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Archives: November 7, 2007

WGA baits but switches on reality

America’s Road to Tyranny

State's political color may change

"How about this for a Democratic slogan: Who Lost Pakistan?"

Dowd: Mushy: Handsome in Uniform

Battle of the Bushes

Independent UK: A financial crisis that began in the US is coming to a home near you

Benazir Bhutto: Musharraf’s Martial Plan

"Cheney+Pakistan=Iran" by Jason Leopold (8-9-2005)

Joe Kennedy II just told a story about his first meeting with Congressman Dingell

Nicaraguans awarded $3.2m over pesticides - Guardian

PERU-IRAQ: A Year in Hell for 1,000 Dollars a Month

Disappearance of cop's fourth wife suspicious, relatives say

Arrested ex-cop says police beat him (graphic photo)

Grassley Probes Televangelists' Finances

Gore's nightmare: Europe turns to U.S. coal

Could this be Earth's near twin? Introducing planet 55 Cancri f

U.S. appeals dismissal of case against Cuban militant Posada

Democrats Win Two Key Senate Races in Virginia

Graham: Border-security measure yanked from defense bill

Hundreds more lawyers arrested in Pakistan

Task for new Guatemalan president

Crude oil surges to record $97.45 a barrel in after hours

House votes to override Bush veto of $23 billion water bill Story Highlights

Canadian food sales to Cuba recover

Steve Beshear (D) elected Governor (KY)

Oil Passes $98 on Bombs, Demand Forecast

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher (Regnery)

Partisan gamesmanship likely behind House vote on impeachment

Man charged in theft of 220 campaign signs

Brazil busts death squads after wave of killings

Help me decide what to do tonight!

hey pelosifan: on a test i think i have passed i get a 101!

WTH? Check this out! --- LOL!


The Head Thread: Post the name of a head person

Pardon me..... Do you have any Paper Coupons????

Good Night, DU

My olives expire in 12/2008. Ask me anything!

What word is so offensive, you can't even type it on your keyboard?

Wow our local tv station is doing live election coverage tonight

Calling all insect pests- raid aerosol question?

How is it that in an ad for free kittens

Now I Have Seen Everything.... Used Coffin For Sale

Video made to go with audio of Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot"

Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis or British Prime Minister Wynton Churchill?

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

The Republican on my TV just mentioned God, the troops and 9/11 all in one sentence

The Alive Thread: Post the name of a live person

Post something cuter!!!! Something that will raise my sugar level

I Got A Gym Bag Signed By All The Kids On My Soccer Team...

I'm feeling a bit peckish tonight...

Greatest cartoon fowl?

Pardon me..... Do you have any Grey Poupon????

Calling all computer nerds- raid drive question?

Jesus lives in a parking lot

Which DUer tosses the best cookies?

Step right up. Post your Morans here

Democrat Ralph Becker elected Salt Lake City mayor!

Goddamned chupacabras...

I'm bored, ask me anything...

I'm board, ask me anything...

I had a lousy, rotten, stinking day. I'm blotting it out with wine. Talk to me.

I'm a shoe

Have you ever just been *sew* in love?....

A Good Day. Made peace with a LONG time "rival" here on DU today.

It's Midnight Eastern Time and There's Major Construction Going On Outside My Window

I'm a blonde bimbo. ask me something simple

Have you ever just been *so* in love?....

there must be a god

I just set my class schedule for next semester...

What movie or television show (or book if you insist) had the biggest effect on you...

Don't forget to turn your clocks back


Obscure Cornball Arizona Music

Parche claims he's seen everything. I say he hasn't.

who else is stoked about the newest vince vaughn vehicle, "fred claus?"

Oh, FOOK: Paul McCartney's weekend rendezvous with married, millionaire Bush campaign donor

How about a TV or movie car you DON'T want?

Three homonym thread

Should i cut my hair?

Another "Hogan's Heroes", Another Scene of Shirtless Sgt Schultz

Cholmondeley is pronounced "Chumbley"

A police officer had a perfect hiding place for watching speeders.

That's ALDERMAN BlueDog!

Right now, in this thread, post whatever is on your "Ctrl+V" clipboard

I need a good ruffling.

what is it about cellphones that makes people compulsively fingerfuck them

Wow! The queen's crown gets its own horse-drawn carriage!

Censor random words of a movie title to make it sound really dirty.

Today's video games: C-R-U-D

8 posts to go to 5000 and I just woke up - ask me anything!

The Hunger Site, a good place to buy gifts

MiniMandaRuth's homemade hot chocolate.

Disney World: Funtastic or Satanic?

I Bought a Neon "OPEN" Sign Tonight for the Front Window

SHARE the name of the book or author that changed your life to the greatest degree

Don Imus wasn't that bad?


Joe Biden on Pakistan (Face the Nation)

Michael Moore On Countdown

Gov. Bill Richardson: Pakistan in Crisis

KUCINICH: Takes House Floor, Moves for Cheney Impeachment - the whole shebang!

"Without Walls" church under investigation by Senate committee

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A Prayer for America by Dennis Kucinich

Frontline tonight is about rendition.

Good Night, DU

Hey, it's been a couple of weeks now....

John Nichols: It Is Time For "A National Inquest"

Forget Bush being in a box, is the Democratic leadership in a box?

Man... was my wife wrong!

Debate over service in Iraq turns bitter

she's too busy

McClatchy: U.S. to release 9 Iranians it seized in Iraq

Instead of condoms, let's give out vasectomies and tubal ligations in middle school kids

Katrina vanden Heuvel: 'We Need A Nobel Prize in Law'

Judge: contractor can face Iraqi torture suit

Right Wing being replaced by the Psycho Wing

I bet it doesn't take Congress 5 minutes to strip this off the bill

Somebody call the Waahmbulance - Conservatives sue Regnery

Michael Moore coming up on KO to discuss the real

10 second smile break, caption the Chimp

NY Times: MSNBC Nods To Ratings And Leans Left.

Alcee Hastings (D-FLA) trashes Kucinich on FOX

The child on Tweety, Matthew Continetti, looks like ......

Beshear is the new KY Gov, and he beat the crap out of Fletcher

John Adams wrote~

How blue is my city (in a state of red)? Look at this sign:

VA Dems Strong in Key Districts: Washington Post

Some dems want to look forward and not backward. (no impeachment)

Kentucky Governor's Race Looks Blue

Day 3 of Pakistan Martial law: Bush subsidizes dictator, no money for children's health?

House Votes to Override Bush’s Veto of Water Projects - NYTimes

Pelosi, Stoyer, DLCers Spotted Meeting With Bush after Impeachment Showdown (PICS)!!!

OMG, tweety is SELLING rudy on hardball

Vice President Richard B "Big Time" "Dick" Cheney in Charge

Limpballs is pickin' on another kid. This time an 18 year old testifying to

Extraordinary Rendition starting now on Frontline (tues 9:00 PM Eastern)

Rain Causes Scattered Problems With New Voting Machines (CT)

How were the draft Gore commercials??

Dead soldier's family lashes out: "To put him behind a gun was the last thing he needed"

For you draft Gore people

Quick Heads Up - New Boston Legal on Tonight

Who were the 80+ "Dems" letting 333 go to Judiciary to DIE? Names?

US nightmare or Neo-con orgasmic dream?

NPR said that waterboarding was used during the Inquisition

Just realized.... We are the moral majority.

Marc Fisher of Washington Post Blogging Live on Virginia Elections

VIDEO X-POST: Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the House Floor MOTION TO IMPEACH Cheney

Mo dat FWB!

Maybe it's time for a march on Washington to protest the Democratic leadership?

House Overrides Bush Veto; Senate Could Do Same Tomorrow


Conyers is in a box: Don't forget the "Discharge Petition"

CBC's The National tonight features Atlanta, a test case for water shortages in a drying world

The guy in charge of running the National Children's Museum...a KIDDIE PORN FREAK?!

National Strikes

Dick 'Fudd' Cheney goes hunting democwats! pic Freepers will HATE this

Want to know if your vote counts? Republican wins local election by 6 votes...

Backers of California "steal the 2008 election", I mean "initiative" plot identified

Cop opposes stem cell research. Right wing anti-choice group...

File this name in your Extraordinary Rendition database: Linda Anne Jenkins

"Extrordinary Renditon" on Frontline on now Central Time!!!

Just received from Harry Reid

Incumbent GOP governor of Kentucky obliterated by Dem candidate: 61-39 %

PUSH BACK, if you want to stop our descent into that fascist shift

Is there any doubt that Kucinich is the only one?

If Pelosi resigned/was impeached/ran away/whatever, who do you think would

Small Snag in Kucinich's Impeachment Quest = IDEA too popular, exceeded "technological capacity"

Virginia elections - Senate 34 - Dem ahead of Tom Davis' wife 63-37

What They Tell Us Is...Oops

WA POST: Kucinich Pushes Cheney Impeachment = w/ "surprise help of Republicans"

Comcast moves KO to the nether world

Thompson Doesn't Think He'll Be President

So basically today was a total head spinner.

To Sen. Feinstein's Staffers: Resign!

Charlie Savage: Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on Presidential Signing Statements

Pelosi and Hoyer think the American people are stupid.

79% of Americans: necessary to change lifestyle to fight global warming. 65%: increase energy cost

Voting continues after wet ballot jams machine

This year has been the most deadly year in Iraq

Not Larry Sabato is calling the VA state senate for the Dems

Who Knew? Democrats party of the rich

I dare you to deny that THIS is the prototype for Chris Matthews

Imagine the Headlines if we called the Republican bluff...

Don’t flush leftover meds — mix with kitty litter

Hugh!11!!! Impeach Conyers Right Now!!11!!!!!111 Who's With Me?

Fellow DU'ers, the corporate media and Steny Hoyer have dealt impeachment the smackdown

Dems' inaction or Repubs' spin can't change these two facts:

" You stupid Democrats.. all believe in science" Denny Crane..Ha!

So do I understand this correctly, it is the repugs that are allowing DK's impeachment bill

Please DU this poll: National wingnut, local wingnut, or NEITHER! rofl!

An article here that discusses Conyers and impeachment....

Big Democratic victories in two red states and Dem leadership still afraid to take on Bush

Pelosi did not vote in the table motion (not even listed as a not voting)--the NEW

Democrats win control of Virginia Senate

Kucinich Chose An Interesting Day To Do This - an Election Day

Obama outraised other candidates in Sarasota Fl

Dana Perino is beginning to make me really miss Scotty.....

Britain to tackle Iran’s nuclear threat - Queen

U.S. GMO rice caused $1.2 bln in damages -- Greenpeace

Virginia Senate Win Will Curb GOP Gerrymandering in 2011

It's sad when you think


The greatest political miscalculation in a generation

Dog "the bounty hunter" on Hannity ... nuttier than squirrel turd.

How ironic it would be....

Check in if you've had the last straw

February 2000: PBS reports on "soaring" energy prices. Gas, $1.35 a gallon.

THANK YOU REPUBLICANS. Lord knows Dem leaders are too cowardly to stick with impeachment.

Iowa senator to launch probe of six televangelists

God Bless America!! God Bless Dennis Kucinich!!

tick.. .tick.. .tick.. .tick.. .tick.. .tick.. .tick.. .

Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs Tried Suicide In Prison

Hey DUers do you remember this place a year ago today?

Motion to Table Vote Results on HR 799. The Names.

Parents Urge High School To Reverse Expulsions For Students Who Held Iraq Protest (Petition Link)

Disabling Voter Apathy

I think we should impeach Pelosi

Farm payments benefited legislators

Could we get Hannah Arendt to go on the talk shows?

WRDA Veto Override Reaffirms Congress’ Commitment to Protect Americans From Natural Disasters

I invite you to "Dispatches from the Hotel Pastiche" (the proto-type of my new blog)

If you had the power to ban ONE person from the TV airways forever...

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher

Name A Democrat That Has Caused You To Question Your Efforts

BREAKING in VA: Post Reporter Says Davis' Wife Concedes

Ya!!!! Good news

Yup let's make it all about Iraq/Cheney/Terror/Impeachment instead of health care for the next year

For Those Who Argue that Impeacment is Impractical

Is Impeachment really DEAD in Conyers committee ? Say it ain't so !

Americans who complain about gas prices.....tell me this please:

Oil and Drug Cartel Behind WWII Nuremberg Records Reveal

Was just watching NBC's "Green Week" and saw a Walmart ad encouraging people to bike to work

I Voted Against Impeachment, Before I Voted For It

Boy in sex case may have to stay in Mexico

Kucinich Wins DFA PULSE POLL!

Corporation Responsible for Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Will Be Tried by Jury for Torture ( x-post)

Rachel Maddow - Statement from House Judiciary Committee Spokesman (Conyers!)

Canadian Dollar trading above $1.09 in after hours trading...

No candidate earned more then 66% needed to win the DFA Presidential Endorsement.

"...just because you come from Texas doesn't mean you're going to be a good president..."

I will keep this promise to my Congressional Democrat

Police probe Tasering of 82-year-old woman

CNN will be doing a report on the West Memphis 3 tomorrow night.

Kucinich for Pres website has NO donations link that we can find!!

Lynn Woolsey Statement on Resolution to Impeach Vice President Cheney

Question: Why is homosexuality considered to be Genes vs Choice

Writer's Guild strike: "Farther apart than ever before"

Bill Clinton: Don't pick on my wife, she served in Vietnam

A good vibe/prayer/whatever request.

Impeachment Time

Call of Duty 4. Desensitizing our unconscious by sensationalizing and glorifying warfare?

Miss that Beltway Glitz? The Parties/Pizazzof Jackie"O"? Here's a Read!

Kucinich pulled off a real coup. Impeachment is now part of the dialogue. Synergy?

Cindy Sheehan: Traitors?

MSNBC Power ranking is a JOKE

DoJ now pushing HARD to get NY to use e-voting in '08

Two Candidates Meet - Strange Encounters

If Michael Richards (KKKramer) participated in a Democratic campaign event...

On Tucker the ticker next to Kucinich said (D) Presidential Hopeful

Hillary has a core level of support between 40-45% that is pretty solid

Anyone know where the candidates are this week?

Democrat Steve Beshear leading Republican Ernie Fletcher 62% to 38% in KY Governor's race!

Wes Clark on Dan Abrams now!

Tucker is a supercilious and useless piece of cr%&ap if you pardon my explosion

This is why we need the politics of inclusion, not exclusion.

What if the Republicans decide to impeach Cheney...

Yowza! (DEM) Steve Beshear Elected Governor of Kentucky

FOX NEWS making excuses for dog the bounty hunter for his racist remarks

Post-debate Florida poll: Hillary crushes Obama 3:1 and Edwards 4:1 (Survey USA)

Colbert vs. Obama vs. S.C.

Luke Ravenstahl (D) wins mayor race in Pittsburgh (AP). nt

This cycle we have to be much better at MOCKING the Repuke nominee

Rudy Giuliani Drinking Game

Uh People: The Congressional Democrats Are Not Cowards

Dick 'Fudd' Cheney goes hunting pic Freepers will HATE this!


Obama runs new radio ad in S.C. : "Difference"

More evangelicals concluding God is green.

I talked to my friend in Pittsburgh, a Democrat always, who voted against this guy.

Sarasota city voters approve election reforms

CNN: "Dwindling U.S. oil stockpiles, worldwide demand, falling U.S. dollar, pipeline attack..."

Impeachment is not about Cheney . . . . . . . . .

In their own words. Swiftboaters are FReepers. Old news but an interesting

Challengers sweep Venice council races. (This is big news-republicans voted out)

self delete

Corporation Responsible for Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Will Be Tried by Jury for Torture ( x-post)

Giuliani's Serial Lying - Are any in the MSM TV media

Democrats Win Two Key Senate Races in Virginia

Danger: 47% in California support dividing CA electoral votes. 34% oppose

Is there a DSM-IV category for Chris Matthews' behavior?

Saddened by what I hear on Thom Hartmann show.

My Lawyer Is Carrying Her Passport -- Just In Case She Wants to Go to Canada

DFA Presidential Candidate Poll is Over. with 150,000 votes, the results are:

I Like it, I Love it, I want Some More of It....

Ok where are the names of those cowards that voted against Dennis Impeachment resolution?

What if the 2008 tickets looked like this.......who would America choose?

Hillary announces she will choose a foreign policy expert for VP should she win the nomination.

Insider "Dem Polls" and even "RW Polls" say THE ISSUE will be IMMIGRATION!

How about an Obama/Byrd the name of reaching out and finding common ground?

Hillary: "I wasn't at my best the other night"

Today the Repugs did the impossible: they made congressional Dems look even weaker

Did you know Biden and Kennedy have each introduced bills banning waterboarding?

DFA Poll Final Results - Congratulations Dennis!

We lost City Hall to the Republicans tonight! :-(

Articles Of Impeachment are in da House!

Well, I suppose I'm just about willing to decide my support now.

Is it possible for Biden to win Iowa?

Hillary fans and Iowa residents, you heard it here FIRST!!!

If you don't believe that white men have a "gender/race" card that is played on their behalf

Three threads have tried to defend Obama by invoking Dean from 2003


urge Congress to restore affordable birth control for students and low-income women.

Four More Wars? Candidates' Foreign Policy Advisors Dominated by Hawks

It’s All Acrobatics Until Someone Hits the Ground

Amy Goodman: A Vote for Mukasey Is a Vote for Torture

Thom Hartmann: Cracking the Code

AlterNet: Is Pornography Really Harmful?

AOL/Microsoft-Hotmail Preventing Delivery of Truthout Communications

Robert Scheer: Our Man in Pakistan

E&P: Who Will Probe 'Noncombat' Deaths in Iraq?

Who has a grand scheme for addressing inequality in America?

The Demons of David Horowitz

Conservative Women and the GOP Gender Gap

More Gilmore?-the funniest/saddest thing you will read today LOL

NYT's Tina Rosenberg Goes to School on Venezuela's Oil, and Flunks

Lights, camera democracy! On the conventions of a make-believe republic.

State of Emergency in (Tbilisi) Nation of Georgia (AP)

Maureen Orth (Russert's Wife) lets us have a look into DC life

Sarkozy Suggests (Condi)Rice New American

Gallows Humor

M.I.T. Sues Frank Gehry, Citing Flaws in Center He Designed

Is Bush Corrupting the Watchdogs?

Democracy, Corpocracy, Kleptocracy

The Values of a Dysfunctional Family

Bhutto issues Pakistan ultimatum (BBC)

Sirota: The Invisible Culture of Corruption -- Again

Sirota: Hillary Clinton, NAFTA and Triangulation 2.0

Topping Nixon, Bush disapproval soars to highest level ever recorded

Have you seen "Crude Impact?" you should, right now!

Fresno State switches on solar power

Lawmakers File Bill to Bridge Rural and Urban Renewable Energy Gap

Tapis (Asia-Pacific Benchmark Oil) Hits $100.54 US/Barrel On Singapore Exchange

This Week in Petroleum 11-7-07

IEA Chief Economist - "I Am Sorry To Say This, But We Are Headed For Really Bad Days" - Time

Offshore wind farm planned for Irish Sea

Thune continues work on wind energy

UK has best incentives for offshore wind farms

Green Collars the Future of Employment

S.D. officials approve power line

Carbon sinks failing due to overload

The power of the sun (organic PV)

Are Alaska's Energy Riches Blowing in the Wind?

EPOD Secures Site Approval for 13 Megawatt Solar Farm Installation in Thunderbay (Ontario)

Spreading the gospel on green living

Climate Change Threatens Drinking Water, As Rising Sea Penetrates Coastal Aquifers

IEA Projects Global GHG Emissions Growth Up 57% By 2030 - AFP

Energy: To catch a wave (wave energy)

Sarkozy Urges US To Take Lead On Climate In Address To Congress - AFP

Industry Leaders Explore 20% Wind Penetration Scenario

Futuo River In N. China Flows Red - Potatoes Grown W. Its Water Will Not Soften When Cooked

UK Gasoline Prices Go Over £1 Per Liter - Channel Four News

Capitalism and the Environment

EU Delegation - China Will Not Accept Any Binding Emisson Caps In Any Climate Agreement - Reuters

Xcel may pump billions into wind power

Oil's Bloody Secrets in Ecuador and Bolivia

Mendota to Host Giant (5 MW) Photovoltaic Solar Farm Developed by Cleantech America Inc.

Ship emissions seen causing 60,000 deaths a year

Kohl’s Pursuing LEED Certification on More Than 80 New Locations

NY approves of Noble Chateaugay wind farm - Reuters

DawnWatch: Shocking dolphin slaughter on prime time television -- November 2007

Caution urged on food miles issue - Reuters

Prince 'alarm' at climate change (BBC)

Guardian Unlimited: Now it's a new game and clean energy is no longer a dream

Question about plastic bags

Obama Opposes Reform Of 1872 Federal Mining Law - Might Hurt Mining Companies (!)

Wake up and smell the smoke of disaster

Fish vanishing from Southeast Asian oceans

Citizenre Episode Of Living With Ed Has Aired

if money was not (much of) an object, what technology would

Global warming 'cure' found by scientists

Windterra Eco1200 Wind Turbine could give you energy self-sufficiency

Tesla Coils playing the Mario Bros Theme (very cool video)

Wiscasset turns down energy project (coal gasification/liquefaction plant, Maine)

Energy needs 'to grow inexorably' (BBC)

Radioactive minerals dumped in Congo

BBC: "Humanity is the Greatest Challenge" - a must read article

Democrats gain three Republican State Senate seats

Protest yields entrant-policy change

Utah rejects broad voucher program

Benazir calls for street protests

Basra police chief targeted again in roadside bomb

Dollar hits 26-year low against pound

DHS employee put on leave after wearing 'offensive' costume

NJ Voters Defeat Stem Cell Measure: Conservative, anti-abortion, Catholic coalition ad blitz

Poland's Walesa to undergo heart transplant

Bhutto Marshals Opposition As Protests in Pakistan Escalate

Some troops cheat on brain-injury tests to stay with units

House, Senate Democrats plan another Iraq strategy

USD $75.31...@ 5:50 am

Bush Brother’s Firm Faces Inquiry Over Purchases

Tapis Crude Breaks $US100 A Barrel

Ore. cigarette tax rejected after spendy TV campaign

Discovery Lands in Florida

Democrats find success in once-conservative Virginia

Six in 10 consumers see recession: survey

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher (LOL!)

Illinois High School Students Face Expulsion for Anti-War Protest [ ~24 given 10-day suspensions ]

Court Strikes Down Michigan January Primary

UN labels private security forces as mercenaries

McDonald's farmworker raise fought by growers

House set to pass Peru free-trade pact

U.S. official: Pakistan's Musharraf 'indispensable' ally

Interpol issues wanted notices for Iranians

Microsoft official 'broke rules' (Fires CIO)

Federal Prosecutors Plan to Seek Charges Against Kerik

Close U.S. ally Georgia descends into chaos

Swiss Blackwater Employee investigated for being mercenary

Official at Children's Museum Is Charged in Child Pornography Case

In the Ballot Booths, No Fixation on Immigration (Va.)

Australia's Chinese-made Toy of the Year contains 'date-rape' drug

Toy containing 'date-rape' drug pulled

Sheriff’s deputy killed bringing man to court

Measure 50 gets smoked [Oregon, Tobacco is big winner]

U.S. Transportation Secretary Peters Announces Broad New Effort to Reduce Motorcycle Fatalities

State Dept. seeks $1.5B for Iraq

Former S.D. legislator convicted of rape

Confusion on London stock market

'We love America,' Sarkozy tells Congress

Iraqi Government claims 46,000 refugees returned to Baghdad last month

U.S. says Dollar General recalls 380,000 toy cars

Drop in Baghdad violence sustainable: general

Obama: New mining bill too tough on companies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 7

Dollar ( CDN) soars beyond $1.09 U.S.

GM posts huge $39 billion net loss

Stocks in U.S. Tumble on GM's Record Loss, Dollar's Drop, Subprime Concern

Democrats Capture Control of Virginia Senate

High Utility Bills May Lead Police To Your Door

Iran Reaches Key Nuclear Target: Ahmadinejad

Ryan leaves for prison

Ex-UN Inspector Blix Fears Secret U.S. Plan to Stay in Iraq

Senate Panel To Delay Vote On Telecom Immunity Issue

Did China just fire a warning shot at the Fed?

Education Department Inspector General Inquiry Set Into Purchases From Bush Brother Neil's Firm

Blackwater's Florida Court Woes

Warning on Impact of China and India Oil Demand

Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani

Kucinich: Republicans 'didn't call my bluff' on Cheney Impeachment [w video]

Will a Child Be Charged in the Fires?

BREAKING: Wexler Will Urge House Judiciary Committee to 'Schedule Impeachment Hearings Immediately'

Bush defends World War Three comments on Iran

Maldives says Warming Threatening Islands

Oil Prices: It Gets Worse

Sex trial of state Rep. Bob Allen begins

At least seven dead in Finland school shooting

Okla. death penalty foe commits suicide

Anti-Bush group protests at T-D (Richmond Va "news" paper-about DK'simpeachment bill)


Pew. It sure smells punny in here.

I Want To Have S....uh...a Conversation with...

Young Lawyers In Love

Favorite Cartoon Rat?

okay. so there are 24 hours in a day

I'm officially addicted to Internet Archives

So Jennifer Aniston seems to be winning Brad Pitt back...

ACCKKK!!! Neil Diamond, doing a cover of Lennon's Christmas song?

California Peggy, please "dear" me....

Man sets record for bathing with snakes

OMG! it's just so boring over there...


Cheer up?!

"Closing Time"- Tom Waits

CNN & DU gizoogled :)


Face analyzer..see what your little kid might look like as an adult

Ooh-la-la.. Vintage clothes..yumm-O !!

If you like Barney the Dinosaur, DO NOT LOOK!

VA dems gained control of the Senate yesterday.

Why Does Living On Earth Hurt?

Here's a football score you may have missed


Why does a cold make you feel like you're on drugs when you're not?

Holy COW! Angelina Jolie's brother would startle a rattlesnake.

Nobody cares about the kitties.

I never get to finish a meal

I've got a problem with my Jack Russell Terrier

Were all string arrangers in the 1970s and 1980s on a non-stop coke binge?

The ThinkBlue1966 Semi-Daily Limerick Break, 11/7/07

TMZ: Hulk Hogan's son Nick was drinking before the crash, has been arrested by Clearwater P.D.

Barbra Streisand was miscast in the film version of "Hello Dolly!"

OK, is this a flashback, or are there really Mickey Mouse Riot Police?

i just lost all sense of time

Movie - Lions for Lambs

Join me in the Lounge Sauna

I found out a way to make my co-workers shut up!!

Peter Brady is 50 years old today

Anyone want to come over and help me put

oil and water


It's nearly here.....

I figured out a way to stop my co-workers from borrowing my tools!

I'm too good looking for this message board

A Good Day. Put flvegan on ignore today.

DU member "BlueDogNH" became a city alderman last night!

Anybody seen a corpse?

How cute is the Chia guy?

It's after noon and I still haven't gotten any

Man accused of breaking into Valley Cottage church, calling sex hotline

Check out this nautically-inclined freeper...

Goddamn Levis!

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law hit a deer while on their motorcycle

DayQuil is quite possibly one of the most useless creations on the planet.

The things we do in the name of cramps!!

The things we do in the name of The Cramps!!

How Much Are Ass Prices In Your Area

How much gas do you have in your bum area?

The hfq at local Starbucks is significantly down

can someone please do a HUGE favor for me? pretty pretty pretty pretty please with sugar on top!

That's Aldebaran,dog.


Rather poor choice of words, Mr. Teevee Reporter

Who is Flvegan

Beware of falling cows

Nick Hogan FINALLY Arrested for drag racing, being a giant douche

In addition to LeftyMom, flvegan hates me as well.

Is this statement inappropriate? "Sally totally blew me off for lunch."

Salmon roll w/ avocado and spicy mayo

How many bums do you have in your gas area?


How Much Are Gas Prices In Your Area

Connect Natalie Wood to Bea Arthur in 6 or less steps. nt

Ew. Ew. Eww!

Onomotopoetically, "abattoir" sounds like it should be a much nicer place

The Saucer Section has successfully separated from the stardrive section. Lakshmi's surgery complete

Gabber Yoda - in honor of Dennis Kucinich!

Are you: unappreciated, under-appreciated, appreciated?

OK...I hear you guys! If you need a "My dear"....

If underpants is on steriods there should be an * next to his post count

OMG! The DU Hate Mailbag!!!!!!

So, my date for the Opera cancelled....

The phrase of the day is "blew me off". Substitute any word in a thread title with "blew me off"

What song is better; Little Latin Lupe lou or Cop killer?

NeoCon Theme Park Needs Ideas and Help

Funniest Nazi?

Worst ever Sylvester Stallone movie?

Don Shula slings mud at Patriots' perfect record


Have you ever been a victim of sexual harassment?

Favorite Holiday

So I'm on the bus yesterday..

My transmission is slipping

I finished my term paper and it blows!

OMG!! California Peggy dropped the "S-bomb"!!!11!!

Who Has Cramps?

Who Has Champs?

Please TMROTA....I need a consensus.....

There are no doors on the bathrooms, I have to use one and my van

i am sick. blah!

I am infinitely enriched by my experinces in class last night.

Bill Belichek threatens to play Don Shula for sixty minutes

I was driving my Escalade to the construction site this morning,

Why do you hate exes even though you don't want to?

It's a Greta Wodele morning at C-Span!

Steve Carrell and Sally Fields walk off shows to support writers

One Nation Under a Groove...Gettin' down just for the funk of it

Show Midlodemocrat some love!!

Ohio Democrats pick up key mayor's seat, make other gains

Save the Martinez BEAVERS!

Stockton Police Arm Citizens to Fight Prostitution (with pen and paper)

Unfortunate ad positioning

Very important question. Keep it clean: Do you sleep with

Shirley MacLaine thinks monogamy is the root of our troubles .. not

Diana Ross thinks Mahogany is the root of our troubles ..

You know you're sick and foggy headed when...

I had a great day in Manhattan yesterday

Very Important Question. Keep it clean. Do You sleep.....?


flvegan lies, we still hate each other.

Hopeless Romantic Searches for Mystery Girl Online

Two crybabies



It's November. Not October.


Disneyworld: Goofy or Mickey Mouse?

What is it about people on the bus compulsively staring at me while I text my bffs!

Donna Shalala threatens to play Don Shula on Sixty Minutes

Donna Summers threatens to play for Don Shula on Sixty Minutes

Congratulations BlueDogDemocratNH...or should i say, Alderman!

Jeff Foxworthy....

Connect Natalie Wood to L.A. session guitarist Waddy Wachtel! nt

Could somebody tell me what a "real job" is?

I'm going to make soup STONED today.

What "Contra Bands" that everyone else loves do you hate?

I Stared At This Female On The Bus Today

Court rejects 'Rogaine for Men'

I'm going to make Soupy Sales STONED today

Maybe I'm suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome" just like the Dem leadership.

Blitzer's Rhetorical Question of the Day:


Pet porker packs on pounds. Pig Sitter Charged.

Can spaghetti give you gas?

Is there a such thing as a veterinary proctologist?

In honor of Post an Idiotic Poll from Blogthings day... "Are you a woman or a girl?"

Connect Julius “Dr. J” Erving to Jeff “Bobby Wheeler” Conaway in as few steps as possible.

What Modern President Are You Most Like


Can spaghetti get you ass?

How do I post a picture in my profile so it shows up in my posts?

Can spaghetti pumpkin ice cream hiccups give you gas?



80's music fans...



OMG! OMG! OMG! Screw sex, this just came out!!! And I'm having it!!

What's the biggest, meanest vehicle...


Photo: This little bastard wouldn't NEED an excuse to bite you. He'd just enjoy biting you, PERIOD.

It's NOT small!


Every time I peel a banana, I make little happy monkey noises.

I'm going to make STONE soup today

A sweet dog story: from "around"

Bush Condoms


Have I been missing out?


I like critters, sometimes, too much

Help me come up with a term or phrase for the woman in the Escalade who cut in front of me at the

"Until You Come Back to Me"

Note for my journal: I am checking out of the DU for a couple of months.

I must have the smallest Junk in the lounge!!! maybe even in the world!!


All you old folks who can remember the 1960s,

Speaking of women and girls... why do some women talk like girls?

This is why some people shouldn't have too much money



I am currently on the Lincoln diet

I like hiccups. Who's with me?

How cute is Shia Laboeuf?

The book I forgot in the bus this morning appears in the library online-cat as "being reshelved"

Which is better: porn, or relationships?

Ever get grossly embarrassed that someone is from the same area as you?

Quiz: How Democrat are you?

Match Story Game: "It's so weird: every time I take out the garbage, the dog ______ it."

Quiz: How republican are you?

this is my first lounge post from the office... yes i should be working

Style mavens, please help ... women's dress code for after-6 fall wedding in Florida???

I think there should be a special firing squad reserved for....

Has anybody here had a Christmas in Rome trip?

What's your pick for "Actors that Shoulda Been Bigger"?


MICHIGAN issues an open invitation!

i don't like my job

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/7/07

What "Uber Bands" that everyone else loves do you hate?

What's your favorite American rivalry?


Should 10 year old who started wildfire be charged?

If your last name is ___, you probably shouldn't name your son/daughter/child ___

Court rejects 'Roe v. Wade for Men'

Why didn't anyone tell me that "Real Housewives" was back on the air???

Fun with famous names...

It wasn't the Beatles. It wasn't the Stones. Not Nirvana. The greatest rock band of all time was

ATKINS! Tell me your stories, experiences, successes/failures!

Teachers and parents: How do you feel about the No Child Left Behind act?

What's your pick for "Bands that Shoulda Been Bigger"?

5 GIs killed; 2007 deadliest year in Iraq

French providing Afghan close-air support

ID thefts unlikely after SAIC records breach

Gates suggests changes to 2008 spending bill

Congress battles over conditional war funds

Town raises $3,000 to send socks to war zone

New rules considered for recruits with records

No rocking the boat in CNO’s first month

Study: Service needs small assault airlifter

Vietnam redux

DoD civilians will take more command positions

State ends cribbage game at Legion post

Saving comrades' lives by design

As more weapons seized, roadside bombings at three-year low

Brits: U.S. probe into friendly-fire deaths finished

Concerns raised over U.S. nuclear security

Friendly reminders of Aviano curfew won't last

Europe site of several nuke accidents during Cold War

Baghdad barracks still has problems

The Soul of the American Warrior

Disband The DC Punditocracy!

Rafael's New Door-Breaching Rifle Grenade

Soldiers to Test PT-Jacket Prototypes

Dems Tie Divisive Bill to VA Spending

Widow battles offsets in survivor benefits

Day in the Life of CODEPINK Peace Activists on Capitol Hill

David Bowie - This Is Not America

Al Jazerra English: Pakistani lawyers defy emergency laws 07-Nov-2007

Kucinich Interview: All About Oil

TPMtv: Military Contractors D.C. Powwow

Kucinich Interview on CSPAN during the vote to table his impeachment resolution.

Rudy Giuliani is a modern day Walter Mitty

Max Blumenthal vs. David Horowitz at Columbia

Democrats Protect Cheney

BBC: New Study - World Needs More Hugs

Bill-O on Ron Paul's Fund Raising

George Bush Vs. Jessica Simpson

Union, Yes! WGA Strike - Day 1

Waterboardin' U.S.A. - Beach Boy parody

Hillary's actually fairly decent interview with CNN presstitute Crowley

AT&T Whistleblower Speaks Out Against Retroactive Immunity

The IMP Song

Kucinich A Hero

Rachel Maddow on Countdown with Olbermann

Olbermann: Worst Persons - Lists Problems w/ Glenn Beck's Mass Murder Suggestion

Hillary Clinton, can we get some answers please?


the link for the text of House Resolution 333 (Cheney Impeachment)

The Bush Admin in a Nutshell

Goodness! Check out this poll!

Bill Clinton on Dealing with Climate Change

The Pendulum... Is It Swinging Yet ???

Flashback: Fall 2002 WH told by source within Saddam's inner circle about no active WMD program

School vouchers defeated in Utah by huge margin

Watching a repeat of Russ Feingold on C-SPAN Taped Earlier Today

It's time to cast your votes in the 2007 Weblog Awards (Michelle Malkin alert)

You Have To Love It ! KY Repub Gov Ernie Fletcher LOSES to Dem....

The Limitations Of People

I Love My Leaders

Children's Museum Director Busted for Child Porn

C'mon You Lightweights -- Keep Spending Like There's No Tomorrow

Why Does Living On Earth Hurt?


Mexico is accepting foreign aide

i heard Rush Limbaugh was making fun of an Eskimo.

This is likely what Dem Leaders fear most from Repubs....

LATimes 'A' Section: "Impeachment Fuse Is Briefly Lighted"

Can You Put Your NAME On The Line For Dennis?

Question for the "centrists" -do we really want more of this?

Bank Your Menstrual Stem Cells via FedEx

It's official -- Dems Take Over Virginia Senate!

As I read it Kucinich has some leverage with Hoyer and Pelosi....

(Washington) House GOP member punished for remark to woman aide

Military looks to ease recruiting standards

The presidency is now a criminal conspiracy

Egyptian man dies 'after torture'

$3.25 for gas in Upstate NY on the Canadian Border.

One man's crowning achievement - a massive new top to his Christmas display draws wrath

Blackmail of the Democratic Party leaders in Congress: bet on it

2007 Election: A good night for Democrats

Does anyone want to be a Zogby pollster?It's good for our point of view to be out there

$3.00 + gas? gee, thanks prez bush!

America’s Road to Tyranny

Amazing Grace

Doonesbury - Lord Cheney's new war...

Torturers and enablers: Sadly, Senate panel errs

In case there was ever any doubt that Howard Kurtz is an asshat...

A look into our economic future. Thanks George!

Is being correct an act of treason?

Cuyahoga County plagued with voting machine problems again

WJ this morning: Should there be oversight of TV ministries

Spineless fucking wimps

How angry are you at the Democrats?

BUSH: "Rights must be more than the grudging concessions of dictators."

Denver Calls in Swat Team to Count Ballots To Determine Outcome Of Marijuana Initiative

Watching KO Replay --Maddow gets it right. "Fighting back works..."

Chicago police Taser 82-year-old woman

Two welcome insights from readers

Top Chinese official calls for his country to drop dollar reserves for stronger currencies.

South Dakota Republican convicted of raping foster daughters

In my first look at the morning paper and listening to the tv news and not one word of yesterdays

ACLU Learns of 3rd secret torture memo... LINK


Waterboarding: A grand old U.S. tradition

England: Man's body found in embers of Guy Fawkes day bonfire

Running out the clock: My obligatory "Congress is THE SUXXOR!!!1!!... But..." post

I am afraid to donate to Kucinich

DHS staffer sent on leave for Rasta prison costume

Elizabeth Kucinich steals the show at breast cancer summit


Pakistan's Bhutto tells Musharraf she'll rally against him if he doesn't back down

Interview with Benazir Bhutto (Academy of Achievement)

NYT editorial: Chemical Industry 1, Public Safety 0

High-fives and shout-outs to my fellow Virginia Democrats..

From MSNBC: Giuliani begins to broaden focus.

Is China About to Pull the Plug on the Dollar?

Chuck's Senate-By Marc Ash-Congress, the Democrats and the Nation be damned.

Cheney's impeachment does not have to go to "that great good night."

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?-YES-89%

How many Republicans do we need to impeach and convict Cheney ?

Re: Cheney's Impeachment - Nothing will happen

Clinton's Support Among Liberals is Rising (Dan Balz)

Why is there little or no discussion of the fourth estate, the press

Two Pakistan cities ban sales of satellite dishes

Meet Mary Moran

Way to go Kentucky, now PLEASE put Mitch out to pasture next year!

Caption, please

Rep. C. Smith sees "parallel" between Yahoo executives and Nazi enablers..

Brownback endorses McCain, Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani

French group 'lied to Chadians about children's fate'

Do we need to pass a law against sticking people in the eye with hot pokers?

Hillary Clinton faces sensational claims from another woman in Bill's past

TOON: Wednesday's Doonesbury - Trudeau's Very Timely/Appropriate Cheney Storyline

== Iraq named "War of the Year"! = By Mark Morford

"What shall we do? ... We are starving and have no money."

WGA Source Speaks Out

Why Impeachment Now? The Answer.

Feingold responds to Ashcroft on telecomm immunity.

Cheney Impeachment not dead.

Apparently it now comes in Black (or is that navy blue)?

These guys should be nominated to be on the Top 10 Conservative Idiots list

Do all the other congresspeople have as much extra time as the pres. candidates?

Invasion of privacy? Facebook wants to offer target ads to your friends based on your surfing habits


We should all congratulate "BlueDogNH"....

CONYERS Office: Committee Staff Should Continue To Consider The "Many Abuses Of Admin-Including VP"

The Robertson endorsement of Guiliani is a lot like this:

I went to Kucinich's home page and could not find where to donate.

c-span wj watchers - was cheney impeachment mentioned this morning?

This building was for sale for $5,000.00 in 1938

I cannot call for 738-658-8466.

Pat Hahahaha Roberts hahaha on Endorses Hahahaha Ru hahaha dy Guiliahahahahaha

WTF is this Sarkosy address about?

The Cheney Fireplace Mantle: "And Here's Me with Saddam, and Here's Me with Pervez...

Big sister beats little brother for mayor in Ohio village

Is this a new Disney character?

If global warming continues, is war between Russia and China inevitable?

Are they creating their own reality again?

"They're trying to capture whatever dollars they can fast, because the dollars are going to run out"

"An innocent victim"

$4.00 a gallon for gasoline...Bushies waging war on Christmas...

8 dead in Finland school shooting

All I want for Christmas is my colonoscopy....

Oakland, CA city council condemns plans for war with Iran.

Dennis Kucinich will be on the 3rd hour of Thom Hartmann

Dems Split on Bill Affecting Backers (and another SHAME on Shumer!)

delete post

Tighten belts or budgets: Farming losses near $1 billion

You Know Leahy Is Begging Conyers to Report Articles of Impeachment

State-by-State Opinion Polling for 08 Primaries/Caucuses


Ooo, lookie here... it's a nautical freeper! (rofl)

Cannabis replacing opium poppies in Afghanistan

Democrats Put Lipstick on Yet Another Iraq Occupation Funding Pig

U.S. Judge Allows Abu Ghraib Lawsuit Against Private Iraq Contractor

I dreamed I was drafted into the Army -- by President Hillary...

Healthiest State in 2007?

Today's Doonesbury is laugh-out-loud funny...

Thom Hartmann's ripping Pat Robertson a new one

Bush Appoints Chick With Crazy Jesus-Eyes as Ambasador to The Vatican

Núñez bids $2-a-pack cigarette tax to pay for health care

Debate Over Forced Iraq Service Continues: Diplomats Trading "Undiplomatic Potshots"

Pat Robertson embraces 'murderer' rude giuliani

McCotter (R-somewhere) thinks the biggest problem we have with China is

New Drug Alert!

oh, oh, - Lake Lanier droppin faster then expected

Caught red handed killing the dollar

Shuttle returning, landing in 45 minutes...for those interested

weather causing a stoppage in oil flow - Norway

Extreme Makeover - Liberalism relabeled as Heroic Conservatism

The GOP primary just turned into a two-man race - Ghouliani v. Mittens.

France 24 news channel - Taliban captures 2 US tanks

Shuttle Safely Lands!

Jonah Goldberg: "Fakery for Me, Not for Thee?". Unintentional irony alert.

our lawyers aren't out in the streets protesting but look what they did

David Sirota: Hillary Clinton, NAFTA & Triangulation 2.0

Illinois High School Students Face Expulsion for Anti-War Protest [~24 get 10-day suspensions] (x)


Kristin Gore co-writes risque political satire movie.

Today's kids will be very used to being locked down by the government

Bush Finally Tops Nixon -- In Unpopularity -- As Call for Iraq Pullout Hits New Peak

My letters to Berkshire Partners and Weston Presidio:

Henry Hyde

New Jersey ballot questions defeated by stealth campaign

Federal Charges Against Kerik Expected Friday

Employment Non-Discrimination Act discussion in the House on CSPAN now.....

8 dead in Finland school shooting

Iran's Nuclear Showdown And Israel (video)

A creepy head propped on top of a stuffed suit. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!

6 in 10 Consumers See Recession: ARG

Was O'Reilly on a terrorist watchlist?

Has the "flying saucer" thing neutered Kucinich?

George Reports to Prison

Does anyone else see the anger and frustration in America peaking?

Nick Hogan arrested for street racing in August car crash (finally)

Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen

Have problems stopping catalogs from coming to your house? Here's what u do!

I think Dennis will rise in the polls in the next three weeks or so

Schumer Act II - now changing his mind about taxing hedge funds after receiving donations

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher

Have any of the Republicans running done any direct attacks ads on Guiliani yet?

David Swanson from on The Guy James Show today.

$3 million doesn't buy what it used to - from today's LA Times, Steve Lopez column

kucinich on hartman

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher

"Sovereignty": is that a RW code word ?

MICHIGAN issues an open invitation!

Anyone read the NY Times article on the impeachment show yesterday?

Former Technician 'Turning In' AT&T Over NSA Program

Ok, time for some hard reasoning (re impeachment)


If you believe any of these comments, answer the questions:

Kucinich's Impeachment of Cheney Killed By Dems?

Will the rest of the world soften to us with Barak Obama as president?

GOP is proclaiming victory in Kentucky!!

US Navy Aegis system "simulates" two fake Scud Missile kills.

Waterboardin' U.S.A. - Beach Boy parody

Forget Conyers...put the heat on Jerrold Nadler

Thanks George, one heating oil fill up of a 250 gallon thank

California facing possible 11 billion $ deficit next year as housing, economy drop

The Olympics: Moscow and China

Oh goodie. More US exports.

Check out this attack on Obama making the rounds on Myspace

Military Bill Approved, but Without Iraq Increase

Are We Preparing to Nuke Iran by Larry Johnson

Glenn Beck's Bogus Eco-Sticker

The economy is fundamentally strong. My ass.

When bu$h* stole the election, the average price for a barrel of crude was $27.39

Why I just donated $200 to the Kucinich campaign

Time to Tell the Truth About Global Warming

CNN - Pat Robertson endorses Rudolph Giuliani for president

Dems take over Canton, OH.

A bunch of Congresscritters are wondering WTF this Frenchie is saying

Democrats Split Over Bill Affecting Hedge Fund Backers

Wanna retire rich? Don’t spend like Britney (aka "Why is the media bashing this saint?")

Who Knew? Elliot Abrams is married to Norman Podhoretz's stepdaughter ( moonlights as meteorologist)

Kerry: Fighting To Stop Torture

Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen wants euros not dollars

So I remember gas being at $1.14/gal in 1998.

Best Political cartoon of the day!

It's A Beautiful Day for the DEMS!

Wow. Skinner and DU are on Colberts "list"?

Democrats have had control of Both Houses of Congress for 365 Days

Real Cool Tool From Dodd

Pirate in America, go to jail. Pirate in China, get a sweet deal.

Bush’s Niece Endorses Plastic Bag Recycling

If gas went up. say 10%, Then would not the price of plastic also rise?

Vermont border town employees asking to be paid in $Cdn

Anyone have any local victories last night worth noting?

It's time to put up or shut up

House is now debating gay antidiscrimination bill (employment)----lots of vile

Is the United States Openly Supporting A Military Dictatorship in Pakistan?

DNC Calls on Giuliani to Stop Hiding the Truth

ACLU Says US Government Defies Recommendations of UN Committee on Torture

Will Al Gore run as an independent?

According the the Christan RW - Obama is unpatriotic.

Senator Grassley (R) won't investigate the more outspoken, RW (evangelical) televangelists

Pic of Laura Dern portraying Katherine Harris

'$100 laptop' begins production (BBC)

Social Conservative Groups Mostly Silent On Robertson Endorsement

Fed Up Citizen to March from Faneuil Hall in Boston to Nancy Pelosi's Office in DC

Last Defendant Is Guilty in Attack on a Gay Man

Going back to bed

Caption this pic

Thought I heard that China said today the U.S. is a bad investment risk.

Top Conservative Group Wants To Know: Does Rudy Agree With Robertson On 9/11?

Great Election Story here in Lower Merion, PA:

Ex-Worker at AT&T Fights Immunity Bill

What I saw in Fallujah

The Primary Reason bush and cheney Have Not Been Impeached

Former UN weapons inspector fears secret US plan to stay in Iraq

Here's a big thank you to bush and the oil companies

Daily Dollar Deathwatch

Backlash Comparison: Who's Nuttier, Apple Fanatics or Ron Paul Enthusiasts?

Evidence of Cheney's Crimes: "THE" Phase II of Iraq Pre-war Intel.

State Department: Tunisia Tortures Victims with "submersion of the head in water"

Check in here with your on notice posting

Dennis Kucinich to be on Peter B. Collins' show

Tom Hartman just said Dennis might be on in the third hour

Rep. Robert Wexler sent his constituents this beautiful and admirable email today:

You can bet that Rudy promised Pat Robertson to protect his

Politics at Guantanamo: The Former Chief Prosecutor Speaks

Pakistan Will Be Tested Soon - Mass Demonstration Friday

The dollar has lost 1/3 of its value

If impeachment is going to happen, it won't be based on DK's resolution

Tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees face prospect of arrest and deportation

Kerick to be indicted Friday. Trouble for Rudy.

Putin Welcomes Chinese Premier

McClatchy Commentary: Is waterboarding torture? Yes.

The 10 Stupidest Things Pat Robertson Ever Said - plus an endorsement!

Bush Brother’s (Neil) Firm Faces Inquiry Over Purchases (NCLB)

Baucus And Tester Oppose Mukasey (& Salazar, too!)

Republican thief elected to local school board...

Where was the DLC when we needed to stop the Nixon impeachment?

Blockbuster: Former AT&T worker details federal Internet spying in S.F.

Demonizing people sucks

Bush to Musharraf: "You can't be the president and the head of the military at the same time,"

Did we "drain the swamp" yet Nancy? HR333 would have helped.

'A Democrat voted for it. That makes it OK.' Agree or disagree?

A Year in Hell for 1,000 Dollars a Month

The Placebo Effect- Some Scientists Study Placebo Effect/Our Minds Do Effect Our Bodies

Sen. Boxer coming up on Hardball to talk impeachment. nt

MUKASEY NOT A DONE DEAL!!! (More Sens Come Out Opposed-Fillibuster Possible!)

Wednesday TOONS: Administration of crooks

A Question About What "is" is.

Aqua dots .Recall

Could GHB be used as a "truth serum"? Thanks. nt

Anyone have an extra Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter that you don't need? (and would send to me?)

Fighting to Stop Torture, by John Kerry

Who Would Jesus Waterboard?

Dobson and Robertson are not on Grassley's list for investigation...

Krugman and the "Wile E Coyote" Dollar collapse moment

Multiple agendas... that is what we saw at play today

Can we at DU STOP helping the GOP Push their STUPID Lies and Swiftboating Tactics

Dear DUers. Would like your opinion.

'Lobbyist for Pakistan Maxed Out Donations to Clinton' -- LINK

Objectivity, subjectivity, and how to evaluate scientific studies

Sara Lee Profit Hit by Rising Commodity Prices

With $100 oil in sight, traders talk $110

State Department Blog Publishes Letter Calling Anti-Iraq War Diplomats ‘Wimps’ And ‘Weenies’

So the media, the MSM MOSTLY did not cover what happened yesterday

Who will be sending Dennis money?

Help me get a handle on the motivations of our Democratic majority

Help me get this straight re: Kucinich/Cheney Impeachment...

My dangerous election predictions


How can people still vote for the repukes?

U.S. Aid to Musharraf is Largely Untraceable Cash Transfers

Bush Plan Envisioned Nuking Iran, Syria, Libya.

Among top 3 Dems in Iowa “This is a real horserace coming into the stretch run" -Zogby... LINK

Ron Paul vs. Freedom

DK Success. Nearly 100% in Congress Supported him yesterday.

Giuliani hopes to be as successful as Bernard Kerik!!!

Just got back from Mexico. Know what?

Texas election experience.

NAVARRETTE never flip flops about hating Dems and luerving Rethugs

Does anyone think the Democrats may be showing a little more spine?

G.I. Joe - a Real United Nations Hero?

on Thom Hartman: Fein says Conyer's Chairmanship has been threatened by Pelosi

Larisa Alexandrovna: Of Impeachment, Strategists, Cowards, & Swollen Faces...

This was priceless and so saddening at the same time.....

Time to Tell the Truth About Global Warming

Does Pat Robertson's Endorsement Hurt Guiliani's Appeal among Independents?

Senate member seeks financial records of Atlanta megachurches

Did I hear Randi say that nobody, including Keith had anything about Kucinich last night?

3 repuke wedge issues failed miserably yesterday.

Has anyone seen Bill Maher in Las Vegas?

Quote of the Day:Kucinich: In Washington, the Truth is an Unidentified Flying Object.

It's Catching: Democracy Shut Down In Georgia. So Much For The Rose Revolution

A thank you to Skinner and the mods for our "safe haven"


A letter in support of Cheney impeachment HR 333

Missing Cemetery Corpse May Be Linked To Witchcraft

Critter sizing? Has to be a Freeper.

Do you like Art, Architecture? Here is my favorite website on Earth

U.S. Military Reviews Recruitment Standards; May Allow More "Criminals"

China saying bye bye to their dollar reserves

Bush's Kid Brother Neil Used Federal Funds to Sell Crappy Education Products

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I will never consider people who condone torture in any way worthy of breathing the same air as me

Conyers office call report. Please read everyone interested in impeachment.

Progressive Talk 1260 in DC -- what the hell is going on?????

Mr. Conyers, you have a Mandate from the minority party.

Girl gets detentions for hugs

Local Election results - Sign of things to come? IT’S DEMOCRATS ALL IN THE ROW

Has anyone else noticed that the top 9 Greatest Threads today are all about DK/impeachment?

What's the price-per-gallon where you are?

Hey, does anybody have the "Squirrel" photo cartoon of Bush**?

Progressive Dems - please take the bait and impeach!

The dow today went down 360 points

Kucinich: Republicans 'didn't call my bluff' on Cheney impeachment

Ex-Navy Instructor Promises to Hit Back If Attacked on Torture

I'll have to give this to the DLC \ centrist crowd

Another gem from "the Commander guy".

HA! Creflo Dollar just got nailed on CNN! "Why are you riding around in a Rolls Royce...

"I'll Chew Your Ass Out"-Ex-Navy Instructor Nance: If SwiftBoated-"You'll See A Spectacle On C-SPAN"

Records of United States Nuremberg War Trials

For the last time, California is NOT

reason for separation of church & state -----pic>


Rep. Louise Slaughter: A Story Ignored: Body Armor Executive Indicted for Massive Fraud

‘Dixie Chicking’: Post-9/11 Blacklisting in the Entertainment Industry

Howard Zinn Renews Call To End ‘Sham’ War

huffpo has the neil bush story

Kansas lawyer sues President Bush

House Judiciary Subcommitte on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties

Denver Marijuana Initiative Winning Again

A noun, a verb, 9-11 . . . and pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, and lesbians

Fellow DUers,I just feel depressed and whipped now...

How close now are we to total economic collapse in the US?

Dennis Kucinich Would Like Us To Do Something For Him

Bush: If I Were Iraqi, I’d Be Saying, ‘God, I Love Freedom’

Wow...have you heard about this? a nanny of bush's brother killed?


Fighting To Stop Torture-By: John Kerry

AT&T Whistleblower: Telecom Immunity Is A Cover-Up-The President Is Lying

Ask Bing: I'm worth more than $28K a year (aka "Nobody owes anyone anything")

Container ship hits Bay Bridge tower

I love my Prius


Who else will be calling John Conyers and other House Judiciary Committee members?

Talk to me about our 401K.

Do the GOP/Bush have a DEATH WISH?? They are destroying everything in sight it seems.

Denis is asking for emails supporting impeachment

An Analysis of the Republican and Democratic Response to Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution and...

Most annoying political myths of all time, pt. II (list your 'favorites'!)

25 DEMS just voted AGAINST the NonDiscrimination Employment Act!!

David Sirota: Dem Leadership & GOP Vote Down FAIR Trade Amendments

Research sheds light on eye development

Rimjob's head just completely exploded:

Money May Have Been Stolen from Minutemen

Paul Craig Roberts: Dollar's Fall Collapses the American Empire

Buger King Dethroned: NJ Employees Indicted in Brutal Gay Bashing

E-mail from CHRIS DODD: Subject: "They're tapping into the entire internet"

Court rejects 'Roe v. Wade for Men'

There is little to be done in the face of human irrationality.

The Limitations of Science

What do you do when you run out of water? Build a fucking water park of course! Way to go Mesa AZ

I've got a very bad feeling about this party & it's getting worse.

Key Gaps In NUKE Story-Bush Administration got caught at Barksdale (Larry Johnson)

State Department requests $1.5 billion to protect U.S. diplomats

Free Hugs Campaign

The Gay "Lifestyle"

Please help: Impeachment Activity

Rep. Wexler Will Urge the Judiciary Committee to Hold Immediate Hearings on Impeachment!!!

Press Release: Video Producer and Activist Takes Down the WWJD Video That Recieved Million of Views

What is America? A melting pot? A stew? A hash? A gumbo? A bouillabaisse? What?

Check in if Dennis is your #1 or at least #2 candidate

Phase II Released Quietly During Petreus Report!

Corrupt Bastards Club: FBI Investigating Stevens' Fishing Bills = Earmarks

Kaine Claims Victory in Virginia

Conservative Authors Sue Publisher

What did Olbermann have to say about Kucinich & impeachment today?

Tune In Wednesday: Sen. Biden On “Good Morning America”

Why I Am a Liberal

WP, pg1: In Virginia Ballot Booths, No Fixation on Immigration; "decline of Republican brand"

Obama is considered the best candidate by Foreign Policy Wonks

Guess who can't take a joke? Top Obama Supporters Pushed To Keep Colbert Off Ballot

Giuliani begins to move beyond Sept. 11 -Finally

McCain's web-savvy team purchased "Giuliani" search term from Google Ads

200 employees from the foreign policy circles recommend Obama!

Why Impeachment is Neccessary ... Not Optional

Democrats are WIMPS

Don't bet the presidency on polls 1 year out

The White House said that Democrats should be dealing w/ important matters such as children’s health

New York Democrats say Spitzer driver's license issue had little effect on election

White House expresses outrage & opposition toward an "irresponsible and excessive level of spending"

Raw Story: "Topping Nixon, Bush disapproval drops to lowest level ever recorded in Gallup poll"

Amazing: Pat Robertson endorses Guiliani

If Biden or Giuliani said they saw a UFO would the media have made such fun of them?

Why we lose, and what we can do about it

Good night in Virginia!!!!!

"Hie thee hither" to Has-been Hell, RW governor of KY.


U.S. Strikes Delicate Balance on Pakistan

Edwards Unveils Detailed Proposals to Stop Imports of Dangerous Foods, Toys and Medicines

Is the reason the Dems won't support Dennis on Impeaching Cheney

Edwards calls on head of Consumer Product Safety Commission to resign

Edwards Proposes Consumer Product Reform

Chimpy hasn't talked to Musharaf. (But Biden did.)

So, RVers "can't vote" ...

Aggressive Edwards trying to build Iowa momentum

As Predicted

The Rude Pundit: Bush in Pakistan, March, 2006: Portrait of the President as a Foolish Man

Roland Martin: Clinton camp wrong to play the gender card

Strategy for Making Sure People are Able to Vote in 2008

e-vote machines malfunction in riverside CA

(R) Criminals Need to Be Jailed, Not Impeached

"Don't It Make the Red States Blue" My Song in Honor of Kentucky's New Governor & 2008

John Bruhns: A Veteran's Story

Oxford, Wisconsin: George Ryan's new home Oxford, Wisconsin:

Will the change we so desperately need come from outside the two major parties??

Missoula and Helena Montana pass "bring the troops home" resolutions by wide margins.

JOE BIDEN interview while in Iraq Sept. 7th

Pakistanization Of Pakistan And The Night Of The Generals

Which of these strategies is Kucinich engaged in with regard to the Cheney impeachment?

Thanks to the Democratic Party, Republicans can now distance themselves from Bush Co:

"Get real." An answer to libertarians.

Clinton's Surge Sparks Debate on Whether She Can Win; Impact on Other Races

Cate Edwards makes her case: Harvard Law student finds time for father's campaign

Who actually does better against Rudy? Obama or Hillary?

Musharraf, Curveball, Chalabi.... W knows how to pick 'em

Vilsack to turn down Hillary's appointment.

Anymore irrelevant, useless national polls today?

Why Does Clinton Fare Better Against The Ghoul Than Any Other Democrat?

Flashback: Robertson Agreed That America "Deserved" 9/11 (Sargent at TPM)

North Carolina -Clinton -43% Edwards 25% Obama -19%

Can't imagine how we all missed THIS story...

Dems Slaughtered in INDIANA Local Elections

Question: Are the rising costs of oil and the falling value of the dollar Bush's fault?

The only 2 points that matter about immigration. Period.

I would love to see Russia counter this with a "Missile System In Cuba again"!

Face it - Hillary has already won

Bill Richardson's new book: "Leadership by Example"

Clinton on debate: 'I wasn't at my best'

Who are we supposed to call today and what are we fighting for?

Was * Right About Stem Cell Research and Children's Health Insurance......

Romney Wants Tax Help for Home Schooling (AP)

Hillary Clinton’s Big Lead in Democratic Race Unchanged

New USA Today/Gallup: Clinton 50, Obama 22, Edwards 15, None/Other 6

Chimpy pretends he's a combat veteran again.

Biden asks activists to ignore polls

NH POLL: Clinton Lead Shrinks to 10 Points (34 / 24 for Obama)

Pat Robertson To Endorse Ghouliani

New Zogby for IA: Clinton 28, Obama 25, Edwards 21, Richardson 9, Not Sure 12

All Politics Is Local???

Dewey Beats Truman!

WHY are we eating our own??? I have a bad feeling about '08....

Edwards talks on Musharraf and Pakistan in New Hampshire

The Republican Party's Worst Nightmare-The GOP Is Losing Western Support

Support US War Resisters in Canada

Bush says General Pervez Musharraf not a Dictator

Edwards "A common sense Progressive"... following in the steps of Howard Dean.

Has Anyone Asked The Dem Presidential Candidates These Questions......

Utah voters reject Republican-backed school voucher program

Edwards loses lead strategist in Nevada

Moral Pygmies: My LTTE

X-Post: Obama: New mining bill too tough on companies

EDNA being voted on today - anyone watching the debate?

Slate: The Difference Between Obama and Hillary in Iowa.

Clinton has 21 pt lead in NH.

What is the next pre-ordained plot development in the Dem race?

Obama (not Hillary) fares MUCH better against the Ghoul

Is Hillary digging herself an even deeper hole?

Edwards says he has a better track record than Obama (not a direct quote but the headline)

“The Bloodlust of Islamic Terrorists”: why Pat Robertson is endorsing Rudy.

Richardson Calls For US Troops To Be Pulled Out Of Iraq

Obama Plane Lands at Wrong Airport (AP)

SF: Gavin Newsom re-elected in a landslide.

Turns out that Ordinary Americans are massively opposed to attacking Iran, too

Guess what? Turns out that ordinary Americans think waterboarding is torture.

Who here LIKES the DLC?

Biden For President Announces New Iowa Political Endorsement

DU's very own BlueDogDemocratNH was elected alderman last night!

If 2008 is stolen, who would fight and who would quickly concede?


AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein to Senate: "they’re doing a huge, massive domestic dragnet on

Zogby's New Iowa Poll: Clinton Clings to Iowa Lead. Top Three Dems Statistically Tied

MSNBC: Hillary's consistent non-answers

One undeniable advantage of having Hillary as our candidate

MYDD reports Dems win the senate in Virginia!

So, what effect will Robertson's endorsement of Guillani be...

When Bill Clinton Finally Parachutes into Iowa & New Hampshire, the Crowds Will Go Crazy.

Is the continued slide in the dollar a de facto tariff action by the Treasury

DFA has their Poll Results! Check out the State Map to See How Your Candidate Did!

Hillary in Free Fall......a week later after driver's license fiasco

Real hope for working people

Edwards immigration stance muddled as HRC's

2 Nights in a row, I've had a dream about Biden! He must be the winner!

Do you really think that the 2008 Dem frontrunners really oppose gay marriage?

I'm going to have a political Christmas card this year

On Thom Hartmann, Kucinich asked listeners to send e-mails in support of impeachment.

Have other Democratic candidates given stage-time to bigots in 2007?

Obama responds to flag photo

Kucinich v. Tucker -- Carlson seemed intimidated!

Who played the first gender card? Not Senator Clinton.

Please sign the petition: End Torture

Biden blogs on Huffington Post about Pakistan :)

Despite the claims, Edwards of 2004 sounds a lot like Edwards of 2008.

Obama's statements on the LGBT community and McCluckhead redux

All Second Tier candidate supporters:

Which candidates support drivers licenses for undocumented aliens?