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Archives: March 14, 2007

Was I a good American in the time of George Bush?

Apple megapatch plugs 45 security holes

Democrats Kill Democracy and Protect a Criminal Presidency in New Mexico (Dave Lindorff)

From The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on AIPAC spy trial secrecy

Hugging It Out:...A body-language expert searched photos of his visits with Latin American leaders

'No Child' Target Is Called Out of Reach

WaPo editorial: Disagree About Iraq? You're Not Just Wrong -- You're Evil.

Spinned Surge-Don't buy the claims that the military escalation in Iraq is working

What happened with U.S. Attorney Black in Guam? Another US Attorney debacle

Norman Solomon: The Pragmatism of Prolonged War

Govt. places too much faith in the power of the market to mitigate climate change (Independent UK)

Divorce Your Car.

NASA Oceanographer - Sea Level Rise Could Accelerate - "What We're Learning Is That Ice Isn't Slow"

For anyone who's following the decline of oil, here's some news to make you say "Crap!"

Drought Threatens Crops In Much Of Southern Europe - Reuters

Special Invitation: Blog Tour with Teresa Heinz Kerry

UN experts: Mugrabi Gate dig meets international standards


China Vows Action as Trade Gap Swells (WP)

AIPAC backed removal of Iran war provision

Spitzer, union agree to stop ads (debate over health care)

Mexico Pushes Bush for More in Drug War

Iran says Israel, U.S. threaten Mideast

Dept. Homeland Security to move ahead with parts of labor relations overhaul

Clinton: Right-wing conspiracy is back

Corps placed faulty pumps in New Orleans (Former Jeb Bush partner in Bush-El water pump deals)

NYT: ‘Mistakes’ Made on Prosecutors, Gonzales Says

Probe: VA not doing enough for Iraq vets

Japanese stocks fall 2.62 percent after Wall Street plunge

Consumer group attacks UC-Berkeley for ties to Big Oil

Gonzales rejects calls for resignation

Big blast at shop in Afghan capital, several killed

Saddam’s sons reburied

Stocks plunge after Wall Street falls (Australlia)

Fired attorneys say apologies are in order

Asia dives on US subprime woe

Seattle Times: GOP leader confirms he called U.S. attorney about governor's race

White House seeks to cut geothermal research funds

Senate Democrats' Budget Leaves War Funding Intact

"Excerpts From E-mails on U.S. Attorneys" (Guardian)

Court bracing for flood of reporters as jury selection begins in Black trial (Fitz case)

TIKI PARTY with Emeril. Puu Puu Platters.

Anyone else having trouble with youtube?

is yahoo mail working or is it me?

If you go drinking on St.Patrick's Day, make at least one

Um... check in here if you're an E. Euro mutt with no old-country holidays to celebrate...?

What's your favorite cheese?

Tell me about tv show Heroes

Fur is Awesome

This shames me...

Why are all my head ideas offensive?

Who likes shoo-fly pie?

SO, my family and friends all have...

Man, We gots some thunder and rain happenin' in Houston.

Was there no official American Idol thread tonight?

Favorite and feast favorite this season on American Idol

How do I burn a pc video file on a DVD-R so that my DVD player...

Keith just said it was National Elephant Day in Thailand.

Finally, a classic flick I can sink my teeth into.

Why are all my thread ideas inoffensive?

ST:Voyager? Hell, I'm addicted to ST:Enterprise Monday nights on Sci-Fi

I nearly had a bad car accident

La Ross on American Idol

I have had trouble with my computer clock since the time change

I just tried to watch The Scorpion King for the first time.

Fun is Awesome

Who is the first President that you can remember well?

How much is your monthly Energy Bill?

You like Julie Andrews movies?

How much gas does your car tank hold?

I am going on a trip Saturday- a week in Paris. But I took a trip last Saturday

Do you have a "Godless" coin yet?

Every time I see a headline about the Veterans Administration,

Miles Davis is an amazing human being.

Best Muppet?

In honor of National Elephant Day...Elephant Paintings!

So the gay guy cut my hair today. I am IN LOVE!!!!!!

Oysters--love 'em or hate 'em. There's no in-between.

Just took the extra blanket off my bed

Is there a good place to buy a raisin pie in NYC?

Do you wear a watch?

Why are all my thread ideas offensive?

Do you wear your wedding ring?

Make a list of artists you love in ONE genre/style of music

Did you have a moment in your life that you knew was better than all that came before?

I hate snakes. They are extremely scary, in every way, shape, or form.

Know a good web host who's politically responsible and

Will Heather Mills (McCartney) lose her prosthetic leg in dance contest?

Blades Of Glory: how are they going to make Will Ferrell run around in his underwear?

The smells of Spring...

Randy Jackson stole my wardrobe!

pomegranate-infused Tequila!

Not easy being a pagan

Manifesting question--Have you created a visioning board...?

Army IG's report points to faulty rating of wounded soldiers (disability)

People from MA, Marty Meehan is leaving. Does anyone know about this?

RollingStone article on Iraq. Ah, these are the good times, just wait.

Special Invitation: Blog Tour with Teresa Heinz Kerry

What does it mean to be a leftist?

CNN's Jack Cafferty vs. Alberto ""Weasel" Gonzales

Gonzales Press Conference,Tuesday March 13

Olbermann names O'Reilly the WPITW

Wes Clark Jr on Young Turks, Ode to RW Blogosphere

Movie Trailer for Factor 8:The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal

First episode of Realtime: The Coultergeist gets schooled by suprise guest Chris Rock

The Seven Wonders Reconsidered

Part 3 of News War on PBS right now.

KO on the lawyers scandal

Olbermann on the firing of the attorneys now!

10 Conservative organizations that have been the most detrimental to human and civil rights

The Independent's Special Frontpage on the Climate Change Bill

Bush dining thru Latin America

Keith O just gave a shining example of true investigative journalism

Arsenic in my Fluoride? CDC admits Yes

Encampment to Stop the War

Cheney at AIPAC: It’s the U.S. and Israel Against All Comers

Andrea Mitchell can kiss my ass.

Gonzales Rejects Calls for Resignation

Best brief synopsis I've read yet on A.G.-Gate

Veterans fight the war within

Pace says gays are immoral but prosecuting an unjust war is okay with him...

Front Page in The Oregonian re: Evangelicals Against War

3196 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

i heard the one reason for the Justice firings was to give people resumes for party judges appointme

Why Rev. Al Sharpton is exactly right about Sen. Obama

Great alternet article on Obama and being President

Kerik Turns Down Federal Plea Deal

03/13/07 TOONS

Six American imams sue US Air for removing them from flight

Sen. Kennedy: Gonzales Resignation is Long Overdue-He Disdains Rule of Law & Constitutional System

Got GWOT? Iran Listed in "Area of Eligibility" for Award of Bush-Created Medal

US Plans to Oust Musharraf

Bush should fire Gonzales. That should be the call from every Democrat.

3197 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Obama vs. Hillary - is this real?

I'm a 57 year old politician who just now decided to "think through" abortion even though.......

Hillary's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Back - Huffpo

''Venezuela has fantastic, uh, Uruguay has fantastic meats''

Doing Peter Pace Proud: USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Volunteer Time to Christian Charities in China

Sen GOP Drops Opposition to Iraq War Debate

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Stop the Madness - Soulless Bush Budgets (The Nation)

Can someone explain to me

What does "taking responsibility" mean to you?

Is anybody watching cspan1? The soldiers speaking are heartbreaking!

Jesus H.Christ, larry king Is All About Anna

Dems: Bring Congress to a HALT until Alberto resigns!

American Freakazoid, err, American Family Association rushes to Peter Pace's defense...

Shiites Are Abandoning Bush's Surge™

Encampment to stop the war

Has anyone heard from Ben Burch?

Go, Newt, Go!

Damn, Keith did it again

"Bush, Assassin, we don't want you as a neighbour"

New CNN poll

Bush as a Farmer...he grows Crap....sows Crap Seeds from the Pub Crap Catalog

The Nation: Kyle Sampson Takes One for the Boss (Gonzales)

Perceptions of America on overseas blogs

Halliburton Flees the Scene of the Crime (

Venezuela’s Chavez Concludes Whirlwind Latin America and Caribbean Tour

I have had trouble with my computer clock since the time change

Iraqi Traveler With Butt Device Faces Deportation

If the Dems let this US attorney firing go untouched they must all

What happens when Russia starts building a missile defense system in Cuba?

"Like Every CEO I'm Ultimately Accountable for Every Department" Alberto Gonzales Press Conf.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Boston Globe: Army Rushes To Promote Its Officers (lowering quality standards?)

Two truckers return from Iraq disillusioned - Getting shot in the head is no fun

'On the defensive’: Bush faces opposition Congress with subpoena power

Congressional Compromise: Halliburton pays "Missing Billions" to cover Bushco's "Surge"

Rove lobbied against Fitzgerald's appointment to U.S. attorney in 2001.

Doctors or Nurses: I inhaled a ramen noodle but can't cough it out!

Al Sharpton's Faux Magic

W promises billions of our tax $ to South American poor

Com•Log•ic's TOON: White House Emails Expose The Purge *Large Graphic File*

Join [email protected] and help find the cure. Yes, DU has a team.

Dumb question about the fired lawyers.

A few nights ago, I awoke in a cold sweat. My mother was born during the Holocaust.

Ex-governor who had affair wants child support

It's a sad day when Joe Scarborough makes more sense than David Boies

The One Thing I Want Congress To Investigate - Patriot Act

General Peter Pace Violates Truman Executive Order Finding

Rape Stats

Blast in Afghan capital kills at least 13

I LOVE it when Stewart talks about how Evil cheney is.

Did anyone else catch Cenk Uygur on KO re: Feith?

President-Elect of Texas State Bar? You Guessed It: From Alberto Gonzales' Firm

With all these money woes/stock market threads

Fired Prosecutors Rated By "Loyalty" To Bush And Gonzales (NYT)

Roseanne says that Dan Qualye is on the Board of Director's at Walter Reed

Abu Ghraib officer wants statements tossed in court-martial

Top US general 'regrets' anti-gay comment

Anyone have video of Bill Maher on Larry King this week ?

NYTimes Editorial: "Politics - Pure and Cynical" (Gonzales 'lousy choice for job in first place')

Casualties of war -- who weeps for Abeer?

Please take the time to read the emails


A Little Rant About Veterans and the American People

Senator Leahy: While all y'all are lookin into DOJ abuses...

'We had a wonderful time eating beef' The world is in the shitter and this is our prez qoute of day

Darrell Issa (R) comes down hard on Gonzo

I take it, then, that Gonzales is not going to be the first Hispanic

Sirota: Will House Dems kill Senate-passed bill to document corruption?

DOJ Attorney Investigating Halliburton Stymied, Then Purged in 04? Waxman Subpoena Could Get Answers


tip: see new BBC doc: "The Trap - What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom"

Kansas (Christian) teacher accused of lesbian relationship with student

(Video) Olbermann interviewing Josh Marshall of TPM on fired US Attorneys

Will you please help move a mountian?

Constitutional Crisis!

Faulty water pumps in New Orleans built by former Jeb Bush partner (Bush-El water pump co., '89-'94)

Gonzolaws' Grand Slam: The Grand Illusion, Dana Milbank

Country's Toughest Smoking Ban - not even in own yard if it blows onto neighbor property

Kudos to Peter Pace for cracking down on sexual immorality in the army!

Josh Marshall and John Dean coming up on Keith. Know there are other posts, but

The New Face of Al Queda??

New lawmakers demanding trade policy role (WP)

Judge Upholds Union Election at Embattled Santa Barbara Paper (AP)

The GOP's Merry Prankster in the House (UGH)

Gonzales Rejects Calls for Resignation

MISSOURI SUPREME COURT | Public workers School case may prove pivotal (KC Star)

Michelle Obama Senator's Secret Weapon

Air America offers to host GOP debate..

Hey, What's This? The End of the Rope?

Probe: VA not doing enough for Iraq vets

Get your Oreo cookies!

(Iraqi) mayor appeals to residents to aid U.S. projects

The Name of the Game

This toon sums up Gonzales and the Attorney scandal to a tee

Clark calls for repeal of Military Commissions Act

Edwards Campaign Strategy Question: Media Exposure

Clark's advice to Democrats in Congress re: Iraq.

Who does the best political podcast?

Tammany, Tammany

US Attorney John McKay has an interesting question..

Does anyone really think Harriet Miers wanted to fire all 93 USA's?

Clark discusses Iraq policy: "The real danger is....

Why Do These 38 People Hate America? And Where Was McCain?

John Edwards's Left-Hand Man (interview with labor champion & Edwards campaign manager David Bonior)

(Marty) Meehan (D-Mass) Likely to Leave House in July

FDL: We're Not Your Fucking Monkeys

Thank you Senator Warner! (Blasts Gen. Pace's outrageous hateful comment)

Hillary Clinton on Alberto Gonzales...

Who's going to DC this weekend and how do you meet up with other DU'ers?

Fill in the blank: If Hillary would ______________, I'd support her.

Eyewitness on Papa Bush Speech After "Dehydration" Episode

U.S. attorney scandal widens

Election Fraud, My Ass

Paul Waldman: Damn Right, We're Angry

New York Times TimesSelect free for University students/faculty

Will Patrick Fitzgerald Be Next Attorney General?

A Clash Looms on Secrecy in AIPAC Spy Case

Goodbye, Houston. Hello, Dubai

Fidelity says pensions in good shape as replacement ratio rises to 58% -- Say What? (Bill Chirolas)

Hyper Hacks-What's really wrong with the Bush Justice Department

A Debt of GratitudeWhy is Bush so obsessed with ungrateful foreigners?

Whose oil is it, anyway?

Too Soon To Mandate Vaccine

Prosecutor-gate': Bush's Power Grab (ROBERT PARRY)

West Bank Jewish Settlements Sit on Privately-Owned Palestinian Land

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: A Lifeline Out

Propaganda and the Politics of Perception

Proof positive that we're absolutely nuts

Are we the dark?

Robert Scheer: Cheney: His Own Worst Enemy

Alan K. Simpson: Bigotry That Hurts Our Military

William Greider: Hubris in High Places (The Nation)

Maureen Dowd: Giant Doom Magnet

Halliburton Dubai Move Revives Foreign Tax Controversy

Why do the poor seem to have more free time than the rich? (not a joke)

WP: Time to Go Mr. Gonzales

Curveball, the Defector Whose Lies Led to War (Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz)

Rough Justice - The Case Against Alberto Gonzales--WaPo

Shedding Light on Humanity's Dark Side

The Injustice at Justice: The White House's Fingerprints Begin to Show

His (Cheney) Own Worst Enemy (by Robert Scheer at Truthdig)

Politics, Pure and Cynical

Sen. Kennedy Compares (New Bedford) Immigration Raid To Katrina

Latest Feature Story: Yale New Haven Hospital calls for election; union calls for card check

Getting Some Tactical Nuclear Weapons (Mogambo Guru)

Amy Goodman: Exploding Into Action (Truthdig)

U.S. may oust Maliki over oil, aides fear

NYT editorial: When Warriors Come Limping Home

Bartlett offers new explaination: Lax Voter-Fraud Investigations in U.S. Attorneys' Firings

Gonzales Says He Won't Quit, As 'WaPo' Launches Study on 'Among the Worst' Attorney Generals Ever

Bush Can't Hide From Mounting Woes

NYT:German Official Adds to Mystery of Iranian Missing in Turkey

Fabricated Evidence, Round Two? (Truthdig)

NYT: ‘Loyalty’ to Bush and Gonzales Was Factor in Prosecutors’ Firings, E-Mail Shows

NYT: Politics, Pure and Cynical (regarding the USA purge)

Drumbeat of bad news trails Bush

Who Killed the Iran Provision?

World's Third Largest Uranium Producer Underwater

You Call Yourself a Progressive -- But You Still Eat Meat? (AlterNet)

World population may reach 9.2 billion by 2050

Rigzone - OPEC Ministers At Thursday (3/15) Meeting May Have To Consider Boosting Output

Poultry Litter to Fuel Minnesota Power Plant

Smoke thickens in choking Thai north - Reuters

Bakhtiari Inverview - "Cannot Forsee Anything Below Even US$50 A Barrel"

"Britain Aims for CO2-Limit Target Dates"

Six-Year Smithsonian Study - Doubling Atmospheric CO2 Reduces Carbon Storage In Soil - AFP

Survey: Climate Change Seen As Threat (but not in US)

NYT: Renewing a Call to Act Against Climate Change

Start-Up Fervor Shifts to Energy in Silicon Valley

Regional Impact Of Climate Change: UN Report

Dissecting Bad Energy Reporting At The New York Times - Damning Article From Energy Bulletin

Radar 'saves bats at wind farms' (BBC)

New biofuels process promises to meet all US transportation needs

University Of E. Anglia Study - Oaks, Bluebells, Apples & Spring Gone By 2050 As UK Seasons Merge

Newly Discovered Waterworks At Angkor Reveal Empire Destroyed By Climate Change, Overbuilding

Head Of Total Questions Possibility Of 100Mb/D, Skeptical On Shetlands Project's High Costs

Northern Thailand Choking On Smoke From Forest Fires, Land Clearance - Reuters

Wind farm would be New England's largest

British say reducing emissions aids growth

"Automakers, Congress to Discuss Climate"

Honda heads out on the hydrogen highway (BC Canada)

AMSC's Windtec to Develop 3 MW & 5 MW Wind Energy Systems

South Korea turns to pig poop for electric power - Reuters

Norway's "Le Monde Diplo" Prints David Ray Griffin's rebuttal to Alexander Cockburn

KSM confession brought to you by Guantanamo Inc.

Fans of magician David Blaine weigh in on 9/11

Squire v. Geer in Ohio

IF A GUY IS STUPID-IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!-Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 3/14/07

Repub REFRAME Illegal Pressure re "Voter Fraud" to Prevent Focus on Multiple Crimes (X-Post)

Pls Contact Waxman RE: Griffin's Caging Lists (Palast's Report)


John Couey jury recommends death

India fifth most corrupt Asian economy: Survey

LAT: West Africa a new hub in cocaine trafficking (European Market Booming)

AP: Battered Zimbabwean activists released

AP: Bush protesters, police clash in Mexico City (Near US Embassy)

AP: Iraqi President Leaves Jordan Hospital

US mortgage crisis may lead to offshoring boom (India)

Gonzales is on Today Show now flopping like a fish on a hot dock

U.S. Expects Iraq Prison Growth(a look inside the contract )

AFL-CIO To Push Action Plan On A Form Of Single-Payer Universal Health Care

Sen. Kennedy Compares (New Bedford) Immigration Raid To Katrina

Nine US research scholars' visas denied (India)

GOP touts procedural triumphs

AP: Texas Lawmaker Removes (Anti-Death Penalty) Artworks

Senate Democrats look to push Iraq debate

Bush aides OK'd Charlton exit (AZ USA had opened an investigation into Renzi (R) last fall)

Bomb kills 2, wounds 10 in Iraqi market

Roadside Bombs Kill Two US Soldiers In Baghdad

Senate Passes Bill on Steps Advised by Sept. 11 Panel

House to Consider New Rules for No-Bid Contracts

U.S. tracking Iraqi cleric Sadr, sees cooperation

MNF-W forces attacked (1 Marine Killed)

Senate Democrats' budget leaves war funding intact

AP: Judge Rules Against Sudan in Bombing (USS Cole)

Third man indicted in probe of Muslim charity

AFP: UN nuclear watchdog upbeat after rare visit to North Korea

Gonzales to go to Capitol Hill 'later this week'

Offended Texas lawmaker removes death penalty artwork from state Capitol display

Former Sen. Fitzgerald(R) recalls pressure over appointment (of Patrick Fitzgerald from Rove)

AP: State Media Reports Castro Feeling Well

Guardian: EU calls on Syria to help in Lebanon and Iraq

AFP: OECD pressures Britain over BAE corruption probe (Saudi bribery)

Adviser (Bob Shrum) regrets pushing Edwards on Iraq

Top Marine: Iraq buildup may last longer than contemplated

WP: Iraq Intensifies Efforts to Expel Iranian Group(MEK under the protection of US Military)

Soldier calls nasty bar beating a 'sneak attack'

Media Mogul Conrad Black Going On Trial

Democrats open 'Sunshine Week,' citing Bush secrecy

AP: Russia Says Iran Delays Hurt Nuke Plant

BBC News: US Stocks plunge in global sell-off

Editor&Publisher: Editorial Pages Call for Axing Attorney General

Senate agrees to begin debate on Iraq pullout (89-9 vote)

UMass taps Meehan for Lowell post, igniting congressional race

'America's Mayor' Notably Absent from Firefighters Forum

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 14

9 Million Children Lack Insurance, Study Says

U.S. sees no strong Qaeda link with home-grown groups

GOP readies opposition to troop bill

U.S. Attorney Perez resigns

Gay-rights groups criticize Pentagon on dismissals (sharp reduction since the beginning of wars)

U.S. says car bombs a concern despite Baghdad plan(all time high in Feb)

PM Olmert to AJC leaders: Iran biggest threat to Israel

Republicans find it tough to back Gonzales over firings

Soldier testifies killings were planned

McCoy (D) indicted on extortion charge (Bush US Attorney)

House passes 3 open government bills

Some progress may mean hope for Baghdad

Republican senator (John Sununu) calls for Gonzales to resign

IFAW urges Prime Minister Harper to call off seal hunt (Harp seals at risk from global warming)

AP: 8 dead in Thailand passenger van attack

Berkeley City Council considers role in Rumsfeld war crimes case

AP: U.S. lawmakers told of Philippine murders (Military killing activists)

Bush upset over flawed attorney firings

Leahy says he will subpoena Rove

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed Northeast Of Baghdad; Marine Reported Killed In Anbar Province

(Bernie) Kerik Turns Down Federal Plea Deal

Tony Blair facing rebellion over nuclear weapons

Feinstein sees Cunningham link in ouster of San Diego US attorney

Reuters: FDA calls for stronger warnings on sleep drugs

Poland honors woman who saved 2,500 Jews

House Committee Chairmen Say Probe of Fired U.S. Attorneys Should Include Abramoff Case

Humane Society Wants Government to Crack Down on Fur Mislabeling (ABC & video)

Gonzales says his future depends on Bush

Liberal Zionists denounce AIPAC

Trade Deficit Sets Record for 5th Year (AP)

CNN: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to September 11, 2001, attacks and other terrorist attacks

NYT: ‘Loyalty’ to Bush and Gonzales Was Factor in Prosecutors’ Firings, E-Mail Shows

Court: Dying can be charged for using marijuana

Chiquita charged in terror investigation

Mugabe warns Tsvangirai party "will pay heavy price"

Iraqi Shiite leader wants govt say in US security operations

'Cause I couldn't focus on anything important with a migraine...

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey

*(#&*&$(! Time Warner Cable Parental Control!!

I wanna BE stardust...

Question for any legal types...

Sex thread...

Jury Finds Woman Sliced Man's Penis In Self Defence

Police Rescue 91 Year Old Man Glued To His Roof

ditto the bangers and mash!

Need opinions please!

Are you a Slacker Mom?

'The Who' Ends Concert During First Song (Daltrey Had Bronchitis)

Colo. couple find faceless dollar coin

Smokers, Pre-rolled, or roll your own?

Blaming the unicorn


It's a Brand New Day: Post your Daily Affirmations Here!!

Anyone know a good place to order progressive/liberal chicks?

I nearly had a bad plane crash,

Dysons customer service sucks!

Check in here if you don't know what the heck you are.

GoPsUx was in my dream last night.

New Line Of e-Cards Offered For Women Who Have Had Abortions

Who likes carrots?

Went to court today

Shatner's poll

Have you seen this man?

How the Irish Saved Civilization (a Pre-St. Paddy's Poll)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/14/2007)

Finally some good news.

The Strange Case of the Woman with a Breast on her Foot

myspace...this chick sally requested to be my friend

Grateful Dead fans: Need a little help here.

I can't believe I'm sick again!!

My greedy dog!

On a serious note: teachers having sex with students

Teacher Jailed For Having Sex With Her 17 Year Old Male Student (Pic)

Replace one word in a song title with "Pippi Longstocking"!

Mechanical Devices to Assist the Easily Exhilarated

Brandi Carlile-The Story & Hallelujah

Okay, I KNOW some of ya'll are on Catster / Dogster....

I have to change diapers or I am going to go nuts!!

That's it - I'm going Shoe Shopping for lunch

Look at what my boyfriend gave me this morning

I love working for a blue company

My nemisis

67 degrees in Boston, internetting in the grass

The mud room is really dark... I thought the thing on the floor was the cat.

New Adam Sandler Movie. Anti Gay or Gay Friendly?

Half an hour to kill before the house is full of short people who talk too much. What

Today's weird Freecycle request:

What NCAA school has the best music scene?

Billy Crystal is 60 today!

The Sopranos Final Season starts April 8. I called Comcast yesterday and had them turn

Happy pi day!

My dog won't stop peeing on the floor. Should I have his bladder

Police Take Tonya Harding Back To Her Trailer After She "Tweaks Out"

Thomcat look what i found! You and a little tiny kitten

Check in here if you are an American who likes fear.

I've had 5 phone interviews for one job

Any hockey fans here?

Photoshop Challenge

No, I said Toy Yoda....

Wow, we are having some wild weather here in Houston, rain, thunder and lighting.

German Brothel Offers Pensioners 50% Off For Afternoon Sex

Check in here if you are an American who hates beer!

" I've said my ABC's..."

I Miss Honeychurch


OMG! Chiquita sold bananas to al Queda! This is SERIES!!11!


Vienna Sausages


Tom Brokaw health segment temporarily replaced by Hard-Core porn on Phoenix cable station

London Savvy DUers help, please!

OH BOY... All most time for a six pack and bug zapper betting. WOO HOO

I'm sorry in advance that this post reads like Cathy, the world's most repetitive comic strip, but

There was an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever and nobody told me about it???

Da Doo Ron Ron

4 year old drummer

I Just Realized I Didn't Eat Lunch...

A confession ... and a question about breastfeeding.

Payday Tomorrow..............Yay!!

I have to change careers. I'm going nuts.

The Who ends concert during first song; crowd fails to riot, says they 'gotta work tomorrow'

Day 2...smilie free.

My little buddy "Moe" might lose his eye.

Congratulations Joanne98!! 10,000 posts

Will There Ever Be A Pink Floyd Reunion..........

Here's my grandson:

Question about QVC

Which would you rather see? The Brazillion joke or Carrot Top's nips?

Quite Possibly, the Worst Thing Ever

Ebay question/rant

Which would you rather see? The Brazilion joke or the end of civilization as we know it?

Leprechaun Trap photos - for those that were interested

The CD drive on my Mac is *really* loud...Should I be worried?

I have VERY important work to do tonight, so I will be VERY VERY busy for awhile.

How Long Have Ipods been around?

When did you last change your underwear?

I got my new cell phone today ... need help.

My kitty is lying across my left arm, making it hard to type.

"The Tudors" - First two episodes on Showtime website.

Best wishes to Regis Philbin...

I'm running to the Piggly Wiggly....what do you need?

Which would you rather see? The Brazilion protester or Brazilion joke?

Anyone Remember Til Tuesday

My oldest son has a new hairstyle. What do you think?

The ice cream man is here...

Hey! Here's how to get your cat to use the scratching post.

Do you believe in leprechauns?

Congratulations spanone!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Syrinx!! 10,000 posts

This has been the longest fucking 6 years of my life!

When did you last change your hair style?

Chinese New Year banquet photos (lots o' pics)

How did you end your relationship with your last SO? or how did you SO end it

Have you ever heard anybody call a baby's pacifier a "smoker"?


70 Degrees today - 6 Inches of SNOW starting tomorrow night

Holy crap. This is my 20,000th post on DU.

Bah, humbug.


All right, here's an Irish-themed question I bet no one can answer...

Anyone know a good place to order progressive/liberal checks?

Someone snuck in to the back room at work

Wednesday Questions

Olsen Twins lyrics thread

Check in here if you are an American who likes beer!

Can you say "What the Hell?!?"

Ladies of the Lounge. For the benefit of us uninformed men please explain exactly how

Replace one word in a song title with "bemused resignation."

I don't care what you say, I still think the Republicans aren't to be trusted.

w00t! Dean's List for last semester!

What one thing do you want to do before you die.

"Garrison Keillor: A Prairie Homophobic Companion?"

Unicorns: They're real, they live in Montana/South Dakota and they hate Republicans.

Brad Delp (lead singer of the band Boston) death was suicide

Cats or Dogs?

It's a small conundrum, but I'd still appreciate some advice.

Need advice regarding 5.25 inch floppy discs...

Lance Mackey has just made dog sledding history.

Wednesday Answers

Don't mind me. I'm indulging my inner asshole today!

The Stardust is gone...

Linda Richman or Church Lady?

$250 to get my damn cat's teeth cleaned

ever seen an albino deer?

Replace one word in a movie title with "Poopy Pants"

Congratulations originalpckelly!! 10,000 posts

Say hello to Sheba, our new flame point Siamese.

Mardi Gras came and went, all my money

I found pickled garlic!!!

Boing, boing, boing

There's a new channel on Directv. Chiller Channel.

Construction was halted due to WHAT??!!??

Miss Any Malloy Shows?????

Replace one word in a movie title with "Poppy Pants"

Damn dog is flying around the house again!

Check in if you're St. Patrick and think that some folks around here...

Replace one thread in the lounge with an "original concept"

sssslllllloooowwwwwww day at work taday.

I invoke Godwin's Law

self-delete nt

Awwwwww... how precious

Spironolactone smells like mints.

"sighs", Wrestling fans, we have another one gone . . .

3 year old solves rubik's cube in 114 SECONDS! (video)

Time to burn down an embassy? Iranians upset about "300"...

Dumbest. Girlfriend. EVER.

It is your freedom to associate - ASSOCIATE FREELY!!

Okay, only a handfull of DUers know why this is funny, but LK just named my stuffed boxer pup Petyr

Islamic leader urges Jews be wary of fundamentalists

A new voice among Jewish leaders. Newton, Mass. woman is 1st gay to lead rabbis assembly

Believers: How important is scripture to your faith?

Best Players in College Basketball

How much have you "strayed" from your religious upbringing?

VA system reaches limit, study says

Massachusetts Politicians protest possible National Guard pay cut

Hearing on Polytrauma Center Care and TBI Patient March 15th

US Senate is debating this Resolution this week

Democratic Press Conference on the 5 open-government bills this week

Senator John Edwards Responds to You Democracy for America members

Nancy Wohlforth Speaks About The Employee Free Choice Act

Jack Layton on environmental leadership

Jack Layton on the prosperity gap

Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon Anti-war march Jan 27th (Great speeches!!!)

Kucinich Department of Peace 2004. Powerful Video.

Jack Layton on better health care

2 Minute News Hour; Hillarious Parody; Coulter Gets Reality Show

Fox Attacks: Black America-Let the CBC know that they should drop Fox now

First In A Series On Wounded Knee And AIM Movement

3,197 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of Choice

C-Span 3 - Caspar Weinberger from 12/24/92 on Iran/Contra--Must see TV

Senate planned to begin debating on Wednesday a resolution to withdraw U.S. troops

Politics, Pure and Cynical

Democrats unveil budget plan

Benazir Bhutto: West must deal with Pakistan

Fears of US mortgage crisis as homeowners face 12% interest

Bob Geiger Explains "Why John McCain Skipped The 9/11 Recommendations Vote"

Why were the borders were:left open"

Kyle Sampson gets to stay in his office with pay until he can find another job

Gonzales Says He Won't Quit, As 'Wash Post' Launches Study on 'Among the Worst' Attorney Generals

TPM: The Lam Timeline

Is killing Iran war restriction Israel lobby's equivalent of Terri Schiavo for the GOP?

Bush, Rove wanted U.S Attys to be nothing other than GOP thugs

WP, pg1: Facing reality of checks and balances from Congress, WH finds trouble harder to shrug off

Will Gonzales play the race card?

Today, I changed my opinion of Hillary. Big whoopdeedoo, right?

Open Letter to General Pace

For the early birds in the east and the night owls in the west, please tune into C-Span2

Angered U.S. Firm Excludes Thailand From New Drugs There's Always Money For War

Poll: Is "supporting the troops" a type of military propaganda message?

Is CNN about to kiss up to Abu Gonzales?

Funniest Podcast Ever: Weekly Radio Address

Andrea Mitchell: Drunk Again?

Junior Caught LOOTING !

Miers fired investigator in 1997 to cover Bush draft-dodge (PALAST)

A No Brainer Poll on U.S. Attorneys

Well-meaning conservative co-worker has another book for me to read...

Dupe delete

Donations must be low, Jindal threatens GOP donors with Hillary running for Gov of Louisiana

WTF is going on on Imus?

Senate GOP aide re: DOJ controversies: "It really needs something new to fan those flames"

Gonzo is on the Today Show

What Could George Bush Have Possibly Learned at the Mayan Ruins Today? ---pix--->>>

"Analysis: Bush Can't Hide From Woes "

Have you called Congress to demand Gonzales resign?

WOO HOO!!! NEW RECORD!!!! Trade Deficit Continues to grow!!!! YEE HAW!!! GO BUSH!!!

Prosecutor Purge-Part Of Bush Admin's "Sordid History Of Waving THE BULLHORN Of 9/11" (NYT Edit)

WJ this morning: Firing of attorneys coming up

we need a laugh-Israeli ambassador to el salvador recalled- ball gag/bondage

I'd like to include PNAC in my next LTTE-what are some good resources?

TV torture scenes torment activists

Matalin: Libby jury made up of green party members and democrats

How they support the troops : Pentagon proposes cutting Mass. Guardsmen's combat pay

New combat post in Afghanistan, new combat hospital in Anbar (Iraq)

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer Serving 25-Year Sentence for Taking Pain Killers

Who are you talking to?

So does that little clause in Patriot Act allow Whitehouse to replace Gonzales

"Months After Rita, Body Found in Home"

AFL-CIO To Push Action Plan On A Form Of Single-Payer Universal Health Care

Prepare your kids for healthy sex lives

Republicans playing high-stakes poker with a pair of threes

Berkeley City Council considers role in Rumsfeld war crimes case

Ain't this grand, the ones who'll stop funding the war will be the Republicans

Noticeably Not Invited To The Fire Fighters Union Today Is Rudy.

Caption this picture of the robber baron kings...

Hearings schedule. Anybody got a list of upcoming hearings?

Justice Harriet Miers: Was Bush Actually Series?!?!!!

Cal Thomas: RW'ers attacking Clinton, but not Republicans, for infidelity is not hypocrisy

YOUR voice heard nationally...

We need to start a Telegram campaign. 1,000,000 telegrams to Congress!!!

House Democrats delay effort to close Guantanamo

FOIA Hearing on now-Senate Judiciary Committee

Nowhere To Hide For Gonzales

39 Repug senators got smart today--agreed to talk about iraq finally.

New Microsoft KB article refers to the name "Obama" (as unrecognized word)

Ay carrumba, anyone watching Bush in Mexico?

Anyone Else have Problems with Verizon?

Just heard Pat Roberts on the Senate floor - WOW!

Auto Makers Aim to Slow Effort To Raise Fuel-Economy Targets

A Song for Olbermann...

Official List Of gonzalas Nicknames

Which Dem "led the charge" to remove the "Iran" language?

OMG, this has to be the most lopsided poll I've ever seen!! WOW!

Did you realize the AK bridge to nowhere is being built!

About the Gonzales fiasco

Dems DON'T plan to roll back Bush tax cuts for wealthy!

Be More Than You Can Be

Clinton and Libby

NPR: Leahy Vows to Unveil Events that Led to Firings

What became of the southern accent Gonzales used to have?

AP: Texas Lawmaker Removes (Anti-Death Penalty) Artworks

Get your National Leaders Prayer Card Deck NOW!

White House officials release "their side of the story"

'Curveball' identity revealed

Joe Conason on Democracy Now! today:

So according to Gonzales US Attorneys are "Political Appointees"

Gonzales stands alone on the front page of the NYT: Twisting in the wind?

Leahy and Specter "invite" Rove to come over and talk

A Book if you suffer from PTSD or a Family Member Suffers from it a must read

Future George Allens? USC players have racist facebook site

Constitutional Question

WH Turning On Gonzo?

Corps allegedly knew pumps put in after Katrina were faulty-Warnings issued, documents say

YET MORE PROOF THE MEDIA IS A RW-HACKJOB (Media ignoring U.S. Attorney emails)

Senate votes to allow "Debate" on Reid's Iraq War Resolution

Sensenbrenner: situation could cause Gonzales to "die by a thousand cuts."

If Gonzalez had said, "We fired them for political reasons, so what?"

WTF has to happen before someone takes on this SOB

How can bush spout the importance of "the rule of law" in Mexico while he seeks to...

Military to deploy to Guatemala to fix tooth-aches and give eye tests

Can someone send link for stream to AAR (real)? Thanks!

Newer photocopiers' disk drives present risk of identity theft

Military Coalition dead set against higher Tricare fees

here's some more info on the 'slow bleed' wordage


$856.7 Billion Dollars In Debt

House debating the 5 Waxman committee bills now

LINKS TO LIES: WH - Denies Involvement In Prosecutor Purge

Senate Votes 89-9 TO Move Forward With Dem Measure To Pull Troops Out Of Iraq

Does anyone have a link to U.S. attorney firings by other Presidents?

Don't let this become the Democrat's War

John Cornyn needs to STFU now...W needs his cliches back

What are the 10 Commandments of the Republican Party?

Democrats push open government agenda

The REST of the Carol Lam story

Reid: Bush surrounded himself with "yes men" who told him what he wanted to hear

Bush and Gonzales must have used the firings to torpedo investigations into criminal wrongdoing

Violent protests end *'s Latin American tour

Compare US and UK Version of OH Election Workers Sentenced:

Events Listed for 5th Anniversary of Iraq War - March 19th

Man pelted by snowball sues alleged thrower

The US Mint has released the George W Bush coin

Bush: "Past administrations have removed U.S. attorneys...It's their right to do so."

Leahy plans on subpoenaing Rove if he does not comply with request

AIPAC's Deal with the Christian Zionist Devil

Does Gonzales' current situation have anything to do with spying on Dem politicians?

How You Know Gonzales Is Not Long For This Job

David Dreier (R - Closeted) up now, fighting against whistleblower protection

Has anyone given any thought or has there been any mention

Oh, my, another US attorney scandal

If You Want Satellite HD, Prepare to PAY UP.

McCain's toast

Drug Smuggling in Bali

Damn Right, We're Angry

MSNBC: Federal judge rules Sudan responsible for USS Cole bombing in 2000

Paul Waldman - Damn Right, We're Angry

Sen. Boxer on floor of Senate now csapn2

Becoming American in Juneau

He took action

Gonzales is on Today Show now flopping like a fish on a hot dock

Dean Kamen's bionic arm, custom made for Iraq vets

Why is everybody angry?

Are U.S. attorneys regularly removed from office at the direction of the White House?

Rude Pundit on Cheney at AIPAC

A year and a half after Katrina...

Congress to White House: "Reality Bites"

BREAKING: CBC Chooses CNN Over Fox

What in the hell is a-matter with Yoo?

Appeals Court Says No To Medical Marijuana

Dumbya ends Spring Break trip with salture (again) (photos)

American Conservative magazine shows it's true colors. Lily white.

Bloomberg: Giuliani Law Firm Lobbies for Chavez-Controlled Citgo

The best of the worst

Just How Incompetent Is The Bush Administration?

BUSH ANNOYED BY GONZO-GATE...interrupts his spring break

Billionaire pokes fun at philanthropy

You Don't Have to Be at the Pentagon to march against the War this weekend....

Poor Great Leader Bush, I'm worried about him

Why can't democrats elect a mayor in NYC?

nother caption

Al Gore Launches UK CURRENT

caption *

I've been trying to find an old friend in the military, anyone know how to go about it?

Gonzales SHOULDN'T be fired or resign

Chief judge: 2 fired for jury service (Chi.Trib.)

Offended Texas lawmaker removes death penalty artwork from state Capitol display

Ted Kennedy on Senate floor---(UN security in Iraq)--on cspan1

Question: Which presidents have replaced all 93 AGs?

BOE Workers Get 18 Months For Rigging 2004 Recount

Extended Iraq tours took a toll on soldiers' families

Lindsey Grahm on Senate Floor now ---cspan Iraq debate

The Washington Sex Scandal That Wasn't?

Thread for Trident vote result (for any interested US Du'ers)

Today on "The Guy James Show" Israel and AIPAC...good for America?

Tuesday Afternoon on the Ruins with George [PICS]

Reams of gov't paper removed from public view

AG John Ashcroft pushed out the apolitical and involved federal prosecutors in election supervision

Dear General Pace,

Worldview Weekend...

Sadr City slums, children not able to go to school, women going backward, electricity, ...progress?

Latest White House whopper: It was all Harriet's idea...

Bobby Muller, Veterans For America will be on CNN and Talk Radio

Don't cut off funding for the Iraq war if it jeopardizes our troops!

Cafferty's questions for the day

Did Lobbyists Break the Law?

Former Jeb Bush Business Partner Delivered Faulty Pumps To New Orleans

Cassini Reveals “Seas” of Methane and Ethane on Titan

Orrin Hatch on the senate floor right now being ridiculous.

DU this poll on whether to fire Gonzales.

Word of the day from Chris Dodd: Jingoism

Caption Pickles

Time for an oldy-but-goody cartoon re-post.

has anyone else here had their home foreclosed?Today's headlines

The Wrath of (republi)CON

Giuliani is a former US Attorney. Contact him and ask his opinion on the US Attorney purge

What the hell is * doing here?

BAD PUMPS INSTALLED IN N.O. in rush to make Dubya's 2006 deadline.

"Complaining about the fired attorneys hurts the troops"

Gen. Pace

Senate debate


Bush pic on Drudge

2.2 million Americans at risk of losing their homes this year

AP: Iraq War Protestors Interrupt Washington State Senate Debate Tuesday Night

OMG-"ADDICTED TO WAR" (book) approved for use in SF schools-excellent book

Kerik headed for indictment?

Montana man blames unicorn for drunken-driving crash

Tomorrow Bush will extend the 12 year declaration of "national emergency" with Iran

Ex-Republican Senator Fitzgerald: Rove Tried To Limit Attorney Choice

Bloomberg is more popular in NYC than Giuliani — and by a LOT!

Specific question re: Greg Palast

InsHannity: Hillary's right wing conspiracy talk is 'hate speech'

John Sununu is first Republic to call for Gonzales to be fired.

Who do think they they're fooling? The ONLY reason we are in Iraq is for control of the oil.

Caption Pickles reading to Colombian children (Warning: Scary Picture!)

Jack Cafferty's e-mails...most responders seem to WANT an atheist in office.

HEADLINE: Laura Bush reads to underprivileged children in Colombia

The biggest mistake that Gonzales ever made:

Welfare poem (they come in Turbans)

LOL - Cafferty just bet Wolf a tuna fish sandwich

US looks at plan to oust Musharraf

Place Your Bets Here: What Will The "Friday News Dump" Be?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 3/14 - crossing the line

Freeps go batshit crazy over Congressman admitting self to be atheist

The Iraq insurgency has ended, which opens a path to peace

Banana company Chiquita Brands charged in terror investigation

Lieberman: "What's happening in Iraq certainly doesn't look like failure to me"

General Pace This is immoral

Veterans For America Release And Me the Monkeyman asking for help

Help me out here: What are the facts on Clinton firing 93 US Attorneys?

"The Coulterization of the American Right" (Salon)

Earth Stewardship in the Bible Belt: Annual Snake Slaughter Provides Family Fun

Nancy Pelosi - a reminder of what you said 2 days before the election of 06

Has the most recent threat to Internet Radio been discussed here

Paglia: "Is Coulter truly oblivious to her gender weirdness?"

Researcher blasts HPV vaccine marketing

For all you Codex Naysayers:

Pentagon: Iraq in Some Ways in Civil War

This should get entertaining...DC Madam Gives

"The U.S. Navy has its largest overseas port here." (Dubai)

Snow kones in hell? Sen. Coburn calling administration idiotic

Lou Dobbs Poll: Has quality of Gov't ever been lower? Go vote

Will Busholini fire Gonzo?

Documentary ABOUT Michael Morore -- right wing hit job?

The Foreclosures are coming-Citizens hide your wallets....

Let's not forget how the Bush Administration politicized DOJ's Civil Rights Division

The bush meeting with mexico's president is on c-span now and..

Chiquita charged in terror investigation

Cast your vote about whether Gonzo should resign.

Bush says Iraqi govt. needs more time to achieve goals, but still is claiming progress

Patrick Fitzgerald Chosen As U.S. Attorney Over Rove Pressure

Texas House Passes Bill To Override Mandatory HPV Vaccines

Cheney should resign

Wednesday TOONS: General Pace and Dick's Retirement Home

Hard-core porn interrupts news show

Will You Tune In to Watch Karl Rove Under Subpoena Answering Senate Questions?

Schumer and Conyers give WH until Friday to cooperate - other wise subpoenas will be issued

A Clash Looms on Secrecy in AIPAC Spy Case

The Surge is a success! (Or not.)

Faux News gets the distraction(s) it was looking for....

Media Matters: Fox News can't take a punch

Wha-wha-WHAAAAAA? We LOST a freakin' SUBMARINE?

OK, how long until someone posts the Chiquita Banana lady with bombs & ammo on her head?

Awesome song ... reminiscent of Dylan

Firefighters cheer Hillary. Rudy a no show.

John Sununu says Gonzales must go

Stick a fork in Blair

The Ambassador, the Iraqi, and the Penguin (The Nation)

Masses to march on both sides of war

It's time to take the fun out of this war

Today, I convinced my fundie mom that her church should see "An Inconvenient Truth"

Death Sentence for child rapist/murder Couey!!!!!!

Bush Hit-Woman Behind Prosecutor Firings Has Long History of Purges to Protect Bush

AP: U.S. Military Deaths In Iraq At 3,200

Why don't some people just keep their mouths SHUT ?

So if Al Gore announces a run for the white house, when asked

...chaotic struggle leading to fatal shooting in minivan

Martha Rosenberg: Kennedy Antibiotic Bill Meets 'Resistance' from Big Pharma

Faux: Al Qaeda Terror Boss Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses to Masterminding Sept. 11 Attacks

Ask C-Span to Cover Tomorrow's 2 p.m. House Admin Cmte Hearing on: "Election Reform: Machines and...

caption again

Kate O'Beirne Didn't Even Make Excuses For AG Gonzales

Utahn in eye of storm over axed prosecutors ANOTHER Sampson/Rove/Utah connection

What about citizens privilege you asshole?

Judge orders E.P.A. to follow the Clean Air Act

Is It Ever OK To Hate Someone?

Stiffer Penalties for attacks on the elderly...

WHERE IS any discussion of yesterday's 242 point stock market plunge???

Mayan Priests Head for Washington D.C.

VA Hospital turns away suicidal Vet who later hangs himself (CNN)...

"Group Launches Post-Abortion E-Cards"

February 19, 2009 No more Analog TV Broadcasts.

OxyContin Limpballs is very, very disappointed in Bush not supporting

From the Christian left - received the email today from

'Prosecutor-gate': Bush's Power Grab by ROBERT PARRY -- (It's about stealing elections!)

LAT: Jerk Lawyer Evicts Record Numbers of Poor for Profit

This could be a fun game for those that are poetic. Help me come up

Some Fun Facts from US Attorney PurgeGate

Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys (A must read!)

Soldier calls nasty bar beating a 'sneak attack'

What current Dem congress members want to ban guns in this country?

Holy fucking hell - I actually had to agree with Hannity today

If the Iraqi's were ever to reach an accord amongst themselves,

Ha! Ha! Faux News Poll (this from the "Family Values" crowd)...

Marine Mom Tina Richards Continues to Pressure the Democrats to End the War

I Am the Decider! [PIC]

FEINGOLD: "If we are serious about opposing the war-we must be serious about ending funding for war"

Damn Right, We're Angry: Progressives don't need to apologize for raging against conservative evils.

7-month-old baby in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant

Vampire candidate pledges to impale Bush if elected, gets himself investigated instead

Poland honors woman who saved 2,500 Jews

Sibel Edmonds & Abuse of the State Secrets Privilege

Which "300" Warrior chief does W look like? (ABC)

Medical Marijuana Patients Can be Prosecuted, Federal Court Rules

Bill Richardson was one of only a handful of lawmakers to vote against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

OMG!!! Newsweek calls Ann Coulter "The Paris Hilton of politics"!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Dying woman loses marijuana appeal. In San Francisco!

WSJ: but but but Clinton did it too

MSNBC Poll - "Should Gonzales resign?"...

Richardson sets goal of reducing oil imports by 40% and replacing liquid fuels with biofuels by 2025

So Who Did Sen Specter FIRE in His Office For Slipping In The USAtty Loophole?

another 'should Gonzo be fired' poll

It's too late now to avert a mortgage lending crisis..

water wars: thirsty camals rampage

Look at this excerpt from today's DOD report !

Arlen Specter has to be the most corpselike public speaker on the face of the planet.

Freudian slip in Tuesday NYTimes article: 'Kerry beat Bush in NM'

Halliburton Chief's Move to Dubai Evokes Warnings on Hill

Air America Radio

Here is the smoking gun e-mail about Carol Lam's firing, discussed in another thread:

BRAD BLOG: Sibel Edmonds Renews Call to Give Congressional Testimony, Asks for Help...

TPM: Lam is the Linchpin

Blog: Drudge spreads 'big lie' on Iraq casualties

Did anybody else come to DU because they were angry?

For smokey nj - Request night at WSCE!

Seriously Now; What type of business would be good to start at this point in our economy?????

Hey, where TF is our buddy Tweety?

Oh, My God -- So This is Why Health Care Spending is So High! (TPM Cafe)

When should We Get Out of Iraq? le poll

GM Food, a Regulatory Sham

Neo-Cons Instruct Bush in Believing God and History Will Vindicate Them...Er, Him

This is the epitome of why I have nothing but disdain for the rich...

House just voted YES on Amendment to Overturn Bush Exec Order Dealing with Presidental Records

The Counting is Done; Let the Housing Begin

PLS contact Waxman & Ask Him to Review Evidence on Griffin's Caging Lists

Do you think the United States can win the war in Iraq?

Couple Charged With Trying to Arrange Sex With 5-Year-Old Girl

"Breaking development" on CNN... Leahy WILL subpeona Rove

Read the Iman US Airways complaint for yourself . . .

Actress Betty Hutton Dies (Annie Get Your Gun)

Ed Koch: Messrs. Mueller, Gonzales and Nicholson: Please Resign

Here's a way to watch CNN International and more....

We all know * is arrogant

It's 2012, we have single payer government sponsored universal health care. ???

Palast: Bush Hit-Woman Behind Prosecutor Firings

Do You Support Capital Punishment? (State-Sponsored Murder)?

Gen. Petraeus Linked To High-Profile Suicide in Iraq

Fox hates Blacks as much as they hate Democrats.

Beware the Ides of March Redux, or when to attack Iran

More Reporting From Anti-War Encampment in D.C.

DU'ers..should the Federal Government implement a bail-out of sub-prime mortgage lenders?

REPUB REFRAME Of Illegal Pressure On US Attorneys Re: Voter Fraud Keeps Focus Away From REAL CRIMES!

MUST C THE GOP FROM A to Z ---->>>>


CBC (Henry Champ): When Democrats go to war

Is the US Attorney scandal part of Mrs. Libby's @#%-EM

WP, Ignatius: Brzezinski's Manifesto For the Next President: Barack Obama

Seems To Me We Should Be Calling For Rove's Resignation Instead Of Gonzalez.....

Gov. Carcieri of Rhode Island endorses Der Mittenfuhrer for president.

White House turning on Gonzales?

Bill Richardson's pitch: Regular guy with extraordinary résumé

bartlett says bush didn't have anything to do with attorney firings

They Were Talking about Wilson’s Wife before Wilson’s Article Came Out

chimperor Says He Has "Full Confidence In gonzAllAss," Just Like He Did

gonzAllAss Will Be Gone By:

Economic Report: More Men Than Ever Before Filing Sexual Harrassment Complaints

The Bill Richardson Watch, 3/13/2007

Good article on Al Sharpton's latest move

Is there something we can do to provide leverage? You a crowbar?

Pete Stark: a heathen in the House

Kennedy Live on CSpan2 now re: Iraq

Will the Hispanic National Bar Assn still endorse Gonzales for Supreme Court?

So now we know that the Justice Department pressured US Attorneys

Well, we've had another 3 or 4 scandals, now.....

Gonzales says he works for us. Let's fire him.

U.S. lets whistle-blowers lose jobs

Senate Passes Bill Containing Proposals of 9/11 Panel

Florida 13 Machines were flawed, and Sarasota knew it!

John Dean on KO: Gonzales in over his head

gonzAllAss "Takes Responsibility", But Not Consequences

Campaign 2008: Adultery Becomes Ho-Hum (Truthdig)

GOP unity to be tested when Senate debate on binding Iraq resolution begins Wednesday

Strategy question: Is Edwards playing Old King Log?

Bill Richardson will run as an ordinary guy with an extraordinary résumé.

I've searched, but can't find: Websites where Neo-cons have reversed

Gonzales should NOT quit, because...

The New Apple Announcement From YouTube

GOP touts procedural triumphs

Domenici US senate seat will be in play in 2008

Senator Feingold speaking on the Senate floor NOW on C-Span2 in support of Reid's Iraq Resolution.

Senate Votes To Move Forward On Iraq-Withdrawal Bill

Senate votes to restart Iraq war debate

Gonzales is OUT because he committed the worst sin of all. He admitted a mistake.

Politicizing children burning to death

is snake cheney's "slow bleed" the new repug talking point?

John Edwards: Tomorrow

The Rude Pundit: Dick Cheney Opens His Maw to AIPAC

"At the pleasure of the President"

Giuliani Law Firm Lobbies in Texas for Chavez-Controlled Citgo

Obama loses ground in vital campaign rally

Is Democracy in trouble?

Delegates seek more details into Abramoff's Guam link

I just watched the voting machine fraud episode of "Numb3rs"


I Sure Hope I Can Go This C-Span Conference For Educators in August

Lam Was on DoJ Hit List before Cunningham Case

Former Jeb Bush partner is source of defective pumps installed by Army Corp of Engineers

Fox Attacks: Mary Matalin calls civil rights leaders racists. Also, CBC goes with CNN over FOX.

Bush Falsely Claims His Prosecutor Purge Is ‘A Customary Practice By Presidents’

Gonzalez Resignation Futures: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Where'd the ownership society go?

Bush: Mexico's Energy belongs to "sovereign" Mexico...

Troops face social ills, not bullets in Sadr City

An Awful Legacy of Bush 41.

Is the media getting ready to spin the escalation?

Editorial Pages Call for Axing Attorney General

Who is more important Rove or Gonzales? I predict the administration will throw

Reasons why US Attorneys left position

Can you name instances of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy since Clinton left office?

Edwards plans carbon neutral campaign

Gonzales refused to investigate HUD Secretary Jackson

Did I just see Oral Fixation Hatch interrupted by a page announcing

The inane ‘Clinton did it too’ defense

Where is the commitment? (bush and cheney extended families have NO members in Iraq)

Gonzales Pleads the Ken Lay Defense

Bush upset over flawed attorney firings

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Mister Gonzales Regrets

CSPAN 40% of the federal budget has been privatized.

Edwards announces more than a dozen field staffers

I just watched "Jesus Camp"

Help wanted ad

Tomgram: The Seymour Hersh Mystery

Can Edwards win with an 'us vs. them' pitch?

Iowa State Senator (D) Indicted - Political Attack by US Attorney?

If GOP Sen. Domenici Is Forced Out, Dem Gov. Richardson Would Appoint His Replacement

Sent email to Novak

Biden To Bush: "You're leading us off a cliff. Stop!"

Edwards riles South Carolina Republicans, even hundreds of miles away

Could China/India Army be patrolling a MacMansion subdivision near you?

Adultery becomes ho-hum (3 top GOP candidates did it - media mum)

Are We There Yet?

An Awful Legacy of Bush 41

Obama won't criticize Pace, nor say position on "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Elizabeth Kucinich to meet with Democrats Abroad


7 years ago...Bush rented out space to Mr Murphy...since then, everything could go wrong...HAPPENED

The Justice Department Needs to Learn to Share

Edwards responds via Youtube to DFA petition to stop the Iraq War

(Former Senator Peter) Fitzgerald: Rove tried to limit choice

Now that the heat is on, what's the likelihood of another 9/11?

The Democratic party is very, very fortunate to have the slate of

About these incredibly early announcements for the 08 campaign ........

Schumer's Five Questions

Clinton opens door to gay activists (March 5)

Cafferty File: "Should Al Gore Run For President In 2008?"

Please add to the list: sum up the GOP in four words:

When asked how I feel about GWB?

John Nichols: How to Handle a Lawless Attorney General (The Nation)

Not all Generals are homophobes. Read Clark's statement on civil rights and "don't ask, don't tell"

BREAKING: First Republican calls for Gonzales to resign.

Kucinich Hires Critic of Israel for Hill Panel

Gen. Petraeus Linked To High-Profile Suicide in Iraq

Connecting the Dots: Has the Bush Administration Spied on Political Enemies? (The Nation)

The Gov't and "political industry" shield Bush from We the People

Leahy Says He’ll Subpoena Rove, Discusses Potential Crimes Involved In Attorney Purge

Author of Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30-Somethings Can’t Get Ahead

My New Dem Congressman Is Trying To Stop The Veterans From Being Screwed Yet Again

Hillary Clinton's interview with the Irish Times. - 03/08/07

"Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" Expose McCain as "Communist Apologist."

McCain's about to be SWIFT BOATED by the same group who attacked Kerry

Hillary and Obama are "Down the Line" being "very careful" /It's a Good Strategy...

Back to Halliburton - do we know what Democrats are supportive of Dubai move

John Edwards says Shrum was wrong.

Kucinich Seeks to Strip Oil Law Benchmark from Supplemental

Lexington News Bulletin: Minutemen calling the DU

Why Hillary's answer today is nothing to freak out about

Kucinich"We to ensure any is in the best interests of all Iraqi people"

A personal glimpse at American capitalism

"24" Actor Not Popular With

Hillary, when asked if homosexuality immoral: "Well, I'm going to leave that to others to conclude."

So...what do we make of the fundraising partnership of Murdoch/ Clinton in light of

Dear Hillary Clinton, Since You Can't Say Whether or Not Gays Are Immoral...

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