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Archives: March 23, 2007

What Elizabeth Edwards Can Expect ....Newsweek

WP, pg1: E-Mails show administration schemed for months to make Rove aide U.S. Attorney in Arkansas

Foreclosures Force Suburbs to Fight Blight

Conason: Rove, proven liar

The CIA's Italian Job (The Nation)

Conrad Black is on trial in a nation that loathes its elites

Prosecutors in a Past Life, Sleuths of the Senate Now

Inside Higher Ed: Delicate Debate on Unionization

Denver Post: Like 2004, labor woes dog '08 convention

Washington Post: Enable Choice on Labor Unions

Clinton, Obama See Health Care as Key to White House

Untie the Hand (It's time for the president to revise his stem cell policy)

is this a dumb idea? Put a pool (even shallow) on a roof to reflect sunlight. (cool roof)

Dispatch from the Apollo Summit (email excerpt from the Apollo Alliance)

Abbas says framework deal reached on freeing captured soldier Shalit

More investigations coming in Cuyahoga County OH.

Busby/Bilbray CA50 Appeal; Court Scheduling Decision Makes Case MOOT

Three held over 7 July bombings

US general aims to boost China ties

Breaking: Legislation Introduced to Reverse Anti-Worker Labor Board Decisions

Conrad Black is on trial in a nation that loathes its elites

Blue eyes, blond hair: that's US problem, says Japanese minister

Iraq, Insurgent Negotiations Deadlocked

Many dead in Afghan battle

E-Mails Show Machinations to Replace Prosecutor

New to Pentagon, Gates Argued for Closing Guantánamo Prison

Street gang activity on the rise across state (Washington)

Foreigners Now Must Get Tested For Drugs

Liberals Relent on Iraq War Funding: House Likely to Pass Bill With Pullout Date

Iraqi Officer Disappears From Alabama Base ('did not want to return to war-torn Iraq')

U.S. Attorney in Michigan Disputes Reason for Removal

Police tell anti-war protesters to take down 'Camp Pelosi'

Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer Was Murdered, Police Say (Cricket)

Fewer pledge allegiance to the GOP

Putin Blamed in Politkovskaya's Diaries

Detroit attack could spur gay rights law

Army Revises Upward the Number Desertions

Drummond denies colluding with far-right death squads to kill Colombia unionists

Let's play "Make Al Gore's Head Explode"...

Messy may be more productive than neat

Youtube challenge: Post a Billy and the Boingers video

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Mental Health Forums


What's with this American Idol bullshit on Olberman?

I'm bullish on whirling disease, it's going places.

Examination of The Fooding

Alright Catherine MacKinnon

And now for something completely shallow

HOW early does bf. need to get to airport if he only has a strap-on?

The last face you want to see before you die?

Ack! How do I get songs out of my head?

Where is the fucking chocolate?

Satellites: I need some advice.

Ack! How do I get songs off of my Ipod?

Thu, 22nd Mar - International Goof Off Day (really), As Young As You Feel Day

Stalactites: I need some advice

Anyone ever been to the Bong Recreation Area?

All these baby posts are making me feel old

A cool site I just discovered- downloadable sci-fi movie scripts!

Cool lyrics: Tony Joe White

They want to exhume Harry Houdini to see if he was murdered

Question for Handymen and Handywomen:

Okay. My favorite song in the entire world (now on YouTube).

What have you done to spruce up your home lately?

Hey RevActs !

Why was Pat Harrelson in Dallas in 1963... and why was young Woody with him?

Question for the health-conscious. Tomorrow I'm starting back into my yoga

Roswell Rudd~My old obsession.

When catching a predator....

Here's something to play with.

Where are the bluebonnet threads?

I'm going to bed now,

Answer to "support the troops" line; Got called "Godless Liberal"

Kill Your Television!

Dammit! What happened on Bones last night? Power outage killed the last minutes

Can anyone tell me why Azureus is slowing down my computer all of the sudden...

I'm driving 10 hours to Columbia, South Carolina, tomorrow.

It seems I need to learn how to "mud and tape" drywall. Real fast.

Sleestacks: I need some advice

French for "eclipse, umbra, penumbra, full"

All together now.... AWWWWWWWWW!!!

You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack

I'm bored and depressed...

I found a GD post on 9-11 that has 18 rec's....

This month's "Mad" cover, eeeewwww, view at your own risk

Question for the unhandy men or unhandy lady.

Forgot how ffffffff'n great Edgar Winter Group was/is,

That's it. I'm deleting some myspace friends.

That's some mighty purty git-fiddle playin'

I swear I just saw a black widow in my house!

Do all sports fans know the meaning of the word amphibious?

Since I am beyond lost, I am going to bed!! Good night y'all!

I'm driving 10 hours to Colombia tomorrow.

Holy crap, Ugly Betty is so damn funny tonight.

Photoshop CS3 beta, worth the download?

Did anyone here vote for Sanjaya?

I beat my children eight times a day. :( (Pictures!)

The circle jerks suck

What the hell is Don Cheadle's problem?

Weird emotion time... I feel like I've got to share this with people

Why do a lot of "straight" men get turned on with 2 gals getting together but

I'm no capital punishment guy, but we really should kill everyone who use "pre-" erroneously.

Seattleites: I need some advice

I'm a fish out of water w/out pawpicker. First BNL virtually disappears

I have a new computer, we need a new desktop pic thread.

If I were a carpenter and you were a lady

What is the last song you listened to?

HDFF: Human Diversity and Freedom Fund


DUers who are constantly out of the loop check in!

I've got to stop taking male enhancement......

Ack! How do I get photos OFF my Nokia cell phone?!

In case you didn't see this in RevActs thread...Elton and the Muppets ~ Crocodile Rock!

When The War Is Over

Stearites: I need some advice

Well, Apple replaced my ipod. Cost me $60, but since it was out of warranty, I could have been SOL.

An exceptional healer/medical astrologer to share with you.

Liveblogging JK at 6:29 am Friday

I promise to post something about the climate crisis event

Mad World- Gary Jules...

House Democrats Debate Iraq Accountability Act

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta...

Daddy Bush and the new World Order...

John and Elizabeth Edwards - a short video tribute

Senator Inhofe Pouts...

Send more carcinogens, via cut flowers, to friends or cancer victims?

In Video, al-Qaida Urges Unification (AP)

Leahy on Oberman,

An Aussie bloak has it that the death toll in Iraq has reached 1 million.

The Crying game

U of Nebraska to RIAA: here's a bill for the time you're wasting

John Dean on Countdown just now: "W has his manhood involved in this...

FEC Deadlocked Over '04 Presidential Ads

Gonzales "staying on to protect the kids" = sympathetic vibes from Ga. murder story?

You're a teenager, you're nude & you're at the tanning salon. Who's that guy watching?

ABC News Video Bloody Epicenter of War Iraq

Somalia in turmoil. 20 killed. Soldiers set on fire by Islamic militants

House Dems to WH "Let's Talk but don't be shredding any docs"

PETA Calls for Cruelty Investigation Into Iams' Role in Delay of Pet-Food Recall

Here how Replugs support the Troops Discharge them with Personality Disorder

Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case

Reid Wonders If Abramoff U.S. Attorney Is A 'Bushie'

Tennessee balks at honoring Justin Timberlake

Bracing for "Shock & Awe II" in the Old West

This just came.

Video How Iragis Rate the Last Four Years Dubba won't be happy

Keith Oberman is a class act

Sen. Feingold Needs Help to Save Wildlife Refuges (more Bush cuts)

Bloggers are journalists, too!

Hey did I miss Libby's sentence I know he was guilty but

I just want to say good luck to Elizabeth and John Edwards

Caption This......

Leahy will be on Countdown tonight

Berkeley council moves to deal with downtown loiterers-deal with social deterioration on streets

Part of the Kos Opinion Piece -- Iraq Supplemental

Lehrer News Hr tonight: Military announced Deaths of Three US troops.


On Executive Privilege.

U competition chief calls Microsoft's expansion 'worrying

Tammy Duckworth Stood Tall Today for Homeless Veterans in Illinois

Have there been an administration with this many scandals before?

Does George Allen speak Spanish?

Bush wars to cost U.S. taxpayers around $1 trillion

Excellent interview about Iraq...

Peres calls Lebanon war a 'mistake'

Back to the cricket World Cup


The LIMBOsevic Dittoheads' strategy for swiftBOTing EDWARDS

caption time (3 pics of the commander in chimp)

WP: Liberals Relent on Iraq War Funding

Only thing acceptable is public testimony under oath?

Pill stops cow burps and helps save the planet

Turkey on the edge of invading northern Iraq.

FL-13 Election Fraud Update: Christine Jennings is still fighting the good fight


GAO reports vet had maggots in his wound at Armed Forces Retirement Home

What's Wrong With This Picture ???

173,000 Troops in Iraq, More than at any point so far

Limbaugh suggested Edwards camp "leaked" false information to ... "jump start" campaign

CBS: Menu Foods KNEW about food Feb. 20th!!!!!

I am so sad tonight about Elizabeth Edwards.

Anti-Hillary "1984" ad backfires.

This American Life: Lost In Translation?

Just got a anti-Chavez Citgo email from right wing relative &

China cracks down on rioters!

How may trees does the NY Times chew up?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Feinstein Resigns From MILCON

"Once again i am put in the postion of defending the Bush administration"

Banality of Evil Trading Cards (Jesus' General)

How do each of the Democratic candidates feel about the War on Drugs?

Has Jon Stewart, then, quit chatting with Colbert about

Delay Game, this was the plan all along.

In a response to the press today, Gonzo said "No I'm not going to

When I went to college there were profs. who . . .

Why do FOX affiliates have such good local news while Fox News itself is so bad?

Was it ever proven Bill Clinton had affairs besides Monica Lewinsky?

Does Communism Work Afterall?

"Ready for Another Tough Campaign"...WP on Elizabeth Edwards. Nice tribute.

Action alert in Georgia on Women's rights.

I have been posting on my local newspaper's forum...

(Bleeping) Freepers show thier "compassion..."

The Daily Show covering the Al Gore visit to Congress!

Funny Screenshot of Faux Snooze at Crooksandliars. Captions anyone?

Correction on the Wade-Cheney MZM Inc. contract:

Conyers:Subpoenas and Executive Privilege

Pleas DU this poll on Gonzales

What are we becoming?

So Jon attacks Al.

Bill Richardson: Is Attorney General the Peoples' Lawyer or Just a Political Flack?

Issa’s leak to CNN contributed to ire over Lam

I smell a rat in Florida..... LINK

KEY DOCUMENT: Why Blue Dog Democrats & Republicans still suppor the war

Charlie Rose: Geo Packer, Ken Lamb, & Iraqi refugee -- topic is Iraqi refugees

Concordia University Awards Honorary Doctorate To Al Gore

question about charges against libby et al.

Uhhhhh...where does Specter get off? Did he forget he's not in charge anymore?

A plea to all women 40 and over-Get a mammogram

After full consideration, I am confident a full confrontation is right & necessary.

I'm sick with a cold feeling miserable. Time for a caption of li'l boots.

Millionaire gives mansions to homeless

New on the job, Gates wanted to close Gitmo -- but Gonzales, Cheney, then Bush rejected the plan

Anybody watching Scarborough??? They're trouncing Rosie/Barbra Wawa over 9/11 inside job claims.

Have you met Progressive Democrats of America? VIDEO

Gates Threatens to EXTEND DEPLOYMENTS Rather Than Bend to Congress' Will to Bring Troops Home


BushCo thought they could make themsleves look Attractive with BULL CRAP

25% 5-year survival rate for Elizabeth? Not so.

the past few days have convinced me that Al Gore is NOT going to be POTUS.

Clinton: ‘It’s just not fair’ (re: Iraq War Vote criticism)

wars on everything

A lot of conservatives I know really like Pink Floyd

Comments on Right Winger site LGF about Elizabeth Edwards

BUSH, CHENEY & GONZALES Blocked Gitmo Closing (NYT)

Did anyone else see Maria Shriver hosting Larry King tonight and find her OBNOXIOUS

John Dean: New Developments in the U.S. Attorney Controversy:

I'm Thinkin We Might Wanna Consider A 48 Hour Limit On The 'Greatest Page '

The chain of freedom, John Edwards, and Walking my dog

A Quote From Albert Einstein

Pew: Dems open wide party id advantage. look at this chart!

Vote alert from Sirota blog: GOP & 11 Dems Vote Down Property Tax Relief

“Time for the Iraqis to step up to the plate”

Didya see Jon Stewart dissing Gore? He lost one viewer on that one.

National Pet Food Recall Database - Pets Sickened 1,715; Deceased 845

Why aren't you a Repuglican?

Let's have a drive to send Snowjob a copy of the Constitution!

Nekkid Ladies: The Ultimate Accessory

The Many Man-Crushes of Chris Matthews (by Eric Alterman for the Nation)

I Heard John Edwards Speak Tonight ------>>>

Does your congressman or senators belong to big oil? FIND OUT! LINK & SCREENSHOT

I'm calling it here: The Youtube suits will result in the end of the DMCA

Complete videos of Al Gore hearings at and

Judge Blocks Class Action Vs. State Farm

House Chairman Doubts Veto on TSA Unionization

Answer to "support the troops"

Mind-boggling hubris: Don't do as I do, do as I say (or: the victory of framing)

Bloggers sift through late-night, 3,000-page DOJ newsdump

"There's a lot of demonstrations out there against the American government and it's poicies...

Here's A WONDERFUL article on cancer from decision to go on is RIGHT

Kansas City project aims to help Hispanics collect unpaid wages ($20 hr never pd)

Supporters work to free Egypt blogger Kareem

Tony Snow has not one shred more credibility than Baghdad Bob

"Fitzgerald steers clear of U.S. attorneys flap"

House Iraq Withdrawal Plan Appears Likely To Pass

Partisan US Attorneys

Email from John Edwards (regarding Elizabeth)

Dems Object to Chemical Security Changes (AP)

Another RW church member points out "comparison" between WWII and Iraq.

Our Top Three Candidates Are All Still Married To Their FIRST Spouse

CNN: Elizabeth Edwards may be her husband's biggest asset

FLORIDA! District 13 Update... Got This Email & I Hope It Gets Read!!!

Is this finally the ONE?

Here's the email I sent to Jan Schakowsky re: war funding

Huff. Post Front Page "Senate Panel Authorizes Subpoenas:

Web site (Politico) apologizes for Edwards report

Nagin Speech Transcript

Boston Jewish groups sign pledge to remain behind the picket line

A contrarian view of the Edwards decision from TIME's Jay Carney: Can Edwards' Campaign Just Go On?

Waxman Provides Precedent for Subpoenas

Largest University Strike in US History Looms as CSU Profs Overwhelmingly Vote to Walk Off the Job

Grocery workers to vote on strike against Albertsons (my comments on this)

I like Bill Richardson. Not "perfect" but...

Letter from Rep. Stark - "We don't need divine guidance"

Unions Built the Middle Class and Must Save It

We need to focus on getting the voting machines straightened out for '08!

Is it good for the country to have John and Elizabeth Edwards continue to campaign?

Freepers To The Edwards: Just Shut Up And Go Home And Die

Bill Clinton once said about Iraq: "I want it to have been worth it."

Proof of US orchestration of death squads’ killings in Iraq

The intellect behind Islamic radicalism

British Lancet: "Tobacco and Alcohol Are More Dangerous Than L.S.D."

What's Red, White And Blue With Black Eye?

Thin Line Between National Policy & Lunacy

John Nichols: A Principled Dissent

Deep Gloat by Paul Slansky

Wired magazine- "E vote memo is smoking gun"

James C. Moore: Don’t Expect The Truth From Karl Rove

The White House's "Voter Fraud" Fraud by Francis Wilkinson

The Public's Right to Know By Dan Froomkin --WaPo

The Nation: The GOP's Lonely Antiwar Wing

How far will the political pendulum swing back to the left after Bush?

Rolling Stone: Unhinged Republicans Can't Even Get Their Insults Straight

Lawyers Fear Gitmo Work May Harm Careers (AP)

The Trillion Dollar Income Shift, Part 1 (Wealth Distribution Inequality)

Civil Unions, Civil Rights, and Genetic Cleansing

Under Oath, On The Record, & In Public

You’re FIRED! And by the Way, Forget the Bill of Rights

Washington Post: A Shield Against Corporate Bullying

Health Care Hustle's Casualties

Houston Chronicle Editorial: Attorney general


Looking For Another Rose Mary Woods

Nine Other Oaths Karl Rove Could Swear

Brent Budowsky: Shame on Politico, Shame on Many In the Media

A dangerous dare

The Nation: Gary Tyler's Quest for Justice

Thrown to the Assassins


ExxonMobil Risks Valdez-like Oil Spill in Alaska (from Exxpose Exxon, via CommonDreams)

Help, I need a new mower, should I get gasoline or electric?

Saving wind energy for calm days

Great interview on enviro issues: Teresa and John Kerry on Imus this morning.

Japan Ship Returns Home With 508 Whales

Juneau Sweats Over Avalanche Risk

World's Ships Produce More SOX Than All Vehicles Combined, More CO2 Than Some Nations - AFP

China seen topping U.S. carbon emissions in 2007

Cummins Announces Approval of B20 Biodiesel Blends

So. How will the evolving national primary impact the ethanol lobby?

Spiegel | Collapsing Colonies: Are GM Crops Killing Bees?

Antarctic melting may be speeding up - Reuters

A new explanation for global warming?

CSI: Examining California's Ambitious Solar Program

Japan's Altered Cherry-Blossom Season: 8 Days Earlier Than During 1950s - LA Times

GM Trying To Unplug Volt Hype - Plug-In Hybrid May Never Be Built - Detroit News

Maine a model of e-waste disposal

Baird Says Canadian Tories Ready To Face Election Over Environmental Collision Course

With Yangtze River At Record Lows, Questions Sprout About Future Of 3 Gorges Dam - AFP

Chinese Statistical Agency Doesn't Want To Release Audit Of Environmental Damage, Costs - Reuters

Northwest embraces wind for electricity needs (wind/hydro "synergy")

Reuters: China seen topping U.S. carbon emissions in 2007

BP Solar to Expand Its Solar Cell Plants in Spain and India

crosspost: Complete videos of Al Gore hearings at and

Asia's river systems face collapse

Huff Post: On Hurricanes (And Much Else), Gore Did Better Than His Congressional Critics

Australia set for uranium rethink (BBC) {open new mines?}

World must pay poorer nations to keep forests: Stern - Reuters

Damaged Japan whaling ship arrives home - Reuters

Peres says Israel erred in warring with Hezbollah

Palestinians reject Quartet demands

The intellect behind Islamic radicalism

Child killed in Fatah-Hamas clash

Border Guard policemen filmed beating Palestinian youth

Rice visits Mideast amid doubts about U.S. commitment

Poll: Likud Hardliners Leading the Pack

MIT sponsoring contest to solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict

'Bombs more precious than children'

Israel accused of 'apartheid'

Hearings on HR811

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 3/23/07 Constitutional Crisis

If you love our Country

Fitrakis/Wasserman: Explosive New Vote Fraud Developments Continue To Rock OH & FL

It's not about HCPB, it's about CHECKS and BALANCES

Portland council urges no Iran attack

Norwegian politicians plan visits to Iran

Bush Administration to remove Yellowstone grizzlies from endangered list

Flap may threaten justice official's job (Bill Mercer)

Pa. Illegal Immigration Trial Wraps Up

New To Job, Gates Argued for Closing Guantánamo

Around 80 dead in Mozambique arms depot blast

Iran seizes British navy personnel in Iraqi waters

Congress rejects White House conditions(Conyers and Leahy send Fred letters)

Marine Unit Attacked (Anbar - 1 dead)

TD Banknorth to cut 400 jobs, shut or consolidate 24 branches

Romney seeks voter support in Council Bluffs (Ia)

Car bomb kills five in Baghdad after curfew lifted

Breaking News: Rat Poison Found in Tainted Pet Food

Ex-Deputy of Interior Dept. to Plead Guilty

Wal-Mart's snooping case exposes debate over corporate intelligence.

U.S. Boosts Missile Defense System Plans


Detainee Pleads Ignorance in Bomb Plot

Four Activists Arrested in Pelosi's Office

U.S. company denies colluding with death squads to kill Colombia unionists

Rodent Poison Found in Tainted Pet Food

Britain: Iran seizes 15 sailors, marines

House panel calls for OSHA reform

Breaking News: Body Found Hanging From Tree

GM Bonuses May Complicate Labor Talks

Marines face U.S. probe in Afghanistan deaths

Clinton, McCain, Giuliani lead (Michigan) polls

Reversal of fortunes for GOP

Iran: detained Britons 'illegally' entered Iranian waters

FEC Democrats Say Bush Violated Limits

Pet owners join class-action suit over tainted food

Vilsack to endorse Clinton

Patient warning on flu drug risks

Guantanamo Likely To Remain Open Rest Of Bush Term


L.A. gay retirees get first low-cost housing units

Marine unit ordered out of Afghanistan

BBC: UK sailors captured at gunpoint

Top general in Afghanistan expels Marines

Obama denies ties to anti-Clinton Web ad

U.S. refuses to halt Australian's Guantanamo trial

Iraq deputy PM 'caught in blast'

Attorney General Gonzales defends firing of Seattle U.S. attorney

Senator (Lieberman) Calls For Small Tax Hike

Kyle Sampson, former chief of staff to testify under oath next week.

Calif. Farm Sues Taco Bell for Libel

Sampson denies he misled on firings, He says he quit because he had let down boss

Ahmadinejad cancels U.N. Security Council visit

Congress Probes DOJ Meddling in Tobacco Case

UK forces say incident in Gulf waterway near Iran

S.C. Bans Gay Marriage

Justice's new U.S. attorneys have partisan records

(Republican) Member of council facing foreclosure on West Toledo home

Plame’s testimony shifting, source says

Anti-Clinton Ad Puts Spotlight on Obama

Ex-Official to Plead in Abramoff Probe (Griles)

Padilla judge: Brig time doesn't count

Billionaire opens mansions to homeless

CBS News Exclusive: New Finding in Pat Tillman's Death

Alcohol worse than ecstasy on shock new drug list

'Washington Post' Publishes Rare Op-Ed by 'Anonymous' On FBI Abuse

Bush vows to veto Iraq funding bill

US (Catholic) Bishops call for end to ban on travel to Cuba

Dems challenge Bush with Iraq timetable

Senators negotiating Rove testimony

Pet Food Maker to Take Financial Responsibility for Pet Deaths From Poisoning

Cuba-Sweden diplomatic row grows

White House spokesman Snow faces surgery

UFOs flew over Phoenix in '97, (former Ariz. gov.) Symington says

House passes spending bill with Iraq deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Rat Poison Believed to Be Source of Some Pet Food Contamination

I've been shit on by birds at least 13 times in my life.

60-ish DUers and old TV

Well, no way can I go back to sleep now...

From the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Files.

That's It I'm deleting some of my my pie friends

What a basketball game!!

Man Puts Camera In Shampoo Bottle To Film Female Roomates - Didn't Use Wireless Camera - Arrested

jon Stewart, democratic warrior, disapoints again

Man Confesses To Killing 16 Women & Children - Sometimes Eating Them

Sniffa and Bi_Baby Geek Out: Boston Style!! (Very Pic Heavy)

Prehistoric Jews found in Italian Vineyard

Man gets probation for dead deer sex

Prehysteric Jaws found in Italian vineyard

Madison, WI people--need a 9-mile run route

celebrated berwynite dead at 67

my ears are on fire

i just got off the phone with don cheadle and his agent

The Amazing Randi supports Al Gore & AIT

Satellite vs. cable

it truly is like a breath of fresh air

I've been on shit at least 13 times in my life.

You want one.

A musical confession: I have less soul than everyone

any hot chicks out there wanna party?

Paris Hilton: she's got great taste

Damn Palooka!


Damn . . . Hookah

HELP DU - I need an intervention

This song dedicated to the folks who will lose to IntravenousDemilo on Jeopardy tonight

My E-Mail isn't working. Don't ask me anything.

I've posted in GD at least 13 times in my life

i got some really good duck sausage

Baby Comes Out Too Dark - Couple Sues Fertility Clinic

I've been piss drunk at least 13 times in my life.

Some Days This Is What Sustains

Paris Hilton has infinite regression taste

Were you offended by Stewart's jokes at Gore's expense on tonight's Daily Show?

Hot pick of Paris Hilton without clothes

Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir,

e.e. cummings - in Just-

Do you know where you're going to?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that since Microsoft

I am a lucky man

Paris Hilton: Could this be for real?

So we're finally going on our honeymoon in May! Puerto Rico!

Death wish? Dudes swimming with great white shark!

Can I share this photo of my dog with you?

An "EWWWWW" picture for the weekend

Death wish? Dudes swimming with great white snark!

What is Love?

anybody else feel battle-hardened

I've sniffed the tip of my index finger in public at least 13 times in my life.

Anybody ever been to Ninja New York?

PM me with the reasons why there was a spate of tombstoning, please, somebody?

Shawarma, shawarma, shawarma, shawarma,

I broke down and got a Photobucket account

Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma

The assignments page for my boss's class has gone live

Dogma, Dogma, Dogma.

Marcia, Marcia Marcia!!!

Commie, commie, commie, commie...


Can YOU get Tiffany?

Who can count or even remember how many diff. partners?

Moving forward using all my breath....

, , , ,

There's a frozen pizza at home

If I were a carpetbagger and you were a lady

five man electrical band still tours

Lucky Man....

Would someone let my know what the heck this thread is about?

The History of Music.

Goodbye Cruel World.....

traveling riverside blues

I don't want to work


Austin City Limits (3/24) Coldplay

Pan's Labyrinth - saw it yesterday

how do i sequence protein inhibitors

Badger, badger, badger...

Connelly, Connelly, Connelly, Connelly...

Im going out to the lake with an ex girlfriend, don't ask me anything

DU guys: have you ever worn a suit jacket or vest without a shirt on underneath?


I'm not sure that skin was such a great idea.

"What's Goin' On?" is a great fucking song.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/23/2007)

you know what the lounge really needs right now?

Boss having toxic argument with husband on phone again...

VD burning question

Carmen Electra: I am a Porn Connoisseur!

Anna Nicole's cause of death revealed

I'm *sooo* excited-- I'm going to the best sushi bar in town for my bday tonight!!!

sis has the "big" surgery coming up on Tuesday

OMG!! Is Youtube down?!!?

Sometimes, I find it almost impossible to believe there is a God...

Canine action in a million...

House showing tomorrow and I just KNOW this is it! *snort*

i'm filled with chocolate

Light some candles, shake the beads - I need all the luck I can get

g_d damned ebay

Here's to having an honest auto mechanic!

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Mmmmm - Irish Breakfast.

(cue the "Rocky" theme music) 4 more days

Herb, clean up on aisle 4.

A "red convertible" is NOT a "pink VW Cabriolet"

Write a short, factual, unflattering bio for Bush 41.

Ah crap, my star is gone

OMG, GD is a mess this afternoon. Just checked on an acquaintance from H.S. and I'm dying

Every thread title in the Lounge seem like it's code for something.

You know what song I like?

I've gotten paid at least 13 times in my life.

"Rescheduled" or "Canceled" Baby Shower Etiquette Question

NEWSFLASH: Tom Cruise Makes Katie Holmes Cry

It is currently 63 outside here in Stevens Point, WI...

My dog's gotta snatch a kraut.

German polar bear cub pix (!!!!!)

Connie, connie, connie, connie...

Laptops should be built with mini-printers in them

Bono was playing a U2 concert in Glasgow recently, when he asked the audience for total quiet.


Renting out the upstairs?

Check in if you have a Jesus complex, my children

I ate at a new Olive Garden. First time in 15 years.

Oh, the humanity. It was a crime against man and nature!

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

i have a question about "return of the jedi"

if you call the number on the sides of most product packaging (incl. cigs)

"Hi! My name is Chuckie! Wanna plaaay!!!"

OMFG (pic)

My dog's got a scratch on his snout....

Why do we eat cheese

I'm NOT watching TV, but I KNOW what was just on.

If I have to watch "Barbie in the Nutcracker," one more time,

AI fans, remember Elliott from last season??

Bad Joke Friday.

Congratulations mmonk!! 15,000 posts

"On with the Song" by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Breaking: Bush** to ban contraception

Harold and Maude Alert! TCM

Some days around here we could all use an "oy vey" smiley?

Sly & the Family Stone makes me want to dance!!!

It's 4:20, what're you listening to?

Congratulations datasuspect!! 10,000 posts

It's the silly high school innuendo bullshit thread!!!!

Du ladies......

About Jeopardy! It's not on here until 1:00am due to NCAA basketball.

Can someone tell me what the

"I Am Totally Clueless" is an excellent tune

Is IntravenousDeMilo the cat in the middle on Jeopardy?

Yummiest appetizer?

I'm so happy

Join the blog-warming party.

Only 4 Fridays Left!!!

I think I had a sympathy stroke, or something,

I've gotten paid for getting laid at least 13 times in my life

I'm here to brag-- my son just received a Goldwater Scholarship!

Hey you, If you can still read this ---

I just tried this new energy drink...

Worst places for dating and singles (in your experience)

Not a good day for the BW925 family today.

MatcomNews Update: Man Who Put Head Of Girl's Dog In Gift Box Arrested!

I'm getting ready to install

Is the "number of times viewed" column gone?

Woman Allows Neighbor (Cult Member) To Perform Surgery On Her Daughter - Daughter Died

I got a promotion!

Anyone ever tried Salvia?

So, what's so great about you?

I've Gotten Plaid At Least 13 Times In My Life...

An "AWWWWW" picture for the weekend

I've gotten laid at least 13 times in my life.

Words that make you giggle...

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Tonight: Grilled rack of lamb.


The Nairobi Trio.

Petco employee hit by car while trying to rescue duck

I'll Show You Mine, If you Show Me Yours: Post Your Tattoo(s)

Day 8, smilie free.

Last movie you walked out on.

Karma, karma, karma, karma...

I now have Hawaii 5-0 season 1 on DVD!

Doug, you're kicking ass on Jeopardy!

Where is the best BBQ in the country

Hey, it's my birthday weekend!! Shameless vanity post.

Does it creep you out when men have long finger nails?

What are your families made up words?

Wild Hogs.

Does your personality differ between your online life and real life?

Dixie Chicks

Last movie you saw.

Baltimore/DC area DUers:


Please explain to me how your gender can be "undeclared".

I just ground 20 pounds of chicken for my cats. Ask me anything.

HOT repairman just showed up.

Guarenteed GD Flame war starters: Post yours here

Show of hands... who else here has been made to feel like a whore? (story & pic)

WOO HOO!!!! A DU'er does well on Jeopardy!!! (Result alert!!)

How do I burn a DVD?

How do I ...

for my 10,000th post

The Taterguy Good Deeds fund

DU shutterbugs, I would like to have a critique of my work!

I just bought (iTunes) Patty Griffin's newest CD

Tennessee Legislature Postpones Resolution Honoring Justin Timberlake

When you say that you respect other faiths, what does that mean?

How is it that Greg Oden NEVER fouls out?

The NBA's witch hunt of Kobe continues!

New Matthew message - March 22, 2007

Any reason astrologically why children would have difficulty sleeping lately?

Stitched into memory. A school sewing project honors fallen US forces

25th Anniversary of The Wall

The video from the Imus program this morning is up at

JK on Daily Show on Monday!

Hi... I'm back!

OK - *I* just have to come out and say it.....

Book tour: Who is going to the Cambridge reading?

Tony Snow Asserts Congress has No Oversight on White House

Errol Horhein: 'Theft by Deception'

Errol Horhein: Employee Free Choice Act Press Conference, 02/28/07

Olbermann Interviews Patrick Leahy Regarding Subpoenas

Rage Against The Machine - Testify Music Video

Conan O' Brien announces the cast list for Bush Administration movie

This will not blow over

Elizabeth Edwards' Cancer Returns

Bill O'Reilly comments on the Sheen, Rosie discussion (calls it a far left fringe)

SNL Chris Rock on black man or white woman for president.

TDS- 'I don't know why Karl Rove can't just walk up to Congress put his hand on the Bible....

David Obey Attacks the Washington Post (over Iraq war cheerleading)

Please Impeach Me : WARNING - GRAPHIC

Wow. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

The Dems who voted "No" on this Iraq bill did so in good conscience

iElements In Govt Allowed 9/11 To Happen' - Anyone else getting this stuff?

War debate rages; Sestak stands firm for redeployment

3,230 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Flash to the Past: March 23rd- Fascism with a hint of liberty

self delete

This is HUGH!!111....Stephen Colbert is responsible for creating the latest version of Firefox!

Weird video from Comedy Central's "Web Shows"

Pakistan world championships cricket coach murdered

recent Rush Limpballs rant about "Poking the Bear" is a quote of Libby's Pedophilia Bestiality Book

On Tony Snow's reason for not wanting a transcript : muhaha

Hawaii homeless family moves into mansion

Escape From Wounded Knee - AIMs Dennis Banks Escapes From Feds

Haverhill, Mass. Man charged with tricking his fellow Greeks

Is Your Fetus A Republican? By Mark Morford

Msindo expelled by church he founded after rape charges

BBC On This Day, 1983: Reagan announces "Star Wars"

on a clip ran by the MSM yesterday, Alberto Gonzalez was saying he was not

Pastors Fight License For Local Night Club

$1M bail for Vegas priest accused of attempted murder

KAZAKHSTAN: Hare Krishna demolition re-started – then halted by "person in a black Mercedes"

Breaking on BBC: Iraqi Deputy PM seriously

'Mediocre' jab doesn't faze Fitzgerald

there comes a time in each of our lives when we have to place our lives

Connecticut man lands in hot water over camera in shampoo bottle

Republic Washington Journal caller: "Duke Cunningham gave 50 X as much

You will not believe what I'm about to say!

Regarding the propriety of Edwards continuing campaign after wife's cancer announcement

Who do you work for

c-span - discussing US attorneys w/jerry kammer

Lobbying at age 8, She asks legislators for Metco funding

Sirota - VOTE ALERT: GOP & 11 Dems vote down property tax relief

Viacom vs. Google explained

German judge invokes Qur'an to deny abused wife a divorce

Predator drones to protect US airports, planes?

Portland resigns as Penn State coach

In addition to the 2002 contract with the Executive Office...President 4 more contracts in 04:

Award for most idiotic moment of the day yesterday goes to Coburn..

The book Monkey Girl and the state of science in America

Belarus invades Ukraine!! Amphibious assault

Blue Cross cancellations (of personal policies) called illegal

The hidden cost of global warming

Griles pleads guilty...gets sweetheart sentence

A US Attorney can indict anyone. They may not convict you. But they will certainly ruin you

Why Do People Call Bush "Little Boots"?

Why Not Under Oath?

Judge refuses to allow class action against State Farm over Katrina damage

Vatican dismisses two more Mass. priests convivted of child molestation

Wasn't Arlen Specter the one who allowed Gonzo to testify without taking an oath?

Former Bush Administration deputy to plead guilty in lobbyist case

Bill O'Reilly Kool Aid Alert!

Police arrest priest for using marijuana during church services

"Loyal Bushies"

David Obey is givin' them hell on the floor of the House right

Question (Re: Glenn Beck)

Kindly help dispute this "liberal media" LTTE in my local paper.

So, are Lynne Woosley and Barbara Lee "cowards" for supporting the compromise Iraq bill?

Judy Guiliani fesses up to another marriage (Rudy is #3)

Gunmen kill women's activist in Basra

Is this a war or an occupation?

Iran Connection Alleged in Iraq Rocket Attack on UN Chief

GAO Faults U.S. Military Over Munitions in Iraq

Charles Krauthammer: Gonzales will have to pay for attorney firing fiasco

Elizabeth Edwards is lucky...

Puke alert -- quik help we respond.

LiveBlogging House Iraq War Vote

15 British sailors seized by Iran? In Iranian waters.

DOJ: Bush refusal to approve security clearances effectively idled NSA spying investigation

The price of a kidney ( this is truly sickening)

Dave Obey on House floor now---dissing WP for editoral they wrote!

Will the Supreme Court Separate "Drug Speech" from Free Speech? (AlterNet)

Videos - Serving At the Pleasure of the President of the United States

Great Article Re- BLACKWATER Around the World

Shoppers photograph mice in Wal-Mart donut case

Dan Burton up on the Floor with a bad case of sour grapes

"The Surge of Baghdad Should Become the Surge on Washington" - Fmr. UN Iraq Mission Chief

Compare the gas price map with the 2004 electoral vote map

Is the idiocy in the likes of Hannity, O'Rielly, and Limbaugh, et al , genetic?

A different take on "giving back"

3 Orlando Christian Prep administrators step down after child porn & illegal recruiting charges

New Leadership Health Care presidential forum-Streaming live Saturday.

If the president didn't know about it, it is illegal.(US Attorney's)

Katmai Bears win fight!

Harriett Miers, the "Achilles Heel"?

Iraqi news source: witness claims U.S. soldiers among the arrested by Iranian coast guard

Iraq deputy PM wounded in suicide attack


For us without ringside seats - Are we seeing a move to more social awareness...

NYT: Army Revises Upward Number of Desertions in ’06

Republican's Game of Chicken Could Cost them the War in Iraq, Ending the Gravy Train

Regarding Elizabeth Edwards decision to stay the course.....

Is something seriously wrong?

Anyone listening to Sam Seder now?

State Regulators Fine Blue Cross Of California $1 Million For Canceling Policies

WP: "My National Security Letter Gag Order," by an anonymous citizen

MZM, different name, same players, same game.

Did anyone else not no about Randy "Duke" Cunningham's legal trouble until you seen him crying on TV

Pew Poll: Dem Self-ID Opens Up Wide Lead Over GOP; Liberalism Trends Up, Conservatism Down

Patrick Murphy speaking from the heart

Just watched Article 99 again

Two of the hardest things known to man

The only argument republicans seem to have against the Iraq bill is against money for US citizens

DU this poll?

JUST REPORTED ON CNN: British Troops Seized By Iran!!!!!!

CSPAN-1 Now...Murtha is kicking ass and taking names!

"Menu Foods INCOME FUND"

Does anyone think the House rethugs 'really believe' in the rightness

"That won't be a problem for us" (scandals in 2nd term)

Can you imagine the pure outrage if Bush actually withdrew from Iraq?

House Session:Iraq War: (includes phased withdrawal)Live on C-SPAN

I was in a Christian store today.

Experts now think the apes may relate to each other in very human ways

Nancy is up now... noble and strong

SPEAKER PELOSI Just starting final speech on Iraq War vote. Now on Cspan1 nt

White House: 'We're not negotiating'

Re: Flowers for Elizabeth. Only $15 so far. I thought more people wanted to do this.

Boner up now, "How will history judge what we do here today?"

Fitz regarding "mediocre grade": "Look, it really is not that big a deal to me"

What cost Americans more, Interest on our Debt or Defense Spending?

Six marriages between RePUKE frontrunner and wife

HOLY CRAP -- Military Man Predicted Today's Iran Attack Exactly 8 Days Ago

Gonzales is asked: "wouldn't it help your President and your party...if you did step down"

Someone tell Sam Johnson that we've alreadly lost in Iraq ten times over

Carrier USS Kennedy Decommissioned

Why Each Wounded U.S. Soldier Touches Your Life and Mine

Poll: Thompson (R) Tied with Clinton (D), Trails Obama (D)

I just gotta' bitch

"It’s nice to live in never-never land, but we’ve got to slog it out one vote at a time"

Faux News hires Harold Ford, Jr.

House bill passes!!!!

Bush to comment on spending bill, tenative 1:45pm EST time.

Peace Without Honor - Does any of this sound at all familiar?

Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy

Does anyone own a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) or GEM?

deleted because of duplicate post

Duh: Republican party is sinking

Question? Does anyone know where the votes are posted on the Iraq Bill? Thanks! nt

Pentagon Investigates VA Retirement Home - ugly

What is Love?

J. Steven Griles, the “former No. 2 official in the Interior Department: PLEADS GUILTY

need help, please. does anybody have the link to the article about menufoods being cited for

Pelosi is on FIRE!

Democrat silenced on House floor for Katrina remark

"It's time for Heather Wilson ( R-NM) To come clean"

Ann Gerhart of WaPo says

Progressive Democrats: The New Power Bloc In Congress

"Family Values"

Anna Nicole's cause of death revealed

Asia's river systems face collapse

Americans are not united about Iraq

I like the Big headline on CNN right now

Robert Baer: Could a Missing Iranian Spark a War?

Bird Flu - Don't forget Swine Flu and National Inoculations Under Gerald Ford

Roll Call vote posted


My wish is subpoenas issued, ignored, and Justice refuse to

218 to 212!!!!!

MR. SNOW: We're dodging the oath because -- well, I'm not going to say we're dodging the oath

at 1:45 PM EST---so will the Chimpo stomp his feet and say: This is UNex

what the HELL is a routine inspection? A set up for invasion?

I wonder if the blivet will take question from the press

Chimp to speak on House Bill Passage at 1:45 PM EST (tentative)

Hopefully, Bush will limit his tantrum to three minutes

From Obama's Past: An Old Classmate, A Surprising Call

Political Cartoons

HR 1022: Don't tell ME that Dems don't want to snatch guns.


what channel is carrying the chimp's speech? I cant find it...

Okay, who was the Veteran that the handler seperated from the rest of the famililes leaving the room

Which scandal will finally take Bush co down?

Official Chimp Speech Thread #1

How will this Iraq House bill pass the Senate? [the goal is to get it to Bush's desk]

I am so tired of the cracks about Gore's weight!!!!! I personally like

Is George P. Bush a MORON, or what? Why isn't he a RESERVE JAG???

Pelosi on Cspan 3 press conf

Official Thread # 3 House War Funding Vote: (passed 218-212-)

Bush, surrounded by soldiers and children, decries "political theatre"

Iraq Accountability Act, Dems voting NO, call them,do whatever you want

Obey "....because they couldn't run a 2 car funeral"

Dems kill effort to cut taxes on estates

Give up on Gun Control RIGHT NOW; openly and publicly.

DId Bush just say he would punish the troops for the Dem's Vote?

The French and Their Attempts to Embolden the Aliens...

C-Span 8PM tomorrow-Poppa Bush to host "Women's Leadership Forum"

Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case

Stewart for west coasters

How long until Freepers and Bushies say: "They hate us for our pets...

Official thread # 2 cspan House War Funding bill

You Do Realize That the Iraq Bill Sticks THE CHIMP Right In His Craw.

Bases Out Now! Petition

Assassination attempts on Iraq's PM and Deputy PM in the past 2 days

Walter Jones has class.

General Cotter on CNN, "There are new cars and cellphones in Baghdad

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 3/23 -- pruning the bushes

Eyewitness to Monsanto Enivironmental Crime Gagged

Bush has a hissy fit

Randi's sub (AAR) is gong to play Chimpy's statement

W doesn't seem to understand that the House APPROVED the funding

Here comes a Gulf of Tonkin like event!

For how long have the troops been coming home?

Give up on Womens right to choose RIGHT NOW; openly and publicly.

Not enough time for the 24/7 cable news outlets to cover Democratic press conference after the vote.

Help me out here. Is the Iraq spending bill on the House floor unacceptable?

"All Those Who Want To See ROVE In Jail-May Get Their Wish" (New Findlaw Article by: John Dean)

I am so Damn tired of the Anna Nicole Smith BS! They are beating a dead horse.

What was Chimpy's demeanor- didn't watch it.

Rep. Obey Hits Back Against Wash Post's Smearing Of House Iraq Bill (VIDEO)

I wanna see Bushco go down like the last episode of Seinfeld

Can someone help me understand,

"executive privilege on crack"

Warming puts squeeze on N.E. maple syrup

Why the Progressive Caucus Should Vote No on the War Money - Blog - David Swanson

Don't we grow wheat in america anylonger ?

Bush is going to speak along with military family members!

If Bush keeps vetoing the supplementary funds bills the Democrats send

The 14 traitors

Aminopterin causes severe birth defects in humans....


So, W will veto money for the troops now? Slow bleed them? Un-support them?

Each time I think I'm past being astonished by this vapid, craven small fraction of a man...

did you support the House Bill

Paul Bremer: "We had remarkable progress in the political and economic side"

Why is the vote in the house so important if...

Murtha on CNN right now with Wolfie giving Shrub hell!!!!! eom

Did any of the 14 DEMS that voted NAY on todays spending bill do so in protest?

Bush brought veterans and families of "fallen'' soldiers to serve as backdrop for his statement

Meet the Press - March 25th - Fired US Attorneys - Iglesias & McKay

What I learned from FAUX news today

Who the HELL does Gonzo think he is?

Pissed-off Murtha on Situation Room: "This President is always blaming someone else!"

Murtha giving * hell on Situation Room!

The Situation Room Wolfie just said a dozen

Filling Their Sales (WhereisYour *Organic* Food Coming From?)

Please caption the Crash Test Dummy....

Bt cotton spells doom for cattle?

Does anyone have a link proving or disproving this?

Are threads going into an unknown dimension after they drop from page 1?

Friday TOONS: The “Performance Related Issues” edition

56 minutes ago: Rat poison found in pet food

Looks like the surge is showing signs of success. ...

GRAPHS: Troop surge in Iraq vs. Vietnam

Sentencing for white supremacist Gilbert postponed until April 6 - Dangerous MoFo here

Can Gore switch gears momentarily and start focusing on the war.

VENUS visible the next couple of weeks

Is 845 more than a "dozen"?

Hilarious Mp3 "Pokin' The Bear" ,,,,,,,check it out...

Why doesn't Code Pink protest Republicans?

Congressional oversight.... HEY TONY SNOWJOB

This is how worried Leahy is about Rove and Miers not testifying.

Global Empire: The Web of Control

Pet Food Recall Expanded (Rat poison found in tainted pet food)

Obey Rips Washington Post For Helping Land Us In "Stupid, Ill-Advised War" (video)

Marine Unit Ordered Out of Afghanistan After Shoot-Em-Up

Why doesn't our President want to fund the troops in Iraq?

3234 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bush Promises To Veto House Iraq Bill (Pelosi: "People have lost faith in President's conduct...")

Tancredo is an ass.

it runs in the family: B*sh cousin kills man in traffic accident

Leahy Judiciary Committee subpoena hearing on now C-Span.

Pew Poll: Younger Americans Are More and More Secular than Their Elders

Oh, Jeeze, I don't think this is good

FRIDAY DOC DUMP? DOJ "Finds" Additional E-mails

Codepink and Jon Stewart... Food for thought...

"How is the Iraq War illegal?" Some freeper sent me that question on one of my youtube animations

Effects of tainted pet food can be long term!


Please check these pix out from March on the Pentagon:

I cannot wait for the DUzy awards today!

"A political theater" created was no more blatant as witnessed at the White House

'he [Gonzo] knew" lays fired lawyer for Tobacco case. She was interviewed

Classic bi-partisan humor

OH lord...Iranians capture 15 British Marines - BE WARY

Has Shrub demonstrated an Abuse Of Power greater then any other Pres in U.S. History?

Whos shooting who?

The new Mantra: Mr. President Take it or Leave it.

The headlines prove otherwise

So where's this average American I keep hearing about?

Savage Weiner: Gays do despicable acts, Boxer 'bosses men'

Buzzflash: Central Casting Call for "The Godfather IV" – Bush Crime Family Lines Up

VIDEO: Murtha Holds Back Tears During Speech On Iraq Bill

This Will Be First Presidential Election I'm Really Not Excited About Voting

Bet this pet food thing brings ALL American's to the streets.

Newsweek's execrable hit-piece against Blanco

Gonzales: Don't Blame Me, Blame Bush

I wonder how many Elderly people have been poisoned by Pet Food. Some eat it when broke.

France puts secret UFO archive online

Chris Matthews: "The Washington Post is not the liberal newspaper it was..."

Will the rat poison in the dog food finally open Americans' eye to the dangers

A possible reason why the official reported pet death numbers

UF faculty to Jeb Bush: No honorary degree


they got the guy that chopped the head off a troubled girl's dog.

"Oil -- the life blood of mechanized warfare..."

Mice made to see a rainbow of colours

Leahy, you must know that they are carefully wiping emails right now.

Tweety just said the news about Elizabeth Edwards was much worse than first though

Let's DU this poll

So are the missing Brit Soldiers...

If you've fed ANY of the brands of poisoned pet food, please read this

Ron Christie on Tweety's show (and every other show he's on)

CBS News Exclusive: New Finding in Pat Tillman's Death

Bush, you hypocritical shitweasel...


This picture of Bush, Cheney and Harriet tells it all

A Temporal Paradox - Starring George W. Bush!

Buzzflash: College Republicans Continue Racist, Anti-Immigrant Activities In Idaho

Gonzales Update: former Chief of Staff Kyle Sampson agrees to testify

How much cancer is directly related to the food we eat and environmental pollution?



Did you get a free sample of wet IAMS too?

Did the Bush administration loosen standards on pet food?

I Do So Hope That Elizabeth Edwards Gets Well

All of the Heartbreaking Animal News is Really Getting to Me... you?

Novak's Denial-You blew a CIA employee's cover, Bob. Live with it.

What are the chances this entire British-Iranian situation was staged?

Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against `Carrier-Destroying' Missile

Love me some Murtha!


Wash. Post cited Karl Rove for assessment of public opinion on Iraq withdrawal

We Serve at the Pleasure of the President

roll Call vote on troop withdrawal/emerg - Kuncinich - no

yet another array of books for bush's comment today

Let's take some much of our defense budget is pork/corruption?

RFID Chips in passports

Ted Haggard's Hell on Earth (AlterNet)

Alert: BBC news making incident in Tonk-, er *Persian* Gulf sound Very Serious

FYI - An Alternative to Canned Cat Food

"I'm not leaving until the job is done!"

US struggles to avert Turkish intervention in northern Iraq

(VIDEO) Murtha holds back tears during House speech today

Edwards on venezuela and Cuba?

Leahy: (about bushy) "He shouldn't be worried. He should be terrified"

Organic Pet Food May Benefit From Recall

tweety - "the washington post is a neo-con paper now."

Mrs. Edwards and Coulter's Minions

Curious George W.

Will Tony Snowflake return to the abuse the White House press corpse?

White Hot Rage by Cindy Sheehan

GAGGED Secret Informer: "I Resent Being MADE TO MISLEAD"

These bastards are not above the law!

Action Alert over at Mike Malloy's website: Draft Gore

Einstein said when the bee disappears, humans only have 4 yrs left

Friday night TOON treat

Clinton Did It Too! Talking Point Came from Justice Dept

Today is a very important anniversary in the history of the United States

Is Ron Christie (GOP WHORE- MSNBC) the shoplifter?

Please CAPTION Bill O'Reilly (from

Fitzgerald laughs about his US Attorney rating

Obstruction charges coming in USA case? Outside e-mails point to scheme to avoid WH records law.


Anyone know how Jeb Bush missed the Draft? I share the SAME Birthday and I was forced to Join up.

MSNBC: Cause of pet food deaths is rat poison


Soaring college costs--where's the money going?

I received a nice Letter From MoveOn.Org (re: war bill)

house dems vote overwhelmingly to support the war against Iraq....

Tweety just said that the news got worse as the day went on yesterday for Elizabeth Edwards...

LOL! How did I miss this "Texas Monthly" cover?

Brockton Mass father pleads not guilty in slayings of wife, daughter

Birth control prices soar on campuses


An American Union under Bush - (already happening)

Any other "traitors"? I'm one I guess

Recipe for homemade cat food:

*Snicker* Leahy Is Brilliant

STFU Whore-ah O'Donnell

Why Don't They Just IMPEACH Bush on Obstruction of Justice Charges?


MSNBC Breaking on TV: Pentagon Admits Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire and 9 Officers knew

Chinese Rat Poisoned Wheat used in US Breadbasket Factories?!?

Baby Selling?

Aren't we the American people...

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 23, 2007***

BUSH Appointed Attorney Accused Of Participating In Florida 04-Dem Voter Suppression (McClatchy)

“High Crimes and Misdemeanors” – The Bar for Impeachment of a President

CNN: Elizabeth Edwards phoned Tony Snow today to cheer him up

What dem candidate currently running could turn some southern states around?

Four Activists Arrested in Pelosi's Office

Get Well, Tony Snow

Buzzflash: Central Casting Call for "The Godfather IV" – Bush Crime Family Lines Up

I can't help but feeling a touch silly over 9/11

Largest rebuke of Bush's war to pass Congress and all some can do is whine and complain

Gore’s Plan Goes Far Beyond Anything Congress Envisions

Pet Food recall: People the issue is China...

Emergency call for assistance from HUMAN ONCOLOGISTS

Karl Rove will have a major legacy: the creation of a permanent minority party.

Why the HELL are we importing Wheat from China?

Seymour Hersh vs. Robert Parry

TV Torture's Toxic Toll

Code Pink and the anti-war Left

My God. I cannot begin to tell you how this movie affected me.

ABC News: Doctors Caution Thousands More Pet Deaths Expected

ATTN. Democrats: How to frame the US Attorneys story for the average Joe

Tony Snow is going under the knife

"We're all neo-cons now." Chris Matthews

NYT's: Dept of Interior Undersecretary pleads guilty in Abramoff ...

ARRRGGGGHHH!!! I am now a statistic in the unemployed job numbers

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Is there a god damn list of safe pet food, or is it all poison?!?


Warrant Served At Home Of Minutemen Founder

DU'er on "Jeopardy" right now...and he's cleaning up!!

Another document dump coming this afternoon

Medical travesty...

One likely longterm effect of the petfood fiasco is that

Ex Page Six gossip columnist sues Bill & Hillary -- and Klayman's his lawyer

How The Press Has Exaggerated Al Gore's Exaggerations

This Is Rich - Regarding Gore At Hearings

Phone-Jamming Case To Go National?

Der Mittenfuhrer distances himself from Salt Lake City mayor (another flip-flop)

Rove lied 4 times under oath

Der Mittenfuhrer Rebuffs Urban League

Der Mittenfuhrer hires "christian Coalition" leader

The Cassandra Chronicles - The Weekly Standard 04/21/2003

The Health of a Candidate's Wife....The Challenge

House vote on Iraq funding to be between 11 & 12 ET today. debate now

Administration Worked for Months to Make Rove Aide U.S. Attorney in Arkansas

2 troops killed Thrus (pbs said 3---------67 KILLED so far in March!

How 41 Pages Helped Unseat Lam

Democracy For America poll

Here we go!!! - Troops seized by Iranians

PLEASE VOTE: Seymour Hersh vs. Robert Parry

Not just show trials - they really hate any trials. And habeas corpus

The old Crusader rides again

Queen of Shallow Kathleen Parker's column on Edwards yesterday and my reply

When a Democrat lives in the White House

Obama's website pays tribute to Elizabeth Edwards

Krauthammer in WaPo, on Atty Firings (They're so funny when they're desperate!!)

A follow-up question I'd like to hear: RE Subpoenas Rove Miers

Charged With Leading Ethics Inquiry Into Firings, Cornyn ‘Doesn’t See What Hubbub Is All About’

Politico reporter apologizes for false Edwards report

US Attorney Todd Graves and the DoJ

Remind me why isnt Feingold running again?

What was the U.S. Attorney Purge Meant to Achieve?

Jon Keller perfects the art of the slime, exploits Mrs. Edwards

Dem Congressman Rips Washington Post For Helping Land Us In "Stupid, Ill-Advised War"

Is there a political campaign being waged against investigative journalists in this country?

September 2008-- That's too late.

Is it worth it?

WH press briefing today?

Nationwide Impeachment Actions on April 28!

Rubber-Stamping, Bush-Enabling, Foley-Protecting Hypocrites

Grimes gets away with it! the real story, or at least the wapo version

What the hell is Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands) doing walking around unindicted?

Judge OKs up to $37M in bonuses for top Delphi executives, eliminated tens of thousands of union job

Canada: Bill to ban replacement workers during strikes fails as Dion changes sides (1 supporter shor

House bill with Sept 1, 2008 withdrawal deadline passes, 218-212.

Bushit wouldn't need all these "emergency" funding bills if he'd send a true budget

Still doesn't mean she wins Iowa Vilsack was not even ahead in Iowa when he was a candidate

John Nichols: House Backs Pelosi's Iraq Spending Bill (The Nation)

A fishing expedition? Maybe, just maybe, its because

FDA "Backs Down (?)" Over Deadly Mercury Amalgams.........

Breaking: RAT POISON is what is in all the killer pet food.

CREW: New e-mails prompt the question: Did Bush make the decision to fire the U.S. Attorneys?

Bush uses children as human shields

Columbus, Ohio Getting A New Radio staion! Thanks Dr. Bob!


A "show trial" actually sounds like a pretty good idea to me..

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Lamar Smith’s Would-Be Banana Republic (The Nation)

The Rude Pundit: President Bush Riding To Nowhere

Saddam: Not the only head of state to employ human shields

Florida Primary

Kyle Sampson .... will he play the role of John Dean to Il Dunce's Nixon?

Leahy sets pest Nora O'Donnell straight on WH, oaths

Griles, who just got off with 10 months house arrest, was on Bush transition team and

"There's nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat!"

Howard Dean Pollster Paul Maslin Joins Richardson Campaign

Rep. Obey Slams the Washington Post over the Iraq War

God help us!

What's the big deal about the U.S. Attorney firings?

Kucinich: Pope John Paul II: A Personal Remembrance

Justice's new U.S. attorneys have partisan records-who'd a guessed it?

Sampson: It's A Date! (next Thursday, voluntarily)

AUDIO: Gonzales on the Offensive: ‘Irresponsible and Reckless’ to Question Prosecutor Firings

Should Dems 'talk', or just subpoena? Will talk get them anywhere:

Why Can't We Ever Get The Upper Edge on *CO and The Repugs?.....

Bill Clinton: Depiction of Hillary's Iraq war vote "just not fair"

Kucinich marketing 102...

There is a GD post on 9-11 w/ 30 Rec's so far.....

They were Warned To Resign Or Come What May......And So It Shall Be....

Cloud now hangs over the Obama camp

DFA Poll...Quite different among the grassroots!

interesting data from the data dump:

Lawmaker urges halt to private tax collectors (Reuters)

Bush's cousin kills a policeman with his suv. found not guilty of negligence.

Oh boy...Bush will be speaking with military families surrounding him..

Side-Stepping the Electoral College

ron christie vs. Barnacle on tweety, Sheesh!

Kucinich: Minimum Wage

Stopping the War Can Wait! Vote Obama in '08!

According to Wolfe, Elizabeth Edwards called Snow....

Wtf is ON the f'in Table???

I'm so proud of my senator Specter

A Principled Dissent (John Nichols of The Nation)

Doesn't congress have chimp over the barrel when it comes to the war?

NY Times omitted Republican objections to Bush restrictions on testimony

Vilsack to endorse Clinton for president

TPM: Another document dump to be released from Justice Dept. today:

US attorneys: Won't public hearings make it easier for witnesses to coordinate

Gonzales: Don't Blame Me, Blame Bush

The editor of our paper, Anchorage Daily News, told his feelings about the fired 8...

Justice E-Mails on Lam Show Frustrations (AP)

Is it Code Pink? Or....

Rudy Judi's Bombshell - Rudy is her 3rd husband

Explosive new vote fraud developments continue to rock Ohio and Florida

Tony Snow is a complete asshole..

Please DU -- Recognize a major VICTORY for House Democrats when you see one!!!

"Pet Spending Projects"... this is what would be getting vetoed

I did not realize that this bill that sets a deadline for the war also allocates

Blackwell Says Strickland "is Abandoning" Our Youth (READ COMMENTS)

Bill Clinton Challenges the Netroots "Anti-War Crowd"

I love Bill Clinton, but......

To DUers with kids ... at what age, roughly, does your kid start to question your

Chilling! Yahoo Betrayed My Husband

POSTSCRIPT: Liberal House Dems Get Standing Ovation Behind Closed Doors

New Topic: Is Wesley Clark doing the right thing by not getting into the race yet?

218 to 212 to1 The funding/pullout bill has passed in the House

"But Clinton fired 93 attorneys! Wait ... 120. No, almost 93 ... um ..."

Tweety: It's worst than we though talking about Elizabeth Edwards cancer

Will George Bush veto funding the troops?

Those who are giving Kucinich a vote - check in!

I have got to say, the GOP is scared to death of John Edwards!

Wes Clark in NYC last Wednesday...some of the things he said

Photo of the Day!

Elizabeth Edwards evokes one word in me ........

Kucinich: I Have Seen the Effects of Agreements Like NAFTA and CAFTA

DAMN!! Fred Thompson is tied with Hillary, that a shock but he trails Obama

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