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Archives: March 29, 2007

Guardian UK: Havana Rights (Legalization of same-sex marriage in Cuba)

Blogging with Bush

U.S. Iraq Role Is Called Illegal by Saudi King

Surveillance Makes You Paranoid (The Nation)


German minister under fire over ex-Guantanamo inmate

Yucca Mountain Waste Dump Likely to Open 3 to 4 Years After Original Deadline, Chief Says

Australian Environmental Group Captures 'Monster' Toad the Size of a Small Dog

Energy Companies Touting "Low Sulfer Diesel" as if it was their idea

Coal fired plant proposed on the grounds of decommissioned Yankee Maine Nuke site.

George Soros Takes on AIPAC

HR811 Markup - If You Want REAL ELECTION AUDITS, Now is the Time to Ask for Them!

E-voting may see an early demise. Debra's promise on the way!

Report: Gitmo Inmates Abused in Russia

Minimum wage hangs in balance of Iraq vote

Worries grow over mental health of U.S. soldiers

Big U.S. oil supply to offset Mideast Gulf disruption

EPA Fines Energy Department $1 Million Over Violations at Hanford Nuclear Site

White House Floats Immigration Proposal

E-Mail Shows Rove’s Role in Fate of Prosecutors

Iowa Flag-Desecration Laws Tossed (ACLU Defended Upside-down Flag Displays)

Hagel, Webb team up to urge limits on troop levels

Lilly against gay marriage ban

Scientists say Antarctic ice sheet is thinning

Cryptic thank-you note may link Rove to US Attorney scandal

Court Blocks Horse Meat Inspections

Iran crisis spooks oil market

mahna mahna

I'm popping the corn and getting ready for the fun tomorrow.

Paging the civil rights wonks in here

What podcasts do you subscribe to?

What Would You Do First If You Won $300 Million In The Lottery?

Thanks for all who were rooting for this Canuck DUer on Jeopardy! I had a great time.

People who hate American Idol check in! (A Rant!)

Hello, DU

Sorry, DU

Howdy DU

Has anybody read "The Sound and the Fury"


Ciao, DU

Another Jeopardy/Doug thread! (no peeking if you haven't seen it)


For my 1,000 post, I'd like to dedicate it to...

Here's some scary looking weather...

Did you know that fire hydrants are color coded?

This is so Fing unfair (SPOILERS)

I need help finding a song...

KKKarl Rove at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner (pic)


i'm really getting sick of people's fucking shit

"Eins zwei drei veir!" students loved Gattaca

Craig Ferguson Speaks From The Heart!

Why have Java based applications all of the sudden decided to slow down my computer?

I now have 3 young opossums in my backyard, they are very young.

When life kicks you in the teeth, DON'T watch "Babel"

I finally installed my DSL today -- ask me anything.

Anyone trying to lose weight? Post your inspiration pictures!

So I bought this old manual typewriter (small dial-up warning)

Paper, plastic or bring your own?

What's the division of labor in your household?

Should I buy my girlfriend an xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii for her birthday?

post here if you have seen half-nelson

Aloha, DU

SNL Season 1 Box Set: Which disc is the best?

A favorite movie of mine "Tank" is on the Sleuth Channel

Is there one song you credit for making you a whole lot of what is *you*?

So Pull Up A Chair...

I'm NOT changing my name to rbli. But I AM buying a house...

Do you have crocs shoes? Are they really comfy?

Pretty Sure I found a Freeper over on

3 Billygoats Gruff vs. Hansel & Gretel

What are your top 5 albums of all time?

The Bookstore: Got the keys today! (Pics inside)

Do you know how to use chopsticks?

Another Thing to be Proud of As a Democrat

Shutdown of East Los Angeles Recruiting Station

Fallen Soldier Lost to Suicide

Brain Injured Vets Miss Out on Best Care

Soldiers With PTSD

Butchering Iraq-Bush and Blair's Crusade

Public Enemy (the band) Son of a Bush (uncensored version)

Meet John Edwards

Things are looking SO grave on SO many fronts for those in "power." Does this mean war?

U.S. Wraps Up Persian Gulf Maneuvers

John Dean coming Up On Countdown 8:15 or so Eastern Time

When Hillary wins (if Al Gore doesn't run).

Don't like limits, Mr. Prez? GROW UP!

KeithO on McCain. Iraq Reality check by Rajiv Chandrashekeran

Conn. Cops shock guy who claims he's Cheney

Fireball: Pieces of a Russian satellite narrowly miss hitting a jet.

US Begins Gulf Maneuvers - Iran Captures 15 Coalition Marines In Gulf - US Ends Gulf Maneuvers

White House subpoena evaders put national security at risk-

Was Dole ever leading Bill Clinton in the Polls back in '96?

Bush*/Cheney* and the NeoCons live in two dimensional world.

Codepink tells electrical workers to "kiss Hillary's ass"

A Syrian's risky choice to help young Iraqis heal

Caption this Kyle Sampson & Gonzo pic...

A George W. Bush postage stamp...what gives?

Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible

Does Goodling NEED her law license to keep her job?

AAI/Zogby Poll Finds that Four Years Later, Arab Opinion Troubled By Consequences of Iraq War

Same guys who said Iraq can kill us in 45 mins tell us that North Korea is NOT a nuclear state

Some perspective: What Bush said at the 2001 Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner

Hillary's New Hampshire Edge

New South Park - Muslim kid goes to South Park Elem.

LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

Tomorrow's word for the day: PRIORITIES

Complaint filed: Group says right-wingers hid financial info in Ohio campaign against gay marriage.

White House OK'ed Sampson Statement on Rove

Obama vs. McCain... IT'S ON!

C-SPAN2 - Radio Television Correspondents Dinner 9pm EDT

Rep. Stephanie Herseth to marry former Congressman

AP: Sampson to Ask, What's Political Mean, Anyway?

Media Matters: Drudge links to Politico 45 times in its 2 month existence.

Worries grow over mental health of U.S. soldiers

Body of British teacher found buried in bath full of sand at flat in Tokyo

Where is the post about the blogs bush quoted...I have searched

NYTimes: Legislating Leadership On Iraq ("Only rational objective left...organize inevitable exit")

can someone explain to me how a 19 year old English speaking GI..

Spooky ...they start a UFO website, then it crashes

Insight Mag: Gore mulling third party run in '08

Faux's John Gibson cites anonymous posts on liberal blogs as proof of the "angry left"

POLL: Only 29 Percent Of Americans Believe The Escalation Is Working

Does anybody else here get the DNC survey?


Anyone who loathes the MSM while enjoying great commentary is in for a treat!

Did anyone watch Jeopardy, if so how did IntravenousDemilo do??

McKay says he doesn't want his job back

White House seeks limits to endangered species act - Jesus Christ!

The Republican Mystery (Washington Post, Harold Meyerson)

Oil Bonds Slake the Thirst for Dollars in Venezuela

BBC: Portugal opens major solar plant

People that back wars should go fight them

The Onion headlines are no longer satire

Anyone watching Karl Rove rap at the Radio and TV Corres.. Dinner?

NYT: E-Mail Shows Rove’s Role in Fate of Prosecutors

Coverage of Obama's interview today with Wolf Blitzer

Keep in mind..."A Fish Rots From The Head Down"...

Gonzales Draws Strong Criticism of Prosecutors

Heads Up! Al Franken is on Letterman's show tonight!

British Consul Strip Searched At Israeli PM's Office

E&P: More Editorials Join Call For Probe Of Tillman Coverup

Smiles and smirks

Single-family home prices are depreciating

Actor Mike Ferrell was on Fox Noise (BO) this evening.

The ages of Republican candidates

Governor Richardson on the Daily Show any minute now. nt

Al Franken on Letterman now

Rove’s PowerPoint Presentation Revealed During Oversight Hearing (Find it Here)!!!

Caption House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and *

Memories of the Great Mosque

do you ever just think when the fuck is all this gonna stop

Wilmore & Oliver!

Connecting dots: Kyle Sampson, Orrin Hatch, and Brett Tolman. And Arlen Specter.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

The BALLS on these people. They take official (corrupt) government business to private RNC email.

OMG! Did you see Doan from GSA testifying today?

MC Rove.

lots of tornadoes in the midwest tonight.....55+ so far

* at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association annual dinner - pics

Faux News is shooting its Load over the Radio and Tv Correspondents dinner

Dennis Miller is a clown. And I hate clowns. Especially ass clowns.

Beginning Sunday, tattoos taboo for Marines.

I kind of liked Lurita Jones

O'LOOFAH talking about violent WOMEN in prison, I can't decide whether to BARF or RETCH!!1

Iowa's newest US Atty - Didn't even know what US Attys did just 2 yrs ago

Chavez Denounces Effort to Give Venezuelans Political Refugee Status in the U.S.

Make Iraq the 51st state

Was Ben Franklin Correct?

Bush sounded seriously downed out/drunk again tonight at the Radio TV Dinner:

GSA. Use of Federal people/property for GOP campaign. Hatch act. Smoking gun.

TWO Australian Soldiers Who Served In The First Iraq War Have Tested Positive to Depleted Uranium

Complete Leahy-Conyers Letter to White House Attorney

The energy crisis is affecting my ability to purchase cheerleading mats

My father passed away last Saturday; question for HR and legal DUers

Is the captured woman British sailor, Faye Turney, the new Jessica Lynch?

Tornado reports this evening (last 3 hours) TX, CO, KS & NE

"Overthrow Of Premier Mossadeq Of Iran"

Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP - The Hill

Boycott Circuit City!!!!

How many other administration offices held GOP brown bag Hatch Act violations?

Bush Serves Jokes at Broadcasters Dinner

MC Rove.

Al Gore to receive honorary International Emmy award re:Current TV channel

Z. Bresinski: The world now sees Guantonamo as the symbol of America

I'm a dentist and I vaguely resent


U.S. Income Inequality highest since 1928

Regent University: The Bush Administration has 150 grads on board

Jesus - The Rove machine wormed its way into the GSA

Karl Rove at the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner - pics

Oh shit! JibJab puts out new animation, and damn it's good:

Re: the 2 good news blogs from Iraq, are they manufactured?

For the record, if * Vetoes the Bill, I WILL BLAME HIM not the U.S.

Ok... The World Is Turnin Upside Down... Bob Barr Is Now Pro-Pot !!!

WTF??? Circuit City to layoff higher paid workers, then let them reapply for LOWER wages

Old news but: Fury as Iran shows footage of captured sailors on television

We Dissent

The Complete List Of Countries That Iran Has Invaded In The Last 200 Years

The best thing that ever happened to Hillary was Edwards staying in the race

Vista heads up

Rove, Ralston and Blackberrys. Can Blackberry records be subpoenaed?

Lurita Doan.

Attack on Iran: Trouble in Paradise?

I wonder what Speaker Pelosi said to * - ROFL pics

When did the ‘Bible’ get banned in the USA?

It is SO necessary that I copy this post. I have not asked permission but everyone should read>>>>>

McCain mistook Bagdad, Kentucky for Baghdad, Iraq on CNN

Corporate America is in the process of destroying itself

Dobson Says Fred Thompson Is Not A Christian

Are they subpoening emails with FULL HEADERS or Standard Headers?

AP falsely claims Obama has delivered no policy speeches --

Bush at the Radio and TV correspondents dinner

Rudy is ahead?? No way! We've never had someone that goofy as president before!

Go Figure, An Honest Answer From White House On Fox

Obama lands a left hook on McCain

Gonzales Draws Strong Criticism of Prosecutors

POLL: Only 29 Percent Of Americans Believe The Escalation Is Working

The last good Republican

Publicly traded companies that solely enrich the top tier are scams - no more, no less

NYT: Saudi King Condemns U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Do ya think Sampson is sleeping well tonight?

2008 Candidates Hammer Home the Message That America Needs Unions

Support Levin Resolution to stop the seal hunt.

So * may veto because the bill will have pork. That will be his out?? Hmmm. Let him.

Abramoff Emails Raise New Questions in Attorney Firings

Mydd via The Hill: McCain Approached Dems in 2001 About Leaving GOP Caucus

My vote for the little thread that if tugged will collapse the whole house of cards

Forget Big Tobacco, Big Food Kills (Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Bernanke Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.

The New SDS (from The Nation)

Bush vs. America: The Gathering Storm

Whole Foods - Ripe Target

White House For Sale (David Corn)

AP: Labor tries to regain clout, Push is on to recruit and organize

The Nation: Obama's Community Roots

Circuit City to fire more than 3,400 workers

Abortion Rights are Civil Rights

Truthout: DOJ Emails Illustrate Plan to Mislead Congress

Kennedy: Justice Firings are keyed to '08 Vote (

The Scandals that Ate the Galaxy (John McQuaid at HuffPost)

Bush's Fishing Expedition--Mark Fiore animation

Oil Traders Fear US Attack on Iran: Maybe We Should Too


David Sirota: Marriage Of Hypocrisy And Corruption

David Sirota: Memo to Dems on Iraq: The Post-Veto Strategy

Troop Rise Aids Iraqis, Bush Says, Citing Bloggers (that he met with Jan '04)

Question Time in the Attorney Firings

Top 10 Questions for Sampson at Judiciary Hearing

TPMuckracker: White House OK'ed Sampson Statement on Rove

Democrats Are Building on Unity Over Iraq Pullout -News Analysis

Prosecutors Assail Gonzales During Meeting

Democrats Are Building on Unity Over Iraq Pullout

I Just Called Sen.Inhofe's Office Regarding Stopping Al Gore's/Live Earth's Concert in DC

Shedding light on bulbs' savings (compact fluorescent)

GAO: U.S. needs a peak oil strategy

NOAA - Mauna Loa Observatory - CO2 Growth Exponential With Doubling Time Of 32 Years - Star-Bulletin

Finnish Logging Trucks Bogging Down As Industry Fights Record Winter Warmth - Reuters

Senator Kerry: Making Environmentalism a Voting Issue

Mercury in energy-saving bulbs worries scientists

UK GHG Emissions Up 0.5% In 2006 To 658 Million Tons - Reuters

Food Not Lawns’: Organic Gardens vs. Chem-Fed Lawns (grass 3X biggest US crop, $57 Billion per Year)

Nicholas Stern Warns Australia On Climate But John Howard Says He's "Just Another Expert"

"Surprisingly Rapid Changes" In Texas-Sized Piece Of Antarctic Ice Sheet - News.Com AU

How to prepare for Peak Oil on a personal level?

U.S. sees ample room to bury CO2 but costs unknown - Reuters

Omahans asked to use environmentally friendly light bulbs

Decline of Sharks May Effect the Availability of Scallops.

Crude Oil Jumps Above $66 as Iran Dispute Boosts Supply Concern

Shark Deaths Endanger Scallop Population

Warmest Winter Recorded In Russia In 126 Years - 70 Straight Days Hit 0C Or Above - Moscow Times

Utilities blast solar proposal (Maryland)

John Howard To Form Fund To Fight Illegal Logging Worldwide!

Greenhouse Gas Effect Consistent Over 420 Million Years

"Greener" buildings could slow global warming: UNEP - Reuters

Three Massachusetts State Colleges Win Grants for Solar Energy Projects

New 'Biofuel Cell' Produces Electricity from Hydrogen in Plain Air

Fla. Considers Renewable Energy Bill

Power supplier plans 2 Ohio River plants

Ecotourism: Responsible Travel or Marketing Sham? (Guardian UK, via AlterNet)

China may stop 'dragon project' - BBC

EU must cut tuna fishing by half to save bluefin: WWF - AFP

Geothermal Industry in the US Remains Up-beat for Future Expansion

Will Today's Saudi conf result in UN 242 being Peace basis - Or is it same old-same old?

First Israeli Arab conference of lesbians convened in Haifa

Kollek was British informer

Normalising injustice

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vendors Against HR 811 Amendments to HAVA -All Your Votes Are Belong to Us

S.C. Teachers Accused of Sex With Boys

Gonzales Draws Strong Criticism of Prosecutors

Blogger, 64, bound for Iraq

SEC goes after lawyers

Brazil Urged To Disclose Secret Files

Hearings start on legalizing abortion in Mexico City

Uribe aloof as 'paragate' creeps up on the palace (Bush ally)

Report Says Interior Official Overrode Work of Scientists

New U.S. ambassador to Iraq sworn in

Argentina scraps cooperation deal with Britain over Malvinas Islands

Gonzales resignation wouldn't end firings probe (Leahy)

Illinois House votes to move up primary next year

Prosecutors Assail Gonzales During Meeting

Increase May Mean Longer Army Tours

Union says airport-area hotel fired workers for organizing

Putin urges deadline on foreign troops in Iraq

Nigerian presidential candidate dies - media

Leahy: Administration has given 'shifting explanations' about firings of eight U.S. attorneys

Judge fired amid Ecuador deadlock

U.S. Senate passes Iraq funding bill that includes Iraq pullout deadline.

U.S. general blames al-Qaida for bombing

Bush seeks GOP support in war veto fight

Iraqi police targeted in assassination attempt, car bomb ploy

Retailer TJX says computer breach involved 45.7 million credit, debit card numbers

Iran Rolls Back on Pledge to Free Sailor

Sampson: Gonzales was involved in firings

Japan donates $200K to New Orleans

Potential Padilla jurors show bias

Bush met Russian general accused of Chechnya abuse

Alleged letter from (captured) sailor: Please leave Iraq

Sanchez, Hills plead not guilty

Pelosi tells Bush to ‘calm down threats’

US, Turkey should avoid antagonizing each other, Gates says

Income Gap Is Widening, Data Shows

Breaking: Leahy breaks for recess at Sampson hearing due to rules re: Repulicans object?

Increase May Mean Longer Army Tours

Saudi admits to contacts, money from September 11 hijacker

Russia Warning As UK-Iran Tensions Grow

Dems edge closer to showdown over Iraq

Iran consul in Iraq accuses UK soldiers of provocation

Iraq admits police behind sectarian massacre(had been arrested but now are free)

Senate passes war deadline bill

Bad behavior in the blogosphere

House labor panel's chairman vows hearings into mine safety

Jet without nose landing gear lands safely

Seal hunt to proceed in southern gulf

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 29

Multiple suicide bombings of Shiite areas kill at least 104

(UN) 'Grave Concern' Over Iran

FIRST ON Corzine To Back Hillary Clinton

French Jobless Rate Falls to 8.4 Percent, Near 24-Year Low

Rep. Waxman Requests Information on White House E-Mail Policies

Video of US-Mexico border shooting appears to back immigrants' story

White House rejects Saudi view on Iraq

White House deals with Cunnningham co-conspirator questioned

Senate Hearings Continue: Gonzales Signed Off On Attorney Firings

Quip be Sinking

Manchester United manager gets coached by Al Gore

Jessica Lunsford's dad may run for office

Kennedy: Justice firings are keyed to '08 vote

Helicopters attack Somali rebels, 11 said killed

HHS Official Resigns Amid Mass. Debacle (Keroack)

Suicide bombers kill more than 100 in Iraq

Lieberman: Soldiers 'more confident' in Iraq

Four car bombs explode in Iraqi town

Australia finalizes deal for Guantanamo exchange

Iran says may not release British woman

Gates: Congress should find way to shut Guantanamo(calls for WH and Congress to discuss the issue)

Senate Bypassed on Many Key Justice Jobs

Record gasoline prices expected by this weekend

Rudy Giuliani 'Couldn't Have A Better Adviser' Than Wife Judith

Romney lists potential running mates

Jesse Jackson Backs Obama for President

Judge Allows Private Testing for Mad Cow

Schwarzenegger Revives Fainting Bakersfield Girl (with video)

Tornado swarm kills 3 in 2 states

Blair wants to monitor all children for signs of criminality

FNC & CBC Partner For Two Debates (Fox News and Congressional Black Caucus)

Mortgage crisis hits million-dollar homes

Blair: Britain Won't Negotiate With Iran

Castro criticizes U.S. biofuel policies

U.K. rejects demand to admit trespassing

British forces surround Iranian consulate for hour

Former auditors say U.S. is preventing recovery of oil-and-gas fees

Anti-war group in McLennan County loses it’s corporate status

Auf Wiedersehen, DU...

fIREHOSE - Brave Captain

Anxiety Attack Central. I am in about hour 5 of a big one.

For kagehime

My new Favorite Site! WoW!

for you my darling

What a one person flame war would look like!

Post here if you have ever Karaoke'd "I'm just a gigolo"

The "Armadillo Appreciation Thread"

Bad Mood, Bad Mood...

Man wants to stop alimony pay after ex-wife's sex change

Post pics that you risked your life to take


Act II Microwave Popcorn

I just realized that Norah Jones has an anti-Bush song on her new album

People On Trial For Shoplifting Steal Lunch From Courthouse Cafeteria During Trial Break

Ten of the best April Fool's Day hoaxes: US museum

2,000 square foot 2 story.... closet

Wow...all of Peter Watkins' "Privilege" on youtube

new jib jab

ginbarn and I are in SERIOUS need of a road trip

Sonic Youth to perform "Daydream Nation" at Greek, LA, July 20, 2007

Penn and Teller: The Bible is bullshit

Print Screen Question

bubba, junior and the blonde

What was your favorite April Fools prank?

The tornado outbreak yesterday?

I think my husband is living one of those Final Destination movies

74 Year Old Grandmother Hurt While Playing On Monkey Bars

My nine-year-old wants to know if God is an "elf".

Is DU lagging for anyone else?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/29/2007)

Have you ever seen "Night of the Creeps"?

Star Wars stamps unveiled in US

anyone else remember Loof Lirpa from 15 years ago or so?

Afro Samurai

104 Unanswerable Questions (well maybe...) :)

Well babybunnypants hit every growth benchmarck except for torticollis!

Cheese for the Cube Rats....

I just ate a chocolate croissant!

I am sick of everything in my music library.

I just stole my co-worker's chocolate ice scream bar

A friend of mine, notorious for his lowbrow eating habits, has acquired

frig! My coworker took my chocolate eclair ice scream bar!

anyone eLse hate noisy coworkers?

grieving 13 years after the fact

Post the punch line of your favorite joke.

I just got the last Patty Griffin Ticket!

Geez... I'm out of the loop for a few days and the Lounge goes to hell in a handbasket...

Reconnecting with an old flame

This is not a sales or solicitaion call....

Flush a bunch of stuff down the toilet.

identity theft? How 'bout just when the credit bureau can't keep things straight

Bad News, Potheads: Weed is not Kosher for Passover

I like Star Wars just fine and everything, but really.

They used to have these on the back cereal boxes

Matcom has his own DU Group now!!!

Guess what ROCKIT just bought? OMG I am so excited!!

Silent Hunter 4 Computer Game Now Out


My wife was at the beauty shop for TWO HOURS yesterday!

So, I'm moving into a new apartment this fall

Man shared house with 77 sheep

4,309 mi and about 29 days 19 hours-new york to dublin

Weekends or weekdays?

Who would you do first if you won 300 million in the Lottery?

Favorite part of the weekend

Oh, how I LOVE me a religious hypocrite!

Oh LADIES! Now You TOO Can Pee Standing Up With The P-Mate!


School days: Hated them or loved them?

Google driving directions

Funniest movie ever on Comedy Central...NOW

What kind of hair do does Connery have in 007 films?

I just had my pupils dilated

Office or cubicle?

Question for Star Wars fans - why does everything blow up with one shot?

ONN - Onion News Network

Congratulations intheflow!! 10,000 posts

Satellite tv in cars?

New DU Group: Motorcycle & Scooter Group

I want to cry!

Who else is really not liking their job today ? I see a lot of posts about it lately.

Congratulations 48percenter!! 10,000 posts

Its A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood The Bar Is Open

Revenge is deer

Oh look, it's the dog from hell!!

Ok. You people are making me want to start watching "Idol" so I can see this Sanjaya person.

Is there any way to make low res images appear less fuzzy on my flat panel monitor?

I'll contribute $1 to DU for everyone who can sit through all 4 minutes of this

Your vote for best cd/album of all time.

Outside of DU, I don't exactly hang with real enlightened folk...

I'm Kyle Sampson, ask me anything!!!

So yesterday at work, my daughter got to try on the 2004 Red Sox championship ring

Clapton, B.B. King, Willie Nelson and more in concert; tickets on sale Saturday.

Ah life is sweet, I'm at work, got nothing to do, nobody's here. Ask me anything.

Day what? 13? Smilie free?

I just don't get it (freecycle requests)

Wow. I'm batting almost 1000 in GD-Politics.

Boxer dogs and bitch fights. Or any female dogs living together and fighting.

Oklahomans check in! Tornadoes all over...

Anybody remember music videos on MTV?

Rush. Rocks.

Is the "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" verification tool...

Troubleshot vs Troubleshooted

I just had my scruples violated

Are you good about keeping in touch with friends and family?

I just ordered an infrared filter for my camera, ask me anything!!!

Coffee's pouring...

Parasite Hilton - One step closer to JAIL!

Love is the drug, got a hook on me...

Oy! I just ordered my first ever BI-FOCALS!!!! :-O

Hot News! There's going to be a "Nat'l Treasure II"

Anybody remember "Liquid Television" on MTV?

Mmmm... Canned Atlantic herring Russian style

How much shit does Dorothy Manners suggest you take at work before you either quit or kill?

Happy birthday Skittles & Pirate looks at 50!!

Realtor called. Folks coming back for a second look on Saturday.

"Fancy" by Reba


Jeebus, wedding invitations are expensive


You wake up in the morning, and don't really feel like going to work. But you do...

Name 25 of your favorite singers of all time

Does anyone watch Top Design *and* 30 Rock?

Kyle Sampson looks like...

Charles has a licking problem

I just had my pupils dilated

What is the actual purpose of iceberg lettuce?

Good vibes please

Things you shouldn't do while you shower?

Any of you guys like Garage Rock- 1965-69 or so?

spanish speakers, a question about etiquette ?

Hmmm..... empty condom wrapper on the sidewalk....

Name 25 of your favorite snipers of all time.

What's for dinner tonight? I'm starving!

Ask me anything about historical arms and armor.

I have a stress test at 12:30 Thursday afternoon.

My ex-employer tried to stop me from collecting unemployment compensation

Upper Midwesterners - What was the largest variety of hotdishes you have seen assembled in 1 place?

Post an image that depicts how you feel.

Favorite Concert Tour

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Lounge Losers Alert- We have a birthday,today.

I don't care what anyone says - I think "Gone with the Wind" is a crappy movie

Movies you can watch over and over again.

movie trivia is not allowed

Stevie Nicks FANS!

Possibly the cutest pictures of me, i have ever posted. Please post your own

How did you hear about DU?

Masturbating woman thrown out of College Frat house... THE NERDIEST FRAT EVER!

"Welcome to my nightmare"

Dobson says Fred Thompson is not a Christian (because he's not evangelical?)

If Jesus existed, why didn't he choose isolation?

What's the big deal about proselytizing?

PTSD stays with troops forever

The Leonard Lopate interview

please recommend this diary.

So I ranted to the manager of Borders tonight.

Great interview with John and Teresa Kerry in Grist

Kerry has a DKOS diary on This Moment On Earth

Interesting article in the Boston Phoenix about the Boston money people

Very nice article about book tour Portland stop

Wade Sanders comments on Fox nomination withdrawal

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Mar 28, 2007

Greg Palast Speaks On The Lead Up To War With Iraq

Duke 2000 Campaign message to gungeon members everywhere

The Adventures of the Impeach Bush Club

Tribute to our Soldiers who Bush Forgot

6 Dam Years of Total Hell

President Bush's Iran policy undermines Israeli security


Feinstein asks Sampson about Lam

Brothers in Arms Never Again

Senator Obama speaks to the members of DFA

Brzezinski predicts provoking war with Iran.

Sampson Would Not Fire Iglesias


The GSA Hearing Video You Didn't See

Dedicated to the suffering


Shop at T.J. Maxx or Marshall's? Your credit or debit card number might have been stolen.

Teacher-Sex Scandal Spurs Cries Of Racism

3,245 U.S. troops dead; over 26,000 U.S. wounded in W's war of Choice

Good Lord...has anyone seen this...?

Bernie Ward on the REAL state of affairs in Iraq. (Bigshots won't evenmove without special security)

Which is Rove?

Hear radio attack ads Repubs are running against Iglesias!

If Geo Buxh describes himself as "center right"....

Do we know anything about

What ever happened to Rummy's Office of Strategic Influence?

Some Democrats fight Iraqi OIL theft law

Bomb that sparked reprisals among biggest in Iraq (Reuters)

Dems prepare for veto fight over war

C-Span 1

WJ, I'm totally convinced


New U.S. ambassador to Iraq sworn in

Firedoglake: Anatomy Of A Con Job

Dobson Seeks to Put Kibosh on Thompson's Bid

Beginning Sunday, tattoos taboo for Marines.

Insurgents increase attacks on Green Zone

About this RW BS about withdrawal timelines letting the enemy know what we are doing.

OK, DU gun-toters.....

Why did Clinton choose Gore in 1992?

The perception that John Edwards will have to battle in the primary

Bush's newly trained Iraqi police go on killing spree

Study: Alcohol, tobacco worse than drugs

Still Separate, Still Unequal:America's Educational Apartheid

Have you seen the video of John Roberts Debunking McCain’s Rosy Baghdad Scenario

Dell gives the go ahead for Linux

Watching Redeye on Fox News right now. first thing out of their mouths:

Texas - House Bill 28 will make 2nd class citizineship...

Watch KKKarl Rove fall into oblivion...

Sampson Testimony - 10 a.m. Today (March 29)

GSA Chief Grilled on GOP Slide Show (Hatch Act breach)

ABC: Bush to make statment regarding Budget @ 10:15 AM

Heads Up - Kyle Sampson NEXT on Washington Journal

Money For Jobs and Education, Not For War And Occupation! Student Strikes Sweep Across Country


****Official Senate Judiciary Comm Thread - Kyle Sampson****

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Former Interior Auditor Says He Was Told to Be Lax on Oil Fees

So, why is Sampson more important? MSNBC is covering it

Blogger, 64, bound for Iraq

Like, omigod, who is this new White House spokesperson filling in for Tony Snow?

Whose water is Sampson carrying?

How many other Doan’s? What are the Attorney’s up to?

Manchester United's manager coached by Al Gore

***Official Senate Judiciary Comm Thread TWO - Kyle Sampson****

The Glaring Truth Re: Bush Admin Officials, They're INCOMPETENT and IGNORANT but LOYAL...

What ever happened to Linda tripp?

Waxman Wants Truth on Plame's Role in Wilson Niger Visit

Tweety on MSNBC will not stop

NYT: Circuit City to Cut 8% of Staff

Student Protests From Coast To Coast! Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!

GAO looking into faulty N.O. pumps

Cryptic thank-you note may link Rove to US Attorney scandal

We owe our allegiance to the United States of America

Rachel Marsden of Fox's "Red-Eye": This woman makes Ann Coulter look sane!!

What Ever Happened To mark foley? (That Was 6 Months Ago)

***Official Senate Judiciary Comm Thread THREE - Kyle Sampson****

How can it be that this Country is so srewed up that I actually like Bob Barr now?!!

So sorry folks - look who belgian magazine readers voted "Prick of the Year"

Response to "They serve at the pleasure of the President."

Rumsfeld "War Crimes" Lawsuit Embarrasses German Authorities

I remember reading that an activist got his hands on a 'caging list'

Uncle Sam's $100M Mistake

Edwards Weathers First Iowa Poll Test Since Wife’s Health Crisis

7:30 radio interview of Mary Tillman-Pat's mother

Sign General Clark's Petition to Stop the Rush to War in Iran

**Official Senate Judiciary Comm Thread FOUR - Kyle Sampson**

Data Shows Income Gap Is Widening

"Bush's reaction was...familiar in its contempt...depressing in its lack of contact with reality."

A man shouts during a protest of refugees from the town Tal Afar

Attacking apartheid education

Memo to Democrats On Iraq: The Post-Veto Strategy

Retired Navy Admiral: "bin Laden's people would be very disappointed if we leave (Iraq)"

Fred Thompson - So, what's the scoop on this guy?

Question on early primaries

Where is the "Angry White Men Can't dance" video?

GWB43 Connection Strikes Again!

The surge is really going swell,only 200-300 Iraqis killed in the last few days.

The Democratic Congress: "The Shoes On the Other FUCKING FOOT NOW BEYOTCHES"

USA Today Publishes Innuendo About Bill Clinton’s Sex Life on A1

So what *were* Bush's top priorities?

Bush's backwash

"I mean, there's no one more incentivized than the Iraqis."

Comcast and C-Span

Nigerian Presidential canidate dies- breaking news-oil related

Michael Ware interviewed by Aussie Andrew Denton ("Enough Rope") July 2004

CNN Stupid poll of the day: Which political party's candidate are you likely to support in the 2008

Democracy, Expediency, Obstruction and Decency

Jury says battling couple can't divorce.

Dick Cheney to speak at BYU graduation - sign the petition to stop him

“Bush wants to make it look like he is solving the problem. The king wants to actually solve [it.]"

Wu Ping ain't giving up

Republicans (aka Sen Inhofe) move to block Al Gore 'Live Earth' rock concert

The LAMEST 4:00 of your life.

WP op-ed: "The Myth Of Voter Fraud"

Bush: "...his sleek, hairless pecs glistening in the surf"

Bush's Iran Policy Hurts Israel. from Wes Clark

Server overload on DU

Are these your kids?? Come on, fess up!!

Gonzales Lied

NH Senate poll: Sununu is looking weak

Interesting information on Sampson.


Carol Lam's Commendation Letter From the Border Patrol

What Phyllis Schlafly meant to say was ...

Best reason for keeping crimes against the constitution from the public

Maryland advances bill to dodge electoral college

Someone please challenge that "so others could serve" crap.

**Official Senate Judiciary Comm Thread FIVE - Kyle Sampson**

"We want to be wise in how we spend the people's money." *

News Alert:At least 60 people were killed and 41 others were wounded today in suicide bombing.

Will death threats silence prominent blogger?

A question: Sen. Whitehouse statement that juries can

Bill Richardson announces his presidential bid on the Daily Show

NYT: Prosecutors Assail Gonzales During Meeting

This Rove photo begs a caption

Video of Bush's tantrum from yesterday?

Senate Rules HERE, for anyone to do research

Poll: 20% Say Congress Doing Good or Excellent Job, 41% Say Poor

Republicans shut down Senate Judiciary Hearings- Fired Attorneys

Our War On Iraq And The Price Of Oil

Al Franken the Politician - did you see him on David Letterman last night?

Time for Reid to recess the Senate for the day!

Republicons reject meetings???

Danbury CT paper chides Lieberman for getting stuck on 2006 election

Sampson Admits He Made Call To Silence FBI Complaints Over Lam's Firing

What was Kennedy's new memo from the Justice Dept? (hearings)

Anyone know what the heck is WITS 2001????

MSNBC: Senate Hearing Continuing Now (Briefly Halted by Republicans)

Regarding DOJ docs released, communication re: USAtty-gate

Media reform, a plea to Congress and the Democratic Party

On a beautiful spring day, why not a CAPTION???

Illegal Drugs are a new battle for authorities in Iraq

top 5 things that scream GUILTY

Venezuela's PSUV and Socialism from Below

Sidney Blumenthal: Rove's and the others' practice may not be legal

the AG resignation watch begins now....

After car chase, driver says he’s Dick Cheney

What is denialism?

I will not let my children watch the Kyle Sampson hearings.

What the Democrats can do when **** vetoes the Iraq bill.

(Sampson Hearing Shutdown) I think this is the applicable Senate rule:

Have you guys seen McCain's new bus?


IRAN. Will Sampson and Gonzales be a small price to pay to keep

******************* OFFICIAL SAMPSON THREAD NUMBER 9 ***********************

debunk! get your debunk fix here...


Kick ass sticker for your anti-bush vehicle...

Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes Question Intended For Bush

THANK YOU REPUBLICS...for FUCKIN up today. The Corbomite Maneuver you pulled

US Attorney-gate: Kudos to the Whitehouse

15 British 'enemy combatants' held in Iran...


A poll to DU - Plastic Grocery Bags

Presidential dollar coins - good news and bad news

If Rudi lets Judith - would Hillary let Bill?

MSNBC: Hearing on Fired Attorneys Ended After GOP Objections


Can Hatch FELCH Sampson any better than he just did????

Gonzo will get to go to the Show.....

John Edwards' Important Request

The Senate PASSED the war spending it goes to the psycho for a veto.

Bombs kill at least 104 in Shiite areas

My prediction on Sampson testimony coming true - he's taking most of fall

Sampson Testifies About Conversation With Gonzales About Iglesias and Rove (VIDEO)

ABC: White House Impatient With Gonzales?

Sampson's Tell

St. Pete Times: Governor Crist leaves little doubt Jeb Bush reign has ended

Senator Kerry on the "new environmentalists,"

Paging research/legal gurus: looking for complete list of corporate officers

Holy Joe on CNN now. Wolf showing him Michael Ware video

is it still on c-span 3?

Now he wants a do-over???

Someone please count number of times Sampson has said he doesn't remember


Sampson: "I Am the Aggregator"


Emergency Supplemental Appropriations:

What if we all "forget" April 15th

Hydrogen advocates! Figure out a way to exploit THIS!

I think the reason the DOJ was so sloppy about record keeping

Does anyone else think this Sampson fellow looks like a young..

Man leads chase, claims he's Dick Cheney

Interesting exchange on MSNBC a few minutes ago

Holey Cow! Rosie O'Donnell Says Twin Towers Taken Down by Explosives.

Crack in their defense about why they fired Lam:

Watching the candidates on C-span this morning

DU this please!

Karl Rove and the company that keeps him

Sampson Refuses To Disclose Whether He Spoke To Rove About Firing Fitzgerald

MSNBC: "Did Katie Cross The Line In Edwards Interview?"

Store credit Security Breach

is there something wrong in the White House water???

Did Spectre just shake Sampson's hand and say GOOD WORK?

wasnt the Alito hearings an all day thing???

David Cross would do an excellent impression of Sampson

FLASHBACK: Hillary Fires Travel Office

When is Kyle Sampson's voice going to change?

The new Bushco phrase of choice

Sorry! I'm on a tear here... memory loss...


Never Again In America


In summary, what does today's hearing indicate

OH MY. President Bush was right! He was absolutely right!

Quick question about Kerry and the Swift Boat Vets for "Truth"

Where can I find the details of what's in the Bill that passed today

Is there a link on take back the media about 9/11 Malloy talked about

Tim Griffin: I make bullets in the war against Democrats

Romney re: Jeb: "I love him. If his name weren't Bush, he'd be running for president, I'm convinced"

Missouri Impeachment Bill Introduced (Seven States Now!)

Inside the Bush DOJ: "Bush's long history of tilting Justice"

Good Night Nurse! Bush approval rating only 17% in New Hampshire

From AIPAC to JAIPAC - - A New Pro Israel Stance

Robert Baer: Is a U.S.-Iran War Inevitable? (**Must Read**)

How many of you DUERS wish it were 2009 already to be able to get back to business?

House Passes Soldier, Veteran Care Improvements in Wake of Walter Reed Flap

Could or would you become a politician?

I missed the hearing. Can someone give me the top highlights? I see the several dozen

I have a new mac, what do I have to download to hear AAR live?

Our children suck from the teat of the corporate medusa from birth...

Is the Iranian map of the Gulf incident online anywhere?

FWIW, official Bush regime policy on Iran per State Department

On Tweetie now! Sharon Eubanks, former US prosecutor in tobacco case.

Militants attack Iraqi, US forces with chlorine bombs

Can somebody explain the Carter firing of the Philly-USA David Marston?

Anna Mills Wagner pulled from list of DAs to fire, Hayes NC-08 on

U.S. Soldiers In Iraq Told To Lobby Against Genocide Resolution

Did you post on the Circuit City thread?

Isikoff says the heat is turning up for Bonzo

"By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don't think you can call it rape"

Justice Dept. agrees to transcribed interviews

I'll bet you Al Gore hasn't forgotten a damned thing...

another fwiw, supposedly Britain attacked Iranian consulate

Giuliani: Wife welcome at Cabinet meetings

Remember - Harriet Myers Nearly Got A Seat On The Court

Kennedy nailed it:


Faux News story...any debunks yet...?

So, When Are The Publicans Going To Get Fed Up With Rove's Messes?

Karl Rove: White Man Ambassador to Black Culture

Pssssst....Tucker Carlson's MIL had Esophageal Cancer and she Smoked like a Chimney!

Poll: Dems (40%) and Inds. (39%) want Congress to conduct more investigations

"MC Rove" rap is humor 15 years past its sell-by date (conservative humor)

Cheney Can NOT Declassify at Will

Saudi King wants US out of Iraq.???????..

1979 Iranian hostage crisis and what Carter realistically could do

NY Times: "Bare Knuckles Enforcement For Wal-Mart Rules."

Today's Senate Hearing Will Be Rebroadcast At 8:00 Estern

Near Record Gas prices, may break record this weekend ($3.34 in SF)

Bad TV news idea gets reporter charged with attempted kidnapping at hospital nursery.

Climate: The good news - We have taken the high ground

What is with employment ads requesting credit checks???

Clapton (aka God) to hold Crossroads benefit; tickets go on sale Saturday.

Subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture -10 a.m. (RE: honeybee colony collapse)

Nurse recruiter just called..military base in Hawaii looking for nurses

Rachel Marsden: Fox's Ann Coulter 2.0 (and she's a bona fide stalker, too!)

TJX lost up to 45.6m card numbers (Credit Card/Social Security)

An old but important (and quickly forgotten) story of improper politicization of govt: IRS

Bush to Appoint Anti-Consumer Zealot to Consumer Safety Commission

Weird article about an ATV race in Florida....Sweet Hill Thrill canceled...

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 3/29 -- Monica part deux....

Ah Ha Moments : He's lying through his teeth...

Thursday TOONs massive update: The "Timetable" edition

Dedicated to the suffering

Isn't this flag desecration?

Help blow the lid off Gonzogate! Call Pat Leahy and your Senator!

TEXAS Impeachment Resolution Introduced (Along With Missouri, Makes EIGHT States Now!)

Why Veterans do not get the truth from the American Legion

Sampson's "I can't remember' acutally means "I don't want to talk about it.".

Progressive talk radio in NE Ohio going away

EH's Twit Moment number 2 Clinton was climaxing instead of getting

FOXNews Poll: Most Think Democrats Will Win White House In 2008

'All the Rage - There's no denying it, we progressives are angry'

Nazis cracking jokes to their media while good men fight & die make me vomit.

Look who is the "keeper of the list"...are you heading for the

I Just Called Sen.Inhofe's Office Regarding Stopping Al Gore's/Live Earth's Concert in DC

UNBELIEVABLE: You HAVE to see this GSA hearing video...

Watch Karl Rove look like a total Doofus

Phyllis Schlafly: Married women can’t be raped by their husbands

Politico: Republicans Fear 2008 Meltdown

Iran - Britain increased penis waving

Top 1% of Americans receiving largest share of national income since 1928

Opposition to the War Growing Among Troops

Clinton lies under oath about sex. Gonzales lies under oath

Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11… or Worse

Sampson Suggested Removing Fitzgerald

I do love Jon Stewart, but

Nancy Pelosi should continue using her "parenting skills" when dealing with GWB

Some people don't realize how insulting and degrading they are

I Just Called Reid & Pelosi's Offices

Why don't you support Dennis Kucinich in the Primary?

What The Hell Is Wrong With CNN? Lieberman Is NOT "(D) Connecticut

U.S. Attorney Botches Biggest Ever Tax Fraud Case, Keeps Job. Treasury out $100+ Million

Boycott Circuit City for firing employees making good money and then hiring cheap labor

The GOP really needs to replace their elephant with a bat or something, since none of them 'Can

Global Ruling Class: Billionaires and How They ‘Made It’

Lou Dobbs laments the lack of "European" immigrant-wannabees

O.K. here's the link to my first "rough edit" version of Stephen Colbert's video editing contest!

EH on the View Her TWIT moment 3/29/07...completely came off as an idiot regurading the IRAN fiasco

US Capitol Miracle?

Arrested for sleeping too close to a pile of feces, homeless men now $45,000 richer.

New DU Group: Motorcycle & Scooter Group

DU, it's time for me to come clean with you


LEAHY: "The Republicans Have Objected To This Meeting Continuing" (Huge Strategic Blunder)

The Decider's in Denial Over Democracy

I Hate McDonald's Trash More Than Any Other Trash

FBI chief who backed Lam just resigned

I HATE FedEx.... Does Pickerington OHIO look like Roanoke VA :grr:

Anyone watch Dan Burton on the Waxman show yesterday?

Pissypants & Pelosi: the ENTIRE set of photos - Dumbya's expressions are PRICELESS.

Rove fired by Poppy in 1992: Rove leaked damaging info to Novak

We DON'T need Health INSURANCE for all, we need health CARE for everyone.

Youth Porn Rehabilitation?

Waxman Reveals New Evidence Showing White House Use of Partisan E-mail Accounts

Gonzales With The Wind

Excellent, stunning article! (Discovery Magazine) about brain disorders and what triggers them

Bush: Speaking to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, called troop withdrawal...disastorous.

Lurita Doan: Paranoid Crazy Person Head of GSA?

dupe sorry n/t

All This Talk About Economics And China

For Sadr, a Fracturing Militia-Divides Helping U.S. in Iraq Now but Could Cause Harm Later

BushCo Is Dissolving Like Cotton Candy in a Thunderstorm

Schumer: Rove, Miers subpoenas authorized, ready to be issued

The Unspoken War: MSM vs. the Dirty, F*ckin’ Hippies

Stupid people LOVE Guiliani

did anyone see "dubya" last nite?

Bush's Iraq bloggers: check out the site.

On Iraq, a showdown is all but inevitable

Dean must be laughing at Rove's weirdness at the dinner tonight.

New Evidence Exposes Apparent Illegal 2004 Recount Activity By Hocking County GOP Election Director

TPM: "The corruption runs very, very deep."

NYT: Democrats Are Building on Unity Over Iraq Pullout

Why the Dems Should Go for It (Peter Beinart at HuffPost)

WP: Democratic Candidates Praise Value of Organized Labor

WaPo: (Troop) Increase May Mean Longer Army Tours

Iraq Pullout : AG =Bargaining Chips?

(NYT) Bare-Knuckle Enforcement for Wal-Mart’s Rules

Sampson: Answers To Look For

DOJ Emails Illustrate Plan to Mislead Congress

The truth about the Iraq bill and the Bush veto

Sampson Hearing up on Cspan 3...Looks like a packed house.

A Veto Is a Vote for Eternal War

Republican Logic Stupid

If they did'nt lie so much

DOJ Emails Illustrate Plan to Mislead Congress (Truthout)

Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP

Joseph Lieberman, seating charts and the war in Iraq (Danbury New-Times)

Tom Tomorrow: Mistakes were made

NH SENATE POLL: Shaheen is trouncing Sununu (44-34)

Congressman Sali R-Idaho: Advance guest opinion

Senate OKs Iraq troop withdrawal bill

Ex-aide: Gonzales played role in firings (AP)

Senator Feingold on the regional impact of the Darfur crisis and our refusal to help end the crisis

DOJ doc dump: "Thousands of pages" -- what % are unique though?

DLC invites all candidates and elected Dems to weigh in on policy ideas

Sampson: All justice is political

Gore mulling third party run in '08

Is it time to renew the Independant Counsel Law?

Fire this up: The Republican pork barrel (Boston Globe 2005)

Aren't Republicans the "Pork" masters?!

Protester Disrupts Attorney Scandal Hearings: "Fire All the Liars!"

John Edwards' Important Request

White House using secret GOP server instead of .gov????

Why did they stop the Judiciary hearing?

Sampson: Gonzales Not Telling Whole Truth (The Nation)

Gates: Congress should find way to shut Guantanamo (but...) - Reuters

What Gonzales said...

Emails show "not tough enough on immigration" = "facts fixed around the policy."

OMG, the Repukes had the hearing stopped!!

A Young Karl Rove plots for College Republicans [VIDEO -- 1972]

Republicans Stop Sampson Hearing... And Then It Starts Again

If Bush Had Macro-Managed War, Veto of Emergency Funding Would Not Be an Issue

Heroes and Hypocrites: CBC Shattered on Iraq

Club for Growth holding a Presidential Forum tonight...

Powerful new video interview with Scott Ritter (Truthdig, 3/20/07)

The fiasco of *'s "surge" - Strikes on Baghdad's Green Zone on the Rise

Update from Leahy on hearing being shut down (strategic blunder):

How low can you get?

Sampson Refuses To Disclose Whether He Spoke To Rove About Firing Fitzgerald

email to the white house

Let's get this straight once and for all Free Trade means....

Senator gives shoutout to netroots, will answer questions online this afternoon

Republicans Fear 2008 MELTDOWN (Politico)

FAUXnews and the Congressional Black Caucus join up for two presidential debates

HuffPo, Create Group Blogs for '08 Candidates

Will Alberto Gonzales Take the Fifth? (Brent Budowsky)

Sharon Eubanks, former Fed Prosecutor on Hairballz ..... catch the rerun .....

So, has the "McCain Nearly Abandoned the GOP" story been covered by the M$M talking heads today?

Poll: California Voters Favor Clinton

CLINTON: The Anti-Kucinich

The New Monica - AttorneyGate/GonzolesGate

TIME Poll- Giuliani beats Hillary by 9%, Obama by 1%

New Secret Weapon

Newest GOP Word Games: "Surrender" and "Retreat"

Sampson Admits Lam Was Never Confronted on Immigration

If Blair starts the war with Iran

Gates says Guantanamo trials lack international credibility (AFP)

Yo, DU! I was quoted in the U of A newspaper today!

Soon time for the Real "Support our Troops" Rally...

So Mr. Sampson (echoed by Orrin Hatch) that Carol Lam was not

Dean: "President Bush Should Keep His Word On Katrina Funding"

Too cool! --> Colleagues Help S.D. Judge Stay on Bench

This is NOT about the 'president's pleasure' ....... it IS about political corruption and CRIMES

Appeals Court: Labor Board Supervisor Ruling ‘Fatally Flawed’

Justice Dept. agrees to transcribed interviews.

Gore mulling a run for 08 as a INDEPENDENT!! according to this article

Kucinich: Electronic voting...

Iraq admits police massacred Sunni Arabs; Bush policy slammed by Talabani

James McGovern endores Hillary for president

House Judiciary Chairman Conyers (D-MI) announces

NJ: Gov. Jon S. Corzine will endorse Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Is Gore-Clinton 2008 an impossibility?

Sampson’s Confession: ‘I Wish The Department Hadn’t Gone Down This Road At All’

White House Unconvincingly Claims It Was Unaware Oval Office Guest Oversaw Mass Civilian Killings

This lying asshole Noel Francisco on CSPAN is pissing me off.

Gibson (Faux) Baselessly Attacks Stephanopoulos For Not Defending Bush’s Prosecutor Purge

Why did this story get so little covergae today? (True Heroes)

Sampson Under Oath: Gonzales Lied

Ok they don't believe the English lady who is being held because they believe..

We always hear that the Blue Dogs come from districts that are nearly red.

Sen. Orin Hatch Thinks Prosecution of Immigrants More Important Than Prosecution of Pedophiles

Govt that can lie about case for war, can lie about economy

The White House's impending email disaster

Sampson Admits He Made Call To Silence FBI Complaints Over Lam’s Firing

Clever Chris Matthews and "Stalwart" Margaret Carlson and Pat Buchanan

Poll: A surprising GOP edge for '08

Bishop G.E. Patterson, Friend of Working People

Who is Writing to the REPUBLICANS Who Represent Them???

Ya know what REALLY scares me ........ this:

Congressman Jim Oberstar and 25 Minnesota Leaders Endorse John Edwards for President

Shouldn't Congress be confiscating RNC Computers and servers?

Kucinich: "Now we’ve not only given the president the money to continue the war but we’re planning.

Chuck Schumer for President

Whats with the media love fest for Fred Thompson.

OH, Good Lord! He is such and EMBARRASSMENT to America! Did you hear what he said today!?!

Bush's Iran Policy Hurts Israel - Wes Clark

I'm interviewed regarding my candidacy

Pelosi: "Calm down with the threats. There is a new Congress in town,"

Bush, Rove Joke About White House Felonies. Reporters Laugh.

Gems from Kucinich's Childhood

USAs, Justice Dept lawyers take oath to uphold rule of law not a political party -

Can I say something about the north-south friction here?

Why CLARK '08. It's all about flipping red states.

The South shall rise again

Fox won. Will hold debates with the CBC as partner.