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Archives: March 1, 2007

What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire (Carolyn Baker)

What's changed in five years? (Globe and Mail / Canada)

ICC names first war crimes suspects in Darfur

Watch list dispute highlights U.S.-Canadian tensions

In U.S. Overtures to Foes, New Respect for Pragmatism

The Nation: Airing Out the Vice Presidential Bunker

The International Court of Justice: Serbia, Bosnia, and genocide

Myths of the Global Market

The Pentagon’s Power to Arrest, Torture, and Execute Americans

U.S. Knew of Threats as Cheney Visited Base

George Will: Democracy Is Uncivilized (Daily Kos)

Very Cool- Real time live desktop of the earth or planets for apple computers

Australia's first wave power plant ready to roll - Reuters

Shin Bet: New system will ease checks of Arabs at airport

Star-Crossed Lovers (One Israeli, One Palestinian) Quit West Bank

Comprehensive coverage of BBC / WTC 7 at - new mini video

Voting Machine Company Tries to Blackmail Dutch Government

Latest on Blackwell at DU link below:

AP: Group: Gore a hypocrite over power bill

House Committee Schedules Vote on Issuing Subpoenas to Prosecutors

Lawmakers Tout DMCA Killer (RIAA and MPAA pissed)

Fake Private Parts Are No Joke, Myers (Maryland state Delegate) Says

Maryland boy, 12, dies after bacteria from tooth spread to his brain

CompUSA Closing More Than 50 Percent of Stores

Guantanamo prisoner Khadr seeks ruling by top U.S. court

Highlights of Iraq Spending Bill Add-Ons

Afghan commission to act as detainee watchdog (for Canada's Afghani prisoners)

CNN: McCain announces '08 bid on Letterman

AP: Congressman in probe wants papers back (Jefferson)

Military commission unfair: Major Mori (Hicks case)

[Kommersant] US Stance Hardens on Russia

NYT/AP: Democratic Leaders Revamp Anti-War Plan: Proposal centers on overburdened military

Apartheid detainee to be exhumed (South Africa / 1963)

Study Citing Antioxidant Vitamin Risks Based On Flawed Methodology

CIA papers reveal 1950s Japan coup plot

AFL-CIO targets Wal-Mart in campaign to rein in executive pay

Democrats to attach add-ons to Iraq bill

Soldiers Shift to Baghdad Outposts

WP: (Fired) U.S. Attorney Says He Was Pressured by Lawmakers

WP: (Walter Reed) Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect

U.S. Concedes Uncertainty on North Korean Uranium Effort

Accenture’s India headcount to hit 35,000

RIAA To College Students: Prepare To Be Sued

US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse

It's the Chicken Police.

Air Traffic Control Humour

A few random pictures from Mexico(dialup warning)

Last night's Idol...

Maureen Dowd


A large coffee and a bagel from Dunkin' Donuts

My supreme pet peeve. Nothing in grammar sets my teeth on edge like this:.

Practice makes Purr-fect

Scary video of a troubling trend that threatens our safety

The Black And White Challenge...OMG

Mmm, Chips and mango and peach salsa with Glenmorangie scotch.

I hope "Ugly Betty" is on tomorrow night.

Jack Handy

Victory is mine! I ordered buffalo chicken pizza!


I live in a sea of unanynmity

Calling all hosers! Let's talk about things these Yanks won't get.

Red Lobster is celebrating Lobsterfest right now.

The gov't office across the street now has a metal detector. Should I be concerned?

My Head Through the Screen - An Ode to Microsoft Networks (help needed)

Do you consider tips to be something extra for a white person?

God I am sick to death of assholes that I have to work with...

WooHOO My daughter got accepted

New York plumber and his assistant are arrested after the assistant was overheard saying...

Man, I saw a promo for that "300" film.

Read this...You won't regret it. Pretty funny and clever too.

So, apparently the freepers have monogrammed jackets

Do you ever feel like you have to boss your boss or supervise your superviser?

Ok, anyone here a car mechanic? Help!

I live in a sea of anonynmity.

For my 8000th post, a poem

Tiger, orangutan babies playmates at zoo

I am such a douchebag!

I live in a Sea Anemone.

Hell freezes over: I just tried to vote on American Idol!

Is there a single negative to Rage Against the Machine getting back together?

Do you tip for poor or only adequate service?

who the hell are you?

As part of my newly dictated "Community Service" requirement from Johnny Law,

Am I wrong in being very angry?

The Employee Free Choice Act ! Please sign it now!!

Do you watch WWE wrestling?

Sprouts ! woohoo! SPROUTS ! WOOHOO!

Anna Nicole Smith died of PNEUMONIA

Do you consider "Nips" to be an appropriate name for a topless bar?

YouTube scavenger hunt! Find a lame 60's video that still makes you happy!

sometimes i wonder if my mother knows me at all.

Wassup in Beantown?

Name a band or a song that was a collaborative effort of several artists from different groups.

Do you ever forget that you are anonymous on DU?

This is what a goddess looks like.

There once was a man from Nantucket....

I've Lost 16 lbs in 3 mos. and I have Quit Smoking for Two Weeks!!!

Positive vibes for a friend of mine...

Post a pic of you and a friend!

BEST Magician EVER! Beat THIS youtube! Even the Guns n Roses Midi and assless chaps

do you like hockey?

How to find someone

Tornado, tornado-should I call in?

HP printer help - PC using Windows XP

Please send out good doggie vibes!

Dying Grandmother Is Visited By Dead Siblings

Do you consider tips to be something extra for a waitperson?

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." -

What was the worst food your family ate?

Johnny Mathis vs. Diet Pepsi

Snow, Laptop, Imagination, You Tube humor

Cheney's Got a Gun

how to build a 2.5 scale Sherman tank

Are you using Google Analytics on your blog? If so, some questions...



Anybody ever see this nutjob site?

Science vs. Religion Flow Charts...pretty funny...

How large a part of your identity is your religion/faith/spirituality?

PLEASE see my post in the GDP about Eric Alva

John Edwards Supports Meehan's Legislation

Ex-Rangers Goalie May Run For Congress (NY-4)

Mr. Pluto's neigborhood

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrological Newsletter for March

Well today I sent a letter to Boxer

Kerry's historic quote on the front page of dailykos -- lots of blogger outrage about Iraq

George Clooney Interview about Sudan - Darfur

Mean World Syndrome Intro

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Trailer

Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore Teaser Trailer

Johnny Got His Gun - 2

Johnny Got His Gun - 3

Teresa Joyce: Proud to be a CWA Member (Employee Free Choice Act)

Johnny Got His Gun - 1

I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations...

George Clooney's video diary from Sudan and Chad - Part 1

The Official Draft of the Oil and Gas Law of The Iraq Republic

Brain-injured soldiers: Local news follow-up!


Faux Gibson's Chapter Three in 'Welcome to the Big Leagues, Mr. Obama'

Some predictions on how the 2008 Primaries will play out

Republican fear of Al Gore is palpable. .

CIA papers reveal 1950s Japan coup plot

Jesus saved my school bus.

Anna Nicole Smith died of PNEUMONIA

New Home Sales Plunge in January (growing glut of unsold homes)

14-Year-Old Girl Arrested On Grand Theft Charges -- For Fifth Time (in 5 months)

They can't find a single pro-war person in Vermont to debate Sheehan

Antioxidants Don't Extend Life-found a higher risk of death for people taking vitamins

Important message from General Clark re: Iran.

Stop The War Now!

anyone remember this film? ----"Article 99"

Rising Hegemon has some questions for Hillary

Curious. All those Waiting for Gore to run. what if he doesn't. Who would you support?

Hi DUers!

McCain announces '08 bid on Letterman

6 months to win war!

I think yesterday was pretty important.

No end in sight to imprisonment of Al-Jazeera cameraman at Gitmo

ah ha ha ha ha "they got the wrong country."

Any update on Nova M Radio/ Mike Malloy move to XM?

Sugar Pie is not dead.

On KO: Obama pulls ahead of Hillary among African American voters.

Have you ever been screwed in an Airstream? Now you have (Cheney)

Once Again From Florida

Texas House Slows Push For Death Penalty In Child Sex Cases

Gas is $3.11 a gallon for regular on Market St. in SF today.

Think we have seen this before?

"Laura, what does canned prosecutor taste like?" How big will the consequences not be for Bush...

Here's a genuine hero.

Everything you need to know about world economies in 30 seconds

If you were to write to Al Gore...

Remember.......this is really true.

Melanie Morgan is KO's worst person in the world.

Scarborough leads off with how Dems are failing to rein in Bush

Why do we only talk about campaign reform AFTER elections

What do people think of for carbon offsets?

CompUSA Closing More Than 50 Percent of Stores

U.S. Attorney Says He Was Pressured by Lawmakers

Conyers:Troop Escalation and Clandestine Operations

paraphrasing T.S. Eliot

Mandatory spay/neuter bill upsets dog, cat breeders

TN - A Dem gov cleaning up a Rep Gov's mess. And Al Gore news!

02/28/07 Toons

2/28/91 GHW Bush declares ceasefire in 1st Iraq War

Virgin Mary now seen in a toilet bowl stain. NT

Operation FALCON and the Looming Police State

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!


the Morning After

The Discovery Channel has a discussion blog re: The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Local Sheik in Ramadi provides info on attack (Soccer field bombing)

Henry Waxman on with Tavis Smiley tonight -- I'm skipping Letterman.

I don't think Jeb will be GOP prez nominee in '08...but I don't rule out VP

50 to 60 car pile up on I-90 Westbound to Seattle

Guardian UK: US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse

Can a DUer show me an article about Bush's private bathroom when he travels (drug testing)?

Jose Padilla and me (reflections on solitary confinement) - repost

What if Gore Ran as the Unity '08 Candidate?

Where can I find information about the divisions of U.S. troops in Iraq?

KO is covering the Brigadier General complaint re "24" story!

Here's a little something worth reading...

Bush Faces Opposition on Iran Attack

Americans want the troops out of Iraq but they don't want to lose in Iraq? Cake and eat it too?

"Today in Iraq" News you are not likely to see on TV

Dennis Miller to appear on Letterman

US post-Iraq invasion policies 'incompetent': US diplomat ("incompetent, foolish, dubious")

Talking Points on the Gore Pseudo-Scandal (Great debunking tips!)

In 2000 how many thought Gore was boring, wooden, loser, did not care,

Demeaning Al Gore's Conviction

Arthur Schlesinger, Historian of Power, Dies at 89

(Dear Senator) It's A War Crime

VIDEO -- BBC concludes Dr. David Kelly was murdered

NYT editorial: Stock market's rebound was as troubling as Tuesday's rout

XM / Sirius Radio C-SPAN Hearings

So since Cheney is out of the country right now...

Gore's electric bill - 100% GREEN!

Stephen Hawking to go weightless in April

KC Duers check in, local Tulsa news said tornado up there!

Any CUT-OFF of Iraq funding MUST be PRECEDED by a clear plan for WITHDRAWAL

Cheney's plane (Spirit of Strom Thurmond)

Did you sign The Employee Free Choice Act yet? Hurry!!

Sex Offenders Might Have Special License Plates

I'll post the contracts for Walter Reed -you help me get the dirt

This is why your obscure candidate will NEVER get the Dem nomination

This is the most beautiful picture I've seen today.


Oh Gore is going to run.

The Bush Administration in One Sentence

I just had a realization.....THIS is why I don't want Al Gore to run:

Charlie Chaplin on TCM doing globe/balloon dance now!

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: From the Inside Out, Eric's story at the Huffington Post

McCain to Enter 2008 Race in April (AP)

Obama hires Howard Dean's personal office director as his Political Director

Why do you think Obama

Here's great on the job training for you.... ugh...

Talking points on the Gore pseudo-scandal (3x, not 20x and PSF is average)

Science vs. Religion Flow Charts...pretty funny...

COHA: President Bush to Visit Colombia

Bush Domestic Agenda --health and energy-both are DOA---but

Early pushback on classified-leak crackdown scores a win

Doug Feith versus The Blogosphere

Is China headed for "cultural revolution II"?

TIME: How the Front Runners Lost Their Edge; Clinton "is fighting the last war"

I sure hope that some big time money and name gets behind...

Edwards on WNYC via DKos...on the issues, THE ISSUES!

Airing Out the Vice Presidential Bunker (Engelhardt / Nation)

Obama shows "stunning" 24-point gain among blacks, but....

Help Gore Send a Message to Congress (and send one to Gore)

Wingnuts fear Kerry putting a damper on their agenda; here's their take on the Fox hearing

Eric Alva : I was visited by President Bush, Laura Bush and Donald Rumsfeld (link added)

Crooked Congressman Bob Ney (R., OH) is off to jail with an e-mail and a Garth Brooks song

SPTimes Buzz Blog: Gore's longtime friend, top fundraiser, Mitchell Berger says he's not running

OH SHIT!!! Obama is closing in on Hillary among blacks

What's It Gonna Take?

Blackwell Writing a Conservative Column, Debut says Libs Bad @ Talk Radio

The Swift Liars are not just another 527; Also is Mitt Romney being groomed?

Pres. Gore, if you're reading....time to pass the baton, PLEASE!

Slavery Is Not Dead. It's Not Even Past By Bob Herbert NYTimes

US Commanders Admit: We Face a Vietnam-Style Collapse

Myth of the Middle - WaPo

Judiciary Subcommittee Issues Subpoenas for Hearing on Case of Fired U.S. Attorneys

Al Gore to Speak at Sustainable Operations Summit

John Edwards Second Life Campaign HQ Vandalized

Robert Reich: Time to Join a Union (Or At Least Have the Right to)

Robert Parry: Does Cheney 'Validate' al-Qaeda? (Consortium News)

Give Exactly What A Chance?

Lonestar Iconoclast: Where Will All The Flowers Go?

Neocon Imperialism, Global Empire and the Attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq

John Nichols: Arthur Schlesinger Vs. The Imperial President (The Nation)

Paul Craig Roberts: Americans have lost their country

The Progressive: Broken by This War

Rescinding the Bush Doctrine (Boston Globe, via CommonDreams)

Ray McGovern: Iran's Very Bad N-Word

Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

Army Times Fix disability system

Analysis: Kurds the winner in Iraq oil law

local take on Bush coming for McConnell fundraiser

Opinion: How to Fix Our Democracy by Mark Green

The Forgotten Choice - NY Times Op-Ed

MoveCongress is not, in fact, "affiliated" with MoveOn. -and Murtha

HOwie Kurtz, WaPo: "Death Wish" (Puke alert)

Bill Scher: The Conservatives' "Secular Problem"

Is Obama black enough? (The Guardian, London)

Cheney-Bush: The Absence of Morality

TomPaine: Human Junk Mail

Truthdig: Ramadi Blast Details Diverge

The Case of the Missing Movie(DIA can't find secret video of interrogation)

Amy Goodman: Children Locked up -- at a profit.

Paul Craig Roberts is interviewed: "No Greater Enemy" (talking of Bushies)

It WAS all about the Oil! Could it get any more obvious?

Sticksandstonesaphobia (off the Table Stuff) by Marty Kaplan

Truthdig: Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran

Cheney Follies-Our vice president is both a national joke and a national nightmare

Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government (New York Observer)


The War on Terror Is the Leading Cause of Terrorism (Independent UK)

"No Greater Enemy" by Paul Craig Roberts

A Moral Solution to Illegal Immigration - UTNE Reader

Chalabi now puts Iraq first

Pentagon Meet Discussed Escalating Pressure on Iran (Gareth Porter-IPS)

Salon: How Cheney bombed in Afghanistan

Uranium issue could undo N.Korea deal

Critics Question Cheney's Need to Be Identified in Briefing as 'Senior Administration Official'

Safety fears force last major British charity to quit Iraq (Save the Children UK)

National Ice Center - Svalbard About 50% Ice-Free 2/23 - Much Of W. Greenland To Arctic Circle Also

Florida's State CFO Warns Parts Of State Will Drown W/O Action

Hybrid DaimlerChrsysler, BMW Cars in 3 Years

Ann Coulter: "Global Warming is a crock"

Lautenbacher (NOAA) Warns Against Desire To Live Near Coasts - AP

India builds a nuclear reactor in three years and goes critical.

Japan Meteorological Agency - First Snowless Winter In Tokyo Since Records Started In 1876 - AFP

Al Gore To Address Biofuels Markets Congress

20 New Species Of Sharks & Rays Discovered In Indonesian Fish Markets - ENN

France's Meteorological Winter (December - February) Warmest In Centuries - Reuters

Shanghai Posts Warmest Winter On Record At 46.6F For Dec 2006 - Feb 2007 - Reuters

International Polar Year Kicks Off With Growing Worries About Rising Seas

U.S. DOE to Invest in (6) Cellulose-to-Ethanol Projects

United States weather map

Low Reservoir Levels, Record High Winter Temperatures Will Mean Power Shortages In Vietnam - AFP

Build your own Backyard Fuel Cell

A Globally Consistent Reanalysis Of Hurricane Variability And Trends - AGU

Dear Medea Benjamin, Please stop promoting jet air travel...

Unusual Summer Storm Dumps Up To 3 Feet Of Hail In Canberra, Australia - Reuters

"Colombia Drought Suffocates Tons of Fish"

Interesting concept... BMW uses landfill methane for manufacturing energy

North Slope Alaska Natives Trying To Block Offshore Oil Lease Sale - ENN

"No Water, No Birds, No Tourists" - Drought Empties India's Keoladeo Park Of Legendary Birdlife

Warm, Rainy Winter Likely To Double Mosquito Population In Shanghai - Reuters

Sundarbans Tiger Preserve Starting To Disintegrate As Mangrove Trees Die Off

Sea Ice Vanishes From Greenland's East Coast In March Over 20 Year Period - Montreal Gazette

As Climate Destabilizes, Annual Cold-Water Upwelling Along CA Coast May Stutter, Breaking Food Chain

SolarWorld AG to Proceed with 500 MW (per year) Wafer and Cell Plant in United States (OR)

YOUR travel choice matters...

Grand Canyon: Groups Demand Interior Department Revamp Approach

Geothermal idea stalls at ground level

AlterNet: IKEA: Who Says Big Retail Can't Be Good for the Environment?

Blair backs EU renewable energy targets - Financial Times

Canada to study polar ecosystem for climate clues

(UK) Winter 'second warmest on record' - BBC

BMW Supports Launch of Newest Hydrogen Fuelling Station in United States

Druze, Circassian forum: Israel should remain a Jewish state

Eurovision 'Armageddon' in Israel

Does anybody know what happened to the thread entitled

UPDATE : BBC and CNN Prove 911 Was An Inside Job; The Suppression Continues

Gary Shandling Comments on Robert Blake's Wife Murder Explain 9/11 Perfectly

BBC Editor: Jane Standley doesn't know and we've lost the tapes!

1989 NY Times article on WTC 7 steel redundancy

Do tell us, what was the cock-up? Somebody taped a Benny Hill Show over it?

Open Letter to BBC from the Board of Directors at 9/

Another view

(Wonkette) BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers

BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers

What is going on over at BBC ?

It’s time to gather evidence in support of the official story behind WTC7.

Effort to halt government WTC7 investigation launched

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, March 1, 2007

Open Letter To Dutch Minister

Heads Up/The Miller Center (UVA) wrote HAVA ACT? Look Who's Involved!

NATO off course (in Afghanistan), report concludes

Conservative Group Reaches Settlement With F.E.C. Over 2004 Campaign Advertising

BBC: US announces major drug arrests (400+)

Inuit aim to put a human face on the effects of climate change

WaPo: Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect

U.S. blasted for treatment of detainees

Australian state bans YouTube in schools

U-S spokesman says military not ready to describe Baghdad security as significantly improved

Police discover drugs in principal’s office

(NATO&)U.S. Knew of Threats as Cheney Visited Base(did not inform Afghan Police)

MSNBCTV: Stock Market was open for like 2 minutes and dropped 150 points

Bush holds first meeting with terror war consulting group

Reuters: Iranian president to pay rare visit to Saudi

Solana aide sees limits to EU sanctions on Iran

Kennedy insider Schlesinger dies at 89

CNN/AP: YouTube to offer hub for political videos: Candidates "on board"

HRW: Christian Leaders in US Condemn Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Bill

Racial slur banned in New York

Alaska natives sue to stop offshore drilling

(Ben) Nelson (D-Ne) to tour Walter Reed (chairman of an armed services subcommittee on personnel)

NYT/Reuters: Polar Year Starts with Worries of Rising Seas

Colombia Announces Probe Into Massacre

Air Force captain sentenced to 50 years in prison for raping 4 men

Brazil to seek lower US tariffs, accord on ethanol

CNN/AP: Cross debate costs College of William and Mary $12 million donation

Wisconsin Official Will Deploy to Iraq

Walter Reed medical chief relieved

Major UK childrens charity pulls out of Iraq (Save the Children UK)

Head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center has been relieved of duty.

New hopes arise for vitamin C as cancer treatment

Reuters: U.S. layoffs rose 33 pct in Feb vs Jan-survey

NYT: Arthur Schlesinger, Historian of Power, Dies at 89

White House: U.S. won't talk to Syria, Iran directly

CNN live: Tornado hits High School in Enterprise, Alabama

Court rules raid that shut 'pirate' radio station was legal

Major UK childrens charity pulls out of Iraq (Save the Children UK)

Jobless claims at highest level in more than a year

(Ex-Iraq PM) Allawi’s party threatens to quit Iraqi government

Senate Hearings Focus on Resurgence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

Army Times; Army denies patients face daily inspections

Reuters: US, Iraq forces set for Baghdad Sadr City push

Honduras Names Ambassador to Cuba

Oil prices reach fresh 2007 peaks

The Employee Free Choice Act Passes (House)

SEC Files Charges in Wall Street Insider Trading Scheme

USAToday - "Saddam ammo caches deadly"

MSNBC Breaking: Head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center has been relieved of duty.

JFK Warship Makes Last Call in Boston ( :cry:

Israel and US Discuss Expanded Military Aid

Anti-whaler nations give Japan a warning

(VA Sec. Jim) Nicholson calls Walter Reed situation "absolutely unacceptable"

Giuliani-Appointed Judges Tend to Lean to the Left

U.S. ambassador says land passport rule coming sooner rather than later

Bush to visit New Orleans as city still struggles 18 months after Hurricane Katrina

Wiesenthal Center Orders Mayor to Resign

U.S. Comptroller: Prescription Drug Bill 'May Be The Most Financially Irresponsible Law In 40 Years'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 1

Eight Confirmed Fatalities in Enterprise (Alabama tornado)

Citi Ending Universal Default Credit Card Practice -Report

Soldier will serve no more than 14 months for drunken driving

Police, insurgents clash south of Baghdad, 8 killed

New computer virus threatens biz nets

Countrywide Says Late Payments on Subprime Loans Rose (subprime borrowers labeled "toxic waste")

WP: Majority (nearly 90%) of National Guard Units Rated 'Not Ready'

Obama to offer pro-Israel views at Chicago gathering (Friday)

Kerry Calls for Reviews of Disaster Recovery Contracting Practices

Military Press Crackdown Extends Further Than Walter Reed

US Marine killed in Iraq's Anbar province

Most U.S. workers have no disability plan

Iranian president blames U.S. and Israel for world's problems

AP: Dems won't block Bush war budget

World Oceans' Cold-store About to Collapse (translated from SPIEGEL)

Former `Operatiion Condor' operative arrested in Brazil

House Democrats seek more war funds than Bush

Taliban official: Bin Laden is alive (interview aired on UK Channel 4)

US braces for tornado battering

KBR billing dispute widens( Army challenge could go from $20 mil to $400 mil)

McCain Says U.S. Lives 'Wasted' in Iraq

Flint voters OK legalizing medical marijuana

Chavez & Bush Latin American tours coincide

(AP) Japan's Abe: No Proof of WWII Sex Slaves

U.S. helicopter makes "hard landing" in Iraq

Democrats Seek Bush Support On Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants

U.S. Files Terror Charges Against Australian (Hicks)

N.Y. Plans Sex Offender Confinement Law

Big Surge Expected In Offshore Outsourcing By Banks, Study Says

The Lory

G'night, freaks.

How long did you and your Significant Other wait?

Do you consider "Tips" to be an appropriate name for a male strip bar?

"Frenemies" - I love Colbert!

Question about dating


What is your life's theme song?'s official. The #1 bizarre team name

Arthur Schlesinger is dead...

Goodnight, DU

Hook'em Horns

heh heh...

I can't sleep

I'm starting to dislike the skunk that lives under my house...

WTF is it that runs in the background on my computer

Why are Iraqi secretary's so violent?

Doug "I make Iraq Go Boom" Feith has a new website!

Is there a single negative to Up With People getting back together?

Is this cute or what?

The Alamo. The Maine. Pearl Harbor.

Yup, I read a thing about a serial killer, now I am too freaked to sleep

Who knew that using the term "internets" would piss off right-winger?

Man Doused Co-Worker With Gasoline, Tried To Light Him On Fire During Fight

Would you pick your nose with the Pick of Destiny?

Will the owner of this truck please come to the front desk

Is Google broken?

BREAKING NEWS: Vergie Arthur is suing to get custody of Jesus' Bones.

My arch-republican brother bought a Prius...

&%$#@!!! It's snowing like hell again!

Parents Question Why 14 Year Old Student With 35 Arrests Is Still Allowed In School

Driver Arrested For DUI Twice On Same Day On The Same Road

In death as in life: Anna's Bahamas funeral will be "over the top"

FDA Approves Vaccine For Carsick Dogs

Race horse euthanized after pit bulls attack

I sometimes hate having a Republican brother-in-law!!

Parents. Are you raising your Children PC or Mac?

Did you ever consider "Bohemian Rhapsody" to be about being gay and struggling with it?

I wish people would stop trying to sell me stuff (Amway/Pampered Chef..etc) at work

Breaking News on Fox....

I am "only" 1.830 posts away from the 20.000 - Ask me anything

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! (Happy St. David's Day!)

Scarlett Johansson's next role (to finish today's lounge trifecta)

Sudden flood of YouTube subscribers

Travolta: Scientology could have saved Smith

I'm leaning toward Blackened Crab Cake Poboy with Creole Remoulade

Casino halts Tussaud's work on Ron Jeremy waxwork (source:Jewtastic)

Anna Nicole Smith caught jumping Jesus's bones...

What about Myspace?

Do you consider tips to be something extra for an exotic dancer?


Ohio's Top Court Says Consensual Stepfather Sex Illegal

Popular local garage bands when you were in High School? Did any of them make it big?

I like you!

OMFG! JFK Insider Arthur Schlesinger Dies at 89! was he.......wellstoned?

Did I miss the American Idol thread???

You Can't Buy A Horse In Virginia Until Monday Due To Herpes Outbreak

Who are the leading artists working in science fiction right now?

Who else is excited about the Total Lunar Eclipse this Saturday?

The Random Kitten Generator

Celebrities without makeup

I'm Considering Retiring to New Mexico? spam...

Dear God. I HATE making phone calls to raise money.

My dog Casey just got out of the vet. She had her teeth cleaned today.

Ellen Degeneres on the cover of W magazine

SPAM with Jellied Vegetable Ring

When can she expect her special primetime interview with Matt Lauer?

Alert to Saturn if you have a clear sky - shining bright & eclipse

Quick question about cross posting.

Questions about land phone

DAMN! I got a ticket from The Police in Philadelphia DAMN nt

Once again, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

What kinds of foods don't make you sleepy?

How Many are there of You?

HA!! Michael Savage real last name is WEINER

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/1/2007)

Bands that should have played together: Queen and Cream

Woman Set Boyfriends Penis On Fire

Wagering is now suspended on which deceased celebrity will make it to the grave first derby.

I just bought a Swiss Army Backpack. If I fall off my bike I'll turn into a knife, corkscrew,

Woman Has Stomach Ache For 23 Years - Discovers Surgeons Left Scalpel In Her Stomach

Is there a single negative to Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald getting back together?


what are some good side dishes for a leg of lamb?

Is there a corrlation between being in the closet and masturbating (with Jeff)?

Wherein Hedges gets choked by Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett:

and when i think about me

How old were you when you first started sniffing glue?

The Story

Man, Donkey, Latex, Handcuffs, Hotel.

I need advice about a teenager - Please I'm very concerned.

bestest buddy a guy ever had

WOOHOO! I got tickets for The Police in Philadelphia! WOOHOO! nt

I'm clicking on Start...wanna join me?

Enterprise, AL got the shit kicked out of it this afternoon.

Gender Listings! Question!

Anna Nicole To Be Buried 'In The Pink'

How would you like to live?

What are 'sun drenched herbs'?

Comment on this photograph

Police Find School Principal Sitting At Desk Naked, Watching Gay Porn - Arrested For Meth

14 Year Old Could Lose Testicles After Locker Room 'Cup Check'

Would you rather be right, or happy?

No heat for a week now.

I know very little of the Lounge, but I know this:

I got my tax return.

Heather Mills: Unlikely My Leg Will Fly Off on Dancing

What's the difference between Blue and Indigo?

I have some yummy steaks...

Is there a corrlation between being in the closet and self medicating (with meth)?

Pink Panther - Petebox

Ever have a bruise so bad, that it was numb for days later?

What is for dinner?

How old were you when you first got hopped up on goofballs?

Happy Birthday My Darling WannaBeGrumpy...

Happy birthday divameow77!!

Attn Rabrrrrrr: "I am surprised by the number [of New Yorkers] who want to talk about Chicago."

How would you like to die?

I took my Med-Surg final today...ask me anything!!!

Women's Clothing Is Certainly Becoming More Practical

Question: do you know Anybody who is as grouchy and pissed-off

So...what aren't you wearing?

Worst Beauty Shoppe Name Ever! "Curl Up and Dye"....

I used the word "groovy" in an email here at work.

Quick question about cross dressing.

Illinois teens busted for having sex in a public library...

What is your Superhero name?

Has Michael Douglas ever done a film roll where he was a nice guy?

What tips you off that an interviewer isn't really interested in you,

I've decided to join the dark side

I'm starting a new clique...wanna join me?

neighbor's dog been barking for 3 hours now

Ever see a stranger who looks like you?

Movie smarties

So...what are you wearing?

Remember when Quiz Show contestants were smart?

Question about dating

‘That’s so gay’ prompts a lawsuit

San Antonio: tell me about it DU

I saw "Idiocracy" last night. Hold me.

I think my boss tried to poison me-ugh

Introducing "Gryphons Eyre" welcome to DU! (my husband!)

Post your desktop wallpaper...

Do you have a phobia that limits you? I do.

If there is a afterlife... who would you like to greet you?

Name a song the primary vocalist for the band doesn't sing.

Madonna upset because her daughter is dressing trashy

"The Secret" - worthwhile or a load of crap?

Is there a single negative to Guns 'N' Roses getting back together?

herbal berry tea? All I have is "Herbal Berry fucking tea"

Why do posters have disabled profiles, especially long-timers?

I've got the lyrics to cigarettes & alcohol stuck in my head....

And I am telling you....

You owe it to yourself to hear Angela McCluskey sing

The Dangers Of Mass Debating

Man Blames Burrito For Paralysis - Suing Restaurant

I wonder if this tatses any good

Do you consider tips to be something extra for a Mohel?

What does Neil Young's song "Harvest" mean?

Get a look at this before it's gone!

Is there a correlation between being in the closet and self medicating (with moth balls)?

Psssssst...Demonoid registrations are open now !

I'm starting a new lick...wanna join me?

'That's so gay' thread prompts earworm

250 Christian leaders condemn Nigerian anti-gay legislation

Chicago Tribune: "Wounded, Marine, and Gay"

David "Mad Dad" Parker to be on call-in Radio Show Sunday Night

Ruling coming in landmark (Canadian) gay rights case

Gotta love The Onion!

Opponents of gay developers use "heritage claim" to block building in Tasmania

Progressive Christians see hope for gay marriage

Gay Bashing: Hoboken H.S. student, pal beat man, cops say

Another day, another bit of gay baiting crap on DU

Boston's Trinity Church considers Anglican anti-gay demands

VIP reaction to Detroit gay killing: Mostly silence

A gay kiss spurred violent ouster from Boston bar, lawsuit says

Hawaii lawmakers kill civil unions bill - do you really want to vacation there?

Rudy Guiliani's cross dressing.

Professional Athletes in Foreign Countries

Heat Championship Tainted?

Thoughts on This Jason Witlock Article

Duke Basketball bias/Maryland gets no respect...

Celtics broadcaster says female referee should ''go back to the kitchen''

Sandra Ingerman's Transmutation News March 2007

Fans of Nancy Waterman's Starlight News:

Heads up, y'all!

Full Moon in ? (with Lunar Eclipse) - Saturday, March 3, 2007 - 6:17pm EST

Society and the Soldier: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Part I

An anniversary, of sorts ... it was 38 years ago last Friday ...

Kerry and Kennedy honor Deval Patrick

DO you know how Kerry voted on this?

Great dkos post by Bobby Muller (VFA)

Diary bashing Joe Lieberman for supporting Swiftboater Foxy

Kerry : Gulf Coast Needs More than Empty Promises

Kerry's assignments on the Finance committee

Bush and North Korea

Jonathan Powers: Rewarding the Liars

Why Some On The Left Still Don't Get It

OT: Shameless plug for organization that's helping my Mom

Some truth from James Boyce and Dave Johnson

John Kerry questions Sam Fox a $50,000.00 contributor to the swift boat adds.

JK interview with Eagan & Braude

Just read this and enjoy -- wonderful, wonderful article about Kerry

OT. Ugh....I'm in 1st grader's stomach flu hell.

Countdown with KO, Walter Reed Whistleblowers punished.

Giuliani announces suit against gun manufacturers

Dad's Gonna Kill Me

Al Gore wrote me let me share with you

Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back Original Theatrical Trailer (Subterranean Homesick Blues)

KTM Preview - Ungag Sibel Edmonds!

Person of the Week - Bert Brady - Welcome Home - ABC News

Colbert "Exposes" Al Gore

Secrets of The CIA - In Bed With The Nazis

Olberman; Walter Reed Vets Told To Shut Up

Imus Responds To Woodruff Report They Were Injured And Died In Our Name

Kerry Confronts Funder of Swift Boat Smear Campaign

Holy shit I may have just gotten a writing job on a magazine

Issue is really about assault-style weapons.

YouTube:NetTrends’08 at Night

DUer's, I need your help.

Seymour Hersh radio interview

Former Rep., Participant in Nixon Impeachment Hearings, to Argue for Bush Impeachment at Princeton

Do you believe that Congressman Bill Jefferson is entitled to a seat on Security Committee?

They're really coming out of the woodwork these days eh? And still over a year and a half to go! n/t

What's with all the exploratory surveys and unofficial anouncements?

Czar Pootie-poot's ultra luxurious official aeroplane

A Modest Proposal

(TOON) Steve Bell on the assassination attempt on Cheney

Remember when the IRS people testified "incognito" about the IRS abuses?

If CNN won't fire Glenn Beck for this, what will it take?

BREAKING NEWS: Vergie Arthur is suing to get custody of Jesus' Bones.

Anybody watch China Syndrome tonight?

WP editorial: A month after Bush fails to mention Katrina in State of Union, he heads to New Orleans

Boston Globe: Rescinding The Bush Doctrine (Preemptive War)

Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect

Inuit aim to put a human face on the effects of climate change

3,162 dead in W's war of choice

Four Ways Democrats Can End the War in Iraq

Former US govt employee: Turkey must strike immediately to take Kirkuk

More disgusting payback from bushco

Today the House Judiciary is voting on subpoenas

Oscar winner An Inconvenient Truth now available online, in its entirety.

US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse

I need a favor:

Oh great. Another Shrubya visit to snarl traffic

I'm re-reading "Hiroshima" by John Hersey...

Anonymous 'senior administration official' sounds a lot like Dick Cheney

Lack of security forces out Save the Children (in Iraq, after 15 years)

On C-Span at 8:30 EST--Joe Conason

Sorry, Dupe.

RE: WaPo latest revelations on Walter Reed, Joyce Rumsfeld was aware/informed.

Army denies patients face daily inspections

New England Town Prints Up Its Own Currency -- put down $90 federal and get $100

Conason is on Washington Journal now

Is this racist?

The Republicans in Texas are getting hit over the head with their own petard

Truthdig: Break Out the Subpoenas

Report of Iraqi Boys blown up while playing soccer was Bogus

Is America Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

79 U.S. Troops Died In Iraq In February as a result of BUSH'S escalation

(Wonkette) BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers

U.S. knew suicide bomber at large in area as Cheney visited base; Afghan police chief not informed

A freeper LTTE weighs in on Clinton/Obama

How did I miss THIS?.. Bomb squad..DNA church

Kerry Takes On A Swiftboat Liar

Chinese phrases you might as well get to know

John "Got Milk?" Bolton is on Washington Journal next and will

When did we move away from the "graphic" warning on pictures of bloody children

Although some might find the following Doonesbury strip humorous....

EU threatens new fines against Microsoft

What the hell happened to

Dow plunge too harsh to ignore: Marketwatch

Senate Armed Service Committee Hearing on CSPAN3 Now....n/t

Suggestion: Let Dennis Miller host "1/2 Hour News Hour."


Federal Aid Does Little For Free Trade's Losers

The Nation: Libby Trial: Waiting for the Verdict

Noted lesbian activist Kathy Worthington dies

Daniel Schorr's Proposal: Make Health Care Part of Pentagon Budget

Microsoft Windows ousted at California school district

BBC Editor: Jane Standley doesn't know and we've lost the tapes!

Lincoln Chafee: Senators should be called to account for their vote on the 2002 Levin Iraq amendment


Who were the two Repubs that pushed US attorney Iglesias for an indictment for political reasons?

McCain to Letterman: "We've wasted a lot of American lives."

Fate of Many "Ghost Prisoners" Still Unknown

Salon: They should look in the grocery bag under Judy Miller's desk(Missing Video in Padilla case)

WTF is wrong w/Duers? DoD LIES about injury rate to troops (90% reduction)

WX check - Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas DUers - any reports

THE RADICAL FRINGE - Thursday 3/1/07 - harnessing alternative energy

Dems add domestic items to war budget

It is time Dems Put On Their Armor, See Past Calls for Bipartisanship, And Clean House....

U. S. Chamber of Commerce up to no good.....Again.

Have You Had Your Recommended Daily Allowance of the Pentagon's "News Products" Today

New Anti-Global Warming Push from the Right Means Repubbies are SCARED Gore will Run, and WIN!!

Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security

Why do posters have disabled profiles, especially long-timers?

Herding the Mob: Reputation Hacking on The Web can be big business

NEWT On Hillary: She Is "A Nasty Woman" Who Runs An "Endlessly Ruthless Campaign Machine"

200,000 - A lot of them come in for dental problems poll : Should gays and lesbians be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. armed forces?

To counter critics Doug Feith launches new website

Winners of February's Photo Contest.

We Get Desensitized to Bad News

Hannity thanks Swift Boat's John O'Neill for doing his part in getting Bush re-elected

DOW has fallen 200 points in only a couple minutes.

Mother Jones: Iraq's new oil deal -- the real power remains in the hands of international companies


"...and ALL of them were civilians."

I'm doin' it again: Al Gore, PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

The Right to Organize (Action Alert from The Nation)

Dear Laura, it's not one attack a day in Iraq, it's 230

I'm probably mistaken, but

'To Iraq and Back' features ABC reporter, Bob Woodruff, injured while reporting in Iraq.

Panel urges changes to structure of reserves

Flat Stanley ---pix--->>>

A Quote From John Lennon

Greenspan’s “invisible hand”

Thank you, moderators

4 bloody years in Iraq, shall we make it 5?

Did you guys see Joe Conason on Wash Journal this morning?

France: Mitt Romney’s bogeyman

The Rude Pundit: Everything You Need To Know About Fox "News" in a Single Image

White Horse Mitt - Those afraid of a Mormon president should spend their fear on our current leader.

RNC new top man: "He represents our values." Newt Gingrich

Pot still leads the pack. But Rx abuse is on the groW !

Looking over the DSCC site, Democrats look pretty good for 2008

Conservative group campaigns again McCain: 'He's no Ronald Reagan'

DoD sees no need to improve Reserve GI Bill

Reports: Porn viewed on state computers. Investigations looked at highway workers

Ricky SANTIMONIOUS wants BACK (as Philly Mag columnist)

Is the media jumping on McCain for his comments last night?

Dead Child

McCain agrees with Obama: US lives wasted in Iraq

Cheney's Rules for the Press

The Dow....

anyone listening to Hartmann today?

House debating HR800 Employee Free Choice Act

Alert to Saturn if you have a clear sky - shining bright & eclipse

Outpatient soldiers at Building 18 are directed to organize rooms for investigation next week

Libby jury asks for different type of flip chart paper

NEWFANE SCHOOLS: Audit blasts district for porn, pay raises and theft

CNN Commander Walter Reed Caned

DC Madam "considering" selling Customer List to pay Atty Fees!

Is "Howard Kurtz" a software program?

Bush in Mississippi: 'This is a hopeful day'... he still thinks of them... how nice

MoveOn: If you like war in Iraq...

Cool!!! Stephen Hawking to experience weightlessness

SCREW THE VAN Video. Met this band today who walked 218 miles in 16 days.

Tuesday's Market Meltdown - Greenspan's Invisible Hand

What event would generate the most posts ever on DU? I say if/when Al Gore announces that he will

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Ranchers Running and Ruining The West- A Case Study

Conservative evangelist & coach Dave Daubenmire wants to make example of his son's child porno case

McCain weasels on "wasted lives."

I Think I Hate Tony Snow. I hear the slick stuff that comes forth

Read the last letter. This is a

I have a silly question about US voter registration

Columbine Threatened With Bomb, Students Evacuated

Arianna removed "unacceptable," "offensive" Cheney posts, but Left still painted with broad brush

TomPaine: Union Busting As Homeland Security

Bush hosts a little neocon book-talk coffee klatch at the White House

Give me your bile, your splenetic exclamations, your venemous insults yearning to be free

FEC Fines 527 Group $750,000

Jittery global stock markets fall again

Man Blames Burrito For Paralysis

"You can always hear the people who are willing to sacrfice somebody else's life.

Has Al Gore been successfully swiftboated?

Former Charity President Admits She Possessed Child Pornography

Goodbye to the safety of the green zone, hello to the danger of the new 'combat outposts'

Obama against the war since 2002, OH BAMA=), video link..

inside tip: military's drug/alcohol problem worse then Viet Nam

McCain Arrives In Utah, Corrects 'Wasted' Comment

I say we bomb Iraq with MDMA, then hold a big rave.

Heads up for VeryImportantPost about Walter Reed situation at dkos .

False massacre report puts media on firing line

Libr'll Media never talks about the GOOD rats and vermin at Walter Reed...

Bush screws the country

Question re: the canned US Prosecutors

CNN: Bush: "We still think about you in Washington"

New Orleans residents rush to join lawsuit

Breaking News: Weightman relieved from job

Getting HOT on the House Floor

Conservative Bush-Bashing Convention

Daylight Saving Comes Earlier In 2007 - March 11th

Michael Savage real last name is WEINER

HAR HAR...Romney's leaked campaign memo: B*sh is a dope!

dupe; please delete

Rockerfeller admitted elite goal of microchipped population - stunning revelations

Reuters: Dozens of explosions rock Baghdad

***Mrs. Rumsfeld was informed of Walter Reed last OCTOBER***

Pushing Past Impossibility

Randi has a bigot on the phone...

How would Imus have reacted to a 4 time Dem Senator who had no good answer about Walter Reed?

I've posted about this before, but can we express our values and standards

How is the political system "toxic"?

Have you been fired or harassed or threatened for voicing support or trying to organize a union?

House Judiciary Committee on Subpeonas for US attorneys on now

I think the Libby jury is trying to get a 3 day weekend

Libby jury summonded to judge's chambers?!?!?!

I’m considering retiring to Mexico.

A Great Liberal

caption this * pic...

Some PBS stations will be playing GumboYaYa's film TONIGHT. Check your local PBS..

Libby case attorneys called to Judge's chambers

Traditional Values Coalition’s Rev. Sheldon Accepted Big Bucks 2 Support Gambling, Mislead Followers

I love these lyrics!

Chalabi Back in the Political Limelight (AP)

Texas-Based Prosperity Gospel Minister Kenneth Copeland Caught Using People's $$ for Vacations

Largo votes to fire city manager who wants sex change

Is there a doctor in the house (or insurance expert)?

Are we currenly experiencing an attack on our financial networks?


13 charged in white-collar case

Bollweevil blues-isBt resistance collapsing?

Buzzflash: Barry M. Lando Traces the Long, Sad Trail of Western Complicity in Iraq

Employee Free Choice Act passes with 13 Repukes voting aye

Faux News: Will the next prez be forced to take military action against radical Muslim terrorists?

This Vets Take on the Commander of Walter Reed being relieved

Last Night's 1 Vs 100 Repeat - Political Question

Action: Opportunity to Restore Habeas Corpus

Oh great. The Frat Boy will be in town here tomorrow right at Fri. afternoon rush hour

Sounds like we are Sending Artillery Rounds into Baghdad Neighborhoods. Dense Neighborhoods.

The Nation: Libby Trial: Still Waiting--An Update

National Farmers Union to Congress: Implement COOL

Can someone explain why a former Gingrich supperter (Huffington) hosts the #1 liberal blog?

Is this former NSA director gay?

Michael Pollan & Whole foods CEO John Mackey at UC Beerkeley text + video

...Inuit cite global warming as human-rights violation

UPDATE: Libby jurors seek 'dictionary,' ask judge for day off

Joe Conason On Hardball Now nt

AT LEAST 14 killed across U.S. in today's tornado outbreak!

I guess Condi can always retire in Bradenton (they love her there)

O'Reilly's ratings and a wonderful graphic.

D.C. Madam to Sell 10,000 Phone Records of High-End Washington Clients

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy

Tornado facts.. (interesting historical data)

Dana Priest on Tweety now

Why the U.S. media make me sick

GOP Sees Shot at Regaining Foley's Former Seat

guess what---no one cared!!

Mark Foley crisscrossing the country in recent days

Oh damn it all anyway. Arthur Schlesinger, Historian of Power, Dies at 89.

Tony Snow's speech at CPAC - We didn't create the war in Iraq

Refs 'refuse handshake' over abuse fears . . .

My thoughts on the Council on Foreign Relations...

CNN has been discussing N. Korea's nuke project that isn't?!

My letter on Lieberman's quickly forgotten promises will be printed

Feeling good about the House again!

Case of Gary Tyler: Despite Witness Recantations and No Physical Evidence, Still Jailed After 32 Yrs

Followup: Bogus Swifties' Sister Group Fined $750K for Violating Campaign Laws in 2004

Der Mittenfurer is desperate.

The Tragedy of a Dozen Evil Men- Americans Have Lost Their Country

An Unofficial Impeachment

Interesting little observation re: jury in Libby trial


CNN/AP: Cross debate costs College of William and Mary $12 million donation

Chicago Tribune: "Wounded, Marine and Gay"

Mitt Romney insults France

WP & NYT: Bush Admin Provoked North Korea Crisis On Shaky Intelligence

Something that needs to be said about cervical cancer.

Where are Democrats when one of them is attacked?

Why was Karen Hughes in Baghdad?

Brain dead school administrators- Closing early-tornado warning

How are Alabama DUers faring with

FOX Poll: More Favor Congressional Defunding Of War Than Oppose It

the View's EH's Twit moment of the day....McCain is her man

My husband was diagnosed with Diabetes yesterday

AAR - Los Angeles New Line Up .... I'm not real happy.

why is there a salary limit on Social Security? Isn't this a regressive tax?

UT OH, La Nina Forming May Mean More Atlantic Hurricanes ---NOAA Link

You know what bothers me the most about the global warming issue...

Al Gore's Appeal-Please Help Him Speak For You

* - 'And today, we are able to sit in a homeowner...'

Judge To Address Jury At 4:30pm + Update

Al Gore wrote me today let me share with you

so what happens to you when you get cervical cancer? part two

Dan Wasserman nails it on Hillary Clinton

Roof on the local "budget" grocery collapsed this am (Milwaukee suburb)

Anti-Kerry group slapped with largest-ever election law fine

UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister

The Al Gore Lie is Halfway Around the World and the Truth is Sitting in Nashville

It's blizzarding here in Toronto. Total whiteout in my part of town. PLUS thunder and lightning!

We love you back, Stephanie!

Any cartoonists here? Re: Walter Reed and other coverups

* gets a gift from the Mayor of Biloxi - pics

GAS SPIKE... 10-cent jump in 24 hours!!!!!

"Staying busy?" he really disgusts me

14 Elements of Fascism: a counter-argument

Our Dem legislator's political protection is as much about our goals as it is about their future

(VIDEO) Swift Boat Funder gets his comeuppance at Senate hearing

PHOTO: WHY are officials giving him license plates when he should be MAKING them?

How To Make The White House Come Clean About Plame Conspiracy

I had a tinfoil moment last night which might explain the Iraq mess.

Weathervane McCain. Multiple-choice Mitt. What's Rudy's nickname?

Hey you racist freeper motherf***ers

CNN & MSNBC large chunks of coverage of a FOX teevee show is just bizarre.

MSNBC Banner - Head of Walter Reed Army Hospital relieved of duty

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Why aren't these children in SCHOOL!!!!?!??!!

LETTER TO CONGRESS: 3 duties to voters: Iraq, Iran, & Impeachment

A Reasonabel Conservative ... Take two

trained scientists have reported seeing a live dinosaur

Hooray for Amy Goodman! And Bob Herbert!

HEY helderheid! Here's your TOON!

Compusa to close 50% of its stores nationwide

Rapture ready board: "When world stock markets crash all world currencys loose value!"

EU Ambassador To The U.S. : Let's Work On This Together

Draft Gore Petition...nearly 50,000 signers!

TOON: George, Laura, & Barbara Feel Their Pain ------->

Great LTTE in Washington Post : If Al Gore Had Won

We Need A Movement To Contact Our Governors: Tell Them To Reclaim The Troops

Gore is not running!!!!!

Who needs terrorism when you have corporatism?

MSNBCTV: Stock Market was open for like 2 minutes and dropped 150 points

When did we stop caring about our fellow man ?

Thursday TOONS: Bombing Stock Market and Cheney edition...


OK....Humor Me....What Do Al Gore & Michael Jackson Have In Common?

Spell Nazis----Spell Police--- Spell Nanny's, I hate them!

English Only

Storm Warning: It's about 3 Inches of snow in Seattle

You may not like the choices the Democratic party presents;

Awesome picture of Saturn released by NASA today.

Emailer into Malloys show tuesday feb 27th


‘That’s so gay’ prompts a lawsuit

I am a profoundly disturbed individual

Quick! Take a look before it's gone! Right wing site Consevapedia--Patriot Act edited entry!

BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee will issue subpoenas to 4 of the fired prosecutors this p.m.

Coulter: Stalin and Hitler were liberals.

What do you want done with your remains?

The BORG Attack: Home Depot's Contractors Instructed to Intentionally Inflate Estimates

Vaporware for Pot SmokersHerbal enthusiasts. Just in case anyone is interested

Americans Have Lost Their Country: Paul Craig Roberts

The Case for a Gore Run in 2008 From David Remnick--The New Yorker

Rocky rips Bush at "impeachment" rally

Remember the State of the Union when 2 women were removed

We're #1 !!!!!!

so what happens to you if you get cervical cancer?

War Debate Keeps the House's Only Iraq Veteran, Patrick Murphy (D., PA), Front and Center

(Nebraska Democrat) Kleeb’s starting over; he’s also to be married


Homeland Security Abandons Plan to Make Foreign Nationals Carry Tracking Chips

Brent Budowsky: Our troops have been treated disgracefully at Walter Reed

DU a poll: require President Bush to acknowledge problems with an overburdened military?

R's Progress for America Fund 527 group reaches settlement with FEC, fined $750K!

Has Mountain Meadows Mitt disavowed his statement to wiretap and "monitor " mosques?

Apollo11, do you think supporters could convince Gore to run?

Maybe Iraq had WMD

Poll: Most Think Bill Would Be Asset To President Hillary

When it comes to gay rights, is Cuba inching ahead of USA?


TPM Cafe's M.J. Rosenberg: Obama at AIPAC this Friday. Will this be his Sister Soulja moment?

rumsfeld knew of the conditions at walter reed--mrs rumsfeld

Yepsen: Can Richardson catch up? Maybe

Prosecutor Called Firing "Political Fragging"

War protesters plead guilty of disturbing the peace

John Murtha: General Pace Can't Have It Both Ways

My lame reply from my Colorado Senator.

Mitt Romney's kin ask, "How much do you get paid to do this?"

Disturbing picture. This bloodless image from Iraq still creeps me out

The media says Barack Obama hasn't made his stances on the issues clear

WaPo: Fired U.S. Attorney Says Lawmakers Pressured Him

Straight Talk Distressed

Romney and The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

"Instant book" on Obama published: "People can't get enough of Barack Obama."

What's going on on Hartmann's show?

Is John Edwards playing possum to hide the strength of his fundraising operation?

MP3: Ed Schultz interviews Barack Obama (March 1, 2007)

Let me get this straight ... two bloggers make comments about Catholics,

Flippety-flop: Giuliani as mayor appointed left-leaning judges; Dems outnumbered Republicans 8 to 1

Ex-Rep. Ney reports to federal prison (AP)

Gingrich Attacks Clinton in NY Post Editorial Board Interview

Camp Casey Easter 2007

Gore will wait until the summer to decide

Anti Kerry group fined

Draft questions cloud Giuliani’s chances (Another Chickenhawk)

What photo-op is rove looking for as bush visits katrinaville today?

Sidney Blumenthal: How Cheney bombed in Afghanistan

I'm glad McCain was forced to apologize

junior singing Home on the Range

What The Hell Is Going On On C-Span?

That's some sick idiot on air with Randi now!

Hotline reports McCain has apologized for saying "lives wasted in Iraq" on Letterman last night

Freeper reaction to McCain 'wasted' remark (pretty funny)

FEC rules Public Financing Option Still Open for Obama

Looks like Bush really did screw up on North Korea.

Kiley neglected patients complaints at Walter Reed, Now he is in charge!!

TPM Cafe reports Rudy has flip-flopped on public funding of abortion

The Nation: When's the Idea Primary?

Anybody listening to CNN's Jeff Greenfield on Wolf? Sounds like he's Giuliani's NY campaign chair!

Good News! Letter from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Is America waiting for a hero?

"One thing I don't think McCain can be faulted for is his dedication to the troops."

Suppose the Dem nomination is wrapped up before your state's primary...

The Bill Richardson Watch, 2/28/2007

Why did Pelosi appoint Jefferson to Homeland Security panel?

Jonathan Powers of VoteVets on "Rewarding the Liars"

Why it doesn't matter when mythical moderate maverick McCain misspeaks

The world will be better off with a "collapse"

McCain: American lives have been "wasted" in Iraq

John Edwards' Virtual Headquarters Vandalized in Second Life

US Sen. Reid favors bill restricting attack on Iran (Reuters)

John O'Neil on Hannity

Hannity And Swiftie O'Neill: A Slimy Marriage Made In Heaven

What if Gore really doesn't want to be president?

Gene Lyons: "Clinton’s clearly this campaign’s Beltway pinata, a calculating phony like Gore"

Next six months critical to US's effort in Iraq... again?

Data Request to Doris Matsui

None of our candidates is perfect, but I am going to support John Edwards

U.S. News & World Report: Clinton's Charity Was Already Public

Feingold Warns Congress: Oppose ‘George Bush’s War’ Now, Or We’ll ‘Start Owning’ It

I'm impressed with Edwards.

Gallup: Democrats view Clinton as Most Electable, GOP Views Obama as Most Electable

Army Spokesman: Injured Vets ‘Can Go To Starbucks’ If They Want To Speak With The Media

Ned Lamont's letter to Lieberman: The Real Choice on Iraq

Chafee blasts the IWR Levin Amendment vote

Reuters: Houses Democrats Unveil New Energy Plan

Wesley Clark returning to N.H. (AP)

Must Read from Bill Maher at HuffPost: "Philip Perry, Treasonous Fucker"

Well I see who Chris Matthews has decided to "massage" in the next campaign...

Obama handled attack of the Clintonistas with character, composure

MediaMatters: Dowd Flip-Flops - Gore Now Prescient On Several Issues

Santorum Says Anyone But McCain

Lamont at HuffPo: Dear Senator Lieberman...

How will John McCain fare as a candidate?

Hillary raises $1 million on the net in a week, from 15,000 grassroots supporters in all 50 states

It's official: The War on Terror Is the Leading Cause of Terrorism

Cheney Incident

Giuliani wants troops to die for a lie, but chose deferments during Vietnam

How about this: Gore / Kerry 2008

Obama on the 2002

What is the "Miller Center for Public Affairs" and Why Should We Care?

Tony Snow at CPAC: We didn't create the war in Iraq, We didn't create the war on terror.

TIME: Why Republicans are smiling.

Howard Dean raised over 800,000 in one day 6 months before he crashed and burned.

Isnt it hypocritical for Gore NOT to run?

Waxman pulls back the curtain. Again.