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Archives: November 9, 2007

US: Iran Attack Plans Ready if Needed (AP)

Washington tells EU firms: quit Iran now

Major Advertiser Drops Michael Savage Spots

Guardian UK: We can best stop terror by civil, not military, means

Dave Lindorff: Suddenly, Impeachment Hearings are Starting to Look Likely

Hoax bacteria study tricks climate sceptics

The Boy Who Cried Terror

The GOP: A Beautiful Corpse 16 Signs the Party's Over / David Michael Green

The Cancer From Within (Fundies Take Over Air Force Academy, Tied to Blackwater)

Acciona plans bigger solar thermal plant in U.S.

The Energy Question: Who Decides?

Oakland's Port Fires Up Solar Power System

Germany Strives to be 'Green' Frontrunner

Greenville solar power plant opens month early

South Florida's dirty flush; submerged pipelines pumping effluent into the Atlantic Ocean

While Finavera's Buoy Sinks, Hopes of Harnessing Ocean Energy Survive

How is public transport like in your area?

Tokyo Concept Cars: Green Machines

I have driven the future - and it sounds like a Magimix

U.S. wants to keep passenger review secret

‘Family Guy,’ ‘Desperate Housewives’ Feel Effects of Strike (Robin Williams walks the line)

National labor leaders back Gov. Blagojevich’s Illinois Covered healthcare plan

Court halts Washington state morning-after pill rules

Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE (National Intelligence Estimate)

House Passes Pentagon Non-War Budget

Buried Evidence Revealed in Guantanamo Trial

Senate Vote Confirms Mukasey to be Attorney General (53-40)

War Objector's 2nd Court-Martial Blocked (Watada)

Governor seeks divine intervention to get some rain

Coon Dawg Vat

Ming Dynasty brew

Chicago Blackhawks to televise home game on free tv....

Monique Shinnery, subject of Dog the Bounty Hunter's "n-word rant," is suing him for slander

What do you make of this?

Who Is lost-in-nj

have you ever had seduction ideation?

I liked the partridge family too

Our mayor..."Mr. development" is just beside himself with joy because Domino's is coming here

Just a reminder: Gore on 30 Rock tonight.

Name a product you LIKE and DO buy.


Freaks come out at night...

You're gonna wake up on that island with Phil Donahue and the electric car

I Heard Matcom Hates His New Job/Career

WHEN did that Sugar Smack girl find Jesus?

WOuld you kiss a guy with the Bard?

do remember who shot JR

man takes picture of wife because "she's eating less . . ."

Oh, God...I think the beagle's right.

okay...I admit it. I like donny and marie


a burroughs B5000 module

Who else used to watch Knots landing?

One year ago tonight

This blog thing is going nowhere

What's your guilty secret?

Anybody else seen MICHAEL CLAYTON yet?

i'm such a klutz...i fell today going down the stairs

illudium q-36 explosive space modulator

Screw politics. Read this and weep

On "The Office," are they supposed to be part of a documentary

Is Pat Condell FUNNY?

I've just "killed" three threads in two hours...

Has anyone heard the new Underworld CD, "Oblivion with Bells"?

Anyone try tooth bleachers to whiten teeth?

what are the chances of getting a 2nd URI on top of a URI?

Jazzbos: Whacha think of Miles Davis' "Pangea" and "Agharta"?

posters who are pissing....

Dan Abrams has preternaturally white teeth...

I'm gonna break my nephew's toys

Funny story from work today...

Gonna be FUN on Sunday! (Packers vs Vikings)

NFL fans - Which Adrian Peterson would you want on your team

Ever have a friend call you to discuss his theory on black holes?

It's quiet out there tonight. Almost too quiet.............

does anyone else like air supply?

$175,000: What continent would you find the country of Estonia?

Post your best cat-revenge story....

It's Back. The most Foul, Disgusting, Putrid, Despicable, Horrific, Ghastly, Nauseating....

My cat just fell off the coffee table

Ron Jeremey as Britney Spears

How many tires should I purchase?

Why Why WHY///OMFG! WHY?

Make Cookies not War!

Anybody else struggling with the time change WAY more than usual?

Lost In NJ is awesome


Goddamn, I wish Lieberman would run for president. I have a stiffy just thinking about it.

Here I am, 52 years old, all alone, sitting in my easy chair,

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/8/07

Were you ever taught the Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique?

Great...the "He went to Jared" commercials are back...

Could it be I'm white and nerdy?

Warning. Cute pictures.

Do I ride my bike to work Friday (37 degree morning) or do I go to the gym on the way?

I can be bought. Make me an offer.

Barbara Walters is the AUNT of Paul McCartney's MARRIED girlfriend. Isn't that special?

People banned from SNL

My friend is dying and it might have been preventable...

My very first poll! Help me decide which holiday card is best:

What is your favorite cereal?

Have you ever sent an e-mail to the wrong person?

If you took "your" baby home from the hospital and it was later found the kid was switched at birth

WOuld you kiss a guy with a beard?

Ex-GF sends article on "Peter Pan Syndrome"

Would there be interest in a Food Allergies/Sensitivities DU Group?

John Fogerty - Deja vu

Awesome Retro Obama Ad :: Come to the JJ Dinner Pre-Rally in Des Moines, IA

Barack Obama speech in Selma Alabama, commemorating the 1965 civil rights march

Know why they love waterboarding as their preferred torture technique?

Effort to Impeach Vice President Cheney Continues (Democracy Now)

Mukasey Filibuster no longer possible? Update: this means that Mukasey will get an "upperdown" vote.

Lunatic GOP poster promises to kill Arabs at random if there is a terrorist attack

Californians call Fein$tein RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!1111


Rachel Maddow interviewing Lou dobbs now

Texan white supremacist joins thousands of Russian nationalists for anti-immigrant march in Moscow

U.S. fears Israeli strike against Iran!

A surreal look at deranged wingnuts who hate Hollywood

Did you try to read the writing on The Wall?

Senate is debating Mukasey until midnight - now.

Who Are Voters Ruling Out Most? USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

I have no idea why they like us.

When they ship Kerik off to jail, please let this growth on his back remain with him

Christian Right group attacks Anti-War movement with disingenuous statistics

Day 5 Pakistan's Martial law: Taliban takes territory, Bush kisses French A$$.

Where are they now: Former Dell 'dude' working food service

Washington tells EU firms: quit Iran now

MAD Cramer says we need more nuke plants...

Miami to demolish historic Orange Bowl stadium (and sell off pieces such as urinals)

Iraq Déjà Vu: Cheney Pressuring Intel Analysts, Stifling Dissent

Poll: 23% of public think * is the worst prez ever

WGA Strike: An Open Letter From Joss Whedon

Lefty socialist friend at my workplace fears Giuliani will be the next POTUS.

Rick Santorum's new Philly Inquirer Column:

Bush's former nominee for secretary of homeland security to be indicted for bribery and tax evasion

I'd like to give a big shout out to the NSA!

1% say Bush is the best prez ever. new poll

30 Rock on NBC with Al Gore, on Now!

Ann Arbor News: "Danger Lurks In The Term "Islamofacism."

Cheney & Iran: Iraq Deja Vu

Fuck you, Dan White....

SexxPresso coming up on Countdown!

GHOULIANI's campaign promise: I've fucked up BEFORE and I will AGAIN!!1

Chris Floyd: " Mad Cow Nation: America's Willing Surrender"

Banks and credit card fraud control: too much ?

Bush’s 2000 recount lawyer set to blast Bush in speech

Jim Sensenbrenner believes LGBT people will molest children in the workplace

HuffPo - Pelosi's New Plan: No War Funding Bill If Bush Vetoes Iraq Withdrawal

30 Rock! Anybody watching??? ... Al Gore is supposed to be on...

Why can't a few brave Democrats run as Republicans, and totally fuck them up?

ACLU Claims It Does Not Have the Resources to Announce it Supports Impeachment

A lesson on how conservatives always define the battleground and force Democrats to catch up.

"Who is the bigger fool, Judge Mukasey...or Senator Schumer...?"

Hillary didn't tip the hit man she hired to off Kathleen Willey's cat!!

Obama, in my opinion, is the perfect person to succeed George W. Bush

One Day (diagnoses and a message of hope)

Unelective Affinities: A Curious Coincidence in Pakistan Coup

"There's no shortage of people in this world who will cut your head off," Lindsey Graham

Pakistan's Bhutto set for protest showdown Friday, November 9

Candidate Thompson Gets Fruit Plate At Tommy's Country Ham House

Priest Accused of Stalking Conan O'Brien

Liberal members warn Dem leaders on SCHIP

US: Iran Attack Plans Ready if Needed

SAG & WGA Support More Diverse Media Ownership:

How low has Hillary fallen?

The US seems to be becoming divided among lines

Which presidential "issue" has been the most petty?

Tom Browkaw in his cups on Countdown?

Just watched SICKO...

When will it end??? WILL it ever end???

I just sent the Kucinich campaign

I heartily detest all the repuke Senators but

I wish Congress would/could hear this

This should be FUN for research,

‘Family Guy,’ ‘Desperate Housewives’ Feel Effects of Strike (Robin Williams walks the line)

House Dems Introduce Anti-Torture Bill

We have a NEW AG folks-53 aye and 40 NO

Will candidates of the future be squeaky clean?

The US Gov't has once again told the world "We torture people"

President Plays Virtual Solider

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy!

The Al Gore SNL video has been pulled off Youtube. Here's an alternate link:

if impeachment fails=> to the hague?


Reagan Library faulted for missing mementos

LEAHY: "Mukasey Failed To Condemn Even The Waterboarding Of Americans"

Difi and torture: Californians could put an initiative on the Ballot for a non-binding

Peru Trade Bill: It's the Money, Stupid

Not all veterans get to march in parades...

You're doin a heckuva job Coast Guard. N-O-T!! arghhhhh

Hillary tells waitress, "I'm proud of you"...

Mukasey confirmed!

Hagel criticizes Bush administration on Iran

Mukasey thread 2

Republicans are not treated fairly by the liberal media

Miami Herald: Hollywood puts a spin on 2000 recount (Laura Dern as Crazy Katie)

Two kids talking about the writers strike in line at the 7-11

How Cheney Took Control of Bush's Foreign Policy & Took It Upon Himself To Manage President (Salon)

Pelosi Announces Iraq Withdrawal Vote Friday

Play this word game, donate rice to the hungry

I am sure glad our media has their priorities in order.

Max Baucus on Bloomberg: S-CHIP Veto Override May Be Next!

Rep. Barton (R-TX) Says Democratic Congress Has Doubled Oil Prices in 10 Months

If your employer paid you to be healthier, would you be healthier?

NY Times: "Surge Seen In Number Of Homeless Veterans."

Benazir Bhutto put under house arrest.... fuck

When you are feeling desperate and unhappy about politics today

It's NEVER been about "feel good stuff"!

Kucinich Statement: A War Crime In Motion (Bunker Buster Use On Iran)

Impeachment hearings in House Judiciary = NO EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE

Enough with the stupid little "gotcha" stories, for fuck's sake.

i remember in Spring 2003 - right before Shock and Awe - the kids in Iraq

Bush's 2000 Recount Lawyer Set To Blast Bush In Speech

I've come full circle on impeachment again.....

The de-facto GOP killing ticket: Gore / Kucinich

Sick of IT!..........How can I get my Mojo Back?

The Mukasey nomination is on the Senate floor right now

Well, well, well - Spector Reveals The Truth About Mukassey

Not Christian Enough.


Presenting the next president of the United States of America

Help a DU brother?

HOWARD DEAN on KTLK (LA): America doesn't want impeachment

Why do Dem boomers see themselves in Obama's comment?

Top Lawyer's Open Letter to Pelosi re: dumping Conyers over Impeachment -

What generation are you?

Answer this talking point... "only three have been waterboarded"

"THE time has come for the baby boomers to get over themselves." ~ Senator Barack Obama

How Bill Clinton Let Bush I Off Hook

Whatever happened to the Abramoff Scandal???

Condi, with a "steely smile," says "That's the kind of thing you learn over time" (Iraq f**k-ups)

Michael Eric Dyson: Barack Obama

Why the hell doesn't Tweety talk about Willard's plastic hair helmet or his robotic campaign style?

Some lesser-known GOP candidates - LOL!

Latest CNN Poll: The public is not pleased with Bush

The Nation has 8 writers doing promos for each Democrat: Here's Hillary's by Ellen Chesler

All this talk about the babyboom generation and Obama reminds me of another jerk

What generation is Obama?

I know it's ADVERTISING, but that shit for Matt Blunt really chaps

The Nation: Time to Choose.

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Albia, Ottumwa and Fairfield, Iowa

What Hillary attackers don't seem to grasp

Boxer speaking now (CSPAN) looks like Mukasey vote will be soon

Lady Lindsey keeps talking about cutting your head off.

Do you gauge your vote in the primaries solely on ideology?

Lindsey Graham just said we give our political prisoners laywers!

If I were an Oracle

Tom Brokaw (who has a new book called "Boom") on Obama:

House leaders tell Senate to embrace the filibuster

My kitty came home with a big owie on his ear.

Facing anger and wearing a bull's-eye, McConnell gets ready for trail

Bill Clinton: Blame Me For Health Care Failure

This baby boomer deal with Obama has shed some light on the McClurkin issue.

In Iowa it's Hillary's pragmatism vs Obama Fever

Obama is starting to sound like a smug Republican whacko. Seriously.

Obama: My understanding is Bill Clinton's not on the ballot

Bill says Hillary will win by a "pretty good margin"

Mukasey nomination

Fascism in action. A new atty general. Alas. nt

Question: Why are protestor posters in Pakistan written in English? Who

Flight-Suit-In-Chief: "You can't be the president and the head of the military at the same time"

They have just started to vote in the Senate. n/t

Durbin has "Amendment" Tourette Syndrome. nt

Barack Obama Falsely Claims That Hillary Controls Release Of White House Records

Obama Misrepresents Hillary's Views On Social Security

Bill Greider On the Taboo Of Big Money, Trade & House Democrats

Edwards Would Continue Combat Missions Against Al-Qaeda In Iraq

Obama's Actual Argument about the Baby Boomer Generation

Who Are Voters Ruling Out Most? USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

FBI says Al Qaeda may attack Chicago and LA malls this Christmas

CEASEFIRE: PLEASE don't attack the Democratic Senators who didn't vote on Mukasey

Edwards' Statement in Response to Hillary's Support of the Peru Trade Agreement

Trade Fight: Edwards is Right, Obama's Wrong, Clinton's Useless

Pelosi gets tough (finally)

Obama Won't Show for Mukasey Vote

Fed Chairman Bernanke Says Economy Likely to Slow, "hasn't calculated possibility of a recession"

Why do the Senators keep bringing up the Geneva Conventions? Didn't Bush

Ron Paul Followers Sheople, Tin Foil Hatters, or Extremist Anarcho-Capitalists?

Dirty slur about Obama circulating in Iowa

If you support Obama, come in and...

I want to finally WIN the culture war. I don't want to negotiate a truce.

Clinton didn't vote on Mukasey?

55% of married men would absolutely NOT vote for Hillary. I saw this

Clinton Says Yes to Peru Deal

Who do you most hope the GOP will nominate?

Biden Vows to Block Military Sales to Pakistan

Edwards Nabs Coveted Iowa Endorsement, Iowans for Sensible Priorities

Biden blasts Bush for not calling Musharraf sooner

I will vote for the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States in Nov 2008

Dodd Campaign On Clinton's Honesty

Obama is reinforcing some right-wing slurs of the Democratic party

"There's a rhetoric gap with Obama," says Executive Director of Iowans for Sensible Priorities

I can't stand hearing about Hillary or Obama anymore. I'm sick of both of them.

Joseph Biden

The rush to condemn Obama for not voting on AG when Hillary did the same thing. . .

Michelle E. Brown: "You better think Obama, think about what you're tryin' to do to me."

Al Gore fans -- vote at this poll!

Pakistan Editorial: Terrorism in Iraq 'Natural' Reaction to US Troop Presence

A License to Commit Fraud?

The Bush Administration Plans to Blame You for Iraq

America's Shocking Nuclear Hypocrisy

Tony Norman: Congress' majority wimps

President Bush came to the steps of the Capitol yesterday for a Second Inaugural do-over.

Bush Stumbles Bernacke Mumbles and Aqua Dots Crumble


For all of us - and dad - disavow torture

Rudy's best new friend

Robert Parry: Bush's Favorite Lie

Extremely disappointing language from Obama on Social Security

AP Impact: New Army Chopper Overheats

John Nichols: 75 Years Ago FDR Read the Results Right, and Took a Left Turn

Will producers turn to U.K. writers? (Variety)

Access to health care a question of justice

The Burmese junta's diplomatic dance (BBC)

(CA State) Democrats compromise on healthcare, but key issues remain

US Senate Declares Torture "Peachy," Confirms Mukasey as "Grand Inquisitor"

"You have failed us miserably and we won't take it any more."

The Nation: Gore Vidal writes about Dennis Kucinich

Bell Tolls for Bush’s “Freedom Agenda”

Torturers: The Next Generation

Way to go… Outsource to the US and cut cost

Scapegoating US Diplomats For Failures In Iraq?

How Cheney took control of Bush's foreign policy Visitors Risk High Exposure To Malware

Vanity Fair: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

What Happened to the Senate’s ‘60-Vote Requirement’? - Glenn Greenwald

Israel, US to set up joint committees on Iran: report (AFP)

Thousands evacuated in UK tidal flood zone

MMA Renewable Ventures Facilitates Two Megawatts of Solar Projects (California)

Creating a 21st Century Grid

Marine Current Turbines Installs Tidal Energy Turbines in Vancouver

Wind Power Blows Into The Outer Banks

Canada Invests In Prince Energy Wind Farm

Bein' Green: Major (Massachusets) Energy Bill Announced, Cape Wind Discussed

Plans afoot for new hydroelectric facility along Niagara River

Solar Power Partners Announces National Expansion, New Executives and New Larger Headquarters

Eshaness turbine is one of first ("unplugged" homes)

New plants put King Coal in the cross hairs in Iowa

Environmental groups: Plum Creek plan falls short (Moosehead Lake, Maine)

SPAIN: Biofuels - Good for Business, Bad for the Poor, Say Activists

China Signals Rejection of Emission Caps

Brent Crude Oil Exports Projected To Fall 17% During 2008 - Bloomberg

Uruguay approves Metsa-Botnia pulp mill

Murray-Darling Commision Head Tells John Howard Australia Now In 1,000-Year Drought - Guardian

FEMA Bans Employees From Entering Emergency Trailers, Though 48,000 Trailers Have Residents

Retreating glaciers reveal ancient tree stumps

Like Most Chilean Glaciers, San Rafael Receding Steadily - 100M/Yr - AFP

One-Third Of Africa's Coastal Infrastructure At Risk From Climate By 2100 - UNEP Director

BP CEO - "Era Of Cheap Energy Is Behind US" - Prices "Relatively High For Forseeable Future"

Costly Crude Fuels Price Hikes On Goods You Use Every Day

Discredited ‘TV Weatherman’

Domenici Criticized for Slipping Nuclear Loan Provision into Farm Bill (x-post GD)

North Sea Storm Closes Europe's Largest Port (Rotterdam) As Well As Oil & Gas Platforms - AFP

Suspects in gorilla slaughter to face hearings (BBC)

I want a wind-up flash-light. Any recs?

Clean energy bill unveiled (20% RPS by 2020, Mass.)

Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology Co. Ltd. to Mass Produce Maglev Wind Turbines

Lockheed Martin and Starwood Energy in solar generation partnership

Palm oil warning for Indonesia (BBC)

China attacks "subjective" IEA energy outlook

Aussie Farmer, Former Climate Skeptic & National Party Supporter, Will March For Action On Climate

Maine-grown vegetables - Colby (College) changes its cafeteria salad bar

Oil companies' allies in Congress blocking energy legislation

Farming the wind efficiently

China Seeks 30% Increase In Saudi Oil Shipments - Guardian

CSIS National Security Study - Climate Change Could Be The End Of Globalization

Court: Druggists may deny emergency pill

Biden's plan will ensure aid flows to people, not armaments

Oil discovery rocks Brazil

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 9

A shortage of cocaine - where?

Myers apologizes further for escaped prisoner costume

Bush wants to ease burden of wounded veterans

New US attorney general confirmed

Bhutto under house detention

Mukasey confirmed with least support in 55 years

Man shot after using stun gun to prevent carjacking

Gas leak kills 29 Chinese miners

Father defends Bush on Iraq war

Harris DA investigator surfaces in fed's probe of ICE leak

US releases nine Iranians in Iraq

Pakistan's Bhutto, 5,000 supporters detained

50 Somalis Killed in Day of Fighting

Merck agrees to pay $4.85 bln in Vioxx settlement

Washington (Cheney) tells EU firms: quit Iran now

Justice Department returns to enforcing voter laws

FBI says possible al-Qaida threat against LA malls not credible

U.S. Stocks Decline to Two-Month Low; Qualcomm, Wachovia Fall

London Convention Puts Brakes on Ocean Geoengineering

Bomber kills 5 local tribal leaders in Iraq

Hawaii told to prove it complies with voter registration law

The "Video Game" that Bush played with Vets

Suu Kyi meets her political party

Ex-NYPD Boss Pleads Not Guilty In Federal Court

Bhutto placed under house arrest

Losing Firms Log War Contract Complaints

FEMA Press Secretary Resigns

House Dem defends leadership decision to quash impeachment

Bhutto Freed From House Arrest

Man admits 21 July bombing charge

Arizona issues warning about poker chips

New Jersey Rep. Saxton to Retire

Christian Coalition to bypass primaries

EU far-right bloc faces collapse

Former Giuliani protege surrenders to feds (Kerik)

Anti-abortion postings ordered removed

DNC bypasses city over labor clash

Autopsy: Az. Airport Death Accidental

Rudy Giuliani won't say if he'd pardon Kerik as President

59 schoolchildren died in Afghan blast (at least 75 total)

Respect off conference agenda as George Galloway's party splits in two

Two Democrats move to outlaw waterboarding (Biden & Kennedy)

Sources confirm Cubin (R-WY) won't run again

Wachovia, Capital One Say Credit Conditions Worsen

Parade treaty for vets in war dispute

Dodd opposes Peru trade agreement

NO-area noose display prompts suspension

Bolivarian students want to launch talks with opposition students (Venezuela)

Bush plays video games with recovering war veterans ("shoot the bad guys" in Baghdad)

Wallace Assailant Released From Prison

45% chance of recession, UBS says

Bush's bishops: Exit Iraq now

Miserable Week on Wall Street as Economic Fears Persist (Worst Weekly Point Loss Since 9/11)

Bush's father comes to his defense on Iraq war

Ohio governor endorses Clinton

US to purchase $700m worth of arms from Israel

FEMA to Workers: Stay Out of Trailers

Mehdi Army in 'reign of terror'

Sen. Clinton opposes Colombia, Panama trade deals

Mukasey sworn in as attorney general

EU threatens to slash huge annual payments to Britain's wealthiest landowners

Hey! Weren't there a whole bunch of Hillary threads in GD earlier today?

Angry German kid + Fat Albert theme =


Favorite (political) Oliver Stone film?

I really like the show BIG SHOTS!

Oh for fuck's sake....

So this really hot straight guy kissed me on the lips last night...

One thing I can say about Orrex...

I'm planning to vacation in Ninotchkia


I had every intention of going to bed at 1:00. It is now 4:12.

Oh Greta Wodele, I love how you talk policy with acting Agriculture Secretary Chuck Connor!

Do you **really** want Charles in charge of you?

Yikes! Craig T. Nelson looks about 80 years old...

Scary stuff--chemical spill on the interstate here

Would You kiss a guy with bread?

I had great leftovers for lunch today, and I forgot them at home

Your daily taser update!


OK, what do you constitute as internet addiction?

To MrsGrumpy & OMC...we love and miss you!!

What are your thoughts on the show "Brothers and Sisters"?

self delete nt

CONFESS!!!!! What great thing have has a DUer done to be nominated for Sainthood

I Lost On Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

I'm listening to Appartions by the Dave Matthews Band.

am I THAT scary?

From The Vault

I don't care what they say - microwaved Kevin Bacon sucks.

I don't care what they say - microwaved Bacon sucks

How does a bird with a broken wing manage to land safely ?

Another classic DU moment

Hey Fellow Loungees, please go vote in my GD Poll

Have You Been Touched By His Noodly Appendage?


what kind of idiot plays Big 6 and Big 8 at a craps table? nt

Besides Ken Burns "The War," best documentaries about WW2?

warning!!! if hillary becomes president .....

I love John Edwards, but those emails were so annoying...

Tomorrow Night's concert: BON JOVI

I love being my own boss. Two words: "Breakfast Beer"


O'Reilly has a new enemy: Waukegan High School Seniors for voting lesbian couple as 'cutest couple'

all hail ohiosmith!

Bluebird of Happiness

When did "Have a nice day," become a euphemism for,

I'm listening to Apparition de l'Eglise éternelle, played by Messiaen - what are you listening to?

George W. Bush - EXPLAINED!

Who is this?

Ninotchkia Is NOT a Real Country

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/9/07

LoZoccolo may have bad taste in music but this is the best post ever

Thanks to Burtworm..a blast from the grunge past

Dennis Kucinich 'Political Eye Candy'

Linda "Ramones" Stein's personal assistant has been arrested, charges pending in Stein's murder

Tokin' with Lawrence Welk

Conundrum - do I buy a new guitar with whammy bar, camera, or Sol Lewitt artwork?

Today is my birthday. Now you must worship me.

One year

Dauym! If only I had 199$ to blow...

I typed in barenakedlay upon logging in...

Were you ever taught the Five-Pint Palm Oil Exploding Heart Technique?

Yo.. Can I sneak a Blizzard from DQ into my sisters hospital room?

Hillary stiffed me!

Simpsonize Yourself!

Would there be interest in a Self Confidence for Dummies DU Group?

So I tried to convince my bf Ninotchkia was a real country

I went on a tour of the White House and Congress and Hillary asked to see my receipt!

I stiffed Hillary

Shakespeare Insult Generator..

BREAKING NEWS!!! Barack Obama to hold fund raiser at Olive Garden

Last day of my "internship" and I'm breaking the rules.

Is it wrong to ask a dentist...

anyone getting Rock Band on the 20th?

I dont care what they say, Microwave Bacon is awesome


Patton quote

I don't care what they say, Francis Bacon is awesome.

I don't care what they say, Francis Farmer will have her revenge

I just got back from GD...need decontamination.

ask an elitist

In honor of WillPitt's birthday.....

Just venting

Went to to suggest a name for the turkey...

Air Force Aircraft Identification Chart


Why is it when you get off work and slip into something a little more comfy...

I'm going to a Diwali party tonight!

Hey, Skinner, can we have a, "Guys awash in their own testosterone" forum?

EWWWWW: Man had seven leeches crawling in his ears

Am I the only person watching "Mad Men"?

Hey, Skinner, what's your opinion of In-N-Out Testosterone?

I dont care what they say, Kevin Bacon is awesome

Hillary Clinton mugged me and stole the tip I had planned to give to the delivery guy

Guess which news site lists these stories as "Most Read".

Hillary gave me a stiffy

This is my 666th post; Am I the Anti-Christ? Ask me Anything (if you dare)

How to Lose a race in the last second...

I posted a thread in GD with the word "Douchebag" in the headline.

were those short dudes on Lord of the Rings supposed to be adults...

i think i am random lunatic in the street magnet

I just got a $25 a day raise!! Woohoo!!

WH Spokeperson Dana image

I brought in cookies today.

Happy Diwali (Hindu Festival of Lights)

03:46-30 Rock "GE Product Integration" LMFAO

Vikings fine WR for attending funeral

Who Thinks CaliforniaPeggy Should Send Out Presents Instead Of A Holiday Card

I hearby promise to start flirting on DU

'After 30 years, Taco Bell didn't even offer her any hot sauce'

My Free Rice CHALLENGE to DU (cross post)


Is it okay to watch judge judy now?

Britney runs red light while f**king around with her cell phone, with her kids in the car

am i totally screwn?

So, I went to Red Lobster with a man last night....

Temeah once begat a lovechild of Hillary Clinton

Possibly the greatest Klingon ad EVER

I know you're not a sock puppet. But if you were a sock puppet...

3D time!

Nearly 5:00 pm here. Just did my first hit of Jenkam.

My middle knuckle is red and hurts when I bend it...

Toilet House.

Our boss just got hauled out of here. Stroke.

Heard it in GD: The Lounge is a little extra wild tonight

OMFG, ROFLMAO, best GD thread ever

But what I want to know is...

What was Sinead O'Conner doing on SNL in the first place?

Who Should Be The New Emperor Of The Lounge

Post your best "I'm Fucking A Rock Star" picture here!

It is that time that I post my brother's pic again!! He would've been 36 tomorrow!!

It gets so quiet here this time of day


It looks so nice out,

WGA Strike...a picture from Fox Studios today

Dammit, no new "Real Time with Bill Maher" cause of the writers strike

OMG! Curb your enthusiasm fans HELP ME!

I can has police state? (aka My attempt to inject some levity into a GD thread.)

What is this "flirting" thing you speak of????


ThE BAR Is Open.... Butt

cat tat

If college football coaches have their own theme songs?

What happened next?

Hottest Latino Singer Feller

So, I chewed some Red Man with a lobster last night....

taterguy and I jacked a GD thread about the Lounge

ABS cement on PVC?


Oh cool. I just got called a Nazi in GD! Ask me anything.

zipcode map fun for one and all

What is worth more Lounge cred?

I hearby promise to stop all farting on DU

Do Marathon Lovers Make Better Runners? .. Explain

Do Marathon Runners Make Better Lovers .. Explain

After a brief absence, the girls are bouncing on Friday's again!

40,000 Posts!!!!!!

Is this funny? (Parody of Danzig singing "Mother")

West coast people--what is your opinion of In and Out Burger?

A mama tiger and some baby piglets

I am gasping for breath, laughing so hard at this one!

What are your favorite movie lines that you try to use in conversation?

Craptacular day at work. I earned this beer.

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Rumors Of My Deposement As Emperor Of The Lounge

Damn- I accidentally set my alarm clock an hour ahead-up at 2:45am!

Is it okay to talk about today's Jeopardy! yet,

bush* is a horrible tippler

Soy milk drinkers - what is your favorite brand/flavor.

WOW! Has-been and former D-List "star" Pauly Shore has been hitting the GYM! Buff Hunk Alert!

A hello, a request, and some new fur baby pics...

Posers who are kissing

It's Official!! I Am The New Lounge Emporer!!

Who Is One Of The Best DU'rs Out There

What the...? I posted my 25,000th post today!

I'm late to the party--what's the deal with cornflake crusted chicken?

Thomas Jefferson was a lousy tipper...

Possibly the greatest Kikkoman ad EVER

East coast people--what is your opinion of In and Out Burger?

I just dismantled my office....don't ask me anything!

I turned 44 today

I got so pissed at my ex last night. I saw her at Red Lobster with this freak, see...

Ellen DeGeneres crosses Writers Guild picket line to tape her show, writers respond

Which Presidential Candidates Have a Cat at Home?

Kitty with The Sniffles

Funniest beer ad I've seen in a while!

Why is it so hard to get into a fight when the guy you wanna beat deserves it?

Call me crazy, but I think my cat talked to me.

What the...? I posted my 35,000th post sometime recently!

Breaking News: William Pitt Going To Olive Garden For His Birthday

Dammit, STOP IT!! I have had enough!!! (obviously a friggin' RANT)

Now, THIS is going to be a helluva road trip!

Goddamn today is taking forever to end work hours. Post stupid pictures (fuck off, dial-uppers)

I'm baaaack!

Appreciate the DU lounge!

Name a product that you hate that is still around! nt

I hearby promise to stop all flirting on DU

chicago area du'ers- you are invited- ceramics show and sale

When gas goes to $4 what will you do?

In the spirit of my bar-violence thread.. craziest thing you've seen at a pub?

You may post anything you want in this thread except.....

So, I went to Red Lobster with a woman last night.

I am out of here for the weekend

I'm listening to Eye of the Tiger, played by Survivor - what are you listening to?

Post your best "I'm A Fucking Rock Star" picture here!

I'm questionable... ask me anything!

Black Hawk crash kills 5 in Italy

Lawmaker: Recruiting criminals unwise

4th ID soldiers prepare for Iraq deployment

Extended tours worsen reservist job woes

Fort Drum Veterans Day has wartime meaning

10th Mountain ‘Patriot Brigade’ to deploy to Iraq

Faster OK sought for Agent Orange claims

Captain accused of berating academy guards

Navy probes 2 Hornet practice bomb mishaps

House approves more submarine funding

Officials push up-to-date plan for Iran

CG keeping watch on San Francisco oil spill

Ex- Navy interrogator: Ban waterboarding

EPA: No chemicals found under Lejeune housing

Corps lawyer: Interrogation testimony blocked

N.D. Marine reservists off to Iraq next spring

Anti-war vets banned from Calif. parade

Linkup lets Marine see birth of first child

House seeks to get more vets on its payroll

Space Command looking for more, young talent

Japan pays in asbestos suit of Kadena worker

Bill would boot security contractors from Mideast

Mullen working to shorten downrange tours

2-2 BCT adjusts to life on remote combat outposts

Emergency training scheduled for noncombatants

Captain America makes posthumous appearance in special AAFES comics

German court rules in favor of U.S. contractors

War Objector's 2nd Courts-Martial Stalls

Gas prices to rise nearly 14 cents

Russia's Fifth Generation Fighter Delayed

Mission Continues Despite Grounding

Iraq veteran healthcare could top $650b

571 pilots sign up for 5 more years, $125,000

Mid charged with punching female mid in face

Bush Vows Better Medical Care For Vets

Recruiters struggle to find an Army

Stripes LTTE: Stripes needs Coulter column

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 59 Kids

As military balks, Chinese public pushes for aircraft carriers

Lieutenant Awarded Distinguished Service Cross

Check it this post in GD.

Remembering the fallen of the Vietnam War, one name at a time

A Look at Air Force Drawdown

The Next Great President

Achmet the terrorist

FOX Anchor Calls for US Supported Terrorist Car Bombings In Iran

Pat Robertson, with Falwell, on 9/13/01

Olbermann: Worst Persons - O'Reilly Jigsaw Puzzles Marked Down

TPM points out the irony of Robertson, who blames Americans for 9/11, endorsing Rudy

'Sicko' DVDs Delivered to All 535 Members of Congress

FEMA Formaldehyde

Naomi Klein on history of torture, Mukasey, and Dems crossing lines of decency

When we're finished with you, you'll all be killers

Police use force to remove protesters blocking Stryker convoys

Did Democratic leadership bury Cheney impeachment?

John Edwards - Building in New Orleans

Naomi Klein on why the rich won't choose to worry about global warming

Naomi Klein on the rich escaping disasters, buying their way out of environmental tragedy

Lou Dobbs Interview

What ringtones have you seen advertised here lately?

Kerik was tied into the Pirro implosion (a Rudy Connection)

Bernie Kerik Won't Fold ( He thinks he's Chalabi, I guess)

Mining CEO: "China buys all the lead...we can dig up!"

Mike Huckabee's response upon learning of Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy


Mukasey Roll Call; six Dems voted to confirm

what will the price of gas be on November 7, 2008?

Just sent a simple letter to my congressman. see below

'Baby Boomers' Is A More Recent Media-Coined Label

thank you Dennis

Anyone know where can I find the rollcall votes for Kucinich's impeachment resolution?

Brazil announces new oil reserves

i'm so pleased g.w. bush decided to run this country like one of his companies

Anybody know who's behind "Icecap?"

So, what is Fox News going to do, now that the writer's strike is in full force?

Why should we have to explaint to the children what "date rape drug" is?

Shrill = RW-speak for what ? They call Krugman shrill

The Bush Administration Plans To Blame You For Iraq

Remember Sarkozy's New Hampshire canoe trip?

Joshua Holland: Iraqi Government Opposes Renewing U.N. Mandate For U.S. Troops

What happened to the "no tip" story? Was it a RePUKE lie? Yes it was.

AlterNet: America's Shocking Nuclear Hypocrisy

The DCCC reports $28.3 mil. in the bank, the NRCC? $1.6

Let's draft the young'uns and see how freaking fast they say Obama who?

Alright, that's it. It's time to go to war against China.

I want to thank "unhappycamper" for the great articles in the mornings

John Bolton: Hairpiece or just really bad haircut? You decide

Morning, Amerika, how does it feel to stand for torture?

Bush wisdom, # 786

If you go to Denver as a delegate, don't let your candidate tell you how to vote on the platform

Palm oil warning for Indonesia

A cynical observation about the tragic death of Dr. R. Scott Hitt

Here it is friday and not one word in our morning paper about the impeachment

Federal judge in Pennsylvania orders abortion foe to remove alleged threats from Web site (AP)

Bayh, Carper, Landrieu, Feinstein, Nelson (NE) and Schumer

War protesters arrested in Giuliani's Iowa office

Pentagon says Mass. soldier dies of illness in Kuwait

Iraqi Government to UN: 'Don't Extend Mandate for Bush's Occupation'

Priest allegedly mentioned serial killer. Prosecutors detail letters to TV host

It truly amazes me.

It's the economy, stupid and Hillary is going to win

I love the smell of Waterboarding in the Morning.

On NASA TV - live pix of repair/ installation work.

Sorry to mention it, but who benefits from the gop's punishment?

The Russians and the Germans

BHUTTO ARRESTED IN PAKISTAN-5,000 Supporters Detained

There's a very good discussion on Pakistan on

Joe (hide the dead intern) Scarborough has gone completely hysterical over Bill Clinton

Things are approaching their worst...and I finally feel as if there is hope.

I need help debunking

Health insurer tied bonuses to dropping sick policyholders

Can't afford gas

Monkeys found safe; thieves were looking for marijuana (MONKEY ON THE LAM! )

Merrill's Exposure to Risky Debt Grows to $27.2 Billion

Senator Byrd looked pretty fragile last night

National Strikes

They are trying not to say the recession word!


While Congress is looking forward, Fla. legitimate voters will be purged.

Stanford Students Protest Rumfeld's Appointment

SICK-President Plays Virtual Soldier

== Does your religion dance? = By Mark Morford

Did you know that Huckabee is now in 2nd place in Iowa?

Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail strike out Iran

Iraq OKs Raids on Blackwater

Great points made in local LTTE on SCHIP veto

Kerik surrenders to feds on corruption charge

Why haven't the Republicans pushed for public ethics committee hearings for Larry Craig

"Edwards To Be Endorsed By Key Iowa Group"... LINK

Spreading fear at far AND NEAR

Institutional Behavior and Congress

Dow opening down 120 points

Bush Rates Poorly In Survey While Putin Gains Status

Bush knows this is going to happen and he should stop using kids as props for his propaganda

war is peace...

Act Now: New Bill Could Stop Big Media

Commission report on the de Menezes killing is out

Kerik surrenders, needs cash

DU local/neighborhood activists: a little advice, please.

Should the government force the insurance industry to insure those it currently refuses to?

Defense Bill has over 2,000 earmarks

Select a Candidate..

Dow... Dow... Down....-171.12

With this example, how come W's handlers dealt with Katrina so poorly?

Senate overrides Bush's water bill veto!!

Any one have a link to the Mukasey vote

Is the Mystery/Anonymous Poster back at TPM Muck Comment Section?

Tweety thinks that Hillary Clinton claps too much....

"More than 8 in 10 Republicans and more than 1/2 married men definitely wouldn't vote for Clinton"

Alberto Gonzales To Make $40,000 For Speech At U Of Florida

Push To Investigate Bush’s Faith-Based Office Puts Jewish Groups in Quandary

Bernie Kerk, Come On Down! Welcome to The System

Anti-Union Tribune and Clear Channel just about gloating over the end of Liberal Radio in San Diego

Merck to pay $4.85B Vioxx settlement

If you do this every day, it will really start to piss you off.

The view from the House majority leader

CJR: Pat Robertson Doesn’t Matter Anymore. Why does the press act like he does?

Howard Zinn, Dennis Kucinich, Blackwater on Dem. Now! today:

'Apocalyptic scenario' if Egypt, Saudi go nuclear: Israel minister

re: hospital infections

Apart from DU, what are the best anti-Hillary Clinton web sites?

MukaseyDidn't Have to Happen!...where were Dodd and others?... Josh Marshall does the math.

Giuliani Recommendation to Head Homeland Security Indicted 14 counts....LINK

18 tons of radioactive minerals dumped in river - drinking water source

Remembering the fallen of the Vietnam War, one name at a time

I can't believe Pat Robertson pick Guilani over Huckabee to endorse since

FBI: Kerik 'Sold His Office'

Watada has said that under the US constitution he has the right to refuse an illegal order

How to make your own Star Trek Phaser

Wow, Local Poll. I Don't Even Know Which One To Pick:

Dems need an AD to Welcome RW Conserv Fundies for Backing a Pro-abortion rights Rudy...

Bill would boot security contractors from Mideast

Bagley TOON on Clinton

Mich House members: Hands off our water - we'll fight

Poppy bush blubbering again about how mean we are to his POS kid

Nader says illicit Pa. politics tainted his '04 election effort

Is the war in Iraq

Police use batons... Not Pakistan. Washington State

Why? Why do they WANT to torture?

James Dobsons freaks sues for religious rights at Mount Rushmore

John Bolton: "I didn’t spend 31 days in Florida, to end up where we are now"

If you absolutely cannot stand Hillary Clinton

Bhutto's aid asks Crawford Texas Peace House to deliver request to Bush

So, when the Dems support something they need 60 votes.

Recruiters struggle to find an Army

HOLY SHIT! Rate at which AMT kicks in is down to $66,000 for a family of four!

Britney, K-Fed, and OJ to Testify at Impeachment Hearings

The Blood Sport of Vice Presidents

(Rasmussen) Ron Paul Up to 6%, Huckabee and Romney Down

Still waiting to cash in on Iraq's oil

A Writer's Blog: From the Picket Lines, Day 3

watch out! Justice dept wants to take over selecting NY voting machines

What happened to Limbaugh yesterday??

Rangel On NAFTA Expansion: "If You're Hurting, Then It's A Bad Deal"

Puget Sound's J pod has new baby orca

Ministry: Afghanistan's Worst Suicide Attack Killed 59 Schoolchildren, Wounded 96 Others

For anyone who missed it, they are going to replay Big Eddie giving Wasserman-Schultz hell

Senate tries to cap emissions EPA won't

Fat tourists are causing "Small World" boats to run aground!

Gas Hits Five Dollars a Gallon In California, The End Times Draw Ever More Near

are there any cams showing the storm surge in UK?

Are you concerned that al Qaeda will try to strike the U.S. during the holiday shopping season?

Ultimately, more money was spent investigating Bill Clinton than investigating the 9-11 attacks

Politics for too many people has become a form of entertainment...

Is Barack Obama a uniter or a divider?

I plan not to spend one cent on Christmas this year

Apocalypse Now: The Drought (or Let them drink Coke)

Gasoline in Orlando FL is now $3.109 a gallon for regular up ten cents from

British Muslim woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings

Hillary Clinton mugged me and stole the tip I had planned to give to the delivery guy

kudos to freeper arderkrag who presents an excellent argument against torture

National Debt Graph (2007 Budget data)

Renter's Insurance

Day 6 of Pakistan's Martial law: Catch & Release of Bhutto, bush kisses German a$$.

HEADS UP: Replay of Debbie Wasserman Schultz interview on Ed Schultz show ON NOW!

On Today, CNBC's Crazy Cramer defended his description of Cuomo as a "communist"

Sen. Harkin: "According to last attorney general (Bush) was king-maybe this 1 believes same thing"

Ohio Governor Strickland to Endorse Clinton: Report

Newsweek: Condi Rice admits the U.S. should have understood Iraq better

US judge blocks second court martial for Iraq war objector (Lt. Watada)

CNN just did a great piece on the millions of Iraqi refugees Bush caused

Could the $459B defense stopgap measure agreed upon have anything to do

Mukasey to be sworn in, begin work as attorney general today

He's Really Drunk!!!

Alternative Min Tax vote in the house NOW

The difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties, as I see it:

ROVE: "Bloggers Are Nutty, Vitriolic, Angry Kooks"

Pa. soldier's heroic act inspires strangers

Free Budget planning software. Recommendations?

If gas is $4 per gallon next summer and we are still at war and in a recession--how can they win?

Glenn Greenwald: What Happened to the Senate’s ‘60-Vote Requirement’?

GWB has spent more money than all 42 preceding presidents

Bush re German Chancellor Merkel: "I look forward to showing a piece of property I dearly love"

Another mass grave found in western Iraq

FBI Datamined Grocery Stores With Help From Credit Companies

Gap, Limited post WORST sales in 12 years.

I made an insensitive joke in a post and for this I apologize

Are Republicans right? Are Democrats soft on Crime?

18 Peacemakers Busted at Giuliani and Hillary Offices and No Original Reporting From The Register

Official repub Presidential candidate criminal scorecard...

By the way, why was I supposed to even care if Hillary left a tip?

calculate your carbon footprint

Mukasey Confirmed - Roll Call Detail - Approved despite waterboarding etc.

Average American income rose 1.1% last year. CEO's? Up THIRTY-EIGHT PERCENT.

Did anybody catch that looney on the hartman show? (lou dobbs)

What's Up With Howard Dean?

Edwards Important Campaign Announcement at Des MoinesToday at 12:15 ... LINK

Indicted Kerik Launches Legal Defense Trust

Lars and the Real Girl - a brilliant film

Police: Sex Offender Crawls Under Bathroom Stall To Fondle Boy

Is Huffington Post website being hacked ?

The President sees the face of war [Graphic PIC]

Jeremy Scahill: All Cowboys Out Now

If the US occupation of Iraq ended today it will still cost us another $650 billion dollars

Ben Nelson: I Support Judge Mukasey

TPM: What went down last night (Mukasey)

In Iraq, Kerik Boasted of Being White House 'Eyes and Ears'

Iraq's new crisis: Moms, dads abandoning kids

Today is Rudy's favorite day - 9/11! In Europe, that is

Another Mr Fish TOON Gem

Bush's lawyer "This administration has gone further than anyone"

I think holy Joe is hoping that the GOP nominee will choose him for VP


DU this poll. Is Bush the worst president ever?

Okay, we have 10 New Commandments to memorize

Has a democracy ever collapsed from having too much freedom?

Head's Up! Randi having a Judiciary Committee member on after break!

The Unreported Vietnam-Iraq Parallels

Healthcare: Are we responsible for all illnesses we acquire?

Why Not Single Payer? What's Wrong With The Clinton / Obama / Edwards Health Care Plans

People get into trouble when they use a fake address to send their kids to a better school, but

ABC News Reports EDWARDS to hit Rivals on (Peru) Free Trade Agreement..LINK

The Bush Economy, summed up in three easy cartoon frames...

Jets miss crash by 30 feet; NTSB asks why (CNN)

"Wrong on cannibalism. Wrong for America."

Talkin' 'bout my g-g-generation...

Bush @ recovery center for soldiers with missing limbs:"helping these people get back on their feet"

My (probably overlong) email to John Conyers

"the senate gave Bush the finger" says the news caster (news break on air america

NZ activists avoid terror charges (BBC)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Since america is no longer the greatest country anymore...

Isn't it at least possible that Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean

Priest accused of stalking Conan O'Brien fit for trial

VIDEO Author Naomi Klein on Mukasey vote as Sanctioned Torture, and Privatized VIP Disaster Relief

So, the '06 Elections narrowed the Senate margins

MySpace to start it's own drama series.

Does anyone have a link that shows how loyal a Representative is to the Party?

Kerik in the news? "America's Top Cop Pleads Not Guilty " ABC

And that, kid, is why you don't throw pencils at police officers from the back of the school bus

Impeachment will never be a losing battle.

How NOT to stop a popular uprising

If there's such a credit crunch, why is everyone trying to lend me more money?

Ed Shultz Listeners: Who was the Congresswoman Ed was talking to about impeachment? n/t

Evangelical SHOCKER!!! Dobson To Endorse Huckabee

will Atlanta be the next big american city to crumble?

So it wasn't 140 gallons of oil in the San Francisco Bay

Hillary Clinton's Lack of Respect for Latin America (The Clinton Policy is the Bush Policy)

Five Sunni chiefs killed in Iraq blast

Shouldn't the writers at the cable news networks and the network news be in the SWG?

It's Official: Iowa Caucus For Priorities Endorses Edwards For President...LINK

Record Anger At Congress

This entire thing is so screwed up , talk about a looking glass

Security gains dramatic, says Iraq Study Group aide("No incoming (mortar fire) into the Green Zone")

Economists and those that know economics, help please

The Giuliani, Mukasey connection; plus PDF of Kerik indictment

Are we there yet?

US violates chemical weapons convention in Iraq

Where does your favorite Congress Critter hang out on the floor of the House?

Where would Mukasey have come down on "Dred Scott"? I can hear it now...

The Blood Sport of Vice Presidents

Domenici Criticized for 'Slipping' Nuclear Loan Provision into Farm Bill

Vote Republican

Tom DeLay's County Republican Party leadership QUITS!!!! Surrender Monkeys Unite!

Vote Democratic.

So Democrats voted NOT to confirm Mukasey 40-6. I'm proud of my party.

Washington concerned Israel gearing up to attack Iran

Which Republican Candidate scares you the most, sitting in the White House?

Pix of waves, flooding in England from BBC

"Iraqis abandoning children...":

Is McCain's mom also Barbara Bush?

FEMA Press Secretary Resigns

Damn! Our mods are the bestest and the fastest...

Thank You

If the Impeachment bid fails, Kucinich is the only worthy candidate.

Mrs. Roberta McCain

I've always been of the mind that one can not build oneself up by cutting another down

9/16/1920 - Our forgotten terrorist attack

Right Wing Rift: Operation Rescue targets Pat Robertson

Marco Warman, host of "The World" on NPR, just referred to WWII as "The Great War"

Holiday Hucksters: Religious Right Cranks Up Another `War On Christmas'

Kerik knew an indictment was coming

Dikes blasted to restore Oregon marshland for endangered fish

Some of the News Most of the Time

Over 23% Say GW Bush IS Worst President In History

A Kibitz to the Edwards Campaign: Financial Services $$$ on the HRC Campaign Lists

OK. Forget that other thread.

FOX IS SOOOO HOT!!! - I need a glass of water

Personal assistant arrested in Linda Stein murder case

Yellowstone Is Rising on Swollen "Supervolcano"

So according to Sanders we have a bunch of DINOs in both the House and the Senate

MSNBC On Bernie Kerik: "9/11 Hero Indicted"

An update on my message to Merck

Employment question: Can they discriminate based on travel?

Website targets Roadblock Republicans. Clear the roadblock 2008

Pelosi Turns to Confront Bush on War Spending

I know what's happening! STEPFORD DEMOCRATS! Pod people!

Where have i seen these guys before?

With GOP inextricably linked to Bush's failure, corruption, torture, Karl Rove tries to project

Rep. Bob Allen found guilty of soliciting prostitution

Finland moves to tighten gun laws (BBC)

Holy Joe hits out at 'paranoid' Democrats - "hyper-partisan, politically paranoid" liberal base

BUSH: "The decisions I have made will make it easier for your grandchildren to live in peace."

I have a suggestion for deciding who the winner of the next Democratic debate is

Great interview with Kucinich on impeachment, corporate globalization, and media consolidation

Army spent $2.6 billion on helicopters that overheat in hot weather

Mike Gravel left out of the CNN debates, media screams silence!

Democrats say Mukasey filibuster would have been wrong move

It's our fault Clinton didn't fix much of anything

Floor statements on Mukasey: Shumer, Harkin and Leahy

Bill Maher tonight.

‘Shock and awe hits home.’

Statement of Senator Clinton on the Nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey

Hey, Demo Strategists- They're just not that into you

"Silence is complicity" - Salt Lake City mayor speech condemning MSM, Bush Administratio

Look what I got in the email this morning from Darrell "Recall Davis" Issa! (Electoral Coll scam)

25 photographs taken at the exact right time. Great stuff.

Ritual Shaming as a Political Tool

Gee Willikers.. The Bush Boy has his daddy fighting his battles again

shit, I'm so busy planning my war on Christmas that I completely forgot to attack Thanksgiving

The 10 Worst Jobs in America

Comet Holmes explodes making it visible to the naked eye!

The Mafia Ten Commandments Looks like Rudy can't even meet

Dennis vs Cheney 1 Samuel 17 An old story updated

On Randi's Show Today: Another Judiciary Committee Member

ABS cement on PVC?

Well, well...the Senators campaigning for POTUS were too busy

Iraq's new crisis: Moms, dads abandoning kids

DeLay: ‘No American Is Denied Health Care In America’

I'm not defending a damned thing and I'm not endorsing a damned thing, but .......

(totally trivial I know but...) Gore looked GOOD last night

Here it is folks: Mukasey ROLL CALL!

Up is down....

If Clinton, Obama, Dodd or Biden had showed up & voted NO, Then NO MUKASEY as AG...

Why Veterans Day matters.

U.S. Violates Chemical Weapons Convention In Iraq

Kucinich To The Democratic Leadership: "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR SHOULD BE THE QUESTION"

Waitress in a new "Clinton doesn't tip" story to reporter: “You people are really nuts.”

Big Eddie kicking ass on impeachment

Man uses taser on carjacker and gets shot (by a real gun) at least 5 times!

My sisters' life = $50,000. Thanks, Merck!

Hang in There, Guys!

Sign of disappointment (or desperation): Poppy Bush insults own intelligence to attack war critics

Do any of you use a WiFi Internet table radio? If a station streams online, the radio plays it and

Abortion protester claims doctor intentionally struck him with car

None of Four Dem Candidates who are senators voted against Mukasey!

Sickening: Feinstein backs legal immunity for telecom firms in wiretap cases

Brent Budowsky - Democrats Surrender

Leahy, Cornyn want Justice to sue -- and seize assets of -- individual P2P pirates

Interesting Roll Call Votes on DK's Impeachment Resolution

RAW STORY: House Dem defends leadership decision to quash impeachment (Wasserman Schultz)

Images of War

This Gore supporter is throwing her support behind Dennis.

Corrupt Bastards Club: "Brento" Wilkes Ties Continue to Dog Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA)

"TORTURE" Mukasey Confirmed by ALL of the REPUBLICAN Senators and 2 DEMs

Al Gore on Hillary Clinton: "Well, she's certainly no Tipper!"

Twelve Essential Facts Americans Should Know About Depleted Uranium

Today Show was celebrating "Green Week" with a story of a very old large tree being use as an XMas

Impeaching Cheney: What the Democratic Leadership Does Not Get

Get Up, Stand Up! Or, How the Writers' Strike May be More Than an Annoyance

The "Terrorist Watch-List" is now up to 860,000 people and has LOTS of mistakes!

Remember the Long-Term Capital Bailout? This Is Much Worse

Would impeachment hearings increase or decrease support for impeaching Cheney and/or Bush?

Robert Redford Exposes Hillary: "But we did know. That’s just bull—-. We just rolled over.”

"THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW" (think Kucinich!)

Paul Krugman on America's New Gilded Age

Conyers, Nadler Request Torture Memos

Fellow Dems: Don't act like Republicans

Hey Bill!

Impeach Cheney: Action #4

I know the word "Douchebag" isn't considered appropriate by some here, but...


After 30 years, Taco Bell didn't even offer her any hot sauce


Republican: "Thank God Bush lowered our taxes, or we'd all be feeling the pinch much worse now."

Dobson now 'denied ferociously' he is endorsing Huckabee ... LINK

A 600 horsepower Hummer that gets 60 miles per gallon of biodiesel!

I wasn't for impeachment, either.

My generation, your generation, all generations screwed by CLASS WARFARE

Congress 'Doesn't Get It,' Kucinich Says After Peru Trade Vote, Nor Do Dem Candidates


Doctors Without Borders: MALNUTRITION: Saving Lives One Child At A Time

Could it be argued that gov't-provided healthcare coverage (Medicare for all) *is* Constitutional?

Dennis Kucinich: 2008 Defense Authorization Bill authorizes use of US military for domestic purposes

From PWB to O.P.E.C. and big oil..! Go fuck yourself.

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush (by Joseph Stiglitz)

Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable story of AIPAC

100 mile per gallon of biodiesel: Neil Young's Lincoln Continental

Cobb (near Atlanta) County Home Uses Enough Water For Neighborhood - 440,000gal in one month

The Nation: Gore Vidal For 'Dennis Kucinich'

So a 12 year old gets shot by a cop....


Dems Surrender on Torture: "Lets Be Clear-Dems Threw Away Vote They Would Have Won" (Brent Budowsky)

Barrack Obama's Cheapest Shot of All: Making Light of Tom Hayden.

TIME's Person of the Year: AL GORE. No contest. Nobel, Oscar, 30 Rock last night!

The Mega Lie Called the 'War on Terror' - A Masterpiece of Propaganda

How about this ron paul bastard?


Women helping women escape the porn industry

Are ALL COMMUNICATIONS routed overseas to circumvent US law and the Constitution?

Shouldn't the fact that NONE of them came back to vote on Mukasey tell you something?

No surprise - Bush loving Steny Hoyer (D?) reaffirms

I don't hold it against any of the senators running if they miss some votes during the campaign

POLITICS OF HOPE: Obama operatives planted Hsu story, want investigation into Clinton sex life

archives 2/00 -- the first tip smear against Hillary

With any luck we'll have two Udalls in the Senate in 2009: Looks like Tom is running in NM

Bush wisdom, # 786

Why are inflation rates propagated that don't include gasoline and food?

Huffinton on Clinton, "If you're running third, you're going to win"

Iraqi Government to UN: 'Don't Extend Mandate for Bush's Occupation'

Lest we forget that as we go about our daily lives somewhere, out there, lurking waiting is....

Was partial privatization of Peru Social Security included in the Peru trade agreement?

Who do you think junior would have appointed as AG during the break


Rudy G.


Was the false FBI terror alert an attempt to drive the vote?

TN POLL: Hillary could put state could be in play for Dems in 2008

Any Ideas on who the Major endorsement Hillary is going to get today?

Asshat McConnell says Iraq war 'winding down', won't be much of a factor in 2008

The Rude Pundit - Quickie Friday: Giulikerik, John Gibson, and Bush's Jacket

With The Recesstion Ahead Early Next Year, Fux Business Channel Is Going To Crumble

Rasmussen- Clinton-44% Obama 19% Edwards 15%

Securities being liquidated-and all we hear is Hillary tip or no tip?

Larry Craig Announces His Stance on Global Warming

Glenn Bleccch is coming to my Pa. town

GOP punishes five early voting states Admits Mistake, Updates Item On Clinton Presidential Records

"True Colors"

Did Rangel really say, "If you're hurting, it's a bad deal"? (Peru trade agreement)

Crooks & Liars: "FOXNews’ John Gibson: Bush Saved The Homeless, Won Iraq And Gave You A Job"

Candidates - Please focus some on the important stuff...

Edwards First Candidate to Announce he Will Participate in Video Forum

Here's one excellent reason I will work hard for the Dem who gets the nomination

Anti-military waste group backs Edwards

Need Help -- who was it that listed the CAR LEASES for the Congress last year?

I predict candidates will be SURE to leave BIG tips from now on

Edwards draws crowd of 400 to Piscataqua Room (speaks with University of New Hampshire students)

McCain says Kerik reflects on Ghouliani - Reason to Question Ghouliani's Judgment

(Posted last week) Reid wants '08 candidates to be available for votes

Email link to the House Judiciary Committee

What's God got to do with it?

Now I definately think that Al Gore should have run.

I have a new job and don't get here often so today I ask, A TIP ? [email protected]!&%!!# hints at "Major Endorsement Today."

I need some advice on oil prices.

The evidence against Cheney (HR 333)

Everybody's got to peel their own potato!

Rick Santorum's new gig--columnist for the Philly Inky--response from the Philly Daily News...

My age has changed: my core values have not.

Esterday: "Why would I lie about not getting a tip?"

Well the cats out of the bag now. Gov. Strickland endorses Clinton!

Atlantic Online: Mark Penn's Firm, Burson Marsteller, Helps 'Aqua Dots' Firm with Crisis Management

Understanding the Next War Money Vote

Has anyone considered that maybe Hillary just received really crappy service?


More entertainment from the Reich-Wing.

Obama Picks Up a Coveted Endorsement in New Hampshire

Obama’s Divisive Strategy : Prez hopeful takes a page from the GOP’s racist playbook.

For Nebraska's Nelson, Mukasey is the Trifecta (Salon)

Let's talk about the Nevada caucus and its impact on the race

Dear Howard Dean, please stay off the Ed Schultz show today with your talking points.

Rep. Saxton (R-NJ) announces retirement

Rasmussen: Clinton Gains on Giuliani, Thompson; Now Leads Both by Six

Obama picks up key NH endorsement

Ohio Governor Strickland To Endorse Clinton


NBC"S First Read: Obama Courts Women Voters in Iowa. Photos included.

Clinton Gets an Instant Chance to Wield a New Weapon

Introducing the Rove Dogs

Clinton bashers spin your way out of this one: From the manager of the restaurant

GOP Congresswoman Cubin To Retire

I wanted to write a post about Lieberman, Shumer and Feinstein...

Two New Hampshire Polls Will Show Shrinking Clinton Lead

DU tipping guide

Is there a way to beat this politically? (Racism in Northern Colorado)

Mukasey - who voted, who didn't, and how

Obama picks those allowed to ask question at press conference, is pressed on state senate records

Dobson 'denies ferociously' Huckabee nod

Rasmussen- Clinton Gains on Giuliani, Thompson; Now Leads Both by Six

When is the next Democratic Debate Scheduled?

It's gotten to the point where no one wants to give their primary foe the benefit of the doubt.

BREAKING: Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio Endorses Hillary Clinton

God Damned Rat Bastards....

Who Could Ever Have Anticipated (Besides You, Of Course)?

Has anyone heard an explanation from Clinton, Biden or Dodd as to why

I don't like Hillary but I don't care about "tipgate"

Rasmussen: "Clinton has bounced back" (and Obama has lost ground/Edwards flatlining)

The Jefferson Jackson Dinner. A Preview, from The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder.

Clinton raises lead to 25% over Obama. Leads all Democrats in N.H.

DNC Exploits Slick Dancing Mitt's eBay Fundraiser to sell "Flip-Flop" Kit

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Two New Hampshire Polls Will Show Shrinking Clinton Lead

Look at these pics of Iraqi veterans: WARNING GRAPHIC

Clinton's chief strategist now working for Chinese date rape toy manufacturer

How about a four hour POSITIVE post period

David Bonior: Senator Clinton's Wrong Priorities

Tucker, New Republic, And National Review Writers Beating Up Bill Clinton

Obama's Achilles Heel

Latest Poll shows Iowa is a statistical dead heat.

Two new New Hampshire Polls will show shrinking Clinton lead.

The Missing Candidates: I Blame Harry Reid

Obama: If I fail, race will not be the reason

Do the Republicans really care about the sick and the poor?

Why is HRC voting opposite of other Dem Candidates and definetly

Lieberman: ME atomic programs 'apocalyptic'

HELP - how do you post a picture?

Who can remember the 2 top issues to ALL voters in Nov2006 exit polls?

Has anyone considered who the manager of the Maid-Rite restaurant is?

What I learned at DU today: Clinton is a People Mag airhead. Obama is Reagan.

Wow, DiFi is on a ROLL. Maybe she can have her name legally changed to "Dianne Bush."

Of Lies, Catfights and Rock 'n' Roll ....the media & the unrebuttable lie

What's the real reason the House leadership isn't willing to pursue impeachment of Cheney?

Clinton predicts his wife will win by "good margin"

My Impeachment Pledge

Zogby poll shows Hillary's campaign is in death spiral

Bernstein Book Challenges Bill Clinton's Health Care Claim

Lol: Tweety is all out attack Hillary Mode

Biden raps Bush over Pakistan

Biden Criticizes Bush on Pakistan

Why Didn't Senators Running For President Vote On Mukasey?

What It All Comes Down To: Why You?

Watch Iowa's Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner tomorrow night at 8PM, EST on C-Span

The failure to promote conservation and alternative energies is a National Security failure

Edwards Statement on Senator Clinton's Support for the Peru Trade Deal

Who should I see this weekend? So many candidates So little time

Biden’s plan will ensure aid flows to people, not armaments

Remember when everyone jumped on Obama for calling his wife his "girl"?

Anita Esterday puts "tipgate" into proper perspective...

House Dem defends leadership decision to quash impeachment

What do you think he is saying to her?

No more People Magazine candidates (like Hillary); we need an FDR-type (Edwards)

Ms. Esterday tells the media what is important.

Reid compared pro-choice women to people who want more highways. eats crow on Presidential Records...including those related to Hillary...

Edwards wins 10,000 Iowa pledges

BIDEN against Peru Trade Deal - Obama for it: Clinton??

Serious question, with the confirmation ofMukasy , the quashing of impeachment

Senator Obama and the Culture Wars

Talked to an Edwards Supporter this morning

The "Obama is reaching out" and "expanding the big tent" memes are BS

Clark: "We're confused about who we are...

Bernie Sanders lays out what SHOULD be the Democratic Platform

Kerry and Biden team up together to introduce legislation on Pakistan

Mitt "the shovel" Romney is going to be their candidate. Remember he was brought in

Cheney Stovepipping the NIE (on Iran) - Once More with Feeling

Correct take on Social Security...

For good or for ill, the Iowa caucus may likely decide our nominee.

20 year Gay Activist Don George: I don't care about Donnie McClurkin

Ron Paul vs. Dennis Kucinich?....And Why 2008 Will Be about the War

Who do you believe is telling the truth on the "Tipgate" issue - the Clinton campaign or Esterday?

Who is the dumbest talking head?


Obama's campaign rhetoric reminds me of Reagan in 1980 and 1984