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Archives: March 6, 2007

It's legal for Congress to manage the war

Without Health Benefits, a Good Life Turns Fragile

Matt Stoller: Action Item: Senator Reid, Don't Legitimize Fox News (HuffPost)

Dan Froomkin: The Spokesman Made for Cable

Cutting heart out of Cuba’s medical diplomacy a poor excuse for foreign policy

Toronto Sun: Dog Days for George Bush

The Nation: The Subprime Mortgage Blues

Alaskan Bridge Projects Resist Earmarks Purge

Casualties of the Budget Wars

Probe of Prosecutor Firings Intensifies

Guardian UK: The Right (wing) Kind of Anger


Ali Allawi: The Occupation of Iraq (Independent UK)

So This Is What Accountability Looks Like?

In The Reign Of The One-Nutted King... (Joe Bageant)

Mexico to uprate its sole nuclear power plant up to 1600MWe.

Palestinian heads fail to agree on gov't

10 False Flags That Changed the World

The Exorcism of the White House (9/11 Writers Group)

Can anyone produce instances of "pseudoscience" in these reports on WTC7?

Chavez: Negroponte a Professional Killer

Correctional Officer Arrested for Battery (Juvenile facility)

Marigolds make way for marijuana in suburbia

Meal cost: $17.50...with delivery charge, that will be $3,900

China is source of bird flu virus, study shows

Colombia: Sixteen Indians injured in explosion

CNN/AP: At Kennedy Center, political and media stars mourn Art Buchwald with laughter

CNN: Murtha to give Iraqi government 80 days to fulfill promises

CNN/AP: More questions from jury, no verdict in Libby trial

Black's Ravelston Pleads Guilty in U.S. Criminal Case

(Eleanor Holmes) Norton Seeks To Prevent Walter Reed Closure

Uncle Sam to miss Indian mangoes again

McClatchy: U.S. attorney worried 'gloves would come off' over criticism of ouster

Guantanamo defense lawyer threatened with charge of `contemptuous words'

NYT: Bush to Set Out Shift in Latin Region Agenda

CNN: Companies to pull ads from Coulter's Web site

Journalist Fired for Cemetery Urination (funeral of Iraq casualty)

Filmmaker says blindness to plight of dying seal indication of hypocrisy

Oh, KitchenWitch!!! Yoohoo, ya crazy witch!

british soldiers happy to be bugging out of iraq.

Okay - here we go - dedicated to Southpawkicker and GoPsUx

Does anyone know of any legal troubles or lawsuits regarding Sallie Mae?

Where in the world but Britain?

Okay, time for "name the movie this quote came from" again.

Will I suffer major consequences if I kick "Tom" out of my circle of friends in myspace?

If you liked the spork, you'll LOVE the Knork!

So...what are the cool kids listening to these days?

State Farm has a perverse sense of humor

OMG! Beavis has come to life!

National Geographic Geospy Games

Meh - the word that's sweeping the internets

I just got mail addressed to my ex.

snorkeling in Minnesota

Why do they call them movie trailers when they show up before the movie starts?

Basketball Jones

Touch anything below this line at your peril!

When you're alone and feeling lonely you can always go....

Night of the Thumpasaurus Peoples

Fill in the blank: Holy _______________, Batman!!

A girl I graduated from high school with is on Deal or No Deal

Can I have a hug?

What is CanuckAmok's favourite lame Canadian band?

One of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, I love it, trippy as hell

I have my star back...and I haven't been around much until this week.

What is CanuckAmok's favourite lame Canadian brand?

I need some input on those online colleges

it's all about me

I need to hit the sack

Facebook or Myspace?

Hard to believe, 25 years ago today John Belushi dies of overdoes.

ok... where's Olbermann?

Better than Limp Bizket...

10006 posts.

Man sues Microsoft over porn surfing history

I'm watching Anthony Bourdain - EEEWWWWW!!

shhhhhhhh....heroes is on :)

Olive Garden's got *nothing* on Johnny Carino's curb-side service...



Our first new car.

Best Tha Dogg Pound song

I just bought a new car! No more riding the bus.

You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools,

Will I make 1000 tonight? at 973 right now!

this shit is the fucking shit yo!

Introducing my best friend, Miss_Strawberry!!!

Nine Inch Nails or Skinny Puppy?

Olive Garden...

Crispin Glover's "What is It?"

Better band: Danzig or Clutch

Are there DU'ers whose gender you're unsure of?

Best bar brawling music?

PA, DE, NJ, MD, NY-Need a wedding/corporate event band? My band is having a showcase on Mar. 20!

Now I lay me down to sleep,

CONFESS!!! What do you do when no one else is watching?

Watching Heroes? Let's talk (Spoiler Warning) me

What's the big news about the moon landing?

President helps pregnant woman make emergency trip to hospital for delivery

sports fans: do you favor one League over another?

How can I find an indie theater?

I saw "Intervention" last night and something is bothering me

Last three songs you listened to?

Anyone else watching WWE RAW tonight. .

Best graffiti on the walls of your favorite bar---easy on the profanity

...but I think we are all in agreeance that Limp Bizkit sucks hard. Right??

How do we somewhat new folks get to know you all that already know each other?

'Oh, shit. It's Mr. Creosote!'

Do you care if athletes take performance enhancing drugs?

How do we somewhat new folks get to know you all that already hate each other?

Does anyone here have any famous relatives or ancestors

Contribute to Butthole Surfers thread

I'm bored. Let's have a prehistoric critters thread!

Sweet Jesus..I've seen some bad Album covers ...but Damn!

I don't want my mom's racist boyfriend at my bday fest

WOW... the DU lounge is a great way to rack up posts!

Best AC/DC song

Meal cost: $17.50...with delivery charge, that will be $3,900

Things you wouldn't say to Ann Coulter!

Post your MySpace Profile Pic

Churches worship and witness for justice and peace in Colombia

Hillary Speaks To The Human Rights Campaign


"March, A Real Kicker" - Karen Bishop - March 5, 2007

GAO Report DOD and VA Health Care

"We have to have the fight."

Respond to this jerk who demands we take our Kerry bumper stickers off

An Open Letter to ANN COULTER (from conservative bloggers who once celebrated her)

US Federal Buget Explained, With Oreos!! By Ben& Jerry!

Henry Rollins: A Love Letter To Ann Coulter

On the crawl on M$NBC-Rove to speak at Clinton library on Thursday.

Should the military chief of the Army be fired?

Put Impeachment Back on the Table.

Bill Maher: What I Didn't Say (HuffPost)

John Ashcroft caught whoring himself...

Help Wanted: Distribution Coordinator for Narco News Books

BRAD BLOG Runs Full Articles Censored by a Kansas Judge...

Olbermann's "axis of evil" (spoiler)

CHOOSE your favorite political documentary of the Bush-era renaissance

I finally got to watch Stephen Colbert do his thing at the press

Christian Newswire: "Over 5,000 Souls Saved... in Burundi!"

Geoffrey R. Stone: Restoring Habeas Corpus Rights Eliminated By the Military Commissions Act

Maybe I missed this yesterday, but did anybody else hear George Will called Coulter "him" yesterday?

HaHaHa: Fox gets Fuxed

Court Reaffirms Colo. Redistricting Plan

Countdown Heads Up

Ann Coulter & top" Faggot" share same Speaker's Agent

Seeing Bill and Hillary in Alabama

Kos and DU Effort re Coulter's advertisers is succeeding

The American government on crack

Bush goes South.. (pics)

Al and Tipper "Hat Tip" our "Disenfranchised?"

KO on the phone

The Shame Of Ann Coulter

Larry King.....Coulter Controversy, coming up in a few


Critique my LTTE

BRAD BLOG: Hypocritical GOP Bloggers Condemn Ann Coulter, Try to Save Themselves...

Racist, homophobe and all-around ass Michael "Weiner" Savage continues his attack on Etheridge


Dems to DoJ Official: Don't Forget...

No Keith tonight- Countdown on, just no Keith.

Mitt Romney: picture, without words

Rachel Maddow says this about Ann Coulter...

Thank you DUers

NYT: Congress Hears of Neglect in Veterans' Care

Rudy Giuliani Having His TITS Bitten By Donald Trump While In Drag

Ok lets focus on the real problem at Walter Reed

How can I find an indie theater?

Lost Tomb of Jesus cancelled?

Is this about the angriest, meanest white man on the face of the planet?

Anyone want to talk about the Libby trial...Looks like we may have a verdict tomorrow>....

The Bush Administration's approach to Global Warming (video)

Ill treatment may be as traumatic as torture

FYI: Bob Woodruff on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight. nt

Good job DUers

Las Vegas Showgirls:

So NOW the blame for Coulter's comments goes to............

Ann Coulter on H&C

Why, oh why, don't I learn to turn the TeeVee off after Countdown?

Anyone just get done watching Scarborough?

Can't someone challenge the wing nuts to a national debate on Global Warming?

Bush Continues to Support Colombia’s Para-State

Great Resource: Blood for Oil

Cheney Should Be Sent to Walter Reed For ALL HIS FUTURE MEDICAL TREATMENT

Cherokee Nation votes to expel slave descendants -76 percent voted in favor

Limbaugh. What a dick.

Rep. Wilson Says She Contacted Prosecutor

Sudan intensifies search for oil in troubled Darfur (underlying cause of all this horror?)

So my daughter has a speech class in college and just came in

An Army recruiter just called me asking me if I was interested in joining!

John Edwards Interview by David Kuo: "My faith came roaring back"

U.S. prepares for Iraq oil windfall

Highest ATM fees? The US is #3

Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank Pull Ads From Coulters Site

Giuliani: STOP Using the Deaths of 9/11 for political & monetary Gain!

Some thoughts on the Democratic presidential candidates

NYT editorial: The Right to Organize

What the fuck was that?

CNN upcoming: "The drawling Dems!"

Proposed bill - 2nd conviction for sex crime against someone

How much $$$ did Big Oil spend to pay off Claude Allegre?

Coulter: The Conservative Movement Will Stick By Me

Coulter just canceled her appearance on CNN's "Paula Zahn Now"

George Bush listens to only extremely conservative and anti-Russian advisors

Given 5 seconds for Chimpy to hear your words in public...

Russia prepares to revise military doctrine in response to USA's missile defense plans

Yet Another Wingnut Sliming Of Hillary Proven To Be Bogus-and shame on DUers who fell for it!

Justice. A day late and a dollar short.

We need a new theory

Thoughts on Spike Lee's incredible Katrina documentary....

LA Times dropped Mallard Fillmore!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OPUS nails Cheney to the WALL!!!

Women in Infantry

There's something MAJORLY wrong when a vast majority of people are

"Anne Coulter needs publicity in the same way that a tapeworm needs a large intestine."

Don't Blame me, I Voted for Gore

I usually don't rant about radio shows

Can someone please answer me this question - why do the repukes hate the ACLU?

After Today's Hearing at Walter Reed I think America Feels this way about Bush

New Daily Show coming on! Bob Woodruff is the guest and Sam Bee on Church and "The Gays"

Coulter: The Conservative Movement Will Stick By Me

Does everything happen for a reason?

Jon Stewart is Pissed About Walter Reed!

America's Deodorizer? After 8 years, Matthews still wowed by Giuliani's ridding NYC of "pee smell"

"Coming Home" on MSNBC

Oakland Press (Michigan) DROPS Ann Coulter's column

Asshat Dennis Prager on Larry King, defending coulter.

Proposed bill would extend protective orders to pets

EXCLUSIVE: Clint Curtis Documents More Votes Than Reported, Evidence of Wide-Spread FL 2006 Fraud...

I am so proud to be a Democrat

New Era halts syndicated column by Ann Coulter

I hope Dick Cheney gets better.

This time it seems the soldiers coming home actually have been spit on

Not-so-precise Swiss army unit mistakenly invades Liechtenstein (CBC News)

IMPEACHMENT Rally Packs Auditorium (Sheehan & Nichols Tour of VERMONT)

School Bans Founder Over 24-Year-Old Pot Arrest - Cites State Moral Turpitude Law

Administration posture prompts fear of new blasts at Nev. site

Has anyone seen the poll on AOL

Ed Schultz calls for cutting war funding, criticizes inaction on war, and his time slot in LA

New Zogby Poll: Bush Approval Rating at 30% (Zogby: "all-time low-water mark of his presidency")

Who will replace Cheney?

Just started watching Jesus Camp

Al Gore on Conan O'Brien tonight

Did you know?

The View's EH Twit moment for Monday....soldiers choose to have inadequate body armor

Indiana Plane Crash-Update

Why gay equality means equality and not special rights

Why are many presidential candidates always from the same state?

Who do you trust more on healthcare? B or H?

Cindy Sheehan: Land of Hope

What on Earth Is a Fiscal Conservative?

US ATTORNEYS Threatened & Told NOT To Discuss Details Of Prosecutor Purges

Hilly Bob Clinton's "Slingblade" Performance in Selma Yesterday

Is this serious? Is Ben and Jerry REALLY making a Steven Colbert Ice Cream!?!

Colbert or Stewart?

Jason Mattera of College Republicans defends Coulter by calling Edwards a "girly man."

Little Warfarin Annie

Grassroots Effort Under Way To Force IMPEACHMENT of Bush/Cheney (In MAINE)

Cheney treated at hospital for blood clot

My friend Uri is completely f&cked

Is it True Hillary Blasted Chavez Today!?!?

Prevent an Arms Race Between Pakistan and India

As candidates enter 2008 race, they begin courting Jewish support

VIDEO: President Clinton Warns Against Attacking Iran

Hillary Clinton, of course, has a right to run for President

Beijing Accelerates Its Military Spending

VIDEO! President Clinton Warns Agains Iraq Attack!

So Sad..............Afghan Children Die As US Drops One Ton Bombs

American President on FLIX NOW--THE SPEECH!!!

2008 and the gender factor.

Here's a new idea from Bill Richardson: A cabinet position for water issues

Comments from the other side....

If it can be proven that the Pukes pressured prosecutors and/or..

RW Response to "Thank A Republican"

Protests, "super-security" await Bush in Brazil

Smoking Gun: Walter Reed scandal connected to Halliburton & FEMA? [VIDEO]

What is this ad all about?

In "rollout" weeks of campaign, Hillary is a familiar political figure trying to reclaim her name

Stop funding the war and start funding the troops

NYT: Clinton Plans Major Appeal to Women

Will Iraq Become the Democrats' War?

Sully posts SNL skit: Jackson and Sharpton on Obama. It's right funny for SNL, for a change.

Walter Reed commanders admit fault

Kucinich Marketing 101 (for everyone)

Greg Sargent comes to Hillary's defense,

Bush appointee Eliot Cohen is a necon who called for draft to prevent stupid and female troops

Senator Clinton: Don't expect to see my husband too much on the campaign trail

On Mannthrax Coultergeist's "apology"

Horse's Mouth: Kentucky Fried -Yet Another Wingnut Sliming of Hillary Proved to be Bogus

To Maureen Dowd, Democratic men are feminine...

Hey Taxpayers War is NOT free - Stick Up for The Vets

The Assault On Reason: By Al Gore

Ann Coulter - lost daughter and heir of Anita Bryant

Respected NPR commentator invokes IMPEACHMENT.

Have/Will Dem Candidates Pledge Not To Allow Pardons of BFEE This Time?

Wes Clark, Jr. posted on KOS today re: presidential run by dad.

Kucinich: Marijuana Decriminalization

Oh What a Lovely (Cold) War!

Scooter Libby: guilty as charged By Michael Tomasky --Guardian (UK)

The Fourth Coup D’etat

Sirota: Congress’s Upcoming "Free" Trade Fight: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Mar. 6 Impeachment News: NM Resolution moves to Senate Floor debate

"Imperial Life in the Emerald City": Origins of the Iraq Disaster

Slate: Why the press can't ignore Ann Coulter

An Act of Patriotism

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Don't Believe the Hype (The Nation)

Libby Guilty - Will the Leak-Gate Investigation Continue and go Farther up the Chain?

America yawns as President Bush committed treason by funding al Qaeda

National Review Editorial: Parson Libby

Dave Lindorff: Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story (CommonDreams)

Planet Katrina? Asteroids, World Destruction, and Tax Cuts For the Wealthy

Walter Reed Disgrace Shows Outsourcing's Dark Side

Will Bush pardon Scooter Libby? WH spokesperson "Aware of no such request"

Truthdig: What Would You Do if You Were Iran?

The Democrats Secret Weapon

'Instant' Book Coming On Libby Trial...Murray Waas

Taking Democracy Seriously (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

Where Did All The $$$ Go In Iraq? TNR: Treasury's Reconstruction Efforts Are As Flawed as the Rest

Sunnis on warpath in Baghdad:"It's their answer to the `surge' strategy: recoil, redeploy & spoil"

Trial reveals White House secrets (BBC)

Lost in the Lust of Werewolves

Walter Mondale: The Vice Precedent

Glenn Greenwald: The right-wing cult of contrived masculinity


What the Libby convictions mean

AlterNet: Washington Is Losing Its Grip on Latin America

This Time It's Bush Spitting on the Soldiers

Is Big Oil Going to Control Iraq’s Reserves? (The Nation, via AlterNet)

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us (Truthout)

AWOL in covering a scandal (Faux & RW talk radio)

Mother Bush would be proud to call this one her own (Jason Miller)

Holding The Hands Of The People Vs. A Distant Wave Of The Hand (Carolyn Baker)

"Breaking News" is a matter of perspective (Mickey Z.)

WP: The Questions Bush Won't Answer

Dave Lindorff: It's the People of Washington vs. Pelosi et al

Lawmakers on the Line --WaPo Editorial (Domenici and Wilson)

Valor and Squalor By Paul Krugman The New York Times

Privacy Board Clears U.S. Spy Programs


Great Nick Anderson Cartoon in the CJ

Outsourcing: An Election Talking Point?

(Katrina on the Potomac) or Walter Reeding Iraq.

Civilian deaths turning Afghans toward Taliban: analysts

UQ Wire: Illegalities Suggests Bush Role In 9/11

Eugene Robinson: Unaccountably Called to Account

Ground Source Heat Pump Help

The sure way to reduce co2 emissions

WP: Living Lightly on the Grid

Just-In-Time Logistic Systems Source Of Food Supply Vulnerability

ESF/Marine Board - Major Climate Impacts Already Underway In Northern European Fisheries

South African, Namibian Penguin Populations Crashing - Off 40% In Five Years -Mongabay

Farm Bureau Federation, Oil Companies Argue Against Polar Bear Protection - Forbes

I doubt we can avert a global CO2 crisis.

AP: 3 rare lions killed in India sanctuary

The US Navy's Sea Ice and Climate Change reports (from 2001)

Los Angeles On Track For Driest Year Ever - 2.4" So Far In Water Year 2007 - LA Times

GM Targets 2010 For Production Of Electric Car, Depending On Battery Status - MSNBC

Solar One is a "go" for launch (64 MW solar thermal electric plant, NV)

Scoping the North for solar potential (50 MW of PV in Ontario, Canada)

Inuit Have Increasing Difficulty Gauging Ice, Snow As Arctic Warms Rapidly - SMH

Climate change in the Maine woods (CO2 sequestration)

Green Roofs: Building for the Future

GM targets 2010 production for electric car

Iran Seeking Closer Naval, Energy Connections With India - AFP

Massive Bolivian Flooding Spreading Malaria, Dengue, Leptospirosis - AFP

Sediment Wedges Key To Antarctic Glacial Grounding Lines, But Water Temps Also Critical - Penn State

Has Real Estate Lost Its Sizzle? Not on the Farm

Obituary: Robert Engler: Writer Assailed Oil Industry on Accountability

Clean energy measures signed into law (NM)

Fuel Cell Patent War Heats Up

"The Sierra Club and other groups are litigating every step of the way"

Ethanol may not ease global warming: U.N. - Reuters

Overdue Bush Climate Report to U.N. Shows U.S. Greenhouse Gases Skyrocketing

Olmert calls special cabinet session over Iranian nuclear threat

Gun battle breaks out in Gaza

Israel urges no EU compromise on Palestinian aid

Israeli Arabs to get greater school funding, settlements less

Hamas Gets Training in Iran, Israeli Official Says

US: Students apologize for attack on Palestinians

First Israeli report on 2006 war

Israeli forces seriously abused Palestinian detainees, US report says

Mashaal says Israel will 'disappear'

Letter Warning of Planned Hijack Plane Attacks in the U.S.

What if David Lindorff is wrong?

The secret? Conspiracy theories sell - Dave Mcginn

Northwest pilot from rural Glyndon alleges 9/11 cover-up

Sen. Mark Dayton: FAA & NORAD lied about 9/11

What if 9-11 truth movement is wrong? - Michael Nenonen

Where are these Atta, Al Omari, Al Ghamdi etc?

After Ohio’s recount rigging convictions in Cuyahoga-is Coshocton County next? Fitrakis & Wassserman

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 3/6/07 Congress Critter Calls needed!

Miami Dade Group's Position Like Rotten Fish Stinking up the Air

Amend Holt Now! Voter's unite call to action.

Ghana celebrates first 50 years

US and N Korea in landmark talks

LAT: Asian pollution weighs on Pacific region and beyond: Along the West Coast and into the Arctic

Governor (Schwarzenegger) burned again by ties to bodybuilding

A death averted: passer-by uses gun to halt attack

NATO launches major southern Afghan offensive

Blair's lawyers fail to gag report on funding probe

Two quakes kill at least 70 in Sumatra

Iraqi police: 3 Shiite pilgrims killed

Fort Lewis' Madigan Army Medical Center said to have problems

Ministerial veto, violence block Iraq graft fight

US mulls backing GM 'medicine rice'

NYT/AP: Ex-Senate Leaders Join Bipartisan Effort: Group led by Baker, Mitchell, Dole and Daschle

UN fears Afghan opium 'explosion'

Israelis to supply vehicles for Iraq

Deadly earthquake hits Indonesia

Taiwan 'tests new cruise missile'

Suicide bombers kill 30 pilgrims in Iraq-hospital

U.S. criticizes Iraq(and others) for abuses, admits own problems

TIME: U.S. Attorneys in the Line of Fire; Sanchez before hearings: "Wheels are coming off..."

Highway massacre sparks anti-US protests in Afghanistan

Taliban kidnap Briton, two Afghans

Hospital at Fort Lewis (WA) said to have Walter Reed-type problems

Veterans supporter says Madigan (Army Medical Center) has problems similar to Walter Reed

2 suicide bombers kill 93 in Iraq

Death toll from attacks in Iraq's Hilla at 77-police

GOP moves to block unions at TSA

Fake professor in Wikipedia storm

Democrats Alter Plan To Restrict Iraq War --WaPo

"A verdict has been reached in the CIA leak trial...

2 U.S. Troops Killed in Ethiopia Accident

Breaking News GUILTY

MSNBC: Breaking - A Verdict In Libby Trial ....nt

AP: 2 suicide bombers kill 93 in Iraq

'Scooter' Libby guilty on four counts (CNN) actual article

Subprime lenders battered in sell-off (Bubble Going Pop?)

WP, pg1: Second Lawmaker, Rep. Heather Wilson (R., NM), Contacted Prosecutor (fired by DOJ)

AP: 38 Die, 105 Hurt In Baghdad Market Blast

First Israeli report on 2006 war

Pelosi: Libby Guilty Verdicts Not Solely About Acts of One Individual

Asian air pollution affecting weather

Dole, Shalala to head Health Care Probe

China calls on Iran to cooperate with IAEA

Radio Dials FCC Deal (payola)

(Igelsias) Fired U.S. attorney: I felt 'leaned on'

BBC: Royal Marine dies in Afghanistan

Murtha to give Iraqi government 80 days to fulfill promises (CNN)

Court-martial says U.S. medic guilty of desertion

Lawmaker Asks State To Rescind Private Prison Deal

Lawmakers vow Walter Reed scandal probe

Rice Recalled Over Gene Contamination

Dems Push for Additional Troop Funds

Cheney 'disappointed' with verdict

Hearings set for "high-value" Guantanamo inmates

(Lithium) Batteries can pose fire risk to planes (9 Fires since '05)

Israel, Iran top 'negative list'

Former Prosecutor Says Departure Was Pressured

Venezuela shuts airport on bomb threat-officials

Romney Airs Spanish Ad for Fla. Speech

US admits human rights failings

CNN Live: President Respects Jury Verdict!

Bush: U.S., Iraqi forces making progress

Juror Explains Libby Verdict: They Felt He Was 'Fall Guy' ("Where is Rove and all these other guys")

ABC: Whistle-blower Had to Fight NSA, LA Times to Tell Story

Lawsuit faults Crist in giant Ponzi scheme [Florida]

Analysis: Verdict puts focus on Cheney

Wal-Mart Fires Worker Over Eavesdropping

E&P: Former Colleagues at 'Washington Post' Discuss (Now Famous) Libby Juror

World economy can brave markets slump - Wolfowitz

Cheney says disappointed with Libby verdict

Over 1,100 journalists killed in decade-report (just released by Internat'l News Safety Institute)

118 Shiite pilgrims killed in Iraq attacks(and over 160 wounded)

U.S. says won't seek seat on U.N. rights council

Video seeks to lure California prison inmates to Tennessee

House Endorses Further NATO Expansion

Senate: Airport screeners can unionize

Jenna Bush embarks on book 'Journey'

Ark. gov. 'frustrated' with tornado response (By Bush Admin)

Green Family Closes On Air America Purchase

Sunni clerics group attacks Iraq's draft oil law

Editor&Publisher: White House: Little Comment on Libby Verdict

Pentagon raises estimate of troops for Iraq(inching up towards 30,000)

Edwards' Statement on the Libby Verdict: Is there More to the Story


(Harry) Reid to Bush: No Pardon for Libby

Bombs kill 9 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Libby found GUILTY on 4 counts.

Firm hired illegals to keep up with military contracts, feds say

Reuters: Gunmen storm Iraq jail, free 140

Come on Lounge - only three more posts and it truly can be Fifty Nifty!

Enough mayhem for the night!

So, what's everybody drinking 2nite (alcoholic or non-)???...

any comments on this week's 24?

300 movie premiere tonight in Los Angeles - who was there?

is there a better hip hop album than 'Illmatic"?

"Nosferatu Man"- Slint

AWWWWWW cute polar bear cub


Best "anti-piracy" graphic EVAR

Do you let your cat brush your teeth?

For fans of anime...

Congratulations trotsky!! 15,000 posts

Lexus Radio - I loved this one...

Good morning Lounge

Continuous Earthlink problems - anyone else?

It's March -- Temps are -2 degrees here

How was your bike ride to work today?

Why isn't that blow-hole Future Weapons guy in Iraq?

Bugatti Veyron smashup

For the first time, poverty has me really pissed off.

Drunk Man Breaks Into Mary Tyler Moore House After Dare - Falls Asleep

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/6/2007)

Why do they have to say "gunned down?!" Your "journalism" pet peeves

Joel Stein: "Don't Email Me Your Baby Photos - They All Look The Same"

Best vodka that ISN'T Stoli or Grey Goose?

Flaming Eggs Tossed On Dead Christmas Tree Start Fire (Actual Headline)

Best character now on tv other than House

Vodka you wouldn't touch if you were dying of thirst and there were large amounts of cash involved?

Man Scalped Girlfriend With Kitchen Knife After Night Of Heavy Drinking

Woman Complained After Northwest Airline Employee Ejaculated On Her

I got great news yesterday!

Stoli or Grey Goose?

CAT scan today

Why is there normally a hyphen in "Pre-Kindergarten" (Pre-K), but not in "Preschool"? nt

Okay, peeps. If you send me a PM and ask nicely, I might, I just might

Aye Aye.... ewwwwwwwww cute Ann Coulter nearing extinction.

absinthe: real thing or overblown?

How the hell do I summarize a "position description" in 180 characters?

A small milestone, yes, but I'm one away from 700!! Queries, anyone?

What's your favorite cereal?

__________IT HAPPENS

Congratulatons crim son!! 10,000 posts

People are morons.

I had a really good job interview Thursday

*Ahem* I have a cat behavior-modification question.

Touch 'em all, Kirby Puckett, touch 'em all!

crazy question about China

Moose takes down helicopter (darn, jihadist moose!)

Stubborn Cow Tasered When It Wouldn't Get Off The Road

I can't go to work because I have no clothes

Post your worst Vodka nightmare here

We used to could say, "Does Reagan dye his hair?"

Breakfast Haiku

Another Vodka post

Play the Wiki game with me: Post the link of the Random Article returned

St. Patrick's Day Button Generator

Little Wing was not nearly as helpful today as he was yesterday.

I'm driving to LA on Thursday - any suggestions on fun things to do?

Well I can still get on DU

Togetherness Poll

Apple Rumor Generator.

Jeebus - can Craigslist just put up a category for spam

Girl Calls 911 To Report Grandpa Cheating At Cards

Count one - Guilty

The front page of GD looks just like the beginning of Superman 2. GUILTY! GUILTY!

So, I hear that somebody's on trial.

W declares war on Iran (kidding)


Would you ever "switch teams"?

My infant son is allergic to EVERYTHING

To honor the guilty verdicts - I know it is not the normal day - BOUNCE YOUR BOOBIES!

I like the sense of accomplishment it gives me when

Yay!! Libby found guilty!!

In honor of Scooter Libby...

Man Stabs Wife - Hands Knife To 2 Year Old - Says, "Now you stab mommy"

This may be a shock, but I'm dismayed about all of the hate showered on Scooter today...

It's Mr. LIW's birthday today....

Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby convicted on 4 out of 5 counts!! WHY AREN'T YOU CELEBRATING?!?

What's your favorite saying or adage?

Everybody should visit GD today,

George HW smacks Terri Hatcher on the ass after a dinner date.

Why are we at a high level? What happened today?

Hey Lounge Lizards: Libby verdicts expected at noon ET!

Funny e-mail conversation with my wife:

Awwww, maaaaaan... only Level 2

Fake professor in Wikipedia storm

When you receive a frequently forwarded e-mail from someone who frequently forwards you e-mail...

Re: The Young Molly Ivins avatars -

What's your favorite serial?

Words of wisdom for today

They raised the price of a PBR six pack by a whole $1!!!!!!


I now have a new favorite ice cream flavor.

Hey, the "views" are gone!

Why do grown women not mind being called naughty girls?

Mom Pleads Guilty To Using Baby As A Weapon In Fight (Swung Baby Like A Bat)

Gothic poll

More on Vodka..Is there a flavored vodka out there that doesn't taste like death?

Why would a grown man not mind being called "Scooter?"

I'm uploading a video to Google video and it is taking forever.

My son showed me this pavement art picture- it's so cool!

Why do people locked in their houses with guns become "standoffs"?

Good news for all you men of DU - moderate drinking may benefit you!

Tuesday afternoons with Morrie and some french fry potaters

Hey, Kitchy...

How many r's in Rabrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

The MSM needs a distraction from the Libby verdict. What'll it be?

Which is it - Fake Silk or Fake Flowers?

Loungies - Prepare for Level 67

Could you help in this 1980s video analysis?

Just in case anyone else wanted that Target commercial song, "A Little Bit More"

Someone stole my recycle bin.....again

Skippin school is fun! w00t!

Sarasponda, Sarasponda, Sarasponda

So, has Scooter been pardoned yet?

Do the Irish really drink as much as stereotypes suggest?

what's your favorite killer serial?

Do the Americans really kill as many people as stereotypes suggest?

The caption of a lifetime!

Did you high school class have a 5yr reunion?

Some days, I just ain't feelin' it

Anyone Watching Oprah?

My son wants to say hi to you all.

Dear DU re: Pet Pics....

How come nobody's posted about last night's Heroes?


Oscar nominated shorts!

Oh god. "Lust in Space" CNN headline

Why are views not showing?

Ahem, Borat comes out on DVD today

Borat is out on DVD!!!!

Let's taLk about hot dogs

I had a grilling accident last Thursday.

Somebody here criticized me for being too harsh

is it ok to freeze flour tortillas?

Is this a good deal?

Is it OK to cook chicken in chicken broth?

Should Simon Cowell be deported?

Action the series...

Any suggestions for the best airfare sites?

Am I a naughty girl?

Who likes Maneki Neko's?

Look out NYC we come!

I think I need absolution.


Happy birthday Heddi!!

Why is Quadrophenia my favorite album for working out?

Gotta love how cheaply things are made these days

I need some Lounge luvin'

What's your favorite serial killer?

A woman from the inside out

Rachael Ray Attacked By Dog In Park While Defending Her Pit Bull

Thread in honor of adoption

Do you brush your cat's teeth?

Mojave Days in Barstow (more kicks on route 66) Dial-up Death warning

this is the best political music video I have seen...TIMZ - "Iraq"

Appreciation thread for China.

My ex of two days just texted me about the Libby trial

Congratulations buddhamama!! 15,000 posts

Linguists! Help!

Dear Lounge: Sorry to disappoint you. But the ring i finally picked for Rockit

Appreciation thread for China_cat.

What's for lunch today?

Man, I can't get enough ELO music today

You know who's crazy in the head?

Tuesday Afternoon Questions

Name a good sport...

Engagement rings....

So there I was, minding my own business....

Most creative subject line for spam...

My Goddaughter turns 5 today!

I just bought a book of John Singer Sargent portraits. Ask me anything.

Official sports metaphor thread

Why are serial killers and assassins known by three names?

Devasting anti-war lyrics by Michael Franti and Spearhead

my cat has no limbs

I am so mad at my daughter...GRRR

Wanna see a jaw dropping drum solo?

Who's in on tonight's MegaMillions game?

What a crock o'

What's the ugliest word you know?

What's your favorite serial port?

You know who I like?

So i realized that the new du'ers are right: i hardly know them at all

Popularity contest: Ducks or geese?

Did your parents ever give you a toy that scared you?

Are the French as cowardly as stereotypes suggest?

When color TV came out, why did they put in a disclaimer before the show started,

Getting to know you....15 questions

Apparently there is a white supremacist gang on the west coast called:

New Life Church Layoffs

Catholic Priest Reinstated at NIH After Proving Case of Religious Discrimination

PBS is producing a documentary on the Mormons

Moscow Mayor Luzhkov's Press Secretary accused in anti-gay attack

Gay Union "Buffet" in N.H.

First Circuit to Hear Arguments in 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for March 4 (a day late)

Anyone else hate Setanta?


Cameron (Dolphins) continues roster purge (McMichael, Welker, Harrington)

Pssst...spring training means nothing...but...

Klitschko vs Austin (March 10)

VCU is in the BIG DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a little light... :)

you guys. ..need some feedback

tis a quandry and a puzzlement

For those concerned about GM or GE fruit & veg-this is how to tell.

More Secret stuff..

This is NOT a "Secret..."

Short Tape on Homeless Veterans

Nine fallen yesterday

Deleted dupe. n/t

Kerry's statement on Libby's verdict

OT: Rat jumps ship: American Legion commander blames Bush and Congress for Vet cuts

Thank you everyone!

Kennedy calls on Bush not to pardon Libby

Kerry cited his work on important issues and programs benefiting American veterans

OT: A few pieces of interesting news re: 2008

Kos diary to recommend

They must like his name.

Wow! Great exchange in the CAFE Standards hearing

Iraq Veterans Memorial-Unveiling March 17, 2007


Stuck in Vermont 11: Cindy Sheehan

US Attorney hearing-03/06/07 (Russ Feingold questions fired GOP attorneys) Part 2

US Attorney hearing-03/06/07 (Fired GOP attorneys strike back against Bush administration) Part 1

Faux News slamming Obama and Hillary in Selma.

Walter Reed? - It's all the Democrats fault

Steorn claims ORBO free energy device Imminent

Sen. Mark Dayton: FAA & NORAD lied about 9/11

Reg interviews gen Wesley Clark (arts, economy, corporate welfare)

A World Without America

Trial of the Century Scooter is Guilty

Olmert calls special cabinet session over Iranian nuclear threat

"THE LIES THAT LED TO WAR" -- CBC's "Fifth Estate" -- Wed 9pm & midnight ET

Human genes in commercially made Frankenfood

Westminster, VT Votes: IMPEACH

U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble

Do you think people will ever trust government again?

Rice picks neo-con champion on Iraq (this is one scary dude)

Pelosi's aircraft fiasco is Hastert's folly

Is Ann Colter the Whore of Babylon???????

The Army Casualty program (updated on 2-28) - everything you ever wanted to know

Not arguing with RW/NeoCon supporters anymore...

Bernie's talking about the injustices in our justice system

3,175 now dead in W's war of choice

Israel urges no EU compromise on Palestinian aid

Continuous Earthlink problems - anyone else?

They want us to believe Dick "Dick" Cheney was sitting in Tourist Class

Is This a Stickup? Family members are being hired up by railroad interests

Blast kills 6 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Happy 70th Birthday to Valentina Tereshkova.

Claire McCaskill on Imus now

What can we do collectively and individually to raise the level of political discussion ?...

Iraq blasts kill nine US troops

IMPEACHMENT Victory in NEW MEXICO - Resolution Passes Judiciary Committee

Nine more dead in Iraq

What direction is Coulter heading in?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Gossip columnist escapes indictment

300 movie premiere tonight in Los Angeles - Drudge on the story

MY LTTE published on 3/5/07 on global warming

Can standards sink any lower?

Evangelicals boycott Geico (Caveman Commercials).

Carnage in Baghdad

WP (Dana Priest): "If Iraq Don't Kill You, Walter Reed Will"

CHECK THE DATE--October 17, 2003 Sick soldiers held in squalor

The most relevant political poem you'll hear all year

Bomb Shatters Baghdad's Storied Literary Street, Area Once Known For Liberal Ideas

Stupid chemistry and recycling question.

Postal Service fixes long waits by removing 37,000 clocks

Bush seeks to piss away more money for war

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Try as they might to distract the American people....

"What goes around comes around"

Caption this photo

Bush Outsources USMC Vehicle to Foreign Contractor (Israel)!!!

ok-veterans,critique my ltte for factual mistakes

The Yellow Elephant Brigade is out in "force" against Gore...

Former Prosecutor Says Departure Was Pressured: "Impact Was To Intimidate My Office" (NYT)

Justice official resigns; Top House Democrat says 'wheels coming off' Bush defense of US attorney fi

Twenty-one US soldiers have died in the last 6 days for Bush's Folly!

60,000 Marriages Broken by Iraq War

Going for Broke-How big-city mayors are resurrecting the national anti-poverty agenda

You know, Nixon spied on government officials to try and fix the leaks.

what's this about an anti "Inconvenient Truth" movie?

Job Security: Ann Coulter's Psychotherapist.

I think we had better keep a close eye on the NYT if we know whats good for us

Iraqi risks all for a chance to flee fear

Domenici called Gonzales on three occasions about a U.S. attorney Iglesias

HAGEL: "You Can IMPEACH Him & Before This Is All Over-You Might See Calls For His Impeachment"

As WIFI in your car catches on, XM and Sirius will become obsolete.

I just Heard Bush was appointing Bob Dole and Donna Shalala to look into VA?

You really do got to hand it to this Administration

POKERGATE...the reason the federal prosecutor in California was fired.

In Their Own Words "Mission Accomplished": 4 Years Later...

What is 'it'?

Welsh folk singer enrages Pat Robertson

Conservative Bloggers Set to Dump Ann Coulter

Get yer IMPEACHMENT GEAR - Wear it Proud and Loud

The first time I was back since the storm ... drugs were everywhere

MA health plan - 175 $ month, but $2000 by year of deductibles

Jason McClure from Legal Times in on cspan now. Very interesting

Is an Economist Qualified To Solve Puzzle of Autism?

I truly expect that someday, Ann Coulter will have a reverse swastika on her face.

Taiwan tests missiles capable of hitting Shanghai, Hong Kong

NBC's Richard Engle: Insurgents waiting to see if Dems will HELP THEM WIN. (VIDEO)

When a Leader Missteps, a World Can Go Astray

Colbert "Americone Dream" Ice Cream -- Get Yer PICS!

c-span - condi to report on Human Rights

The Atlantic Online: ACU & CPAC Won't Disinvite Coulter/Condemn Her Comments

The U.S. Attorney, Senate Judiciary is at 10am on CSPN 3

What? You mean Darth Cheney's still alive?

State-sponsored daylight robbery

Less than one in 20 held under anti-terror laws is charged

the blivet is giving a speech on cnn right now

Scooter Libby Verdict Today? Jurors Came Into Court Dressed Formally

Son disputes claim of robbery motive in shooting of Putin critic..

TIME: U.S. Attorneys in the Line of Fire; Sanchez before hearings: "Wheels are coming off..."

WJ today: Veterans rate VA care

The only thing I can do that they can't ignore

Bush heading to Latin America

Very polite hand-picked audience, clapping on cue at all Chimp's tired cliches

John Nichols: The Next Mission: Removing a Tyrant (ours)

suicide bombers kill up to 90 in Iraq and wounds over 150....Bush gabbing about how good things are

IAEA: Iran may have halted nuke program

Another hurrican just touched ground - Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Anyone Watching Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings re: Fired US Attorneys?

TERRIFIC Walter Reed Toon: Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

Commerce Committee hearing on CAFE Standards now

Highway massacre sparks anti-US protests in Afghanistan

Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice

Looking for info on the 2001 Bush/Gore election.

CNN Bush love fest -- while showing death and destruction in Baghdad

Overdue Bush Climate Report for U.N. Shows U.S. Greehouse Gases Skyrocketing

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 3/6... cleaning off the desk what seems to be missing?

HEATHER WILSON and PETE DOMINICI called Iglesias about a CORRUPTION investigations in NM!!!

One has to wonder if Patrick Fitzgerald will be removed from his position

Ralph Nader coming up on channel 169 XM "The Power"

Larisa Alexandrovna: "I Just Adore The Suicide Theory For So Many Strange Deaths"

Interesting point brought up on Countdown last night.

What's the deal with Rep. Hastings calling the US Atty's office

Mitch McConnell obstructing the will of the People

Sen Reid opened Senate by announcing 9 Soldiers died in Iraq yesterday!

Help. I need to find a quote - "People never do evil so effectively or

Will Rumsfeld testify about the Walter Reed fiasco?

I believe the title of the book is

anyone else seen this? re: michael moore

“The only thing giving conservatism a bad name is cowards afraid to use terms like ‘faggot.’”

Progress in a bird flu vaccine?...

Getting Ready To Announce Libby Verdict --- EOM.

BREAKING: Scooter Libby verdict is in

Ladies And Gentlemen... Place Your Bets !!! - Verdict Today In Libby Trial ??? Walter Reed, On The Cheap

This Is The Earth: Interview With Davis Guggenheim

"Some Fear Iran Space Program Is Hostile"

Libby verdict in....per MSNBC

What is going to take to get 4 more frikken votes!?

I just heard the Libby verdict is coming up at noon.

Richardson calls pressure by republicans prior to firing of US Attorney Iglesias "inappropriate"

"This Walter Reed report may have come out just to stir the pot because I haven't read any of this

Anyone know anything about Net Zero and/or Peoples PC as internet providers?

Get ready for Mach I meltdown on the DU servers in 5 minutes!

CNN still has this poll up: government does a good job of caring for wounded

Administration threatens purged attorneys

DUPE..please delete.

GUILTY on Count 1 & 2 ! Count 5 GUILTY!!! Count 3 NOT GUILTY! LIBBY!

Merry Fitzmas DU!

Libby -- guilty on 4 counts! Juror and Mrs. Libby crying, according to

Minority leader McConnell just said it's 'dangerous' to give airport screeners union protections

Is Rick ("Purpose driven life") Warren one of them, or us?

Pardon my ignorance....

MODS**** can we have just ONE libby verdict thread ?

It's about perjury, obstruction of justice and the rule of law!

Judicial Hearing on Fired Prosecutors starts at 10am


Freeptards will be happy today

Now that the investigation is OVER will Boosh and Chainy talk about the Scooter Libby trial?

Here's how the (real money) betting went on Libby verdict!!

My company had a banner ad on Annthrax's site...

Well, this should help out Joe Wilson's case!

Can we all here the vice being squeezed

Bush MUST fire all involved with the Plame case

Ha! Righties on the Net have suddenly lost their appetite for posting pictures of coal!

There's a cloud over this Vice Presidency

guilty on 4 of the 5

Guilty or not? Post your predictions

Bill Maher: What I Didn't Say


AG Gonzales on attorney firings: "We could have rolled out the decisions more smoothly."

fuck you all ... I will be pardoned

"Forgetting = lying??"

Will be asking for a new trial - Per CNN

AP: 82nd Airborne Cancels Annual Celebration

Fitz Press Conferenece?


Killer asteroid search nixed, lack of money

So, he's guilty of PERJURY?!?! (and obstruction)

BUSH LIED, MSM WAKE UP "And I want to know, I want to know the truth. " - Bush, 2003

Drudge "Washington Rocked..." LOL check out the pic

derby378's Libby Conviction Hardcore Celebration Thread!

Someone tell Dan Abrams to shave, geez,

DU this AOL poll on the Libby verdict

dupe; please delete. I didn't see the other one :)

Sentencing in 3 months

Not to rain on everyone's parade, but how long until * pardons libby? n/t

Here'sThe Verdict In An Image

White House Press Briefing set for 12:30

Joe Wilson on Countdown

Thank You Mr. Fitzgerald

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait for Keith Olbermann's Countdown tonight!

LOOK OUT IRAN - expect an "indicident" within 48 hours

This takes the prize for the most idiotic Right Wing cartoon of the day

Expect Libby to suddenly drop dead within the next two months

Terrorists do not have collective agreements. Terrorists dont go on strike.

"The VP is having a very hard time"..Matthews on MSNBC now

Fitz says no new charges

Guess where the freepers are hanging out at.. The Court TV forum

So is Libby guilty?

Toensing - 10 months - 1 year.

Knowing Fitzgerald he is working out a deal with Libby's lawyers as I write this

Libby will file a motion for a new trial

Fitz on MSNBC!!!

A question for Scooter....

Did they annouce the verdict of the Libby trial?

Emergency legislation to block a Libby pardon?

C-SPAN's "Capital news" labels Rep. Heather Wilson, a "D"

Mnadatory Minimum

So is the WH press briefing going to be cancelled today?

Anna Nicole Smith Is Still Dead


Here are the five counts!!!

Juror: Libby was the fall guy...we were asking ourselves, "Where's Rove"?

Dupe post.

US ATT Hearings - Graham trying to downplay what happened

is it safe to assume the cold war is back yet?

GUILTY on Count 1 & 2 & 4... Count 5 GUILTY!!! Count 3 NOT GUILTY! LIBBY!

Bill Clinton's impeachment opened the way for today's verdict

Where's the cartoon using Cheney's clot

Rove Skates!

Cheney's pain in the leg has now progressed to a full-blown pain in the ass.

Digby's classic response to wingnut fag-baiting

Rush Limbaugh said Bush would only pardon Libby upon leaving office

Will Olbermann return to tonight's Countdown?

New Orleans land melting into the Gulf "really, really fast"

Bush: "My decisions have put our kids in harm’s way"

Is there any way to block a presidential pardon, or change legislation so the president is

Asshat sad for Libby's family

If I was about to face up to 30 years for a leak I was involved with.....

just listened to Oxy a few minutes...he is spinning spinning spinning

I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day a bit early this year.

Congressional hearings should be held to force the WH to account for revelations in Libby's trial

Right on que? Cheney has health problem days before Libby jury verdict is in...

New CNN Poll: Do you agree with the verdict in the "Scooter" Libby trial?

Libby will be disbarred

The Nation: A Serious Conviction (Libby)


I went to check on the Freepers

Levin Rejects Bush Administration's Proposal on Labor and Trade

Meanwhile back at the Surge...

The unanswered question

He will stay out of jail ON BAIL while under appeal???

WHY are DUers attacking a Juror for saying what people say here everyday?

Fitz states investigation is officially over--(inactive)

"Are you willing to go to prison to protect VP Cheney?"

Fitz is Speaking!

Just a note, remember when murdock hosted a fund raiser for Hillary?

Joe Wilson will be on Larry King tonight

So when will Bush pardon Libby?

Are The Dems Investigating The Leaking of Plame's Identity?

Merry Fitzmas! (Dial-up warning)

Cheney not looking too good today

Is it now time for them to actually bring Osama out of the bunker?

Walter Reed hearings, Libby guilty, dismissal of eight US attorneys, Cheney, Iraq....

Fitz Press Conference transcript at firedoglake

a ban on booing and offensive chants at high school sporting events proposed

What happen to the hearing on the firing of Federal attorneys?

Walter Reed Another Success for Outsourcing (more facts)

But...but...but...CLINTON GOT A BLOWJOB!

Music For Scooter

"There is no doubt that her relationship with the CIA was CLASSIFIED. That is a FACT."

What are the odds Libby will cooperate

Who's Next? (After libby)

Ho hum... what's on TV tonight?

Howie Dean on MSNBC now

Howard Dean coming up on MSNBC, 12:31pmCT. nt

Are the hearings concerning the firing of U.S. attorneys

Republican Rhetoric is inappropriate

Hey, remember when Bush said he would return honesty and integrity to the White House?

Can someone explain to me why Fitz is not going after Cheney?


Tweety is going off. Some times he is worth watching... barely.

It's time for Dems to call for Dick Cheney to resign.

Tennet's response to Chris Matthews question why Cheney didn't get the CIA Iraq report: “Ask him!”

We live in a Soviet-style secrecy society now

What do you think Tucker Carlson will say tonight?


Anybody Catch Barbara Comstock Scooting Away To Avoid The Cameras This Morning ???

Want to see some long faces? Turn on Fox Snooze n/t

This verdict is a Direct Indictment of the war

On Harry Reid : Is there precedent for changing Senate Majority leaders between elections?

I think this Juror speaking unendingly is dangerous. His words

Strangling Reason in its Crib

Hey, Dick Cheney!

Bush to vets: "I am just as concerned as you are!"

Jury member: Libby a fall guy. "We wondered 'WHERE'S ROVE?' "

Can Fitz give his investigation to Congress?

Harry Reid urges Bush to not pardon Libby

so do we have our high crime now?? dems???

Jury wondered why Scooter being made to be the "fall guy"

BUT let us not forget the highest ranking US official ever convicted waaas....

to the RW Nuts.. Fitz couldn't prove the underlying crime because of Libby's obstruction!!!!

Suppose the war isn't over by 2008, what's the best response?

3185 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Jury has reached a verdict on Libby

Which of these lists would you find more interesting?

Tweety "I don't see how the Vice President can walk away from this."

lol, Chavez for President?

Local TV noon news: NINE U.S. troops killed in 2 roadside bombs today

NM Impeachment Res. Heads to Floor Vote

Interestingly familiar.....

"2 Suicide Bombers Kill 93 in Iraq" The 'surge' is working so well.

Scooter - meet cooter

I'd Just Like To Wish Everybody Here, A Very Merry Fitzmas !!!

Listen up Congress! Don't Be Stingy With Those Subpoenoes! Let Them All Testify Under Oath

What did BUSH Know & When did he Know it? What did CHENEY Know & When did he Know it?

What's needed now

Being Fingerprinted/Booked Should Have Made Scooter Think Twice About Cooperating...

the women of DU will want to read this

Scooter says, "Excuse me, sir

Hey, Scooter! Don't go duck hunting with Dick!

Plame's co-worker explains her CIA status

Isn't this juror poisoning the future jury pool??

The Democrats have hit the Tri-fecta

Russian journalist who angered country's military falls to death

White House: President Bush watched the verdict and was saddened for Libby and his wife

Note to Bush. Please pardon Libby.

Another Country Music Star bites back at bush

Sadly, this is likely a death sentence for Libby

Terror Alerts in the EU (Joke)

Question about the one juror who answered questions. Did he talk about the dismissed juror?

Famous Perjury Cases

Former Cheney senior aide: "The President ought to pardon (Libby) by sundown."

Dollars, Not Sense - Privatization and Oversight

Valerie Plame/Ambassador Wilson Legal Support Trust

They Felt He Was 'Fall Guy'

NRO Editors beg Chimp: "Pardon Libby"

Any live links to U.S attorney hearings available?

DU haiku for Libby

Libby and the Lawyer purge

The Nation: Measuring Progress by Chaos in Iraq

Honda Civic Hybrids being recalled.

What is Bush's Greatest Accomplishment?

How is * using the National Guard cheaper than Full Time Military?

Watergate Investigation was done by Congress lets have the


"Joe Wilson, administration critic", as the talking heads refer to him...but

Freeper logic...

Fake professor in Wikipedia storm (BBC)

Think Progress: Hastings (R-Wa) Pressured Former U.S. Atty in Investigation


It's official: I. LIAR LIBBY!

Faggot a schoolyard taunt? If one of my kids used this taunt, I'd ground the hell out of them!

These poor Walter Reed vets , my god

Regarding the appeals process

Mary Matalin calls verdict "Unspeakable" per Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC.

In the wake of the convictions, remember: INVESTIGATE CHENEY & UNRAVEL THE CABAL

Oh the irony- twas Russert who did in Libby

Novakula poo-pooing on Fox...

John Edwards Supports "Touch Screen" DRE Ban

Libby case turned into book following verdict

Jane Hamsher of FDL to appear on radio today to discuss Libby verdict

Now that Libby has been convicted... is there any chance that Cheney and Bush will follow?

Randi doesn't SOUND hung over!

Lets look at the big picture

Fitz: "If his counsel or he wish to pursue any options, they can contact us."

OMG! BartCop, you dirty dog! (CNN screenshot)

Quick Take on overall Plame issue

What name should Scooter change to before he goes to the Pokey

Please, somebody, what's Dan Abrams' e-mail address?

A few questions about the Libby trial.


Edwards: Jesus Would Be 'Appalled'


Tonight on Countdown

Wolfe just said Howard Dean will talk to him after the break,

I think my favorite part of this whole Libby thing is...

'My soul has the Lord,' Abraham says (was 11 when he murdered someone, out now at 21)

Human Rights Watch Says Guantanamo Undermines US on Rights Issues

Libby was "the guy that was asked... to stick his neck in the meat grinder"

Guys, we did it!!! Thanks for all the good vibes.

"News Real" 8/20/98...Hellfire from the right

Verdict good news for the Plame/Wilson lawsuit

You are not going to believe what I just found on the Smirking Chimp.

Let's applaud the JURY, folks. They did the hard work.

Scooter's batting .200

Why is Fox Noise still saying she's not covert?

ConWebWatch Exclusive - Who's in the mysterious board of directors of WorldNutDaily?

Edwards Statement on Libby Verdict

Sorry to ask in GD but would like a little faster reply re: no audio on CNN clips

TV- Bill Maher on O'Reilly tonight. Novak on H&C

Gov. Dean:"Today the American legal system did something the Bush Administration hasn't..."

Get off this website

Lewis Libby, Assistant to the President and Convicted Criminal

Joseph Wilson's Statement Through His Lawyers

National Review: "Pardon Libby"...

Juror: Libby "Was The Fall Guy"

Will Libby's Civil Co-Defendants (Rove, Cheney, Armitage, and J. Does 1-9) Seek Separate Trials Now?

A thought...on Bush and the War....

Since Libby Is So Good at Revealing Identities, Who Are J. Does 1-9 in the Wilsons' Civil Suit?

The best political music video I have seen TIMZ "Iraq"

WOW! Wolfe is actually giving Victoria Toensing a rough time!

BREAKING (FOX): 20,000 Survive Today in Iraq.

DC Call-Girl Ring Madam Subpoenas Dick Morris "c/o B. O'Reilly at Fox News"

Troll post at HuffPo RE: Libby & the Pursuit of Freedom

Dems Response to Libby Verdict: Sen. Kerry

Chris Matthews: "I don't see how Cheney can walk away from this..."

Thank you are very much on the ball today

Charlie Rose: Harry Reid Interview from last night (1hr)

Republican criminals go golfing at St. Andrews

Victory Toensing!

Brackets for a comma in history

Sunderland (VT) votes to impeach Bush, Cheney

The Nation: Cheney's Henchman Gets His

Vice President Cheney "disappointed" and "saddened" by guilty verdict .

Stocks surge on Libby's conviction....Dow up 150

Reminder Watch ABC Nightline Tonight >>> AT&T Whistle-Blower Exposes NSA "Secret Rooms"


“The practical impact was to intimidate my office and shut down the investigations"

Barack Obama in response to Scooter conviction...

This asshole -a "climate change skeptic" is pushing this propaganda documentary on

Pardon Libby (National Review)

Here they are, folks. Our "allies" in the War on Terror & Bush's business partners: the Saudis

Jenna didn't quit...she had to stop teaching because she was not highly qualified per NCLB

It's a slow news day at FOX News

Civil Servants VS Political Appointees As Agency Heads

I got to hang out with Tommy Chong yesterday.

Ten reasons why Republicans should vote for Hugo Chavez

Pres/vp statements, Oct 2005, today.

any news re US Attorney firings hearing today?

Bush 'saddened' by Libby verdict

Need Help. What is the service you use to find criminal case filings in the country.

Senator Webb will be on Neil Cavuto's show tomorrow.

WILSON/CNN: Bush Owes Apology To Service People Fighting War Justified By Lies & Disinformation

Has it gotten so bad that we hold a Fitzebration every time a Republican upholds the law?

Conyers questioning the Judges now!

Mods, can you please delete Dare I say It post?

No matter what the issue Clinton did it...

22 Texas Youth Prisons under investigation for abuse and coverup by officials...

Fitzgerald does not expect to file any further charges.

When the Sins of the Children Are Visited Upon Their Parents ( What a stupid piece)

Cheney will resign using ill health

Privacy Board OKs Eavesdropping Programs

Hey everyone---let's help Michael Savage Run for the Presidency!

Wilson Responds: Bush And Cheney Must Explain Why They Outed My Wife

Religiously Insane are upset about the new $1 coin

Mark Green: Air America 2.0 Begins Today (HuffPost)

Man Peddles 'Holy' Bottled Water

I predict the following Fox News Headline: Libby Found Innocent on one charge! n/t

It's way past .... Impeach:30!

Outing a CIA Agent is a silly act!

Russia Questions Missile Defense Plans

New Weapon Against Warming: "Flatulence Cards" Offset Dog, Human Emissions

Jack Cafferty just called Scooter a worm!

Freepers going nutz

Rapture ready folks freak when told they need to confront population control...

Democrats Alter Plan To Restrict Iraq War

Can an appeal last until 1-2009? Will Libby have to wait in club-jail?

Isn't Obstruction of Justice an Impeachable Offense?

Scooter Libby doesn't need to worry about being raped

Bunker Busting Bush Admin. Secrecy: Waxman/Oversight Introduce Open Gov and FOIA Enhancement Acts

the VIEW's EH's TWIT moment for 3/06/07...Bagging on Hillary


I had the Clenis thrown in my face today (so to speak)

Will Scooter Libby have a radio talk show someday?

"Scooter Libby is NOT a Beagle"! - Tweety

Freepers curse Harry Reid for expressing pleasure with the Libby verdict....

Dan Burton lying about Bill Maher now on cspan

House Committee hearing on Attorney - discussion thread

dammit, Randi just had a good point re Fitz and Cheney

Police accident

Michael Hitler-"Savage": Stop stalking me! Let me talk sh-- about humanity in peace!

General Patreaus has been in Iraq for three weeks...

Tucker and Scarborough are spinning at the speed of light.

Dare I say it?

Legal question on Libby

hardball - ed rogers is in la la land

Hagel suggests impeachment looms


Analysis: Verdict puts focus on Cheney

jenna bush writes book about HIV+ single teen mother.

I Hope More Jurors Come Forward

To Fox "News" President Roger Ailes....

DU hasn't gone down yet?

Army Times: Six paratroopers from 82nd killed in Iraq

Altered AP story - Can anyone find the original?

Reporters barred from Guantanamo hearings

In Their Own Words: Republicans On Perjury and Obstruction

Oh, Gawd! Here we go with Scarborough...

The Jury hit a nerve today.

Irony alert: India Outsources Jobs to US

Jenna Bush embarks on book 'Journey'

Taking Democracy Seriously

Majority Leader Reid Is Right: No Libby Pardon

Notice how everytime Bush gets his ass in a crack ...

It's a great week to be Liberal!

Am I alone in feeling this is an hollow victory?

Just remember every time a republican gets indicted or convicted ...

Politico is just another right wing sounding board.

"I believe he [Lewis Libby] Is One of the More Honest Men I Know" -- Dick Cheney

Did anybody see THIS? Cheney Blood Clot May Step Down????!!!

HARDBALL Special Coming Up!

Didn't take CNN and MSNBC's Tucker & Conservatives to change the Libby Trial Verdict

Attacks kill 149 Shi'ite pilgrims in Iraq

SICK DICK - How Do We Know It Wasn't Another Heart Attack? ---PIX--->>>

My "Democratic" congressman is a coward who won't face reality

Dean: "Ultimately, the buck stops with President Bush."

CREW Requests Ethics Investigation of Heather Wilson in Attorney Firings (In Addition To Domenici)

Legacy of leak case will be proof of White House involvement


Jenna Bush has a book deal.

If Ann Coulter is the voice of the Right Wing

Fall guy.

Mark Green: Air America 2.0 Begins Today

ROVE. ROVE. ROVE. What about ROVE????????

Some Dem Senators should call for Hearings on Cheney -- PRONTO!

I wonder what Rash/BillO/Sean/Weiner/ has to say about this???

Hannity: Libby verdict was a "travesty of justice"

Oh, the delicious irony, or is it karma?

Legal Scholars-what exactly constitutes "treason"..and what is the punishment?

CNN Poll on Libby verdict

Neocon spin on VA mess - Clinton did it too

I posted on babylon sisters post earlier about my son who died

FDA Rules Override Warnings About Drug -More Anti-biotics in Your Beef

Jenna Bush to write book for teens about HIV>..

US economy suddenly appears vulnerable

I've HAD it with the military!

GM targets 2010 production for electric car

Who times this shit ?

America's Deodorizer? After eight years, Tweety still wowed by Giuliani's ridding NYC of "pee smell"

SF Chron: Former GOP Congressman Praises Conyers, Raises Impeachment

Irag war

LBN did pick up the jail break up north - didn't it??

"Is everybody in?

Get ready to hear 'Democrat party' all night tonight

No FEMA help for low income ice storm victims...

Halliburton's stock doubles as troop deaths double


Scooter Libby found NOT GUILTY of lying to FBI investigators! (Fox)

I nominate Judge Judy for the next vacancy on the Supreme Court


Prayers and Thoughts please My best buddy's son is in this group

C&L Wayback Machine: Democrats fought against Walter Reed privatization

The game's afoot! WAGs welcome:

Hard Hitting Tuesday Toons

Hagel talks impeachment

Rep Virginia Foxx - R - NC on C-Span now!

DARK AGES on cable was surprising blunt about behavior of nobles--compared them to Tony Soprano

Here's a shout out to the folks at FIREDOGLAKE, who did an excellent job

The Wilsons' Civil Case Just Got Kicked into Overdrive

Hill on HRC's drawl: If she was at GLAAD, would she use a lisp?

Remember 'Goodfellas?'...

Libby, Libby, Libby found GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY

KERRY: "Well Past Time For CHENEY To Finally Acknowledge His Role In This Sordid Episode"

Can we promise to not make prison rape jokes about Libby?


C-Span Poll of the Day: Should Bush Be Required To Seek Congress Approval For Force Against Iran?

Live coverage on C-SPAN radio on the Senate hearing on attorney firings

Attorney in hearing just testified that he was told he was removed

Olbermann to interview Joe Wilson tonight

Bad taste in my mouth....

It's reported that on his way out of the court, Libby bumped into

Dec 7, 1941 FoxNews headline

A Round of Applause for FITZ! --->>>

Take note DUers - "We Are The Press" and how FDL made it stick.

TOON: Bleed out

***Official Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing thread TWO********

***Official Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing thread********

Democrats Should Demand Cheney's Resignation Now!

OMG!!!! It's happening.....

If you ever see this guy and his team coming at you....HIDE!!

Before we high five over the Libby verdict... say a prayer for the victims of their treason.


We Can Only Hope That This Freeper Is Correct !!!

How is the price of Gas in your area?

So now why is impeachment off the table?

The verdict caught them by suprise, here, per CNN

cheney's medical problems make a little more sense today, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Probably want to remember who belongs to convicted felon Scooter Libby's Legal Defense Trust

Dept. of Ed. Reverses Troubling Guidelines on Gender Equity

Reid statement on Libby Verdict - bwahahaha

Men rule — at least in workplace attitudes (Even women seem skeptical of female bosses in survey)

Dumas tornadoes on Anderson Cooper tonight

Senate: Airport screeners can unionize

LIBBY GUILTY ON 4 COUNTS!!! It's a good day for America!


It appears the AdCouncil is all Ann Coulter has left

H2O Man Appreciation Thread.

More happy news-for someone! Mega Millions jackpot swells to record $370 million

Medical Errors

Anyone who believes one car maker is better than another is deluded.

Holy Shit. Buchanan makes brilliant point on Libby & Calls for investigation!

Girls suspended for the use of the word "Vagina"

Libby convicted of the smallest of the crimes he committed.

I must confess to a lack of enthusiasm over Libby's conviction. Talk me out of it.


PLEASE Please Give Us A Forum To Discuss Illegal Hiring And Illegal Immigration.

Now is The Golden Moment, Madam Speaker and Majority Leader Reid.

Now just wait for the rush of freeps to make their whiny comments. LOL nt

BEST Freeper Comment on Libby Verdict!!!!

Conservatives laud gay porn star marine(photo with Coulter) (not Guckert)

NY Post headline tomorrow: "Libby found Not Guilty of Making a false statement"

Fitz: "I do not expect to file any further charges... We're all going back to our day jobs."

'05 4000 homeless on Long Island - mostly families with children

Quick! We need a distraction now!

The bar is now open

Watching Tweety Laughing At Ed Rogers.....Priceless



update: Liberty Coalition calls for Sibel Edmonds hearings

Can we please refrain from making "clot" jokes?

Mary Matalin vs Ann Coulter: Which has more integrity?

Things Are Good.

Here's An Idea! Cheney & Libby Go On Meet The Press --its their best medium!

Scarborough is such a liar....

NYT's Frank Rich: Giuliani supported the Iraq war but was not a "cheerleader" for the war. Say what?

Police arrest/jail innocent woman (wrong name/residence/license plates)

Look who's coming to DC!

Anyone else watching KO's interview with the Ex Army sniper?

Der Mittenfuhrer's strategist says questions on Multiple-Choice Mitt's faith are fair game

Four Companies Pull Ads from Coulter Website

The new Presidential Medal for wounded Troops

TPM: Another prosecutor forced out in 2005 for investigating a Republican?

The new Presidential Medal for wounded Troops

Lawmakers Vow To Uncover Full Walter Reed Scandal

Perfect...Luckovich nails Coulter...

WaPo: Two Generals Provide A Contrast in Accountability

Israel, Iran top 'negative list' (but we are #3!)

They want MORE money for their war?? is running Romney ads

GALLUP: 58% Want Pullout in Iraq Within 12 Months

9 U.S. soldiers killed north of Baghdad

More murmurs of Bloomberg's Presidential aspirations: A secret meeting is reported

Slick Dancing Mitt's troupe of Coulter-defending dancers

Richardson: Race will be over by January.

Two Stories on the Today Show

Without a care

Rep. Heather A. Wilson contacted US Prosecutor Iglesias last fall

DFA Night School tonight at 8:30..."Holding Elected Leaders Accountable"

Privacy board clears U.S. spy programs

Lieberman: Let The War In Iraq Continue In Peace (+ Colbert video)

CREW Requests Ethics Investigation Into Rep. Wilson

What the...?

Watched news last 36hrs? You witnessed how Giuliani will get the free pass

L. B. W. A. (Walter Reed)

Do you want them to crawl up your tutu and smack your red little wussy ass?

Let the war in Iraq continue in peace. (Colbert)

VIDEO: Iglesias Details Calls From Domenici and Wilson

Merle Haggard will vote for Hillary and he's singing about it (lyrics)

Coincidence: Libby Verdict - Cheney Bloodclot??.....

Bill Richardson touts N.M. as renewable energy leader

Sad CNN Crawl: Bush Says To Soon To Tell About Success Of The Troop.....

FACT CHECK: Bush Has Short-Changed Veterans

20 minutes to place your bet (Libby Trial)

GOP: Gullible Old Party

Open Plea To Scooter.....

C-span: Rep. Foxx (R. NC) gets ass handed to her.

So, now that the investigation is over, can dimson talk about it? nt


Is Fitz's Grand Jury Still Seated?......nt

The Rule Of Reason: From Jefferson To Gore

Hillary Clinton wants "partnership" with gays

Democratic Legislation Would Force Bush To Hunt For Osama

Hartmann is on fire

Actual counts Libby is guilty of, and video:

Bob Geiger: Democratic Legislation Would Force Bush To Hunt For Osama

Bush: U.S., Iraqi forces making progress (AP)


If Bush does decide to exercise a pardon, he'll wait until Dec. 2008 (after the election)

Will the Walter Reed scandal finally trigger mass unrest?

Novak is on Faux right now

Gonzales Defends Move to Fire Attorneys, Denies Political Role

Pelosi emphasizes bigger picture, RE: Libby:

Will libby Really Go To Prison for Up To 25 Years For cheney?

Streaming Thom Hartmann....that music drives me nuts.

"Its illegal to be a republican in this country"

Harry Reid (D-NV) calls on President Bush to pledge not to pardon Libby:

Fired Prosecutor question: Does anyone have a link to the hearing in the House? Should be

Rat jumps ship: American Legion commander blames Bush and Congress for Vet cuts

It's really amazing what crawls out when you look what's under the rock.

Wait till delay gets convicted

So is rove A Happy Camper?

How decay overtook Walter Reed

MERRY FITZMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) Pressured Former U.S. Attorney In Federal Investigation

Lawmakers And Lawyers Challenge Bush Administration Military Commissions

Replacing VP "Crashcart"? And so it begins...the possible installation of the "heir apparent"...

How would The Dick answer this question?

G.O.P. Shift Is Seen on Trade

AlterNet: Washington Is Losing Its Grip on Latin America

Giuliani The Curmudgeon

Heads Up-- 7pm Hardball Special Edition -- Libby Verdict

Fox showing "Libby found not guilty....

CNN breaking: Libby verdict guilty

Did you know a soldier/amputee was barred from attending the Walter Reed


Kerry Statement on Libby Guilty Verdict (time for Cheney to acknowledge his role)

Reminder to George (the small) Bush

Vanity Fair: 6 Generals who gave up their careers over Iraq

Bush sees 'test' for Iran, Syria, on Iraq (AFP)

I was right...Will Marshall of PPI/DLC is consultant to freshmen Democrats on Iraq.

John Edwards statement on the Scooter Libby verdict

Edwards on Haradball?

Tweety: Convicted Felon Scooter Libby

Prediction:The rethugs and Bush Company will make the jury and Fitzgerald out to be the bad guys

I love the sound of freeper heads exploding...

I heard the verdict, I saw the defense and the prosecutors and the yammering juror & now: So What??

Just a heads up...Howard Dean to be on Situation Room at 7:00 hour.

Talking Points appear to be all over the MSM!!

Norah O'Donnell looks like she is about to cry about the Libby Verdict

Fox News Analysts: Libby Verdict Flawed, No Underlying Crime

Republic Head Explosion Par Excellence: Ed Rogers on Hairballz

Tony Snow: On Walter Reed, The Buck Doesn't Stop Here

Was Bush also sad for 'poor' Jeffrey Dahmer?????

Libby's guilty verdict: Media myths and falsehoods to watch for

Action Alert: Senator Reid, Don't Legitimize Fox News !

Rudy for VP????? Hagel??? forget Condi....unqualied.....too dumb...

The republicans did a great job of knocking Walter Reed out of the lead news story

Howard Dean says Bush should not pardon Libby.

Anonymous US attorney speaks of attorney purge:

Question for Minn. DUers: Does Al Franken Have A Shot?

So Libby has been convicted, what now?



Pete McCloskey: When Politics Infects Justice (SF Chronicle, via CommonDreams)

Andrew Sullivan: Something is rotten in the heart of Washington

.... "If" ........... ( a study in perspective )

Fired attorney David Iglesias: "I felt sick ...I felt leaned on...pressured..."

Digby: we are now officially in Nixon territory

Slate: Specter Detector

Devastating Daily Show last night

Hagel: "Before this is over, you might see calls for his impeachment."

U.S. attorney worried 'gloves would come off' over criticism of ouster

2008 will be a BLOOD BATH!! for the republican party the american people are tired of there shit


The Politico: Liberal Democrats Revolt on Iraq Spending Bill

Vito Corleone was loyal to Fat Clemenza, too. So what?

JUST in from Keith Olbermann's newsletter:

Should the House initiate impeachment proceedings for..........Cheney?

Norman Goldman: "An engraved invitation to start impeachment proceedings...

Will Shrub pardon Scooter?

Wilson Responds: Bush And Cheney Must Explain Why They Outed My Wife

Howard Dean: President and VP tried to discredit people who were right about Iraq

Why was John Edwards "Absent in Action" on Tweety Tonight...about Libby Trial?

Hartford Courant Tries To Understand Lieberman's Critics

I want to give Obama a chance to denounce this pathetic ad...

How do otherwise intelligent progressives get so worked up over an anorexic bimbo harpy like Coulter

My pictures from Selma!

I just had ANOTHER (11th) e-mail read on the air!

A Conversation With General Clark

If the clot forces him out, who gets the job?

Dark Horse Candidates for Vice President

Hil & Bam gear up for battle over Jewish vote

Ongoing Diary of LIES and MYTHs attacking Hillary... DEBUNKED..