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Archives: November 8, 2007

ACLU Learns of Third Secret Torture Memo by Gonzales Justice Department

Independent UK: Anti-war activists do battle over intervention in Iran

Peru Free Trade Agreement, Another Disaster in the Making

Sarkozy Says Dollar Drop Risks Triggering Trade War

Why Democrats May End Up on the Wrong Side of the Social Security Privatization War

Is Bush Corrupting the Watchdogs?

Mathews said, "It's not my job to sell anybody"-then hails Giuliani as "tough, kick-butt politician

How George Bush really found Jesus

Sterling hits $2.10 as dollar is dumped (UK)

On Hardball, Matthews is troubled again—by tape of Clinton clapping

Can the carbon found in coal be used to produce plastics and

EIA - Non-OPEC Oil Output Basically Flat 2004 - 2007; IEA - Non-OPEC Production Off 4.1% Since 01/07

50% Of US Energy Industry Workforce - 500,000 - Will Retire Within 10 Years - Houston Chronicle

Platts - Q3 Liquids Output From Top 7 Oil Majors Off 6% Over 2006 Numbers

Saudi Defense Issue Urges Arab Gulf States To Build Up Military Forces To Defend Oil - IHT

Rights group decries latest Colombia union murders

Neil Bush's Firm Under Federal Scrutiny

Girl gets detentions for hugs

Qatar Contract Offers Glimpse Into Giuliani Firm

Khadr's twice-derailed trial set to open

Musharraf's new court to give him 5-year term

Taking a stand on torture

CNN: 2nd head rolls after fake FEMA briefing

U.S. House Delays Vote On Peru Trade Pact

U.S. House Takes Historic Step by Passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

'The Office' Stops Shooting as Steve Carell Refuses to Cross Picket Lines

US debt tops $9 trillion for first time-Treasury

Costume leads to 'hold' on Myers' Senate confirmation

Mother of Sailor Killed in Iraq Tells Seattle Paper: 'Needless Loss Of Life Must Stop'

Specter floats compromise on telecom immunity

Veterans Make Up 1 in 4 Homeless in US

US military worried about Pakistan nuclear weapons

15,000 want off the U.S. terror watch list

Rosie's MSNBC show deal is dead

Gunmen fire on Venezuelan protesters


post your cute doggie pics


Feist and Cat Power sound the same.

Oi! Katherine Harris created both Bush and Cheney!

I hate the hiccups. Who's with me?

So it's 7:30 and dark, my doorbell rings....

Question about Journals

damn. it just bears repeating

Post here if you hate getting up at 5 am, that time of day should be outlawed.

Songs About Post -- Time them here --

If you could live to be 500 years old

bad day?

My friend has a crush on me.

Porn are too expensive now. I need a relationship.

Is it okay to drink wine and exercise hard?

Wait a minute, let me get this straight. A "shoving match" between George Clooney & FABIO?

Feast or famine.

I took my client and some employees out for dinner....

the funniest South Park is on

So did someone make it against the law to walk on sidewalks?

Bush Condoms - for Schmucks Who Won't Pull Out!

New South Park alert.

Dinner Impossible: Pixar Studios!! Food Network right now!

I want the same deal the DNC has with midlodemocrat

So um I was wondering.... did you see this??

Big fuss over tattoo page in local high school yearbook

Jesus Christ - how long does it take AOL to send a goddamn password?

Borrowed time 1979-borrowed time 2007

Man! The foley work in "Winter-A-Go-Go" is terrible

"I want Portia de Rossi to suck on my hog!"

Estar Contigo - Good night song for tonight


Conan O'Brien asks celebrities why they left their childhood home?

Good night every body !


Discussion on Questionable Relationships with Serious Females

XBox 360: I wants it.

So does the Bionic Woman, have, you know a bionic...

The most annoying thing in the goddamned world

Songs About Time -- Post them here --

I'm getting ready to color my hair...

Best catalog I've got this year, so far.


Winter a Go-Go!!! Bikini Girls!!!!

I just got home and these guys were hanging out at my house . . .

Now THIS is musical longevity.

Oi! Susan Harris wrote and created both Benson and The Golden Girls!!

Political persuasion quiz!

Creating Mission/Vision statements - productive or feel-good schlock?

Poor George Clooney - can't afford underwear

A typical day at JFK ground control.

I have ventured forth into GD,and lived to tell the tale

Why do people hate you?

Okay, just go see "Lars and the Real Girl"

In case anyone cares. Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" is about to begin

Got my tractor repaired today! Life is wonderful! Ask me any tractor question on your mind.

Things are too expensive now. I need a roommate.

have you ever had suicidal ideation?

Blockbuster clerk tried to warn me off renting "Sicko"

What is your favorite cookie?

posters who are missing

Discussion on Serious Relationships with Questionable Females

Christine M Ndururi

Staff Sgt. Carletta S. Davis

The Politics of Parsing - Part 2

Steve Beshear Makes His Final Campaign Stop With the AFL-CIO

The Frank Factor - Page One, The Condensed Version

Rep. Barney Frank Gives a Beautiful, Emotional Speech

Biden on voting machines and paper trails

MSNBC’s Countdown 11/6/07

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams

Destination Moon the race is on

(AT&T) Mark Klein On Olbermann

Russian Army Chief Says U.S. Aggravating Georgia’s Conflicts

Who Will Probe 'Noncombat' Deaths in Iraq?

Removal of Bush, Cheney images doesn't quell debate over exhibit


A most excellent headline on the Fox News website...

Bill O'Reilly To NBC On Rosie: Oh, It's On

‘We love America,’ Sarkozy tells Congress - No more Freedom Fries

On Fox News' Special Report, Hume omitted key Syrian action from report on flow of Iraqi refugees

NYT noted Giuliani's criticism of British health care, but not campaign's use of flawed statistics

Websites run by solar power: Greenesthost

Matthews: "It's not my job to sell anybody" - then hailed Giuliani as "a tough, kick-butt policeman"

Dobbs falsely claimed that Obama's "relationship with his faith {was} heretofore ... unexpressed"

Robertson the king maker

Pelosi wants to employ more veterans in Congress

Pat Robertson endorsed Giuliani for a simple reason: Pat's a bigot

Day 4 of Pakistan's Martial law: Today brought to you by U.S. taxpayers.

For female G.I.s, 'nothing seems to change' in military

Bush:I feel comfortable that the decisions I have made have been in the best interests of the county

rudy off the kool-aid - now drinks pat robertson's Power Shakes

Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans - I would think this would piss off every American

Bush will veto ENDA. Will Democrats capitalize on it?

Media consolidation silences diverse voices

Bush, whose CIC status trumps all US law tells Pakistans dictator to dump uniform?

Request: Can someone photoshop a dollar bill with Bush wearing a dunce cap?

Sen Tom Harkin: Taking a stand on torture

Nancy Pelosi does something right -- but then check out the response

Al Gore WILL run

By Gosh ..... when a *Hero* just isn't good enough .......

The Idiot box is an Idiot

OZ stocks falling again

No cuts on oil tax A quality editorial from a RW rag publication Korean Herald

Hang Seng Drops 3% at Open

why are we so stupid?

Standing within the world.

"Swiftboating our own!"

Grieving Mom Fights Blackwater

ENDA passes the House:Frank receives resounding applause

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton - the specter of dynasty

The Peru trade agreement..If the Peruvians un-privatize their social security system they have to pay

Fresh fruit from FreeperLand: Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani

Ya Think ???

Jake: "I hate Illinois Nazis."

New Book from University of California Press names Cheney as 9/11 Suspect

"You can't be the president and the head of the military at the same time"

The 5 year Arms will begin to adjust in 2008-9 then its E.O.G.

Anderson Coopers show starting now, West Memphis 3 story tonight.

Drug-addicted (Limbaugh) mocks civically engaged young Alaskan

Amy Goodman: A Vote for Mukasey Is a Vote for Torture

Dr. Justin Frank ("Bush On The Couch") Coming Up On Malloy's Show

Two great civil rights leaders speak:

C-Span NOW! House is Arguing thePeru "Free Trade Agreement" Only3% job loss for US Workers

"there are millions of Americans who are part of a national movement to defend the constitution,"

Enough with this "pro-choice" shit...

Colin Powell's Bogus UN Testimony = A Direct Result Of Torture


I'm Afraid We Are Gonna See More Of That... As The Year Goes On !!!

Bush: "Hey Musharraf, Take Off The Uniform!"

Rep. Waxman Chairs Hearing on MRSA on C-SPAN 2 NOW

So, maybe it worked out that impeachment goes to committee rather than debated on the floor?

China: “We will favor stronger currencies over weaker ones, and will readjust accordingly.”

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Contact Al Gore!!!!

7 Countries Considering Abandoning the US Dollar

Will a child be charged in the fires?

S. Dakota republican representative found guilty of second degree rape of step daughters

Are there any skeletons in Hillary's closet that America doesn't know about yet?

my response to the writer's strike will be:

Saudi Arabia suffering oil inflation

No homeless people in the USA

Rush Limbaugh - Married 3 times, NO KIDS - those "FAMILY VALUES!"

Can someone please explain this to me, RE: SICKO?

It's All Over. The Line Has Been Crossed

What important cause do you feel is often ignored?

Anyone hear anything about Spitzer issuing subpoenas

I know we are not supposed to ridicule people's looks

New Poll: Clinton/Rudy Dead Heat

'When Electorates Turn Angry' = They All Better Watch Out

No MSNBC for Rosie

11/7/2000: 7 years ago, the American system fucked up

White House Cites ‘Executive Privilege’ To Block Inquiry On ‘Eviscerated’ Global Warming Testimony

HELP! How do I "hide" a URL link behind a phrase?

Onion: Reaganomics Finally Trickles Down To Area Man

MSNBC: No Rosie, So Who Should It Be

The latest toy-contamination scandal: you simply have to read this to believe it.

Hump Day Cartoons

Will Bush leave in 2009?

What was that about Red States not voting Blue?

U.S. national debt hits US$9 trillion for the first time (and more news on the economy)

Veterans Make Up 1 in 4 Homeless in US - pics and story

When using a stencil for your protest sign.... step back & look, before you spray paint it.

OMFG: a French poodle!

"War On Terror" Raises Ugly Head in New Zealand - "War On Terror" Gets SMACKDOWN!

South Park to Spoof Mukasey? Cartman Waterboards Kyle?

ANALYSIS-U.S. Attack On Iran May "Open Pandora's Box"

In deep gratitude: John Lewis (D-Georgia) - "The time is always right to do right"

We do not need to unITE. we need to unTIE.

Sen. Hagel says U.S. draft may be unavoidable

The heterosexual lifestyle?

Illegal immigration controversy creates new wave of hate groups in Oklahoma - KKK numbers rising

The Impeachment Of Dick Cheney - Bob Cesca (HuffingtonPost)

When does the whole thing collapse?

Dear ones: UPDATED TOLL FREE Capitol Hill Switchboard numbers here

A question for aging boomers

What appeals to me most about a Hillary Presidency is.......

Blackwell - Ohio Republican Party Suit for Election Fraud 2004 - Federal Court, Ohio

Help Us Put Gore on California Ballot

What We Still Don't Know: "Are We Real?"

This 60's Era Boomer just wrote off RePUKE-pandering Obama

DU Something! Links to Impeachment info, contacts, articles, action items: ADD yours please.

Is Hillary Clinton a Corporate Stooge?


Obama rolls out sweeping benefits plan for workers, women

Veterans make up 1 in 4 homeless in US

$100K for Better Democrats

Clinton down following debate, polls find

Heard of Condorcet voting? It is better than instant runoff voting imo. Check it out...

This is How a Republic Falls

Addressing Rising Health Care Costs — A View from the Congressional Budget Office (New Eng Jour Med)

Edwards calls self fighter, calls Obama view "fantasy"

Big Ed: If he(Obama) doesn't get the nomination he should get out of Washington and run for Gov.

Drop in Market due to inflation

Giuliani’s Shaky Relationship With the Truth

My brother the republican...

Obama unveils plan to revamp nation's bankruptcy laws

Superdelegates Give Clinton An Early Edge

Hollenbach handily defeats GOP's Wheeler for state treasurer in Kentucky

So tell me about John Conyers --

Republican 08 Dream Ticket

I sat in on a conference call with Joe Biden tonight. It was geared toward the military.

Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans - I would think this would piss off every American

Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Giuliani because he is a Republican

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Muscatine, Iowa

Brownback endorses McCain!

Here's what Obama has to do to win.

Barack Obama vs. Rudy Giuliani would be...

Clinton Says Debate Made Dems Vulnerable

Alan Keyes needs some love here folks!

Was Paula Jones Swiftboated?

PHOTO: Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson really looks like he's about to hock one in Condi's ear.

USA Today: Giuliani, Clinton maintain double digit leads

Hillary Clinton vs. Rudolph Giuliani

With apologies to ruggerson for swiping his idea, the definition of "hOBAMAphobia"

I made my point

Joe Lieberman's good news: "The tide has turned in Iraq and we’re winning that war"

Hillary's "lead" in NH shrinking towards single digits in latest poll.

The Dollar Is A 98 Pound Weakling As China Flirts With Stronger Euro

Obama & Reid & White House Oppose Federal Mining Reform Bill

Giuliani will protect us?

NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary's Numbers Unchanged Despite Debate Skirmishes

So much misinformation! A simple pledge: Vow to get exact quotes in context-first

Rubin to Back Clinton

Hillary Clinton vs. Rudy Giuliani would be...

John Conyers was a hero when he had nothing to lose. Now he has NO EXCUSE.

What does the verb "swiftboat" mean to you?

How many of you seriously believe Iowa voters are going to annoit our stumbling frontrunner?

Kucinich played the height card...

Hillary's drop in polls fueled by same media machine that reinforces Republican narratives.

What could Hillary do to boost Edwards in Iowa?

Is Ron Paul's fundamental message the grass roots of the original Republican Party?

John Edwards vs. Rudy Giuliani

Some perspective on the polls, 10 months ago Hillary was 4th in Iowa behind Vilsack

Letter: Listen to Biden: You’ll want to vote for him

Attn Biden Supporters -- A message from Joe:

Bill Clinton didn't say Dems were swift-boating Hillary.

Iowa peace group endorses Richardson: Des Moines Register

Obama plays the age card

Obama irritated by 'hand-over-heart' photo

"I'm one of Joe's (Biden) biggest fans"--says Hillary

So Bill Clinton Has No Idea What "Swiftboating" Means.

Wes Clark: on the "swift boating implications" of Dems' character attacks on Hillary

KO: AT&T Whistleblower case

It's fun watching the Clinton campaign fall apart over something so mundane

OK Help me out here. What the hell happened yesterday?

Viva Obama.

Great News from New Mexico!! Udall is running against Heather Wilson

Why neutral forums rarely exist

Talked to a Hillary supporter today

Question about Noam Chomsky

What we can learn (after the primaries) from Pat Robertson and the GOP in general. . .

Bring on the Liberal conspiracy

NH could turn GOP race upside down

Ohio Goes After Charter Schools That Are Failing

Preparing for Life After Oil

Bob Cesca|The Impeachment Of Dick Cheney

Welcome to the 700 Club, Rudy

UN Praises Cuba's Ability to Feed People

Dear Pat: God doesn't play dice with politics -- remember?

Analysis: Could it be 'the economy, stupid' again?

Stephen Colbert in the outhouse of power. W R Marshall

The Nation: Blue Tide In Kentucky--and Virginia

Courage, Really

Joseph L. Galloway: Yes, It's Torture


Oilboarding -Tom Toles

The GOP suffers from a Fox News syndrome -- i.e.,

Apocalypse Now: The Drought

The Nation: All Cowboys Out Now (Blackwater and ilk)

Fought for America? Bush Still Won't Give You Health Care

Commentary: Will evangelicals choose Giuliani over faith?

7 Countries Considering Abandoning the US Dollar


AlterNet: Playing at a Theater Near You: Hollywood Does Bush's Middle East Disasters

Gangster Giuliani: The GOP's Worst

Dan Froomkin: "Bush's 'strong dollar policy' is driving the greenback into the ground."

Right Wing Campaigns To Get Climate Skeptic’s Blog Named ‘Best Science Blog’ In Weblog Awards - Vote

Bush’s Dangerous 14 Months–And Ours

CREW announces a new government document website featuring FOIA responses

"Nightmare" scenario: If the Dems start an investigation and fail to impeach.

British Energy shares sink as plants remain shut

Bill would set high standard for coal plants (Maine)

Water is green

Wind farm hopes to be operating in one year (Maine)

Time To Get Water Wise

San Francisco Goes Green

Well said - in response to an editorial today on the Bush Legacy

In big U.S. energy bill, who will pay?

AWEA: U.S. Wind Industry Blowing Past Previous Development Records (4000 MW in 2007)

Energy Decline and the Growth of Destitution

La Niña will likely continue into early 2008.

Higher Pump Prices Could Take $15 Billion out of U.S. Shoppers’ Wallets By Christmas Day

DU the Weblog Awards: Science Blogs

Amory Lovins is probably going to make a stock killing.

Republicans urge slowdown on carbon-cap bill

Progress on 'collapsing' beehives

Drought Monitor Update - Week Ending 6 November 2007 - SE Drought Expanding Slightly

First Solar rallies on earnings as Street cheers

new drought website launched Nov. 1 - National Integrated Drought Information System

Ground Is Rising at Yellowstone Park

California sues EPA over car emissions

The Carbon Calculus (NYT)

SunPower to build 3 plants in Spain

Blog posting about US environmental rankings

To what degree do wind turbines harm birds?

Carbon capture moves forward at a glacial pace

Cheney Quietly Maneuvers Increased Control Over Environmental Policies

Mini to the max: Will the Smart car grow on U.S. drivers? (CNN)

Deniers fall for hoax; spread fake paper as gospel

Bhutto supporters said arrested

Asia Markets Fall on Wall Street Decline

Canadian detainee faces Gitmo hearing

Larrick (Gr-Ne) will enter race for U.S. Senate

Container ship bumps Bay Bridge tower

Report condemns 'confusion' of De Menezes operation

Oil firm clash kills 12 in Yemen

Never mind Iran, it’s Pakistan raising nuclear dust

Senate Panel Probes 6 Top Televangelists

With extended Iraq tours, more reservists report problems returning back to work

NZ activists avoid terror charges

Surprise school board winner: Give me a chance

Analysis: Could it be 'the economy, stupid' again?

Committee Delays Consideration of Telecom Immunity

Israel Says UN Nuclear Chief Should Go For Failure Over Iran

Surge Seen in Number of Homeless Veterans (including Women vets--subject to sexual abuse)

Russia: Parliament Suspends Arms Treaty Compliance

Congressional Democrats Grow Wary of Spitzer Driver's License Plan: Call for him to shelve idea

Bulgarian nurses describe years in Libya as 'hell on Earth'

Former interrogator: Ban Waterboarding

Report: Reagan library can't find items

U.S. Will Ask a Grand Jury to Indict Kerik

Boston priest accused of stalking, harassing Conan O'Brien

California Sues EPA Over Auto Emissions

UC Santa Cruiz Police Brutality

I was pretending, terror suspect says

Yuan Rises Most in Two Weeks; Reserve Plan Sparks Dollar Drop

Failure of AIDS vaccine punctures soaring hopes

Zimbabwe Opposition Demands Electoral Reform As Proof Of Good Faith

U.S. Aid to Musharraf is Largely Untraceable Cash Transfers

Former Interrogator: Ban Waterboarding

A Baghdad neighborhood returns to life

Springsteen Helps Bob Woodruff Fete (Wounded) Troops

GOP Punishes 5 Early Voting States by Stripping Half Their Delegates

Oil spill closes San Francisco beaches

Senator seeks details on Halloween party at DHS agency

Dollar Slumps to Record on China's Plans to Diversify Reserves

Kroger union votes to ratify contract (11,000 workers)

Dollar May Extend Loss Versus Euro on Growth, Credit Concerns

Congress hands Bush first veto override

U.S. Checking Possibility Of Pumping Oil From Northern Iraq To Haifa, Via Jordan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 8, 2007

Kerik Indictment Expected by Friday

US helicopter crashes in Italy

China tells Iran to heed international pressure

Americans have economy on the brain: Number 1 issue as Presidential election approaches

Reagan library can't fully account for 80,000 artifacts

A Story of Surveillance: Former Technician 'Turning In' AT&T Over NSA Program

FBI: Al Qaeda May Strike U.S. Shopping Malls in LA, Chicago

Senate overrides Bush water projects veto

Iowa voters take Democrats to task over jobs

Pentagon Bars Anti-Torture Marine from Testifying

House Readies Another Iraq War Vote

FBI Calls on Universities to Guard Against Spies

Briton 'killed by Iraqi police'

How Blackwater Sniper Fire Felled 3 Iraqi Guards

Argentina opens Dirty War memorial

Fuel spill closes San Francisco beaches

Jobless returning troops blame government

California electoral vote initiative backers revealed: Supporters of GOP candidates

Retailers report sluggish October sales

Poll: War opposition reaches high despite reports of lower violence

Mom: Chemical-laced toy made son 'drunk'

Man who shot George Wallace to be released.

Smoking Rates Level Off After Steep Decline: "Bush administration AWOL regarding tobacco control."

Musharraf opponents charged with treason

Bernanke: Conforming loan limit could reach $1 mln

U.S. officials pull Chinese-made toys with 'date rape' drug

Fla. Companies Forbidding Smoking In Private Lives

Tidal Wave Heading For England's East Coast Poses 'Extreme Danger To Life'

1 of last 2 Titanic survivors dies at 96

Australian scientists decode whale sounds

I am very proud of myself tonight

Background checking someone?

Peggy . . . !

Indi Guy appreciation thread!

Standing On My Own Again

I am on the Lincoln diet plan. ask me anything

I want....

Indian Thriller

Bartender wins school board seat

Tract 20

Matthew McConaughey surfing

No more games, this time I'm playing hardball!

Cat have seen this, right?.

The Last Bungie Jumper Poem


If my cat jumps on my balls again...

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother

Can anyone harmonize?

My son asked to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Robbery try comes up empty...

Do you have any role models/personal heroes? Who are they?

i need a fix....

I am so digging John Fogerty's new album "Revival"

Would it be wrong to endust my cats??

Your wish is my command

It's snowing here in St. Johns.

How would you describe the shape of Giuliani's head? A lima bean on steroids? nt

Who else enjoys the works of Richard Linklater?

Is there a word/phrase that means "going postal online?"

I Just Found Out An Old Friend Died : Tom Phillips, Native American Artist

Some pictures of our new place.

If you work in a cubicle farm,

Ohiosmith is a very courageous person.

Funniest clip from this week's Robot Chicken

David Copperfield case just got REALLY CREEPY!

Breakfast with the President...

Bless your heart, little grocery store cashier girl.

William Shakespeare predicted GD and GD-P--

Today's media class was on the internet. Kill me now.

Dedicated to all my alcohol loving homies in the Lounge

These Naughty Gifts Don’t Clutter a Closet - NY Times

How far has the mighty fallen? "Dell Dude" waiting tables at Tex-Mex restaurant.

Dolphins save surfer from becoming shark’s bait

"At least there is symmetry"

Does anyone else still play Age of Kings?

Dolphins save surfer from becoming shark’s bait, eat him themselves.

Dolphins can't save season from being shark food.

PHOTOS of San Francisco protest march - 10/27

Shadow's Psychotropic Movie Reviews: "Flushed Away"

Tech Question on Memory Expansion

Coasters who are pissing

I'm James Brown's wife! No I am! Shut up, I AM!

I am not the "Recommend" Fairy today

Question answered (What's the word for "every four years"?)

First SCROOGE post of the season: forced charity events...

Some funny stuff

Can anyone rec a site for domestic airlines travel?

What color(s) make you feel better when you're feeling bad?

Hair/beard color assist.

I just met a woman at a dog park who says all modern democrats are communists.

Oh Happy Day - Caribou Coffee can be ordered online

Favorite three-name actress?

Flashing public toilets

anybody else love Uncle Jay Explains the news?? He cracks me up!

I so want to ask the Cub Scout leader, "So when do we learn about

I am out of control today

aw, damn

Lounge Army...your country needs you

Backstreet Boys *and* Spice Girls re-uniting?

Cohen brothers have a new movie out tomorrow....

I just declared victory and went home

I just hooked up all the new electronics....

Why don't you all f-fade away

GD is exploding, and we still have two months until the first primary.

They adopted a "pre-emptive warfare" model...

Damnit - I say we put a tollbooth on the Lounge if all these folks from GD are coming over here

In the Lounge, you catch a cold. In General Discussion, cold catches you!

Discussion on Serious Relationships with Questionable Males

What the fuck did the lounge invade gd?

A driving instructor who hid a carrot in his trousers and pretended it was his

I'm going to volunteer

It's true: the hunt is more fun than the kill...

Boycott "Greenzo"

Hairdresser sued in row about headscarf

Why do people worship the ground you walk on?

I support Hiliary but some the stuff she's done recently have really disappointed me

Discussion on Frivolous Relationships with Questionable Cross-Dressers

Discussion on Serious Relationships with Questionable Pieces of Furniture

Hate your job?

Well, that was the most fun GD has been in years

The "Hillary Wars" are in full swing in GD. Prepare for an increase in Lounge traffic

Let's take bets. How long until Skinner posts..

I've long since passed 6,000 posts.

A driving instructor who hid Carrot Top in his trousers and pretended it was his

Fabio vs Clooney a non-starter. Celebrity Death Matches you'd like to see?

As a new sovereign nation, the Lounge scored its first victory in the war against GD today.

Skinner. Can we get a forum just dedicated to the people and ideas I don't like?

What's your next big purchase?

What Songs Make You Sad

A PSA - Just because they are on your ignore list does not mean they are a troll!

Why women can't cook


Just got a "Thank You" from a stranger

What does it mean when I can't add a song to iTunes?

Skinner. Can we get a forum just dedicated to Midlodemocrat? Cuz they's the zitshiz

I'm questionable. Ask me anything.

My kid (age 9) is freaked out about death...

Favorite jelly bean color

Could someone please come and massage my shoulders?

do you ever have guilt over doing nothing?

Glen: Say that reminds me,


Mickey Rooney arrested for DUI on a Rascal Scooter

Last Day to Vote in the Weblog Awards

School pupil is sent stripagram

Mickey Rourke arrested for DUI on Scooter Libby.

Britney Spears missed 8 out of 14 court-ordered random drug tests. Is that a bad percentage?

Scooters are for closers

It appears that "Loin Moisture" is the phrase of the day.

Mickey Rourke mugshot-REPEAT- this thread contains a Mickey Rourke mugshot

I'm easy

Choco Taco

HELP! I need a computer expert's advice!

Anybody had dealings with Academy of Learning?

I found a great website the other day to research nuisance calls

Where is billyskank

DU Males- are you tired of the stereotype that we wanna **** everything we see?

Post the name of a forgotten, forgettable matcom

New entry for our Freeper to English Dictionary

Sports Joke of the Week....

Holy Sheepdung - I have figured GD out. GD needs to be renamed to....


Aqua Dots... Mm-mmm delicious!

Someone broke Craigslist - or at least my local one...

Proof positive that there's not a problem in the world that a Delawarean won't throw a toll booth at

Have You Ever Thought You Were Posting In The Lounge

Which seems more toxic to one's health?


People who sign emails with their titles of nobility

Lopez tells Miami crowd she's expecting

Update on my new job (if you are interested)

I asked Skinner to add an avatar and in less than a day, he did!

Why aren't the writers carrying blank picket signs?

Could it be sexual harrassment if a guy asks a female co-worker to wax his back?

I just had a huge fight with someone that I care deeply about and it sucks ...

i went to circuit city, bought something and was not stopped to have my receipt checked.

Lounge, I am putting you on time out.


If I ever have a son, I'm going to name him Asimov Muttonchops.

What's that you say? You want some Faith No More? Ok then.

Anyone remember an animated short, scripted around Belafonte's Day O

"Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in a cage"

posters who aren't kissing Me (lame copycat)

DU Gals-do you have male friends (or female friends for our gay loungers)

Could it be sexual harrassment if a guy asks a female co-worker to walk on his back?

Not all butt plugs should glow in the dark

Posters who Want to kiss me (Lame copycat)

Why didn't anyone tell me we were spraying for roaches today?

And now the first of many threads laughing about Kentucky losing to Gardner Webb

Happy Veterans Day To All DU Veterans

A poem about suicide

Buying Concert Tickets 14 Months In Advance

Lounge vibes!!!

I am not a lexiphanes, so abnegate your mephitic jejune predicating to the contrary.


DU females. Do you really think that your male friend wouldn't want to...

Whatever happend to Dave Matthews Band?

Skinner. Can we get a forum just dedicated to jpgray? Cuz he's the shizzit.

I bought the Robert Plant / Alison Krause CD

Quiz: What Girl Group Should You Be In?

My son is going on his first trip alone with friends - that's a good thing?

People who sign emails with their educational credentials (below doctoral status)....

For the last time, people, it's perfectly okay to go out on a date with a nun...!

Hot flashes suck!

DU Guys - do you have female friends (or male friends for our gay loungers)

So has any one read about the tidal wave heading for England??

My Old Job is Open. Would you reapply?

Would you hit it?

WHEN did the Sunbeam Bread girl find Jesus?

So you think you can drive a stick shift?

warning!!! if hillary becomes president


I have never ever had the compulsion to vote republican. EVER.

CONFESS!!!! Post your dirty lil secrets you know about another DUer

hey any questionable females in the lounge?

all these posts are making me nervous: i think Thomcat should declare what his real intentions are

Post the name of a forgotten, forgettable sitcom

Why Are We Here?

So I go into Starbucks for my morning mocha...

I just got fired.


I just made the fastest dinner ever!! ~~ What are you having?

posters who are kissing

Mickey Rourke arrested for DUI on a scooter.

Frodo threw the One Ring into Mt Doom, Luke blew up the Death Star - need an epic ending

Name a product you HATE and DON"T buy.

I need some medical advice, quick!

A bit of Ezra Pound's "obscene Canto"

Name a product you liked but is not around anymore.

Flushing public toilets

Post a song with your name in the title

Bonuses offered to switch to recruiting, intel

Now-public military files reveal private lives

3rd BCT Rakkasans take charge near Baghdad

VA budget won’t be passed by Veterans Day

Dramatic progress seen in Baghdad neighborhood

Is the military blowing up key evidence?

Military looks to curb TBI test cheating

Test pilot program open for applications

Murder trial not recommended for soldier

Anbar may see troop cuts by spring

Sailors who’d take a bullet for a chaplain

Navy intercepts 2 ballistic missiles in test

Congress to vote on LCS cuts, fleet additions

VA, DoD agree on single exam for hurt troops

Osprey makes forced landing after engine fire

RCT-2: Enemy incidents down 75 percent

Slain OSI agents to be buried this week

Suspicious letter shuts Vandenberg clinic

With extended Iraq tours, more reservists report problems returning back to work

Hornets step in for F-15s over Afghanistan

Germany to issue loan to finish K-Town Mall

Bahrain facilities expanding to meet mission

Air Force makes career recruiter an official job

Are these in your future?

AP editor to become Stripes' new editorial director

EUCOM helps Balkan states' militaires meet NATO needs

Congress tries to fix GI Bill for reservists

Adm. Mullen addresses troops at Yongsan Garrison

Holiday vouchers aim to brighten season on Okinawa

OpEd: Pots and Kettles and Constitutions

Stone Recruiting for New Vietnam Film

DoD 'Concerned' Over Pakistan Nukes

Army Fields MRAP in Iraq

Navy teaches basic combat skills to sailors on land

Army Officer Speak on Stop-Loss, War

With Extended Iraq Tours, More Reservists Report Problems Returning Back to Work

Letter to Vets for Freedom

Homeless in America: 1 in 4 are Vets

So Far, So Good for New MRAPs, Raptors

"Things to be uncovered"

Hot Days Over

Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia, Washington

Uncle Jay explains the news, 11/5/2007

Bush Sr. Talks About The First Gulf War

Maldives says Global warming threatening islands

Brave New Films: Fox Attacks Decency (W/ Bill O'Reilly Leading The Way)

What About Pakistan?

Malcolm X Rare Canadian CBC TV Show 1965 Part 1

Naomi Wolf: "Impeach, Prosecute and Save America!"

The Office Is Closed

== Me, Myself and Iran ==

Dennis Kucinich on the Thom Hartmann Show 11/7/2007

Elizabeth Kucinich on Healthcare

Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani

Right wing Rodney calls into the Stephanie Miller Show, praises Bush

First you say you will and then you won't.

Ralph Nader suing Democratic Party for trying to keep him off the ballot in 2004

Asian Markets Starting Off In The Red...

Kids were running away screaming and crying....

Rudy seems to be losing Creds and Respect as more and more BS Lies comes to the Media

Associated Press delivers Republicrat Talking Points re: “Cheney Debate”

Rendition is such a nuetral word. Kidnapping is the correct one.

Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans

Most Amusing Freeper Fight: Is Fred Thompson Finished?

An advertisements against bullying

Reveal your clients, Mr. Giuliani!

Gangster Giuliani: The GOP's Worst

How Blackwater Sniper Fire Felled 3 Iraqi Guards

Freedom, Liberty and Democracy are still off the table.

Anyone watching the Bush and Sarkozy press conference

Will the wiretapping backfire on the United States government?

radio news: "White House has 'constitutional concerns'

Wartime powers and Mukasey-Senators' disquiet over nominee is rooted in presidential authority

Financial gurus: Why did Sarkozy show up in the US so suddenly after

Will 'armloads' of US cash buy tribal loyalty?

caption time

Preparing For Life After Oil ("Our Way Of Life Will Drastically Change")

Poll Shows Rise In Number Of Americans Who Want Dems To Be Tougher With Bush On Iraq

DINOs, I'm sick of them.

Brattleboro (VT) Reformer: "Move To Impeach Not Another Distraction"

What was Bill Clinton's worst mistake?

"The Choice in Pakistan is Democracy or Talibanization"

To Hug Or Not To Hug, That's Detention

Chorus of Calls to Halt Aid to Pakistan Getting Louder on Capitol Hill

C-Span CapitalNews Poll Of The Day: Which Dem Candidate Would Best Handle Foreign Policy?

Two Democrats move to outlaw waterboarding

If it doesn't cause "organ failure or death" it can't be torture.

It's the misquoting, stupid

I think there are a couple of paid posters here at DU

Minutemen: A scam!

FEMA's press secretary resigns~

Mark Klein (AT&T Whistleblower) On C-Span Washington Journal This Morning

I was just watching Morning Joe (msnbc)---and we went after the woman co-ancher

Politico says blessing by crazy man Roberson gives Giuliani "momentum"

Media outlets claim Bill Clinton attacked Democrats in recent speech

With Extended Iraq Tours, More Reservists Report Problems Returning Back to Work

Analysis: Right Wing is splintering

Which Dems voted for/against tabling the impeach Cheney resolution?

Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary! Oh, and Hillary.

"Could any hell be more horrible than now and real?"

Blair 'knew Iraq had no WMD'

Ideal Ticket - Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul

Shadow's Psychotropic Movie Reviews: "Flushed Away"

OK-DU this poll on Which Dem could best handle Foreign Policy

In 1947, the U.S. Called It a War Crime; in 1968, It Reportedly Caused an Investigation

Dems Delay Peru Vote; Make Your Voice Heard

Want to replace Karen Hughes? Think Fast!

Kerik expected to be indicted today for tax evasion

For Candidates, Web Is Power And Poison

I plan to remain a Democrat

Chris Matthews claimed, "Deceit is what drives me crazy," but what about Giuliani's "deceit"?

David Sirota: Dems Delay Peru Vote; Make Your Voice Heard

On the "naturalselector89" Finland school shooter and youtube.

Announcing Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani, MSNBC failed to note Robertson's crazy talk

Playing at a Theater Near You: Hollywood Does Bush's Middle East Disasters

the american worker does it again.....

bush outmanuvered yet again..he must be getting dizzy...

Haiku for Pakistan

Yesterday I laughed. Today I'm not.

Reagan library can't fully account for 80,000 artifacts

FEMA protects itself — not evacuees — from toxic trailers

Pentagon Forbids Marine to Testify

Collusion Course: Dems Play Impeachment Farce as Republic Burns

Torture is most commonly used to terrorize people.

Maybe The Internet really CAN be a big truck that you dump things into!

AT&T whistleblower on WJ now! CSPAN 9:30 eastern.

Al-Qaeda has been driven from "every neighborhood in Baghdad"

Rep. Stephen Cohen, Judiciary Committee Member, Says Commitee Will Hold Hearings!!!

Ben Bernanke testimony on CNBC in its entirety..

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

c-span3 - schumer's Joint Econ. Cmte and Bernanke

Regarding the Philadelphia suburbs...


Man found digging grave arrested

It seems that Nadler is reading Couch's "opening statement"

Peacemakers target Hillary and Giuliani today

The Nation: Dial "Dem" For Immunity?

Marvel Entertainment recalls four styles of Curious George dolls (Reuters)

On Joe Scab: "Corporation moving overseas because NO GROWTH in U.S."

And Today's Mensa Award Goes To:

Marvel recalls four styles of Curious George...

Speaking of baby boomers: Peter Brady can now join AARP

William Bennett: Why CNN Hired Him as a Commentator?

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter Calls For Impeachment Hearings

CNN poll Iraq war opposition at all-time high

$$$ TALKS. Pledge what you can to your candidate now, IF they take a strong pro-impeachment stance.

House Approves Broad Protections for Gay Workers - Thanks Rep. Frank

Deja vu all over again

Ron Paul is using "Shock Doctrine" language

The 'global warming as scam' theory

Wet Ballots Don't Halt Exercise In Democracy

Right Now The Only Strong Opposition To Impeachment Comes From Democrats

I have run into 3 proud Republicans in the last week.

Say what you will about Giuliani, but the guy sure has broad appeal

Can someone point to a list summarizing Cheney's impeachable crimes?

It's Thursday, November 8th and We have lost the WH

Iraq: When Killing Becomes Personal [Photo Essay]

S.F. prepares to sue voting machine company

Please help save our polar bears

One of Obama's supporters

Georgia's Republican Gov to pray for rain:

President Bush is spending four hours here in San Antonio today

By the by, two House Special Elections coming up next month

Dems about to deliver another F-U to the people.

Washington Post calls out Rudy on his B.S. statistics.....

On a whiter note...

Suit: Insurers colluded against Louisiana’s residents

Lawyers of the World Unite! - Solidarity with Pakistan's Lawyers

When Killing Becomes Personal (Iraq photo essay)

House Judiciary Hearing On Torture NOW

Hillary shopped at Walmart

For DU Moderators. If Hillary gets the nomination, will the Hillary bashing stop?

Hillary didn't clip her toenails

Hillary doesn't care about black people.

California sues Bush administration over greenhouse-gas limits

Election day 2007 was plagued with problems.

$25,000 Dessert in N Y Restaurant -- anyone else reminded of the latter days of Rome?

Have our eyes failed us, or have we failed our eyes?

These assholes are advertizing on DU now

Cheney is the worst Vice President this country has ever had

Patrick Henry College

Re: Homeless Veteran stats and math-

GDP lies and statistics

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Urges Passage of the Stop Outsourcing Security (SOS) Act

Hillary eats babies

For anyone leaving the party if Sen. Clinton gets the nomination

Why does the far right hate Hillary so much?

Drop everything! The official all OJ all the time msm coverage

Hillary is Batbaby's mom

Russia Diplomat Warns Of Threat From Pakistan Chaos

John Nichols: Trade Fight: Edwards is Right, Obama's Wrong, Clinton's Useless

Hillary doesn't wipe properly

Hillary goes through the express check out with MORE THAN 10 ITEMS.

Hillary has camel toe

should Hillary have to show her receipt when leaving circuit city...?

Hillary watches reality TV

House will vote on $50 billion bill for Iraq & Afghanistan but require to start bringing troops home

Hillary ate a Doe.

The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet did not flood New Orleans, I guess if people in St. Bernard scream

Eric Alterman: Of Lies, Catfights and Rock 'n' Roll

Leave hillary along

You know what? I HATE having to check my e-mail at LEAST 5 x's per day

This place is NUCKING FUTS today.

Every time we say the word Hillary an angel loses its wings

MA Gov. expresses support for earlier primary

A toast to the Mods...

The one thing Hillary haters and the fundies have in common

Mannequin Not Linked to Hate Crime, Investigators Say

Meanwhile, in Iowa...

Hillary no regret for voting for the war. me no regret for not voting for her.

Suddenly, Impeachment Hearings Are Looking Like a Strong Possibility

Our candidates are fucking horrible and we're going to lose.

Surge Seen in Number of Homeless Veterans

Is "Democratic Party Leadership" an oxymoron?

Debate going on now about water bill override

I'm convinced that the human species has a macro-biological predisposition to wards self-destruction

so many silly Hillary threads - makes you wonder about the

Does anyone else think that MAYBE those Republicans who voted against tabling impeachment, might be

Terra Terra Terra: Get your daily dose

More than 80,000 artifacts at Reagan library vanish: report

Would removing contractors from traditional military jobs reduce the graft and profits of war?

A spontaneous attack of the sillies

20 of pat robertson's more vile, yet not well publicized, things he's said

How did your state/county/town elections go Tuesday . . . believable results?

Here is the web contact at Denis's site

Fox News airs bizarre claim that Hillary ordered hit on cats

The Latest War-Funding Battle

Veteran Interrogator: Torture Ties My Hands

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs some DU love

Today on "The Guy James Show" we'll talk about tv evangelists and the RNC

Pelosi Announces Iraq Withdrawal Vote Friday

What are your predictions for the price of oil for 2007 and for 2008

Pelosi: Ready for another vote to bring troops home

Body Armor Executive Indicted for Massive Fraud

Random Toons, mostly about Pakistan

"Hillarity" seems to be a thing today

Skinner. Can we get a forum just dedicated to the Primaries and the Democratic Candidates?

Wash. Post's Balz repeated false claim that Bill Clinton attacked Democrats in recent speech

Would Dog the Bounty Hunter be a more sympathetic figure if...

Alberto Gonzales accidentally resumes duties as Attorney General

How bad does it have to get?

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher (priceless)

Soldier/diplomat turned activist calls for accountability

Dupe - please delete


I just heard Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (D_FL) on Ed Schultz

One Day An Ex-President & Those Who Helped Him May Have To Plea Bargain For Their Lives & Freedom

Radical Left

I sent this today to a bunch of friends and I was shocked that I

Stop the porn on Fox News: a new offering from Brave New Films ("Outfoxed")

Brave New Films Tells FCC: FOX News' Explicit Content Inappropriate for Basic Cable Households

Gas Prices Reach $5 In California

Impeachment process would country give much need moral boost,

Murray to oppose Mukasey


Why I'd have to say that this place is Hillary-ous

Valerie Plame coming up on the Randi Rhodes show.

Just a small note for those who support Ron Paul

Bernanke says economy likely to "slow noticeably"; In other news, water is wet.....

If Obama Loses the Nom, Illinois Governor Run in 2010?

Al Gore's "30 Rock" Cameo Is Tonight

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) Mourn 2007 Record Death Toll In Iraq

DUers.....Don't encourage it by responding.

I Wish Randi Rhodes Would Get Wasserman-Schultz On Her Show RIGHT NOW!

US District Court judge rules Abu Ghraib abuse lawsuit can proceed against defense contractor

Sundogs seem to be on the increase. Could global warming be responsible?

Nuclear war with Iran would also distract and divide this country, and stifle Dems in Congress

Rudy Giuliani's Al Qaeda Connection?

Will the "Hillary Wars" tear us (DU) apart?

I am such a bad person!!

Anyone frightened out there? A little terrified? Shaking in one's boots?

Fox News airs bizarre claim that Hillary ordered hit on cats

Tax & spend? Bet your sweet ass I am!

Feds Advise Using Ferret Droppings To Prevent Abuse Of Unused Prescription Drugs

The miraculous healing power of Pringles

David Sirota: Bad News: NAFTA Expansion Passes; Good News: Majority of Dems Vote No

The Veto override is on Blitzer

Does the way the media & others leaped to misquote Bill Clinton indicate how scared they are of him?

Apple, Al Gore, and iSolar: A Branding Nirvana

The so called terror alert is

Winger Writers Seek "Justice" from Regnery for Hiding Back Pay in Royalties

Question: Would Cheney "out" Bush, during Impchmnt Hearings? And

GOP Wants to Raise OUR Taxes to Pay for Wiretapping Lawsuits

DU The Weblog Awards For Best Science Blog - It's Getting Freeped For Anti-Global Warming Site!

Bush: "We don't torture." - Graphic

Anyone know anything about this property insurance company?

When do the Chinese product posionings become a National Security Issue?

Who Knew? "Give Fareed Zakaria a Medal!" for Iran War Reporting!

Jobless returning troops blame government

Move to Impeach Not Another Distraction

NAACP, Other Civil Rights Groups Seek to Stop Florida Voter Purge Law

"Fear is what drives prejudice." I read these word today written by a "gay girl"

About the Polling Point Survey that pops up on DU Homepage

Groups behind CA initiative to split EV's getting signatures from homeless

Reagan library can't fully account for 80,000 artifacts


need info right quick on General Gorges Sada, former advisor to Saddam (now Hannity tool)

Cheney Quietly Maneuvers Increased Control Over Environmental Policies

PHOTOS of San Francisco 10/27 protest...

Rules For GITMO Leaked

"Investors Agree: Anything But The Dollar" (Under Bush, U.S. Losing Leadership As Financial Bedrock)

All Clear At Representative Klein's Office.

Question about Aqua Dots - they aren't made to be eaten, right?

Fox news thinks Crazyman Lieberman is a Democrat

Just called Pelosi's office - they gave me a voice machine

Kucinich: I have 3-inch binder documenting Cheney's crimes

Bush's Disastrous Dollar Policy; Dollar Falls After Bernanke Signals Downside Risks to Growth

The real impact of the economy: Batting down the hatches.

Impeachment Hearings Are Looking Like a Strong Possibility

Substance Found At Rep's Office 'Not A Toxin' - AP

When's the last time you were completely SHOCKED and OUTRAGED by something posted on DU?

'Biological Substance' Sent To U.S. Rep's Office - Dem. Ron Klein

Congressman Mel Watt needs some DU love

Fla. Companies Forbidding Smoking In Private Lives

Big Ed's take on the Ron Paul Phenomena

Breaking: Blackhawk down in Italy-five US soldiers killed

Gore: Write-in votes must be counted, right?

Cheney Judiciary Questions

Has either the dick or w had anything to say about the impending possible impeachment of dick

This year's most popular School Science Project: Testing Children's Toys for Lead!

Bush Veto over water overridden by Congress (He's defeated)

Who ever dies with the most toys... Oral Roberts' Son Accused of Misspending

Fair Trade / Free Trade / Starbucks.. questions

Lake Lanier photos

Hillary likes the status quo, while Kucinich fights for a nation.

Suddenly, Impeachment Hearings Are Looking Like a Strong Possibility

On Wednesday another mass grave was found amid brush near a school...

Lieberman: ‘Paranoid, Hyper-Partisan’ ‘Left-Wing Blogs’ Wrote ‘Conspiracy Theories’ On Iran

Congress & Corporations Don’t Want to Invest in Super Smart Americans

How much tax will you pay if Wall Street doesn't pay their share?

Ron Paul is a "good" Republican?

hardball - full crazy mode


Do you have a Representative on the House Judiciary Committee?

ACLU Outlines Ways Waterboarding has Already Been Declared Illegal by the Federal Government

Chief Financial Economist of Bank of Tokyo: "Sub-Crime Crisis" - Freudian Slip

Bernie Kerik, RePUKE frontrunner's selection to head Homeland Security indicted by grand jury

Realted to Lake Lanier...Lake Mead and NYT article.

Rudy Many Conservatives' 2nd Choice

Rudy: "I promise never to pick corrupt criminal scumbags to be in charge of Homeland Security again"

Kerik proves the adage in the old Rolling Stones song...

If it's Clinton v. Giuliani look for the most negative presidential campaign ever.

UN labels private security forces as mercenaries

I've resolved to do my holiday shopping online this year

If you support Hillary, How Do You Explain Her Allowing Rupert Murdock To Hold A Fundraiser for Her?

Pentagon Bars Anti-Torture Marine From Testifying

It's the Agronomy, Stupid

Abortion opponents in Kansas use rare law to have grand jury investigate clinic

Veterans Day Approaches

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it: People are forgetting the attacks on ElBaradei

'Impeachment=fringe left issue' talking point

Today report on possible Kerik indictment included no mention of Giuliani

Rudy's Best Friend, Bernie Keirik, Indicted

GM Posts $39 billion loss. World Yawns. GM's tax benefits equal to twice the value of the company!

God, how can anyone watch Hardball?

Protecting Organic from GMO's - New Standards Proposed

Giuliani crony Kerik just indicted, so says MSNBC. This cannot

This OJ hearing is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Feingold FISA Statement: "In America Courts Are Supposed To Have The Last Word-Not Executive Branch"

Iraq Vets Against The War Not Allowed To Join Veterans Parade

47% say Dems not going far enough to challenge Bush on Iraq. Pew.


MSNBC Breaking: Bernie Indicted

U.S. fears Israeli strike against Iran

“7 Countries Considering Abandoning the US Dollar”

Howard Dean On KTLK In Los Angeles

Senate panel punts on FISA bill markup

OMG Did You hear about Kerik? I haven't seen any other threads about him.

Get Busy, DU it!

Dennis Kucinich has integrity.

sneaky, sly and downright dirty move by WH!-reregistered as independents.

The worst thing about Tucker Carlson (besides his wasting valuable oxygen)

Its NEVER too late to IMPEACH

We need a hero! Mr. Gore???

Repuke Rep's kids: Change your tune on Global Warming or we'll vote against you

Study - Gen X'ers are not savers, they are spenders.

Congressman Steve Cohen deserves some DU love!

What the hell does Chimp mean by "He can't be president and head of the military

Mukasey nomination in the Senate now

Thank you Mods!

Merry Terrahmas Everyone!

Rep. Schakowski: impeachment of Cheney would be overwhelmingly defeated

Bush: "If you lived in'd be saying, 'God, I love freedom,' because that's...happened."

* visits a physical therapy lab for wounded soldiers - (graphic pics)

A Government Concerned About the Safety of their Children Would Halt All Chinese Toy Imports.

What is the *REAL PURPOSE* of "Greenzo"?

How can you change your driving habits? Not much if you work

I gotta say, I find Obama's "over 50" statement offensive.

Deutsche CEO: Worst Bank Crisis He's Seen; Commentary: Remember GOP Override of Clinton Veto?

Le petit carniche français, Sarkozy, has inspired a board game..

Breaking News: Kerik indicted by Federal Grand Jury

Should the Bush Administration be held responsible for Al Qaeda in Iraq's attacks in Iraq?

House Approves Peru Free Trade Pact! (Spreading Democracy)

And now, a message from Earworm Central

Have you been treated better when employed by The Man or Not the Man?

HOLY COW The Pubs are punishing 5 States for holding their

Bankruptcy Law Backfires on Banks as Foreclosures Offset Gains

Even after being defrauded, burglarized and raped, the criminals SWEAR on their greatness.

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter Calls for Impeachment Hearings!

Stripper Spanks Teen In Surprise Blunder

OK, candidates, Who is going to deal with the PATRIOT act?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Foreclosure Turmoil

9 trillion dollars in debt - almost all of it from Republican administrations

Taking Pictures from Amtrak Trains? Verboten

"New Boom: Protecting the Rich"

New Hillary fact checking web site

Inquiry Set Into Purchases From Bush Brother's Firm (Neil)

Last Day to Vote in the Weblog Awards >

my weekly newspaper column: the high price of death

Jobless returning troops blame government

My Letter For Dennis Kucinich To Take To Pelosi

Valery Plame on the Randi Rhodes show now!

If Dennis Kucinich's bill to impeach the DICK gets out of committee and on the floor...

Giuliani say Kerik support was a mistake

Ed Schultz to Dem leadership yesterday: "Don't get in the way!"

Judge forces telcos to retain data in NSA spy case

Dreaming of a tight Christmas?

big eddie is giving wasserman-schultz hell about impeachment!

Try this little story on the next Bush supporter you meet


"The Economy is A-Ok.."

Kucinich Warns Of Bunker Buster Attempt On Iranian Nuclear Research Labs

Israel is calling for El Baradei to be removed from the IAEA

CNN Breaking News - Kerik Indicted

American Culture of Violence- Has It Always Been This Way?

Tommy Lee Jones To Host Nobel Prize Concert

England about to be ravaged by floods

Let's talk about 'Generation Jones'... those born between 1954 and 1965.

So, who feels like a fool for celebrating last November?

Battlestar and Writers' Guild Strike: Forced Webisodes

Translation please: When a Dem says "impeachment is a distraction" - what are they really saying?

Kucinich Votes To Keep Jobs In The United States --Peru Trade

Kerry, Biden Introduce Pakistan Resolution Condemning State of Emergency

Barbara Bush Admits: We Bought All W's Toys from China

Democratic Rep receives biological susbtance with death threat

They've recorded all your phone calls and email - Impeach NOW! - WTF more do they need?

Which Republican Candidate scares you the most, electorally speaking?

Let's get an early start on this year's "War on Christmas."

Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" Online Poll - VOTE GORE

Hillary leaves no tip

GHB Toy Beads, the Spirit of Capitalism and the Protestant Ethic

The U.S. neoconservative agenda to Sacrifice the Fifth Fleet - The New Pearl Harbor

Gov't rewriting media ownership rules, may allow big companies to get even bigger

"Suddenly, Impeachment Hearings Are Looking Like a Strong Possibility"...

The Art of Peter Damon (wounded Iraq war vet)

Thanks to DU and the Entire Civilized Blogosphere! --->>>

War Hero's Bro at my kids Middle School Vets Day Ceremony : "Don't join the Army..."

Thursday TOONS: Rudy and Pat- The Fraud Couple

Does it bother anyone else that Hillary was President of the Young Repubs at Wellesley?

Atlanta is about to run out of water. The E. coli conservatives say: Let them drink Coke.

Boston priest accused of stalking, harassing Conan O'Brien

Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE (National Intelligence Estimate)

A Rare Point of Disagreement with Waxman: Coal-Fired Plant Moratorium

What say you, men of DU, about male birth control?

Question...If Mitt Romney switched parties...

A bill to ban Blackwater

Will Obama speaking against media ownership backlash against him like it did Kerry?

Surplus Value (a truly jaw-dropping toy recall)

POP QUIZ: Who made the following statement?

are some republican women secretly democrats?

'Let me convert you', Army sergeant told lesbian soldier

250 MPG!..."Extreme Hybrid" concept car

7 days till the next Dem debate. Recommend your best IMPEACHMENT question they all should answer!

You know I like Keith Olberman but if he spent just half as much time hammering the National Debt

Did anyone else hear Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz on WINZ (Miami) this morning?

Congress overrides Bush veto first time

Washington Post: Cheney Impeachment Not Dead

Impeach Cheney: Activity #2 & 3

KUCINICH: Conyers WILL Hold Hearings Into The Impeachment Of Chenney

AT&T Whistleblower: Telecom Immunity Is A Cover-Up

Our gas just went to $3.00 this morning. in KC

‘I now learned I’m not black at all,’

DU Feminists: Is it sexist to use the term "vajayjay"?

Kucinich is killing politics as we knew it.

Ron Paul's views are scary.

5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans - I would think this would piss off every American

Kucinich is Wrecking the Dem 2008 Strategy

Oh Oh another desperate Bush ally declares a state of emergency

Bankruptcy Law Backfires as Foreclosures Offset Gains (Update1)

Republican charged in theft of 220 campaign signs

Hillary down, but not out.

NBC/WSJ poll: Clinton leads rivals by 20 points, in dead heat with Giuliani

Congrats George, today might be the day you get your first


Did Anyone Just Watch CBS? CPSC Spokeswoman Got Smacked Down For All Children's Toy Recalls!

the falling dollar

Politifact calls Mitt's NH TV ad attacking Clinton "barely true"

Think Progress: "Bush: If I Were Iraqi, I’d Be Saying, ‘God, I Love Freedom’"

Edwards can not be defined by his detractors.....he will prevail.

Surprise school board winner: Give me a chance

Boehlert: Debate allowed Beltway press to voice contempt for Clinton in guise of political analysis

Today I am calling Conyers office and sending email.

Do you believe all schools should ban public display of affection?

Is it appropriate to call Democratic candidates assholes at DU?

If you are a baby-boomer, you should watch this.

The Foreign Policy Advisors of the Presidential Candidates

Hey Obama...

"Why is it that baby boomers are so overly sensitive?" Way to go Obama supporters!

What will it be for the boomers? Whining, overreacting...

Okay, can I get a summary of what happend on Impeachement Tuesday?

Re-post of an old thread - Why its important to vote for Dennis K

(John) Hall to (Eliot) Spitzer: Withdraw your driver’s license proposal

NBC/WSJ: Clinton - 47, Obama - 25, Edwards- 11, Not Sure/None/Other - 8

If Hillary is the nominee will you vote in the General for her

2008 will bring a Democratic landslide... OR ... 2008 will be a smackdown

Kerik expected to be indicted on Friday.

Clinton: GOP Candidates are Bankrupt of Ideas

Hoyer not sorry about Iraq vote

Harry Taylor to make official announcement for NC-09

Why Isn't the press discussing this part of Obama's speech in Iowa?

Who has called Nancy Pelosi this week? Why did you call her?

CNN:31% Support Iraq war (25% "Winning")-63% against Iran airstrikes

Concerning Kerik and Giuliani, what will come out and will it hurt his run?

Rasmussen- Clinton-41% Obama 22% Edwards 15%

Rubin to endorse Clinton

Hillary leads in Super Delegates (though most still undecided)

Poll of Democratic "superdelegates": Undecided, 291; Clinton, 159; Obama, 59; Edwards, 29

The Rude Pundit: Robertson Hearts Giuliani: A Love That Might Just Destroy Them Both

HRC should filibuster Mukasey for AG

Santorum Describes News Coverage of Himself, in New Newspaper Column

CNN's Iowa entrance polls from 2000 & 2004 for the purposes of caucus goer demographics.

Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman: 'The Clinton pile-on piles higher. Et tu Richardson?'

Dennis Kucinich on CBC radio

AP-Ipsos post-debate poll: Hillary's national primary lead increases a bit since early October

I'm so pissed today I'll let Obama know with my wallet

Hillary up in the rasmussen daily poll everyone here has wet dreams over

Thom Hartmann discussing 9-11 right now on the air

A New Approach to Pakistan - Biden

Wouldn't it be someting if Dems grew a spine because of water?

The story of Clinton not tipping: Tipping at a Republican event

The Best Environmental Advocate for President: Hillary Clinton

Poll: Clinton lags in quest for male voters

Age poll - How old is too old for president?

Interesting....Robertson endorsing Guiliani

Interesting graph on approval rating of the current occupant of the White House & the prior occupant.

Rasmussen Favorables/Unfavorable for the Big 3.

So are we going to have an 11-9 this year? nt

MSNBC: Obama Calls for Bankruptcy Overhaul

The Hutus used the radio. In Serbia it was the TV.

Freepers voting for mining exec's "science" site as best sci blog

BREAKING: We just overrode (defeated) a Bush VETO!

Obama sits down with seniors

In search of an honest politician

I'm going out to buy me a Mattress to support the troops...

Hillary Campaign introduces the fact hub

Our 50-50 nation is getting closer to 55-45 (Civil Unions, Abortion, Immigration)

Latest blog rumor: Joe Trippi is actually an Obama plant.

Clinton Only Democrat to Beat Rudy in Pennsylvania and Connecticut

Advice to Edwards...

"Hillary tipped too much! She's wasting her donors' money!"

Can someone please enlighten me on this... Ron Paul...

AP Poll- Clinton -45% Obama 22% Edwards 12%

Paul Krugman on Hillary's approach to Social Security...

Just saw a clip on CNN that had McCain saying...

Today's Bush photo op, with astronauts. I wonder if he said "I can almost see Uranus" ...

I pose a serious question.... Have any of you been getting weird phone calls as of...

The Worst Generation, by Paul Begala

Iowa — does it have the most informed voters on the planet?

Obama: It's 'part of the experience'

Fred "toast" Thompson -- now last in NH, and 2nd to last in Iowa

Next time you hear a petty stupid story about a candidate

When you're NOT a candidate, you get to say what you really think.

What makes you recommend a thread???

Why does each election season get worse instead of better?

Even E. Howard Hunt's son thinks he was one of the Dealy Plaza tramps

Presidential Candidate Scorecard

President Clinton did NOT say Hillary Clinton was "swiftboated."

What do you call an old, crippled, gay, grey haired boomer?

I you could kick one candidate out of the party, who would it be?

Kucinich votes against US - Peru Free Trade Agreement

Can America exist without a Personal Income Tax, as Presidential Candidate Ron Paul suggests?

Mukasey and Digby Give Postmodernism a Bad Name

Zogby sez Huckabee continues to creep up in Iowa.

Tweety Matthews is asking his political panel about Hillary's "incessant clapping."

Deep Thought for the day: The three branches of government are not "co-equal"

JOE BIDEN on Pakistan

Clinton campaign sneakily pushed the Obama/Colbert story.

Obama should have just kept his mouth shut.

Talked to a Dodd supporter today

Biden gave us Clarence Thomas

NPR Revisits Clinton Encounter w Single Mom Working 2 Jobs LEFT HER NO TIP!

Why I will strongly consider pulling the lever for Dennis Kucinich in the Primaries

Sen. Biden spoke with both Musharraf & opposition leader Bhutto

Rasmussen Breaking Poll: Clinton 46% vs. Huckabee, 43%, within MOE. Obama beats Huck 49% to 38%.

Edwards Statement on Peru Trade Deal Vote

I have a serious question for Clinton supporters.

My mother (who is way past the baby boomer age) said something to me today that

What Hillary Stands For: Getting Stuff Done

MSM offers up fake bullshit and DUers gobble it up to take shots at Hillary & other candidates.

Thankyou Chairman Dean for building party infrastructure for a 50 state strategy.

When's the last time Hillary was out front on a progressive issue?

NPR retracts false "Hillary Tip" story

Edwards launches repeated YouTube attacks at Clinton

3 times number of Democrats rule out vote for Edwards

Bill not targeting Bush and Cheney: "...the country is over that." Since when?

Why can;'t Baby boomers accept their flaws along with their strengths.

Bill Clinton's actual shocking, appalling comments (transcript)

Hillary's staff DID LEAVE A TIP!

This is why the greatest page means nothing to me.

What about the non-working poor?

Anyone Here Think There Will Be A Late Entry In To The 2008 Prez Race?

My "Depression" About America... Just Passing This Along Because It

11-8-2007 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Calling all Boomers. Obama says it's time to lay down our weapons

Republican environmental solution for drought

Over a hundred people voted for Ron Paul over Hillary Clinton, and not one has shown their face!

What the hell is wrong with Biden?

Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton too old to unite U.S.

I Wish Gore Would Shit Or Get Off The Pot. I'm Sick Of Waiting.

This is Why I Will Always Support Al Gore for President Even To The Point of Drafting Him

Obama sucks up to rwers, going on FoxNews&Christian Broadcasting Network complaining about hippies