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Archives: March 13, 2007

Congress should seal the deal on trade (Democrats' conditions=manageable nuisance)

Time to impeach the vice president

Salon: The Coulterization of the American right

WP: Firings Had Genesis in White House..started in 2005

SLDN Condemns Joint Chiefs Chairman and Demands Apology

When Democrats turn Republican series: Case study #1 Joseph McCarthy

The Halliburton (Profit) Surge, the US and Iraqi Dirge

So you think you live in a democracy?

US refuses to hand over its Iraq rules of engagement to inquest

Joe Conason: Alberto Gonzales must go

A Real Realist Takeover? (JIM LOBE)

Al Gore brings DIY television 'revolution' to Britain

Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse? (US)The VPs Curious Investment Portfolio

Report says TXU manipulated Texas power market

Anyone needing a Whittaker-Henderson-Lowrie graduation dll please pm me

Kyoto Snub a Tool For China (US and Austrialia refusal to ratifiy used as excuse by China for pollu)

Electricity from the sea (wave action to electricity)

New Jersey doubled solar capacity in the first nine months of 2006.

Israel Cautions EU Against Concessions On Hamas

AIPAC conference -- the first primary?

HR 811: Electronic Tallies Can Still Trump Ballots

Pa. City Defends Illegal Immigrant Rules (Hispanic groups and the ACLU sued)

Dems strip Iran War ban from bill

NYT: G.O.P. Voters Voice Anxieties on Party’s Fate

Military Action Against Iran Would Backfire on Israel, Report Warns

House GOP Try to Halt Muslim Seminar

Syria Says It Wants Talks With the U.S.

EXTRA: Mayas denounce expulsion from sacred site over Bush visit

Alleged Vallejo madam (D.C. prostitution ring) agrees to share phone records

CNN Poll: 69 percent oppose pardon for Libby in CIA leak case

Feds, AT&T urge against wiretap trial

Historian Winthrop Jordan, 75, author of "White Over Black"; Scholar put race relations in new light

Breaking: Top General (Pace) calls homosexuality 'immoral'

Republicans See Divided Party and Trouble in ’08 (NYT)

Former escort business owner says she's reached deal on records (Hookergate?)

CBS: Sharpton Rips Obama, Keeps Endorsement On Hold

Reuters: Mental illness common in returning U.S. soldiers

Poll: Bush Not Doing Enough For Iraq Vets (CBS) (several poll results)

Prensa Latina: Mexicans Reject Bush Visit

New Mexico bans cockfighting on cruelty grounds

Biden erects anti-war Web site (Reid-Biden-Levin Joint Resolution)

Bush runs into opposition in Guatemala

NYT: Fast-Riser’s High Hopes and Sudden Fall (D. Kyle Sampson...Gonzo's Chief of staff resigns)


I am the baby of Rosemary's father.

I had a professional fit today

So, how long does it take to become a pet?

Tacos made the the following ingredients -- classy or not?

Okay, what's cooler?

So, how long does it take to become a pet?

I had a professional diaphragm fitting today....

Something for all the DU ladies who gave me advice about canes the other night:

Update on dumped cat, she is dead.

I had a T-Joint fitting today....

I had an amateur condom fitting today

So, how long does it take to become a vet?

Did anyone else find this funny? (about *)

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Live Stream

My friend caught "The Gay"!

Sigh. You guys are lame. I can fit my condom AND my bra all by myself!

Am I allowed to go upstairs and smoke a cigarette?

Hey, wildhorses

Could someone please come over here and dump a bucket of sand on me.

Could someone please come over here and dump a bucket of water on me.

Where the HELL has BikeWriter been? And Sugar Smack? Anyone know?


So I am watching 24 and....

"I'm so tired"

It's just past 9 PM here on the West Coast........

Who is this woman singing on Letterman?

Word for the day: (ETA Definition)

which movie to see?

Two lucky people

I am posting nearly naked, ask me anything

A Day in the Life of.... YOU!

A Coming of Age Story (with a Moral)

Don't you hate it when people say they are going to call you back and they don't?

I have an important announcement to make...

Have you seen 300 (about the Battle of Thermopylae)?

There's a question that I want to ask on DU but I'm afraid it might start something...

anyone know anything about workman's comp?

Hmmm, my dinner smells awful...Should I eat it?

My mother went to see a movie for the first time in almost 25 years

The Dude abides....

I had a professional fitting too, today!

So I took the kids to see "Bridge to Terabithia..."

Should Jack Cafferty get his own show on MSNBC?

Graywarrior is ignoring me.

Ok, I'm just going to show off

anyone watching the Riches?

"Stairway to Gilligan's Island" finally approved by Bob Plant

Describe yourself in two words...

What do I have to do to get a cup of ZombyCoffee at this place?

Stones Mood Music

What separates Blue Ray DVDs from regular DVDs?

I just ate an egg.

why do cons insist Beatles' "Revolution" is a right wing song?

So do we all know who Gerard Butler is after 300?

What's your favorite cheese?

"I'm So Excite!" I watched "Borat" on DVD this weekend

I am being sent to Hesperia against my will!

So what are you listening to right now?

Attention, Loungers! I'd like to introduce my friend, maineiac.

What age do you begin to consider someone as old?

Where Does the Pope Stand on Global Warming?

"Same-sex Solidarity Brings End to Weddings" Now that's the way to do it

Derby Preps and Lava Man takes aim at turf race in Dubai.

"The Energy Surge of March 9th" - Karen Bishop - March 12, 2007

This is so strange, I have to report it. Regarding a food "haunting" of sorts.

Okay. I'm going to post

VA's Mental Health Report & Gen. Kiley Resigns

Hannity interviews Matt Sanchez about Columbia's picking on him.

Do all the candidates realize that You Tube is going to make 'em or break 'em?

Celebrating Extra Daylight: Chairman Waxman's Sunshine Week Open Government Bills

A suggestion to the Moderators...

I saw General Patraeus doing an interview today...

Reid-Biden-Levin Joint Resolution To Revise United States Policy On Iraq

ROFL!!! Peggy Hill speaks better Espanol than Chimpy

Tell me there's no inflation

Here we go again VA research shows mental illnesses common among returning vets

FYI: Bill Maher billed to be on Larry King Live tonight. nt

Holy crap, just saw KO. They had audio of Gen'l Pace saying that

There was a response this weekend on Caferty files -


(VIDEO) Cafferty: Gonazles is a weasel

Waxman to Rice

On Scarborough Country coming up, O'Reilly gets hosed...

Keith nails Billo as worst again. Plus he said he was not only the

Anybody catch that commercial for Walmart?

Something constructive if you're gonna contact your Reps over Iran

I just sent Rush Limbaugh a jar of Peter Pan! NT

Anti-war Dems ponder bold action on Iraq

War and Liquor a Perilous Mix for U.S. Troops

Hey, everybody! It's Sunshine Week!

When you go to lunch at a place where they've got a TV with cable news on...

Who do you think will be the Republican candidate in 08?

"I looked at Bernie and said Thank God George Bush is the president"

Gen. Pace calls homosexuality "immoral"

Bill Maher on Larry King Live said it best just now

Zazzle does the ultimate outrage. You can't mention company names in your bumper stickers.

Strings attached: brain dead on arrival.

"I'm So Excite!" I watched "Borat" on DVD this weekend

Liquor bottles pile up at Miami International Airport (due to TSA policy)

Look at snow....Amazing pics

The Reason Halliburton Is Moving to Dubai

Note to Andrea Mitchell: 18% does not equal Most Americans

China's congress follows the script, literally

Cheney Once Warned Of ‘Quagmire’

Who do you want to decide on any possible attack on Iran? Bush or Congress...

I think we all need a smile today!

More Walter Reed Breaking: Kiley resigns

The attorneys fired by W were republican who disagreed with his politics

Mark Fiore: "The Slimy Circus"

Coulter's people sacked my design on cafepress

We don't have a government

Democrats Seek Rove in Attorney Firings

B*sh Administration for Dummies?


What's the word I am looking for....oh yeah...STUPID as hell (comparing ideals)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

O’Reilly Compares Nevada Debate Opponents To Nazis

Latest Democratic Polling as of Today

Did you listen to Bill Mahar on Larry King tonight? He said the same

Six Degrees of Separation:

It hit 95 degrees today in Palm Springs

Obama is the only candidate supporting Feingold's campaign finance reform.


First Interview From Encampment to End The War

Which novel LEAST resembles the life of our dear decider and chief cheerleader?

Senator calls on Treasury to investigate if Halliburton move to Dubai linked to Iran deals

US 'to build Libyan nuclear plant'

White House wanted to fire all U.S. Attorneys

Starting today: an online discussion of *Thinking Points* by George Lakoff.

Four fucking years. It's been FOUR FUCKING YEARS, people.

Why Hagel will be swiftboated

Steven Colbert gets Captain America's Shield

LIST: Name Instances That Show Republicans Consider Americans Expendable


Daylight Saving or Standard time, changes...what is your choice?

A shout-out to Chairman Waxman and the Dems of the Oversight and Govt. Reform Cmte.

Alberto Has Purged Before. He's no Virgin in this Activity

WP, Dan Froomkin: 'Eight-Gate' and Karl Rove

Cleland to Cheney: Where the Hell Were You in the Vietnam War?


60 Years of Faulty Logic (James Carroll)

You Guys Remember This ??? - Gonzales's Role in the Plame Cover-Up

Am I a chickenhawk b/c I don't go down to my representatives office

The neocon bush cabal seems to be operating simultaneously

So... General Peter Pace deems me immoral

California fires caused by burning car, deliberately set on fire

In the name of Justice, please call your Senators & Rep about...

Speaking of daylight savings time...Do you vote yes or no for it.

FBI to sheeple: "We're correcting our errors."


O'Reilly, In Rant Denying Fox News Bias, Refers To The "Democrat" Party

Democrats should let FAUX carry the debate

Do we want Congress to pass an Iraq bill or argue about Iran?

Corporate Income Tax and the Public's Need to Know (from ReclaimDemocracy)

Waxman Rips on Rice over 11 Ignored Iraq Letters

Climate scientist 'duped to deny global warming'

Can We Please Get The Latin American Revolution Here??

Report says TXU manipulated Texas power market

President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI email says

Why I Love Vanity Fair - - - - > > >

Sharpton Rips Obama, Keeps Endorsement On Hold

Thanks, Opus

Oh! It's the end of news forever! MSNBC Host Rita Cosby Handed Walking Papers

Technically, isn't pre-emptive war

A question for DU NRAers. (I know there's gotta be one of you)

The Other Connecticut Senator, Chris Dodd, on The Daily Show Tonight (and the Bush Trip too)...

Cleland to Cheney:

Breaking!!! White House Wanted To Fire ALL U.S. Attorneys!!! DocsTo Be Provided To Congress Today!!!


Wanna Throw Knives At Anne Coulter??

PLEASE Don't Caption This! ---pix--->>>

Sharkwater (film)

Interesting, Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama's Special Envoy testifying before the House tomorrow

Almost 1/3 of U.S. soldiers seeking government health care after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

Rove Doing His Part to Help Shape a Positive Legacy for Bush

White House trades new weapons to support troops

Republicans See Divided (rethug) Party and Trouble in ’08

WaPo: Businesses Prepare to Mount a Concerted Attack on Regulation

Why shouldn't Universal Health Coverage be as simple as checking a box on your income tax return?

AUDIO: Top U.S. General Calls Homosexuality ‘Immoral,’ Compares To Adultery

Online poll: Arizona says no to McCain

The Millionaires' Primary (The Nation)

Gentle reminder - I still haven't seen any media person ask Rice about the July 10th 2001

Ok so I got banned from (I am obsessed with this crap)

I support Obama's Iraq De-escalation Act, and here's why I think you should too.

Super-Duper Tuesday

TPM's Greg Sargent disappointed in the House bill on Iraq.

I kinda like Giuliani a little

McCain has just gotten the endorsement of the election

In Iraq, No Room at The Inn for Auditors

Damn . . . I can't watch Law & Order anymore and I'm gonna miss it

New Polling Data in Democratic Primary

Should we give a pass to Presidential Candidate who have "Girl Toy" Second and Third Wives?

I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore

Bush got Iglesias fired: Gonzales's Chief of Staff resigns

I posted one response on free republic and got booted

Reid-Biden-Levin Joint Resolution To Revise United States Policy On Iraq

CRAZY 2 a.m. idea about a 2008 Senate Race (New Mexico)

At the risk of being premature, it really looks like John McCain has self-destructed.

So........who wants Brownback as the Republican Nominee?

A Late Night Rant

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. NO!

Democrats back off on effort to limit Bush's Iran options......why?

Max Cleland Calls Out Chickenhawk Cheney

Does Pelosi know what she's doing?

Which candidate will ask Clark to serve as their VP?

"Conservatives Doth Protest Too Much" by Jules Carlylse

United and in Motion for Workers' Rights

HPV Vaccine Out of Reach for College Students (AlterNet)

Alberto Gonzales: A Willing Accessory at Justice (WaPo)

Opposing the Iraq War: Heroes of Resistance

Vote For The Middle Class, No surprise, And a veto against -Letters to the business editor

Moderates Snub GOP Leadership

We're in a Downward Spiral' ,,,National Guard and Reserves being drained

Matt Stoller: Republican Propaganda Is Not News

Democrats divided over free trade

Dems smell blood in the water

Robert Parry: Bush/Cheney & a Love of 'Petards'

What's Good for Halliburton (and Cheney) is Good for...Dubai

The Good Economy

AP IMPACT: New Orleans pumps were faulty

Progressives should, IMO, disagree with SEIU Pres. Andrew Stern on Nat'l Health goal (Chirolas)

Children Hungry for War

$20 Billion Later Halliburton Moves Headquarters to Dubai

Jane Smiley: Whoops (Walter Reed-Rumsfeld-outsourcing)

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy - Part 2

LA TIMES EDITORIAL: Do we really need a Gen. Pelosi?

How to Swift-boat Rudy Giuliani

The AIPAC Caucus (The Nation)

Why Are We So "Shocked" at FBI Lawlessness?

Whose Oil Is It, Anyway?

Ann Wright: Why I Will March to Support the Troops and End the War (Truthout)

Guantánamo, Dred Scott and the Amistad (The Nation, via CommonDreams)

Col. Jeff Bearor: Walter Reed Army Hospital: You Get What You Pay For

They Were Talking about Wilson’s Wife before Wilson’s Article Came Out

Surge and Destroy-The Brutality Escalates in Iraq

Iraq Refugee Crisis Means More American Troops Staying and Dying because of Bush Stubbornness

Democrats Struggle To Make Peace

Dave Lindorff: What's Good for Halliburton (and Cheney) is Good for...Dubai

Libby's Conviction Cold Comfort for a Nation Headed By Criminals


Behind the Walter Reed Scandal

Cheney's AIPAC Speech: The Hell With Logic (LARRY C JOHNSON)

Let Everyone Use What Wall Street Knows

War and Liquor a Perilous Mix for U.S. Troops

WP:Shrine Bombing as War's Turning Point Debated (analysts say misleading)

Impeachment: Winning by Losing

Looking for some advice on bicycle purchase

Drunken elephants die in accident (BBC)

No let-up in Indonesia mud flow despite concrete plug - Reuters

Maryland to ban turtle harvest after Asian demand (Reuters)

White House seeks to cut geothermal research funds - Reuters

A new rainfall world record: 3.9 meters in 72 hours at La Réunion

Reclaiming Americas farm land and the housing bubble burst...

Full steam ahead for Nevada solar project

Interview-U.S. nuclear deal won't power India's boom - Reuters

Indications of a surprising gain for mass transit. (Phil.)

Lawmakers Oppose Illegal Timber Trade

EU rejects Balkans nuclear plea - BBC

Farrell & Kammen calculations of Ethanol GHG emissions at high end of Conf. Interval are in error.

Heinberg: "It is reasonable to assume that the peak is here or very close"

Become a "Citizen Co-Sponsor" of the Boxer-Sanders bill

UN: U.S., Europe Deforestation Reversed

Step it up campaign

EU greens urge sanctions to enforce carbon targets - Reuters

(UK) 'Binding' carbon targets proposed - BBC

Court backs native tribes on sacred mountain - Reuters

Efficient methods could bail out biofuels: study - Reuters

Group: China Must Keep Ban on Tiger Parts - AP

IDF officer suspended after complaint of damaging West Bank mosque

Mary MacElveen: Does AIPAC unduly influence the United States Congress?

UN To Open Permanent Probe On Israel

High Court rejects bid to open Gaza crossings to humanitarian aid

William Seger Proves the Official Flight 93 Crash Story is Impossible

Does the demolition of the Stardust hotel in Las Vegas....

Delete dupe

Mechanical Glitch Ignored In Now Contested Florida Congressional Race

US Gov warned on messed up e-voting systems Election Reform & Related News Tuesday, 3/13/07

Election workers get 18 months for tampering

WP: Firings Had Genesis in White House (AG Chief of Staff Resigns)

Top Georgia court hears voter ID appeal

U.S. Relieves Judge of Duties in Courtroom (Immigration judge employed by the DOJ)

U.S. troops to root out car-bomb shops

Report says TXU manipulated Texas power market


Poll: 58 percent want U.S. troops out of Iraq by 2008

AG: Perry's HPV order exceeded his authority (vaccine for girls)

The Flip-Side Story to US Prosecutor Firings

(Iraqi) Woman arrested over police rape claims (Sabrine Janabi incident)

BBC: Ethiopia group release confirmed

Reuters: British troops cleared in Iraq death trial

US pay hike to lag behind India, China

Thick black smoke rises over central Baghdad (was hanging over the Green Zone)

BBC: 'Binding' carbon targets proposed [for Britain]

Petraeus: Iran Training, Arming Militants (also suicide bombers are streaming in from Syria)

Gonzales to hold press conference at 2pm.

AP: Pace expresses regret over gay remark--No apology.

[Miami] Heat's Riley offers political views

AP: Soldier Tied to Iraq Attack Faces Trial

Colombia paramilitary scandal widens

Viacom in $1 bln copyright suit vs Google, YouTube

SAN FRANCISCO-Seniors food program on chopping block-Food bank chief lobbies against Bush budget cut

Reuters: House panel passes contracting reform bill

Staff: Top general won't apologize for remarks on gays

Gore seeks earlier start to Kyoto pact successor (2010)

Government guards papers from public eye

Peru prosecutor launches investigation of former first lady

U.S. Stocks Tumble, Led By Financials as Mortgage Slump Worsens

Defective pumps used to protect New Orleans (Company connected to Jeb Bush)

Aussie cancer vaccine runs into Texas trouble (Gardasil )

Energy Revolution Generates Jobs in Cuba

Bush in Mexico for last stop on tour

Mexico visit won't be a breeze

(George Tenet's) CIA memoir arrives April 30

Warner Hits Pace On Gay Remarks

U.S. Military Discharged Fewer Gay Personnel in 2006 (wartime needs)

Thousands riot in China, attack cops

Historians Approve Sweeping Resolution Against Bush Policies Stemming From War

WP:Halliburton Chief's Move to Dubai Evokes Warnings on Hill (Sen. Dorgan to seek hearings on move)

China defends oil trade with Africa

Rangel Says Trade Negotiations Hampered by Wariness in Congress

House Oversight Committee passes District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007

Democrats confident Iraq plan will pass (minus the IraN provision!!)

AP IMPACT: New Orleans pumps were faulty

Easing of U.S. corporate regulations sought

Britain Proposes Law to Curb Greenhouse Gases

AP: Over 700 More U.S. Troops Arrive in Diyala

Al-Maliki tells aides U.S. benchmark deadline is June 30 or his ouster possible

Former Iraqi Premier Allawi arrives in Saudi Arabia

McClatchy: Video is said to disprove rape claim (taped confession)

VA orders review of 1,400 clinics

Gore's Live Earth Concert May Be Staged at Capitol (Bipartisan Senate resolution to do so)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 13

AP: Somalia president reported under attack

ABC: Republican (Warner) Rebukes Pace, But Defense Sec. Defends 'Don't Ask' Policy

US looks at plan to oust Musharraf

Gonzales: Prosecutors firings mishandled "mistakes were made here."

Cuba-China trade said hits $1.8B in 2006

Schumer: Gonzales has forgotten his oath

Sen. Johnson Issues Statement of Thanks

(ABC) Exclusive: Curveball, the Defector Whose Lies Led to War

Late mortgage payments hit 3½ year high

Iranian foreign minister says Israel, U.S. pose main threats to Mideast security

Senator (Hagel R-Ne) says he won't yield to any outside pressures

Resort plan for 'sewage snow' on tribal land axedFrom correspondents in Arizona

From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype (Global Warming)

ABC EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Calls for Gonzales' Resignation

Rep. Stark applauded for atheist outlook

Bush leaves Latin America empty-handed

Catholic politicians must oppose gay marriage-Pope

AP: Gay advocates demand apology from Pace

Sondra Prill: The Judy Garland of Public Access TV

I kinda want to dance to some Christian heavy metal rock and roll...

we are stardust, billion year old carbon

Fun Silliness (a "famous" name game)...

DRAT! My DVD player won't read the DVD's!

I coughed up blood this morning.

Does anyone want hours of free Howard Stern related comedy ?

Anchors Aweigh is on TCM.

So we rented BORAT last night...

Woman Accidentally Calls Police Officer Looking For Coke Dealer

I think there is something wrong with the Girl Scout cookies

I just discovered I grew up with a DUer...

Man Steals Kidney - Sends Pictures Of It From His Cell Phone - Arrested

Is it harder to live without Olive Garden or cigarettes?


I have to say goodbye...

tried this last night-pretty darn good.

Happy Birthday! Dana Delaney is 51 today!!

So I was drinking a beer with Keyser Soze tonight...(yeah, seriously)


My town is so small that .......

Jody Conradt, legendary Texas women's basketball coach, retires.

It is nice to have an office door that opens to the outside!!!

This will make you laugh

It's finally coming!

Take A Look At This Weather Pattern - Its The Damedest Thing ...

Yesterday, I became one of 'them'. You know, the assholes in the exact change lane without it.

It just makes no sense at all I tell ya'...

I love geek comics

Mr. and Mrs. 2kewl, Ernie and Al Gore are on the beach...

so I am sitting in my office and a paramedic stuck his head in my door!!

What Dumbass thought switching DST to an earlier date was a good idea

When you're in a really pissy-ass mood, what CD helps change that mood?

I have the most awesome news!

Delete me!

10 elephants and a Shepard walk into a bar...nt

TV Remote Control Inventor Buried.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/13/2007)

The temps are going up to 68F today in Michigan!

10 Nearly Random Songs

Don't declaw your cats

So, when has everyone scheduled their rehab for?

The ring has been shipped!!!

Andy Kaufmann

Athletes with porn star-sounding names

To distract you from the things that live in your eyelashes

"Colombia" is the country. No letter "u" in it.

Two nuns

I am getting ready to have a side effect.

Ever accidentally post something using "post" rather than reply?

Anybody here ever piss off GD??

My partner got a new job...and a promotion.

one of my cats is urinating on my bed

I am getting ready to have a butterfly effect

Faux Pas...

Should I go out for sauerkraut and dumplings on Monday or make my own?

A pointless pol:

Check in here if you are Czech and celebrate St. Joseph's Day.

A Potless Pol

Do you know what lives in your eyelashes?

The so-called "technological age" is a joke! (Warning: Grumpy rant)

a pointless poll?

My cat snuck out of the house this morning and made me late

Check in if you qualify for "other" and you dont have a "day"

I am eating the most delicious broccoli...

I found a moran family member outside of Jesusland

To whom do you owe an apology?

A pointed pole:

a pointing Pole

Oh no, I just realized I have to take a big test on the Ides of March...

Well I am a Heinz 57 and can celebrate all the National Holidays...

Check in if you're Snobbish and think bathrooms should smell of Potpourri

A pointed poll:

has anyone ever gotten in trouble for

What would happen if you told your boss "mistakes were made"?

I watched my first NetFlix streaming movie

I found it!!!!!

i somehow managed to chip----

Tuesday Questions

Check in here if you're practical & think Saint's Days just another excuse for an Alcoholiday.

What is this whole Lounge business?'s like high school home room!!

Is anyone else psyched for this?!?!?!

As A HST Fan

If you love me, just shoot my sorry, unemployed loser ass.

A pointer pup:

In the interest of bringing some seriousness to the lounge

There is a disemboweled rodent on my welcome mat

Fuck, they are messing with Youtube

It's late, I'm bored...

The evolution of Edward Furlong

Anyone ever upgrade a phone (cell phone)?

Should I go out for Corned beef and cabbage on Saturday or make my own?

Family reunion stories?

Is it a sin to eat all of the Hershey's Miniatures except the milk chocolate?

My rental car Hertz

My Elbow Hurtz...

My Willie Hurts

Your face is killing me.

Game show face or O-face?

My Patti Hurst

What's the difference between Delaware and Della Reese?

My knee hurts...

Once and for all: Who in the Lounge Is The Most Attractive, Smartest, Funniest, Sexiest,

Have you ever worked on a prejudice so that you no longer have it?

My Bubble Burst

Bwahahah.... I deceived my Tivo

Can you guess who this woman is?

One of my shoes has a little rip in it.

I want to say something nice about Oil Can Henry's.


I'm so freakin hippy right now.

Kibble these bits!

I'm so freaking hoppy right now, I can barley take it!

My 60 Hz.

Personally, if your national holiday requires heavy drinking, hell I'll celebrate it

Click here if you're almost 100% Danish and have no use for those other puny nationalities!

Anyone for crabs?

Check out our new kitten. His name is Rocky.

Anyone for crab?

Does my ass make my pants look like they make my ass look fat?

Cat playing piano...I shit you not

True or False: God created "uisce beatha" so the Irish wouldn't rule the world?

Check in here if you're Finnish and celebrate St Uhro's day

It's time for the ultimate music poll!

I am so freaking hoppy right now.

My toe hurts...

I'm going to go pick up my laundry.

My Giga Bytes

My Giga Burst!

I'm going to go pick up a quandary

Check in here if you've ever played Truth-or-Dare with a chicken

My Mega Hertz.

Does Linda Tripp put foundation on her face?

OK, confession time...

What the back of a smiley face looks like.


i never saw the eckert brothers again

My pen ran out of ink...

What's that smell?


Should A Flock of Seagulls be filed under "A" or "F"? nt

Anybody wanna help me hang some doors?

What the hell?? "Jeopardy" is on!

My Old Hurts

Check in here if you've ever played Tic-Tac-Toe with a chicken

I just bought a pint of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate.

There is something satisfying about giving your employer an STD.

Click here if you're 50% Irish and 50% German, want to get pissed on Guinness and invade Poland.

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show!

Psst! Ladies of DU: Want to know Tyra Banks' fav beauty tip?

Hey, everyone!

Does this shoe make my ass look fat?

OMG! I just had the funniest dream...

Check in here if you ever played "I Never" with other DUers

Will they EVER induct THE RUTLES into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

I am such a KLUTZ! I tripped, fell, and bloodied my nose.

On St. Patrick's Day, are we supposed to throw cabbage at the Catholics or the Protestants?

The Seven Wonders Reconsidered

Live Daily Article: Remembering Brad Delp Of Boston

There is something satisfying about giving your employer notice

Who needs a good cobblerin'?

Who dislikes the DST changes?

Top general 'regrets' homosexuality remarks...but will not apologize.

Will they ever induct the Five Royales into the Hall of Fame

A real-life Beavis

Chicken Fat Spill Shuts Down La. Highway

I'm gonna eat a worm

Damn the Bay Area is beautiful today!

Sweet, Pierre Trudeau's entire "Just watch me" interview

Help me waste my evening:

Not only do I like Bush

Brilliant AFSCME PSA

I am so freakin happy right now.

I decided to give up smilies for Lent.

Who needs a good slobberin'?

Alton tonight: "Give peas a chance"

Burn me if you like but here's why I like Rachael Ray

Is there a specific word that means "personal superstitious ritual"?

Will they EVER induct Milli Vanilli into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

My dog's gonna need a orthopedist

Does anyone have those days where you feel like your retarded

Graywarrior: Raul Malo and me...

Can somebody run out and pick me up a bottle of something?

My dog has a stuffed octopus toy

Who needs a good clabberin'?

What's a glue that will bond metal?

Happy birthday DiverDave, Suich & ileus!!

Who needs a good clobberin'?

I can make a tortoise dance....

What Happened to Me Using NICODERM CQ, and why Im MAD as Hell!

I'm bored...

Why don't we get drunk ...

What's a good checkout method (i.e. Paypal) for my website?

"Tish! That's French!"

Anybody know anything about these guys?

Wes Clark Jr "Suck my dick" to RW bloggers

Should I bread my haddock with corn flakes?

Check in here if you're Norwegian and can't figure out why no one observes Syttende Mai.

Thirteen Moons - thoughts on mourning

Anybody here ever think of running for office (at the state level or higher)?

Anyone have advice for dealing with a hostile professor?

My Olds Hurst.

Best Rock-n-Roll Songs... Not Pop, not ballads but R-n-R....

Check in if you're Scottish and think Saints' Days smack of Popery

Do you know what lives in your mustache?

Should talking on a cell phone while driving be banned?

What's your Porn Star name?

Sometimes a sign is a REAL sign...

What single personal possession would you protect in a prenup agreement?

its real simple

Click here if you're German/Slovak/Finnish and any excuse for a drink is okay by you.

Oh, BOUNCE! I'm listening to Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys

Any DU'ers over 50 who are in a new love/relationship?

How did you propose to your SO? or how did you SO propose to you?

Anybody here ever piss off GOD??

Check in here if you are Irish, want to be Irish, know anyone who is Irish, or drink Guinness.

OK. So this poll has zero interest over in GD. Let's try it here.


Heaven help me, 'Star Trek Voyager' is immensely entertaining!

California residents: please tell me about Contra Costa County

What is Bush' Greek name?

Check in here if you're English and damn proud of it and think St. Patty's day is a waste of time

Does Carrot Top put foundation on his nipples?

Sweet Jesus checkout this Brazilion protester

Click here if you're almost 100% German and have no use for those other puny nationalities!

I miss JVS

Know why jobs suck and sometimes end in someone quitting or getting fired?

My dog has a stuffed Octopussy toy

First bike ride of the season

You might be a right wing Republican if...

Does this ass make my shoe look fat?

Irish ....Feel free to add to it(picture heavy)

My "Fortress of Solitude" (dial up warning)

Hambo Lama Itigelov

Canada's Anglican leaders promote same-sex blessings

'Dem bones

Evangelicals say U.S. has lost moral focus by using torture tactics in terror fight

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Arena deal keeps Penguins in Pittsburgh

Pentagon's/VA's two sets of numbers. As many as 50,000 wounded.

Great diary (and liveblogging) up by KarenDC

Diary by Ted Kennedy up on Kos about the New Bedford raid

Kerry: Cheney Needs to Stop Bad-Mouthing Democrats, Start Changing Policy (remarks and video)

Read a summary by our own Karennj on JK & THK in NYC with Charlie Rose

Heads Up - JK speaking on the Senate floor

Meta Kos for those inclined for some juicy gossip

Okay, we need to talk about this U.S. Attorney story -- this is just EXPLOSIVE!

Kerry Calls On President Bush to Fire Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez

Wonderful, comprehensive post on THK at the Unofficial JK Blog!

Kerry speaks, the media attack

Head-spinning post on TomDispatch - A Journalist Writing Bloody Murder…

Anyone Still Pissed At Hillary For Her Attack on Kerry Following the Botched Joke?

Your attention please... possible change for this group

Hero vs ch(eney)icken

Grand Old Poop

Katrina Health Care Hearing: The Coroner of St Bernard Parish


Dick & Bob, 52 Years together

Bill O'Reilly hits new low - barf alert.

Watch Woody Harrelson speak out against mountaintop removal & take action

PRESS CONF: Schumer calls for resignation of AG Gonzales with Senator Feinstein

Tacoma Protesters Aressted

Guys, WP and NYT dropping bombs tonight, check it out!

Cartridge World running ads on Pigboy's site

3,195 US troops now dead in W's war of choice

Darth and Gonzo in 2006 and more recently....boy what a difference

Ron Paul on cspan 2 now

U.S. campaign calls for major divestment from Iran

Elizabeth Holtzman's Testimony To Wash State Legislature On Impeachment

Rare pic of Dubya in his natural state

US silent on accidental killing of British soldier in Iraq

Guess who offered General Wes Clark a new job?

Fuck the Department of Homeland Security

Freeper Heads Explode over Evangelicals Rejection of Torture

Ok folks once again

Bernie Ward talking about NYT article stating Bush "heavily involved" in US Atty firings

OK What happened to the Rapture?

Brzezinski Grades Presidents, U.S. Foreign Policy : George W. Bush, an F

A Message From Ramsey Clark About Impeachment & The March On The Pentagon

National Association of Evangelicals Rebuffs Dobson

So I went to the PNAC site tonight

Oh my god! C-SPAN is making my morning!!

Making sure he stays dead.

Why do people keep referring to Global Warming as a theory?

Just Call Me Mike: A Journey from Actor to Activist

A way of framing the debate on abortion

Stardust casino imploded in Las Vegas (AP)

This is a great hillary promo video. OK OK but it is good.

Is it fascism yet?

Opposing Iraq War: Heroes of Resistance ("sizable number of Americans saw charade for what it was")

What the hell are we on right now

Bush to Meet With New Mexican President Sibel Edmonds Needs Your Support (Petition To Waxman)

Is Rep. Roger Wicker from Mississippi really the idiot he seems to be?

Opposing the Iraq War: Heroes of Resistance (AlterNet)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

SPLC: Guestworker program "close to slavery"

The new American witch hunt . . .

Are the Dems going to investigate?

Bush Administration has itself to blame for prosecutor-gate

General Pace's "Upbringing": What Are His Views on Muslims, Since It Informs His Views on Gays?

Now we know why Domenici Hired Criminal Counsel To Represent Him....

Actor Fred Thompson, publisher Steve Forbes Raise Money for Libby

Gay advocates demand apology from Pace

On Bill Mahers Real Time, Roseanne kept pouding them about the fake Niger documents.

The Stardust is gone...

Hans Blix - `US acted like they were on a witch hunt in making case for war on Iraq`

W's Offical Position on Pending Legal Proceedings

CNN front page poll reveals Bush's base...question - "would a drawdown

Nearly One-Third of Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Returning Home with Mental Health Problems

Bush wants the Iraq authorization bill passed with "no strings attached".

"Apologizing" for not Oprahsizng?

Has Bush been sounding more mentally deficient recently?

Must see: today's "Mother Goose and Grimm"

Getting our 'Daily' dose: Trip to New York City means enjoying a Jon Stewart fix in person

The Forbes 4,000,000,000! Let's Hear it for Trickle-Up! (HuffPost)

Isn't this treason?

Evangelicals in heated battle over agenda

I didn't know about any relationship with Joe Lieberman

What do these five countries have in common?

TPM: Appointing Former Aide Was "Important to Karl"

A New One: "F... BIPARTISM!"

Endless War Memorial: Dad of Slain Soldier Joins Times Square Protest to Read Names of Iraq War Dead

2005 - Sampson (Gonzo's recently ex chief of staff) was rumored to be Rove's replacement

A Red Letter Day for Uranus

"No Common Sense" letter makes it to print

Evangelicals Condemn Torture

I have been pleased with the early change to daylight savings time

bushitler viettrain.

I put a page up over in the research forum to cover the Bush Administration's purging of prosecutors

Kerry on Cspan2 now - senate floor speech blasting WH and GOP spokespeople

Why are Feith and company so defensive? Because Nuremburg trails would consider them war criminal

MN senate poll: Norm Coleman (R) 46%, Al Franken (D) 36%

Kiley Replacement Slammed ‘Media Assault,’ ‘Misinformation’ In Post Investigation

Is the Attorney General impeachable?

Stocks Tumble on Subprime Lender Worries

NYDailyNews: In early 2004 Cheney volunteered to step down - Bush said no

War and Liquor a Perilous Mix for U.S. Troops

Could we raise enough $$ for an ad in the NYT decrying Dem "leadership."

What happens to all the mortgagors and their ability to pay their

DU this CNN poll-would a drawdown make America more prone to attacks?

Great article on DU's Ava on Mother Jones.

Has Huffington Post shut down their "Comment" Section?

Critical Path Revisited

60%, nice number, isn't it!

Does the demolition of the Stardust hotel in Las Vegas....

Viacom Sues YouTube, Google For $1B

Calculating Cheney's base: 18% approval rating

Chuck Grassley just demanded "I got to have ten more minutes to finish reading this" on CSPAN2

Cheney to AIPAC activists: If you're here and want out of Iraq you have no brain

Berlusconi goes on trial

World's third-richest man gaining wealth

Just so you don't miss it--CSPAN 3 tonight!

Vatican watchdog body examining case of Spanish theologian

Peter Pace: Homosexuality is immoral.

Large Revolt Inside Israel's IDF

Attorney scandal: Anything short of impeachment is meaningless

Gonzales Lied Under Oath, Said All Bush-Appointed Attorneys Would Be ‘Senate-Confirmed’

VIDEO: General Pace: Homosexuality 'immoral'

The Flip-Side Story to US Prosecutor Firings

3fer: a pants-off Shrub joke. KAPLAN/Couric/Clinton. GIBSON "best" anchor?

Tomb frightens Christian diehards

3,400 more trainers sought for Afghanistan

Murder Trial Set to Begin for East Tennessee Soldier

Self delete, dupe

Infamous Spice Girl SEELYE (2000 saboteur of GORE) departs to NYT online

‘Surge’ forces U.S. troops into makeshift bases


I don't think bond(reptile) MO. is going to make it to 2010

I'm doing a study on false flag terrorism

All this effort and chaos for one ignorant, enabled punk. That's what this is...

From where I am, it does seem as if things are heading the right way in America.

Rocky vs. Hannity: A referee for rhetoric PART DEUX

DU This CapitalNews Poll-Should the ban against gays serving openly in the military be lifted?


Dan Rather: Journalism has "lost its guts," is lapdog, not watchdog

Native Americans win ruling on Sacred Mountain!!!!!

Iraqi scholars, pols, & oil workers say REJECT Bush-coerced hydrocarbon law

Marketwatch: New foreclosures at record high

AG Gonzales Has His Libby Moment --Insert name: Sampson LINK

His nice uniform can't mask qualities which would make Lucifer proud

"Viacom Sues YouTube Over Copyrights"

A very telling photo of Shrub's popularity in South America

Don't you love how people who think the Bible is the only science book a child will ever need

Pace Refuses to Apologize --->>>

Stop worrying about "Political Correctness", everybody should be worried about "Bush Correctness"

PFAW: Attorney General Gonzales Should Resign or Be Removed from Office

It's a falsehood that rejecting the Iraq supplemental request would cause Bush to withdraw

Many workers live paycheck to paycheck: survey

Reminder: President Gore comes back to Congress next Wednesday

NYT - tepid rebuke of Gore and "Truth"

Just heard on Stephanie Miller

UPDATE: Eight newspapers drop Coulter

"Are We Failing Our Wounded?" - worth watching...

I admire the courage of these kids for speaking out...

Albert W. Hsu Arrested For Soliciting, Rape and Abduction of Mistress on Internet Sex Site

Are those shredders I hear working around the clock at the White House??

So it's Gonzo for Perjury, and Bush for Obstruction of Justice.

Amazing moment just now on CNN - Heidi Collins - red hair, Red Shill..

HAR HAR-- AAR offers to host GOP presidential debates!

in case anyone has forgotten: Travel-gate

ABC: Schumer renews call for Gonzales to step down - Gonzales cancels planned trip for today

If Gonzales resigns, will that be enough

Impeach Gonzales!

After Evicting Members, Sorority Is Itself Evicted

U.S. abducts people from Western countries to be tortured

Olmert to AIPAC: Early Iraq withdrawal will cause regional instability

John Ashcroft

Q: Why Don't We EVER Hear ANYTHING About gonzAllAss's Family?

Calling All Peace Activists!

gonzAllAss Reminds Me Of Dracula


**OFFICIAL** Gonzalez News Conference Thread # 1`

Well Wal Mart is at it again

Watergate 2.0 begins at 2:00 eastern.

Oh No...Bush goes to Mexico ...brings up "hard work" in his speech!

Limbaugh: "You could say liberals are aborting themselves out of the majority"

Private contractor with connections to the Bush regime led to Walter Reed fiasco

Not to disrupt the conversation, but the DJIA is down nearly 200 points

Teacher/Student Sex

White House-Justice Dept Email Lists Attorneys To "Consider Pushing Out" (TPM Muckraker)

Most outlandish reason for Gonzo Presser?

Is there any chance that Bush sent out his little toady Peter Pace to stir up trouble?

Frickin MSNBC using "Democrat Lawmakers" in their Headlines.

The Democratic Party has a split personality to me

Most oppose pardon for Libby in CIA leak case

CREW wants Special Prosecutor to investigate potential criminal violations in U.S. Attorney firings

Gonzo presser: No microphones for the press questions..

During the Vietnam draft: could you go down to the enlistment

Does the government have to pay rental for polling places?

Worst. Conference. Ever.

The Democratic Party is DEAD to me

I remember the days leading up to Gulf War I. What a different world that was.

Gonzales Was Reference for Ousted Prosecutor

Dick Cheney's warped vision of the world (via AIPAC speech)

Was it just me, or did Bertie

Was it a mistake for Dems to abandon their position with respect to Iran and war authorization?

Check out the web ad running at

GMW: New study shows GM maize caused kidney and liver toxicity

This time Gonzo "mistakes were made."

Hit Piece In NY Times Against Al Gore Shows Desperation

Iraq veteran's family blames VA for son's overdose death - Couldn't deal with killing women and kids

Washington Post: Gonzales 'Among the Worst' of Attorney Generals EVER

Schummer (D) tearing up Gonzo on CSPAN2 Now!

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark Explains Why Bush Must Be Impeached

Democrats to clean up the sub-prime mess

Since when are public officials "like CEOs"?

Is Karl Rove really losing it?

Eric Boehlert: Fox News can't take a punch (MediaMatters)

BREAKING: Giuliani’s Ex-wives March on Washington

BBC: US woman (Deborah Palfrey) 'to share escort files'

Women Suffer Untold Violence and Repression in U.S.-Occupied Iraq

Petition to get Alberto Gonzales removed from office:

Caption Gonzo...

Since when does acceptance of responsibility NOT include consequences?

Gonzales: "Mistakes were made and I take full responsibility"

Freakers on Gonzo. ROTFLMAO

Is Gonzo about to cry on c-span?

Should Election Day be a holiday?

I'm willing to bet that USA-gate is really about the stealing of the 2004 election.

"Dubai: It's what happens when Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas have a baby."

Bet: Will Gonzales resign?

Photo of Gonzo fleeing the news conference

'Smart' rebels outstrip US

DU help please: Anybody have a you tube for Gonzo getting choked up?

*Official* Gonzalez News Conference thread #2

Tom Price (A-Georgia) on C-Span 1: "Official Truth Squad"

So if the Dem's didn't win back the congress---do you think all this stink would come out?

Which asset would you trust most for Iraqi intelligence...

What happens if they declare martial law?

Buzzflash Interview: Chalmers Johnson: Chronicling America's Imperial Folly

Cicadas causing outdoor concert to go indoors this year. Can't compete with the buggers

Governor Dean: Gonzales and Rove Must Go!

cloture and 2008

Imagine if Harriet had made it to the Supremes

Leahy runs into Gonzales this morning - warns he would demand complete information about the firings

Christian Newswire: "Gen. Pace was just telling truth on gays; should not apologize"

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales chief of staff quits

Breaking: Gonzo Press Conference @ 2:00pm EST

HuffPo: "We're inside the White House now."

will the US Attorneys/Gonzo fiasco finally get Impeachment going?

I think Im gonna go sign up for the army...

So when's Dan Rather going to investigate his own demise???

Please read this post:

Whoremongers relieved: Dc Madam won't sell client list. (Wonkette)

The Pragmatism of Prolonged War...

Months after Rita, body found in home

House Committee Chairmen Say Probe of Fired U.S. Attorneys Should Include Abramoff Case

How quickly could the Democrats stop the war if they wanted to?

SMOKING GUN E-Mail- Gonzales' chief of staff-Kyle Sampson to Justice Department liaison to WH/Mier

Are 13-year-olds able to consent to sex with adults?

i've never heard Gonzales stumble over words so mightily as during this press conf...

America's Perpetual Nuclear War

Israel allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in their armed forces.

Al Gore Seeks Earlier Start to Kyoto Pact Successor

Lying to Congress has become a Republican principle, literally...

Cars at home have Roswell man facing jail

About Iraq..

Please rec this video so DUers can see: Schumer and Feinstein

Twit moment for the View's Elisabeth...patriot act is AWESOME and in time of war we should LET govt

Bush to al-Maliki: pass a draft oil law by the end of June, or you are gone

3/12 the View EH's Twit moment #2 same day...told Senator Schumer he was WRONG

Gonzo presser - Whined again about his hard childhood.

[Miami] Heat's Riley offers political views

Rove Deputy Worked to Get Former Aide Spot...

Michael is BAD, Cheney is evil, Flee to Dubai.. an escape from what's legal.

I wonder if the Senate can issue a Subpoena

Congressman says he doesn't believe in God

Looked like Lou Dobbs head was about to explode

What Do They Do, Grow 'Em In A Greenhouse?

Gonzales: Which Dems voted to give him his job?

Karl Rove Purged In Drastic Republican Move

Someone said all the Dems have to do is mention the magic 2 words, Karl Rove and he Repugs freeze up

CNN QuickVote: Should openly gay people be alowed to serve in the military?

I believe the way Wolf has his snout up Bush's @$$ is Immoral!

Mucho Me Gusta Mexico Lindo! ---pix--->>>

Should Presidential candidates be required to pass an IQ test with a score of 110 or better?

Caption this Gonzales pic

Amidst all the insanity...a Ginsberg moment

Question - is Tucker Carlson STUPID, DENSE, or a LIAR?

Remember...Gonzo was on the short list for the Supreme Court Justice.

(TOON) The Urge To Purge

Has anyone posted General Pace in DRAG yet?

The firing of eight U.S. attorneys is only the beginning of Bush's politicizations of justice

Shut up and drink, Lilburn bar patrons told

Round to AIPAC on Iran Provision - But the Fat Lady Is Just Warming Up

New York Times Replaces Lede On Story Fingering Bush In Attorney Scandal

These reporters should get Pulitzers for bringing the attorney fiasco out in the open!

Buzzflash: Iraq Refugee Crisis Means More Troops Staying and Dying because of Bush Stubbornness

Nominees for New Seven Wonders of the World

You ever start a thread and regret how it came out.? I do it all the time.

General Pace's "Fatwah on Fags" - If You'll Pardon the Expression - Pleases Radical Imams

Blooker prize honours best blogs (BBC) {actually, books based on blogs}

Com•Log•ic's TOON: Smoking Guns Magic Bullets Gonzales COS Resigns *Large Graphic File*

Eureka! Halliburton Moving to Dubai

do you think people watch the Cobert Report and think they really are repukes??

I'm an sick of hearing I take responsibility, but that does not mean I should resign

What did the President know ,and when did he know it?

Sen. Johnson On Road To Recovery

Tucker, Tucker, bow-tied fucker, sez if you don't accept Peter Pace's bigotry...

Staid Josh Marshall on Prosecutor-Gate is getting... SHRILL!

Buffalo Soldiers

Ok, I know this is petty, but something about Gonzalez' head bothers me

The 25 most useful sites on the internet(s):

I think David Gregory is doing a good job on hardball...

Where is Gonzales licensed to practice law? Can his license be revoked for lying under oath?

Fans of Josh Marshall's blog, TalkingPointsMedia (TPM)

The Democratic Party is alive and well to me

Must See editorial TOONs for Tuesday

Happy Anniversary George W!!

Gonzales: "I accept responsibility for what happened here"

Connect the Dots (Halliburton TOON)

"I serve at the pleasure of the President"

DU this poll.....won't you please?

caption this Bush picture

(Iraqi) Woman arrested over police rape claims (Sabrine Janabi incident)

Help! DU this Poll: Should Pace apologize?

AIPAC backed removal of Iran war provision

Kerry to Bush: Fire Gonzalez for FBI abuses and Attorney Purge

INSTANT KARMA: The Campaign to Save Darfur

General Pace is right, well sort of

Olmert 'planned Lebanon war before soldiers' kidnap'

Rove’s deputy involved in attorney purge

2135 signatures on the free gary tyler petition. Did you sign yet?

DU THIS: Should Bush be IMPEACHED?

O’Reilly Compares Nevada Debate Opponents To Nazis

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 3/13 -- one step ahead of the law?

Mother Jones blogs about Novak hosting exclusive luncheons

CAPTION Peter Pace =====>

Personally I believe that UNTIL we have equal rights across the board

Bush sr. describes fainting episode - friend had to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Asia Times: What drives biofuel Bush? (Jeb Bush, in particular)

What Gonzales and ROVE knew. See for yourself.

Sisters & Brothers: Join Me Today in Saying "F... You" To Fox News!

I think folks who want the Dem leadership Iraq compromise to fail want the Iran provision included

Wounded soldiers living in filth and rats and cockroaches is Immoral.

DU DialUp's here's Transcript of Schumer/Feinstein Going after Bush/Rove/Gonzales Presser!

Liquor bottles pile up at airport

How many democrats if any will....

Why on EARTH is Bob Shrum still called "a leading 'democrat' adviser"?

I just called Pelosi's office to express my discontent, I suggest others do the same.

"Shall we have phones implanted, to make it easier?

now we know why chucklenuts wanted Harriot on the Supreme court

Gay Political Football....Repukes First and Ten....

War protesters camp outside Pelosi's Calif. home

Tonight - ABC Nightline report: Meet Curveball, the Defector Whose Lies Led to War

Lawsuits Claim Honda Odometers Cheat Car Owners

In Debt We Trust as the Economy Goes Bust: A Return to Serfdom?

Clinton fired all 93 U.S. Attorneys

How can you say "Homosexuality is immoral" if you've never tried it?

Edwards Calls For Attorney General Gonzales To Resign

I saw "The F Word" last night.

**DOJ Documents are HERE**

I understand that Bush The Elder is up in age, but does everyone that faints go to the hospital?

Andrea Mitchell: "most people think ... Libby should be pardoned"

Please Do The DU Thing On The US Attorney Voter Fraud Stories


India fifth most corrupt Asian economy: Survey

Worst part of Bush's collapse? A guy gave him mouth to mouth.

know of an accurate internet time server?

This Doesn't Change A Thing. Congress Declares War. Bush Can't Just Order One.

Congressional Budget Office Suggest Cutting Troops and Veterans Benefits

Students' `vagina' Suspensions Lifted

House GOP try to halt Muslim seminar

rate the bald cheney's performance---du your thang

Must read at Talkingpointsmemo - link below. The timeline.

now we know why Coulter made those remarks

What if ALL the gays in the military came out at once? I think I heard there were about 60,000

"should lead to Sen. Domenici's departure from the senate ..." now

Pace should be forced to resign

'The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.'

Where's the link on Olbermann's new girl-friend?

If Halliburton gets to move the company's money & papers to Dubai .....

CELIAC DISEASE will be a t opic for discussion on The View tomorrow

That's it I'm writing Lou Dobbs off

Interesting history on the rise of the Israeli far-Right

"AP Poll 'SCARY' for True Conservative Christians"

Bush's impeachment or out of Iraq?

My anti-DLC letter to the editor was printed Saturday.

Wow! Gonzo literally turned and fled.

CNN Lou Dobbs Poll: Should Gonzalez Resign? - vote

Should we accept that the US is never leaving Iraq?

Debunking the NY Times' Sloppy Hit Piece on Gore

Air America's Invitation

Another hot blonde school teacher caught doing 17 year old male student

SCREW'EM!!! Time to shut down the system that considers you "immoral"

Brzezinski Grades Presidents, U.S. Foreign Policy

Dow Jones plunges again - 240 points today...

CAN we talk?'s a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, regardless

Clinton: Right-wing conspiracy is back

What should Democrats do about Alberto Gonzales?

Gonzales: Prosecutors firings mishandled


Fired U.S. prosecutor refused to probe voter fraud because there was "no evidence."

Bush Falls for One of the Classic Blunders

Crohn's Disease Research Bill: I Have Crohn's

Sibel Edmonds: Help me put Perle and Feith in jail

Breaking: Jenna Bush Is Secretly Engaged!

Thousands riot over rising public transport fares in China..

Am I the only one who is becoming increasingly frustrated with the 110th Congress?

Woman says she bought car under influence of bipolar disorder, sues dealer

BEWARE the Ides of March, Mr. Bush

Another E-MAIL-This Time Showing Rove's Hand In Prosecutor Purge

Why do *you* hate America?

Muslim Target employee refuses to handle pork product at checkout

"Olbermann's happier than he's been in years, thanks to girlfriend Katy Tur"

Pelosi Speaks to AIPAC Today and Hears.... Boos?

Michael Savage (Weiner) for President: an update

We are heading for a brick wall

If Hagel came out against the Iraq war and against the drug war

An offhand reflection on the prosecutor purge...

Doing research on Russian journalists murdered

Tancredo: don't blame government for post-immigration raid problems (AP)

St. Croix (US Virgin Island) is DHS bureaucratic heaven.

Support These Candidates

among the candidates, who has the strongest anti-war position?

I Am Hearing Lots Of repukes Calling Washington Journal Saying gonzalass Should Resign

White House Mulled Firing All Prosecutors (AP)

Democrats/lib bloggers now officially "Nazis" on Fox News

Gutless wonders.

General Pace comes out in favor of gay threesomes

It started in Florida, it ended in FLORIDA

Democrats "want to" talk to rove about firing judges

Since when does the US military get an opinion on social matters?

Kiley Replacement Slammed ‘Media Assault,’ ‘Misinformation’ In Post Investigation

Did you vote to end partisan gridlock?

Schumer press conference on CNN right now

Senatos Kerry and Obama speaking on Iraq NOW on C-Span2!

Was Congressman Obey "Set Up" because he was Holding Hearings on No Child Left Behind?

Video: Schumer Renews Call For Gonzales To Resign, Says Chief Of Staff ‘May Have Obstructed Justice’

Aides: Pace Won't Apologize for Gay Remark

Democrats' Divisions on Iraq Threaten Shaky Seats in 2008 Races

Prosecutor purge reaches crisis mode for White House

The Democratic Iraq-Withdrawal Resolution Explained

Hmm. This prosecutor firing thing seems to have precedents.

Clinton nabs K St. backers her rivals shun

About that "voter fraud" red herring

Can The Call For * & Cheney's Resignation Be Too Far Behind?.......

Will gonzAllAss Resign At His Press Conference Today?

In Iraq, No Room at The Inn for Auditors (Condi wants no snoopers)

Gonzales to hold press conference!

Okay, so an affair between consenting adults is private, and perjury is not a high crime ...

Countdown to Gonzo Announcement--5, 4, 3, 2...

Chris Dodd D Conn...joins the Group of Hopefuls??? Did I hear it right?

Kerry: Honor lives lost with lives saved. (Bonus - goes after Cheney in senate)

Conyers to call Karl Rove in front of House Judiciary Committee

TIME: Darth Cheney

more than two parties will show up in November

When Will Former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani Comment On Attorney Purge?

Pelosi: ‘We Don’t Need Moral Judgment From The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs’

VIDEO:Ensign 'Flabbergasted’ Over Attorney Firing: ‘Completely Mishandled By The Attorney General’

Dan Abrams on Gonzales FRAMING attempt

BREAKING: CREW wants Special Prosecutor to investigate potential criminal violations in U.S. Attorne

Sibel Edmonds Needs Our Support!

Chertoff,--poses with newly naturalized soldiers,(front page Yahoo)

The GOP has done a magnificent job on scapegoating...

Solving the Prosecutor Firing Problem...It's Easy!!!

Shorter Alberto Gonzales

Barbara Boxer wants you to act like a Senator

Democrats blamed for ’under-funded’ Walter Reed Hospital

OK I'm back to Edwards, he stood up to fox he'd stand up for America

Justice Dept. releases U.S. Attorney documents (at Conyers' request)

Gonzales Staffer Was "Ready Replacement" for Rove

Guess who offered General Wesley Clark a new job?

How to Swift-boat Rudy Giuliani

Poll: 58 percent want Iraq withdrawal by 2008 or sooner

Earth-shattering prosecutor purge news from Tuesday's Washington Post

Probes seek to query Rove about firings

Where Credit is Due.

Gonzales: Sampson still on payroll.

Attorney Purge: Conyers Wants to Question Rove (John Nichols of The Nation)

Treasury casts a wide net under Patriot Act

Seriously, what has to happen?

Democratic Senator Makes Progress On Medical Recovery

Troops told Dems are cutting their food rations?!?

The leftwing "Stop Hillary" Movement has become what the GOP was in 1998

Sorry, but Schumer's a blowhard...

The MOST meaningless three words in the Republican lexicon:

Breaking: CREW Wants Special Prosecutor To Investigate Potential Criminal Violations In US Attorney

Surely *this* will take this adminstration down

Pelosi's Disastrous Misstep on Iran (John Nichols for The Nation)

white house/Ag docs re prosecutor firings are online!

The Right Wing Bloggers and the Justice Department Scandal

Bartlett giving press conference in middle of MEXICO VISIT?

Hey Congress! How many f$&#ing things have to occur before you are

What bush fuckup will take gonzalez off the front burner ??

Rove is in this up to his eyeballs. He's gonna be swimming in subpoenas.

Conservative support for Gonzales ‘tepid.’

AG Gonzalez: "Lighten up, it was just a third-rate burglary!"

Strike at Big Shipyard Is Yet Another Effect of Katrina (NYT)

Bush leaves Latin America empty-handed (Guardian)

Senate Republicans to allow debate on Iraq rebuke (Reuters)

Billy Shaheen 'leaning towards Hillary', will endorse in about a week

WaPo Endorses Congressional "Oversight" -- As Long As It Isn't Really Oversight

now we know why Harriot Meyers was nominated for the SC...cover up

Employee Free Choice Act: Workers need a revitalized labor movement-Charleston gazette

An immediate benefit of Libby trial

Do You Agree With Al Sharpton When It Comes To Obama?

Here are the Blue Dogs keeping requirements out of the Iraq bill.

Head-spinning post on TomDispatch - A Journalist Writing Bloody Murder…

Democrats are now in a position of legitimatizing the very reason why George Bush took the US to war

E-mail exchange between Sampson and White House Officials

E-Mail Shows Plan for Firing Prosecutors (AP)

What's REALLY SAD is that NO MSM CABLE Reported THIS!

What might be holding Gore back?

Employee Free Choice Act: Making a Better Workplace for Everybody-great personal story!

Edwards Calls For Attorney General Gonzales To Resign

N.Y. Times: ‘Expanding Guest Worker Program Would Be Tragic, Ridiculous’

Rove’s deputy involved in attorney purge.

US Attorney Removal Halted Abramoff Investigation (Guam)

Army IG's report points to faulty rating of wounded soldiers (disability)

What does Gonzales' firing of the U.S. Attorneys, the outing of Plame, ...

Air America offers to host GOP debate

Edwards Wins the Gonzales Primary (David Corn of The Nation)

Bush to Press Free Trade in a Place Where Young Children Still Cut the Cane (NYT)

Brzezinski Grades Presidents, U.S. Foreign Policy

Groups '1st Amendment Award' Named After Molly Ivins!

Can Everyone Connected to the Bush Administration Just Go, Please?

Edwards increases efforts to fight global warming; campaign will be carbon-neutral

What did Karl Rove have to do with DOJ's Firings?

Sharpton has legit concerns re: Obama, however I fear a crabs in the barrel

US looks at plan to oust Musharraf

Two months after ascending to the Senate, Barack Obama bought $50,000

"Wearing dark suit and tired eyes," Hagel in "biggest letdown since 'Joey' spun off from 'Friends'"

.Pelosi drew a smattering of boos........AIPAC meet up

JCS Chair Peter Pace

What if the FBI Hired Someone Honest to Look into 9-11?

Gonzales Chief Of Staff Rebuts Rove Claim That Clinton Purged Prosecutors Too

Kerry Calls On President Bush to Fire Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez

Howard Dean: Gonzales and Rove Must Go

Why is Kucinich on my TV???

How the Blogosphere Is Saving the Boob Tube

Gonzales Lied Under Oath, Said All Bush-Appointed Attorneys Would Be ‘Senate-Confirmed’

Kucinich: Time for Action on Iraq

Lawmakers Urge Investigation Into Administration’s Prosecutor Purge In Abramoff Case (GUAM!)

Yoko Ono Waives Lennon's Entire Catalogue Rights for Darfur Charity Record

Alec Baldwin: There is a Candidate Who is the Answer