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Glenn Greenwald: Howard Kurtz, Michael Barone & Argument by Anecdote


Salon: Can American Jews unplug the Israel lobby?

Efforts to bully Tehran into abandoning uranium enrichment are both futile and dangerous. (Guardian)

Patrick Cockburn: Operation Deepening Nightmare

After Four Years of War, Congress Should Cut the Funds

Guardian UK: A Tale of Two Bigots (Coulter/Pace)

White House Shopping for Gonzales Replacement; By Rob Kall

Iraq: A country drenched in blood

Stirling Newberry: Why We Went To War

Cost of wind power compared to other power sources.

Mexican judge orders arrests over mine blast - Reuters

Rivers run towards 'crisis point'

Pentagon gets House OK to ease environmental laws

Global deforestation rate slows (Reuters/CNN)

Palestinian factions clash in Lebanon

Are "impurists" threatening US democracy?

Clint Curtis is moving forward with discovery and needs $

Siberian Mine Blast Kills 78; 50 Trapped

New Goal - 500,000 Messages to Congress

Sadams Vice President Hanged.

Italy pays damages to Tunisian wrongly held as terrorism suspect

Iraq Hangs Former Vice President

War Bill Includes Tempting Projects

Ohio Asks Election Board Members to Quit

Report: White House Eyeing Replacement AGs

Bush and Congress at odds over Iraq war

NIH chief: Stem cell ban hobbles science

Official defends editing climate papers

Washington companies don't want to release info on oil and gas pipelines

2 key players were up for U.S. attorney

More E-Mails in Fired U.S. Attorneys Controversy

Bush's health care plan not most effective: study

Moves to Curb Power to Name Prosecutors

Brazilian Pentecostal leaders caught in a scandal

WP: Fitzgerald Ranked During CIA Case (Purgegate)

Video: Lieberman 'won't rule out' switch to Republicans

US troops in Iraq want out

Many major rivers in danger of drying out

Saddam's Former Duputy Hanged in Iraq

Tests Of Suspect Pet Food Kill 7 Animals

Study finds one-third in D.C. illiterate

I hate being called 'sir.'

i'm gonna start a DU brothel

i'm gonna start a DU 2 a.m. interstate rest stop

I'd like to thank the mods for deleting one of my posts

My endocrinologist, poor man, looks very like Alberto Gonzales.

Why are people so disgusting?

Anyone interested in seeing what I posted in GD yesterday? It's interesting.

i normally don't care about fashion shows, but this is one i could get behind, so to speak

Dessert at the Prophets - Brandied Plantains Flambe

My "listen to the contents of my sandwich board i will wear on michigan ave in about 6 months if i

Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars

Can I have a hug?

24 has really jumped the shark!

Love has sprung in the park...

24!!!!! Holy CRAP!!! (Spoilers)

Watch these Trailers, it looks like they will be great movies

Judging by the threads, I see I'm not the only one who had a shit day

Update on my Brother.

I need professional psychiatric help/ Politics is better than sex

Got on the bus this afternoon and heard a voice I had not heard for 24 years say my name.

Pink to white; what a delight!

Ha! I'm leading the DU NCAA bracket!

Sweet nothings for your Significant Other(s)!

Satellite shot of GM's Wixom Proving grounds. Michigan Autobahn complex


Who needs another Bikini like they need a hole in their head?

Munich Automaker unveils their new Lowrider concept

Who needs a Martini?

Who needs another Martini like they need a hole in their head?

I can't find my cat

If you had to choose your epitaph right now, what would it be?

OMFG, I am so stressed out.

$300 Panties on Ebay - Could someone please explain this to me?

ok=I am officially drunk-I hate these bastards,

Duct tape cures warts?

Pretend You Just Met Me In Person. What Did You Think?

June bugs - at half past March

Who needs a hug?

Clique of One? your table is right here, sir.

Pictures from the South Carolina Aquarium, mainly their Amazon exhibit. Not dial-up safe.

Wedding Pix!

What's the best med to loosen tight muscles?

Couple in Their 70s Adopt 5 Children - Extreme grandparenting

My "listen to me whine" thread...

And people wonder why I keep recycling The Brazilians Joke

I just rediscovered this gem. The Smith's "Stop Me (If You Think You've Heard This One Before)

Ummmmmm, what the fuck?

What are you worth?

Just say "NO" to (Spiders on) drugs!

Confession: I Hated the film Premonition

When I say "Gonzo" who do you think of

What are these?

Who Needs A _____________

Choosing an MP3 player

A Poem for March...

I'm changing my DU Clique to a DU Flight Club

Rrr...fucking GD. There's yet another South-bashing thread.

Any homebrewers in da'house?

I just made my dog cry

How I spent my day (or: well, I can't afford a DSLR) - minor dial-up warning.

Just booked a trip to Italy in the spring. Would appreciate advice.

I have a new contender for the Stupidest Driver Ever Award:

40+ Years Old: TV shows I remember....

Compounded medications--post in Health Forum

A different revalation

Hillary 1984

Caesars Atlantic City has voted to join a union.

Let's leave Iraq...***graphic warning***...

Seymour Hersh and our inept foreign policy...

Dennis Kucinich: Is It Time For Impeachment?

Barack Obama on Iraq, Opposition from the Start

War Veterans Die from overdoses at VA hospital; neglect allows to over-medicate

Ohio Asks Election Board Members to Quit

Ok DU, get to work!! Keith says the emails have been released!!

The Dems should tell Bush to pick any one of the 8 US Attorneys he fired to replace Gonzales

Independent frontpage on four years of war in Iraq

I think your goose is cooked when they start interviewing for a successor...

Where's Pat Buchanan Today?

GONZO has NOT resigned!

The truth is, we need to worry about the remaining 85.......

CNN International: A close look at the opposition to the war. Watch it HERE

The Senate has to approve any successor to "Fredo" Gonzales, right?

One more big push (for Sibel)

What happened to Howard Zinn?

Shrub: "We're still in the early stages of this war."

From Iraq Body Count, it's ""... Guess what they say is a bad idea.

Must block the funding, as if everyone didn't know

Sunsara Taylor on O'Reilly NOW

(VIDEO) Rocky Anderson calls for impeachment on the Situation Room

Anybody here interested in "politics?" Obama on with Larry King...8:04PM CST

NIH chief: Stem cell ban hobbles science

I hate to break your bubble folks, but we need 218 votes in the House to stop the occupation.

Has anyone said that the fired prosecutors should get their jobs back?

I'm starting to like The Great Unraveling

1/3 of Iraqi children now malnourished 4 years after US invasion

Just watched "Good Night and Good Luck"

Just say "NO" to (Spiders on) drugs!

I feel for the soldiers over seas, especially after watching 60 Minutes!

Support for Gonzales appears to collapse

Just booked a trip to Italy in the spring. Would appreciate advice.

My advice to the next Democratic administration: Tell the truth no matter what!

Who will Bush pick to replace Gonzales?

Al Gore's New Goal - 500,000 Messages to Congress

I remember a news magazine segment...

I'm happier than the blind snake that married a garden hose.

I'm not surprised that these cartoons about the US Attorneys Scandal were made,

HARDBALL: Rahm Emanuel livid re Corruption Investigations by fired US Attorneys

Bush is a brave brave man

Why are they afraid to utter the words? Bush and Cheney must resign immediately

Why the fuck does Craig Crawford have to have such an annoying personality ?

Killed in Iraq on Saturday

The Justice Department is freaking out.

Congressmen battle to represent Homer Simpson

Are Mooslim tayorists driving your children's schoolbuses?

A few fun facts about Ted Olsen from Wiki-add your own!

Another vomit story from DC

I think one of the Democratic Presidential candidates

Army Brigade Finds Itself Stretched Thin

What is with the "Monday" night news dump from the Bush regime?

Sign The Call To DRIVE OUT The Bush Regime

Alive In Bagdad Watch and tell me what you think


Dear Barack Obama: I like you and everything, but for chrissakes--

Vet Protests Iraq War 75 Minutes After Mom's Death

we've been "winning" since the war started...

on the advent of the 4th year-"no Bravery" deserves a second look

Survey: More IRR officers say no to deploying

Fox Taking a Beating - OReally Not Cutting It:

Where is the pic of the 88 year old protester??

You're either with bush* or you're the enemy. Tony Snow: Troop withdrawal bill 'victory for enemy'

Did Anyone I hope get the Homeless Veterans off CNN tonight

Christopher Hitchens quote on people against the Iraq War,

I just saw the most obnoxious PBS promo in memory...

Satellite shot of GM's Wixom Proving grounds. Michigan Autobahn complex

Administration official edited climate reports extensively

Elisabeth Hasselbeck shouldn't even be on TV

In case you missed it the poodle is poisoned from the dogfood he eats.

Normally I like Lawrence O'Donnell

What the Butler didn't see - The Guardian U.K.

Prosecutor Email - Text of threat letter

U.S. approves visa for Ahmadinejad to speak at UN

The EX-Knife collection...One might see where this could be offensive (and yet it sells...)

South Africa looking to Russia to acquire nuclear and space technology

The DOJ documents have been posted to the judiciary committee webpage:

Kill all the lawyers?

WH denies they dubbed anti-gay pastor the US "special envoy"; pastor says he has video proof

In case you missed it: US mulling missile base in Bulgaria, Romania to deter Iran

Perusing Freepville

Can you spot the DC freeper in this photo?

OMG! Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses: “I Killed Jesus!”

msnbc breaking news says, "Fire in Old People's Home Kills 50"

I searched and saw no alert, Sundance Channel, 11:00 pm CST,

"What?....Say Again......"..."Hey Alberto...its come true, the bastids looking for your REPLACEMENT.

Will someone please tell Ed Shouts to STOP. BELLOWING. FER. GAWD'S. SAKE.

Com•Log•ic's TOON: Dick Cheney's Office Furniture (1 panel out of 7)

Anyone see Obama on Larry King? Is it just me or was he awful?

I think the real problem I have with Hillary's candidacy is...

The Truth on who the Vets that messed with the Protest are and their agenda

some thoughs on the aniversary

Duct tape cures warts?

The RIAA beats out Haliburton for the Golden Shit award for Worst Company In America!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Iraqi prison population soaring

"Do we really want to occupy Iraq for the next 30 years?" bush & his Cabal are stupid...

Does anyone know the story behind that Hillary as "Big Sister" ad?

Despite what some people say

a MIXED report: Ben JONES (Dukes of Hazzard) just handed O'LOOFAH his ass, BUT

Heads up, WP dropping a small bomb on Purgegate

What ever became ofthe investigation...

A Constitutional question: if Bush were in a coma and Cheney were ready

I'll take one for the team and volunteer to be Gonzalez's replacement.

Obama on L.King. I was cooking in the other room. He did not sound great.

The next AG will be: (drum roll, please)


Isn't it obvious what BushCo is doing? re: "Reports the surge is working."

Sunni? Shi'a? How to tell the difference..(In case george still wonders)

Hillary: GOP's New Best Friend( warning, NewsMax)

The DOJ Documents are up at the Judiciary website!

BREAKING on Countdown: Document dump has just happened.

Laptop Stolen in Break-in at Minnesota's DFL Headquarters

Man, that Hillary ad by Barack friends KICKED ASS!

Jon Soltz (VoteVets.Org/StopIranWar.Com) Was Just On Keith!

Air America will swing to the “Center’.

Transatlantic pilot 'more than six times over alcohol flying limit'

OMG! Jason Jones and The Daily Show blow the lid off of "Curing Gayness!"

People here seem to respect Cindy Sheehan yet they

Pictures from 4th anniversary event in Kansas City yesterday

Cindy Sheehan: Tragically Accomplished

My fellow DU'ers, start reading....The Emails

Tonight's Auburn University Peace Rally (photos)

About the new AG just occurred to me....

Crazy rumor: Has Sam Seder been fired from Air America?

Kucinich: Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?

Faux is at it again: Kerry catches Chris Wallace in a lie...

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD IT IS HERE"....Justice Dept. official

The Navy should name a ship in honor of Bob Hope. What do yo usay?

The Great Political Divide in today’s United States

We don't have a volunteer army.

The Significance of Ann Coulter

Virginia Gun Dealers Taunt New York Mayor

“No Crime was Committed” Argued Victoria Toensing - As the Lawyer for Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN

If Gonzo resigns or is fired, won't the investigation continue?

Exclusive: E-mail Shows Internal Rift At Justice Over Firings (doc. dump)

ThinkProgress: Justice Department documents released.

Next candidate for president from GOP:

ABC Breaking: DOJ Releases Thousands of Pages of Emails

Gonzo's Assistant buys vacation home with Oil Prez & Lobbyist - I missed that

Paralysis Sets In as DOJ Faces Crisis

With all the scandals overtaking the D o J, the White House, & the D o D ...

Paralysis Sets In As DOJ Faces Crisis

DFA Night School tomorrow night. Topic is how someone can run for office.

Pelosi Plays Hardball, Clyburn Something Else

have you heard of unity08?

Attorney firings may have been against the law (Four potential crimes)

Was Carol Lam investigating Cheney?

Gonzales Approval

Lieberman: No Democratic Presidential Candidate Has ‘Strong And Muscular’ Foreign Policy

The DOJ Docs are up at the Judiciary website...

Rove's involvement in Ohio US Attorney placement (2005)

Ya know, Obama isn't where he's at today because his wife used to be President.

Would you rather vote for someone who has a familial relation to a previous President, or

Carol Costello CNN Says Good Looking Candidates Face Uphill Battle

NBC says Dems "trying to make it seem as if there is a scandal" in the firing of U.S. attorneys

Here's a good site for keeping track of Bill Oreilly -

Carol Lam delivers a smack down to Issa's border patrol complaint

Talking with one of the angry vets. "Meeting the other reality face to face."

Detailed analysis of how Clinton never committed perjury.

Obama closes to within 5% of Clinton; Edwards falls, Richardson rises.

Bush Private Army at taxpayer expense

How do you Feel Obama did on CNN Tonight?

Did GOP Lawyer (Toensing) Mislead Congress About Plame Case? (The Nation)

The Porn Plot Against Prosecutors (The Nation)

Let's make believe for a minute that Bill and Hillary never got married.

Say something good about..

The term "enemy" truly bothers me

Fair and balanced Fox: "Counter protestors outnumber anti-war forces 3-to-1 at rally."

Can Gore Let It Rip?

I think Nancy Pelosi is afraid to start impeachment and that is just unacceptable!

Political video smackdown (Hillary 1984)

Specter's position on fired attorneys: use DOJ talking points! (email)

Salon: Documents: White House vetted testimony on attorneys before hearings on USA's 3/5

Medical Marijuana's Moment

Juan Cole: Bush's Top Ten Mistakes in Iraq during the Past 4 Years

Nicholas D. Kristof: Iran’s Operative in the White House (guess who)

The Delusions of the Last Rightwing Remnant:

Valerie Plame and the Incredible Shrinking Cover Story

CSM: US public's support of Iraq war sliding faster now

Halliburton's Wreckage (The Nation)

All roads lead to Rove

A Conversation with a White House Journalist

Brent Budowsky: Gore, a man on a mission

Disrupting Power by Gayle Brandeis

Iraqi police disloyal, says chief (BBC)

Leading article: Four years of the most grievous suffering

The real reasons for Gonzales to go/AG's willingness to expand executive power

DEMOCRACY NOW(3/20/07):Scahill on Blackwater

Daily Mail: How the Iraq war is destroying America's fighting men

Salon: The prosecutor purge: A case study in damage control


Outsourcing to India losing charm

World's Most Important Crops Hit by Global Warming Effects

Bush's Politics of Betrayal

Up in Smoke at the High Court By Dana Milbank --WaPo

'Born-Again Virginity' in the Age of Girls Gone Wild (AlterNet)

The YouTube Effect (Part XIII) (Hillary's Comeuppance) --WaPo

Hammer Time

Mitakes Were Made (But Then Who's Counting?) (Oh MY!)

The Nation/John Nichols: Who Will Replace Alberto Gonzales?

Think the Nation's Debt Doesn't Affect You? Think Again

Four Years in Iraq and Bloodier by the Minute

The Terrorists-Follow-Us-Home Myth

List of Gonzales successors floated(McNulty may resign, too...check out the list of 6 GOP hacks)

Money Looms in Episcopalian Rift With Anglicans --NYTimes

Four Years And The Suspects Are Still At Large? Bob Cesca

Global warming knocking at your door

Minuteman woes

Salon: Can American Jews unplug the Israel lobby?

Denver Post: Global-warming deniers feeling the heat

Coal plants get burned

Demand for oil crops "a steamroller about to hit us"

Many major rivers are in danger of dying

SMUD and Lennar Homes Ink Largest Solar Homes Project in America (Sacramento, CA)

California to rachet up wind power by 65% - one small problem...

Entropy and Empire

U.S. Navy asserts "state secrets" in sonar case - Reuters

California lawmaker announces environmental bill at climate change rally (CNN)

more international action needed to save migratory waterbirds

American crocodile back from the brink (AP/CNN)

Some scientists eye odd climate fixes

Using solar energy to keep homes cool

Canary Island to be powered solely by renewables - AFP

Solar energy panels on Gore home a 'Go' ... almost

(Natural Gas) Cartel in the Cards

Hydrogen Energy Station Under Way for Combined Hydrogen, Electricity and Heat Generation

Canadian Government Will End Some Tar Sand Subsidies, Add Hybrid Incentives

Two Lines Approved in the Tehachapi Renewable Energy Transmission Project

MDR Tuberculosis Control Efforts Breaking Down As Lethal S. African Strains Spread - NYT

Yangtze, Mekong, Nile, Rio Grande Among Rivers Facing Manifold Threats From Drought, Diversion - WP

Applied Materials Awarded Spanish Thin Film Production Line Contract

EU car firms renew attack on CO2 emission curbs - Reuters

EU car firms renew attack on CO2 emission curbs - Reuters

Independent: Nasa's climate scientists 'gagged by White House'

Water Day: Key Development Goals Stagnating

BP 'is to blame for Texas blast' - BBC

WP: A Well of Pain (about env'l racism)

Bill Scher: Dems Go Lukewarm on Global Warming (

Rising Sea Levels Threaten Indian Islands

Lawmakers rally to limit power of HOAs (solar panels)

U.S. Eases Boycott Of Palestinian Govt

Israeli army veterans show dark side of occupation

The Nation: Fair Elections Now

SCI requests county voting machine files

More Broken Diebold Machines Election Reform& Related News Tuesday, 3/20/07

Forced resignations and stiff prison sentences intensify the escalating blowback from Ohio's 2004 st

Diebold Voting Machines Miscount During Test. What??

Why Audits Are Necessary

Katrina Nursing Home Trial Postponed

Christian right at crossroads

Study: Smoking ages all skin, not just face

I plotted E. African terror, sez Qaeda big

Congress to Delve Into Improper FBI Spying

Chiquita fined over terrorist payments

Today's Civil Defense Exercise Largest Since 1948 (Israel National News)

Judge's son accused of intimidation. DA says case is not a trend

Justice Job Considered For Ousted Prosecutor

Bomb near Baghdad police station kills at least 5

Time to try Iraq war leaders-Spanish judge Garzon

Patience for Iraq war waning, say leaders

Bush Implores Nation, Congress To Show 'Courage and Resolve'

Weightman takes blame for Reed scandal

Conyers, Sanchez to seek subpoenas for Rove, Miers

(Internal) Watchdog call FBI abuses inexcusable

(WA) State Agency: Alleged GOP campaign violations should be investigated

Missing Boy Scout Michael Auberry found, according to reports from the scene.

Material Shows Weakening of Climate Reports

Bush to Speak on (US Attorney) Matter at 5:45 this Evening

Retired. Colonel Ann Wright Arrested at House Judiciary Committee.

PG wins $19.25 million in Satanism suit

Schwartz backs Clinton for president

Fisheries officials say poor ice in Gulf may affect this year's seal hunt

Britain bans 'dumb' cluster bombs

Payday lenders will end loans to military

Prosecutor labels Black a liar and thief

4 Held in Deaths of Salvador Lawmakers

Salazar questions A.G.'s role; Tancredo calls for resignation

Russia Denies Story Of Iran Ultimatum

West vows to keep heat on Mugabe despite threats (Reuters)

Supreme Court blocks Ohio execution

$300-million tagged for cervical-cancer fight (Canada)

Saddam's deputy goes to gallows

U.S. probe faults BP, safety agency in 2005 blast

Millions of flu shots to be destroyed

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 20

Lawmakers Threaten FBI Over Spy Powers(Conyer's hearing)

Sen. Specter plans to seek 6th term

Prominent Conservatives Launch Effort To Restore Civil Liberties Under Assault By Executive Branch

Russia Reportedly Exits Iran Nuke Site

Congressional hearing heats up over changes to climate reports

Postal rates to go up May 14, forever stamp approved

Mitt’s Commie phrase sparks rage

NBC: VP Cheney taken to D.C. hospital for routine checkup on his leg.

Gore’s global-warming testimony expected to draw big crowds

White House Denies Search Underway For Gonzales Successor

Wolf numbers continue to increase (Northern Rockies)

LA Gov. Kathleen Blanco (D) will not seek re-election

Bush Affirms Support for Gonzales

White House to allow Rove, Miers to be interviewed in firings of U.S. attorneys

N.H. Dems want fresh look at phone-jamming

Bush warns Dems to take offer in firings

Children used in Iraqi militant attack-US general

Biology teacher fired for referring to Bible

Senate votes to end Gonzales' power to name prosecutors(94-2)

I.R.S. Agents Feel Pressed to End Cases

Oh, what a relief!

How do you handle being incredibly snarky?

I know I can land this job if I can answer one question well.

Damn flooded river swiped my KAZOO!

Damned flooded river swiped my KUDZU!

Geez, people!

What's your latest addiction?

Cheese, people!

sooner or later...

Tomorrow WILL be a better day than today!


Damn flooded river swiped my CANOE!

You know what sucks?

I ate Freedom Fries today

Elliott Yamin releases first CD 3/20/07.

How to order a pizza in 2010...

Post your jokes here!

How can I block sites like from getting my information?

mmmm.... it's Tuesday

Bye Bye Cat!

Who are your favorite 60s cartoon characters?

Advice for anyone entering the sales world


Have you ever had to bathe a cat?

Can you name another song by Dexy's Midnight Runners?

Damn, this is a fine pot of coffee I made today.

you can't tell me that a lincoln is better than a cadillac

Women' world championship 10K swim...through a smack of jelly fish

I need a mechanic who works on _German_ cars, not _Nazi_ cars

Fashion Question: Can I get away with a purple sweater-shirt?

Snuggling with BabyMidlo in the morning is one of the highlights of my day.

What do you think of....?

Change in sleep schedule... how long to get used to it

How do you wash your Hog??

Pentagon moves to quash rumor that Bush is their remote-controlled holographic image

Dutch shocked at disfigurement dating show

what should I have for lunch?

Maryland DUers - you should be upset and rightly so!!!


What do you give your man on your 10th anniversary?

I discovered NEU! recently.

California cows ain't so happy now, are they?

All you Northerners who say bad things about the South, you'll be sorry...

Post pics of the beautiful South

Advice to young men from an old man

Congratulations graywarrior!! 20,000 posts

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/20/2007)

say something nice about berwyn, illinois

Congratulations SteppingRazor!! 10,000 posts

Do You Ever this is TOhioLib's thread to 5000 as well as...

When you trip on a wire... (a somewhat humorous story)

Symptoms of Alzheimer's

Testing new sig banner

Post a new and original complaint about The South

Slab Bulkhead

Years of consideration have led me to conclude that it is IMPOSSIBLE

Cat commandments?


For my 5000th post...

I TOTALLY dominate my dog!

I just beat the crap out of my straw-man...

My dog is snoring

How much time do you spend with hair care each morning?

Our faux St. Patrick's Day surprise with JackBeck and Miss_Strawberry!

For my next trick, I'll morph into an eagle...

For my 800th post.....*drum roll*...

My 500th Post: I got enraged this weekend ladies and gentlemen!!

Do you wash your god?

I like Grog Rock

The hell with the Googles!

When and where will the DU Fight Club and Midlo Posse rumble take place? What is the proper attire?

Mocked threads?

Hocked threads?

Oy vey! Hooters to open restaurant in Israel

I has develop gooder english skills! More writerish now, gooder grammatics!

knocked threads?

The No Assholes Rule: Trendy Nonsense or Soul-Saving Gift

Locked threads?

I got new clothes!

Shocked threads?

How not to get hit by a car while cracking nuts for a snack.

I like Dog Rock

Derek & the Dominos

Have you seen this music video.."Iraq" by TIMZ

I have developed a Whole Foods habit

I'd like to apologize....

I'd like to exfoliate Jpgray

A question for painters/crafters here.

I'd like to apologize....

Ever wear a suit of blubber?

What's your favorite misspelled simile?

the problem with northern big cities (chicago/NYC)

Ever wear a suit of armor?

I'd like to moisturize

Human Click-Clacks!

I like Prog-Rock

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in...

You want an apology? Forget it.

I'd like to excoriate Jpgray

All right southerners and northerners, say something nice about

Apology: Sign of weakness or sign of strength?

Let the Spinal Tap Lyrics, Sex Farm Woman!

Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!

Astrology: Sign of weakness or sign of strength?

Biology: Sign of weakness or sign of strength?

Does this piss off anyone else?

I'd like to aparagus...

Stop the hunt, seal!

My ringworm is 'Hold the Agar Plate' by Tinea.

Whoo-Hoo, just scored two tix to see The Police on 7/5 in Chicago!


How old were you when you got married AGAIN?

I found 11 cents

Apogee: Sign of weakness or sign of strength?

Cow eats chicken

Help finding animated gif of guy pounding head on keyboard

I just made my dog sigh

I want to run this race next month....

Smartfood white cheddar popcorn!!! OMG!! Addictive and YUMMY!

Meeting with our tax accountant today. Oh joy.

I just saw a dog on the back of a motorcycle!

Excuse me.

If you're ever in a jam


Who here has never served Jury Duty?

Is Neosporin a Triple Antibiotic Ointment?

You don't want to play a game of HORSE with this 3 year old!

I just made my dog fly

I just made my dog fly.

Two new pictures of my little girl

Why, for the love of God, would anyone become a Dental Hygienist

Have you ever driven a manual transmission that was located...

Why does dental work cost so goddamned much?

The Manager at Big Lots turned us down for a donation to the

Got no dog. Say something nice about Bangor, Maine &

Can you drive a stick?

Just put on a sweater I haven't worn since being dumped because

File in the "Sometimes it's better not to mind your own business" department.

Home renovation questions - advice, opinions, suggestions needed

Since this is my 6,000th post, will y'all listen to some bluegrass with me?

Welcome to deucemagnet's gallery of tacky art! (Dialup warning)

b-i-l-l-y-s-k-a-n-k ! ! !

Become Republican!

Kill the Eisbär!

My 10,000th post!!!

I'm starting a DU Phoners Club

Call Congress RIGHT F*****G NOW!!! Until your fingers bleed!!!


"Hello, I'm calling from Blahblahblah, and we're not asking for a donation today..."

Cruel Shoes

fairies wear boots

someone keeps stealing my doormat !

Favorite "Fawlty Towers" episode?

someone keeps using me as a doormat

Pleeeezzz Impeach me, let me go....

Ever eat cheese-flavored plastic?

Dude, how cool is this?!

What musical group would you like to spend a year with?

God, I love Tuesdays

What's your favorite misspelled smilie?

So how long until Skinner deletes the Lounge?

Please move.

What is your favorite misspelled simile?

You ever try cheese?

Who was funnier at his peak?

S-L-O-W A-S M-O-L-A-S-S-E-S this evening.

Is the theme today copycat Judge Dredd?

Is the theme today 'copycat a thread'?

Is the scheme today 'copycat a thread'?

what are some of your fond lounge memories?

I'd like to apologize....

Tired of your dead-end desk job? Follow this easy to read diagram

Exotic Dancer JeffGannon Gepiasakar performing "Clinton Got a Blowjob" live @ The Mos Eisley Cantina

How do you wash your dog?

datasuspect cult members

Cock Blocked threads?

i'd like to buy monkeyfunk a beer

My ringtone is Hold the Line by Toto

I think many DUers need this book:

Are You A Pussbucket?

Hooters to open their first restaurant in the Holyland

Are You A Pissboy?

Are You A Popsucket?

I just need to get this off my chest. You might want to plug your ears.

Cooking Question:BBQing in an oven...what's the best method?

Post here if you wish you understood engines.

Good news in the fan/belle household.

I have now eaten too much chocolate

I got my lease renewal form....!!!!

Ever wear a suit of rubber?

Your opinion of the name 'Brent'?

Ever seen any Snow Donuts?

A beautiful love song video... George & Tony sing "My Endless Love"

Why isn't there a DU Theater group?

Now to be fair, you Southerners say something nice about the North

Okay, I'm going to ask it:

The prodigal cat has returned...

GD is scary quiet ...

Check in here if you haven't replied to this thread

Meatloaf, squash casserole, mac n cheese, and green beans....

Am I the only one here who's in favor of global warming?

Post bad medical advice.

How often do you polish your silver?

a little rock'n'roll boost to wake you up this morning courtesy of The Only Band That Matters

I'm having trouble training my straw men.

a repost-probably the best commercial this year-and the prettiest song

How old were you when you first married?

What is it that makes Minneapolis/St. Paul so irresistable to Wisconsin

I'd like to apologise....

I'm starting a DU Stoners...uhhh...

Who hasn't clicked on the "please remove" thread?

Whose your favorite Python?

I'm starting a DU Loners Club

"Have a Blessed Day!" said Bilbo, and he meant it.

You ever stare at your navel so long...


What would you do if they removed the "please remove" thread?

this makes me wonder if the bee gees were paedophiles

Ugh. Jury duty today. GRAND Jury Duty

Don't even click on this thread or even respond to it

How does the Gamera theme song stack up against songs from yesteryear?

I've invented a pill that gives worms to exgirlfriends

Who the hell is MonkeyFunk and why does he have 83 threads on the DU lounge first page

Anyone else having a crabby Tuesday? Check in!

are you a mop bucket?

Are You A Sockpuppet?

Have you ever driven a manual transmission that was located on the steering column?

Poor Rockit had Dental Surgery...

List some favorite 60s garage band singles

Jack Mehoffer...

Any homewreckers in da' house?

OK, I'm trying a new approach to dog training...

oh, the Irony of life

Post a pic of you opening up a can of whoop-ass

Need comfortable walking shoe advice from women with bad feet

I am ordering Verizon FiOS ...

Weird Questions

All right Northerners; say something good about the South: I'll start:

Haruka and I are turning into Bridezillas

JackBeck is a nice looking guy *

My cousin is getting married, she's registered ONLY at walmart, and included it in the invitations

someone keeps stealing my democrat !

Who the hell is LynneSin and why does she hate monkeys?

$60 is my limit-I'll donate that to DU in the name of the mod that locks the 'Please Remove' thread

Sam Harris has come up with a great list of questions based on his dialogue with Andrew Sullivan.

"Money Looms In Episcopalian Rift With Anglicans"

The enemies of democracy

Anglican Communion meets to sever ties with the U.S. Episcopal Church: But who will pay the bills?

I am thinking of leaving my church

Update on Dangerously Amused's brother, from her post in the Lounge:

Spring Equinox: March 20, 2007

Senator Kerry's Hardball interview is available for viewing at John

Excellent Kerry statement today in Finance on Education

Good joke: Man Arrested at JFK Airport

Hillary trying to buy nicer coverage on liberal blogs? Food for thought reading.

Hi All ! I just wanted to say "thanks Vector"!!

2004, What Obama Really Said

Diary about Climate Crisis Action Day (Kerry was there)

The dangers of the megaprimary

This is dissapointing...

A Letter to Senator Kerry on the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war

Obama Calls For Gonzales Resignation

Diagnosis: Mystery. The Daily Show investigates ex-gay therapy

Iraq Veterans Against the War Reenact patrolling in Iraq on the streets of DC

Introducing the Apple iRack (funny Steve Jobs parody from Madtv)

The Man Who Toppled Saddam; NOT BUSH!

Iraq War veteran Patrick Murphy calls for moment of silence on the House floor

The Pleasure Of The President

OOPS!!! CNN News Ticker; Valerie Plame "F***ABLE" Daily Show Spoof

MUST SEE; How Project of New American Centruy Got Started + 911 Connection

Rising Sea levels threaten Indian Islands

"I WON'T BACK DOWN!" Traveling Willburys

So far I've seen nothing that I wouldn't expect in the new DOJ e-mails...

On C-SPAN now - Rep. Peter Welch destroying Philip Cooney..

Romney trying to cover up his gaffe?

Rising Sea Levels Threaten Indian Islands

Add your protest photos to this wikipedia entry: >>>

Ok. All IT Weenies: Time for some email detective work. Front and center, please.

America calls for foreign mercenaries as war enters 5th year

Wikipedia locked "Battle of Thermopylae"

Names missing in the 3,000 page doc dump? Rove? etc.....

I JUST DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Your Step

SFBay Area Henry Waxman on Charlie Rose Now! KQED

We've had Free-pers, now we have HIll-pers. Folks intent on pushing

Expert: Chlorine Attacks Hard to Stop (AP)

2 year old gets infection from father's smallpox vaccine

Mad Cow Disease, Tainted Water and Mercury Poisoning

How to order a pizza in 2010...

The Boston Globle has a pretty good photo essay on local anti-war protests

Boston Globe: Area marks anniversary with quiet protests, tearful tribute

Pastor who was starving children arrested, investigated for child trafficking

Amazingly, the URL address "" is still unclaimed

New York Times spins US Attorneys firing and voter fraud against liberals

Did the prosecutor purge wait for Bush's OK?

Harold Ford Jr., has signed with the Fox Noise machine??

The biggest mistake of all

v'President Al Gore Will Testify Tomorrow Morning At 9:15 Eastern

Remember when they covered "war"

I just heard on the news gas jumped over 30 cents a gallon overnight

Meredith Viera is actually making DeLay squirm on the Today Show

I saw Ken Starr on the news last night

NYT: Army Brigade Finds Itself Stretched Thin

House Judiciary comm.on c-span3 today at 2:00PM EST

NPR - July 2003 - British Occupation of Iraq Holds Lessons for U.S.

'Editing' of global warming reports defended

With regards to "having a plan", it's my understanding that FDR

Answers to Questions the Drudge Report poses to Al Gore, including one from Climate Progress (!)

LAT: Congressional hearing heats up over changes to climate reports

40% - Think Decision to Use Force In Iraq Was Right

A letter from an FCC lawyer- telling me O"Rielly's wish to destroy San Francisco is protected speech

Dr. Clinton councils GWB.

A Question on Criminal Penalties.

US Attorney doc dump includes TALKING POINTS!

So who's left from *'s Texas gang once Alberto goes?

NESN videos that have a bit of our Occupation Project visit to Lynch's office

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman....

Racial unrest in East Texas--It's going to blow soon

"The White House said it hoped Gonzales would survive the tumult."

Tulsa: John Sullivan (A-Oklahoma) got miniature flag draped coffin display for Iraq anniversary


US Attorney Firing Scandal : Two behind firings were in line for jobs themselves

(CNN) 'Silent victims': Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children no longer attend school

Gore, a man on a mission

The War in Iraq: Celebrating Four Years of Winning

Check it out, an AZ politician who consistently gets it right besides Janet.

Rawstory: "US Troops in Iraq want out"

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson to Hannity: Let's have a debate - but not on Fox News

In an effort to enhance civility on this board, something we can all agree on:

Soldier's dad tells Bush, `This war is wrong'

FiredogLake Servers Attacked Last Night

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 3/20 -- CHEF 'n Chief

is anyone else listening to the sam Seder Show this morning?..want to?

CNN: WH Is Going To Protect Rove At All Costs - Gonzales Can Be Replaced

House Judiciary Hearing On Right Now Re FBI's Use of National Security Letters

Must see video of Mayor of SLC Calling for Impeachment on Wolf Blitzer

Judiciary Committee on War Profiteering on now

Best Joke Of The Week

al Dubya confesses TOON

We might be a banana republic...

Voices of Conscience

The chimpster* will be using a helicopter in KC today

A Question I'd Like To Hear From Every Committee Chairperson

Regarding the "Rule of Law"

OMG!!! Leahy is laying into * on CSPAN2

remember, the new AG pick will have to pass Leahys Judiciary Cmte first!!!

NOT PhotoShopped: this FUX "news" caption is a winner

Whoa... Former Milan CIA chief goes into hiding after extradition (RawStory)

Biology teacher fired for referring to Bible (AP/CNN)

Breaking: House Appropriations Committee -- Gonzales Hearing on Thursday has been canceled

Cheney back at hospital

Lam was a problem because she prosecuted the cases herself...

Control sheet for Patriot Act II is confirmed by DOJ doc dump; shows VP knew NSA spying illegal

OPPENHEIMER denies wingnuttiness. CHAVEZ begs to differ.

Bush's remedy for the Alberto Gonzales Scandal..... (humor)

Please go here & watch Fox News being Fair & Unbalanced

On Dem. Now! today: Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Ruh Roo...I think Mr. Bush has made his pick for AG, a new Outlaw.

"Hanged without incident??"

What Does the Bible Have to Say About That? (quotes to counter their quotes)

LTTE from Guardsman who quit rather than go to Iraq again

NYT: How B*sh Admin. May have Broken the Law (US attorney firings)

Oops! Tech error wipes out Alaska info

I need someone to fill me in on the thing

BREAKING: Cunningham signed letter criticizing Carol Lam's handling of immigration issues

Is anyone interested in creating a DU discussion group on Stickam (live cam)...

Republican Whiner of the Week Rep Mark Souder R-IN

Blackwater: Bush’s Shadow ArmyBlackwater:

Heard this on Texas State Network News driving to work

DAMN!!! There's GOLD In Them Thar DOCS!!!!

The Iraqi refugee crisis

"US Attorney Independence Act" passes Senate

Boy Took Crack To Show-And-Tell

Schwarzenegger Calls Rush Limbaugh Irrelevant

BREAKING - Bush calls Gonzo to show support

"Plame Shows Theatrical Side of Congress"

Larisa hits upon possible reason Lam was axed(Cheney?) ..LINK

Citizen Kate MEETS Obama

I want to do the right thing. Received this email from Sen. Doctor Frist

He's a goner.

Bush starves troops by threatening to veto funding.

Anybody watching the House Judiciary hearings on CSPAN3?

DU'ers I'm on a mission, deprogramming another Kool-aid drinker and need your help

We know that our Troops aren't adequately taken care of when they finally return here

Dubai group nears deal to buy aviation businesses from Carlyle Group

Fox Noise: Anti-War Protesters are Loonies! (real screen cap)

a couple of questions on the 4 year Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

(TOON) Steve Bell on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war

Obama more liberal than Kucinich, analysis reveals

Begging again: K&R's & CALLS needed:

An analogy: digging up the bodies in the basement/backyard

Gonzo, Rummy, Spelling, etc. ad nauseum are good reasons for

Why do US congressmen invite the Czech president

Thank you, Mr. President. Keep Gonzo chained to his desk as the hot water rises over his head.

How do you think Barack Obama did on Larry King last night?

Reporter email addresses. Where can I find them?

Willkommen to the United States of Foreclosure

Marvel Comics really do love the terrorists!

A Special Pentagon Report From Brian O'Malley, MD

Breaking-- AP: Senate OKs Limits on Gonzales' Authority

Experts on Abortion

Seattle City Council unanimous in call for troop pullout

Leahy/Feinstein (C-SPAN) on U.S. Attorney Firings E-Mails

Afghanistan Vet: Counter-Protest Rings of Imperialistic Propaganda--Not Democracy

MWM seeks strong and muscular political party

Barack Obama supports a massive increase in liquid coal production


ABC's Congdon Shills for DuPont on the side

Ex hitman for Boston mob to be released after serving 12 years (for 20 murders!)

How to get an impeachment: Go after implicated GOP Congressmen

Special Agent Melven Pervie can see you 24/7.


Unless you've got a real big yatch your tides not coming in...

White House to Meet with Dems at 2 PM

C-SPAN: Dem Press Conference

Somebody call CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News

so...Cheney visited the hospital

Watergate Step 2, 'Insider' named Deep Throat 'leaks' damning info....

We Need A Color-Coded Gone-Zo Alert Level!

Covert or Not Covert? She said yes under oath! Others still say no. Is there no way to prove it?

Breaking: Tancredo: Gonzo should resign

A few words from Thomas Jefferson

A cartoon for those watching Cabal News Networks today...

How many US Atty's were let go when Reagan, Carter, and Nixon took office?

Why does Josh Marshall have Ann Coulter ads on his site?

300 is clearly about Bush, read it and weep...

I Just Called Schumer's & Conyer's Offices

'We want this baby polar bear dead' say animal rights lobby

The Human Element to the Gonzales Eight:

If I were in 1 party and I wanted to create a rift among my opposition

Buzzflash: Last Throes Of The Republican Insurgency

Oops! Technician's error wipes out data for state fund

Time Poll: Barack Obama beats Guiliani and McCain; Hillary loses to Guiliani

Gonzo to be gone by Thursday?

Congressional Report: Clinton Didn’t Do It Too

Maxine Waters introducing Katrina Housing bill on House floor now

O.K. My Head Is Swimming. What's Going On W/ProsecuorGate?

Chimp's Mystery Father Finally Known

Fox Mentions Iraq Anniversary Far Less Than Other Networks

"the icing on the cake" (ranking nation's top prosecutor Fitz as "middling")

Afghanistan War Vet Comments from March on Pentagon

Miers and Rove won't testify under oath?

Executive privilege versus OUR privileges!!

LTTE from an idiot in my paper today

Your Last Chance

The Politico's Mike Allen: Democrats are 'bloodthirsty'

I'd say around 3:30PM tomorrow--- Gore will be taking on James Inhofe.

Common Ground Relief/NOLA needs help

Evidently * will be addressing the Naiton at 5:45 re the US

Cunningham, Under Investigation, Signed Letter Criticizing Prosecutor

Gonzo gone gone gone pool

Cafferty: "It's like North Korea a little more every week around here."

Democrats turn up heat in congressional oversight

I am not a fan of Rahm Emanuel, however, on Charlie Rose last night

Ok just got done with batch two and boy

Urgent Call To Action from NRCAT - RE: the Military Commissions Act of 2006

Anti-War Demonstration Uses Power Of A Word

Conrad Black is a liar and thief: prosecutor (AFP)

McCain Re-Thinking immigration after visiting Iowa

Anyone know if/ heard if C-span will cover Bush talk?

MSNBC: Bush will back Gonzales and talk about the contents of Fielding’s offer

"Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust to Hold Pro-Life Boot Camp"

So who is Congressman Renzi and what was the leak/investigation??

So is this the old "irresistible force vs. immovable object" paradox?

AGs: It's Legal Because the Patriot Act Says So! + Staging for Permanent Republican Fascist Majority

Bush tries, and fails, to equate football to war...(Froomkin)

So, WHhad no involvement huh? This email proves otherwise!

Caption this Bush & Cheney pic...

WH offers Rove & Miers UNSWORN testimony - closed doors, NOT under oath

Why it's a bad idea to splice porn into a newscast...

Tommy Thompson for President?

Pet deaths expected to rise despite recall - Reuters

Bush handling Constitutional Crisis with Dignity and Proper Solemnity (PHOTO)

Ok observations from batch one

How ironic, Tancredo wants Gonzo to resign.

WH letter regarding "interviewing" Rove and Miers

Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior

Democracy Now - don't miss it - Blackwater. Jeremy Skahill.

My off-the-wall (or maybe not) prediction of what Bush will say later today:

So who the hell blew up the USS Cole?

Will B*sh announce Gonzo's resignation, today?

Does anyone have the picture of * wearing about a dozen flag lapel pins?

Judge in Anna Nicole Smith case cited for smoking pot

Dick Armey sounds addled, drunk, or both...

No oath. No transcript. No subpoenas. NO WAY.

Who here is reading through the DOJ doc dump and posting important finds?

Hey Duers: You do know that Bushco

Joe Lieberman for Attorney General???

Okay, is Gonzo disbarred after he gets thrown under the bus?

How can I shrink a PDF file?

Rove offered for unsworn testimony

I just got an email from Al Gore

I thought bush was talking at 4:45 ET---Has it changed? (past that time)

Cheney's office lied about having an examination scheduled.

The Bush offer? Tell lies, disclose nothing, come out and publicly declare vindication...

TPM: White House Offer Withholds White House Documents

Marine Wedding

Leg problem sends Cheney to the hospital

Who Will Be First To Invoke Their 5th Amendment Right

Bill Maher coming up on CNN

I've been thinking a lot about this "questioning someone's patriotism" issue.

NY Daily News: Yankee airwaves offer free time for Rudy's run

Elisabeth Hasselbeck defends torture (Hasselbeck watch: Day 2!)

Rove to reporter: "How about you go over there and do your job"


4 years ago, Bush Addressed the Nation...

CNN talking about Bush's "texas mafia"

3223 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

One bird species learns another’s lingo: Scientists say nuthatches understand chickadee warnings

59 US soldiers have died in Iraq since March 1, 2007. I think there have been

Is the Hillary 1984 ad a violation of copyright?

Update: Bush to "Defiantly" Support Firings of U.S. Attorneys >

Something different about Attorney Gate

Sibel Edmonds Will Bring Them All Down

Thomas Sowell - I listen only to Rush Limbaugh...

Will post-abortion e-card service get sued? (Freeper "humor")

Communist Party USA donates collection to NYU (AP/CNN)

Exile says Tehran training Iraqi militants in Iran (Reuters)

RW Phrase of the Week: "Democrats smell blood in the water"

Say goodnight, George

On the Road to Impeachment

I guess for Smirky, there isn't much "pleasure" having Republicans

Did they do something right?

On the Road to Impeachment

So Rove has to answer questions

Just Agree - Plame/Wilson are liars and Democrat Hacks !

To Sen. Leahy (and other Senate Dems): "I Won't Back Down"

If you really want this war ended then ask Rush Limbaugh's advertisers.

TANCREDO really REALLY wants Gonzo out-- OUT as in departed / DEPORTED, something like that!!1

So there has already been an internal investigation and nothing was done wrong


Vote for Gore at DFA poll.

CNN Special Report...I heard P. Leahy Said

Idiot Son just learned a new word. "KLIEG LIGHTS." Said it 3 times.

Watada retrial set for 3/19

How the hell is this so-called-Pork

Who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Bush? Your "staff" is accountable to the AMERICAN TAXPAYER!!

Doesn't Congress have supoena power? and does the Prez

Hagel votes nay on the independence of United States attorneys bill?

What the hell good is Rove and Miers' sworn testimony...

Oil prices closed today BELOW $57/barrel. So why the hell is gas up a quarter per gallon?

Powerball winner had lost $400k in Enron collapse

Maher: "Hillary should run on a platform of restoring honor & dignity to the WH"

Blanco to not run for re-election, says AP

Who was funnier at his peak?

RW Phrase of the Week: "Democrats smell blood in the water"

Bush really blew the second reporter's question.

Did Bush forget Americans just saw WH staffer convicted for

Buzzflash: Why was U.S. Attorney Carol Lam Fired? Here's a Few Political Explanations

So as it stands now are there 8 US Attorneys who have not been given congressional approval?

Explain to me how Bush can possibly block the subpoenas?

Is there ever a valid reason to not want to testify under oath?

'We want this baby polar bear dead' say animal rights lobby

It's time to launch a call the White House campaign to ask; What are you hiding? What are you afraid

Conyers/Leahy/Waxman Speechwriters: Start Calling Gonzales and Rove "Hostile Witnesses"

My son wants to know if we can save the Polar Bears....

My son wants to know if we can save the Polar Bears....

Dana Bash on Lou Dobbs show just referred to ShrubCo as "The Bushies!"

GOP Congress didn't buy Clinton's claim of executive privilege, so

Surprise surprise! Jim Cramer successful because he cheated

With VP having more heath problems today . . .

Didn't Bush firmly state that his friend Donald Rumsfeld was staying put right before he fired him?

WaPo: The Case for Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald

When will we hear the official Dem response to smirkies "offer"?

IMPEACH NOW. If it didn't dawn on America by this Presser that you have been hoodwinked

Official Bush Speech Thread #1

Remember, This Is Exactly the "Deal" Bush Proposed Re: The 9/11 Commission: No Oath/Transcripts

BREAKING: Blanco will not run for re-election; clears way for Breaux


Charlton- Congressman Renzi connection - does this mean anything?

A beautiful love song video... George & Tony sing "My Endless Love"

So Dick has some "discomfort" in his left leg .. BFD

A Boy Scout gets lost in the woods.


Is this really true regarding the prius?

It should be obvious, Gonzo will resign, hoping this will appease the Huns who are starting to scale

Lol...repuke meltdown...

Need quote from this weekend's marches.

There are consequences for lying, Mr. President,

So what happens now? (Bush will apparently disobey the subpoenas)

Will Congressional Dems back down on issuing subpeonas to Rove and Miers?

Republican Senate aide: "Democrats smell blood in the water,and (Gonzo) resignation won't stop them"

Will not testify under oath? What kinda of dumbfuk idiot would come up with that

No closed-door hearings, even if they are under oath.

The press is all apoplectic about KKKarl testifying under oath.

The Many Moods of Dick Cheney

If you or I refused to be served with a supoena, or blocked law enforcement

Widdle Pissypants is so BWAVE and STWONG for not letting his lying advisors give sworn testimony!

Tweety on klieg lights: "I missed that great graphic spontaneous expression from Bush"

On the Road to Impeachment

Chris Matthews and David Gregory are melting like ice cream

Deputy USA was not promoted to Cummins' spot - she was on maternity leave

"Divine right went out with the American Revolution and doesn't belong to White House aides..."

Showing on PBS Frontline tonight in my area "The Soldier's Heart"

Official: Blanco out for '07 race

"300" Director: Critics "were so neo-con, so homophobic."

"Well, Clinton did it"

LOL Fired US attorney: I'm sure Bush didn't know he hired me

Tweety is a real scum bag

End The War and Occupation

Author (Andrew Cockburn): Behind the Rumsfeld - Saddam hand shake

Marine to be awarded Navy Cross posthumously

This is the Democrats chance..

Do you have a friend or friends who are Bush supporters?

How TalkingPointsMemo Beat the Big Boys on the U.S. Attorney Story

This is BS - If Bush was REALLY brave he wouldn't FEAR the truth coming out.

How can bush white house refuse supoenas?

They're all better people than you are George

Bush Scores in Football Speech just Hours after Fumbling Iraq Address. How Appropriate!

Cheney taken to the hospital today.. is this the deal they made?

What's the precedent for WH officials testifying before Congress?

Josh Marshall reminds us of something we should ALL keep in mind

A fantastic tribute to our fallen war heroes

seems the populace is getting a bit angry at pro war congress people

Pretzeldent's Visit to Ford Factory Marred by Incoherence

tweety - "this is what happens when the president is weak."

Man leaves burning condominium to shop for a fire extinguisher.

Check out the newest "bizarro halo" moment from our pals at AP.

NIH Director Breaks From Bush, Calls For Repeal Of Stem Cell Ban

Bush to speak @ 5:45pm (ET) about attorney purge...

Bush: "Uh oh!"

CBS (Andrew Cohen): Fitzgerald performance revelation not included in DOJ doc-dump - leaked to WP

Syracuse woman explains why she spit at soldier

From Jesus Camp: the very best Bush speech EVER.

Mars is warming up too, hence no global warming!

A Smattering of Kleagles: The Sadly, No! Article on Conservative Sissies That Is Being DDOS'ed

Tuesday TOONS: A long and deadly 4 years edition

Brush up on Executive Privilege because

Who else has awesome elected officials (federal, state or local?)

Dear Senator Leahy and Representative Conyers

Is it OK to lie when testifying before Congress as long as you're

ok-if you don't make it to the lounge-a nice song/video

Our Turn Chicago March Anti-War Tonight

"Thank you for your answers." Did I hear Bush's last comment

"We'll proceed with subpoenas on Thursday" Schumer just said, live


Bloomberg Kills 'Sensitive 9/11 Probe'

Bush: "No partisan fishing expedition of honorable public servants!"

Veterans for Peace replaces JROTC w "Peace Academy"

44 Anti-War Protesters Arrested Outside of NYSE

FYI - to copy text from a PDF

Make no mistake this is about Obstuction of Justice and Abuse of Power

Fallen Soldier's Dad Tells Bush: "This war is wrong"

TPM Muckraker treasure trove of nuggets from the DOJ doc dump

There is no honest reason that Karl Rove and friends can't testify under oath in a closed hearing...

Every eleven hours since the Iraq invasion, on average, we lost one troop.

If Chimpy sticks to his story, about being out of the loop on the USA firings...

harvesting organs minutes after the heart stops

US Soldier: "Bush can come fight here. He can take my 1,000 dollars a month and I'll go home."

What to Watch For When Al Gore Testifies to Congress Tomorrow (David Roberts)

Anyone catch The View this morning? Rosie had to reign in Elizabeth.

Help me out here guys. I just receive this email from my son, an

Who do you think created the "Hillary 1984" ad?

Bush's poll numbers fall to 30% again in Newsweek poll, tying Newsweek's lowest number ever for Bush

Tweety is the biggest sh--bag in the US

Larry O'Donnell calls Rather a "hack" for saying media passive: why do DUers watch so much Cable TV?

"Operation First Casuality" protest video today in Wash. DC

All the Hallmarks of Nixon's First Watergate Speech

Kucinich--Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?

WSCE shouts it... Sydnie, this is for you!!!!

two ways that you can help polar bears

Senate (S214) bars US Attorney General from appointing US Atty's w/out Senate confirmation.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Democrats Beating Bush's Swords Into Plowshares

£25 fridge gadget that could slash greenhouse emissions

Reid: "the Bush Administration is not entitled to the benefit of the doubt"

To the White House: "Run Like Hell"

Looks like Gonzales will step down!

Holy fuck. Bush is live...saying he'll resist any attempt to supoena his staff...

Tom DeLay, Indicted Criminal, Shills on Today Show + His New Book

Approval Rating of Dem-Controlled Congress SINKS to 28%

Call Congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! Until your fingers bleed!!! ***** 1-800-459-1887 *****

Meredith Vieira Knocks the crap out of Tom Delay onToday today

K-Pete and friends: Step away from your computers!!

If you're leary of impeachment-- read this!

LIttle Wimp Idiot Traitor Lieberman says he is OPEN to switching parties

Our Highest Law Enforcement Officials are Criminals

Why Not Use Gonzales-Approved Aggressive Interrogation Techniques in Lieu of Oath?

I just spoke with Representative Conyers and

BEAUTIFUL Irony: Bush's Nickname for Gonzales? FREDO


Attention Nancy Pelosi, et. al.: PLEASE WAKE UP!

Hello! Everyone Knows the US Attorneys were FIRED. Yet bush is Saying They RESIGNED

The Delusions of the Last Rightwing Remnant:

Planting trees In Niger With A Signature To Al Gore

Am I the only one here that is disappointed by Fitzgerald?


Bradley or Gore?

re: 300 - wanna know who's seeing this movie? Exactly who they thought would see it....over and over


Hague Prosecutor Says Bush-Blair Could Face War Crimes Charges: 1 Million Iraqis Killed

We the People have lost control of our federal government

From DKos - The penalty for ignoring a Congressional subpoena is...

"Executive Privilege is a Dodge" Tony Snow-March 29, 1998

Why REPUBS Are MAJORLY PISSED And Frightened About the USA Purge

Could the "Hillary 1984" ad forever change the MSM's influence on politics?

Pics from 3/19 Peace vigils - Post more if you like...

Chiquita fined over terrorist payments

Bush pulls out the Country Bear Jamboree accent whenever

If 25% of full-time Walmart cashiers were men, each with six kids at home

What is a liberal Democrat?

McDonald's to launch campaign against 'McJob' entry in (OED) dictionary

Another "war" the U.S. is losing

Medical Catch-22

Bong Hits For Jesus: Transcripts of SCOTUS Oral Arguments

Sandra Day O'Connor: This Constitutional Crisis is for YOU!

PET FOOD RECALL--Summary of Important Information

The "All or Nothing" Approach, Does It Apply To Rights in Democracy??

Soldier's dad tells Bush, `This war is wrong'

The Dumbing Down of America

The quartet of think tanks, corrupt WH, meek congress, and conservative media = US disaster

In '08 Race, Web Tactics Are Even More Integral

Read the documents - Link

How long will it take the wingnuts and others to claim Gonzo firing is...

Fresh Air program on Blackwater

Duplicate and redundant - deleted

More than 100 arrested in Iraq protests (in San Francisco & NY)

NYT: Russia Gives Iran Ultimatum on Enrichment

New *Co Scandal?.......

Just Heard On CNN - The WH Would BeWilling To Sacrifice Gonzo To Save Rove.......

Bush affirms his "support" for Gonzales ..... So will Alberto last the day?

Nice Compilation of Obama's statements on Iraq from 2002 to present.

Delay on TODAY

When Republicans Have Nothing To Say, They Yell "al-Qaeda"

John Conyers on CSpan3 NOW - Re: FBI use of Nat. Security Letters

I must defer to the wise and mighty Bob Dylan >>>>>>>>>>>

Giuliani Agrees To Third Debate

FACT CHECK: There Is No Precedent Barring White House Aides From Testifying To Congress

After years of complaining about no oversight, I am happy to have a new

A preemptive "buh-bye" for AG AG

Cheney is at George Washington Medical Center (CNN)

Leahy on Cspan 2 LIVE - Re: Prosecutor Purge

Woolsey Marks Four-Year Anniversary of the Invasion Of Iraq

House Committee to Meet Tomorrow to Vote on White House Subpoenas

Consultant class bozos and the FOX "debate"

Anyone catch Larence O'donnell on Scarberough last night

BBC Have Your Say: Should the President be Impeached?

VIDEO: Ex-Bush Official: I Fixed The Facts Around The Policy (climate reports)

Press Picks Through Latest 'Document Dump' on Firing of U.S. Attorneys

Brilliant Statesman tom delay on NPR this morning

WSJ: last week gonzalez quietly appointed chiefs of public integrity and fraud

Congressman Jerry Lewis has legal tab of $803,000+to firm a USAttorney just hired onto (Yang)

Just heard a good political joke...

Lawmakers Threaten FBI Over Spy Powers

THE 18 MINUTE GAP?? (DOJ email dump)

I am a crazy, uncivil hippie

When Obama failed to call, N.J. donors went to Clinton

Today's good feelings are brought to you by the word 'oversight':

Well Worth Reading: George Soros On Israel, America & AIPAC

No Negotiations......

"Dem Pres. candidate X is the 3rd most librul senator/congressman!!!"

TPM: Former Rove Aide in on Senate Bypass Scheme?

Possible creator of unauthorized Obama ad responds to an e-mail

Why the speed to fire Carol Lam? (from the document dump)

CNN Announces Bush to make an announcement shortly

So how many of Clinton's USA's did Shrub keep?

Clinton-Obama War Feud Spills Into Forum

How many mercenaries are there in Iraq?

MSNBC: W to address nation at 4 Eastern re: Rove & Miers offer

A silver lining of sorts

Mean Jean Says Walter Reed claims "overblown"

MSNBC: Rove & Miers behind closed doors, no oath and no transcript

Democracy Dreaming

The Hillary 1984 AD - Sad that

Jean Schmidt, OH-2 is a worthless waste of space in Congress

How Many Of You Know A Reformed freeper?

White House Makes An Offer Dems CAN Refuse!! Under oath required!

Rove gets touchy.

DO try this at home, kids!

Sen Pryor on Hardball, now

why has there been so much hype about the Hillary Clinton "1984" video? It isn't very good.

WaPo: Justice Job Considered For Ousted Prosecutor

Why Is Wolf And CNN Making The Dems Look Like The Bad Guys In This AG Scandal?.......

Gonzo knows where the bodies are buried....

Crackdown pledged on Iraq building fraud (AP)

You have to wonder whether Fitz would have been sacked

The Chimp is speaking. n/t

White House Won’t Allow Rove, Miers To Testify

Gov. Strickland names new BWC head in wake of Coingate...

Bush Would Not Deny US prosecutors were fired because they were investigating republicans

John Edwards Energy

Bush is using the Exact same argument Cheney used to prevent

Thank you for your answers???????????

E-mail trail shows power struggle behind US attorneys' firings

Bush calls Congressional actions "fishing expedition". Exact same phrase used during Watergate by

Bush:Iraq withdrawal may spark 9/11 repeat' (Is preventing a new 9/11 the only basis of this Adm.?

Bush Goes To The Mattresses For Gonzo

Begala to Blitzer just now on CNN...

What does "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" mean? NT

Kucinich To Hold Subcommittee Hearing on Subprime Mortgage Issues Plaguing Urban America

Here's who I want to question Rove

TV station in Baton Rouge reporting that Blanco will not run for Gov

Isn't there already a law saying the people can't lie

Matthews Now Spinning With Andrea M

Fitzgerald was targeted to be fired(White house fails to turn over documents)

President Refuses to Turn Over Tapes

"The Herbert Hoover of National Defense"

Democrats Propose National Sick Leave Bill

Will 04-06 Obama's "good soldier" I didn't have the intel so I can't critize IWR votes mute his main

Let's write Hardball and tell them we don't want to see Tom Delay on the show....

Who's Lying? Gay Hating Pastor or bush's white house?

Proof that the USA firings weren't about performance


My Preview Of W's Announcement

What a blowhard Jeff Sessions is.......STFU already!

Retired. Colonel Ann Wright Arrested at House Judiciary Committee.

Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time? from Dennis Kucinich

DOJ documents release - email exchange and rant

Bill Maher on CNN now (not sure if it's live)

Our system of government is really broken.

Dear Yoko, I was so wrong for so long PEACE

Kucinich Leads Presidential Hopefuls on Health Care for All

TPM: 3000 Pages of Purge (DOJ/Conyers statements)

TPM: Bush Will Fight Subpoenas

Hillary Speaks Out On "1984" Video

The media ....... it becomes clearer and clearer. They are Public Enemy Number One

Senator (Feinstein) eyes another attorney departure

i really don't think this is the fight the Clinton camp wants to have...

OK. Too late for impeachment, maybe? Then what?

Rove In The Dock

When * Says "I Hope They Don't Choose Confrontation" What Exactly Is He Threatening?......

I think it is time to flood Congress with emails and phone calls

Gore's Congressional testimony tomorrow on C-SPAN 3, CNN Pipeline, live webcast

Boy Scout Missing in NC Has Been Found Alive

Hillary advisor's Obama attack a Mark of desperation?

Specter staff asking DOJ for talking points to use during investigation!

Obama's remarks that Hillary's people are criticizing were a defense of Kerry - Edwards.

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco Won't Run For Reelection

Right-Wing Amendment Forces Katrina Victims To Find A Job Before Receiving Aid

Are Lee, Grijalva, Kucinich, Stark, Waters and Woolsey all wrong for opposing the supplement?

my theory: the firings and the NSA wiretaps are connected.

The Richardson Watch, 3/20/2007: I want my BillTV

Senator Durbin and Rep Tierney Introduce Bills Today to Reform Financing of Congressional Elections

Rove's challenged accepted-US Attorney firings "Republicans then ('93) and now"

TPMCafe notes from ABC News: Obama's Anti-War Stance Was Consistent

The more fearsome political machine: Clinton 1992-2007 or Bush2 1999-2007?

This is a long road from "the Best and the Brightest" -

Just Called Conyers Office - Rove & Meiers Will Testify Under Oath...

SIbel Edmonds: Last chance to put Perle, Feith & Hastert in orange jumpsuits

WOW! Democrats' response was swift and firm: Start Authorizing Subpoenas.

I've decided to throw my support behind John Edwards!

Bush lashes out. And Leahy's response:

Justice Dept. Used Pregnancy As Excuse To Appoint Griffin, Possibily Violating Discrimination Act

HRC supporters - Microsoft really went in the tank after that Super Bowl ad...

46% of Americans would definitely vote against Senator Clinton

Setting the record straight - Obama, the IWR and "I don't know"

Some say unauthorized internet attack ad for Obama is a watershed moment in 21st Century media