial: CIA Leak Case Ends with Guilty Verdict

Asian air pollution worsening weather

Arab students will no longer be tested on Zionism, Arab heritage

Thank you FULL 9-11 you tube already posted

The Politico: Liberal Democrats Revolt on Iraq Spending Bill

Ohio Gov. Freezes Agencies' Lunch Tab

Immigration officials round up 300 employees in New Bedford 'sweat shop' raid

Activists mull suit to block seal-hunt documentary

Proposed German seal ban misinformed, Nunavut fisheries director says

Bush's daughter writes book on teen mom with HIV

Soros bought CVS, Rite Aid, Halliburton in Q4 (1.9 Million Shares of Halliburton)

Thallium Poisoning Found in 2 Americans

CNN: Jefferson appointment to House Homeland Security Committee in doubt

Best Buy Web site pricing probed

Australia to oppose Iceland whaling

Breaking: Jetliner catches fire on landing at airport in Indonesia

Whether torture is physical or mental the trauma is the same

Bombers Lure Pilgrims With Cakes as Shiite Holiday Turns Bloody

ACLU Sues Over Detained Immigrant Kids

AP/NYTimes: Verdict Puts Focus on Cheney

France bans citizen journalists from reporting violence

Congressman Doc Hastings Accused in Federal Prosecutors' Resignations Case

Fort Lewis to open Madigan Army Medical Center to media

Scientist sets sights on UAE to save planet (Global Warming Solution)

NYT: A Judgment on Cheney Is Still to Come

Holy shit! Are you watching Tweety?

anybody ever drive a/in a Honda "Fit".. i am tall and hear they have room, what have you heard about

OMG! I just saw Harry Potter's...

I have a new favorite smilie!

Query: What are the laws regarding full time work for part time pay?

Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet & the dingus

Could the people that voted "No" in my other polls be anymore assholish?

Happy Birthday David Gilmour!

I will eat all the leaves off this tree....

eMusic dilemma:

I'm listening to Beethoven

Winemaker Ernest Gallo dies at age 97

How long can you go?

What is the loveliest phrase you know?

What's worst?

The 4-minute mile (Long post - sorry)

Give me a good simile...

Give me a good smile...

If there was any justice in the music world, Matraca Berg would be a BIG star,

Gray! GRAY! Grrrrraaaaaaayyyyyyyy

And now... Justin Wilson! Ah Gahr-on-tee!

That whole thing about woodchucks is stupid...

My roomie is all heartbroken

I'm betting that this is a meth fire.

Just found out we owe to the feds AND the state. Crap! Anyone else not getting a refund?

i like other stuff too but i like pizza & beer, that is all, sacramento has spoken...

Has anyone heard "Dylan Hears a Who" yet?!?

Was Jimmy Page a better guitarist than Jeff Beck? Clapton?

What. The. Fuck.

Want to pay it forward? My friends, my shameless exhortation of you all.

Whoa. My Grandma's legacy: way to go, Grandma! (Of course, she didn't use

Could I be any nicer?

Okay everybody, name the most forgettable state!

Anyone have the 12 state Megamillions lotto numbers?

think libby had a bad day? this guy had one too....

Who is a hero or heroine to you?

My Dad is really freaking out about his retirement - any suggestions?

Red Green

Attention anyone who may need a lawyer in Wisconsin starting in May 2009:

Good night, DU.

What the hell IS Enzyte anyway?

Which one of you sent Jay Leno the ad for Lysol douche!?

Beano wants to know: What's the price of gas in your area?

What is with people in this country?

And then he said, "You've sold your soul to the devil."

I did not win MegaMillions tonight.

Fuck that 'healthy' business

Judge Judy or Judge Reinhold?

sometimes i think i am batshit crazy

We go on Daylight Saving Time THIS SUNDAY!

Help! A stupid rightwingnut has butchered my country's history!

Is this merely funny, or is it...well, hostile?

Kitty Spanking!

Who are your least favorite author and poet?

Should poetry rhyme?

Since I can't have the hamburger that I *really* want...

What's the loveliest word you know?

Can we all agree that the Dave Matthews Band sucks arse?

Sunflowers 2007, Week #2 * * * * Dial up warning

Alice in Chains or Black Sabbath tonight?

I saw an interesting vanity plate today.

Should Lounge polls all be in the form of a haiku?

Analyze my dream!

My daughter, who isn't speaking to me, just passed me a note.

Please check out my aunt's anti-war video on YouTube!

Please be nice to me tonight.

I admit it.

FOX Noise Headline: Pilgrims Attacked With Niger Yellowcakes

I had the most bizarre dream last night.

Could I be any MORE of an asshole?

Best loss of consciousness by a Lois Lane:

Cingular is "firing" me - who should I switch too.

Why are there a bunch of threads linked to my 'Views Thread'?

If you have "hard" liquor in your home, where do you keep it?

Who is your favorite Author and Poet

"It's not lacking any meat - and that's what real women need!"

What brand of guitar is the best?

I just hit 500 posts! ask me anything

OK, If I win the lottery, who needs what?

if the lounge was a soap opera

YouTube thread - post a song that you've been hooked on lately.

Wrestling fans. . .Another damn death. RIP Bad News Allen/Brown

I've got some questions about the Liberal Christian conception of God.

Jones to Jets

I'm finding it difficult to be optimistic right now (re: Libby)

Kerry in the news today


Why are liberal voices humourous and right-wing voices angry and hateful?

Media Matters: CIA leak case "dishonor" roll

Tucker Carlson thinks Coulter makes "great TV," says Edwards needs to lighten up

Victoria Toensing on Lehrer, commenting on guess what? 6:21 PM CST.

National Review asshat David Rivkin on Hardball says Bush should pardon Libby.

National Review online editorial: pardon Libby.

Merry Fitzmas - Flash Animation - Decorate Your Fitzmas Tree - Scooter in ORANGE!

Lawmakers Discusses Making Marijuana Legal

"Civil servants can't be fired" - is that a myth or a fact?

Wilson on KO tonight. n/t

Anyone see ABC's story on 'purity balls' and girls promising daddy they'll remain virgins?

Your help, please!

The Republican lies go on. Lies about Libby, lies about the Vice President, ON AND ON.

My pictures from Selma!

Air America Premium rocks.

Matthews to John Edwards on Hardball: "Should the Vice President Resign?"

I'm sure Libby has gotten the message

Former Serbian President Milosevic's grave violated, staked through heart

Without providing an explanation, how many actually know what "drinking the Kool Aid" is about?

what is it with the righties and their pornographic novels?

Advertisers Drop from Ann Coulter’s Website on Heels of Homophobic Slur

Join the Veterans For Peace In Fayetteville NC 3-17-07

There is one person in the Bush Administration who works his hardest

I think it should be very plain to the world.

Ack! Indonesian airliner crash & burn (crawl on M$NBC)

Media shelf life of the Libby verdict story

Ernest Gallo dead at 97

Theodore Roosevelt; The New Nationalism 1910

Have you been called a "faggot" to your face?

Is the bashing of "illegal" immigrants warranted or racist?

Real Story Behind CIA Leak


Research, not rhetoric: Marijuana can save lives

Bill Adds Homeless To Hate-Crimes List

U.S. To Put 14 Ghost Detainees From CIA Black Sites Before Sham Tribunals At Guantanamo

Libby Trial was always about how the Bush Administration Lied us into war...

'Correct Pronunciation Takes on Importance'

Joe Wilson on KO says "We are a nation of laws and no one is above the


In my humble opinion, Scooter Libby is small fry. They need to nail Rove,

LIBBY JUROR: "Where's Rove? Where's these other guys?"

"They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors."

Vote Different: Barack Obama ad against Hillary

I missed the national news today.

Hillary Steaming on the Titanic?

ALL DEMS NOW: In One Voice, Say Vice President Cheney Should RESIGN

Scooter Libby - The next Kenny Boy Lay???

Vermont Loves Conyers: Text of Impeachment Resolution

I told you bush's reign is like the 60's and early 70's we even have our own Tricky Dick

You ain't seen nothing yet!

Keith Olbermann Demonstrates What A Real News Broadcaster Looks Like

Look! It Really Looks Like Fitzmas!

Joe Wilson on Countdown W/ Keith Olbermann Interview PARTIAL TRANSCRIBING HERE

Here's an interesting little story from my youth about the power of words.

Meanwhile, ...Attacks in Iraq Kill More Than 100 Shiite Pilgrims

Does ANYONE have the video of * "warning" reporters about how they don't talk about their sources??

So... I was at work today when the Libby verdict came down....

Question...going on vacation...Airplane involved...Hubby carries an epi pen

Fox News: Scooter Libby Found Not Guilty

Iraq bloodbath kills 118 Shias

The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue...

VIDEO: Juror Speaks Out - Libby Is Guilty, But He's The Fall Guy

DU Pool: How soon before Bush gives Libby a Presidential Freedom Medal?

Rambling Rant about the Right Wing

US Quits UN Human Rights Council

Rep. Miller (D-Ca) Says More Disclosure Needed On 401k Fees

Cheney's thoughts about Jr.

Bob Novak is on Hannity & Colmes

If Scooter Libby is Chaney's Cheney

Caption this.

Olbermann Interview on Libby Conviction - JOHN DEAN: "Shows 'They Had A Lot To Hide'"

'Fair and Balanced'™

Scarborough about to discuss the WR connection

Should we accuse them of representing "Salt Lake City Values"?

"the White House has met its match in ... Fitzgerald"

Would a 2007 Recession Clinch 2008 for the Democrats?

Another Sleazy, and Sneaky, Practice of HMOs

Why can't that rotten communist bastard just mind his own business?

Is Drudge defecting?

Jane Hamsher: Libby Jury: Scooter Fall Guy For Rove and Cheney (HuffPost)

Libby's guilty verdict: Media myths and falsehoods to watch for

Since he selected himself Vice President, Dick Cheney has

In Memorium Dana Reeve

Freeptards believe the CIA had a mole in the Libby jury

If you missed Patrick Fitzgerald's news conference, it's on CSPAN's homepage

A caller on The Stephanie Miller Show last week

An observation....Arlen (magic bullet) Spector today

CNN Identified Amb. Wilson only as an Iraq 'War Critic'

Great song leading into a commercial on Malloy....

A wonderful old song I played last night

Joe Wilson and one of the Libby jurors on Larry King...8PM CST

Joe Wilson is on Anderson Cooper CNN

I hope that Libby and Cheney are having the 'worst night of their lives' tonight

And...just Where does the President find his "Advisors" anyway? Bad Advice has been his hallmark...

Quelle surprise! The National Review calls for a pardon of Libby....

Today is PDA's National Call-in For Peace Until March 13th

Barnes: Libby Should Be Pardoned Because He ‘Didn’t Really Seriously Impede The Investigation’

Howard Dean on the Scooter Libby Verdict

NY Times: A Judgment on Cheney Is Still to Come

*Can* Congressional Dems call for hearings & investigations underlying Libby's

when elephants go bad

Just recetved the new PollingPoint poll

The1onone lost their battle tonight

China's spies 'very aggressive' threat to U.S./ Moonie Times

Will Cheney step down?

We talked about Walter Reed and Libby

Senator Domenici called Iglesias at home, hung up on him when told no indictments before election

I thought they said PART 4 of FRONTLINE's "News Wars" was supposed to be on tonight?!?

Libby jury: Cheney aide John Hannah, ironically, a defense witness, helped convict Libby

US Attorney's Hearing Judiciary Committee NOW C-Span

Wow...what a watching Nancy Grace...bored but she is absolutely stupid

Scooter and a Blood Clot

YESSS!!! Boston Legal just became my favorite series

Vermont towns seek to impeach Bush

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! Merry Fitzmas ya'll!!!

‘Where’s Rove? Where are these other guys?’ Juror asks - MSNBC VID

Reagan chief of staff: "... this was a bad, bad, bad news day for this White House.”

Michael Savage for President! Seriously. Think of the humor possibilities.

From Jesus Camp to Jesus College to internships in D.C.---> Astonishing video...

In the end, did Russert play Cheney and co.?

The takedown of the PNACers - Divisions within the Bourgeoisie?

Gravity has "liberal bias" according to Stephen Colbert!!!

So after 6 years, no hard evidence bush/cheney/rove/rice/ have committed any crimes

Poor Coultergeist. Libby has knocked her latest lunacy off the front page

House Democrats Say Consensus Is Forming On U.S. Troop Withdrawal

No Electricity Until 2013!

CROOKS & LIARS: Limbaugh Freaks Over Libby Conviction - "Poking the Bear!"

Contest: Guess Libby's Pardon Date, Win a T-Shirt!!

Joe Solmonese: This Anti-Gay Epithet Should Be Beyond The Pale, But It's Not (HuffPost)

Valerie Plame is a beautiful woman

Convicted. Is he now incarcerated?

The Joy of Surfing ... Conservapedia!!!!

Soros bought CVS, Rite Aid, Halliburton in Q4 (1.9 Million Shares of Halliburton)

Pssst. The skinny juror's wife is a part-time stripper. But you didn't hear it from me.

Michael "Weiner" Savage wants MediaMatters to stop STALKING him: Let me hate in peace!

Put a Wiener in the White House!

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib on HBO now

An irony of the Libby trial.

Niger Docs

Cindy Sheehan: Camp Casey Easter 2007 (and how it all began)

Should I be a "Vietnam Spit" denier?

I'm sorry but I REALLY do not understand why Libby and/or Cheney were not indicted for treason.

Edwards won't be attending Nevada Democratic Fox debate. Good for him.

Why I fled Bush's war

The Importance of the Liberal Blogosphere

Republicans love you until you're born. Agree/Disagree

Bush Wants Us to Pay for His Fear

Ann Coulter, and transphobia

Ok, PLEASE give this a try....

U.S. Torture System to Go on Trial

Rep. Joe Wilson, (R-SC) financed by Walter Reed's IAP Services.

That pic of Shannon with the Purple Heart eyepatch just gets me.

The only ads left on are HERS. Congratulations!

Alligators may lose protected status in Florida as residents' complaints mount

Libby knows a lot about pardons-he helped Mark Rich

DUers Should Support Co-Op America

Caption Curious Georgie with the world in

Is Barbara Boxer doing enough on Global Warming?

DU women: are you offended by these ads??

The Bush twins, one lives in Greenwich Village, one lives in Panama?

The poll I wanna see on MSM

Judge Judy needs to be the next Supreme Court Justice

What does **that** say about our country??????

Mydd's Chris Bowers: The first New Hampshire poll of the season from Suffolk

For those who missed it. The new purple Heart by the * Admin.

Poor Pubs: Try as they might: They cannot win against Trueth, Sanity, and Reality...Defensive and De

Am I The Only One Here Who Loves Ann Coulter?

Attention Right Wing Shitbags .... just a quick reminder ........

So what's the likelihood that Bushco is going to get something cooked up?

Do you want Michael "Savage" Weiner to run for President? DU this poll.


The Most In Demand Poster at the CPac Event. chuckle chuckle

Liar In the White House: Cheney Aid Found Guilty In CIA Leak Case

After Ohio's recount rigging convictions in Cuyahoga, is Coshocton County next?

How Can Pressure Be Put On Libby To Turn And Talk........

Any word from Senator Joe Lieberman about Scooter's conviction?

You guys realize that Bush pardoning Libby helps us, right?

Let's hear it for the jurors. I was wrong and am

Giuliani would have better odds as a democrat WHAT!!!!!!!!

Deborah Weinstein: Undoing Bush's Budget Priorities (TomPaine)

A little alliteration for the arrogant liar's legacy---three words:

Can anyone remember the last time the republicans did something right?

Florida Senator knows what's best for the Venezuelan people?

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Libby Verdict


Edwards gets backing from former Vilsack supporters

Now that Libbys been convicted

LA Sen- Poll

Kucinch on myspace....

Whistle-blower Talks About 'Secret NSA Rooms' at AT&T

Prosecutors Describe Contacts From Higher Up


Libby is PNAC.... don't forget that!

If * Pardons Libby Before His Last Day In Office What Do You Think He'll Say To Justify The......

I'm so excited! Dennis is coming to my town!

WaPo: Will Bush pardon Scooter Libby?

Chris Matthews appreciation thread.

Wilson: My Wife Wept When She Heard The Verdict

Who cares about the front runners? I want to know who the DarkHorse Is?

Statement of Senator John Edwards on the Libby Verdict


Are there any LIVING Republican politicans...

Fitzgerald's search for the truth about Cheney was a key ambition in his probe

Fitzgerald For President

GO PAT!!!! "Who forged those documents?!?"

NYT plans to look into Obama's finances: according to Drudge

JFK Really Did Bring Obama's Dad to America

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Libby Verdict

Congress MUST impeach if bush* pardons Libby or any new criminals.

Fitz: Champ, Chump, or Chimp?

Edwards Statement on Libby Verdict

Grumpy turtles want Gore.

Edwards won't be attending Fox News Debate:

Plame's Brewster-Jennings, not Wilson, True Target

Hey, Under-30s Crowd, Have You Overdosed on Narcissism?

Conservative Democrats Assert Power

"Is Ann a man? (No slur intended)" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette column).

Pgh PG Reg Henry: Is Ann a man? (No slur intended)

Prosecutors Say They Felt Pressured, Threatened:Hill Republicans, Justice Dept. Cited

Why Bush Will Pardon Libby...: Because Otherwise George & Dick Would Face Impeachment, Jail Time

Robert Fisk: The West's Racial Maps Promote Civil War (Seattle P-I)

The 10 Most Notorious Presidential Pardons (TIME)

When politics infects justice

Tomgram: The Last Hot-button Issue for the Bush Adminstration

Congress Says Prepared to Act in Plame Affair By Jason Leopold

Guess Libby's Pardon Date, Win a T-Shirt --WaPo Kamen

Obama Speaks to AIPAC lobbyists in Chicago

Take your pick: Passing political battles or permanently dead bodies

Dozens of Children Stranded after Immigration Raid

Placing Libby Above The Law (by David Corn of The Nation, via TomPaine)

Dupe, please delete

Libby Is Guilty, Yet Bush's Lies Are Exposed (Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg)

Hilary Rosen: The Neighborhood Wilsons (HuffPost)

John Nichols: Hold Dick Cheney to Account (The Nation)

'Family Values' Chutzpah by Harold Meyerson. It's not the permissive '60s. It's the Reagan '80s.

TomPaine: Bush's Spring Break

Gergen: 'There's a lot more to know' in CIA leak case (AP/CNN) {peg your BS meter}

Bush's New US Attorney a Criminal? Greg Palast

Republican presidential hopefuls are looking back at the Gipper, in all his anti-woman glory.

What Reagan Taught Bush

A lonely, desperate cry for help

For an Opaque White House, A Reflection of New Scrutiny --WaPo Analysis

Editorial (from Indiana): Walter Reed and 'Scotter' Libby

Chiropractors to Capitol Hill: Military Health Care Severely Flawed

JUDITH WARNER: Think Naughty, Think Small, Think Not

Libby's Lies, Cheney's Lies (& a reprise of the Magic Yellowcake story)-JUAN COLE

‘If Iraq don’t kill you, Walter Reed will’

In public's mind, White House is guilty, Its campaign to discredit its detractors will be remembered

Iraq's civil war leaves women marginalised and at risk


Vanity Fair: Iraq's Mercenary King (Tim Spicer)

Huffington Post: Charles Rangel, Don't Make Bad Deals on "Free Trade"

Report: Same soldiers keep going back to Iraq

WP: Free-Fall for the Fall Guy

A Libby Verdict (New York Times editorial, 03/07/2007)

Liar in the White house: Cheney aide found guilty in CIA leak case

How Green Is Nuclear Power?

Bush says Mexico needs private money in energy sector

A gust of activity (Galveston, TX off-shore wind farm)


Chinese Cabinet Minister - PRC "Poses No Threat" To Global Energy Security - Doesn't Consume Much

VW backing diesel in green drive (BBC)

Siemens readies fuel cell as source of power

Car Co's won't sell us efficient models that they DO sell in Europe

New Zealand demands Japan move stricken whaler off Anartica coast

weather and climate: flux versus transport

Jeff Masters weighs in on the 2007 hurricane season

Swiss resorts tackle snow decline (BBC)

Rare Mekong dolphin making a comeback (Reuters/CNN)

Australian Government Projects 80% Drop In Dairy Farm Incomes This FY

Capital Costs Per Barrel Of Canadian Tar Sand Oil Up 55% Since 2005 - Wood MacKenzie

(UK Environment Secretary) Miliband: 'Time for a green industrial revolution'

Indonesian Environment Minister - Soekarno-Hatta Airport Will Be Underwater By 2050 - Jakarta Post

Bulk Of Brazi's Ethanol Exports Bound For Japan - Oil & Gas Journal

Boxer To Chimp Rep: "For Those Who Want To Do Nothing (re.) Fuel Economy, You're Perfect Spokesman"

Darling River System In Deep Trouble Already, 20% Reduction In Flows w/i 25 Years, Models Say

UN Report Due In May - Global Warming Effects Far Worse Than First Thought - Xinhua

Hong Kong's Filthy Air Boosting Bronchitis Rates For City's Elderly -Reuters

Hurricane Can Form New Eyewall And Change Intensity Rapidly

Egg opens season two of eagle nature show (Maine Bald Eagle Cam)

ZAP Adds Solar Option to Truck Design to Combat Global Warming

India : Moser Baer to invest $250m for thin film solar facility

Solar Power Starts Muscling Out Kerosene (Cameroon)

Ford Of Europe Extends Low-CO2 Model Range (not available in US)

Governor to kick off debate on renewable energy standard (OR 25x25)

MIT webcast: The Future of Nuclear Energy

Truthdig: A Coalition of the Unwilling (US/UK climate change)

Our irrigating ways and Global Warming: Another piece in the puzzle?

GREEN ETHANOL'S DIRTY FUEL (ethanol plants powered with coal)

Australia's longest river is drying up - Reuters

Palestinans Pull Folk Tales From Schools

Israel seizes 18 in Ramallah raid

US refuses to join UN rights council, citing its actions against Israel

Marines' New Ride, Made in Israel

Israel warns its citizens to avoid Egypt, Jordan

King Abdullah exhorts US to take lead in peace process

Obama Speaks to AIPAC lobbyists in Chicago

Hey look over here! It's Libby, Libby, Libby

TomPaine: The Fraud Of Voter ID Laws

Report: Voter Fraud Is "Extemely Rare"

House Judiciary Committee Hearing "Protecting the Right to Vote" March [email protected]

OMG, Billbray is on the panel with Conyers

BUSH NEW US ATTORNEY IS CRIMINAL-Behind Voter Suppression-Election Reform Fraud & News-Wed-2/7/07

(A Sad Tale by Stanislevic) H.R. 811: Fact & Friction -- Part I

Flight Attendants Fight Concessions In Court And On The Picket Line

Rep. Miller (D-Ca) Says More Disclosure Needed On 401k Fees

US Attorney's Hearing Judiciary Committee NOW C-Span

House Democrats Say Consensus Is Forming On U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Tom Tancredo says Washington full of "lifestyle nazis"

Cognizant says rising Indian wages won't impact profits

U.S., South Korea near end of trade talks; deal elusive

'It's an Embarrassment, Absolutely' (Veterans React to Woodruff Documentary)

please help me re: tax questions to counter right wing friends claims

Democrats look to shift a tax back to the rich

Burqa-clad Taliban leader caught as NATO attacks

Alligators may lose protected status in Florida as residents' complaints mount

Reuters: Senate confirms Crocker as ambassador to Iraq

Jordan to resume conscription

Attacks on Iraq Shiite pilgrims continue

Reuters: Saudi Arabia warns foreigners of possible attacks

Hagel (R-Ne) acts like he's already running (might announce something Monday)

Walter Reed Uproar Refuels Iraq Debate

Reuters: Jurists call for probe of Pakistani disappearances

Reuters: Jordan begins trial of suspects in alleged Bush plot

Up to 7,000 extra US soldiers may be deployed in Iraq

Libby Prepares Request For New Trial

Watchdog Cheers at Decline in 'Pork' (thanks to voter outrage and 1-year moratorium imposed by Dems)

NYT/Reuters: California to Move Presidential Primary to February

Comic Book Hero Captain America Dies

B.B.C: "Cannabis Grandmother Found Guilty"

Italian newspaper denies kidnapped reporter a spy

Abdullah urges US to back peace

State Dept. won't rule out bilateral meeting between Iran, U.S. in Baghdad

Police: Suicide blast kills more than 30 in cafe

U.S. military: Suicide bomber kills 40 at crowded market

Fire breaks out at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Obama on Those Stocks

FACTBOX: Some facts on Vice President Dick Cheney

UN intends to close arms inspection unit for Iraq

Brazil rejects U.S. human rights report as biased(ahead of *'s visit)

Feds turn backs on Puerto Rico AIDS program

Goldman Sachs allays fears of 'bubble' economy in China

11 Shiite pilgrims killed in Iraq bombing (Wed)

NH (anti-) abortion law's backers defeated in key House vote

Bush 'sad' about Libby's conviction (but the decision must be respected)

U.S. hires contractor to back Somalis (DynCorp)

Democrats Want Gitmo Prisoners Sent to U.S.

NYT: In ’05 Investing, Obama Took Same Path as Donors (I'm...Outraged?)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 7

Waxman Seeks GSA Chief's Testimony (Allegations of Efforts to Help GOP)

Reuters: Three U.S. soldiers killed near Baghdad

CNN: 2 million have fled Iraq

Delta gives more details on post-bankruptcy employee benefits

Reuters: Vermont towns seek to impeach Bush

Soviet-era compound in northern Poland was site of secret CIA interrogation, detentions

Lawmakers vote to reform House of Lords

Man surrenders in attack on Yale singers

Small party breaks away from Iraq Shi'ite bloc

U.S. has much to lose in struggle over Iraqi intelligence agency

Reuters: Delay seen at U.N. on drafting Iran sanctions text

Bush Says Medical Neglect Of Troops Will Not Be Tolerated

Couey Guilty On All Counts In Lunsford Case

China slams US rights report

Assad flips out at Ahmadinejad on phone

Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites

U.S. forces blow up bombs planted inside a school in Baghdad

Two More Newspapers Drop Ann Coulter's Column

US Embassy Confirms Two Americans Possibly Poisoned

Super bug kills dozens in hospitals across country (Israel)

Iranians visit Russia over nuke plant

Hope for Credit Card Consumers (Congress holding hearings)

Evangelical leader says Giuliani's divorce a problem

Turkey bans access to YouTube after Greeks insult Attaturk

Republicans Could Face New Ethics Probes

Woman sues doctors after failed abortion

Bill Gates asks US Senate panel to ease skilled-worker visas

Communism in Cuba should end when Castro dies: Bush

What smilies should be added to the ones we already have?

How do you know that your makeover is a success ? When no one recognizes you :)

Congratulations FrenchieCat!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations malaise!! 15,000 posts

I don't want to work, I just want to _____________

Supermodel Naomi 'to mop floors'

Congratulations pinto!! 25,000 posts

Happy birthday /anniversary wishes to....

Has anyone heard from LaraMN? I was wondering how things have been going.

dang, Blue Man Groups was in town and I forgot.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/7/2007)

What the f*ck is in the f*cking box?

Man Offers Boys Cash For Their Urine

I've been trying to come up with something witty to post, but I can't

Goodnight, lovely peoples...

I'm sick of the Swiss

Midnight snack?

i stay lost all the time anymore

Big Wheel keep on turnin'

Something's not right in my ex's brain.



Are the Liechtensteiners as cowardly as stereotypes suggest?

Want to see a real mind-blowing video?

my dog must be like a million degrees inside...



How do you make a cheese puff?

Computer geeks...

Ha! With a member of a site known for it's fundaloons and nutters,

ATTN: Law & Order Fans!

Why is my dog wet?

I'm actually sore from my Wii...

O.J. Says He Could Be Father Of ANS's Baby - Doesn't Want Fred Goldman Getting Custody


What can I cook in my rice cooker besides rice?

Police Chief Asked 2 Inmates To Massage His Aching Penis

My grandfather is 82 today.

WKRP trivia!

Iraqi Man Stopped By Airport Security At LAX - Had Magnet In His Rectum

They've killed Captain America!

Why did they leave some of the best scenes out of the "Borat" movie?

Official euphemism thread.

self delete

What should I do with my day off today?

Attack of the Catfish

LOL... my dog is snoring

Good morning DU

Who's your favorite Iron Chef judge?

Damn. I am so relieved there is no snake in my ass!!!!

Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright: This is a STEAL.

Why is it so hard to find good paper these days?

Damn you TVLAND, stop screwing up Star Trek!

Wine advice: Can unopened red wine be stored on its side in the refrigerator?

I found the recycling bin culprit

I hope they have fire insurance. Nancy Grace on "Law & Order"

Sending wine in the mail

Dang, I hate it when I hit the wrong link on a PM

Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets - is there any problem out there they can't solve

Netflix has received my 4 films I returned and they're sending me the next 4 in my queue

Shoes off if you love the Toon!

Serious Q: Does anyone in the LGBT comm know where I could find les couples seeking donors?

I hope Sunderland get promoted so the Toon can destroy them.

For any airplane enthusiasts out there?

Now I don't like Liverpool but they knocked out Barça

Oba Obafem Oba Obafem Oba Obafem Oba Obafem Oba Obafemi Martins

Man - the Gooch is a beast

Help! I need new gaskets/washers in my bathroom faucets...

Will Manchester United win the league?

Ever had a mug of Bovril?

Big Bird and Snuffy go to the Disco..

My friend had her mastectomy yesterday.

Man - I adore a good pork-pie!

What *not* to do with a $1.4 Million car....

What do you think of Office 2007?

Suspicious Box

Interesting lunch conversation about sex toys today.

Groom Runs Over His New Bride With Car

Forget 'Chewbacca' or 'Twinkie' defences - I give you the 'Elf Defence'

You know what Rum has a funny name? Pussers Rum

You know which bourbon has a funny name?

You know what football team has a funny name? Man City

things I have learned today

Get your Obama T-Shirt right here.

Sound off if you've got a pair!!

It's "Caption This Photo of Call Me Wesley" Day!

Man - I adore a good Porky-pig

You know what sponge pudding has a funny name?

This is how bored I am right now.... (Pics)

I have a Balinese cooking on my oven ...

SF Mayor Go-Go Gavin Newsom has a stalker!

hello lounge, whats going on here this afternoon?

My Bologna has a first name....

Atheistic US dollar coins fetching $50 on ebay!

The tragic tale of Carmen told by finger puppets.

i almost went to my appointment that is tomorrow!

teens accused of making ostrich impotent

wow, I feel like an idiot right now...

Computer question

Alright Colbert, what the hell is "freem?"

I'm playing with Play-Doh as I post - what are you playing with as you post

Post something craptastic

If you have a "hard" licker in your home, where do you like it? (Pole)

Dumb Q: Are we having a World Baseball Classic this year?

IMPORTANT LOUNGE ANNOUNCEMENT: No matter how badly Taverner wants me to have his baby

Fucking broken biscuits!

my toes are cold.

Ooh... my favorite Iron Chef episode is on..

I'm new here and don't want to be a downer, but I could use some good vibes.

Celebration of forgotten lyrics from the Nineties

Is it me or is there something just *wrong* about this ?

If something is roasted publicly

If someone is roasted publicly

Can someone tell me...

I hate those handheld casino games...

Did anyone watch "The Winner" this past Sunday night?

everyone is lying in this thread

Grrrrr, BOA Credit Card

Would you spend $5 for a new $30 million school for your town?

Streaming movies now available on NetFlix

Is "A have a Bolognese cooking on my oven" a Germanic euphemism for something?

OMG, who gets drunk on a Tuesday night???...I do!!!

"Lying sack of crap," as sung by my four year-old daughter

When does the Food Network show any new programs. I have checked all day from early morning till la...

Has anybody here seen the movie "Idiocracy?"

People of the Lounge, I need your advice, please (and some Lounge hugs too)

i hated this song when it was in heavy rotation back in the 90s

What is it with Allstate Insurance?

YES! I scared off another potential date!!

Am I the only one that thinks accordions make women look HOTTER!?

Happy Birthday Lelapin and ZombieNixon!!

Stupid physical therapy is turning me into an exercise addict

And in Sports News: Wanke hoping to beat off stiff bribe penalty

Be careful when using your debit card at the pump.

I'm drinking before dinner

Gen-X'ers or anyone else bored and curious, the topic is "GAME SHOWS":

Jaden wants to be my friend...

Smoking in the laundry room is NOT cool...

I've got one! I've got a special purpose!!!!


Jim Gaffigan: funny or not?

Coins circulating without ‘In God We Trust’

DU Fantasy Baseball, anyone?

Is "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" a kick-ass song, or is it a kick-ass song?

Wednesday Afternoon Questions

I have Bologna festering in my fridge.

What in Jesus' name is Christian Punk?

American Idol contestants this season are pretty pathetic

It's only 80 degrees outside but it feels hotter.

Lie to me

Wedding Song List - Feel Free to Add to the List

I have 7349 items in my email inbox at work

It's time to admit it: I have a secret crush on matcom

IMPORTANT LOUNGE ANNOUNCEMENT: No matter how badly GoPsUx wants me to have his baby

If you ran for public office....what would be your campaign slogan?

Mah HUUUUUsband...he said ah was HAAAWWWWT.

Ever had haggis?

Help! Ladybugs are emerging inside my house! What to do?

NCAA Tourney Pool!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!

CONFESS!!!! If you ever became famous - what dirty lil secret would we uncover about you?

What is Sexy

LAX passenger hides "rock from another planet" up his ass; bomb squad called

6 questions about driving

If something is posted publicly

don't f*&^ with my family. round 437,786

Just saw the Goo Goo Dolls in Detroit.

Anyone else think people around here a little more...testy these days?

Comic Book Hero Captain America Dies

Napping Shifts

A have a Bolognese cooking on my oven

I am going to cry, I used a oil/sugar mixture to exfoliate before i showered

O.J. Simpson Claims To Be Dannielynn's Dad

My cat has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure AND hyperthyroidism

I read all the posts about Ann Coulter yesterday, and

OK, you kings and queens of myspace

need some advice from vegans as well

No, all women are not evil.

How to spot a hypocrite

**A timely political joke**

Most contentious topic on DU?

Looks like West Ham's goin down folks.

The meaning of life

Should Outside Life Get a Person into Hall of Fame?

Top Ten Most Hated Dukies-

Valencia v Inter Milan fight


From this weeks' Mayan Calendar newsletter

I just got smudged, and am vaguely insulted.

I am really getting tired of this website

Despite scandal, VA care lauded by vets

Hospital plan to shift veterans criticized: Substance abuse patients to join mentally ill patients

DU Vets... Forget that silly thread

Interesting "Don't Ask Don't Tell" argument in the US Court of Appeals today

Another Hero

Fallen soldier planned to propose on next trip home (had to pay for his own equipment)

Story on vets who own small businesses on WBUR this morning.

Does anybody have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal

Greenwald nails it re: Coulter

my LTE (re Fox hearing) was published in Herald

Read an excerpt from John and Teresa's book on

Tay Tay has a great diary on Kos.

Sen. Obama accepted money from SBVT donor: NYTimes 3/7/07

Kerry, Dodd and Biden Pressure Pakistan on Al Qaeda

Kerry on the Senate floor on Tom Eagleton.

LAT editorial on Kerry's hearings into baseball deal.

Sen. Edwards College Tour, Denver Part II

Sen. Edwards College Tour, Denver Part III

Ann Coulter a "Cultural Disease"

C.S. Lewis Jr. Patriotic Country Singer

Patrick Fitzgerald Post Verdict Statement Pt. 2

Patrick Fitzgerald Post Verdict Statement Pt. 1

Media Show Strength, Why Not the Democrats? - Young Turks with Wes Clark Jr. Video Blog 2 - Wes Clark and Jon Soltz

Sen. Edwards College Tour, Denver Part IV

Iraq/Niger documents used to justify invasion BAD forgeries.

Kucinch: As president would you see that George W. Bush is prosecuted for War Crimes? (watch this!)

Call to action from Firedoglake over Libby Trial

Sen. Edwards College Tour, Denver Part I

My freeper boss is GONE! +++FIRED+++ omg,iamsohappy

Conduct of Iraq war - now on C-SPAN w/David Margolick/Vanity Fair

SEC sets the stage for off-shoring financial reports...


The solution for Cheney

Has anyone heard from Michael Moore recently???

C-Span Poll of the Day: Should Congress investigate Cheney?

Who's Joining The Army? Lots Of Rural Kids Looking To Pay For College

Vermont Representatives Declare Impeachment "Impractical"

TIME: "Libby still had time to obsess about Chris Matthews"

If Japan deletes from books that their military used sex slaves does that mean it didn't happen?

Assuming they are not on any special committees or investigative teams,

Why He fled George Bush's war

Hannity discussing easter bunny...

Consumer behavior and marketing

Consuming for a sense of control

Are all dictators delusional?

What I like most about DU

Help Needed - Gore And Energy Usage Link

I think that Bush and Cheney should stay in the White House

Elizabeth Edwards fought breast cancer as did Laura Ingraham

MSNBC has tape of lawyer giving Libby instructions after the verdict

Youtube Launches Presidential Election Section “You Choose.”

We Deserve Better--Impeach Today To Save Tomorrow

4-28-07.....National Impeachment Day

Libby's Wife: "We're gonna [expletive] 'em...


WashTimes: Bush officials admit the "surge" is a way to buy "a short window of time"

Rudy for president.... WAIT let me explain

Vermont towns seek to impeach Bush

Can there be any question now that there will be a pardon?

I'd vote for the candidate that promises to release the contents of

9 more American soldiers die in Iraq; Bush sees "important progress"

Freepers are a really, really sad lot.

What Is Wrong With The Links At WhiteRoseSociety?


Wine advice: Can unopened red wine be stored on its side in the refrigerator?

Merrrrry Fitzmas DUers and to the lurking Freepers too!

Imus this am: Mocking Hillary

WJ this morning:Reactions to Scooter

Obama, in ’05 Investing, Took Same Path as Donors

Cytokine Storm

"Thunder only happens when it's raining"

Another $100 billion for Iraq? Democrats should NOT vote no.

Joe Bageant: In the Reign of the One-nutted King

So Why Did BushCo & Libby Let Judith Miller Sit In Jail?

Reservist Prosecutor's Absenteeism Sighted as "Performance Problem"

List of 8 dismissed U.S. prosecutors

Captain America: 1941-2007 (Spoiler)

Firedoglake: Libby Coverup Continues

Is the W04 sticker finally extinct?

you know the nice things I said about Imus?well-F%ck him.calling wilson a blowhard and liar

"SCOOT-FREE" pardon? Deal or No Deal?

It's still a great country sometimes, folks

Department of Homeland Security accused of trying to keep out Bolivian Professor

Senators hit Bush administration for not raising car fuel economy

HuffPo: "one hold out (juror) on Count Three that kept Libby from 5 count Grand Slam"

Any interest in a "workplace" forum?

So, I've turned on both C-Span stations I get and for 15 minutes, both are featuring Republics

C-Span WJ - Marcy Kaptor (D-OH) brought up Dan Quayle's

Picture: Libby in Cheney's Shadow.

AlterNet: America's Vets Left in the Lurch

Sorry Mods, but the Borowitz Report was too good this morning I had to post it.

"Where Is Rove" Jurors Ask....

Sign sign everywhere a sign, breaking up the scenery and

Where’s Rove?- Juror Says Libby Was The Fall Guy

Senators talk tough on fuel standards

Yesterday my R/W electrician asked me who B. Disraeli and Thomas Carlyle were.

Did Your Hometown Newspaper Run Libby Verdict on FRONT PAGE?

NYT: "Fundamental Responsibility Rests With Bush & Rumsfeld Who Tried To Hide Costs Of Mistakes"

Tweety keeps targeting CHEENEE but drinking Shrub KoolAid,plus what's with David BOIES?!!1

WP Editor: Drunken hack or aspiring satirist?

Mar. 7 Impeachment News: 30 Vermont town pass resolutions to impeach

How much time for Libby?

NY Daily News: Bush Administration Dogged By Scandal

FCC Receives Complaints: Super Bowl Was Too Gay

please DU my local paper's poll-Who would you vote for Gov"

So this crime (outing) dies off and disappears and we concentrate

If Bush pardons Libby, wouldn't that make him an Activist President?

Check out CNN's homepage. Nothing about Libby but a poll

VIDEO: Countdown - Joe Wilson Interview On Libby Verdict ("Satisfaction Constitution was Defended")

Scooter. The Fall Guy.

Waxman Raises New Allegations Of Misconduct Against GSA Chief

Rush L caller about Fitz, "Who hired this guy?"

How can Fitz say "Go back to our day jobs'?

Check out the Headlines from all over the US

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 3/7 -- lock 'em up

Why do some posts say "View All" and others don''t. I would like to always be able to view...

DU Poll On CNN: Do You Agree With The Verdict In The "Scooter" Libby Trial?


Killing both people and culture in Iraq

Snotty seems to think Bush and Cheney were oblivious. Gergen seems to think the BA was scandal free

"Fremont won't fund home loans in process" & "Act fast if behind on mortgage"

Which is a more potent force in the United States today? Racism or sexism?

To All Evil BA Henchmen:

Has Jenna Switched Teams? --->>>

Cheney presiding over joinst House-senate meet up (king of Jordon to speak)

Rant: Fox and Walter Reed

NEXT! ---PIX--->>>

The way I see it is we are going to get justice or we have lost our way of government,

Republicans Already Smearing Themselves

Hang in there, Scooter! We've got your back! TOON!

please help me re: tax questions to counter right wing friends claims

"The View", Rosie & Joy, hammering Cheney.....

VF: Retired General Newbold claimes Feith said days after 9/11-"We ought to be going after Iraq."

oops Dupe

Elaine Boozler Had A Funny Coulter Line This Morning

My latest email to Senator Salazar

Hadassa Lieberman lunches with Karen Hughes at Four Seasons yesterday.

...30 years from now...

You're gonna enjoy this one from Spin Central

Senate Hearing on Credit Card Practices on CSPAN2 now.....

Police say nurse used her position to execute personal revenge.

I just came up with a replacement for Faux News: Fux News. Has a certain ring.

Two More Newspapers Drop Ann Coulter's Column

O'Reilly to Maher: "you and I are probably the most hated people in the country"

Escaping a Painful Past to Find a Shaky Future

What we need is an Internet news forum where only the truth is spoken

Other people had already leaked the information....

Pentagon raises estimate of troops for Iraq

New Book: "The Italian Letter: How the Bush Administration Used a Fake Letter to

Feds: Illegal Immigrants Hired To Keep Up Military Contracts

Why Libby's lie was worth prosecuting.

jenna bush - pia zadora

One thing scares me about a total Iraqi withdrawal....

OJ claims to be ANS baby's father?

Undermining the Executive Branch

neo con Teri Hatcher and poppa bush

Walter Reed Transcripts

Legislators want pregnant girls reported (FL)

It seems like Libby's wife forgot what got them in this "mess"

Is offshoring part of the plan to reduce global warming?

As heard on Hartmann: Libby was involved as lawyer for guy pardoned

I just completed a 30 minute radio interview regarding Medicare Part B and D

The struggle for the "Voice of Islam" in Canada - CBC video

DU This Poll: Who should be the next president?

Washington Journal

This caricature of Cheney (Oliphant) absolutely captures...

Hillary Rosen: The Neighborhood Wilsons (HuffPost)

WH Press briefing over?

McClellan On Libby Verdict: White House Needs To ‘Get Out There And Talk About This’

Miers repremanded US attorney over WA governor's race

Six fired U.S. attorneys were subpoenaed,after declining to testify,yet get accused of grandstanding

V.A. buys a cemetary - can hold 7000 bodies

Libby prepares request for new trial

Sexual-abuse scandal rocks Texas juvenile prison system

The Diary of Jenna Bush

New Element Announced

Forget Hillary's Southern twang--Bush to Latin America

Dick Armey sez "we should just forget about this whole mess" with Libbey and Cheney

'Documents reveal astronaut romance' - (AP)

Dolphin slaughter drawing to a close. One reason never to go to Sea World!

The Daily Show slams Bush over Walter Reed scandal

WP Calls Wilson a Liar and Blowhard

Another Liberal Media Propaganda Success! Voters Top Concern in 06 Exit Polling.

Horrific tragedy underscores the level of imbalance present in....

Lawyers--What will a Libby appeal process look like?

Hey, Smirky, Don't forget Poland!

Talk show host uses Walter Reed Building 18 as a reason socialized medicine will fail


3 paragraphs worth reading. The Web Works for the Grassroots, but Political Power Still Lies with th

Video of Craig Ferguson's take on the Scooter Libby verdict.

Seattle Times: McKay [one of the fired US Attorneys] goes down fighting

Psychosis and Mania - ADHD drug warnings come too late for many

NY Times headline stretches across the top of the front page: "Libby Guilty of Lying"

US Attorney purge related to CIA purge?

Fitzgerald releases Libby Grand Jury testimony

Atkins diet back on top

Gore says EU leadership on climate change vital

Cheney critical of Plame nepotism? With at least 4 of his own relatives Feds?

If Jenna Bush is the next Ann Frank then I'm the next Pamela Lee Anderson

If Cheney didn't break any laws, then maybe the laws need to be updated

US Report on Human Rights Practices for 2006 (released 03-06-07)

Click here to laugh

Alberto Gonzales: Attorneys' dismissals were related to performance, not to politics.

Holy Shit ! Check this out. Incredible.

OMG! The Fundies were right about the new dollar coin!

Would Jenna Bush have found a publisher if her book had been written

Amy Goodman: Harry Belafonte, the Lion at 80 (Truthdig)

If the \"adults\" are in charge, damnit, bring back the kids!

Walter Reed Uproar Refuels Iraq Debate


Dean comments, post Libby conviction. Video.

10 minutes of Rush today

HPV and men

Starve Faux News!!! call your reps and tell them not to deal with them

'It's an Embarrassment, Absolutely' (Veterans React to Woodruff Documentary)

Don't miss this...

Hersh: U.S. Funds Secretly go to Al Qaeda-linked Groups

Panel Slams Banks Over Credit Practices

Jenna's "call to action"

Borat seen as human rights victim by U.S. government

3188 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Point blank, now that Libby is convicted, will the House investigate Cheney?

Is there a site that lists all the republicans that have been imprisoned?


The formula for human well-being used to be simple: Make money, get happy.

Critique my Letter to my two Congressmen regarding investigating Libby/Cheney

Wow! Ann Coulter Is A Dead Ringer For Hitler's GF...

Iran Accusatory Over Missing Official

Here we go with another "bipartisan commission"

Why is it always harder to get OUT of a war than it seems to be to get into one and stay in one?

Georgie's Surreal Weekend (new halos)

Time for LTTE calling for Congressional investigations into the Plame/Libby case

does anyone still go to DFA meetups?

Evangelicals: Guiliani showed "lack of character" during his divorce to Hanover

WTF? Just tried to stream AA, and instead of Sam Seder I got this message:

Not to bring up OLD news but what happened ?

GM announces electric car for 2010

Message from Gov Dean - Scooter Libby

dkos: Evangelicals nauseated by Rudy's sluttiness

WP: Cheney was the target

Feds: Airline Worker Used Security ID To Sneak 14 Guns, Drugs On Orlando Flight

Pentagon closes Guantánamo Bay hearings to media

Portrait of Media Is Not Flattering: Libby trial gave Washington journalists "a black eye"

Media excusing soaring gas prices as 'lead up' to summer driving

Environmentally friendly electronics disposal

I have been selected to get An Inconvenient Truth DVD for my classroom

On Countdown tonight - Keith is doing a segment on the poor spat upon Marine

Bush 'sad' for convicted former aide

NH abortion law's backers defeated in key House vote

France Bans Laypeople From Reporting Violence--New French law says that only professional journalist

Bush** didn't know what a neocon was until 2006

LMFAO! The lead story on ...

Local is the New Organic

Let's not cheer Fitz too heartily; he failed to go after the traitor, Cheney.

Chimpy's war plans for Iran deflated?

"Freedmen" descendants voted out of Cherokee Nation...

Jimi Hendrix family sues over Hendrix Electric Vodka

"It's All Libby All The Time In Media" - CBS

Newtown, Conn. goes racist

Any DU'ers have GANNETT Owned Newspapers in Their Town?

Libbeygate: Now Let's Get to the REAL Story

TPM: Domenici Lawyers Up

FACTBOX: Some facts on Vice President Dick Cheney

"The economic dream. We refuse to let anyone take it away."...

Why does the media love Obama so much

If Congress Pursued Two Years of Non-Stop Investigations

David Corn :Placing Libby above the law

Feds test new data mining program

There is no excuse now NOT to investigate Cheney, and if the Democrats don't

President bush* expressed sadness today....No OUTRAGE????

Teen shoots girl, self at Mich. school

The Republicans could have a fighting chance in 08 - but they're too racist to see it

Iraqis nostalgic for Saddam era

Police in Florida apprehend Lawrence, Mass. man after recognizing suspect from online MySpace photo

Teens kidnap teacher at knifepoint

Senate Limits Screener's Union Rights

Today's Non Sequitor Cartoon

Feds Seek To Gag D.C. Madam - Fear Leak Sensitive Client Data


Freeper columnist gives Al Gore a C- for his documentary

Is there no escape ?

I recommend watching Tweety's replay tonight

Attacks in Iraq Continue, Killing Scores Attacks in Iraq Continue, Killing ScoresAttacks in Iraq Co

Stupid legal question of the day - effects of perjury

My Little Cousin is in Iraq! What the hell is a "burn pit?"

NY Daily News: CHENEY'S FALL GUY - cover & article

"Do not bow down to idols"

ThinkProgress Is Hiring

Fox News' John Gibson exposes Joe Wilson

Will the results of this other poll provoke people to leave DU?

Tom Tancredo says Washington full of "lifestyle nazis"

This editorial in my local paper angers me:

Pakistan nuclear scientists in Taliban Custody

If Libby Hadn't Lied

Bases, Empire and Global Response

Is this real? Dems support taking action agains Iraq

Dolce and Gabbana (dialup warning and probably NSFW)

Two Reason why Veterans and the Returning troops are in deep shit

What would you do if you won the $370 million mega-millions?

re: Privatization of Walter Reed

Cindy Sheehan: An Unstoppable Woman

When did Cheney "know" Joe Wilson?

Stars & Stripes letter: VA chief (Nicholson) should be replaced

Man At Airport Conceals WMD (Wad of Magnetic Doo)

Feds Seek To Gag D.C. Madam

Has anyone asked Fitz why Novak wasn't prosecuted?

Tweety and *ucker -- "Bush should do the RIGHT THING and pardon Libby"

Blacks/Latinos/Asians moved in - there goes my hood (my long damn rant).

ROFL! Remarks of Vice President Richard B. Cheney at CPAC in 2001:

ABC, NBC still haven't covered U.S. attorney firings - but reported on "purity balls," Jenna's book.

Suffering fools

Bush's word while visiting Walter Reed

Tweety is eviscerating Kate O'Berne (National Review hack)

OMG Jenna Bush the next Anne FRANK??? as far as positive influence?

Gates calls for 'infinite H1Bs' and better schools

The immigration raids in Mass yesterday have far reaching effects

Man Sentenced for Shoving Cell Phone Down Ex-Girlfriend's Throat

Venezuela and Cuba-Making Biofuels Without Wasting Food

For those interested in Impeachment, The NM State Legislature has a Solid Dem Majority

35 Vermont Towns Vote To Impeach (more may report in Wednesday)

Why Walter Reed --HAD TO HAPPEN--

Turning To America For Justice

Racial attack in Milwaukee (50 fellow bus riders claim not to have seen the attack)

Lets remember who is on the DC Circuit - this is who will hear Libby's appeal

Was the Iraq War for Securing Oil Interests, or Was It Implementation of PNAC's Pax Americana?

So many DU'ers love Matthews and Imus...but do you really SEE WHAT THEY DO?

TOONS: Scooter and Sick Dick Edition!

Is perjury a fugging crime?

Regarding Impeachment Votes in the House/Senate...

Amass Huge Stores Of Gold, Silver & Large-Caliber Armaments -- We Are Freaking Doomed (Mogambo)

Let's Be Clear: The New Mexico Impeachment Resolution CAN MAKE IT TO D.C.

Can Valerie Plame talk about Brewster-Jennings without going to Leavenworth?

"Charges of IMPEACHMENT AGAINST CHENEY Should Be Introduced" (Larry Johnson)

I watched The Tomb of Jesus last night

Tweety and MSM and Libby Case Juror have CONVINCED ME!

Impeaching Bush, State by State

Which Member Of Congress Will Be First to Call For Impeachment of Cheney??

Rightwing spokesman/Ann Coulter pal was gay porn star

Fineman on Imus: Scooter coverup much larger, about forged Niger documents

Walter Reed "Investigation": Is Donna Shalala a "Lee Hamilton" Democrat?

Buzzflash: Why Bush Will Pardon Libby If He Has To

HuffPo: Rush's Entertaining Apoplexy Over Libby Verdict

Does no one in the MSM see pardon as freeing Cheney as well as Libby?

When God Sanctions Violence, Believers Act More Aggressively

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Will Crashcart finish out his term as Vice President?

INSIDE THE JURY ROOM-By: Juror #9 - Huffpo Exclusive - Day By Day - Witness By Witness

Did Joseph Wilson lie?

I'm thinking the LIbby verdict might be the first step to...

I dont understand why a pardon insulates someone from being compelled

Indie television, is it a viable concept?

Spelling counts!

ABCNews: Is Anyone Watching Anymore? 114 More Dead in Iraq

Greg Palast-BOMBSHELL-Bush's New US Attorney Is A CRIMINAL (Behind Scheme To Wipe Out Votes)

I'm now confused. was outing a CIA agent a crime or not?


Who is this Mark Green who bought AAR?

Iraq Vet, darling of the Neo-Con Right, who claims protesters 'Spit at Him' was a gay porn star

Gender based poll - the Dolce & Gabbana Ad

The only liberal in an office of conservatives Christians.

Spring is here early. 10-forecast calls for highs 73-76.

Schools should teach critical thinking, not obedience

Who can it be? It's Little Effin' Annie!!!! ====>

Once again: calling those who remember the "vibe" during Watergate!

Please unfreep this AOL poll on how Bush will be regarded

Media contact list needed by DU researchers: GOP owners of privatized Walter Reed Hospital

The Washington Post vs. me: Libby, Iraq, and accountability

David Gergen: "This is an administration that has been mostly free of scandal..."

Turks block YouTube after video calls founder of modern Turkey "gay"

The View's EH (ditzy blonde bush lover) TWIT moment of the day...3/07 PLAME wasn't covert.. no pro

Ted Kennedy screaming on the Senate floor

'Sex Offender' an Empty Term

DemocraticUnderground BLOCKED in China. FreeRepublic OPEN - Who's the COMMIES NOW?

After the verdict, Libby's wife said to him, with a furious look, "We're gonna (expletive) 'em."

Fashion Designers Dolce and Gabbana's 'Gang Rape' Ad Banned

OBSW. . ." and none dare call it treason . . ."

I still don't get it. Armitage admitted to have leaked Plame's name

Have Any DU'ers Trashing Jenna's Book Actually READ It? BTW, AIDS Is A Kind Of Holocaust

I'm going to come out and say it! Anti-drug commercials are a fucking joke...

Soviet-era compound in northern Poland was site of secret CIA interrogation, detentions

Conyers is going to hold hearings! Libby/Cheney/Iraq/Plame

"I just LOVE to rent guns!" Dealer who sold guns linked to 400 crimes brags. What do you think?

Dan Quayle is the Chairman of Cerberus

The Tennessee Department of Revenue SUCKS/War on Drugs

New Campaign: Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

Congress considers subpoenaing Fitz

Time to get to work on "", "" again.

Soviet-era compound in northern Poland was site of secret CIA interrogation, detentions

Meet Ava's new baby!! ..... picture...

Children stranded after immigration raid

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!"


The Bush Administration is what the Founding Fathers Had In Mind when they thought of Impeachment

Jenna Bush "modestly hopes" her book will have the influence of Diary of Anne Frank

Should Be Ashamed

Conservatives Plan Convoy to Counter Anti-War Protest

An Image Of Justice For All To See ...

The government is capturing all Internet communication

I think the GOP is scared to death of an Obama nomination

Is Cheney really Mr Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life"?

I never knew what would follow the word faggot

Values voters have little to show for years of Republican rule

Mary - the transsexual

It's the CENSORSHIP, DU--regarding yes, the D&G ad.

Senate Hearings with Fired Federal Attorneys (Video)… Includes Creepy Testimony

A Just World Belief system, ( why it's like poison to the heart.)

Contrarian view on Libby prosecution

George McGovern: "Bush is much more impeachable than Nixon was"

"Gay" Snickers spot and Prince's phallic guitar top beefs to FCC

Now we know how badly Fitz wants Cheney: Cheney's Suspected Role in Security Breach Drove Fitzgerald

Zeroing in on Bush-Cheney, Robert Parry – The definitive summary. WOW

Who is or was the most evil American ever? (poll eventually)

International American Products Inc./IAP: A DU investigation thread

Take action now: America demands that Bush/Cheney be impeached

The Abramoff Connection: Guam's paper trail

Is Osama *Co's Ace In The Hole?.......

Hey!,,,Lynn Cheney !!!....this is NOT


Despite verdict, Libby's future uncertain


Ah, One Smirk Gone

Robert Scheer: Coulter’s Slur Puts Spotlight on Edwards (Truthdig)

TomPaine: Colombia Bueno, Venezuela Malo (Bush-Chavez)

Bob Hattoy, activist on AIDS and environment, dies at 57 (SF Chronicle)

Bush’s New US Attorney a Criminal? (Greg Palast, Caging Lists)

Pardon Scooter!

Helping hate-monger Michael Savage enter the GOP field

These numbers are depressing...racism and sexism are alive and well.

Suffolk University Class Releases Poll of NH Likely Voters

When Are The Dems Going To Do Their Job? What More Do They Need To End This Corrupt.....

My questions about Libby

Who is REALLY responsible for delivering the leak that outed Valerie Plame?

Walter Reed: A Center of Shame

Bush ignored March 1 deadline to submit report on Purple Heart eligibility

Bush live up to your promise

Democrats seize on Walter Reed

Learned in '80s: Run VICE from Vice President's office.

Don't forget who Libby is . Remind everyone . The right wing is

Bush administration loses some spin control in Washington

Witnesses Testify to Battles with Walter Reed Bureaucracy

Scooter Libby, We Hardly Knew Ye

Walter Reed Uproar Refuels Iraq Debate

Fitzmas my butt.

OK, back to the real scandal on the US Attorney purge: Who screwed the constitution?

Halliburton's Change of Heart. Company Adopts Gay Nondiscrimination Policy

Soviet-era compound in northern Poland was site of secret CIA interrogation, detentions

Democrats "Hear" Victory: Congressional oversight hearings highlight issues, gain media attention

Great talk with my conservative co-worker!

back to basics

See - some folks care about outing CIA agents

This Modern World: Holy Blown Batcover!

Email to the House Judiciary Committee

Boxer Statement on the Libby Verdict

The Rude Pundit: Advice to the Bush White House

Walter Reed's troubles don't bode well for vets

With surprising speed, Bush administration turned on rising GOP star, U.S. Attorney Iglesias

During the 103rd Congress, Bill Richardson chaired the Subcommittee on Native American Affairs

Fox - The Answer To All Of Bush's Scandals?

Democrats Alter Plan To Restrict Iraq War:

If Congress Doesn't Act And Act Soon On This Libby Conviction It Just.....

America's Veterans Left in the Lurch

Why Isn't the Commander In Chief Not Taking More Heat On This Walter Reed Debacle......

Bill Richardson to keynote conference for NY's Latino lawmakers next month

Please Contact John Conyers office about Cheney

John Edwards Lauds Sen Webb's Bill of Use of Funds for Military Action

The not-almighty dollar

Baptist: Evangelicals Doubt Giuliani (AP)

I believe there is at least a 75% chance Libby will be pardoned ..... and SOON

what did dirty dick's gay daughter say about coulter's "faggot" comment?

Lieberman, McConnell Once Sponsored Bill They Now Claim Would Create ‘Constitutional Crisis’

Bush Administration To Senate: We Can't Just Invade Some Other Country

Conservative 'Blue Dog' Democrats assert power

Legislation Would Repeal Walter Reed Closure

Senior Bush Official May Have Violated Law Trying To Block Pelosi From Appearing At Event

White House Reprimanded U.S. Attorney After He Failed To Cave To Hastings’ Pressure

My goddness female juror says Libby should be pardoned NOW

McClellan On Libby Verdict: White House Needs To ‘Get Out There And Talk About This’

Dodd (D-Conn) calls '02 vote on Iraq a mistake

LIEberman, McConnell Once Sponsored Bill They Now Claim Would Create ‘Constitutional Crisis’

Walter Reed closure questioned

Pardon me, but isn't it still wrong to tell a lie?

From G. Gordon Liddy to I. Lewis Libby - Secrecy is the enemy of democracy.

Senate holding hearing on C-Span2 NOW regarding Credit Card Industry Practices

OK lets see the rethugs think it was important that Bill lied about sex but Libby just forgot and ..

Whistle-blower Had to Fight NSA, LA Times to Tell Story

Sidney Blumenthal: Libby lied, troops died

TPM: Black Hillary Backers in South Carolina Tried to Block Obama Invite

Why isn't the harm to Brewster Jennings being stressed more?

Washington Post Editorial Board Spits Out Baseless Right-Wing Talking Points On Libby Verdict

John Nichols: Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney (The Nation)


CLARK: The Danger of Silence

White House Dismisses Rumors of Pardon for Libby

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney

I just completed a 30 minute radio interview regarding Medicare Part B and D

OMFG!!! This is HUGH! Obama is SCREWN! I'm SERIES!

Domenici hires defense attorney

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney

Victory of the corporate news monopolies--the Left calls them "mainstream."

Webb: No Funds For Iran Attack Without Congressional Approval

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee: Fully Fund the Safe Withdrawal of our Troops from Iraq (HuffPost)

Newly svelte Gov. Bill Richardson hits the road

Impeachment is a moral imperative. to avoid doing so is a dereliction of duty

What's the case AGAINST a presidential recall election?

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton!

The Case for Impeachment as of Now

Domenici Lawyers Up

Just caught the "bipartisanship"press conference...just got the AAR email...

Kucinich to Make Keynote Address In Texas Saturday, Speaks to Farm-Labor Party in Minnesota Sunday

Dumb move by Hillary in SC

If Bush pardons Libby his approval rating will?

Americans United Urges Florida TV Ministry To Disavow 'Loathsome' Remarks By Ann Coulter

'Honey Fitz,' St. Patrick and the Snakes (Mary Lyon)

From July '03-Nov. '04, two top Dem strategists knew WH was lying and said nothing

Know They Enemy: American Legislative Exchange Council

Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story - Lindorff,

Today reminded me about the bankruptcy bill. Blue Dogs and New Dems..