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Archives: March 27, 2007

At the table with Iran, what could the US concede?

The Police and the Spy Unit

Selling Wal-Mart ......... The New Yorker

Editorial: Time for Answers (NYT re: Gonzales)

Run, Elizabeth, run

Torture possibility denies U.S. real answers (Montreal Gazette)

Authorizations ......... Seymour Hersh

In Defense of Pat Tillman (Truthdig)

Brazil shuts down Cargill's Amazon port

Mother of British photographer shot by IDF to publish book

BradBlog: CACEO Goes Coo-Coo Over New 'Top-to-Bottom Review' Criteria for Voting Systems in CA

19th Cuba-China Trade Session Takes Off

CUBA - Gov't woos investors with slick oil, LNG tour

EU inquiry deadline into Carlyle/Riverstone buy of Dresser Group May 2

Attorney general aide won't testify on firings

South Portland Soldier Killed In Iraq (serving 3rd tour)

Washington Opens Door to Italy’s Afghanistan Proposal

Estonian fascists lay barbed wire wreath to monument of Soviet Warrior-Liberator

Australian pleads guilty at Guantanamo

BBC: British government advisers backed methodology behind contentious Iraq death toll study

Govt. Laptop With Employee Data Stolen

Hicks pleads guilty

U.S. House of Reps. OKs Bill to Cut Ship Pollution

Life Magazine, Its Pages Dwindling, Will Cease Publication

U.S. army cleared of coverup in Tillman's friendly fire death

Saudi foreign minister suggests Arabs open to changing peace offer

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists

100-Year Forecast: New Climate Zones Humans Have Never Seen

Liberals win, leader loses as minority elected in Quebec

Anyone tried the new Steak and Portobello Alfredo™ from The Olive Garden?

Do you like Michael Bay movies?

Starbucks Anarchist: SOLE cause for global warming!!!

***Theee Most OFFICIAL Prozacimon Appreciation Thread***

Does anyone have the picture of bu$h

Can I get a pod

Photographers: what are the actual sizes of prints?

Question for gay/lesbian restaurant patrons

Has anyone had carpet installed recently? I got questions...

You will laugh. At least smile. You may have to watch it twice but...

I have the urge to watch a regional horror movie made in the Southwest

Gonzogate (Letter to the Editor)

Gack! When I logged in today, I only had ONE post in 'My DU'!

OMFG OMFG OMFG -- They re-printed it. I have waited so fucking long..

If pregnancy scares = pregnancies, how many kids would you have?

Can I get a bod

What the heck is shea butter??

I spilled spaghetti sauce all over my shorts and my leg tonight!

Where is Dave Reynolds when you need him

Oh Just .....

The Parade of Family Dysfunction

Anybody Else Here Watch Prison Break?

Windows Genuine Advantage

Adam Copeland, you went too far this time!!

My Public Service Announcement for the evening!

I think I've found myself a new theme song!

Quick! Everybody dredge up a thread with no replies!

Librarians are hiding something!

Libertarians are hiding something!

can I get a zod


The pic got reversed, but

If it was alive, it would eat you.

Festival Express on IFC NOW

If Billy Ray Cyrus is not removed from Dancing with the Stars.......

What should I look for in a Flat Panel monitor?

can I get a mod

R.I.P. Monica...

My Gawdess... This Video Sucks!

pet cobra anyone?

I'll tell you a secret

Last Chance

Can I get a nod?

Tell me what this is and you win a prize!

Anyone else watching The Riches?

My name is pinto and I listen to the Delilah Show. LOL.

I finally get to see our DUer on Jeopardy

"Planet Earth" on the Discovery channel is truly awesome tv!!!

The Gray agenda!

Apple unveils it's new i...

can i get a mod to


Post images that I can nab for my photobucket here!

I saw another black widow today at my house! At least this one was outside!

Can we make Old Gregg the mascot of the Lounge? Think of how perfect it is.

Give me an emotion or a hobby, and I can probably give you a smiley to go with it.

What is your favorite Rolling Stones song?

The Elrond Hubbard unappreciation thread.

The bridgit appreciation thread!

What's In Your Wallet??? Is It SSSSSatan???? (Apologies To The Church Lady)

Christian Church Rises In Arabia

Pope Condemns Laws Against Nature

Red State Blue State LOL

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Tom Delay

Tweety made a sort of weird funny, commenting on John Meacham's book "American Gospel"

You know Gonzo saying he knows those resignations were for performance reasons...

KO's about to fact check Bonzo's interview

Hey Tom DeLay! Liberals, unlike Hitler, actually LIKE Jews and people of color.

I like Gonzales swinging in the wind on his slim thread

Marines to Alert 1,800 Individual Ready Reservists for Reactivation

What's with this video on O'liely with the soldier effigy burning at a Portland, OR antiwar demo?

What's up with Tony Blankley?

A Kangaroo Skinner In A Kangaroo Court: Hick Pleads Guilty

"Festval Express" on IFC

John Kerry on the Daily Show tonight...n/t

Keith has a Special Comment coming up tonite

I actually watched fifteen minutes of Faux News tonight.

If Eisenhower had been president in Clinton's Admin, he would have been Impeached.

Have they announced who is testifying at the Leahy hearing Thursday?

U.S. army cleared of coverup in Tillman's friendly fire death

Some people say...

Rare Semi-Identical Twins Discovered

Here comes the fifth amendment....

Hey -- a replay of Countdown is coming on now

I am loving that Gonzo was in that big meeting.... was, in fact,

Refugees Thrown Overboard

House votes to strip Patriot Act of US Attorney provision 329-78

Americans strongly back attorney purge investigation...USA poll; Yes, should investigate - 72%

Bush and Nixon, sitting in a tree...R-E-S-I-G-N-I-N-G...

Are you watching Scarboro tonight? It's FUNNY! auction

Pigs are flying out of my butt - Scarborough going after Couric

column from huff post


Have You Checked The Gonzo-Meter Today ???

Last Week "Impeachment" Wasn't Part Of The Language

Scarbrough doing indepth panel discussion on impeaching *.

Maybe the Puggies are finally imploding. If so, I hope we've learned something.


Army Recruiter attacks gay man

BANNED IN CHINA!: The Life of Ramen

Daily Show with Guest..JOHN KERRY

repeat of hillarious K.Olbermann comming on now

Nightline: McCain, Pat Tillman, and paintball recruits -- 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Bush said: "I don't consider it a credible report.".......

My daughter downloaded a movie off of a website and WHOA NELLY they turned off my cable

How do rats trapped in the corner react?



Apparently Gonzo only ever had 2 jobs since law school

Study: Global warming may create 'novel' climates

Scarborough ripping Couric to threads

AOL's Instant Message 'Tracking' Plug-In Concerns Police, Parents

Flashback to 9/24/2006. "How does one go about asking the Secretary of State out on a date?"

E-Vote Memo Is a 'Smoking Gun'

BRAC planning continues despite Walter Reed bill

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Colbert is brilliant: re MoveOn lawsuit/his new video editing challenge

WAXMAN - Requests CIA Documents Related to PLAME Case & NIGER Trip

Sculptor's dog-killing past threatens WSU project

I thought about this - I just don't care anymore -

After the House Vote, What’s To Be Done? The good news, the bad news, the GREAT news.

Gonzo Journalism!

Text of a Tillman family statement

You're Suppose To Get It On Your Nose, Joe

Yet again, bush claims to be "out of the loop"; so how does "executive privilege" apply, bush?

Cool, sweet, pic. Please keep in your mind

So I'm sitting here thinking about what we might do for The Honorable Henry Waxman...

Librarians Are Hiding Something! Registered Trade Mark-Stephen Colbert.

crapology and global warming.

Can we eliminate dick?

Interesting perspective on Iran/Britain standoff

What the Tillman's should demand....

FauxNews Screen Capture: "Democrats Are Legislating Defeat In Iraq"

Caption Bush and Cheney!

Gonzales Says He May ‘Find Out’ That Attorneys Were Purged For Political Reasons

"It saddens me that I am now ashamed for the first time to be an American."

Sampson to Contradict Gonzales Statements Thursday

There was another story on "60 minutes"

bush just doesn't get it. People are pissed and fed up with his bullshit

Debate, any additions?

Mr. Gonzales, Meet Mr. Leahy

Listen DUers

Poor Bush is in a race against time.

Search Dog Remembered for Dedication - Dusty, 9/11 search dog, struck by car

In The Future We'll Grow Our Own Cars

Joan Walsh, on the Bush administration: They have married incompetence with corruption.

Do the Bushies have a "Word-a-Day" calendar or something?

What's The Best Thing About DU?

There were about 10 kids -

Savage Weiner blames sexual reassignment surgery for Columbine massacre

NYT :Time for Answers


Commodities trading and poisoned pet food

Give Bush an inch and he thinks he is a ruler.

Rep. Nancy Boyda lays it out on Iraq - debt owned by china, predicts flare up in Afghanistan, more

Some would say that you're all assholes

Another Pet Food Recall - Pig Ears This Time

WAPO: GOP Groups Told to Keep Bush Officials' E-Mails

CNN pushing the possibility of impeachment hard tonight.

Scarborough Country Leads With "Impeachment?" .... What's Up???

Continuing Hurricane Katrina Struggles in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

The View (on the aniversary of the Iraq War)

Does Rham Emanuel really not want Democrats on Colbert?

Let Rove Lie

Wow - KO just said that Pat Tillman

American Dream Gone Sour

The "Global War On Terror" Is A Fraud

A 37 year old friend has Multiple Sclerosis and can't afford $1,900 for the drug - help!

What the fuck is this?

Does anyone have the Colbert Show/Katie Couric interview video?

Could * be the first ever pResident removed from office by the Senate?

My reply to Katie Couric: What if Caesar Rodney had "stayed home?"

Reagan's Economic Boy Wizard (of Laffer Curve Fame) Indicted

Conserve power, They will just charge more.

Our next president

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Official Ignored White House Guidance

Former defense company CFO indicted for fraud; Bush's Uncle "Bucky" reaped $450K

I got a whiff of a great shift in America tonight

You Tube: The South "Won't Back Down"

I smell something in the air. Military Build Up

Steven Colbert just issued a video editing challenge to ALL In response to Rom Emanuel's charge...

Interesting - Menu Foods Stock Trading Volume

Rough Justice from DOJ Exposes "Voter Fraud" ='s Voter Suppression-Collins/Scoop

Time replaces cover story on Bush losing Afghanistan with call for teaching the Bible in schools

Sampson To Set Off Fireworks By Saying That GONZALES WAS TOTALLY IN THE LOOP (US News)

Chavez Announces Takeover of 16 Estates for Venezuela’s Land Reform

Connecticut Principal cancels High School play about Iraq

BREAKING NEWS: Bill Clinton Likes '24' and 'Grey's Anatomy'

Misleading NY Times article provides fodder for conservatives to attack Gore on global warming

How We Can Define Fred Thompson Before They Do

The case for Wesley Clark: A Democratic Congress.

Hillary Clinton: Liberal Senator

Faux News obsessed with Anna Nicole - ignores Gonzales scandal

Tails tell us we've evolved

Keith again?

Does Monica Gooding have to appear

New Home Sales Crashing

Today someone on here posted: Her husband phoned her and

Bush Says He Won't Veto The Repeal of Patriot Act Provision on U.S. Attorneys

Justice Spokesman: Gonzales 'Extremely Upset' by McNulty Testimony

Senator John Kerry on The Daily Show NOW!

Hagel (R, NE): Bush impeachment an option

Josh Marshall is on fire

What if Caesar Rodney had stayed home?

Flashback: Lott Said Claiming Executive Privilege Makes WH ‘Look Like They Are Hiding Something’

State Dept. defends Iraq refugee policy (AP)

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists

Interesting...S. R. Sidarth's father is new co-chair of DNC Indo-American Council.

Bush Reorients Rhetoric, Acknowledges Income Gap

need info to refute wingnut regarding Clinton WH

How many are giving to the Presidential Election Fund on their tax returns?

The one thing I remember about Watergate.

On the war

How much cred for this supposed Russian intel leak of impending US attack on Iran

The Rise and Fall of Political Media

Thom Hartmann: James Madison - “Impeach Bush Over Purgegate!”

A pocket guide to GOP corruption and Constitutional rape

Past due: Constructive national self-examination

The Iraq Debacle & Abu Gonzo

The Real Reason Gonzales/Cheney Opposed Closing Guantánamo / Daily Kos

How the White House Shielded Leakers of Plame's Identity

Tom Engelhardt: Right about Iraq, Written Out of the Story

Immunity For Goodling Isn't In The Cards

All the Presidents' Stonewallers

Couric Criticized for Edwards Interview

US: Stop the Guantanamo Circus (Human Rights Watch)

The Pentagon’s Power to Jail Americans Indefinitely

Glenn Greenwald on recent MSM attacks on Obama

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Democracy Dreaming

Preventing Economic Collapse (

Film on “Radical Islam” Tied to Pro-Israel Groups

Matthew Yglesias: Peace Now

Time to Deport Alberto Gonzales?

Iran's Border Muddles Captivity Issue (AP)

American Socialism for the Already Rich


SFChron Op-ed Lays Into Media for Undercounting Protest Crowds

Counting the cost

US major suspects the members of the police unit he was advising of kidnapping, killing, &beatings

Indicted Stockman Was Face of Reaganomics

Making a Killing: America's Private Army and the Business of War

In the Battle Over the War, Pelosi Wins (E.J. Dionne for Truthdig)

Guilty plea to get out: Hicks dad

Republicans, to Their Peril, Stand With Bush (Marie Cocco at Truthdig)

American Socialism for the Already Rich (AlterNet)

Arianna Huffington: The War on Drugs Is Really a War on Minorities (LA Times, via AlterNet)

Sen. Clinton's Lawyers Seek to Halt Fraud Suit

The American Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

Inside the secretive plan to gut the Endangered Species Act

Subverting Iran - Washington’s Covert War inside Iran

Robert Fisk: US power games in the Middle East

Confident Turkey looks east, not west

Organic Food: The Farmer's Conundrum (Grist Magazine, via AlterNet)

PEMEX Cuts Proven Reserve Totals By 6%+ From 2005 (955 Million Bbl) - El Universal

Climatologists Brief TX Legislature On Warming's Impact On Water Supply - Only Staffers Attend

Hey Kids! Test Your Energy Knowledge! Be The First On Your Block!

NYT: Uranium Ignites 'Gold Rush' in the West

Water In The Gas Tank - Further Forensics On Saudi Oil Supply - Stuart Staniford @ Oil Drum

Cesspit Collapse In Gaza Floods Village, Drowns Four - BBC

Senators look to boost biofuel use five-fold - Reuters

Lack of Ice Set to Kill Start of Canada Seal Hunt - Reuters

Exxon's Shame (The Nation)

'Monster' {cane} toad found in Australia (Reuters/CNN)

Strong hurricanes to hit U.S. Gulf in 07: AccuWeather - Reuters

Energy Companies Rethink Palm Oil As Biofuel - ENN

As Kashmir Conflict Eases, Geese, Ducks, Other Migratory Species Return To Fragile Marshlands

Bald Eagles Back In Philadelphia After 200 Years - ENN

A New Metric For Absurdity & Illogic - Please Welcome The Inhofe Scale!

China Car Firms Gear Up For Booming Sales - BBC

Gulf Times - Aramco, Exxon, Sinopec To Triple Capacity At China's Fujian Refinery

Inside the secretive plan to gut the Endangered Species Act

Portuguese utility to buy U.S wind power firm

Heat Invades Cool Heights Over Arizona Desert

India-Iran gas pipeline talks to go ahead - Reuters

Inside the secretive plan to gut the Endangered Species Act

Dirty firms shut to protect pandas - China Daily

Developing a Dual Israeli-Palestinian Historical Narrative

Defiant Jewish settlers march back to West Bank

A long way from Riyadh to Rafah

5 killed, many missing in Gaza sewage flood

Moritz Law: SOS Complaint Against Cuyahoga County BOE

Judge denies Diebold request to block ES&S pact with Massachusetts

Snohomish DRE case to appeals court on 4-18-07

Special prosecutor needed for Delay! Election Reform & Related News Tuesday, 3/27/07

Only OH R-Party Chair Bob Bennett has NOT resigned from Cuyahoga County BOE

Hillary Loses Support In Silicon Valley

Governor's Web Site Reveals Voters' Home Addresses

Confident Turkey looks east, not west

EU Renews Offer to Iran on Nuke Talks

Former Reagan official is charged in fraud case

Guatemala Interior Minister Resigns

Chile's Pinochet, Dead 3 Months, Is Investigated in Poisoning

The Album, a Commodity in Disfavor (Downloading individual songs replacing album purchases)

(E S and S - Military Contractor) Ex-Financial Officer Accused of Fraud

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up'

MNF-W Forces attacked (1 Marine dead)

Romney Offers Student Fundraisers Money

Iraqi VP Warns Against Turkish Incursion

Heat Invades Cool Heights Over Arizona Desert

Bush sticks to agenda amid conflicts

Guilty plea from Australian detainee in Guantánamo

Subway hero needs saving

Clinton: Firings a Bush admin power grab

U.S. Long Worried That Iran Supplied Arms in Iraq

High-security prison plan for Hicks

Senate war bill features $20B in pork

Tony Snow's cancer has spread to liver

DOJ Official Ignored White House Guidance

Netflix founder named to Microsoft's board

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, March 27

Report: Some Unjustly Labelled As Terrorists

War of mosques and street corpses returns

Lampson recuperating after bypass operation (Tom Delay's successor)

(Supreme) Court Tightens Whistle-Blower Rules

Iraqi bomb attacks kill 75 - police

Firm Sues to Access Roadway Safety Data

Nelson seeks inquiry of prosecutor's exit (Paul Perez)

Gonzales acknowledges role in attorney firings

UAE will not be used in any Iran strike -president

Two car bombs target Iraqi tribal leader

Jack Valenti hospitalized following stroke

'Up to 500 dead' in Congo clashes

Woodward's Notes from 'Deep Throat' Interviews On View

CT May Move Up Primaries in '08

Everest try puts focus on nursing woes

Inside the secretive plan to gut the Endangered Species Act

Senate Signals Support For Timetable (Defeats Cochran Amendment Removing Withdrawal Timetable 48-50)

Mueller defends need for expanded powers: Patriot Act

Back on the campaign trail, Elizabeth Edwards pushes stem-cell funding

Russia assails U.S. global policy, warns against attacking Iran in foreign strategy paper

Lawmakers to Bush: Halt Venezuelan deportations

4 police officers charged in assault on tourist

Regola charged with perjury about gun used in suicide (Repub PA State Sen)

McCain's MySpace Page Hacked

ITT hit over export of night-vision goggle parts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 27

Fitzgerald questions await Gonzales

U.S. soldier, contractor killed in Iraq

Poll backs subpoenas of Bush aides

U.S. Navy Shows Force in Persian Gulf

Cities set limits on serving food to homeless people

Woman, dog both sick after eating recalled pet food

Gonzales visits Chicago (and runs for the exits...)

Shrimpers angry over award of Katrina debris removal contracts

Tillmans Want Congressional Probe of Coverup

Mueller: FBI Can Properly Use Its Powers

Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

Conservatives oppose pet projects ( but some Republican's back them)

In China, Fight Over Development Creates a Star

U.S. commander: No civil war in Iraq

White House prods justices into retail arena

Cheney speech at BYU causes outcry

FBI agent told to keep quiet over attorney firings

China shifts to euros for Iran oil

State Dept. defends Iraq refugee policy

Tony Snow has cancer

Webb says he did not give aide his gun

(ABC) Exclusive: Report Charges Broad White House Efforts to Stifle Climate Research

Senate Dems expand probe of AG’s wiretapping move

(John) Kerry presses baseball to hold off on DirecTV deal

Senate keeps call for Iraq pullout in spending bill, defies veto threat

Longer day proposed to aid failing (US) schools

Democrat Proposes Making Withdrawal Date Secret(Pryor)

I'm considering having my ankle joint fused

Silly Billy Marries Goat -Sydney Morning Herald 27/3/2007

Anyone who wants to get DRUNK with me and go out and...


Ann or Nancy?

I'm sitting here doing physics to the sound of "Ride of the Valkyries"

Wow, this is the worst shareware ever...

Wow babybunnypants slept for 10 hours straight..

Please help: I'm soliciting suggestions

Wow - another Republican caught lying about military service. Musser not a Green Beret.

Inspired by a GD thread: Your candidate sucks!

Man Steals Virgin Mary Statue - Paints It To Look Like Clown

Please help: I'm soliciting

Who are the Unitarian ministers on here?

Norwegian Skydiver Moons Cop - Arrested

mmm.... Jimmy Dean Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches...

Everybody Yang Wu Tonight

Man Who Stole 93 Pounds Of Women's Panties Admits He Has A Problem

I'm voting for Edwards out of sympathy!

Went for a jog around the Tidal Basin in DC this AM

What type of schlegel do you prefer?

I am sad and angry this morning, Birthing Center to close

all signed up with Unemployment - wish me luck for tomorrow

A truly brutal music review

I don't care if they are great dogs.....

American Idol fans: Can Sanjaya possibly top last week's performance in terms of suckiness?

I feel grrrrreat today!

So I've got this bizarre high tolerance for pain.

This is a thread for animal cop show addicts.

Greatest Gay Anthem

Let's hear some love for Dinah Washington

Man Says He Does Not Have Sex With His MonkeyFunk

Have yall ever tumbled rocks??? OMG it takes forever!

Zoo Hopes Porn Will Help Pandas Mate

Have you ever rocked back a tumbler?

DU Beatle fans (of some age) help me out here.....


Yipes, just had a fuel oil delivery, $2.59 a gallon. This is the

Want to chip in for Get Well card for Spokeshole Tony Snow?

Huh. I didn't know sniffa went to UC Santa Cruz.

My wife is leaving me

DR Who fans - what do you say about the new show?

Send lawyers guns and money

Will someone please come bathe my dog?

Laugh all you want, but I don't see 7UP choosing your favorite

Unusual age relationships....

Do you like "Techno" music?

Random movie quote

Anybody who thinks Richard Nixon didn't do anything good after 1974 is an IDIOT.

Exclusive binary polls

Can someone help with some abortion statistics/demographics?

Name someone who succeeded....

When you were a kid and you were sick

Congratulations OmmmSweetOmmm!! 10,000 posts

7 years into it... do we have a name for this f'in decade yet?

Do you carry a knife?

Whyte type of bagel do you prefer?

Man caught with 93 pounds of stolen underwear

"Snakes on a Plane" and its universal appeal

Fence-sitting meaningless equivocating polls

Elvis' army uniform, found in Gulf, back for Hard Rock opening

We are living in the Sand-Ands!

I'm so cold today I can barely think

uh-oh, guess who's gonna be a mohel

How to lose 35 pounds in 57 days

A Politically Correct Lexicon

Nearly got CREAMED in an intersection in DC. (Don't walk in DC - a rant)

Newspaper going to print my LTTE

I learned a valuable lesson in GD today.

Do you like "Tecmo" music?


Is it in my head?

It is never ever too early to start good dental care for your pets

Face-sitting munchingness quivering polls

What is your Super Power?

Dammit, my secret decoder ring didn't come today

I just called Winnipeg for some visitor's info.

Do NOT fuck with a college radio DJ with eclectic music tastes...


LOL! Man arrested with 93 pounds of stolen women's undergarments in house!

I wondered if I would be able to find my car...

Your Top 10 Playlist - Classic Rock only

American Idol freepers

Congratulations Left Is Write!! 25,000 posts

You got to see this video! "La marche de l'empereur"! LOL!!

Why can't my cat bury her turds?

Woman Steals Teddy Bear From Arms Of 3 Year Old Girl - Arrested

Am I warm or am I cool?

What is the best Pink Floyd Album

Hey all you holier than thous, Fix your own house first.

monkey kick off

Who should pay for the first date? Do guys feel pressured to pay?

Does anyone else rub the opposite cut ends of a cucumber

Do you believe in karma? Do you believe that bad shit happens to people because they deserve it?

Bizarre hexagon spotted in Saturn’s clouds. Astronomers cant explain six-sided pattern at north pole

"Is 'smoking' a legal substance in the United States?"

30 Strangest Deaths in History

*blah* Am writing my first grant request ever. Someone please hold my hand?

Is "Family Guy" the greatest animated series ever?

Is "Family Circus" the greatest cartoon ever?

"Hi, I'm Roger Lodge..."

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/27/2007)

My wife would kill me if she knew I was posting this poll...

Royksopp - Remind Me

How Many People Do You Have On Your Hit List?

Is there any way to stop Widescreen Flat Panel monitors from streching images?

Today is Led Zeppelin Day

Who else besides me would have liked to have seen this?

Post A Headline You'd Like To See In Tomorrow's Paper:

I'm having a rotten day.....

Finally got my diagnosis

Better News Today!

Cc: and Bcc: in email -- do you think youngsters wonder:

My niece, who I married a few months ago, is preggers!

Healing energy for my sis, please

Peace and Love, my little horny toads!

video of a coati i took in the rainforest this weekend

My big-boy cat has taken to chewing on my hair


So who gets the toaster?

Is it possible to get a govt. grant for home improvement?

Surreal Art...

You know what would be a cool job?

Heidi and Call Me Wesley have been holding out on us.

I collect Coasters. What do you collect?

Plane delayed 7 hrs-ask me anything

Can't Start A Fire Without A Spark....

My friend died

Jeopardy Update: DU'er "IntravenousDemilo" will be on tonight (Tues)!

Group captures dog-sized 2-pound, 15-inch poisonous cane toad

Rock n Roll History/Radio Buffs- Alan Freed, 1954

Where's the guy who could insult you in Olde English???

Happy birthday matcom & underpants!!

Bands you love that others seem not to know much about...

Mommy brag for one moment!

How Many People Do You Have On Your Adore List?

My niece, who married a few months ago, is preggers!

What not to say at a meeting (I actually heard this at work today)

Have you ever seen a photo from back home in a surprising place?

What is it about Spring that makes people so frigging annoying and stupid?

Will the FA fire Steve McClaren?

You know, Genesis with Phil Collins wasn't that bad...

Does anyone remember the time we could change our usernames and still keep the post count?

prolesunited & I are now OFFICIALLY "Crazy Dog People". (pic)

Anybody who thinks Todd Rundgren didn't do anything good after 1974 is an IDIOT.

What are some of the worst things that have happened at your job?

Commercials that bug the crap out of you.

Once a smoker, always a smoker?

Geico commercials

Remember the old car radios with just an AM radio, a few buttons, and ONE shitty speaker?

Give me an Opinion. Any opinion you want.

Do these bands sound the same?

Woman's Dog Saves Her Life By Giving Her Heimlich Maneuver

Names that don't fit young people

How come boys' names turn into girls' names over the years?

Herding Cats

If one wanted to exact revenge on a Canadian...

Vote for Sanjaya Tonight!!!

American Idol fans - do your friends make fun of you?

What is Your Favorite Pink Floyd Song

Post musicians that you swoon over

uh-oh, guess who's gonna be a ring bearer

How Many People Do You Have On Your S'mores List?

Good Vibes and Prayers are Needed.

How Many People Do You Have on Your Ignore List?

Shouldn't Dem Candidates Use This?

Suppose we discover what happened prior to the Big Bang and it was purely chemical processes.

Female ump to work exhibition in majors

Arkansas Fires Head Basketball Coach

Finally, something good happens in sports! SHEED!

The owners of the UFC buy Pride:

Democrats In the House are giving a VA Budget largest annual increase in Health Care in 77 years

OT: good reply on a DKos thread about loyalty-based employment

An e-mail from THK

JK & THK on WNYC at Noon TODAY

Another reason to love THK

I love John Kerry!

Dodd backs up JK on the Fox nomination

Baseball Hearing

Oilygarks on Parade...

Independent Intervention***graphic warning***

KO talks to Jon Soltz about Pat Tillman's death

Jon Soltz tries to get a word in edgewise on Hannity and Colmes

Karl Rove greeted by protestors in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Royal Caribbean cruise line is AWESOME...American Airlines SUCKS>>>NEEDS a passinger bill of rights!

OMG!!! Anna Nicole Simpson passed away. It was on the news tonight.

3,242 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Widow Waiting For Federal Benefits the president promised she'd receive

Elizabeth Edwards Speaks In Cleveland

MIiami Beach 91. That was a rockin gooid time. Orjuela etc.

Tribal Outcry - Chief Wahoo walks the Trail of Tears (Civil Rights Game)

Bernie Ward on the fired US Attys -- He gets it. Voter suppression and all!

Wanna lick this envelope? Panda poop could become paper

You, Too, Can Be a Banker to the Poor - Nicholas D. Kristof - NYT

Giuliani Web Site Flaw Finally Fixed

Venezuela replaces 45 mn incandescent bulbs

If anyone is listening to Bernie Ward tonight, he's doing a GREAT

Terrorized by 'War on Terror'

Area resident declares himself a 'nuisance'

Nelson seeks inquiry of prosecutor's exit - U.S. attorney denies connection to 8 dismissals

Former ambassador says those who outed his CIA agent wife are traitors

Lawsuit says Pat Robertson abuses tax-free status to push product

‘Abstinence only’ gets update-Gov. Strickland has proposed dropping the Abstinence Only Education

WP, Robinson, "The Multipolar Presidency": Nobody, or everybody, at the wheel of the ship of state

Iran warns US against launching attack we import food from India at all?

Congressional oversight lesson for Republicans

Cspan - amazing calls. And Farrell coming up soon.

London was bombed

"It's a heck of a lot harder to kill an American than it used to be"

NBC is all about Monica this morning, and NOTHING about Kyle. .

How to alarm your neighbors: Turn a school bus into an oven & start baking.

Gonzales to appear with Fitzgerald here today

Is there a law to oblige US citizens to pay income taxes?

has any DOJ top official ever taken the the 5th before? ever?

Most Downloaded Banners

GOP-Aligned Religious-Right Activists Seek to Marginalize NAE

GOP-ers abandoning W on Iraq

I'm getting paranoid.

Senate to look at improper FBI spying

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

NYT editorial, "Time for Answers": Goodling's taking the Fifth takes U.S. Atty. scandal to new level

Bush's Evangelical Marriage Brokers Win Legal Victory

NEW Gallup/USA Today Poll: Clinton Leads Obama by 19, Giuliani Leads McCain by 15

Here's an idea for feeding the homeless: serve them red tape.

Is the US Attorney story

Some of the U.S. attorney firings appear to have come because Bush and his minions wanted more death

WP, Dionne, "An Antiwar Tide on the Rise": House Iraq vote confirms power has shifted

ABC Exclusive: McNulty-Ignored WH "Initial Plan To SIMPLY DENY Existence Of Improper Motives"

Leahy: Why does Gonzales aide fear incrimination?

Donating To Al Franken Is FUN & EZ! Cute Video At The End!

$2.5 trillion will have to be spent over the next several decades caring for our wounded from Iraq

Robt. Mueller to testify today 9:30AM Judiciary Committee.


Is health insurance for the self-employed becoming extinct?

"I think we met the enemy, and they are us." (DHS considers family who paid ransom as enemies)

Are the morning *news* shows always this inane?

My "Not So Liberal" letter on the media is printed

Troop withdrawal bills: political reality versus naiivete

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 3/27 -- used car salesman?

Industry regulations prohibit pet food companies from labeling

Pullout date in Dems' Plan: 12 months or 18 months?

I'm so proud to be a DU'er ....

Solid Majority Favors Congressional Troop Deadline

Why me, God?

Some people say Katie Couric should interview Tony Snow

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll backs subpoenas of Bush aides

Will Bush Live to See End of His Mandate?

U.S. Navy shows force in Persian Gulf (AP)

AG Gonzales to Pete Williams: " I grew up with nothing but my integrity."

So, I'm in church where I never talk politics...

Tony Snow's growth is cancerous. On MSNBC now

Gulf economies to 'drop the dollar'

If the maximum donation is $2300, how does a candidate end up

CSIRO: Public Resources for Private Profit (GMOs downunder)

2 Australians from 1st Iraq war have tested positive for depleted uranium - Burning Semen Syndrome

"Blog death threats spark debate"

Why doesn't the "Coalition" just give back the 5 Iranians they are holding in trade for...

US major suspects Iraqi police unit he was advising of killing, kidnapping and beating Sunni Muslims

Wow. Oklahoma "gets" it about the English only

Specter is slamming Schumer on C-Span 2

Anyone ever hear of "Liberty Dollars"?

Thoughts on Katie Couric and her interrogation/interview

A question about "pork" and the Iraq resolution...

Tillman's Family Rip Military Report, Ask Press (and Congress) to Help

There used to be a time when people didn't discuss their health problems so openly

Can you imagine if a Clinton official had plead 5th because the Repubs might be to harsh on them?

I have to ask this: Is there a central database of pork?

Detective: Immigration debate drives white supremacist membership

Over 240 Arrested Since "Occupation Watch" Launched to Call on Congress to End War Funding

American Society of Clinical Oncology: Bush's cuts have "a real cost in human life."

***Official FBI Oversight - Judiciary Committee Thread***

I can't stand looking at the fake cowboy at your left (with his supposed thoughtful look)

Tony Snow

More trouble for Monsanto (First of a Monsanto Hat Trick)

Deleted by OP

Man caught with 93 pounds of stolen underwear

"Ex-Reagan Official Charged in Fraud Case"

The reason I feel so good today is knowing

U.S. Long Worried That Iran Supplied Arms in Iraq

Bush family hedges its bets for 2008

Huff post article on Bush Cruelty

Rain KO'd Interceptors During Korea Missile Tests ($38M for repairs)

U.S. conducts major Persian Gulf war games; guess Bush needs a distraction

We found out there was no investigation as required by executive order

Health care, the hidden tax.

Canadian woman ate tainted dog food, became violently ill (ABC News video)

It is time--WAY past time--

What ever happened to the downing street memos?

Gonzalez's sense of fashion

UK TimesOnline: Baghdad is being born again in exile (Syria)

How many of these so called "people" will end up in hell?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

A Sheep That’s 15% Human

My wife is leaving me poll: Do you think Iraq is in a civil war?

Good luck, Tony Snow.

Do you think these two top headlines from CNN clash?

Rocket hits Baghdad Green Zone, shakes US embassy

Tom Tomorrow explains the subprime disaster-

Tony Snow--cancer has returned. It is in his liver.

Link TV - American Virgins

There's Blood In The Water- And Not Just A Little Bit

Raw Story Exclusive: Docs Show Pentagon KNEW Anthrax Vaccine Caused Serious Health Problems

Monsanto asks court to allow sale of GMO alfalfa (#3 ends the Hat Trick)

With all this cancer talk, lets re-examine the toxic world we live in...

Bush came out to pray for Tony Snow today on TV but he didn't for Elizabeth Edwards last week

Toddler High On Cocaine At Church Preschool

Creating a Coalition Group, JIDA

Judge Pulls Gun (in courtroom) After Attack On Defendant

"The Onion Brings Fake News to Web Video"

Depleted Uranium -- Ted Rall says our troops get suckered again LINK

The most revealing three-minute YouTube clip ever

Pentobarbital residues found in dog food. Further research is not necessary.

DOJ Official Hoped Lam Would NOT Succeed & Argued AGAINST Sending "Extensive Resources" To Help Her

katie's tactic - Certainly grounds for firing imo

Blind boy sees need to help others - this is one I hope gets some kicks/r's

Bush's Bald Obsession

Republicans DO NOT Hate soldiers, veterans, poor people or

Iran/British conflict and the Downing Street memos

Just heard "Brad" repub slicky boy on MSNBC spout the talking point du jour

Barack up now on CSPAN2

Bush/Cheney/Rove -- Vicious beasts are most dangerous when cornered.

Bush on Blair . . . "whip him, whip him, whip him, whip him" . . .

Eureka, I have it!! George Bush is an Al Qaeda mole. That explains a lot.

'Two, Three, Many Bolivarian Revolutions!'

James Madison - “Impeach Bush Over Purgegate!” by Thom Hartmann

US base in Iraq attacked with suicide truck bombs (Reuters)

the DHS plan called "Endgame"

Bush to Speak at 3 Graduation Ceremonies

What's she afraid of being incriminated for?

FBI Provided INACCURATE DATA For Surveillance Warrants

Webb says he did not give aide his gun

To What Lengths Would Bushco Go To Avoid Justice?

Part One and Two IVAW Photo Essey and Brother Bobby's Blog

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists

"They're the ludicrous clowns who entertain by belittling any facts which demonstrate corruption"

Is SNOWjob going to continue as Press Secretary?

Publix Supermarkets cuts pay of successful worker until he is more successful.

House strips Bush of US Attorneys appointment authority - 329 to 78

Exclusive: Pentagon conducting research into adverse effects of anthrax vaccine while maintaining i

Does Monica Goodling get to stay on the public dole if she refuses to testify before Congress?

Dems Allege Interference in Phone-Jamming Case

Family of Former Football Player Lashes Out at Pentagon

2007 1st Quarter Democratic Candidate Fundraising Totals - Post your predictions here

More disgusting news about Mexico and NAFTA.

David Sirota on HuffPo: "Et tu, Katie Couric?" A Must-Read!

So about this impeachment thing...

Why Monsanto loves ethanol (#2 in the Monsanto Hat Trick)

State Senator Regola (R) to be charged in relation to the gun death of 14 year-old neighbor

Here's something fun (and worthwhile) you can do with the books you love.

Eumerica: The Lefting of the Center, The Extreming of the Right

CSPAN - Washington Journal: Legal Times guest unfamiliar with 18 USC Sec. 1503?? (U.S. Atty Rant)

I'm overwhelmed.

Gonzalez interview on NBC - full transcript

Monica Goodlinsky!!! Monica Goodlinsky....Hahahaha!! Rolls off the tongue...

Wow... anybody see the CNN segment on war resisters?

well well well . . . just got a four-page survey of my opinons from John McCain . . .

Judge dismisses suit against Rumsfeld (allegations of torture)

Posters of deadbeat parents on pizza boxes

At a recent White House press conference, a number of soldiers, veterans and their family members...

Yowza! Pete Williams on NBC just said "Monica Lewins -- uh, I mean Goodling..."

Ethan Biggers dies - damned heartbreaking

They say we would lose if we pull the troops out

First Bolivian town free of illiteracy

What do you suppose Fitzgerald is thinking about in this photo? Mediocre, huh?

Salon: Inside the secretive plan to gut the Endangered Species Act

CNN: U.S. show of force in Persian Gulf

Cuba to construct 23 Level II hospitals in Bolivia to benefit 20 municipalities and the national pol

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up'

This new up-armored vehicles we are using in Iraq are great except...

Is Bush & his minions trying to scare Iran into thinking they will attack if they don't capitulate?

Dems Press Iraq Vote Despite Bush Veto Threat

Anybody else DIZZY? Man, who can keep up????!!!!

Don't forget, the IRS is a political arm of the Republican Party too.

Did you see? The aliens have a Hexagon instead of a Pentagon on Saturn!

Warner (on the Senate Floor) just flipped on the "Surge"

Cheney speech at BYU causes outcry

Bush Admin Secret Plan To "Gut" Endangered Species Act Revealed

So my dad tells me that Obama is in trouble because people are

McCain to U.S.: We will succeed in Iraq when Hell freezes over.

McCain MySpace page hacked to make it look like he supports gay marriage

what the hell happened to Liebermann?

Racial protest in Lamar County (Texas) causes Courthouse to be locked down

All this touchy feely stuff in here is fine for a day or two

Run away, Torquemada -- Run away and hide

I Can't Help But Wonder.....

Pat Tillman's mother on Dan Patrick Show (with Keith Olbermann)

NEWSWEEK: Special Issue: Voices of the Fallen

The House Will Stand Tall For Us Veterans This Week

Tillman Family seek justice in Congressional investigation of Pat's death

The War in Iraq

Bush Admin's Secret Plan To Gut Endangered Species Act Revealed

ADD and DU

Hey, whatever happened to the investigation of Lieberman's site getting hacked?

Who is Monica Goodling?

Bush says pray for Tony. Which would be more effective?

A Milestone Day, my first ever rebuttal to a political email

FYI - Follow-up: Pet food recall: Congress steps up

ITT fined $100 Million for selling night vision equipment to China

Time for a serious talk about moderation

At least 65 dead in Tal Afar,but McCain is saying surge is working on CNN.

Billboard of the Day!!

If you had to pick one country to believe?

Caption Attorney General Alberto Gonzales!

Cochran (removing time limit for Iraq withdrawal) amendment FAILS!

Most republican worldview I've ever seen expressed in sports....

GOP: "Every time someone sneezes at the White House, they investigate"

Blair Warns Iran of 'Different Phase' Over Detained Naval Personnel

BREAKING HARDBALL: Senate Dems told by DAG McNulty he made a false statement...

Anybody Watching C-Span Senate Vote Timetable being voted on

The Nays are 50

God hates Tony Snow

Freeptards: "Pat Tillman is the property of the US Military"

McCain says IRaqNam much safer now. (CNN just now)

Voice of America: U.S. Senate Republicans Say They Will Not Block Iraq Bill

Does Monica Goodling really exist?

Anybody got a free number to call the Senate offices?

Bill Maher joins Keith Olbermann on Countdown tonight

Questions on firings shorten Gonzales news conference - 15 minute news conference lasted 3 minutes

The View's EH TWIT moment of the day 3/27 Katie was NEWSY in interviewing the Edwards

If you had a family member that was clearly Mad, delusional and dangerous would you interceed?

DoJ Official Argued against Sending "Extensive Resources" to Lam

Is DU running slow as molasses or is my computer messed up n/t

Ned Lamont is an anti-war INSURGENT!

Global warming denier response. Toon

OMG, Monica Goodling went to Regent University.

Tweety just choked talking about Snow's cancer

Want to see something REALLY funny?? GOP "report" on Democrat (sic) Budget Proposal

Marine Open Letter: Make the Bold Adjustment Necessary in Iraq by Voting Against the Supplemental...

George W. Bush's Ides of March - A warning to Julius Caesar of an impending danger...

If You Won a HUGE Lottery, Do You Think You Could Help End the War?

Ammendment failed! 48 yea50 nay

Cheney is a mean old cantankerous bastard who just might hang...

a few more days for Polar Bears SOS- please take action

Subprime foreclosures could affect as many as 2.4 million

McCain's MySpace Page Hacked

For all the DU'ers who have been praying for a blue dress...yer worthless

Couthdown with Keith - Bill Maher on tonight. This should be good.

Obama accuses Bush of 'social Darwinism'

US Navy: nothing to substantiate Iran market rumor (rumored Iran attack on US ship)

Oil spikes $5 on Mideast rumors (of Iran firing on US and Brits mounting rescue)

Deadeye Dick on the hill (Senate) in case of a tie on the Iraq funding vote

Is Baghdad safer? CNN's Michael Ware to John McCain's comment

Did Cheney have the big one running over to the Senate to be the tie breaking vote?

Every day it becomes more clear who controls "the message."

Let us all bow our heads and pray for President Bush...

Just watching Lou Dobbs Tonight, amazed at the corruption of the Smithsonian bastard...

help speak out against global warming to congress

Senate approves Iraq Pullot!

Ben Nelson (NE) Votes in support of timetable!!!

Cochran just said that it looks like * will have to veto the Iraq bill to stop it.

Just got this email: Stephanie Miller on Larry King Live Tonight

the Navy's maneuvers are suspiciously similar to...

***** Cochran Amendment Roll Call *****

TPMmuckraker: "Reasons For Suspicion" In Carol Lam Firing

Stephanie Miller on Larry King tonight.

Joe Wilson: "My fantasy is to webcast Dick Cheney's deposition"

the Navy's maneuvers are suspiciously similar to...

Flowers For Tony Snow?

Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

Is the name Monica like Hitlers mustache?

"Reason for Suspicion" - why Ms Lam had to be purged ...

Everest try puts focus on nursing woes

Couple captions

"Loyal Bushies": Or, Who Will the GOP Conferees on the Iraq Withdrawal Bill Be?

Computergate & The GWB43 Scandal-Within-A Scandal

Democrats win Senate vote on Iraq withdrawal date. McCain calls it "shameful"

Harris Poll: Fifty Percent of U.S. Adults Would Not Vote for Hillary

Shorter Althouse

Cochran Amendment Deleting the Troop Withdrawal TIMETABLE from Senate Iraq Bill DEFEATED 50-48!

Mccain says its safe to walk in baghdad....lets have him put his feet where his mouth is

Does DU Have A Forum Or Group For Military Families?......

How long does shrub have before he has to issue the veto?

NYTimes:Breaking News 5:31 PM ET: Senate Keeps Pullout Date in Iraq War Bill

How can we stop these 'scammers' from preying on innocent people???

VIDEO of Alberto Gonzales' very, very brief press conference

A Curse on the Pundit Class From Hunter at Daily Kos

WOW. Editorial from Lebanon Daily Star Newspaper "Rice's Show: Is it comedy or horror?

The Webb "gun scandal" is a plus for us

Is Monica Goodling the Oliver North?

Tillman case; a failure of duty

Hotel internet download speed: 250 kbps in Silicon Valley ?

TOON: Did You Read Today's Doonesbury?

What is this BS about Congress is going to be off a couple of weeks?

Does anyone know the DUer that was Jeapordy is that him on now? Doug

Mitt Romney, life-long member of the NRA... for the past year

Photo of Gonzo & Fitz

If I ever win a lottery, I am leaving the country that very day.

"Republicans are sick of defending an ungrateful President."

Lou Dobbs poll: Should Gonzo "resign."

Bushies discover a constitutional protection they can love--the 5th Amendment

Why Did McNulty Ignore WH Advice Regarding His Testimony?

Rush today: "If I'm 18, 19, 17, . . .I'm joining the Marines. I want to go to Iraq."

Bob Geldof urges tough EU sanctions against Sudan | The text of the letter urging Darfur Action

Something else to blame the illegal immigrants for --

Josh Marshall Finds More About Cunningham Scandal-VP's Furniture & Screening Bush's Mail for Anthrax

Libby defense team provides "Guidelines for Letters to Court on Behalf of Scooter Libby"

Anyone remember Lee Atwater?

I wish I were simple minded.

Is the Chimp really going to attack Iran ?

I Have To Say That I Was Wrong About The Dems re: Iraq

Heat Invades Cool Heights Over Arizona Desert

Judge Says Torture is A-OK, Dismisses Suit Against Rumsfeld

What kind of newspaper is the Chicago Tribune?

I'd love to be a fly on the Oval office wall right now.

FYI, this latest Pat Tillman report is the most important political story today

Best wishes to all who have cancer.

NATO's potty rules shut out Afghans (Segregation)

Drudge and the Politico -- poisonously joined at the hip

ABC: McNulty and Schumer have longstanding friendship of many years

Can the M$M please stop referring to the British sailors as hostages?

Borowitz Report Heh

Important Book: "The Conservative Intellectual Movement Since 1945"

U.S. Navy launches huge show of force in Persian Gulf

Excellent Post at TPM regarding Goodling's assertions for taking the 5th. She CAN'T do it for

Who owns the Federal Reserve?

Images of Iran

60% in US back 2008 pullout from Iraq - 60% oppose cutting off funds to the 140,000 soldiers there

Today Is A Crucial Day To Prevent War With Iran (Support Webb Iran War Declaration Amendment)

WTF is happening with oil right now (Spiked big time in the last hour)

Who's responsible (re. Webb gun incident)

Michael ware is laying into McCain now on CNN

urge the FDA to ban toxic chemical Lindane

Tuesday Toons: Hidden costs edition

Prominent drunk ass Republican wipes out family of 4 in gruesome

Inside the secretive plan to gut the Endangered Species Act

Sen. Webb Trying To Add His Iran Bill As Amendment To Supplemental Appropriations Bill

Woman sick as a dog after eating pet food.

There should be a law prohibiting politicians from using elementary schools for photo ops!

VIDEO (MUST SEE): The "perfect storm" closing in around an isolated Bush (MSNBC)

April 6 sneak attack by US forces against Iran planned, Russian military sources warn

A story of forgiveness-Vietnamese war photo subject speaks at Denison

ITT Corp to Pay $100 Million Penalty, Plead Guilty to Illegally Exporting Secret Military Data Overs

Please Pledge To Become A Climate Messenger: Birthday Present For Mr. Gore

We have just scratched the surface of corruption instilled by the Bush Administration...

White teen burns down family home, gets probation; black teen shoves hall monitor, gets seven years

All Right. Let Me Get This Straight

Keep GMOs out of organic food! - Urgent

The best line from Froomkin (WashPost)....ever....

Nora Ephron on Katie Couric & "Some People"

Guardian Angels plan to return to Hub sparks controversy (civil anticrime patrols)

I still have two letters I wrote, but happily never sent, from the A Shau Valley in 1971.

Elizabeth Edwards doesn't have bone cancer. Tony Snow doesn't have liver cancer.

Return to paper ballots could be on horizon (get ready for bogus arguments against this)

UK Government Document Confirms Lancet Report On Iraqi Death Toll

And Now...Some Really Hot Women

Waxman sends a letter to CIA chief Hayden regarding contradictions in Plame Senate Intel report

Group Says Pet Food Deaths Underreported (AP)

Cancer: Has it been more prevalent in recent decades than it has in times past (ie. prior to WWII)?


The Onion: Immigration: The Human Cost

Monica Goodling is going to jail--- that's why she plead the 5th.

Beyond the pale: anti-gay, racist emails from Army recruiter

WTF is so hard to understand about perjury and pleading the 5th

From Wall St: Iraq invasion has tripled oil prices and gained Big Oil over $1 trillion

Sen. Dodd to give Swift Boater the boot (Sam Fox)

Global Ruling Class: Billionaires and How They ‘Made It’...

File under, 'ya can't make it up': Warning: Endangered polar bears threaten ‘all 50 states.’

Buckingham Palace censors Clinton pictures ahead of Queen's Bush visit in May

Chris Wallace: "Keith Olbermann, You Are No Edward R. Murrow"

Breaking news on MSNBC: Tony Snow's cancer has spread

Does the term "Unitary Executive" appear anywhere in our

What type of Passover gift to buy for my co-worker JEWISH FRIENDS PLEASE HELP!!!

3 new progressive banners for free download!

WHEN do you decide who you'll vote for?

1,800 Individual Ready Reserve Marines may get yearlong deployment

New developments in case of black teenage girl who got 7 yrs. for shoving hall monitor...

BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAH my "former" workplace just called

Why did Monica Goodling hire a money laundering specialist as Attny?

UPDATE - 12 dozen pink roses are on their way to Elizabeth

Fallen soldier mourned in Wilmington (heart-wrenching picture)

Fuck! I can't read this week's Newsweek

Subway hero needs saving

The Powers That Be

*** Tuesday TOONs: Gonzales ***

Just got a Newsweek Special Edition in the mail. "Voices of the Fallen"

Photo of so-called "Patriots" tying Lady Liberty down

Burdens of Proof

Raw Story: Pentagon Conducts Research On Adverse Effects of Anthrax Vaccine But Maintains It Is Safe

GODDAMN FUCKING CANCER. Know how much cancer research/treatment Iraq MISTAKE would have bought?

Waxman - tune is Beatles Taxman

The personal, the political and the urgently possible

"I do feel I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Pat Tillman."

Vet Says Walter Reed Refused To Test Him For Depleted Uranium Exposure - Imus won't talk about this

The Nation at CBS Impeachment Threat Is Real

I am stunned by this post, and think you will be, too. This is what's at stake.


Can Cartman save Hillary?

Younger DUers need to understand something about Watergate:

Rep. Lynn Woolsey & True Majority: A Little Common Sense With Your Budget Pie

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up'

Crooks and Liars already has the Michael Ware interview up. It's a doozy!

New GOP buzzword.. its a "surrender date" . not a withdrawal timetable...

Action Alert: Fundraiser for a Du'er's family member....

Quick Poll, Do you own a gun?

Nutro Dry Pet Food -- Isolated Reports of Problems with *Dry* Pet Food

Kerry to probe baseball’s deal with DirecTV

I need some help understanding Gonzo, the WH and USAs

Valerie Plame would make a great First Lady

Senate to look at improper FBI spying (AP)

Another bush CRIME

The Poetry of D. H. Rumsfeld

House Bill Restores Constitutional Checks and Balances

Alberto's gold

Mindful of Past, Clinton Cultivates the Military

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Official Ignored White House Guidance

John Kerry was great onTDS last night.

Wexler calls Obama a friend of Israel

Is it gwb. org? Because that is reserved for non-profit organizations.

Video of John Kerry on The Daily Show:

Tony Snow job description was no help maintaining health...

Bush headlines that don't surprise us...

Bush sticks to agenda amid conflicts

Poll backs subpoenas of Bush aides

Olbermann does Attorneygate [VIDEO]

Gonzales Says He May ‘Find Out’ That Attorneys Were Purged For Political Reasons

Blair Warns of `Different Phase' Over Britons in Iran

Webb just won a second term

I went over to Free Republic: Put in Tony Snow Cancer

The Politics of Cypress Mulch

Fitzgerald, Gonzales to Rub Shoulders on Roundtable (today)

Can the President delegate his pleasure?

"English Only"? Okay ... give up your sports team names ...

WaPo: FBI Provided Inaccurate Data for Surveillance Warrants

Getting Serious About the "I" Word (John Nichols for The Nation)

We need an IDGI page or FAQ about the current Justice controversy

GSA Administrator Lurita Doan To Employees: ‘You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings’

The Rude Pundit: Monica Goodling's Act of Civil Disobedience


Being A Superpower Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Attorney Firing Spin Proposed by DOJ Spokesperson Contradicts Internal DOJ Documents (Truthout)

Weren't new documents released from the DOJ over the weekend?

Amid political battles, Bush sticks to ethanol (CNN) {actual headliine!} :^D

Need a quick answer for a workplace discussion

Are we doing a lot of Rush's "research" work for him???

Congressman Who Defends Rove’s Refusal To Testify Calls On President Clinton To Testify

House Repubs whining and crying on CSPAN...

The bullshit debate about a 'withdrawal date' and the 'terrorists' just waiting us out .........

Gonzales aide refuses to testify about her involvement in the firings of eight federal prosecutors

Musharraf 'thumbed his nose at Washington and the NATO-led coalition fighting in Afghanistan'

AOL Poll on the Patriot Act - Great %s so far.

Republicans Launch Preemptive Strike Against Sick Leave Bill

Why the right will always be wrong on the Edwardses

I Believe that Iran is.....

A favorite subject on DU - where does this evil come from. Just found

TPM: (Pleading) The Fifth Made Simple

What if * were to use the 15 detained British military (a/k/a "hostages")

DeFazio (Oregon) could take on Smith, poll shows

Based on an aggregate of 14 polls, Bush has reached a new all-time low approval mark

Sen. Webb’s important news. Bill to prevent * from starting war with Iran

I really think all these investigations just amount to a tempest in a teapot.

Evidence Suggests U.S. Attorney Firings May Have Been Part of White House Scheme to Help Game 2008

Lawmakers, FDIC seek predatory lending crackdown (Reuters)

Response to a Bush Baby

Michael Crowley at The New Republic: Hillary the Hawk? The Real Reason She Won't Apologize

World Leaders Host Intervention to Cure Ahmadinejad of Hostage Addiction.

A reminder: The Downing Street Memo {relevent re. Britain/Iran standoff}

White House Aides Tried to Hide E-mails, Lawmaker Charges

Justice Department may have tampered with phone-jamming case

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment, Like Spring, Is In The Air

Clinton campaign agrees to write off some of Vilsak's campaign debt.

Tony Snow is one of the best Press Secretaries ever...

Any of the Dem candidates would make a good president.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Getting Hot in Here (from The Nation)

Nice piece about Ava in my local paper (Atlanta Journal-Constitution):

Barbara Ehrenreich's Salon blog: Catty About Cancer

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld (torture allegations)

Supremes Rule Against Whistle-blowers!!!

Ralph Neas: Time for Congress to Move on the Holt Bill (Voting Reform)

Senate To Vote Today At 5 P.M. To Nix Withdrawal Timetable

Drudge posts another hoax (get ready)

Messiah Univ ...... Regent Univ ........ Washington, DC ........ I take the Fifth


Just a qustion? Is Tony Snow married - does he have a family?

Heritage Foundation: Advancing Freedom in Iran (Just read the bold please)

Senate Measure To Nix Withdrawal Timetable Falls Short

A Winning Unity Narrative (

Rassmussen Poll is meaningless folks - Pay NO attention to Hillary's Horn Tooters here

CNN reports that Tony Snow's

TPM: Reason for Suspicion (Attorneygate)


The media still going over Obama's books to see if he's telling the truth

NYT: Republicans to Rely on President Bush’s Veto to Block Troop Withdrawal Plan

DFA Academy training in Mississippi next week-end.

Tony Snow has cancer recurrence

Things Fall Apart: China and the Decline of US Imperialism

Impeachment: The word keeps popping up and from unlikely sources

Senate votes to KEEP timeline in bill

The Bush Administration's Stubborn Stonewall Stands in the Way of the Truth (DNC Release)

U.S. worried that Iran supplied weapons to Iraq & Lebanon

Kidnapping could be traced back to arrests by US forces

I am THROUGH with Obama

Judge Dismisses Torture Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld

My response to Lieberman regarding troop w/d deadline:

CNN Pollf Gonzales Resignation

Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham

Here's What's On Keith Olbermann Tonight.........sigh

(VIDEO) Lieberman: There Is No Civil War In Iraq (But Even If There Is, We Should Stay)

10 important facts about Iran.....

Webb could be a strong VP choice for the Democratic Nominee

The Cunningham Scandal: A White House Link? (The Nation)

Am I Confused? Didn't the MSM Pundits say Senate Would Not Approve Iraq Withdrawal Timetable?

Does anyone know how Lieberman voted today?

My republican parents are voting for Obama....

Kucinich on: "Reports of United States troops conducting military operations in Iran:"

Ok If we attack Iran how do you think the "everyday" american will react?

Suddenly, four negative articles about Obama appear --

The almost universal stance of the corporate media is that


Republican Voters disgusts me

Mindful of Past, Clinton Cultivates the Military

Southern strategy

1993 vs, 2007, weathervane McCain has flip-flopped!

Pat Robertson's university grads have infiltrated the US Govt.

More about Tom DeLay and the charges that have NOT been dropped.

CNN: Military Sources Respond To McCain’s Escalation Remark With ‘Laughter Down The Line’

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