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Archives: March 24, 2007

Now the Saudis tool up for war

Where are the laptop bombardiers now? asks Alexander Cockburn

Bush's top political aide has built his career on diverting and deceiving; he'd do the same under oa

Bubba, Don’t Sista Souljah Us (Jane Hamsher, firedoglake)

‘BP’s Culture of Greed Murdered My Parents’

Legislation STRIVEs for Real Immigration Reform

New U.S. attorneys seem to have partisan records

Plamegate - Treason by No Other Name

Victory for Appalachian communities & mountains stops destructive mountaintop removal coal mining!!!

Nat Conf State Legislatures and Nat Assoc Counties URGE OPPOSE HR 811 (Holt II abomination)

Brad Versus People For the American Way: VERY IMPORTANT!

More HR811 Hearings Today

Pediatricians Voice Anger Over Costs of Vaccines

China seen topping U.S. carbon emissions in 2007

Birth control prices soar on campuses

Iraq, Immigration Threaten McCain Bid

Ex-Deputy Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Case

Senate Approves Democratic Budget Plan

Congress pauses on the subpoena front

GAO: Reading program improperly managed

Blue Cross fined $1M; dropped policies

Reid Says Gonzales to Leave Within Month `One Way or the Other'

University of Florida Senate Denies Degree to Jeb Bush

US and UK fail to find smoking gun

Wal-Mart to reward employees

(UN Sec. General) Ban, Shaken by Baghdad Blast, Says Iraq Too Dangerous

Documents: Gonzales OK’d firing attorneys

New U.S. attorneys seem to have partisan records

Why I Hate The Managers of My Department!! (Warning: IT Rant Ahead!)

Francis the Talking Mule vs. a M109 155m Howitzer Tank: who will win?

Haikus for the missing

Dogfights on The History Channel--Kick ass CGI...

political cartoon: funny? or no?

Hoss (1990 - 2007).

What are YOU waiting for? (Spill yer guts)

Picture of the perfect evening

When you read a thread...

Cell Phone Tips - are these true?

Post here only if you know how to post here.

Leaky faucet/tool question

Good Night Lounge Lizards and Losers!!!

Five, count 'em Five slo-mo walk-aways in Marky Marks latest....

Sometimes you take my breath away

DUers--I'm dealing with a deed research thing and am curious about a situation. Opinions wanted.

Regarding Living Wills

Mini Pringles...

I have honey infused with

Interrupting the fun here to tell you breaking news: Gozales lied. Really.

What are you doing to celebrate Aprilaria?

New Brandi Carlile video's.

Is anybody else sick of the slasher movie commericals?

Gee thanks, Yogi.

Ack! I've been without my pc for 3 weeks, and all my music is on it!

I just installed a new printer - don't ask me something, give me a fucking medal!

Road Sign

If I went camping.....who would come with?

Nutrisystem commercial: "My wife doesn't think I'm as disgusting anymore."

No NCAA Basketball threads?

Is it true that 4% of the greenhouse gasses are caused by cows burping?

I just want to share something I hope will make you smile on a Friday

*w00t* UNC wins over USC.

You can trust me, I'm an atheist.

Is this commercial really, really gross?

I thought now would be a good time to introduce the Museum of Bad Art.

You can't trust me, I'm a Christian.

I hope Wetzelbill and XemaSab see this thread

***Xipe Totec Appreciation Thread***

Dammit! Monkeyfunk must have a life!

So Crimmie, I Tried To Find The Ostriches For You

Anyone care to give some dating advice?

Its 11:31 PM on a Friday night..

Since siglines are offline, post your sigline

thread killer

"I Am My Own Wife" A Play. Has anybody seen it?

There's a chill in my bones

my day in san francisco (pic heavy)

Lounge...I'm one major life decision from freakin' out and running to St. Barts...

If I went vamping ....who would come with?

Two things I like:

Hello my pretties, how are you all this fine Friday evening?

Fuck me, I was just arguing with the Gun Nuts. What's wrong with me? That's like

SPK! Look what I got today!

Bon Scott.

I thanked a soldier today

Taking the Empire Buiilder from Portland to Havre in a couple weeks

King size bed= heaven!

KC & The Sunshine Band....

Which band's "Don't bring me down" is better?

i'm so bored with the won't you stand by me? Friday Night Music Thread

Day 8 Smile Free

Delete, because I'm a dumbass who doesn't know when he's been scooped

When did Mel Gibson Jump the Shark?

So I Went To The Zoo And Ran Into Goddess of Guiness

The official jonnyblitz appreciation thread!

What do you carry

Friday night pic thread--just 'cause.

Quietly get swallowed by a wave...

post here only if you know how to do the funky broadway

Just saw another hilarious ad with R. Lee Ermey...

What year did you graduate high school?

How many Atheists here admit they're Atheists in public?

Any Gators here?

March 24, 9 pm EST - A Call to Peace

Kerry, Snowe Add Nearly $100 Million to Small Business Budget

Star Spangeled Banner

Making Adaptive Clothing for Wounded Troops

Kanan Makiya (former Iraqi dissident): “Everything they (US) could do wrong, they did wrong”

Congress to take up Salisbury VA Probe

Did Lieberman ever have a chin?

So I quit moveon today

"Bloggers oust US Attorney General"?

Hey Bush! If you and your staff did nothing wrong, you all got nothin' to hide.

Ghoul-iani: "The Attorney General's an honorable man. He's a decent man."

I saw something that surprised me today.

NYTimes: Gonzales Met With Advisers On Ouster Plan (NEW INFO)

Is Chinese wheat used in the Cereal market???Scary freaking thought

OK I think I screwed up and got the wrong show

Hey, check out today's Featured Article on Wikipedia!

City manager seeking sex change operation pleads to keep job

Hillary should run on a platform of restoring honor and dignity to the White House!

Some Thoughts On 'Agitators'

Need Gonzo's lies under oath.

LATimes Op/Ed Piece From James Moore: "Don't Expect The Truth From Karl Rove"

The Republican Party vs. George Bush

3,234 U.S.troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis.

Wounded Troops at Madigan Hospital Call Care Deficient

ABC: DOJ released 283 more docs largely recovered from a Justice official who had been on vacation

NYT: DoJ claims this batch of e-mails was "overlooked" in past searches

Any other Canadians out there addicted to DU, and waiting for justice for the American people??

RAT POISON in the pet food? am I reading the threads correctly, did they actually find RAT POISON

Nicknames for our time: Gonzorrhea

New info in bartender beating case: police threats to plant drugs

McLaughlin Group: The internet is being made into a toilet?

Snarkiness apologies

Cat/dog poisonings take over the deaths of our U.S. troops

COVER-UP: The "smoking gun" on Gonzo was from the infamous "gap" in records in the initial doc. dump

LOL! headline on Gonzo: "Triggerman"

Only a small scrap of the BIG corrupt picture has been revealed, Can you imagine what we...

Bush 2003 tax cuts give foreign corporations advantage over U.S. companies

This is about using US attorneys to damage Democrats

Al Gore


Did you know that Webb initially supported Allen over Robb in 2000?

Miami cop is probably a serial rapist

Huge cache of food bank leftovers found

9/11 remains possibly used on roads: court papers

Supporters pack courtoom for Panther veterans

U.S. Nukes Plan Viewed as Provocative

Coming next month: a new search tool you help you find videos on the Web.

A voice from Argentina

Video of Today's Press Conferences

Tweety, Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity etc....look folks....they are

Can anyone else not see how many people viewed a thread anymore?

It's "bad glasses" KO again....

Did Keith say something about new e-mails being released?

Burlington Free-Press Letter To Editor: Impeachment Only Way To Stop Bush

Did we "show him the way" today?

John Bolton, Monster

Four generals to be accountable for missteps in aftermath of Tillman's death

Pet Food: A slightly different report UK Guardian

The Bush Administration - It doesn't get any better then this.

Who is it Bush has no faith in?

Are there new emails released today? (3/23)

Documents Show Gonzales Approved Firings

What else was in the Friday night dump? Sorry, I've been offline

Iran War planned years Bushco going WagTheDog now ?

CBS: Four Generals, Five Others To Be Blamed For Tillman's Death

Iraq ballot wallpaper

Documents show Gonzales approved firings

Death Spurs Calls For Investigation into CPS- 12 yr old girl with cerebral palsy, 23 lbs

Dems 50%- Repubs 35%...Someone tell the media!

Re Keith Olberman show todayt

Any insight out there as to how the Dept. of Justice works? Who is

Malloy saying that E Howard Hunt ratted out LBJ on Hunt's deathbed

Breaking news: Emails contradict Gonzales claims he wasn't closely involved with firings

Analysis: Bush-appointed U.S. Attorneys have 'partisan records'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

" . . the raging anti-War crowd . . " Just when I was starting to look at Hillary

2 questions about the pet food problem, food contamination, how it might directly affect people

Guests on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher tonight:

Has Anybody Else Lost MSNBC On Their Cable Channels (Comcast) ???

Is there a way to watch "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on the internet? NT

Just saw a magnetic bumper sticker on a toyota that said "Freedom Isn't Free"

Best Health Care System in the World? Calif. fines Blue Cross $1 million

Bush's hissy fit today

9/11 remains possibly used on roads: court papers

Wesley Clark is today's featured article on Wikipedia's main page

Albert V. Baez -- father of Joan Baez -- dead at 94 (obituary is interesting)

*** Friday TOONs: Governing? ***

Bush standing there today threatening to veto the new bill .

Has your pet died from the contaminated food?

So what's next week's new scandal going to be?

The best thing about the Attorney firings is the inability to claim national security

Pet food recall case reporting update, Los Angeles County:

Do American citizens get 6 felony strikes before prosecution, as do Illegal immigrants?

Rudy Guiliani savaged for toxic Ground Zero mismanagement on KO

Limbaugh: John and Elizabeth Edwards "turned to ... politics" instead of God after cancer news

As much as I love freedom and capitalism...

Last Friday everybody thought Gonzo would be gone by now.

The pet poisoning shows our vulnerability to mass poisoning

Nine Heroes in Congress Make a Stand for Peace

Look. I'm a cancer survivor (so far) myself so I feel for anyone dealing with it. But

AAARGH I want to see Keiths "fat ass"

pulled post no one cares

Need a response to this video

So What Was Voted On Today? $124 Billion For What?

State Sen to pay women $500 not to have an abortion, because that's all it costs to have a child.

BREAKING: Documents Show Gonzales Approved Firings

Larisa Alexandrovna: Iran hostage crisis update...Incredibly "Just On Time"

Blackwater is frightening

Will the free traders wake up when US citizens start dying by the thousands?

Book TV Schedule: March 24th - 26th

Dupe,sorry, Best wishes to Tony Snow.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! Wounded in Iraq prevented from collecting benefits.

Iraq, Immigration Threaten McCain Bid

Back on the table -- Paging Miss Nancy...

There are two main problems with this administration...

RESPECT Bill Would Restore Important Rights of Workers

Duncan Hunter B*tch slapped on Insanity and Colmes tonight

DOJ budget cuts

Be sure to check out today's featured article on Wikipedia

Despite passage of 2003 law, no claims for medical deaths have been paid

maybe Gonzales should have taken the ethics refresher

Molly Ivins was ready for tonight's Gonzales news:

woo-hoo Bush/Snow, the reason for oath and transcripts

Bush/Gonzales/Snow's fishy stories about prosecutor firings; plus TPM "don't get distracted"

So someone spray painted a "Do Not Enter" road sign with the word "Iran"

Profiles in (inaudible) courage (Specter)

Win a lunch with Valerie Plame!

Does impeachment (of Attorney General) require a simple majority?

Here's the "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?" for 2007:

Luckily for Faux, there's still Anna Nicole's cause of death

MoveOn email re: today's House vote w/some added commentary.

I wish a Journaislt would just ask Bush this simple Question?

* and testosterone toxicity

Prisoner's Dilemma

Building bridges between "countries of the mind"

Yikes! Even Faux Has Turned Against The BFEE!

ThinkProgress: BREAKING: Gonzales Approved Firings Of U.S. Attorneys

Reuters: 'Edwards expected to get sympathy boost...'

I Was Against Presidential Privilege Before I Was for It

I am sorry but I have got to say "up yours " to all those Dems who condemed Obey !

Does Karl Rove tell the truth when under oath?

Quote of the day

'Presumption of Criminality' Kept Bush, Cheney From 9/11 Testimony

Encouraging the Enemy 101

Rep. Dave Obey (D-WI)

A visit with a Republican family member this was reconciling.

Dems Challenge Bush With Iraq Timetable Versus Its Members

This is why we need Obama, NOT HILLARY

Are you in the "Any Dem but Hillary" camp?

Behold the Rhetoric Changes: Voter Fraud now ELECTION FRAUD to White House

DUer's: Discuss----Does veto of spending bill=Impeachment time?

Al Gore, Global Statesman (The Nation)

A ‘doozy’ of a campaign-finance violation (by the Bush campaign), AttorneyGate and Federal Records Requirements

Howard Zinn: Are We Politicians or Citizens?

Scott Ritter: Calling Out Idiot America

Robert Fisk: The crushing fear that stalks America

Robert Kuttner: Gonzales should be impeached (Boston Globe)

The Wall Street Journal is unhappy today

John Dean: Why Bush Refuses to Allow Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to Testify Before Congress

Nick Anderson (cartoonist) archives Iraq - 2002 -2005

NPR: Talking Points Site Kept Attorneys Story Alive

To investigate Clinton -- even his Christmas card list -- was God's work.

David Sirota: Stop Lying About Barbara Lee

Past associations could haunt Giuliani

Dahr Jamail: Another Casualty: Coverage of the Iraq War

Iran-Britain conflict shows the dangers of our ongoing presence in Iraq

Lies My Paper Told Me

In Limbo, C.I.A. Awaits Rules on Interrogation

Mark Morford: Is Your Fetus A Republican?

Time for a fish fry at the White House

Bubba, Don't Sista Souljah Us (Jane Hamsher at HuffPost)

The not-so-simple story of Barack Obama's youth

NYT: For Gonzales, More Records, and Questions

Is the American Empire on the Brink of Collapse? (Buzzflash, via AlterNet)

The Yoonitary Executive

From the Mirage of a Middle-Class Life to the Slavery of Debt (AlterNet)

Inserting Politics Into Justice

Knight of the Living Dead--By SLAVOJ ZIZEK

Losing The Next Election By Mark Goldman

Health Care Hustle's Casualties (

Condi goes too far

President Bush is on "thin ice" in claiming executive privilege.


NYT: Public Takes Up Pros and Cons of Edwards Bid

CQ: Bogus Uranium Documents in Plame Case Still Radioactive

Moral Panic Comes 'Unhooked' (AlterNet)

editorial toon from the Miami Herald on Bush's DOJ


Insiders See Cheney Behind White House Line On Testimony

Democrats Unite Around an Iraq Plan of Their Own

A bloggers novel Global Warming Theory

So who remembers the coal shortages of 2005?

Chevron, Fresno State partner in solar-power parking project

Canada's natural gas production to fall in 2007

Stationary Fuel Cells Getting More Attention

Antarctic Melting May Be Speeding Up

Grand Opening held Friday for Corinth (Maine) Wood Pellets (largest in US)

A Canadian TV news story on Peak Oil

Athens (Maine) mill will provide oil alternative

Resource Race Heats Up in Melting Arctic

China backs away fom green plan - AFP

"Resource Race Heats Up in Melting Arctic"

Taiwan Offers 'Freeway' for Butterflies

NOAA Announces "Carbon Tracker"

Chavez: China to Become a Top Oil Client - AP

Israel suggests reciprocal truce: Abbas

Israel frees Marwan Barghouti's son

Top Hamas man charged with murder of 36 Israelis in string of attacks

Sweden joins in support for Palestinians

Sweden joins in support for Palestinians

Iran's pres never said "Israel must be wiped off the map"--?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 24, 2007

Question for Election Reform Forum

Can We Talk About the OTHER Holt Bill?

Police: Officer used Taser in fight over soda

Report says detained British sailors in Tehran

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 11 in Baghdad

Hayat jury foreman set for scrutiny-Lodi California Terrah case

Hundreds Detained at Rally in Russia


Jeb Bush denied honor at U. of Florida

Are GM Crops Killing Bees?

UN backs fresh sanctions on Iran

Security Council approves new sanctions on Iran

Top Justice spokesperson's advice to White House: US Attorney firings won't be 'national story'

Sweden joins in support for Palestinians

Saudi Arabia Bars Israeli Journalist Traveling With U.N. Chief

Play About Iraq War Divides a Connecticut School

Relatives suspect state in death of journalist in Mexico (American)

McCain Tested by War, Economy and Even the Weather on Latest New Hampshire Visit

Wash. state to test 'enhanced' licenses

Conservatives quit board over DeLay appointment

GI killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

Bush: Dems Should Drop Partisan Politics

Jeb Bush Honored by U. of Florida Alumni

Quick pullout would not benefit US: Iraqi leader

Rockefeller mulls secret prison shutdown

(UN) Sec. Council Set to OK Sanctions on Iran

9/11 remains fill potholes, worker claims

China's Military Proposes Cooperation

U.S. blasts Argentina for Chávez rally

Bush reaffirms support for Gonzales

Egypt Rebuffs U.N. Chief on Darfur

Cuban father wants custody of toddler, now in Florida

GOP Candidate Mike Huckabee Says His Conservative Views Will Prevail in End

Egypt rips Rice's constitution comments

Senate Passes Budget Plan, Extending Bush Tax Breaks

Colombian judge frees key player in 'para' scandal

Democrats: Bill reflects voters' demands

Bush accuses Democrats of wasting taxpayers' time

Texas lawmaker offers choice: Abortion or $500

Iran says British sailors 'admit' to illegal entry

Holy shit, Batman!

For the fans of "Doctor Who!"

A Bad Man's Pants

Hold onto the rail.

I just saw 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'

Woo-hoo-We're not on Defcon 1 anymore!

Ooooooh.....the crisis has passed....

My green bus is back, anyone need a ride?

Have you helped to advance mankind's understanding of the universe?

I'm going to bed now.

Good night, all!

SHHHH - I am going to Nicole's house to steal her bunny slippers


I spanked a soldier today

Earth-shattering announcement: Orbit Gum in Mint Mojito flavor is YUMMY!!!!

What do you have to do to be accepted in the Lounge?

WTF?? My ex-fiance's # popped up again tonight!

I have recently met two of the 30%

Congratulations lovuian!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Ohio Blues!! 10,000 posts

Woman Kills Her Husband - Cuts Him Up Into 100 Pieces - Cooks Him In Frying Pan

Am I getting old or what - Spent my friday night on DU....

Shameless vanity post #2-same reason.

I hate to drag gun control into the lounge, but I must correct a mistake

Hold onto the railing,close your eyes

Why I canceled my Myspace:

Aunt or aunt?


My cat did something unusual today - he threw up

Where's the best scungilli in the country?

Why don't they make you "say aunt" instead of "say uncle"?

Advice from all you successful entrepreneurs?

I can't believe I am still out of retirement

Random_Australian's bedtime facts:

"Engaged and Underaged" on MTV....

Without a doubt, the finest music video ever made.....

what really whips the camel's ass with a belt?

and for my 2,000th post, a few more pics

Are New York pizzas and New York hot dogs

Words a man needs to know.............

I hate to drag birth control into the lounge, but I must correct a mistake

I just ground 20 pounds of chick for my cool cat. Ask me anything.

What's up with all the atheist/religion bashing/garbage in GD?!

Mr. Sprinkles Rules!

Don't ask me how my pants ended up inside out

Know what the best part about about eating chinese food at 2:00 am is?

Cancer strikes again.

I've been up since 1:20 am

My friend has an old, pepsi, vending machine

Okay guys, advice is needed... help me with this problem

My friend's mom passed away this morning from cancer.

And so Sally can wait, she knows it's too late as she's walking on by...

Beer bottle exploded in my basement

Buzz like a Bee over Bea. So be a pal and vote!

Sexual Harassment and You

Last movie you watched?

Damn lot of locked threads today

Which 'Cheers' character are you?

"Need Glasses?" A commercial they could NEVER show in the US

Rest in peace Pebbles

One thing you'll never see on Free Republic:

Living Will

You know you're paranoid when.....

I'm whistling a jaunty tune!

I miss SugarSmack...

10 Reasons You Aren't Rich

Mel Gibson explodes in rage at college campus

True or false, this quote:

Idiots that shoot their gums off randomly on the air

What I learned from the History Channel today

GaYellowDawg's guide to good Southern barbeque

I ran into an old high school teacher at lunch today...

Celebrating 200th anniv of abolition of slavery tomorrow with Freedom Ale!

I might have a penis and I think I need directions

I WON!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!

Doop Doop

Ok, so when I start a thread......I only get about 3 respones.....

I like asking for directions twice as much as you... and I have TWO penises.

I have a penis....and it doubles as a compass

I put this exfoliating stuff on my face and I can *hear* the sizzle as skin is burned off.

What brand of food does Barney eat?

Congratulations omega minimo!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations marmar!! 10,000 posts

Something I noticed today - horror movies

Wow!! VICIOUS fight at 7-Eleven............

Woohoo! Chocolate is good for you, new study says.

Did anybody catch the Division 2 national championship game?

Some bird photography for a weekend (56k wait a while for it to load)

Stonehenge solved!

off duty 250 lb. chicago cop savagely beats 115 lb. barmaid - WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO

Damn, I'm addicted.

I'm on the phone with SugarSmack!!

"Bork bork bork!"

I sent my husband to Miami!

It's onea dem TIME LIFE infomercials!

Haikus to a Saturday morning in New England

What did you learn on television today?

I'm watching a brand new "30 Minute Meals"

I love this photo

Gene Simmons kicks ass

Have you ever known someone into est/The Forum/Landmark Education?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/24/2007)

Ok, y'all have surely seen this but please it is hilarious!!

OK, fess up! Is there ANYONE besides me that hasn't clicked on the Please Remove

My Super Awesome Wedding Cake

I don't have a penis, and I don't need directions.

XACT Sirius radios SUCK!!!!!!!!


I have a penis... And I like asking for directions.

I just ground 20 pounds of cat for my chickens. Ask me anything.

Idiots that shoot their guns off randomly in the air.

Why does my coffee maker go "clickplink" ever 5 minutes or so?

Does anyone else think Matt Damon's acting basically sucks?

Dear Austin DUers

So, which Led Zeppelin song HASN'T been overplayed? I vote for Jimmy's favorite song:

Happy birthday wishes to.....

You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?

Help, DUers -- Does anyone know about streaming video issues?


my problem with lou reed

Mr. Sparkles Rules!

So, what do you do when you disagree A LOT with one of you DU friends in GD?

anyone ever use these continuous ink refill thingies?

8 Food Questions for you!

Has anyone here actually watched The Triumph of the Will?

Yo, Mr. Sun, get your flaming ass out of the clouds and light up this soggy ground!


I want Jennifer Connelly to have my baby...

What special treats do your kitties like?

DUers who are constantly out of the Loop check in!

I can use your prayers ....

Bizarre -- (youtube)

Anyone care to give some mating advice?

I like asking for directions with my

So, Verizon has this 'FIOS' T.V.

Pope Pleads For Europeans To Have More Sex To Save His Church & Shoe Allowance

Why is this univese so life friendyt?

Is Your Angel Registered? Apply Here

Do Atheist and Christians on DU need to reach a peace accord?

Congratulations to Rutgers Scarlet Knights

HBO Boxing (March 24)

The "I give up!" Mudra.

Anyone else feeling disconnected from themselves?

Let me tell you what!

New Daily Kos diary

New blog post up at

frustrated by Democrats

Dr. Mike Dispenses Advice to a Presidential Hopeful

Katic Couric's Notebook: Elizabeth Edwards

Bush Shit Burger Loop

Murtha ON FIRE!

FOX News Lies about AntiWar Vigil @ Ground Zero

Stop "Supporting" The Troops and Start "Saving" Them, warning, some graphic shots

US Destruction of Japanese Cities Post WW2

Alan Colmes: Can we believe everything the Government tells us?

Kucinich statement on House vote re: Funding for Iraq

Traitors do not get to question my patriotism-Bill Maher

Bees dying in Germany May be due to GM crops

How many Atheists here admit they're Atheists in public?

General David Petraeus, recently said: 'There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq

Attend or Host a John Edwards House Party Next Wed!!

Strive Act of 2007 Introduced (Immigration Reform - McCain/Kennedy to be Senate Sponsors)

10 Reasons You Aren't Rich

Venezuela Announces Sale of $5 Billion in PDVSA Bonds

The Decline of the US the Rise of Latin America

What happened to balancing the budget?

Transgender Fla. City Manager Loses Job - "you have to trust us"

Did anyone see the piece on CNN yesterday about military using Iraq action footage...

Is there such a thing as a moderate atheist?

Newsweek | Recall: Is Pet Food Properly Regulated? (inspections only done 'for-cause' basis

Any Americans that realise how closey watched by leftist Canada you are?

Screwing over the wounded soldiers-- the GOP way

Did anyone NOTICE that Arlen's Legal Counsel Mike O'Neill still has his JOB?!?

Smoking ban in L.A. extrends to parks, but you can light up on golf courses.

Help, DUers -- Does anyone know about streaming video?

SFBay Area - Charlie Rose @ 12am John Burns and...


Understanding some things - shared experiences, the news, Iraq, A Rant

Christian Bush cults: feel the squickening

To all you bags of meat.

To all you bags of meat.

Here on the right coast it's 2:30 am...

21st century began on 1 January 2001 - who is our best president of 21st Century?

1 Reason You Should Want To Be Rich

Bank of America Insurance FRAUD. Where can I get legal advice?

On this day-1989: Exxon Valdez creates oil slick disaster (Still in service, under new name)

Can the Senate and the House Subpoena Bush/Cheney???

2008 Presidential Forum To Feature Questions From ThinkProgress Readers

"An Act Of Political Theater"??? Well, Kiss My Ass George!

watching McLaughlin & everything in between: why is Pat Buchanan going...

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat 3/24 -- "I see dead presidents"

Watching "Dealing Dogs" on HBO...

NM Sen. Domenici's Approval Ratings Fall

A children's tale and gwb43 (no, not My Pet Goat)

TOON: Mike Luckovich - "The New Horsemen"

County Jail to start charging prisoners

Bush under the kosh on WJ this mornng

Rove sets the stage for Bush to accuse the Democrats of wanting a moment of "Political Theater"

A Play on Iraq War Divides a High School

A Disturbing Observation Concerning US Casualties In Iraq

Scott Ritter: Calling Out Idiot America (Truthdig)

I agree with Bush's Tax position and I want my $2,656.71 back !


A question on morale

Religious-Right Leaders Join to 'Reclaim America for God' ... from the British

Durbin seeks to stop U.S. attorney nominee

Do you think that crying girl from American Idol

I walked into an atheist store yesterday

Blitzer allowed DeLay to attack Clinton's "character"

Media revive, retool, and create anti-Gore smears and attacks

Worst. Bus. Company. Ever. Fung Wah driver wedges bus atop barrier


Gregory omitted White House interview preconditions for a third time

War bill also has funding for spinach, peanuts . . .

HaHa Jeb's honorary degree rejected at UF

Son of TIA Will Mine Asian Data

I'm for gun control, and against abortion,

The pet food issue-its about unconditional love

Modus Operandi

Poisoned food - pet AND human is what you get without regulation and inspections

My roomate got fired,two pizza guys came to my door since. Funny stuff.

REID: Rove - "Would Have To Be Under Oath-He Simply Is Not Trustworthy"

Link To Key E-Mails - PROOF - DOJ Plainly Misled Congress & INTENDED To Mislead Congress

Is the Constitution written in stone?

Mary Chapin Carpenter pens tribute song to the Dixie Chicks and it kicks ass!

BUSH - May Indeed Have Been A Party To At Least One Firing

I walked into a store the other day...........Sound familiar?

Do Atheist and Christians on DU need to reach a peace accord?

Fair and balanced?

The Denialists' Deck of Cards... Rhetoric Used to Frustrate Consumer Protection Efforts

Behind Kucinich: Will MSM Cover Hillary's Fifth-Place Finish in Dean Org Poll?


U. of FL's faculty senate VOTES against an honorary degree for Jeb Crow Shrub

Call your representatives and Congress persons CONTINUOUSLY!

Horrible: "9/11 remains possibly used to pave roads"

As Jon Stewart did, let's just put the question in plain Layman Republican terms

Reality and Chimpy Boy. A Short Rant

I walked into an unaffiliated grocery story today, and

How Come So Glum, Chum? ---pix--->>>

This is the Republican mentality

ROVE - 95% Of E-mails on RNC-Based Account (GWB43) - May Have Forfeited Claims Of Exec Privilege

Tim Russert testified under oath that Libby called him to complain about a colleague's news coverage

Why is this univese so life friendyt?

"To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic.......

"Only in America" got I hate that saying.

I just want to remind all cancer patients and survivors in the US that

Tony Snow is right, we all just need to relax and trust the administration.

Cliff Notes - Attorneygate

Who do we believe - Britain or Iran?

Hey Wes Clark fans! Take a look at this

pictures of the edwards from bagnewsnotes..

Recent war protest in D.C. was 'where we need to be'

I love tinfoilhatters.

The first decade of the 21st Century will be known as "The Blight of the Unitary Executive"

Chatroom users 'egged on father to kill himself live on webcam'

Don't forget Dem Healthcare debate starts in 35 minutes !

Jeb Bush denied honor at U. of Florida

Is there a government inspection process for pet/animal food and if not should there be?

Carbon Offsetting on

Iraqi Children play 'kill the insurgents'....learned from American soldiers.

Behold the whoreism of Matt Lauer and Tim Russert

Grumbling in Rudy camp over Judy

Japanese kill 508 whales - - tragic

Finally, news you can trust: ONN (Onion News Network) coming next week.

WOAH! Bush complains about lack of vigorous prosecution of ELECTION FRAUD cases! X Post LandShark

what melted cars 7 blocks from Ground Zero

It seems Republicans are in a difficult position to win in 08'

Dan Froomkin's 03/23 Entry Is Chocked Full of Surprises/Revelations ...LINK

New Leadership on Health Care Presidential Forum streaming now!

Anyone else having a impossible time at

Updated info for veterinarians in pet food recall, 3-24-07:

So is someone going to substitute for Snow when he's out?

DHS has plan for new HQ in lunatic asylum

Christian Medical Services - suck

Ultimate shoot-down of "Clinton fired 93" crap!

Need your help...

Soldier’s mom gets laptops for the wounded

God Bless Tony Snow.

Who else saw David Frum on Real Time last night?

*** Saturday TOONs: Department of Poetic Justice ***

Malloy '' bush is saying to Democrats give your lunch money or I'll give you a wedgie''

Bangladesh, Bahrain, India, Liberia, South Africa, Philippines

Another Lie from the Bush Administration

WH: President Supports AG, Despite Latest Documents

"10,000 DAYS" -- Tool - From me to you....

So...I'm exporting Wheat Gluten from China and rats are eating my products....

The Iroquois Way of Impeachment - Let the Mothers Do It

It should read Bush defies House and NOT the other way around

Photo, front page, New York Times: At long last, we have some power...

If you judge your pres. candidate based on their HAIR...

Kos: " . . . where do we go from here?"

Disapproval on Iraq Hits Record

Sen. Patrick Leahy stepped across the 'Lines in the Sand'

What brand of food does Barney eat?

An Inside-the-Bushies Mentality

Why is Bush afraid to let Rove testify under oath?

Is anyone watching the dem debate on thinkprogress???


Coulter, Hannity "don't believe" Pat Tillman liked Chomsky, hated Iraq war. Tillman's mother...

These are the issues we need to focus on this election: House sizes, singing voices and skin color


Breaux plans to run for governor (Louisiana)

So I think I was just training my 2-year-old to be a terrorist

Ohio judge upholds part of "Funeral Protest" law, but knocks down another.

Anyone watching code pink and condi on c-span 1?

Who is rich?

9/11 theories

E-mails on attorneys’ firings could impact privilege case

Marine unit ordered out of Afghanistan (actual headline)

If Dems investigated & discussed real causes of war, GOP could never use "support the troops"

On Iraq, 50% Trust Dems, 38% Prefer GOP

3236 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hopefully is this is the beginning of a long line of Bush denials!!

Gonzales to Cornyn: "Too Important to Let Go Unfilled," While 2 Section Heads Were Vacant for Year

Your weekend "hidden scandal within the prosecutor purge" homework

Is there a list of "Blue Dog" Democrats somewhere?

US News Media's "War on Gore"

A really bad crook in the Abramoff cabal just pleaded guilty. A big crook.

Where's the outrage?

Sampson had plans to dump Lam in June of 06 if she didn't play ball!

This should scare the dickens out of every American worried about an attack on Iran...

200 years ago tommorow the British Empire made it illegal to own slaves.

Heads up! Ry Cooder on Garrison Kellior... now.

DUers: what should congress do about the war against Iraq?

WTF? The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative wants Sunday as ``Black Marriage Day.''

The Nation: How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits

According to the moderators here, it's OK for some people to curse you out

Pat Tillman Case Coming to Climax: 9 Officers Will Pay


Please DU this poll on Iraq

Veteran Senator ( Domenici) Ensnared In Prosectuor Scandal

Oil companies seek to move on, profit from melting arctic

10 Reasons I Don't Want To Be Rich

Link Tv today / GM crops

For those of you who are "excited" about Obama's 4% advantage in favorability over Clinton

So The Right Believes itTakes Loads o' Cash to Fix Iraq and the Military but

captured Britons had "confessed to illegal entry into Iran's waters."

Subprime Bust Forces Families From Homes

DailyKOS: Gonzales Sneaks in Appointment of New Fraud Section Chief Last Week (Think Halliburton)

Gen. Wes Clark on the PNAC plans in Sept, 2001, posted 3/17/07

The Departed is a brilliant film which vicerally tells you what Plame went through

Former Interior deputy admits lying to Senate

'Twas a good day in Boston

Jeb Bush Denied Honorary Degree From U-Florida.

Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention

9/11 remains possibly used to pave roads

Any fans of the late, great Larry Brown here? "The Miracle of Catfish" is finally published.

has the film "Hijacking Catastrophe" been posted in DU videos?

Today's featured article on Wikipedia: Wesley Clark

The New DOJ DOCS are Online!

Perhaps the last stop BEFORE entering the military

Attorney firings: forget the spin

White House 'thwarted attempts by Defence Secretary

Monsanto locations , they are everywhere

Air force is spending 38 million dollars for a bomb.

Perhaps she's in Antartica.

TPM: Goodling took Indefinite Personal Leave

New York Times has egg on its face ... looks like plagiarism & they're sorry.

That bloody bastard Glen Beck is on chirping about Al Gore and his energy use...

Great news about Cloy Richards!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Christian Ministers on Donations

Jeb Bush denied honorary degree at University of Florida

Meet Tony Snow's temporary replacement-Dana Perino

Pet food recall leaves shelter cupboards bare

More Interference by Justice? Bush Admin Short-Circuited Securities Investigation, Fired SEC Lawyer

Kucinich is ROCKING on health care!

New Presidential Poll: Vote

Sunday Talk Shows

Do you support the Supplemental war funding the dems passed yesterday?

Breaking on CNN - Security Council approves new sanctions on Iran

The Silent War on the People of India (More on GMOs)

It isn't working.

Boy I am glad I have no children or grand children these days

LOOK At What's In The E-Mails - Yet Another Lie - NOT Just Another Rogue Operator

The miltary regs forbid Bush using our troops as political props

Now I Get Why They Manipulated The US Attorneys Offices !!!

Public goes nuts for Knut the polar bear cub

New Rolling Stone article about JFK murder

Who owns the US national debt? (An interesting pie chart)

Bill Maher's great rant from last night is up:

Scott Ritter: Calling Out Idiot America

LOL! This is too good. Rumsfeld Gets Icy Treatment in Taos

Did Redacted Names of DOJ Firing Targets Include the DOJ Attorney Investigating Halliburton Bribes?

“New World Order” novus ordo seclorum- Your thoughts?

Army Has Lost 130 Helicopters In Wars, Industry Not Replacing Them Fast Enough, General Says

The pope would like our european friends to start pumping out more people.

Conyers Posts US Attorney Firing Documents (Data Dumps Don't Work Anymore)

60 Minutes:Exclusive: John And Elizabeth Edwards

Hillary won't be elected President in 2008. Neither will Obama or Edwards.

Rightwing Christian "Purity Balls" Mandate Sexual Abstinence For 9 Year Olds

Raw Story writes about my arrest for photographing Miami cops against their wishes (Please Digg it!)

Check Out This Banner In Front Of The White House!


Bill Richardson is 100% completely wrong in supporting Abu Gonzales and Bush's authority to appoint

Okay, for those of us who are not computer savvy, explain the gwb43 stuff in extreme

George W. Bush = Ignominy Me ====>

A great primer for DUers still getting to know the Bush Family Evil Empire

Mel (ladies man)Gibson blows a gasket tells a female to GO! F***K OFF

Are GM Crops Killing Bees?

Traced: hundreds of tons of looted munitions in Iraq that were a source of dispute in 2004 election

Al Gore's Visit to the Hill (TOON)

The funeral for my boss' nephew (KIA, Iraq, March 14th) is today

"The Gutless Mini-Politics of the Congressional Democrats" --Lindorff

On Lying to Congress : US Code (penalty/actual law)

Army Bullies Blogger, Invades YouTube

So why do they do it?

Document dump here: Documents highlight Gonzales' role in the firings

I Have Heard * As Well As Some Talking Heads Say This Appropriations Bill Passed In The House......

3/23 DOJ Doc Dump - Here they are

If Repubs were REALLY concerned about Voter Fraud they would prosecute the case against Coulter

Clinton and Obama Talk Union (The Nation)

truth from Free Republic (not kidding)

DoJ Docs: AG Met with Aides before Purge, DoJ Flack Brainstormed on Dismissals

Reminder: First-Ever Real-Time Presidential Response Round Today

I Was Thinking Yesterday - It Would Be A Cool Experiment If Fox News Was Taken Over For A Few Days.. - another good independent Iraq documentary..

The Health Care Answers We Need (

The Saturday Cartoons

New York Times: Passage Of Iraq Bill Showcases Dem Unity, Purpose

I have had no Internet OR tv for a week. What have I missed? My sister was sick, and I stayed with

I think it should be mandatory that every Congressman takes a brief trip to Iraq

Ineffective Protest Tactics

Kucinich believes correctly that given the impending attack on Iran

Limbaugh is the one who is Godless! Ck out the John Edward interview about Their Faith

Is this amazing or what? Iran commits an act of war against coalition forces and not a peep!

McCain: "My democrat friends..."

Is the Democratic presidential candidates discussion on health care being shown anywhere?

Democrats: Bill reflects voters' demands (Paul Hodes-Dems' weekly radio address)

Watching the Las Vegas Candidates' Healthcare forum: Hillary is in a league of her own on this issue

They WAITED for weeks after pets died to issue the recall l!!!!

DFA Pulse Poll Results

Why the IWR vote disqualifies anyone who voted YES.

Do You Think There Will Be A Second "Wave" Of Candidates In 2008 Election?

Salon: MoveOn moves in with Pelosi

Your favorite T V presidential campaign ads

Your weekend "hidden scandal" homework

I am calling out all the Sunday talking heads right now!!!

Maher on the outing of Valerie Plame (transcript)

Rightwing Memo: How to Blame Democrats for the Disaster in Iraq

Media is investigating Obama childhood, and into someone very close to him....

Will Iraq funding run out?

For Gonzales, More Records, and Questions

Can Domenici be pushed out? for his involvement in Attorney gate?

New docs: Feinstein concerns on Lam prompted DOJ reaction (Monica Goodling connection)

The media is the problem not Clinton or Obama or Edwards or Richardson or Kucinich or etc

Jeb Bush was denied an honorary degree at U. of Florida

DoJ Launches Internal USA Purge Investigation

What CAN be done to effect "Out of Iraq NOW?"

What I find most disturbing about this whole mess with Gonzo is

Gonzales should be impeached

There ought to be a law

B*sh is a National Embarrassmint

How bad is Elizabeth Edward's cancer?

UNAMERICAN -- use the word!

Why wasn't President Harry Truman popular?

Khalilzad leaves a struggling Iraq

Pleeeasseeee send this email around today!!!!

And so it begins

My road to radicalization

Rare pre primary: DFA endorses Loretta Weinberg for State Senate, NJ LD37, a race to watch

Where's The Pork? - Here's A Link To Appropriations Bill Pass Yesterday It Includes .pdf files With

The Kucinich Plan For Iraq (Its the only thing that would actually save lives)

How to make Wing Nuts go crazier: promote Pink Pistols (arming homosexuals)

The Carlyle Group bought a Goodyear plant in Iowa

Does anyone else think Jay Ambrose is a tool?


Worship of The Golden Ass,,,,,,,,,,,

LA GOV- Poll with Breaux

Has there been a Secretary of State that was less effective than

Hillary's "genuineness" problem

A realistic Health Plan: Conyers-Kucinich bill: H.R. 676

Bush:Dems should drop partisan politics....

How our votes are "counted," and by whom, is WHY we can't stop this war.

My fellow DUers: How many of our troops will die before we quit playing politics?

Barbara Lee Speaks for ME

Kucinich Blasts Democrats (Truthdig)

Clarkies! Go to Wikipedia for a pleasant surprise.

Kucinich: Congress Votes to Continue Funding War

Fox calls Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan "Most substanive...." during debate

DU this * impeachment poll