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Archives: March 12, 2007

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 282

60 Minutes:The Plight Of Iraqis Who Helped The U.S.

The silence that fueled Walter Reed and Abu Ghraib

Businesses Prepare to Mount a Concerted Attack on Regulation

Robert Weitzel: America's Perpetual Nuclear War (CommonDreams)

Iraq talks could pave road home for America

Reporting the News Even When a Competitor Gets There First

Baghdad's Deserted Southern Zone ....... Militants in Control; Residents Stay Inside

CNN Sold Us the War. Now It Sells Us the Heartbreak with Unctuous Consoling, "Heroic! Brave!"

Bush's Crimes in Baghdad Have Parallel in U.S., U.K.

A Bush Abroad: George Does America Latina

National Journal : Rolling Back Pentagon Spies

Bush in Guatemala: Time to Tackle Impunity Calls on Wal-Mart to Release Its Internal Investigation Regarding the Spy Scandal

Scientist Featured In Movie "Debunking" Warming Says His Work "Completely Misrepresented"

22 die in 'danger' mine flood (CNN) {China}

[Autobahn] Highway speed limit plan irks Germans

National Association Of Evangelicals Tells Dobson To Pound Sand

Pelosi Reveals Who's Who On Global Warming Panel

Wind-Powered Montana Beer Festival


Rove admits he complained to Miers that "voter fraud cases were not being treated as a priority"

(Bainbridge, Georgia) Pastor accused of sex with minor arrested (in Costa Rica)

In rare move, Yale New Haven Hospital calls for new union election

Labor seeks unity through “Three Cities, One Future” campaign (janitors make as little as $26 a day)

"An Inconvenient Truth' on Show time 8pm EST. NOW Sunday

(Iraqi) Political wrangling hurts Iraq progress (bencmarks)

U.S. and Iran See Iraq Talks as Good ‘First Step’

No. 3 Senate Democrat: Gonzales must go

Maya to 'cleanse' sacred site after Bush visit

Comic Richard Jeni dead of apparent suicide

In New Tactic, Militants Burn Houses in Iraq

South American Integration Sealed in Bolivia

LAT: Fallback strategy for Iraq: train locals, draw down forces

McClatchy: White House says Rove relayed complaints about prosecutors

U.S. Gas Prices Up 20 Cents Over 2 Weeks

The Times (UK): Thousands face pay cut under new equality law

White House lists cuts to pay for more troops (agriculture, education and other programs)

Romney says government was wrong in Schiavo case

Dozens of protesters arrested at Port of Tacoma, WA (military vehicles to Iraq)

WP: Justice Official 'Horrified' Phone Call Was Seen as Threat (Elston)

I am eating in the kitchen!

Lounge Rats have really too much time on their hands

Today our child ate olives in the garden, and SHE LIKED IT!

Great 'Family Guy' on tonight!

Oh my god

Scare Tactics - Rat Monster

Screw the video, read the viewer comments for this youtube clip!!

I found Jesus--and he's pretty cute!

Is "Dog Bites Man" (on Comedy Central) ever coming back?

Back in business w/Yahoo!

‘Berserk’ house cat sends woman to hospital

I. Lewis Libby - picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been

What smiley are you guilty of overusing?

Anyone watch The Winner with Rob Cordry? Is this terrible or is it just me?

Today my Garden yielded OLIVES and my child

Suggestions for a St. Patrick' s Day music play list.

Ee-e-e-um-um-a weh

Ah, nuts! My wife got laid off Friday.

Good, good earworm. I like when this one is stuck in my head...

I just smashed some chocolate chips with a hammer!

What does this symbol represent?

Rome was DAMN good tonight.

Lorry-load of marijuana abandoned (BBC) {$20M worth?!?}

Ugh, 102 degree fever and my busiest week at work coming up

Kitten talk!

I made sure I posted my 6000th post in the Lounge.

Other than where the product is inserted...

The preparation IS worse than the actual event

Every computer moment is now a lifetime experience.

I made strawberry jam in my breadmaker last night!

Apparently I owe a few apologies.

Just made the easiest, YUMMIEST cookie recipe ever...

I just saw THE funniest "Oh shit" moment in an ad...

Lime In The Coconut!?

Today we went to OLIVE GARDEN, and we bought a child. AND WE ATE IT.

Is it too early to judge, or is 'The Winner' the least-funny sitcom

The old priest lay dying in the hospital....

Is anyone else here a landlord?

Keith O's lips

How do I start a thread?

Because kids' drawings aren't already scary enough....

So I'm the last person ALIVE to see TheSopranos & am underwhelmed.

I saw the craziest puppies ever today.

Mementos from past relationships ...

Anyone else here have a crush on the artist babe in that Xerox Color ad?

Orchids! (You won't be sorry for looking . . . )

Of all the dogs that ever were, are, and ever will be

I found a swimsuit for my 5 year old daughter! WooHoo!

I am the father of Salma Hayek's baby

Two songs running through my head all day:

Free Association: "Has anybody hear seen my good friend Abraham"

If you had to be one of these superheroes,

NCAA Basketball Tourney Brackets

Like GoPSuX says, you can never have too many PIC THREADS!!!!

Ah....the smell of charcoal.

Drinking to the fallen


favorite elton john tune

I had a professional bra fitting today.....

Step one: Steal two lobsters.

Anyone Wanna be my Bookstore's MySpace Friend?

Post here if you're a CAROLINA fan! (Especially if you LIVE here)!!!

free shit to do in chicago this week?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for March 11: Anand wins Morelia-Linares

Cricket World Cup 2007

Ok. That's it. People are dropping left and right.

The Stars This Week: "The Yin and Yang of Order and Chaos" - Mar. 12 - Mar. 18, 2007

Sending Sick ,Injured or Troops with Mental Problems back into the Sand Box

Boy, do they have it wrong.

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Mar 10, 2007

A Citizen Call for Voter Integrity!

Vulture Funds

FOX News Calls Democrats Fascists

Between Barbarism and a Solar Transition

has anyone reveled the Griffith Justice appointee vote stealing scheme yet.?? randi rhodes talked

"An Inconvenient Truth' on Show time 8pm EST. NOW Sunday

2008 voter issues, the war, big oil, and defeating more republicans

Larry Johnson's wall of shame of Faux screencaps (libby innocent, civil war a good thing...)

Iran Expects Russia To Supply Fuel For Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant By End Of Month

Pastor Arrest on Molestation Charges - thought he could get away, front license plate read 'Jesus'

Actor Fred Thompson considers 2008 run

Prince William Peacemakers (VA) encounter War

Iran president seeks UN audience

North Korea warns of ‘actions’

Why can't Billy Bush be president instead of George?

White House promises to look into Rove's action w/ U.S. Attorneys

'Smart' rebels outstrip US

NYT Headline Change: "Halliburton Moving Its C.E.O. From Houston to Dubai"

Waxman Should Ask Defense Contract Audit Agency: How Many Auditors in US vs. UAE?

Theocratic agenda heading for a Statehouse near you

TV Tires Of Coulter: Producers Say Pundit's Shelf Life Expiring

Caption this * pic...

Hillary Compares herself to JFK in New Hampshire Today

Jerry Falwell Embraces Newt...

You walk out of "300" with whatever baggage you brought in with you

Anyone watching Richardson on CSPAN right now?

A soldier alone: Quadriplegic Army veterans mother speaks about VA care

Greg Palast

Immigration Raids Divide Families

About a mile away from the palace, some 2,000 protesters chanted "Down with Bush"

A Word From David Swanson To David Sirota Regarding David Obey

DU Political Video's Forum....How many go there?

Steve Jobs introduces the iRack:

Fake Dem. Zell Miller blames military shortages, social security, illegal immigration on abortion

Are we just not going to be free anymore?

Russia Elections Blasted As Orchestrated

Russia Criticizes U.S. Human Rights Report

Com•Log•ic's Comic on Prosecutor Purge: Smoking Guns Magic Bullets *Large Graphic File* PART 2

BIG DOG ALERT: President Clinton (past not future, ) to be on Family Guy

I love Maxine Waters

DUPE (Halliburton Move) - deleting... sorry.

Prior to Iraq invasion, CIA paid Iraqi oil workers not to burn the oil wells

Expert says global warming is pushing "African" diseases north - Reuters

Tony Soprano = AG Gonzales? Crooks in DC told prosecutor to keep quiet or else...

Giuliani’s Ex-wives March on Washington

Missing Inaction: Switchgrass

Conservative Voice: Should President Bush Be Impeached?

Paul Krugman: Overblown Personnel Matters

A lot of people don't think Bush should hang these three Iraqi women POWs


Anybody else watching the Koppel Discovery special?

What's a daddy to do?

What do you make of this?

Here's the Showtime schedule for Inconvenient Truth.

What happened to ", "

No "Conservative Idiots" this week?

Democrats are boycotting FOX so should we

Bush having a few with his best buddy

Drudge making fun of Belafonte

Buzzflash: More States Pass Resolutions Demanding Congress Stop the Escalation

How happy are you?

Rev. Ted Haggard massage table on eBay

Why don't we DEFUND the mercenaries?

Can someone answer a few questions about the proposed plan for withdrawal?

PHOTO: "Halliburton thanks you, America, for your BILLIONS & BILLIONS of dollars!

Giuliani: "There must be public funding for abortion"

ANWR and the Halliburton Hightail: No Oil Service Contracts for Non-US-Based Companies?

Fox News at Its Finest.

National Security demands that the US government seize Halliburton.

An American Classic- Dubithy and The Wizard of Oil

No Place but Texas. State Rep buys himself $1500 custom boots with campaign donations.

Fuck it. Wer'e doomed. Why even TRY to take the WH in 2008

ROVE & BUSH ADMIN Acknowledge Rove's Role In Prosecutor Purge


Proposed dog law may bite into SPCA coffers (shelter below 85 degrees, etc)

I truely believe this Iraq war was designed chaos

"This Is Not Right"

Is 300 right wing propaganda?

Plague of locusts greeting Bush arrival to the Yucatan

Religion's Generation Gap

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Not Silent Anymore (lack of access to dental care)

UPDATE: Henry Waxman is likely to hold a hearing on Halliburton Move.

Is making others' equal rights dependent on your comfort level bigoted?

Waxman plans hearing on Halliburton move.

WH Staffers: "VP's Office Out of Control"

What have you done to help the planet lately?

47 Killed in Baghdad; 3 U.S. Troops Dead

How Much Evidence Do they Need Before Congress Begins to Remove the Cancer on Our Nation?

My brother is going back to Iraq.

Would impeachment of Gonzo hurt Dems w/ Hispanics ?

Police Break up S. Korea free trade agreement protest (AP) as temperatures dropped to freezing

Down By Law: Vulture Funds Feeding on the Dispossessed

Raw Story/AP: Bush, Laura and Condi get jiggy in Latin America

Former Iraq minister denies theft of millions ($800 MILLION)

U.S. agencies tangle on efforts in Iraq: Staffers say spats... displace priorities

Employee Free Choice Act brings fresh hope to working families

With all the "Focus on Iran," some history.

Switch to private maintenance company may have left Walter Reed Army Medical Center understaffed

Card-check' was just part of labor union bill ''The Republicans' motives are abundantly clear

A Letter From Michael Moore to Shrub.........I love Michael!

‘Public Enemies:’ They’re Not Packing Heat—They’re Casting Votes

Cancelled Presidential debates smack of manipulation by ‘run and hide’ candidates

Report from Edwards Event in Newton, Iowa

Newt and Rudy's Skeletons Could Fill Ten Closets

A Bold New Plan to Secure the Homeland

(Lindsay) Graham: ‘The Fact That Schumer Asked For [Gonzales] To Step Down Means He Won’t’

Newsweek: An 'Out of Control' Veep's Office

The simple reason why conservatism stinks

The Republicans say that they "would love" to have Clinton as our

W.Va. Teachers Union Plans 1-Day Walkout (WP)

Why are so many people here convinced that Gore will run,

Cancelled Presidential Debates Smack of Manipulation by 'Run and Hide' Candidates

Rank the Democratic candidates.


Free trade’s dark side: Child labor

US plans Iraq fallback strategy:This part of the world has an allergy against foreign presence"

Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million in U.S. Housing Bust (Bloomberg)

Officer shortage looming in Army (critical shortage of midlevel officers)

NY Post: "Jealous" Rev. Al Blasts Barack

BOB HERBERT: Indentured Servants in America

Robert Parry: Are Democrats Afraid of a Myth?

Sweet Nothings: Lies my paper told me

Next Time a Levee Breaks, Be a Veteran

“Drowning in War” - Interview with Max Cleland

Giuliani as take

Accounting firms eyeing India

TNR: John McCain is like a fallen Jedi knight.

Arianna Huffington: The Injustice at Justice: The White House's Fingerprints Begin to Show

Revealed! Tony Blair's secret weapon of mass deception

Cheney: Iraq war undercut by plans in Congress

The Goy Who Cried Wolf

Conscience and the War by STEPHEN F. COHEN --The Nation

Turn off the life support: America is dead

Nausea Rules (James Kunstler)

NADER: If Bush twins were in Iraq, what would Bush do?

Propaganda and Conscience

Elise Gould: Reject Bush's Health Care Plan (from

Bush Administration's Plan to Open Federal Waters to Fish Farming

flashback: Halliburton under Cheney doing business w/ Iran....Cayman Islands and Dubai

PAUL KRUGMAN: Overblown Personnel Matters

NYT: For War’s Gravely Injured, Challenge to Find Care

The Numbers in Iraq Keep Creeping Up

Challenging the Workplace Dictatorship (AlterNet)

Schlep Boys: An allegory for teflon punditry.

There's Always Money For War (

Reagan Said Government Was The Problem, Not The Answer; Bush Has Made Reagan's Fantasy Come True

A police state on skid row (LAT)

News media falling short in watchdog role, critics say

Morocco playing the al-Qaida card in Western Sahara

The Roving Eye-The fall guy in Iraq (ASIA TIMES)

Congress must finally hold public hearings on Sibel Edmonds’ case

The Libby case: Cover for a fiasco

Newsweek: Stealth Warrior (DefSec Gates)

Amy Goodman: The Catastrophic Legacy of Donald Rumsfeld

Bush Seeks Iraq War Funds ‘With No Strings’

Halliburtonomics (Waxman likely to hold hearings on Dubai Move)

Veterans angry over failed scholarship program

He's the 'Decider,' not the 'Doer' (Bush re: Walter Reed Panel)

The Libby case: Cover for a fiasco ( Cheney's "Office of Special Plans")...

Media's focus narrowing, warns Project for Excellence in Journalism

Germany Installed 1,150 MW of Photovoltaics in 2006 Says Magazine

A 90% Efficient Power Plant Your Home

GuardianUK | Brazil's Ethanol Slaves

Cars that make hybrids look like gas guzzlers ... Plug-in versions can go 100 miles on a gallon of

UK: Green anger at 'ghost flights'

I finally watched "Inconvenient Truth" yesterday.

From Greenland To Carribean, Colorado To Alaska, Warming Sign Proliferates - Denver Post

Times UK | To the end of the earth (1 degree + could cause desert from Neb. to TX)

Residents find (solar) power in numbers

US Bank (JP Morgan): Shell and BP should go nuclear to survive.

China's pollution cuts local rain (BBC)

Groups: Development Threatens Waterbirds

UK Tory Leader Re. Warming - "We'll Benefit From Warmer Weather For Tourism, Agriculture" - Mirror

Kuwait Tacitly Admits Water Cut Of 71.4%, But Plans To Increase Production To 4 Million b/d - Platts

New Partnership Promotes 100-kW Wind Energy Option

Evacuation Of Carteret Islands Residents Likely To Start In 2008, Say PNG Govt. - SMH

Niels Bohr Institute - Sudden Glaciation Shifts Likely Not Coupled To Solar Output, Sun Cycles - AFP

Bangladesh Writing Off 4%+ Of GDP To Environmental Degradation, Toxic Pollution - Daily Star

Jinzhou Refinery (PRC) To Invest In Sulfur-Reduction Technology - Reuters

Energy Import-Dependent Chile Considering Nuclear Plants As Natural Gas Prices Rise - Reuters

India's Coal Demand May Quadruple By 2031- Economic Times

Water-Supply Chickens Coming Home To Roost In Peru As Glacial Melt Powers Ahead - BBC

Top Scientists Warn of Water Shortages and Disease Linked to Global Warming

(US) Renewables Build Head of Steam

Reuters - Saudis To Cut April Output To Asian Refiners By 10% After 7-8% Cutbacks In March

Duplicate, please delete

crosspost: There's a competition going on on this message board.

Nazi-hunting centre convicted for defamation

Pro-Israel lobby opens US meeting

Hamas rejects al-Zawahiri's claims

Pullout leaders are cursed, argues the religious right

Misery Tempts Palestinian Christians To Flee

UN Expert Accuses Israel Of 'Apartheid and Colonialism'

Don't wait for peace to normalize ties, Israeli FM tells Arab states

Envoy to El Salvador recalled, reportedly found naked, drunk

Islamic Movement condemns Palestinian lesbian conference

Hamas says still seeks Israel's destruction

Years of Strife and Lost Hope Scar Young Palestinians

Misery tempts Palestinian Christians to flee

Hagee draws AIPAC cheers

Fears for BBC Gaza correspondent

February 2007 - 9/11 Truth and Rumors of War

Does anyone know the date of this BBC clip?

What position on foreign terrorism should a Democratic pres. candidate take for 2008?

Hacking the Vote with Optiscans - Election Research. & Discussion News 12 Mar

Cancelled Presidential debates smack of manipulation by ‘run and hide’ candidates

The Libby case: Cover for a fiasco ( Cheney's "Office of Special Plans")...

Business pushes back against regulation

Gunmen fire on agriculture minister's convoy; 21 bodies found

Film Questions Michael Moore's Tactics

DSS urges release of 21 more detainees

US official to discuss plight of Iraqi refugees with Damascus

Officer shortage looming in Army (critical shortage of midlevel officers)

Pastor held in sex assault. His arrest follows a boy's report of being molested in library restroom

U.S. security scares away foreign visitors (17% drop from pre-9/11 levels)

Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million as U.S. Housing Bust Deepens

Wolfowitz under fire at World Bank

Get ready for the V.P.’s bio ("Cheney" will hit bookstores this summer)

NYT/AP: Study: Feds Slow in Getting Records on Web: Fail to follow Electronic FOIA

Five Afghans killed in air strike, elder says

Martha B. Sosman, Mass. Supreme Court Judge Who Voted Against Gay Marriage, Dead At 56

Hagel (R-Ne) is going to wait until later this year to decide on running

Pomos say EPA disturbed history

Misery tempts Palestinian Christians to flee

US starts daylight saving three weeks early

WP: Pelosi Reveals Who's Who On Global Warming Panel

Israel recalls ambassador found naked, drunk

MND-B loses Soldier to non-battle death / MNF-W Forces Attacked (Total of 5 killed Sunday)

Iraq Car Bomb Kills 17 in Western Ramadi, Al-Jazeera Reports

NY Post: "Jealous" Rev. Al Blasts Barack

Disaster management plans kept from sight

Shadowed by Chavez, Bush visits Guatemala

Former President Bush OK After Collapsing

Breaking: Bush #41 admitted/released for dehydration

Emission caps unlikely without Bush help

Hagel is not running - for now

New Ann Coulter Book Coming in October

British judge says headquarters okayed Iraq abuse

Anti-war Dems face dilemma over Iraq

Pentagon: Key 9/11 suspects face judges at Gitmo

Evangelicals slam torture in war on terrorism

EXCLUSIVE-Iraq tribunal sets sights on Iran opposition group(MEK or MOK)

U.S. Attorneys Bill Still Faces GOP Opposition

Former U-N inspector (Hans Blix): Americans were 'witch hunters' in lead-up to war

Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million in U.S. Housing Bust (Bloomberg)


Schumer Demands Rove Testimony in US Atty scandal

U.S., UAE say still hope to reach free trade deal

WTO boss says trade talks must gain pace

Dems abandon war authority provision

NYT: Citizens Who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid

IHT/AP: Obama doesn't take 'great offense' over Roger Ailes's word play

U.S. Charges Indian Hackers In Stock Manipulation Scheme

Bush to Push U.S. Compassion in Guatemala---Frame-by-frame,

(Waxman) House oversight chairman wants Rice to answer Niger uranium questions( & others in the WH)

BREAKING: Kevin Kiley has submitted resignation request.

Iran issues bank note with nuke symbol

Cheney: Congress' anti-war efforts undermine troops

NBC: Ex-President Bush hospitalized overnight for dehydration, released. -

Reuters: Berlusconi and Mills stand trial for alleged bribe

Iranian soldier's body found in Iraqi river (5 other Iranians arrested, traveling w/o proper docs)

Early withdrawal from Iraq disastrous for Israel, Cheney says

E&P: Columnist Hails 'Surge' In Iraq -- WP Does Not Disclose His Brother Was One of its Architects

House GOP protest Muslim seminar on Hill

Scientists threatened for 'climate denial'

Israel recalls 'naked ambassador' (BBC)

Taliban not that strong: US ambassador

Livni to AIPAC: U.S. can't show weakness on Iraq, Iran

Democrats back off on effort to limit Bush's Iran options

FDA unveils voluntary food safety rules (key word: "voluntary")

Halliburton's Dubai move sparks US political ire

Hey skygazer: Did you ever make it to the tar pits?

I had a professional bra lifting today.....

I kept falling asleep all day today. Now it's almost midnight and I'm full of energy!

excuse me

i just got my FAFSA results

i just had a series of weird dreams

Pitbull damage??? She was NOT kidding.

Please Movers...

If you were trapped on a desert island with 5 DU members and a frozen dinner

It's 4:16 am and I am on call until 7:00 am

5:29 and I think tonight there will be no sleep.


Since when does "arabica" = vanilla/hazelnut/irish cream?

Why do kids these days talk at such a high volume?

I think I'm going to become a Republican again

Woman Wakes Up To Find Naked Man On Her Couch

Puppy Found After Being Stolen From 8 Year Old Boy

15 random, random questions to keep you going throught the night.

Why do people hold their chins to look smart or thoughful?

Teens Find 28 Pounds Of Marijuana On Side Of Road

Website you might like: RealAge

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/12/2007)

why do you like what you like?

I need help finding a photo

Smoke From Fajitas Keep Setting Off Fire Alarms At Applebee's Resulting In Fines

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?

Which song kicks the most ass?

reading business e-mails on personal time

We have a little Klingon girl

Which song kicks the least ass?

I need some serious advice

Adagio in Strings by Barber. I"m looking for a decent version and

"Comic Jeni Dies in Apparent Suicide"

Man Creates Giant Snow Tribute To Steve Irwin

Which movie kicks the most ass? (Hint: 300)

Okay no flying cars yet but we do have a beer throwing fridge

Which movie to see?

Residents of a Commonwealth, check in here!

Anyone remember John James from Dyansty?

Remembering Comedian Richard Jeni...

PSA: Lounge vibrations don't work

Oldest Walrus Penis Found In Iceland

Jesus Christ, knock it off! Show a little class and take discussions like that to PM.

Man Took Phone Call From His Wife While Raping Woman

Narrate your day so far, movie trailer-style.

It's a damn good thing that I love my new house,

I need some Spartacus advice

After monts of inactivity I live again, loungers.

score one more for the bitch.

On the past, and ambition not being enough for all of us

Man, I'm exhausted....

Teacher Loses Job For Performing In "The Full Monty" Musical

I've been sleeping 10-12 hours a day since Friday. Help and advice, please?

Frig double Frig. Just got a call from hospice..

Why do good hearts break so easy?

Israel Recalls 'Naked Ambassador' (Oh he was drunk, with bondage gear too)

Anyone see V for Vendetta recently?

The teenagers were all here this weekend, as usual.

I am a very bad citizen.

I am a bad citizen

On hold music...why?

I am a bad citizen.

"The 'F' Word" is on IFC now.

I am a bad citizen

I cannot post in LSK's ANS thread

Am I the only one who knows how to set the clock on my computer?

I am not a citizen

Caesar and Imhotep are sharing the ottoman

Woo Hoo. REM to go into the Rock Hall of Fame

Pery Farrell may be the father of Anna Nicole's baby?

Comedian Richard Jeni commits suicide.

Any Status Quo (the band) fans here?

Only 14 more shopping days until Underpants' Birthday

please make sure your child wears a helmet

Whee! Just bought a new computer! Ask me anything!

Man Has 6 Kids on The Way - With 6 Different Mothers

Who else has an internal clock that is completely screwed up this morning?

Don't mess with me.

Help! I've messed up my wireless connection

Regis Philbin To Have Heart Surgery

Interior decorators, I need your help with curtains!

if you don't masturbate an elephant Skinner will revoke your lounge pass

Strangers in the the niiiight!

Spring hath sprungeth...

So...what's for lunch?

if you don't post in Please Remove, Skinner will revoke your lounge pass

Have you noticed I have NOT posted in LSK's ANS thread?

Bad movie props #237: rubber knives

Clowns, mimes, jugglers, Thomas Kinkade paintings - Which is the worst?

I'm still kickin'

Living in Bizarro World.

StephanieMiller and Randi Rhodes phone call.

For those about to rock:

I'm trying to find my posts in Advanced Search for Archives...

Men Try To Skip Out On Paying $100 Waffle House Tab During Fight Between 2 Women

DU Fantasy Baseball


Wow everybody hates W

It's official I'm going to London!.

I have done so much pimping this week; my ho's body hurts!

I have done so much scratching this week; my whole body hurts!

How old is LSK?

When good cats go bad

Need help with auto financing/dealer problem.

I am sooooo tired....Ask me anything!

when someone responds "WORD" what does that mean?

27 more days until I get to go to Minnesota

Tonight's Other Top Story: "Huge silicone bust!"

Yup, DST will drive gas prices up!

Abe Vigoda is not dead

Is it just me, or are music videos from 1980 more FUN than those today?

HELP!!! Evita has the absolutely worst kitty breath ever!

Your favorite Cars album

Will somebody tell me why the carpet cleaning company is calleed 'Coit'?

Tonight's Top Story: "Huge marijuana bust!"

Claaaaassy slogans from one of those Lava lamp/t-shirt/poster places

Kelly McGillis hasn't done a movie in 7 years

I'm seeing Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse on Sunday!!!

I broke my run for the first time in over 1/2 a year I had a thread locked

Rachel Ray's shirt looks quite ill-fitting this evening...

Rush fans, rejoice!

Anyone have anything incriminating on HEyHEY?

I've heard of 'too dumb to come in out of the rain', but THIS?

It's a house cat! It's a tiger! No, it's a Toyger!!

I got a visit from the CIA this morning, along with two chefs.

Am I the only one in a craptacular mood today?

Babel "Anti-American"

Post here if you are NOT father of Anna Nicole's baby

I am an evil evil citizen

I have started an NCAA bracket in Yahoo, for those who are interested

Happy birthday subliminable!!

Congratulations sandnsea!! 40,000 posts

"Fox Reality" with former MTV "personality" Kennedy?

From the Matcom News Desk: Woman knits sweater out of cat fur

#3 in popularity, some fool on MySpace has dug up the list of folks murdered by Clinton.

How old are you?

I had a professional thong fitting today.....

I had a professional jock fitting today.....

I am the father of Rosemary's baby.

Rachael Ray Bitten by Dog in Park

Who are you?

Clumpable litter doesn't work with me

Would it be rude to send fleet enemas to the people at your last job

Favorite Steely Dan album, for those few of you who listen.

MatcomNews Breaking Story: EMS workers investigated for viewing porn on duty

We are about 10-12 miles (as the crow flies) from one of the wildfires in SoCal


Want to know where to find some of the dumbest posters on the 'net?

Mustn't. Do. Bad. Copycat of Professional. Fitting. Threads!

Does anyone actually use the expand threads option?

Bad Mood.

So, we're planning a trip to Dallas for April 6-8...Any Suggestions?

Saw "Other People's Lives" on Friday night.

Bitter melon

Offensive '08 campaign t-shirt

DU Girly Girls (and anyone else who cares): Avalon Organics skin care is amazing!

The tudors on showtime

Wrestling/MMA fans!!!

Never done this before: Good Vibes request, please?

I am a proud mom this morning

does my journal look right?

Pictures from my walk yesterday ***PIC HEAVY***

Question - Ray Lamontagne

Is it harder to live without driving or without sex?

I have to cut down my time on DU

The Constant Gardener.

Advice on a eulogy?

Post a song no one has heard of that should be (or should have been) a hit

I just found out that there is a type of grapes

I just can't decide which is the best.

Post a number between 1 and 6727 here in this thread

PIC: Best argument for sunscreen ever


Monday Midafternoon Questions.

I have done so much stripping this week; my whole body hurts!

Fun With Thread Juxtaposition

I need some spurious advice

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world

Ok this extra daylight thing is freaking me out!

Fucking A, could the regulations on carry-ons be more inconvenient?

Another update on me

Is there a song that makes you cry no matter how many times you listen to it?

Start a Du Rumor.

Do you watch American Idol?

Declawing Cats

Ok - here's DU NCAA tournament game on Yahoo

I found a lump on my cat tonight.

Name some obscure movies you loved.

S.F. event designed to get teens energized about evangelical Christianity divides believers

God and Darts

Scotland: Labour lacks Christian values, says bishop

Tomb frightens Christian diehards

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) is the first openly nontheistic member of congress.

The Bhagavad Gita: Regarding "Enemies" amongst us and Elsewhere:

Uhhh Tom Brady---it's called a rubber.

First #1 seed to lose? (Men)

Oprah Second Secret Show "The Reaction" Videos Here:

The eclipse on my birthday has been nothing but negative

Anyone want to take a stab at this dream?

(President-Elect) Kerry urges more funding for VA center

Nicholson Must Go.

Good joke on preparing for deployment to Iraq.

Remember plan B?

the feminization of Dem male candidates, part deux

Carpetbagger responds to WSJ

Just curious...

Max Cleland will be on Situation Room tonight, 7 p.m. version

Hearings this week

Chris Dodd on the Daily Show tonight

BG (Rick Klein): Kerrys mount campaign to help the environment

Justice for Monster Cable Workers!

An Unfair War

The Haze of Transparency

Pastor John Hagee's Fiery Speech At AIPAC - Part I

Richard Jeni

Kucinich: This is the time to build and create; the time for peace, and hope....

Simpsons do Army Recruiting!

3,193 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq. The british abhor given medical treatment

UAE urges talks with Iran over disputed islands

Anyone know anything about Pat Dollard?

Coming trend in movies: A new villainy, with the environment as victim

New Orleans Survivor Council turns to Venezuela for support

Public financing of elections is the solution to most of what ails us.

1.5 million will lose homes, 100,000 in housing related industries to lose jobs

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Another Beautiful Day In CA Today Marred Only By Thoughts


British troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are receiving appalling care in British hospitals

Mary Podesta; Staple At Political Dinners

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

1.5 million will lose homes, 100,000 in housing related industries to lose jobs

Spit take over dinner

OIL..(peak oil for beginners.. easy to understand and scary as hell)

Church aide church aide frm St. LouisCatholic Church, Pinecrest,FL accused of molesting teens in VT

Employers must hold jobs for longer (Reservists and National guard)

Film Questions Michael Moore's Tactics

Rove relayed complaints about AG's (Iglesias) to WH-Conyers to question him:

Mayas to cleanse site after Bush

Officer shortage looming in Army

Serve God, Save the Planet

Rev. Ted Haggard massage table on eBay

Real Time this week---Roseanne Barr was righteously good.

Are you a teacher or student? NY Times Select Free for you

Bush In Brazil- Is Ethanol The Solution or The Problem?

Iraq, Iran to build joint pipeline in south

"Lauper, Others Headline Gay Rights Tour"

"Study: Feds Slow in Getting Records on Web"

'Iraq and Afghanistan are sucking up resources at a faster rate than we planned for,' US general.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 3/12 -- Dark Clouds

Follow the IT? Do local US Attorney's offices send their internet traffic and e-mail...

DSS Urges Release Of 21 More Detainees (Boston Immigration Raid)

Tell The Media About The March On The Pentagon For Peace & Impeachment - BE The Media Too

Huff Post: $20 Billion Later Halliburton Moves to Dubai/ Sen Leahy:insult to US troops and taxpayers

Ill-equipped, stretched to the limit, Mississippi Guard may go back to Iraq

X-post: President Gore brings Current TV to the UK

AIPAC Convention on C-Span Now...Dick Cheney and Academy Award Music

Recruiters now going after...paintballers?

So Kucinich is cozying up to Fox

Here we go Hagel is on

Even Better than Republican Jesus- Godalmighty!!

Question: "Was the war illegal?" - Hans Blix: "Yes it was. It was clearly illegal."

G.E.Russert gets dissected & pinned: "Why you don't have to watch MTP anymore"

Why has America's incarceration rate tripled since 1980?

Inside Information/ Dubai Halliburton Move

Hugo Chavez anti imperialist rally coverage on CSPAN is now over.

Want to have your mind blown completely to shit? Watch "The Constant Gardener."

Hagel not running yet: anti-war neocon voters bummed

Cheney: Congress' anti-war efforts undermine troops

Editor&Publisher lampoons WP's Libby editorial as Jon Stewart-Jason Jones exchange

Need help with auto financing/dealer problem.

Cheney speaking to AIPAC check out this AP Photo

Supporting the troops Bush style: Army sending injured troops back to Iraq to fight.

(VIDEO) Maxine Waters cuts through the newsspeak at the Ministry of Truth

More Putin critics killed off

My boys (9 and 7) have had their heads turned by military commercials on TV

Slap the benchmarks into the Frigging Supplemental. This is not that difficult

What does this Country build, make, produce other than food and War?

'Smart' rebels outstrip US

Mar. 12 Daily Impeachment News: post high crimes and misdemeanor news here

21 websites, including blogs, sued for "Defaming Egypt" and/or defaming judge accused of plagirism

If Hagel ends up running as an Independent--does he help us or them?

So Why Did Hagel Choke

Prosecutor: "He was offering me a deal...stay silent and the [AG] won't say anything bad about you"

Hans Blix: Bush-Used UN Resolutions For A "CLEARLY ILLEGAL" War

50% of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married

The View: Schumer (No high crimes and misdemeanors) -- Rosie (Sing, Scooter sing!)

Dole will push to privatize the VA -

Rep. Ron Paul To Run For President

Compassion Fatigue: To Share in the Horror

CA Primary shifts to early February 5 --Part of a huge Primary Day

March 17th- March On The Pentagon

"Bush to Push U.S. Compassion in Guatemala"

Straining to keep a promise-Backlogs, long waits plague VA hospital system

McClatchy however reports: Rove was asked to fire U.S. attorney...

Bush Seeks Iraq War Funds ‘With NO STRINGS’

Argue with me here. The reason I think Bush won't pardon Libby....

U.S. security scares away foreign visitors (17% drop from pre-9/11 levels)

I need help finding a photo

Kristol: If Bush does not pardon Libby he "will pay a big price over the next year."

Nausea Rules (James Kunstler)


A letter I sent to Tim Darnell of the Southern Report who appeared on CSPAN yesterday.

How many Democratic Congresspersons are on MySpace?

Army surplus may fit city cops. City crime fighters are being urged to raid the Pentagon for surplus

Neo-cons can't even troll properly

PICS: Since Hagel won't run, which GOP A list player WILL with blessing of corporate masters?

Army Secretary Who Resigned Over Walter Reed Given Lavish Farewell Ceremony

I want a "Fora Bush" t-shirt

Cheney: "The only option for our security and survival is to go on the offensive"

5 US soldiers KILLED on SUN.

Waxman to Rice: Answer 11 ignored letters on Iraq claims

"300" is a pro-terrorist movie

Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley was "actually fired."

A few questions please!

Paging H20 Man! Heads-up! Mary Matalin coming up on Imus this

DEA cracks down on money-making pot clinics

The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq

US tries to stop Chávez stealing Bush's thunder

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FREE BUMPER STICKERS from MoveOn and some ideas of my own:

Record Heat expected in So Cal (Bad news for Firefighters)

Halliburton is spinning off KBR.

The latest lie-filled RW email is about Cindy...grrr...

Gonzales agreed to it, but Kyl will block it ? (AG approval)

AMERICABLOG: Schumer: Rove must testify before Congress

Lunatic Republican posters dive into anti-gay hysteria: "fags" "send them to an island" "sodomites"

Top American generals make shock admission

The extreme end of stubbornness

Why is Ma Gov. Patrick's wife's depression

Anne Coulter got Dixie Chicked.

Cool free bumper stickers from

Chuck Schumer calls for Rove to testify before Congress

Did Bush pronounce "Simon Bolivar" correctly? He said "SEEEE moan" with a really long "seee"

Guest workers are corraled 25 to a room in Dubai. Should be great for the profit margins.

Prison Privatization WORKS!

For those in the military: Have you been given

The riots follow * everywhere

How valuable is your input here at DU?

Shadow Wolves

Christian Newswire: "Tragic that American Idol would help UNICEF & Save the Children"

The F word on IFC

Drudge posted Giuliani's funding of abortion video. Take a look at some of the comments

Cool TOON on Shrubs South American Trip

I cant watch CNN anymore

Bush Sr. Hospitalized After Collapse

so, it was Specter's Chief Counsel who slipped the AG provision into PA!!

How do you explain this to your Boss?

Waxman May Fight For White House Offiials To Testify About Their Actions In CIA LEAK

Teacher Loses Job For Going 'Full Monty' (appears in the show at Venice Theater)

"Actor Fred Thompson Considers 2008 Run"

Books by Rushdie, Clinton and Beckham among those most often left unfinished

Crist To Sign Anti-Murder Bill Into Law

Cunningham briber to spill yet MORE beans

TV anchor: I was sexually abused by Catholic priest

You Opinion Of Bill Press - Getting A little Tired Of Him

CNN Poll: 69% of Americans against pardoning Scooter Libby!

Disabled Air Force Veteran Saves His Drowned Dog with Mouth-To-Snout CPR

The most hated man in the world: South America Tour (pic heavy)

Extended daylight saving time: Bah, humbug

AIPAC meeting on CSPAN now.

Today We started the Fight on Veterans and Returning Troops

Giuliani having a TX golf tournament to raise $$

"If you look up the word Weasel in the dictionary, you will find a picture

Pessimistic or Optimistic?

Calvin Trillin on 2008

Famed trackers to join Osama hunt


Cafferty (just now on CNN): If you look up the word

US Bans Farmers from Planting GMO-Tainted Rice

Weekly Standard's Hayes penning gloriously long hagiography of Cheney

Two truckers return from Iraq disillusioned. More KBR trouble.

Sick Dick Visits AIPAC ----pix---->>>

In the future Godwin's Law should include references to George W. Bush and his administration.

More Men Report Sexual Harassment at Work

Out of 800- 900 emails, not ONE said Torquemada is doing a good job

Isreali Ambassador Fired: Drunk, Naked, Rubber Ball in Mouth

Chemicals May Play Role in Rise in Obesity has uncovered the Irish roots of Barack Obama

U.S. Military: Censorship Was Justified

Remember the huge outrcry about Pelosi's plane? Well, what about Rudy's?

Scotty is writing a book - says he and Bush were misled by WH aides re: Plame leak

What Should Bush and Cheney be Impeached for?

Shrub: 4,700 more troops are for "support roles only"- 450 wounded American women might disagree

Get ready for the V.P.’s bio ("Cheney" will hit bookstores this summer)

Sue the Media

Sen. Schumer questions if White House involved in US Atty. purge - wants Rove to testify

US starts daylight saving three weeks early

was Hartmann's last caller a troll?

Is Randi on? Had Ed Schultz taken over every AAR channel?

Workers to Nike: Just Don't Do It! (The Nation)

Does America LIKE having authoritative presidents?

I think you should watch this

Anti-War Repub, Ron Paul (R-Texas), running for President

Cheney: "to get American military...involved in a civil war inside Iraq a quagmire"

Phoenix: Anti-war protests target Kyl, McCain offices March 19

US military plans Iraq fallback strategy - Operation Lets Get The Feck Out Of Here

Top general whos name is "Peter Pace" calls homosexuality 'immoral'

China may sell U.S. bonds

Graphs of Halliburton Stock Price, Revenues, and Troop Deaths:

Are fears of “Bush retaliation” for weakness over for Democrats? R. Parry

More info on the Father that fatally shot man he found with his teen daughter

Pew Research Center are they right wing??????

DU This Poll: Do you believe that Mitt Romney is a true Conservative?

The Dark Underside of Dana Priest's Bldg. 18 Expose/Outsourced Health Care

Thanks, Charlie Cray, Great Appearance on Lou Dobbs

Dropping Ann Coulter's column. "You'd have thought we came out against Christmas or SEC football."

SPLC Report: 'Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States'

3195 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

New Ann Coulter Book Coming in October

Teenage mood swing hormone found

The Meaning of 21st Century Socialism For Venezuela

Wolfowitz under fire at World Bank

"Exhibit Considers Nazis' Deadly Medicine" Eugenics

Bush Admin Requests for Shredders - Will Halliburton Get Ones with UAE Power Converters?

Sent to me by my brothers and sisters at VVAW what do you think

Brian Williams, Live From Iraq is more like Brian Williams, Trying To Stay Alive In Iraq

U.S. evangelicals slam torture in war on terrorism - Better late than never I guess

Kos: Conservatives outside the mainstream. Again.

"‘United Through Reading’ Program Helps Keep Sailors in Touch with Their Children During Surge"


How many "old soldiers" have faded away during junior's reign?

Fascinating David Gregory Hardball interview with Tom Hagel, Chuck's

My anti-Lieberman letter finally gets printed

Max Cleland is handing * and Cheney's tushes to them on CNN

The Halliburton (Profit) Surge, the US and Iraqi Dirge


Good on Pelosi and Brian Lamb.

VA ordering review of 1,400 clinics after Walter Reed controversy (AP)

Idiot on Hardball says Halliburton is Democrat's "whipping boy"

"Rocky Mountain High" now Colorado State Song.

Dems abandon war authority provision

Gas is going up because of daylight savings time?

CNN: The DC Madam will spill the beans!

Gregorian just posted one of the funniest photoshops I've ever seen on DU.

Reid: Bush fails troops from the battlefield to the VA and everywhere in between

Mayans to "cleanse" ancient site visited by bush

Citizens Who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid

Keeerist! Carville just said Jebbie is the one person who could unify the Republics.

FUX loves teacher-student sex scandals: Gingrich married his HS geometry teacher

Hearings Reveals More Neglect At Military Hospitals

Why does Wolfie keep calling Thompson "a movie star"?

"Shark rips flesh from surfing lawyer's arm": video. WTF !?

Halliburton Moving WorldHeadquarters to Dubai...

Anyone else detecting a pattern here? (Halliburton)...

Ron Paul (R) TX - I'm not voting for him either.

Halliburton's move to Dubai: Why now? why dubai?

It's time to call James Carville out on his marriage to Mary Matalin!

Monday TOON updates

I am so pissed right now. At everything it seems maybe it is the state of the disunion

House GOP protest Muslim seminar on Hill (CAIR)

Ya know, I think I've had enough of this...

Fact or Fiction?: Living People Outnumber the Dead

There it is again, just heard it...Andrea Mitchell, Hardball -

Heads Up: Public Radio Interview with the authors of "Mentally Unfit, Forced to Fight" on Now!

His Biggest Crime of All in Pics

God, I hate the South Park guys

Why are the Repugs searching for another Reagan?

This Modern World: Conservative Jones, Boy Detective, in "Multiple Mystery Mayhem!"

Genetically Engineered Organisms Invade Our Planet - What's the Harm?

Ah, Jesus...another one for the "You're Shitting Me" file...

Cindy Sheehan: Betrayals

Wal-Mart CEO receives $22 million bonus.

I know this will upset many of you here at DU: Rita Cosby fired from MSNBC

heads up....hit piece on Gore coming out... .per sludge report.

Air Force Master Sargent thought elderly woman he hit with car was a bird

Has anyone found it very hard...

Waxman's Latest: Today's "Letter to Secretary Rice Regarding Fabricated Niger Claims"

Chairman Levin and Chairman Skelton: Your Reaction to General Pace's Homophobic Comments?

BUSH & CHENEY Should Be IMPEACHED For Manipulating Evidence & Lying! (The Conservative Voice)

Michelle Malkin has got a poll up re: Alberto Gonzales

Marine Corps investigating ex-gay-porn star and escort Matt Sanchez

Do violent action movies generally promote a right wing agenda?

Halliburton's Dubai Move Makes Democrats Suspicious

Bush removed another US attorney in Guam in 2002, abruptly ending Abramoff investigation

Foreclosures May Hit 1.5 Million as U.S. Housing Bust Deepens

The Aristocracy of Prison Profits - The whistle has been blown!

CNN talked about the bankruptcy bill today. Dems are worried...

A Prayer for Former President Bush

I Don't Think People Realize the Gravity of the Halliburton/Dubai Move.

Snappy names for the Attorney General scandal?

max cleland just ripped cheney a new one-"where the hell were you?"

A picture is worth a thousand words: Cheney and Gonzales


My Washington, D.C. aunt on the coming mortgatge collapse:

Salon: The Army Is Ordering Injured Troops To go To Iraq

Hagel ,the Republicans, and the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

My pitch to MSNBC for a new show: 'Cliff's Notes' with Cliff Schecter

For War’s Gravely Injured, Challenge to Find Care

Father fatally shoots man he found with his teen daughter, police say

A soldier's last flight hits home

Who is or was the most evil American ever? (this time the poll)

If you could eliminate one fundamental human shortcoming, what would it be?

Fired Federal Prosecutors & Election Fraud - Hookergate Looms "Scoop"/Collins(autorank)

Mrs. Greenspan just said that "Most Americans think that Libby should be pardoned."

CNN: Kiley was actually fired

Update article on my arrest for photographing Miami police against their wishes(with a DU reference)

It’s Just a Movie!: Film, Politics, and (Anti- and Over-) Intellectualism on DU

On 300, Partisanship and WILLFUL IGNORANCE

AIPAC espionage scandal (wikipedia)

Are we headed for a second Great Depression?


AIPAC wins again: "Dems abandon Iran war authority provision"

Media Matters: If it's Sunday, it's still conservative

United for Peace and Justice

Whatever became of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's children? Anyone know? Anyone care?

The republicans are at war against education for a reason. An uneducated America votes republican

Front-loaded primary day forces campaigns to reconsider every aspect of strategy

New White House Office

DU this to reign in gov't corruption

'Cost of war' too much for Walter Reed, vet says; Durbin wants Duckworth on panel

Pomp and violent protests greet Bush (Bogota, Columbia)

Ron Paul is on C-Span WJ now

Rep. Turner wants to see Army surgeon general ousted

Care for Injured British Troops Is Faulted (Sound familiar?)

Where Will Additional Soldiers Come From...Your Home?

WP, pg 1: Obama, Clinton Sparring Early

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything ... Rudy

Gonzales Said To Stonewall a GOP Query, Probe of Leaks Are at Center of Inquiries From the Right

rove had a U. S. Attorney Fired

Pentagon: If escalating the war makes the situation worse, U.S. will pull out of Iraq

Daylight savings? More like energy wasting and spending!

When is Valerie Plame going to speak before Waxman's Committee?

Spine-tingling list of right-wing eliminationist hate speech quotes

Guns Statistics - Any updates?

9/11 Families Demand GOP Stop Blocking Commission Recommendations

Thoughts on Al Gore

SF Chronicle's Live! Rude! Girl! Appeals to Al Gore to Run

Ford has been dead for 76 days now. Why do businesses still have their flags at half mast?

Cheney: Congress undermining U.S. troops

I hope democratic strategists are following the headlines

The Nation spotlights OurKarlRove blog

Steve Benen (Carpetbagger Report) to WSJ: What if We Don't Want to 'Get Over It'?

Will Dems Channel Rove to Sell Iraq Withdrawal? (The Nation)

A letter I sent to Tim Darnell of the Southern Report who appeared on CSPAN yesterday.

Walter Reed scandle - this has been going on long before Cheney administration came to town.

Crooks and Liars:The Internet’s Longest List of Right-Wing Hate Speech

Halliburton's Dubai Move Makes Democrats Suspicious

What's up with "asking" felons to step down? Albert and Cheney

I am sick of hearing what a great President Ronald Reagen was

CNN live - Hagel's NOT running for President... yet

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Another Rovian Scandal

Anti-Freeper counter-rally

Come on in the "GONZO POOL" the water's fine.

So - which Dem or GOP candidates would Halliburton/Dubai/UAE prefer win in 2008?

Hagel (R-Ne) hasn't tipped his '08 hand, today at 10 A.M. central we will know what he is doing

Anti-war Dems face dilemma over Iraq

The Romney Report, from Mass. Republicans for Truth

Statement by U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel today about running etc...

Video of Hagel this morning in Quicktime

Secret Service frisks Colombian Guard of Honor:

Take the Christian Science Monitor quiz: Shiite or Sunni?How well do you know the players involved

What about Hagel's Senate seat (OWH)

Fox News Hall of Shame-Dozens of screen shots from the past 10years

The Bill Richardson Watch, 3/12/2007

Chimpy hits a home run! His fourth stop in Latin America and another

Sen. Schumer Calls On Karl Rove To Testify

Developing: More trouble for Halliburton

Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchannon are going to tell us all about Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and black

FLASHBACK: Cheney Once Warned Of ‘Quagmire’ From An Open-Ended Commitment In Iraq

Comments From Richardson 's Classmates

Spokesperson for the Nebraska Dem Party on Hagel's press conference.

Is Rudy's Home Life Fair Game?

Hagel is One Shrewd SOB...And He Isn't Going Away

Bush Runs Into Opposition in Guatemala (AP)

Clinton denounces Halliburton's move

I just had ANOTHER e-mail read on the air!


Amazing...RW Talking Points about Hillary being Goldwater Girl posted here before MSNBC/CNN Got them

Free Bumper Sticker From MoveOn

Will Hagel resign his Sen seat to run as IND tomorrow???

Iglesias Pressured to Aid Voter Suppression Efforts?

Great moments in wingnut pretzel logic about Walter Reed on the Guardian talkboard

Sept 5,2008, What will the world be like?

Waxman Demands Condi Rice Finally Answer Questions over Iraq Lies: 11 Ignored Letters over 4 Years

Chris Dodd on Daily Show w/Jon Stewart Tonight - backstage pass!

POLL: Americans Overwhelmingly Believe President Bush Should Not Pardon Libby

When did "progressives" become such hypocrites about women???

This Modern World: Conservative Jones, boy detective: Multiple mystery mayhem!

Fred Thompson announces he is considering Presidential run!

Leahy On Halliburton Move: ‘This Is An Insult To The U.S. Soldiers And Taxpayers’

I had an idea about the media - Shoot the idea down or boost the idea up - Comments wanted.

Dems abandon war authority provision

Zazzle does the ultimate outrage. You can't mention company names in your bumper stickers.

Sharpton downplays Obama rise

My message to Pelosi and Co....Grow some Spine and....

VIDEO- Giuliani in '89: "There Must Be Public Funding For Abortion"

Hillary Clinton...Top contributor to DSCC in far

Kerry calls for thorough investigation of New Bedford immigration raid

Fox News and Harold Ford, its new counterpart to Santorum.

As of now, who do you THINK will be our nominee?

Has This Been Brought Up? The Firing Of US Attorneys Is Connected to Voter Fraud

As one who's watched Hagel closely for many years - Today was just TOO weird.

Kucinich: "I’m prepared to discuss the war, health care, trade, or any other issue anytime, anywhere

Bush Slashes Economic Aid For Latin America, Belying ‘We Care’ Message

Ed Shultz says, "Just break the law"

IMMIGRATION DEBATE: Is Anyone Standing Up For American Workers?

Why??? First 2008 debates (New Hampshire) could lack top-named candidates

Kucinich Slams Fox Debate Cancellation (The Nation)

Barack Obama on Joe Lieberman

Liberals Film Documentary Attacking Michael Moore