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International Women’s Day 2007

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 281

Domenici Says He Contacted Prosecutor

The Big Green Fuel Lie

WP: Backup Strategy Missing For Iraq

Will Iraq Become the Democrats' War? (Do Dems prefer losing in stop war effort)

Attack on Iran would backfire, warns report

India to outsource paperwork to U.S. company

US business mounts jumbo mission to India

WP:'It Is Just Not Walter Reed'

Building a movement for single payer healthcare

MSHA Moves Too Slowly on Mine Safety, Another Sago Possible


It's not just about climate (BBC/Viewpoint)

April 20 - Pittsburgh - Women’s Health & the Environment conference

Bush seeks ethanol alliance with Brazil, the world's renewable energy leader

Wave farms show energy potential (BBC)

Major two-year polar study begins (BBC)

UN chief warns on climate change (BBC) {as dangerous as war}

Tracking New Posts to DU Forums

family guy on 911

Holt wants hearings on FBI anthrax investigation

Peter Lance - Triple Cross - CSPAN2 - Now.

COURT TV's Catherine Crier on Electoral Crisis: 'A Full Frontal Attack on Democracy'!

I have a new job, I am running a campaign for

Please Sign Petition to Investigate Corrupt San Diego Registrar of Voters!

Never Forget – Selma; FL moves to re-enfranchise ex felons; Missouri HCPB + more.-ERD News

Wal-Mart target of worker rights complaints in Phillipines

Building a movement for single payer healthcare

Sharpton sides with union in New York medicaid cuts

NYT: Basra Raid Finds Dozens Held By Iraqi Gov't Spy Unit ("Signs of Torture")

Union members speak out for (Hillary) Clinton (Montgomery Advertiser)

AP: Afghan, U.S. Reports on Firefight Differ

AP: Nautilus captain, former Tenn. congressman dies

White Supremacist Gang Gains Clout(CA, NV AZ)

Air Strikes On Iran Could Backfire - Report

WP: 'It Is Just Not Walter Reed'

Spring must be coming

When my husband goes out of town, I realize how much I hate being in this house alone!!

Family Guy just parodied Bush reading "My Pet Goat" on 9/11

One hit wonders who you think deserved a better fate

We have all this popcorn.

Leaving for Miami tomorrow morning - any suggestions for activities/dining

They're gonna show the "Tom Cruise is in the closet" episode of South Park tonight

Is there a DU group for "spouses of Lifetime Movie addicts"?

We watched Lady in the Water today, and we loved it...

I think my hearing is becoming more acute

"Book 'em, Danno!"

Sunday night, things are slow, tell us a silly story about yourself. Here is mine:

We went to the beach today - No pictures

OK, I just saw something on Discovery. It's that Jesus Tomb documentary...

hangin' out and grinning big time

I yelled at somebody through e-mail because I thought I was being provoked.

I just bought some tamarind juice

John Travolta is in the closet now too.

How snarky is your punani?

When does (did?) Scotland switch from the Pound (Sterling) to the Euro?

Happy Birthday to my wife - Du'er AutumnMist (the big 36)

CaliforniaPeggy Appreciation thread...

...and the train conductor said, "Take a break, Driver 8..."

Conservopedia: Declaration on the Rights of Women

Nothing is going on in my little town

Who is your favorite movie / TV show president?

I had a big ass party with two live bands in the living room last night. Here's what it looked like:

OK, DU Cooks, it's Challenge time...

The Winner, so far...

Baby's first trip to the zoo...and more sweetness.....

Signs of spring

My father-in-law died yesterday.

College basketball game today ended in Bloodied Nose & Ejection. (pics)

Bands whose first album ruled but second album sucked.

You can now dress your dog in your favorite Oscar dress....

So, my supervisor at work killed himself on Friday.

Please tell me one good thing that happened to you today.

I know DU has Naughty girls..but does it have any nice girls?

Battlestar Galactica (sort of) SPOILER

If you could go back in time, what advice would you have for a younger you?

Who else LOVES Eddie Vedder?

Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers

Ted Koppel is doing a fairly good job on Moderating the disscussion on the tomb.

Should books on religious topics give due to atheist arguments against religion?

Ben Gordon scores 48, Michael Redd scores 52

New Matthew message from March 4, 2007

Wow--another dream...!

Astrological aspect patterns defined

The Right Wing American Legion is now taken in non-veterans

We could be a power on the DU

Michael Parenti -- Support our Troops?

Obama commemorates 1965 civil rights march in Selma, AL

Wes Clark's message to the last Draft Wesley Clark Meetup - Sept '03

"If you want to change the coutry go to"

CTBob's in-depth interview with Elizabeth Kucinich

Afghan, U.S. Reports on Firefight Differ

(TOON) Rowson on the lunar eclipse and President Tony's depature

Russia Wants Israel To Join NPT: Lavrov

Kiley: Post investigation ‘yellow journalism.’

In the UK, your vaccine damage is worth $100,000 tax free

did anyone see the BBC show , the beatles secrete lives ?

Anyone seeing evidence of workplace shift to ATTRACT...

Do ANY Congresspeople do their own taxes????

Did anyone see the Selma speeches?

Taleban spread wings in Pakistan

The book "No Logo" by Naomi Klein.....Good stuff....

Transgender Professor Fired In Michigan

FORMER GOV. MITT ROMNEY: Mentions of Bush: 0. Mentions of Ronald Reagan: 2.

CAPTION Which one is whiter?

Can you help me??? I need a current picture of the US supreme court for a pp

Tribe slave descendants face uncertainty

Romney&Coulter fawning over each other at CPAC (before her speech)-video

man using library wifi after hours gets laptop confiscated

My honeybee question. Has Halliburton gotten its hands on the Beekeeper business?

Current TV is showing a short documentary about Afghanistan (Jan., 2007)

Must read NYT editorial. "A Must-Do List"

DUPLICATE - Chavez Calls John Negroponte A 'Professional Killer'

Uninsured Mass. residents could get health coverage for as little as $175/mo.

Did you know we are the problem?

How can one guy make a difference?

UK Guardian: Iran's rich architecture and rare treasures threatened by possible US strikes

Fox News: Base-Closing Panel Decides to Shut Walter Reed

ABC News said atheists/agnostics are only 2% of population

What is the Eye of Providence doing on the supposed tomb of Jesus?

Iraq invites CIA to accompany U.N. inspectors to search for prohibited weapons - December 23, 2002

Obama tangles with online pervert

Mr. Redwitch went to see Cindy Sheehan in Manchester, VT today.

Afghans: US Troops Shot at Civilians

Just went to visit my parents-They have moved far to the Left under Bush

Last grocery strike's effects still felt (4 & 1/2 month strike_contract expires midnight tomorrow)

My father-in-law died yesterday.

NYT Op/Ed: Taking Genocide To Court

Paul Blumenthal: Domenici and Wilson Involved in Attorney Purge? (HuffPost)

In The Reign Of The One-Nutted King (Joe Bageant)

1907 people have signed the petition to free Gary Tyler

Local Nashville Fox News - Carbon footprints and Al Gore.

Ex-GOP Candidates Turn Attacks Back On National Repub Congressional Committee (GOP Eating Itself)

A Mass Firing Puts Justice on the Hot Seat

'Wash Post' Launches Epic 25-Part Web 'K Street' Series

Thank you, Apple

Trent Lott justifies Walter Reed conditions, says hospital "was on base closure list" {HuffPost)

Hello? Any insurgents in there? Okay now. Here we come . . .

Republicans Support The Troop, (*) Not The Troops.

congressional dems do not need "a plan for withdrawal from Iraq...."

'NY Times' Readers Hit Coverage of Iran/Iraq Weapons Link

AP: La. Trailer Park Shut by FEMA

Toronto Daily News: Americans Shocked by Iraq Veterans Scandal

The Markets, They Are Sinking Again...

Anyone watching 60 Minutes and the hysterical military guy

Here We Go... U.S. Troops Enter Shiite Stronghold Of Sadr City.

Did anybody watch CNN today?

WP Front Page: Backup Strategy Missing For Iraq ("Rebuff, Optimism & Evasion")

Diebold Weighs Strategy for Voting Unit

CNN keeps running this goofy picture of Obama on their web site

Obama Speech at Selma Mediocre, at best

How many here watching Peter Lance-cspan2?

Scary predictions on"60 minutes"

I thought we were done with this horror

Get rid of Daylight Savings Time?

Documentary: "Who Killed the Electric Car": Shocking! Depressing!

The Case Against Genetically Engineered Foods

Obama: Make Employee Free Choice Act Law of the Land (Mar 3, 2007)

OSHA’s Not the ‘Poster Boy’ for Safety

Bayer details job cuts (1,000 in the USA)

Does the military have any decent, honorable flag officers left?

What the Right Means by "Support"

C-SPAN 3 now; Replay of the case the Administration made to go into IRAQ circa 2002-03


The Invisible Wounded

Behind the walls of Ward 54

Anyone see this latest news on Obama

If you think Kucinich can't form a coalition, Watch this!

Senator (R-Obviously) Apologizes for Calls to U.S. Attorney About...

Picture of the Day: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama together in Selma

My response to Anne Coulter.

MoveOn Survey

Sizzling CPAC lovefest: Nazigirl endorses Romney

Top GOP candidates repudiate Coulter.

Conyers/Kucinich on: "Universal Health Care" The facts listed are awakening.

Why do "Republics" keep saying this?

This VA related page was removed, but is still cached.

Media Blacks Out Iran Peace Delegation Representing 50+ Million in US

I heard the crowd for Obama's speech was bigger than the one for Senator Clinton's

The Puzzling Persistence of Liberal Doubt About Congress's War Powers

Bush VA Budget Cut Links Abound

The Simpsons was awesome!

Campaign 2007, my new job, managing a campaign in Hoboken NJ

Is Universal Health Care Just a Pipe Dream?

A Week of Ugly Economic News

I think that the Republicans are smarter than we

Salon: Oprah's Ugly Secret

We are already living in a Police State.

Mar. 5 Impeachment Articles: Impeachment rally packs auditorium MORE


Former Wisconsin Gov. Thompson (Republican presidential hopeful) tells Iowans GOP has lost its way

Jim Wallis: Dobson Gets Personal on Global Warming (HuffPost)

Sibel Edmonds: State Secrets Privilege Was Used to Cover Up Corruption and Silence Whistleblowers

Experts Want New Definition of Torture

Cheney Treated for blood clot-

Congress: Subpoenas Spotlight Fired Prosecutors

BlogTalk: Seething Over Vets’ Care

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Cluster Bombs and New Nukes (The Nation)

Walter Reeding Iraq-- or, Katrina on the Potomac

Bush Versus Chavez

'The Redirection' is Treason: Bring in the Trials, There have to be Trials!

Bono's Red Campaign in THE RED

Ray McGovern: How Long Until Iran Gets the Bomb? No One Has a Clue

Democratic Activists Harassed by Republican Lunatics by Stephen Crockett

Just a thought

(Albuquerque Tribune) Editorial: Iglesias Affair reveals uglier side of politics

TomPaine: CPAC: Conservatives Pout And Complain

Hillary, Stop Funding the War!

Robert Fisk on DEMOCRACY NOW (March 5th)

James Carroll: Candidates' Stories Tell Us What We've Become (Boston Globe, via CommonDreams)

Singing the Vegetable Opera (James Kunstler)

The Lamest Show On Earth!

Britain led rush for black gold in Iraq

CSM: Why the media passes off bunk as news

U.S. builds Baghdad garrisons to fight violence

U.S. prepares for Iraq oil windfall.

The Nation: Human rights, democracy, the US, and Syria

CNN/AP: Vermonters say winter's not what it used to be

Hate to belabor the point, but we really dont need gas (oil) for cars.

National Ice Center 3/2/07 - SW Greenland Nearly Ice-Free, W. Coast Clear To Disko Island

Times-Picayune - Maybe 10 Years Before Loss Of Lousiana Coast Becomes Irreversible

The Big Green Fuel Lie

Asian Pollution Affects Pacific Storms

Pohnpei, Micronesia - Small Uninhabited Islands Already Going Under

New site allows you to donate/find free items near you

The Australian - Fires This Summer "An Uncontrollable Monster"

Norway To Establish State-Owned Carbon Capture Company - Reuters

Fuel-Efficient Cars Front & Center At Geneva Auto Show - MSNBC

As Formerly Frozen Tundra Deteriorates, Scientists Find Evidence For Rapid Treeline Advance

Poachers Kill 3 Asiatic Lions - Estimated 359 Of The Species Remain - Reuters

Cambodian PM Warns Of Clear-Cut, Pollution Threats To Tonle Sap Lake - ENN

Ethanol: Feed a Person for a Year or Fill Up an SUV? (CounterPunch, via AlterNet)

Energy credits pure gold for green homeowners

T. Boone Pickens States We Have Hit Global Conventional Oil Peak - AP

Stuart Staniford/Oil Drum - Saudi Arabian Oil Declines 8% In 2006

New Republic - No Rush On Global Warming - Legislation Facing Likely Bush Veto

Warming may freshen Gulf (of Maine) waters

UN Internal Draft - US On Pace For 9.2 Billion Tons Annual GHG Emissions By 2020

S.Korea's warmest winter in century - AFP

FAO sounds alarm on some high-seas fish stocks - AFP

U.N. Nuke Inspector Is Unsure About Iran

(Europe) Barroso talks CO2 cuts impact on economy - AP

Russia, pumped (oil boom)

States, utilities building wave for renewable energy

The Rise and Fall of SE Louisiana

Applied Materials getting into Solar-production gear in a big way

China to shut old steel, power plants in 2007

Seminole Electric Seeks 150 MW of Renewable Energy (FL)

Moore's Law has led us astray.

China about to pass U.S. as world's top generator of greenhouse gases

Monbiot: Just a lot of hot air (UK gov's CO2 reduction efforts)

Laurence-Berkeley Lab Director pushing new solutions for Climate change, energy

Chinese inertia stalls green revolution - Guardian

Gasification may be key to U.S. ethanol - AP

Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA

Never an American Administration would sacrifice the own people for i.e. oil, money, power ...

Why "criminal negligence" is enough.

Why the Iraq War indicates that 9/11 was an inside job

UQ Wire: Illegalities Suggests Bush Role In 9/11

March 13 - Harrisburg PA - PA Election Reform Forum & Legislative Visits

There are 3 short articles at this link, all voting-related, all positive.

DIEBOLD Execs "Angling For Ways To Dump E-Voting Subsidiary"

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Clint Curtis Documents Evidence of Widespread 2006 Florida Election Fraud

Last grocery strike's effects still felt (4 & 1/2 month strike_contract expires midnight tomorrow)

Administration's "plan B" revealed...

Layoffs hit megachurch after sex scandal (AP)

SPIEGEL International: Merkel Wants Radical Plan on CO2 Cuts at EU Summit

SPIEGEL: Germany's hot 10000-year autumn

Car bomb kills 28 at Baghdad market (AP, via Yahoo)

More civilians die in Afghanistan

Iraqi PM Appoints New Inspector Gen At Oil Ministry -Source

Bush, Cheney turn focus to terrorism

WP: Backup Strategy Missing For Iraq

Court rules against Colorado Republicans (congressional redistricting plan)

White House declines comment on stock market drop

Soldiers at Walter Reed Building 18 moved

Gunmen kill 2 Shiite pilgrims, wound 5

Diebold my dump e-voting headaches

U.S. missile plan triggers NATO tensions

Iraq ousts 10,000 in security ministry(since June)

Karzai slams Afghan deaths after raid on U.S. force

Karzai slams Afghan deaths after raid on U.S. force

(Supreme) Court Denies Redistricting Challenge (plan favorable to Democrats in Co)

CEO Balsillie resigns as chairman of [Blackberry maker] RIM

AP: Senator says he called prosecutor...(fired US Attorney)

Guantanamo inmates appeal detention to US top court

Caucus embroiled in leadership dispute

Lawmaker Looks Beyond Walter Reed Fix (AP)

Detainees seek legal rights guarantee

Poll shows growing doubts that U.S. victory is possible in Iraq war (USA TODAY/Gallup Poll)

WP: From Serving in Iraq To Living on the Streets

Coalition airstrike kills Afghan family (3rd incident in 2 days)

AP: Lawmakers to hold Walter Reed hearings...(fasten your seat belts)

Bush OKs Aid Programs for Latin America

Car bomb hits Baghdad booksellers district (23 killed and over 40 wounded)

Guatemala to ask Bush for drug fight aid

E&P: Coulter: Edwards' Campaign Manager 'Fronting for Arab Terrorists'

Kings Star Ron Artest Suspected Of Domestic Abuse

Nine Afghan civilians killed in NATO (air)strike: deputy governor

U.S. Military Defends Erasing Images from Afghanistan

NYT/AP: Libby Judge Wants Jury to Clarify Note (about reasonable doubt)

Nikkei books biggest loss in 9 months [Stockmarket about to crash]

Cheney: 'No excuses' regarding Walter Reed

Locals get assurances as Stromboli continues to spit lava

(Sen) Webb to Introduce Legislation Barring Funding For Military Action Against Iran

E&P: Coulter's Syndicate Won't React to 'Faggot' Slur


U.S. gasoline rise 31 cents in month (Reasons Unclear)

Israelis to supply vehicles for Iraq (U.S. Marines)

BBC: US 'erased Afghan attack footage'

Katrina victims evacuate FEMA park - This is Outrageous!

Reuters: Saudi defends Gulf Arab atom plans, criticizes Iran

Scandal colors Bush visit to U.S. ally Colombia

(AP) IAEA: Iran May Have Halted Nuke Program

Hagel (R-Ne) finds contrasting conditions at Walter Reed

Group alleges FBI abused wiretaps to spy on government officials

AP: White House Likely to Update War Request

White House promises 'exhaustive look' at Walter Reed

On campaign swing, Giuliani questioned on relationship with son

New Massacre of Youngsters in Brazil. Police Are Main Suspect

Former Saddam official: (Tariq Aziz) 'No genocide' against Kurds (blames Iran)

Grassroots effort under way to force impeachment of Bush and Cheney

E&P/AP: Russian Reporter Dies in Fall From Window, Some Suspect Foul Play

Scientists Discover 'Natural Barrier' to HIV

ABC: CIA Rushing Resources to Bin Laden Hunt

AP: Japan Weighs Extending Iraq Mission

Privacy Board OKs Eavesdropping Programs

Buzzflash: Bush's Director for U.S. Attorneys Mysteriously Resigns

Walter Reed scandal may be 'tip of iceberg,' Waxman says

MSNBC Breaking: Doctors diagnose blood clot in Vice President Cheney's left lower leg

AP: Edwards: Jesus would be 'appalled'

Iran intelligence official said missing, may have defected

Watching "Hot Shots!" and laughing my ass off...

In case anyone forgets

Sometimes it's best not to ask...

Frozen Mango Chunks and an Out Of Control Appetite.

This thread is for LostInAnomie! Paging!

Confess!! Which one of you did this?!?

Is the lounge Getting ...

How do you get waxy yellow buildup off your linoleum floor?

Shouldn't they be Thirty-Something Mutant Ninja Turtles by now?

Why Can't I Own a Canadian? (2002 letter to Dr. Laura by somebody named Jim)

Good Night Loungers...

I saw this on a car today

I just had a "WTF?" moment...

my disclaimer for all posts today-had a crappy day at work-too much to drink

e-book software -- recommendations?

My Dad in Korea

Man Embezzled $150,000 To Buy Watermelon Sculpture

Report: Britney Tries To Hang Herself In Rehab After Screaming, "I am the anti-christ!"

Watch this German Paper, scroll down to Anna N, Smith death picture

Body Parts Accidentally Shipped To Home

Drunk Driver Collides With Drunk Driver - Both Hospitalized

Okay Okay..I have decided to share my visage to all of you..PHOTO THREAD!!!!

Lounge HUGS and advice needed.

How do you REALLY clean a pyrex baking dish?

Congratulations goforit!! 10,000 posts

I got a broken headed baby.


Chicken Police

The world is coming down ***PIC HEAVY*

What the netherworld does THIS mean? (Looks Turkish but isn't)

I've been gone for a week and none of you missed me!

I Think I've Gotten Naughtier This Week...

Your vote for best Best Western ever.

Dear DU Admin: Please Please Please do me a major favor

How funky is your chicken?

Catblogging justified

Off to the orthopedic surgeon! Guess what he'll say...

Can anyone tell me why suddenly Mozilla won't work for me?

Indecent Proposal - Would you?

Is it St. Patrick's Day somewhere yet?

Have you seen the movie "Zodiac"? what did you think of it?

My left shoulder hurts

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/5/2007)

I am thinking about driving to Georgia to buy a lottery ticket.

Vista Transformation Pack 6 Final - beware when downloading

I simply cannot deal with these pheromones anymore

TeenMidlo's Show Choir placed first again this weekend.

So my ear hurt and the Advil was MIA.. Advil has helped for the last few days..

How long do you spend in the shower?

You know, whenever I hear a sound in my apartment that could be bad...

Kick-Ass Apple Crisp...

And now a recruitment ad for the Japanese Navy FOR PEACE, FOR LOVE!

I simply cannot deal with these homophones anymore

Watched "Jarhead" this weekend - what did you think?

Anyone here lindy hop?

Proud mama, I've got to brag

favorite canine companion!

Help! realtime help w linux password

Which would you choose, if you HAD to choose?

Is the Google a modern day Oracle?

What's that bad music being played in the 'Black Donnelly's' commercial?

Does anyone know what ever happened to StopTheMorans?

"Made from scratch" - origin of cooking term?

It absolutely kills me that Doug Mientkiewicz is playing for the Yankees

Anyone here know brain chemistry/pharmacology?

letters to corporations #98754

Did anyone see that show about Grace the baby otter?

So my niece sends me this anti-ACLU email today

LittleWing, you rock.

Basketball playlist

Good news on my diverticulitis!

_______________ start all the wars

Sometimes things fall together.

The picture of Ann Coulter on the homepage creeps me the hell out.

Three Musketeers or Three Stooges?

Ann Coulter - Not a natural blonde?

when i was but a wee little deity all i wanted was a skateboard...

Texas lottery is 341 million, should I buy a ticket? nt

For those who know about my recent legal issues-

Wow, I have been out of retirement for two weeks today...

That does it, tomorrow I'm buying a spindle of dvd rw

How do you get hard water deposits off your dishes?

Is Yahoo! a modern day SQLServer?

Who wants to join TSRSLW?

$3400 to shake Michael Jackson's hand????

are there any current/former 'kandi kids' here?

Fun with paranoia

Percent Penetration

Charging Moose Brings Down Hovering Helicopter...

I am going to win the MegaMillions - $355 Million tomorrow!

OOOh, I got another"New" Scam Winning email

I've spent too many hours playing with my Wii....

Happy birthday DinahMoeHum!!

I have a Teach For America phone interview in 15 minutes--wish me luck!

Wife for sale

IMPORTANT: need help!

What do you guys think of the name Lewis?

Another update on my grandson.

ce n'est pas une enfilade

841 Pound Woman Dies Of Heart Attack

HTML/CSS geniuses: Having problems with CSS and three-column layout on my blog

What does a mod warning look like?

So I'm listening to, and Jackson Browne "Nothing But Time" comes up.

DU Fantasy baseball time?

Damn, that is another of GoPsUx's threads I cannot post in...

I wanted to do a youtube dedication, but youtube does not have the song I want

Is the fact that our friend is getting morphine necessarily a bad, bad sign?

I'm getting a sense that Orrex does not like Family Guy.

Midlodemocrat just denied my claim. Ask me anything.

Update on me...

So, I've been asked to talk to a friend about his possible mental situation

A funny thing happened on the bus today.

We are applying the DST fixes to our main servers this morning.

Family Guy: worst cartoon show in the history of television?

So umm which one of you emailed Rockit to congratulate her?

Is coffee the key to eternal happiness?

this is not a thread.

Teens Accused Of Making Farmer's Ostrich Impotent

I had an ... interesting dream about a DUer last night.

Vocabulary used in dealing with my cat...

Do dogs sleepwalk?

HA! One of the "undesirables" won a NASCAR race! RUSH, SAVAGE -- EAT SHIT AND DIE!

this is a thread

Baseball fans: What do you look at during spring training?

16 out of 22 kids in a class are in suspension

another adopted son. sigh.

Give a Lounger an unexpected compliment!

I love the Shins' new album.

The worst thing about Family Guy?

What, no announcement from New Yawker? TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY

I survived the Ebola Black Plague and all I got was this lousy thread


Evangelicals boycott Geico (Caveman Commercials).

Best sitcom of the 1980's?

How well do you know the USA?

Fifty Nifty United States

Strep Throat: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Nick & Nora Charles...

This is not a pipe.

Quitting smoking. Need help....

Cat piano prodigy

I need help - I'm a coward

Since everyone hates Nickleback:

It's a Bob Dylan kind of a day

Am I the only one that thinks glasses make women look HOTTER!?

Please remove.

My faith evolution may cost me more than I thought

What is going on in "state of the art" theology?

Religious, spiritual, and agnostic people... do you pray?

"Belief cannot argue with unbelief, it can only preach to it."

Here is a contemporary theologian's definition of theology

Name a theologist who is worth reading, regardless of faith or lack thereof.

If you could be another person who posts in R/T,

New Jerseys Episcopal bishop "will not banish prayers for gay and lesbian couples."

On the cheapshot by the Duke player yesterday

(Red Sox Pitcher) Lester plays in first post-cancer game

Carolina whips Duke- Duke smashes Carolina

Roger Federer is a superior athelete to Woods

Fantasy Baseball anyone?

iPod iChing

The Stars This Week: "A New Week, a New Beginning" - Mar. 5 - Mar. 11, 2007

How about this for my floral business website & brochure?

Fun manifestation

Need a hand!! Secret thread in "Greatest"

Tom Tomorrow

LTTE in defense of Kerry about the Herald article concerning his questioning of

article by JK at a familiar site

A Kerry mention in article relating to administrtation "plan B".

OT: This is how the Swift Liars continue to get exposure

Set a Deadline stickers?

Kerry's Senate Testimony And Today's Reports on the VA

From the Kerry blog. Mark your agenda for upcoming events for the book promotion

KERRY DELIVERS - ‘I can die happy’: WWI medals arrive

OT: Diary -- Webb amendment would bar funding for war with Iran

Tom Paine - When is the idea primary?

Hearings this week in the Senate

Anyone else in bargaining right now?

Guernica Iraq...***graphic warning***...

Umoja Village

Romney and Coulter Backstage At CPAC

Americans are stressed out!

Walter Reed Hearings; Patients Treated Horribly

Laurie Anderson - 'National Debt'...

Coulter Calls Edwards "Faggot" Republicans Applaud

Stand with Me Now to Stop the War! - House Resolution 1234

Sibel Edmond's acceptance speech for PEN award from KTM!

George Will - "Ann Coulter - Less Said About Him(?), The Better"

Pro-Obama video mixes Senator Clinton with the 1984 Apple Mac ad

The Reagans on drugs (A classic from 1988)

Hillary Adopts Southern Accent

Of Young Boys and Dresses - Of Love and Acceptance.

Bush Admin Commissions U.S.'s First H-Bomb In 20 Years

On "Reasonable Doubt"

Teens Accused Of Making Ostrich Impotent

3,171 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice, n/t

OK-I've been tending to the ill all weekend-what's on the radar for monday?

Most viewed:

Talking about gays only helps the terrorists

National Guard Moving To Smaller Units-necessary to keep the Guard relevant and effective

Is there an Ethical Question about Dr. Sanjay Gupta Announcing he's Vaccinating his Daughters /HPV

NAACP president resigns after 19 months

Japan Has Warmest Winter Ever, No Snow in Tokyo

Journalists: U.S. military deleted photos of attack

What has happened to what Sy Hersh said about bush

THE REDIRECTION by SEYMOUR M. HERSH-Issue of 2007-03-05 New Yorker

George and Laura go to Sunday dinner. At Karl's.

Our troops are using Silly String to test for trip wires??

Hillary-Obama............where does it go from there since today

U.S. troops fired on civilians: Afghan witnesses

Bill Clinton and Obama .........Just does it tell you some???!!!

Local Booksellers Cheer Barnes & Noble’s Demise - “They ran the place like a business,”

Watch this German Paper, scroll down to Anna N, Smith death picture

Is YOUR Democratic Rep. on this list?

Ted Koppel is doing a fairly good job on Moderating the disscussion on the tomb.

Excellent Article From Herald Sun (Australia): "Why Iran Is A War Too Far"

Man sues Secret Service over treatment at Boston DNC (Guilty of "Marching While Brown.")

Obama in LA... for me the 1 candidate that know it starts with you

who will be online tomorow during the hours oF 8-2?

Just heard on CNN, 4:50 CT, ..."..a relative outside the family.."

Attacking Iran could speed up N-programme

American Meteorological Society launches Climate Blog

China oil officials due in Baghdad for Ahdab talks

SPIEGEL: Germany's hot 10000-year autumn

"you're supposed to be in iraq stopping 9/11"

RW'ers get suckered by Marxist "film-maker."

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes At A Conservative Conference (includes Ann Coulter)

White Supremacist Gang Gains Clout

This is cute

Vets on the Street

Where have you been for the past 4 years Senator Lieberman?

Public Health Agency Linked to Chemical Industry

It was a good day {PIC HEAVY}

NATO airstrike hits Afghan house, killing 9 civilians

Slowpoke TOON: Framing Liberals as "Hollywood Elitists"

here's CSPAN's schedule today

say what you want about Imus-I've seen nothing but outrage and Bush/Cheney derision

Pretend it's August.

Not one Bush extended family is in Iraq

who is watching Washington Journal Re:VA?

Stacy Bannerman: 60,000 Marriages Broken by Iraq, Including Mine (The Progressive, via AlterNet)

Soldiers at Walter Reed Building 18 moved

NY Times: Without Health Benefits, a Good Life Turns Fragile

K Street's Favorite Democrat

An idea that Democrats won't touch, take 150 billion from defense and put it towards

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Why aren't Rumsfeld and Nicholson being hauled back in over this veterans

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Attacking Iran could speed up nuclear programme

U.N. Nuke Inspector Unsure On Iran

It's all about the senate really


White House declines comment on stock market drop

Community Defense Act (Local group targets strip clubs)

The Progressive; "60,000 Marriages Broken By Iraq, Including Mine"

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Clint Curtis Documents Evidence of Widespread 2006 Florida Election Fraud

Time to short the market?

Democrats fume over Walter Reed scandal

Valerie Plame to Discuss Plamegate with Keith Olbermann

Revisiting Donna Hanover's statement (end of marriage)

House hearing on Walter Reed neglect starting on CSpan1 Now

*THIS* is why we need habeas corpus for EVERYONE, not just US Citizens.

I get it now. Bush is not imitating Hitler; he is a modern day Christopher Columbus

How would RW'ers feel about an "Ex-Conservative" Movement?

Is that a wounded soldier down there?

More info on Peanut Butter & Your FDA at work:

Thank you George Lakoff! Beyond reframing...

Aide: "Terrorist Act Will Make Giuliani President "

"Plan B was to make Plan A work." No U.S. Backup Strategy For Iraq

here's what i learned at democratic underground today --

Another Putin critic has some extremely bad luck...

Hurricane Walter Reed

Global Warming is Human Rights Issue - Nobel Nominee

I didn't realize GM owned Ditech. Interesting column by Kunstler today

So I TiVo'ed Fox News's "Red Eye" Sunday morning.

Judge on the bench in Libby trial--Lawyers arguing about

"We give them nothing"...Walter Reed Hearing on CSPAN

The current debacle at Walter Reed only reinforces the fact that....

New "documentary" claims global warming is a lie

On the Bush* Administration's 'Incompetence'

Coulter is suddenly an "entertainer."

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Homeowners stuck as lenders cinch standards

Walter Reed = Katrina Foley?

What does Ann Coulter's statement really mean?

WH press briefing - question about Walter Reed

Is The Army A "Political Organization"?

Mitchell Berger (friend of Gore) on why Gore won't run: "He thinks the planet is dying."

Clintons, Obama unite in gratitude for civil rights movement, march arm in arm over Selma bridge

"60,000 Marriages Broken by Iraq, Including Mine" - gutwrenching personal account

"An Inconvenient Truth" success story

The Left Need Its Own Anne Coulter

Proof the FDA is a Revolving Door for Big Pharma: Approves HIGH RISK DRUG

Politics, Marketing, a Business Blog, and Bill Richardson

Amazing Barack video. Are you convinced yet =)

Kucinich touts 'Medicare for all' plan

ACTION ALERT! LOGCAP IV Contract Awards May Include Halliburton-Linked Walter Reed Contractor, IAP

There's no evidence that our troops are keeping anyone safe in Iraq; Not the Iraqis, nor ourselves

Faux News: TV Host Bill Maher Suggests Dick Cheney's Death Would Save Lives

US asks us to pick up litter while city is in ruins, says mayor of Baghdad

Iraqi Children tell of their hopes and fears

Fox just equated Bill Maher's comment with Coulter's.

CNN wants to know: POLL: do you believe the federal government does a good job of caring for wounded

US military is having trouble recruiting local Arabs to help w/training by manning 'Iraqi villages'

Official thread # 4---- Walter Reed neglect hearings on Cspan 1:

AP: Libby Judge Wants Jury to Clarify Note (reasonable doubt)

Death Threats for Councilman Who Won’t Stand for the Pledge

Official thread # 3---- Walter Reed neglect hearings on Cspan 1:

Soon after the spraying the bullets on crowd the US forces erased the photos and video footage...

Kiley, Weightman coming up on CSPAN1, RE: Walter Reed.

Check out Edwards video on universal health care

Ann Coulter's bigotry exposed once again

Diebold - angling for ways to dump its e-voting subsidiary

Week of Arrests, Protests Challenges UC/BP Accord (Obama, Schwarzenegger, Bates)

Holding Susie Hazahza for Profit

CREW Files Complaint Against Domenici

IAP Silent on Walter Reed: Halliburton-Linked Contractor's "Newsroom" Offers No Plan

Iraq. Katrina. Walter Reed.

Salon: Rice's promotion of neocon seen as Iran war signal

FReepers FURIOUS that Eschoir has popped up in Wikipedia Free-for-all

Rocking the subprime house of cards

Official thread # 5---- Walter Reed neglect hearings on Cspan 1:

Oxy-Rush....If Elected, Will Obama "Own" Sharpton?

Rummy's wife knew all about Walter Reed - even asked questions

talk about a canary in the mine!

TomPaine: Habeas Corpus Can't Wait

FLASHBACK: In 2005, Kiley Covered Up Abuse At Military Detention Centers

Question for mods: Is a single sentence a paragraph?

Meanwhile on the other CSPAN, "Osama bin Forgotten"

El Pueblo y Chavez Contra los Presidentes Cipayos y el Emperador

Walter Reed, Iraq, etc.

From Serving in Iraq To Living on the Streets

I need your help, DU! - When is the Idea Primary?

The privitizing of Private Ryan


Get Nude For Your Country-Invasion of the naked body scanners

Symbolic Protests

If you care about American soldiers you will read "The Redirection"

Ironic comment just now on CNN: "Today's bombing in Baghdad was the worst in

Jim Webb Cspan 2 now...

Caption GWBush and his two photo-op women!

Tom Tomorrow: The Penguin hates the Troops!

Paul Krugman: Valor and Squalor

Have any republics denounced Coulter's comments?

CNN turning into the New York Post...check out the lates headlines...

I'm a Gawd-fearin' 'publican and I support mah troops!

This week in the House, back to naming post offices and courthouses

Who is this General Toady guy on Cspan radio...

3174 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Church Group To Protest Firing Of 'Sex Change' Official

Sunday in the Supermarket

Already stealing the vote - Students stuff ballots for Romney at CPAC

Who is Ann Coulter, and where did she come from?

CNN: Cheney has a blood clot in his leg

DU this MSNBC Rudy poll

Ronald Reagan's alive and well and pissing off the Germans

Eagle Forum goes totally insane

CSPAN Walter Reed Hearing on Now

Why the media passes off bunk as news

Say it LOUD and say it PROUD: the best liberal quotes ever, Part I

Ann Coulter - Not a natural blonde?

Army Times: The road back from ‘chaos’

Wasn't Walter Reed Supposed to Close Down?

Can we please erase coulter from the top banner?

Stock Market Bloodbath and Greenspan’s Retreat

Another workplace shooting..(fired 60 year old man)

President Bush Ends the U.S. Deficit with new plan !

Bush has brought dishonor and shame to Washinmgton...

Gary Tyler became a Political Prisoner over 30 years ago. You CAN help him.

A fly on the wall

Wingnut asks me: Why did we invade Iraq?

Bob Cesca: I Like To Use The F-Word A Lot (HuffPost)

AOL - Giuliani Estranged From His Children

Official thread # 2 Walter Reed neglect hearings on Cspan 1:

Why isn't Coulter in prison? How did she get out of the voter

Former GOP Oversight Chair Among Recipients of Walter Reed Contractor Campaign $$$

Beth Quinn: It's Time to Create a Little Shock and Awe in the Streets

Ode to the Coultergiest

Coultergeist on Paula Zahn tonight

Cheney: "They hate us, they hate our country, they hate the liberties..."

From Froomkin....(Bush and his "grief").

Owners of L.A.'s KTLK trying to "Moderate" format? Randi replaced at drivetime, etc.

Budget panel says deficit by '12 likely with Bush's plan

Why isn't Coulter in prison? How did she get out of the voter

Arian Christianity: Why Romney will be considered a heretic by Mainstream Christianity.

So there is no "covering up" the Walter Reed debacle--so, Repukes are going

Group may not co-sponsor CPAC 2008 if Coulter's back

What would happen to the US economy if smoking were made illegal?

Jesselyn Radack:The Backpedaling Begins

Warm Winters Upset Rhythms of Maple Sugar

Bummed because you can't go to DC for the 'March March'?

The BFEE operates in an insidious way. Very nature has created a new form

CA employee wounds 3 co-workers, kills self

New Orleans Survivor Council Visits Venezuela

Civil Rights Commission to Examine Covert Wiretapping in the War on Terror

Media Rewards Coulter’s ‘Faggot’ Comment With Greater Publicity

Tweety starts off with the shameful Walter Reed

George Bush Supports the troops with rats @ Walter Reed

Hannity's latest lie

I never heard this one before: "The nation's number two"

Does it seem strange that Chaney's blood clot story comes out today?

The Libby jury--hung like John Holmes

Wal-Mart investigated for recording phone calls.

Bush Administration proposes surveillance of the Internet

Purged Prosecutors: "We Served Well"

Homeless Iraq Vet Numbers Expected to Grow/ WaPo

tucker said coulter called him gay a few years ago

Max Blumenthal @ The Nation nails Coulter & Malkin @ CPAC

Wouldn't Cheney ALREADY be on blood thiners? How much

Giuliani sells bank in presidential campaign move

Behind the walls of Ward 54

A Night with Ann Coulter. Hilarious Video

DU this FOX and Friends contest!

Fort Eustis drill sergeant faces charges of molesting trainees

Dean and Martinez to meet about primaries?

Coulter today: "Edwards' Campaign Mgr Fronting for Terrorists"

Fascinating weather front up here in Maine.

Remember how Gary Hart was forced to drop out of the 1988 presidential race

Find that old news story: VA head told congress no extra $ needed.

is that Ted Haggard schmoozing with Minnesota Republicans? better link now

hardball - annette mcleod on

Sanchez will seek to issue subpoenas to two former US Attorneys

does anyone have contact info for Annette McLeod?I'd like to thank her and donate.

Survivor DU....

Anyone know anything about Kristin Cox? She ran for Lt. Gov. of MD last year with Erlich.

Pelosi on Walter Reed Hearings

Enron Law Firm Alum/Bush Appointee: Bush Admin. Eavesdropping A-OK

Anna Nichol Smith coverage template for future news...get used to it

Military MD Shortage at Home

dobbs lead with the walter reed story

Two men choose Navy as sentence

The frank truth about Dick Cheney -can only be harmed by a direct nuclear blast or by magical attack

Lindsey Graham on Press the Meat: How much time did we have to win World War II?

Symbolic moment-Number of crosses on grassy hillside now equals number of fallen soldiers

Rudy's campaign photo with Chimpy

Damn-MSNBC's doc block tonight is gonna be a killer-2 Iraq war vet docs

Waxman Whistleblower Protection Act Could Help Reveal More about Walter Reed

Openness Promotes Effectiveness in our National (OPEN) Government Act of 2007 - Hearing Tomorrow

Charges field against teens ( having 2 and 5 year old smoke weed)

Donna Brazille should watch who she takes a picture with!

Why was Kiley demoted in 2004 (WR)?

Is there a forum where alerts are posted about programs that shouldn't

Is anyone else having issues with AAR's stream today?

Making soldiers whole again.

Coming up later on Wolf show CNN Sec, Nicholson will be on

Foget his kids! The official Giui-liaR-i thread. Start here

Tweety: Obama keeps proving he can be an authentic African-American

Just finished watching the Big Dog at the Landon Lecture (3/2) on CSpan 3.....

Complete loss of right arm results in a TEN PERCENT disability?

How are these issues normally handled?


Walter Reed is NOT a Veterans Administration Medical Facility. (2 Diff Groups)

The Global Water Crisis In Relation To An Inconvenient Truth

From the Courtroom: Libby

NBC doing great report on WReed Hearings--guest is Dana Priest.

Conservative Blogger Calls On CPAC To Nix Future Coulter Appearances

GM seeds are blowing in the wind

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Home From the Wars--and Homeless (The Nation)

U.S. official: EU, China reluctant to impose sanctions on Iran

Buzzflash: Bush's Director for U.S. Attorneys Mysteriously Resigns

For all you Imus haters....Quote of the Day

My Brother Won an MLK Scholarship Essay Contest

Chavez: Negroponte a Professional Killer

Rachel Maddow to be on KO tonight.

New site allows you to donate/find free items near you

Hello?? Any Jehovah Witnesses (or Ex-JW) here??

OK I'm walking now......

Ann Coulter's offensive comment about blacks not being mentioned by anyone.

Sirota: On the Big Issues, the NY Times Flips the Bird to Normal Americans

"the president is NOT losing his microphone"- TonySnowjob

Top 200 Federal Contractors: Carlyle, IAP, Halliburton, Etc. Rake in $388B

The Nation: Potty Mouth Malkin

Justice official resigns; Top House Democrat says 'wheels coming off' Bush defense of US attorney fi

Not all bankers are bad guys, some of them are bad girls.

Academy Of Country Music Awards Completely IGNORES Dixie Chicks!

Marigolds make way for marijuana in suburbia

Startling new evidence of an overlooked Human Species living among us. Homo Pubs of the GOP may

When do the media start digging and reporting about Guiliani's 9/11 profiteering?

Is Russia reverting back to a totalitarian state?

Cheney's blood clots - is there such a thing as a "mild" deep-vein thrombosis?

From Serving in Iraq to living on the Streets

Chavez : Fears Negroponte Assassination /CIA plots against him

How Do You Feel About Human Cloning?

FBI abused wiretaps to spy on government officials

Buzzflash: White House caught in lie after having Denver residents kicked out of Town Hall Meeting

Whack-A-Mole, redux

Once again, Jim Webb demonstrates what a real hero is.

Why Right Wingers are so adamant about "You shouldn't touch them"

Sr. Justice Official RESIGNS After Role In Prosecutor Purge

Military Faces Growing Ranks of Bereaved

What Does the Phrase "Support Our Troops" Mean To You?

As a Healthcare "Provider" at the doctoral level:

Bush’s Disasterous Economy: Adjusted for inflation, market has now officially gone BACKWARDS!

Top ten most discussed videos on Youtube this week.

Michael Battle Director of the Executive Office for US Attorneys...resigning

Sen. Clinton National Political Awareness Test. results

Former Pentagon Official: "Impeach early and often. That's my advice."

What the hell was Hillary doing in Kentucky? This accent is frightening!

How many more things has Bush screwed up or neglected that we don't' know about?

L.A. doesn't care why we're in Iraq, says stakeholder in L.A .Times; give 'em a cheaper paper

Waxman/Tierney Letter to Fired Walter Reed General (Halliburton/KBR Investigation)

A Must See Documentary! "Orwell Rolls In His Grave"

Asia/Pacific markets

CNN-TV Headline: "Ann Coulter's Ugly Crack"

In fifty years where do you think historians will rank the Bush?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

"Walter Reed" - 5806 Hits on Google News; Add Waxman - 154 Hits

I guess we all should have seen Walter Reed coming.

The Associated Press (AP) and its anti-Chavez articles

BREAKING: CREW files Ethics Complaint against Senator Domenici (R-NM) For Role In Attorney Purge

300(the movie) Hidden Message?

Ann Coulter's website

"We feel like sitting ducks here . . . They are watching us all the time.

Arkansas governor 'frustrated' with tornado response.

Could you help Southeast Arkansas town hit hard by tornadoes?

When will we finally recognize the GOP as a criminal enterprise?

Poor Howard Carr. WhAaAAaAAAaaa!

Hey folks! DLC just lost its tax exempt status!

The best response to Ann Coulter

The Democrats Want the Peace Movement to Work for Them

Giuliani seeks privacy on family issues

We been screwed!

MA Dad burns kids alive in car after pick up @ daycare

Party registration graph from 2000 - the country was not divided right in the middle

Breaking! Darrell Issa to testify along with Carol Lam tomorrow!??

12 step programs - do they work?

I have some bad news about the Ann Coulter advertising boycott.....

Wow just stumbled on this research tool

Where is Philosoraptor these days????

LBJ to George Wallace: "Do you want to be remembered as a builder or a hater"

Another note left on my windshield yesterday

Global Warming is a universal issue. It will cause famine, disease, war, death and suffering....

racist scumbag-"Newt Blames The Victims of Katrina"

I found this BIZARRO flyer on my door today.....

Is Edwards too charming?

VIDEO COMPILATION: Fox News Devoted 12 Times More Coverage To Anna Nicole Than Walter Reed

Monday , Monday- Time for a TOON update!

Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Govt Officials, Support Sibel Edmonds Claims!!

Tampontification: Easy way to help

One more post for Ruby the elephant

In Selma: Obama’s First Visit

Japan PM: No More WWII Brothel Apologies (AP)

Andrew Bacevich : "Rescinding the Bush Doctrine" - - How Congress can DELEGITIMIZE Pre-emptive War

Confrontational investigations, subpoenas, and hearings are the priority (Glenn Greenwald)

Broken by This War

Need Help Clearing Up pre-war Iraq living conditions

Transcripts: Senators Clinton and Obama, speeches in Selma

Why does the CPAC Seem like a Nazi Convention?

NY Times: Focus on Veterans’ Chief (Nicholson) as Inquiries on Care Begin

On The Download: DNC Launches Vote Builder

The Outing of John Edwards; A Blog

From Serving in Iraq To Living on the Streets-Homeless Vet Numbers Expected to Grow

Robert Fisk on Democracy Now! today:

Thinking of generations, change, and use of words: Obama supporters and admirers...

Bring out your candidate resumes

Dateline today, though it sounds old: Bush, Cheney turn focus to terrorism

it is getting ugly in afganistan--"More civilians die in Afghanistan"

BUSH: AWOL again in Supporting the Vets

Frank Rich: Bring Back the Politics of Personal Destruction

If all they fix is Bldg 18 ....... or Walter Reed ....... then they have failed miserably.

NY Daily News frontpage: BARACK WINS BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE: Hillary very good; both praise the other

This Modern World: Hey everyone! The penguin thinks the troops are idiots!

Sunday afternoon with Gov. Bill Richardson

National Journal: Paul Starobin is a good little slave

Statement from Russ Feingold on Decision of Obama, McCain to Support the Presidential Funding System

Why would impeachment take too long?

Textle plant to close after six decades, EAST DUBLIN, Ga.

FLASHBACK: In 2005, Kiley Covered Up Abuse At Military Detention Centers

Justice Dept.: Senator Complained About Fired Attorney (AP)

Bill Richardson in Iowa; Money isn't everything (but he can raise it), and the race is not over

(Hillary) Clinton opens door to gay activists - AP

Protest song of the year.

MoveOn petition: Say NO to Dems and Faux (prez primary debate):

Obama Tangles With Online Pervert

"Ah, youth, that fickle force in politics."

Andrew Giuliani: 'I got my values from my mother'

An Open Letter about Impeachment to Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA)

Republicans are chickenhawks, but Democrats are chickenshits

Respectfully request some research assistance

I am ashamed of the Democratic Party..............

A nice chuckle from Andy Rooney last night

Ending things on a Republican note *single tear* *sniff* (TOON)

More and More I'm thinking that Obama is the guy I want as my next President

Hollywood controls our minds! (Slowpoke 'TOON)

College student's Op-Ed: "Please come back, Al!"

Fallout from Coulter's 'F' -bomb

Can Prince Charming be too charming?

Veep, Race and Gender

Detainees Ask Supreme Court To Guarantee Legal Rights. Why Do They Have To Ask?

limbaugh instructing the lemmings on new talking points.

Obama Steps Up For Wounded Troops

“I’ve done what other candidates have only talked about doing.”

I just got an anti Democratic party porno picture in e mail

Der Mittenfuhrer's Glorious Performance at the CPACberg Rally

RNC Members Love Der Slick Dancing Mittenfuhrer

Video: Bush Impeachment Victory in NM Public Affairs Committee

Tell my why we should not impeach!

Revenge: Peter Lawford about Nancy (Davis) Reagan and her sexual past!

Edwards: Berkeley janitors' wage push part of civil rights fight

John Edwards' Perfect Moment at UC Berkeley

Edwards sends 70,000 DVDs to Iowa voters

Sheehan rallies support

Hull/Priest: 'It Is Just Not Walter Reed' - Soldiers Share Troubling Stories...

Big Dawg tells R. Emmett Tyrell to pound sand...

Vice President Cheney treated for blood clot in his leg after experiencing discomfort in calf.

Kiley Blames ‘Junior Level’ Leadership For Walter Reed Scandal

"I haven't done anything wrong, why should I worry?" a counterpoint

Vermont: Land of Hope by Cindy Sheehan

Perhaps Bush is taking lessons from Kucinich...(sudden willingness to act diplomatically)

LAT: Democratic Congresswoman is "hot tomato", "siren" in "come-hither heels"

Something's missing-I've seen no news of the Libby Jury...

Edwards introduces his universal health care plan with videos sent to 70,000 Iowa homes (link)

Edwards to talk on UCLA campus

Elizabeth Kucinich: Peace - Compassion - Mindfulness (Quote by Ani DiFranco)

In The Reign Of The One-Nutted King... (Joe Bageant)

An Email From Dr. Bob Fitrakis About How The Fight Continues To Bring Back Air America

Gulliani: it's a private family affair and i don't want to talk about it

The most poignant words uttered at the Walter Reed hearings today came from Eleanor Holmes Norton

Giuliani's Kids Hate Him, Too!

Where Is Weirdo? Help Me Keep Track of The Big Dick!

If you think the middle class is are a "neo-populist" Third Way policy.

Bush, Cheney turn focus to terrorism

Edwards calls Coulter Slur hateful, selfish, childish behavior

Wife Of Iraq Veteran: ‘My Life Was Ripped Apart’ (from hearing this a.m.)

I'M ALMOST AFRAID TO POST THIS. (Please don't make me cry)

(DNC Release:) Dean: Bush Administration Played Politics With Troops' Care

The Bill Richardson Watch, 3/5/2007

Coulter: Edwards' campaign manager (and lifelong union advocate) 'fronting for Arab terrorists'

Kentucky Fried Hillary

Dick Cheney has a pain in leg and goes to the doctor. must be nice to have free healthcare

Kwaitkowski: Impeach Early and Often!

"Single Payer" universal health care is no pipe dream!

J.C. Watts going Democratic?...likes Richardson...

Amy Goodman interviews General Clark for one Hour

Why is man whose mother is white and father black: called black?

Once again it's time for "What if we impeach and less than 67 senators vote yes"

Dowd is A Cleaned Up Version of Coulter

Can Congress End the War?

Mitt Romney, the Mormon. Did you know that

Hillary's southern talking

Edwards' statement on new pro-union fairness legislation passed by the House of Representatives

Washington State has 2 Words for Sen. Patty Murray (D) - "Recall Murray"

"THE LIES THAT LED TO WAR" -- CBC's "Fifth Estate" -- Wed 9pm & midnight ET

Rant from a DUer who posts a lot: Please think twice about "shooting the messenger."

On Congressional Courage and Cowardice

Bush bumper stickers.