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Archives: March 3, 2007

Others To Choose From by David Michael Green

Wikipedia is not always right ---Guardian News Blog By Matthew Weaver

Keep Your Eyes On the Lies: David Michael Green

Bush and Today's Extremist Republicans: Greed and Ideology Uber Alles (Above Everything Else)

CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines - Guardian

Can somebody point me in the right direction? Please?

Solar power by day, hydrogen by night

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israelis must choose between 'fortress mentality' or peace

YouTube(Google owns YouTube) and BBC have merged.

Sound, shockwaves and transformer explosions

These are reasonable collapse scenarios for WTC7: Can anyone rebut?

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israelis must choose between 'fortress mentality' or peace

Committee subpoenas former Walter Reed chief

Govt. Picks Design for Nuclear Warhead

Maj. Gen. Eric Schoomaker named new Walter Reed head

100,000 Portuguese workers protest budget cuts

AP: Iraq Rebuilding Critic Joins State Dept.

Bush aides tied to Denver 3 case

Boeing takes step to shut down C-17 production

WP: White House Backed U.S. Attorney Firings, Officials Say

Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a "Faggot"

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Look at my silly Hank-y poo!!!!!

Anyone else got the flu?? I do, and it sucks weasel testes.

It's Friday night and I have nothing to do

Big Pussy quits....


It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!

St Louis DUer's......Jeff Smith documentary

oops I think I OD'd on the yeast

This is a cause we may all want to consider.

Anyone notice the music on Malloy's show, when he talked about Coulter?

If I ever answer the phone again, please shoot me

I wrote a check for almost 3 grand today.

Which DU'er Would You Want To Meet the Most

For the first time in my life, I am disappointed by HP - no Vista support for my old printer

Can we please have some of that famous Lounge mojo?

Dear guy across the street:

Name A Band

If Your Grandpa Was Nuts, but still gave you Words To Live By

Guerilla gardening

If I win this Mega Millions jackpot, you know what I'm gonna do?

People Are

Hey teachers....what's the funniest thing people say to you...

Chickens flying everywhere around the plane

Any good and cheap Mac versions of....

my houseplant have to much acid in the soil..

I think I want to be a librarian...

Where You Live Is The Worst...

If You Were Asleep, What Would Others Hear You Mumbling?

Let's build the absolutely most pure candidate that can't be called DINO - come on!!


Where You Live Is the Best

there is not enough discussion on how awesome Hank III is

Spring as arrived , I bought a new Deluxe Ice Shaver to go with my Ice Tea Maker.

Have a good weekend, fuckers.

Name a band in which the primary vocalist CAN sing

Has anyone read "The Great Limbaugh Con"

Accept it losers: Pantera was a fucking awesome band!

BREAKING: Hillary switching perfumes; now uses Eau de Anna Nicole

Can you find a new PC without Vista pre-installed?

My husband talks to cats.

I'll be getting my car back tomorrow


Attack Of Two Killer Clowns On Me...

I'll say this about smoking...

In a gada davida baby...

I wrote a check for 10 bucks today.

Which do you want to do when someone ticks you off?

Nirvana doesn't totally suck

Best TV game show host?

How come this smiley doesn't have arms?

So, say you're just sort of seeing this guy

Does anyone else think that Nickelback is one of the most obnoxiously terrible bands of all time?

I just found out I was fired.

Talk to y'all later... I am off for four days. This is the first birthday I have had off in 2 years

I wrote a check for almost 4 grand today.

Look at all the birds!!!!

What's the difference between a rod and a staff?

Timing this Lunar Eclipse for Washington DC

Concordance on March 3: Balance in us and in our world

Creating Coherence for Global Awakening and Oneness

Where is the link Rumpel posted

Eclipse on March 3rd - my birthday!

Today. I got it.

Another kick ass immune booster besides colloidal silver.

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes Kos's writing style works. Harry's "Fuck Democrats" week

this post proves the difficulty that Kerry

What do you do to counteract the outright lies of far left Counterpunch?

Merck, Sanofi end Gardasil studies due to "success"

Virginia Second State To Require Cancer Vaccine For Girls

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

"Faggot".."Our Blacks are Better than Their Blacks" - a day with Ann Coulter

A Love Letter to Ann Coulter....

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 2, 2007***

"Ahm goin ta Alabama with a heavy hort, ta see the victims of the tornadas."

What do you all think about this?

Hypothetical question - the year's 1988 and you live in Connecticut

George Takei should do another PSA regarding Anthrax Coulter

If Tweety doesn't get a Hillary-Rudy race,

Yet another Republican criminal goes free

Foreclosures rising among high-risk US mortgages

Wes Clark on Democracy Now! for the hour. Watching on FSTV. You

Is Ann Coulters sour grapes re Edwards.....

Did you see this one -

Thank GOD: AP issued week-long ban on news about Paris Hilton

Let the enablers help out the vet's

Thank you Ann. Coli, ya filthy slag

Breaking: President Bush has Walter Reed fired.

Jan 2009 - The End of an Error

How do you rate "America: Freedom to Fascism"

Irony, Ann Coutler, and Homophobia

The True Face of George Bush

Federal Appeals Court Denies Day in Court for Victim of CIA Kidnapping, Citing “State Secrets”

Why Is The MSM Playing Coulter's Clip With the F Word Unbleeped?

Freeptards orgasming over death of lady who wouldn't get abortion to save her life

Nancy Grace producers make stunning programming announcement

The Battle for Sadr City

now buried, Anna Nicole is STILL dead! in other news, Gen. Kiley is booted,

Delusional Sociopaths Drool and Self-Flagellate in Support of the Liar King

Anyone out there who remembers the CAGING capture?

Hang COULTER around the neck of EVERY GOP candidate in '08

Sign petition to take on Fox News.

Student rebels in Iran expelled and earmarked for army (Guardian)

Help! If an investigator from a District Attorney's Office comes to your door

Newsweek: The Case of the Missing Movie (interrogations of Jose Padilla)

People for the American Way kicks the tar out of CPAC

RAWSTORY: US court throws out CIA torture case, cites "nat'l security"

Ya know, If I had a disaster in my town, I wouldn't WANT Shrub to visit!

Raw Story: 'Shocking' Program Could Carve $60 Mil From HIV/AIDS Prevention Budget

what was the most GLARING absence at the CPAC gathering?

AP: Geico Cavemen May Get Own TV Show

Onion cartoonist really sticks it to those simpering libs

Real ID A Real Nightmare

CEO parachute deals come to light in new filings

Viewer's Guide: March 3 Total Lunar Eclipse (Totality 5:44-6:58P EST)

VIDEO: Marine with Brain Injury refused treatment by VA

On the VP visiting war zones:

Filthy Slag Ann. Coli is trying to be Sarah Silverman, who is cute and doesn't have an adam's apple

Is this what Conservatism has become?

Switzerland just invaded Lichtenstein

Senate Appropriations Committee transcript?

Mike Stark: What is Missing at CPAC? (HuffPost)

How to Look up Privatized Walter Reed Contracts

Transcript of Patrick Murphy, D-PA, on Countdown..pray for the troops.

Iraq War: Reader's Digest version.

Matthews is pushing the new meme, "all NY election" Rudy/Hillary and

Mitt Romney's home page (campaign for president)

the time has come to let coulter be coulter

American Blood is the new bait in the new Bait & Switch: The Redirection

I have to ask this

The Nation: Libby Trial: More Waiting, More Jury Notes

Barney Frank on Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight! Here's the guests:

Why do conservatives "get off" on hate?

This one made me think

Real Time starting now.

Real time with Barney Frank (D-MA), Fmr. Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL)

cspan is having Obama, Edwards and Clinton on Road to the White House

PHOTO: "Oy gevalt, get him away from me already!"

Rage Against The Machine-People of the Sun

Lieberman to give Weekly Democratic Radio Address...

Obama: I don’t care how poor you are. You’ve got $5 - promises UHC by end of 1st term

The infamous Tony Blair wank-gesture photo

c-span is repeating cpac fest. when does coulter come on? brownback is on now.

Another Look at the GOP '08 Lineup

NYTimes: "No More Denials, Please" (Attorney Firings)

We Are All Just Animals

RAND Corporation Rethinks Homelessness

Living ‘poor’ in USA and loving it

One more reason to admire Glenn Greenwald's media scrutiny:

So Stephen Spielberg has a stolen Norman Rockwell

Pro-choice should mean exactly that.

If a Coulter falls in the forest ...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Do you believe Hersh when he says Shrub & Cheney really believe

This is from General Clark's interview this AM - scary.

I just learned today that next year, I get to take a semester PAID sabatical

UN Reports that Global Warming Impact is More Extensive Than We Thought

Disgusting: Report prepared by the Whitehouse on emissions by the US

Keith was right-he is a barbarian!

Freeptards pissed they're going to get a liberal nominee and reign of fundy right is over

Alberto Gonzales Appearance Unwelcome By Some Law Students

What is the Worst Company in America?

US selects next-generation nuclear warhead

CNN & HuffPo: Libby Judge Says Cheney Should Have Taken Stand

Bay Area - Bill Moyers Capitol Crimes on PBS now!

Japanese rightwingers trying to outdo America's: Deny Chinese rapes in WWII

Andrew Sullivan comments on Coulter's disgusting appearance today

Rotavirus Vaccine: Once Burned, Twice Shy or Why So Many People Are Skeptical of Vaccines.

What's the hardest thing to fake at DU for fakers?

I just got terminated by having my accounts turned off

Pentagon tries to block testimony by Walter Reed chief.

Some of us here on "DU" are Infected with "Atlas Syndrome."

Came in Late..but did Andrea Koppel say "Privitatization of Walter Reed Hospital" Was Problem?

Portland, OR March DU MeetUp Saturday!

A Decent Respect for the Opinions of Mankind

The last word Matthew Sheppard heard may have been faggot

And the Great Republican whines, "but they volunteered for this"

Saudi Arabian Oil Declines 8% in 2006

Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

ROBERT FISK for the hour w/ Bob McChesney -- Sunday 2PM ET

Yellow ribbons dwindle with war support

UPDATE: Liechtenstein declares WAR against Switzerland.

If Dems don't have votes for impeachment, why not say so and tell public who needs persuading

Book TV Schedule: March 3th - 5th

Do you have any thoughts on Polling Point, the place that asks you to

Walter Reed was privatized by Halliburton subsidiary

Another Halliburton/KBR Key Exec - Dave Swindle - in Leadership of Walter Reed Contractor

Support Iraq Unions being destroyed by Bush via Armed forces raids of their offices

A Mood of Gloom at CPAC

Hillary Clinton on Ed Schultz

Remember the Iraq Liberation Act?

Big Dog coming to Alabama.

Help me here. I don't understand. This is from the Washington

The era of this particular brand of Republicanism is coming to an end (UK Independent)

Establishment Frightened Of African-American Swing to Obama

Well, we sure know who Margaret Carlson loves.

Man to stand trial for sex with Coulter.

Afghan Taliban says sending fighters to Iraq: TV

War is just playing with radio controlled airplanes and boats.

When will Romney, Giuliani, Gingrich, Tancredo, Hunter, etc. denounce Coulter?

I've been out of the loop for awhile... a couple of ?'s and comments

Not that it would be difficult but Gates seems to be an upgrade over....

I think all our candidates thus far announced WAY too soon, imo.

If you missed Mike Stark's diary... read it now. He is at CPAC.

'Dr' This and 'Dr' That ...... is it me or do the bushies overuse this title?

Geo Soros just did this to Haliburton?

OMG!!!! Coulter calls Edwards a faggot

Edwards: "Long past time" to end unfair "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy

New Orleans Survivor Council Turns to Venezuela for Support

Edwards looks to lock up union support in California


Jan. 19, 2008 - Bill Richardson's big chance for a breakthrough...

Maureen Dowd: Where’s His Right Hook?

For Gods and Country - The Army Chaplain Who Wanted to Switch to Wicca? Transfer Denied.

Bush and Republicans: Making America Hell, Convincing us it is Eden

Killing Highlights Risk of Selling Marijuana, Even Legally

Brazen killings stymie efforts to stabilize central Iraq

You have Been TERMINATED

Bush's Woes Will Trail Him to S. America

"If I was Heather Wilson, I'd be thinking about taking a long trip to Baghdad...

Now banks are over-charging customers for information about their over-charging

Bush Staffers Ordered 3 Ejected From Event, Man Says(taxpayer funded event)

Bombshells, Blackguards and General Breakdown

Sirota:Welcome to the Post-Factual Era

New analysis of Bush budget predicts deficit, not surplus

Khaled El-Masri: I Am Not a State Secret (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Robert Kuttner: Beware of Corporate Do-Gooding (Boston Globe, via CommonDreams)

Impeach, Convict, Imprison: A Common Sense Way to End the Iraq War

Larry Johnson: Another Must Read

The Republican candidates -- and Ann Coulter -- try out their acts - By Michael Scherer at Salon

Sydney Schanberg: Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government

Bush Administration push for privatization may have helped create Walter Reed 'disaster'

The Iraq insurgency for beginners - by Kevin Berger at Salon

Scott Ritter: See Hillary Run (from Her Husband's Past on Iraq)

Are Higher Fees for Immigrants a Plan to Stall the Number of Democratic Voters?

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad faulted, Complexity, expense seen as a huge drain

Ethanol to bump up food prices

Dire situation for Vermont maple syrup producers as winters get warmer

"Tech Firms Go Green As E-Waste Mounts"

Living Small ........ small homes

Critics take aim at polar bear listing - AP

Salon | "Switchgrass is cool, dude"

Officials Arrested for Amazon Logging - AP

U.S. Predicting Steady Increase for Emissions

TomPaine: Green, Efficient Excess

Poor Cambodians make big gains with organic farming

Is There A "Sun Spots" Crowd Trying To Disprove Global Warming By Humans?

So All May Drink Wisely From The Colorado

CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines

Seattle company to develop hybrid tugboats

Texas oilman (T. Boone) Pickens says global oil production at its peak

Oregon and Montana considering renewable fuel requirements

DOE would fast track efficiency standards

Saab's Entire Range Goes Flex-Fuel (in the UK)

Ships, not planes, new warming risk

Russia watchdog reports oil leak at TNK-BP unit - Reuters

Monsanto biotech alfalfa lawsuit ratchets up - Reuters

China to spend $250 mln on pollution checks - Reuters

Florida surfers protest gambling ship sewage dumping

Lebanon: Israel releases Lebanese teenager

Former Meretz leader decries 1967 war crimes

Indira Singh Ptech insiders attempte to warn FBI that suspected terrorist financier Yassin al-Qadi

911 Commission - Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony

Ben-Veniste admits 9/11 Commission knew about Tenet briefings

Rep. Dennis Kucinich says Bush Admin Let 911 Happen

9/11 - It's not just about falling buildings, When you believe in things that you don't understand

4 months prior 9/11 Iranian asset provides FBI with specific info

Freepers believe '93 WTC Bombing an Inside Job

Tim Roemer,9-11 Commisioner: Missle hit pentagon.

Is the "caveman" meme racist?

"The New York Wing was the first aircraft in the air over ground zero after September 11"

BBC's Richard Porter - "Part of the conspiracy? (2)"

VTI voting machine company turning up MIA for Cass officials

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, March 3, 2007

Washington Trips coming up

NYT: U.S. Predicting Steady Increase for Emissions: Experts say "unacceptable"

CNN: Clintons, Obama hope to woo black support in Selma

NYT/AP: Critics take aim at proposed listing of polar bear as threatened species

Bush keeps pressure on Democrats on Iraq money

Two oil giants plunge into the wind business

Yellow ribbons dwindle with war support

Blair's unpopularity blamed on Bush friendship

Kuwait acquits ex-Guantanamo inmates

Warm Winters Upset Rhythms of Maple Sugar

Anti-War Voters Strong In Iowa, New Hampshire As 2008 Looms

CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines

FDA cuts slash food inspections - "We have a food-safety crisis on the horizon," official says

6 Sunnis slain for talking with Shiites

Pakistan braces for Taliban backlash after arrest

NYT: Noticeably Absent From the Giuliani Campaign: His Children

Snowstorms sock upper Midwest (March came in like a lion up here)

Algeria says won't host a U.S. base on its territory

Bush's Woes Will Trail Him to S. America

U.S. Urged to Reject Taiwan Missile Sale

Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice

Walter Reed furor claims Army secretary (Gates says Harvey 'resigned")

Gaddafi says fear drives world economic system (Reuters)

Iran war weapons fuel Iraq insurgency (old landmines)

Pakistan: No entry for coalition troops

Bush Prods Congress on Education Law (who wants his legacy engraved with his education policy)

Bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad (Iraq PM says he'll reshuffle Cabinet)

Bush Visits School Devastated by Twister

Bush to visit Ala. school hit by twister (ENTERPRISE)

No Castro Signature on Cuban Cigar Humidors

Bush offers comfort to devastated towns "Out of this rubble will emerge a better tomorrow," Bush sai

U.S. projects 19 percent emissions rise

N.C. company issues voluntary recall of oysters from Texas

Obama, Clinton push Wal-Mart on port security!

Russian anti-Putin demo broken up

E&P: Bush Lunches at Baquet Family New Orleans Eatery: "If you don't get New Orleans straight..."

Reuters: U.S. strikes insurgents targeting helicopters

Dozens Held in Russia Opposition Rally (to protest Russia's roll back from democracy)

Political name-calling at stake in lawsuit

Lieberman gives weekly Democratic speech

Wisconsin Gov. Doyle turns down $600,000 in federal abstinence money

Geren named to top Army post

Iraqi general kidnapped in Baghdad

Obama: Bush Strategy Strengthened Iran

'No reward' for non-nuclear Libya

'Ghost minister' puzzles DR Congo

The Saudis host Iran president amid tensions

Girls at U.N. Meeting Urge Global Action (U.N. Commission on the Status of Women)

Cuba touts decrease in illegal drugs

Police arrest 170 in Copenhagen protests

NYT: Evangelical’s Focus on Climate Draws Fire of Christian Right

Dow posts worst week in more than four years

Christian school loses lawsuit over religious discrimination

Preserve 'core' of No Child Left Behind Act, Bush urges

Reuters: Top Guatemala detective quits in drug killings saga

I don't know how it started, but I've been booing people like crazy lately.

Head Case

This Would Make My Life Complete

Topless wife photo ends man`s pole protest

I suck.

Randi Rhodes White Rose Archives...

Hacked my hair off tonight, out of sheer (or shear!) boredom...

Nother new car purchase question (I'm such a new car newbie!)

Friday night pic thread!

Praised tonight for being "honest".

What to do when the terrorists attack

Got to love Wiki edits re: Ricardo Montalban

Well, my Dad's picked out his next car. A Hummer would be more practical.

I was warned...

Is Line Dancing still popular?

Dupe post. A first!

Dupe post. A first!

Mr. Blue Sky...

master of arts in diplomacy/norwich university

Is there a way of writing superscript (elevated small text next 2 other text) on wordpad or notepad?

I wish you could shoot annoying people in the head with a bazooka

Ghost Rider?

Who would you consider to be the greatest fartknocker?

Well, son of a gun.

Post here and hear (read?) words of wisdom from a drunk


New bumperstickers that my MIL sent me:

mmm. mid-saturday-morning breakfast


is anyone else having problems with

Has anyone here tried human growth hormone releasers?

John Ratzenberger's career hits nadir, joins "Dancing With the Stars" cast

There's a phone in my rear.

Cats talk to my wife.

Londoners Squirm as Public Toilets Grow Scarce; New Loo Is $10


so what's your theory on "The Secret"

What were the Mega Millions numbers last night?

It was six years ago today....

The Stones' Rock and Roll Circus was on PBS last night

I just gagged and nearly hurled off of my back deck. Ask me anything...

GRRR!!!! I came into my office for quiet today and got LOUDNESS instead!!!

**The Departed**

Damn! I'm getting spilkas in my genugtegezoik again!

My daughter's wedding is happening in just over 12 hours!

My baby moves at midnight

How many private massages do you get a day ?

Tax ? attn. CPAsor ATTYs

a few more pictures from Mexico

Oh Lord - fundies from the fringe

I'm going out tonight. But it's too cold to wear my black dress

"I wonder if that's on YouTube" thread.

My husband has started growing hair!

How different would your life be right now if there had been internet in your highschool?

my bombast can whip your hyperbole's ass

Remarks that don't live up to the original

Good tip for movers?

Will "Las Vegas" suck without James Caan and Nikki Cox?

I think Canada should be renamed Peter North

Good ole 'mater sandwich and a cherry coke!! Mmmmm!

I just had a big plate of pitbull scampi at Olive Garden.

my baby moves at 3 am.

Can I ask for some good Vibes for My friend Writer's Hubby?

Video Games,

who wiped boogers on the ashtray?

Both of my sons appear to be left-handed. How should I punish them for it?

What do you recommend for a resume cover letter?

DU lounge needs to have a recipe contest.

We'll if I didn't make the biggest


Reply by typing your subject line with your fingers on the wrong keys

is Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II still sovereign of Canada?

the lounge needs an enema

Remember the trash-to-fuel generator on the car in Back To The Future?

"There's a helicopter hovering over town hall. Looks Russian..."

"The Harder They Come" was on last night

The lounge needs an enigma

the sickening part is . . . i've done reenactments of this at karaoke

Steven Spielberg reports stolen Rockwell painting to FBI (Looks like he's out $700,000)

So where were you when you heard...

My youngest son is 18 today.

There really is a formula for a great film.

Skater's despair

Booze! I want booze!!

Help with the spelling of a word.

Can children see/understand tihngs parents don't or can't, even if it's on a vague level?

Another reason not to swim in the Amazon river.

Got a flyer from my daughter's school - School night at Angel Stadium!

DU cat behaviorists... a question

Got a new avatar - ask me anything

The Dude abides.


Rockit Just Bonked Me with Her Banana!!!

I Wanna Be Sedated...

I thought I hated swimsuit shopping for myself... (A Rant!)

Does anyone else appreciate how totally awesome Ronnie James Dio is?

I think Canada should be renamed North Minnesota

I dreamed about a DUer again last night

If you like can make requests here and listen now online.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/3/2007)

Do you know anyone with a really different first name?

twas a nice foggy morning today in my town (dial ups etc)

No Castro Signature on Cuban Cigar Humidors

"Humanely Euthanized."

simple pleasures--name one

Pack of pit bulls wreaks havoc, biting a man from head to toe

I woke up having dizzy spells this morning..

Any Excel experts around?

Wel, if you buy an Intel-based Mac, you can install XP and run it natively (Not in

ok, so i just did a norton live update and i'm having problems accessing....

There's a phenol in my beer.

Happy birthday FarLeftRage & IntravenusDeMilo!!

How many Private Messages do you get a day ?

There's a phone in my beer.

Happy times are here again ... I got to hear my beloved Twins both yesterday

The Dollar is out .... The Euro is better!!!

I think we should all be relocated to Canada.

Does anybody else have the flu?

Do you think tomorrow night will be the end of James Cameron's career? The next Mel Gibson?

You can fight in this thread

Hello Lounge, Random_Australian is back. Anyone miss me?

Pope Ratso names Kazimierz Nycz new bishop of Warsaw

Okay, which one of you atheists wrote this Conservapedia entry on Atheism?

Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice

Should secular arguments be privileged over religion-based arguments when it comes to public policy?

I'm sorry.

How are people's beliefs formed and how do they change?

Community of Christ poised to break gender barrier

Is there any point in posting at R/T any more?

Repukes attempt "stealth" gay marriage ban in Maryland

Mexican pop star Christian Chavez comes out

Gay Mardi Gras launched in Sydney

Gay Marine rocks the U.S. military

David Chu, and Undersecretary at the DoD says talking about gays in the military helps terrorists

Purported Hate Crime Was Faked

NHL to kick off 07/08 in London,England.

NC State defeats Duke

Prayers for Awareness and Self Love

Cafe astrology for March

Anyone who is around, I could use a bit of energy.

What is the energy (light) we work with?

Article: Stone Age solutions to modern-day depression

Fighting the War: Wilkerson sentenced, activists press Congress

Walter Reed: Not so important to the right-wing blogosphere

Schoomaker new CO for Walter Reed, replaces Kiley

The stolen election of 2004:

New JK blog post

JK supports keeping USS JFK in Boston as museum

OT: The nasty Coultergeist slur against Edwards

Flashback: Republican praises THK on Senate floor - 2002 Heinz Awards

Iraq War Vet Marine, 25yo commits suicide, Bush cuts VA benefits.

New Hampshire REAL ID Protest

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime

Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007

Please Watch This: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) - James Stewart

This was so damn impressive and very very funny.

Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards "Faggot" @ CPAC

Roger Waters - The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range

Congressman using fabricated Lincoln quote to call for the "hanging" of war critics.

Gil Tamary, Israeli reporter, asks Hillary Clinton on Israel

All you have to do is eat right, unless of course you are one of the

I cannot post Monday -

Ohio incest law

Martha Raddatz on Fresh Air This past Thursday. It's pretty good

Just heard something on the "radio" that made me go 'wow'

Another Great Day in Iraq...Heads up, Laura!

Just added a lot of pics and links, came across

The 2008 Election Map

"People think the $12 billion in cash that's missing in Iraq is a big deal, they have no idea,"

Immigration agency outsources food service at detention centers

Giorgio Armani warheads would be my choice

WP "On Faith" Publishes Disgusting Anti-Gay Column By Bob Ragan

Insider trading on electric company sellout in Texas

Need I remind you all again about the friendship pictures I have posted here?

HOORAY! Call Center Job Creation Act Hear Gets Hearing in WA

NYT: No More Denials, Please

BBC gagged over cash for honours inquiry

DC Madam Could Name Names...

Saturn is the lord of the rings

I need an image

Danish protests continue

US court throws out CIA torture case

Bernie Ward starting off with Savage/Etheridge flap--asking: Is Savage gay?

Lunatic Right Returns, Leading Conservatives Are Embracing Former Swift Boaters.

Say goodbye to maple syrup

Gore "swift-boating"

Wounded Troops: Bush's Second Katrina

Americablog Rant About Coulter Remark and GOP Hypocrisy

Dual eclipses foreshadow more political chaos in Thailand

What is the worst government agency?

Walter Reed, Washington Journal and DUers

Warm Winters Upset Rhythms of Maple Sugar

Washington trembles as madam threatens to sell phone records

Ann Coulter

Cspan1 now talking of Mandatory immunizations (HPV) on WJour.

ACLU mulls Supreme Court Appeal in Khaled El-Masri case; Urges Congress to End Human Rights Abuses

Iraqi Air Force shows off rebuilt Huey helicopters (Reuters)

Anti-war group takes fight to Congress

At conservatives' conference, little love is expressed for GOP

Wounded Troops: Bush's Second Katrina

c-span3 - Rumsfeld at Congress from 9/19/02

Blackwater USA question: Why was Cofer Black on TV last night?

Coulter's recent comment about Edwards is despicable

Help.......Need Link....

Yeah, right....

Suppressed Documents Show USDA Has Allowed Horizon to Violate Organic Standards

New Orleans files $77 billion claim against Corps

We have to fight them over here so we don't have to fight over there.

on a roll... Ann Coulter's Bodyguards Harrass Conservative Christian

I'm watching the News, are we still in Iraq?

Freepers Going Wild Over Gore......

Shellman Methodist Church Pastor Arrested for Child Pornography

Junior is arriving in Enterprise, Al. Let the photo op begin.

Londoners Squirm as Public Toilets Grow Scarce; New Loo Is $10

Killer staph infections on the rise. Claim the life of young boy in Dallas.

Why is this Dem willing to believe the Bush administration . . . about nukes?

More shocked and digusted by the day

IAP Worldwide Services awarded over $508 million to provide electricity to Iraq

Forest Grove pastor / volunteer police and fire chaplain arrested for inappropriate sexual touching

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 3/3 ... Military expands policy


We're saved! we're saved! Bush landed in Alabama just now!

Steven Spielberg reports stolen Rockwell painting to FBI (Looks like he's out $700,000)

Guiliani kids estranged from Rudy, not going to campaign

Young faces fury in vets' scandal

LBN headline can't convey this: No matter what, Bush is doing NOTHING about climate change.

Dozens Held in Russia Opposition Rally

Pack of pit bulls wreaks havoc, biting a man from head to toe

White House OK'd Mass Attorney Firings (Washington Post, via Truthout)

Coulter reference to Edwards as "faggot" gives rise to questions for media

Can going Green be fun?

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) the most liberal member of the Senate in 2006

Ann Coulter handled Ann Coulter Style

It's the Economy (Again), Stupid

Does John Edwards even smoke?

Kuwaiti Court Acquits 2 Ex-Gitmo Inmates

Is this a tornado fashion shoot?

FDA cuts slash food inspections - "We have a food-safety crisis on the horizon," official says

Wasabi Spill Spices Up Mealtime for ISS Astronaut

Junior's 'Uncle' Bandar is Meeting with Ahmadinejad Today.

Voters in Flint (Michigan) say yes to medical marijuana

Hillary's Thesis

Algeria Says It Won't Allow U.S. Command

Pakistan: No Entry for Coalition Troops

Has anyone heard of a government agency called "CITIGROUP"?

When the Cameras Weren't Looking, Did Bush Spend Much Time in Alabama?

Vulgar, Curse Filled Ann Coulter Rebuttal - Cleaned Up so as not to offend

Does the man ever take a pic where he doesn't look like a complete moran?

Gore faces new criticism:


Iran war weapons fuel Iraq insurgency (old landmines)

Iran war weapons fuel Iraq insurgency (old landmines)

I have a few comments about Ann Coulter, but you have to go to rehab if you use the words...

Purported Hate Crime Was Faked

Tax ? attn. CPAsor ATTYs

NY Times' Nagourney compares hatemonger Coulter to Sen. Clinton

Surfing around on Newsmeat:

South Africa’s gov’t carries out first large-scale land expropriation

Caution: Barf alert!

Commission E, for those who claim that 90% of all supplements

Iran might want U.S. help against al Qaeda: expert

What can a bird do Ann Coulter CANNOT DO??? whistle thru his pecker...LOL

"BBC-YouTube Pact Seen As 'Win' for Both"

PhotoOP: front page Yahoo--Bush: 'I come down with a heavy heart'

If you've ever wondered what time it is in Iraq, day or night. go here and download desktop earth

Why Hasn't the Media Hounded Donald Rumsfeld for Comments on Walter Reed?

CPAC Co-Sponsors - The Usual Suspects

John Edwards Meets Second Life 'Feces Spewing Obscenity'

Conservapedia has deleted the "Pacific Northwest Arboreal Octopus" entry

Tomgram: Chernus, An American Identity Crisis in a Losing War

LTTE: The Politics of Bigotry

Bush calls for new nuclear warheads and DU collectively shrugs

Kern County may soon have War on Terror memorial -"needs to be done for the morale of people..:"

it just ain't natural!

Hannity at CPAC --- Coulter Wannabe? And, ewwwww

Blackbeard's ship to be fully excavated By STEVE HARTSOE - AP

Orally does not like to be rememberd for his falafel?

Condi Selects Neocon Eliot (World War 4) Cohen As Her Advisor

You may have missed the OTHER personal insults thrown around at CPAC

Status of Tom Delay Case (Abramoff Gunning for Reduced Sentence?)

Interactive Map Showing Religious Make-Up of Every State

If Wes Clark's Vets Group and Habitat for Humanity Teamed to Fix Veteran Healthcare Facilities...

Sy Hersh's video from RealTime on CrooksandLiars now

John Edwards addresses Coulter's Hate

"Best DNC Chair Ever"? The Envelope Please... (Warning Graphic Photos)

LIVE chat now on with Rep. Patrick Murphy, PA-08

U.S. To Build New Hydrogen Bomb

Are we ready for the Senate elections in 2008?

Was the OKC bombing a EU based Gladio type operation?

So they are lining their ducks

Rent these tonight! The US vs John Lennon and Shut Up and Sing (Dixie Chicks)

Okay, here's the question: How is the Attorney General removed from his post?

The best they can do to smear Barack Obama?

There he goes again....(Bush pic)

Steven Weber does ann coulter:

Did Fox's answer to the Daily Show get picked up?

Today is good

Well who would of guess it? the stock market going down is the fault of

Why is John Ashcroft leaning on Gonzales to reject the Sirius/XM merger?

"A third World War with a third antichrist may be upon us."

Is Mike Jones (masseur who outed Ted Haggard) homophobic?

NYT: A New Mystery to Prosecutors: Their Lost Jobs

How to spot a right wing extremist, a response to Joe Klien

Coulter,Conservatism and the Critique by Morte.

Doubts Rise as States Hold Sex Offenders After Prison Terms

Fired Army Secretary Quote, 2005: "Soldiers can rest assured..."

Hmm, Edwards and gays, Edwards and gays, let's see...

4 Years Too Many - Iraq War anniversary events nationwide...

3169 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Have they found Osama?

Alexandria, VA considers unique smoking ban _ through zoning

Best Buy Admits Secret Web Site-can block customers from getting the lowest prices

Yellow ribbons dwindle with war support

I am SICK of the mainstream media using Drudge as a reference

U.S. colleges going smoke-free

"Dutch Crash Burns 3 Tons of Hash"

Those crazy folks in Boston are at it again

So...what's the best plan if the RIAA sues you?

Ex police officer illegally sells 500 guns, many to crooks

Iraqi Leader: Cabinet Shakeup in 2 Weeks

Joe Klein of Time blog - how to spot a "left wing extremist"

CNN will be discussing Ann Coulter's

Full Lunar Eclipse tonight. Be there! ALOHA! Gonna watch?

Dictionary says a "faggot" is an old, dried up unpleasant woman. (Warning GRAPHIC)

OMG... he IS everywhere!

What New Orleans Today, Says About Mister Bush and the Republican Party

CSPAN3 re-playing Colin Powell's crap "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Security Council speech NOW!

Texas Governor and the sex scandal at the Youth Commission. It's gaining steam.

Conyers & House Judiciary Subcommittee Issue Subpoenas: Fired US Attorney Allegations

Percentage of female lawmakers by state

OK, Coulter said it, do we have to repeat it?

I want to post some pictures, but

Matt Browner Hamlin: CPAC: Romney Wants Extremist Love (HuffPost)

GASP! CHOKE! SPIT! Bill Maher was great tonite. Said Cheny was unharmed during the explosion . . .

Independent reporting drew Army coverup, secrecy, delays

Auto industry sues to try and stop more states from adopting California emissions rules

How dumb is your president - really?

I figure CNN will be hiring Ann Coulter soon. To help Glenn Beck.

Mass. Gov. Patrick: Residents can get health insurance for $175 a month through the state

Kansas City Worker Justice Project aims to help Hispanics gain lost wages

Official from tornado-ravaged town: "Bush really acted TOUCHED."

Roxbury, Other VT Towns, To Wrestle With Impeachment (PHOTO of Woman's Iraq U.S. Dead Tally)

McCain: U.S. victory in Iraq is possible

Karl Rove promises to "repaint the state red" (Colorado)

Loony Ladies of the Left

"demand for yellow ribbons has collapsed” & encore performance, "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV

NYT: Noticeably Absent From the Giuliani Campaign: His Children

Post Reporter: ‘We Are Not Spared’ The ‘Nasty, Vulgar E-Mail’ From ‘Liberal Blog’ Readers

Massive Military Effort Tried To Block Reports On Detainee Torture, Deaths

White House Approved And Planned For Attorney Firings

That Sanchez guy on CNN was making fun of * for not knowing

"Libby Jurors: Define 'Reasonable Doubt'"

Bush getting sued for cowardice!

Working Families for Wal-Mart?

Help me out here: exactly what makes this guy a "stalker"???

My list of the 11 worst companies in America

Faggot, Faggot, Faggot

Comedy Fest Names Colbert Person of Year

If I Had Known, I Would Have Shown Him My Bare Ass !!!

When is the Lunar Eclipse tonight?

Do you believe that there are terrorists...

UCS Vanguard Calls Carmakers' Bluff

Real ID Act postponed two years

Please just ignore Ann Coulter since all she wants is attention.

I for one love Ann Coulter and Rush Limabugh.

"Coulter Cash" make the right wing hate machine pay for her venom

US Catholic Bishops Guilty of Material Cooperation With the Objective Evil of Unjust War!

Ann Coulter tried this on before with Bill Clinton...

Internet Radio Under Attack AGAIN

I have heard that you can get all service from one provider

anybody catching the lunar eclipse???

Can some famous idiot please insult my candidate so he can get the national media exposure?

GONZALES To Congress: GET LOST - I Can't Waste My Time Responding To Subpoenas

Why the First Amendment still matters: the story of the little newspaper that could

Lieberman to give weekly Democratic radio speech

Once and for all, can we gather the facts together on "a christian nation"?

Media Matters: Coulter reference to Edwards as "faggot" gives rise to questions for media

Welcome to... Fantasy Economy

I have a question re: marijuana....

Send some good vibes to this thirteen year old girl.

the prez is pawin` the women again! have`t they suffered enough?

Sunday Talk Shows

Sticks and stones

Al Gore To Publish AIT For Young Adults

Did you need another reason to hate WalMart? Action Alert

Check out the "other" DU

So it sounds like the jurors think Libby is guilty but have a tiny amount of doubt

Walter Reed Halts "To Any Wounded Warrior" Mail Shipments

"They couldn't deliver ice...Now they are in charge of support services at Walter Reed"

Giuliani - Hero of New York? The Truth needs to be shared.

U.S. Attorney Massacre: It Just Gets Uglier

question about race / racial perception

My Take on Bush's Veterans Commission looking into VA's and Military Hospitals

Monitoring depleted uranium - Protecting the public against exposure

Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites

Does this bother anyone else? (job posting for food quality person)

Wall St. braces for more turbulence after worst week in 4 years

Yikes!! What are gas prices where you live?

New York Times: Rudy's kids hate wicked stepmom and aren't speaking to him

Perhaps a superbly naive question, but why do pugs claim to hate HRC so much?

Elizabeth Edwards: Hate Words and Us

The next time I hear "...your getting fired was 'a good thing'..."

Pet Safety and Protection Act Introduced (Senate)

Rich Venezuelans, alarmed by Chavez's socialism, head to Florida

Help Waxman Put Walter Reed Head on Hotseat: "Why Has Mail Call Been Cancelled for Wounded Warrior?"

Has anyone seen this movie? "Who Killed the Electric Car?" ((A MUST SEE))

White House Officials Who Shared the CPAC Stage with Ann Coulter Include...

Wow just wow

The use of the word "faggot" towards gay men is offensive and inexcusible.

FDA and CDC Remind Consumers of the Dangers of Drinking Raw Milk

Judge Walton's Memorandum Opinion (Doc. 310)

More Weekend TOONS

Cruel and unusual punishment for inmates?

A week in Doonesbury's Iraq: Trudeau's strips contain more truth than anything in the MSM!

Take A Look At The US Embassy In Baghdad

Are there any non-lunatic, non-religious arguments against homosexuality?

Coulter to speak TODAY at "Reclaiming America for Christ" conference.

We can not win with a strategy of surrender or capitulation

Are there any non-lunatic, non-religious arguments against abortion?

John Nichols: Vermont Puts Impeachment on the Table (The Nation)

One sure way to deal with large corps

GOP launches first attack on Obama

Clinton, Romney are leading Presidential favorites among Dem and GOP National Committees

Surge' needs up to 7,000 more troops (28,500)

Husband/Wife team seek Argentine Presidency.

GOP Lawmakers Tried To Influence Federal Investigation

Republicans TRULY FEAR a Gore candidacy

So Will Harry Reid Now Ask Bernie Sanders To Do A Dem Response?

Coulter's goons beat up a *conservative* critic

FBI Seeks Pakistani Linked to Clinton, Boxer Contributions

Troops still lacking for Afghanistan

Schoomaker new CO for Walter Reed, replaces Kiley

Anti-War Voters Strong In Iowa, New Hampshire As 2008 Looms

The Week in Political Cartoons

Now this is an interesting perspective on Richardson from Uruknet

*Time* to talk back about the myth of the dangerous left

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) says of Cindy Sheehan, who's son died in Iraq: "She's an idiot"

Ann Coulter is not the problem. . .

Great Moments In Presidential Speeches

The most liberal House members based on vote ratings, according to the National Journal:

Confirmed: White House ejected Denver Three.

Military Faces Growing Ranks of Bereaved

Coulter's Take On Romney: He "Hoodwinked" Liberals Into Voting For Him

Hit Coulter with some Change?

The Coulter We Know and Love....

Pentagon: Debating ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Will Stir ‘Divisiveness And Turbulence Across Our Country

because we need all the laughs we can get!!

Kucinich experts: Is there anything Dennis can do to project himself as a real contender?

Attorney firings another Bush adminstration cover-up

Der Mittenfuhrer's Downward Spiral

Calvin Trillin on Rudy...

Walter Reed woes bring turmoil at the top

AG Gonzo too busy to respond to Dems

Senators Squabble Over TSA Provision (amendments would strike the labor rights provision)

Governor Richardson Applauds Legislative Endorsement of Landmark Renewable Energy Bills

Ann Coulter’s Criminal Intent! Her SS troops attack a conservative writer.

How To Make The White House Come Clean About Plame Conspiracy

Lieberman's Faux Concern For Troops Truly A Republican Message

Voter Turnout Among The Young Still Lags

3 more US troops killed in Baghdad

Liberal Senators according to National Journal

CNN says McCain came in 5th at CPAC straw poll. Anybody hear who was first? Guessing Romney...

disaster site visits by GWB, I'm here to help you

Amerika, LOOK and LEARN

Associated Press & Reuters AWOL on Coulter calling John Edwards a 'faggot,' neither reports on outra

Post Reporter: ‘We Are Not Spared’ The ‘Nasty, Vulgar E-Mail’ From ‘Liberal Blog’ Readers

tony snow - bush loves the job and bush is a good manager

Barack ObamaHQ announces via blog: Barack Obama is Going to Selma

Bob Geiger: Lieberman's Faux Concern for Troops Truly a Republican Message (HuffPost)

Would Hillary ever lie about if she was ever influenced by authors supportive of communism?

Bush Administration push for privatization may have helped create Walter Reed 'disaster'

TIME: (Kucinich) Constant Candidate

How long does a campaign really need to be for voters to get the message?

(Bill) Clinton doesn't support attack on Iran - AP

How the GOP can suppress millions of Democrats' votes and have some DUers cheering


Ann calls Gore a Fag ealier: Now she calls Edwards a Faggot. This

Ann Coulter's Republic Party: Dean Demands GOP Candidates Denounce 'Faggot' Remark

"This is just a taste of the filth that the right-wing machine is - -

I *love* not having a candidate for the primaries...

NYT: Recalling Struggle for Civil Rights, Democrats Battle for Black Votes

New Newsweek poll: Rudy's Rise

A Tax-Cutting Democrat -- Bill Richardson's New Mexico record.

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

U.S. Congressman calls for war critics to be hung

Dodd in SC this weekend

I keep seeing posts where people say we should ignore the outrageous

The difference between the parties

Rice Picks Neo-Con Champion of Iraq War as Counselor

Blair's unpopularity blamed on Bush friendship

Annie got us all again...

Something about Rudy....

I have been containing myself all day (re: Holy Joe as 'Dem' spokesman on radio)

Slate: The North Korea intel botch is worse than you think

Edwards response to Coulter's comments - at Huffington Post

This is the News article I am waiting to see...

MP3: The Ballad of Ann Coulter

Americans WOULD Support National HealthCare

Al Gore's utility bill in perspective....

Abe on honesty since the Party of Lincoln seems to have

Wes Clark in New Hampshire

Is it a tad early for Obama to be making calls all over the country for donations?

Is there a "put the women in their place" movement in the air?


Costa Rica CAFTA update ... The Tico Times

If you had to pick 1 choice that would best serve the future well-being of the world

This is interesting: Senator Clinton doesn't seem to understand some basic economic theory.

John Nichols: Vermont Puts Impeachment on the Table

While you ponder which Presidential candidate you will support in 2008

To those Democrats that oppose impeachment.

Obama and Clinton chase black vote in Alabama

Reality check: Democrats outside of DU and the liberal blogosphere are not feeling all the Gore love