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Archives: March 4, 2007

Frank Rich: Bring Back The Politics of Personal Destruction

NYT: Bring Back the Politics of Personal Destruction (Rich again on target)

Bullshit Artist: The 9/11 Leadership Myth

Blow for beer as biofuels clean out barley (less barley planted, more corn)

Environmental feel good story...Ho Chi Minh Trail area safe for wildlife

Farmer power the key to green advance

(Atlantic Free Press) The Time Has Come

How about some levity?

Dungeon Modeling Techniques - The Titanic Test

Edwards demands an end to all touch screen DRE's!!!

New analysis of Bush budget predicts deficit, not surplus

Canavan (Maine Rep) resigns post to protest drug firm (Merck)

Merck speaker muddies decision

Wall St. braces for more turbulence after worst week in 4 years

More blacks losing car jobs

sorry,this isn't really LBN-am I the only one who can't post on GD right now?

Human body parts delivered to Michigan home

WP: FDA Rules Override Warnings About Drug (Antibiotic Cattle)

NYT: A New Mystery to Prosecutors: Their Lost Jobs (* Admin Suprised)


WP: Numbers Drop for the Married With Children

NYT: G.O.P. Candidates Criticize Slur by Conservative Author

Ashcroft Offered His Services to XM Before Being Hired by NAB, XM Says

Don't forget--total eclipse of the moon going on right now!

The plot of the movie "ET" is the Christ story!


I feel like going to a comedy club to see

MATCOM NEWS ALERT: Body parts sent to wrong address

What is with all the friendliness going on at DU now? I cant seem to open a thread

Am I one of you?

Dude what is up with this kid in the "Jesus Camp" movie and his mullet

Are fish pets

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

I see GD is finally collapsing under its own weight


East and Central Timers, go outside and look skyward.

Is drinking a whole 750ml bottle of chardonnay all by yourself enough to cause alchohol poisining ?

So I said "grace" at the County Dem thing last weekend

Does anyone else have difficulty with the following wording?

I feel love

sorry,this isn't really LBN-am I the only one who can't post on GD right now?

It's probably a good thing I'm not a Q

Ice Cream thread! What flavor has B&J's bombed on?

I Think The Lunar Eclipse...

Steven Weber blogs on HuffPo. You GOTTA read this.

This post will REALLY get me flamed...

How about some Pictures of some Ass'es

Oy vey!

Don't forget -- total eclipse of the heart going on right now!

Bugs, love 'em or hate 'em

I'm Eclipsed....

You might say I'm a wiener, but I'm just a hot dog bun

I kick ass.

Human body parts delivered to Michigan home

A heartbreakingly sad situation. I'd like to know what you think.

has anyone here ever seen "i am curious . . . yellow"

Watching the Simpson's episode with Homer at the World Trade Center is..... disquieting

I just watched "For Your Consideration"

Does it bother you that they use computers to animate South Park these days?

New phrase for your approval:

Is anybody else creeped out by the Goodwill spokesman?

so I made sushi for the first time tonight

Do Vegans eat honey?

If you were to name a drink after Ann coulter - what would you put in it?

I know DU tends to skew older, but....(video games)

This is for my Aunt Martha, Army Nurse, Veteran, Teacher

A Craigslist Best of. Fucking die laughing.

Post a picture of your parents!

I am craving boiled peanuts.

List all the zip codes you've lived in

My daughter was married today!!!! PICS!!!!!

Perhaps a PIC THREAD will cool things down a bit???`

Show of hands - who wants to conquer Mount KitchenWitch!

My copy of "Jesus Camp" just arrived

Does anyone know how to clean jade?

post a nerdy pic of yourself (past or present). here is mine....

My brother's playing poker with James Woods and Camryn Manheim

I'm curious: How far West do you have to go before you hear people refer to

So I might lose my job Monday..

Revelations of youth which are now ridiculously obvious. Do you remember one of yours?


quarter 'til nine on the west coast-- time for Mikey to go to bed....

Dogs of the Iditarod - some portraits

How would you rate your perception of atheism?

A nasty storm brewing in Seattle

Anything fun happening for anyone tonight? (re:full moon & eclipse)

Silly Lunar Eclipse question

Ho Chi Minh Trail area safe for wildlife

Yes, you HAVE to.

John Kerry is More Liberal Than Russ Feingold


Progressive Democrats of America

Support the Troops - Promised Land

Cindy Sheehan calls for a new, independent 9/11 investigation.

BBC gagged over cash for honours inquiry

Passage from India: bank switches its customer calls back to UK

Larisa Alexandrovna: Operation Condor, Russian Style

Topless wife photo ends man's pole protest

The US Chamber of Commerce is behind the Immigration Act!

Bob and Lee Woodruff on Tim Russert Show, CNBC, now. It's

Read this before you use alternative fuels

U.S. Commedy Arts Festival Names Stephen Colbert "Person of the Year"

Anyone ever been to this portal or have any idea what it's about?

I'm going to smear all RePUKE candidates both fairly and unfairly until 08 election

Don't forget--total eclipse of the moon going on right now!

Start reminding press about B* CIA leaker quote as Libby trial ends

This is not about faggots, or people who appeared on tv

Robert Fisk on Bin Laden at 50

huffingtonpost has naked pic of coulter

Peace to everyone

Does Mitt Romney call all five of his grannies "grandma"?

Is anyone in the NE watching theLunar eclipse right now.?

About "The View" idea

Bwa-ha-ha! CPac straw poll (wingnut source)

Time To Dust Off A Letter To Coulter

Oliphant's latest cartoon re:Walter Reed

HuffPost: Texas Radio Station Airs Racist Comments directed at Obama

Deleted - until bugs are resolved

Former ABC News Anchor Bob Woodward on Larry King Live Now!

Why No Single Portal for Military Family Survivors?

How much more shit can this soldier cram onto his person?

Expert on Russian Intelligence Shot Outside Home

CPAC Grover Norquist: Picture's Worth a 1000 Words Check Out my Toon ;=D

Why is Atrios' website full of references to pork chops tonight?

Is the Libby jury well hung?

Cherokee Nation To Vote on Expelling Slaves' Descendants

HufPo's great and very revealing picture of Coulter

More blacks losing car jobs

Tribe Votes on Freed Slaves' Membership

Creative Artists Agency to the Savage Wiener: Fuck off, clown!

Who's the terrorist in Iraq - Abbott and Costello meet bush :)

Coulter Needs To Be Hung Around The Neck Of The Republican Party

Maybe they should have done this with Anna Nicole?

How far will people let this go?

RW Beating the Drums Against Bill Maher's Remarks Cheney Attempt

India woos West with education

If the US is treating its own wounded like crap just imagine how we are treating the Iraqi people

I am watching Bill Maher's program from last night

Bob BRINKER just said on the radio that Hugo CHAVEZ *loves* *money*

About the Coulter/Edwards thing...

Jan 27th Anti-war video

George Jr* playing dress-up...only two 'Village People' outfits

The republicans have broken everything. How do they expect to win in 08?

How can one advocate ignoring Coulter, Malkin, etc.

I'm aware that Coulter threads are lame but I just had to post this...

Bush invites the authour of "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples" for a history lesson

Faux news on Coulter Remarks about Edwards: "Edwards Cashes in on Coulter Slur"

George Soros Buys 1.9 Million Shares of Halliburton

I don't ever want to hear the Republican party referred to as the "Family Values" party again

PricewaterhouseCoopers PAC Supports the McConnell Majority Committee, Following Waxman Inquiry

"Museum IDs New Species of Dinosaur" Oh dear... More evidence that EVOLUTION is real.

This is amusing! How Edwards is dealing with the Coulter smear

Bush joins outcry in hospital scandal

Will the Nazi woman's racist spew flip any voters?

One of those F*ck You moments-Bush "troubled" by Walter Reed news

CPAC Agenda Item: "Did you know the Bible offers a 'Just Cause' for war...?"

Proposed legislation would extend domestic violence protective orders to pets

is DU acting buggy for anyone else?Don't forget Yahoo's DU Panicroom

Disappearing Pollinators

Stan Brand: Libby verdict will be the last chapter in Plame case.

Alright, let's have a revolution. The gig is up folks, their asses need to be thrown out.

I think you guys are giving AC too much credit

Newsweek: Internal evals show the 8 dismissed U.S. attorneys had gotten mostly glowing reviews

Cspan is carrying Live the Selma speech by Obama at 12:30 cst.

Get OVER this "Boomer Angst!" the New "Greatist Generation" is HERE on the Internet!

If you haven't yet already... DO THIS. Conyers. Kucinich. Medea. WELLSTONE. VIDEO ... PLEASE

Mitt "The media is out to get me" Romney, forgets that his biggest backers own Clear Channel

Missing Woman=Suspect husband

If a Nuke exploded in a major U.S. city,

New Coulter-naming poll

A rant from tornado-stricken Arkansas

Racism on the Radio

A Article from February 2006 about Walter Reed and they say they didn't know


Where do you think we would be today,

Kuwaiti court acquits 2 ex-Gitmo inmates

Kucinich; Why not dare to dream outside the box?

NYT: Recalling Civil Rights, Democrats Seek Black Votes - Hillary and Obama in Selma tomorrow

One More ABB Election where I will vote for Dem Candidate...

Maybe it's too late, but has anyone considered a recall election?

Crazy F#@#ing Hippies...! (Dave The Rave)

Mark Warner and a 2008 senate bid

A video of Coulter's slur about Edwards coming up on CNN Live "in a minute"

Did White House Pull Nomination To Avoid Questions Over 2004 Minority Voter Suppression?

See Hillary Run (from Her Husband's Past on Iraq)

Giuliani ahead in polls; McCain and Romney fading fast

(Sen. Gordon) Smith defends Iraq views to GOP

Pro-Romney site equates Howard Dean with Ann Coulter

...the spirit of Mr King would be with Mr Obama on Sunday...

I'm Watching Scott Ritter & Seymour Hersh On FSTV, WOW, That Ritter Fella Is Really Something!

Truthdiggers of the Week: Dana Priest and Anne Hull

Sirota: "We have Enterered the 'Post-Factual Era!"

Johnny Gets His Gun Again: Walter Reed Reveals Right's Bloody Secret

NY Times: The Must-Do List

Didn't the Arkansas Clintons or the Illinois Rodhams have any slave-owning ancesters?

BushCo Slaughters Sacred Cow


Clintons push to create a 20-state super primary on Feb. 5, 2008...Funny

Warning: Please don't feed the wingnuts.

John Edwards' statement on Ann Coulter's comments

NYT EDITORIAL: MUST DO LIST to undo Bush assault on our democracy (their words)

Chavez claims Jesus as inspiration for socialist dictatorship

Chavez exploits oil to lend in Latin America, pushing IMF aside

Cheney, The Bomb Magnet


As States Detain Sex Offenders After Prison, Doubts Rise

Where Were You That Summer of 2001?

Bush Shows New Willingness to Reverse Course --WaPo Analysis(hah)

Joe Bageant: In the reign of the one-nutted king

marriage with children becomes an exception rather than the norm,

Robert Scheer: Levin's Pursuit of Douglas Feith

The Nation: When's the Idea Primary?

Thomas Berry - "We are in between stories".

An Inconvenient Lie

Open The Labor Umbrella (Why we Need the Free Choice Act

A generation ago, my music teacher had a sex change

Neutrality, Gaslight and the Truth - the State of Mainstream Media

Ayatollah Sistani Told Moqtada Al-Sadr to Bear the Consequences Of Attacks Against Him or Withdraw

NYT Book Editor contrasts "last public historian" Schlesinger with today's author/historians

Book, film deliver the truth about debt

AlterNet: Ann Coulter's 'Faggot' Remark Smears Mitt Romney Too

Branson vs Murdock.. Branson fires fresh salvo in row with Sky

President Bush Calling "Looks like you have a fine girlfriend."

Habeas corpus

Military challenged by vocal families of fallen soldiers

Chavez's influence hovers over Bush trip to Latin America

‘It’s Called Heart’

Mark Leno runs for California Senate

Growing Algae as a fuel source (new Bay Area firm)

Ocean could power Oregon

Earth Democracy - How to shift paradigms and crawl out of our industrial box

Stewardship is a human issue, not political (great OpEd)

(UK) Why Channel 4 has got it wrong over climate change - The Observer

Altered Oceans

US, China, Brazil and the EU launch joint initiative to promote biofuels

Obsolescent Heresies

Largest US "Green Project" is in Massachusetts...

U.S. Aid Sanctions Turn Taps Off Critical Palestinian Water, Wastewater Projects

International aid agency: 80 percent of Gazans now rely on food aid

Peres: More Jewish settlements will go

Israel Hardens Its Peace Terms Ahead Of Saudi Arab Summit

River City Boy Reports Arrival of Wells Fargo Wagon - 20 minutes early

Bush says fat Osama tape a 'devastating declaration of guilt'

Cindy Sheehan on 9/11 Truth - Video-

9/11, Fascism, and Pagan-Masonic Symbolism

Peter Lance Triple Cross on Book TV Cspan2 on now 7:00am to 9:00

CIA Afghans Tracked OBL (1998-01) + Bush's Pre-9/11 War Plans

Take a visit via the Net to the world of associations

The C.I.A. & The Muslim BrotherhoodHow the CIA set the stage for Sept11

If everything has changed why does it all wear the same old outfits and say the same old words?

Internet Archive Authenticates BBC Video

DU Archive Pages

guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States.

A third of U.S. public believes 9/11 conspiracy theory

The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?

Are Higher Fees for Immigrants a Plan to Stall the Number of Democratic Voters?

CONGRESS TO BAN E-VOTING? Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 03/04/07

Does anyone here know about ScanVOTE?

Arkansas Election Administrator resigns blasting ES&S. quote here..

G.O.P. Candidates Criticize Slur by Conservative Author

Mark Leno runs for California Senate

(Reuters) North Korea fully ready to end nuclear work: envoy

3 Iraqi police die in separate attacks

Chavez's influence hovers over Bush trip to Latin America

Americans feel drawn to Cuba's cigar festival

Expert on Soviet Intelligence Shot in Adelphi

Republican withdraws support of own bill

U.S. political dynasties self-perpetuating: study

Dade County, FL gov't may offer own health insurance plan

Maliki warns insurgents of wider crackdown

Sen. Eagleton is seriously ill, say party officials

Ministers tell Centrica not to buy Iranian gas

Arab Bank accused of funding terrorists

AP: 2 NATO soldiers killed during combat operations in southern Afghanistan

More anti-Chavez propaganda via the AP

I created uncertainty, Blair says

Bush Funneling Money to al Qaeda-Related Groups

Global warming is human rights issue-Nobel nominee

Chavez exploits oil to lend in Latin America, pushing IMF aside

Bush impeachment calls gather momentum

Reuters: Iraqi editor shot dead in Baghdad

Comedy fest names Colbert person of year

NATO's U.S. forces in Kosovo may lose benefits of combat status

U.S. says no decision on Iranian talks in Baghdad(Khalilzad)

Iraq, U.S. working to arrest officials

Democrats say close to new Iraq resolution

Ex-Kosovo Leader Facing War Crimes Trial

Washington Post: FDA Ignores Warning on Cow Drug's Potential Harm to Humans

AP: U.S. forces enter Sadr City in big push

Rep.Holt (D-Princeton) wants hearings on FBI anthrax investigation

U.S., Iraqi Troops Begin Security Sweep in Sadr City

Rep. Rush Holt (D-Princeton) wants hearings on FBI anthrax investigation

U.S. Airstrikes Hit Qaeda Post in Iraq

Arrest Raises Alarm on Accounting Law (attorney destroying evidence in a child pornography case)

Former senator, VP candidate Thomas Eagleton dies at 77

Poll: Gingrich "Could Be The Heir To President Reagan (CBS News)

Terror insurance hearing heads to NYC

Judge Orders 2 Papers to Remove Stories from Web Sites

(Hillary) Clinton Wins Only Praise From L.A. Mayor

Senators vow quick action on Walter Reed

Major powers send Iran nuclear issue to UN envoys: US

2 U.S. Marines, sailor killed in recent Iraq fighting

Workers want details on Hershey layoff plans (3,000 jobs - 1,500 to Mexico)

E&P/AP: Pennsylvania Newspaper Finds Possible Cancer Cluster at University

Raid on Iraqi intelligence HQ reveals torture

Richardson: 4 States Will Decide Nominee (Iowa, Nevada, N.H., South Carolina)

Iraqi PM orders probe of raid on Basra prison(calls it an unlawful and irresponsible act)

Reuters: Controversial columnist draws fire for gay slur

In Selma, Obama Appeals to Black Voters

Romney Tops Straw Poll of GOP Activists

Bomber hits U.S. convoy; 8 Afghans dead (US Soldiers at scene delete photos of AP cameraman)

Iraqi Kurdish students in Ukraine-style 'orange' protest

Reuters: Arabs want U.N. timetable for U.S. withdrawal

AP: NAACP President Resigns After 19 Months

CNN: Thomas Eagleton, McGovern's 72' VP, is dead.

China to Increase Military Spending

Diebold Weighs Strategy for Voting Unit (may sell off unit)

Iraq Oil Contract Framework To Be Set By Mar 15 -Document

New Life Church Layoffs - Church hit by sex scandal cutting staff (30 to 50)

Conservatives Laud Gingrich at Meeting

Michael Mori threatened with removal from Hicks' case

Sen. Domenici Admits Call (to US Attorney), Denies Pressure

Italy still wants justice from US for Iraq shooting

Ethiopia accuses Eritrea in kidnappings

Cherokee Nation votes to expel 'freedmen'

Iran detains journalists outside Tehran

My vote for president goes to - The burger King guy! think about it....

I am going to settle for Buttered Popcorn this evening!

So today I ate jalapeno cheese bread, a triple shot mocha, and 2 liters of mango passion fruit juice

Need good thoughts, vibrations, prayers.

My smokes smell like hair.

I need to be spanked


My hair smells like smoke.

Post your cell phone wallpaper.

KitchenWitch's popcorn thread reminds me that I am craving boiled popcorn!

Lunar and Solar Eclipses Lead To New Forms Of Leadership

Tigers with orang-utangs? Try tiger with piglets....

I'm diggin' the traditional jazz channel on XM

house-bound movies

The secret color-code of angelfish.

So Rockit may or maynot have gotten me this....

My updated pic.........

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Car drama...

Chag Same'ach, everyone!

I want to minimize, selling books, etc.

Wow... Have you seen this ad?

Post a picture of your SO at a national landmark....

On discrimination and prejudice

Another day in the Lounge. (A Bombay TV dramatization)

My boss + collapsible police baton + me + dark alley= bliss

Saw the movie: MUSIC & LYRICS tonight... and I loved it

Heres a TOUGH One! Funniest Mel Brooks Movie!

I have 'til 3/31 to upgrade from Win XP to Vista for it worth it?

DU Reptile Pet Owners- Check In!

Radio Lady Previews: "The Light in the Piazza" (Opens Tuesday, April 10th in Portland, OR)

Whee! I got a Wii!

Bored as hell and I wanna get ill

The Oxygen channel made "The Robber Bride" into a movie

The secret color-code of rancid fish.

Y'all really need to force me off the computer so I will clean my house!!

Great moments in TV: FReeper Tea'n'Gun Party!

Youtube thread...great tune, horrible music video!

Is there really such a web site as ""?

"Haas and Haugen's music is a diabolic threat to Sacred Liturgy."

ok... I'm pretty well stoned

Fun with Voice Recognition

The good, the bad, and the insane

Does anyone have any experience with a "green" roof?

Help with a simple French translation

I used to hang out with the wrong crowd

The Official St. Patrick's Day DU Meetup and Hoolie

Some SERIOUS doo-wop on public TV now.

The art of the subject line

Fly or take a road trip?

Ann Coulter, friend of liberalism.

Who else saw Jerry Lee Lewis on public television last night?

Ladies, the "Pervy Vibe."

"Does it need stitches?"

OK, so I'm sitting at work right now trying to catch up on the backlog, and my MIL calls me...

I am craving boiled pork ribs!

Hey, I think we have a poltergeist

What brand is the best salad dressing and which is your favorite dressing?

My CD is finally finally done

When you buy a bag of rice, is it supposed to come with worms the same color AND size as the rice?

Dumb radio ad...

Anyone ever try wasabi peas?

My husband is on his way to Columbus, Ohio!!

"Tattaglia is a pimp. But I did not know until this day, that it was...

So, Have You Ever Wondered...

Write a joke that sounds like it should be funny, but isn't

Happy birthday maltablue & hholli11!!

Home Repairs

Did anybody see the UFC tonight? Wow!! (Spoiler alert!)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/4/07)

Subject: How to Prepare for Your Mammograms

Subject: Bra Codes

Are you naughty?

calling all gay girls---please take a moment and read this

God's little jokes...has he played one on you?


Haikus for Ann Coulter

How cold does it have to get for you to stop barbecuing?

Post 5000 (finally): A photo with glasses.

Ruby the lonely elephant

Your vote for best western ever.

So, what did you do instead of going to church today, sinners?

A few more pics for those that enjoy birds.

Just saw the movie: Zodiac

"I am the light of the world" - Orbs of Light Filmed in Texas Church (film clip)

The Bible says effectively that man has dominion over all animals on Earth,

Darwin's God

Episcopalians in DC 3/16-17

What's with all the "atheist fundamentalist" business?

Thousands march in Sydney's gay and lesbian Mardi Gras

Ahman Green A Texan

UFC 68: Couture pulls the huge upset

MSNBC's 2007 MLB Preview

this week's weekly prayer thread in GD

Astrology and stock market

Lunar and Solar Eclipses Lead To New Forms Of Leadership

Found a new online interactive astro toy

Wedding day pics (my daughter's wedding)!!

Looking in the Mirror

If you are in need of a healer

Kerry, Snowe to press Small Business Role in Climate Change Policy

A bit OT,Mentions Kerry but, maybe encouraging news on the mess in the ME

Kerry visits New Bedford, vows action on rail

Post on Teresa at Liberal Values

candidates on TV today: Dodd, Edwards, Clinton, Obama

The Swift Boat Liars and The Lunatic Right--Post at Liberal Values

Fun Activity Under Repuke Attack: JK at 98

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Mar 3, 2007

John Amaechi on Ann Coulter's anti gay slur

Michael Parenti -- Myth of UnderDevelopment

Winning the War on Drugs

Lizzie West: "19 Miles to Baghdad" on Democracy Now


Reliable Sources recaps The 1/2 Hour News Hour

PoliticsTV at the AFSCME Presidential Forum (Feb. 21, 2007)

Taylor Marsh & Jonathan Singer @ AFSCME Presidential Forum

AFSCME Forum: Member Reactions

Ivo Camilo on the Employee Free Choice Act, fired after 35 years on the job

The Nation goes to CPAC....Max Blumenthal reporting.

(Bill) Clinton On McEntee (AFSCME President) Nov. 3, 2006

Land of Confusion by Disturbed

Bill Maher's New Rule on fundies and the HPV vaccine

The Ballad of Ann Coulter

Billy Bragg | Sexuality

Elizabeth Edwards: Decency Costs Nothing (CBS Free Speech)

Ann Coulter, You're No Sister Souljah

AP/Reuters Sunday Showdown In Selma

White House Ignored CIA Warnings on Iraq

Frank Rich: Bring Back The Politics Of Personal Destruction

The surge in Iraqi terror will be diminished the moment Saddam is disarmed. -the Boy King

What is this quote I only 1/3 remember?

Are there any non-lunatic, non-religious arguments against liberalism?

MURPHY's LAW Strikes the GOP...The ODDS of a successful Presidency is now in serious doubt

Cheney's "secret talks" meeting in Oman? (we use 4 of their air bases)

AP: Some Quotes From U.S. Military Widows

"I would never insult gays by suggesting that they are like John Edwards. That would be mean.”

Exclusive!: A preview of Fox News' coverage of the Coulter comment next week

3,169 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq

Sunday Talking "heads" lineup

New Allegations of Improper Burials and Grave Robbing by The Archdiocese of Boston

Coalition 'kills eight Afghans'

Giuliani up 25 points over McCain: poll

things are going well in Afghanistan...18 dead after ambush on US convoy

Russian Police Beat Democracy Activists/ The Denver 3--- Yes it happens here.

Watched the original "The Manchurian Candidate" yesterday

WJ this morning - what Ann Coulter said

Lunar and Solar Eclipses Lead To New Forms Of Leadership

Ann Coulter: The Conservative Id

When is the Iraq invasion anniversary?

Gonzales & Contempt of Court... Nah....He (DOJ) would decide

My Date with Ann

Why the Iraqis keep fighting: From a soldiers perspective

Oliver Willis: "The Truth"

Don't tell the Fundies or Bush

Russian intel expert shot outside D.C. area home

So, Is Anyone Going to Do Anyting? How Many Crimes Does It Take?


Sunday Talk Show Tip Sheet

A Guilani-Gingrich ticket is truly scary

Times Picayune: LAST CHANCE...Only 10 years to act to save Southeast Louisiana

Get your Repub talking points here for when someone posts a thread about some Dem you don't like

Check this out: Website where Iraqis write about their lives in the hell Bush has created:

Tigers with orang-utangs? Try tiger with piglets....

WWII sex slave denial sparks outrage - No proof women forced to serve: Japanese leader

Pedro J. Colon - someone I wish I could have known

Cheney' s Plane Named After Famous Rapist....

Australia latest to wave away waif-thin models

If We Condemn Executions in Iraq can we also condemn them in Texas?

MTP: LIndsey Graham: Back the War or Cut the Funding.

Speculate..... if bush and chaney were to leave the country...

Clinton, Giuliani most electable, poll finds

Intelligence Specialist's Shooting Stirs Speculation

There's a political pundit in our caramel fudge.

From Texas cell, Canadian, 9, pleads for help

Mike Stark interviews the girlfriends of College Republicans. (Classic)

Cloned beef: It's what's for dinner

Iraqi police execution video released - GRAPHIC

Women...wake up!!

The importance of civil disobedience, in quotes:

Do we need a or "luxury tax" for CEOs?

Disappointed in DU's apathy on the GOP dirty tricks operation in Wisconsin

Falwell - Liberty Scholar Says Discovery Channel ‘Documentary’ a Farce

They don't even have a criminal for a President, like in the USA...

"We'll be treating the symptom and not the disease"

Ann Coulter apologizes for the Edwards remark -This is bad

This is interesting- maybe Coulter can't HELP herself!

Speaking of losing it...

Video:Murtha Mocks Cheney At Least He Didn’t Blame Me

Prosecutor criticizes Guantánamo Bay detainee's lawyer

Violence in America, prisons filled to bursting, the oil companies

Just a thought

China’s defence budget to jump 17.8 pct in 2007

CNN's Reliable Sources: Amazed at Dana Priest's journalistic ability

c-span - cheney at cpac replaying now

Someone Call the Wahhhhmbulance for Don Wildmon

The Dichotomy: End the War but Don't Cut off Funding

A friend just shared this video with me. It is a must see.

Do you believe Halliburton is a familiar name to most Americans?

I lost it today

I hope Ann Coulter keeps up her stupid remarks

Insisting that the troops are supplied with proper training and armament means you don't support

Traditional Values Coalition misrepresents itself with ‘U.S. taxpayer census’ fundraiser

Bush admin directly supporting terrorism.

So, whaddaya think about my new T-shirt?

Lindsey Graham on MTP: "I think Saddam believed he had the weapons, but apparently he didn't."

Help me figure out the strategy (attaching restrictions to the surge funding)

Comedy fest names Colbert person of year

The Sunday Morning Democratic spokesperson rotation......

Coulter under fire for anti-gay slur

Good Quotes:

How come ONLY three Republican candidates have denounced Coulters remarks?

Condom mishaps common among young men

Coulter's Slur Against Edwards Stirs Outrage

Rudy's Son: Judi cause of tension with dad

On c-span2/BookTV now , In Depth with Barbara Ehrenreich - 3 hrs w/call-in & email q&a

do you know the name of snake Cheney's plane?

March 4th, Catch-22 and the Immoral Logic of the war we’re trapped in

I went to the mailbox and found a lrg. business envelope with

A few Sunday TOONs: Opus vs. the RW idiot....

Evangelical’s Focus on Climate Draws Fire of Christian Right

Coulter's Advertiser-Contact Info

Inside Iran's Secret Gay World


Most over used phrase in America: "9/11 changed everything"

hey-- did you hear what Ann Coulter called John Edwards...?

Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites

Get yourself over to CSPAN and listen to John Lewis,

So, what do you think of my new T-shirt?

HELP! Looking for Walter Reed photos.

British-Iraqi forces find abused detainees during raid of Iraq intelligence office

Lindsey Grahm on MTP---He is going wild!---"We can not allow iraq to

What's really pathetic is that...

"Internet porn pop-ups cost this teacher her job and her freedom"

Quick! Tell dick and george: Saudis funding insurgents in Iraq

Democrats still go on Sunday Shows and allow Repubs to beat them up.

Global warming is human rights issue-Nobel nominee

CNN is such a joke...

China asks US not to send wrong signals

Sen. Schumer: "My fear is that Walter Reed is just the tip of the iceberg"

John Mellencamp On CNN Headline News

Media Matters: Charges of political interference in U.S. attorney firings not reported......

Global Warming is destroying the Inuit People

all post offices in US must remove their clocks

The Only irrefutable response to those claiming a "founding as a Christian Nation"

The Progressive Convulsions Start - Matt Stoller - MyDD

Ahmadinejad supports Arab peace initiative which would normalise ties with Israel.

US Army scrambles to clean Walter Reed

What if Gore decides to run.....

The problem with the US Constitution.........

Secret ballot for unions big issue for labor, business

Evangelical Focus On Climate Draws Fire From Christian Right

Senator Clinton gives rousing speech

Putting Big Agri-Biz Ahead of Human Health

Joe Wilson on C-Span 3 tomorrow

Nobel Nominee: Global Warming A Human Rights Issue

Brief Update on MS Katrina Recovery and How to Get Involved

Can Hillary win the nomination if she does not win the majority of Black vote in any Primary?

note to all "pseudo- religious types". I dont remember who said it but...

Yet another Marijuana post! The stupid, expensive war on Pot

Have you read "Armed Madhouse" by Greg Palast yet?

Bush Funneling Money to al Qaeda-Related Groups

CNN: Tornado victim had to remind Bush that Americus, GA is the Home of Habitat for Humanity.

Senator Eagleton has passed away.

Ruby the lonely elephant

Lunch in the White House with George

Bush in 2009

Austin radio host calls Obama a "clean darky"

LOL, This Modern World - Tom Tomorrow

Bush's mojo continues ...everything he is hooked too turns to shit...Dikembe Mutombo is NOT HOT


Arab Peace Proposal

OMG!! JEFF GANNON Supports Ann Coulter On FR!

Italy still wants justice from US for Iraq shooting

Norquist Plans Conservative Agenda: Learn To Belly Dance, Golf, And ‘Say No, No, No, No For 2 Years’

Tomorrow: House hearing ON Walter Reed, AT Walter Reed

CPAC: The Unauthorized Documentary (The Nation)

Repuke Outrageousness: the new Orange Alert

16 civilians killed, 25 wounded in Afghanistan

Didya know Coulter had her bodyguards eject someone from CPAC?!?!?

British Officials Support Barring BBC News Report

self delete

Face it. All of us are slaveowners.

I know why Soledad got that award...

AP has barely covered the COULTER thing...

Coulter story FINALLY on Yahoo News

Lindsey Graham: Manic Attack!!!

Bunny ranch Hannity and Oxy rush are trying to paint Gore as a hypocrite

The "Joshua Generation" - The Story of Jericho Resonates with South/Evangelicals

The FBI says that 24,037 missing women are on it's active list....

Hey, don't MOST American blacks have slaveowner ancestors?

More anti-Chavez propaganda via the AP

3171 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Dueling Presidential Candidate Resumes

I watched "Air Force 1" this afternoon. Does George know this is

Parents who take young children to R-rated movies: WTF?!?

Anti Iraq war song storms the charts in britain

Candidates ought to be clear about their position on pre-emptive war

To them war is an algebraic equation

Ambush in Afghanistan leaves 16 dead

bushy's 29% here is how they think...

US Soldiers get routed - open up on random cars, civilians.

Town Holds Clothing-Optional Political Debate

Is Tom DeLay still on the docket??

Coulter calls Edwards "faggot"; awaits invitation from NBC's Today?

Americans feel drawn to Cuba's cigar festival

ADL Blasts US Churches' Praise of Ahmadinejad

Amazing Interview - Lt. Col Kwaitkowski: Crimes of Feith and Cheney

Enterprise, AL Tornado Fund

HOLY CRAP -- My wife says I'm killing my 9-month old newborn... can you help me?

Cool,CNN's Soledad O'Brien receives the NAACP honorary award for journalism.

Montoya becomes first Latino NASCAR winner

Internet radio being driven out of business by RIAA and Copyright Office

OH. My. God. "CPAC, the Unauthorized Documentary" You tube video

The Bridge from Selma, 42 years Down the Road: Interview with Rep. John Lewis (D., GA)

I missed Obama's speech in Selma....any comments?

Rep. Waxman: Bush admin push for privatization may have helped create Walter Reed 'disaster'

GOP candidates repudiate Coulter

The Nation: Green Politicians, Real and Fake

"Democratic Activists Harassed by Republican Lunatics." Well-said, Stephen Crockett.

Domenici: "I Regret Making That Call and I Apologize"

What is the most ridiculous rationale for invading Iraq?

The Da Vinci Candidate: Finding the New Balance of the Secular and Spiritual in the Democratic Party

Giuliani beats HRC in NJ ?!?

Early Exposure To Common Chemicals Can Permanently Alter Metabolic System

Have any of you ever witnessed the Bush Royal Family roll into town?

Anybody From DU Planning On Going To YearlyKos This Year ???

National Association of Evangelicals under attack from the 'christian' Right

Bill would mandate nicer term for illegals - "An alien to me is someone from out of space."

Mad Cow Disease Deaths in tri-state

NYT editorial: Reversing the lawless policies of Bush and Cheney: A Must-Do List

About this pro-global warming documentary DRUDGE is hyping today...

Chavez: Negroponte a Professional Killer

Sen. Eagleton has died

The Duke "rape" case

what is the basic difference between republics and democrats

The REAL crime of Coulter's comments is the MEDIA blackout

How will Obama do with whites in the primaries?

we all have to have our "internal passports" by May 2008

Why are state and local leaders willing to impeach--but not Congresscritters

Ava's being honored at the Camp Casey Peace Awards, April 5, Austin, TX

Obama's Selma speech coming up

Capitalism vs reality

Key Monsanto patent rejected!!

Newt Blames The Victims of Katrina - called 9th ward "uneducated and unprepared"

a foreign policy brought to you by Pinky and the Brain in an age of "post factualism". . .

Sick people used like laboratory rats in GM trials

SHOT OUTSIDE DC HOME: Russian expert --claims Russian gov't complicit in Litvinenko case

Setting aside personality, charm and charisma

It doesn't matter how stupid the attacks are--they're playing a game of WORD ASSOCIATION

Boston Globe: Insurers slice rates on health premiums: Patrick's deals called key to universal plan

Dish Or DirectTV? Both have Free Speech TV


Bill Richardson he talks a lot of sense

Cartoon is making fun of **?? LOL

Does The National Do-Not-Call Registry Apply To Army Recruiters???

Is Homophobia As Morally Repugnant As Racism?

WESLEY CLARK & AMY GOODMAN video/audio/transcipt online now

Huge boost in military spending by Chinese

I'm saddened by the lack of compassion for Ann Coulter

Hate Crimes Against Gays...through mid-90s

Squalor surrounding wounded Iraq veterans shocks America

Gen. Wesley Clark: Pentagon Had Plan in 2001 to Attack Seven Countries in Five Years

Suspect arrested in Michigan dismemberment murder

***Cast your vote for February DUzy of the Month***

Jerry Falwell: Satan is the reason for Global Warming

CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines

Rogue Nation

Lieberman says the new Iraq resolution coming up for debate "doesn't make sense"

Real christians believe in Global Warming...check this out...Anyone guess where it came from???

INFO clearing house article concerning our 'democracy ' is too good to quote

Do not forget to watch "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" tonight, 9 EST, on Discovery

Normalizing Crazy

GORE Will HAVE To Declare Himself A Candidate For President -San Jose Mercury News Editorial

Inmates Will Replace Migrants in Colorado Fields

Hillary and Obama on the bridge

Coulter: "I'm so ashamed, I can't stop laughing."

Obama Speaking on CNN from Selma...

Did I hear George Will correctly??

Comedy Fest Names Colbert Person of Year

insulting or calling people names you don't agree with (DU, Coulter, etc)

Anne Coulter Website Advertiser Contact Information Here. (Updated)

Who likes the idea of Gore/Feingold in 2008?

Are You Ready to Be Clean and Green*? Even a tiny adjustment in each of our lives

E85 a loser for reduced miles/gallon

CHENEY Linked To Osama's Money Man

Forget about carbon footprints for a minute.

Rep.Holt (D-Princeton) wants hearings on FBI anthrax investigation

Origin of Bush Hatchet Job on Fed Prosecutors AND "the fixer."

Bush impeachment calls gather momentum

It should be illegal to be a repuke

Boston Globe: "Marijuana as wonder drug"

IMPEACHMENT - if not now - when?

Homework, no home. homeless schoolchildren

The Official St. Patrick's Day DU Meetup and Hoolie

TOON: Ann Coulter's Gay Slur ---------->

Syndicated Chris Matthews program

LAT: David Geffen, Bill Clinton were often at odds

Political Calendar > March 4, 2007 to Election Day 2008

Shouldn't we all really lay off hurting Romney in any way right now?

Barack Obama's book available in Spanish?

Diplomat / Banker Kent Lucken's new cause: Promote The Glorious Leadership of Der Mittenfuhrer

Republican hopefuls play the Reagan card

A student's words, a candidate's struggle. In 1969 thesis, Clinton tackled radicalism tag

Simple Ways to Reduce Pollution

U.S. political dynasties self-perpetuating: study

Michigan bill calls for insurers to fund contraceptives

Rep. Murtha vs Sen. Graham on MTP. Quite a contrast in military service.

Coulter already has Edwards response on her homepage.

timmy Mentions cpac conference, But Not mann coulter's hate-filled comments About Edwards

Saudis funding Insurgents in Iraq....Wait, Bush loves the Saudis,! Well, I am shocked!

The Ticking Time Bomb Theory, destroyed by me

Marijuana case lights up court (simple joint-'intent to deliver?--felony?)

Robert Parry: Bush Family's Prosecutor Games

Brit Hume On Walter Reed: ‘It Looks Terrible’ For The Bush Administration, ‘Which Is The Problem’

Murtha Mocks Cheney: At Least He Didn’t Blame Me For The British Pulling Out

Privatization, corruption, bad government, ineffective management and Walter Reed

I know exactly what will happen if we pull out of Iraq

Afghans: U.S. troops shot at civilians

Reading Hillary Rodham's hidden thesis

Richardson could rise to the top

Don't miss Barack Obama speaking LIVE @12:30PM EST on C-Span from Brown Chapel AME Church, Selma, AL

Richardson gets first place in the 6th week of the conservative, PJ's Media Presidential Straw Poll

Sects slice up Iraq as US troops 'surge' misfires

For this poll, forget who you want to win. Predict who you THINK will win the primary

Antiwar Caucus Wants to Be Heard Now (NY Times, via Truthout)

Iran talks with Saudi Arabia; Is Iran besting U.S. in Middle East Strategy?

Please post any scheduled rebroadcasts or online videos of Obama's Selma speech.

If the additional 21,500 troops fail will Bush and Lieberman give up?

2008 Race, 20 Months Away, Dominating TV

Democrats say close to new Iraq resolution (Reuters)

Must-read: Greenwald on the need for hearings

Gov. Bill Richardson at Drake University (video)

Richardson: 4 states will decide nominee

U.S. forces enter Sadr City............

this brings to light the flawed intel ---that we had for Iraq and now for

Millions Support National Health Insurance

The writer of Amazing Grace believed in Global Warming

Obama headlines labor rally

Group slams Wal-Mart for factory abuses

Manufacturing And Union Declines Have Hit Black Workers Especially Hard

I'm providing only a link to this Smoking Gun story --

Obama: " When people ask me if I've been to Selma before, I tell them I'm coming home."

Ex-GOP candidates turn attacks back on national panel (NRCC) (Boston Globe)

Slow Sunday afternoon news flash!

CPAC: The Unauthorized Documentary (must-watch video)

Okay everyone....payback time! Weigh in!

US detains 9-year-old Canadian

Doyle (Gov of Wisconsin)Turns Down $600,000 In Federal Abstinence Money

Charges of political interference in U.S. attorney firings not reported by networks' evening news

" I wear some of those titles proudly."Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) @CPAC

Mitt Romney is already running ads in FL

FEC Fines Anti-Kerry 527 Group

The media is not talking about the Coulter Elephant in the room: Is John Edwards Gay?

EXCLUSIVE!: A preview of Fox News' coverage of the Coulter comment next week

Does anyone else wish Edwards' reponse hadn't included a request for "Coulter cash"?

NY TIMES David Brooks picks Bill Richardson to be Democratic nominee.

Cheney Linked To Osama's Money Man

REPORT: CPAC Speakers Run From Bush Record

John Edwards: Ban Touch-screen (DRE) voting machines

Gore: Good For The World

Barack Obama is a class act - He reaches out to Hillary at Selma rally

This Obama Speech Is A Regular Gettysburg Address

Newt on New Orleans 9th Ward Residents: A "Failure of Citizenship"

Whose Speech Did You Like Better, Obama's Or Clinton's?

Pretty soon Iran no longer takes US dollars for oil. Is this the real reason

Union Organizers Hope House Bill Will Reinvigorate Unions

CPAC STRAW POLL RESULTS: (Gingrich will lock up the GOP nomination imo)

Obama in Selma: Vote, clean up "40-ounce bottles," fight anti-intellectualism

Are you a left wing extremist? Here's Joe Klein's definition:

Illinois Nazis, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and R.W Zealots - the price we pay for freedom of speech

Three weeks of insanity--2008 primaries

Lt. General "Coverup" Kiley: From abused detainees to neglected soldiers

the Shadow Government is real, rich, powerful...

Do-It-Yourself Impeachment

Bush admin climate change plan increases emissions

Senator Clinton Speaking on CSPAN at First Baptist Church

Sense when is Bill Mahar a DEMOCRAT

Is it fair to expect Hillary to give speeches as good as Bill did?

Some Democrats are following Will Marshall's advice about the Iraq surge.

That's not a hand dammit, it's a flipper

Giuliani's Son Not Supporting White House Run

Hersh Video: Bush Funneling Money To al Qadea Related Groups Without Congressional Approval

An Unreasonable Man - Nader Documentary in Theaters Soon

Edwards should donate "Coulter Cash" to Gay Rights group.

LA Times Poll: Insiders favor Clinton, Romney in 2008

Giuliani's Ghosts

Bush: worst president in history

ACTION: Anne Coulter Website Advertiser Contact Information Here

Who will win the primary if Gore runs?

Walter Reed Whitewash: Kiley Replacement ‘Demoralizing’ To Hospital Staff

Crooks and Liars: Newt Blames the Victims of Katrina

Former Pentagon Official Speaks Out on Crimes of Doug Feith, Dick Cheney, and Plans for Iran War