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Archives: March 16, 2007

LETTERS: Fired for simply supporting the union (NLRB agrees)

No more mistakes: Gonzales should resign (Austin American-Statesman)

Who's uninsured in 2007? It's more than just the poor (USA Today)


White House Claims The Iraq War Is Not The Worst Mistake They Have Made

Arianna: Sharpton's Political Hazing Ritual

Bush's First "War on Terror" Blunder


Gonzales fights to keep his job

All The Rage


The December 7 Massacre

Harry Reid Press Release on "landmark Senate vote"

Lawmakers Eye Changes to Education Law

Two books ... illuminate the controlling relationship between the US and the United Nations

Marching On the Pentagon March 17th, 2007

The American worker is doomed (The Daily Utah Chronicle!!!) WOW

WP The Reno Precedent

Immigration Misery (NYT) mother separated from breast fed child

WiLD: Women in Livestock Development. (Heifer International)

Al Gore and David Suzuki to Speak During Youth Summit on Climate Change

Destruction of Forests In Developing World Is "Out Of Control"

Steelworkers, Sierra Club Unite On Illegal Timber Trade Case (rain forest is being cleared illegally

PMO: New PA stance 'flies in the face' of international demands

Interview w/ Brad Friedman, election integrity advocate and blogger

Selling Suppression

Fun Fact: Alberto Gonzales was SoS of Texas '97-'99

Baghdad bomb kills 4 US troops as Senate rejects pull-out

AP: U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,206

One In Three U.S. Jobs Are Low-Wage, Low-Benefits Jobs

CREW Asks for House Investigation into White House Violations of Presidential Records Act

Steelworkers, Sierra Club Unite On Illegal Timber Trade Case (rain forest is being cleared illegally

Widow of 'friendly fire' soldier makes appeal to Bush for truth

Mexico rights chief blames govt for Oaxaca abuses

Senate Rejects Democrats’ Call to Pull Troops (NYT)

McClatchy: Mayor of Sadr City seriously wounded in attack

CNN: Rove responds to 2000 South Carolina campaign allegation: Says not behind McCain child rumor

Appropriators Vote to Keep Walter Reed Open

Fire destroys critical (California) rail line (explosion?)

CNN/AP: Edwards calls for new Cabinet post to fight poverty

April Repairs Vowed for New Orleans Canal Pumps

Dubai World seeks to expand presence in Russia...

Reports of illegal Colombian army killings up - UN

How hard is it to get out of LaGuardia Airport?

Discussion of DU

Disney introduces its first black princess

Who wins the fight? Puppy or Kitty?

How many presidents has your pet

Paul McCartney's "Give My Regards To Broad Street" - Best "new" song/piece on the soundtrack?

Need help....I am looking for a good photoshop program to download.

Ooh, Keith! Lose the glasses!

Is Keith Olbermann a Joe Jackson fan? Or is it somebody on his staff? (SPOILER?)

OMG, I see muscles! I see muscles! I have muscles!

So when somebody talks of 'lifting them by their short hairs', what do they mean?

"If you cross the northern U.S. border, what country do you cross into?"

It's snowing out!

Tonya Harding...Holy Crap!!!!

St. Peppers meets Howard Stern: You gotta see this !

Should I paint or get a professional?

Train Kept a Rollin - RaveUps

Thanks Graywarrior for turning me on...

Duke is out! NCAA


I hate looking at photos on a flat screen

Are you ever brazenly, stupidly overconfident?

Help! Pages 06 for Mac

Swicki Eurekster - I don't get it

SOUTH PARK tonight: Camp New Grace - "Pray the Gay Away"

What's the cheesiest song you like?

I LOVE this Picture of Bill Clinton

Dang. A 14-hour day today, with three meetings and 400 miles on the road.

Does anyone know how to contact a licensed hypnotist in their area?

If you ask people "what are you doing on _____", you should know that people hate you.

BREAKING: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to Superbowl sabotage plot!

Devil Ducky

Wow! Jeep has a new model called the "Patriot"

You Can ACT Your Way Into Right Thinking....

Whee, good graduate school news!

AArrrrgggg I'm a pirate

I'm posting while watching the NCAA - Luddite makes good.

Way Back DU

Did you ever wake up at night with a REALLY good idea for a DU poll or thread....

Dammit, I had a weak moment tonight and had a smoke

What is the most confusing thing about the English language?

Swords are fun (huge images).

I was gonna spend $200 on jeans but instead I got new patio furniture!!!!

KSM broke into my car FOUR TIMES

Three cheers for Vicodin...

I just got a $35,000 hospital bill! I'm going to Disneyland!

so..hypothetically speaking...who would consider a communal way of life?


Old Hollywood... Who was most gorgeous or your fave?

I Paid $85 and Still Had To Break Into My Apartment. Ask Me Anything.

"I'm proud of my life, and I'll stand by my doom.

Who here has read _Uncle Tom's Cabin_?

Any idea where to find a waterproof mattress sheet/ cover

The most unbelievable game show ever

Breaking: More confessions from KSM...

Does Hell Exist?

Who's watching the NCAAs?

Volunteer needed to coordinate the April prayer, light and healing thread

New diary about the Iraq vote

George Harrison / Paul Simon Here Comes the Sun & Homeward Bound

Pink Floyd - The Fletcher Memorial Home

Living On the Edge

Quelle surprise! Brownback supports Pace's anti-gay venom

So-called "Christian" homophobia gets asses in the pews and $s in the collection plates.

AP: U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,206

AOL HEADLINE: "Who could do better than him (pic of *)

Missing 6 yr old Georgia boy found dead - sex offender neighbor suspect

The Independent: Morgan Tsvangirai's plea to the world (Zimbabwe opposition leader)

Ooh, Keith! Lose the glasses!

Keith laid out the Rove plan

How many different explanations have they given so far for the firing of the USAs?

One more way my employer screws me

Does anybody think the Friday Newsdump will be epic?

Republican Candidates Dodge Homosexuality Question

Hey - check out the freeper troll before the tombstoning.

TPM has the new e-mail

About establishing a stable government in Iraq.

Isn't it just a wee bit strange that these e-mails on the attorneys keep getting out?

Living On the Edge

9 Members of The Encampment to Stop the War Arrested at first House Appropriations Committee

Scarborough is aghast in horror that Bush is trying to throw Meirs under the bus

The vision of Karl Rove in front of a Democratic Congress while under oath gives me goose bumps

The NEW Air America Radio Hires a VP of Programming

The US military crippled Al Qaeda, but the Bush Administration may have revived the terrorist group

Dutch military chief opposes extension to mission in Afghanistan

It is no coincidence that the MSM is using Khalid Sheikh Mohammed arrest as a major story

Have we seen the last "We got the #2 guy" headlines now?

Lying under Oath to Congress.

Minn. police investigate dog beheading

Ok, Somebody, ANYBODY, With All The Blood In The Water, Any Updates On Frist Or Delay?

Has Rove finally run out of human shields?

National wildlife refuges feel the budget ax

Are you overwhelmed?

For the cost of their fake "feel good" ad campaign, WalMart could actually "do good"

How long until we see more resignations?

Getting Florida's voters involved!

Anyone doing the March in DC this Saturday?

Beware the Ides of March!

Five years ago, was the USA in Guam fired...

Jammed into The Places in Between,

Did you know that your local Crimestoppers is probably outsourced?

Emmanuel tells freshmen to stay away from The Colbert Report

President Turns to an Insider to Negotiate on Dismissals

Former FBI Agent: Reform the Patriot Act

Confessions of a Torturer

NYT:Rove Is Linked to Early Query Over Dismissals

Christian ‘victimization’

Did US Waterboarding Techniques Make An Honest Man Out Of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Is the Khalid Sheikh Muhammad story an indication of how desperate BushCo is?

Race and Crime in New Orleans

Movie star Jolie hugged, played with adopted son

It is well past time to pull Karl Rove out of his spidey hole...

Experts: Immigrant issues draw hate groups

Repub #3 calls for Gonzo to resign...Rohrabacher

KSM, 2 shoe-bomb plots, and the 2001 crash of American Flight 587

In ONE word, describe Karl Rove

P Zahn is softening Glenn Beck on Cooper

RW talkingpoint on U.S. Attorney firings

McClatchy: Six decades later, Tuskegee Airmen to be honored by U.S.

Valerie Plame, the Spy Who's Ready to Speak for Herself

Hot Tub Tom burns his bridges (Novak)

So, yeah, I just e-mailed Karl Rove. I'm going to post tomorrow at 12 PM

Is Chris Hansen of DATELINE just a big ol' hack?

Hugh and Breaking M series this time. What do we call these days?

My own personal war on easter

Don't they ever go away once they've resigned?

3207 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Nine US Soilders Killed in the last 48 hours in Iraq

Mitt Romney seems like a bit of a smirky asshat.

Did Keith do the Worst Person in the World today?

Somebody at the BBC screwed up.


US Attorney Scandal

Uranium chips at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant spontaneously caught fire

Dvorak: The Killing of Wi-fi

AOL: "Who could do better than Bush" - THE ANSWER (You're included)

check out this headline on

Caption this please

Our government is not our enemy

Good Golly Miss Molly

This was world's warmest recorded winter: govt Oxford English Dictionary Includes "Wiki" In New Edition

What are you worried about, be it politics, economics,

Serial lingerie thief arrested

Richardson calls for repeal of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy

Gergen on CNN: Rove has to testify, Gonzo gone. He's astounded

BRAD BLOG: Desperate Coulter Plugs New Book! A True Conservative Reports, You Decide...

Lets say Alberto and Rove are tossed out ?

This Pic Tells The Tale of THE CONFESSION

Second US Senator (Gordon Smith) calls for Gonzales to resign.

"Morality, and the ideal of freedom which is the political expression of morality, are not...

I have captured some freepers on tape!!! This is hugh!!!

What did the Senate do today regarding Iraq?

Scarborough - convincing...

Two Senators Secretly Flew to Cuba for Alleged 9/11 Mastermind's Hearing

A small bar of radium is missing from a former uranium enrichment plant in southern Ohio,

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Heh. Keith just called Red Rover Turd Blossom!

Prison vs. Mental Hospital...

Anyone that believes man is the cause of climate change is a dumbass

Just received word that our Dems have failed us yet again! Text of message:

Help with a poll

Haditha Marine says would make same decision again

I'm with Dennis!

Larry Johnson: What Would Valerie Say?

Is Hannity being dropped for Dennis Miller on Fox Radio in other markets?

FAA: Crowded Skies to Get More Crowded

So, how long before Khalid Sheikh Mohammed says...

You morons.

Going on a 7 day cruise to Caribbean...Need volunteers to post EH's Political Twit moment

If you want out of Iraq soon, support the Bush surge.

Rove Reading His Super-Secret Off-the-Record Emails ---pix--->>>

AOL Poll: Is he exaggerating?

And why wouldRove want to replace all 93 US attorneys?

The US Drug Policy has moved from "Just Say 'No'" to "Just Say 'When'"

Olbermann brings up a good point: Rove wants a hatchetman as US Atty in LR (to investigate Hillary)

Shit, Almost Forgot. Things Can Be Tense Lately, So Take A Quick Breather And Watch This!

One In Three U.S. Jobs Are Low-Wage, Low-Benefits Jobs

"A grotesquely corpulent, politically sociopathic parasite who destroys all government he touches."

Is Chuck Hagel a Fraud?

"His energy bill is $0.00 " for his solar-hydrogen house.

EXCLUSIVE: New Details on the Phony 'Voter Fraud' Angle in the U.S. Attorneys Purge Scandal...

David Gergen "I don't think they can get away with this time" on Larry king tonight

It's happeneing!

CNN's, ABC's Glenn Beck on Hillary Clinton: "She's the stereotypical bitch"

It's not just a ceremony

Obama Waffled On Pace's Anti-Gay Remarks Just Like Hillary

Anybody Know A Good Site For Debunking "Global Warming Hoax Studies?"

For anyone who says gay rights are not a civil rights issue and "at least they weren't enslaved"


I've been at work all day - could someone catch me up to speed please?

best rationale for the death penalty

Richardson Poised to be First Presidential Candidate to Enact Medical Marijuana Legislation (HuffPo)

Pig Out (please read DUers)

Boehner seeks ethics guidance from Pelosi

Wage Increases Required For A Los Angeles Land Development Project

Huge peace march planned for Portland, OR this Sunday>>>

Code Pink And "Give Peace A Vote" Pledge..........Impeach Bush/Cheney

Benefits for seniors eating up kids' share (USA Today)

If Alberto V05 resigns, confirmation will be next to impossible for *

A pullout but not a pullout

Former US Attorney: Why I Was Fired (CBS News, via Truthout)

So will they have to tell us all about the stuff in the unprotected RNC owned server

HP: Why the US Attorney scandal is a domestic Iraq.

ActBlue and other Grassroots fundraising

Does anyone know exactly what Karl Rove's job (description) is and

Ousted U.S.A.: We Need A Special Prosecutor (sez John McKay)

I now know why republicans sound ridiculous

Obama’s Boldface Donors...Former Clinton administration officials who are...

Rohrabacher becomes #3 (Gonzo resignation):

No need to ever buy rat poisoning, just hang a few of these up.

Is Harriet Miers even *smart* enough to have done it?

Set a deadline the fight isn't over

Is it OK for Mike Gravel to be shut out of the NH Debates by CNN and Crew?

Edwards Remarks, Manchester, NH, March 15, 2007

Rep. Phil Hare (D-Ill) is an example of why Emanuel is RIGHT about Colbert.

Bill Richardson: "So what if it's risky? It's the right thing to do,"

How many people that use FOX as their ONLY news source will vote Democratic?

How To Cook a White House Goose

Strategist Says Gonzales Is "Finished"

RE: The Fired Attorneys (I'm just ranting a little)

For all of you who were "O.K" with Senator Clinton's ambiguity yesterday

CUs ok, marriage not. Can someone explain the reasoning for this?

Why Cuba is a democracy and the US is not

Suicide Was the Only Way Out of Iraq for Col. Westhusing (Texas Observer, via AlterNet)

You Say You Want A Revolution?

(M. Moford) Can Bush be Purged?

Mark Morford: Can George W. Bush Be Purged?

Christians Who Won't Toe the Line By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Journalism and Democracy

If this war is not ended, my son says, “We will need more grave stones”

Top Investor see U.S. Property Crash (reuters)

General Pace's Skewed Morality

USA Today: Calls for attorney general to resign miss real target: The Whitehouse

Scooter & Gonzo - Fall Guys For A Corrupt Presidency

Michael T. McPhearson: Sitting In To Stop The War

Food and Punishment

REMARKS BY U.S. SECRETARY OF LABOR ELAINE L. CHAO blasts Free Choice Act and other crap

SCOTUS-gate: What if Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Miers had been confirmed to the Supreme Court?

What’s with the emails?

It's Simple: Bush's ProsecutorGate = Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre"

Arizona Republic Editorial: President needs to fire inept attorney general

The DOJ's explicit refusal to obey the law re: NSLs

Millions More for a Failed Anti-Drug Propaganda Campaign? Ridiculous! (AlterNet)

White House Runs Scandal Script (

Smuggling Hope

The Wall That Now Divides Us (by Iraq vet Charlie Anderson for Truthout)

Salon: Meanwhile, the "surge" keeps surging

NYT: Relighting Snuffed Candles (re: open-gov't measuresin the House)

Islam an unknown factor in Obama bid

Gonzales fights to keep his job...will talk to repubs today

NYT Phony Fraud Charges(voter fraud is code for suppressing the votes of minorities & poor people)

LAT: What impeccable timing, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed !

Prosecutor Purge: Can anyone tell the truth?

The Goy Who Cried Wolf (American Prospect, via AlterNet)

Keeping Our Demons at Bay (by Stan Goff for Truthdig)

Dear Friend' Gonzales Is Expendable to Bush: Margaret Carlson

A Lawyer Like a Hurricane: Dickie Scruggs's house, featured in "The Insider," destroyed by Katrina

wtmusic's Electric Car Project / Chapter 2

Four Major Antarctic Glaciers Shrinking In Unison - Ocean Temps May Be Trigger - Independent

Different Dynamics May Be Driving "Unusual" Glacial Movements In Greenland, Antarctica - WP

Tokyo sees first snow of winter, latest on record - Reuters

Houston Chronicle: TXU likely to order two new nuclear reactors from Mitsubishi.

help Al Gore

Here is one for y'all to tear apart...

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Decline May Be Irrevocable; Ice Extent Trend Down Every Month Since 1979

(Canada) Cut CO2 or pay, Liberals demand of industry - Reuters

The real global warming swindle

Wildlife Refuges Suffer Heavy Job Losses

Irish Green Party Turns Down St. Patrick's Invitation To White House, Slams Bush Policies

Deadly Ocean Acidification Will Continue Independent Of Climate Shifts - UI Champaign Study - AFP

"Counties Launch Anti-Global Warming Plan"

Yellow River Dries Up Near Lanzhou, Thanks In Part To Unseasonable Warmth - AFP

Indonesia Plans To Rehabilitate Scarred Peatlands After Disastrous Rice-Farming Plan - AFP

Lawrence Livermore Study - Wheat, Barley Declining Annually By 40 Million Tons Through Warming

Jared Diamond Discusses "Eco-Suicide" In Interesting Article

Germany Warns That Time Is Running Out For Post-Kyoto Climate Pact - Reuters

Prodi Warns Italy's Farmers To Prepare For Drought As Early Springs Boost Erosion, Scramble Crops

Oil companies running hard to stand still

Chinese Premier Avoids Emission Committments As Climate Barely Makes It Onto Party Agenda - Reuters

Nature runs riot after Europe's warmest winter - AFP

Washington State Allows Two Dam Removals to Benefit Salmon

Russia tightens grip on EU energy supply - Guardian

Toronto Sun: Green Trains Lack Cash

Plant to trap carbon,

Union blames owner, gov't for Sago mine deaths - Reuters

China's Wen hedges on climate change response - Reuters

Aid chief unhurt in Gaza attack

Palestinian children commemorate Rachel Corrie

Protest (Poppy Bush in LA)

Just heard a caller on cspan...

X-post Smoking gun on voting machines in Florida: information withheld!

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 3/16/07 D.C. Voting Rights Passes Committee

Reuters: Italy renews attempts to block CIA kidnap trial

CNN: Arkansas Senator Pryor: Attorney General "lied to the Senate and to the people I represent"

Chevron Faces More Scrutiny in Ecuador over Pollution

WP: Democrats Fundraise For Sidelined Senator Johnson: Republicans "peeved"

D.C. Vote Bill Sent To House Floor

Mayor of Baghdad Shia bastion wounded by gunmen

Second GOP senator suggests Gonzales should go(Gordon Smith)

VIP ward at Walter Reed gets scrutiny

McCain walks Iowa tightrope (OWH)

MNF Iraq: Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (1 killed, 1 wounded)

"Claim that (she - Plame) was the one that sent (her husband) to Niger was wrong...

WP: Valerie Plame, the Spy Who's Ready to Speak for Herself

Probe heats up over fired U.S. attorneys (WH backs off earlier comments)

Health crisis -'People here are still struggling'

Wilson: I did not recommend husband for Niger trip

AP: Portugal Will Close Embassy in Baghdad

White House Security Chief Reveals -- No Probe of Plame Leak There

Report: General Requests More Troops(request not public, but CNNI reporting Gates has signed order)

PLEASE READ AND CIRCULATE! Suicide Was the Only Way Out of Iraq for Col. Westhusing

BBC: Escape from UK-run prison in Iraq (11 detainees)

Congressmen witnessed pivotal Guantanamo hearing(Senators Levin and Graham)

White House backs off on Miers scenario

E&P: White House Security Chief Reveals -- No Probe of Plame Leak There

Levin calls for inquiry on terrorist's(K.S.M.'s)torture claim(issues a joint statement w/ Graham)

BBC: 'Friendly fire' killing unlawful

McCain apologizes after using the phrase 'tar baby'

Dems look to expand congressional probe of CIA leak

FBI: Extremists driving school buses

'Hazy Memories' Cited in Attorneys Probe

Ethicist: NAE torture declaration 'irrational' AKA Baptists for Torture

Reuters: New U.S. commander for Mideast strikes upbeat note

Sack for {Polish) teachers who 'promote homosexuality'

GALLUP: Americans Oppose Libby Pardon (67%), Cheney Approval at New Low

Obama picks Iowa staff

BREAKING: Waxman Demands WH Explanation for Lack of Investigation into CIA Leak Case!

NYT: White House Now Unsure if Firings Were Miers’s Idea

Senators pay heed to prisoner abuse case

Eleven Prisoners Escape From British Military Base in Iraq

'CIA leak' hearing: Waxman says Plame was 'covert'

FEC dismisses complaint against Reid

(US Jewish) Reform (Movement) tells Olmert no on Iraq

Mugabe accuses own officials, Tsvangirai defiant

McCain revives "Straight Talk Express" bus tour

(CPR) Compression best for cardiac arrest - Mouth-to-mouth not necessary

NPR Exclusive: Justice Department in a State of Upheaval (but wait, there's more!)

Iraq war protesters to converge at White House

W. House: Undecided on Rove testimony on attorneys

Afghan police say five shot dead by NATO troops Friday

NYT: Wal-Mart Drops Bid to Operate Its Own Bank

Pakistani riot police storm TV channel's office

EXCLUSIVE: Duke Lacrosse Accuser Not Answering Investigators' Key Questions


WP: At Hearing, Plame Rebukes Bush Administration

CBS: Strategist Says Gonzales Is "Finished" (Rohrbacher (R) says Gonzales should go)

Obama Disputes Bill Clinton’s Take on War Views

Corzine Plans to Sign Bill to Move (NJ) Primary Date

Bill would punish investors who help Cuba drill for oil

(Reuters) US labor group: Colombia trade deal "not fixable"

President Arias Still Below 50% in Costa Rica [much lower support for CAFTA]

Haditha Marine Says He'd Do It Again (charged with killing 18 civilians)

Sources: At Least One Officer To Be Indicted In Bell Case (NYC Police shooting)

Colombians seek extradition of U.S. banana executives who supported death squads

Reuters: Kidnapped Italian's Afghan driver killed -report

Effects of chickenpox vaccine fade over time

AP: Pet Deaths Prompt Recall of Pet Food

Bush cousin is cleared in officer's death

Overheard today whilst out shopping with my sister .....

Ever have a delayed reaction to something

Well, I got as lonesome as a man can be

I suffer from chronic insanity and I have to put up with

I can't believe this "preacher" is hawking "No Evil Oil"

ok-I can still type-should I have 1 more drink?

Today JackMN spent twenty minutes looking at a Pottery Barn catalog,

M "PEACH" W bumperstick on 81S PA

Preparation H...It's not JUST for 'you know' any more.

Woman Driving Drunk In Car With No Front Tires Tasered For Resisting Arrest

Who's in the D.C. protest tommorow?

"The root of money is all evil."

Simon Cowell says he's bigger than Bruce Springsteen

iRACK video. Pretty funny

‘Hey kids, do drugs’ NBA player says into camera on LIVE TV

mmmmmm cereal

Send me good vibes Lounge,

Drunk Man Found In Baby Incubator Smoking Cigarette

Please God, will SOMEBODY make Xanax in a spray form?

(Naked) Woman Hits Police Officer with Car

So, How Is Ativan Supposed To Work?

This just in: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed he shot J.R.

Any construction people here? Question ...

My big fat ass

My Friday's night ask me a difficult question thread!

More than a co-incidence?


My school beat Duke!My school beat Duke!My school beat Duke!

Woohoo! We're dismissing early!

Smokin' Joe Frasier! Honey tangerines are Da Bombz Diggity!

Big Anniversary Party For Us Last Night!


City Commission Bans Sofas From Beach

A question for any DU hairdressers about mullets:

It's still winter?!

Funny Arabic Ringtone Commercial

Funny test answers

I can't stand those stupid games

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/16/2007)

I could soon be a millionaire!!!!!!

Baseball Predictions...Its that time!

Ever have a dream about DU?

From matcom news : Castration's ring key figures gain freedom

Okay - here's what I've learned so far about my health

Wet DU tee-shirt right here - not kidding you!!!

Well, life sure is a roller-coaster, inn't it?

If one of your kids was dating a hoser would you try to break them up, eh?

Would CNN care about Valerie Plame's testimony

I have to bring the cat to the vet today

You know,I'm not too fond of the new Headon commercials,either.

Fascist advice sought: so I bought this sweet shirt

Congrats to mzteris - she has won a DU tee-shirt

If you google leprechaun nun penguin jokes...

Win a DU tee-shirt right here - not kidding you!!!

Twinkies sushi.

I suffer from chronic insomnia and I have to put up with this:

Passion advice sought: so i bought this sweet Drink

Is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for global warming?

Once again, America is at the forefront of innovation - see 'the beer belly' and 'the wine rack'

It's snowing here!!! It was 75 degrees Tuesday.

my girlfriend is, um, Morgan Fairchild...

First group project paper in grad school--- B+-- I am bummed

fashion advice sought: so i bought this sweet hat

Congratulations liberalnurse!! 10,000 posts

Okay who is getting some

Even more Khalid Shiekh Muhammad revelations

Alternate theories of creation


Go Winthorp!!!!

I amgetting a free massage!!!!!!!!!!!

this looks extremely painful

What are frost heaves?

Punxsutawney Phil better stay in his hole.

Awwww... Poor hiccuping girl relapsed

Congratulations flamingyouth!! 55,000 posts

So, anything special around here today?

Help! My TiVo goin crazy

I'm 4 posts from 666

OK, I'm gonna take the dog for a long walk now

anyone else having problems getting into hotmail or msn messenger?

Cowards slip and fall on vomit, real representatives never do.

this add reminded me of the lounge

It's snowin' and blowin' here

I've been stewing over this for days and I'd like some feedback

"Why did your employees ejaculate into my grandmother's milkshake?"

Does it bother you when people ask "what are you doing on _____?"

This Film Is Not Rated & Hypocrisy in the MPAA (Warning Nudity)

Is this a first? A cat thread sinking?

Womens Tournament

Anyone ever hear of a Savannah cat?

For my 50,001 post - an anniversary: 5 years ago today I met Khephra

Please Insert

The Revenge of Nancy Kerrigan

FL man plunged from cruise ship rescued 8 hrs later

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Cheesy 1960's movies-your favorite?

Liam Gallagher Sunglasses

WTF is a 'Dice K'?

Please Append

Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 before upgrading?

Twice in the last week I have had kids trying to sell me magazines

If you could bring any diseased famous person back to life, who would you choose?

fashion advice sought: so i bought these sweet shoes

In case you thought that women have sexual equality...

Worst makeup

Day 4 smilie free.

Congratulations dweller!! 10,000 posts

The school called and I just picked up my "sick" son.

How do you speak to people when you commute?

I think I need to start recording calls to various service companies (TV, cell phone, etc)

Somebody tell me to get creative!

I am posting from my hotel room, laptops rule.

Where do students of Liberty University and Bob Jones go for spring break?

Fucking Newcastle is out of the UEFA cup

It's taken me WEEKS, but I've finally done it...

Happybirthday kick-ass-bob, minimus & Dave in MD!!

Everyone's getting stuck in the snow!

Name your favorite MST3K episode. (Subcategory: Name your favorite MST3K short.)

While the northeast gets a late winter snow storm, I was mowing my yard.

What is Please Remove in the Lounge?

Post a youtube song with New Orleans in the lyrics.

Extremely cool super slo-mo of great white shark

I'm completely lame! Ask me anything...

The legacy of Stephen King continues on....

DUers!! Reveal the painfully obvious!!

How do you keep a DU'er in suspense?

I've got steak tips marinating, Cspan on the tv...

What Should I do for my 15,000th DU Posts?

DU folks - does your school/workplace make you pay for girl stuff?

Home from the vet

*crying* The lead singer of the band Boston has killed himself

Since the debates and infighting are already starting, can we elect a new president this year?

For the first time in years, I have a celebrity CRUSH (dialup warning):

Your favorite summer songs:

Going to see Public Enemy tonight!!!!!!

Post a very old Family Picture or two

Soccer...Most boring Sport Ever?

Would you trust R2-D2 to deliver your mail?

What's up with the "welcome to DU" (newbies) and the later dismissiveness...

Need help with my external hard drive (Mac)

The brother of dear childhood friends (twins) died Wednesday--He will be missed

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed plot: It's worse than we ever dared imagine.

Kitties especially for WindRavenX - pic heavy

I sat on a snowflake today

Congratulations newyawker99! 142,463 posts!

I think billyskank deserves more than an obscure good-bye....

If one of your kids was dating ForestGump would you try to break them up

Do you have a passport?

Most confusing thing about English language? All of it. See within -->

If you could bring any deceased famous person back to life, who would you choose?

OK, now I have 2 on 'ignore'.

Limerick Time! - Post your creations

dolo amber is out of town for the weekend.


Recently rented "The Holiday" and "Casion Royale"...

Conservative Episcopal bishop fails to win election

Man, 75, killed for refusing to buy religious CDs, cops say

Duke's Paulus flops against VCU (too funny)

Bears Tank Johnson sentenced to 4 months

Someone posted this in GD

What do you guys think - is it the Queen of Cups' day, or what? n/t

To You My Beloved

Free teleconference reminder March 17

"Can you smudge an entire nation?"

I want to post a dream sequence.

Why is Steve Buyer (R-IN) still on the Veterans Committee?

JK not mentioned, but here's yet another John Kerry was (is) right moment

Kos post on Meehan with Kerry mention (hint, Kos hates Meehan)

Really good Media Matters article on the media bias against Kerry

New diary at Daily Kos

Good quote from Kerry's appearance on the Imus show this morning!

Friday fun thread -- your favorite Kerry article (pics optional)

bartcop is an idiot.

JK on Fox News Sunday

Sounds like the good senator is coming up on Imus today.

JK supports strengthened FOIA for bloggers

Liar Liar 1

Bush Administration throws Snow, Bartlett & Miers under bus

Rove denies anti-McCain dirty trick

Rove 3/15/07 speech on New Media (funny) 9:03

Boston-Brad Delp in peace Brad.

Amanda by Boston...another Brad Delp son.

Iraq Veterans Memorial- Sgt. Sherwood Baker

Activists arrested outside Appropriations Committee hearing yesterday

Valerie Plame testifies in CIA leak hearings (part 2)

Dean in San Francisco in March 2004.....looking back.

Valerie Plame testifies in CIA leak hearings (part 3)

Valerie Plame testifies in CIA leak hearings (part 1)

George H.W. Bush on CIA Leakers.

Rep. Kucinich on Preventing War with Iran (Part 2 of 2)

Rep. Kucinich on Preventing War with Iran (pt 1)

Great Moments In Presidential Speeches Compilation (almost 5 mins of it)

Breaking news; dateline Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Barack Obama

Learn by watching how Power rids itself of a dysfunctional Executive Branch.

Afghan treasures head for Kabul (BBC)

Israel and US walk out during Iran's speech

Emanuel tells freshmen to avoid Stephen Colbert

Walgreens marks up generics by 975%

Edwards campaign headquarters evacuated

In another world

What are you worried about?

Please Picture this Caption: "Our President is dignified, intelligent and Worthy of Notice."

Cheney Has Hated America For A Long Time

Newly-leaked Antitrust Memo: How Microsoft Created a 'Chokehold' on OEMs

Politico: Rumsfeld Hospitalized for Heart Treatment

Interspecies Sex: Evolution's Hidden Secret?

First Stars & Stripes letter requesting Bush's departure from govt.

The Cost of Bush's Lies are way too many to take

Hugo Chávez Is Tied to Giuliani Firm

ABC: Dems' Iraq Plan Looks Similar to JOHN KERRY's

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband sues Bill O'Reilly

What time will Valerie Plame testify today?

Vengeful DeLay to target 'rising phoenix' Gingrich in book: Novak

Best quick hitting action on Global Warming

Christian rock station lures those with "hopeless lives" from "babe of the day" sites

M "peach" W bumpersticker spotted in northeast PA

"It costs more to feed our dogs than it does you all"

What happened to Barbara Lee's amendment?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri -3/16 don't use a lint roller - use a dot roller?

The cable industry should be required to carry CSPAN3. Americans

"Everybody says we just want you to be like last time.."

POLL: Will the Democratic Congress achieve any results for "liberalism" before the 2008 election?

Will people continue looking at Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesson posts

Since January 20, 2001, 125 new U.S. Attorneys

Is there a DU bumper sticker?

Man gets 18 months for '84 [rape] attack (AP)

Widow makes last-hour plea to Bush to keep his promise on friendly fire inquest

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

TPM: Fitz' rating as a US atty is redacted on WH rating list

KSM was never tortured, nor did he confess

Breaking: More confessions from KSM...

Can someone refresh my memory on this?

Six US Soldiers Killed in Past Two Days in Iraq

Valerie Plame, the Spy Who's Ready to Speak for Herself

WJ cspan1 talking of House which Sunshines public records-presidental

let me tell you about wiggles - and our own humanity

Gonzo: Better he stay as an albatross around W's neck?

Desert Storm Trading Cards

Kudos to Bill Richardson on Fighting For Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

Libertarian Man Toons

Relighting Snuffed Candles Talking of this on cspan1 now.

MSNBC's Pete Williams repeats lies about Clinton firing USA's without

More than 1 Million Pages of Hx Govt Docs Removed since 9/11

Victoria Toensing will be testifying at the Plame hearing....

Waxman's Hearing Begins at 10 a.m - Witness List Posted

I'm so sick of these guys using Clinton's dismissal........

BushCo Weather Machine Creating Nor'Easter to Distract From Breaking News

Harriet Miers = Tim Russert

DON'T FORGET!!! PlameGate Hearing Today

Remember, the Pentagon ISN'T the only place to march this weekend....

Anyone remember when McCain "Confessed" to war crimes to the North Vietnamese?

Fire Destroys Quarter Mile Stretch of Train Trestle in Sacramento...Disrupts Rail Traffic/Cargo

Steny Hoyer, "Mr. President, we are going to get out of the middle of this .....

WP, Robinson, Part II: Ignorance (Should Gonzales declare himself an enemy combatant?)

WP, Robinson, Part 1: Arrogance (Bush philosophy of government: We can do any damn thing we want.)

A Meeting of the CCARWW ---pix--->>>

Who would Bush appoint to replace Gonzalez?

I love Senator Leahy but

t-minus 20 minutes and counting

OK when will the bald eagle screwing the shield leave and the Waxman hearing start?

Hunter reminds us of big picture (AG Scandal)

Japan Finds No Evidence of WWII Sex Slavery - Japan's Cabinet Says No Evidence Of Coercion

Hey Phoenix. CIRCULATE IT!

self delete, sorry

2 Judiths 2: Judy GIULIANI "stuns" supporters. & REGAN's ex-Micky MANTLE novel just stuns

Waxman leads of with a line drive into right field!

Hey Phoenix. Get your meet-up for Monday here.

What will be today's Friday evening news dump

Official Valerie Plame Testimony Thread No.1

Plame hearing is on FOXNEWS, CNN, MSNBC

Why is THIS scandal (fired attorneys) resonating more than any other?

plame #2

Fired prosecutors scandal shines suspicion on 2004 election, and it's not voter fraud

Thousands of Shiites protest US base in their Baghdad neighborhood

what "event" will hold up the Plame hearing?

ACLU Sues White House Staffers for Ejecting Denver Residents from Bush Event

Navy adds to the list of those in Pacific who must get anthrax vaccinations

Shouldn't the Dems ask Zalmay Khalilzad about his PNAC connections while under oath?

"I shot the sheriff. But I did not shoot the deputy." - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

This just in: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed he shot J.R.

ChristoFascist actually rings fairly true

8 US Attorneys wouldn't play ball with the Bush regime. 85 others did

Help me organize for Impeachment March 4/28/07

Bush Approval Rating Drops Below Zero

looks like the MSM is following the faux lead and stopped the live hearing broadcast

Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Impeachment Bill Clinton Bill Clinton...


Will Gonzales resign today?

Will the cspan have the video up for later viewing?

Honeywell - Right Now!

New Book claims Bill cheated on Hillary since leaving office in 2001

Plame # 3

2 question as per Plame Hearing


New blog post by Al Gore at

All the Empty Republican Chairs

So, is Bobby Novak due for another public meltdown after

Watching the Plame hearing, I'm thinking: Shrubco is just pathetic

OK, guys. Donate to the Wilson Legal Support Trust.

MSNBC: I felt like I had been hit in the gut''

And the truth shall set you free.....

PATHETIC Associated Press Bias: Waxman hearings "political fodder"

We have Valeri Plame Wilson. The Rethugs have Ann Coulter

Don't you ever wish you could reach through the tv

Direct link to Plame hearing is HERE:

What to know why Republicans are suddenly calling for Gonzalez's

Plame Hearing Photos--------->>

CSPAN poll: Should Karl Rove and Harriet Meiers be subpoened?

Will anyone mention anything about...

Bush Promises Republican Return to Power

Man, 75, killed for refusing to buy religious CDs, cops say

omg the audio on cspan, are they trying to contact extraterrestrials?

Plame hearings resuming SHORTLY on C-SPAN

does anyone have the Chart they are showing at the Plame hearing?

You say tomato, freeper says humahumahumagh

Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow...

WP's Andrew Cohen: The Case for Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald

I think I'm in Love....

You could have heard crickets chirping from the republican side,,,

Here comes Osama!

LATimes: Ousted U.S. Attorney Wonders Whether GOPer Probe Led To Firing

Does Anyone Know What The Minimum I.Q. Is In Order To Join The Military?

Can George W. Bush Be Purged? by Mark Morford

where the hell are the Repubs? Not interested in protecting national security?

Wiley words and phrases

Sitting In To Stop The War (

Tom Davis.

C-Span outragously going to cut away from this hearing for the House??

Valeri Plame Wilson owns GWB. Am I wrong. eom

'Bong Hits 4 Jesus': Student Protest Goes to Supreme Court

US will expedite Iranian leader’s visa

BREAKING: WH Raises Terror Alert to Red - Attacks Imminent

Led By Murtha: House takes first steps to rein in Bush's war

Impeachable Offense Alert!

How long before the "got impeachment ?" guy is removed?

Joe Wilson is one lucky man

"Got Impeachment?"

UH OH! I just heard some AH on Alan Colmes doing to McCain

Hey, matcom.

VIDEO: Valerie Plame Confirms Her Covert Status

Reminder --- Tonite on PBS, Moyers: Media


The Whitehouse defense is that they did not know Plame was covert. They are using this hearing to

Got Impeachment?

Impeachment Action

Where's the distractions?

Need examples of Fox mislabeling a corrupt Republican as a Dem?

If Rohrbacher wants Gonzalez to quit, what happens to freeper arguments about Clinton's attorneys?

AP: Plame - "My Cover Was 'Recklessly' Abused"

300 is crap, read "Gates of Fire" a far better novel

MSNBC top of the hour news bim-bo;

A Day of Darkness March 16th 1968

A very puzzling paragraph in Conyers' letter to Fielding

Should businesses that reap the benefits of privatization be accountable under the Constitution?

Was Toensing up already?



Bill Maher's guests tonight:

Are there no journalists/reporters left in the USA? All the online 'news' sites are

Friday, March 16 - I'm begging again

Oh, Man!! This is intense. I wish CNN, MSN were showing this live!!

So President Bush told everybody to go to Disneyland and enjoy life...

***** Friday, March 16 - Today's the day to call Congress on behalf America's workers! *****

Who's got the video of Bush saying he'd investigate the outing?

From The Internets: A Day In The Life of Joe Republican

Poll: Giuliani Has Biggest Base of Support, Lowest Base of Opposition

Las Vegas priest pleads not guilty to sexual assault

"Are yougoing to go back and talk to yourself?" LOLOLOLOL!!

LOL! As predictable as *rain!* While Plame testifies, there is a *suspicious package*

Can Someone PLEASE Summarize The Key Things In Plame's Testimony???

Larisa Alexandrovna: LOTS MORE Problems w/ Khalid Sheikh Muhammed Confessions

Plame #10 (and it's all good!!) OFFICIAL

I'm Having Watergate Flashbacks

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp's trip to Latin America

SO has limpballs ever made any derisive comments about Patrick Kennedy?


Freepers whining 'cause CSPAN is covering anti-war march rather than "Eagle" rally....

Afghanistan women so desperate they are killing themselves

Ya think Chimpy is watching C-SPAN today?

Paul Hodes...Wheeee! Going after Rove's security

Have they cast the Plame movie yet? I mean, Sharon Stone is too obvious

Bush promises to restore party potency in two years

So, Rove either volunteers to testify or gets subpoenaed. Karl under oath at last.

Lying thugs. Lying thugs. Let them play Texas Hold 'Em. Not hold elected office.

Plame eviscerates the administration - meanwhile, the lead story on FoxNoise ...

Giuliani saying he will appoint right wing judges

Wasn't Mark Zaid the guy pushing the Able Danger scam with Curt Weldon?

Who is this "homosexual agenda" asshole talking to Thom Hartmann?

Snow on Bush involvement: ‘Anything’s possible.’

Have all the bushbot thugs been trained in the same smirk school?

Freepers in complete denial re: Plame...completely making stuff up that Wilson outed Plame in op/ed

Toensing is blaming the CIA!!

Hey "old timers" -- anyone else feeling Watergate flashbacks?

Anyone picking up on the Republican cross-examination points? i.e. Plame hearing

Victoria Toensing has her story and she's sticking to it "Plame Not Covert" "Fitz out of Control"

Ignorant question: why did justice release all the emails?

"The Real News" - Do you want a TV news network from progressives?

Victoria Toensing is soooo screwed - media whore under oath

Memorial service for Senator Eagleton on CSpan2 at 5pm EDT

"Loyalty First, Expertise Second" is Official Bush Cronyism Strategy. Only NeoCons could do this.

Did Waxman just make TDS a legitinate News outlet?

So if the CIA was doing such a rotten job keeping its personnel secret...

W. House: Undecided on Rove testimony on attorneys

Subpoena Bush.

Novak is probbly CIA. Papa Bush's CIA.

Plame # 5 OFFICIAL

If they didnt know Plame was undercover, why bother mentioning her?

Valerie Confirms Larisa's Work On CIA Doing Damage Assessment

A big thanks to all the Plame thread posters!!!!!

We, baby boomers were at the forefront of the stopping of the Vietnam War

Breaking: AG Gonzales fired Archibald Cox!

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the current BFEE scandals?

Anyone else feel drained now?

AP: Snow on Bush Attorney Purge Involvement: "Anything's Possible"

Bounce 'em in 30 minutes!

OK, so here's fox's new headline


Covert CIA Officers....


Screenshot of Faux News Homepage Today!!

Please don't post jokes about Toensing and prison rape.

WH Presser on CSPAN now

"Put the Blame on Plame, Boys"-Toensing's new song

MSNBC's take on the Waxman hearings....

Freud: Pleasuring the President

Official Valerie Plame Testimony Thread No.2

AP: NYPD Shooting Grand Jury Makes Decision

For those of us with NO time - can you highlight the Plame Hearing?

Great Toon...

We sent flowers to Boxer when she did right, now how about Waxman?

On McCain's remarks: If the DHS and TSA are doing their jobs, how do terrorists...

Meet the Press - March 18th - Potato Head does Delay & Perle.

Another document dump?....sources think this afternoon.

Valerie Plame Stands Tall

Another big document dump coming late this afternoon

Working the desk

What does Valerie Plame being a Democrat have to do with anything?

Guests on MTP on Sunday

ABCNews Breaking: Justice Department to release around 200 pages of documents re: attorney fallout

Okay, It's official...Valerie Plame is the "Spy who needs to shag me"...

Doesn't Matter if one Were to Protest in an Evening Gown

Valerie Plame Wilson --- Class Act

Hilarious! Jean Schmidt (AKA Schmidthead) slips and falls in a puddle of vomit.

Obama Responds To President Clinton's slam of the NYT

GOP who asked if Plame was a Democrat

NO INTERNAL Investigation By White House Into Plame Leak

Moving the California Primary up to February: Good idea?

New Rule - you're only covert if Victoria Toensing says so!

Need quick research help: Classifed ads & 1st Amendment

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

White House can't get story straight

Randi has started today going after V. Toesuck.

WH Presser: Let's Count The Number Of Times We Hear "Pleasure Of The President"

Snow on CNN talking about US attorney firings. He looks really bad. Almost in tears

OMG! I heard Rush earlier

So, Vicki. Why did Scooter lie?

Wal-Mart withdraws industrial banking push -- Good news for local banks!

Brad Blog: Transcript of Waxman/Plame hearing (shades of Watergate?)


One Way Bushco Can Solve Our Energy Problem

Republicans calls for Gonzales' departure grow - Republican wacko Dana Rohrabacher the latest

Breaking over @ Fox News: White House Lockdown

What will Bushco do to

Hannity's HUGE LIE Last Night -

Toensing is a poster child for

USNews: Aides urge Bush to call a Press Conference


Plame #6 Official

Is there specific times and places for protests?

Bush again risks lives for his pleasure

On to the next must-see hearing: President Gore returns to the Hill

Go Henry

So what RW "CIA Leak" talking points have been blown out of the water?

Bob Barr: Gonzales Should Go

Is that a "code pink mom" behind Plame standing near the wall?

BBC radio: Eyewitness Iraq

How the Rich Are Destroying the Planet: A Review

Conyers:What's Happening at the DoJ?

Ha! McCain just had a "tar baby" incident.

anyone know of an alternate stream for Randi Rhodes?

a gem from the site that must not be named re: Outing CIA officers

A few hightlights of the Plame hearing (one is a bombshell)

Four More Years of the Sh*T Talk Express...

Anyone seen Glenn Beck's addiction interview promo?

The WH didn't know VP-W was covert?????

Organic Dairies Unite to Set Tougher Pasture Standards

Here's the text of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act

3210 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

*crying* The lead singer of the band Boston has killed himself

Can anyone speak to the points brought up about the NIE and the July 8th and 18th dates?

Media Turned on Suze Orman After Her Coming Out?

I want to see the Washington Post print a very large retraction tomorrow..

You wanna bet that they've had to sedate Little Boots this afternoon?


Anti-US base protest in Sadr City

Chain Gangs as Farmhands? feeling better about your food now?

CNN: "Gay in the Womb?"


Call Henry Waxman's Office And Give Him Some Love!

Valerie Plame is a Democrat!!

Women of America, it is time to unite and end the "womb as a battleground" before it starts.

Greetings From Freeperland!!

Gates warns US plans to maintain presence in Iraq area 'for decades'

Declassification. Doesn't it just make simple sense that

Why doesn't some reporter simply ask Bush if Plame was Undercover?



I guess Yahoo "news" didn't see the same testimony I did

"Valerie Plame has cooties!"

Donald Trump: (To paraphraze) - "bush* is a fucking liar" (my words)

Larry Johnson's blog: "The Hearing's Revelations -- Why They Matter"

I need some Plame.

Sen. Mark Pryor-D says we should leave Iraq but we shouldn't make it public knowledge?

FBI: Terrorists are driving your kids to school..

I've got to stop reading stupid people's blogs.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Gonzales Lies Under Oath

Rove Joins Gonzales as a Target

How rich would it be if 41s CIA order (outing is a crime) removes 43 from office?

Anybody know the lineup on Maher tonight?

Randi---Victoria lied under oath she lied about her age under oath

$206 million dollars in cash -- bust in Meth distribution in Mexico

Reuters: Bush unhurt in motorcade accident, not his car

Georgia Lawmakers OK Confederate History Month

Air America vs Faux re: Nevada & other debates (Marc Green letter)

Do you think today's Plame testimony might make it a tad more

Plame Hearing replay starting on CSPAN

PHOTO: President Icehead, today . . . karma is taking over his face

How is it that AZ on Nova M has all these events listed and

And then there was one

How's Tweety's coverage today?



I'm watching a tivo of Valerie Plame. She is as smart as she is beautiful.

I'm watching a tivo of Valerie Plame. She is as smart as she is beautiful.

In addition to "tarbaby," McCain Stumbles on H.I.V. Prevention

MORE Associated Press BULLSH*T: Waxman hearing "sheds little light"

FL man plunged from cruise ship rescued 8 hrs later

Did I miss the DUzy thread today?

He thought he could hide his presidential paper trail behind a 2001 order but Congress reverses it

Boston Globe employees protest India and India protests right back

Repubs don't like our candidates (or theirs). Kudos to Dodd and Edwards for pissing off the Repubs

BRAD BLOG: Phony 'Voter Fraud' Claims More Evidence WH Used DoJ as Blunt Political Instrument...

Hit in the gut? The GOP-owned press responds to Valerie. Can you smell it?

Antarctic Glaciers' Sloughing Of Ice Has Scientists at a Loss

March 17th I will not be able to join you

Trump: Bush Is "Probably The Worst President In The History Of The United States"

Gonzo Gave Kyle Sampson New DOJ office after "resignation"

Please DU this poll; "Should Attny. Gen. Alberto Gonzales be fired? "

Plame testimony tidbit: Did Cheney Pressure Valerie Personally?

Plame Hearing Is Airing Again Tonight (8:00 EST) ---->>>

Iraq Veteran's Memorial - Online Video Tribute of the Fallen

I never in my wildest dreams, thought I'd become a daytime drama fan.

Wal-Mart Drops Pursuit of Bank Charter

Help. Brewster-Jennings. I'm so disappointed. Did I miss

Help! I can't keep up with all of this week's scandals and crises!

Iraqi Women Silenced - - thanks to the neo cons

This is what a true American Hero looks like

PR Sergeant Tells All about Faux News - Reporter calls soldier MF'er

Weathervane McCain: If we leave Iraq, "these people will follow us home"!

Plame was covering WMD - so what is it the WH and cheney did

The issue that is not being discussed about the US Attorney Purge Scandal

Pics from Phelps thugs protesting Marine Funeral here last week

I'd like to note two votes on yesterday's resolution, Landrieu YEA, Hagel NEA

So... Who is going to the March on the Pentagon Tomorrow?

What a Fox debate would have looked like (video - via Simpsons)

David Brooks says whether Valerie was covert or not is still a matter of dispute

David Corn responded to Toensing's accusation long ago.

I rarely watch network news; now I know why

When discussing Global Warming we should just say: If you have to listen

I must say that it was one hell of a fascinating week......

Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets!

How old is Victoria Toensing?

Trump's rebuke of Chimp coming up on CNN after commercial...

I am not a huge Trump fan but he was dead on about Bush on CNN.

What is meme?

Congress Investigates Walter Reed's VIP Ward

Forget MS Corporate Media on Waxman Hearings...THEY LIED

Plame #9 (yes 9!!) OFFICIAL

McCain: Gonzalez should not be forced out

Who is JB Williams and why is his "debunking" of Plame's testimony beginning to blanket RW newsblogs

All was revealed early on - "Wilson's wife is fair game"

TinFoilHat - KSM, two shoe bombers, crash of American Airlines Flight 587

Rumor time. Walmart buys Home Depot.

Moreland , what a freak this fellow is

Giant Pool of Water Ice at Mars' South Pole

Ron Brownstein on Hardball says Plame was just "playing to the blogosphere"

David Corn (The Nation): Valerie Plame Speaks--Finally--About CIA Leak Case

So, here's the assignment, kids:

McCain Regrets Use of Term 'Tar Baby'

read on another board that Gonzales is getting shitcanned per CBS.

Does anyone have a shot of the flowchart Waxman had today?

Nature runs riot after Europe's warmest winter

A Valentines/St. Patty's Day to My Fellow DU'ers...from my heart!

I just checked the PBS schedule for tonight in our area and

Vallerie Plame and "Non-Official Cover" (NOC)

Another "The Bar is Open Thread"

Plame Sheds Little Light in Leak Case

Spitzer to skip St. Patrick’s parade over gay ban

Christians in D.C. for war protest

The Firing of the U.S. Attorneys Was Not Political

AIDS cure or sick joke by African president?

Video + Pictures: Yesterday Police Assaults on Peace Activists!!

Is it too much for a Presidential Candidate to go to an Antiwar Protest?


"Friendly fire". Been there, done that.

So now I'm a "communist" per a freeper type

CNN QuickVote: Did leaking Plame's name potentially jeopardize U.S. interests?

Joe Wilson's report was the truth, as we have seen born out...

I wish I could have asked Vicky Toensing a couple of questions:

"Known Unknowns" in Baghdad: Was Key Iraqi General Fired? Our Government Won't Say

Which tear is sadder: Indian who finds litter or Reagan on TIME

Albert Einstein Quote

DNC: Time for Gonzales to Go

When you're in a public hearing, for something important. Take off the pink tiara...

Distracted or Able to Focus, regardless of The Tiara?


Zogby: Leadership needed, not political calculation. Huffington Post.

Gonzales Advised Bush On Probe After Learning He Might Be A Subject

My local NBC news this AM....some govt. officials say that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's claims might

Thank you Waxman and Democratic members for nailing this Govt.

DU this poll: Do you plan on joining the protests?

I figure I've got 30 years of life left if I'm lucky

Waxman Hearing Revelation: GOP Senators ignored CIA memo which disputed claim Wilson sent by wife

Mr Knodell reveals that the White House conducted no internal investigation into the Plame leak

3 Sentenced for Castration `dungeon'

Bt corn toxity to Rats liver& kidney - here's aPDF link to the study

Tx. Gov. Perry is in Dubai

Fux is airing stories on child with hiccups and a cat walker...

300 the movie, yes we watched it yesterday (Some spoilers)

Al Gore wants your help


Elton John could turn us gay, says archdeacon

Proof KSM "confession" fake?

CNN interview with Trump/Blitzer ... did anyone catch the

it is clear from the Plame testimony, Alberto-gate, the Libby trial, etc., etc., etc.

"Larry Johnson ... will be a guest on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight ...

Here is the LANGUAGE OF THE LAW that Victoria ToeCheese keeps spouting

When and where is your anti-war protest this weekend?

Does anyone know why in the hell MSM "journalists" have become such cowards?

The Faces of Truth - Real American Patriots

Could Someone Here Post A Pic Of toe hag, or Whatever Her Name Is, And Valerie Plame, Side By Side?

"The democrats are not doing anything." Wanna bet

Did Chris Dodd sexually assault a waitress? What's this I'm reading?

Waxman is kicking this banshee bitch's ass

Ohio Prosecutor charges a 13 Y.O, teen with 128 felonies

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could not have beheaded Daniel Pearl

Perjury count on Victoria Toensing: Four

Project X took a Hugh!!..!!! step forward today.

Ha! McCain just had a "tar baby" incident.

What were the circumstances that lead to this photo?

One thing that bothers me on the Plame hearing

Fort Pub surrounded and being shelled 24/7 by Treb Units using Pig Shit Ammo

Hero of French Resistance in WWII dies - Nazis considered her a terrorist

Evangelicals Oppose torture

A Message From Al Gore About the Congressional Hearing

Fox News leading story: "Anna's Medicine Chest"

Evangelical leader warns homosexuality may be proven biological -- but would still be a sin

CIA LEAK HEARING CHART: 20 Different Disclosures of Plame-Wilson Covert Identity by WH & State Dept.

White House retracts claim Miers initiated firings

"Yeah, we lied, but the only ones who care are Democrats, so it's all political."

Did Monica smack the crap out of Victoria Toensing?

Do you feel that there is enough documentation to impeach Richard Cheney?

Greetings From Freeperland!!

Press knew Bush WH wasn't investigating Plame outing and still PROTECTED him

N&O: U.S. Targeted Charlotte Attorney (didn't know she was on the list; prosecuted top NC Repub)

I hate to say it, but...

Pet deaths prompt recall of pet food --- Pet Owners Alert

"Middle-easterners" applying for school bus driver positions?

Picture of dismissed juror at hearing

So what did we learn today, kids?

Lockheed CEO Rakes In $24.4 million in '06


****A DUer Needs Your Good Vibes**** - cross-post (sorry mods)

Was Joe Wilson set up so that Plame (and Brewster-Jennings) could be outed?

HELEN THOMAS: An Embarrassing Stench Has Arisen In the Dept Of Justice

DUMB QUESTION: why more vocal outrage over Gonzales firings than torture memos?

Chris Rock quote:

Until we have universal health coverage, we need to at least cover the vets

Immigrants are so lazy. They don't want to work or learn

Massive Pet Food Recall: Iams, Eukanuba, Walmart, Safeway, Petsmart brands

Friday TOONS:Massive update- It’s been a great week, but can they keep it up?

Does the world and this country in particular seem to be...

My boss' nephew was killed in Iraq on Tuesday


Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings

PLEASE READ AND CIRCULATE! Suicide Was the Only Way Out of Iraq for Col. Westhusing

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 16, 2007***

Waxman Letter to White House Chief of Staff Today: Justify WH Failures in Plamegate

Do you support a grand jury or independent criminal investigation of September 11th?

British anti-global warming piece is out.

Honoring 16 Senators who did the right thing

Romney's words grow hard on immigration (Boston Globe)

CNN/AP: Plame to testify on Capitol Hill

"Bush promises to restore party potency in two years"

So, what can we conclude from the remaining 85 or so LOYAL USAttys?

Tom DeLay Attacks Newt, Hastert, Armey and Bush

Will Democrats skip the two CBC Presidential debates that may be awarded to FOX News?

Congressional Research Service on US Attys replacement....

"Throw Harriett From the Train " or "Scooterize Me!"

Kucinich: "Impeachment May Well Be the Only Remedy"

Senator Clinton should remain a senator.

Exactly what they'll do with Gonzales:

House votes to limit no-bid contracts

Plame starts the testimony...ICKtoria Toensing ends it...

Stephanopoulos Predicts Gonzales Will Resign To Deflect Republican Criticism

Probe of federal prosecutors intensifies

Tom Davis (R-Pantload) asks Ms. Wilson if the CIA shoudl have made it clear ......

A vote to keep Walter Reed open ( ! )

Tick. . . . Tock . . . Tick . . . Tock . . .

Help me! Who was the underling in the justice department...

Glenn Beck calls Clinton a "stereotypical bitch"

"The lady in pink", for you cube rats who missed it

"Claim that (she - Plame) was the one that sent (her husband) to Niger was wrong...

Elijiah Cummings lays down minefield for Icky Vickie Toensing

Crain's Insider: Pataki Backs Off

Holding Senator Smith accountable

An incredibly bad day for patriotic conservatives - someone is telling the truth

President Turns to an Insider to Negotiate on Dismissals

Baucus'd in on Trade (The Nation)

Are you a republican or dem?

Snow: "...don’t be dropping it at the president’s door,”

Report: Gonzales had FISA inquiry conflict

Yo, Republicans, Micromanage This

WH Security Never Investigated...

Free Sami Al-Arian!!!

"Facts arent Republican or Democratic"....


This is who they are

OUTRAGEOUS CENSORSHIP in Presidential debates

Senate should advise * that Fitzgerald replace Gonzales and

Is Valerie done testifying? And who are these people on C-Span?

Is it time for an "ABC Nightline - America Held Hostage" style show devoted to Bush scandals every

Important: Huge Problem with KSM Confession

HP's pension switch

Valerie Plame Wilson is one VERY credible witness ..... can I get an amen?

"You want me to tell you what you want to hear, or what I believe?"

UPDATED: Plame Testifies Before Congress... Confirms She Was 'Covert' -- Calls Outing a 'Travesty"

impeachment....putting the cart before the horse

New Political Film Review: "'Barley' Explores Angst of IRA's Early Days"

LINK TO LIVE VIDEO of Plame Hearing:

Clinton did it! Clinton did it!

HEARING VIDEO: CIA Director Hayden: ‘Wilson Was Covert’

U.S. Will Give Visa to Iranian President

TPMCafe: Two Polls in Two Days Say Almost Half Would Never Vote for Hillary

White House cites 'hazy memories' on attorney firings

Hillary Campaigners Don't Get It (Hillary v Rudy)

Hillary SOUNDLY rejected by liberal base

White House Security Chief Reveals -- No Probe of Plame Leak There

TIME (teaser): AGate: More Docs Coming at 6?

These republicans are one-trick ponies--it's always "Blame the Victims"

The 2008 primary schedule is insane.

Was testimony today (Plame) under oath?

Why are you paying Karl Rove's salary?

Obama to be on Larry King show Mon.3-19-07

British verdict: 'friendly fire' death of soldier in Iraq 'criminal'

Rush says "no one said she was covert, but she's still a babe." I need to throw up now....n/t

Email from Howard Dean: Add your name to the FOIA Request

Jon Conyers' blog: What's Happening at the DoJ?

Rove's mention of 120+ fed prosecutors fired during Clinton years.... WTF was he talking about???

I guess getting drunk and shooting someone in the face ain't that bad

What about all the other US attorneys who were NOT fired?

Rush says "no one said she was covert, but she's still a babe." I need to throw up now....n/t

Anyone have video of TDS's "My name is Chris Dodd...Chris Dodd is my name...doo dee bop" song?

Breaking: Sr. Republicans now meeting w/ Gonzales @ Dept. of Justice

Thank you Mr. Waxman.You did a great job

Let's be frank. The chart show a number of people working in concert

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Gonzales Lies Under Oath

The Republican presidential candidates

Who is this obnoxious woman testifying on cspan?

House: Release report on Tillman death

Some predictions

Gonzo may have job insurance

BushCo Does Not Want You To see This Film

Should Rove and Miers be subpoenaed? Vote on this.

Pelosi promises vote on Iran war measure.

Ok alittle fun thread for friday.. when you use the letters in George Bush

Chairman Waxman kicking Victoria's Ass with a Smile on his Face

So she was COVERT!!!

There’s no report, there’s no investigation, and there are no sanctions’

Ousted USA: DoJ Smeared USAs with "Fabricated Assertions"

Cspan is replaying Plames testimony right now

Obama’s Israel Problem (Joshua Frank)

Cummins fears corruption investigation led to his firing

My favorite moment of a momentous day

Repubs don't like our candidates (or theirs). Kudos to Dodd and Edwards for pissing off the Repubs

White House to Dems: No Docs for You This Week

Gonzales Gave Kyle Sampson New Justice Dept. Office After His Supposed ‘Resignation’

Are my basic assumptions about Democrats wrong?

ON C-span now . . check out Impeach Bush shirt

Tucker Is A Jerk........

Obama's campaign seen natural to register voters

Fox..The real faux reporters speak..

Blitzer has an interesting interview with Donald Trump...

Kearny NJ Dominionist teacher, pt. II: They are coming for your KIDS....

Ben Nelson's voting record please...

On C-Span now . . . applause seems really light

On Tucker right now.. "Why isn't Jebb running"

Did Bill Clinton Lie?

Kucinich: "...Committee removed language...requiring permission before..attack

Victoria was so cute today

CNN getting ready to talk about the person in pink at the hearing today! nt

The Democratic Party defined at MyDD by Bowers.

Here's the Worst Things the GOP Could Find on Bill Richardson

Ron Brownstein says Dems pandering to the "far left 'activists..warns Dems

Impeach Bush protester using subliminal message now on C-span!

Anyone having trouble updating their journal tonight?

Time's latest Presidential Preference Poll shows Barack Obama closing in on Hillary Clinton

Nasty Freeper Take on Plame.... They are disgusting..

I want an OBJECTIVE assesment of Jimmy Carter's presidency

TPM's The Horse's Mouth: Obama Quote That's Upsetting Bill Clinton Unearthed

Please refer to McCain's bus and tours as "The Flip Flop Express"

"Clinton did it"

Constitutional law question for the group,....

Impeach Bush protester uses subliminal message at Plame hearing!

Pardon me, no please pardon me?

Kucinich Has a Chance to Make a Historic Move and to Stand Out as a Presidential Hopeful

Obama Should Apologize to Sharpton..

VIDEO: Top Bush Official Reveals White House Never Investigated Plame Leak

The current 08 primary schedule

So Why Was Plame Outed?

US Attorneys nominated and confirmed from 1987-2007

Juan Cole on Hillary Clinton's Iraq plan


LA TIMES: Young Obama Went to Mosque: Bowed to Allah

Fox hounded - How the Democrats are Turning on Fox News

Here's that list of covert agents Tom Davis was looking for

VIDEO: Valerie Plame Confirms Her Covert Status Prior To Novak Leak

TIME: Rove Joins Gonzales as a Target

Dodd vs Biden