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Archives: March 25, 2007

Faking science? Bush team must think we're stupid

Frank Rich: When Will Fredo Get Whacked? ...

Guardian UK: Vaccine but not heard (STD vaccinations)

Cenk Uygur : The Republican Party vs. George Bush

Impeachment a Transcendent Act

At Forum, Democrats Differ on Health Care

Optimistic and Open Elizabeth Edwards Shows 'New Face' of Cancer As Husband Seeks White House

Don't expect the truth from Karl Rove - LAT Editorial

We failed, says pro-war Iraqi

America, Maxed Out-Hard times, easy credit and the era of predatory lenders

NYT: When Will Fredo Get Whacked....(Rich on Fredo Gonzalez)

Democrats Consider Deal for Passage of Trade Pacts (NYT)

Bill Moyers: The Answer to organized money is organized people

Vermont Maple Syrup Hard Hit by Climate Change

INTERVIEW - Southern Ocean Current Faces Slowdown Threat

Worldwide, Communities Demand Access to Water (, via CommonDreams)

JCPA , AJCommittee urge P.A. freeze

Israel: Lebanon Cease-Fire in Jeopardy

BradBlog: Terms of 'Independent' (FL-13) State Run Audit, Source Code Review Dictated by ES&S

BROADCAST EXCLUSIVE: Brad to Interview Diebold Whistleblower Heller LIVE on Air America/Nova M!

Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention

Vermont Maple Syrup Hard Hit by Climate Change

U.S. troops can withdraw in 18 months - Iraq VP

9/11 vicitims' remains found in landfil and used in potholes?`

Coast Guard's Purchasing Raises Conflict-of-Interest Flags

Democrats Say Bill Demanding Combat Operations End in 2008 Is Meant to Keep Pressure on Iraqis

Strong quake hits Japanese coast, felt in Tokyo

Rice Seeks Arab Help on Mideast Peace

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,234 Saturday, According to Count by the Associated Press

Small tsunami hits Japan after (7.1 magnitude) quake

Argentina tells US ‘butt out’

Cheney accuses Democrat-led House of not supporting troops


Iran raises the hostage stakes

I have a penis....and it doubles as a sextant

My dog has a penis but he still gets lost in the woods.

Has anyone here actually watched The Triumph of the Willy?

Don't ya wish this was a photoshop?

I do have a penis, and I do need directions.

It's a mad mad mad mad world on TCM

Somebody should give the mods a heads up on all these threads.

The Royal Engorge Bridge beneath a tumescent sky

Ahhh Sake...

Doing 5 loads of laundry in an apartment should be BANNED....


Okay, Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan are in an episode of 'Maude' (1972)

I don't have a penis, I am out of the loop and I did not click on

Safe Sex should always be practiced.(since we are over run with genitalia)

Cell phone use should be banned on buses.

Frankly, I find all these penis threads a little hard to swallow.

Anyone named Peter cannot be elected President.

Replace any word in a movie title with "penis."

Will we have a plethora of vagina threads to balance out the Lounge "Penismania"?


An Up and Coming subject.....

My pen is in my hand.

Checkout this great website!

has everybody met my best friend. Rocky?

Please lEt's Not InfuSe the lounge with Silly and Insipid commeNt or thrEads, peoPle.

I just mixed 32 ounces of Vokda and Cola, ask me anything.

Light as a feather....


I want a pearl necklace.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

i love juggling balls in the palms of my hands...

The mods are handling the penis


Are you familiar with this sand art video?

"but i wanted to go to toshi station to get the power converters"

Henceforth shall this day be known as the day of the Great Penis Thread Rebellion

Poor TimeChaser....

The level of frustration here appears to be reaching a climax.

anybody out there had or known someone who had a hip replacement.. i need some information.

Get Up On This...

What makes a band or musician "alternative"?

Is the Lounge trying for a record number of locked threads or something?

I don't understand these words in this order

Is the Lounge trying for a record number of half-cocked threads or something?

Stop being shy. What are you REALLY trying to say?

Pursuant to an asexual Lounge--a meiosis thread

C'mon cell phone people.

No Sax Threads............

Anyone watching Pulp Fiction on Starz right now?

With all the talk of trouser snakes how 'bout a real one?

Who has a friend named Melanie?/Who's not afraid to try new things?

No sox threads.

What's next?

Un. Fucking. Believable.

Am I the only one who prefers his cereal dry?

"your manly bits" and other strange email subjects

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Do you think Skinner will ever decide just to close the Lounge?

Graywarrior has left the building. . .

Make mine a pair of: Ruby Slippers...

A change of pace: How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

I need a stiff one

Just how limp does it have to be?

Chefs! Foodies! What's the name of the dish called

Bill Clintons favorite institutions of higher education....

Must make a note: I just heard Oakenfold screw up a transition.

Nevermind the vodka. I just got something better.


Pawpicker -

How many ways can one say..."no sex threads please"?

Has the Lounge become the mods' Baghdad?

Idiots that shoot their buns off randomly in the air.

"Seaman Ship for Love! Seaman Ship for Peace!"

I've got to hand it to you, TimeChaser

If You're High, Don't Shop at Whole Foods

Are you guys in the mood to be patient with me tonight?

SugarSmack loves you all!!

snl bombing, yet again

I was thinking, earlier tonight, on my way home from the store...

your tedium procreates with the loft of a flying mallet, we dance now...

I need SPK.

Roadtrip to Fairbanks - International Ice Sculptures

I've got blisters on my fingers!!!

It's official: invasion of the Penis Threads

I used to have a huge crush on him ....... (Steve McQueen)

How about a baby laugh?

Album of the night, Badfinger's "Straight Up"

Paulo Nutini "These Streets"- give this a listen

Printing people: What is 25 inch web?

The Lounge is a hoot tonight.

Anyone else here doing the Grocery Game?

As soon as I use up my three cans of evaporated milk I'm becoming a vegan.

Steve McQueen would have been 77 today

you know it, you maybe even love it, it's doctor approved *and* at a temp price reduction...


Has someone ever had you on ignore...begged you to take them

I'm Going to see the Movie "300" and then I'm Watching The Series Finale of "Rome"


Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye is one of the best.songs.ever.

Who here likes Dick? I do.

Oh, man, did I just score big time.

What is with all the penis threads?

4-19-95... Remembering The Horror Of That Day... (pic heavy)

I just cooked 3 lbs of London Broil. Ask me anything.

all i'm really lookin' for is an even break....

Is it ok to be a fan, or have a crush on someone even if they are a repuke?

Name 3 unusual items that you have in your fridge/pantry

The man with no pen is mute.

Two big boobs.

Can someone bring me some vodka??? (sorry Kitchy!!!)

Why did Mel Gibson hump the shark?

as soon as I use up my three cans of evaporated milk, I'm becoming a virgin....


Bumper sticker "Yellow Ribbons don't bandage wounds....

Hijacking Catastrophe - series of 10? vids about the bush disaster in Iraq + more

1984 : Vote Different (and Different-er) More from the bald scottish dude

Sting - Fragile

John Martyn - I don't want to know about evil

Judy Collins with Pete Seeger - Turn Turn Turn

New Rules - 3/23/07

Dennis Kucinich is GREAT on Health Care at SEIU Presidential Forum

Pink - Dear Mr President

Still trying to figure out real "right-wing values."

Vets in Arizona State Veterans Home A patient's colostomy bag not emptied

US vs French Medical Care, My Personal Experience (by Martin Varsavsky at HuffPost)

DON'T FORGET-Gonzales LIED Before To Congress

How Are Things In Titicaca?

Why did Giuliani Endorse Mario Cuomo in '94?

OPUS is right- it CAN be hard to decide!

Washington state to put RFID chips in drivers license

TX Youth Commission officer arrested, accused of lying about abuse

"Well, Clinton (or someone else) did it"

The Missing Returnees

Children left behind in St Louis

USNews Exclusive: Iranians Had Showdown With U.S. Forces

c-span - harriet miers from 3/3/07

Political whodunit: John McKay's curious downfall

I have some questions for the DOJ muckie-mucks:

How chimps communicate with a look

RFID driver's license question

Why do hispanics qualify for affirmative action?

Oscar Meyer /Louis Rich recall in Caribbean

Penn, Rep. Lee Appear At Oakland Town Hall Meeting (Hundreds Gather On How To End War)

Anatomy of a leak

70+ groups urge Gore to make Apple green


This is how I define "rich"

How many more wars will our"congress critters support?".

Marc Maron won't be hosting on "Air America Radio" anytime soon.

More crap lies about Sen. Clinton

McCain: We Won't Meet Fundraising Goals

Is there even such a thing as a "sympathy vote"?

Cheney says House doesn't support the troops (again).

Iran ‘to try Britons for espionage’

I just got a port scan that Norton blocked from

An Open Letter to the President...Four and a Half Years Later-Sean Penn

Conservative e-mail...does he have a point?

Maybe bumper-sticker outcry deals with wrong obscenity

Harlem Boys Choir director Walter Turnbull dead at 62

Its Time For An Impeachment, Not Just To Oust Gonzales, But As A Warning To His Superiors.

Boy they are afraid of John Edwards aren't they?

Cheney Says, "House Does Not Support the Troops"

Two Years Later ,Soldier At Walter Reed Still Awaiting Surgery

Favorite Liberal Musician

If you got a few seconds I got a poll that needs DUers

A priceless picture

BROADCAST EXCLUSIVE: Brad to Interview Diebold Whistleblower Heller LIVE on Air America/Nova M!

Visibility for your Community Peace Effort!

Dennis Miller gets a 4th show to fail with

What's the worst financial decision you've made?

C.I.A. Awaits Rules on Interrogation of Terror Suspects

What great fun to comtemplate leaving this wonderful US of A.

The more I learn the more enraged I become

I'm leaving DU for now

Watching Obama on LKL...

Elizabeth and John Edwards to be on 60 Minutes Sunday

Why the right goes nuclear over global warming (excellent insight from the LAT)

Finally saw "Shut up and sing"

The President’s Prison...NYTimes

WTF? This is why I don't like watching TV at the gym. Gore was on

Stage IV cancer--Kay Yow

Short and sweet letter to the editor: "Requirements for Office"

PETA calls for cruelty investigation of IAMS and Menu Foods

“Impeach for Peace” – A Plan for Citizen Action to Incite Congress to Act

What is the status of the relationship between the Gores and the Clintons?

I blame the Democrats for the situation we find ourselves in

Victim's Photo Part Of Man's Sentence, with lettering that says 'I'm sorry I killed you'

How bad is your local paper?

If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, consult your doctor; if your illegal war lasts more than 4

Is the term "gangbanger" racist?

Rove is pushing. We need to push back.

US Soldiers killing unarmed Iraqi citizens

OMG!!! Menu Pet Food Knew About Their Food Problems For *3 MONTHS* Before Recall???

Menu Foods' Director was Director of Safety-Kleen Corp when it was sued for violations.

From Elections & Voting: By Bob Fitrakis And Harvey Wasserman

John Edwards House Party Day: Wednesday, March 28

Listen to Bob Fitrakis on The Free Press Internet Show right now

Whistleblower gets the ax: Alcatraz employee released after talking to the Guardian

U.S. company denies colluding with death squads to kill Colombia unionists

The Politics of Pragmatism.

New Military Veteran Dems in Congress?

They already voted the bill down in the Senate??????

Starbucks 2006 Corporate Irresponsibility Report Available Online

Republican Snubs Nobel Prize Winner

Global Ruling Class: Billionaires and How They ‘Made It’

N.Y. Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention......

McCain: We Won't Meet Fundraising Goals

Presidential Hopefuls Travel to Nevada for AFSCME Support

Unblemished Veteran Sen. Domenici Ensnared in Political Scandal Over U.S. Attorney Firings

Letter from Nancy Pelosi and George Miller to Elaine Chao - February 14, 2007

Letter from Nancy Pelosi to Dirk Kempthorne - March 16, 2007

Facing a New Battle, Mrs. Edwards Set Campaign’s Fate

Texas politician proposes new state law to halt abortions

We Will Be Gracious

Edwards Stands Out On Health Care Debate (The Nation)

The Decline of the US, the Rise of Latin America

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Terrorized by 'War on Terror'-How a Three-Word Mantra Has Undermined America

Bin Laden 'won war against West'

Glen Greenwald: Congressional oversight is a linchpin of how our democracy works

Federal inquiry includes local man(Scott Jenning and use of RNC email addy)

Tomgram: Americans in the Opinion Polls, Not in the Streets

New York police reportedly tracked activists bound for GOP convention

Family ties to labor unions loosened by new era (also an audio version for vision impared)

Rob Kall: Judiciary Corruption, THE WALK and President Pelosi

Unions Struggle With Auto Industry Cuts

The Truth Spin: Honesty is the best (foreign) policy.

Union fights health horrors (Washington Times)

The New Yorker: Never, Ever Land

Hit on Iraqi Official Seen As Inside Job (AP)

Dems' immigration bill face obstacles

Congress Turns Up Heat on OSHA

NYT Q&A w/Bill Bradley: On Clintons, Obama and Gore

The Denialists' Deck of Cards: An Illustrated Taxonomy of Rhetoric Used

Al Feldstein (yes, the Mad Magazine editor) On Iraq: "It's Been Four, Long, Bloody, Murdering Years"

U.S. documentary shows everyday abuse of Abu Ghraib

The Politics of Humanity

Support the Troops By Sending Them to War!

The Loan Shark Lobby (The Nation)

Alcohol Worse Than Ecstacy, According To Proposed 'Matrix Of Harm'

The 9/11 Lie is in Critical Condition

Bush's Radio address was taped before latest news on prosecutor firings..uh oh

The First Openly Godless Member of Congress (Truthdig, via AlterNet)

Lies, Bullshit and Something Worse

Larry C Johnson: The Iraq

Godfather Government: A Way Of Life Is Not A Scandal

We've seen this (Cuyahoga vote) mess before

Betrayed The Iraqis who trusted America the most.

The Nation: Bush Makes Saddam Look Good

LAT: Capture of British sailors is all too familiar, rules of engagement at issue

Patronage 'crime' does pay -- for Justice Dept.


Chi-Trib: Abolish the death penalty

WALSH: Do we have to claim the Utahns in D.C.?

Congress Expands Scope of Inquiries Into Justice Department Practices and Politics

Warming Up on Capitol Hill

Mr. Gore has a lot of ideas on how to make a difference in global warming. Where can I see a list

Will Texas' Big Thicket Wilderness Give Up the Elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker?

Tiny powder additive of ceramic coated vacuum spheres makes paint insulative!

"Carbon credits" are worse than credit cards

Wind Turbines generate more than Nuclear this week in Spain

Educate me about chemtrails

Your Bank Account Probably Supports Cluster Bombs and Big Coal

Hot race for riches in Arctic emerges

Beacon Power Scores Another Test System Success (NY ISO)

Taiwan Offers 'Freeway' for Butterflies

Why the right goes nuclear over global warming (LA Times)

Chavez: China to become a top oil client

Blood Red Indiana hops aboard the Wind Farm Train!

NY park getting Toro hydrogen-powered utility vehicles

New Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuel Less Polluting

Solar power for schools (Sri Lanka)

Renewable energy touted as best solution for terror threats

Five years to save the orang utan - Observer

Amazon 'faces more deadly droughts' - BBC

Brazil Shuts Down Cargill's Amazon Port - AP

Cuba Shows Off Oil Works to Foreigners - AP

Rice raises new approach to Mideast peacemaking

IDF cancels ban on Israelis driving Palestinians in West Bank

Who's Afraid of Renewing the Peace Process?

Settlers plan defiant return to West Bank

Guam Democrats Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit over 2006 Gubernatorial Election

"On demand" ballot printing for early voting is proposed in Florida

Self-delete (duplicate)

Firm (Diebold) sues Mass. over contract for voting machines for disabled

Voting machine maker says time prevented fix

THANK YOU INFORMED CONSENT! Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 03/25/07

Let's see if the vendors can get out of this one.

"Voter fraud??" Hey Karl, here's "THE math": Analytical explanation of 2004/2006 Election Fraud.(X)

Protection Order Could Not Save Alleged Rape Victim in NYC

Mormon church objects to java-drinking angel

Hot race for riches in Arctic emerges

Unblemished Veteran Sen. Domenici Ensnared in Political Scandal Over U.S. Attorney Firings

Terror database casts a wide net

Armenian PM dies of heart attack

Cuba’s Water Strategy Praised by UN Organization

Sheriff: Slain student burned on grill

Gunmen burn Sunni mosque in Iraq in revenge attack

47 die in insurgent attacks in Baghdad

At Nevada Forum, Democrats Differ on Health Care

Hatch, Cannon come to Gonzales' defense

Australia to boost troops to Afghanistan-minister

At 50, EU’s grand vision is blurry

GOP support for attorney general erodes(Feinstein calls for Attorney General to resign)

Clashes erupt in central Baghdad; 2 dead

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

Iran partially suspends U.N. cooperation

2008 presidential fundraisers fight for dollars

(Sri Lanka) 'Gun battle' at Colombo airport

Trades union members rebuild camp for veterans

Justices to Review Limits on Retail Prices

Republican Presidential Hopeful John McCain Says His Late Fundraising Start Will Hurt Him

Bush, Auto Execs to Talk Flex-Fuel Cars

Roadside bombs kill 5 U.S. soldiers in Iraq Sunday

Unions Look to New Groups for Survival

Attorney in Duke Lacrosse Case Dies

Cheney assures early Iraq pullout won't be allowed

Edwards Discourages Sympathy Votes

Lesbian asks court to ban gay adoptions

Justices to Hear Case on Wages of Home Aides

U.N. Warns of Aid Collapse in Darfur

Firm sues Mass. over contract for voting machines for disabled

Hillary Clinton's $2.6 Million Hollywood Hit

News leak of Tillman report riles lawmaker

Hagel: Some see impeachment as option

Blair: Sailors weren't in Iranian waters

Colombia army chief linked to militias -report(CIA)

Jack Abramoff?

Eagle wants to fly again

All I want to do is have some fun, I got a

Does anyone remember Todd Snider's

Who else misses Joey Ramone?

It's 3:33. Where's WC Green?

Does anyone remember Cry Of Love's "Bad Thing"?

Any other Moldy Peaches fans here?

I have a really quick question

They had Cigarettes in the stone age, The Flintstones pluged them

Miami here I come . I am going there for my long needed vacation this June !

Just watched this video from crooks and liars

My good deed for the day...burgers for cops.

"69, DUDE!"

"oh forget this"

jello on "corporate serving rodents" and other things

cut the mullet

My cat won a household pet ring at a cat show yesterday!

it was a very good year

Beer goooood...

why buy just a video game from atari?

Rough night last night. My head is throbbing.

Okay, post the most bizarre pop culture youtube video here! (be warned, this ain't pretty)

New TempurPedic bed! Yay!

Unwanted advice: Hate it? Love it? How do you handle it?

Story on it's way to Keith Olbermann...

o.k., i -- BAILED -- on "300"!!1 Only the 2nd movie I've ever walked out of

I just fixed a leaky kitchen faucet without male assistance.

MySpace. Anyone else unable to log on today?

Man and woman overboard! Another cruise ship story from hell...

The graphics on Age of Empires III "The War Cheifs" suck freeper ass

Mr. Hooper, WHY DID YOU SELL OUT?!?!?!

Arlen Specter: 'Jowls'? Or 'Wattles'?

The overpaid parrots said it would be stormy all day today. It's sunny and 70 right now.

what you got for la cabeza?

Check out the dedication here...

Honk if you've seen La Llorona.

Here's a fun game. Whack your boss!

Who lets their cat get this fat?

Best vinyl replacement windows.... any opinions?

Overheard in the

keep it gay

He's got this dream about buying some land/He's gonna give up the booze and those one-night stands..

I made some beignets.

So...does TJ Maxx not have an online store?

Well, I heard thunder out... checked the weather channel... tornado watch.

I just threw an empty firkin at my bever. Now he's off crying to the Burneman.

Heads up: Tomorrow morning's Donald Wildmon e-mail prediction

So i am a furnace repair man and I go to fix this blond lady's furnace

Cat and kid

I rescued a trapped sparrow yesterday...

Should I click on the "Please remove" thread?

Seeking housing opinions

What do you have to do to be unaccepted in the Lounge?(lame copycat)

Does anyone know how the movie "Z" ends?

Calling all photoshoppers:

Robin Sparkles Rules!

I found a good deal on a mouse today

Funniest Youtube I've seen today, so far...

I found a good deal on a spouse today

Can ghosts "do it"?

Do you think Hall and Oates ever made out?

bible folk at my door--"I'm not home" i yell.

Guilty pleasures

Okay, I'm mad. They only put one scoop of raisins into my raisin bran!

69 is the best

Candidate for Worst Driver of the Year

Woo-HOO! First thunderstorm of the year!

What is it with all the vagina threads?

Flat as a board and easy to nail

Why am I still awake?

"See Juergs? At least somebody has respect."

French speakers: please translate "poisson pas content" for me!

Velvet Revolver frontman & wife in bloody fight...

So, the neighbor kid stole from us

To make up for the realeased trapped sparrow, I heinously executed one today

What If That Guy From Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?

Irish soda bread, slathered with whipped butter.

I'm just gonna make a statement here and dedicate it to all my homie DU freaks.

dude, if you watch "The Wall" when you're frying, it's totally tripped out!

Hubby is drafting a will, he says, cuz he's having a colonoscopy this Friday.

Did anyone here ever watch Six feet Under?

Sunflowers 2007, Week #5 * * * * Dial up warning

Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live

Let's say I had a photo of a certain DUers bottom....

why does princess leia speak in a garish english accent

Tiger Woods Is GOD

Chinese take-out tonight...What's for your dinner?!

copycat for datasuspect: Keep It Gay (The Producers)...

I usually hate Mondays but tomorrow will be a good one.

Whitney is looking great!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/25/07)

File this under 'Sunday's That Suck'

Former Star Search Winner, Church Pastor arrested for burglary (No, not Dennis Miller or Sinbad!)

I think...I just f'd my ankle up worse than originally..

WiFi, baby!

I found a good deal on a house today

BS ticky-tack fouls killed Oregon.....

Do you ever...

all i really want to do

X-Post from GD: What's the worst financial decision you've made?

This is my second post whining about this

Is it too late to learn gymnastics? Or to learn to do flips and things like that?

I just sent a package without mail assistance

Congratulations Forkboy!! 15,000 posts

Man BBQ's ex-girlfriend

Ok, I'm gay and I still think these are the GAYEST music videos ever!

Joey Ramone is more important than your question.

Do you ever accept a MySpace friend request from someone you don't know?

Has anyone here seen the movie "Mouse Hunt?"

Old Man has an unusually dangerous lariat...

What Cap'n Crunch cereal do you favor?

Can YOU tell the difference between black and white and colorized movies/shows?

Portrait Thread. Post a portrait or sketch of yourself. Mine is from a year ago.

I did a load of laundry without male assistance!

Boy, is my face red

Happy birthday Shine & NVWhino!!

How do you feel about your job?

Inspired by GD thread: Post your favorite liberal songs by liberal musicians:

DU living at home poll! I know I'm not the only one...How many of you

this droid has a faulty motivator

Radio Lady says, "Hello from Hawaii!" Do you want to talk to me?

I just satisfied my overwhelming urges without male assistance.

Santeria Priest's Suit Highlights Religious, Cultural Clashes (Some religions more equal than others

Church van driver charged after boy flies out. Police say he was driving with a suspended license

Evidence of life after death

Geez---Venus Williams has turned into Miss Jane Pittman

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for March 25

Oh well.


USA 3-1 Ecuador

GEORGETOWN! Are you kidding me?

Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention Apr. 20-25

Went to a Martha Moore-Stevens workshop yesterday

France Puts Secret UFO Archive on Web

Fly the Stars & Stripes at Half Mast to honor our fallen soldiers

VA Tightens Standards for Individual Unemployability Claims First Shot in cuts

Bush supporters spit on veterans do we get these books signed by our favorite twosome, anyway?

New Video

OT: Brzezinski on culture of fear

"We Always Get a Great Response"

"VFP" by Tom Chelston

Rev. Billy & CODEPINK Goes to Congress

The Beginning of the End: Yes it can end.

Uncle Scam...

KO - World's Worst: GOP Terrorists, BillO & Davy Crockett...

Nick Nack Paddy Whacked

Climate Crisis Action Day

Billionaires for Bush - Voting Machine...

Bush Twins Enlist! (I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS!)

SOS---Polar Bears

"Take Me Home" Geoffrey Rutledge

Uncomfortbable Time on Comedy Central

Raise your hand if you have gotten off of your butt to stop this war

NYT: Congress Expands Scope of Inquiries Into Justice Department Practices and Politics

Danny Schechter on Bob McChesney's 'Media Matters' -- Sun 2pm EDT

Iraqi colonel (and his family) flee Alabama air force base


Two soldiers, two families, and justice for one (AlterNet)

World Military Expenditures

Nixon dancing during the campaign

Sunday Message

Rice Urges Egypt to Reform Its Democracy - She did so well in Iraq

Cheney says House Is Undermining the Troops. But Cheney's 5 draft deferments during Vietnam didn't?

U.K. Uncertain Where Iran Holds Sailors (AP)

Sun. CNN Banner: CNN Saturday Morning

Dupe, pls. delete. Thanks. nt

Early Iraq pullout won’t be allowed: Cheney

Seriously! How much influence do Bush and Cheney actually have

Congress eyes US effort to defeat roadside bombs

Arlen Specter on MTP: "We Need to Go Eyeball to Eyeball to Determine His (Gonzos) Integrity"

Something I was wondering about...

Cuba’s Water Strategy Praised by UN Organization

Diane Feinstien and Trent Lott talking about AG scandle on Fox news now

DKos: "Rove & - National Security Threat?" (95%-Rove's-Email-On-That-Server Issue)

The savage tactics of Karl Rove

Charlie Rangle Votes For Impeachment!

Al Gore Senate Hearing repeating on CSPAN now 7:45am Pacific

Feeble "Eagles Up" - pathetic showing by Yellow Elephants

Terror database casts a wide net

Larissa Alexandrovna: Of The Devil's Party (GOP Gonzales Defenders)

Riches Await As Earth's Icy North Melts: 25% of undiscovered oil and gas, fish, diamonds, shippng

Norah on SundayTweety:

Iran's pres never said "Israel must be wiped off the map"--?

What OTHER e-mail servers don't we know about?

We started the war with the first shot, we end it with the last. Peace NOW.

Steny Hoyer was excellent on the House floor Friday

TOON - Sunday's Doonesbury: "I'm The Planner!"

"Plan for Replacing Certain United States Attorneys" exposes coordination with WH (Miers and Rove)

The larger (potential) problem in the U.S. Attorney scandal...

The President's Prison

Dennis the K and the Overton Window. --a crucial task that needs more help..

Weekend TOON roundup

Remind me. Lanny Davis is a......Dem. Right?

Betrayed! How the Democratic Congress betrayed American voters, the troops in Iraq and extended the

666 days left....

Tony Blankley's Man-Crush on Karl Rove (McGlaughin)

How to get into the USA without a passport.

Homeland Security Department moving to an abandoned insane asylum.

Did Karl Rove call for a "permanent Republican majority"?

Savage Weiner: Boxer a "loud-mouthed, foul-tempered woman"; gays "despicable"

1,500 more U.S. troops killed by August 31, 2008

Doonesbury today - I'm the Planner :)

So some US general was on TV yesterday saying how some Iraqis blew up kids in the back seat of a car

Have to be a North American or German auto company to get White House invite

Hey! only 666 days left until he's gone!

Leahy Could Open with a Teddy Roosevelt Quote: "No Man Is Above the Law"

Man and woman overboard! Another cruise ship story from hell...

Walter Reed horrors real, but blame those in charge

Almost 30% Of U.S. Households Have No Internet

the changed meaning of 'heavy'

So what do you know about Ron Paul?

Public records request seeks Anna Nicole judge's emails (Judge Larry Seidlin)

Yep, more Sunday A.M T.V..: Lots of MSM reference to "anti-war left"

Howard Zinn responds to MoveOn

Mr. Kucinich invited this . . .

Mitt Romney versus Mitt Romney TOON

Pet Food Recall Update: "For Years to Come, We'll be Taking Care of Pets Who Have Suffered..."

America’s Gilded Palace in Iraq

If You Are Pro-Kitty, Then DO NOT Go Here !!!

Hagel: Some see impeachment as option

Control the rhetoric - we are pro-peace they are anti-peace

DHS has plan for new HQ in lunatic asylum

Vice President Cheney Accuses Democrat-Led House of Not Supporting Troops

We find ourselves (dems) in an interesting predicament on the war - what are we gonna do now?

Bush's offer has doomed his presidency and his reputation.

Any farmers here? What do you think of terminator seeds?

It seems like a good time for all of us 10%ers to check in again.

Maybe we should just give up:

39 Dead at Heaven's Gate -- but was it suicide or murder?

Any Predictions On When Gonzales Is Gone ???

It still takes courage to agree with 70% of the country. Show Dan Zanes some love!

A few pics from yesterday's Boston rally (DIALUP WARNING)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sunday 3/25: Not what he had in mind

Kirk Osborn, key lawyer for Duke lacrosse players, dies.

It's not just the pets, what about the imported food from China in our Supermarkets?

These U.S. Raids In Iraq Look Real, But They Aren't

Because Al and Wes haven't announced, I don't really have a candidate yet.

Vote for the Dixie Chicks for the CMT music awards!!! (link)

Peace NOW! Not one little piece of peace at a time.

R U Listening MSM ??? - Congressional Oversight Is A Linchpin Of How Our Democracy Works

Make a Difference.

The fight to keep genetically engineered crops in their place

Wal-Mart to America: Screw you

I agree with Newsmax readers!!!

George W. Bush. Seriously...WTF????

Sean Penn - Open Letter To Bush: "You Have Broke Our Country And Our Hearts"

Flashback -- Bill Moyers: Restoring The Public Trust

Prince Harry's drunken 3am brawl

TOON: Daryl Cagle totally nails it this time (again)

No real peace supporters here this morning? Well then how bout this.

Another way Bush sticks it to the Troops: Field rations letting U.S. troops down

The real reason some of us don't like Hillary

I'm really sorry about the British "hostages"

OPERATION BITE: Russian Sources Say Iran Sneak Attack Planned for April 6

Why Ralph Nader Took a Stand

Rice urges Egypt to reform its democracy

Explain something to me (Europe US Tax Rates)

Explain to me something else (Social Services and Military Spending)

Great Quote By Dollar Bill Bradley today

I think Murtha ought to go haead to head with Cheney

Kissinger's extradition to Uruguay sought over Operation Condor

The government supports geckos, cavemen and ducks

KKKarl's Shadow Theater

Attorney questions destruction of files in priest sex case

Priest's fate rests with jurors as alleged abuse case wraps up

Legislation giving power to pass emergency supplementals introduced in APRIL 2001!

Why everyone should care about the Menu foods recall!

something needs Clairificartion: the $140,000 Cheney gave The Dukes Croney.. was there ever anything

3241 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

WaPo: Terror Database Has Quadrupled In Four Years

$1M bail for Vegas priest accused of attempted murder

DUer Ava receives a Camp Casey Peace Award....

O’Connell honors her brother by speaking out

Democrats Oppose Socialized Medicine

Internet porn at library argued. Governing board rejects viewing ban, adopts 'safe' policy.

Report: priest sued for assault continues to drive police-style car

UGH!!! Bernie Kerik and Rudy G on my tee vee

Mother & sister walking CA to WY to honor slain Marine

Brothers and Sisters we who have served give 110th Congress their Certificate and Warranty

Is anyone working on getting rid of these republiCONS!

Who helped the Dems to victory in 2006? I'm sure Republicans are pondering that question.

I stand with MoveOn. They have done a lot for our country.

What is the bush adm trying to prove and to who...

Rent me

Dog Attacks, Nearly Chews Woman's Foot Off At Central Florida Dog Show

Hagel (#2 Senate Repub) says the lawmakers view impeachment as an option.

How chimps communicate with a look

Martha Radatz on ABC doing CNN's Kyra Phillips imitation!

Brooklyn demonstration 3/25/07

Why do Dems get so upset with Dems bashing Dems ?

As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down,

Liars, frauds and conspirators all

I have written Oprah, Keith, and my Congressmen. Can you help this young girl?

Time for a * photo op - (* makes sure camera gets the shot) pics


DU this poll on when to leave Iraq:

I love wonkette's liveblogging of Junior's speech

What, specifically, did the Democrats win in 2006?

A thread to defend and endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Atrios: Gossip time --- George Will

We won't leave Iraq until the U.S. Embassy is built--and even then we will stay to protect it.

CNN: Key Republicans Question Gonzales' Credibility

RW'ers complain Gonzales "Not Partisan enough"?!?!

Does "Torture Now, Torture Forever" Gonzales survive the week?

PHOTO: how we are delivering democracy to Iraq

I want to buy irradiated food. Why is it so damn hard to find?

Do you find yourself compelled to recommend threads that have 4 recommends?

Does anyone else get the feeling that TIME magazine is moving to the right?

I've been here for ten minutes, and I've recommended three posts...

Sheep-sex for Republicans now less awkward: Scientists create a sheep that's 15% human.

KATIE COURIC to interview the Edwardses tonight on 60 Minutes

NYPD spied on protestors a year before GOP convention (NY Times)

McCain a centrist? hardly, look at the bloglist on his

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Is anyone familiar with the XM radio program Left Jab?

I love John Edwards but

Are Americans to blame for the crisis in this country?

NYTimes: City Police Spied Broadly Before GOP Convention

Toronto Sun: "More Gore-bull from the Goracle". Read this Gore attack piece and then fight back...

I wonder how many people ate the tainted dog food?

appropriations for the Iraq war -- what is the best political strategy?

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army."

Does the Congress have a little time now for civil rights?

Listen as our sweet young fighting soldiers become fucking animals

they printed my letter on the war on poverty

"I don't want my legacy to be that I pulled somebody who ought to be President out of the race."

Neocons are starting their "we could've won, but the liberals ruined it" a little too early.

Awesome rant by Bill Maher....

*** Sunday TOONs: Congressional Oversight ***

BDF Blame Democrats First

Can somebody help me find the tactical nukes Flash video

CNNI just reported 4 US soldiers killed near Baghdad

It seems Fred Thompson is the choice for a number of Freepers

Vermont Impeachment Initiative Apparently Takes Big (New) Step Forward

Why Pat Leahy Is The Right Man For The Time

International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries

Did you ever realize what they've been putting in pet food?

"Either you push forward with the things you were doing yesterday, or you start dying."

Type in in your browser

Heh. I hadn't seen this photo before...

Why Senator Specter Should Not Be Trusted

Bill Clinton is on Hillary's website asking for money

Washington Post Prints New Wilson/Plame Attack

Lots of earthquakes today

So did you pay state sales tax on your ebay purchases?

UAW is becoming part of the solution

Edwards supporters: These Toons are for you!

John and Elizabeth Edwards are on 60 Minutes Now

Memo to GOP - you're not in charge anymore!

You should listen to this video on and hopefully

Firecracker Alert !!! - "I DO NOT Serve At The Pleasure Of The President !"

Why do the same knuckleheads keep popping up over and over again?

I just cancelled XM

Need pics: Sefvicemen/women dissing bush...

"How low the Clinton's can fight..."!!!

Help Researching USAs Needed!

In 1994 Democrats lost over fifty seats in Congress....Why?

Richardson and Edwards have articulated the best healthcare plan in my opinion so far

“House of Representatives that couldn't bring itself to represent either conscience or constituents"

NYT, PAGE ONE: An accumulating body of evidence is at odds with statements of Atty. General Gonzales

Slain Student Burned

Vietnam-era protesters....are you getting angry?

For Swamp Rat - Scream Treason

Hillary's trip to Hollywood nets $2.6 million in one night - double Obama's Geffen fundraiser

Terrorized By "War On Terror"-How A 3-Word Mantra Has Undermined America (Z. Brzezinski-Wapo Edit)

Connecticut Rep. John Larson Is Told: Impeach Bush

We won't have to worry about voting for Obama.

How feasible is it that there are "death squads"....

Iraqi soldiers raid on terrorists failed..they ran out of **gasoline**

Burnt Orange: "Why did the Tom DeLay investigation stop"....

Kucinich Blasts Democrats

Newsweek: The War In The Words Of The Dead (COVER - "Any day I'm here could be the day I die")

I was not always a democrat.

Betrayed! -Cindy Sheehan

Man gets probation after deer sex

SEND MESSAGE to your rep, Pelosi, and "Blue Dog" Democrats: You support the cronies NOT the troops

List of Menu Foods Directors and Execs...

Leahy Skewers Redactions and White-OUT Whitewash

What can be done to shut Lanny Davis up?

2 former U.S. Attorneys to be on Face the Nation.

No Wonder The Powers That Be Want Global Warming to Continue

Just 5 Mouse Clicks To The Detail Of The 'Pork' Spending On The House Appropriations Bill.....

Bush, Key Senator Still Backing Gonzales (AP)

Anyone else notice that Ann Coulter and Condi Rice sound exactly the same?

Hope For The Global Warming Disaster

Rice tones down criticism of Egypt over reforms--I do not think she should

Brzezinski "delivered a stinging rebuke to the whole concept of the war on terror, "

Iglesias on MTP now.

Senators question Gonzales credibility in prosecutors' firings (Sunday shows)

Veering from Evolution - Fired teacher explains his presentation

Serving the President's Pleasure

Do the casualty counts include the mercs?

DOD Regulations Forbid Bush Using Troops and Vets As Political Props

John And Elizabeth Edwards On 60 Minutes Tonight.......

I got too much "buildup" on Obama before I ever saw him. After all the hoop-la, I expected him to w

Video bill on fast track - Wisconsin State Journal 3/24/2007

Just have to cut and paste a few more bullet points from Daily Kos and DU"

LTTE: Made in the USA? Overpaid athletes

If Pelosi can twist the arms of leftist Liberals to vote her way on this bill,

"Peace Insurgency": Rep. Dennis Kucinich Challenges War Criminals in High Office

Brad Friedman interviewing Diebold whistleblower NOW

Eric Massa NY29: Reforging Democratic Identity

Righties have spammed London Times forum

GOP Candidate Mitt Romney Finds Peril As He Works Through 2008 Presidential Checklist

Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu Named Honorary Hog Wrangler in N.H. Town

Hagel says Bush too dismissive of Congress on Iraq. (This coming from 1 of 2 to vote against the

"Thet're too inexperienced to be President!"

After '06 Success, Labor Eyes '08 Race, labor spent some $100 million on get-out-the-vote efforts 06

Congress Needs to subpoena John Ashcroft

The Department formerly known as Justice

Let Rove Lie

Bush administration welcomes EU trade deal, unions opposed

The evil, shadowy organization known as The Arlington Group

Pew Research Poll: GOP losing support

Unions throw picket line wedding for one of their own

Tagg Romney opens fuhrer's N.H. campaign headquarters

Hatch: No "Clear Evidence" Gonzales "Deliberately" Lied to Congress

Kucinich isn't the first to call for a Department of Peace

Brzezinski on Culture of Fear

Iraqi medical crisis as doctors flee

More details emerge on Der Mittenfuhrer's duplicity

Wal-Mart, unions face off on port security

Japan Automakers Steer Clear of Unions

Need a video maker for a short spot to tell everyone what the"pork''

Sean Penn: An Open Letter to the President...Four and a Half Years Later

HOW MUCH MORE until Atty. General Gonzales resigns

Five soldiers killed in Iraq roadside bombs

AP Preview - 60 Minutes Interview Tonight: Edwards Discourages Sympathy Vote

(Wisconsin) State rep admits he wasn't Beret -Wisconsin Capital Times

White House says they appreciate the sacrifice of gay troops (Dead gay troops are good gay troops?)

Obama sparkles on TV

GOP Lost war b4 liberals organized protests

Kucinich Urges Hearing on Bank Merger

Who are the loyal bushies and what crimes did they commit

Can someone help me find a bill passed by the Senate?

Hagel: Some see impeachment as option

The DLC's official position on Iran is weak and unhelpful. Here's a better approach.

And the Jim Webb Bashing will begin in 5,4,3,2,1...

Rove is a coward - he doesn't have the courage or the integrity to testify under oath.

A Dentist who saved my life and the lovely senior citizen

Peace Department Proposal Rattles Small Town (NPR)

Sean Penn Hosted a Party for Kucinich 04

Column: Gore Takes Heat in D.C. Return

Hagel said impeach! Who am I to disagree?

Beck Likened Gore to Nazi Propagandists

Clinton's Hollywood Fundraiser doubles Obama's

why the Gore obsession at DU?

We aren't nominating a health care plan, we are nominating a candidate.

In the Hospital, Mrs. Edwards Set Campaign’s Fate

Let's talk about Chuck Hagel

Taylor Marsh: Hillary Shines at Health Care Forum

Edward's to appear on CBS 60 Minutes TONIGHT: 7:00 PM ET

WaPo: Eyebrows Are Raised in Mich. Over Reasons for Prosecutor's Firing

White House Aides running out of tourniquets....Everyone seems to be BLEEDING Profusely

Will Fred Thompson enter the 2008 Presidential race?

"Voter fraud??" Hey Karl, here's "THE math": Analytical explanation of 2004/2006 Election Fraud.

Senate GOP Says No To Al Gore Global Warming Concert At Capitol

The Politico allows Dan Gerstein, who works for critique activists and Howard Dean.