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Archives: December 22, 2007

Shiite leaders oppose expansion of U.S.-backed citizens groups

Bill Gates buys stake in Mexican brewer Femsa

Blair called for BAE inquiry to be halted

Karl Rove Inks $1M-Plus Memoir Deal

(American) Congressmen urge hostage release in letter to Colombian rebel leader

Life 'better' under Saddam says vicar of Baghdad

Enron's Skilling asks for prison release

Visitor Logs Can Be Kept Secret, for Now

Romney Takes On McCain

China blasts Obama call for toy ban


Today's Irony: Billionaire roofing co. exec falls through roof, dies

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/21/07 Bonus

worst Christmas present you ever GAVE

Norfolk Pine

I'm surprised it took so long

Will Britney's sister be a better parent?

Please answer this question for me...

Something I have never done before today.

Attention bosses of the world:

padiddle!!!! one headlight

Okay, I fixed my avatar again


flowers are expensive

For my last post here in 2007...

I didn't think I'd like that game show "Duel"...but I do.

My sister's having her 3rd elbow surgery tomorrow.

Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me.

Sacha Baron Cohen to shed Borat persona for good

Work Bench Disaster!!!

Limited Edition

Well, I am gone for this next week will be back the 31st. Have a Merry Christmas,

Ok some Christmas music to undo my last post.

Can you iron Cordoroy?

'Werewolf boy' - who snarls and bites - on the run from police after escaping Moscow clinic

The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz

Tom Jones ...... WOOF!

I am about to reveal one of the greatest secrets of Womendom

LOL Catfish

Thank Javier! The heat is back on!

Who is giving a homemade gift?

Need a little help, can someone identify this music for me please?

I never could drink eight glasses of water a day

Happy Solstice brother and I

my bro, sis and I

I am about to reveal one of the greatest secrets of Wimbledon

Ask HypnoToad about his butt jerky

Light up the Pine Coens - ya know... for kids!

Don't you know me, I'm the girl next door...

OMG! You've got to see what Tootie got at the records store!!!

Drambuie is gross. Scotch+honey? Yuck. Try Scotch +

Can you recommend a good wine to go with Butt jerky?

I'm in Quilt City, USA! Ask me anything.

Tell me about Lasik...

I saw Sweeney Todd this evening.

my meds

I will shoot you dead! Cough cough...

Admins taking a Holiday breather, mods a bit tipsy

Who is giving a ho made gift?

Okay, that's it. My parallel universe alter ego is going to bed and I'm whipping out my big


Happy Winter Solstice to everyone here that lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

Forget Betamax, you nerdy wankers, remember THIS!

NYC DUers with Time Warner cable: Is it working?

my bro, a DU member and my sis

Gentlemen is no way to start a business letter anymore.

Bright Eyes.....

Best Title Ever!

How Cold/Warm Is It Where You Live Tonight?

ED. we all know it now stands for Erectile Dysfunction...

Bette .... That wind song

I need something to bitch about

Karma's a bitch

I'm throwing the most deviant lounge party ever. What can I count on you to bring?

Great funny joke...

In honor of good Christmas music - I give you Anonymous 4

I received a box of pork byproducts for Christmas!

Kitty Loves McNuggets

Congrats to BlueIris for Being Chosen Color of the Year for 2008

I am teaching my son an important life lesson

Slow Down Please

Best Christmas Present You Ever Got

Sweeny Todd - The Time Review

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Some more dissembling with your roast Holiday crow?

Two Federal judges facing impeachment.

"I don't recall"

Blackwater to Gov't: Pimp My Ride!


State Dept: We Used Blackwater Audit To Save Some Cash... Before Re-signing Blackwater

Dick Cheney's Company, And Dick Cheney's Administration, Gang Raped Jamie Leigh Jones

Thank you Senator Amy Klobuchar for Pool Safety Bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitt Romney's campaign 12/21/07 Pix

I really thought tweety had cornered the market on every possible

The Year in KO Special Comments

Digby: How the conservative movement learned to stop worrying and win even when they lose.

Anyone catching the pathological rubes on CNN "What Would Jesus Do?"

FREDMENTUM! "The experts don't know nothin'," says Fred! ---pix--->>>

The Democratic Establishment Can't Stand John Edwards

Keith Olbermann Democrats, check in!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Merry Christmas &

Big Deal== Senate staying in session

Brad Pitt discussing the situation in NOLA

The "Cigna" story is #1 on Google News...

This is it. This is the way to change our party. - KOS

Most repugnant Bushie, current or former

Folks, this is a must, just, wow

Operation Stop Talking-When spies speak, they often draw trouble. (Mother Jones)

Please..don't forget that Dan Fogelberg Died This Week!....two Songs! Rip Guts Out!

Poor Gonzo. He's become a pariah. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

How in hell can one candidate surround herself with such unpleasant front men?

Matalin to Pay Rove $1.5M for "Memoir" in Cozy Deal --->>>

Reid is a pile of butt jerky.

The factually-challenged Willard "Mitt" Romney.......

Stewart & the Writer's Strike

Parody of Huckabee


Judge Refuses to Order Hearing on C.I.A. Tapes

German Social Democrats Seek Climate Sanctions Against U.S.

Will the Balkans be the start of yet another World War, this time WW-III?

White House Tour Omits Rare 1963 Christmas Card

Publisher run by Mary Matalin to publish Karl Rove's memoirs.

2007 Year In Review, Jib Jab style

Watch Bill Moyers tonight. It looks ass kicking.

Stores Desperately Seeking Shoppers On Super Saturday

Get ready to boink for peace......Global climax at 1:08 a.m. EST

Here's how it works! Tweety and Tucker trashing our Democratic Candidates. Media Matters ....

Katherine Harris on Sam Seder's show: Has she come unhinged? Listening to her was downright scary

This is the kind of trash that's circulating here.....

Santa Arrested for Demanding Impeachment!

If you or your Dad had marched w/ Martin L. King would you remember it?

MSNBC is having a KO Special Comments Special!

Reason Magazine's Government Overreach Predictions for 2008

Chuck Norris sues, says his tears no cancer cure

Accident Victim Mistakenly Declared Dead

*sobs* Circuit City chief is 'very dissatisfied' *uncontrollable crying*

What is up with these mean spirited Hillary Supporters? ( Joe Wilson)

Looks Like That "Flu" Really Kicked Rudy's Ass ---pix--->>>

Media Matters names "Misinformation of the Year"

"Shock Doctrine" Applied to Autistic and Retarded Kids

Having a thread locked is not bad.

I think I spotted a fatality occur at the NO protest. Video, please watch.

What if your life depended on it ?

Hunting Shops and Gun Dealers are Having a Bad Year

Wolf Boy Found In Russian Woods, Escapes Moscow Clinic

What Are You Eating?

All DU'ers Need to Read THIS...the WHOLE THING...Print It...or Bookmark It.....

Chimpy's war on children continues - Medicaid "New Rules"

Guess who's birthday is December 22nd?

Please help stop the Democratic Party from nominating another loser candidate!!!

So, I'm listening to Tweety tell us that Giuliani's Tryst-Gate was completely bogus

Carol of the Shills

So, where do you hail from?

I can't picture myself getting out the vote for Hillary

Agents swipe family's life savings while investigating a robbery...

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 21, 2007***

Did I miss the DUzy thread today?

Allowing "Free Will" free reign results in anything but.

They have lied to us.

Book TV Schedule: December 22nd - 26th (with Thom Hartmann!)

"Unionists Slam "Hypocritical" Leaders for Anti-Obama Mailer"

"A handful of magic beans" - KO's special comment

I just watched Chris Matthews take on Romney's spokesperson,

Which Hillary YouTube videos should I look at?

I think Kucinich may do better than people think in Iowa

Voters Seek Electable Candidate, But Remember Kerry In 2004?

"The Betrayal of the Democrats" coming up on KO's Countdown

NYT, pg1: Personal Touch for Richardson in Envoy Role

Biden addresses need comprehensive policy to preserve family farms

As the year draws to a close, and the end of the primary nears, a note:

I think there's a big intangible this cycle: The repub party is a tarnished brand

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Washington, Iowa

AMERICANS AIM to shake up Washington in 2008.

Now attacking Obama, why did the Pro-Clinton AFSCME Pres. denounce healthcare mandates in April?

WP, Eugene Robinson: A Problem Like Bill

Taking a slight break from Christmas shopping...

Big endorsement for Romney

Do politicians become more corrupt the longer they are in politics?

Ron Paul Photos hobbnobbing with Stormfront Nazi owners

Is Edwards the favorite to win in Iowa?

John Edwards For President!

One-Man Gridlock: Meet Tom Coburn, Senate's 'Dr. No'

Unionists Slam "Hypocritical" Leaders for Anti-Obama Mailer

Clinton isn't the 'genius', Edwards isn't the 'energizer bunny', and Obama

Obama to Hillary: "Bill Clinton's advisers prefer me."

The horror! rethugs like Clinton, too?

Biden discusses need to rebuild America's economic strength

Obama claims more former Clinton foreign policy advisor support than Hillary - gets busted by the AP

"At risk of alienating diehard Democrats, Obama praises Arnold Schwarzenegger"

America Mood: WSJ/NBC News Poll

Okay...It's the General Election...Time for the Debates

Politics of Hope is "a tactic...of subverting and breaking the unified conservative power structure"

"Present" = "No"

Hillary Aides Ordered to Lower Iowa Expectations

FDR-Obama Cagle Cartoon

John Edwards: A Lifetime of Fighting for People

McCain is surging. He's going to likely be the Republican nominee. You think Hillary can beat him?

I finally crossed the Rubicon last night and contributed to Edwards

How to vote in the primaries and not be an idiot

Time's Mark Halperin: What John Edwards has going for him in Iowa

Do a Progressive Democrat really want an endorsement from the Washington Blade?

Bill Clinton under fire for treatment of Obama; Panetta: He needs to keep an eye on history

Wait out the clock or impeachment hearings?

Here's a short list of reasons why most Democrats will think twice about supporting Obama

Joe Wilson on Obama's "intuitive sense".."no different from Bush's 'instincts' and 'gut feeling'..."


My heart belongs to Dennis, my vote is going to John Edwards.

Thoughts on Barack Obama: a parable about racism and homophobia

What do YOU Want for Christmas - 2010?

Rudd visits Iraqi PM ( Australian PM tells troops they're going home)

Japan Agrees to Suspend Its Hunt of Humpback Whales

Quarter of food imports in India illegal: US

Tent city in suburbs is cost of home crisis

Tough Homecoming for Iraqi Refugees

Nuns Leave Their Brains to Science

9/11 Panel Study Finds That C.I.A. Withheld Tapes

Ruling Lets Firms Bar Union E-mail

Clergy cash: Obama, Clinton beat Huck

Florida may add 14,000 (contested) to primary voting rolls

Big Fund to Prop Up Securities Is Scrapped

Romney backpedals on statements - again

Move by EPA spoils holiday for Congress (won't honor states' fuel-emission standards; "sandbagged")

Turkish warplanes hit Kurds in Iraq

Reid: Democrats frustrated by GOP obstacles to change

Defense Contracts ($750 mil for advertising for Marine Corp recruiting )

FBI aims for world's largest biometrics database

Independent group targets Huckabee opponents with SC push polling

Huckabee addresses foreign policy in Council Bluffs ("overwhelming force" to "stomp" the enemy)

Democrats Make Bush School Act an Election Issue

J. Edgar Hoover's 1950 Plan: Arrest 12,000, Suspend Due Process

Edwards says he'll battle any efforts to smear him

Old cell network going off air

Attorney Wants Criminal Charges Against Insurer ... (Nataline Sarkisyan )

Chavez to prepare for possible hostage transfer from FARC

Clinton: Troops Perhaps out in a Year

Yuma group suing farm labor contractor for hiring foreigners

Blair converts to Catholicism

So this Hanna Montana thing.....

OK, is this a bad combination?

What would Christmas be without Cheech and Chong?

Ten minutes until the solstice!

Cal Peg just dropped the F-Bomb on me. Watz up wid dat!....


It's too damn early--I can't be sleepy yet...

I'm drunk,yet is everyone else tonight?

*cough, cough* wow I underestimated how much dust could accrue under a pile of clothes

I am teaching my son an important knife lesson

I am teaching my son an important wife lesson

(Sort of)Techie Help Needed

Help me out here people. How does this saying go?

My mom asks for the weirdest gifts for Christmas.

I know this the Underground, but...

If you could be anything else what would it be .

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/22/2007)

help! I need some ideas

DU Men: What do you do if you're in love with a woman?

Nation of Assholes

A picture of my works last Christmas party.....

What you'd say to Joan Jett if you found out she'd just microwaved your last Meatball Hot Pocket

Who still has Christmas shopping to do?

Gandalf the Grey says hello to the lounge.

I got in an argument with some Lounge "big hitters'.. and I still disagee

Hey, asswipe!

Do you believe that Sacha Baron Cohen will PERMANENTLY retire his Borat character?

To all the wonderful DU members....



Last saturday before xmas, when do people usually go out to shop and maim?

Coconut milk has to be fattening.

DU parents--tell your baby stories

Our two unforgettable days at the Ritz!

Led Christmas

Is Christmas This Next Week?

For No Name No Slogan

Are any DU'rs familiar with "Children International?" Its a Christian charity

Just wanted to say to my KC2 a very merry Yule.

It's snowing out!! Big white soppy flakes are falling from the sky!!

Ironic story of the day!

I don't quite know what to make of this video

I'm DONE!!! Stick a fork in me!

Has there been an update from Ms Grumpy about her daughter?

Post a song that you originally did not care for*, but it grew on you

Gearing up for the mall...

Has anyone here had Garlic Jim's pizza?

Hedwig and the Angry Inch appreciation thread

Vermont and New Hampshire DUers (not political)

this is a hard game.

Stephen King: Short stories or novels? Your preference?

Post a song you love by an artist that you generally don't like

So NOW They Are Predicting Snow Showers Here

Need computer e-book help

Your family is a bunch of vagabonds!

I have a cold and I still need to go shopping!

I Think Its Time For Beverages

Fun Facts About Capricorn


Post A Song You Are In The Mood Of

Nietzsche Family Circus has its moments

i have a question about the Iowa Caucuses

who do you hate more - Thomas Kincade or Anne Geddes?

I'm going blonde

Why is it that denim blue jeans make people look sexy?

Oh oh. MIGHT have made a GD fopaux

I'm actually, actually, ACTUALLY Done

Juan Miro feast ...

Hey! Did you know Jamie Lynn Spears is PREGNANT!????

Time to rip up the carpet!

Evil venrtiloquist dummy movies

I'm in the Christmas mood. I just put this together

Does anyone have a link to that hilarious kitty cartoon. The one where

Don't you just L-O-V-E Ikea?

What course of action do you follow when beset by impure motives?

Plan 9 From Mars - Zweiter Tiel. Secret Message Follows:

Tiny Bubbles

God help me, I have to go out shopping again!

Warum tut es weh, wann ich pinkle? - World Premiere performance video!

Encounter in the war on Christmas

A little (unintentional) humor with Metal and Mullets:

I feel it only fair to give you this dire warning. Listen up! You know that

Here, FINALLY, is Fiona, kitteh of Bullwinkle925!

Nothing says the holidays like raw sewage

12 mins. into the news and local NBC has ONLY reported shopping and a missing baby jebus!

I just got the CD I was waiting for!

30 minutes to Festivus

Anybody else adores a "Prairie home companion"

3 photos from Yahoo's current "most viewed"...from Russia, a pair of two-month old Amur tiger cubs

I am officially in love with Josh Groban!

My Daughter washed her Cell phone

Saturday kitties!

Favorite Christmas Music? I gotta go with Vince Guaraldi. The Lettermen are a close second.

The weather bug is chirping. Let's see what it is now...

Question about dancing

Who Else Has The Holiday Blues?

General Tso, I surrender

An Official Annoncement... (joke)

how do you feel about Shag and Wyland?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/22/07

IF You COULD go 'back in time; WHO'S ASS would you Kick?

If you have an intractable anxiety disorder & Irish or Italian ancestry, get tested for celiac sprue

Prayers and good thoughts for my father, please; he has pancreatic cancer.

Post a picture that expresses your mood right now...

As I was in line at Target today reading the nutritional info on a candybar there was a ruckus

Please to enjoy my profile of the Bush Regime.

Are you addicted to lip balm?

Hey Lounge, what did you guys do today? Wanna know what I did?

I guess we're gonna have to kill him.

What's your favorite salad?

Has your cat received his/her orders from General Tiggy?

Cause I am in that kind of mood...

Which gift are you MOST excited about giving this year?

Which 2007 reunion did YOU feel was the most significant, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin?

I'm increasingly ignorant in the world of contemporary art

Old-school Lounge fun: word association thread!

Photos of some hardcore peace activitists in my town center

Number one Christmas song

My All-Time Favorite Christmas Song

Let's have peace for the holidays.

US Veteran Reveals Atomic Bombs Have Been Dropped On Afghanistan & Iraq

Communing with Fidel.

Link to Perry Kucinich's obituary and Guest Book...

The Funes...

Santa Arrested In Portland For Demanding Impeachment (Offering Candy Canes, Constitution To Police)

Freep meme Dems "Using children" to promote SCHIP

Tent city in suburbs is cost of home crisis


No Molly on the Nova M archive?

What would you do?

Parents charged for trying to sell baby for $30

removed due to duplication

Was watching some old Olbermann tonight . . .

People in potential danger vote for the person who will protect

Re: CIGNA . 6 abc in Philly - highest rated news broadcast

Churchill's hippie granddaughter dies

Union seeks to block Carlyle Group Nursing Home Takeover

Has anyone here ever heard of DOUG ROKKE?

AlterNet: Where Did All the Good Journalism Go?

Outstanding short film on Chomsky/Western Imperialism/Media Control/Dissent

My Xmas Plans? Locking myself in the house!

"As soon as the 9/11 Commission issued its report & closed up shop-CIA quickly destroyed evidence"

Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

Whose nose have you enjoyed most seeing pushed under the waves of a rising ocean?

The missing link between whales and their four-footed ancestors discovered

What Happened At The Court Hearing on Tape Destruction Yesterday?

AlterNet: Gitmo and the Supreme Court: What Happened?

CSpan2 Book TV Reminder: Thom Hartmann on this weekend

What would you do?

Fans of mass transit, sustainable cities and anti-sprawl activism......

CIA lied to 9/11 Commission

My Christmas wish for DU

PA Gov. Rendell's proposal to overhaul the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Police: Man opens gift early; wife stabs him

funny bumper stickers

CIGNA on the MSM - video


Mrs. James Carville will publish KKKarls memoires!!

The NIE Bait-n-Switch: US Wants Iran to Admit to Nuke Program

Ignoring Law, Administration falls behind in keeping track of US history

I hate it when they sequester a post to the lounge

Non-Partisan Holiday Greetings!

MURDER on the Cigna Express

Our Press in a nutshell TOON

Why is there only one day a year when people are good and generous?

We need MORE POLL RESULTS around here!!

This Date in Bush History 12/22: Screw the Sick! (& falling troop support)

I'm so sick of hearing about how bad the economy is around here. The facts are very simple:

OMG. McLaughlin's got 'the jacket' on again for the year-end show.

Gap family offers millions to help revive Humboldt logging firm (Pacific Lumber)

The times, they are a changing.

While looking for a quote, I found a bunch of them our "leaders" could stand to read...

CIGNA wishes the decedent's family well

The Charitable Org rating for America's Second Harvest is EXCELLENT

How many more have to die?

John McLaughlin's spin on not giving the 9/11

One Laptop Per Child (and one for my inner child)

Please contact newspapers about refusal to print Wexler op-ed

Computer Use? Is it your major form of entertainment??


In all seriousness: Who advises the Dem leaders?

The Secret Dirty Trick

The Ballad of the Rebel Jesus

'Proud parent" & 'considerate of others feelings" ...

Huckabee's Extremism

Forget the mideast, Greenland may decide our future.

Chuck Norris Facts

Impeach Or Be Recalled.......

Check out this comic from Salon.

Hey georgie are ya lookin' for me?

Is anyone going to take a look at the surveillance videos of dickie's fire?

Gonzales Has Rough Time Tapping Young Minds for Legal Defense Fund

New Study Increases Concerns About Climate Model Reliability

yippi doo! the sun will start coming back

What's the balance between intolerance and aquiesence when dealing with Christofascist bullsh*t??

Top 10 Bushism's of 2007

more dogs killed by poisoned lake - Pinto Lake, Calif.

Santa Delivers 37,000+ Constitutions to Bush

Stephen Colbert - Celebrity of the Year

Driving down the highway in Florida yesterday..Yes, I know a scary thought, but

Wife of minutemen founder commits a crime

Ed Stein on Congress

Oh look! Another biblical prophesy come true;

'When The President Talks to God'

This song gets me every time I hear it.

Anyone know any good Anti-Fair Tax sites?

Santa. Do you believe or not?

Continuing my religuous hangover!

Impeccable Timing

Who does Santa support in the primaries?

Latest Coalition Fatality: Dec 21, 2007 - TOTAL- 3897

What Will It Take?

Drive Someone Insane with Postcards

War on Christmas alert! Santa attacked while riding in parade!!

I will starve within a month;

Ricky Gervais is Amazing (must watch clip)

Female lower back has evolved to accommodate strain of pregnancy

The iCan coming next spring - Bush can't listen in

Caption Rudy

Your Iowa Crystal Ball

Can an Edwards Iowa win spell the Presidency for Hillary?

The Steakhouse Index Their stocks are down. Should we worry about the rest of the economy?

Is the Presidential Papers Act no longer a valid Law?

Seems we're sure Top 3 can beat the Rethugs, right? BUT....

There is a War on Christmas!!!!!!!

12 Days.

Huckabee TV ad Deconstructed (by Mormon Santa)

Strong evidence that the far right is truly genetically different

Bush trumps J. Edgar: Hoover sought to suspend habeas corpus....

Tonight I'm meeting Zuzu Bailey, and an angel named Clarence will get his wings

Three or Four of Our Soldiers Who Are OK Now Will Be Dead By Christmas Morning

Planet Earth 2007: Top 10 Science Revelations

What I would REALLY like for Christmas......

A source of money for Washington.

Future Humans May Divide Into Two Species;

I'll have a blue Christmas without you

What do you WANT for Christmas?

Gore Vidal on the Iowa debate and Kucinich

Evangelist Video Shot at Air Force Academy Exposed

Blood-Injecting Mom Gets 5 Years

Obama could pick Hagel (R) as running mate

Does the end justify the means...You are mad about this.

Scientists Find Good News About Methane Bubbling Up From The Ocean Floor

Borat is dead.

US News: Even college grads might want to consider blue-collar careers

Shameless (former Bush nominee: covering up evidence of America violating war crimes laws is good)

Obama could pick Cheney (R - Sure Shot) as running mate

CNN's Tony and the This the New Look for CNN with more Media Dereg?

Will SOMEONE Please Punch CNN's Tony Harris In His Taco?

A non-American's take on the Iraq war, as per Clinton and Obama

Can You Imagine How Much Money Is Going After Dodd Right Now?

Boy they sure removed Iraq from all the news

I know that Diebold, EE&S, Sequioa and all of the other Cockroach DREs

This boy is ignorance. This girl is want. ...but most of all beware this boy...

Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950

Wow. Joe Scarborough really hates Linda Ellerbee

How about we take up a collection

Ron Paul supporters are very organized and deeply disturbed.

Best Christmas song ever

"AIPAC, Mr. Wolf Blitzer, Des Moines Register": dumped Kucinich

Here he goes AGAIN...

This is TOTAL bullshit, IMO: A school suspension over a Lesbian t-shirt???

Got my SocSec raise for next year...

Amtrak ridership up despite funding woes.

FBI building $1B biometric database

Why are there so many of these New F*cking Massive MEGA-Cruse Ships being built? Are they Full up?

Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) Ohio to Scrap ALL Touchscreen Voting, Go Back to Paper, Paid 21 Million

Wishing Everyone A Joyful Solstice.

Scott Horton: Siegelman Accuser Released

Foul Play in the Death of Perry Kucinich?

My congressman wants Cheney impeached and needs your help

"Destroying CIA Tapes Deserves a Thank You." Linda Chavez

Some Aspects Of This Campaign Are Too Delicious For Words: Rush At War With Huck!

Look! Baby Panda!

Edwards: "Anybody who thinks we don't have a fight in front of us is living in Never-Never Land"

IndependentPrimary.Com Voting Results: Kucinich Wins

A Brief History of Christmas (a must read for Bill Orally)

FR Flashback 2000 : Clinton's BIGGEST Crime!! Guess what it was?

"There is no worse country in the world to be poor."

Does this mean that the surge is working?

Dickheads of the Year by Bill Maher

What Would You Do If You Were President 2008?

Our system is one whole thing, it cannot be butchered into leaner and fatter cuts like meat.

Give a book, get a book

What's it take to kick these number up

What are Austrians most worried about? The gaping disparity between rich and poor.

NORTHCOM: Constitution Not Important

Military Evangelism Deeper, Wider Than First Thought. by Jason Leopold

C.I.A. Tapes a Smoking Gun on American "Enemy Combatant"

Don't say that Republican don't believe in socialism!

This souped up looking BABE of a car runs on Compressed air! So why is it only available in other c

Statement from Michael Moore on the Death of Nataline Sarkisyan

HELP! Corrupt local legal system

Wexler's petition signing is slowing down!

9-Year-Old Banned from Christmas Party "Because He Didn't Believe in Jesus"

The US GDP is based upon "consumption". It is time, well past time for

If your kids want Guitar is WELL worth it!!!! Great Family time

What does it take to get a kick and a rec around here? (CAUTION: GUILT TRIP)

Message, Method Are Behind Obama's Iowa Climb

Poll: Would anyone vote for McCain over Clinton?

Tid-Bits from the new NBC/WSJ Poll

So Obama has been an elected official since 1997 while HRC has

I'm truly interested

Criticisms Don't Slow GOP Pork Projects

Edwards, Dodd, Biden, Kucinich Get Matching Funds

Write this down: Huckster will be on the ticket

Corporate Media continues to send the attack dogs on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary gets lots of help from her friends for final Iowa push

Red states, blue states, and divorce rates

Where were you nine years ago this week?

Tancredo at his best: Leaving

Biden Announces A New Labor Union Endorsement

Gordon Fischer sends Yepsen a love letter about the student vote

Go here for a good collection of polls....

IVI-IPO officials suggest Obama is lying about his questionnaire

The "Theory of Change" Primary

Bush Radio, 12/22/07: "Other military families have felt the pain of losing a loved one in battle"

Barack Obama: The Right Man, Right Now

Witnesses Corroborate Romney On MLK

China blasts Obama call for toy ban

CIA withheld al Qaeda tapes from 9/11 panel - paper

Condi Rice: "The Surge" made an "undeniable dent" in Violence. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Interim dean of Boston University's College of Communication NAILS "The Romney Problem"

Don't trust Iowa Polling...Skewed and meaningless!

Edwards has been moving left, but here is where he falls short

Political Compass...take the test

AUMF (IWR) Read it lately?

Mike Huckabee and the GOP freak-out -- Kumbaya is Coming!

Hillary, Krugman, AFSCME, and Mandates: An Insider's Deal?

Five Things I Learned in Ten Days With Edwards

Democrats Make Bush's "No Child Left Behind" School Act an Election Issue

Obama calls on Edwards to stop 527 ad

The Candidates on War Powers, Executive Privilege, Signing Statements, Etc.

Evidence Edwards is nipping at Obama heels....

Biden Pushes For Third in Caucuses - AP

Can someone give me a non-hyperbolic reason why Obama "can't win"?

Tinfoil time, If that comet hits mars on 1/30 before Feb 5 it will have a impact on the election,

It looks like I'm an Election Judge - but under fairly grim circumstances

Majority Democrats' power checked by GOP (AP)

Edwards proposes $100 billion economy bailout

Should Hillary apoint Republicans to her Cabinet?

Presidential Profiles: Biden, Dodd languish at back of pack

Edwards "discourages" 527 spending on his behalf - former Edwards campaign mgr runs pro-Edwards 527

No S**t Sherlock: Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledges that he hasn't found bin Laden

I think the DU should take up a collection to send Harry Reid a plastic model of a human spine.

Which Candidate OTHER THAN YOUR OWN Would You Be Most Excited About Voting For?

Everyday I find myself liking Edwards more and more.

Brand New Iowa Poll -Latest In Field- Clinton -29% Obama 25% Edwards 18%

Liberal group hits Obama in attack ad

Richardson Fights To Hit Home With New Hampshire Voters

The Declaration of Independence

The fundamental reason I supported Clark in 04' is the same reason I'm supporting Obama now.

Obama didn't say he would appoint Lugar,Hagel, or Schwarzenegger to his cabinet

Boy, Huckabee is turning into a prick faster than I expected.

All these manufactured flaps among the top-tier are a diversion...

Repubs against abortion?

Obama: Protect pensions, make retirement secure

Message, Method Are Behind Obama's Climb

Chris Dodd not on Va. Primary Ballots

I don't think the "Santa Obama" 527 attack ad is the one Obama is angry about

Hillary must be feeling good about herself - her two opponents are attacking each other, not her

Snowblind in Iowa ...

Hillary now has DOUBLE the people on the ground in Iowa than Obama for turnout efforts

Too Much of a Bad Thing

Hillary snags Steve Bouchard for South Carolina

Iowa Weekly Spanish-Language Newspaper "El Latino" Endorses Obama

Another Iowa Newspaper Endorses Obama

Richardson Slams Hillary On Her Flip Flop

Obama's Edge: Identity, Not Experience, is Most Important Foreign Policy Asset

Oh for chrise sake I knew John Edwards voice reminded me of someone & it just came to me who it is Biden Asks Caucus-goers To Focus on Credentials

Candidate I'd most like to have a beer with: Mitt Romney

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (12-21-07)

Sad end to anti-war effort

When Clinton wins......what then?

Desperate Clinton: "We don't vote for advisers"

Some Companies Have Their Thumb on the Level Playing Field

Edwards now says "stop these ads"

BIDEN picks up 2 more endorsements in Iowa

Here is another ad by the 527 group that attacked Obama

Obama: "I talk to Al Gore about every three weeks and we're going to make sure..."

John Edwards' looks will help him in the general Richardson says Iowans Can Deliver Win over "Smarty Pants Set in Washington"

AP video: Edwards Standing Tall in Iowa

WP, pg1: Hillary Clinton Embraces Her Husband's Legacy; Decision made after months of discussion

If he's the nominee, can John Edwards move successfully toward the mddle?


"The inability or unwillingness of Clinton and her circle to give an accurate account of what she

Chris Matthews loves clean politics

American Conservative Mag Depicts Rudy In Fascist Garb

Edwards replies to Obama's attack

Breaking a 3 mth Vow of Silence, thank you DU!!!!

Huckabee: Atheists are senseless, evil

More People Dislike Northeasters Than Blacks In This Country

Sunday News Show Lineup

Yay for the Lakota!

New Senate Majority Leader: Poll

So how might the Obama theory of change work?

I just heard that Iowa has this crazy law that you can register to vote at the caucas is this true?

A great post about Edwards from a DU Newcomer

Edwards Says He'll Take On Big Insurance Companies

John Sasso: Why Clinton will prevail

Have Republicans "reached across the aisle" to us?

Obama, Edwards go Long

They are forcing us through a two-part process.

Do you think the leading Democratic candidates have similar positions on the major issues?

Clinton charges Obama agreed with Bush

Kucinich supporters: Want to Win? Go with Edwards.

I guess my priorities are vastly different than those of many here

Convince me that an Edwards victory in Iowa means anything besides a Hillary nomination

I've finally made my decision - its Edwards

Dennis Kucinich for President #4