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Archives: March 17, 2007

Alberto Gone-zales? By Howard Kurtz --WaPo


The waterboarded evildoer

As an Economic Partner, Iran Builds Its Role in Iraq

Senator Lieberman: Come to Your Senses About Iraq

A Culture of Deniability By Dan Froomkin ==WaPo

It is like 95F here in Phoenix. Feels like May.

Israel army to investigate "human shield" charges

Israel wants international boycott of new Palestinian government

Excuse me for being a

Shiite cleric (Muqtada al-Sadr) urges resistance of U.S.

Zimbabwe opposition vows to remove Mugabe

FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death ( Robert .F)

Britain's push to renew Trident comes under attack ... from Iran

(ABC) Pearl Family Doubts KSM Confession

Netherlands Criticises US On Guantanamo Bay

Swift Boat Money Man Raising $ for Romney

Barbara Walters Interviews Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (10PM EST)

Vehicle in Bush motorcade involved in accident

Trial of former Qwest exec set to begin

Breaking: Gonzales Apologizes To Prosecutors

More than 200 names to be removed from Iraq memorial in Lafayette

Valerie Plame for president

GOTTA DO THIS! It's for "ST. Patty's DAY!"

Opa-Locka, Forida deserts it's Middle-Eastern themed City Hall

Hello Lounge - I'm new here, so please be nice to me. I'm shy,

While GOPisEvil was mowing his yard, I was HARD AT WORK AT A JOB

And now, memories of better times:

Would you live in Habitat '67?

Remember This....

Women With Bigger Behinds Were All the Stone Age Rage, Scientists Say

Might not mean much to some...

You know, it's been a long time since we had one of these threads:

Denture questions....

Hey, where's MonkeyFunk?

Holy shit! I'm at 4965 posts! Ask me anything!

Where the hell is GoneOffShore?

We interrupt this message board for a very important announcement!

My friends are getting on my nerves.

OMG! Look at the pictures I found from Graywarrior's wedding!1!@

Best verbified noun of all time.

This is one hell of a storm!

How the hell is there three inches of snow on the ground?!?

Baba Wawa is the new Bart Simpson!

I love the word "mutant".

I apologize.

I want to build a "progressive" music collection. Can you help? Here are my beginning four:

What would you like to invent?

It's Friday and I'm staying in.

Step #1: Change Your Lights to...?

Hmm... I just made some pomegranate marinated filet mignon - hmmm

Is Storefront Hitchcock worth buying?

Should I have another martini?

"Rebels are we, born to be free, just like the fish in the sea!"

Testing my new Photobucket account

Nonpolitical topic here. I remember this as the greatest NCAA play I ever seen..

i loove Blistex DCT!


Beannachtai na Feile Padraig

Hey graywarrior! I think your duck is trying to escape!!!

I used to think I was Irish,but my grandfather said no

If it weren't for my horse, i wouldn't have spent that year in college.

Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

Got Lyrics? & sound

Do you understand The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys?

Well, ya learns somethin' new every day.

PC vs. MAC ads

Happy Birthday to Shemp Howard!

An idiotic conversation overheard in a restaurant this morning.

Are all the Jesuit Colleges still alive in the NCAA tournament?

I got a new job on Wednesday.

If you were going to buy a TV today, would you go for an HDTV?

Pet Food Recall.

DU is worth $9,657,080

I have a new avatar

Paula Deen guests on Emiril tonight.

Potentially offensive stereotype (effing hilarious)

Best movies set in Ireland?

I read in Rolling Stone that Johnny Marr is now in Modest Mouse?!

So how are you Losers (official Lounge Losers, accept no substitutes!) doing?

What bands do you like that the Lounge Music Snobs would crucify you for if they knew?

Why haven't you posted on Please Remove?

Purdue''s NCAA return -- tip o'the hat to Matt Painter

"The Energies of March 15" - Karen Bishop - March 16, 2007

Someone else approves.

Oops! Dupe. nt

Iraq Veterans Memorial video

French Prime Minister agrees with Democrats on troop withdrawal from Iraq

Hearing on Disclosure of Plame's Identity: No Investigation

Okay better glasses Keith ..... :)

Larry Johnson on KO, now...

The woman's a twit!

"The woman's a twit." -- Larry Johnson talking about Victoria Toensing.

Victoria Toensing is a TWIT!--Larry Johnson

Wheel of Fortune (O'Reilly)

AP article: "Democrats are eager to make political fodder " out of CIA leak scandal

"Conservative" assumption

"Alberto Gone-Zales" Did you guys see that tag line tonight?

On C Span Now Valerie Plame a repeat

Prankster declares live comedian dead on Wikipedia

Here's to Babylonsister - 8 posts on DU's front page!

A Constructive Plot to Return Guantanamo Bay

Costco Gives Employees Another Raise

Time to check in with a Cheney impeachment poll

“He did it.”

Finally...... da truth

If and when all the lies come out ?

DISGUSTING AP TWIST OF STORY, CALLS PLAME 'BLOND': "Plame sheds little light in leak case"

Wow... It's Bruce Fein Who Says Gonzales' Going Is Inevitable !!!

Plame was in Who's Who In America......

Why are Valerie and Joe not in jail?

Ackerman: Military more afraid of gays than terrorists-Lesbian platoon could chase us out of Baghdad

On March 21st Al Gore Will Testify Before Congress...(action alert inside)

Al Gore wrote me with an update 294,374 siggies

Has Gonzo decided he wants to spend more time with his family yet?

Rove/ Gonzo/ Cheney. Am I the only one who does not want them gone?

Some scattered tough-ts on Empire

Sen. Dodd Sets Subprime Hearing for Thursday

You can feel this family's pain:

Purple Hearts, Democrats Abroad and (Elizabeth) Kucinich


Flashback: Alexander Butterfield

Nonpolitical topic here. I remember this as the greatest NCAA play I ever seen..

Rosie O'Donell is doing something quite interesting over on her blog

As we celebrate the events of this week...

John Edwards "Transformational Change Agenda"

Sneak peak: Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows

why is CSPAN not re-airing the 2nd and 3rd panels?

I'm starting to think Glenn Beck watches 24 with his shorts around his ankles.

You know, sometimes I can be pretty naive and stupid

Has Fitz responded to Waxman's request yet? n/t

It's Friday! And the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the Week is....

So were the hearings part of Friday's news dump?

Who do you think landed the biggest knockout punches today ? ....ONE only.

Barbara Walters interview with Hugo coming up next on 20/20

Ok Kids...all together now....1 2 3 4.....

Joe Wilson is on Anderson Cooper now n/t

Mentally Unfit, Forced To Fight : Follow Up

Satellite viewing statistics: Does anyone know if they collect them?

Top investor sees U.S. property crash

If Congress Calls U.S. Attorney Frederick A. Black, They Get A Scandal Two-Fer !!!

On Real Time Tonight:

Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) on Mike Webb now (9:15PM Pacific)

Florida to "help" environment by building a toll road up the rural center of the state.

Plame testimony repeat on C-Span 1 now

As Bill Maher said tonight, "They say people haven't sacrificed anything in this country,

Ramblings of a Sane Man - America Held Hostage

March On The PENTAGON March 17!


I am not liking the AP's Plame coverage.

Pushing Bush by Brian Dykstra

When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

Gore 2008

Helen Thomas remains front row at White House Briefing Room; CNN up, FOX NEWS row two

Covert? Not covert? Here's why the Plame issue proves the Repubs don't care about security.

Jay Leno just gave us a preview of why the Republicans want Hillary to be the nominee

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy St Patrick's Day!

I had a really long day at work today. I know I missed some great stuff

They still won't quit! National Review: What Does "Covert" Mean?


The Nutcases Right wing Answer to March 17th

Anybody Else Feeling A Bit Apprehensive?

Olberman is leading the story on the hearings on Plame

Why Does It Take So Long To Issue A Passport?

If You Are Broken, You Are Worthless

IAMS and Eukanuba in Pet Food Recall

Jesselyn Radack :Note to Congress: Hear from the Small Fish

Why does C-SPAN keep cutting away from the Plame hearing?

Belgian Ministers Quarrel over Al Gore

Rep Davis (R) at Plame hearing: "If you don't know someone is covert...

OMG. My husband was just channel surfing and came across Faux Noise.

Exactly what they'll do with Gonzales:

Here's To: Valerie Plame Wilson...

Dear DU pet owners, why buy pet food?

Buzzflash: Should Cheney and Bush be Impeached for Endangering Our National Security?

My LTTE to The New York Times

The shit has really hit the fan.

Prediction: The new Attorney General will be the Trojan Horse that helps destroy Bushco

Bush's Dilemma: Attorney Purge Was ILLEGAL Without His OK

"The Chart".

When Hillary is President, will she be called: Hag Twit Blonde Banshee Bitch Etc. Etc. Etc.?

Tom Paxton song, "George W Told the Nation"

FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death ( Robert .F)

McCain Regrets Use of Term 'Tar Baby'

Book TV Schedule: March 17th - 19th

Save "The Guy James Show" & my offer.

Keith must have read our posts last night about those UGLY...

Yay! Rep. Barney Frank!

Shiite cleric urges resistance of U.S.

No decision on Rove testifying

And then there were four.

The House that Brent Wilkes and Mitchell Wade Built

Iraq Veterans Memorial

Chavez interview with Barbara Walters coming up right now on 20/20

AMERICAblog: McCain doesn't know if condoms help stop the spread of HIV

CSPAN will broadcast the march tomorrow!

Spotlight Shines Bright on Webb

DNC research: Fred Thompson flip flops.

Make sure to watch Valerie Plame Wilson today. This day will go down in history

Prediction: Gonzales will resign, and John Cornyn will replace him

Here is the definitive list of COMPETENT people in this admin:

"She's a twit"

NYT: McCain Stumbles on H.I.V. Prevention (first major slip up of any of the top candidates)

CBS: Will Gonzales Fall For Attorney Firings? (Sources: AG's Ouster Is Inevitable)

Bush is a punk

Iraq Veterans Memorial Video

Jay Leno just gave us a preview of why the Republicans want Hillary to be the nominee

John Edwards "Transformational Change Agenda"

Keep Telling Yourself

Predict the Republican and Democratic Tickets in '08!

Do You Consider Hugo Chavez an Enemy of America?

Bush ‘Pugnacious’ As GOP Strategists, White House Allies Call For Gonzales Resignation

Seal Slaughter: Is the mass killing of sea mammels 'sustainable' ecologically and economically?

Iraq War forever alters D.C. landscape

Brent Budowsky: Valerie Plame Stands Tall

Beyond Building 18: EXCLUSIVE: Major New Problems At Walter Reed

VIP ward at Walter Reed gets scrutiny

H A L C R O W T H E R on M O L L Y I V I N S

That pesky Executive Order 12958

Iraq's new oil law!

Iranian Teachers Seeking Better Wages, Beaten During Rally (is this the American way?)

Bush Agrees to AFL-CIO and UFCW Demand to Implement Job Safety Rule

Free-Speech Case Divides Bush and Religious Right

"I'm trying not to say that I'm not accountable."

When Child Care Workers Join Unions, Communities Benefit

N.J. governor and his union boss ex-girlfriend face questions

At war's fourth: Bush v Democrats

The Nation: Antiwar Dems in Congress Face Tough Choices

LAT: Blogs can top the presses

Four years on, war costs Bush at home and abroad

An egregious attack on the U.S. justice system

Crouching Tiger, Tumbling US Economy


Gonzalez's Head on a Platter: Some Thoughts about Power and the Corporate Press

TPMuckraker: Sampson: I Failed to Organize "Political Response"

The Chinese Toy

NYT: A Search for Self in Obama’s Hawaii Childhood

Gonzales Gave Kyle Sampson New Justice Dept. Office After His Supposed ‘Resignation’

White House finds damage control elusive

Halliburton's contemptuous move

Editorial: Renew inquiry into removal of U.S. attorney in Guam

The Trillion-Dollar Defense Budget Is Already Here

Unstable Foundations: Not Forgetting New Orleans

According to U.S. Military Theory, We Can't Win in Iraq

Scandal Du Jour

WP: Accounts of Prosecutors' Dismissals Keep Shifting

At Capitol, a new agenda

A Shameful Injustice (US vs Cuba)

Editors of The Nation: The December 7 Massacre

Bison Once Again Roam Eastern Colorado

An Incompetent Boob: Bu**sh**'s response to An Inconvenient Truth ('TOON!)

Delayed Nuke Plant Bolsters Iran Resolve

Over Unity Water Heater??

(Canada) Government to move toward Kyoto - Reuters

The Idols of Environmentalism

US 'blocks environment progress' (opposes carbon trading, paying to preserve rainforests)

Investors to press U.S. Congress on global warming

Anti-Nuclear Rallies Fill French Cities

Finland's Greens Hope for Gore Windfall

Former Yugoslav nations unite in calling on EU to help Bulgarian energy production.

G8 climate consensus emerging, U.S. odd man out - Reuters

Best time to buy a hybrid car: Right now (

Chavez opposes Ahmadinejad on Israel

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 17, 2007

Justice Department Begins Actions Against States Over Accessible Voting

NYT/Reuters: CNN's Larry King, 73, Undergoes Arterial Surgery

CNN: CNN and L.A. Times to host 'Super Tuesday' debates

NYT: White House Delays Action in Democrats' Inquiry on U.S. Attorneys

Reuters: Taliban extend deadline to kill Italian reporter

(AP) Mandating HPV vaccine raises concerns from many

Pakistanis in anti-militant pact with border tribe (3rd try)

Police arrest, handcuff 7-year-old on dirt bike

CBS: Will Gonzales Fall For Attorney Firings? (Sources: AG's Ouster Is Inevitable)

BBC: Iraq unveils reconstruction plan

Bush: Dems try to micromanage Iraq war(radio address)

On the Firing Line: A new NEWSWEEK poll shows only weak support for Attorney General Gonzales

Iraq cleric urges new Iraq-US security agreement (Ammar al-Hakim)

Where are they now: Bush's former war cabinet

NYT/AP: Thousands of Christians Protest Iraq War

Reuters: Four years on, war costs Bush at home and abroad

U-S soldier killed in Baqouba

Four years on, war costs Bush at home and abroad

Book worries hold back the Plame truth

Reuters: Australian PM meets Iraq's Maliki in Baghdad

Home lender Novastar cutting 17 pct of work force

LAX police arrest pair pretending to be officers

Growing pains' for revamped prison system

Germany cautions U.S. not to split Europe with shield

China’s diversification won’t hurt dollar, says Wen

Dublin throws diverse St. Patrick parade (land of new immigrants)

UPI Anti-war protesters arrested

AP: GI Guilty in Iraqi Detainees' Deaths

Disney clears executives in Pixar probe

Musharraf calls demonstrations move against nation

Yahoo News - Republican Support for Gonzales Erodes

Truck bombers using chlorine kill 8 in Iraq

Thousands march to Pentagon to protest Iraq war (warning pic heavy)

WP: Additional Support Troops Join Buildup in Iraq: Tens of thousands more to come?

Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol (2 incidents, 5 dead)

White House Opposes D.C. Vote

Muslim prison chaplain claims more hate directed at him

G.O.P. Anger in Swing State Eased Attorney’s Exit (Iglesias NM) NYTimes

66-Year Old Man Leaps White House Fence

Gonzales's Ex-Aide Sampson Denies Withholding Info

Chavez opposes Ahmadinejad on Israel

WP: Antarctic Glaciers' Sloughing Of Ice Has Scientists at Loss: "Highly disruptive" sea level rise?

(South Carolina) Bill Would Mandate Ultrasound Before Abortion

CNN: Plame: Leak severely hurt U.S. intelligence; networks of agents jeopardized, destroyed

Smallpox shot infects soldier's toddler son

AP: N. Korea To Shut Down Nuclear Reactor

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Is Odd Man Out in Climate Consensus

How do you request someone on MySpace to be your friend?

Name your "Great American Video Game"


Personal Webmaster needed..


Best Venture Brothers Ever.

Golden Monkey, Dragon Phoenix Pearl, Six Summits ... What The Hell Did I Just Make?

Has anyone else seen the film "Tideland"?

somewhere in there

Christians gather in D.C. for war protests ‘An offense against God’

Anyone here seen Idiocracy?

Today I will err and go braless...

Don't kiss me! I'm Scotch, German,English, ?

My former employer deposited my last payroll and then reversed it.

*****A Message from Distressed American about his wife.******

Cool! Andy Dick played in Star Trek Voyager as a holodoctor!

Where's Zombie??? I have something PEEPish for him!! (very good for a giggle..)

Can I ask for good thoughts too.

Need music to DU to? KXCI Acoustic Alternative is especially grand this day!

Betting On Games

Everybody knows I have a website devoted to peeps...

That's it, this calls for

I got money back from taxes this year... should I

How early is too early to use the snowblower?

Seriously. I. Am. Done.

DUer Ava on CNN *NOW*

Why haven't you posted in the Poopy Pants Song and Movie Threads?

Here's to Eire..

Confession: I've never had green beer before.

What was that noise...?

Let the beer drinking festivities begin

I made an omelette for breakfast - with leftovers!!

Are peanut shells bad for you?

Confession: I've never had a green peer before.

Other species of leopard remembered

A website for pet owners on DU worried about quality of food:

i'm on vacation!

*sigh* Whadda last 12 hours

Pest Food Recall.

Like every St. Patrick's Day, I am celebrating by getting shitfaced.

When in Vancouver - be sure to eat at Vera's

I'm going to celebrate St. Paddys day by staying home, drining Guinness and ....

I figured St.Patrick's Day was as good a time to come back as any...

O.K., anyone see the Prestige ( spoilers included for discussion)?

yee haw, 100 posts and a donor on day #3


My living situation has suddenly taken a turn for the worse

just watched the most recent episode of South park

Truckin' public service announcement

Question for Jewish DUers

Good and bad sporting news for Ireland on St. Patrick's Day

Hard-core porn interrupts Brokaw broadcast

Ok...regarding the Viacom lawsuit against Youtube...

In honor of St Paddy's Day, I bring you....Tayto Crisps!

New species of leopard discovered

I got my new car last night--i am so happy.

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Well, now I know why daylight savings time came early.

Woman Kicked Out Of IHOP For Kissing Her Girlfriend

Finally, a chance to make ammends for "Thunderdome"!

Will some of you post links to pictures of rainbows

Breaking News! Khalid Sheik Mohammad just admitted

Totally shallow, irrelevant, possibly sexist question

How about a St. Patrick's Day music from You Tube thread? I'll start.

I'm bored, who wants to play?

Green Mastiff?

Are You A Bath Or A Shower Person?

Cigars Anyone

I feel totally powerless and depressed.

Making cake: Orange layer, white frosting, green layer

Like every St. Patrick's Day, I am celebrating by not getting laid.

There are 675 Days until the end of the Bush administration

ok, this link is too good to not post in the lounge...

Like every St. Patrick's Day, I am celebrating by not giving a shit.

Pitt- VCU game about to start

Hair cut and styled, Nails clipped and filed, Legs and

My dog got stuck in the snow today

Two loaves of banana bread and one batch white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies.

I am from the suburbs and am therefore better than you

My MN trip: I've hit rock bottom

Y'know what I can't stand?

Positive Lounge vibes and other good thoughts needed--DIL's father in hospital

M*cY's Credit Card MESS! Be careful about opening an account with them!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/17/2007)

Binka? Does Anyone Here Have Personal Contact With DUer Binka?

Are you a grammar nazi or language snob?

Man Arrested Driving Drunk - For The 28th Time

My son lost his leave orders and is at SFO enroute to Osaka.

An Observation About Kevin Bacon, Donald Sutherland, and Keifer Sutherland

Jesus, I'm OLD

Just got back from the Ann Arbor anti-war march

Ok pick my Avatar

What (serious) flamewars sadistically amuse you?

Carol Burnett Sues Over 'Family Guy' Cartoon

Sunflowers 2007, Week #4 * * * *

Spring has Sprung!! (Pic Heavy)

They're Coming To Take Me Away...


Confession: I don't like Guinness beer.

You Know You're Getting Old When ......... (fill in the blank)

PM me some gossip about a DUer

DO kiss me: who's it gonna hurt?

How about a St. Patrick's day photo thread!

Look at this cool grill I just bought for my backyard.

I'm Getting Marrried Tomorrow.

Has anyone here ever read Little Women?

What is a three-way tie on Jeopardy, Alex?

Congratulations Rabrrrrrr!! 40,000 posts

I think I just got/am getting stood up...?

Road rage with a side of fries

We Leased a Space for the Bookstore!!!

Happy Endings: The Day The Pope Got Told What's Up

Richard Dawkins in Lynchburg, VA

This yr's Easter/Christmas "discovery" proving Bible lies is proven wrong - bone boxes didn't have

My live CD

Isaac Newton and Religion

Here's a truly hilarious site

Boy, Xavier got hosed on a terrible no-call!

Tommorow I Am Going To Rep McDermott's Dinner

What does tomorrow's eclipse and the coming equinox mean?

"see change". . . OBSW

Following Dr. Wayne Dyer's viewpoint of Seeing a Benevolent World

Wake for fallen soldier attracts hundreds

Excellent diary

I may need some help (Sestak, not JK)

Hey, did you see this?

New diary at Daily Kos

FYI: I just saw a commercial for Hardball; John Kerry and General Barry

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Mar 17, 2007

Gay Wounded Veteran Eric Alva All Up On Paula Zahn

Irish American String Band 2007 Mummers Parade...

The Cranberries- Zombie...

Easter rebellion requim for a dream...

free derry media - the men of '98'...

The Politico says Democrats are using Libby trial for 08 purposes.

The Truth About Iraq - Michael Ware-1...

Faux Noise; Gibson Upset That a Rapist is Jailed

Must See: Trump Scathing Opinion of Bush

Danny Boy .... Happy St. Pats DU!

Got Lyrics? & sound

Hey--Guess what I saw today? ?

When Rumsfield went in for surgery it was the first time the patient had more blood on his hands

Bill Maher Asks Chris Rock Who He Wants To Win Presidency

Where is the bulk of your activism focused?

Republicans' Lobbying Grip Crumbles After Congressional Shakeup

I would like to see Plame become a pundit on TV for "our side."

Investigate every single day until the end of *'s term

"Snakes on a Plame" - (here's the trailer)...

Barack Obama's fifth grade class picture from Honolulu

Who are the rich fundie leaders and God-marts in your town?

Just what we need. "GodMen", macho Christianity "where faith gets DANGEROUS!"

On C- Span now 3:00am Central Time. Heartbreaking, must hear testimony

Why should we believe anything a defector says?

I think the argument has gone from "Justify Impeachment" to "Justify NOT doing it"

A moment in time - what is yours?

The reality of committee chairs

Condoning treason:

Former Soldiers Who Served In Iraq Speak Out Against War In Fayetteville NC

WJ this morning: Valerie Plame

Christians at the gates, Smirky. (photos)

When this is all said and done, would you support an law banning right-wing parties?

3,210 now dead in W's war of choice

White House changes story on prosecutor purge ... again with memory problems?

6 Year Olds Paying Off The Deficit - blogger reports child support payments taxed

The Donald Trump interview with Wolfie is getting lots of air time on CNN

With Shifting Explanations, White House Adds to Storm

Nance Greggs needs to be read by EVERYONE!!

TOON: An Incompetent Boob

Tom Engelhardt: Neocons In Cheney's Office Fund al Qaeda-Tied Groups... And No One Cares?

A bigger ‘surge:’ 2,600 troops to join Iraq fight early

'Meddling' Iran offers $1 billion to Iraq

CNN Poll: 76% Doubt Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Claims

I Don't Hate Bush (never met the man) - I Hate What He's Allowed...

A pilgrim's progress: blogging CPWI

A new troika for the "Axis of Evil"....

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 3/17 --- Cheese stands alone

Self delete

White House memory is 'hazy' on U.S. attorneys

How long until we're singing He's Gone by The Chantels for Gone-zales?

Donald Trump was calling for Bush to Shock and Awe Iran a couple of months ago

The Donald Trump interview with Wolf Blitzer - Trump calls out bu$h

Look Armitage was THE leaker! (Waxman's Chart)

'D.C. Madam' Ordered Not to Sell 'Little Black Book' to Media

**** A Message from Distressed American about his Wife *****

If I could be the decider....

Taliban attack NATO convoy

The Sunday Talk shows still greatly favor GOPers over Dems

c-span2 - academic freedom debate w/horowitz and cary nelson

Has anyone seen the movie "Iraq For Sale?" If so, what did you think?

Does the Bush regime really think North Korea is ever going to give up their nuclear weapons?

BREAKING: Gonzales Apologizes to Prosecutors and Names Interim Chief of Staff

U.S. says 350 ill from chlorine bombs in Iraq


Don't be dropping it at the president's feet.

Military lawyer says U.S. stacked deck against Canadian at Gitmo

Deja vu all over again: Destroying Journalism in Order to Save It

For ADL, another mission. Group will combat anti-immigrant bias

Police say pair set each other afire in fight. Homeless couple seriously injured

Ok, apparently Rep. Tom Davis doesn't realize how stupid he

Alan Greenspan's bizarre idea of how to address the income gap

Newsweek Poll: Most believe Firings of US Atty's Political

CSPAN getting beaten up by republican callers this morning

So there never was an investigation

Protecting Us Right Into Their Own Mindset

Chlorine truck bombs sicken hundreds of Iraqis

Congress Must Finally Hold Public Hearings on Edmonds Case

Pride in the Anti-War Movement Today from this Vet

re: USA. If "mistakes were made" according to *, isn't he the one who fires and hires?

LA Times: Blogs can top the presses (TPM and the USA story)

Are any of the news outlets covering the march today?

Compassionate Conservatism..To this day no one from Administration has called

Is anyone blogging from the march on DC?

How many people has mr. bush* fired over the Plame outing?

My friend's letter to Barbara Lee

Chris Rock on Rudy

War supporters feel adrift as tide turns

U.S. wildlife agency cutting 565 jobs, closing refuges

And the spin begins; AP story on march in DC today

sign this petition to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Japan

Where are they now: Bush's former war cabinet

damn-- I went camping for a week and just got back to find the GOP...

CNN's Kyra Phillips' Dream Come True!

violent stalker's mom inadvertently gets him arrested..

BREAKING: Helen Thomas Keeps Front Row Seat

Amendment X of the Bill of Rights... Let's talk about it.

The Costs of Being the "Most Military-Friendly State" In America

Who is JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, and who ordered her to write...

Does Tom Davis own his seat or is there a chance Virginians will

new warning on using antibacterial soaps

Anyone heard about this upcoming case that could give the 'christian' Right a lot of new power?

They are LIARS!

Waxman letter to Josh Bolton re: lack of investigation

I donated to Barack Obama yesterday...

What do mercenaries do for work when they get home?

What/Who, in your opinion, is the most trustworthy and legitimate

"It was wrong to out a CIA agent, BUT..."

'Saints preserve us.....where's me little helper?--> funny clip

Call me fickle - But I LOVE Trump after

Question about Toensing's testimony yesterday....

Major New Problems At Walter Reed..Beyond Building 18


PLAME HEARING : what the hell was up with WESTMORELAND (R-GA)?

MSNBC calling protestors carrying signs

Thousands of Christians Protest Iraq War

MSNBC has decided that Plame is a non story - Move on

Remember Gonzales NOT under oath when testifying.

WaPo: Rousing, Emotional Start for War Protest

Crowds gather to denounce, support war

DUer Ava coming up on CNN!

With all the food recalls - don't you think it may be time

LA Times article: Blogs can top the presses (bloggers vs. MSM "journalists")

Official GOP Positon: It's Fine To Out CIA Agents

RedState Claiming a Dem "Coup" at DOJ

Reuters: Four years on, war costs Bush at home and abroad

Moran !

TOONS: They ain't fooling us edition

Cindy Sheehan on CSPAN now speaking at prostest... n/t

TOON: Draggin' out this old chestnut...

NOW we know why shrub caravanned to Camp David in inclement weather Fri afternoon

bird flu- a hoax?

Waxman: a rare and shining example of what a public servant should be

AP: War Anniversary Draws Protestors To D.C.

Mistake on Waxman hearing chart: Memo marked "Secret" on plane to Africa

Obama 08 = Unification, admiration, progressive inspiration, exhilartion, medication

REPORT: Public Support For Iraq War In Fast Decline Since 2003

Peter Pace forgets the lessons of history.

Military Support for GOP Is in Free Fall

Lost in the discussion: Helen keeps her seat

Pat Buchanan defends Plame and says Novak was wrong.

And then there's the "Clumsy Forgery Theory" (Plame)...

Flipping through channels to see about the coverage of the DC

New sportscasters "dress code" on CBS? (NCAA)

Neb. Court: Boy Who Bullied Girl Is Liable Under Stalking Law

Does anybody know what happened to

Gonzales & Admin LIED AGAIN-Under Oath-WH Moved Forward With Plan To "GUM TO DEATH" Attorney Process

U.S. swamped with passport applications

Spitting On The First Amendment

Now that we can almost see the end of this putrid administration,

The Nation: Bush's Shadow Army (about Blackwater & other mercs)

Is there any live blogging from D.C. today?

When senators run for president, we all lose.

Holy Trolly Batman !!!

What is the "Social Contract" of the U.S.?

During "The Great War" Gasoline Was Rationed. Why Not Now?

Code Pink person live on CNN NOW

Midge Potts from Code Pink is on CNN now.

Be afraid! Be very, VERY AFRAID!!!

"unknown" on chart...could it be this scoundrel?

The government now wants to assess *college learning* through standardized tests!

Yahoo News: Anti-War Protests SLIDESHOW (Candlelight Vigil, Around The World, etc.)

Another look at CEO Mathematics

Book worries hold back the Plame truth

Al Gore website has a form to tell Congress to act on global warming.

Faith Hill's Latest Song

Delusional FR: "The MSM Taking The Commies' Side"

Lest we forget...

NYT: NM Bush campaign urged former US attorney Iglesias to charge any "vote fraud violator"

"WHY DEMOCRATS ARE RAISING A STINK," by Dianne Feinstein: Checks and balances, not politics!

When a RW-nutjob calls Bush the "worst president in the history of the US"...

Simpsons parody of Fox News VIDEO (not youtube)

Who was the brunette in the pearl necklace...

Before JFK was assassinated............before Marines in

US ready to defend interests in ME for decades: Gates

previously unknown big cat (clouded leopard) discovered in Borneo

Trump: "The economy does better under Democrats"

Was the Code Pink guy in the Plame hearing a plant?

They're making a movie!!!

Media Reviews Plame's Wardrobe -- But Not White House Coverup

Will we be able to put enough pressure on the next Dem president to make Patrick Fitzgerald AG?

VIDEO: Confrontations at today's protests in Washington (

Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy: the Plame Affair

"Hazy Memories"

How much money would it take to get you to convince your Mom to become a prostitute?

My best guess for the 2008 nominees: Gore (D) & Hagel (R).

excellent read on Obama

VIDEO: Anti-war Rally in Washington (AP)

Anybody else have NBC NIghtly News "freeze" at the end of the black/white family story?

Kyle Sampson Builds His Defense (LAT)

Are we any closer to winning in Iraq than we were a month ago?

End biblical illiteracy using public schools -LA Times commentary

what's ANSWER's track record with rallies?

Confederate Flag Hung From Noose Draws Ire

Fox hosts are upset because reagan is crying...

Red State Update: Mormon President? Obama Not Black?

Who else did the Bush DoJ target? (great article on DKos)

"Valerie Plame was not covert, under the act"

Could Pelosi be stacking the war funding bill so Repukes will vote against?

GI didn't ask for 'all this,' but it made him speak up

"Iraq for Sale" by Robert Greenwald Have you seen the film? IF NOT, YOU MUST!

Caption this photo of a pro-war demostrator

Fox News producer: Part of his contract to give Bush a blow job every month or so

Think Progress: Past U.S. Attorneys Outraged By Prosecutor Purge

Did you ever work with someone who wouldn't cash their paychecks? I did. He almost got fired over it

Yay, Charlie Crist. He is "Unenthusiastic About Major New Toll Roads"

Hard-core porn interrupts Brokaw broadcast

Ski Industry Goes Green to Fight Warming

Calling Hang a Left, Seemslikeadream, H2OMan, and others

Sunday Talk Shows

Are there any true numbers of troop deaths and injured ?

Trinidad and Tobago church leaders want to ban Elton John; he may "bring the gay" to the island

illegal to defile or cast contempt on the Confederate flag (Flag Exhibit Draws Criticism)

Back in New Orleans: Recovery Spring Break, Day 1

In my opinion we won the war in Iraq ,..let's have a parade.......

PHOTO: Felicitaciones!

Met a woman at the pet store today briefly

Kerry supports bill giving BLOGGERS new and stronger powers to pursue FOIA

Those who betray those who protect you in secret,

How Bush Will Commemorate Four Years Of War

CUTTING OFF FUNDING is not a fringe opinion

Confrontation at Vietnam War Memorial

LAT op-ed, by BILL MAHER: "In previous wars we sacrificed our underwear. Now it's our civil rights."

My commitment :

Ted Rall: Rudy Giuliani Has Divorced Every Woman On Earth Over Age 18

The media doesn't like the Plame story because they were outed too

I keep getting this in my e-mail, is it true?

So the Bible says it's ok to inject hormones into a developing fetus?

Blogs can top the presses-take a bow, TPM and bloggers everywhere!

Tom Toles Uses Cartoon to Strike Back at Joint Chiefs of Staff

To mark the passing of a great philanthropist and patron of the arts (and a Democrat)

Caption this photo

Drinkin My Coffee, Readin The Paper And Couldn't Believe This Story. What A Rich Asshole.

Al Gore: 294,374 and counting

Gore collects nearly 300,000 signatures on climate change (needs more)

Christians gather for anti-war protest - Arrested!

I Have New Empathy for Mary Cheney ("Selfish Hedonist") This Week

Victoria Toensing is a private practice lawyer. How would she know if Plame was covert?

Currency: In God (Money) We Trust

Media training 101

Nixon Articles of Impeachment

Political Quiz

So, should we be happy OR WHAT ?????

WillyT's McLaughlin Style DU Survey On The Code Pink Hubbub

NYT: "Iglesias Firing Was Political & Reached All The Way To President BUSH"

It's Time To March On The Pentagon

This is Code Pink

Menu Foods’ PET FOOD RECALL -- Specifics Released Today

Has anyone said, "Happy St. Patricks Day"

Richardson signs medical marijuana bill: "So what if it's risky. It's the right thing to do."

Big squabble by Belgium Ministers over Al Gore Photo...."Why wasn't I in the photo with Gore?"

SC: pre-abortion ultrasound law?

An(other) open letter to Freepers and Lurkers.

The Dems DO NOT have full control of both houses! Wake up!

Will this exercise in Israel be the start of the war on Iran?

International law now vital: Fitzgerald

CSPAN is showing the protest and some speeches

PHOTOS: Mayan priests purifying the grounds that Chimpolini visited to expunge bad spirits

If you feed private-label pet food, read this

Commander of Fort Desolation asking for help...surrounded by them Liberals

Just found a picture of Barack Obama's sister w/ her husband

If only the Do-Nothing-Cover-Up Rethuglican Congress had

Newsweek: Disorder in King George's Court

Code Pink, And The Timidity Of The Dems

Nightmare Iraq report reduced to gibberish by MSNBC wire, nation shrugs, etc...

Did I hear correctly? The code pink lady at the hearing yesterday used to be a man in the navy?

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

More Code Pink threads than Plame hearing threads---Too Funny.

Toddler physically, possibly sexually abused; Family holds CPS responsible

"Demonstrators who SUPPORT THE WAR, Heckle Anti-War Marchers "

A foolish act by "Code Pink"

The Plame Scandal

Okay, a simple YES/NO poll re: the Pink person at the Plame Hearing

***Great Attention Whores In History***

How "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" was pimped by an Al Jazeera reporter in 2002...

Governor Mario Cuomo to keynote conference on middle-class in NYC

Toensing's Latest Lie: She Did NOT write the IIAP, she lobbied for passage of it

Protest pictures in Bloomingdale, IL, outside Rep Roskam's office (pic heavy)


Grand Jury: 50 shots to kill an innocent man is wrong--- NY police....sends the wrong message.

Miss Vicky up now on CSPAN for you late nighters n/t

Clinton Talks About Dark Times

Serious campaign reform, anyone?

Will Al Gore run for President in 2008?

The Saturday Cartoons

Bush v. Nixon Approval Ratings

CNN This A.M Reporting On The Waxman/Plame Hearings Said.....

Thousands Of Christians Protest The Iraq War

LA Times: Attorney firing inquiry reaches impasse

Tell Congress To Do Their Constitutional Duty And Impeach Bush & Cheney Now!

McCain hires snowplow to clear his way... PLOWGATE!

2 local lawyers offer aid to Guantanamo detainees

Valerie Plame and the Attack of the Paparazzi

A Search for Self in Obama’s Hawaii Childhood

Sampson Contradicts Gonzales Over Resignation

It's surprising what memories and feelings this site brings forth...

On the Firing Line-new NEWSWEEK poll shows only weak support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

NYT: Iran Is Playing a Growing Role in Iraq Economy

Elizabeth Kucincich: Great Love and Support for Peace Today - as you march on the Pentagon

Bush: Dems try to micromanage Iraq war (weekly radio address) - AP

Democrats manipulate military policy for political gain, Bush says....Boo Hoo!

EXCLUSIVE: Major New Problems At Walter Reed

McCain Not Sure If Condoms Prevent H.I.V........

Bush finally admits its "his administration's war in Iraq"

sweet jesus i hate pat robertson

Wages Stagnating -- Again

Howard Dean says politicians should "listen to people before you start talking at them."

I Can Be President

How much does experience matter?

Bush Approval Rating Drops Below Zero

Many thanks to Atomic Kitten for years of hard work and diligence

White House Effort To ‘Gum To Death’ U.S. Attorney Process Moving Forward As Planned

Elizabeth Kucinich Promotes Peace in Europe

Federal court: Cintas policy violated rights (AP)

Unions in the thick of health care reform effort

McCain Clueless about AIDS prevention - WTF??

Union says protest against Rochester hotel will continue (18 fired illegally says NLRB)

Mark Gaffney: Chasing low wages won't revive State of Michigan

Unions seek investigation of (Cintas) worker's death second serious injury in recent weeks

GOP's worst nightmare has come true!

If it's Sunday, It's Still Conservative! Sign MM's Petition to Stop Right Dominence of Sunday Shows

Stalled union talks slow GSA reorganization

Steelworkers to resume contract talks with Rexam Beverage 800 workers at nine U.S. plants

Ala. firm sought State Dept. aid in suit (slayings of three union leaders in Colombia)

Divided and Defeated or United to Conquer....

United Food And Commercial Workers Union Announces Wal-Mart Withdraws Application For ILC

Carnival of the Liberals #34: Ides of March Edition

How Bush will commemorate four years of war.

Falwell: The Judeo-Christian Influence on Our Nation

When Loyalty Is Not A Virtue

Hershey Co, union, silent on meeting cutting about 3,000 jobs sent to Mexico

Dubai Ports World sold to American company

NYT: G.O.P. Anger in Swing State Eased Attorney’s Exit

Colorado Gov. Reinstates Payroll Deduction for Union Dues

Helen Thomas gets her front row seat back; will GWB's head explode?

How Mark Leibovich and Neil Lewis (NYT) trivialize treason and death (Plame hearing).

To Obama in New Hampshire: "By the way, you had us from your first hello."

Ode to Babylonsister

The prosecutor firings and the 2004 election mentioned again in the NYT

Dems that voted for Gonzales' confirmation have some REAL explaining to do

The longest thread: your favorite comebacks to 'wingers

Mean-Jean Schmidthead, on her back, in a pool of vomit.. Doesn't Get Better Than That

White House Says No, Conyers Says Yes to Subpoenas

Tens of thousands denounce Iraq war at Washington rally

John Kerry goes to bat for bloggers re:FOIA

My conservative usually non-political best friend is upset over Plame and Gonzales

I find David Brook's lies offensive

A Setback For Women....Viagra Yes, Birth Control, NO!

SHOCKING Fox noise ignoring U.S. attorney scandal,Plame testimony and Libby

Will Hillary Cave on Health Care?