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Archives: March 15, 2007

Chavez says attacks on Bush not personal

Blumenthal: All roads lead to Rove

This year Indian cos will hire more: Survey

Iraqis’ Progress Lags Behind Pace Set by Bush Plan

Mark Green: How to Fix Our Democracy (The Nation)

Attorney Firings: What the White House Wanted to do, But Didn't (Aziz Huq at HuffPost)

From Lawn-Boys to B-2’s: America ’s penchant for mowing ‘em down (Jason Miller)

Gonzales Pleads the Ken Lay Defense (Glenn W. Smith at HuffPost)

Mary MacElveen: Does AIPAC unduly influence the United States Congress?

Mexico testing US rice for GMO strain: official - Reuters

(US) Car makers attack fuel measures - BBC

NRC chief calls for 'command' school for nuclear executives

Israel must stay the hell out of U.S. debate on Iraq

Some 911 images I had not yet seen of collected debris and beams

Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys

NYT-Clinton Ducks Answer on Whether Homosexualty is ‘Immoral’

Chiquita to Pay $25M in Terror Case (AP update)

U.S.: Philippine Murders Must Be Stopped

VA Hospital turns away suicidal Vet who later hangs himself (CNN)...

Giuliani's Firm Lobbies Texas for Citgo

9/11 Master mind confesses in Guantanamo

Al-Maliki tells aides U.S. benchmark deadline is June 30 or his ouster possible (Oil law draft!)

AP: Iranian Envoy Says Iranians May Be Freed (in Iraq)

AP: Australia to send Sri Lankan asylum seekers to remote island


Mexican Protesters Call for End to War

Fitzgerald not talking about CIA leak

Kidnapped Italian journalist in video

If Elected Clinton Says Some G.I.’s in Iraq Would Stay if She Took Office

AP: 12 killed as India police, farmers clash

Dozens in GOP Turn Against Bush's Prized 'No Child' Act

Chavez Says Attacks on Bush Not Personal

MYSPACE users: SPAM problem alert:

Cat's meow contest at Milwaukee TV station, vote for your favorite.

Canadian Idol: oh dear.

Grammar question.

Tijuana Bibles: Insight into how perverted your grandparents were.

Damn, I hate when I finish my bottle of wine early. n/t

What is the very last song you heard on the radio?

So about Garrison Keillor's new article on Salon

Post here only if you have a Keyboard!

Do you wear a clock?

So I Lounged a Thought into a Thread

So I thought I'd start to Lounge in a thread ...

Sanjaya is still there...WTF??

So I threaded a thought into The Lounge

So I thought I'd start a thread in Lounge...



A poem. Please watch.

so i thought i'd lounge in a thread i started

Uh, whatever happened to that person who fell asleep in The Lounge?

I know many don't have my sense of "humor" but I think this is pretty funny:

"Scott Tenorman Must Die".. *Worst South Park Episode* EVER!!!

MySpace question: if you're not on the site, can you send a message to someone who is?

C O S T!!!!

L A S T!!!


Damn you, jeans makers!

Mia Zapata was an awesome performer....RIP

If you are going to be annoying and talk on your

L I S T !!!!

Today's "Idiot Driver Award" goes to....(envelope please).....

My Pride and Joy!

Lies the nuns toLd me

Single ladies, can I give you a suggestion?

I am failing my religion class

Bye bye Brandon...

How did you last change your underwear?

Kirk Cameron is on Scarborough

I love my elderly Grandparents

Wish me luck tomorrow; I have a 2-hour (oy) interview

Oh D.R.I, how I long for the days before hairmetal

Anyone watching "Criminal Minds" or "CSI" tonight?

How often do you drink soda?

Do you read food labels and does it affect your food choices?

L O S T ! ! ! !

Any old school Hardcore fans in the house?

Wisconsinites: Given that I have no beer in the house

L U S T ! ! ! !

What is an alcoholic?

Twice now I've been awakened in the morning by someone whispering, "MOM!"


Are you a friend of mine? And I don't mean MySpace......

So, any of you Loungers want to be my friend on myspace?

Some videos load really quick on U-tube

So basically, I'm pretty much F*cked

MSNBC Scarborough Showing Evangelical Piece

A Point of Clarification

Liar, liar

First #1 seed to lose? (Women)

Has anyone ever heard of this?

Astrologer Shelly Ackerman talks about the election

Diary to rec and comment (about Teresa!)

IFAW End the Seal Hunt PSA - global warming even more deaths for harp seal pups

Eye To Eye: Former U.S. Attorney John McKay

Alberto Gonzales Answers Question About US Atty Firings

Robert Novak storms off the set (CNN, July 2005)

Jonathan Schulze -- Cries Ignored by VA

Mad TV iRack

Road of Good Intentions - My Iraq/Iran War video

KSM says he was responsible for planning 29 attacks - including assassination of Clinton, and Carter

KO showing tape of the Chimperor trying to explain firing US attorneys

The haves and the have yachts- "There is a great deal of money sloshing about"

Olbermann with the Bush press conference is kicking ass.

While millions are starving, rich people are buying "luxury" $1,000 pizzas

KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question (they violated military policy)

Can we get an emotcon that says "eww"?

Dave Lindorff: Democrats' Calls for Resignations are Pointless Diversions

Did Arlen Spector know?

"Vet blogging from inside Walter Reed"

“Abuse of Power” Taken to an Extreme is Called Tyranny

Ambassador Wilson told me personally that the reason

Why are so many kids autistic?

How to become a conservative

If the Patriot Act allows for appointing and firing Federal


How Tall Is gonzAllAss? Must Be A Short Little BasTURD

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

RNC strategery re communications secrecy...


Rolling Blunder Desires Confrontation In DC March 17th

Is anyone watching Scarborough (about religion)??

I sent this to the president - read it before recommending it.

Edwards' campaign office in Chapel Hill evacuated (was sent white powder)

The timing of Harriet Miers' departure

T-Minus 36 Hours, Give or Take: Waxman's Plame Hearing; Fitzgerald's Response to Waxman

I am watching the orginal Cue-ball on TCM

Does the"war on terror" justify camps?

If Our Glorious Dems Can't End The War On Iraq or Iran, How about the War On Drugs?

A tragic lack of courage

Fewer Employers Offer Health Coverage to Lower Income Parents

Arsenic in floridated water CDC admits yes..

Buzzflash: Progressive Dems Working to Negotiate Quicker Iraq Exit

Am I the only one who wonders everytime the Idiot gets off

Wish me luck tomorrow; I have a 2-hour (oy) interview

anyone else in shock that the corporate media is finally reporting some truth about this regime?

would you critique my ltte?not my usual rant

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

Hillary sidesteps (as does Obama) on morality of Homosexuality

Indian in the Machine..

Legislators Aim At a New Misdeed On the Road: DWT

Senate Democrats' 2008 budget leaves war funding, bush tax cuts intact

Strong Speech by Biden (KO)

Whoa, What's Up With Ryan & Simon?

Do we have confessions of a torturee?

We are Republicans so you always know where we stand

White House officials using RNC email accounts?

Don't have health insurance? problem!

Excuse me for caring

Million pages pulled from U.S. archives

Brownback issues letter around Senate commending Pace

It's over. I will not vote for any Dem in the general election, no matter who gets the nom.

Italy convicts Argentines in '70s deaths ('Disappeared' in Latin America)

Notice Chimpolini didn't get pissy with the press today?

Kangaroo Court Alert: 'I was responsible for 9/11, from A to Z'- a confession from Guantánamo Bay

Hillary Clinton Sees Some Troops Staying in Iraq if She Is Elected

Clinton a hero, Giuliani a no-show for firefighters

Alberto Gonzo is/was LYING Yesterday and today. It is obvious.

I see, so the Pentagon says it's a "civil war" and so it is. Right.

Senator says regulators accountable on subprime

World markets engulfed by US mortgage crisis

DAILY SHOW: Dems Iraq Withdrawal Plan AND Is Cheney Losing His Clout?

Pentagon: Some elements of the situation in Iraq are properly descriptive of a “civil war"

Oh Hell... They've Dragged This One Out Again !!! - Run For Your Lives !!!

Gonzales’s Critics See Lasting, Improper Ties to White House

How Much Does The "Federalist Society" Have To Do With Our Current AG Problems ???

Colbert "Loyality is confidence"

Colbert: Gonzales did not do well in the Spelling Bee

Quick question about the fired prosecutors

House overturns Bush order on papers secrecy

From a Christian perspective, every human life is sacred

Al-Maliki tells aides U.S. benchmark deadline is June 30 or his ouster possible (Oil law draft!)

March on the Pentagon: Looking for some (mobile phone) photographers

Violent Crime in America: 24 months of Alarming Trends

In case you didn't get enough listening to Malloy...

For enquiring minds....

U.S. failed to give Israel all drafts of UN resolution ending Lebanon war

Question: Can Rove Be Protected By 'Executive Privilege' ???

LOL !!! - Sununu\Gonzales Freeper Style !!!

A.G. Alberto Gonzales "...went from The Man!" -- The Daily Show!

No President Has Been "Pleasured" As Much As This One

Feinstein says Lam firing connected to Cunningham scandal

U.S. envoy: We won't stop Israel talking to Syria

Faux News goes beyond strange, this is weird (Oreilly on public schools)

Pakistani claims responsibility for 1993 WTC, 9/11, Bali, attacks

Not one of this chickenhawk administration's family is in Iraq

New Prosecutor a "Criminal"??? Let's help our friend Henry Waxman nail him!!!

I guess this will make America like Louisiana, maybe

US court rules against dying woman on medical marijuana

Is there a way a candidate can answer the question ' Do you believe homosexuality

$1 for Tap Water in Restaurants

Well, I guess that leaves Osama Bin Laden off the hook

The Biased Broadcasting Corporation

If you aren't watching TDS tonight, you need to watch/record the rerun!

Dennis Miller On Faux (you have to see it to believe it)

What's a meme?

Global Warming: Why would anybody Lie about this?

For the lurking freepers who don't believe Leahy is going to subpoena Rove...

I just love Tom Tomorrow-This Modern World

John McCain is advertising on AAR homepage?

email of poems to be sent to Oxycontin Limpballs. Hey, he started it.

Man Bites Dog...

Look at this zero carbon house

Does Capitalism Equal Human Nature?

Idiot at work today: "People who come to this country ought to learn English."

Schumer's Five Questions to President Bush! / **Carol Lam**

Q: "Are Black people immoral?" A: "I'll leave that for others to conclude."

Presidential Gibberish 3/14/07

Blumenthal: All Roads Lead to Rove

War with Iran is Inevitable

Fitz responds to Waxman's letter regarding his opinion on Plame leak


You're going to love this photo - Senator Tim Johnson

Who here knows anything about "Free to Air" satellite systems?

OH Election Officials Given 18 Months for Rigging 2004 Recount, Judge Says 'It Goes Higher'

There is one reason you're cooked Gonzalez.

Senator Clinton: Are These Gay & Lesbian Veterans "Moral" Enough For You?

Tell the Spartans They Died For Your Sins (What I Learned From "300" - A Review)

I can't continue here.

Iowa Students Help Drive Election Bus

House leaders circulate letter of support for Iraq legislation from Wes Clark.

Hillary's petition for Gonzales' resignation

Hillary: the Ultimate Whore

Pentagon finally admits Iraq violence can be described as a civil war

IF Clinton Says Some G.I.’s in Iraq Would Stay if She Took Office

How many more days 'til Bush gives his A.G. the kiss o' death:"Gonzo, you're doin' a heckuva job"?

Yes, Barack, But How Much Do You Hate the Palestinians?

Wow - :"Criminal Minds" is in Gitmo and Agent Gideon just threw some bullies

The Hill's Sam Youngman asks if Obama has been a really strong "anti-crime" legislator

10 of the 20 most recent threads in GD-P are about HRC

NYT-Clinton Ducks Answer on Whether Homosexualty is ‘Immoral’

Talking McCain and the NCAAs

The religious Right GREED on Scarborough at 9PM tonight MSNBC

Here is what John Warner said about Pace's comment:

It's over. I WILL NOT vote for Lyndon LaRouche in the General Election if he is nominated.

So I guess Edwards didn't say "no", either, when asked if homosexuality is immoral

Holy Christ Wagons!

If you want to complain about what the democrats in the senate

Bush Borrows More Than 42 Previous Presidents Combined

It's over. I WILL NOT vote for Sam Brownback in the General Election if he is nominated.

Let me say this plainly

It's over. I WILL NOT vote for Senator Clinton in the General Election if she is nominated.

Edwards on homosexuality, Pace's comments on The Situation Room here

Does anyone know if "The New Republic" is any good? Is it a right-wing rag, moderately fair, or

Hillary Clinton sees keeping some forces in Iraq to fight al Qaeda and deter Iranian aggression

My Dear Mr. President ...

Brezezinski was brilliant, as usual, on Daily Show tonite.

Biden fantastic speech on floor today.

3/14 - Firefighters(IAFF) Forum - Presidential Candidates Speeches

It's over. I WILL NOT vote for Senator Obama in the General Election if he is nominated.

Hillary: "I disagree with what [Pace] said, and do not share his view, plain and simple"

Fox and CNN consultants who are "conservative" Democrats are making my head reel.

Why I, a gay American, don't care about Hillary's response.

Clinton, Obama skirt queries on gays in the military

TIME: The Extravagant Fall of Conrad Black

Bush's Shadow Army (Blackwater)

Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show

‘Restore America’s Place in the World and Restore the Middle Class’

Use of Warrantless National Security Letters Against US Citizens Must End-Another Patriot Act Abuse

Andrew Cockburn’s Rumsfeld Revelations (Truthdig)

Mark Fiore Animation: Gonzo!

Obama: Palestinians Matter, Too

Matt Taibbi: Don't Ask Hillary About Gay Rights - She Won't Tell

When They Came for the Homosexuals… By Chris Hedges (author of American Fascists,)

Housing advocates warn of default ‘tsunami’

What We Need: Single Payer, a Single Plan (Star-Tribune, via CommonDreams)

From Sex Workers to Restaurant Workers, the Global Slave Trade Is Growing

John Pilger: Closing the gap between torturer and victim (Rumsfeld)

The 'Support our Troops' Myths (by Ira Chernus at CommonDreams)

Cheney Links Action on Iran To Winning Iraq (Jewish Daily Forward)

Barbara Walters Interviews Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Fraudulent Firing (by Paul Rogat Loeb for

Great cartoon from Nick Anderson (on Halliburton)

Part III: Alberto Gonzales: The "Empty Suit" AG (WaPo)

TIME: How The Right Went Wrong

Quite Unprecedented' Former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White

Three Congresspeople and the Miami Carnaval

Creeping fascism, stagnant public concern

Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys

George Lakoff and Glenn W. Smith: Making Accountability Accountable

Will Durst: The Department Of Just Us

Gene Lyons: Nothing to hide, nothing to fear in Bushworld

Since when does link to the Onion?

10/14/01:The day GWB refused Taliban hand over of OBL (Consortium News)

Sidney Blumenthal: Protocols of the Elders of the GOP

Guantanamo, Dred Scott & The Amistad (Rule of law or whim of executive? Supreme has ruled before.)

If Libby’s guilty, so is Cheney

The Surge Is (Or Might Not At All Be) Working

Bush and Latin America Far too late, way too little

Partisanship at Justice Dept. Isn’t New (Joe Conason for Truthdig)

Halliburton: From Bush's Favorite to a National Disgrace


JOSEPH L. GALLOWAY: A desperate Army is scraping the bottom

Infiltration of KPMG Draws Waxman Probe

Bush effort to relieve backlog [VA} likely will be unsuccessful

Automakers Tell House To Lay Off On Fuel Economy - WP

How better batteries will bring us amazing gadgets

New species of leopard (Bornean Clouded Leopard) world discovered

Kazakhstan, China, Lake Balkhash, and Moral Will

Anomaly map for Winter 2006 (warmest winter on record)

New Coal-Fired Ethanol Plant Goes On Line In Minnesota

Swiss Ministries' Report Predicts Nation Will Warm Swiftly, Face Drought, Heatwaves - AFP

I just found this: The Rainforest Action Network, old news?

Bank of America $20 Billion Initiative to Help Renewable Energy

Six nanotechnologies to reduce carbon emissions

Activity discovered at Yellowstone supervolcano

Check out the new Solar Bus movie!

Wild Australian Camels Run Wild Through Outback Town In Search For Water - Reuters

Sighting of Rare (Ivory-Billed) Woodpecker Questioned

Solar power gaining popularity in Silverton (Oregon)

Applied Materials to Install 1.9 Megawatt Photovoltaic System

Britain looks to boost wind, wave and tidal power - Reuters

World may get greener but then wilt due warming - Reuters

Egypt: Palestinian who planned to attack Israelis nabbed

Hamas, Fatah wrap up unity deal; Israel won't work with new government

VP Cheney Thanks AIPAC For Staging 9/11 (The Spoof)

We're going to make you pay!'' Larry Silverstein shouted in front of a crowd

Please help this thread

Vote Centers - Spreading to North Dakota - Bad Ideas for Election Reform Keep Spreading

DNC: Bush Administration Should Support DC Voting Rights

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, March 15, 2007

Did US Atty Malfeasance Play a Role in Ohio '04 Election (Noe Scandal):

WOO HOO NEW YORK CITY!!! Resolution for Paper Ballots and Op Scans

The Politico: The New Dean Political Plan: DNC Chairman has been meeting with world leaders

BBC: Iranians sought for B Aires bomb

Cuba Castro Elections

VA nurse fails to visit patients, lists dead patient as 'stable'

4 U.S. soldiers die in roadside bombings

Brownback supports Pace's remark on gays

Winter Warmest on Record Worldwide

MSNBC: Senate rejects bill calling for start of Iraq troop withdrawal within 120 days

(ABC) EXCLUSIVE: E-Mails Show Rove Role in U.S. Attorney Firings

Mohammed confesses to beheading Pearl

Iran seeks U.N. OK to make nuclear case

Breaking news: Missing Georgia boy has been found dead.

Seal Hunt Petition (former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker condemned the hunt in a 1967 letter!)

Mohammed confesses to Shooting JR

Immense ice deposits found at south pole of Mars

Reuters: Most Japanese want to end Iraq war support -poll

LAT: UC, Cal State approve fee hikes

(AFP) Maoist rebels kill 50 police in India: official

Police investigate murder suicide killing 2 in elevator blast

Iraqis’ Progress Lags Behind Pace Set by Bush Plan

p. A01, WP: Statements On Firings of Prosecutors Are Key Issue

Outrage over Japan nuclear reactor coverup

U.S. Treasury Secretary to visit Guatemala, Peru next week

Iraqi soldier dies in exchange of fire with coalition forces

Dissident Priest in El Salvador Is Rebuked by the Vatican

Reuters: Germany seeks consensus on U.S. missile shield

AP: World powers agree on new Iran sanctions

Reuters: Car bomb kills 4 in town south of Baghdad

AP: U.S. Acting Against Kurdish Rebel Group

(Congressman) Obey readies committee for “around the clock” work on Iraq supplemental

BREAKING NEWS: Bruning (R-Ne) to seek Hagel's (R-Ne) Senate seat

Big powers agree on Iran sanctions

Panel OKs subpoenas in U.S. attorney probe

House panel upholds Iraq pullout plan

Nebraskans in Congress supporting 'don't ask'

McClatchy: Revised Patriot Act used in firings, officials say(Moschella falling on his sword)

Chiquita Paid Terrorist Group

It's Official !!! California moves its Primary

Colombian Governor Surrenders in Scandal

Obama: Troops ‘distracted’ from real threats

Iraqi VP says crackdown 'better than expected'

TV show helps woman kidnapped during Argentina's dictatorship learn true identity

NYT, pg1: F.D.A. Warns of Sleeping Pills’ Strange Effects

Washington Times: George Allen considering run for Warner's Senate seat

Panel OKs subpoenas in attorney probe(postponesWH advisors including Rove, Kelley and Miers)

(New Mexico)GOP lawyers met with Gonzales aide last summer(re: voter fraud)

Bloomberg News: Gonzales's Hold on Job Slips Over Prosecutor Firings

U.S. to give Pakistan $750 mln for border areas

Smoking gun on voting machines in Florida: information withheld!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 15

Calderon makes border talk personal as Bush visit ends

S. Korea haggles with U.S. on soldier who ducked Iraq

Bush back from protest-rich goodwill tour of Latin America (AFP)

Senator says regulators accountable on subprime (Dodd wants hearings)

PM (Maliki) fires general in charge of Baghdad operation

House Votes to Limit No-Bid Contracts [passed 347-73]

Reuters: UK friendly-fire widow begs Bush for transcript

Chile recalls Venezuela envoy over TV remarks

196 professors killed, more than 100 kidnapped since U.S. invasion

Russia to Take Military Steps on U.S. Missile Shield

Edwards campaign HQ reopens after getting envelope with white powder yesterday

Furor over Baptist's gay-baby article

CODEPINK Co-Founder and 10 Peace Activists Arrested Today at the Public Appropriations Committee

Insurgents target Strykers in Iraq (edited headline by AP)

Hitler ad angers GOP donors

Chief Justice's fate out of my hands: Musharraf

WP: Pentagon Issues Dire Look At End of '06 in Iraq

Rove: Democrats 'playing politics' with firing of U.S. attorneys (cites Clinton)

BBC: Saddam deputy loses final appeal

Coded Message

Mohammed confesses to Shooting JR

This cold medicine is seriously fucking with my stomach...

20 + 20 + 20 + 20 > 50 : The customer of the day

When's the last time I told you I hated emotions?

Vote for your favorite sci-fi show!

If someone wanting to buy your SO promises to give it a good home, how much would you sell it for?

I have a few questions about composting. Input?

What do you think when you see the word "diva"?

Tomorrow is my Grandfather's 86th B-day

Former baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn dies

Happy Ides of March to everyone :-)

Any Sinatra fans here tonight?

Battle of the sexes - a little humor to end the day

Any "Second Life" Gamers Here?

What's a good prepaid cell phone service?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed killed Kenny!!

Congratulations underpants!! 70,000 posts

G'night, DU!

Funny shit

Jawbox fans...

I am packing for my convention this weekend, 3 whole days away

All your post are belong to me.

I just donated to NORML

How many bleached-blonde, boney, right-wing, political pundits who resemble transvestites

Bobby Brown goes out. Quite funny

Custom-Dyed Virtual Easter Eggs

What's your best story about quitting a job?

Teen's Stomach Ache Turns Out To Be Gunshot Wound

Rock Group Releases 'Scratch & Sniff' CD - Smells of Rotting Meat

Man Hit In Head With Snowball Thrown From Hummer - Suing Driver

I have a confession to make

I have a confession to fake

Shall We Hustle

"Bowser" against the fakes

Teen Puts His Pot Plants Up On MySpace - Busted

How often do you think of Yoda?

Who wants to listen to me whine? Anyone?

On this my 70,000th post.....

Groovy, man!

Todd Rundgren is touring the US with the "Tony Levin" lineup!!! (Maybe.)

What kinda of music is government mule?

I haven't actually eaten anything in 7 whole days

Here's our sweet girl, floppin' Bonnie

Last chance to enter the DU NCAA tournament - need to get your picks in now

Lounge or GD, how do you choose?

dammit! I'm cold and I can't warm up!

Drunk Man Cuts Off His Genitals After His Wife Leaves Him

Which would you prefer?

My boss deserves to burn in hell for all eternity

Bringing Sexy Back

I got off my lazy ass....

What do you want?

4,400 pieces of women's underwear stolen by a construction worker are displayed by police...

You don't have a law in NC against Yankees walking do you?

Texas BBQ fans I have some questions

Long day

Mean bully fish.

Did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confess to being the father

Does Carrot Top have carrot nipples?

Have you ever cut a rug at a place called Jug with a girl named Linda Lou

Eclipse of the Sun taken from space - Very Cool.

Started Physical Therapy again today.

What pre-paid cell phone do you use?

Just got two Operation Iraqi Freedom jackets in the mail

the NBA needs to be more Like minor League hockey

My cat

Total Eclipse of heart from outer space - very cool!

"Karma Chameleon" has been in my head for three days.

How Often Do You Use the Hide Thread Feature on DU?

Best 80s sitcom

Fantastic News from The National Enquirer!!!!

Gabor's husband sues Bill O'Reilly for calling him a fraud

Is there any such thing as smoking too much tea?

My dad is so funny.

Is there any such thing as meeting too much smoke?

Is there any such thing as smoking too much meat?

Where does the phrase "flip your wig" come from?

Anyone had a sleep study before?

Stray cats enter home, attack women, boy



Newspaper Mistakenly Publishes Lottery Winner's Social Security Number, Address

Okay, you naysayers!

My silly magic trick with a link that works, I hope

This just in:

KSM has just confessed to starting this in the DU-Lounge....

Can it core a apple?

Dwight Yoakam's Chicken Licken's Chicken Fries

Ever wanted a beer, but your just too damn lazy to get off the couch?

Take any Lounge thread and change 2 words to Wal-Mart & Masturbates

Beer-launching mini fridge

Will Heather Mills (McCartney) be paired with the drummer from Def Leppard in dance contest?

Man Grabs Merchandise From Wal-Mart, Takes It Into Dressing Room, Masturbates On It

okay, what's today's "enlightened" opinion on this scenario?

Twice now I have been awakened in Walmart by someone menstruating


Do you consider yourself nonviolent?

Open 24 hours... What?!?

Thursday night is my post on DU night!!!

This one made me laugh.

Freeper says parasites = money

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/15/2007)

Dwight Schrute Fans Unite!

If you use a Bill pay service, do you ever have problems with it?

Is there any such thing as drinking too much tea?

It's a sunny day in Delaware and I'm listening to the Allman Brothers

Brokaw show switched to hard core porn Monday.

Charlie Hustle

Fred Goldman apologizes to O.J. Simpson, sues Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

Twice now I have been awakened in Walmart by someone masturbating. MOM!

Did Khalid Shaikh Mohammed start the Chicago Fire too???

If someone reveals what my avatar is from, I will make a small donation to DU.

Some random thoughts about saving $$$$$

we dont have enough protest threads in the lounge

Other crimes to which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed

Why didn't Report Cards have an "E"?

Anyone have any St. Paddy's day plans?


New bill board for CCA

God, I feel SO "establishment".

Is X a hug and O a kiss or is O a hug and X a kiss?

Happy birthday ProfessorGAC & AussieDave!!

Congratulations rman!! 15,000 posts

American Idol is a freaking

Day 3 smilie free

BLOGS--How would I go about starting one?

Girl Horrified To Get Gift Box With Missing Dog's Head

A fantasy "what if"

anyone on IMVU?

I am sure the US porn industry doesn't outsource, so why does my bank?

Back from my job interview.

Weird AL Yankovic is coming to town!!!!

Hey, DU Public Radio buffs, I met Michael Feldman Today!

Have you ever bought anything in a pawn shop?

USPS To Roll Out R2-D2 Mailboxes

Stray Cats Break Into Home And Attack Family - Woman & Boy Injured

CONFESS!!!!!!! Do you have a secret DU crush?

Does anyone else think Angelina Jolie has some kind of disorder?

My son is 16 and doing his first solo DC protest this weekend.


Girl finds missing dog's head in box on doorstep

my 5 point plan to render my husband obsolete is almost done.

Anyone else here kick their underwear up in the air and catch 'em

"I shot the sheriff. But I did not shoot the deputy." - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Name some of your favorite Queen songs.

Snoop Dogg your Screen name I am ..GoPSizZlE

We're getting an 'actual snowstorm' tomorrow...

Favorite food and beverage pairings?

Hardcore bands that went to crap (inspired by a couple recent threads)

What's your favorite word?

If one of your kids was dating a loser would you try to break them up?

OFFICIAL!! Brackets gloating / moaning thread

Wow - the snow mould here is insane!

If someone wanting to buy your pet promises to give it a good home, how much would you sell it for?

List at least one of your idiosyncrasies.

Work makeup

Must. Have. More. Poopy Pants.

Yay!! I have been accepted to admission to the paralegal program I wanted!

Why does the DMV want us to be so UGLY?

What is the FUCKING DEAL with medical billing?

Anyone here in Chicago?

Should any subject be off limits in the Lounge? What? Why?

Do you believe all human behavior is chemical/biological?

Seeking info re: African religion, Obeah, Haitian voodoo

Have you read the bible, cover to cover?

Do you know of Jiddu Krishnamurti?

Cricket World Cup: Can Ireland upset Zimbabwe

NCAA Men's Tournament scoreboard

Football Wives

Boxing: Barrera vs. Marquez

Ok, well ...

If you have some good vibes to spare tomorrow....

My aunt died yesterday.

VA's Budget Could Get $3.5 Billion Boost

New e-mail -- from John AND Teresa

Shrum States Clinton Wanted to Be Kerry Running Mate

Awesome new post by MBK about Monday evening book event

Kerry Says Rove and Miers Must Clear the Air – Testify In Gonzales Probe

Is Sen. Kerry speaking today

Kerry: 48 Senators Agree U.S. Needs a Deadline to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

McCain stold Kerry's words

bartcop spreading another lie about JK. Claims Kerry voted for Gonzales.

That does it. Raising Kaine sucks

So, about that video taped confrontation last week with Cong. Obey

Senate Democrats’ Iraq Plan Looks Similar to John Kerry’s

Ohio Election Workers Sentenced to 18 Months for Rigging 2004 Presidential Recount

Coast Guard scraps deal.


Sharkwater Trailer (documentary on shark finning - consider this)

NYSun Politics

Broken English -Marianne Faithful

Decorated Solder Ignored By VA, Commits Suicide

Grassy Narrows to Weyerhaeuser: "We'll Leave Your Home...

Forth World War Clip...

Exposing Quadrant's Greenwashing at Built Green

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [1/8]...

Murtha loses it during House Appropriations markup session

Joe Biden Message to President Bush on Iraq

Daily Show interview of Z. Brzezinski

Berkeley council urges (Germany) indictment of Rumsfeld

Today's Stars & Stripes letters

Vatican condemns writings of Spanish theologian

Who Actually Answers The Morality Question (And Who Doesn't)

I'll cut our elected dems some slack - on programming, requirements, and changes

Top 3 Bill O'Reilly whoppers.

Santa Monica squirrels to receive birth control shot

Beltway buzz: Bush daughter getting engaged

Two NYPD killed Two others also dead

Things aren't all bad at Walter Reed -- dignitaries get top care

Dearest Senator Clinton: I will be leaving it to others to vote for you.

I was in Walter Reed in a Military Ward when I was 14 for two weeks

I remember...

General Pace, are people who divorce their wives while undergoing cancer treatment immoral?

On a lighter note 'Brangelina's' new kid - he's cute - pic

conservatives believe God/Bush/Authority is their Daddy

On the market

Atheist Peace

The Working Life - Mexican workers - it’s your fault, America

Pledge To Be A Climate Messenger, And Plant A Tree In Niger

Walter Reed is what happens when you don't "Micronanny" Bush's Cronies!

Why are the Clintons so opposed to gay human rights?

What the heck is Sibel Edmonds' Case about? And why should I care?

Global warming is "part of a leftist agenda that threatened evangelical unity"

Silent treatment. Solving the press’s credit problem. Did WaPo really BREAK the Walter Reed story?

French Resistance hero Lucie Aubrac dies

Dedham, Mass. restaurant "Bamboo" demands a doctor's note for kid with allergies

Wake Up, Snooze-Papers!

Concerned Women for America attacks Pete Stark for his "godlessness"

Activist calls radium loss at plant scary

Who is Moschella and what did he have to do with drafting of the US Atty loophole? LINK

Need help debunking the fact that Plame was not a covert agent

Can the mess we find ourselves in today be placed at the feet of us 'baby boomers.'

Call Congress Today to Stop an Attack on Iran!

WHOAAA!! CONSERVATIVE VOICE: Forget Impeachment: Grab Tar And Feather

On funding the war and the troops

May this long national and global nightmare be over

The Perfect Storm: Walter Reed and the Flood of Public Outrage

Hillary: Next time, just say NO.

Iraq Reservists Face a 'Perfect Storm' of Post-Traumatic Stress (AlterNet)

Michael McPhearson: My Small Act of Civil Disobedience

Judge guts pot case against `ganja guru'

3,201 U.S. troops dead in W's war of choice

Lance Mackey has just made dog sledding history.

Conspiracy Theorists Insist Barbaro Still Alive

Fox Noise Personality

An open letter to Gen. Pace from Tom Toles

Ford Jr. gets TV gig as Fox political analyst

Can US Allies Disagree With the US on Major Issues And Remain Our Allies?

The "confession" has been out for 24 hours....

Naval Hospital staff suffering from "compassion fatigue"..

Headlines just came accross Bloomberg, Clinton says, being gay isn't immoral

HILLARY Wanted To Be Kerry's Running Mate In 2004 (Big Negatives Knocked Her Off Kerry's List)

Democrats? Republicans? Same -Same

9/11 9/11 9/11 waggawaggawagga 9/11 9/11 9/11

BYU wasted no time retracting praise for alumnus, D. Kyle Sampson

Who the heck is Michael Meehan?

B.S. ALERT! Anybody hungry for $20 billion in pork spending?

Do you think the next President should curb the power of the Executive Branch?


Executive Privilage

Another Attorney General, another era...

Implications of Recent Successes of Surge in Iraq. THIS IS A POLICE MATTER! (not terrorism)

Heads MUST Roll & They MUST Roll In Numbers-Why A Gonzales Resignation Is NOT Enough!


Thought control made easy: Drug causes "limited amnesia"

In an effort to change the tone: Suspected 9/11 mastermind confessed

Campaign 2008: Adultery Becomes Ho-Hum

Anybody else having a tinfoil moment over KSM and Curveball?

Bush spouting “Straightforward Communication” and Rush pouting about the “Liberal Media”

Military Discharged Fewer Gays, Lesbians In '06

Race is a noun and Gay is a verb

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 3/15 - Memo to Bush: Request more swords

panel of experts convened by Rolling Stone agree that the war in Iraq is lost. The only question...

NO QUARTER: Denouement on Iraq ;First Stop the Bleeding

CBS:Fired prosecutor applied to be a federal judge, rejected because didn't investigate WA elections

Local Headline: Baghdad Sees Signs of Progress from Surge.

C-Span II...Arkansas Dem Mark Pryor reading Incriminating E-mails sent

OMG, Judy Giuliani declares the reason for public service is so you can pick up the phone

Delay criticizes Bush: "he has expanded government to suit his purpose"

Will a New Study Force Changes in Drug Law?

Return of Senator Macaca?

To the poster who was looking for announcements about protests in Europe

My Ex-White Supremacist Friend.

"I like you. I like you. You are real -- you're the real deal."

Church school renames Three Little Pigs to avoid offending Muslims

Sorry, but I've tried, I've really tried

Per Bob Shrum: Hillary was considered for Kerry running mate in '04

Uh oh. NeoCon + Labor Union Links - !?!?!?

Whose Mortgage Crisis? (

Some Russian nuclear experts start leaving Iran - nuclear agency

Americablog's John Aravosis' Take On "Homosexuality Immoral?" Responses From Hillary, Obama...

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to kidnapping Lindbergh baby!

"But if you don't count food and energy costs, inflation is actually quite low."

Bumper sticker on a Jag. Gutsy or stupid?

Obama: Troops ‘distracted’ from real threats

'President' Hillary promises US will stay in Iraq

The subprime dominoes in motion

Does anyone believe that the MSM will cover the Waxman hearings tomorrow?

Is there a difference between "Immoral" and "Sinful?"

I thought Osama bin Ladin was the 9/11 Mastermind??? Naw

Mistakes were made

Subpoenas will be issued for DOJ, but not White House

Clinton didn't fire US Prosecutors due to the political cases they were investigating.

Google To Anonymize User Data

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

LOL- "Obama Described Edwards As 'Kind Of Cute'"

Rosie: "It's been 6 yrs that we haven't been acting like Americans."

On CNN Front Page - developing story!!

Please allow me to introduce myself ...

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Impeachment May Well Be the Only Remedy"

What kind of people has Bush pardoned before?

Take that War Defenders - Pentagon acknowledges that there IS a civil war going on in Iraq

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as a fall guy < Scooter Libby as a fall guy

What RW memes are most indicative of a RW'ers ignorance?

Re subpeona power:every tree that we've barked up so far has had a cat in it

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: I am your "enemy combatant" - no one else (My Take)

Edwards' Chapel Hill campaign office evacuated yesterday--white powder scare

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Kucinich: "Impeachment May Well Be the Only Remedy"

Party of Defeat; AEI's Weird Celebration

Glen Greenwald: Right-Wing Blogs Show Support for Al-Qaida Assassination Plots

Didn't Osama say he was behind 9/11

Something about the Gonzales scandal that has me wondering

Credit where credit is due: Obama campaign says he disagrees with Pace's comments

self delete: dupe

Rove and others were just added to the Judiciary Committe docket this week

Breaking: 10 Members of The Encampment to Stop the War Arrested @ House Appropriations Committe Mtg

Why do trolls troll?

wish Molly Ivins were still with us

Candidate Offers Free Strip Club Entry To Voters

Support for Barack Obama Surges, According to The Harris Poll

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: "I wasn't behind the 2001 anthrax attacks"

Up Up and Away! . . A new, Gonzales, Fiore cartoon. . .

Here's how it could play out if the administration ignores Congressional subpoenas

Greg Palast is on with Thom Hartmann, talking about Harriet Miers

AAR: Greg Palast has the goods on Harriet Miers

Skelton, Snyder, Request Immediate Review (wounded and injured soldiers )

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been approving all sub-prime mortgages since 2001! nt

Rahm Emanuel to freshman House Democrats: "Steer Clear of Stephen Colbert"

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “Impeachment May Well Be the Only Remedy”

Tom Toles wins at LIFE. [TOON]

When so many are calling for impeachment do you think they are just going to lie down...

Editorial Pages Call for Axing Attorney General (Editor&Publisher, via CommonDreams)

Why vote for Republican Lite when you can have the REAL thing ?....

Cheney Links Action on Iran To Winning Iraq

Democrats' New Military Veterans Lead House Charge on Iraq War

What if they gave a choice-and some chose "All of the Above"?

Please call members of Judiciary Committee in support of SUPEONA's for Gonzalez, Rove, Miers

By the end of 2007: 1 MILLION IRAQI DEATHS. That's equivalent to Nuking NYC in the U.S.

What does morality -- or immorality -- have to do with

No Rove/Miers subpoena yet - vote for that delayed until next week

al-Qaida No. 3 Says He Planned 9/11

Girl finds missing dog's head in box on doorstep

Tornado hits New Orleans...85 y/o woman dies in FEMA trailer

Maybe the Democratic strategy is to go after the strategist and enabler,

Are Khalid Sheik Mohammed's young children still being held hostage by the U.S.

Last night, David Gergen said Clinton/Reno wrongly fired 93 US Attorneys

Wow! I am now totally convinced that torture works.

Three things I noticed about KSM's confession...

Tattooed mom says doctor discriminated by not treating daughter

Kissinger owns an oil company in Sumatra?

Private Police Forces blog post by Bruce Schneier

DK: "What I'm going to say is that Fox is a legitimate news agency"

Regarding Gonzales's ever more likely successor

This is why the right wing LOVES wedge issues...

Senate debating Iraq withdrawal on Cspan - Feingold up and calling out GOPs

Will we see an end to the "war on Marijuana" when we're in control?

8K FEMA Trailers Unused as Thousands Homeless

Marine Chief: Disbanding Iraqi Army Was Big Mistake

Terrorist Confession: Tainted by Torture...a true shame!

I think we should impeach and indict Alberto

Today I have to tell two families their children can't live with them anymore.

Daniel Ortega strikes back! Says that Republicans should support ex-contras.

If I heard right, the Out Of Iraq Caucus are gonna be speaking about now

Freedom's on the march! Self-immolation by Afghan women rising.

Green Power for the People

Do you think the MSM will ever understand Rove?

The New F-Word. Why the Big Deal? And Why Now? (Peggy Drexler at HuffPost)

Catholic Church Attacks Liberation Theologist, Father Jon Sobrino

Averting the Next Gulf War- -Wesley K. Clark, Washington Monthly

Official Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confession Thread #1

are you listening to Randi???

Giuliani's New York Fundraiser — with Dennis Miller as MC!

Look at all the peoples' lives Bush has ruined...not counting those he's killed

3,203 Reasons to Impeach

Rolling Stone: Beyond Quagmire, A panel of experts believes war in Iraq is lost

ACTION ALERT: Activists arrested outside Appropriations Committee hearing - what you can do

Anyone who says homosexuality or heterosexuality is moral

Why aren't the Democrats in Congress making this distinction?

KSM and Emanuel Goldstein.

Kucinich: "Impeachment May Well Be The Only Remedy"

Viacom suit may reshape copyright law

"For Wary Conservatives, All Eyes on Bush"

Tribunal transcripts show KSM was denied witness requests, also claims to have made false statements

Caption Speaker Pelosi and *

Trouble streaming AAR lately

What is the Murray Resolution that is going to be voted with the Reid and Gregg resolution?

Housing woes deepen in U.S. industrial heartland

Good explanation of what Fitzgerald's letter to Waxman meant

White House says that limiting no-bid contracts will discourage competition

Randi must have read GD today...

"Pentagon: 'Civil war' inadequate term for Iraq war". So what do you think is a better term?

Rove: Attorney scandal ‘a lot of politics (video)

duplicate - sorry

3203 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

So Halliburton moves HQ to Dubai, and Banks Its ill-gotten gains there? not in the US? pays no taxes

Idiot at work today: "Chiquita Banana corporation smuggling guns to terra-ists."

Is Mr. Bush home for St. Patricks Day???

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Dobson & Co.: Global warming shifts emphasis away from getting between people's legs

Please Delete


Democrats' plan for Iraq timeline passes first test

Newsweek: WH to CIA lawyers re: Gitmo detainees: "...we don’t know what to do with these guys"

Randi Rhodes is reading DU

Harris Poll: Obama leads Clinton among Independents - closing gap with DEMS

CSPAN2 Murray's Iraq vote

Drudge Receives Death Threats for revealing that

Regarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's Children

Did B*sh fire all the prosecutors in 2000? I know that's the norm.

Did the format just change I now see expanded threads instead of just the

sanctity of marriage. . .in wartime. . . hmmm

Paintballers Target Of New Army Recruiting Program

Clinton pledges support for Continued US troops in Iraq... beyond 2009

Senate Iraq Resolutions - Gregg (R-NH) Resolution Passes (PERPETUAL WAR! Vietnam Redux Continues...)

The Fat Lady Just Sang - WAR, WAR, WAR, until at LEAST 2009

Question re veterans' care in other countries

Vote on Reid Resolution Defeated - Two Dem traitors 48-50

I'm here, and I'm begging again. Please K&R:

TIMELINE: Four Years Of War In Iraq ....... from ThinkProgress.......very well done..

TIME: Can Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's Confession Be Believed?

CBS: Exclusive: John McKay Says White House Didn't Like His Handling Of Disputed Election

Watching CNN & MSNBC..the Gonzales story is gone.

stupid question regarding Gonzales

Eyetracking study reveals that men look at crotches.

Have You Noticed that now that Congress is asking questions

It looks like * needs a drool cup.

CSPAN2 Gregg ammendment vote NOW

It's Official !!! California moves its Primary

CSPAN2 Vote taking place on Reid's Iraq Res

Dear Hillary

48-50 vote just now in Senate (Joe L went with Repugs and Johnson ill) and

Texas, Fla., N. Mexico have highest % of uninsured kids; VT, NH and Michigan the lowest...

American Idol is a freaking

O'Reilly being sued by Zsa Zsa's husband over name calling

What BREAKING NEWS will we see instead?

Hey homeland Security, NSA, CIA, AT&T etc! How come you couldnt prevent this?

Can capitalism be saved from its own excesses? (Fri. on NOW - PBS)


RW email going around, "Hildabeast", and what Snopes has to say

Karl is Accusing Democrats in Congress of Politics....

Do You Shop at TJ Maxx? Marshalls? You May Need a New Credit/Debit Card

Canada's Massive Seal Hunt begins March 24.

David Gregory subbing for Chis Matthews on Hardball. 2 of the Fired Attorneys

Wal-Mart may begin offering mortgages

Women's shelters

Furor Over Baptist's 'Gay Baby' Article

Put 'First Things First' -- Call Congress, Tell Them to Support Our Country's Children and Youth

listening to Randi now?

Govenor Fletcher R - Ky playing the victim in hope of

WWII got us out of a depression. Iraq is about to get us into one.

Tony Blankley on Hardball....has lost a LOT of weight!

Rollcall for the Gregg resolution - Can somebody tell me why Senators like

9/11 mastermind admits killing reporter - Re: Pearl - Serious

new bumpersticker idea...

Conyers Presses Gonzales on Blocking Probe - "ABUSE OF AUTHORITY"

My hack Congressman Mike Thompson... Mr invisible!


McCain - Not voting on Iraq!

Haditha Marine says would make same decision again (Reuters)

AIPAC Cool to Cheney's Iraq Pitch

Alberto has not shown up on Capitol Hill...

I find it odd that I'm rooting for a bunch of Republican prosecutors!

"Subversion of the Justice System for Political Purposes"

how I avoid ugliness in GD

General Pace, Homosexuality, Sin and Immorality

Is it radical to hope that we don't succeed in Iraq?

Wolf says he'll have a 'Rare' interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Did "Reagen Democrats" really exist?

DeLay Gives Secrets of His Success – and Fall

Next week, the Senate Appropriations Committee will write its version of the war-spending bill

What's So Funny? Well, Maybe Nothing

Mercenaries, Multinationals and Movies (CorpWatch)

Should an Iraqnam memorial be built in Washington?

Getting things done vs. ethics

Patrick Toney's Life is a shambles -The VA basically medicated me into a cucumber

Hardball with David Gregory Hosting for Tweety has USA Judges talking about their Problems.

Faux News: All Racism, All the Time: "Call your cousin up there, Ali Baba Boo, and go by cab"

When Exactly Will V. Plame Testify & Will It Be Televised?

Somebody tell me I'm dreaming

Officials: Mohammed Exaggerated Claims (AP)

Ya gotta love church Bullitens (e-mail sent to me)

Shootouts in pizza parlors, little boy found dead, severed dog head given as "gift"

Schumer on MSNBC live now

Beck: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and President Carter on the same side

The Confessions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

So Much Shit Hitting So Many Fans .

So it wasn't Osama Bin laden but this KSM or KFC or whatever his name is fella?

U.S. military offers apology and envelope full of cash after attack kills Afghan youngsters

Is it possible to find out which congressperson added that particular provision to the patriot act?

Fairytale Theatre

Prior to Bush, only 3 U.S. attorneys fired in 30 some years.


In 2001, did Bush dismiss all USAs?

Thank Dennis Kucinich for his remarks today on Iran and Impeachment!

Anyone who calls George W Bush "W" is contributing to his cutesiness

Someone explain how the USA firings were so egregious?...

Should Congresscritters be docked a day's pay for not showing up for a vote?

Freeper terrorists at it again: Anthrax scare at Edward's campaign office.

03/15/07 TOONS - Alberto Gonzales

Do Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confessions improve your opinion

Glenn Beck: Hillary is stereotypical bitch.

I predict Gonzo resigns tomorrow (Friday news dump).

Ruh-Roh... LA Times article is gonna reignite Obama is Muslim echo machine

Breaking News: Dozens of Reps of Disability Groups Announce Opposition to DRE Voting Machines

Lessons From Mike Douglas's Hobnailed Boots

McPeak: "Dark chapter in our history: an experiment that it doesn't matter who you elect president."

Breaking News: Activists being arrested outside Appropriations Committee hearing

Let's no longer call them the 'christian' Right, but the "Focus on between your legs" movement

The insane war rolls on - names/vote on S.J. Res. 9 here- note 2 DEMS joined the idiot pool...

BREAKING: Judiciary Committee tells Leahy "Go ahead with the subpoenas!"

Cindy Sheehan: The Ides of March

"Mistakes were made." Note the passive voice.

Anyone who calls Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "KSM" is an idiot, a dupe, or a propagandist

I could be mistaken...

Hot buttered TOONS right here. Get 'em while they're HOT and SIZZLING!

Just the facts please re: US attorney firings

The View's Elisabeth H's TWIT moment of the day .3/15/07 milk and cookies to Mohammad...

Giuliani tied to Hugo Chavez. His Law Firm Lobbies for Citco.

why did Army Colonal Ted Westhusing. kill himself in Iraq?

Hypothetical question about impeachment (I'm dreaming ok)

George Lakoff and Glenn W. Smith: Making Accountability Accountable

Guest Workers Fired After Protesting Slave-Like Conditions

The results of torture. This is unbelievable. From the NYTimes....

Larisa Alexandrovna: Where's Waldo, err, Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

Arizona Tribes Meet with Governor Dean....great slideshow and summary.

I shot Martin Luther King & John F. Kennedy too!! -Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Waxman Posts Updated Witness List for Tomorrow's Plame Hearing

Conflict of interest?

C-SPAN Schedule Shows Waxman Hearing Telecast Tomorrow

"Seedy" Gonzales

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


On 2/17, these 7 rethugs joined DEMS to vote for a debate on Iraq - what happened today???

From Sex Workers to Restaurant Workers, the Global Slave Trade Is Growing

Los Angeles KTLK Listeners -- Protest Their New Lineup!

Howard Dean-Sign on to the FOIA Request RE: Fired U.S. Attorneys poll: Do you believe all of the claims allegedly made by accused 9/11 mastermind

Oh, goody! Wal-Mart going to go into the home mortgage business!

By avoiding Senate confirmation, they PLANNED once again on placing unqualified crony hacks

Dean has been meeting with world leaders to repair "the extraordinary damage" done by Bush

Kentucky School district eliminates "D"s from grading, may now eliminate "C"s.

I'm on hold for Randi!

Isn't this a sweet picture:

So, I'm Bragging in this Post, But You Can Help Provide Some Information...


Are neo-cons history?

Crying Reagan is Time Cover - How the Right Went Wrong

Is Teen Phenomenon of "Hooking Up" Leading to Increased HIV/STD Diagnoses?

Do you believe there is a sinister world-wide network of Islamofascist terrorists?

If Obama were nominated in '08--who would you want him to consider for VP? and why

***** P L E A S E ***** CALL FOR BIGGER HUMAN NEEDS BUDGET ***** 1-800-459-1887

Latest from Murray Waas: Bush shut down investigation of Gonzales

Another lead post about an important little known RNC strategery

A cleansing... (photos)

Bush Admin Emails Contradict Sworn Testimony


Breaking: !!NEW E-MAILS!! Show BOTH - Rove & Gonzales Had Deeper Role In U.S. Attorney Firings

Rahm Emanuel is Pathetic

Emanuel tells freshmen to avoid Stephen Colbert

Halliburton Flees the Scene of the Crime (from

I've nearly quit posting here 3 times over the time I have been here - but, you lose

DU This Pole: Do you believe all of the claims allegedly made by accused 9/11 mastermind???

The Lady who should be in the White House

Homeschoolers for Bush/Rove/ American Exceptionalism

No Child left Behind = $$Billions for Bush family friends and cronies ->

In honor of the upcoming Irish holiday

CREW: WH Violated Presidential Records Act -Used OUTSIDE E-MAIL To Evade Responsibility In Purge

One of the Republican's favorite web sites ( calls for mass-murder of gays

Edwards calls for Cabinet-level post to fight poverty

Mean Jean Schmidt (R-OH) had a bad day............poor thing...

WTF: Garrison Keillor

Hugo Chavez. You gotta love him....

*Official* Khalid Sheikh Mohammed PHOTOSHOP Thread

Are the American people Sheep?

What's the Main Cause of Exploitation of Employees in the USA?

10-Point Plan for Rebuilding the United States after Bush's Destruction

Methodist Panel Backs Bush Library (AP)

Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Voters By Rescinding Candidacy

House overturns Bush order on papers secrecy (VETO PROOF:-)

Have any GOP Candidates been asked if homosexuality is immoral ?

Political Director Matt McTighe of MassEquality challenges anti-gay Senator Hedlund to hockey game.

For your convenience: An RSS feed on Mitt Romney (and a few others)

Rights and morality are seperate issues

Iraqis’ Progress Lags Behind Pace Set by Bush Plan

is Attn. "GONZALES" another "KARL ROVE"

More troops okay in 07? Not in 02? Remember GEN Shinseki?

Subpoena vote (Rove, Miers) set for today

(D) Governor Strickland, OH, vows new direction for state

Toward a unifying theory of Mitt (Crappy book propogandizes for Der Mittenfuhrer)

WH (Snow & Bartlett) Signals It Will Fight To Block Rove Testimony

Justice Dept. distances White House from firings of U.S. attorneys

The Pentagon finally says Iraq is in a Civil War

Lierberman statement on Alberto Gonzales

House Passes Open-Government Bills (*'s 'legacy' will be exposed)

UFCW National Bargaining Unity Program Scores Win In New England part timers get IMPROVEDhealth care

Season of Witches

"We would not be doing patrols. We would not be kicking in doors...."

WHY is Obama STILL silent on General Pace's comments?

Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007

David Broder Rushes To GOP's Defense, Omits Key Facts To Attack New York Times

Bush Admin Emails Contradict Sworn Testimony

Will we see post after post on Obama's inability to say homosexuality is not immoral...

David Sirota: More States Demand Congress Stop the Escalation

Senate update Thurs. a.m.

I would like to launch the Obama v. McCain '08 campaign.

Mission Unaccomplished

Attorney General GONZO animation by Mark Fiore is hilarious

Ms Plame to chat with Congressman Waxman tomorrow

IAFF Presidential Candidates Lineup

Alberto Gonzales refers to Bush as, "My client"

How the family factor figures in '08 presidential race

Pentagon Redacted Statements of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Discussing Torture

TIMELINE: Four Years Of War In Iraq

John Nichols: How to Handle a Lawless Attorney General (The Nation)

Congress Probes Report That Soldiers ‘Medically Unfit For Battle’ Being Sent To Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bernie Sanders and the National Priorities Act (The Nation)

Morality police

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Impeachment May Well Be the Only Remedy"

U.S. House panel upholds Iraq pullout plan

let me predict, Bush announces ethics course refresher

The Rude Pundit: Ten Other Things Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Claims Responsibility For

A not-so-subtle reminder: Attack!

Tony Snow prevaricates on prosecutor purge

Rove: Attorney scandal ‘a lot of politics.’

If Gonzo steps down can Fred Thompson play Attorney General?

Why is only Gonzales on hotseat, Bush signed off

Biden's doing outstanding on the Senate Floor right now. cspan2. nt

I came to the conclusion that the Democrats are going to lose 2008

How long before we hear dimson say:

MSNBC reports 4 more troops killed near Baghdad

GOPer: "Congress Was Lied To"

Kucinich brings up the 'I' word on the House floor

Waxman and Fitzgerald's gameplan.

Fitzgerald Turns Down Waxman in CIA Leak Case (David Corn of The Nation)

Another round for Fmr. Sen. Macacawitz...?

Question: Gonzales had never tried a case when he was made A.G.?

****Obama, Clinton: Homosexuality is not Immoral *****

Dozens in GOP Turn Against Bush's Prized 'No Child' Act

Does anyone have a list of all the Dem Senators who voted for Gonzales?

What are they voting on in the Senate?---Lott, and Leiberman say AYE while

Roll Call Vote on Troop Withdrawal


Hillary supports keeping troops in Iraq

The Fairness Doctrine and Swearing to tell the truth

Dan Froomkin: A Culture of Deniability

Where in the World is.........John McCain

Help with some Viet Nam Era Legislative Perspective

Will we boycott CNN? Who will defend Mike Gravel?

The Slaves Of Bush's Brain

Unhappy Bush says firings not political

LOL, Rove: Dems are playing politics W/ US Attorney Firing

Does GW need a meeting????

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, another confessed ghost?

Plame to testify before House committee (tomorrow)

Martinez: ‘I’m Not Sure Rove Had Much To Do With’ Attorney Purge

Boehner says Rove should not testify.

Gonzo reassures the Chicken-hawks


Interesting Words From George Stephanopoulos' Mouth (Tonight's ABC Newscast)

The December 7 Massacre (The Nation)

EDITORIAL: Forward on corps reform

A bad day for Jean Schmidt.

"If It's Sunday, It's Still Conservative"-- David Brock


Hillary's statement in context

Helen Thomas: Gonzales On Shaky Ground

CREW: White House Breaking Records Law? (RE: outside domain/

Here's a big fat DUH: Officials: Mohammed exaggerated claims

What the heck is Sibel Edmonds' Case about? And why should I care?

Clark Endorses U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health, and Iraq Accountability Act

Airport Screeners Closer to Bargaining Rights. Will Bush Veto?

Schumer: White House Holding ‘Active And Avid Discussion’ Over Gonzales Resignation

Liberal group targets Vichy Dems

Guest Workers Fired After Protesting Slave-Like Conditions

‘Mistakes Were Made.’ Echoes from Nixon Era

Gonzo - gone-zo or stay-zo?

CNN: Senate rejects timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq


EXCLUSIVE: E-Mails Show Rove Role in U.S. Attorney Firings (all Rove's idea)

Evangelicals against torture and for the environment rile wingnut Dobson

Murray Waas: Aborted DOJ Probe Probably Would Have Targeted Gonzales

"Local Heros" by John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry

Hillary Clinton Lied At The DNC (Matt Browner Hamlin at HuffPost)

Abuse of power: Congress, reign in misuse of Patriot Act

So what about the FBI abuses of the Patriot Act? That's been pretty much

Wow, I didn't recognize Tony Blankley...I knew he had lost weight but

Who let the dogs out?

Did White House staffers violate Presidential Records Act by using outside e-mail addresses to condu

Kerry Says Rove and Miers Must Clear the Air – Testify In Gonzales Probe

‘Every tree that we’ve barked up so far has had a cat in it’

this artist makes the dixie chicks look like girl scouts

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fred kagan spewing his conservative garbage on NPR this morning

Smoking gun on voting machines in Florida: information withheld!

"at the President's pleasure" ?!

Edwards' campaign headquarters EVACUATED today.

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Impeachment May Well Be the Only Remedy"

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Why do some want members of Congress and the President to send their children to Iraq?

You can bet its gunna get ugly when you hear the words ........

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In all honesty, the ONLY person I can vote for in 2008 ...

Dominionitsts are invading Kearny NJ Schools , help us

NYT: Clinton Sees Some Troops Staying in Iraq if She Is Elected

Kucinich said. "No one is further removed from Fox's political philosophy than I am,

Capital Turns Cold for Bush

Pat Tillman Probe Results (Finally) Coming March 26

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Any DU'ers here who remember why Bill Clinton was Elected?

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