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Archives: March 26, 2007

Bogus Uranium Documents in Plame Case Still Radioactive

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 284

Army deployed seriously injured troops

Sorry, God. You're not on the guest list (Independent UK)

Pelosi's Triumph

The Pat Tillman Case Reaches a Climax: 'They Blew Up Their Poster Boy'

Tapping into privacy

Counter-Recruitment Deserves Higher Priority on the Peace Agenda

US cos hint at larger IT spend case you wondered about Politco and their politics....

Russia is prepared to build nuclear power plants in Namibia.

Christine Jennings (FL-13) on The Monitor radio

Al Qaida Escapee Urges Somali 'Holy War'

India to allow Harley Davidson import (For Mangoes)

G.O.P. Senators Express Doubts Over Gonzales

Fired Attorney Recalls White House Meeting (highly partisan discussion with Miers!)

Kissinger's extradition to Uruguay sought over Operation Condor

Venezuela's Chavez announces plans for 'collective property' under shift toward socialism

GSA Chief Is Accused of Playing Politics

Went to New York yesterday and decided to eat at Olive Garden

If Irwin Allen had made Star Wars...

So all of youse who tricked out your home video theatres in blue-ray and hi-def:

I'm just gonna make a statement here and dedicate it to all my horny DU freaks

This lady on Deal or No Deal is just like the Donkey in Shrek

Who the hell made u4ic the official lounge hoser?

sleepytime for ol GoPsUx

Let's tell VH1 we want a DU "Surreal Life" - I'll pick my castmates:

Ernest Borgnine, Ethel Merman, and grounds for divorce...eeewwww

Has it been a year already? The "zombie party" murders, 25 Mar 2006

if there really was a university of k-y

Mouse taunts man, makes off with his dentures

The goofy guy won Grease. I called it first week.

A friend had a scooter accident and is having her

Is it just me or is a certain "Lounge Hoser" a little naughtier than normal lately?

Hummer and the railroad track

It's so much fun writing a 404 page.

I am so proud of my daughter.........Have a look!

House marathon--USA Network

My legs ache like hell and my ankle is crumbling into dust

Spock meets Santa (and deadheads smile...)

"Georgia Woman Convicted of Murder by Antifreeze..." (wait for it)... "Again!"

I've been lurking so as not to get caught up and now I bid you goodnight.

I need some crossed fingers for tomorrow

Hurrah for Georgetown, and John Thomspon III, for getting to the Final Four.

U of KY no longer the center of the known basketball universe?

I call Bullshit.

Denzel Washington is like Harrison Ford dipped in chocolate!!!

Fight me, ya bastids.

How cool is this? I just this week finished re-reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

I have drunk almost an entire bottle of champagne

saying goodnight to a great weekend

She just loves my big ten inch....

Dark Chocolate...

this is wierd...lakes still frozen, record high temps, tornados all over...

I was asked yesterday "Are you coming to Jesus Camp?"

Do you ever feel claustrophobic in tunnels...

I just love Prince!

i can't feel my hands..

Um, this Bloodhound Gang song, "No Hard Feelings,"

Would you rather be rich?

Bought any albums released this year that you highly recommend?

OMFG!!! This is a LynneSin first for NCAA College Tournament

this is a stone muthafuckin jam

Who the hell looks good in pleat-front pants?

Don't remove items from historic or prehistoric sites.

Battlestar Galactica Season Finale (Massive Spoilers)

Does any denomination or religion require its ministers to be licensed psychologists?

Can we all stop pretending about "respecting other's beliefs" please

Liveblog Today show & The Daily Show on Monday

Hearings this week.

(Former MP) Tony Benn Beats (John) Bolton To A Pulp

Freedom River.

Homeless Veterans On The Streets of America

Bolton getting his ass handed to him on the BBC

Rachel Sklar: Time Joins Newsweek In Thinking That Americans Really, Really Don't Care About Afghani

Anyone else w/problems loading KOS pages

Andrew Sullivan: my cat wipes its arse on your crap

Senate Wins Fight To Lower Allowable Amperage Levels On Detainees' Testicles

Are there some candidates you just couldn't give money to?

World's Biggest Debtor Nation- America On Top Again

Activists Ask Bono to Help Shoot Down Video Game About Venezuela

Vladimir Vysotsky - The Foreign House

"I'm broken" - what are we as a nation to do for such people?? PO'd rant.

Iran says UN Security Council sanctions unlawful

When Betty Ford had cancer

60 Minutes Transcript - Edwards w/Couric - 03/25/07

God We Can Be Such Unmittigated Weenies.... (Censorship At Wilton High)

Pet food from Sicily! Do we have it here?

Co-op America- Creating a Just Planet

Bomb Iran

The Echoes of Reconstruction Rhetoric Near and Far (Gulf Coast/Iraq)

CBS: One in three homeless Americans is a veteran

"RIAA attacks 10-yr-old girl (7 at time of alleged download)"


Which of these two headlines makes more sense to you?

Stigma Has Become A Nightmare

Norman Borlaug: the face of evil biotech

What is the job of a politician?

What Al Gore Really Wants

OK, who wants to see MZM Inc.'s website? (Think Duke Cunningham!) I DO!

The New York Times Comes Undone Over Venezuela

"Heroic" Duke lacrosse case blogger, K.C. Johnson, is a Democrat

Did ya know the Judiciary House website has taken the USA's Docs/Emails offline?!?

Are mice and goldfish sales up?

If the KKK marches across from a High School

Hail Bush, Our National Coward!

From MSNBC, the top political stories:

PDF: Iraq Reconstruction contract for infrastructure to bechtel, Some fees redacted

How can Katie Couric who lost her husband to colon cancer be such a hurtful person?

Lawyers Contend Soldiers Are Pushed Through Army Disability System

Wow - these kids and their science project kicked up a storm...some want to bury heads in sand...

A Benchmark In The Recent NoSpendingWarFundingPeaceBill

This is why I love Bill Maher

When is a lie just a lie?

Repblic Party Hypocrites

Self deleted

We stopped buying cat food.

Lawyer in Duke lacrosse case dead.

Idiot morons freak over swimming pool chemicals

A Jury Of Our Peers And Class War

Why is everything about Politics?

dem unified front?

Support for the war among Mormons drops from 70% in Jan. 06 to 44% today.

Am I anti American andunpatriotic for thinking this way?

3,241 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Ex-Prosecutor Says He Faced Partisan Questions Before Firing

OK everyone. We all need this one tonight!

John Edwards to Katie Couric: "So, Katie, when your husband was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, why did

Monsanto asks court to allow sale of GMO alfalfa

The first million dollar laptop

City Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention

Al Gore's 'Climate Project' comes to Britain

Iran Ups Ante As UK Sailors Confess - Blair warns Iran on 15 seized sailors...

Will Gonzales Survive?

Fired U.S. Atty. John McKay on C-SPAN's WJ at 9am EDT

Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers

City Asks Court Not to Unseal Police Spy Files

Katie Couric just made me have a flashback

Blair: Iran must free naval prisoners in days (or else?)

Two soldiers, two families, and justice for one

For those who boycott establishments that air Faux:

As of Friday 2 million more Americans have Health Insurance?- check this out-Bullshit alert.

Paul Krugman: Emerging Republican Minority

Did You Ever Consider that Katie did John & Elizabeth Edwards a Favor?

Have You Seen This ??? - Great Time-Line Of MSM's Run Up To War (FAIR)

Guardian: Optimist sees potential good news from Iraq - Occupation may unite the people after all.

Concerning Sibel Edmonds. A question.

A Must Read Post By DUer PEACE PATRIOT

Actual TEXT of withdrawal portion of supplemental

Why Aren't 'We the People' Being Heard?

A Harsh Light On Associate 82--A declassified Pentagon report claims Uribe once worked for Pablo Esc

Hey America !!! - Time Magazine Thinks You're Stupid !!!

About the poisoned pet food

What would Britain do if it found 15 Iranian Marines stopping and searching ships off her coast?

FDA doubts that poisoned wheat gluten is in human food supply.

Late Night Toons

Repblic Party Hypocrites

If West Wing is the show for Democrats, then Law and Order is the show for Republicans.

*** CRITICAL UPDATE *** ALL Wet Food Manufactured by Menu Recalled!!!

According To Russian Newspaper: US To Bomb Iran On 4/6/07 at 6:00am to 4pm

How about a Gore/Kerry ticket?


Quotes from Two Historical Figures and Three Questions – A Game

War Makes U.S. Less Safe (Onion's "Man in the Street" interviews)

Needed: Family-Friendly Workplaces

Justice Department tugged to the right. Under Bush, the department has been tainted by politics...

Only three hours left.

NYT: An Inspector General Who’s Equal to the Fight (3/26)

Politician caught driving on suspended license -- and the car isn't registered.

Think the House's Aug '08 deadline is too far away? What's the Senate up to?

Since when did DU start arguing for "IRAN IS THE PROBLEM."

Why is AG Gonzalez still around? He was supposed to be gone this week!

G.O.P. Senators Lug Weight of War Toward ’08 (NYT, 03/26/2007)

Hit on Iraq deputy PM seen as inside job

Rep. Inglis of South Carolina under fire for breaking with Bush on Iraq

Candidates on health care,

David Swanson: Let Rove Lie (AfterDowningStreet)

Did Edwards Take A Swing At Guiliani?

So the US envoy (Khalilzad) met with the Iraqi rebels...

Why Dick and Nancy Will Never be President via Impeachment (Dave Lindorff)

Boston Globe: Secretive Social Conservative Coalition Seeks To Reframe GOP Race

Senate GOP Says No to Al Gore-Global Warming Concert at Capitol

How long do you give the RWingers to say Elizabeth Edwards does not have cancer?

A change in climate: Global warming in Wisconsin

History says Obama must reach working-class voters -- Hillary Clinton's stronghold.

GM *can* make a car I would consider buying. *Will* GM make it though?

A disgusting experience with stupid democrats....

Video of Mario Cuomo's famous "Tale of Two Cities" speech

It's Because I'm Such a SNOB

This is for you, Katie Couric

Iran is no Nazi Germany....

Don't let them tell you Bush victimized the GOP

Americans Face A Moral Reckoning

Why the right goes nuclear over global warming

Going AWOL vs. Going to Iraq

Robert Parry: Fatal Flaws of Bush's 'Tough-Guy-ism'

The Cancer Scolds Explain It All For You (Susan Madrak at HuffPost)

Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers

Steven Weber: Omertå

What Congress Gets To Know: How to end the standoff on exec. privilege and the U.S. attorney scandal

Battle Over U.S. Attorneys Has Roots in '04 Election

Peace Movement Disappointed With Democrats' Funding for War

Chris Hedges: A World Where Lies Are True (Christian Right/Science/Creationism)

Spare us your indignation, Mr. President

Angry Obama the pothead is not how they remember him in Hawaii

Paul Krugman: Emerging Republican Minority

US Soldiers Against Iraq War Seeking Way Out: Casualties of Conscience

Is A Special Prosecutor On Deck?

Why the NYPD's Abuses Matter to You and Us

'My life as a runaway soldier' (BBC)

Cenk Uygur: But Why Were They Fired?

Bob Herbert: Campaign Candor

Iraqi deaths survey 'was robust'

Privateers: Outsourcing U.S. Sovereignty

Robert D. Novak: A President All Alone

Unsung fortune: A rich man's secret

Winning With Satire: An Open Letter To Presidential Candidates


Three fired U.S. attorneys balked at seeking death penalty

Impeach Gonzales: the Quickest Way to the Truth / Arianna Huffington

Is US Blind to Dangers of Foreign Outsourcing? (Good Read)

Mugged by reality

Who's Afraid of Naughty Words? The Idiocy of NSFW (AlterNet)

Who's Gorging and Who's Getting Roasted in the Economic Barbecue? (AlterNet)

Americans face a moral reckoning

Will Durst: Partisan Witch Hunts...


Ethanol 'the answer,' auto execs tell Bush (AP/CNN)

"It's Been Like A Vacuum Cleaner" - Chinese Demand Drains Fish From Reefs Across World - Reuters

Canada urges EU not to ban seal imports - AFP

Went to Fry's electronics this weekend...

Nuclear energy 'not the solution to global warming' - AFP

Florida Power Company to Build Huge Coal Plant in the Everglades

From gridlock to off the grid

Warning lights of the sea (Large warm water squid becoming common off of California)

Sugar Could Power IPods, Cell Phones And Other Electronics More Efficiently

Post "nuclear phase out": New coal plants planned in Germany now number 26.

New Evidence Undermines 'Snowball Earth' theory

GM Pledges to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 40 Percent

NGOs Call for Renewable Energy Tariff in Quebec

Alaska gov.'s pipeline bill seen passing: official - Reuters

I'm Not Buying What Al Gore's Selling

Aussie Farmers Advised To Move North, But Problems Await Them In NT - Telegraph

Global Warming Fight As Seen In Linfen, PRC - The Most Polluted City On Earth - Guardian

China's Gasoline Consumption to Increase 24% by 2010

Report queries nuclear role in beating global warming

Toles TOON: "Global Survivor"

Peak Oil, Missing Meters and the IPSA pipeline: the real reason for the Iraq war?

Gaza: Woman found with three crocodiles strapped to body

Arabs to relaunch peace plan, Israel upbeat

Human Rights Nightmare

Seattle Jews take on Corrie play

“Voter Fraud” – How the Scam Works – Election Fraud Research & Discussion News 25 Mar

A Harsh Light On Associate 82--A declassified Pentagon report claims Uribe once worked for Pablo Esc

City Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention

US Senate to debate troop pullout from Iraq

Military Posts Raw Iraq Video On YouTube (shot by professional combat photographers)

German minister defends U.S. missile shield plans

UAW is becoming part of the solution

Leahy pushes prosecutor case

3 GOP senators criticize Gonzales

Gonzales backers defend his ethics, urge him to stay

New-Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Drop, Dimming Early Recovery Prospects

Vegas furious over firing of U.S. attorney

Oil Hits 2007 High Near $63 On Iran Tensions

White House backs AG as support wanes (Monday)

(UK) Soldiers AWOL as Army 'not taking problems seriously'

US ambassador held talks with Iraqi insurgents

Autopsy reveals Anna Nicole Smith died of accidental drug overdose (Sun-Sentinel)

U.S. talks to Iraq rebels over anti-Qaeda front

New Protein Fights Superbugs by Boosting Immune System

Army 'fails traumatised soldiers' {UK}

Angry Obama the pothead is not how they remember him in Hawaii

Battling Bacteria with a Viral Protein

New York Jewish seminary will allow gays, lesbians

Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment

America's hidden war dead

Terror suspect turned over to U.S. (accused in the hotel bombing in Kenya, first since 2004)

Clinton touts universal health care plan

Texas' Lampson undergoes bypass surgery

Prosecutors seek jail for Berlusconi

Iraqi deaths survey 'was robust'

Gov. Tom Vilsack - Why Hillary is my choice

Official: No Negligence in Tillman Death

Peace Movement Disappointed With Democrats' Funding for War


(NY Gov) Spitzer: Cusp of Losing Roe v. Wade

Hong Kong Plane Reported Sitting on Newark Tarmac

N.Y. Mayor Is Eyeing '08, Observers Say

U.S. can't account for 600,000 fugitives

Michigan’s Levin Introduces Bill to Halt ‘Front Loading’ Trend

Australian offered plea bargain at Guantanamo

N. Ireland: Paisley and Adams strike peace deal

Marines pull reservists for active duty (Individual Ready Reserve)

Colombia's FARC would accept US lawmakers in talks(to free hostages including 3 Americans)

Report: Citigroup may cut 15,000 jobs

Iranian military warns U.S. against any attack

Moore, Gore...and now Santorum?

Japan PM apology on sex slaves

Iran softens stance on British sailors

Voting device pact at issue Firm sues over snub by state

Jewish seminary to admit gays

A report into the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman recommends action is taken against officers

Study links child care to poor behavior

Grape seed extract may help prevent skin cancer

NI deal struck in historic talks

Americans back Edwardses' choice

Official: No criminal negligence in Tillman case

Edwards’ Cancer Has Spread Into One of Her Hips

Rocket hits Baghdad Green Zone, shakes U.S. embassy

Clinton opens up about attorney firings

Army deployed seriously injured troops

Iraqis May Allow Baathists to Return

Senate GOP will not block Iraq bill

International Emmys Founders Award to Al Gore

Iraqi deaths survey 'was robust'

US sees West in Afghanistan for many years

NYT: Reagan Budget Chief Charged With Securities Fraud (David Stockman)

Smithsonian Under New Management(Small's salary was over $900,000 this yr)

Italian PM faces new Afghan test

Intel Announces $2.5B Chip Factory In China

(Waxman) Committee Directs RNC to Preserve White House Emails

U.S. communications network in trouble(DOJ, Homeland Security, Treasury at high risk of failure)

Webb aide arrested with gun at Senate office

AP: Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment, refuse Senate questions

And I thought *I* was the world's worst dancer!

I wonder what TimeChaser dreams about.

Oeditpus Rex - This one's for you!

Hide the ****

Oeditpus Rex just put the strangest earworm in my head.

Ever get the feeling the mods are doing the following:

Ok, so if someone is constantly out of the Loop

All hail the Peace Chicken

I'm Taking My Big Ten Inch...

Would somebody help make me sleepy?

Lounge nightowls! Wish me a frigging job

Super- Free association thread! New way of doing it! "Fish"

what would you rather be doing?

Last Mustang Ranch Building Destroyed

Has anyone seen Idiocracy?

Does anyone remember The Housemartins?

Introducing......the Apple iRack:

This week's Onion is an Iraq invasion retrospective

Please delete the Battlestar Galactica Finale thread

From The Ministry of People!!! 20 jellybeans

Am I a workaholic?

Sex and the City Fans

I've googled my little heart out, and can't find much....

DU this poll

This place sure is quiet without MissHoneyChurch.

What's a good frequent flier program??

Less is More

Has the Onion, or anyone else, ever done a story on somebody

Clear your schedules!

Unusual music genre combos. How about Flamenco Chill?

Mecha-Streisand, meet Mecha-Michael Jackson!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name.

So, that asparagus thing

Phooey! I couldn't get Police tix! Grrrr.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/26/2007)

State Mottos!

7 Year Old Faces Arson Charges For Setting Bulletin Board On Fire

102 Year Old Man Gets 25 Year Interest Only Mortgage

Woman stopped at Gaza border with THREE crocodiles strapped to her body

The name "George Bush" is on my callerID from yesterday!

I am ready to fall asleep at my desk, so I bought a mountain dew and

Tommy Lee Has Started Sucking Men's Toes To Satisfy Fetish

Chili Cheese Fritos

I got a lot of "unexpected T strings" in GD... anyone else?

Post a pic of your favorite parking deck

Drag racing star Eric Medlen dies of head injuries

Is it too late to learn smartasstics? Or to learn to do mental flips and things like that?

"Mustang Sally" on the ukelele....

Who wants to be a trillionaire?

Some people call you the space cowboy. Some call you the gangster of love.

I wish to bring your attention to this thread...

I wish to bring your thread to this attention...

CONFESS!!!!! Women (and women)-what was the first makeup you ever wore?

Want to see some EXCELLENT photoshops?

DU men, ever pass/fail the "pencil test"?

What does IBTL mean?

Henry Waxman song!

Anti-Rape Device About To Hit Market (Female Condom With Fish-Like Teeth That Attach To Penis)

What Type of Weather Are You?

Dammit! I have an Elvis Costello song stuck in my head...

Will Mel Gibson ever star in another mainstream film?

Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) puts unreleased indie movie for sale on Ebay ($1mil asking price)

Man Arrested After Exposing Himself To Churchgoers

Rick Santorum plans to make documentaries to counter left-wing films.

Looks like our precious thread has finally been closed down.

A word about pens

I think this picture might sum up last week for a lot of us!

Just made a bitch out of Guacamole...

Dammit! I have an Elvis song stuck in my head...

I am trying something in my crockpot that may or may not be a big flop tonight!

I am tieing something up in my crockpot that may or may not make a big flop tonight!

Need ideas to get mind off broken leg

cube dwellers check in!!!

Oh fuck, it just started pouring outside.

Whoo Hoo! Theismann gets the boot from Monday Night Football!!

Du'ers who are currently in school: How stressed are you over midterms?

Has anyone else ever had an olfactory hallucination? (aka smell something that is not there)

So do you have tests you use to assess dates?

Fuck yes! 82 on my first Microeconomic Theory test!

Bought any audiobooks released this year that you highly recommend?

Denise richards is gonna get sued

I just perused DU all through a conference call

Wife of Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland arrested in arson case.

If this doesn't make you laugh ...

Battlestar Galactica! The Season Finale

It's officially spring

how many windows or tabs do you have open on DU right now?

CONFESS!!!! I'm too sexy for my _________________________

So do you have tests you use to date asses?

Miracle of modern telecommunications: Spanish translator

Woman stopped with 3 crocs strapped on

I'm writing an essay! Ask me anything!

One of the most beautiful things EVER in the universe: the Everly Bros. singing "Let It Be Me."

All I can say is, I tried.

is melissa manchester dead?

At 12:13 am CST today, I turned 27 years old.

Would you rather your children were taught creation science in school...

So, I saw Elton John last night

Just made a batch of Guacamole...Oh yum!

Oi! It's "word association" thread! With a twist! What is the first word that comes to mind, when

OK - this is NOT a sex thread!

Ding Dong The ........... Is GONE!


DU ladies, ever pass/fail the "door test?"

all i can say is, i'm (FILL IN THE BLANK)..

WTF? 78 degrees F... In March... In Minnesota!

Who's flown Swiss airlines?

All I can say is, I'm tired.

Congratulations Skittles!! 45,000 posts

Congratulations Maddy McCall!! 30,000 posts

Royal Caribbean cruise line is AWESOME...American Airlines SUCKS>>>NEEDS a passinger bill of rights!

Parents Have Police Arrest Their Third-Grader For Stealing (Taken Out Of Class In Handcuffs)

Check out this video of hilarious church moments...

Head injurees- check in here!

Happy birthday primate1!!

need du help- accessing government services thru the web.

To lock or not to lock? Car break-ins....


Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck - Lounge vibes needed pronto.

God, it is Beautiful out!


DU ladies, ever pass/fail the "pencil test"?

Monday Lunch Break Picture Thread

Apparently I'm not a man

WWHG: What would Homer grill?

Mouse Taunts Maine Man - Steals His Dentures

HELP SAVE STUDIO 60! Please? (if you like it, of course!)

Here's a photo of my 'baby' getting ready for the spring play and on closing night

Is buddhamama the next Big McLargeHuge?

I love Sun Chips!

my new painting "firebearer"

Man Says He Doesn't Have Sex With His Monkey

It's WAY too quiet & I don't want to study. Please tell me the name of your pet,

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament : How many teams do you have left


Watch where you step in Texas. (warning for people who do not like snakes.)

Coffee Shop's T-Shirts Upset Mormon Church (Angel Is Registered Trademark)

The "Gay Agenda" I can turn you Gay!

Dancing with the Stars on tonight

What classic movie are you?

Kyra Phillips looks tired

Did you ever wonder why you were put here on earth? That question was answered for me today.

Jeopardy Update: DU'er "IntravenousDemilo" will be on tonight!

what TV Show are you dying for them to put on DVD???

Loungers, this month's photo group contest polls

Bookstore Update

Male DUers: Have you ever dialed a "For a good time call" number that you seen in the restroom?

New to Myspace, and I need friends

I FINALLY got a review in a national music magazine!

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffin' glue!

I know there is life after death

So, relative ethics or absolutes? Which do you prefer and why? How do you work out what is moral?

I believe in God, but I don't claim to know God exists

Theisman out at MNF

Div II Championship: Winona State v. Barton

Another Kos diary to recommend

Sometimes it does get better: Lowell Sun 3/24/07

Rollingstone goes after political consultants, uses political consultants to make its point.

Diary on Kos on Today Show Interview

Delete Dupe

Kudos to everyone

News: The Daily Show live blogging update and much more...

More info for senator's office. GD thread on NPR report that Rove's election night buddy

Standoff continues between Kerry, Fox over ambassador post

Ricky Gervais -Comic Relief 2007 for Africa BBC

John Edwards - Benedict College Part I

John Edwards - Benedict College Part II

Good Morning, America, how are you?

'True Lies' by Taalam Acey

There's Something About W.....

Rep. Murtha: Iraq Accountability Act Closing Speech

Norah O'Donnell: Democrats must be careful not to look like "party of investigation"

The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit


George, you can have it only one of the three ways......

Where have all the scandals gone, long time passing?

UN sanctions on Iran

America's Private Army

Iraq urges Iran to free British sailors (Reuters)

Funny how freepers are concerned about African-Americans converting to Islam

Time magazine gives Valerie Plame ONE sentence

Going AWOL vs. Going to Iraq (Der Spiegel, via AlterNet)

If Republicans care so much about "voter fraud"...

Bush Administration trying to frame debate over Attorney-Gate

Former Star Search Winner, Church Pastor arrested for burglary (No, not Dennis Miller or Sinbad!)

Wherever there's a leak - There's Novak

Japan PM apology on sex slaves (BBC)

Al Gore calls on WJ this morning

True or False poll about the state of affairs in the USA--

Dutch advocate of Nazi ideology after WWII dies - Bet the Freepers are crushed over this one

Rumsfeld is invited to guest-edit L.A. Times opinion section

Washington Journal woman caller--"Women need to return to the home" and

No American Citizen Left Behind? - Social Studies classes disappearing

Prosecutor Says He Was Asked Why Republicans Might Be Angry With Him Before Firing

Army Corp of Engineers to blame for NOLA flooding

Experts Say Bush Administration Misunderstands Terrorist Networks

Put an End to Animal Fighting/ Humane Society

Iran: No Swap For Detained U.K. Troops


Ending Debt Slavery (

Judge Garzon: Time to hold Bush and his allies to account for waging war in Iraq.


c-span3 - gonzo's senate confirmation from 1/6/05

Edwards should have taken a cue from Dr. Dean

ANSWER Writes Op-Ed Sets San Fransisco Chron. Straight

Sean Penn speaking on Iraq War -CSpan 1

Blackberry Defence-My boss lied to Congress & emails show I knew it? Don't blame me-blame my thumb

ARRRRGH! Cspan! Washington Journal!

Shades of COINTELPRO - NYPD had "RNC Intelligence Squad" to track protestors at 2004 Convention

McKay Will Not Be On Cspan

Pics and videos from Saturday's rally in Boston

Riches await as Earth's icy north melts - The benefits of Global Warming!

Obama: Investigate Duke Lacrosse DA Nifong

White House PR Firms Squash Stories on Small Business Contracting Scandal

Are the Sandinista terrorists on the Texas border yet? Rhetoric to haunt Freeepers.

Is DU running slow this morning or is it just something here on my end thats makes it so slow

(Elizabeth) "Edwards Says 'Hot Spot' Found in Hip"

What is the reason for Britain to be sniffing around Iran anyway?

ATTACK!! People are responsible for the questions they answer.

Breaking: Big blond drug addicted woman died guessed it, a drug overdose

"Senator: Some See Impeachment As Option" (Hagel)

What is health Care in Canada like?

NYT op-ed, "A High Price for Freedom": If Libby accepts a pardon, he (and Bush) admit his guilt

John "Bradshaw" Leyfield

Some Would Say

Recalled Pet Food Still On Shelves

For your furry family members...

csapn 3 replaying Gonzo and Bush swearing in AG now.

Bill Maher: Traitors do not get to question my patriotism!

Push for Nuclear-Free Middle East Resurfaces - How about a nuclear-free world?

Funny for Monday- everybody fess up!

WH: "We Are Not Negotiating"

Please DU this Poll (Largo Fl fired it's city manager over his upcoming sex change

Cheney: "The most common myth is that Iraq has nothing to do with the global war on terror"

IRAN 1981: why Bush will NEVER pull out of Iraq

India and Russia jointly develop a carrier-based Mig-29 variant.

Did anyone else watch Planet-Earth last night ? [aka Fall in love with your planet.]

Self-identified Republicans are becoming scarcer than diamonds

Bush Vetoes any bill that ends the occupation..then what

Former Reagan budget director charged with fraud

Senate GOP Rejects request for Live Earth concert on Capitol steps

Veep: Early Pullout Won't be allowed: Warning: Graphic Pic

Time: body of "suspected Iraqi insurgent" held passport showing recent travel to New York, Boston

Obama: Investigate Duke Lacrosse DA Nifong

The Cancer Scolds Explain It All For You

The most revealing three-minute You Tube clip ever - Glenn Greenwald - Salon

President Bush Riding To Nowhere

IMO, Bush's "micromanaging" remark acknowledges that DEMS HAVE A PLAN?

Santorum To Make Gore-Stye Documentaries — About "Radical Islam" And "Leftists"

Which component of the military commands more of YOUR respect

Research tries to measure how we find life's meaning (terra helps pukes)

Universal Care: Getting The Right Mix

A Chance For Fair Elections

Didn't Tony Blair Resign In Disgrace About a Year Ago?

Blair government advised no reason to challenge Johns Hopkins Iraq death count number (665,000)

GOP hopefuls steering away from Bush - They won't even mention his name

This sure sounds like Blair will take the point in sparking military action...LINK

I sure hope Big Dog is using his time very wisely with Poppy Bush

Does anyone believe if a Democrat wins the Presidency we will get National Health Care?

didn't Katie continue to host the TODAY Show when her husband was battling colon cancer?

Anna Nicole's autopsy posted

Amateur Hour at the White House. Appearing today: Dana Perino!

Watch Live Stream of Elizabeth Edwards Here, 12 noon Cleveland City Club

Executive Privilege and the Gonzo (the clown) show down... IMPEACH NOW

Bolton Has HIS ASS KICKED By Tony Benn Of The BBC

* at a demonstration of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (and cheney smiles) - pics

How long would THIS survive/last in YOUR home?

Democracy or "Decidership?" --Palermo (HuffPo)

Tell me again why we're there, and what good we're doing?

"Liberals have finally joined the ranks of scoundrels like Hitler."

It's time to start cashing in on Global Warming

Have you read the book, "The Secret"?

Isn't a person who physically tries to prevent someone from committing

Note to Democrats: Remember Ken Starr

Did Lou Dobbs wife receive amnesty after she was caught trying to get on a plane with a loaded gun?

Yet another request for some democratic undergrounders to

Updated, Documented, Detailed Timeline of Menu Foods Recall

A question that could destroy the GOP

Have I the right to be impatient? No end in sight in Iraq. Rove not in jail.

Even more reasons to hate insurance companies! Shafting the frail elderly

Katie, "some say" a month off the air wasn't long enough

Novakula: "credible source says...the president..never will pardon Libby"

Do you believe other candidates will be joining the 08 Presidential race?

Who do you believe will most influence Tony Blair's decision on Iran?

Two Delusional Leaders … and One Very Small World

Introducing panda poop paper

Bloomberg considering run for the presidency

WP, Froomkin: Gonzales is not an autonomous player: Who, with focus on WH interests, scripts him?

"Texas' Lampson Undergoes Bypass Surgery" (Dem who replaced Tom Delay)

3/25/07: MORE WET PET FOOD RECALLED by Menu Foods

NBC News again omitted preconditions for White House interviews today

You need to be ALL IN in order to win the Presidency

Edwards is not putting his work ahead of his family..

So Valerie Plame WAS covert. They outed her. Now what?

My two new bumper stickers are

I saw Elizabeth Edwards on MSNBC this morning

Playing Politics with Cancer Screening: Planned Parenthood clinics lose money

David Stockman, Reagan's Budget Director, Arrested for Fraud.

Ha ha --A senior American commander called the Brits big Girly men for giving up to easy.

Pre-war Iraqi dissidents: we were duped

GWB04-gate headed for special prosecutor

W - the happy executioner - chart of Texas executions by governor

White House Adds Eight Inches To White House Fence

Casuality Count Keeps on Increasing

Exxon Mobil lovin' it! Oil hits 2007 high near $63 on Iran tensions

Ethanol 'the answer,' auto execs tell Bush

Everyone has seen Ghouliani as Marylin but have you seen...

nother caption

The top 3 Republican presidential candidates and their wives are now responsible for 21 marriages

Zalmay Khalilzad: "Success is possible"

Arlen Spector: Pathetic enabler whom history will damn.


Can anyone explain the 'UFO=panic' thing to me?

U.S. Army may take back Silver Star awarded to Pat Tillman

Diebold lost a contract so sues the winner asking the Judge to give contract to Diebold

DU Geeks: is it possible to scrub traces of emails from an RNC server?

No Criminal action in Tillman's death

Jail Holds Inmate 'Idol' Singing Contest - "Inmate Idle Con-Test"

ARG Poll: Bush approval falls to 32% plus '08 polls from IA, NH, TX, AR

Who are the best, most honest REPORTERS at The Washington Post?

Contact CBS if you are appalled by the 60 Minutes article

Missing Oil Meters and the IPSA pipeline - the real reason for the Iraq war?

Clinton opens up about attorney firings, she likely would replace all if elected

Did the White House endanger national security

"Rice Urges Egypt to Reform Its Democracy"

I personally think the dude should be in Guantanano because he skinned kangaroos....

I'll support Hillary if she were to get the nomination

What does the TSA do with confiscated items from airline passengers?

Staffer For Jim Webb arrested for entering Senate Bldg with a gun

oh yes Randi is back, and shes bitching about Airport security bigtime

Update on My 8th grader's paper on An Inconvenient Truth

Is free healthcare a moral right?

Just How Many “Secretive Clubs” Does The Right Have?

Katie, You owe her an apology.... via Huffington Post

Raw Story: Rummy deserted his post on 9/11.

“What is femininity?”

I am seeing more and more headlines re - "Iran seeking Nukes!"

CNN: friends say Kyle Sampson is "very loyal" - "never do anything to hurt any of them"

why not expand medicare for all?

Abortion opponents seeking black converts

Woman Has Crocodiles Strapped to Body

Karl's Big Problem.....

ACLU in Guantánamo Bay to Monitor First of New Military Commission Proceedings

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon 3/26 -- if your cat could read the newspapers

Mad at Couric and CBS?

The WH-By Refusing To Cooperate-Has Left Congress With No Other Recourse Then To IMPEACH GONZALES

Dems all talk - no action! why no subpeona for Rove yet as * runs out the clock?

Florida: City to Seize Homes Over a $5 Parking Ticket

Wow Katie Couric was a bitch! Listen to her grilling the Edwards

Five years to save the orangutan

Tornado WARNINGS in Texas...west of San Antonio near Hondo

Chicago Tribune: America's hidden war dead

John Bolton gets his clock cleaned

In case you missed it the first time CAPTION

"White House Backs AG As Support Wanes"

Ah, So THIS is Why The Housing Market Is Crashing & Foreclosures are Up!

Barack Obama's Poems

So, the biggest wingnut in the state of Wisconsin no longer supports Bush.

Don't we have satellites that could prove Brits were in Iranian waters

New central issue in American politics? EITHER, OR: IS IT CHILDREN OR ELDERLY?

China, Russia tell US No Military Action on North Korea, Iran

I have a few Clinton AG questions...

Conservatives quit board over DeLay appointment

The dirty word: I M P E A C H M E N T - Will the GOP initiate it?

"I don't care what Alberto Gonzales says. That's torture."

Man BBQ's ex-girlfriend

Here' the problem with Courics interview-- she failed to say who the "some" were in her questions.

Blue Cross slapped on the wrist for cancelling policies

If anyone's still up, please help de-freep these two polls

How do we end up with so many shit-heads as Attorney General?

Okay anybody beside me think there is something fishy about the ANS autopsy ?

TPM Breaking: Monica Goodling to take the 5th

The Pig Man Strikes Again!

Et tu, Katie Couric? David Sirota on Huffington Post.

Army general kicks Marines out of Afghanistan

Does anyone think the public REALLY cares about

AFFORDABLE healthcare or UNIVERSAL healthcare?

Freepers have posted contact info for Specter, Graham and Hagel

I've noticed something about the people who support Obama

Committee Directs RNC to Preserve White House Emails

Screw Katie Couric

Limbaugh: John and Elizabeth Edwards "turned to ... politics" instead of God after cancer news

Would a reasonable person find it logical that some in the highest offices of our

Gonzales aide to invoke fifth amendment..

So how many pets have reported to have died from the tainted food? nt

HIllary: "I'm not going to substitute my judgement for theirs"

interesting phone call regarding my lay-off

So if there's two dads, are the twins still identical?

Salon Report: Army deployed seriously injured troops

McCain: Democrats Don't Care About Members of the Military

Hey, Gonzo question: If he resigns, will he get a pass on testifying on 4/17?

Even the World Nut Daily is throwing Gonzo under the bus

OK, who won the "Provocative Naval Incident with Iran" pool ?

Will the Tillman's now file a civil suit?

Patty Murrey on floor of Senate in a few minutes. Quarum call now (and

Is Katie Couric enought of a rightwing bitch? Check her interview with the Edwardses:

FYI: Olbermann's Special Comment Tonight: Tom DeLay

Mel Gibson/the Mayans/and an ignorant, rude audience

Fox News: Rudy Giuliani has been diagnosed with RPS!

Ooops MOds please king this thread Dupe'd someone else

Check out this photo of Rudy G!

Am I hearing this right? The Republicans are talking about impeachment?

I have a question

Strong Support For The Supplemental Funding Legislation

"The Legalities: What Happens When the Subpoenas are Defied?"

The Bush administration sit com: Desparate Politicians

Bush and Cheney are saying that the Dems are micromanaging the war...

Who's this John Corny guy on cspan anyway?

Why is the Justice Dept in the executive branch?

Is there a "Deep Throat" in the White House?

Waxman very busy today. Wants answers to MZM's initial contract from WH!!

On "No Transcripts!" for Rove and Miers:

Greens Hail Landmark Victory In Fight To Save Amazon Rainforests

Are there any emails to/from Monica Goodling in the USA document dumps?

The "I" Word is making the news cycles ... Hagel and others.

Smithsonian Head Replaced Amid Criticism

Geez... Now we're attacking European satellites!?!

Is Boorz channeling DU? "Why people think Conservatives are Idiots"

Wife of Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland arrested in arson case.

Yes, I'm glad that when Katie Couric's husband died after his

Ralston Missing is going to be the most bizarre turn of events to occur in DC since Vince Foster

Is the Republican Party a criminal conspiracy?

The Elisabeth Hasselbeck video up on YouTube

Rick Santorum plans to make documentaries to counter left-wing films.

This is for you, Katie Couric

On a scale of 1 to 10, how angry are you?

No Joke: 'The Onion' Launching Video Channel

Gonzalez implicated in cover up of a new pedophilia scandal

Joe Lieberman on Senate floor now--cosponoring amendment to strick

An End to the Republican Conservative Era?

20/20.. Dateline.. 60 Minutes.. Nightline..

Holy Cow! Monica Goodling Will Plead The 5th !!!!!!

MZM's contract with the White House appears to have been scrubbed from database.......

HA! I just heard that David Stockman was charged with

I don't support the British troops.

US "surprised" the British marines and sailors didn't fire on the Iranians captors

Torrential rains wiped out 25% the U.S.' ballistic missile interceptors in Alaska last summer

Congress to vote on animal fighting prohibition. Please send message to your legislator. Link here

What's Truth Today May Not Be Tomorrow - Just Depends

Research Fosters Debate Over Crash Data and Driver Privacy

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson LIVE NOW! CALLING FOR IMPEACHMENT!

Bob Novak: "I have not seen a president so isolated from his own party in Congress"

Anybody got the Bill Maher Video - Traitors from Friday?

Monica Goodling says she won't get a fair hearing .......

I have to ask, as this has been rolling around in my head since Pelossi

Pressed on multiple scandals, Bush takes Fifth

Who? Who will it be? Who will make the long lonely walk to the

As I type, Katie Couric is telling us that Goodling's plea will NOT be very useful.

There's something about Monica

Fifth Amendment Communists!!!!1 Again in my lifetime!!!!11 Hugh!!!1

Question regarding MONICA(gate) taking the 5th

Another "Monica" will get this president impeached. IMO, her

Gonzales on Hardball NOW! Says he has INTEGRITY

Stockman AKA "trickle down" Reagan budget chief charged with fraud

New Study- GM Crops Cause 'Breakdown' In Indian Farming Systems

What was wrong with the Couric interview?

Embattled AG now accused in sex scandal 'cover-up'??

3/26 Elisabeth Hasselbeck's the View's TWIT moment of the day the Edwards Cancer

they can give "Monica" immunity to testify, she has to or she goes to jail for obstruction of justice

Senate GOP will not block Iraq bill -- Vote on amendment to strip withdrawal as early as Tuesday

We've got Republican Tweety tonight....

Hopefully this is it.

Heads Up West Coast: NBC Nightly News

Savage Weiner: Sex reassignment surgery caused Columbine.

woman purchases recalled food left on Walmart shelves

Tin foil on top of tin foil: Are dc dems actually playing this brilliantly?

Republicans counting on two Democratic senators' votes against Iraq war timeline

Tony Blankless - on Hardball

Has The Corporate Whore Media Received Their Goodling Talking Points Yet?

Gonzales in in "hotter" water, but the WH is swimming in suspicion

Fun weather report from Northern New York

Heads up. Coming up at the top of the hour - KO SPECIAL COMMENT...

GET A LOAD OF THIS From Hardball: Goodling's Attorney Claims Pleading the 5th IS FOR INNOCENT PEOPLE

The Daily Show - Kerry, Dennis Miller, Bill Richardson & Zimbardo

Your Honest Opinion - Will Bush Be Impeached

What is Tom DeLay's Legal Status? He is everywhere saying he isn't in trouble.

Waxman/Leahy should give Monica Goodling immunity to testify

Jesus. 450 Somalian refugees thrown overboard into shark-infested water. 29 dead, 71 missing.

Elizabeth said to support the Edwards campaign - Not arguing with her - I just gave

Have you all seen these emails? (US Attorneys Scandal)

Kurtz on U.S. attorneys scandal: "Are the media openly siding with the Democrats?" (Media Matters)

The Pet Connection database is now up to nearly 2,000 *Dead* Pets

I have to get this off my chest

John Edwards for President Statement on the Edwardses' Interview with Katie Couric

QUESTION: What makes you think the Iraq War is illegal?

Something's going down...something big.

Oh! Henry!

Wolf blitz keeps repeating "POSSIBLE IMPEACHMENT" during his program

Are We Politicians or Citizens?

Lawmaker admits he was not Green Beret

65% of adults never read another book after graduating high school.

Questions Congress Can Ask Monica Goodling that WON'T VIOLATE HER 5th Amendment Right

Pet owners....How does it feel to be suckered?

Who is your choice for 2008? Put your money where your political beliefs are.

How does it help Iran to NOT release those sailors?

Monica Goodling pictures and background.

What's so great about Edwards health care plan?

"Committee Directs RNC to Preserve White House Emails"

John Edwards on Universal Health Care

Where will the trail end?

I wonder if Les Moonves wishes he hadn't picked Katie?

Where is Arundhati Roy

"Land Of Confusion"

Life magazine to cease publishing in April

Pregnancy later in life and cancer?

When I learned that Couric would be interviewing Edwards, I refused to watch

With all the bitching going on about Couric

Kucinich To Investigate "a narrow portion" of 9/11

need du help- accessing government services thru the web.

Novosti Press calls April 6 for US Iran attack

The letter I just *tried* to post at Sixty Minutes: - weren't there some DUer's uncovering this story the other day?

*** Monday TOONs: Under Oath? ***

BREAKING -- on CNN now: Top Gonzales Aide Will PLEAD THE 5TH, refuse to testify

Hillary Loses Support In Silicon Valley

Are welfare rolls public records? Should they be? If so, should they be published in newspapers???

Seattle Times: 10th-grade WASL (assessment test) may ditch math and science

BOMBSHELL from W. Post on White House politicization at GSA!

Air Car comes out with a hybrid model

Why the FUCK (sorry Raven, emphasis) is Tom Delay

"Tucker" "winced" at Katie's questions -- but says it was fine for her to ask them...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Tasting their own medicine (Rolling stone article on whining congressional republics)

Update on Bob Woodruff:Iraq injury left newsman battling for words, others

Barbara Boxer introduces her friend ... Barack.

BREAKING CNN: Korean plane lands in Newark Intl. passengers have odd flu-like symptoms!

Barnes & Noble and Borders effectively ban "controversial" picture book

Let's Start A List

PIC of the Day!

Khalil Gibran on Elizabeth Edwards:

"Pig in the Poke"

How many associated with the Clinton Administration took the 5th when

Dennis Miller's 4th attempt at a show already flopping?

1,052 Subpoenas For Clinton, 3 for bush

Primary Concerns

I brought the pain onto myself. I watched “The Chris Matthews Show.”

UPDATE on FLOWERS FOR ELIZABETH. Almost $400!!!! Cut off is today 6 pm est.

Howard Zinn unloads a broadside against Democrats who "capitulated" to Bush.

"The rich don’t use any government services, so they shouldn’t pay taxes" (Faux news wisdom)

Pet lover ill after eating recalled dog food (Montreal Gazette)

There is a lot of hate here on DU

Heard on NPR: Is Susan Ralston missing?

Beyond the pale: anti-gay, racist emails from Army recruiter

Rumsfeld's Intel unit collected info on anti-Bush protesters, peace activists

I think that All Roads Lead to 9-11/Ralston, Rove, WH, OVP,Abramoff, Sun Cruise...

Do folks attacking Democrats for the Iraq bill have any chance of getting their proposals passed?

In light of this Webb fiasco, maybe the NRA has a point on DC's unconstitutional gun law

So, is this the downfall of Couric?

CNBC's Jim Cramer just slashed a machete through the cup of a bra, on national television.

So the EVIL BUSH ADMIN may fall apart because of a gal named MONICA?

The Album, a Commodity in Disfavor (Downloading individual songs replacing album purchases)

I hear the sound of quadruped rodentia, scurrying into the water.

The female 'Viagra'

I wish FAUX would show an episode of HOUSE, in which

Obama a "Magic Negro"?

Made the switch this weekend.

Only the GUILTY can "Plead the Fifth", and refuse to testify.

Americans do not want to pay for universal health care

Robert Novak -- Bush worse than Nixon. . .

After 9-11, did you feel MORE compelled to learn about US government and how

SAMPSON "Plans To Testify FULLY, TRUTHFULLY & PUBLICLY" (Just Out From His Lawyer)


March Photo Contest Prelim Round 1. Theme: TRANQUILITY

March Photo Contest Prelim Round 2. Theme: TRANQUILITY

March Photo Contest Prelim Round 3. Theme: TRANQUILITY

Al Franken's Important Request

US Senate Committee Hearings Schedule March 26-30, 2007

Universal Care: Getting The Right Mix (about saturday's conference about Healthcare)

E-MAIL From WH- CONFIRMS Admin Deliberately USED E-Mail Servers (GWB43) To AVOID Legal Problems

MZM contract with WH has been removed from the Fed database?

D.O.E Emails relating to Cheney's "Energy Task Force"

Subpoena SUSAN B. RALSTON. She holds the key to WH e-mail systems, election night '04 and Abramoff.

Document dump brings unexpected news to one prosecutor: the job she holds is listed as vacant.

Tom DeLay compares liberals to Hitler in his new book.

Democratic Candidates' Fortunes May Hinge on Long-Term Iraq Plans

Amid all of *'s tough talk on Iran's capture of 15 UK troops, does anyone remember ...

Republican senators in U.S. lug weight of war toward '08

Then there's this: Rove aide & GSA politicking for republicans. Looks like another...gate.

WaPo: Ex-Prosecutor Says He Faced Partisan Questions Before Firing

Resources for Brainy Offspring and adults too!

Same story all over again. Trapped rats, etc.

Welcome to Journalism 101. Please try to be on time, Mr. Novak

The Enemy Within - On Political Consultants - Shrum et al.

A classic hit and run flame post...

Politico: Sampson Testimony May Be Key To Case (pleading incompetence, again?)

Why Bush and Cheney want to be impeached

POLL: Is it possible to be against the Iraq war and still be FOR the troops?

NYC doesn't want police surveillance records unsealed, fears lawsuits

Rove gave a speech to the RNC?

Katie Couric did the right thing...bravo!

Congress Expands Scope of Inquiries Into Justice Department Practices and Politics

Reagan's budget director (David Stockman) facing fraud charges.

Novak: I've never seen a president so isolated from his own party

Pakistani-American PAC endorses Kucinich

Need ammo for LTTE re Novak column! My paper just published his disgusting

So the plan is to cut insurance for the elderly -- to provide insurance to kids?

An example of the FBI's exceeding authority to get private information

One is forced to wonder. If Gonzo and WH did nothing wrong - why did they go to such lengths to

Dick Polman on Trent Lott

We're Winning: American voters move away from conservatism (The Nation)

Arianna on Huffpo: Impeach Gonzales Now!

TPM coins a nice soundbite: "selective prosecution"

Does A Major Swift-Boat Donor Become An Ambassador This Week?

Could capture of British sailors be Bush's excuse for attack on Iran?

A Chance For Fair Elections (

Think like a Bush. *IF* there's no way a GOP can win in 2008, what's your best option?

"terrorists are irreconcilable"; insurgents are "reconcilable". Huh??

Some say, Katie, that you shouldn't be on the air....

Breaking on Anna Nicole....Nine Prescription Drugs and...

Your Top Story Today? Anna Nicole!

John Nichols: Republicans Detect "Cloud" Over Gonzales (The Nation)

Is there a way to find out if one is on the "No-Fly" list?

Kucinich brings hard-nosed arguments

Universal Care: Getting The Right Mix (

Sampson "good GOP soldier": Goodling pleading the 5th

Guiliani would lose NY to Hillary...BIG...would defeat Obama

Hillary says mandatory employment health care likely (not single payer)

Edwards’s Cancer Has Spread Into One of Her Hips

Where is "Hillary on the issues"

Gonzales Aide WON'T Answer Questions About Prosecutor Firings (Goodling)

Party of Values

Exclusive: Edwardses Rebuff Critics, Underscore Importance Of Talking About Cancer

Move Along....Nothing Else To See Here.......

Goodling a grad of Messiah College & Regent University (picture)

Rove’s PowerPoint: How Bush’s Architect Has Politicized The Federal Government

Lets attack Iran with this.....

Edwards Unveils an Energy Plan with Substance (The Nation)

Edwards Support Strong In South Carolina (50+ S.C. Democratic Leaders Endorse Edwards)

At The Risk Of Sounding Like Katie Couric To Elizabeth - Is Anybody Suspicious Like Me About The ...

Dan Froomkin: Who's Scripting Gonzales?

The 5th admendment doesn't apply to Monica Goodling, does it?

Do you think Republicans are predictable in

News Flash - Monica Goodling of DOJ To Take The 5th......

The Edwards Plan: Energy Independence & Stopping Global Warming in a New Energy Economy (read it!)

White House Forced To Admit ‘Inconsistency’ Over Transcripts

Tweety took it to Vilsack on his support of Hillary

Silicon Valley Not So Sure of This Clinton (Supporters defecting to Obama - WSJ)

Josh Marshall on why Purgegate is important

Gov. Tom Vilsack - Why Hillary is my choice

Time for repukes to circle the wagons, hunker down, and lawyer up.

Tony Blair, Clinton to hold pivotal meeting on Iraq

Watching Hardball Just Now - Looks Like Tweety Learned From Congressmen

Edwards climbing in the polls of Rasmussen

I have a question to DU'ers: Did Katie Couric stop working when her hubby got cancer?

The Bill Richardson Watch, 3/26/2007

More GOP Hypocrisy: Trent Lott Contradicts Himself On Executive Privilege (DNC Release)

(Sen Jim) Webb aid arrested for carrying a loaded gun into a Senate office bldg

Urge the Administration to Abandon Dangerous New Nuclear Plan (Union of Concerned Scientists)

TOON: "...Someone must have turned on a camera"

Is Hillary planning to give up her seat if she gets the nomination?

NYT: Justice Official Won’t Testify on Prosecutor Firings (Monica Goodling invoking 5th Amendment)

Now I get it. Here is Hillary on the issues:

Remember when the Congressional Black Caucus stood up in '00, despite a lack of votes?

Wunderkind is New GOP Attack Dog - Learn the Name: Putnam

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Markey's Big Chance (Energy Independence and Global Warming)

This is my favorite place but I won't be as active for awhile

Elizabeth Edwards pushes stem-cell funding

Justice Aide: All Fingers Point My Way (Monica Goodling)

Can The President pardon only Federal crimes or State as well?

Hillary Clinton, Goddess of Peace

Rally today in VA. Beach. Corner of Princess Anne and Nimmo for arrested friend

DU a poll: Do you think lawmakers should consider impeachment to stop President Bush's war policy?

Army deployed seriously injured troops

John Edwards on Universal Health Care

Waxman Warns RNC, Bush-Cheney ‘04 Campaign: Don’t Delete Your Emails

A Unifying Theory [TPM] [GSA Doan Jennings and Rove and the 2008 election]

From now on they can't use those RNC email accounts

The progressive case for Kucinich.

Hillary Clinton, War Goddess

Gonzales: I Did Nothing Wrong, But My Staff...

The itchy and scratchy show

Kerry on the Today Show about the Edwards's decision to stay in the race

Kucinich to Investigate Discrepancies in 9/11 Report

Elizabeth and "some critics"

A Bad Week For The Politico

Rasmussen Poll.. Hillary LEADS... again!

Zogby: Hillary pulls ahead with African American Voters...

More Republicans switching affiliation

A question on retirement pension plans provided by businesses

Self promoting Kucinich is asking for campaign finance reform. The audacity.

The Case Against Wesley Clark.

I am taking a Sabbatical from DU. I am disgusted with the lack of tolerance the.

This is for you, Katie Couric, Pt. 2

Who nearly died in Vietnam; Won our last war; called for rightful interventions & denounced others?

Hillary Clinton breaks fundraising record: raises $10 MILLION in one week

Waxman Demands Info Linking White House To Cunningham Probe And Possible Attorney Firing

Al Franken's Important Request