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Archives: March 30, 2007

THE NATION: Attorneygate in Guam

Bush's long history of tilting Justice

BOB HERBERT: The D.C. Tea Party

End-game of a tormented presidency has begun

Iraq War: Blogging 'progress' (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Stengelgate (re: Time Mag. editor's criticism of Dems investigation of Attorneygate)

'Para-politics' Goes Bananas (The Nation)

The marriage of hypocrisy and corruption in Washington

Perhaps the best weatherman in So Cal

R. A. Myers, fish population expert dies at 54

MDA enters Ramallah to save Palestinian baby

Gaydamak indicted in France for arms trafficking

US-EU sanctions on Hamas have produced twice the prior annual money going to PA!

Olmert seeks talks with Saudis, moderate Arab states

US, NATO military build up points to new war?

Store credit Security Breach

TJX lost up to 45.6m card numbers (Credit Card/Social Security)

Engine trouble on American Airlines flight from Dallas to Seattle

Child-care providers seek power to bargain

Japan OKs Iraq Air Force Extension

Ecuador protests to Colombia over border incident

Report raps Interior official over leaks

Giuliani Says Wife Could Go to Cabinet Meetings

Iraqi Widow Saves Her Home, but Victory Is Brief

Testimony by Giuliani Indicates He Was Briefed on Kerik in ’00

Brace for more pain at the pump

CIA leak prosecutor’s job was threatened

Planned House Vote on Armenian Massacre Angers Turks

damn this heat wave....

Minnesota. Where we grew up with hotdish, ham buns, and cake-and-punch wedding receptions.

If I were president.....

Why has Keith O. started previewing the "Worst Person" segment before the break?

Join me in sending congratulations to our aQuArius

Worst landlord I've heard of!

Sanjiah = Disco Sucks?

What is the name of the actress who

(sniff sniff)

The longest bridge in the world (pics)

Breaking Piece:

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world

Just watched Jackass 2

This couple I know moved to mexico recently

remember Night Tracks?

Bobby Flay. Throw-Down.

I ate Unagi tonight for the first time... DOG has SAD. Really.

Do you like unicorns?

ranch pictures


Ok, just TRY watching this without smiling!

My exhaustion is starting to make me cranky.

I need to stay out of GD and GD:P

You're going to get sick of my You Tube postings, but....

One day I will get around to watching all of those classic movies. I have never ever seen..

How concerned are you about Peak Oil?

Asking for some of those lounge vibes for a friend

The highest bridge in the world (pics)

Can't wait until the movie version of the "Bushco" administration comes out...

What's up DU?

Sirius or XM?

Ear Infection and no Health Insurance

Easter candy...I like the pastel malt balls best myself. Peeps lovers check in

Spanish Sneakers - a question about ettiquite...

Yahoo! The new Grand Theft Auto trailer is out!

Rosanne Cash.....

Kissing Hank's Ass.

My favorite episode of The Office is on now...

What is the worst thing to see when your car breaks down on a lonely highway?

Why didnt somebody tell me Galactica season 2.5 was out on DVD?!?!?

When is newyawker99's birthday?

I'm going to the New England Aquarium tomorrow!

I didn't see any on eBay so I'm curious

When you were in college did you have a curfew when you came home for the weekend?

Viking Folk-Metal! It doesn't get any cooler than this!

My mama sent me this joke.

Alarm clock sounds are worse than nails on a chalkboard!

I am watching To Kill A Mockingbird, found my old videotape of the movie.

u4ic sent me a butt shot via PM

a birthday wish for Skittles....

Cooks! Help, please - need some suggestions ...

The 485,460-Calorie Messiah (Milk Chocolate Jesus)

Forget "Liquid Television" - do you remember MUSIC on MTV?

Mmmm. Fruit by the Foot.

Is there a male version of a dominatrix? What would he be called?

We're having a prank war on my floor.

After the Storm...(Pictures)

30 hours without a cigarette....

When you have a relationship with another person...

I passed the Jeopardy online test; audition in May

A beautiful song for the Lounge.. . .

Tell me something I don't know.

*** SHINE *** Appreciation Thread

HooYA House Votes to Improve Veterans' Healthcare

Soldier's ticket out of Iraq may backfire (re-enlist to get better duty)

"John Kerry tried for you out there, really he did. "

Congressman Murtha unloads on Bush.

Pelosi to Bush: There is a new congress in town.

Where the hell was Dick Cheney in Vietnam?


The Coward Honors Real Heroes Tuskegee Airmen

John Edwards Speaking to the Communications Workers of America

Tim Griffin, the Rove protege installed US Attorney, Arkansas/ Involved in 2000 Stolen Election!

DU member Runs for city council---interviewed on TV station

John Edwards - Touching America's Heart Strings!

Whoa! Sea Shepherds! Amazing group.

O'LOOFAH continues his assault on women

Do you think that testimony today by Kyl Sampson has put him in legal jeopardy??

I KNEW it....Olbermann was the ONLY one who showed Rove:

Beautiful graphic shows the natural history of mammalian speciation

Please DU this abortion poll.

Is Harriet Miers a member of the Patrick Fitzgerald Estrogen Brigade?

Here we Go Now Despite Expected Need Brockton VA Rents Out Space

On C-Span now - Sampson testimony replay

Snapshot - Karl Rove under oath!!

CSPAN: Sampson "I dont remember" Hearing is repeating now

If you want a good rundown on today's hearing watch Keith.

Dozens Arrested in Md. Immigration Raid (AP)

The White House thinks "they've got the Democrats right where they want them"! ROFLMAO!

Emma Lazarus' Memorable Words on Lady Liberty

Schumer and Specter are on live with Larry King....8:07PM CDT

What was Marcy Kaptur saying on Lou Dobbs?

April 14 NWF step it up for global warming event

CBA coach Richardson suspended for remarks (Anti-Semetic, anti-gay)

Yikes! World Can't Wait just sent me an "Iran Alert"!

Dem budget plan squeaks through House

"Troop in harm way"?

Turn on C-Span3 if you have it! They're showing a 10/06/97 Global Warming meeting w/Gore & Clinton!

George Soros Takes on AIPAC

Reuters Report Throws Claims of 'Surge' Success in Some Doubt

What's with all the endorsements today?

The Rest Of The Story: Gen. McCaffrey's Iraq Report Includes Optimism

Oprah has HPV vaccine show

"But the biggest clue about what they were up to came in 2000 with the Florida recount."

I am so disgusted by what I witnessed during the hearings today and yesterday.

On KO: They're showing turd blossom tryin' to rap.

Entergy, your friend in the high priced energy market.... then

About moving the big primaries up early:

AT&T, Verizon, Quest Win Giant Contracts (link to Lurita Doan)


V for Vendetta - great movie - watch it on MAX Fri & Sat

House Financial Services Committee votes to rein in mortgage giants

Factoid: Al Gore's 60th birthday is the proposed redeployment date in Iraq.

When Bush vetoes the bill, the Democrats should pass another...

She's baaaack! Now the Runaway Bride is a police recruiting tool.

Paul Laxalt's daughter tells Arianna to "lighten up" about Bush

120+ more people dead today in Iraq because of Bush's madness....

Defying Bush, Senate Passes Iraq Spending Measure

Another reason to distrust with Drudge?

Kelli Arena and Brian Todd on CNN: no surprise, biased against Dems on Sampson hearing

Scarborough predicts that Bush is a "Phoenix rising" and that

Meet your new US Attorney: Tim "Makes the bullets for the war against Democrats" Griffith!

Anti-Semite Andy Martin in NewsMax: "Free Obama's White Grandmother" (MediaMatters)

Remember when -- down the memory hole.

These "military analysts" obviously have no kids in Iraq

McCain almost left the Repugs in 2001

After that stunning performance by "Amnesia" Sampson today, I wonder what the

Scarborough back in BushCo Cheerleader mode tonight

On MSNBC Now: "Wounds Of War"

Some Repukes would still have troop in harm way in Vietnam.

Tsunami in Oregon? Anyone from Oregon who can corroborate?

Any reports of poor Senior Citizens dying from

Anderson Cooper asking Why is the press schmoozing behind the scenes?

Gawd, I love Jon Stewart.

did anyone hear Junior speak today??

How are we as citizens supposed to know ?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Spontaneous Riot at Gare du Nord

One argument that is hard to refute

I don't know what to make of this Press Release from John Conyers!

What is your description of a Chief of Staff?

Sampson: Taking One for the Team, When He Could Remember

Do you think SNL (or somebody) will do a skit based on the Radio/TV correspondents' Dinner?

Thanks folks for tracking the Senate hearing today. Kudos GD.

HA !!! - This Is Good !!! - Romney Lists His Running Mates !!!

Google Maps Reverts To Pre-Katrina New Orleans Pictures

James Dobson: Thompson must express faith

Seeing My Son Leave Home To Fight The Wrong War - Stephen Wright

Where does "WALNUTS! McCain" come from?

Man leads police on chase; claims he's Dick Cheney.

Campbell Brown: "I bowed to the master"

Have you seen V for Vendetta?

Rep. McGovern endorses Clinton despite 2002 war vote

911 dispatcher says, "Our offices are closed because everyone is at the doughnut shop."

Stars & Stripes letter: Equality is a right for gays, too

Is this a tad bizarre? Google reverts to pre-Katrina maps.

Man Leads High-Speed Chase, Claims He's Dick Cheney

Jon Stewart comparing Karl Rove to Jeffery Dahmer.

Watching CSPAN, Orrin Hatch

This whole pet food scare is so strange to me.

How is Perino compared to Snow, Scotty, Ari?

I Think He's got a Crush on Nancy [PICS]

GONZO to dangle in the wind... bush support dwindling?

I could only handle a small bit of these hearings

Ariana Huffington Calls Rove's Rap Dance "Creepy"

Lost Among All The Scandals: After 6,000 Years Foreskin Torture Still Goes On

This is unbelievable clip - Boehner is an idiot

This is my interpretation of what the Dems are up to with the suplemental.

I am really afraid that we will attack Iran

What's up at Dell? "...accounting errors, evidence of misconduct"

The Empire Strikes Back: Feinstein quits committee under war-profiteer cloud

Why doesn't anyone say: "If the surge is working, why object to getting out by '08?"

The USA situation in San Diego is just the latest in the pattern

Letter of Commendation to Carol Lam from US Customs and Border Protection (large pics)

Clearly there were no contacts between Abramoff and Bush—

Army Nears A Breaking Point

A new logo for the memory challenged Republican party.

Soldier's ticket out of Iraq may backfire (re-enlist to get better duty)

Whatever happened to the texas juvenile abuse cover up?

OK I have to ask...what is American Idol? Is it a TV show? I keep seeing peeps talking about it

there are so many things going on right now

What should Democrats do if Bush vetoes the Iraq money/timeline bill?

Romney mentions Jeb as possible VP, Might Have It REVERSED!!!

Karl Rove "Rips Heads off Small Animals!" Full Video

Odd break-ins at Democratic headquarters in three different states:

ROFLMFAO !!! - Check Out The HuffPo !!!

Juan Cole: Saudi King must be "Hopping mad" at Bush

New Chairman of the DLC Harold Ford Jr.: Democrats wrong on timetable for getting out of Iraq

* wants the money, but not for the "troops" he wants it for his

Great article at HuffPo

Anyone else think it's time for the Repubs to choose a new symbol?

The Captured British Soldiers and Fake Maritime Boundaries

Where do "unalienable rights" come from?

Honeybee Hearing Today - does anyone here know how it

NYT Editorial: Story Time In The Senate ("Testimony Got So Embarrassing Repubs Tried To Cut It Off")

FDA Confirms Dry Pet Food Complaints:News conference tomorrow

Iran is wrong. Revisions can help counter intimidation from employers

Bring Back the Secondary Boycott (overthrow of the Taliban was an illegal secondary boycott)

Chicago Sun-Times: Clinton Criticizes Corporate Boardroom Culture

Was That David Gregory Dancing Next To McRove?......

In the end...For the Record....I'll take President Pelosi....over anyone else....

Impressive list of South Carolina Dems endorse Edwards

CYA time for DoJ

MA Rep McGovern endorses Clinton

Schmuer and Specter on Larry King now!

I saw a video here earlier today..........

AP: A president walks into a journalists' dinner ... (& 2 videos at link)

Iraqi City Once Hailed As Success Story By Bush, Now Torn By ‘Wave Of Revenge Killings’

Adam Putnam gets ripped by local paper for lying about Pelosi: "The Plane Truth"

Senator Clinton: Endorsements in New Hampshire

AP: Jesse Jackson Backs Obama for President

I Just Had A Thought - It Sucks to Be Kyle

From the producers of "Valerie Plame: the Movie", it's...

My first exposure to DU....

I was born in 1983. There have been 4 Presidents in my lifetime.

Rubber & Glue

Quinnipiac: Hillary bounces back in Pennsylvania...

Boehner booed by construction workers’ union

Billie Jean King endorses Hillary Clinton...

For those that think Hillary's negatives are too high to win...

The Full Rove "Rips Head Off Animals Rap Video!" Worth the Watch!

DNC launches "Presidential Profiles" on Party Builder site...sign up and support your favorite one.

HMS Cornwall was 12 miles from Sailors, when they were captured by Iran, lots more stinks too

Message to the Man in the White House Bunker (The Nation/Alternet)

Karl Rove, Apparatchik

How George H.W. Bush Helped Saddam Hussein Prevent an Iraqi Uprising (AlterNet)

Attorney Scandal: Latino Groups Are Staying Silent on Alberto Gonzales (AlterNet)

Few Americans share Iraq war's sacrifices("Marines are at war, America is at the mall.")

Bush Is...."American Mugabe" David Michael Green

Painted into a Corner...from Nick Anderson - CJ

Iraqi Widow Saves Her Home, but Victory Is Brief (all that remained was a pool of blood)

Elizabeth Holtzman and Cynthia Cooper: Questions for Karl Rove - and President Bush

A Putin-style power grab in prosecutor firings

FBI director misstates Patriot provision

Robert Fisk On Shakespeare And War

We’ve Lost The Authority to Lecture Iran (Independent UK, via CommonDreams)

Alberto Gonzales and the Death Penalty: A Time For Candor. A Time For Fairness (CommonDreams)

Poisoning The Presidency

WSJ: Pain From Free Trade Spurs Second Thoughts

A Slow Leak in the Senate Judiciary Committee

Patriotic Trash (by Adam McKay at HuffPost)

TNR: Hillary Clinton's problematic plan for Iraq.


Prosecutors and the Death Penalty (The Nation)

See no Karl, hear no Karl

Jeremy Scahill on Soldiers of Fortune (Blackwater)

Labour's Brown should take his lead on Iraq from the US Democrats

Dengue Surging in Mexico, Latin America

German biodiesel industry investment dries up, plants well under capacity.

State action re: California Hemp farming bill needed

Brazil to give Amazonian tribes Internet access to fight deforestation

Federal Judge Tosses Out Forest Rules

T-shirt for sale in fundie supply store: "Global What-ing?"

The 100-Foot Diet (food travels avg. 1500 miles using 17X more fossil fuel)

Big Atlantic sharks disappearing, study warns

Matt Simmons on CNBC, sounding very, very worried

Hand another brown out...

San Francisco to be first US city to ban plastic bags

Key lawmaker says won't rush climate change bill - Reuters

UTC Power fuel cell fleet attains 8 million hours of operation

Oil spikes above $69 on week-old Iran standoff

Major wind farm set at Mount Storm (West Virginia)

(Australia) Experts warn of climate mayhem - Sydney Morning Herald

AFP: Australia faces extreme weather rise, says leaked UN report

California eyes joining EU emissions trading scheme - Reuters

Katsav questioned over new sexual harassment charge

Captors reportedly step back from deal on Shalit's release

Palestinians reclaim Gaza farmland

One killed in explosion at Hamas camp in Gaza

Mossad chief warned: Home front isn't ready

Olmert tells Time magazine that Palestinian PM is a 'terrorist'

Israel rejects Arab peace plan

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi arrives in Israel for visit

Jordan, PA arrest 2 Palestinians for selling Hebron house to Jews

Greenpeace flagship docks in Israel on anti-nuclear campaign

'Arrow can fully protect against Iran'

Olmert Rejects Palestinian Right of Return--NYT

Changes to HR811 proposed by 4 election integrity groups.

LA Times: Bush's long history of tilting Justice

Fitrakis & Wasserman-More Potential 2004 Election ILLEGALITIES Rock Ohio

House task force to start Florida Congressional District 13 talks

OH AG Dann to Represent SOS Brunner @ April 2nd Hearing (RE: Bennett)

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 3/30/07 The RNC Silent Coup

Sample letter for Holt bill that needs to say INCLUDE IN RECORD

U.S. ready to strike Iran in early April - intelligence source

Mercer says he is willing to testify

Government considers Iran note

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier in Iraq

U.S., Iraqi Forces Capture (EFP) Bomb Suspect

Mortgage crisis hits million-dollar homes

Congress cool to nuclear warhead plan

Helicopter shot down as Mogadishu battle rages

Judge: FBI informant to testify in Posada case

Massachusetts Governor Patrick wants end to curb on stem cells: Seeks to reverse Romney rules

Al Sadr calls for mass protest on April 9

WTO Rebuffs U.S. on Internet Betting Ban

Key lawmaker says won't rush climate change bill

Reports: Calls for Putin to serve longer

Disuse of digital medical records system for tracking wounded cited in gaps in soldiers' care

Bush visits Walter Reed

Suspect at Guantanamo claims torture (Cole confession)

U.S. stocks fall after U.S. sanctions China

DOJ agrees on transcribed interviews with House committee(Elston Asst to McNulty on Friday)

Alec Baldwin to help pay for GI’s education

Iran: Attack fears spurred nuclear block

Florida Senate backs new voting machines

Iraq car bombings up 30 percent

Shiite cleric warns of civil war in Iraq after Talafar bombings

Rice calls Saudi ambassador to discuss monarch's criticism of U.S. presence in Iraq

Chairman Waxman Invites Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Testify on April 18th

Democratic Committee requests deposition from Secretary of State

Brush Fire Burns In Hollywood Hills Near Barham Boulevard

Judge accepts Hicks guilty plea at Gitmo

2 Dead in Attack on Migrants in Ariz.

Guatemalan refugees eye end of 20-year exile

General tried to warn Bush on Tillman

Hicks' Sentence to Be Limited to 7 Years

Hillary Clinton Reaches Out to Indian Americans

Court Affirms Ruling Against Airline Strike

Iraq re-arrests police over reprisal killings

White House Backs Attorney General

Justice officials go to Hill for questioning as White House backs Gonzales anew

Gen'ls To Bush: Soldiers Not Props

Saudis Leave Rice Stranded

Bush Promises Better Care for Troops

Pentagon war funds need not urgent -Congress memo

Google Goes Back to Pre-Katrina Maps

Lies about U.S. attorney purge continue, fired prosecutor says

Clinton criticizes funds for tutor firms

Gonzales says doesn't recall U.S. attorney firing talk

Tancredo expected to announce for president

Report: Gov. Gibbons aided wife's client

US/Brazil Biofuel Plans May Destroy Livelihoods, Promote Food Shortages

Iran releases third letter by detained British sailor

EXCLUSIVE: Key Rove aide could face subpoena and is expected to resign soon, sources say...

(Waxman)Panel Asks Rove for Information on '08 Election Presentation

Rove Aid Resigns

6 Months Later, Still No Charges Vs. Foley

Giuliani Faces Questions About Sept. 11

FDA testing reveals chemical in pet food (including UNNAMED DRY FOOD)

New barbs hit home in US Iraq showdown(White House lashed Congress Friday for going on vacation)


BREAKING: Recall expanded to some dry food (incl. Hills Prescription!!)

Students tried to poison Bainbridge Island (WA) teacher

Speaker Pelosi Traveling to Middle East

Zimbabwe's Mugabe seeks new term after SADC backing

Gunmen kill two migrants on U.S.-Mexico border

U.S. Carrier Nimitz to Deploy to Persian Gulf

High School Students Filling Prescriptions

Iran: Navy crewman's 'apology' shown

I'm so tired.

What the hell.. more crazy Viking Metal..

I just snagged another jewel

Oops-Dupe! (HEyHEy already posted this, but I didn't see it)

in case is anybody is intersted, this is what i am looking for--

Fugging allergies!

I had a fever yesterday and slept about 14 hours. Now today I feel much better

Man Claims To Be Dick Cheney, Then Claims To Be Jaclyn Smith - Runs From Police - Tasered

PSA: If you have old cell phones to donate!

oops dupe

Someone sitting close by smells flammable....Ewww

I just pulled a tick off my wiener dog's ear.....

The best thing about my dog is when

Henry VIII was a red head.

Oh, for god's water at work

20 Years ago...Last time I was a flowergirl...And now again!!

Post here if you've never had your own appreciation thread in the Lounge.

We're going to Nats v Os tomorrow!! Are you, too, glad that Baseball is here?

Its so hard breaking up with friends but sometimes you just have to do it.

If I was to have a son.. Would Ender be a bad name for him?

"My Heart Is On Fire... Hell Fire Up!"

Anyone here remember The Vacant Lot?

Mental Health Day

Mom Sends Daughters (7 & 9) To Steal Neighbor's Dog

You know, I forgot how much I loved this song and video

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/30/2007)

Envelope stuffing schemes

Have you viewed the "9999 views" thread today?

omg, guess what i had for breakfast

Is it just me or are the 1/2 man 1/2 beasts really bad this year?

I hate my bank. Is that normal?

Please remember as you blissfully go through your day

Woman Tracks Down Birth Mother - Finds Out She Is Jell-O Heiress

Sligh Says He Considered Quitting 'Idol'.

Damn, breaking off a relationship makes me even more desperate than before!

any antique crystal / depression glass collectors here?

Lenscrafters fixed my old glasses for free

Son Volt show tonight at the Filmore.

Need a gift idea...

What's the best way to find someone's birthday online?

Uh-oh!! The "Get a Brain Morans" guy got a brain!!

Basic Cube Farm Etiquette

Now why would a westender mingle with a southsider?

We told you, Katie. We urged you to run while you still had the chance. But you wouldn't listen.

I just ordered hip hop abs

Best song by Pink?

Madonna without her makeup!

Remain in Light...Listening Wind...a prescient and haunting song about terrorism

The "Get a Brain Morans" guy just opened a new restaurant

Planet Saturn to be my bee-atch tonight.

My teeth hurt, my jaw hurts, my eyes hurt, my ears hurt, my throat hurts

I'm actually afraid to drive home

Any former (or current) Amiga owners out there?

Ali-G... I feel so stupid

Man Goes Into SAME Restaurant, Every Wednesday For 4 Weeks & Skips Out On Bill - Arrested On 5th Try

time to

Q: What would you get if a Northerner married a Southerner?

Crooks! Help, please - need some suggestions ...

Could this be an April Fool joke?

10 Year Olds Attack, Beat Homeless Man

What do you have planned for this weekend?

What have you done that you can't recall or don't remember?

Q: What would you get if you bred a Eastender to a Northsider?

My dog burped

Yet another college binge drinking death in my area...

What's the most you've ever won at a casino?

Oldest flame war you've ever been a part of here at DU

I decided to make some changes

Ever heard of Bil-Jac dog food?

I wonder what it's like to go through life being a fucking moron.

As if we need one more reason to be annoyed with the administration and right wing...

Did you miss me?

Favorite youtube mashups.

WWF Championship bout- Dog vs Duck!

Hollywood wildass!

Girl, 16, Kicked Off Plane for Coughing

Rosie and the 9/11 Conspiracies

Some Of My Fave Pics (Major Dial -Up Warning) !

That was fucking amazing.

So I'm drinking LOTS of prune juice this morning

Mmmmm... Chocolate Jesus

So I'm drinking LOTS of Jesus Juice this morning

So I'm drinking LOTS of Gin and juice this morning

I lost my tote bag.

I saw a bumpersticker: "National security MUST begin in the womb". WTF?!

Did anyone ever get money from Missing Money.Com?

Am I a Bad Person?

So I'm drinking LOTS of cranberry juice this morning

Blades of Glory starring Will Farrell and Napoleon Dynamite***spoiler*** sorta.

I'm getting a vanity plate for the MidloVan.

Something to laugh off the tension of the last week

Which profession will Will Farrell mock out next....

Age v. dating opinions wanted

Happy birthday Lorien!!

"My Buddy and Me" Littermate commercial

What should I leave my brother in my will

Dating Republicans

First IPod, dumb question

Ok, my friend hates me because I believe in freedom of speech.

When you have a relationship with yourself...

Richardo in: On The Waterfront (how 'bout an on-the-job pic thread?)

Friday afternoon daily afternoon thread

Hollywood wildfire!

Friends with benefits, but what happens, I wonder, when one of the friends

This PROVES evolution is false!

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead, the Wicked Witch is Dead!

New Group Proposal.....Beer, Wine, and Alcohol Appreciation

How much sleep debt do you have?

Before & After.......Revisited

"Here's a video of sea otters holding hands.......

Friday Night What are you drinking thread

Ohh, can't anybody see....

I'm going to the Asian grocery store. What can I pick up for you?

Will Chocolate Jesusuzzz replace Chocolate Easter Bunnies

can anyone tell me how to reformat, or rid the "Hidden Files" in my Sansa 250e Rhapsody

Delaware area DUers!!! Come see me play in Dover TOMORROW (SATURDAY), MARCH 31!

A call to action against a corrupt local government in support of a community activist

My little Bigfoot movie is finally on TV!

spring break!

OK, let's try to guess the names on the e-mail accounts:

Can we talk about grits?

Since you've all waited so nicely...

When was the shift...from "mommy" to "mama?"

Vote for your favorite Star Wars stamp

Rapture Ready dudes okay with violence of "300" but not 20 seconds of sex.

Oddest flame war you've ever been a part of here at DU

Any Falcons or Eagles nesting where you live?

The March Photo Conest Finals are up in GD.

Friday Morning Question

Extremely cheesy/bad but fun movies

My laparoscopic surgery for diverticulitis will be on April 9. Anybody here have this surgery?

Who will win, Georgetown vs. Ohio State?

Question for parents and those considering becoming parents.

Friday afternoon picture thread

Lets rag on Richmond City proper folks now.

Do you accept orthodox Trinitarianism?

Catholic League Angered Over Chocolate Jesus, Bunny Rabbits Still Okay

Do people really believe in something as incomprehensible as the Trinity? the finals!!

The Wisconsin Badger women in the finals of NIT!!!

Scientists Developing Drugs That Could Eliminate Traumatic Events From Our Memories

Republicans strip money to fix Vet Hospitals from budget

Any posters?

Good diary at dkos about Klamath salmon, mentions Kerry efforts

Cape Wind project passes environmental approval check

Blogger Call

One's political stock price sure does fluctuate: Kerry & Webb

Mining safety agency imposes $1.5M fine on Massey Energy for W.Va. mine violations

Analysis: Iraq oil union has storied past

McDonald's, KFC (China) Probed for Wage Abuses

Smithfield critics to protest at groceries (on Saturday 3-31)

Our new forum is open for business!!!

Wounds of War Part One

Wounds of War Part Two

Eva Cassidy - People Get Ready

Bring' Em Home

Schumer's opening statement at the Sampson hearing

It's time for the US to repent - stop the Iraq War now!

Washington Peace March 1971

US Backed "Death Squads" In Iraq ***Warning Very Disturbing

Peanut Butter, The Atheist's Nightmare!


Resisting the Drums of War

"Dubya Gets High" Animated Music Video Hillarious!!!!!

What happened to the Baker/Hamilton report?

ok, so Lam was fired for weak on Immigration and Iglesias for weak on voter fraud?

The Daily Show interview about the book on the "Stanford Prison Guard" experiment was v. interesting

US "would do whatever was necessary and legal to prevent Iraq from losing the war with Iran

2 combat wounded specials by CNN and MSNBC, good thing, right ?

Bush tries to stay visible as his power disappears = headline from TEXAS newspaper article

Damn. This kid gets a grand a month for doing what we do for free

Iran to Broadcast Sailor's Confession (AP)

Always make sure your mike is turned off

It takes much more a man, to stand by your sick wife ....

Ripping off the heads (tops) of small animals?!?!?!

4 years later Iraq is a nation in ruins

No matter how you look at it, Gonzales has to go. He is either


10-year-olds attack, beat homeless man, police say (another FlorDUH...

It's the Pesticides, stupid. All of us are to blame.

Talk about Homeschooling... Class of One... great pictures and story

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

U.S. Senate races 2008: Rove's take

Just heard on Philly Radio RW 1210 re: Maher's show tonight:

Shock and awe for the US

The Day The Nazi Died: it just bears repeating.

Monarch's remarks provoke rare US retort

The war claimed at least 300,000 Iranian lives and injured more than 500,000

Parkinson's drug pulled from market (Permax/pergolide)

International Crisis & Neutrality US Foreign Policy Toward the Iran/Iraq War

Fired U.S. Attorney was pressured to go after "adult" pornography

Video.."Sampson Would Not Fire Inglesias"....In his last round of questioning,

Iraq's agony: 'Don't go out, they'll kill you'

You guys see this about Cindy Sheehan's Crawford Peace House troubles?

Police Pursue 'Dick Cheney'

Listen to the kids...

whitehouse blackberrys and RNC e-mail accounts

Bush "tepidly" mouths support for Gone-zo

My take on Kyle Sampson.

TPM Muckraker: Malfeasance At Fish and Wildlife Service

James Madison on the firing of US attorneys

Jessica Lunsford's father considering a run for the FL House.

High-Ranking DHS Official Resigns Two Days Before Major FEMA Reorganization

Editor&Publisher: Bush and the blogging Baghdad brothers

Bill Bradley, former senator and presidential candidate,

Dr. James Dobson demanded Fred Thompson express Christian faith

ICANN Rejects Creation of '.xxx' Domain (AP)

SOP for Blue Cross in dealing with claims:

Now we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, WHY...

Republicans "DON'T REMEMBER" anything. Ever. It's become a comedy.

"Mass. Gov. Seeks Stem Cell Rule Reversal"

How much money and power is "enough"?

Underneath the Medals Bush Will Hide Behind at Walter Reed

Four Retired Military Officers Urge Bush to Avoid Using Soldiers as Backdrop in Political Battle

The US Attorney scandal REQUIRES investigation of Members of Congress ....

More Airplane Hysteria - Girl kicked off of plane for coughing

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri. March 30 -- bubble fiddles

White House Backs Attorney General

Did you know Congress is now adjourned until APRIL 16th?

Ex Air Force official and "Fox News analyst" via WSJ pushes for regime change in Iran

Keroack is now gone at women's health office

Juan Cole exposes more of Bush's BS on Iraq.......

Captive soldier says bring the troops home

has anyone noticed you can't get to Stephanie Miller on line

From what I read, today we are doing in Iraq exactly what most Americans

Web-Gambling Ban in U.S. Ruled Illegal by WTO in Case Brought by Antigua

Iran's Supreme Council corralling Ahmadinejad?

The Rude Pundit: What Would Chocolate Jesus Do?

Can Someone Please Re-Post that Clinton Didn't Lie Thread?

anyone watching Washington Journal? Brian Lamb is yelling at Republican callers

Release the detained Iranians!

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

FDA: NEW killer found in pet food -- NO rat poison found; it's Melamine

Open Letter to Bush, Olmert, the US Congress, AIPAC & Others on the Dangers of War with Iran

Imagine if Los Angeles or some other city WAS just like Baghdad

US hit more targets in one hour than were hit during the entire 43-day Iraq air campaign of 1991

I guess the US taxpayer abuse doesn't matter.

Sen. Hatch re: Attorney-gate: "It's a waste of time. They have no evidence, just innuendo."

Is this the height of hypocritical irony or what?

Emotional Reunion - Sailor Suprises 6 year old Son in Classroom

Check out this Bush/Byrd/Reid pic...

C'mon, Alberto. . You're not "one of them". . They've tossed you overboard!

Testimony by Giuliani Indicates He Was Briefed on Kerik in ’00

WH Daily Press Briefing coming up shortly (on now! 12:49 eastern)

There is no Agreed Iraq/Iran Maritime Boundary in the Gulf

Al Sadr calls for mass protest on April 9

Promises Promises Bush At Walter Reed

Tonights lineup on Real Time with Bill Maher

FBI chief blames computers for privacy flap

I heard Poodle on CNN whining about the "Geneva Conventions" regarding

OK Networks--quit showing the confessions of the Brits in Iran...

My Benchmarks for a Better America

Neil Bush of Saudi Arabia

John McCain: you now have 2 weeks vacation, why not go to Iraq??

A Few Problems With The Supplemental Spending Bill

It appears that Republicans were playing games with yesterday's hearings

Japanese company develops android to care for elderly

Post reports Sampson said 122 times in testimony "I don't remember" ....

Nearly 400 killed in Iraq bloodletting

2nd Annual Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington - May 12-16th, 2007

U.S. Objects to Saudi Description of Iraq As Occupied

What happened to the momentum?

Hey, is it worth a shot trying to send some e-mail to

Pentagon still in denial over Iraq's civil war invokes Saddam

'I solemnly swear to tell some of the truth some of the time, so help me Bob'

Terror Warnings/Attacks are the Crack Cocaine of this Admin. - And they're going Cold Turkey...

Implications of the Offer of a Prisoner Swap Between the U.S. and Iran

Cheney sings the songs you know by heart to the Republic Jewish Coalition..

The Minuteman Project might be gone in a minute

Bush to do photo-op at Walter Reed

I got this from Barney Frank today

Now the "poorer" immigrants can buy their citizenship too!

CAPTION the Bush Cabinet meeting

"Daddy! Tearful surprise homecoming" (MSNBC video)

Cuckold a Friday with a CAPTION!!!!

Burger King shifts policy on treatment of animals

120,000 U.S. vets receive compensation for their hemorrhoids.

Being under oath

Op/Ed: Responding to a "Blame Clinton" YouTube Wingnut. (funny!)

WH Spokesman: emails sent by staff members via the RNC e-mail system are archived and saved

New Democratic Majority Steps Up and Challenges Iraq/Niger Uranium Claim, Wants Deposition From Rice

Bird flu: a bonanza for 'Big Chicken'

DU's Demopedia makes into Eric Alterman's blog today.

Romney/Sanford? Romney/Gingrich? OR .... (drum roll please)

The Daily Howler Examines the "Mars is Warming!" Silliness

Krauthammer consults martians re: US mideast policy!!!

* photo op at Walter Reed - pics

Green Zone alert proves McCain dead wrong about strolling Baghdad

Have ya'll seen "What we call the News" by Jib-jab?

Rove aide subpoenaed; WH Political Director resigns; AG perjured himself? What's FOX Noise cover???

Cindy Sheehan: Peace Awards (DUer Ava talkes home cash prize for 'young peace activist'! ):

HA! Check out Cafferty's second hour question?

Who's lying?

What Could Possibly Be The Friday Night News Dump This Week?

"Senate Plans Stem Cell Vote in April"

Bush: "I appreciate that soldiers have got a Mac"

I finally figured out Shrub's true calling in life

Global Warming is the one thing you can't hold anybody accountable for

I would like to see an Iraqi vote - Yes / No - do you support the American occupation

McCain hangs out with the Riddler

Press release: "Christian group ORDERED TO STOP PRAYING on sidewalk in DC by Feds"

Bizarre exchange with someone re: dog food contamination...

Chris Matthews has it bad for Fred Thompson

USS Cole suspect 'tortured by US'

Regarding Sampson's *quip* about Fitzgerald

Howard Kurtz: "Does everyone in the Bush administration have amnesia?"

Most drivers now shrug off soaring gas prices, adjust driving habits only slightly

Giuliani says "I don't remember" when asked about 00 briefings on Kerik's Corruption!

This morning's giggle.

Laura Bush at the CeaseFire CEO Summit - pic

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is a genocide denier. I wonder why?

Words I never want to hear again! add your own

Critics Question Economics of Logging in Largest National Forest

Republican shut down of Justice Dept hearings - raises a few more questions

"Report: Gov. Gibbons Aided Wife's Client" ANOTHER corrupt REPUBLICAN!

Did the news from Moscow about a U.S. invasion of Iran help...

Mercury in energy-saving bulbs worries scientists

Congress Challenges Labor Board Anti-Union Definitions

Barbara Bush visits Tennessee school: "She has the same compassion I see in my teachers!"

Who do you believe in the Iran--Great Britain Stand-off

Is Dingle a bad judgment enabler?

Bush Caught Hyping False Iraq Spending Deadline

I think they have already perfected cloning

The White House lashed Congress Friday for going on "vacation"

Waxman To Rice: Your Days Of Blowing Off My Letters (About "16 Words" Uranium Claim) Are Over

Over 20 people killed, wounded in U.S. shellfire on Iraqi village

Compare these two pictures

"Girl in Texas prison controversy to go free, lawmaker says"

can we have a Pod Cast section to share downloads.. i listen to AAR Pods at work, need some other

IMPT. All Bank of America Credit Card Holders

Newspeak coinage: MiniSafe

Looking for clip about the 1991 satelite image hoax

9/11 could pose challenges for Giuliani's '08 run

when did Kerry call this administration the most corrupt ever? n/t

this is scary... Americans are not stupid ?

House Dems Want Former Abramoff, Rove Aide Ralston For Questions

High school newspaper's "sex" edition causes uproar.

Michael Savage just pulled a Ann Coulter type blunder--- but a 1000 times worst.

'Arrow (Israeli ABM system) can fully protect against Iran'

Sandinistas Wage a New War - Against Hunger

Planet Earth! on Oprah Now!

University of Toledo: Alleged point-shaving scheme (football)

Gonzales Says Again He Won't Resign

Caption *

General says U.S. Army has lost 130 helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan

Witnesses: Police lacked cause to kill suspect

Bush worshiping "Jesus Camp"

"You can't look at cutting your kids back on milk, what are you going to give them, soda?"

The Most Hated Family in America

Based on this White House Staff Salary List (by Alexis Simendinger)

Yesterday (March 29, 2007) FIFTH Most Deadly Day In Iraq Since War Began

I'm perplexed about something I heard on KO last night...

Pet shelters in need of food donations

Just for shits and giggles, take a look at what the GOP

The most disturbing thing about the Rove Rap was David Gregory

Well, another Friday has gone by and Gonzales is still employed

Just Got off the Phone w/ NUTRO - Dry Dog Food...

Over HALF A MILLION Dead Iraqis - - "They hate our freedoms..."

What does EIB stand for?

Just Got A Call From Son in L.A. Forrest Fire in Hollywood!

Joe Conason: "The Precious Flower Turd Blossom Must Be Protected At All Costs"

Man Claims He Was Fired For Not Attending Church

CNN already proclaiming that Rove comes out clean, reports "no smoking gun"

More immigrants getting killed in Arizona. What is going on?

Max Cleland On Situation Room CNN: "The President Speaks With Fork-ed Tongue..."

Kristin Gore's inside-the-Beltway political novel to be made into film

IAMS dry food is not or will not be involved in ANY recall.

They cancelled Chocolate Jesus show

I'm worried about my cat...

PHOTO: Behold your handiwork, Mr. President

Who is this Ann Altsomething that Crooks & Liars is ragin' on all of a sudden

US says no to swap of UK sailors for Iranians held by US/UK coalition in Iraq

Albright called Mike Barnacle 'Tim'.

A Post-Veto Letter from Dems to George Bush: YOU Propose the Limitations

2 things I did not know about Mitt

I just have to read this every once in awhile to keep from screaming.

Did anyone see Amy Goodmans face after she viewed Roves rap ?

Oh "My Sweet Lord"! The shocking continuing war on Christians.

CNN calling Brits hostages....about 5:14 PM CDT. ABC did last night

Death toll in Iraq rises to 400 in four days, but you would never know it....

City maintenance worker showered with blood....animal AND human...

Why do some of the avatars here state "Avatar Removed Due to Legal Threat From Fox"?

A request to all pun-nishing members.

Bush Admin. Seeks Clarification Of Saudi Definition Of "Illegitimate Occupation"

Notice how the right wing pundits have stopped commenting on how MANY

You know...bush is right...he is a uniter not a divder Before him I sometimes voted Repuke..heck I

I find the FDA to be highly irresponsible

Watching Kyle Sampson's testimony from yesterday's DoJ firings hearing

Resisting the Drums of War

AP: Gen. Tried to Warn Bush on Tillman

Bush to media at WR (don't notice the missing legs) "Make sure you get a picture of the tattoo"

I'm afraid America is stupid enough to vote Fred Thompson president

Don't Blame our Vets and the Products they Sold..DIG DEEPER!

Sovereign Democracy

Actually had to agree with Clark Howard on something

U.S. and U.K. have no moral ground to stand on when complaining about video tapes of soldiers...

Rudy backs off talk of 2-for-1 presidency

Jeff Greenfield jumping from CNN to CBS

A Child's Father Returns

NPR This Morning: bu$h Said gonzAllAss Can"Fix His Own Mess"

I see alot of thick smoke coming from the Hollywood Hills

O'Idiot takes on KOS tonight

The View is all going on vacation next week...

Correspondent's Dinner. A few days late, but appalled none the less.

One Thing George W. Has To Be Commended For

"Large amount" of blood sprays out of Minneapolis sewer -- covers worker, gets in his mouth.

You have to admit the video of the British Marine was in stark contrast to the Abu Ghraib photos

ourbluenation appreciation thread!

Max Cleland on Wolfie

Obama: Bush not respecting constitution

Did you hear The Young Turks destroy Jackie Mason this morning? (AUDIO)

Lawfirm that contributed to chimp involved in tax fraud (DOJ won't prosecute)

Another Open Mind

The Most Hated Family in America (BBC)

Will Pelosi and Reid cave on the troop withdrawal date?

16 year old removed from flight for coughing

Anyone that supports the war in Iraq is immoral and inhuman - discuss

So what's the Friday news dump DUers

"Executive privilege may not extend to private email accounts provided by the RNC. "

A young Rove in 1972 CBS news video:

Uninsured motorcyclist charged $12K for a broken rib

Waxman to Rice: Come Testify about Falsified Niger Uranium Claims

Waxman requests Condi to testify re: Niger-gate and other pre-war lies

Another pic begging for a caption...

Want to see a fundy right-wing Bush-worshipping coward?

Bush promises vets a better Walter Reed-"I appreciate that soldiers have got a Mac" to communicate..

14-yr Old Girl in prison for shoving hall monitor to be RELEASED TOMORROW

WTF??? Naked man driving church van arrested

More Cat Food Follies...

Here's a great example of the looming sub-prime implosion

Todays irony--Illegal Aliens Hired to Build Fence to Keep Themselves Out

GOP accuses Democrats of circulating nude photos of governor’s aide

Saw my first Obama bumper sticker today!

The Tom Cruise Curse- who will he play next?

If Iran Is In The Right, Why Are The UN And The EU Backing Britain?

Jesus!! Is Henry Waxman the "energizer bunny of justice" or what?

I was just watching last night's Olbermann

America is done for

Have any of you TV Media Watchers like me seen "Fair & Balanced Coverage" of the Weeks Events in DC?

BUSH's LONG HISTORY OF TILTING JUSTICE-Long Before DOJ Scandal & Clearly Done To Influence Elections

Holy CRAP! There's a big fire in the Hollywood Hills

This Week In Review: Investigations Re: Administration Oversight

(CBS Iraq) Allen Pizzey: we'd be glad to lend McCain a camera so he can record his experience

RE: melamine in pet food: can we share recipes/information for home-made dog-cat food?

"...the atmosphere around Couric has turned poisonous."

***Please keep kicked: DUzy Awards Delayed until Saturday***

100 yo woman wants to wring Bush's neck

Obama: Bush not respecting Constitution

Oops!, They've done it again..Challenged our SwampRat

The Tuskegee Airmen have to BUY their own medals. Unbelievable -link added

How we FIX it.

...And the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the week is... drumroll please...

. . biggest swindles in history--the great Iraq oil robbery. . .

“Tron” movie called “sensitive” by Homeland Security, must be pulled from shelves

We. Are. Fucked. No seriously, we are in some major trouble.

I'm gonna try to get this out one more time! Pay attention. (Lam)

Bush's "Progress" in Iraq killed over 500 in the past week

Texas justice: Man shoots wife's lover but isn't charged; wife faces manslaughter indictment.

The complete list of countries Iran has helped

Mike Luckovich NAILS McCain (Gotta love it!)

Food(human and pet) recalls. Check this out. Amazing!

OMFG!!!! I can prove the 2004 caging list came from the Republican Party of Florida!

RE: Quashing Deposition Subpoenas and Kyle Sampson

Giuliani has Sampson's CRS disease, too. Can't remember Grand Jury testimony about Kerik:

May 17, 2007: Plame Judge Hears Dismissal Motion

Like squatters, Bush and Cheney are laying claim to unconstitutional power. . .

Wheee!!! Gas has risen nearly $1/gal here in only 2 months' time!

A call to action to support community action against a corrupt local government.

Oh gag, I think Junior's about to cry

William Greider, The Nation: "The nation has arrived at an extraordinary political moment."

A psychiatrist's impression of *

FDA testing reveals chemical in pet food

Lies about U.S. attorney purge continue, fired prosecutor says

Bush follows the Costanza doctrine: do the opposite of what you should do. Financial Times article.

If I had known this I'd have picked my own cotton...

*Royal Canin* pet food - DEADLY doses of Vitamin D - lawsuit

U.S. Carrier Nimitz to Deploy to Persian Gulf - 15 warships in the Gulf

Why I can't say Iran is wrong

More scholars and others call Bush worst president ever; New book traces lifelong Bushies deceit

Iran accuses British forces of launching "provocative act" against its consulate in Iraq

The MSM, six years of Bush scandals, and the gap between Ward 54 and Building 18

Iran to stop pricing oil in dollars.

This really deserves to be seen. Remember the God Warrior? She's with Bush now....

** NEW RECALL ** Science Diet: Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalls Feline m/d Dry Diet

Bush Shows Up Six Weeks Late to View Devastation From 'Hurricane Walter Reed'

Election thief Acosta (Asst. Atty Gen. Civil Rights '03-'05)

I have just about had enough

Chavez/Venezuela bypasses IMF, forms new Bank of the South

Reid: Non-Partisan Budget Experts Confirm Bush is Misleading Public on War Funding Needs

Office discussion: Rudy beats Hillary and Obama

Should the Bush Administration and the RNC ultimately be charged with RICO violations?

My Views on Specialist Town’s & the other 22,500 Phony Military Diagnoses of “Personality Disorder"

Bill O'Reilly is ORDERING ABC to Fire Rosie O'Donnell

Panel Asks Rove for Information on '08 Election Presentation

Karen Hughes in India visiting formerly US jobs; says we are undereducated.

The illusion of it monopoly yet???

Credit cards/ charge accounts USED to be for convenience

Death Squad in Delaware - The case of the murdered Marine

Assembly of God Church sells mobile home park from under missionaries and retired pastors.

World Net Daily Really Rooting for Nuclear War

Lieberman says Gonzales must 'look into his own heart and soul'

Waxman Requests Deposition of Former White House Aide Susan Ralston

March Photo Contest FINALS. Theme: TRANQUILITY

BREAKING: Rove Aide Resigns (Sara Taylor)

Congress Investigates Plans To Target '08 Dems

Famed Attorney Martin Garbus Reveals the Horrors Ahead from a Winger Supreme Court

Pet food recall extended to Hills????

*** FDA Reveals What's Been Killing Pets: Melamine ***

How many employees of Goldman Sachs are serving in Iraq?

Religious Right Claims Hate-Crimes Law an Attack on Christianity

U.S. Attorney Botches Biggest Ever Tax Fraud Case, Keeps Job

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Happy

Happy Birthday President Gore

UPDATE: Elizabeth Edwards Says Thank You to the DU

How many of you consider yourselves socialists or anarchists or anarcho-socialists?

Would those familiar with organic pet food please post information?

Former US Atty says goal of Bush's DOJ was to fix elections.

One of George Bush's "benchmarks" for Iraq to meet requires them to hand over their oil to Exxon

The new Kucinich my space.

Bush surrounded by Republican Congresscritters today. I saw

Giuliani Faces Questions About Sept. 11 (AP)

Guiliani Lied. He knew about Kerik's problems when he appointed him PC

Bill Scher: Politics Over Performance (from

Kyle et al political hacks; claim no intimate knowledge of high stakes political cases

Could someone explain to what exactly Giuliani has to offer this country other than...

Now this is the man that CAN win the general election on our side

If this week has proven anything it is that they are NOT Nazis

The 1st Quarter: Final Predictions: UPDATED (fundraising)

Rasmussen: Congress job perf. is 20% Good, 41% Fair, 38% Poor

How Sampson Drove The Bus Over Gonzo!

Angry Clinton confronts McCain on Senate floor over blocked 9/11 funds

Is congress leaning on the oil companies at all?

Here's another scary thought

If I ever commit a crime, I hope Tucker is the only eyewitness.

C&L has GSA hearing video-Lurita Doan paranoid about her fingerprints

Here's the link to version 2 of my Stephen Colbert's video editing contest rough cut!

Wouldn't it have gone better if Dems had left out other items except for war funds?

The Global Scramble for Black Gold

Wesley Clark: In Iranian Paper!!

The Real Bloggers of Baghdad

What is about the Bush administration that causes memory loss?

NJ Gov. Corzine to endorse Hillary Clinton


Clooney steps cautiously into Obama's camp, understanding celebrity can have negative effect

Can "I DON'T RECALL" be considered perjury?

Bush Promises to Fix Problems at Walter Reed

Someone please explain to me how U.S. Attorney's and how the process

Democratic Committee requests deposition from Secretary of State over Niger forgeries and Iraq

Photos of Barack Obama in Tallahassee, Florida, today

How can anybody be a liability to george w. bush?

Teach Bush To Google (David Corn at The Nation)

One more bad apple

Only the red felt on the witness table concealed the blood.

If Iran keeps the Sailors indefinitely with no defense and no trial

WaPo: Panel Asks Rove for Information on '08 Election Presentation

Things Better In Ira

Help me decide

waxmans on Ralston for next week

The "curious" team of former US presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton in Orlando yesterday

Hey! Our Dems are Learning to keep their Internets Fed! Susan Ralston (Abramoff )to appear April 5

deep red

Lack of ice kills thousands of seals but cull will continue

Note to Tucker Carlson

Question for all you political junkies?

Governor Dean calls Bush out on his Walter Reed photo-op.

Bush: "Ah, those were the good old days."

More potential 2004 election illegalities rock Ohio's Hocking County as Cleveland braces for a legal

Dry pet food producers also received chemical-tainted supply

Please urge Congress to subpoena John Ashcroft re: U.S. Attorney scandal.

Rudy Giuliani — The Man Who Would Be King

Top General Warned Bush about Claiming Tillman Died in Ambush

Clark: "Bush Iran Policy Hurts Israel"; detained sailors shows administration's policy not working.

At Capitol Rally, House Members Call for "Prayer Wall" around America

Bill Richardson Plans North Korea Trip

Question for the next press conference:

Reid Debunks McCain-Bush Fantasy Baghdad

Here's hoping Gonzo stays....and stays.....

Dumb Stuff Republicans Say On The Senate Floor

I wondered where Wes Clark was...He is a busy guy!!

Obama: Bush not respecting constitution

Kucinich: Small Business Growth

Gore might go GREEN PARTY?! Is this legit?! (UPDATE--NO!!)

Guiliani whoops Hillary and edges out Obama in new Times Poll

Liars & Firers & MIA Miers, Oh My!

From MyDD: Rev. Jesse Jackson Denounces the CBC's planned debate with Fox News

Howard Dean — What a Guy! (Wonkette "Wonk'd" Sighting)

CNN/Schneider is lying about the Pew poll. . .

Time Poll: Public - Republicans Can't Dance Worth Sh*t (Though Neither Can Gore)

TPM Compare And Contrast: Hillary And Obama's Votes On Iraq

Caption this Pelosi photo.....

So Iran is likely torturing or terrifying the Briton POW's. But we have justified it by doing it

A Hearty Well-Done to Senator Kerry's Swiftboat Shipmates

Stewart's Moment of Zen last night...Edward's vanity

Do you see evidence of a network of criminal conspiracy in the Bush administration?

John Edwards gets a 9% boost in the polls?!

Anyone else just see Bill Press on CNN pumping up Hillary and dissing both Obama and Edwards

The thing I find most amusing about the Hillary "Pumpers"

A desperate McCain denies he was close to leaving GOP and trashes John Kerry in the process

Edwards vows to win West Virginia in 2008

Edwards Leads McCain 47% to 38%, and Romney 55% to 29% (Rasmussen)

Karl Rove and the China Syndrome (

White House on Pelosi Mideast trip: "I don't know what she's trying to accomplish"

Easter Attack On Iran/ New 9.11 or Worse?

Dems failure to purge Gonzales...

Can a Democrat beat Fred Thompson in a general election?

Carville responds about his dual roles as CNN analyst and Clinton fundraiser.