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Archives: March 21, 2007

Impeachment on a Silver Platter--No Strings Attached! (Purgegate)

"Why I Was Fired" by David C. Iglesias

Gore Returns to Capitol Hill a Hero and a Target

Conservatives Cost a Lot of Money (Jane Smiley at HuffPost)


E-Mails Reveal Tumult In Firings and Aftermath

LAT: Disabled soldiers face uphill battle (getting disability pay)

Has Bush pulled the bow so far back that he's finally loosened the arrow of American Socialism?

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,223


Outsourcing's Next "Victims": Deaf People

GOP Braces For Testimony Fight, Likely Gonzales Exit

Wounded vet struggles with deeper injuries

San Francisco ballpark gets solar power system

Why did they really change Daylight Savings Time?

Canary Island to be powered solely by renewables (wind & hydro)

Effects Of Carbon Dioxide & Climate Change On Ocean Acidification & Carbonate Saturation - AGU

The 1979–2005 Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Extent From Passive Microwave Data - AGU

If Americans Knew the Truth about Palestine (Statistics)

ahemm..cough votes?cough...

IMPEACH NOW! HCPB"s NOW! Let there be transparency, justice, and rule of law or fascism forever. nt


Impurists & the "All or Nothing" Approach: Does it Apply to Rights in Democracy?

DOJ official expressed qualms about Bogden's dismissal

John McCain Begins Florida Campaign Blitz In Miami

Russia Pulling Out of Iran Nuke Project

F.B.I. Is Warned Over Its Misuse of Data Collection (Dupe)

F.B.I. Is Warned Over Its Misuse of Data Collection

GOP lawmakers rip 'biased' NASA scientist on warming; 'Free speech is subject to policy'

Oil-Gas Congress Underway in Cuba

Dems turn to Bush-style budget tricks

Cuba supporters break up prison protest (AP)

FBI Violations May Number 3,000, Official Says

Sensing Shift in Bush Policy, Another Hawk Leaves

GOP source: Gonzales 'made no friends with Republicans'

‘Ghost troops’ still help fill Iraq’s lacking ranks

BBC: Do you support calls for President Bush's impeachment?

Chicago Woman Sues Over Pet Food Recall

'We want this baby polar bear dead' say animal rights lobby

Minister: Cuba open to American investment in oil ventures, but blocked by U.S.

Democratic Leaders Rally Prominent Party Members To Support Iraq War Bill

Anti-War Dems Near Defeat on Spending Bill

Being a millionaire just isn't the same these days

Consumer Confidence Plunges Amid Rising Gas Prices

GM pits hybrid Aura vs. Toyota

Is Crooks and Liars down?

Is there any difference between premium and generic pet food (besides cost)?

"creepy russian playgrounds" frightening!

The next time I post a poll, I won't put in self-recriminating options

A little bit of planning could have prevented this awkwardness

Whoa. Level 1?

Melinda Doolittle wonderful again!!!

he`s back in the states with a retrospective of his work.....yup it`s---

Malloy just hit one out of the park!

I started diction lessons today

I think the heat is working again!!! Warmth! Hot Water!

I watched the Rolling Stones in "Gimme Shelter" this weekend 36 years later.

Maddox is back....

Sadism or Schadenfreude? Which do you participate in most often?

Is it just me or has the lounge been a little strange lately?

What happened to those little squares you click to hide threads?

Who hasn't clicked on THIS thread?

last night i found a movie channel i didn't know i had and watched "Burnt offerings" on it.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Josh Hamilton, bonus baby, a compelling story

"hey Mom this Led zeppelin band is pretty good"


How long does a personal statement essay have to be?

Prezidential race...

***For Pickle Lovers Only*** (this is NOT a sex thread)

Is there something special or symbolic about jewelry

Is that Talia Shire in the Geico commercials? Settle a bet please

Let's have some fun. Would you say I'm a bitter person?

Are there any mods awake?

Is that a Tal Shiar in the Geico commercial?

Lucinda Williams on Letterman tonight (Adam Sandler hosting)

I have to leave my computer on all night.

"Dancing with the Stars" Anybody want to admit to watching it?

previously, on "Real Housewives of Who Gives A Rat's Fat Ass"...

Sockpuppet Sex Question...

It's official: Suburbans SUCK!

Good Duplicates Check For Citizens...

Negra Modelo, enchiladas de queso y chile colorado, y frijoles.

Whatever happened to the Crunchberry Beast?

What do the words "Radio Free Europe" mean to you?

I'm thinking about starting a jazz band. Who wants in?

So they just panned in to a girl weeping hysterically on American Idol.

Please remove. My pants.

How old were you when you first got it on!

ssshhh! Idol's on

Could somebody PM me some horseradish?

"Now you keep it down back there lady, or I'm gonna have to, you know, shoot you."

So anti-abortion is now called pro-birthday?

so, have you seen zodiac yet?

Dave Letterman is sick tonight? Adam Sandler is hosting.

John Baldry .. big bad Long-John!

"This is Miami...." Anybody going to Winter Music Conference?

What does your DU username mean?

Here's to looking forward to the weekend.

Any other mid-century modern fans here?...

Sorry lady, but this ain't the window's fault; it's yours.

.0004 = four tenths.

Check out my friend's paintings...

Does anyone in the Lounge play Hold 'Em Poker?

Imminent constitutional crisis

New JK blog post up. A must see!

Fallen soldier's dad tells Bush: 'This war is wrong' -- help needed spreading word

self delete.

John Kerry's March Madness!

Cleveland Elections Board Told to Resign

did anyone see Bush's press conference on the US attorneys today?

New diary at Daily Kos

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq on CNN

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq on Fox 5


Joe Kennedy's Citgo Commercial

Dennis Kucinich on his Universal Healthcare Plan

THE TIME HAS COME (Beds are Burning)

Why Congress shouldn't pass the supplemental

Interesting survey I just took for NBC

So my sister just called and said *bush is having a hissy on TV??

Applying Pressure on Gonzales: GOP Senators up for Re-Election in 08

Chávez and Venezuela: Duty, not Charity, to Haiti

Political Changes In Latin America Likely To Continue

I cant seem to link to crooks and liars?

Venezuelan Fuel Oil Program Praised For Aiding Many Poor Tribes In US

Public Still Supports Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

WTF??? Salazar and Tancredo rip Gonzales???

Something I don't understand about what Bush said today

Bush To U.S. Attorneys: You Were Fired, But Thanks For Your Service!

Bush is like a bratty kid begging for a spanking--Impeach Now!!

Was Bush Regime Subpoenaed and Under Oath For 9-11 Commission?

Ever seen any Snow Donuts?

Clinton snags top N.H. political insider (Shaheen)

Joe Scarface strongly defends Bug Man Delay

Tonite's episode of "The Unit"

Hubert Humphrey quotes

Rep. Joe Sestak Scheduled Speech to Muslim Group Causes Uproar

1996: GOP gets 40,000 pages, still issues Contempt of Congress

Did anyone just see Scarboroug?

Remember "No Controlling Legal Authority"? Today Was the GOP's NCLA Speech


What happened to "Views?" after replies and recs? nt

those were the days--Saturday, September 20, 1969--where are they now

bush's really has 2 choices and both will get him in the end.

Asshole John Bolton (fmr UN Ambassador) on the Daily Show tonight

Which picture do you like better?

Bush-Nixon bumper sticker

"Lucky me. I hit the trifecta."

you guys REALLY need to join us on the Mike Malloy thread...

rush limbaugh: "Barak, the Magic Negro"

I am on my LapTop here live feed Anti -War Chicago

THIS is why Bush doesn't want Rove under oath.

the lesson learned here, alberto?


Deja Vu - Watergate

The punishment for having sex in front of a 9-yr.-old kid? Probation.

On March 21, Tell Congress to Restore Habeas Corpus and Dismantle the Military Commissions Act

we tried to tell them.

Can Someone Set Andrew Sullivan's Appearance On Countdown...

World's first all-female peacekeeping force deployed to Liberia

Israel and US hold simulated missile defense exercise

Robert Seldon Lady in hiding, subject to extradition to Italy in Muslim cleric kidnapping

Perhaps we need to put up some signs around this country

The one commodity that has caused the most....

Connect the Bush* political dots for the enhanced political picture

"If they don't have anything to hide, then Rove et. al shouldn't MIND being

The DOJ should recuse itself now. (Sorry if this point has already been made)

The end game.

Though I'm grateful Bloomberg is finally stepping up... but he's still an ASSHAT!!!

SLC Mayor Rocky just on with OReilly

If you've nothing to hide, testifying under oath shouldn't be a problem...

The U.S. Attorney document gap.

Replay of FRONTLINE: "A Solders Heart" about the Iraq/PTSD problem on Tonight!

If Bush replaced Prosecuters with hand picked choices...

The Twit sure has been quiet since her testimony! :)

Visit Sunny Guantanamo Bay - Virtualy!

The Daily Show is funny

Special Prosecutor on US Attorney Lam's Firing Is Possible, Legal Experts Say

You know ladies and gentlemen, this gate is going to be called Watergate II...

It's Time To Re-Enact the Independent Special Counsel Act

Despite 'Mommy Guilt,' Time With Kids Increasing

More rwingnut hatred (new bumper sticker and pro-war protestors)

Ya gotta love Boston Legal! If you saw ittonight, you know what I mean.

Hundreds Arrested At White House Christian Anti-War Protest

Ending the war is a moral issue - Send a letter to your Congressperson

I don't know WHY everyone is so upset!! Clinton randomly fired US attorneys too!!

So whats the protocol?

Purge Scandal: Right Wing Talking Points Going Mainstream -- Again

Cheney’s Office Involved in Global Warming Manipulation

Comedy Channel just flexed its muscles. TWO fmr US Ambassadors to the UN in ONE hour!

"Loyal Bushies" -- the new word to hang around the GOPs neck

John Bolton on The Daily Show right now!

How does the voting public perceive the US Attorneys' scandal ?

Democrats must insist that bush aides are under oath, and in public

White House Just-Us gave Patrick Fitzgerald ''No Recommendation'' rating!

3,223 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Offensive flyer from BSU Republican club...what the hell were they thinking???

For those who boycott establishments that show Faux, what would

ruh roh shaggy....china says no more dollars. very..very bad.

VA closes Hillsboro clinic

We won't have Duncan Hunter to kick around anymore (retiring)

It is Just Me Or Did Bush hurt his case in his rant today.

E. Howard Hunt's deathbed video revelation on JFK - How will lone-gunman advocates spin it?

Complete this: "If U.S. troops are still in Iraq in November 2008, ______

Dave Letterman is sick tonight? Adam Sandler is hosting.

Star in New Role, Gore Revisits Old Stage

White Hot Rage by Cindy Sheehan

Senator eyes another attorney departure

The U.S. Attorney Document Gap (emails from mid-Nov-Dec missing)

Britain to add an extra $1 billion to their budget to take care of children

Holy Crap! John Bolton is the guest on The Daily Show tonight!

Gergen on CNN: why won't this admin let the staff testify?

Pet food recall may result in CLASS ACTION Lawsuit (CBS News)

The key ingredient in making the Bush administration so corrupt: a docile media

Any Russian Speakers out there? Does Chertoff mean "of the devil"

NYT: I.R.S. Agents Feel Pressed to End (Corporate) Cases

Should Jon Stewart Join an MSM outlet?

US Attorney Iglesias fires a broadside at the Bushies (NYT op-ed)


Waiting to clamp the umbilical cord after birth has lasting health benefits for babies

* threatened these Democratic Members of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

REMINDER: Al Gore to Testify to Both Houses of Congress Tomorrow

Delay calls Clinton Slimy

Patrick Leahy suggested today the BushCo regime was erasing large portions of documents!

A couple of images came to mind upon hearing Bush's rant this evening...

Let's stop being the "surveilled" society and become the "surveilling" society

Why can't the "real" media be like Jon Stewart?

For Quite Some Time Now We've Wanted A Constitutional Showdown. Well Here We Go. Buckle Up Tight,

HEADLINE: Bush losing political allies amid WAVE of crises

The media will decide if the Attorney scandal brings down the Bushies.

The GOP wants to make a comeback??Gonna be hard .The Peeps have seen their deciet, their criminality

A Nosedive In The Desert- Saudi Oil Production Dropping

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Police dept holds contest to see who can arrest the most drunk drivers

Regarding "Executive Privilege" .....

CNN asks students: what is your opinion towards the war in Iraq?

Toyota Ahead in 2007 Recalls ( a new email I just received)

Baby photo rejected for passport - hair too spiky.

Pampers are not an invention of the devil

President Icehead: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!

Right-Wing Amendment Forces Katrina Victims To Find A Job Before Receiving Aid

Summer's last day included lecture on being 'better girl' (Just makes me sick)

Protest Pics! Portland, OR March 18th (dial-up warning!)

MIke Malloy just said Howard Hunt made a deathbed confession about JFK

Repeat after me, "WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?" The question is

Jon Stewart OWNED Bolton just now!!!

My manic-depressive cycle has now shortened from its normal 43

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: BlackSchwarzeneggerWater

Ohio inmate's execution halted by US Supreme Court (Biros)

A Quote From Dwight Eisenhower..............Peace! Even Liberals can kick ass!

Waxman connecting some dots himself on global warming info manipulation:

What we should do to the media in 2008

No excuses, this is not a national security matter

A Million Deaths in Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel: ‘Two Blocks from the White House’ (The Nation)

If Chertoff nominated to replace Gonzo, whats the process ?

freepers divided

Has everyone done the presidential candidate poll on AOL?

" expedition..."

Update On Pet Food Recall

The US attorney mess

Of The Top Three Dems, Who Leads From His/Her Gut?

Have you seen the latest "Barack 1984" video slamming Obama?

Lest they forget - they are doing MY business on MY dime and MY government accounts to ME!!

Bush himself set the bar so low a long time ago that he is permanently hunched over

ahhh-nuld making sense???? I REALLLLLY need a drink!!

What Would Happen To * If He Didn't Have The Dems Around To Act As Foils?......

Bush today:

Lest we forget how much fun Repub Attorney Generals can be . . .

Russert just said, regarding Attorney firings


Sounds familiar - Nixon's Articles of Impeachment

MoveOn poll results re: Pelosi's proposal on Iraq

Maintaining an oversized mega-embassy in Baghdad

Bill Clinton's approval rating...

KO caught it, and so did I-- "the USA's serve at OUR pleasure"-- not even attempting to pretend

Was The AG of Texas - Tom Delay's AG - Involved In This Current Gonzo Scandal?.....

Would You Skip A Day of Work To Take To the Streets?

Tinfoil Hat Pressed On and Ready....

United States Vs. Nixon....this is the precedent.

We need to all stand up so that this government has to stand down

Blair's successor Gordon Brown described as being "STALINIST"

Tauscher( D-CA) Blasts Bush For ‘Criminal’ Management Of Military...

Schmidt: Scandal 'overblown'

A post that some aren't going to like: Don't count your subpoenas before they hatch

Smart Bombs?

Bush cornered?

Who did chucklenutz think he was talking to today?


Former Los Angeles US Attorney - Uh Oh

The machine is behind Hillary - Yet Another major endorsement Shaheen in NH

Why are the girly men (and women) of this White House so afraid of "under oath"

Anyone a little uneasy about the probable path of these subpoenas for Mier and Rove etc.?

Is This What Is Going To Make The Dems Back Down........

A brief history of so-called "executive privilege"

Fred Fielding's letter tells me a lot.

I think the President of the United States should be picked by lottery...

Star in New Role, Gore Revisits Old Stage

League of Conservation Voters Applauds John Edwards' Global Warming Plan

NYT Editorial calls Bush's remarks "nasty and bumbling"

Edwards cancels Iowa campaign appearance to be with Elizabeth for Dr's appointment

Hillary Clinton is as American as baseball and apple pie

Edwards Announces Bold Energy Plan (plan will halt global warming and create a new energy economy)

Edwards Calls on White House to Come Clean on Firing of U.S. Attorneys (hard-hitting statement)

Tom DeLay told Meredith Viera today that all the charges had been dismissed against him.

What a Load (Equality in the Workplace) By Linda Hirshman TAP

Amy Goodman: Chiquita’s Slipping Appeal (Truthdig)

Spread of Free Trade Agreements Threatens Poor Countries

Baby Boom Gone Bust

Eric Boehlert: New York Times continues its War on Gore

Is There an Executive Privilege to Lie?

Occupation of Iraq a failure, Chalabi says

Paul Begala: Dems, It's Time To Go Fox Huntin'

Mushroom-Clouded Thinking

I Miss Nixon (by Ken Levine at HuffPost)

Mark Mellman: Hounding Fox News coverage

"Preserve, Protect And Defend The Constitution Of The United States"

Ann Coulter on Global Warming and Faggots

Sudan's president denies war crimes, calls U.S. war criminals


Why Haven't They Impeached Bush Already? (Dave Lindorff)

Stephen Crockett: Republican RICO-Style Abuse of Power

Mushroom-Clouded Thinking (

Democrats to Bush: Bring it on..... It's called Majority Power

Justice Dept. Used Pregnancy As Excuse To Appoint Griffin, Possibly Violating Discrimination Act

John Nichols: The Bring the Troops Home Amendment

Bush Supports Gonzales: Expressing His Contempt for the American People

The Hypocritical Christian Right is being 'Left Behind'

NYT: It Wasn’t Just a Bad Idea. It May Have Been Against the Law.

David Corn: Hope Vs. Experience (RE: Clinton)

Cornel West: What It Means to Be a Leftist in the 21st Century

The Nation: Gonzales & Guam

Defense spending soars to highest levels since World War II

What's missing from the document dump

Saddam Has the Last Laugh (by Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

"A cakewalk"

Showdown looms for Bush, Congress

Chicago's prosecutor mediocre? Hardly, FBI says

Inquiry revisits accusations that Justice Dept. protected lawmaker(Rep. Charles Taylor R-NC)

US looks to sell arms in Gulf to try to contain Iran (Boston Globe)

Conason: Bush Fantasy, Obama Reality

The business of energy conservation (voltage regulators, software automatically turns off pcs)

Catalyst could help turn CO2 into fuel

Now we're talking -- Solar PV Prius

AFP Marshall Islands declares emergency as water runs out (lack of rainfall)

Spain's wind energy reaches new high

(Maine maple) Syrup season slowly dripping by

Gore issues resounding call for nuclear phase-out in House hearings.

So was the "HockeyStick" graph debunked?

Global boom in coal power – and emissions

New Carbon-Dioxide Tracking Developed - AP

Effects Of Higher CO2, Ocean Acidification Already Showing Up In Mussels, Oysters - Telegraph

ChimpCo EPA Won't RequireLarge CAFOs To Report On Air Pollution; Also, Manure NOT Hazardous Waste

Zaki Yamani: US Or Israeli Attack Against Iran = $100 Oil - Bloomberg

£25 fridge gadget that could slash greenhouse emissions

Malaria-Resistant Mosquito Developed

Portugal Trying To Contain Deadly Pine Wilt Nematode Within 1/9th Of Nation's Forests - Reuters

Aus. - Murray River Has Set New Low-Flow Records Every Month Since 6/06 - Climate Elephant In Room

Hong Kong, Not Southern China, Responsible For Worst Of Its Own Smog - Reuters

Average Annual Rainfall In Greece Down 30% Since 1970s - Desertification Threatens South Of Country

Uganda to replace forest reserve with sugar plantation - DPA

WP: The CBS Report That Helped 'Silent Spring' Be Heard

Gulf Governments Plan Oil Pipelines - AP

The Ascent of Humanity

Utility Chiefs Wary of Emission Limits - AP

Brief halt for Indonesia mud flow - BBC

Science turns sun, surf into green energy

Knesset okays opening academy to promote Arabic language

Hamas forces kill Fatah gunman in factional clashes in Gaza Strip

Aid to Palestinians Rose in ’06 Despite an Embargo

US envoy defies Israel by holding talks with Palestinian minister

Soros and Media Heavyweights Attack Pro-Israel Lobby’s Influence on U.S. Policy


Israel hit by general strike

Cuyahoga Election chair Bennett fights back

BRAD BLOG: PFAW's Position on DRE (touch-screen) Voting is Damned Dangerous to Democracy...

A little recommend help for kpete's excellent work please folks!

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 3/21/07-Better Late Than Never

X-Posted from GD: So SMARTECH, company that hosts, ALSO hosted the OHIO ELECTION RETURNS

CONGRESS; Debating Voting Rights Amidst a Sea of Taxation without Representation

NOTICE: WHY "Ballot Marking Devices" Make Our Work SO HARD

Fitrakis/Wasserman: Blowback from Ohio's 2004 Stolen Election is Escalating

Star in New Role, Gore Revisits Old Stage

Defense vows crackdown on fraud in Iraq

Identity of ParkRidge47 YouTube Hillary, 1984 Video Parody

Renzi inquiry at issue in ouster(USA Charlton)

Senators want Mercer to select 1 job(USA waiting for confirmation of #3 position in DOJ)

Japanese rally against Iraq war as U.S. general visits

Senate Bill Would Mandate Disclosure of Data Mining

Russia will not back excessive Iran sanctions

US looks to sell arms in Gulf to try to contain Iran

U.S. concerned by Russian arms sales to Iran, Syria

Hagel seeks higher military death benefits

Biomedical lab evacuated. Smoke emergency renews safety debate

U.S. destroys bomb factory in Iraq

Passport dilemmas beset Iraqis

(Democratic)Senators set Iraq deadline in war bill

100 dead as local Pakistan militants battle foreign Al-Qaeda forces

Iraq PM orders Sadr aide released by U.S. forces

Charges Readied Against Reagan Aide Stockman

Wisconsin man gets probation for having sex with dead deer

G.E. Patterson, presiding bishop of 6 million-member Church of God in Christ, dies at 67

White House urges patience on Iran

New Century exec won't testify at Senate hearing

Accounts Differ on Raid in Baghdad (Shiite Mosque)

Aid to Palestinians Rose in ’06 Despite an Embargo

Wal-Mart Postpones Store Opening in Md.

Lam Was Willing to Change Course

House panel OKs subpoenas of Bush aides

Flowers, animals signal spring arrived long ago

Senator Eyes Another Attorney Departure( was investigating Jerry Lewis)

Argentina court says former junta ruler to face prosecution in human rights case

Woody Harrelson's Father Dies in Prison

Former National Security Advisor Clarke could testify (for Nacchio)

Ousted Michigan U.S. attorney argued politics were at play(Chiara)

Former exile ruler (Chalabi) blames the U.S.


India urges rich nations to give ground as G33 meets

Iran warns of 'illegal' steps over nukes


Episcopal Bishops Reject Ultimatum: Bring church to brink of expulsion from Anglican Communion

U.S. Attorneys’ Case Will Be Subject of Political Ad

New York Senate endorses Feb. 5 primary

Schwarzenegger: Rush Limbaugh is 'irrelevant'

Soldier Pleads to Role in Rape, Murders

Study Details Catastrophic Impact Of Nuclear Attack On US Cities

McKay cites a 'grievous error'

Shays wants Iraqi (people to) vote on troop withdrawal

Fed Keeps Rate at 5.25%, Abandons Tightening Bias

Gore warns Congress of impending 'planetary emergency'

GOP Gov. Schwarzenegger Says Conservative Critics Like Limbaugh 'Irrelevant' to His Work

Taliban Support Rising In Afghanistan: Study

Belgians to 'wed against racism'

Safety officers denied on-duty death benefits (by Justice Dept)

Bill Gates backs immigration reform on Mexico trip

Soldier pleads to role in rape, murders

Ark. senator says AG lied to him about plans for Griffin confirmation

Somali insurgents drag soldiers' corpses

Iraqi VP calls for talks with insurgents

AP: Many Military Veterans' Health Clinics Beset With Mold, Leaky Roofs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 21

Appeals court reverses conviction in phone-jamming case

Snow says offer for interviews would be withdrawn if subpoenas are issued for White House staffers

Truck bomb blast collapses main Baghdad highway

Two sailors killed on submarine (Brits, air purification)

Halliburton opens manufacturing center in Mexico

Letterman regular 'Bud' Melman dies

Soldiers' corpses dragged through Mogadishu

Deaths from pet food recall may be worse than being reported

Colombia opens probe into accord made with militias

Nephew of the President, George P. Bush, Joins Navy Reserve

A House subcommittee voted today to authorize subpoenas for President Bush's key adviser, Karl Rove

Reid: Rove Should Testify Under Oath

Chinese Restaurant Food Draws Criticism

It’s tough to get 218 votes for Iraq supplemental bill, so Speaker gets tough, too

Turkish army enters Northern Iraq

Clinton, Obama campaigns clash over Iraq

(Jean) Schmidt: (Walter Reed) Scandal 'overblown'

I watched IDOL for the 2nd time ever tonight

i think that i've got something that i need to share with everyone...

I'm still a week behind on Rome, but (spoilers)

You know, I would let Valerie Plame beat me up anyday...

Has this been discussed? Views and replies are fuckered.

Sure is damn quiet in here

graceful fat sheba

Frenchman gets one in the nuts

Valet Crashes Car Into Hospital, Hits Car's Owner

Insomnia. It's not just for breakfast anymore

Man Who Lost Retirement To Enron Wins $182.7 Million Jackpot

DoJ Emails Show Nigeria Connection

Don't wanna go to work...

Hey, remember the woman who left her 2-year-old in the car while she went shopping?

I LOVE Robbie Williams

Have you ever seen a manual transmission that was located on your second cousin?

New Freeperism: "This is gonna be Hugh! I'm Vey, Vey, Series!"

SKITTLES!! SKITTLES!! It's finally true - your Skankzilla namesake got herself . . .


CONFESS!!!!! Why aren't you listening to the Allman Brothers right now

Seriously. Why shouldn't a woman post her wet t-shirt pictures in the lounge?

Today I'm grooving to Vanilla Fudge! What are you grooving to?

I've gotta get a life...

This is my only line...

Replace a word in a song title with "MonkeyFunk."

Things you do in the presence of your SO that you would never have done when you were just dating?

Which Age/Time Period of the past do You belong in?

Blasting the hell out of Laibach - the dog is scared


I would just like to say that, for me, today, polyamory rocks

Employee Resource Fair... one of the tables was giving out......

Howard Jones Wednesday!!!!

what is your definition of the word "grabass"?

boogie is a fundamental property of funk.

has anyone heard from monkeyfunk lately?

I'm bored...

how many names do you have for your cat or dog?

Great. So now I'm in trouble with the local library

Who is more relentlessly, unstoppably evil?

So, as of today my house is officially on the market

i'm not talking about moving in

So, I'd like to know where you got the notion

Fostering a Feral Cat's Litter: Anyone willing?

My co-worker does not know what evolution is....

Geico: cavemen ads or gecko ads?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/21/2007)

what gives you the right

you got the touch

The Shah of Santa Monica Boulevard

Vote Samgina

Hearse driver ticketed for burning rubber

good ole waylon

Name some of your favorite side projects.

taking down. i didn't take the time to look at the source

For the baptism of commanderbunnypants little bunnypants, I

I've jumped out of an airplane but there's no way in hell you'd catch me doing this

i got mustard weeds out here literally up to my @ss!

I just dropped my grad school applications off in the mail...

TV Commercial from Japan- Feline Disrespect from Behind!

Flame Warriors

oregon coast (pic heavy)

Seriously. If you'd enter a wet T-shirt contest

Need good singing advice from men who can't sing.

Oh, ohiosmith!!! Guess where I just went?

check in if you can't remember the Last time you changed razors

My email was read tonight on Mike Malloy's show!! Ask me anything!

Does anyone else think the Boy Scout story is over-hyped?

I love the earthy flavor of raw spinach with nothing else

Seriously. Why shouldn't a woman enter a wet t-shirt contest?

Colts Coach Tony Dungy opposes gay marriage in speech

Is the pollen making life miserable for anyone else besides me?

13yo girl from Utal wins the Rotten Sneaker Contest (pics included)

Posse members!!! Check in here for your assignment.

New Picture

Seriously. Why would a woman enter a wet t-shirt contest?

there's going to be a LOT of blood on my hands...

On top of the library debacle, I'm getting solicitation calls on my cell phone

My co-worker does not know what revolution is....

Freaky. My BIL just called "to chat". In all the seventeen years

Can we have a new topic forum for ugly dummies?

55 pound 1 year old

Uh- oh


Need a bit of help for a benefit

we're at level one again, today

Those little things that you do that no one ever thanks you for?

Frustrated with Charity Calls

The DUer Understatement of the Year: I'm not thinking all that clearly

Next time you choke on food you better be damn grateful for Delaware!!!

I want my slow bus back!

Congratulations NoPasaran!! 10,000 posts

sushi fans - don't embarass yourself!

Frustrated with Charity Balls


Can we have a new topic forum for handsome geniuses?

I want my green bus back!

Ever had a bad day but you can't explain why it was a bad day . .

California Peggy is at it AGAIN!!!

A Landmark for the Movie "300"!

Somebody posted a link a while back to an ipod refurbishing service other than Apple?

Post your wet t-shirt pics here!!!

So I jut got back from Amsterdam, and I learned a few things... (pics!)

Why are we on high traffic mode?

Lara Logan on Late Night w/ David Letterman Tonight!

How do you train your dog to play fetch?

RIP Larry "Bud" Melman: Forest DeCalvert dead at 85

Sometimes credit card offers just make me scratch my head in wonder

Taco salad tonight

Anybody listen to Stephanie Miller today? She took my call. I was "Bob, in Tacoma."

My 4000th post. How about a picture?

OK, so my daughter is marrying into a huge and wonderful family

What makes certain celebrities Icons to the Gay Community

The Ten Most Magnificent Trees in the World

WHY would someone do this to themselves?

Happy birthday ReverendSmitty & dolo amber!!

What you dog is thinking when you want to play 'Fetch':

Chinese restaurant food unhealthy, study says

It's nice to see GD getting along today

Still new to DU, and I'm a complete idiot. What's n/t?

since when does an infant need a "TRAVEL SYSTEM"??

I've been really busy today - what was the news item that's taken us to level 1?

Dumb question about flirting:

Do they really use "Klieg Lights" in congressional hearings?

OMG I was cute!

Seriously. Why would a man enter a wet T-shirt contest?

Which is worse?

Caught offguard today - a woman said "HELLO GENTLEMEN!" I truly had no idea

I got a New computer today

I decided to let my daughter be baptized Catholic.

McCartney signed to new Starbucks label, becomes world's richest indie rocker

Where do you get those cute smilies....?

I'm challenging you to a drinking game: What game do you choose?

DUer plays Primus on bass...funny!

I have some good news tonight....

whose face are you sick of?

Day 7 smilie free.


Teen reported for sex attack on dog. "Swedish law does not expressly ban sex with animals".

Congratulations jobycom!! 25,000 posts

Puppy Update! ... Or Ernie meets Bert!

In 7 days Dupe will be a year old. Man how time flies.

Wish me luck

It was summer, now it's autumn.

Hey dolo amber, now that Real Housewives of Orange County is over

Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life?

Help! My boyfriend thinks he's the Dog Whisperer

I just found out itunes music quality is 128kbps...

Potentially dumb question: anyone ever heard of getting jury duty for two years?

You know you're a "insert your state here" when.....

Picture Thread: Post your own!

“Love You Inside and Out” is inside my head now

PSST! Wanna know what your other half is up to?

I've been going to my new Gym for about a month now...

Questions for chronic dopers. (weed) Or individuals close to one.

Man, Britney has got herself one ugly rug

True love (warning: pic)

How the Music Industry forced a former top customer to become a "pirate"

u4ic = euphoric

I'm going to be on JEOPARDY! this Friday (23 March)

The Best of the Worst of GodTube

WP/Reuters: Texas is the unlikely home of biggest gay church

Episcopal bishops reject traditionalist demands...

How would you rate your perception of Christianity?

Death of Pakistan's coach: World Cup Cricket

FYI: Astrodienst has a forum

I have a cat and a half.

"Ghost Hunters" marathon this evening on Sci-Fi channel

By the by, did anyone else here have *amazing* dreams last night?

This is a nice energy moment, watching VP Gore.

Saturn opposed Neptune. . .2nd to 3rd pass

Another serious matter on voting that the senator's office needs to get to him

Re: Fox News. fair and balanced???

OT, but worth a laugh - Jacoby comparing Guliani and Gingritch's adulteries in his latest column in

US increasing arms sales to Gulf Region to contain Iran.

Kerry has to cancel Florida appearance

Woo hoo!

Anyone else an Anne Lamott fan?

Al Gore testifying now. Awesome!

Delete - no embedding Sorry!

Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson Takes on Bill O'Reilly

AL GORE: Global Warming Testimony @ Congress 3.21.07

No News From the BBC

Thanks For Spreading Terror; Osama Binladen

Joint Global Warming Hearing with President Gore (many videos)

Animated Short: Osama Thanks Bush For Everything

MUST SEE!!! HILLARIOUS!!! What Bush is REALLY Saying!


Secrets Contents of Dick Cheney's Leg Revealed

What's cleaner than battery electric car? compressed air car

Was Your Candidate Fooled?

Identity of ParkRidge47 YouTube Hillary, 1984 Video Parody

Some bad news for the Democrats in Congress

LOL! Imus said that * yesterday "looked crazed and sounded like Nixon in the last days

Bernie Ward talking about fired US attorneys and emails

Gore to testify twice on Wednesday

I always wondered when Bush's stupidity would mess up the whole scam.

Who were the 2 in the 94-2 vote today to repeal the section of the

You will not believe this bullshit email making the rounds

Godspeed Today Mr. Gore

Finding The Libertarian Democrat--Response to Cato and Andrew Sullivan

Can you just imagin what Rove & Mires would say behind closed

Walter Reed Inquiry Targets GOP

"Unitary Executive"--can we morph this deceptive phrase into

I need a source explaining Gonalez-Gate in the SIMPLEST of terms

Need sources of other times the Busheviks refused to testify under oath

TPM readers report an 18 day gap in the released DOJ pages.

Chicago's prosecutor mediocre? Hardly, FBI says

WJ this morning: Bush v. Congress

"fired 93"...bwaaaawck!.. "pardoned marc Rich"...bwaaawck!!

Aol Poll: Who should have to testify under oath

"when I said my comments I meant about em", is bush smarter than a 5th grader?

Why Is Gore On C-Span THREE?

Democracy is a fucken Female.

John Kerry's March Madness

Anyone have any preferences on foreign news sites.

He sounded Screechy and Unhinged!

Bush's Push for Privatization is Endangering Our Vets

Anyone here keep books on your fireplace mantel, as they do at the WH?

Breaking! Just found the White House's battle plan re: the attorney scandal!!!

It's busy season

I know some of you don't like Bill Press, but you gotta read this transcript

Question of the day:

Another Plea Possible in Iraq Atrocity (Mahmoudiya) - AP

Last chance to show some GUTs, indite subpoena Rove/Cheney/Condi etc and let em know if they dont

Wounded Knee: Inside The Bunker - 1973 War Between AIM and The US Gov't

Discomfort Sends Cheney Back to Hospital

(NM) potential state law protecting descansos (resting place, road side memorials)?

Of those 3000 pages. . How many were actual DOJ emails??

Bush's Nixonian moment and Conyers' Rodinoan response

Leahy is on Morning Edition now.

Bolton: Iran Won't Give Up Nuke Ambition (AP)

Is this article about Pelosi total BS ?

The GOP is the now the NTP: The New Tory Party

Is Conyers' committee voting on the subpoenas today?

Dissident: Iran Is Training Iraqis Fighters to Wage War on U.S.-Led Coalition Forces

Dear Congressman Waxman,

Police Yield to Sunni Insurgents' Ultimatum...

An 18 day gap of missing emails? Explain that Mr. Bush!

Anybody watching c-span 3 yet?

The Problem With Building An Embassy Fit For An Empire...

MNF Iraq: Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol (3 deaths reported Tuesday)

Political Control Of The Law

Ex-boyfriend believed to have diverted dangerous fumes into victim's home

There are NO Republicans defending the White House this time.

How many votes are needed to subpoena?

if cheney, rove and bush were waterboarded and they confessed to LIHOP or MIHOP....

Some predict violent protest may be sign of things to come

FACT CHECK: There Is No Precedent Barring White House Aides From Testifying To Congress

I'm Told That If You Cut Off The Legs Of A Spider, The Head Will Die

"Pushing his Global warming Agenda" - Chris Jansing

Close advisors of President Clinton who testified under oath before Congress

Anti-gay pastor Ken Hutcherson in hot water - FBI complaint filed over claim he's a 'special envoy'

Giuliani: "I have the strongest Texas connection" (amongst candidates)

Justice Dept "Carefully Crafted Response" To Avoid Backlash For Purge

C-Span-3 Al Gore/Bjorn Lomberg joint hearing ON NOW

If Rove is Bush's Brain

Washington Journal Security in Baghdad Kimberly Kagan CSPAN 9:30am

Republicans Burning Up Time So Gore Can't Speak

Seeing *** face every day at DU...!

dems should take offer to interview rove and miers without oath,,,,

Al Gore just started speaking.

Go Chicago!

Framing point: Bush threatens the troops

So what is the time frame here..First Congress must cite them for Contempt

Gore on CNN right now!

WP: DOJ doc-dump - 1,000 more than expected by Congress

A McJob by any other name

Tony Snow: "Executive Privilege Is A Dodge"

does the presence of Mr. Gore give you a good feeling like it does me

Testify in secret? No oath? No transcript? Why fucking bother?

EMAIL Hardball's Tweety and send the Tony Snow "Exceutive Priviledge" remark. Here's the link and


Rumors of Sinbad's demise have been greatly exaggerated. (Too bad for Dennis Miller!)

John Edwards Leaves Campaign Trail to Be With Wife

self delete/dupe

Guess Gonzo's departure date and win ice cream

Google Homepage Themes -- Cute Now, Dangerous Later

ABC: BushCo prepared to "hang tough" - believe Gonzo resignation would embolden the enemy(aka Dems)

Time that Cspan is going to have Al Gore today?

From the Chicago Tribune a look at our march on Chicago Great Pan Shots Around

Use of the parallel email by the WH is obstruction of justice in itself

Child Rape suspect running Christian music club for teens


George W. bUsh; A Reasonable Man

I am on the phone right now with Direct T.V. requesting C-Span 3!

Damn, no cable, where can I watch Gore testify?

Does anyone know what time this happens? ----

Dupe/ Delete please

Democracy Now! looks very interesting today:

MSNBC: Two items: No one knows where Cheney is and

Iglesias - Office of Senator Domenici “happy as a clam” that I was fired.

March 21, 1965, more than 3,000 civil rights demonstrators led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

What are the Repub presidential candidates position whether Rove should testify under oath or not?

Gonzales & Guam (The Nation)

Swords Into Plowshares

House Judiciary Committee votes on subpoenas

House panel votes to subopena Harriet Meirs and KARL ROVE.

Outsourcing's Next "Victims": Deaf People

Never got any recommendation filled so fast

James Woolsey Should Lose Security Clearance

New poll: Putting WH advisors would damage their ability to 'advise' prez?

Create VERBS from the following names: "Limbaugh", "Hannity", "O'Reilly", etc.

Who is this fuckdweeb on MSNBC now?

Soldiers in Iraq said suicide bomber had two children in the car to relieve tension.

Shaky Musharraf holds only the military card - Judicial crisis & consequent political storm escalate

Take The Pugnacious Little Scraper Down, he's had a great run at being tyrant...

Wanna Know What Actual People Betting Real Money Think About Gonzo Resignation?

How much more will it take for reality to sink in?

George Washington's Glare at Emperor Bush

Online anonymity lets users gets nasty

The righties are challenging Gore now.

Bush: "No fishing expeditions targeting honorable public servants." Great!!

Executive Privilege and blocking subpoenas

Bombing with child decoys

We Are Doomed...

History question re. M. E.: Was there ever *any* point....

Gore urges fast action on global warming

Acme Fumigators are loading up their vans, awaiting word to move out to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Looking back at travelgate

Bush; "I hope they don't choose confrontation". Who was he talking about?

Dammit! Gore's GOT TO run for president.

Miami Police Officer arrested on rape charges

Martin Luther King III - Realizing The Dream

Mods - can you lock the other Gore testimony threads - we're on # 3 now. Thx.

Kucinich: “I'm Talking About Impeachment” | The Nation [blog]

Official President Gore testimony thread No.3

Robertson: Muslim Politicians Will 'Destroy' American Civilization

Q: Who ever paid any attention to Holden Caulfield?

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


Bush's next move in answer to the congressional subpoenas-- Wag the Dog

David Horowitz's campaign against 'Indoctrination' hits a little snag

LAT: Senior DOJ officials drafted memos THIS MONTH, citing performance problems, to justify firings

So how do you think people in the White House are feeling now?

Please delete - moved to LBN

How to deal with White House requests for terms of testifying: take the U.S. Grant approach

I bet the publication date of Gore's book will be pushed back

Let me put a qualifier in first thing. I am a person who believes that Mr. Gore is the best person

CSPAN 3 is repeating Gore's opening statement NOW!!!

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 3/21 -- Cast away?

House Judiciary now authorized to issue subpoenas

For anyone who needs something to read:

The road less to become a Bushie!

Fox News: Al Gore Refuses to Listen to Republican Opening Statements

Anybody listen to Limpballs? Ahnold will be on his broadcast today...

I serve at the pleasure of the President:

So yesterday I saw the Pressser

ABC Radio News: "President Bush is in no mood to negotiate"

WaPo: Military Is Ill-Prepared For Other Conflicts

Question about our media

Proof that Karl Rove also hates pregnant women.

I think the media should be forced to write in ALL ofBush's studders and mis-speaks in all quotes...

Bush did not cite "Executive Privilege", exactly.

Let me get this straight, Reps aren't allowed to question each other's decency?

What happened in the House?????? CSpan 1.

Watchdog Asks, What about Abramoff?

What happened on the floor of the House? Whose words are being taken down?

Are we finally going to see Bush publicly "lose it"

Author (Cockburn): A soldier asked Rumsfeld - shouldn't you have been more patient with WMD search?

Gotta ask - what exactly does Gonzales do at Justice?

Gore to testify at Senate Environment and Public Works Cmte @ 2:30

Fox Noise's headline on Gore's appearance today 'More on the Al Gore Controversy'

Authorization for subpoenas approved!!

Students React to Watching Pornography in the Classroom


Pictures of the "controlled blast" by Iraqi police

Alert: Please watch C-SPAN

Chris Matthews & george bush sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Photo: Tony Snowjob was shocked, I tell you, just shocked...

Call the White House now! Ask what are they hiding, what are they afraid of.

Al Gore: A Hero and a Target (Center for American Progress)

"Dems Turn to Bush-Style Budget Tricks"

Bush’s comments were ‘nasty and bumbling.’

Presser on CSPAN3!! Now

Wow! Just tried to call John Conyer's office about subpoenas

snowjob NAILED....

Tony Snow says president must let his senior advisers testify under oath

I need to hear that the subpoenas have been served.

Snow Job on CSpan 3 now n/t

Tony Snow: Executive privilege now Vs then

Halperin Goes from Political Director to Analyst at ABC


"Analysis: War Anniversary a Milestone"

Gristmill Blog has a great synopsis of Gore's testimony

Little Lord Pissypants is not pleased.

BREAKING on MSNBC: Grass fire in Miami!

"Iran Warns It May Ignore Nuclear Rules"

Vermont maple producers donate syrup to troops

I just found out that my new credit card was MBNA

CSPAN3 Subpoena committee - now playing - link

Has shrubco every allowed any of their big guns to speak under oath before Congress?

Christian Newswire: Gore's mansion uses 20X national household average of electricity!

Calling H2OMan.....

cube rat here...Has Gore had a face off yet with Inhofe? Thx in advance.

Reporter just asked Tony, "Was a Crime Committed? Was a CRIME Committed"

the most important story you'l Never read about

Cheney sighting...

A moral dilemma..

What book is Rove holding?

"Nixon tasted defeat" ... here's wishing Bu**sh** more than a taste.

In honor of Al Gore

'When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro'

CSPAN3 Gore Senate Commitee NOW - link

When Republics are hanging out in the cloakroom between votes now, what do you think

POLL: Plurality Says Gonzales Should Resign

Is Tony Snows hair turning grey before our eyes today?

ahahahah!!! Ed Henry nails Tony Snow!!

If you've got nothing to hide, then why not testify?

Lam Was "Willing to Change Course"

Photo: Tony Snowjob is shocked, I tell you, just shocked, by a reporter's question.

I need a Right to WMP stream of AAR

Al Gore to speak again in about 5 minutes, CSPAN 3 (link)

There's also a 48 hour email gap just before the firings.

Tonight on Countdown

Chris Rock SNL 2008 campaign

How much respect does Tim Russert deserve?

Harriet Miers---Can she testify on her own?

You know who's going to be hurt by all this?

Decentralizing energy production & building muscles

Poor Howard: Anna Nicole's business shut down (taxes)

Charged astronaut gets new Navy job WTF?

Admin has Done More Damage To America Than Any Mole Or Spy Ever Has In 200 Years (Kristof)

TPM: Lam Was "Willing to Change Course"

Have I told you today how much I love Barney Frank?

Just issue the goddamn subpoenas, Mr. Conyers.

Al Gore is our ace in the hole

Question To legal experts?????

OK, I'm curious

If they got nothing to hide.....why act SOOO GUILLLTY??

Karmic NYT cover - for the 2000 crimes

So which sounds best? Richard M. Bush or..

Watching Al Gore on C-Span 3, and I just want to say this:

You didn't like 300? There are consequences.

I have questions about the 18 day gap & missing e-mails ???

President Gore Senate testimony official thread No.1

Today is the day to thank the American voters who put Dems in power.

MSNBC: Conyers hasn't signed the subpoena yet - giving WH a chance to "work things out"

3/21/07: Pet Food Recall list updated AGAIN!

Bumpersticker idea

Why are we at defcon 1?

Wal-Mart employee charged with arson

Boxer to Inhofe. "Will you just let him answer?" Inhofe: "I'll give him time a

I Don't Know If This Proves Global Warming or Not, But...

Let's hope the Democrats got the goods behind the Subpoena

Are the Freepers in meltdown?


This is the most bizarre feeling. I don't know whether to be relieved or cry.

REQUIRED READING at DU on Executive Privilege

EVERY STINKING ONE of these bush cabal repukes,

Conyers will not Issue the Subpoenas

NYT: What People Really Need

Guy who kicked a man to death gets front row seat for audience with pope

Iraq Bombers Blow Up 2 Children Used as Decoys

18 Day Document Gap = 18 Minute Tape Gap (Watergate)

A woman peeled off my IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY bumper sticker

My take On Democrats, Republicans, and The Possible Coming Impeachment

Color me skeptical. Who would be fucking stupid enough to issue records with an 18 day email gap?

"If you've done nothing wrong, you shouldn't mind being investigated".

Tony Snow: "What's more important, the truth or a spectacle?"

Thought you might be interested in this report from

HOW will the Attorney scandal bring down ANY of them?

c-span - what did rep taylor (d-ms) say to lose his speaking privileges

18-Day Gap; 18-Minute Gap -- It gets more Nixonian every day!

***President Gore Senate testimony official thread No.2***

House passes bill to protect public housing in New Orleans from destruction

Eye of Newt is going to run for President

Al Gore appearing before Senate committee headed by Barbara Boxer

Can the Patriot Act be used on shrub?

maybe I'll be vindicated, holie joe is on now

"Support from Bush no guarantee of job security"

50 people at sendoff for Cathy Webster-to Fed prison for 2 months-SOA watch

right on John Warner

TPM readers find one email from "The Gap"

'Shakedown Slut' All Smiles (another classy headline by The New York Post)

Did Inhofe just call Gore "Senator Gore"?

Idea for a comedy show to follow up on TDS & Colbert

CNN's Bill Schneider!

Cavuto: Children blown up: Dem's Fault

All right, I don't watch much TV. In the TV coverage of the attorney sackings, how much

So I snuck into freeperland for a looksee. It's a laugh riot! Enjoy.

mr bush - "Tear down this wall (of silence and lies)"

Ignoranus Bolten unhinged

Leahy on MSNBC!

CSPAN streamers have you noticed

Battlestar Galactica this week: "I serve at the pleasure of the president..."

Veteran's perspective: Looking beyond Walter Reed

First Woman Elected Senate President in Mass.!

Talking points and the masses.

This is what leadership looks like: Al Gore's testimony on GW

So has the Subpoenas been issued yet?

Watching Gore speak off the cuff is a thing to behold.

Al Gore IS my President!

Please send support to Cathy-off to Prison for 2 months-SOA watch

The Revolution Will Be You-Tubed (The Nation)

Self delete

(VIDEO) Gore: "If the crib's on fire, you don't speculate that the baby is flame-retardant

Who does Jane Cherry Work for?

DeLay on Hardball: "I was a self-centered jerk"


George W. Nixon

About those DCCC ads in New Mexico. Democrats SHOULD NOT have run them

Talk about a WITCH-HUNT !!

If you are interested in having Kucinich speak at a scheduled event

Coulter slammed again in Stars & Stripes letters

Why should we care about the war of words between Limbaugh and Schwartznegger?

Is "Carbon Neutral" a viable defense for using alot of energy?

Are you ready for this? .... I mean are you REALLY ready?

Is Tony Snow a slut? a silly poll

Jane Cherry, Executive Office of the President...!!!

Methodist Pastor given six months in Wheeler Wildlife case (indecent exposure)

Party committees still in debt from 2006

No deal announced in case against Chicago priest

Priest, 80, charged with touching 12-year-old

Does invoking the 5th Amendment mean you're guilty or lying?

With all the attention, and the well-deserved acclaim

Plea expected in priest's drug case

The Buck is about to stop.

Watch "War Zone Diary" Tonight - MSNBC 10PM EDT Wed 3/21

"He serves at the pleasure of the President"

Guess who's a bootlicking ass kisser? (Heeee!!)

Iraq PM orders Sadr aide released by U.S. forces . . . after being held for over 2 years

What was this "Bush has laid a trap" crapola they were spewing..

Forget the "oath taking" & "swearing in"..

DC DUers. Anyone know what is at

More video questioning Tacomo PD

Watching Newshour. James Inhoffe reminds us why he's an asshat.

Online Database if your Pet Died/Sick from Recalled Pet Food

Q from an ignorant taxpayer

I see where the dog food companies are suggesting getting our pets checked out at the Vet


Hey Jude, Want a Cuppa Guatemala Antigua? Paul McCartney Ditches Heather Mills, Dates Starbucks

I could almost see in Gore a desire to live in another f'ing country.

Official President Gore testimony thread No.1

82nd Airborne not ready?


Prosecutors Fired for Promoting Stated Bush Policies

F--k Tweety Part 2

Conservatives Don’t Care About The Facts (About Evolution or Anything Else)

Don't know if this has been mentioned, yet, but Tipper Gore is...

Sen. Inhofe finds out "elections have consequences"

Republican RICO-Style Abuse of Power


Holy Shit I Get IT: The reason behind the "no Oath!!"

School Project Gone Awry Becomes Death at Your Doorstep

So when will the media spend 24/7 on peak oil?

FIGHT IN THE HOUSE! Dems voted to let Taylor back on the floor and Repukes are MAD!

Former U.S. Senator, Vietnam Combat Veteran Max Cleland Endorses Iraq Accountability Act

What is with Air America Radio?

Apple experts!! I need help,

Could Jeb Bush become the GOP candidate in '08?

Tony Snow Scrambling Around Like A Poodle On Linoleum!

Did the Justice Department stifle the New Hampshire phone jamming investigation?

We need to take bush up on his offer-

Just ate recalled peanut butter, am I supposed to die now?

Why the fired DA mess happened. Here's the answer.

This is it right here, folks. The tipping point.

If you say you support Unions and their members, yet buy Foreign

Deborah Johns, anti-American, was just on CSPAN3.

Contact ABC: Demand Truth! U.S. Iraqi Holocaust = One Million Excess Deaths

Vandals driven by frustration, peace activists say

The priest is convicted of killing a nun, but did he get a fair trial?


lists to 100% made in America website

Edwards HQ Cyber-Vandals: Non-Partisan Pranksters

Senators Set Iraq Deadline in War Bill Ending U.S. Combat Missions There in Just Over a Year.

Tucker just called my President a sinner because he rides on private planes and uses

CNN Headline: "Skeptics frosty at warming warning" should read,

Oh MAN! DeLay...another reformed sinner! brings up a login dialog for...drumroll...

I think there finally is an issue where we the childfree don't get as worked up

"Hillary 1984" video creator exposed and fired; He was an employee of tech firm working for Obama

A Thank You To The 110th Congress

If Gore enters the race late...

Anyone have the Imhoff / Gore / Boxer thing from today on video?

I just saw Reno 911 Miami

Watch out for Smerconish who's a rising 'star' on Tweety...

Now they want to have closed meetings when Rove testifies...

Wednesday TOONS: the 4th anniversary is Linen and Flowers

Colbert Report has been absolutely hilarious the past two nights

Very shabby treatment of Iraqis who favored occupation

18 DAYS?!?! Hell, it only took an 18 MINUTE gap to help bring down Nixon.

Attention Congress: SUBPOENA emails RIGHT NOW.

This is servers and mailservers with


HEY!! Happy First Day of Spring!

Faux News: Clinton ad by employee of firm linked to Obama

Man gets probation for having sex with dead animal

DELETING my "hue and cry" US AG's post here

Remember this about Tweety:

Fired U.S. Attorneys led the Nation in Convictions

Cabotage is approved against US airlines. More wacks for airline labor.

Listening to the hearings...nuclear power will be the Repub. compromise

The Guam-Abramoff connection to all of this???

The Talking Points Are Out, Make Sure you Have a Response.

BRAD BLOG: PFAW's Position on DRE (touch-screen) Voting is Damned Dangerous to Democracy...

Fired U.S. Attorneys led the Nation in Convictions. No Wonder the Bush Administration was Worried!

Happy Spring!

And You Sir, Serve at the pleasure of the People

I need to move

Who Created "Hillary 1984"? Mystery Solved!

SCOTUS Question

I'm going to say something nice about an Albino...

Gingrich: "the personal lives of WH hopefuls shouldn't become an issue in the 2008 campaign"

what a dickhead this inhofe dude

Pissypants Is in a Pickle! ---pix--->>>

Dems: GOP Phone Jamming Case Stalled, Mishandled

Who is Debra Wong Yang the USA of LA? Left her office to work for Law Firm representing Jerry Lewis

Today my husband became an American Citizen

The Smirk is Almost Wiped Off his Face>>>>

Gore: ‘If The Crib’s On Fire, You Don’t Speculate That The Baby Is Flame-Retardant’


Pet Food Company Knew About Problems a MONTH Before the Recall


Chimp must not have read United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974)

Your pet died: would you sue?

President Bush; Zealot or Opportunist?

A pictoral thank you to John Conyers

Analysis of

Christian Defense Coalition interested in the hungry all of a sudden: will protest Dem fundraiser

DOJ emails: Chiara -"it is in our mutual interest to retract..."

Official President Gore testimony thread No.2

Clinton had to be sworn in and his testimony was shown on TV again & again...

Sampson emails to Harriet Miers/others : Nov. 15 - Dec. 4-5 (the Gap)

War Without Win: A White Paper On Iran

Focus, my fellow Americans ... Bush is a CRIMINAL.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

This Shitstorm Is Rolling Pretty Good. Make A Prediction As If Your DU Membership Depended On It:

Excuse me, but is it normal for servers the WHouse/RNC uses to be registered to homes?

Before Democrats make a "deal", they remind the American People that

Snow: "The president has a very fertile mind."

For those of you who support the legalization of marijuana...

Bush-loving war-supporting GOPer spits on the troops

Snow Won't Comment On 18-Day Gap: "I've Been Led To Believe There's A Good Response For It"

Giraldi on Sibel Edmonds Again, while we wait

Congressional oversight is backing Bush into a corner. What's at stake?

Does a dumb ass Senator reflect badly on the state who elected him?

Legalize Marijuana?

Oh God. Tom Delay has found "Christ"

Thanks DU with your help the Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Prevention Act is on the floor

Played right this is going to wind up spiralling upward to impeachment.

Tony Snow's 1998 "executive privilege" column read back to him today at WH press gaggle

Email from Senator Bill Frist, M.D.: "I'm asking you to call the White House"

Need a little help here, about who made a comment about Bill Clinton's mother.

Wonder what her Freeper username is?

PETA Rats out Sen. Durbin

Back when the NSA wiretap story broke, the freepers said,

Snow looked stunned when asked if Rove uses a private e-mail server

Official VP Gore Testimony Thread #4

April 28 - Spell Out Impeach - Nat'l Day of Protest Demanding Impreachment

I'm kinda weirded out over the name of the pet food company

Diaper astronaut gets an new job...

Smoking outside restaurants under scrutiny

Waxman Kibitzes to Conyers/Leahy: "Longstanding Precedent" for Testimony under Oath

***President Gore Senate Testimony Thread 3 ****

Fact Sheet Cataloging Many Lies Told By Bush Admin Re: Firing US Attorneys (w/quotes & sources!)

The Wingnuts even investigated the Clinton's cat

Latest Freeper-type sticker (seen on a monster pickup):

Paedophile hysteria is putting men off teaching

Nominate Rep Sue Myrick (R-NC) for WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD

Aw...The Cute, Gay-Hating Boy Scouts are on The Today Show!

Judge Rules Against President On Executive Privilege

Should we Hope for “Victory” in Iraq?

Repug to Gore "You're not just off a little, you're totally wrong."

Are the wingnuts getting more frenzied, or is it me?

Maurice Hinchey to Appear on Stephen Colbert TONIGHT, Defying Emmanuel! Can U Say "Impeach"??

Even the ultra-RW John Birch Society wants Bush impeached

The whole "Contempt of Congress" Bushco loophole

DU this poll re: Is Limbaugh relevant?

Is it impeachment yet?

How much longer can Tony Snow last?

The RNC Servers: Who Lives There?

JIM CRAMER admits to hedge fund crimes, stock prices are "fictions"

Blowback from Ohio's 2004 Stolen Election is Escalating

Let Gonzo Treat You To A Years Worth Of Free Ice Cream!!!!

I'm going to say something nasty about an African American

96% of MoveOn Members Did Not Show Support for the Pelosi Bill

A single mom with one child can live easily on $10 an hour

JFK suspect Charles Harrelson found dead in prison cell at age 69

HOLY CRAP: whole bunch of right-winger sites on same server as

Dear Mr. Gore

So SMARTECH, company that hosts (owned by RNC), ALSO hosted the OHIO ELECTION RETURNS???

Second Term Blues (guess who)

Did any of you hear Mike Malloy tonight playing the 6 minutes of attack on Iraq?

Dem vets in Congress boost war exit efforts: Tears at Caucus as Murphy spoke

Climate Debate Is Over Time for Action

Wouldn't it be great if we had a President who understood the Constitution?

What was the alternative for US Attorneys?

Louisiana Governor will not seek reelection

No Newt Axes

Medical Marijuana's Moment (from

Brownback visits N.H., talks to conservative Christian activists

Does Anybody Know If Any Investigations Of Repug's Where Halted Due To The Firings Of.....

Kucinich: “I'm Talking About Impeachment” (by John Nichols for The Nation)

"More stories then the Empire State Building" - Schumer

Richardson Recalls NM Lawmakers To Deal With Gay Partner Bill

bu$hCo Didn't Turn Over The E-Mails Coming FROM The White House

rove and miers "honest public servants" - per bush

The freaks are out on Washington Journal

Arnold - OxyBoy Limbaugh feud. Take this CNN poll

Employee Warning Letter

House Judiciary committee talking subpoenas!

The DU Un-Official Leahy, Conyers & Waxman Appreciation Thread.

It's Time to Clean the Green from Elections (AlterNet)

Would the Dems prevail in a contempt of Congress vote?

Requiring White House Advisers To Testify Under Oath Would.....

The best bunch of prosecutors you'd ever want to fire.

House committee voted to subpoena Karl and Harriet. 11AM today -Atrios nt

If Bush Calls Investigation,"Partisan Fishing Trip"......

It seems to me that it is impossible for Bush to block subpoenas. Why is he

Nixon was about to be impeached for resisting House subpoenas:

The 5 Words Bush Wants Americans to Repeat (Jeffrey Feldman at HuffPost)

Thank you, John Conyers!

Getting Back To The Iraq War - Yesterday I Heard One Of The RW Talking Heads Say.......


Gore is the man!

Question my wife brought up about the patriot act...

GOP/WH mantra - "if you have nothing to hide...."

Former Louisiana Senator Breaux considers gubernatorial bid; GOP charges he's not a state resident

Renzi inquiry at issue in ouster

Study: White House Guilty Of "Political Profiling"

cast your vote-for which candidates Kerry will support this spring:

NYT: Ousted California Prosecutor (Lam) Previously Had Disputes on Strategy

Dear Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats...

VIDEO: Former Reagan U.S. Attorney Blasts Administration Over Purge

DU This MSNBC Poll - Who's Right * or Dems?......

The Bring the Troops Home Amendment (John Nichols at the Nation)

Snow - Warns Congress Against Creating "Political Spectacle" -- CNN


The plot thickens-questions about political interference (Abramoff)

What you can do NOW to get the ball rolling in Congress to Clean Up Campaigns! Sign the petition!

Congress needs to tell the WH to kiss there ass and slap them with subpoenas

18-day gap in e-mails related to prosecutor firings

Tony Snow was asked why regular Americans need to take an oath but WH aides don't

Behind Closed Doors........

What did Rep Taylor (D) just say? It's being "taken down"?

Conyers orders Rove and Miers to haul their asses in and testify

Spying On Cheney Or Bribing By Cheney? Interesting Reading!

The Onion - Top Causes of US Military Fatalities

Boy, if you thought Libby perjured himself ... hoo hoo ... just wait!

The Dems Need To Take The Initiative With The Negotiations.....

Hillary looks on bright side of dark video: Attention has shifted from "Star Spangled Banner" video

John Conyers MI-D -- My take on his "conversations with attorneys and WH"

Anyone else hear Linda Stouffer on CNN introduce story on Gore as former President,

Perfect application for NSA data mining efforts

NY Times: Gore's return to Capitol Hill "akin to a recovering alcoholic returning to a ... bar"

Casino Dealers Pick a Winning Card: UAW - After 16 years, I’m only making $8 an hour.

Who do you believe was responsible for the Hillary 1984 ad?

Wire tapping i have nothing to hide go ahead and tape me..

Snow was asked why there was a gap in the emails

Ann Coulter and the Justice Department scandal

Tony Snow Flip-Flops On Executive Privilege

have you heard this?

Funny, Kit Bond (R) is ALSO concerned about the poor!!!

Yoko's new version of Give Peace a Chance covers the 9-11 events

Nyuk Nyuk Nyukleheads

INHOFE is now up, disputing Gore's info.....this idiot of idiots.....

Yesterday shrubee kept using the word 'resignations'

Tucker Lead-off: Carol Lam's fault..."wasn't good at her job"

Read All about It! From

What would keep the Dems from accepting the private meeting and then subpoena?

Faux news analysis on subpoena power -- looks good for us.

Question about Executive Privilege

Unctuous Joe Lieberman is up now, praising Gore's "intellectual vigor"

Senators set Iraq deadline in war bill

The Leaked GOP Memos: McCain (Robert M. Shrum at HuffPost)

Early Voting Could Upend 2008 Primaries (AP)

Republicans in Louisiana now have a dilemma - What a shame

MoveOn style opinion poll. Please vote now!

Report: GOP's Only Candidate For Colorado Senate Seat Expected To Drop Out

Truthout: DOJ Threatened Retaliation Against Fired Attorneys

Trillion Dollar War Chart

CNN Poll: Do you agree with President Bush that requiring WH advisers ...

Right-Wing Amendment Forces Katrina Victims To Find A Job Before Receiving Aid

2005 Resignations

What Is This Talking Point - 'Generous Offer'.....

Alberto Gonzales is a man of integrity and high ethical standards (Mel Martinez says without irony)

Myths and falsehoods about Barack Obama

Walter Reed Inquiry Targets GOP

If *Co Runs Out The Clock On This AG Scandal Till After Jan 20th 2009 Then.....

Apple experts!! I need help,

"I have a point of view but it's very hard to put it into a partisan slot"

Exec privilege only counts on Republican-numbered days

Boxer Slams Down Inhofe’s Global Warming Filibuster: ‘You Don’t Make The Rules Anymore’

OMFG, look what my USREP (R-Oilwhore) just crapped into my email box

Real scary thought from Lisa at AllHatNoCattle.. Problem I could see W doing this

What time is it in India?

Introducing --- The Apple iRack

WIRED Gore profiler: Tipper has "zero enthusiasm" for Al Prez run

Seminal case on executive priviledge, UNITED STATES . NIXON, 418 U.S. 683 (1974)

Republicans Love Gay Porn

Al Gore "The Bathtub Ring"....Matthews

President Bill Clinton to Headline April 20 Alabama Jefferson-Jackson Celebration

Party committees still in debt from 2006

FLASH! Environment and Business NOT Mutually Exclusive. One Dumbass Begs To Differ!

The Subpoenas are coming - The SUBPOENAS are Coming!

Growing Jewish Woes Seen For Sen. Clinton (That's what you get when you refuse to take a stand)

Bill Scher: Gore And An Uncomfortable Congress (from

This is so much like Watergate it's not even funny

AIPAC Undermining America and Israel’s Best Interests

On HARDBALL Just Now, Tom Delay Said, "I Found Christ."

Dobbs Praises Gravel, Criticizes CNN

The Nation: Kucinich: “I'm Talking About Impeachment”

Snow Won’t Comment On 18-Day Gap: ‘I’ve Been Led To Believe There’s A Good Response For It’

S. Hoyer up on Hardball in a bit

Here is to the the mods and my two favs MVD and The Magistrate

So what happens now?

The AG story is a bunch of smoke!

Who here will write-in Gore's name on their ballot during the primaries?

President Edwards Should Appoint Al Gore As Cabinet Level "Climate Czar"

"Thank you Mr. President" said a speaker at the Gore hearing to Vice President Gore

We missed our Op to get GORE as President.....instead of substance, we went for BS

After today I am more positive then ever...Gore Will Not run for Prez...


So if bush does not talk to somebody, that nonconversation is protected

Al Gore, the Nobel Prize, and 2008 .... a question about timing.

Gore: Future is in decentralized energy production.

MSNBC Poll: Who is right, Bush or the Democrats?

In Constitutional Crisis - Impeachment equals checkmate

Kucinich: "We are at a point in our history when we are told to take impeachment off the table, and

Barbara Boxer Showed Inhofe who is boss

Personally, I don't think I want Al Gore as President

The hidden scandal within the prosecutor purge

It is a Witch Hunt if you are a WITCH

What red states can Hillary flip?

Kucinich: About DU

'Hillary will destroy him [Obama] or invite him to be VP'

Rocky tangles with FOX's O'Reilly over impeachment call

CIA AGENT ON THE RUN 'I've Got Nothing to Lose'

Why would a Christian not want to swear to tell the truth??

Did Gore have any smack down moments today?

Residents of Oklahoma

Tucker Carlson: "There's .. something about (Hillary) that feels castrating, overbearing, and scary"

Hillary Clinton - America's choice!

This is for any Dems. who have trouble with a former general as POTUS.

Seymour Hersh - Bush redirecting lost $$$ to Al-Qaeda