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Archives: March 10, 2007

AIPAC conference opens to controversy, starting with John Hagee

Bush's Brush with Latin America's Drug Lords (The Nation)

Dead or alive, on his 50th birthday ghost of the Hindu Kush haunts US

US immigration system at its worst

Chavez attacks Bush 'domination'

Somebody Buy Newt Gingrich a Dictionary! (LOL!)

Libby crowd is, like, so adolescent

KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question (The Nation)

Iraq's Mercenary King (Vanity Fair, via CorpWatch)

Don't mention the polar bears, Bush tells US scientists

Prairie Dog Poisoning Stopped By Angry Residents (OK)

Counterpunch: "What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?"

Stolen Election: ON TV

Child Abduction Emergency: South Carolina

Report finds apparent conflicts of interest (Reading First Program)

Owner of New Bedford factory received tax break ($50k--yeah...the one that was raided for illegals)

AP: Insurgent Leader Nabbed in Iraq Raid (Abu Omar al-Baghdadi)

Support the troops caravan makes stop at Griffith Park

US Refuses To Name Men At Guantanamo Bay Court

Major ruling against D.C. handgun ban

MNF-W Forces Attacked (1 Marine killed)

Anti-Bush protests in Uruguay

Two Officers Arrested in Venezuela for Plot to Assassinate Chavez

Venezuela's Chavez leads protests against Bush tour of Latin America

Romney courts South Florida voters

Edwards pitches health-care plan in Council Bluffs (Ia)

(Ecuador's President) Correa to Boot US from Manta Base

Plane crashes on suburban Chicago street

Governor resists union convention (08 Dem in Denver) threats

AP: Gonzales, Mueller Admit FBI Broke Law

Top US Republican (Sen. Mitch McConnell) says this is Iraq's last chance

Fox News CEO warns against debate boycotts

Nevada Dems Nix Fox Debate

Lead Singer Of Boston Dies (Brad Delp)

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Buttchoowanana! Roger Hodgson-Had a Dream, Sleeping with the Enemy

I have nothing useful nor funny to say.

Apparently I can't keep my mouth shut... is Faux News - the Music Version

If you were going to go on a road trip to Florida, what 10 CDs would you bring?

Mmmm...just had some caramel toffee scones!!! *drool*

"Why are you looking at hunks?"

I just had coffee with an Iraq war veteran. Ask me anything.

If you had a trouser puppet, what would you name it?



Countdown, KO (and Alison Stewart)

How's this for a Friday night creep-out?


Our light bulbs are slowly turning fluorescent

is 10:45 at night too late to vacuum???

Low rise pants- whaddaya think?

My dogs ate food from Bern's Steakhouse tonight

BeeGees? n/t

I just spent 3 hours restoring my home network, ask me anything!

Most suggestive musical group name?

I really miss speaking French...

I really miss kissing French...

Least. Popular Hot Wheels car. Ever.

So I had a conversation with one of my employees this morning...

We received a sympathy card today.

My mom had surgery today on her foot and lower leg

God damn, why the hell did I eat so many fucking fish sticks!?

Do you call certain duers by pet names?

Is your computer ready for the early Daylight Savings Time?


Five random questions

In the last six threads that I've posted in........

Brad Delp (Boston lead singer) dead at 55!

Do you call certain pets by Duer names?

Is musical compatibility important in a relationship?

Quick Poll: Which DVD should I watch now?

I just saw "300." And my verdict? (Maybe some spoilers)

Why is Robb a dingbat?

Question for DU'er that make Cafe Press stuff.

Sweet merciful crap! The Jam shilling for Cadillac!

C'mon Loungers! Post your Desktop!!

Worst 80s sitcom:

I think I've found my lot in life: Harry Potter Expert.

*Ostentatious post about my obviously superior taste in music.*

Giving fundamentalism a secular boost

What Happens When a Country Gives Up Religion: as Spain Shows, Nothing Much (HuffPost)

Montel's show on Monday March 12th is on "The Secret"

Problem with the Peace Symbol?

Deborah Palfrey, Washington Madam (Hookergate?) on CNN

Fox News chairman makes unfunny jokes about liberals.

Alternative Spring Break: Students Against the Death Penalty (The Nation)

OK this is weird

Robert Greenwald: Fox Is Not News (HuffPost)

Democrats have the POWER to ruin Fox's "fair and balanced" brand for the brain dead who believe it

Coming Home: Seven Families Lay Their Fallen Soldiers to Rest. A Photo Essay

Concerns about the Safety and Regulatory Safeguards of Medical Devices

NUMB3RS: Democracy, voter-fraud conspiracy - 10:00 CBS

The GOP's Raging Pardon

KTLK host eviscerating the Gore Electricity Phony

Radfringe comic made it on Bartcop

MediaBistro reporting Tom Delay NOT joining CNN

Does Wes Clark still work for Fox News?

Nasty Bush toon-Bush pavilion

House Panel told of the warnings about the VA

NY Times: The Rational Mr. Buffett.

John Edwards, that faggot, that Breck girl, that silky pony

Chimp's K9 bomb sniffing dogs dognapped...then recovered

Newt Gingrich: tender, fragile, fallible child of God.

Didnt Al Franken write in a book that Newt was having an affair?

DynCorp Hired For Somalia 'Peacekeeping'

'Lehrer Newshour' Did Sensenbrenner call for Gonzales head?

Gingrich served divorce papers on first wife while she was being treated for cancer.

FOX just called MoveOn "radical fringe"? Oh, IT'S ON you filthy RePUKEs.

Evangelical Christians Debate the Environment....Moyers PBS

Rep Obey votes NAY to IWR

Editors Who Are Keeping Coulter's Column Explain Why

Reverand Questions Sean Hannitiy's Faith

Chavez rallies w/Madres de la Plaza de Mayo. . .

Watching C-Span. Shows Karl Rove giving a speech on Thursday at

Please, please, please, I want to see George address the Brazilians

TimesOnline: At least 200 unclaimed bodies are buried every week in Iraq.

AIDS Vaccine Nearing Reality at Emory

Lots of DU fretting about Rudy. Will he even bother to run in Iowa? The New York press doubts it.

Video of Encounter Between Robert Hunter and Kaiko Maru

Today's hug fest from the rear (photo)

***Seriously, a WARNING if you pay bills via

Reports of Progress In Iraq Challenged

IS Shrub EVER actually INVITED to the various Countries he visits,

Marine corps investigating right wing ex gay porn actor

Real Time starting now.

3190 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Gonzales, Mueller Admit FBI Broke Law

Funny line on MSNBC today re: Newt

Re; Joe Wilson: What This RW Idiot Is Talking About?

Major ruling against D.C. handgun ban

Fox Attacks Edwards -- Message From Edwards

Newsweek: Iraq situation so dire US willing to trade-off promoting democracy for some kind stability

One of the goofiest * pics....

Another VA horror story

IRAQ: Killings drive women to become suicide bombers

Falwell invites Gingrich to give address

Our Vietnam Brother Senator Jim Webb will be on ABC's This Week

The TRUE cost of war - and a war based upon bigoted lies no less...

Maher and Olbermann

Who/what can RAISE Shrub's poll numbers? Hugo CHAVEZ

Its TGIF and time to remember who we are

A poll to piss EVERYONE off: What percentage of DUers are genuine morons?

What really happened between Robert Hunter and Kaiko Maru

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

This Obama is "articulate" used as a slur thing can backfire with a little help,

More on the New Bedford raid...

so what`s fox going to put in place of the debates? any idea?

Who is Da IDIOT who scheduled BUSH to South America??? The Poor thing is gonna

Can we be ''nice'' to Newt....for awhile, at least? Here's why:

Hey, I found the whalers' excuse:

Don't you love it when Republicans start comparing sins? (My sin wasn't as bad as your sin

Numb3rs is doing an election fraud case.

It's official: Ike Will Run!!!!

What punishment would fit this crime?

Fox Prez Roger Ailes tells us "you must resist urge to boycott Fox." FUCK YOU JOSEPH GERBILS

Another info request.. List of Congress members that have been in the military

Have any of the Democratic candidates had any improprieties that we know of?

Missing local boy found in Simpsonville (SC)

Katrina's tears

Sensenbrenner rips FBI & DOJ on Lehrer News Hour

New Royalties threaten to KILL Internet Radio

Friday Bush Administration Bad News: FBI abused power...time for a little Congressional oversight

Sick People Used Like Laboratory Rats In GM Potatoes Experiment

Did you know that Newt's first wife was one of his high school teachers?

Three cheers for Obey!


Bush** Katrina czar says recovery "better than I thought"!!

Just got this activist email: FOX NEWS DEBATE IN NV CANCELLED!!!!

Chavez: "The US President today is a true political cadaver."

On Monday Chuck Hagel will . . .

What's a good subject for an American (British Style) Pantomime?

Edwards: Fox "Corporate moutpiece of Republicans" "We'll deal with Fox News on OUR TERMS"

Praise Be!

Senator Chuck Hagel will announce......???

It is never right to call a mother who is trying to bring her son home from a war an "idiot liberal"

"Here, in silence, are fifteen more"

Male escort auctioning off table he says Haggard used

I'm 100% In Support Of Rep. Obey And I Now Have Even Greater Respect For Him. Do You?

***DUzy Awards & Announcements for week ending March 9, 2007***

Book TV Schedule: March 10th - 12th

Zell Miller: Abortion has shrunk our military, hurt social security, caused illegal immigration

Sibel Edmonds: Sorry, No Room on the MSM

May I Ask a VERY PERSONAL Question? What is your claimed religion?

Bush has had a really bad week. He needs a nice Uruguayan vacation, I think

HuffPo: Democrats Dump Fox

Army Times: Officers get more, higher disability ratings

Rachel Maddow on AAR gives link to Al Gore's Speech from her Show...

Video: March On The Pentagon, March 17th

Department of Peace has been around since the days of Thomas Jefferson

Way to go, Hillary!!

Giuliani Slammed by NYC Firefighters for "lack of respect"

Anyone else getting McCain banner on DU?

Fox Attacks (Edwards' deputy campaign manager on his blog)

Bob and Lee Woodruff on Hardball .........

The BEST "Countdown" tag line EVER!

Tonite's episode on Numb3rs appears to deal with voting machine fraud

Hillary = female Lieberman

218 votes?

BECK - blechh!

Update: CNN says Tom DeLay not joining network.

Re: Obey .... here are names of possible targets for pressure that might make an actual difference

Sorenson Endorses Obama, Conjures Kennedy, Jabs Clinton

Edwards Seeks Momentum in Iowa (great NY Times article)

Bush Lies About Latin American Aid

Medicare Could Save $30 Billion A Year By Allowing Government To Negotiate Prices

The Delegitimizing Of Fox News Is The Biggest Story Of The Year

President Condi Rice - - 2007 to ??

Breaking!!--Divorce to Become a Sacrament!!

Is Edwards getting desperate to compete?

Dear Senator Clinton: Don't apologize

DFA joins with SEIU for the DFA Night School Spring session. Building coalitions.

In the future, should Democratic candidates EVER consider a Republican for their running mate?

Amazing quote about Repubs by retired Major General

Transcript of exchange between Obey and activists (as seen on YouTube)

Greg Palast: Bush's New US Attorney a Criminal?

Chavez Sidelining the IMF in Latin America

Beyond Quagmire (ROLLING STONE)

Robert Kuttner: Cheney's still dangerous (Boston Globe)

Rich Get Richer, Middle Class Shrinks

Turn off the life support: America is dead (Doug Thomson)

"... Cheney has committed impeachable offenses. So has George Bush," argues McGovern.

Senators urged to get tough on trade

The Night of the Generals (A DAMNING article from our friends at Vanity Fair)

When Losers Talk About Victory and Supporting the Troops

The Theocratic Agenda Is Heading for a Statehouse Near You (AlterNet)

Raw Story: Pardoning Libby is a slam dunk...He needs Libby to keep his mouth shut

Guantanamo Is Not a Prison

The Nation: KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question

Robert Dreyfuss: Iraq: Pulled Out Or Pushed Out

Sibel Edmonds: Sorry, No Room on the MSM

What happened to the Padilla interrogation videos?

Dems' Big Middle Finger to the American Voter by David Sirota

Not afraid of calling Bushshit

At Least Marie Antoinette Offered Cake. More than Senate Republicans

Keep digging into GOP's purge

Cuba: A shameful injustice

Privatizing the National Archives...

Americans Have Lost Their Country (Paul Roberts- Reagan Administration)

ROBERT PARRY: Bush Family's Prosecutor Games

A Rummy Way to Fight a War ----"a ruthless little bastard,"


Hey, Boss: Lose the Second Yacht

NYT = SCOTT SHANE: Prosecution by Logic Defeats a Defense in Shades of Gray

Privatized Prisons for Immigrants

Obeys little outburst-----I can see why he would be frustrated----just as

Volunteer Soldiers Devastated by Iraq Weren't "Asking for It"

Reagan Said Government Was The Problem, Not The Answer; Bush Has Made Reagan's Fantasy Come True


David Swanson: Subpoena Dick

Economic future: Colleges or prisons?

Labor Beat - Rise of the Anti-War Soldier (Google video)

‘End Our Military Involvement in Iraq’: AFL-CIO blog

Where Those Reactors and Centrifuges Came From

NYT Editorial: Another Grim Week in Iraq

JUDITH WARNER: Glass Slippers? Old Hat

Glenn Greenwald: Blind faith in the Bush administration(DOJ and FBI)

Coulter – Where are her defenders now? Why does anyone continue to carry her column?

Open Congress Dot Org--Your Window on the Process!

Ray McGovern: 'Axis of Evil' Report Card

Killing U.S. Troops Slowly

WP: Coal rush in America's heartland is on collision course with Congress

Tree Nation Joining Me Asking People To Pledge To Be Climate Messengers/Please Help Me Plant Trees!

Delta Solar Cell Assembly is Over 35% Efficient

Solar panel maker plans for bright future (United Solar Ovionics, Michigan)

Hard times for hybrids

Gore asked to help stop crop-sourced biofuels

It'll take a village to sustain this proposed community garden

California: the energy miser?

Biofuels Boom Raises Tough Questions - AP

New Climate Report: More Bad News

Kerry's new book hails everyday people saving the environment

Solar Energy: New power source in Jigawa (Nigeria)

Bright Future Forecast for City Solar Initiative (Guelph, Ontario)

Cash bonanza for multi-junction solar cells

State might force higher electric bills (NY)

SoCalEd the Nation’s Leading Renewable Energy Purchaser

Global warming efforts in Md. could go beyond new cars

Is Israel Falling Apart? By Dror Wahrman

Read slowly, compare to recent history. Ring any bells?

Clinton proposes new federal boondoggle in the form of "election reform"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Layman's terms, Please, Explain to me what a "Random Audit means"

Analyst: Union campaigns hurt Wal-Mart (AP)

Missing local boy found in Simpsonville (SC)

WP: General Seeks More Troops for Northern Iraq: Rise in attacks as forces focus on Baghdad

WP: Clinton to Back Iraq Deadline: In Shift, Supports Measure Setting Withdrawal Date

AP: New Ethics Policies In Ohio

Iraq kidnappers demand Germany quit Afghanistan

Reuters: Democrats cancel Fox News debate

U.S. general wants more troops for volatile province

Suspicious Package Call Leads To Uranium At Pawn Shop (Belleview, Fla)

Arthur Andersen Settlement Approved for Enron Investors

Maliki urges players to stay out of Iraq conflict

Top al-Qaida official taken in Iraq raid (but not the one originally reported)

35 killed (Saturday) in Iraqi bombings

Bin Laden 50 today?

Chirac warns US on missile base plan

ConAgra extends peanut butter recall (back to Oct 2004)

US scientists banned from talking about polar bears.

Iran presses U.S. on detained Iranians in Baghdad

AP: Al-Maliki Asks for Aid in Terror Fight (Language is familiar)

Democrats slam GOP over Walter Reed woes(radio address)

U.S. struggles with bioterror defenses

(Bush) Reports of Progress In Iraq Challenged

(AP) Officials: Quake Aid Went Astray (Indonesia)

18 killed in Baghdad suicide bombing (Sadr City)

U.S. military: Censorship was justified (incident in Afghanistan)

AP: U.S. and Iran hold rare direct talks

AP: Biofuels Boom Raises Tough Questions

Bush sends new Iraq budget request to U.S. Congress

U.S. struggles with bioterror defenses

Turkish general says can hit Kurd rebels in Iraq

Washington Post: Midwest Has 'Coal Rush,' Seeing No Alternative

WP: Inquiry Sought on Agency Memo About Polar Bears, Climate Change

Democrats Cancel Fox News Debate Over (Obama) Joke

Man pleads guilty in Walter Reed scheme

Newborn Abducted From Lubbock, Texas, Hospital

Bush: FBI addresses Patriot Act problems

Colombia criticizes Amnesty cartoon as "slanderous"

Bush approves 4,400 more troops for Iraq

WP: Privatized Walter Reed Workforce Gets Scrutiny; Contractor tied to Bush administration, KBR

Obama: U.S. Must Leave Iraq if No Reform

Bush meets with Socialist president of Uruguay

NYT/AP: Falwell Invites Gingrich to Give Commencement Address

(Reuters) U.S. prepared to reduce agricultural subsidies: Bush

AP: U.S. Reaffirms Presence in Iraqi City (Petraeus tours Hit)

Seoul Riot Police Break Up U.S. Free Trade Protest

Reuters: L.A. hospital confirms women poisoned by thallium

Feds tried to cut aid (....for sick and dying nuclear weapons workers)

US troops kill Iraqi father and two daughters

Postal Service aims to save with independent (non-union) carriers

Gonzales Tries to Mollify GOP Critics on Firings, FBI Missteps---Gondo

Franklin Graham's son (Billy's grandson) hurt in Iraq

E&P/AP: 'Surge' Gets Bigger -- A True Escalation

VA hospital deaths (in N.C.) spark call for review

Pentagon struggles to find fresh troops

Bush won't engage in fight with Chavez

Two years to change EU light bulbs (27 countries ban incandescent bulbs)

No deal on UN sanctions for Iran

McClatchy: Rove asked to fire U.S. attorney; Firing of U.S. attorneys may be 'enormously problematic

Def Poetry Jam

I had Bush hooked up to a lie detector!

the final sign of the apocalypse?

Our long national nightmare is finally over

Soul Asylum and Dokken going to be at Brat Days this year, here in Sheboygan.

i really kiss miss french

you know what's funny????

Even though it is way too late to eat, I am eating some Spahghetti-O's right now!! Thanks to being

betcha can't guess what my sig says!!!

Yes or No?

"Lounge" defined. What's Your Choice of Definitions??? (updated & simplified)

Going to bed!!! See y'all later!

computer question--please help

Air travel allowed items question

So the rule is, dishes in the sink are OK if they're his

I finally admit it,

Random_Australian has gone crazy! Methinks it's time to call the men in white!

my husband and I have turned into one of THOSE couples

Mrs America crowned Mrs World, is awarded a white goat and two chickens

What are the Loungers,

You all can fiddle with your c***ks all you want.

No one in the lounge knows me. :(

its real simple

G'night, everyone!

Sigh... DST time change will mess up Tivo for 3 weeks...

My daughter and I have to build a Leprechuan trap this weekend

I am now a MY SPACE user! AAACKKK!!

Congratulations Endangered Specie!! 15,000 posts

Guitar Players/musicians check this out

I have the most shocking piece of news re: Anna's death right here. Read up, press & Hard Copy:

Goddamnit. I am addicted to Ben and Jerry's Black & Tan,

You all can fiddle with your c**ks all you want.

What is it with people's GUESTS???

Be Polite

Interpret THIS dream: It's a doozy..............


Star Trek fans - name one of their drug names that sounds like a real drug.

CA smokers. How do you like the new cigs that wont stay lit?

My cocaine dealer made an error of 1086.66 pounds in my favour.

My credit card company made an error of £1086.66 in my favour.

Who are you going to Plant in your garden this year?

"In youth and beauty, wisdom is rare."

Sweet heaven, my life is so much more boring than Anna Nicole's death!

Bin Ladens 50 today

"I am a potted plant"

Did you know Jack Mehoffer had his letter read on O'liely?

It's warm! It's sunny! I've got windows open all over the house!

My business idea: Distraction Buddy Phone-Line

"Torn between two lovers..."

Campus Urged to Exploit New Internet

I found a new hair stylist. He's gay and has a turtle and I love him!

Virus alert

Louis House - Hot or Not?

Definitely Hot

I found a nude hair stylist. She's gray(warrior) and has a doob and I fucking love her!!

Hit and run by SUV in OLIVE GARDEN parking lot.

How much student loan debt do you have?

Ok, here is who I DO find hot...

Do you know what this toy was called?

So I tried to go see "300"

Which is the greatest human-made thing EVER? (maybe dialup warning)

Sometimes I really wish I could sing in front of an audience

Is "Please Remove" finally gone?

How much credit card debt do you have?

My favorite song right now

post basely rumors about Celebrities

OMG! This is HUGH! I'm SEIRES!!!!!!1111!!11111!!!!!!

Doesn't it just SUCK when you flip your slice of pizza over?

WooHoo!!! Drinks are on me. I sold the MidloVan!

"he stinks of oil and electrical circuitry"

I saw Boston play in Raleigh, NC around 1978-1979

Check out this picture of my balls

apache my bitch up

I found a new hair stylist. He's gay and has a tude and I fucking love him!!

So, what are your plans this beautiful Saturday Afternoon?

Online Censorship, Yahoo, MSN, and Hotmail


good god. Researching use of ethnic humor in "Mind of Mencia" is killing me.

OK, this is TOO much. Now I'm getting German spam.

As you brush your shoes and stand before the mirror

The Zen of Drinking Alone

We just got back from the supermarket.

A Day in the Lounge: Wednesday Sept. 12th, 2001....a look back.

"The African Queen" spoiler:

How much Twinkie debt do you have?

World's oldest person dies aged 128

'S e togairt dol a dhannsa

The Van Halen Reunion Tour would set a world record

Pro's vs. Joe's

Does the Barefoot Contessa have any male friends who aren't gay?

I finally saw "Casino Royale" today.

To help all y'all understand life better: median, mean (average), and mode

I found a new hair stylist. He's gay and took a lude and I fucking love him!!

Pigs (3 different ones) -Pink Floyd

HELP My drivers license is suspended

My kid has a painting hanging in the art gallery at our local Penn State campus!

Just saw "300"....

Krep. Opera on Prairie Home Companion.

Please, tell me to get a damn life!

rachel ray the "new face of dunkin' donuts"

I hear bagpipes...

Is there a topic that's really upsetting/disgusting to you? For me it's eyes.

"hey torquemada, what do ya say?"

J'adore les DUers qui sont fou!

sweet dreams and flying machines

Americans Increasingly Medicating Pets

What books have you been reading?

how much do you owe the drug dealer?

Recommendations for a new coffee maker?

What can you do for someone who just lost a family member to suicide?

101 year-old woman gets mugged

I just saw 6 naked men !!! Ask me anything!

A teacher who works at my school

Do you call certain pets by DU'er names?

To the person who said that Target is the Hundred Dollar Store...

This baseball season could be more fun than most

What color are your eyes? Post a pic to show!!!

Has anyone seen Zodiac?

Kill me now....I have to go clothes shopping.

Aiiiieeee!!!!! Re: Rat at Work...

Congratulations LittleClarkie!! 20,000 posts

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/10/2007)

I just saw 6 baked men! Ask me anything!

Eddie Van Halen, healthy sane, no booze or drugs, looking great .....

Betcha didn't guess that Random_Australian has been incapacitated, and

ANOTHER reason to avoid public restrooms. Molestation charges!

14,993 Posts - Axe Me Anything

Survivorman and a question for vegans

Supermarket? Grocery store? Vote here:

I don't find Angelina Jolie "hot".............

BRING IT ON DETROIT! Sox - Tigers Get Pushy During 'Bean-Ball' Today

Happy birthday whoisalhedges!!

This is my 20,000th post!


i totally need to book these guys for my next event

New Pics Today! Here I am, fresh from my hairdresser's hands!

The DUer Jasonc ROCKS!!!

I had a major, loud and insulting argument with a freeper last night.

Who is your team's all-time franchise player?

What are you going to plant in your garden this year?

Bumpersticker advice please

(Lutheran) Gay pastor continues job fight (Atlanta)

Gay rites to cost (Anglican) priest job (Saskatoon)

Lowell, Mass. City Council no longer to begin meetings with traditional prayer

Is any Christian against ending world poverty?

Fundamentalist agnostic

Key moment in the fight to control the future of the Episcopal Church

Is there any difference between agnosticism and weak atheism?

NCAA Tournament Picks

Current energies...

Bill Maher tonight had Deepak and they discussed 'The Secret"

Looking for info about who I was in the life cycle just prior to this one.

New diary at Kos

Article on the Senate Iraq Resolution (mentions Kerry)

NYT op-ed on North Korea's nuclear reacters

Kerry's new book hails everyday people saving the environment

Fascinating thread in DKos from KarenDC

AFSCME members voice concerns at (state) Capitol

Union Members Put Family, Pay On the Line During Strike

Rods of God (Bush Star Wars)

Robert Hunter attacks Japanese ship

A Salute to Our Veterans

Chicago Homeless

W*, Laura and Condi dancing

VA hospitals and clinics suck

Support our Troops and Veterans

Coulter name calling - idiot

'24' Boston Bomb Scare (Jack Bauer saves Boston from The Mooninites!)

John Bolton wanted Iran to pull out of the NPT

The Big Brother State

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis by Bill Moyers

What Happens When a Country Gives Up Religion: as Spain Shows, Nothing Much (HuffPost)


Don't forget, it's really about....

Where did "NOW" go? Did PBS pull the plug on it?

"MAMAFEST" - Slopestyle competition to benefit breast cancer research

If Sen. Hagel can oppose the war in very red Nebraska

Coalition commander in northern Iraq seeking more troops

Mexican mogul made $2.2 million per hour in 2006

Russia Warns Caucasus States On Missile Shield

Russia, China, oppose proposals for tougher Iran sanctions

DU: Are you Energized?

The Bong Show

I have question about "Don't ask, Don't tell".

They must be coming to round us all up now.

What Should Be The Next Pro-Union Bill???

Glenn Beck...CNN..."Perjury no big DEAL"

Report: Missing Iranian official can prove Tehran's ties to terror

KKKarl Speaks At The Clinton School Of Public Service On CSpan Now

Best. Bill. Maher. Ever. !. -- Not a dull moment -- Where's my pitchfork?

Bernie's reading Krugman's column on air now

Reverend Jerry Falwell Praises Newt Gingrich's Admission About Affair

Encampment to Stop The War Starts March 12th

JFK speechwriter, Sorenson, endorses Obama

Drunk Test

Who's left to listen to Sean Hannity....

Thousands protest against Bush arrival in Uruguay

FANTASTIC video overview of the mess we started and why.

IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino

How middle management conquered Antarctic

Putin: Russian military organization needs steady advancement

Army ranger earns $20k signing bonus, uses money to run bank heist, now says it was antiwar protest

No one in the lounge knows me. :(

When we break the law, an apology most likely won't do us any good

Should Bush pardon Clinton?

Hillary toasts The Sleazoid

US soldier given four years for raping elderly Korean

Clinton in Brazil VS. Bush in Brazil

Jock Stirrup: Chief of the UK's Defense Staff!

Worker-Run Cooperatives in Buenos Aires

Chavez in Argentina

AAFES turns away Prince Harry at register

Yahoo turned in Chinese dissident to authorities - . . .Wife to sue!

Democrats Link Non-War Money To Military Funding Bill

AARP welcomes Osama bin Laden into its ranks...

Look what I found on the DC Madam's website.

Another preventable death

The Chris Matthews show - You should watch this one

WJ this morning: FBI patriot act scandal

Does this sound like gender discrimination?

Rev. Jim Wallis challenges James Dobson to a debate on Global Warming

Original PNAC signatory hints at willingness to talk bilaterally with Iran

Maliki urges others to stay out of Iraq conflict as mortar rounds land nearby

Top Republican says this is Iraq’s last chance again


Declassified CIA records reveal American hand in birth of Japan's right wing

Don't you love Cannabis Granny?

The louder they deny global warming

The Nicest Customer Service Call Ever

ConAgra extends peanut butter recall (AP)

Pentagon struggles to find fresh troops (AP)

Hannity Re-challenges Mayor Anderson to Debate

Hewitt: Romney might be "over-qualified'' for presidency

More Finding Work in U.S.

Popcorn time. Do you know who might make good soldiers?

U.S. troops accused of shooting civilians in Sadr City

NYT op-ed on North Korea's nuclear reacters

Please click through links for stories about vets care-it keeps them on MSM front page

35 killed (Saturday) in Iraqi bombings

Saddam death judge goes to the UK for vacation and decides to stay

Pentagon Struggling To Find More Cannon Fodder

I just got polled!

CNN's Ali Velshi falsely claimed Feb. unemployment rate dropped to "a historic low"

Democrats Steer the War in Iraq in Fits and Starts

Beck:Supporters of Dems' Iraq bill "will be just as responsible" for troop deaths as suicide bombers

Ailes: "Obama is on the move. I don't know if ... Bush called Musharraf...."

Dem candidates boycotting FUX?

Texas AG office didn't pursue abuse case

US scientists banned from talking about polar bears.

Bush and Chávez Spar at Distance Over Latin Visit...

Newt's Zipper Issue

John McCain joins other Repubs in wanting to keep Family Values out of race

VIDEO: Impeachment? A Forum w/ Ray McGovern, Dave Lindorff, David Swanson, Others

JFK's speechwriter (Sorenson) endorces Obama for President

Question about student loans?

Newt, Rudy, and McCain have 8 wives amongst them

U.S. Begins 'Secret' Military Show Hearings of Terror Suspects With No Defense Lawyers Present

"...the aide spotted a woman with her head buried in Newt's lap..."..(eew!)

DNC's devastating research on Mitt Romney's "smooth talk" in the Sunshine State.

LAT: Evangelicals in heated battle over agenda

The REAL reason Bush is in Latin America...

Iraq war bad for libido but good for enhancment supplements? Pill sales up, no script needed

George Galloway backs Barack, audio link

We knew in 2005 about the unprecedented amount of National Security Letters issued

I truly think that if we hadn't won in November, Bush would be bombing Iran now

D.C sex scandal on CNN this morning. Rethug politicians sweating?

I found what the GOP and Democrats will use to make sure Louisiana and New Orleans get nothing

Mrs Romney says hubby is sole GOP candidate with only one wife

If I were the Democratic Strategist, I would do the following....

Another heavily advertised drug is "black boxed" by the FDA.

Making People Brand-New

McCain to group-(R's) began to value power over principle -"We're going to have to clean up our act"

So, did Michele Malkin mix PCP in with Coulter's crystal meth?

St. Mary's College (IN) Democrats protest against choice of Justice Alito for commencement speaker

Why "Idiot Liberals" and not Idiot "Democrats"?

On C-Span2 right now: BookTV: Greg Grandin

Industry Funded Front Organizations

Poll: Character trumps policy for voters

Hilarious '93 Rudy Campaign Ad -- Ex-wife Narrates!


Freepers, Republicans and war-happy folk: "Support the troops. Go to Iraq and help them."


Penatgon attorney responds to judge's request for Padilla tape: "I don't know what happened to it."

What IS all of this about "crazed" lefties planning to deface Vietnam Memorial?

Chavez speech in Argentina on CSpan 1 now n/t

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 3/10 -- like layers of an onion

The Katrina gang hits New Bedford: Lowell Sun gets it

I'm curious, how many people died as a result of showing Prince's phallic guitar?

GOP - the Cheerleading Party

Question about Solidarity (Poland)

Here are some really cool cops!!!

Ned Lamont to be keynote speaker at Democracy for Tennessee convention.

Osama should invite the Chimp and Cheney to his birthday party

Who is Roger Ailes....

Great lines from Senor Chavez speech on S-Span!

Bush & Lula: most painful hug photo since McCain brought to heel

How hospitals can prevent baby thefts

OK, Obey's an asshole. But you have to understand--

Call me a right wing apologist....

Anyone have a backup of Cornell US code?

DUers who missed the Senate Judiciary Committee

Are there idiot liberals?

Dueling rallies wage culture war: Christian group goes on the offensive in San Francisco

This is my 20,000th post!

Hundreds honor Montana veteran

Hybrid school buses go into use for the first time

There is one, and only one, way the war in Iraq will end

As Populations Swell, Prisons Rethink Supermax

Think being born here makes you an American? Leo Berman says no.

”These wars are long, messy and slow,” Nagl says.

Asking For a Fair Hearing

The Face of War

Karl Rove describes Barack Obama as 'articulate'


PELOSI Blasts BUSH: "Bush Offers ONLY An Open-Ended Commitment To WAR WITHOUT END"

Harriet Miers to be questioned by Congress about the U.S. attorney scandal

How will the California primary being early impact the Dem nomination?

Falwell so taken with Gingrich's confession, he's invited him to deliver commencement address

Pork barrel spending -- all you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

EDITORIAL: Meltdown over Fox

Health care re-defined.

Osama Bin Laden Birthday

Four Years Ago:13 Questions We Raised About Coming Iraq War

My 2 cents on whether to cut funding.....NO

Let's Turn On the Way Back Machine...

Be Prepared:Mainstream Press Will Attack Dems Now

Be Prepared:Mainstream Press Will Attack Dems Now

So the Dems boycott of the FAUX debate was over a joke?

The good, the bad, and the ugly, the world in gay and lesbian news as of late

Did Hillary poll anyone else today?

HONORING THE FALLEN: US Military KIA, Iraq: January-February 2007

ACLU Refutes FBI’s Claims of “Unintentional” Patriot Act Abuses, Citing Lies About Authority

Will Democrats ever publicly discuss real reasons for the Iraq War?

Part of the puzzle for gas prices going up are maintenace problems

What the hell is going on with this "surge" ?

House Dems Should Begin Hearings on Impeachment of Alberto Gonzales

Question about the melting polar caps.

Media consolidation is not our friend

Freedom to Fascism Baby! Yeah!

Turkey is threatening to invade Iraq. This should be fun.

BushInc didn't maintain Walter Reed because it's worth BILLIONS for developers.

Batshit crazy moonbat claims abortion has shrunk our military

New Mexico on the verge of banning cockfighting


CAPTION THIS: Sean Hannity at the Bunny Ranch

David Sirota - On Dave Obey, "Idiot Liberals" and Ending the War


Be Prepared:Mainstream Press Will Attack Dems Now

CNN Poll More positive message for latin america? Bush or chavez

Should there be a legal limit on the number of immigrants allowed into America?

Georgia moves closer to approving classes based on Bible

The plot against maize

Free Alternative to Microsoft Office

Democrats want to re-write the Patriot Act

AP: Biofuels Boom Raises Tough Questions

Carlyle Group dumped Shrub, but Mark WAHLBERG found him "charismatic/charming"

Gates may dismantle Rummy's Spy Organizations

Weekend TOON roundup

HowBiotech Corps Use Fear to Kill"Inconvenient" GM Research

Louis Farakhan-Bat Shit Crazy

This Is Why Coulter is Done For

Newsweek: Climate report: Droughts, starvation, disease

Editor&Publisher: Editors Who Are Keeping Coulter's Column Explain Why

Is McCain cooked?

I made a mistake - I typed 'liberals' into the Youtube search engine

US commander in Iraq: "I need more soldiers, more time"

LOL !!! - Check Out THIS Poll !!!

Tree Nation Joins Me In Asking People To Pledge To Be Climate Messengers Please help me plant trees!

Free 25 UC Berkeley Courses Available On-line

Bush Names Seven to Veteran Care Panel

I got into a conversation with a Republican and with one question left him speachless

What is the standard for determining veiled bigotry?

Can someone explain a st ange comment I heard by Obama?

Clever Marketers Want You To Believe You Need Cable/Satellite for HDTV: But It's Not True.

PHOTOS: Imagine a US President beloved internationally, meeting the people...

Democratic Men

Mar. 10 Daily Impeachment News: post high crimes and misdemeanor news here

MSNBC's Cosby leaving network

Some questions for anyone who know the lady (Tina) who confronted Congressman Obey

General Eaton: “Republican Congress worst thing that’s happened to US Army and Marine Corps”

* at a news conference in Uruguay - pics

Rich: Why Bush pardoning Libby is a slam dunk

Must Read: The RW Deliberate, Coordinated Attempt to Feminize Liberal Leaders

A question about marital infidelity


Obey admits his words were wrong and has apologized, can we please stop the attacks on this mother?

Boston vocalist Delp found dead (lead singer of band 'Boston')

Vaginas and MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo

BREAKING: Giuliani Admits Current Affair with Gingrich Ongoing During Clinton Impeachment

What do you think differentiates a moderate Democrat from a liberal Democrat?

The lottery scam: regressive taxation of the poor and fraudulent marketing.

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Support our Troops and Veterans

She was only 21, an Army Sgt., beautiful and blown to bits

3,200 military families who are opposed to the war protest-----the DEM Leadership!

Elko Daily Free Press refuses to cut AnnThrax Coulter column despite pressure from ...

ALERT-More Bad News for Seniors and Disabled!

Obama Sues Pedophile Over Photos

Discrimination Poll

'300' Flick Is Ready-Made for the Right-Wing Crowd

Prepare your family for the hard times ahead.

Fox Spins on Edwards

Listening to Neil Young's "Living With War"

Gonzales, Mueller admit FBI broke law

Did Rove Write Gonzo's Speech?

Wave Of Repug Admissions: Gonzales, Mueller Admit FBI Lied

Anger at Walter Reed

U.S. military: Censorship was justified (after bombing in Afghanistan)

Thomas Jefferson to run again... sort of.

Attorney General Gonzales' new problems add to Bush's continuing ones

I had to double post, W*, Laura and Condi dancing salsa

More hypocrisy from James Dobson

Mendocino County attorneys strike

The fax/email that was sent to Fox News by Collins and Reid:

Don't worry about the illegal FBI spying . . . Bush says Mueller and Gonzales will 'address' it

Reform Committee Member Calls for Hearings on U.S. Government's Largest Security Contractor

Tooty Frooty Newty confessed to Falwell

Challenging the Workplace Dictatorship ( take that George F. Will

Politico's Ben Smith : Ted Sorenson Endorses Barack Obama, Conjures JFK, Jabs Hillary Clinton

George McGovern to Cheney: Resign (by John Nichols of The Nation)

McCain Backs ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

When Republicans eat their own


Candidates Not yet Savvy to Youth Vote: In 8 years, Gen Y will make up third of U.S. electorate

WaPo: Reports of Progress In Iraq Challenged

Senior Bush Official: ‘No Trend’ Showing Escalation Is Working

California Nurses Association/NNOC Joins AFL-CIO following Endorsement of Single Payer Healthcare

NYT: Obama’s Back Fund-Raising in New York, Not Quietly

Senate Republicans’ Tax Breaks Not Just for Small Businesses (millions into the pockets of large cor

Bombs Kill Dozens Just Miles From Baghdad Peace Conference

Union Members Put Family, Pay On the Line 4 Strike "We survived Katrina; we can survive anything,"

Most despicable person of the week

Proposed CT law that could suppress Internet usage

Top 40 IRAQ LIES should = Jail for Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz

Fox News ad boycott?

LAT, Chait: He's "with the empire now": John McCain goes over to the dark side

I Hope The Dems Are Really Proud of the 'Patriot' Act

I saw Obama last night

The Saturday Cartoons

U.S. trade policy: Fast Track or the Right Track?

House Bill Pins Wage Increase To Iraq Funding (WP)

Boehner And Putnam Call For ‘Real Debate’ On Iraq, Then Criticize Congress For Taking Real Action

Journalists Receive Human Rights Award: Last year, at least 155 journalists worldwide were killed

Heard Pelosi Include Us In Supporting Afghanistan War

Bob Woodruff's back to work : Husband 'Not the Same' After Iraq Explosion

GOP voters - which adulterer and/or mistress

I've changed my mind about de-funding the war, Bush would just find a way around it

BlogPac,: Victory! Nevada Dems Cancel Debate With Fox News

Help me find this stastistic!

What Isn’t Bill Richardson Doing?

We know the media has become the servant of a very narrow corporate agenda" and added....

McCain: GOP to blame for losing election

Rolling Back Pentagon Spies

Clinton Pledges to Support Gays Can Obama Do the Same?

Federal trial to test legality of local anti-immigrant measures

Praying for Guidance (bumper sticker idea)

Sex! Sin! Salvation!

anyone have info for election results (national or statewide) grouped by metropolitan areas ?

Iran in direct talks with U.S.: "Your accusations are merely a cover for your failures in Iraq."

Will Hagel be the one who knocks Rudy, Mitt & McCain off the GOP top spot?

So far, everybody loves Charlie

Meet Congressman David Obey

Idaho becomes the second state to reject the Real ID Act

Dem Rep (Adam Smith): Hastings Should "Absolutely" Be Investigated

First Kucinich form email....

Democrats Slam GOP Over Walter Reed Woes- 'Catastrophic Failure of Leadership'

Before we TRASH...David Obey we Progressives Need to Read This!

Gates to shrink/shut down Rumsfeld-Cambone-Feith-Boykin intel operation

WP Editorial on Overturning DC Gun Ban, and Your Opinion?

Fred Thompson Considering Entering the Presidential Race

Priests to purify site after Bush visit

AP: Mayan Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit

Query: Does Obama write his own speeches?

Dream Team (Or, People too Talented to Waste)

David Sirota: On Dave Obey, "Idiot Liberals" and Ending the War

More Photos From Brazil Anti Bushler Protest in Sao Paluo Brazil! Bush = Hitler?

This David Obey thing still has me really frosted ......

I don't believe Newt for one minute that he had an affair during Clinton's impeachment

An Edwards / Obama ticket would have to win Florida

If Obama wasn't running and most of the votes were going to be sucked up

Obama should have spoken about Iraq in these terms last June:

If Al Gore's running, when's the absolute latest he can declare?

POLL: Read four paragraphs, guess who wrote them.

Young progressives organization in NYC apparently doesn't think it's too late for Clark and '08...

Curious--Who have you backed in past Dem primaries

ABC News calls Edwards "Desperate"

Democratic Candidate disowns gay daughter, and owns sweatshop that illegally dumps toxic waste

First Elizabeth, now Michelle...D-Women doing the dirty work for their men

Putin's approval rating now 81%

General: Conservatives Are ‘Absolutely The Worst Thing That’s Happened’ To The U.S. Military

The Anti-Gay Old Party =====>

In October 2002 Bob Graham begged fellow senators to read the "entire" NIE on WMDs.