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Archives: March 22, 2007

Blumenthal: What Bush Is Hiding

American's rendition may have broken laws

American Betrayal

The nutty legal syllogism that powers the Bush administration

CIA abuse is medieval madness

Scandals signal Gonzales must go

Triumphant Gore brings message back to Washington

After 5 years, a broken military, broken Constitution, broken laws and broken troops

Irritable Vowel Syndrome: Digesting Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris

Waxman described the pro-nukes this morning

Biofuels Boom Spurring Deforestation (20,000 to 40,000 hectares daily, plantation forests exacerbat

Al Gore's testimony -- Marvelous

Hydrogen Energy Station provides hydrogen, electricity, heat -from various fuel sources

Has anyone bothered to watch this? Anti Global Warming Film.

Swiss dig world's longest tunnel (BBC)

Texas and Israel joint ventures

With the lack of voter fraud episodes, one has to wonder about the sincerity of


Delete dupe had different title didn't show up in search

Taliban Prisoners Exchanged for Reporter

Terror torture inquiry to be mostly private, says judge

Red Cross says detainees reported abuse

F.D.A. Rule Limits Role of Advisers Tied to Industry


Local Wa Newscast: Spouses of Military members pay Widows Tax

Edwards, Wife to Speak to Press Thursday

IBM Wins Outsourcing Work From Indian Company

Bush Advised To Issue Veto If D.C. Vote Bill Passes

Pentagon Is Probing Veterans Home

Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case

Man Fired For Creating 1984 Hillary Video

La. report blames corps for levee breaks

Feinstein Resigns (from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee)

latest sign there is no gawd: Larry "Bud" Melman is dead, yet darth cheney still slimes the planet

I think I might change my Signature Line

Just made train reservations for the Dallas trip...Suggestions?

Okay. Bridal Registry Etiquette

Tweaks, rootkit site, thought you could use it

Rush to be ‘Profiled’ on ‘To Catch a Predator.’ NT

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2006

How am I supposed to wait around all day for a UPS delivery?

A cock

Is anyone else here turned on by Stephen Colbert?

It's not even 8 p.m. and I'm so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open...

I made a wonderful vegetable barley soup for church supper tonight

I ran out of sunscreen at work and now my legs are sunburned

Bobby Flay's new wife is so annoying !

I've joined a classics online book group. Ask me anything!

I'm making a conscious effort

"Turn it up to 11!!!"

I FINALLY saw Fight Club.

DU opinion needed--- What is the healthiest fruit to eat on the planet?

I watched Rustler's Rhapsody for the first time tonight

40`s-50`s pulp scifi covers-Ron Turner Cover Collection

Have you all found Mr Picassohead yet?

animal lovers

Hey Mary Tyler Moore! It's The Tool Tour!!!!!!

Chicagoans and Bostonians: Tell me about your city

Has anyone tried Tropicana's fish oil orange juice?

Realized something today: This is the longest I've been single (not in relationship) in 10 years!

Upward spiral

I too have some good news tonight!!!!

Help for a friend?

Always wondered if someone would try to get a newyawker99 birthday thread locked

how do you re-up a defaulted student loan?

20-Year-Old Man Sentenced For Having Sex With Deer

Anyone have any experience with worm composting?

Question for chronic diaperers (weeeeee) or individuals close to one:

Why does my TV do this?

Please stop complaining about being sweaty, or needing AC,

The armor of God PJs that will help your kiddos sleep sound at night

Have you seen this little girl?

Who here is a Nazi when it comes to promptness?

Do any of you personally know Terrence Mann (the Broadway actor)? Western Carolina U. student maybe?

Has anyone seen my sockpuppet?

How's this for a chainsaw?

Life Finally Explained...

Letterman regular 'Bud' Melman dies

Check it out! My friend's big red penis

A crock

I almost got mugged Sunday night....walking home alone, after drinking with a friend...

Useless lounge flamewar prognostication

So...I passed on seeing Robyn Hitchcock

Anybody see Lulu on AI tonight? Wow!


This deadly accident kept me from getting home til after midnight on Monday...

Now, I'm pro-body-mod, but this is just RIDICULOUS... Warning: DISTURBING image!

"I hope a nervous, delicate god retracts my problem."

What's the oldest car you've ever driven?

Who is your favorite popular scientist?

A question for the 50+ DUers on getting old /rant

Ummmm....a little irreverence for a moment

The Christian-Marxist dialogue of the 1960s (Dorothy Solle / 1984)

Heaven's Gate, ten years later

Seats still available on the Oregon Ducks bandwagon.

NCAA Basketball: Sweet 16 Picks

Folks, John and Elizabeth Edwards may need some AS&AH love:

Does anyone here do readings using playing cards?

VA Watchdog looking for troops who are not getting their combat-related injury rehabilitation pay

the dentist.....

Barbara Boxer Gives Sen. Inhofe A Lesson

Kucinich Subcmte hearing on predatory lending: Kucinich Opening Statement

Need help with Chicago Police Department retirement

Act Now: Students Against the War (from The Nation)

Al Gore Testimony Report Coming Up On Countdown nt

Chuck Schumer coming up on Countdown

Should a official thread be started? is down.

Does Iraqi law apply equally to everyone?

Is he really done?

There really is a difference between Libby's case and Clinton's

Websters' Definition of "Justice"...keep reminding folks...

We have the facts on our side. "Just the facts, Mame, just the facts."

Would what happened to Inhofe, today, be an example of getting "pwned?" (link)

Renzi investigation may have lead to another USA firing.


What about ol' Petey?

Redacted dates? Why would you redact anything in this case if

Buzzflash: Ample Precedent for White House Testimony

Old Frank Rich piece from 2000: George W's America

After Bush and Cheney are dragged from office....

Who's the biggest jackass on Capitol Hill?

Does anyone else wonder what they might have been emailing to each

Thank-God for Barbara Boxer! She should have knocked

Speculation - why did Conyers hold up on issuing subpoenas?

Why do you expect the most sexually suppressed country in the world

Talk Left: Tobin's (NJ Phone Jamming) Conviction Reversed Today

This strange feeling I have what is it? Could it be?

Pet Food Recall: Company Can't Explain Deaths After Testing

Question: Did they actually try to claim the gap in emails took place to to Thanksgiving?

The Answer to Executive Privilege

Chris Matthews is expecting Tom Delay’s child in the fall. NT

ludicrous that Bushco would claim executive

Video: Boxer smacks down Inofe: Elections have consequences

More whois searches reveal Republican Party has registered Anti-Bush Sites?

Has someone consolidated all of the DoJ email threads

Am I getting this?

Mike Malloy: "This huge pile of human excrement James Inhofe..."

Been having some with this, you should try it too!

About that "document gap" and the mid-term elections...

Maybe we should take the White House Deal...

Savage Weiner at it again, calls transgender murder victim a "psychopath" and a "freak"

Showdown the daily show thread

Dallas Morning News video: Protest of Bush Library/ Iraq War in Dallas

GOOGLE FIGHT: Wingnuts v. Moonbats.

In What Ways, With Which Subjects, Does DU Slide Into "MSM, Anna Nichole Smith" Territory ???

Bush actually told the truth about the attorney dismissal scandal.

The Feverish Baby/Global Warming Analogy Expanded

Larry King show on autism repeating now.

Barb Boxer handed Inhof his head during the Gore testi;mony.

McDonald's goes after Oxford dictionary for 'McJobs'

Someone help me understand this "" thing...

Anyone seen Howard Dean lately?

Another great "Daily Show"

CSPAN2: Gore at Congress repeat on NOW

Anybody watch the "environmental terrorist group" storyline on "Criminal Minds" tonight?

Why are the Republicans always using a minority for a fall guy?

Re: E. Edwards, On CNN John Roberts just said from sources "Do not assume the worst"

Hey USA Patrick Fitzgerald

Dems need to put Repubs on the spot for their continued support of Gonzales...

Slate struggles for an eye catching headline: "Why Obama Is Like a Serial Killer"

official press release on subpoenas from House committee

Y'know how we got flowers for Helen? Maybe we should send this to Barbara Boxer

John and Elizabeth Edwards to Hold Press Conference at 12:00 Tomorrow

If you could advise Hillary for 30 minutes about her campaign, what would you advise?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

"Are you guys a bunch of pussies? Are you?


Some Favorite Pics Of Mine From Edwards' 2004 Campaign, Just To Give Positive Vibes

Edwards Seem Fake?

John Edwards to Discuss Wife's Health -- WaPo --- This has me worried.

MSNBC Richard Engel: War Zone Diary

Please, Don't tell me they've sunk to such depths to lie about this

Sen. Byrd, who voted no on the IWR, argued it was a blank check, to steer new Senate withdrawal bill

I am NINE votes behind to win 5 grand for my tax video contest entry! HELP!

Lara Logan fans? She's on Letterman right now!

Are pods of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" being sold?

The Audacity of Hope

2007 National High School Essay Contest Re: Docs and Evolution

KO Haters

Anti-War Dems Near Defeat on Spending Bill

NPR Pissed Me Off Today.

GOP's Idea of Health Care - Missouri HealthNet: In other words

I love David Shuster . . .

What do you initially do when you see George W. Bush on TV?

"1984" video creater exposed and FIRED, employee of tech firm on contract with Obama campaign

What will Dubya be doing ten years from now?

Repubs accuse (CIA Chief) Hayden as being too close to Democrats - for endorsing Waxman's statement

I want all the stores to have plastic bag, styrofoam, and other types

Hillary! Fire Your "Oldie But Goodie" Back-Up Band. Get Your Own Band!

Now THAT was Ownage

MO: Fired U.S. Attorney Fears that Public Corruption Investigation of Gov. Blunt Cost him his Job

Remember the computer documents stolen from Dem Judiciary Committee offices from '01 to '03?

New etiological info on pet food contamination incident...

Blanco: "I should have switched to Republican"

I'm all tingly tonight .....

Colbert: "Democrats, I think what the President is saying is that if you don't impeach him now..."

OMG Is this our Watergate??


Mike Malloy: I won't vote for Hillary because she's a Republican

Abortion, ultrasound, South Carolina...

Pretzeldential limbo: how low can BushCo go?

Anyone else notice a change in DU/GD of late?

Uh Oh! Schumer Knows Something

Gun Violence Victims Suggest Tax To Support Research

Mother Given 10 Days to Find New Hospital For Sick Child or Hospital Will Remove Respirator

"18: Nixonians pt. 14" ----NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

Bush may have already waived Executive Privilege in matter of US attorneys

Reps. Lee and Waters to file Lee Amendment today

Rep. John Lewis Says: "Not Another Dollar" for the Iraq War

What Tom Delay meant to say was, "I found Christ, then I stole

Remember the gaps in the Watergate tapes? This time it's being called the "Document Gap"

I missed the bit on The Rachel Maddow show in which she mentioned

Tony Snow coined the term "defeatocrats" for Dems

The Political Presidency: Remember John Diiulio? (Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives)

fire in the DOJ right as the docs were being produced on monday...

the senator from oklahoma--jerkinhofe,


Last week Blitzer made it sound like Carville did not work for a campaign.

How long until subpoenas will be served? When will this reach the Supreme Court?

Motive: Why is Bush being "Adamant about not letting aides Testify"

Behind-the-Scenes Tensions Among House Dems At Fever Pitch Over Iraq Vote

Subpoena's Authorized In The House & Tomorrow In The Senate....

We need to focus on getting the voting machines straightened out for '08!

Refusing to Testify Under Oath? Sound Familiar?

An appropriate time to pay tribute to this man

Action Alert: Email Patrick Leahy and request that he

Is Elizabeth Edwards ok? Press conference Thursday at noon.

I think this new scandal might be the one...

Bush must be a lousy poker player: he's already blown his hand

Congressional Research Service: Attorney Scandal Without Precedent

Santorum claims Hezbollah Training Camps in Venezuela

The United States Plans to STAY in Iraq. (This is how it is)

Nancy Pelosi against Impeachment, but *for* another 124 Billion Supplemental for Iraq??

KERRY: I am not for a permanent base.

Here's a Major Problem for the WH: There is NO Atty-Client Privilege with WH Counsel

"The Texas Baby Purchasing Act Of 2007"

The rape of Iraq's oil

Mark Fiore Annimation: Happy DontAskiversary!

Bill Moyers: A Time For Anger, A Call To Action (CommonDreams)

Bush's legal case shaky, experts say (WH may have made a mistake to offer Rove to be interviewed)

Come Together Right Now Over Him (CommonDreams)

All the president's privileged men

DeLay’s New Career: Comedian (Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Stop the Money Chase dot Org.

Iraq: Mugged by reality (The Economist)

Down-To-A-Trickle Economics (Stan Cox at CommonDreams)

NPR: Snow: Subpoenas May Lead to Less Cooperation

The REAL Rocky!

Manipulating Stock Prices and Oil Prices: It's in the Air (Raymond J. Learsy at HuffPost)

David Sirota: A memo to the Progressive Caucus on Today's Iraq vote

Dissent Is Not Terrorism

Let in the Light - Boston Globe editorial

The Decider is Delusional (John Nichols for The Nation)

Lame Duck President Weakened by Court Firings

Was She Covert? (Novak Washington Post)

Gonzales will have to take the fall (by Marianne Means)

Bobby Muller, VFA: America’s Broken Social Contract – Our Betrayal

New Yorker: Betrayed-The Iraqis who trusted America the most

Time: The Baghdad Balancing Act

Martin Schram: Official lies provide dark and stormy finale to Sunshine Week

Burlington Free Press: Congress moves to restore checks

Stretched thin, 82nd Airborne giving up rapid-reaction unit

White House's penchant for secrecy prompts scrutiny

Prefab homes goes deluxe (

I want to solar-power my house. Advice?

Send more carcinogens, via cut flowers, to friends or cancer victims?

Feds: Yellowstone Grizzlies Are Thriving

Lake Superior Surface Water Temperatures Up 2.5C Since 1979 - 2X Atmospheric Warming Rate

Traces of flame retardant found in falcon eggs in Maine, N.H.

Lack of fuel may limit US nuclear power expansion

Alaska Offers Wolf-Kill Cash - AP

Gore's statement of "reading a science fiction novel" as a legit resource

MDR Bubonic Plague Strain Discovered In Madagascar - May Be Tied To Antibiotics In Livestock - AFP

Water scarcity: Global warming to deepen thirst for blue gold

Regulators give Duke partial assurance on nuclear costs

Uranium Depletion and Nuclear Power: Are We at Peak Uranium? (Discussion, The Oil Drum)

Southern Ocean current faces slowdown threat (Moves heat around world, Atlantic Conveyer slowing too

Pill stops cow burps and helps save the planet - Guardian

Burning the Furniture - Heinberg on the future of coal

NYMEX Partners With Ardour to Offer Alternative Energy Index Futures, Options Contracts

As El Nino Rapidly Fades, Forecasters Predict Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season - AFP

Why Having More No Longer Makes Us Happy (AlterNet)

Open skies pact 'will worsen climate change'

Corps allows design for hydroelectric plant to proceed (92 MW Miss. R. lock dam)

Burning The Furniture - Richard Heinberg On Surprising Outlook For "Cheap & Abundant" Coal

Czech Climatologist - Klaus "Denies Scientific Knowledge", Equates Environmentalism & Communism

UK - Lake District Daffodils Wilt So Early That Tourist Towns Replant W. Plastic & Silk Flowers

Next Five Years Will See New Coal Power Capacity Equal To 1.2 Billion Tons New GHG Output - CSM

TXU, Waco Talking "Clean Coal" For 2 Plants - IGCC, No Sequestration, 1 Plant Lignite-Powered

Maine-Sized Area Of Arctic Sea Ice Lost Each Year On Average - 38,000 Square Miles - Since 1979

Solar power's future grows brighter in N.J.

U.N. to insure geothermal explorers in east Africa - Reuters

Global shipping must curb 'unchecked' pollution: study - AFP

Today Is World Water Day

Yangtze drought triggers debate over China's Three Gorges dam - AFP

Why was NWS Senior Hydrologist fired after 26 years of service??

Eco-power doubles as modern art (

Africa must set alternative energy agenda - U.N. - Reuters

Lack Of Fuel May Limit US Nuclear Power Expansion (peak uranium???)

Australian Barrier Reef faces chemical threat: WWF - Reuters

Israel to snub foreign politicians who meet Hamas ministers

IDF: Settlement on Hebron base is 'in line with the army's needs'

Israel argues it has no responsibility for Gaza

CA: Bowen''s Draft on Election Systems Criteria posted

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, March 22, 2007

U.S. urged to abandon trials by military tribunals

Pinochet-era victims exhumed in Chile

Splintering Shiite militia could pose new threat to U.S.

Israeli Nuclear Arms May Face U.N. Focus...

Bloomberg Seeks to Reopen 9/11 Fund

McKay touted for judgeship before firing

US soldier killed in Baghdad

House bill orders VA to prepare suicide-prevention program

Edwards Plans Announcement With His Wife

(NH Republican phone-)Jamming conviction reversed

Knoxville pet owner sues cat food maker over recall

Democrats See a ‘Document Gap’ in Dismissals

U.N. chief OK after nearby Iraq attack

Clashes erupt between gunmen in Iraqi oil city(Basra)

Senator Inhofe finds out 'elections have consequences'

Captain America Goes to Dubai

French cartoons editor acquitted

U.N secretary-general arrives in Iraq-state TV

Blast kills two on British nuclear sub

Sadr aide held over killing of US soldiers

Chico activist heads off to jail

Senate Prepares To Vote On White House Subpoenas

Freed Sadr aide meets Iraq's PM

Trade Iraq pullout for drought funding?

Senate panel OKs subpoenas for key aides

Sources: Edwards to idle ’08 presidential bid

Paraguay, Bolivia sign agreement on security, defense

British troops quell disturbance in Iraq prison

Argentina Bars US Transport During Bush Tour

Attention all PS3 owners!

Paraguay ready to contribute reserves to Bank of the South

Colombia backs US lawmakers' hostage-swap proposal

Marines' tour extended to allow Iraq training

Bush targets pullout measure in war bill

Mystery creator of anti-Clinton ad ID'd

Bolton admits Lebanon truce block

Cuba: Minister Announces Increase in Oil Drilling

Dodd Blames Subprime Woes on Regulators

Oil Prices Rise above $61.00 /Gallon

BP bosses to meet Putin tomorrow

Africa must set alternative energy agenda - U.N.

Oil chief held in second corruption investigation

Freed Sadr aide meets Iraq's PM

Gates warns of Army stress without emergency funds

Bush loyalist among fired U.S. attorneys

GAO: Looted Munitions Pose New Threat (Military Failed to Secure Iraqi Munitions Sites)

US housing, mortgage woes contagion feared

Michigan congressman says parts of Iraq are as safe as Detroit or Chicago

Washington Post Finds Nothing 'Nefarious' in Attorney Firings -- AP Suggests Otherwise

GAO: Iraq munitions looting widespread

Pentagon investigating vets retirement home Allegations of rooms spattered with blood, urine, feces

U.S. Suggests Cutting Abramoff Sentence

Life quickly gets a lot harder for White House

EU says US gave Boeing $23.7 bln in illegal aid

N Korea talks close to collapse

Sources: Edwards to suspend presidential run due to wife's ill-health.

US Marines spoofed drone to cover up murder,

NBC, News Corp. gang up against YouTube

Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case

(House)Dems labor for sure majority on pullout

McCain proves popular in Little Havana speech

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 22

Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol (1 soldier killed)

US Bars Puerto Rico from Cuba Event

Russia: Pipeline deal raises concerns

The Senate Judiciary Committee today authorized its chairman to issue subpoenas

Court Strikes Down Internet Porn Law

U.S. judge blocks 1998 online porn law

Japan diplomat: Blonds 'no good' in Mideast talks

Only One Quarter of U.S. Adults Think That Sending More Troops to Iraq Will Improve Security

Iraq pullout measure moves with war bill

Giuliani: Give Gonzales Benefit of Doubt

Four convicted in Aviance hate beating

California Faculty Association votes to strike....

UN May Foil US Death Plans for Cuba

Romney, Anderson split on Bush leadership

Another Member of Ohio County's Election Board Quits; Complaint Against Remaining 2 Proceeds

Pelosi on brink of big win with Iraq funding test

US Frown Turns Gas Pipeline Into Pipe Dream

Hard-liner backs easing Cuba travel ban

Plan to Let Mexican Trucks Haul Freight Deeper Into United States Hits Snag in Senate

The Politico Apologizes After Wrongly Reporting Edwards Was Suspending Campaign

Zimbabwe court allows Mugabe opponents to leave

Three held over 7 July bombings

Prosecutor: Slain Ga. boy was first molested

World must learn to share water to avoid war - FAO

Florida moves to wipe out clout of smaller states with Jan. 29 presidential primary

Inspector General Details Failures of Iraq Reconstruction

CODEPINK plans takeover of Pelosi’s office

US struggles to avert Turkish intervention in northern Iraq

Private takeover might drive up road tolls

Edwards will continue presidential run

Credit counselors overwhelmed by U.S. mortgage crisis

France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years

In the past week I've done something twice that I haven't done for over 30 years!

Carlos Mencia steals... from Bill Cosby?


Go weightless with Stephen Hawking!

Why has everybody in the Gungeon stopped playing with me?

1:43 and it's time for bed. Somebody please tell me why going to bed is a good idea.

It's 1:37 and it's time for bed. Somebody please tell me why waiting until 1:43 is a better idea?

Questions for cronie dopers. (wee) Or individuals close to one.

Anyone have any experience with worm composing?

Anyone have any experience with worm compote?

THIS is last year's world air guitar champion??

Duh-duh-duh DUH-duh-duh duh... DUH


Happy 76th Birthday to...

The season of colic has begun.

My mornings aren't the same without MissHoneychurch.

plastic soul


Toddler Found High On Cocaine At Church Preschool

Do you ever wonder...

Is "parodic" a word?

oh ma ma, zooma zooma baccala

And now back to Colonel Dracula joins the Navy

Man Gets Slice Of Pizza Tattooed On His Head

Personally, I think the DU Posse is for P***ies

frank marino and mahogany rush still tour

Any "Tripping the Rift" fans here?

I found out last night - you list where you registered on the SHOWER

Famous Salukis

Man Says 2 Year Old Son Took Gun From Mom's Purse & Shot Him

"McDonald's Seeks to Redefine 'McJobs'"

Is Steve Rogers really dead? And what about Thor? Is the real

How do you like your Colossal squid?

You've GOT to be kidding me!!!

stop the planet of the apes, i want to get off!

20 year old man sentenced for having sex with beer

be honest, which one was your favorite?

I was talking about white Christmas with elderly schizophrenic client!

Do you have gravitas?

Do HEyHEY and dolo amber really share a birthday?

Whose book should I read first: Paul Krugman's or Jackie Collins?

One of the WTFs ...


It's a polar bear, it's living in a German Zoo - can we get any more unnatural than that??

That's's over.

Better title for fingerstyle folk album?

Where's the BEST hotdog forum?

I just took a big swig of sour milk at lunch!!!

Caption this pic

Fashionistas: pressing shoe issue:

My complacency knows no bounds.

Let's send those infamous Lounge vibes to Elizabeth Edwards

If you havent seen VH1's 40 Dumbest Celeb Quotes you should. It's a hoot.

Just when you thought civilization had reached its lowest point...

Where's the BEST log from?

Where's the BEST hedgehog from?

the definition of "suck"

David Letterman regular Larry (Bud) Melman dies at 85

Cabcere's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

Zanesville is to Chicago and New York as Diamonds are to Rhinestones.


Edwards vs Gingrich

The truth! I know now who killed JFK!

i really need a self-appointed expert

How do you cope?

Angola Sends 2500 Ninjas To Zimbabwe

in the past hour i ate a whole box of cereal

Help Me Please; Need Song For Bush To Sing

lets settle this once and for all

I'm going to the store, anyone need anything?

Chastity Balls - the real issue I have with them

I have a gross confession to make.

Airline Carryon Restrictions

I got cheetos crumbs all over me

I'm thinking HEyHEY and dolo amber are the same exact person

Do any of you personally know Terrence Trent D'Arby (the legend in his own mind)?

Best snarky response to when I am having kids?

Its back

How Busy Are You?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/22/2007)

What exactly is "Chasity"?

If Skittles doesn't show herself, I'm going to KICK HER ASS!

Ernie eats Bert:

Anyone else want to take a shit today - take a damn number and wait your turn

Sigh. I really need to clean my house

it's a beautiful sunny day here. how's the weather where you

John Edwards is about to make his announcement - prepare for level 62

Tony LaRussa Busted by Undercover Cops

why are at level something?

It's gone and I miss it.

Why are post something?

Happy birthday ReverendSmitty & dolo amber

OMG! An American League pitcher just batted — and got a single!

California Peggy is at it again!

Anyone else want to give me shit today - take a damn number and wait your turn

Any body here from Maine?

Weird Answers:

To all the Migraine Sufferers on DU...

B&W Photo of Al Gore with shaving cream on his face

No more pussyfooting. It's time for LynneSin and Midlodemocrat to get it on, mano - a - mano.

I was just thinking... for April 1 could I have Skinner ban me as a practical joke?

High School Students Sue For Right To Wear Anti-Gay Shirts To School

Quandary: Alma Mater or hometown?

Blue Balls - the real issue I have with them

That Whack-a-Mole game makes me feel really violent.

Post here to give LynneSin your warmest posse wishes.

Simple recursion or a weird circular kind of justice?

Um, what the hell? I just pm'ed Haruka to ask her to send me a link and she's gone???

Single mothers and other strong women

How much do power windows cost to fix when just stop frickin working???

Happy Birthday HEyHEY!!

The best DUI ever!

Have you ever cried at a concert because you were smitten by the band/singer?

Best April Fool's jokes

WTF is a "parse" error?

What the...???

Berwyn is to Cicero as Roses are to Shit

Is anyone else having trouble with replying to threads?

Anyone else doing spring cleaning?

Want the stomach flu? Come over here, and I will lick you.

Any other bipolars out there?

Mark Knopfler

Ahhh, 53 degrees out, on the porch at dusk,

What happened today?

i firmly believe this needs more coverage

Where would you go on vacation if you had $10,000 and two weeks?

WTF is a "purse" error?

I have some good nudes tonight...

A movie thread: Substitute a word for "fight for the brazillion flowers"

I'm Looking For A Sockpuppet...Can You Help Me Find A Good One?

What the FRACK is wrong with Hotmail tonight?

I think a big war is about to start in the GD room

I need some advice from you Loungers. Please read and advise!

HOW early does husb. need to get to airport if he only has a carry-on?

I wanna dip my balls in it!

I'm bullish on Rimmer

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Weird punchlines:

I am headed to Sockpuppets'R'Us - anyone need anything?

When your car's battery light goes on and stays on it means....?

Should I confront our dentist?

A toast to my small mechanical victory!

Police issue warning about super strength Cannabis

All terrain vehicles: What do you think about them?

Class vs No Class -- post your examples.

Xavier Rudd~My new obsession

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)

Happy birthday, dolo amber.

if you were a lawyer and a guy would you date me?

Has anyone seen the movie "Departed"?

Some happy UK fans out there. Tubby Smith QUIT...headed to Minnesota

YouTube Challenge! Post a David Bowie video!


My 17 year old cat, Tie Dye has passed over

Bay City Rollers suing former label for millions

Have any of the women here ever had amniocentesis?

I can't help it if I look possessed! :(

White Castle - are you a fan?

Who is your favorite popular scientologist?

Duer IntravenousDemilo to appear on Jeopardy March 23..

Where's the BEST hotdog from?

Simon Cowell will quit AI if Sanjaya Malakar wins

any other OCDs out there?

Apparently we don't get headaches enough in this house...


Where should I go out to celebrate my birthday?

Something different.... a Remember When thread!

Post your kid pictures here

Fucking college basketball on tonight instead of Survivor and CSI.

Can anyone recommend any good 80s alternative semi-obscure-but-good songs?

Is drinking allowed in RVs or do they have the same open container laws?

Chicago is to New York as Pyrite is to spanish dubloons.

On what subject do you have NO opinion.

Is anyone else having trouble with their internets?

DU Fantasy Baseball League - One Team remains


What is a "perch" error?

Botanists discover new bamboo species

Parrots' 'Hilt' Inn--bird boarding business (for real!)

I'm bored. Time for a picture thread!!!

Favorite Tom Robbins moment

A career of conning the Catholics

Rogers church links Pa. couple to fraud attempt

All Atheists are stupid, money grubbing cowards and make me want to puke.

Archbishops and Plagiarism

Why are some people who claim to be Christians so hateful?

Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior

Tony LaRussa popped for DUI--- and let me tell you---he was popped.

Tubby Smith leaving Kentucky for Minnesota?

So it's Sweet Sixteen Day: When does Duke play again?

Here ia another hopeful sign about Elizabeth Edwards!

looking for some astral vibes

Prince Charles, alternative therapies and those that denounce

Apropos nothing, a big shout out to ricochetastroman.

Is there any point in posting on the main boards any more?

Calling All Military JAG Officers

Mom, child found stabbed to death in Brockton, Mass. Father (Veteran) in custody

The Report on PDF on what they found at the VA's we are in trouble

More SERIOUS election stuff that needs to get to senator's office.

Please recommend this diary.

USA Today: Purpose found off the campaign trail

March Madness - JK Style

This doesn't sound good

History of Enforcement of Anti-Union Laws

March On Pentagon Protest (Gimme Shelter As Background Music) Excellent!

Seeing Double Jeff Bridges & George Bush Part 2

A Little More Action

Seeing Double; Jeff Bridges & George Bush Part 1

Tom DeLay: I Don't Know What Is In My Book

Leahy: What we're told we can get is Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Heritage in Focus: Keys to Winning in Iraq

Brave Bushie War Supporters Rough Up A Protester

Here is the amount of money the RNC spent on Smartech services:

3,225 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

"What do they have to hide?"

Riding the Crest of the Wave.

Someone put up a post about Distressed American and his wife a couple

West Coasters ...MSNBC,,, War Zone Diary

I put up a post in GD, it is not here. I can pull it up by looking in my DU but

Landrieu might be in for Governor's race

Mike malloy

Engels war diary

Helen Thomas: Bush Should Explain Why He Invaded Iraq

So can we expect Rove to be supoenaed today?

Need a Plame/Gonzales primer for clueless friends. Please advise.

Willie and wife are to be honored by Cindy at Easter.

Was Al Gonzales almost a SCOTUS nominee? ""..

Question? I know what Bill did said about Pot, Obama said .What about Hillary?

Looks like Snow job doesn't talk to Bartlett : MR. SNOW: Started with voter fraud?

The armor of God PJs that will help your kiddos sleep sound at night

E&P: "As each day passes, the phrase 'shades of Watergate' appears more and more often in the press"

Disrupting Power: A CODEPINK Activist Explains How To Stand On Your Chair & Yell For Justice

U.S. targeted Charlotte attorney...Gretchen C.F. Shappert prosecuted Sam Currin, a top NC Gop'er

Abuse victims help send bill for Senate vote

Obama seems like a Moran?

Victim Was Not Told Of Reduced Charges. Pastor Originally Faced Rape Count

Rush Limbaugh gets a courthouse for grandpa

Texas Man sues Catholic Diocese of Sacramento alleging abuse

Local priest says BSU College Repubklicans fliers are hurtful to migrants

Jane Smiley: Conservatives Cost A Lot Of Money

Sidney Blumenthal: What Bush Is Hiding

How can DU tolerate a thread like this! Shame on my beloved forum for allowing this!

John Bolton on TV in the UK last night

Duncan Hunter's son, Duncan Hunter, is running his father's

Rocky: “President Bush is a war criminal”

washington Journal just reported..Duncan Hunter's not gonna run for congress anymore

House immigration bill offers citizenship (if they leave first)

God bless you, Mary Elizabeth Anania Edwards.

Fallen trooper didn't believe in war

9-11 conspiracy info I didn't know....

Soldiers trapped in limbo

C-Span 2 showing the Gore presentation.. Hiilary up now.

Cornell Alumni Magazine's cover story on Keith Olbermann: "SMART BOMB"

2 jailed for illegally bulldozing someone else's land to build a church

Did anyone else notice how Imhofe called Gore "Senator?"

Question. Need help with dates of Gonzo testimony

All Atheists are stupid, money grubbing cowards and make me want to puke.

Secrecy, Danger Surround Genetic Engineering of Grapes

An 84-year-old woman confesses to molesting 11 year old boy

Newsday: Lawsuit challenges FBI's Patriot Act use

Thank you Mods---

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 3/22 -- Blink contest (and FAN MAIL)

I wonder what #41 thinks of #43 now that their whole scheme has/is being laid bare for all to see.

Idiot WaPo writer attacks Edwards - stupidest, meanest column except

Brit Hume's 1993 article where he defines the elements of a "Quagmire"

I can't help but be amused by this: Sit in at Vermont Rep's office

From now on, it's Sen. Asshofe

Waser pleads guilty to child porn charge. Former minister agrees to forfeit his computer, videos

Gingrich waves magic wand, states personal life is not an issue for Presidential candidates LINK

How anti-slavery Quakers invented the modern political campaign

Why wouldn't a president's aide give good advice just because he is on record?

Family of first-grader accused of harassment sues school system

Humor The tenseness of what is going down right now -

George Allen will become "Reagan Scholar"...

E.G.O. an ironic acronym for "extremely generous offer"

Why did bush slip that change into the patriot act to fire u s attorneys?

At yesterday's presser Tony said notes could be taken during interviews, not so according to WH

FAN MAIL! Pissed somebody off... lol

Tony Snow Lying on Today Show: "Everyone will get to see it."

Odd though related question for you world history buffs....

This cries out for photoshopping

Remember Watergate started out as just a bungled burglary, and look where that led...

more proof of bush fakery

George Bush is a...

"Raising the minimum wage is not improving people's lives." WTF?

A Father releases a fallen soldier's e-mails

Senator's Imhofe & Stevens Square Off In A Battle Of Wits On The Senate Floor

What is Bush Hiding?

Do you have friends that smoke pot? Most of mine do.

If they can believe earth is 6000 yrs old, then why not Global Warming?

Who will call for subpoenas on firing of a NOAA NWS Senior Hydrologist on climate change?

The picture of the idiot * with the cowboy hat on the left is driving me nuts!

MSM reporting 18-day GAP in email dump?

"Nothing, nothing, nothing" --Patrick Leahy on what bushco is offering

Some People are Just Crazy

Best wishes/good vibes to Elizabeth Edwards and family.

Tony Snow to (CBS) Harry Smith: "you are sounding more like a partisan over a reporter"

Judge strikes down Child Online Protection Act

Edwards to hold news conference on Elizabeth's health.....


BREAKING!!! MSRNC interviews Crying Girl!! I'm SERIES!!11!!

WOW!!! 519,414 signatures!! My email from Al Gore...

Los Alamos Employees Send SOS to Congress

Are you listening to the hearing

Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to AUTHORIZE SUBOPENAS.

Anyone watching the Senate regarding the vote on subpoenas?

You can watch the Senate Judiciary Committee on's pipeline right now!

Ken Blackwell on Today Show this am to talk anti-abortion--WTF!!??

In-Trade has New category to place odds on impeachment of Bush!

Valerie Plame for U.S. Senate!

Gee, I hope they got the RIGHT house ...

Subpoenas, offers and counter offers.


A little chuckle for you today ...

John Edwards vs. Newt Gingrich

Why don't we take what we can get? - Specter on CNN now

Subpoenas (Senate) are authorized!

Obama with a strong message, wowing them in Oklahoma

Subpoenas Approved ! Your turn cowboy (wannabe!)

Tobin conviction in phone-jamming case overturned

Leahy, Kennedy, and Specter debate whether to issue subpoenas to White House staffers - pics

Today Is World Water Day

Fielding: 'Interviews private, not sworn, no transcript, no future testimony or any future subpoena'

Those Twisted Diabolical Fiends!!

May Day 2007 Movement of Millions

I'm a Barack fanatic but this blog is funny

I can hear it now: "Hi, I'm Senator Leahy with the Senate Judiciary Committee...

CCN Lou Dobbs: 'Showdown' really a battle of partisan buffoons

CNN: Senate Judiciary Committee today authorized its chairman to issue subpoenas

EUCOM General concerned about lack of troops for primary missions

After Right-Wing Conference in Oregon, Darwin-Hitler Link Enters Public School

Doris Kearns Goodwin on TDS: "Unless Mr Bolton knows another Abraham Lincoln..."

Leahy: No, No, What We're Told We Can Get Is - Nothing, Nothing, Nothing

Global warming analogy

House starting debate on DC/Utah Vote Bill

Don't worry, Bushies, Leahy didn't actually ISSUE subpoenas...

Keith Olberman vs. MSNBC.....I dont get it.

terrorist threat a lot like internet stock bubble: remember talk of "old rules don't apply"?

They have klieg lights in front of Edwards home.

Gonzales: "What I care about is -- are we trading up? "

Some info on cancer spread from breast to bone

So, how would Bush have said this?

"THE Campaign Go On!!!!! Go Edwards

Isuue the Damn subpoenas NOW!

Pfiser has competition.

Sen. Inhofe says Gore will 'absolutely' run for president

I can't stand it anymore. They are on the ropes! Issue the subpoenas NOW!

Editorial in Green Bay Paper Re: Wage disparity.

How long will we have to wait now for the actual subpoenas to be issued?

Subpoena them NOW Leahy

Reduced Sentence In Works For Abramoff

You get a call from the US Marshal's office. They are short-handed and need help issuing subpoenas

Chicago police officer accused of beating up female bartender while off duty

Reuters reporting that Edwards is pulling out

Letter to my congress critter, and have you sent yours yet?

LA's Vicious War on the Homeless (horrible)

Can we do flowers for Elizabeth Edwards?

Proof of US orchestration of death squads’ killings in Iraq report on Edwards is wrong

Is Obama our Teflon candidate?

Elizabeth lost many pounds...I'm going to risk posting it

Tony Snow: "...if you lie, it's against the law. You could go to jail."

The GOPHers were claiming that issuing subopenas would tie up the WH in court

OMG, they've named a courthouse after Rush Limbaugh!

Letterman regular 'Bud' Melman dies

Kyle Sampson has a date with the Senate Judiciary Committee next Thursday.

terrorist threat a lot like internet stock bubble: remember talk of "old rules don't apply"?

Vasectomy may be linked to dementia

David Letterman regular Larry (Bud) Melman dies at 85

There Are No Politics To Our Political System Just Business Transactions

"It's Not About John Edwards" Elizabeth Edwards

1,400 veterans' facilities reviewed, over 1,000 reports of substandard conditions

Mortar rounds land 40 yards away from Iraq PM al-Maliki & UN Sec General Ban Ki-moon

FIRST Independent Accounting Of Allegations Against CIA Reports: "HIGHLY ABUSIVE CONDITIONS"

Cancer and health insurance

MUST SEE: Al Gore Video Testimony


Fineman falling over himself with praise...said that it was a "10" of

Hey, COULTERgeist!!1 You don't have a man like EDWARDS or any Dem at YOUR side!!1

A message to the Bush Administration and the GOP:

Use of the word "Performance" when speaking of firings

My weekly LTTE re:Childhood poverty

E. Howard Hunt and the MLK Assasination? my brother sent me this.

John Edwards: Campaign goes on...

Time for the MSM to revisit the Edward's "mansion" story?

Why the Progressive Caucus Should Vote No on War Money

I can't stand it anymore. They are on the ropes! Issue the subpoenas NOW!

Class, Dignity, Courage, Compassion, Intelligence- the Edwards

Sean Hannity Called. He Wants You To Name A Library After His Cat. (puke alert)

The interim subpoena step is to get all the documents.

Dwight Eisenhower on War

The “Straight Talk Express??”

A friend of mine survived cancer like this...

DOJ attributes email "gap" to the Thanksgiving holiday

traffic's up.

With best wishes to Elizabeth, let's look on the bright side -

Politico covering their asses. The "apology" has been removed and now you have to register to post!

Electronics retailer Tweeter to close 49 stores and fire 650 workers.

Regarding the Senate repeal of the United States Attorney appointments:

Congressional hearing on abuses and deceptions in the Sub-prime Mortgage loan industry

Utahn had a role in firings - E-mails show porn czar questioned U.S. attorneys' work

A short observation about Chimpy's latest executive privilege assertion:

CNN: Edwards' press conference to be a little late

Pennsylvania Toll Road Sale Details Kept Top Secret


Light a Virtual Candle for Elizabeth...

Is there any talk or news about emails beyond DU?

Here's A Question to Bush About His Conditional Offer .....

A history of Obama on Iraq

Elizabeth Edwards is a great example for not only women

Rocky, Hannity find a sparring date

Anyone else listening to the DC vote debate?


Speaking of USAttys -- DC USAtty

Obama and the "Joshua Generation"

Gotta Stop That Man!!

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Sir Elton John: "Shout the bigots down"

What happened to the "views"....

Please enlighten me as to why Senate just voted no on DeMint

Thread 2: Senate Judiciary Hearing on Subpoenas

I predict that if we wait longer than today to issue the subpoenas...

Wilson Civil Case Update

Elizabeth Edwards' first post at DU (screen cap)

Debate on war funding beginning on C-Span

Last night John Stewart was brilliant

SPECTER's ex-AID is UTAH US-Attorney

Two interesting quotes from United States v. Nixon

Elizabeth Edwards saying watch each others backs

Was the idea of 'values voters' giving the election to Bush created long before the 2004 election?

(NH republic) Jamming conviction reversed

The media and "smear" campaigns


Do Evil CEOs Sleep At Night? By Mark Morford

John Edwards (President) $20.08

"Not curable, but treatable"---cancer has recurred into a rib bone

I was drawn to support Bill Clinton when Nightline read his letter to the draft board

What branch of government does the "Administration" belong to?

Smartech has millions in government contracts. Cunningham Part Duke?

DEMS Say E-Mail Places BUSH's ROLE In FIRINGS At Center Of Subpoena Debate

"Report: Duke rape charges to be dropped"

Elizabeth Kucinich statement to the news of Elizabeth Edward's recurring cancer

Oil Prices Rise above $61.00 /Gallon

As the UN chief spoke of a more prosperous and secure Iraq a mortar round exploded 40 yards away

Credit counselors overwhelmed by U.S. mortgage crisis

LOL! Mittens endorsed SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson

GOD DAMNIT, CNN DOES IT AGAIN: Tim Walberg Labeled with a (D) this morning

Viacom Sued Over YouTube Parody Removal

WTF? Mega-gag alert

House debate on withdrawing troops. Official thread #1: Listen here:

First Batch of released DOJ emails (3/12) show activity during the "Gap"

Boehner's 60 Days Are Up

DNC: Former US Attorney Giuliani Stays Quiet on Scandal - GOP Hypocrite Alert!

New Drug Just Approved for late stage breast cancer- has been

FOR ELIZABETH Donations/ find a family without insurance to donate to??

Cafferty: No suicide bombers running around American cities.

We are, One Pissed Donkey,

DU this: Do you think more/less of John Edwards? 90% LESS!

No explanation was given for the discrepancy...

The media has turned the Congress/WH situation into a WWE-like spectacle

Norquist admits it: Repig dominance is about payback

Realtime this week: John Legend, Mayor Shirley Franklin, David Frum and Zbigniew Brzezinski

Inspector General Details Failures of Iraq Reconstruction

Here is a poll question for all of you fucking RW Ghouls

She Is Amazing

Orwellian name for "Straight Talk Express"? I vote for "Bullshit Bus"

If you could ask Elizabeth where to donate I have a hunch she would say John's campaign

Ultra-Pathetic Counter Clinton Library connected to

Edwards to Suspend Campaign

Why is the Bush Administration afraid to testify under oath?

Bill Maher: How Dare Valerie Plame Get Past Her Victimhood (HuffPost)

Orrin Hatch regarding Kyle Sampson: “Frankly, I will resent anyone who tries to hurt the man”

Judge Allows Daughters To Sue Over Father's Captivity In Iraq

I don't think any more WH staff will be jettisoned

What do you think will happen to Harry Smith of CBS for his questioning of Tony Snow ?

C-Span Capital News Poll Of The Day: "Is Human Activity Responsible For Global Climate Change?"

Commit a lifesaving act in honor of Elizabeth Edwards

Affair with teacher leads to slaying

Senate Panel OKs war bill with Iraq deadline

3228 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Today was proof that Edwards is a fighter.

Cooperstown NY Locals Call For Impeachment ("widely applauded")

Want to See Karl Rove Testify Under Oath?

Oh brother. Wolfie has DeLay on talking about Gingrich's hypocrisy.

So have the Freeps started attacking Edwards yet?

Maybe, just maybe, the Senate and House Judiciary members

Everytime I refresh this page I hope and pray that I see "The subpoenas have been issued"

Daily Show On Subpoenas: "The White House Is Adamant That Their Advisors...Retain The Right To Lie"

Former first lady Barbara Bush keeps Mississippi crowd laughing

A home grown idiot! (updated)

Hi Friends...Skinner has approved of a group effort to send flowers to Elizabeth.

US soldier gets 27-month in Iraq gang-rape case

The co. my husband works at is showing An Inconvenient Truth

What Would Jesus Download?

War leads to changes in the 'division ready brigade'

Looking for information on mysterious deaths of scientists

Dobbs is a Buffoon

Mary Matalin: Scooter Libby Still Needs Your Support

I've been asleep for two days

GOP Forces House Democrats To Pull DC Voting Bill

If you compare Thom Hartmann to...

Call the White House now! Ask what are they hiding, what are they afraid of.

Black Ops: Project X v. 2.0 - - - - - - ->> Reminder:

John Kerry: "Elizabeth is an example to everyone coping with cancer."

Light a candle for Elizabeth Edwards

GOP Rep: Iraq Is As "Under Control" As "Detroit Or Chicago"

You are cordially invited to a "subpizza party"...

Is there a debate scheduled for this April? I thought I caught a blurb on the TV,

HuffPo: The White House's "Voter Fraud" Fraud

George P. Bush selected for Navy Reserves

Did Rove, Harriet, Sampson, Justice act WITHOUT Bush's OK?

News Corp. & NBC to launch video site to compete with YouTube

Gingrich Confesses To Affair - Gingrich: 2008 race should avoid private lives of candidates

Texas is the unlikely home of biggest gay church - They say everything is bigger in Texas

I'd never heard of before. Now I know them as the ones who blew the Edwards story.

Superchimp: Crisis, What Crisis?

Rawstory covers the Gene Taylor furore from yesterday (includes video)

Making the case for the Dems doing nothing to stop the war.

Obey just asked for Hensarling's words to be taken down (CSPAN)

I'm too old for this!

Is The Newshour With Jim Lehrer a repeat from last night?

Bush is refusing because he has no other choice which won't open the floodgates...

Amazing Grace and how it applies to today

Going from bad to worse in Iraq

Sen. Patrick Leahy Coming Up On CNN's Lou Dobbs

He started getting nervous when his boss began scheduling meetings around the rapture

Why is Fugger trashing Sampson

Elizabeth Edwards: IDEA

96% of MoveOn Members Did Not Show Support for the Pelosi Bill

Dana Bash says probably no supoenas till AFTER spring break

The bone for sure and prob. the LUNG (per her doc).

What experiences have you had with the religious right/lunatic fringe? (repost from other board)

So where's the $8 billion and who's taking overseas trips to wash it?

Know what we need? "Survivor- DC"

Iraq - UN Secretary General shaken by Mortar Attack

IF there was any DOUBT that ABC has jumped the shark--Glenn Beck on GMA?

Progressives Deliver Pivotal Votes on Iraq

Another USA comes forward - Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case

Is the surge working? Is there a site with stats on this?

Elizabeth (A message from John Edwards)

Wall Street's Plot to Seize the White House

The Pensive Pretzeldent! [PICS]

U.S. Suggests Cutting Abramoff Sentence

When Iglesias said he was pressured by Wilson and Domenici, he was under oath...

"Wade Edwards Learning Lab"

I Like Flowers, dammit! And I don't see any problem with sending them to great people

Ecuador to help tribes sue Chevron

More than donations, a better tribute you can make to Elizabeth Edwards

So why did Senator Frist go all the way to Dar fur?

Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP claim Victory in Iraq

Would be nice to start hearing all those GOP soundbites from '98-99 like

The Elephant in the Doctor's waiting room, re: Elizabeth Edwards


Pakistan tests nuclear-capable cruise missile

Bookmaker's Odds on Catching Bin Laden, Cheney Resigning, Smirk Impeachment, Gonzo Going!

Harry Reid: Rove is the target

Tweety pecked away at a Republicongressman until only a phony smile and a bunch of teeth remained

URGENT ACTION: Call Congress: Vote “No” on More $$ for Iraq Occupation

U.S. Suggests Cutting Abramoff Sentence

U.S. Urged to Abandon Trials by Military Tribunals

How much would you sacrifice to end the occupation in Iraq?

Chicago's Finest?: Off-Duty Cop Caught On Tape Beating Bartender

" A Cat in Every Tree"

Please help me debunk this email

Tell your reps to vote for the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, and Iraq Accountability Act database: 1120 sickened; 502 dead from recall food

Randi's sub is backing John Edwards in the Dem primaries

Democrats Boost Funding for Veterans Neglected by Bush's Mishandling of Iraq War, Walter Reed

Loyal Bushies

True or False: we are heading for a Constitutional crisis of Nixonian magnitude.

Surgeon offers answers on metastatic breast cancer

VIDEO: Tony Snow Gets Into It With CBS' Harry Smith Over Atty Scandal

Now I have read all the lame justifications

Cornell Alumni Magazine Profiles Keith Olbermann: "SMART BOMB"

A Simple Poll On The Supplemental:

Women on the supreme court.

Letter from Senate Judiciary Committee to Fred Fielding

I just donated to John Edwards' campaign

Got to ask? Why are we going after our own Democrats

(FIORE) Right-Wing Ralphie's Don't Askiversary

Tweety just smacked down Cantor (R-Virginia) big time!

Prosecutor: Bush Appointees Interfered In Tobacco Case-Costing Taxpayers BILLIONS!

Progressives Pledge Votes on Iraq

Time to try Iraq war leaders-Spanish judge Garzon

Last time Rove had to testify under oath was 1991 - and it was ugly

Woman buys over $1,000 worth of tainted pet food after recall -- on purpose.

My blood pressure just shot up

Affording the new Hybrid...NOT.

my gut tells me that bushco will blink on the subpoenas

Sen Dorgan on CSPAN2 is highlighting tax dodges by corrupt corps....

breaking on faux from Gonzales

George Soros: On Israel, America and AIPAC

Thursday TOONS: "Fishing Expedition" Edition

Attention all PS3 owners!

John Oliver is the most hilarious guy on tee vee

Create your own Shakespearean insult.

Remote-controlled poison dart shooter found at horse race track...

"Your date's over, mister"


Christopher Hitchens: "Patrick Fitzgerald is the stupidest prosecutor in the history of the world…"

GOP Forces House Democrats To Pull DC Voting Bill

Your perception of insurance companies?

USE GOP MYTH about how Reagan beat Soviets to show Bush damage

How long will it take Limpback, Orally and the rest

"This American Life" gets a great review

254-Pound 7-Year-Old May Be Removed From Parents' Home

I got a big knot in my throat regarding Elizabeth Edwards.

Japan to Resume Antarctic Whaling

Could You Survive a Gas Ration???

It's Been an 'All Out War' on Pot Smokers for 35 Years (AlterNet)

Have the Freepers starting posting death wishes for Elizabeth Edwards yet?

Pet food recall update, Thurs 3-22-07

Bush's shit was saved while he traveled abroad?

Kitty Kelley: Why aren't the Bush daughters in Iraq?

Hilarious RS article on House GOP hypocritically whining about minority rights

Novak's Rude Awakening

BBC: John "Dolt" Bolton admits US blocked Lebanon truce

Snow: Congress has no oversight power, can't supoena

Everyone looks askance at him..

Inhofe: How come you guys never notice when it gets cold?...

For all of you who argue that Hillary is unelectable and "conservative" ...

Something about Elizabeth Edwards breast cancer that was just reported

"Not enough votes?" Vote anyway. I want to know who sides with me and who sides with Bush.

According to Tony Snow, my eighth grade social studies teacher

"Do you have a really stubborn demon who just will not budge?"

Senator Leahy to Contractors: "Jail is waiting."

Democrat silenced on House floor for Katrina remark

SNOW: "Executive Branch DOESN'T Have to Do Anything-Legislative Branch Has No Oversight Of WH".

Is morality just brain chemistry?

OK, so how rich are YOU?

It's not an either or, show your love for Elizabeth by one or more of these ways....

So has Rove been subpoenaed yet?

Dems are showing weakness by not issuing subpoenas now

An important act beginning to make its way through the leg. process: Executive Branch Reform Act

What do you guys...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Tony Snow basically asserts dictatorial power for WH

Post a Message for DUer Elizabeth Edwards

Need Help On Debunking Of Al Gore's "Huge" Energy Bill

LA Gov. Blanco says her greatest failure was not switching to Repub. after Katrina and Rita

"Our Son Joshua, Iraq Veteran" - READ THIS if you care about Iraq vet suicides.

R. Parry "The U.S.News Media's 'War on Gore' - NEVER Forget, make them pay

Research on SmarTech's CEO Jeff Averbeck: his INPUT into Microsoft's Small Business Server

US News Media's "War on Gore" (Why does the press seem to hate him?)

David Iglesias up next on Hardball, talking about his Justice Dept. firing.

ELIZABETH EDWARDS SAYS "Donate Directly to Campaign"

A question about Hummers:

An AOL Poll To DU On The Subpoenas!

In lieu of flowers for Elizabeth Edwards, please make a donation to the American Cancer Society

Can somone make an Elizabeth and John avatar?

Charges Readied Against Reagan Aide Stockman

Stage IV breast cancer 5 year survival rate is 20%

Feinstein resigns from Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee after critical expose

Newsweek: Bigger WH showdown looming - Dems probing allegations of torture of detainees

GOP Reps continue to bleat , "Support the troops." Fuck that! I was the troops!

Two Zippy's! On Li'l Bush -- and Darth Cheney:

Anybody wondering when Lou Dobbs changes the name of his show to the "Wetback Report"?

Soledad O'Brien to Tony Snow: "I have people yelling in my ear..."

DON'T legalize marijuana...

John Edwards: "Thank You"

How do you even begin to describe the disgust? outrage?

You can usually tell allot from someone's remarks

California today issues proposed criteria re Electronic Voting

This is just SICK! I'm so DAMN tired of child molesters and

PLEASE DU this ABC Poll: Should Menu Foods Continue to Test Deadly Food on Animals?


Robert Parry: WPost Prints New Wilson/Plame Attack

Classy move by Hillary Clinton


So what exactly have we stumbled onto with the SMARTech Corp nameserver?

GwB43: The White House, vote theft, and the email trail

It is coiled like a spring. It could strike any time...

Here is why the Bush White House is scared to death of subpoenoes....

Exploring the Role of Internet Advertising in American Politics (TAKE THIS SURVEY)

Blanco says she would have gotten better help for her state if she had been Republican.

"According to the New York Times, however, two friends said that they believed the news was bad."

Senator Clinton, if you really want to win, here's what you need to change

DiMasi retracts remark on hugging Senate leader

Signs of the end times? One possible ...

See how your Senator Voted: S. J. Res. 9; A joint resolution to revise United States policy on Iraq.

soleded Is Actually Showing Shades Of Journalism With snowjob This Morning

Is It Me Or Has Cheney Been Eerily Silent On This AG Scandal?....

We should all handle justice the Bushie Loyalist s way...

Durbin, Specter introduce new campaign-finance bill

Sen Judiciary Hrg on Subpoenas ~~ Is there a link for this hearing?

Sen Reid, "Anyone who would take that deal isn't playing with a full deck,"

It's not a 'gap', it's a 'lull'

sorry dupe

What do you say when you hear rupugs saying that this is a "witch hunt"

Can Tucker Carlson possibly be as morally obtuse as

"liberal" Hollywood's portrayal of Bushco

Rabbi at NIH claims his dismissal was discrimination, retaliation

More on Dick Cheney's connections to Duke Cunningham scandal

The perfect way for the cabal to keep bad news (for them) off the front page .......

bush uses executive privilege to get Plame and Walter Reed off the front page

FACT CHECK: Conservatives Attacking Schumer Don’t Mention D’Amato’s ‘Conflict Of Interest’

What makes emails and a few attorney purges

Why the Progressive Caucus Should Vote No on War Money

After watching War Time Diary thing last night

Congressman (R) compares Iraq and Detroit (AP)

rove wouldn't raise his right hand for the armed forces either

Poor Karl Rove is a victim of VICIOUS Partisan Politics! WAH!!!

Feingold Statement on the Misuse of Patriot Act Powers

Bush: revealing my crimes hurts the victims

Senate Judiciary just Authorized SUBPOENAS!!

Call the White House now! Ask what are they hiding, what are they afraid of.

Quinnipiac: All three top Dems lead in Ohio...Hillary leads primary race

"A Kind and Generous Thing They're Doing"---Dr. Bernadine Healy

Remember the look of shock on GW and KKKarl's faces after the election?

Live feed of Edwards here -->

Corporate Muzzling Of Politics (

Can we get a list of the loyal Bushie USA's?

Bushes, "Get out of jail free card"

Gonzales: I’m Staying For The Kids

Lapdog, meet watchdog. What’s gotten into the political press? arm of the MSM...owned by Allbritton Communications...

Why we should be proud of the Edwards.

Poor decision by CNN

Subpoenas For Rove, White House Aides Expected To Be Authorized Today

Edwards on CNN now

Catch 3,228

Edwards to Suspend Campaign

Now Is It Time For Elder Repugs To Go To The WH To Tell * To Resign Or.....

I knew this was coming...

E-mails on attorneys’ firings could impact privilege case

Lou Dobbs misses the boat

How can Tony Snow say all this crap with a straight face?!?!

White House Fight Might Turn on Bush's Role

The Gap or "Lull" Defined

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3220 + U.S. Soldiers Died So Iraqi's Can Now Get Tattoos......

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Help me; need some ideas please


A Gift To the Repubs, Young And Old

How long till is accused of wanting kids to see porn on the Web?

Ode to geoRGE - a poem by Global1

"All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait ....

Poll: Support for Military Action Down (AP)

I Heard Today That Gonzo Says He Won't Resign And He Will Go Up To The Hill....

Grassley supports Rove, Miers subpoenas.

Specter, O'Neill, Moschella, Sampson, Tolman

Executive branch budget....

So when do the actual subpoenas go out to the various "victims"? lol nt

I bet Gonzo's job is secure for now -- and here's why.

Boehner’s 60 Days On Iraq Are Up

John Conyers: Subpoenas and Executive Privilege

Panel Authorizes Subpoenas for Administration Officials

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Senate committee approves Iraq redeployment plan.

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Romney cools friendship with Rocky. (Utah Mayor)

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Need research paper ideas!

You Pick 'Em: "March Madness" Presidential Contest

(Former MD Governor) Ehrlich to Endorse Giuliani today...

party affiliation - GOPers read it and weep

2008 Presidential Forum To Feature Questions From ThinkProgress Readers

Print this out, send to Tony (might not hurt to send a copy to Il Duce as well)

Gonzales: staying for the kids

Terry Curtis Fox: It's Time to Think About an Independent Prosecutor

Vice President Cheney gets symbolic impeachment. (and now the real thing)

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Jon Stewart for president!

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Raygun's budget director expected to be indicted on accounting fraud

Mattresses, Tomato Sauce, and Bread

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Edwards is wrong to continue his campaigning

Demoted U.S. attorney (GUAM) protested office shutdown, loss of resources

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Elizabeth Kucinich statement to the news of Elizabeth Edward's recurring cancer

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Politico has egg on its face today...

So Tollman slips the provision into the bill and then gets himself appointed as USA?

About the diagnosis of Elizabeth Edwards

Kerry statement on John and Elizabeth Edwards. sues parent company of Comedy Central

Obama's statement on Elizabeth Edwards on his website.

Ellen Goodman: The Ultimate Taboo (A "Godless" politician)

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Do you think Code Pink's tactics against Pelosi help or hurt the cause?

DLC...: While direct US talks with Iran may help Iraq..misconduct demands more forcefu respopnce