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Archives: November 6, 2007

Chris Floyd: Loss Leader: Terror War Dividends From Pakistani Breakdown

Adjustment Assistance and Globalization: Not Much of a Deal

Everybody hates the dollar!

Independent UK: Bad debts and bad decisions

Dave Lindorff: More Questions About the Minot Nukes

The Iraq War Has Become a Disaster That We Have Chosen to Forget

Bush Goading Congress Into Historic First Veto Override; Look Out Now!

AIPAC Subpoenas To Put Bush Team Under Scrutiny

The Origins of America's World Wide Image Problem in Bush's Embrace of the 'Science of Lying'

Absorbing CO2 by Dumping Urea Into Ocean Pisses Off Activists

Pat Buchanan: 6,000 Future Voters versus a Dinosaur of the Past

Climate change threatens national security -report

Top court to decide Idaho death penalty case

Group Sues to Get Clinton Records

U.S. dilemma: Targeting Iran's oil industry could hurt America more

Alleged ‘Toronto 17' terrorist granted bail

India`s workers get biggest pay rise

Romney Lands Big Endorsement

Election Workers Plead No Contest In Recount-Rigging Case (Cleveland)

Biden: Not interested in Vice-Presidency

Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left

Clinton Defends Wife on Driver's Licenses

Rosie O’Donnell in Talks to Join MSNBC

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery..Be careful where you sit

I love baby ferrets


You do know the rest of the world is laughing at us..."Supermodel 'rejects dollar pay' "

Ween's La Cucaracha - what do you think?

OMG! I've been an unwitting mule trafficking in Jenkem precursers !!1!

What Do YOU Think Of IDEA

Good Vibes Alert!

Serious question people.... When is Fleet week?

To late

Say I'm looking for a really obscure movie, the kind they don't sell on Amazon, where would I look?

Proposed Georgia Water Conservation Slogans

Vegetative State (a Joke)

Picture (Read Disclaimer first)

I just dressed like a lady and sold some girl scouts to some pistachios

Is it a bad idea to ask casual friends for advice by e-mail...

Is today 07 November?

If I have to hear another 5 minutes of "How I met your Mother"....

Further evidence that crack is whack. (Graphic)

Check out this new drug the kids are using...

Does anyone have an Acid Flux Capacitor?

Flu shot ouchie - can I have some tea and sympathy?

furniture delivery..... bad as cable company?

So how come Hiro didn't slip the high hard one to the Princess...

Crisis narrowly averted!

Ok, a question for the AV nerds in the Lounge

I Love Miracle Whip...

How much do Female porn actresses make?

If Ohio Had An NFL Football Team What Would You Name It?

I Hereby Banish Mr. Sasquatch to GD-P

I Love L.A., But I Hate Driving

Effect or Affect? Learn the language.

Dance in your underwear, win cash!

Oh noes! I posted in GD!

People, people, please! Why must we be declaring ourselves Emperors and usurpers?

If Sheboygan had a NFL team, what would you name it?

Does anyone remember this case ("Genie", the feral child in the 1970's)

Never EVER fly with a Linus infection. Ever.

For the fundies among us!

I have two very expensive election machines which I will take to the election tomorrow,

'If you want to sing out' (Cat Stevens)

Never EVER fly with a Linux infection. Ever.

Family tragedy tonight

I still mark out for Stone Cold.

I now usurp Southpawkicker to name myself Emporer of the Lounge

Proof that a steady diet of Taco Bell, Starbucks, Red Bull & cigarettes is good for you (BIG pic)

My newest poem..."Eating at Costco." Tomorrow's homework...

Just so you are all aware: I am Switzerland

I made it, early voting is over and election day is tomorrow, I am so tired.

Anyone Who Loves Miracle Whip Should Be Shot!

This reminds me if Galaxy Quest

Do you have an amusing Amway/Quixtar story?

Halloween pics ! Me & Josie!!!

Baby Pics!

CMA Awards this Wednesday

You know... I was going to whine about something that happened to me today...

What is your capacity for forgiveness?

It's the same old story, it's the same old game

So I just watched 'Bee movie' off the internet.

KITTEN video! (Our two rescued kittens watching a laser pointer.)

Effect or Affect? Learn the language.

What word or phrase sets you off like nails on a chalk board?

New York Times, lay off Portland, Oregon

Will 2 brother Tom cats raised together since birth grow up to fight each other?

What kind of deodorant or antiperspirant do you use?

Chloe Vs Hillary: Rejected Campaign Song

Olbermann: SET-UP for his Special Comment NOV. 5, 2007

My Dog Talks About Mukasey and Torture

V for Vendetta

Elizabeth and Dennis on CBS

Olbermann: SPECIAL COMMENT on Waterboarding - NOV. 5, 2007

How much do male porn actors make

Surprising….George Bush has been extremely effective in the war…

The United States was not born as a rep democracy - we were

Tuesday, 11/6, on Frontline: Extraordinary Rendition

anybody have links to the 'diminished mental capacity of Conservatives', seems to have been scrubbed

Sorting my photos I find

Guatemala Elects Alvaro Colom Over Army General.

Pakistan silences media in 'emergency'; TV blacked out; broadcasters threatened with jail

I know - I make posts that seem related - they aren't.

KOs on : the JAGS condemnation and the criminal conspiracy to

Independent frontpage: Lawyers vs The General (Pakistan)

Anyone get through on Dennis Kucinich Conference Call?

LIVE NOW | Remember Elliot Richardson/Bush 41 on Torture (NovaM Radio)

State Dept misfires in Iraq pitch to diplomats.

An Evil Thought On the Writers' Strike

Dictator double standard

(TOON) Steve Bell on martial law in Pakistan

Western nations reconsider Pakistan aid (but not us, nope!)

Our kids will not have to pay George W. Bush's war debts.

Mayor Nine Eleveniani reveals his VP pick: "My mother had a picture of me & Reagan"

U.S. dilemma: Targeting Iran's oil industry could hurt America more

what is "spec" house?

Another Bush Backfire (Pakistan)

Writers' strike may be good news for Hollwood North(aka Vancouver)

Is Rosie Right About 9/11 Comments

Frank Luntz says no one is going to make fun of Giuliani's lisp after 9-11

KO's special comment coming up on MSNBC

David Sirota: Bush Stumping With CEOs For NAFTA Expansion

You're a LIAR George Bush



I bask in the awesomeness that is you, Keith Olbermann


That crime would mean George W. Bush is going to prison

Another Hillary l*sb**n story is making the rounds (768 Diggs)

Schumer, Feinstein ‘surprise’ thwarts efforts on Mukasey

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Remember the 5th of November

Dan Abrams just called Buchanan insane

Dan Abrams calls Pat Buchanon "Insane"! Right on!!!!


"There's Al Qaeda over there, every one of them"

Stephen Corbert's Ben and Jerrys....YUM

Day 2 of Pakistan Martial Law. Neville Chamberlain BUSH appeases dictator: does nothing.

Bush on Musharraf: "the president should remove his military uniform"

Supermodel Refuses to be Paid in Dollars

Giuliani wants to grow up to be Kerik

Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3

Will the House fund "bunker busters" for use in Iran?

Pissing for Profit in the Pacific

24 former intel officials demand hold on Mukasey

I know why our people cave. One word. PODS.

U.S. Plan Envisioned Nuking Iran, Syria, Libya

Opportunity presents itself: compare US "partner" Musharaf & US "enemy" Chavez.

Asma Jahangir: Musharraf has lost his marbles and is targeting progressives

Former leader of Kurd rebels reveals retreat into Iran

Gracie Jayne errrrrrrrrr Nancy Grace gives birth to twins

Judy Giuliani's Debut, Part XVIII (She will sit in on cabinet meetings if SHE is interested!)

KO hits another one........

All Still Quiet on the Syria Bombing

Robert Parry: Hillary Clinton's Unspoken Vulnerability

More Questions About the Minot Nukes


It never ceases to amaze me how uninformed Ameircans are

Oh my...listen to this poll question I was just asked...


What is the difference between "Emergency Rule" and...

Vote in the Weblog Awards

Black Holes Launch Powerful Cosmic Winds

Lawyers Want Senate To Hear About Ex-Ghost Detainee Before Mukasey Vote

Pictures from the first day of the Writer's Guild picket line.(dialup warning)

Yet another Florida Republican sex bust

Is Feinstein the Democrats' Next Lieberman?

Michael Moore will be on Olbermann's Countdown Tuesday 11/6

I have a nominee for 'Most Consevative Idiots': Raymon 'Lying Scumbag' Oberly.

US payout awarded over pesticide

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

1 hour to go

Harry Reid Pulls The Wings Off Of Poor Defenseless Flys !!!

WTF? Recruiting through Craigslist?

"For those who have spoken up..." An od'e to KO.

Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'

Is Feinstein the Democrats' Next Lieberman?

London Times Expose of Saudis as "Hub of World Terror", but never once

Could someone post some career history information on Jack Croddy?

Pakistan shakes off US shackles

The great late night 'comedian's', Leno and Letterman go into re-runs because they

NYT: MSNBC Nods to Ratings and Leans LEFT

Conason on Hardball regarding loss of liberties.

Did Kucinich hold his conference call tonight? What did he say?

Guess Why Bush is so Uncritical of Musharraf....

Bailout for CITI crap, Veto of SCHIP. The days of our lives. Days of shame.nt

Did the Accountability Office ask Jenna Bush or Lynne Cheney

Remember, remember, the 5th of November....

Plain English Gets Harder In Global Era

Hubby and I make more money than we ever have...why does it seem like we make less?

CrooksandLiars has the transcript of Keiths commentary

Democracy is on the march.....backwards

Vote for Kucinich on this DU poll!

Refuse to Lower Myself to HIS supporters level

Israel attacks ElBaradei over Iran

Malloy wants us to call our reps tomorrow re: HR 333 (Numbers here)

FYI - Tuesday 10am et c-span Mukasey vote

It's Starting....from my Repug GA Relative...sent on long EMail Chain:

Tibetans Wake Up to Nosebleeds in Super-Dry Autumn

Ok, I'm nearly over the edge. I hate robo calls!

Is our Democrats learning?

Funny how some insist on using the term "illegal"

Al Gore's commercial appearance on NBC's Green Week

VIDEO: OLBERMANN's Special Comment: A Criminal Conspiracy To Cover The Ass Of George W. Bush

Inherent Contempt vs. Criminal Contempt

Lou Dobbs, Mr. ANTI-corporatocracy, is passionately attacking Eliot Spitzer.

Cheney Makes Geography Gaffe

Al Gore can't even deal with the fact that he's not running

Venezuela: Former General and Political Ally breaks with Chavez

Dennis Kucinich

No One Claims Responsibility for Mysterious Campaign Phone Calls

Colin Powell went to the UN to justify the invasion of Iraq on the word of a known drunk and liar

24 former intel officials demand hold on Mukasey.

There's an old joke in Hollywood

Sum of all Hillary Fears

Question: Would American lawyers take to the street like

So do any of these "pro-family" groups ever actually help any families?

"That crime would mean George W. Bush is going to prison." - Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT transcript

"Torture".....I really need HELP to go on living in this country

Ron Paul Is Money


Has America died under the Bush administration?

Enough is Enough!!!

Why the HELL am I seeing THIS from Ron Paul and not from

Al Gore Owes Us Nothing

Ron Paul is Funny

To the Administration of DU, I and the following members respectfully request

Kucinich to Move Impeachment of Bush After Cheney

Soapbox Alliance launched to have open political discourse in colleges

Quick! Without looking anything up, answer this poll on Al Gore

I realize that many if not most don't give a rats ass..... But...

MSNBC Bullshit powerball poll on who has the best chance to win EVERYTHING

Where Do You Stand on America's Wealth Spectrum?

Clinton Invokes Gore on the Trail

Who do you think the GOP wants Mitt Romney to run against?

Contempt of Congress for ex-White House Aides creeps Forward

Paul Weyrich endorsed Romney today

Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Kucinich, Richardson, Obama, and Dodd will IMPLODE!

How Polls and press are Shaping Public Opinion of Election 08

contact info for Iowa Democrats dot org-call 515.244.7292 & demand that DK be invited

Mukasey for imperial presidency as much as for torture. Fascism comes of age in America.

The law of conservation of scape-goating

I start my training tomorrow for Nebraska's first ever caucus next Feb.

Neil Young: "Looking for a Leader" Prescient?

Al Gore Owes Us Nothing

Pat Buchanan: 6,000 Future Voters versus a Dinosaur of the Past

Paul's best fundraising haul in a single day -- $2.5 million by 6 p.m. EST Nov. 5

woah! what's this rumor i hear that hiLLary had an affair w/ vince foster?

Democrats Smell Victory in Kentucky Gov. Race (Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell next?)

I'm going to see Obama in San Francisco on November 14th!

A year from Election Day, Clinton remains person to beat

My small but gratifying protest

Email from RW relative: 23 ways to be a good liberal

U.S. feminists weigh vote for Clinton

Bush Kinda Talks Tough with Pakistan

11/05-11/06 Obama Roll Call (and we are on a roll!)

Biden to Pakistan: Restore Democratic Freedoms Or Lose US Funding

This is my last drink before bed, I have to work the elections at 5:30.

Video: Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (11-05-07)

Over 268 iowa Republicans will caucus for Obama

Republicans in early states change parties to support Obama

ENDA vote postponed again

Pelosi: Hillary Camp Playing The Gender Card

Kucinich NOT invited to Dem party's Jefferson-Jackson dinner; winnowing the field? WTF??

There are NO Democratic senators who vote with the Republicans most of the time. NONE.

No Greater Shame

I wish the Democratic Congress had half the balls Keith Olbermann has.

Inspired by Keith Olbermann's Special Comment tonight

Caveat on recent polling, neither WaPo/ABC nor Newsweek was of likely voters.

To paraphrase Sir Walter Scott: Mark their names and mark them well.

Ron Paul Is Money

Rachel Maddow just said much of the criticism of Hillary is sexist

How many excuses to not vote for Kucinich are there?

Prediction: Neither Hillary, Obama, or Biden will end up as Dem President!

The Abortion Issue is A BIG LOSER for the GOP.

Barack courts the religious right and homphobes. Hillary doesn't. Why is Barack seen as more left?

Personally I think the national polls are bogus...

It's interesting to see the "Biden Support" here on DU...when no one checks his record

If your state's caucus/primary were held today, who would have your vote?

Hillary Clinton vs. Ron Paul

Deposed Pakistan Judge Urges Protests

The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America

Schumer, Feinstein ‘surprise’ thwarts efforts on Mukasey

Republican presidential candidate bats for raising H1B quota

Musharraf put in motion a trifecta of trouble for the Bush administration

Truthout: Nuclear Fallout From Imploding Pakistan?

The hidden costs of free trade

Cheney Pursuing Nuclear Ambitions of His Own

[The 'idea' of] Pakistan was always a bad idea.


Musharraf vs. the Bush Doctrine

The Denver Post publishes an anti-Union, anti- Ritter editorial

The next wave of globalisation: Offshoring R&D to India and China

Sirota: INTERVIEW: Rep. Phil Hare On the Fight to Stop the NAFTA Expansion

Amazing Grace


Report: Peru labor provisions "worse than existing law"

On the Path to Barbarity

Politics of the Personal: The Turning

NY Mag: Al Franken: Can Comedy and Politics Co-Exist?

Dollar Falls to Record Low Against Euro;

Revealed: How Multinational Companies Avoid The Taxman

western appetite for biofuels is causing starvation in the poor world

Dana Milbank: Hitting the Mute Button on the Freedom Agenda

Outsourcing the Death of the Bill of Rights

Corporate media, democracy and the FCC

We Don't Want More Liberal Representatives, We Want Stronger Ones

We Are The Thought Police

Google "hugely dangerous" and coming after local press next

Humanity is the greatest challenge (BBC)

Markets fear banks have $1 trillion in toxic debt

Incremental Steps to "The Revolution"

What the hell, it’s only a goddamned piece of paper

Mukasey Is (Much) Worse Than Gonzales

Conyers gives White House ultimatum as Dems inch toward vote on contempt

Keith Olbermann: The Presidency Is Now a Criminal Conspiracy

The California Wildfires, and Right-Wing Smoke

Paul Watson - Oh Canada, Once My Home and Now a Very Strange Land

Tom Hayden: Rating the Presidential Candidates on Iraq, Another Agonizing Year Ahead

Gasoline prices near summer peaks on $95 crude - Reuters

Haiti's Hopes for Biofuels Rest on Jatropha Plant

Illinois Governor Announces $1.6 Million in Grants for Solar Thermal Energy Systems

clinton's energy, jobs speech yesterday - post her 5 point drop from media mis-characterization of

Yellowknife (NWT) considers abandoned (gold) mine as geothermal heat source

Carbon capture said inadequate

Why isn't Cloud Seeding used in California to bring rain and avoid fires

IPCC Nobelists Reveal "Vindictive" Canadian Government Cuts In Climate Study Funding

Algerian Energy Minister - No Decision Likely At Extraordinary OPEC Meeting In December

UNEP Outlook - 60% Of Global Fish Stocks Collapsing, 2 Billion Face Absolute Water Scarcity By 2050

Top 40 Industrialized Nations' GHG Emissions Hit 18.2 Billion Tons In 2005, Just Below Record

As Tibet Rapidly Warms, Humidity Drops To Record Low, Nosebleeds Become Epidemic - Reuters

Biology Letters Study - Ocean Acidification Already Disrupting Shellfish Defensive Behaviors

Indonesian Government Considering Limiting Fuel Sales To Private Car Owners - Jakarta Post

IHT - Air Quality Has Deteriorated Rapidly In Delhi In Past Two Years

Looks like the hemispheric anomaly has bottomed out and is on the way back up

Indonesian Businessman Not Guilty In Destruction Of 58,000 Ha Of Virgin Sumatran Forest

11/6 1:47 EST - NYMEX Oil At $96.81

Brent Crude Prices Rise Above $93 As BP, Statoil, ConocoPhillips Evacuate North Sea Platforms

Winds of Change: Turbine farms sprout right across the lake (VT/NY)

State’s success with solar energy makes villagers aspire for more (India)

(Philadelphia) Eagles NovaCare Complex Adding 'Green' Energy

European power companies breeze into the U.S. wind farm business

Latest U.S. energy plan: Use power of oceans

Algeria begins construction of first hybrid gas-solar plant

S.F. supe: Solar panel plan pays for itself

... Innovative Solar Bags That Are Ideal for Eco-Minded Professionals

Italy to build 500 new wind plants

Wind energy company to employ more than first planned

Mexico floods

GOP Candidates On Climate - Rudy Warns Against Moving At A "Hysterical Pace", More - WP

Warming Might Thin Heat-trapping Clouds

The Second Coming of the Electric Car

The Switch has Been Flipped: It's Too Late For Solutions

Ron Paul Is Money

AIPAC Subpoenas To Put Bush Team Under Scrutiny

Italian Police Raids Target Suspected Suicide Bomber Recruiters

NATO air raid kills dozens of Taliban: Afghan army

U.S. military says to release 9 Iranians held in Iraq

22 Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Iraq

Iraqi Police Barracks Go Unrepaired

2007 is deadliest year for US in Iraq

Bomb targeting Afghan lawmakers kills 20

Panel urges recall authority for FDA

Critics Cite [federal] Red Tape in Rebuilding of Louisiana

Ky., Miss. races headline slim 2007 elections

Man admits to raping friends' daughters

Conyers gives White House ultimatum as Dems inch toward vote on contempt

Chavez: Colombia's FARC rebels to prove hostages are alive

Pope and Saudi king hold historic meeting

EU positive on Balkan entry bids

US Military: 5 Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Darfur rebels waiting for UN before they release kidnapped oil workers

Oil prices soar to new record near $97

Head of DHS agency apologizes for staffer's Halloween costume

Judiciary panel votes to recommend Mukasey's confirmation to full Senate

Mukasey Is (Much) Worse Than Gonzales

F-15s Grounded after Crash

Turkish PM says N.Iraq offensive planned: report

Energy drinks jolt blood pressure, study finds

western appetite for biofuels is causing starvation in the poor world

Maneuver gave Bush a conservative rights panel

Pakistan's courts in lockdown

Deposed Pakistan judge urges protests

90 Reported Killed in Afghan Bombing

National Lawyers Guild Votes for Impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney

Obama rejects Bill Clinton's criticism

Crude oil rallies to new high at $97 a barrel

Wall Street firms see recession nearing

Chinese, US Defense Chiefs Agree to Establish Hotline ()

Poll: Views on Iraq Unchanged Despite Better Casualty Reports (60% Think Forces Should Be Decreased)

House Tied in Knots Over Resolution to Impeach Cheney

GOP Forces Debate on Cheney Impeachment (1st headline)

Poll: Americans split on Iran

Judge Allows Abuse Lawsuit Against Firm (CACI - torture case)

Terrorists are ‘running out of people to kill,’ says Obey

Ex-POW McCain denounces torture as U.S. policy (and has a retort for Giuliani)

Canada defense boss caught in Afghan rocket attack

Israel On Offensive Against IAEA Over Iran

India worried about disintegration of Pakistan: US scholar

Feds Fight Ruling on Security Letters

Turkey moves to change speech law

Former Chavez ally calls constitutional reforms a 'coup'

Freshman Dems revolt on free trade

GOP forces debate on Cheney impeachment

Yahoo Execs Defend Role in China Arrest

Mike's (Bloomberg) Secret Bid to Run Vs. Spitzer (NY Gov)

U.S. questions new Florida voting laws

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 6

Hagel (R-Ne) suggests possibility of military draft

Thousands mistakenly allowed past U.S. border, report says

Alaskan youth testifies on the Hill — and draws Limbaugh's ire

MIT sues Gehry, citing leaks in $300m complex

House tables (kills) resolution to impeach Cheney (Update! resolution will be debated)

Mascotte Mayor Arrested On Molestation Charges

Marines pulling out of Fallujah

CIA Rendition: The Smoking Gun Cable

U.S. official apologizes over racial costume

GALLUP: Bush Finally Tops Nixon -- In Unpopularity

Air Force grounds entire fleet of F-15s

AT&T whistleblower: say no to telecom immunity

Islamic extremists have plan to dominate world, Air Force general says

Corporation Responsible for Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Will Be Tried by Jury for Torture

Military Bill Omits War Funds: House, Senate negotiators agree

Oregon to Vote on Children's Health Care

Venezuela to borrow $4 bln from China, pay in fuel

Judiciary Comm: 'Suprised' by Minority Move on Impeachment, Plans to 'Continue to Consider' Matter

Military may ease standards for recruits

US House Democratic Leader To Block Cheney Impeachment Effort

Senate Panel Probes 6 Top Televangelists (Turn Over Financial Records Within One Month)

Poll results: Waterboarding is torture

Separated at birth?

Since it's a writer's strike, wish they would re-air "Studio 60" Bet it would kick ass.

Why the terrorists hate us

Oh for God's sake not again

What is "Pit Zip Venting?"

(Activating DU Coding Device) Pins and needles are laughing at my freckles in the moonlight

Dagnabbit, dadgone Gubmint!

Just so you are all aware: I am Amsterdam

Who gave me the disease at RetroLounge's orgy?

My chicken soup came out great!

I may be on TV

An update on my dog Duke


"Fly on the Wall"

Oh.... the best pork roast ever!

I'm in love

Britney Spear's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

I am MrScorpio's Dog, Killer. Please ask me questions

MrScorpio's advice on winning a DUzy, just like me.

I can't seem to warm up today

Can you change drivers during a NASCAR race?

Interesting English translation of Mozart's Requiem-Lacrimosa

Electronic Trance. OK, I get it.

Let me be the first. Bwahahahahahah hahahahahah hahahahha

Omnivore or Herbivore, which one are you?

I have to pee, but already did

I have to pee, but I can't

MrCoffee + Earbuds = Fear and Loathing on the Bus

I have to drink my pee! But can't find a cup!

Goddess help me, I'm jealous of another woman.

OMG, this is TOO good to not share!

Loungers - please do not miss this post in GD!

I'm thinking I need to make a meatloaf this weekend

Counting down the daze... Keep track of how much longer we have *

Probably the most f'd up site I've ever seen.

I just found out that my step-grandpa is dying

Where o Where should I go on vacation. HELP!!!

I was waiting at the pharmacy , minding my own business

I'm raking the muck today...

***Breaking News***

PET LOVERS: a web site for your furry friends

I am going to print out every single thread ever posted on DU.

In case you're keeping score - meegbear is definately one of the beautiful people

"On 23 August 1974, I saw a UFO J.L."

Remember the midterm i thought i had failed? Well i got a 97!

I want my KitchenWitchTV

My husband's car has a flat tire. He noticed it this morning.

I've heard, before, that there is something...

VERY disturbing - freeper bathroom?

yawn - caption

In 1930, the Republican-controlled House of Rep, in an effort to alleviate the effects of the.....

ok... so I'm going back to the dentist

When you see an EMO kid what do you do?

I cant vote today.

Ron Jeremy does Britney Spears

ok, my intern is outside playing basketball with my clients

Nora, the Sequel

So I need to be at the dentist in three hours..

West Hollywood ..... here I ..................STAY!

How successful have your email relationships/friendships been?

Man calls police to report pot theft. Bonus, when they arrive he still has 15 pounds.

home heating question

Dylan. I don't know what to say.

what is best in life? nt

Night of the Living Democrats

I think we should choose one smilie every day to put in all of our posts.

I voted today

I think we should choose one Midlo every day to put in all of our posts.

How much of a mess do male porn actors make

Donna Shalala says if Pat Nixon goes undefeated it is tainted due to Watergate

Anyone ever gotten their eyeglasses at Costco?

Southern Californians - when do you switch your thermostat from AC to Heat?

See? I told you smoking was dangerous.

What is your preferred method of worldwide salvation?

Anybody know of a good replacement for

I had a Cool Whip dream last night...

Computer audio question.

Are You Considered A Fripper If you Like Robert Fripp?

Your favorite yeti of all time?

If Freepers had a AL/NL Baseball Team, what would you name it

Kitty Cats ARE Better Then Dogs

Costco has a funeral section?

I was waiting at the Pharmacy, minding my own business when I saw this Lady buy...

I took pictures of the bum area today

Another neighborhood blackout last night. DAMN IT!!!!

The beagle has been driving me crazy lately....

I took pictures of the burn area today

Driving in the rain rant.

What is the world's most lovable dog breed?

I turned 40 on Saturday - here's how I partied hearty to celebrate:

Why don't you drink coffee from the bum area?

Whats For Dessert, DU

What's for Appetizers DU?

I just had the best Buckin Farbecue in NH

If you believed in a "pre-marital second cumming" wouldn't you wonder why?

I think Sunday's Mutts strip best explains which breed of dog is most 'dangerous'....


oh take me back to Constantinople

Has it been too long since I posted this pic?


I have a toupee, but I can't

Nebraska School District Bans Christian Group After Bobbing for Live Goldfish

OK, Wheres' the party!

I was waiting at the pharmacy , minding my own business

The day I did something mean in GD: Politics

I'd post this in GD, but several people have and it's no clearer...

Does Anyone Else Have Acid Flashbacks?

for a smart girl, i can be very dumb:

All of Beverly Hills has been declared a "No Bum Area".

If the Lounge had a nude Wesson Oil Twister Team, what would you name it?

Favorite Non Alcoholic Beverage

I'm so tired of germs; germs make me sick!

Perhaps THE most IMPORTANT email I have EVAH received!

"Bum area" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "bum area".

Magna Cum Laude


The Dead Thread: Post the name of a dead person.

So.... How long before Fox Entertainment sues Lakshmi for copyright infringment?

If Freepers had an NFL football team, what would you name it?

I had a cool dream last night...

Yesterday I discovered the worst ever TV reality show.

Let's Play 20 Questions

What are BlueIris's chances of winning a DUzy this week?

Songs that make you dance in your chair (This one's for Thomcat)

Another "Heroes", Another Scene of Shirtless Peter Petrelli

Buenos dias, mon amis. Wie geht es dir?

what movie made the biggest leap in special affects...

Good Vibes For lost-in-nj

My father has found jesus

The first television program you can remember?

Step right up. Post your oxymorons here.

OMG...I'm going to be giving my two weeks notice tomorrow!

What's for dinnah, DU?

Whoop-d-shit, I start a new job Thursday and I've got a cold now

Which DUer bakes the best cookies?

thought provoking - a little disturbing

Don Shula says if Pats go undefeated it is tainted due to spygate.

I LOVE pumpkin ice cream!!!

Your favorite pet of all time?

Greatest cartoon dog?

Quick Link?? Motivational Poster spoof site? Where you can make your own?

DU this poll (it's got kitties in it for cryin' out loud)

Just reminding you that Falwell, Anna Nicole Smith, and the God Warrior's daughter are still dead.

Your favorite pete of all time?

George Osmond, Patriarch of Osmond Family Singers Dies

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/6/07

Why are computer animated movies so amazing to movie critics?

Working late tonight--ask me anything.

Fill in the blank: I HATE ___________ ice cream !!!

Your preferred method of worldwide annihilation?

If DU had an NFL football team, what would you name it?

What is the world's most dangerous breed of dog?

What is your thermostat set at?

is this passe yet?

DU LUZERs check in!

Creepy pick!!!!

mother in law hell.....

Family dog is shedding. Any solutions aside from laminating the dog?

Halloween Pictures. (Fun with Photoshop)

I HATE pumpkin ice cream !!!

Another unlucky monday story -

Why don't you drink coffee?

It took 11 years for Virginia to figure out what "poofter" means.

What's this song?

Greatest cartoon cat?

Divorce settlement: Brad Garrett's wife gets half of his "Everybody Loves Raymond" profits & more

Just checked in at Mrs.Grumpy's blog.

If you believed in a "pre-millenial second coming of christ" wouldn't you wonder why

10th Mountain HQ to deploy in ’08

Skepticism greets first AfriCom mission

Gates discusses Iran with Chinese minister

Congress vows to refute Bush on budget

Navy exercise kicks off AfriCom mission

Truman group deploys amid tearful farewells

Aegis ballistic missile defense test this week

Body of missing Carson sgt. found in reservoir

Admiral wants bigger anti-missile upgrade

Bush signs bill boosting suicide screening

Murder investigation stalls Marine burial

MarSOC recruiters stress maturity, smarts

Court reviewing firing of lesbian airman

As the military tries to rely less on ground transport, a Vietnam-era plane is pressed into service

Stripes, America Supports You affiliation ending

10 airmen given Bronze Stars for convoy duty

At city’s request, Navy to ask that Sasebo reduce water use

Dispensing inspiration from their beds

Afghan Official: bin Laden in Pakistan

US Should Forego Space Weapons...For Now


Credit reports offline for overseas troops

Minot airmen working to pass new inspections

Poll: Americans split on Iran military action

Debris causes $1M in damage to Raptor engine

Air Force grounds entire fleet of F-15s

Olbermann: Worst Persons in the World - Giuliani, Brit Hume, Fox Business

Kucinich speaks at the Clean Air - Cool Earth Summit Part2

Is Water Boarding Torture? Hear it from a man who went throught it!

Monday's INTENSE Waterboarding Demonstration at Justice Dep't

Kucinich speaks at the Clean Air - Cool Earth Summit Part1

Is Water Boarding Torture? Hear it from a man who went throught it!

Stephanopoulos questions Edwards on licenses for illegals

30 Something Democrats Vlog

Ideas are buttetproof- V for Vendetta

Cheney on Pakistan

365 Days to Stop Gordon Smith

Dennis on why sabre rattling against Iran is a reason for impeachment.

Mo Money (Government's inflation numbers mathematically impossible)

CBC: Why What Happens in Pakistan Matters to Everyone

No Porn For The Troops?

LCF Loose Change Final Cut Trailer

Dennis Kucinich: Standing Ovation for Cheney Impeachment Move

The 2007 Centerville World Drumline V For Vendetta

Sworld News

Frontline: Tonight's Extraordinary Rendition Episode Promo

Funny Giuliani Ad attacks Hillary on Drivers Licenses

Wes Clark: America's Foreign Policy "Coup"

SEINFELD just called LENO on his flag lapel pin. LENO is pissed.

fantastic Juan Cole Pakistan news summary and analysis

Dancing With The Stars Judge Insults The President

Do we still need Affirmative Action?

Voting in the Democracy For America Pulse Poll has closed!

GHB precursor in Bindeez beading kits for kids.

"The government of the United States is deeply disturbed," said WH spokeswoman, Dana Perino

Doctors fight no-abortion policy

Bush Gives Musharraf Tips on Eliminating Democracy

either Feinstein's page in the US Senate is under attack

So we don't like Mukasey because he won't say waterboarding's torture?

Re: Bunker buster bombs mounted on B-2s. Anyone know if the new mounts

Fascism, yet another person in the media mentions it, Keith Oberman

Joe Lieberman's War

A classic

Somebody's parents better dead than gay?

Iraq taught us nothing (Salon article)

Why did Charles Schumer recommend Michael Mukasey in the first place?

Ask MSNBC to hire some reporters for Keith Olbermann

Wounded Iraq veteran, wife lose 3rd child from car crash

Why are there Brits holding up my Washington Journal?

2.3 million flee to elsewhere in Iraq- "Leave this house within 48 hours or you will face death."

Can't Help But Get The Feeling That The Pakistan Thing Is ATest Run.

MuCasey nomination today at 10am but I thought i had read it was changed

How's that for progress?

TOON: Tuesday's Doonesbury - "Lord Cheney"

2007 Is Deadliest Year for US in Iraq

First Trillion Dollar Company

everybody's talkin' 'bout bush and cheney

Let's hear it for Senator Charles Grassley.

fascinating CSPAN Pakistan expert Arnaud de Borchgrave

November 2007 - Iraq 'Coalition' Casualty Count = Total 3,854

Can someone help me with the Kurdish issue....

Bhutto promises major protest Friday in Pakistan.

Right Wing Extremists Target Porn On Military Bases

George W. Bush Playing With His Imaginary Friend (Mr. Fish)

Documented Iraqi civilian deaths from violence to date: 76,218 – 83,034

Full Senate could confirm Mukasey by the end of the week

Effect or Affect? Learn the language.

Teen starts antiabortion club at school

Conference Call, Democratic Underground, Impeachment

Matthew Yglesias: Why Am I Not Surprised?

Bush and Musharraf's grand illusion (Juan Cole)

Dave Lindorff: More Questions About the Minot Nukes

Harper's: The Justice Department's Culture Of Torture

AG nomination Drama Wanes in Senate, Perks Up in House

New court picked by Musharraf reverses anti-Musharraf ruling

"If you won't oppose Bush, at least don't oppose those Democrats who will"

Girl With 8 Limbs Undergoes Surgery

'Mass grave' uncovered in Iraq

Why Am I Not Surprised? Pakistan Policy Being Run By Cheney's Ofc

South Korea To Pull Troops From Afghanistan By December 14

Militants seize Pakistani town

It is snowing with thunder and lightning.

Marie Cocco: Smearing Code Pink

Hmm... This Is Not The Frame The White House Wants

i am going out to walk, let the cool south florida air be a balm to my troubled heart over the bush

Even Rightwing Nuts Want Congress to Grow a Spine

Japan ends Afghan naval mission

Musharraf's chief critic silenced--Mobile Phones Cut.

How many conservatives would take waterboard challenge on steps of capitol?

Anyone watching David Rivkin advocating Torture on C-Span?

And now, a few words from James Madison....

Results Of Kevin Drum's (Wash. Monthly) Wingnutiest Wingnut Blog Award - "And The Winner Is..."

CNN Poll: 69% Of Americans Say Waterboarding Is Torture

Today in Baghdad: Court-Martial to Open in Killings of 3 Iraqis

"The Prophecies of Asu-The time of testing"

Charles Schumer: A Vote for Justice

Isn't TODAY when Kucinich brings his Impeachment Resolution to the House?

How could you find out if a house was once the site of a meth lab?

Stratcom's OPLAN 8044 Revision 03 - Smoking Gun for Bush Admin. Plans to Nuke Iran, Syria, and Libya

Truth about the Iraq War - All roads lead to Rome

2007 now the deadliest year for U.S. troops in IraqStory Highlights

So do you think Peloisi will have a bill on the floor to censure Olberman

Obama supporters (who else) kept Colbert off ballot in SC

So this is what I am sending to our two democratic senators

Bush’s ‘Compulsive Optimism’

5 U.S. Soldiers Killed by Bombs in Iraq...making 2007 the deadliest year for U.S. troops

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims

Message to the Wingers: Israel is NOT part of the United States

Musharraf is a plummeting stone. The longer the US is tied to him, the more trouble we are in ....

Turley: Bush ORDERED torture (video demonstration of waterboarding included).

Strange bedfellows

LAT: We now will allow Bush and Cheney to put us shoulder to shoulder with Pol Pot

Cafe Press now selling election yard signs! Make your own!

"Political storms: Katrina helps tilt Miss. race" --Does Your State have Elections today?

One reason to invite Darth Cheney to your next party...

Alexander Hamilton warns us against George W. Bush.

Flap Over Halloween Costume at US DHS party! Dread Locks/Prison Stripes/Dark Face...

*** Official Senate Mukasey Nomination Thread 1 ***

WaPo: Is Feinstein The Next Lieberman?

When is DK doing his thing in the house?

It appears the Bush family has spread it's tentacles through the whole GOP Presidential race..

Comment From Dancing With The Stars Judge Last Night

Democrats Abstain From Principles: Fund Bush Anti-Sex Education Programs at Record Level

Jon Stewert is NOT paying his writers salaries.

When is Pat Buchanan's MSNBC contract up?

I'm sorry, but "demonstrating" waterboarding only seems to help the GOP

Canadian dollar breaks through $1.08...

Pat Buchanan on Scarborough this AM ..

Obey: Violence is subsiding in Iraq because "running out of people to kill"

Big Business launches healthcare lobby group

Taking bets on what Mukasey supporters will say when he eventually burns their asses

Impeachment Kit for Kucinich Nov. 6 Action (Again)

Regarding Mukasey: Now that it's over, I'm going to hope for the best.

Rep. Wexler Will Vote AGAINST Tabling Impeachment

Rumsfeld planned for Iran all along - private memo's

Sam Brownback: Fascism with a homespun accent

The 'ticking time bomb scenario' as justification for waterboarding is disingenuous...

thanks. Schumer you dog

*******Official Mukasey Nomination Meeting Thread 3******

Immigration chief apologizes for 'offensive' costumes at her party

what not to do when your bldg. smells bad

"Schumer wrestled with his conscience and once again he won." (updated)

Iranians seized by the US military in Iraq released - Apparently no proof of aiding resistance

Put a call/fax into the Sen. Judiciary committee HERE:

Swiss Investigate Whether Ex-Blackwater Employee Violated Mercenary Law

Left leaning MSNBC talking to Rosie O'Donnell

Feinstein (D-Torturer) now speaking at hearing

I think maybe Bush really jumped the shark with the waterboarding.

*** Official Mukasey Nomination Meeting Thread 2 ***

Lindsey Graham (R-Self Loathing Torturer) has been the only honest speaker

Tom Davis' Wife Could Be Key to Virginia Dems Retaking Senate for 2011 Redistricting

Guliani performs the Triple Lindey

Frontline Looks at Extraordinary Rendition

Wash Post: "Climate Is a Risky Issue for Democrats"

Kennedy, Kerry Call on Administration to Release Heating Oil from Reserve

Regarding Mukasey: It is NOT 'just' * about Torture

Bush Vetoes Water Resources Bill with Important Nevada Funding

Kennedy in Opposition to the Mukasey Nomination

"If there is hope . . . it lies in the proles"

Police: Student Fabricated Attack Story

Another Buddha destroyed, and the world answers with silence

Mukasey Passes Judiciary Committee

Senator Clinton is Wrong on Iran (And Her Closest Rivals in the Campaign Aren't Any Better)

It's been 25 years since Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

I wish our lawyers treasured our constitution as much as the


What we have to deal with now as citizens.

David neo con Rivkin applauds Feinstein/Schumer

Katrina survivors promised help in San Francisco still waiting.

Even Fred Thompson doubts he'll be president

FDA FAILURE on Imported Drug Inspections Frightening! 75 to80% Imported/China/India!

FBI Hoped to Follow Falafel Trail to Iranian Terrorists Here

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Declaration of Emergency Rule in Pakistan

waterboarding is mock execution -- the point isn't to "get info," it's to control subjects

City Pays $12K For Fake Christmas Tree

How Fewer Flights at JFK Could Affect You


John Bolton on Thom Hartman NOW

a bad smell on a plane with consequences

"Earnings are dropping at all transportation carriers."

Severe land/mudslide buries houses, 16 still missing

Have (some) Democratic representatives left the Democratic Party?

UGA asks football fans not to flush

Statement of Senator Feinstein in Support of the Global Day of Action on Cluster Bombs

which democratic senator, heeding their convictions, will filibuster Mulkasey?

Local Man's Firing for Medical Pot Goes to State's High Court

Caption pakistani democracy

Kerry, Snowe Fight for Accurate, Modern Climate Change Science

Bush Stumping WITH CEOs For NAFTA Expansion

Number of Homeless Sex Offenders Heads Up (limited housing options)

FBI Investigating Pilot In Child Sex, Torture Case

Lavish Televangelist Lifestyles Raise Eyebrows At Senate Finance Committee

Dodd: Bush outsourced Winning afghan war to Musharraff and Pakistani forces

House and Senate Advance Defense Bill Without Including 'War' Funds

I just voted (Greenville, SC).

House Judiciary vs. Bush, Mukasey Over Contempt

Fisher-Price Kitchen Toys Recalled (AP)

Feinstein's answer

Daytona Police Warn Parents, Tourists Of 'Sex' Bathrooms On Beaches

$96.80 a barrel I hear $100?

Suffocation torture--is that a better term?

Air Force grounds entire fleet of F-15s

Tear it down! A campaign against Guantanamo

Caption this: King Abdullah meets the Pope

Bush beats Nixon's disapproval ratings, BUT...

hey colorado duers, giuliani is coming to northern colorado this weekend

Why are we even discussing torture as an option?

Repub Jesus (picture/comic)

Mac Virus.

"I believe that Judge Mukasey is the best we will get "

Largest march on Washington in a generation, according to Hardball

White House Tells Musharraf: Never ‘Restrict Constitutional Freedoms’ To Fight Terrorism

You're Welcome George - pics

Oh, dear God, God, God...

Pat Boone's anti-gay phone call - listen in

Op-Ed by Senator Charles Schumer - Nov. 6 - "A Vote for Justice "

Thank you President Bush for your leadership!

OMG! With all our problems, look what the House of Reps is doing

Congress doesn't need to prohibit torture, gang.

* makes a statement on import safety - Caption this pic

Scarborough is being a particular big prick today.

Wingnut Ron Paul just woke up his rethug opponents, now what?

OP-ED: "Democratic majority meaningless once again"

When Will Kucinich Come To The House Floor?

Will Bhutto Rally Against Musharraf in Pakistan?

The Chief Business of America is...?: Thoughts on the struggle between corporate and human values

Evangelizing for the animals

Here's my response to a YouTube neocon critic of KO

Great Al Gore interview in Rolling Stone

"Dancing with the Stars" judge stirred up a shit storm over Bush and people are going MAD!!!

A Climate Change in Washington...

Senate Democrats give up on blocking Mukasey nomination

KUCINICH: Click here to read the articles of impeachment.

I Have Not Felt This Good Since My Son Was Born

Landmark Katrina Lawsuit Against State Farm Begins

Centennial skating rink will be filled with water trucked in from Kentucky

How can anyone still support Hillary now that a strong American has surfaced?

Dennis for Prez: A Democrat with Balls!!

General Strike November 6 2007

Question: why not one vote - up/down - waterboarding is torture?

Dennis vs The World - live now on C-SPAN

Gary Kamiya at Salon: Iraq Has Taught Us Nothing

White House Stacked Civil Rights Panel

Detailed analysis of the Writer's Strike

Thom Hartmann is playing DK's speech right now

Let me understand, since Pelosi didn't introduce the article of impeachment, it just sits in the


'NYT' Reporter's Condi Book Will Reveal 'Conflicts' With Cheney

Richardson Cuts to the Heart of Musharraf's Tyranny (End Military Aid)


HR 333 on the floor! c-span! n/t

Do you usually click the links that people provide, or do you reply based on the clips they post?

Need a good laugh? I present to you Sworld News

medications made in the u.s. of a.

2007 is deadliest year in Iraq for U.S. military

RFID Chips in School Uniforms Track Students (England)

Calling Hoyer is wrong tactic --Call other members of House Who Will Vote on Mtn to Table

We Cracked The Door...

People, after these articles are read, on the phones with you all

It is ELECTION DAY 2007 ! How are the Dems doing?

h.res.333 got another co-sponsor yesterday --Rep Davis, Danny K. [IL-7] - 11/5/2007

This is what desperation looks like... things are getting funky in Kentucky! (Gov race)

has the media covered the DK resoluton?

DC phone numbers for the co-sponsors of HR 333 (as long as you're calling folks)

Remember folks today is national strike day

Kucinich not stopping with Cheney, plans Bush impeachment resolution too

RE: Reports of progress, winning in Iraq. Gary Kasparov gets it.

20,400 Google Hits For Vitter's Diaper Fetish & Corporate Media Crickets Chirp

Senate committee investigating six televangelists.

Can't find ANYTHING in msm about Kucinich & Impeachment

Kucinich Asks For Recorded Vote - Yeas And Nays - Following Motion To Table

Whatcha think? Health Teacher told my son's class that if they have sex now, they are virtually

Faux News only one reporting on Kucinich resolution

please give/show list of dems who vote yea to kill HR333

DON'T Do The American Thing

To what extent would Musharraf be responsible for his own assassination?

Why don't we on DU pool our money and get one of these? pic

Hank Johnson replaced Cynthia McKinney

House vote, 16 DEMS already voting to table it, six minutes left to vote.

Breaking: National Lawyers Guild Votes for Impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney

Rep. Steny Hoyer House Majority Leader... 202.225.3130

Hoyer Sucks

Say it ain't so - Did Al Gore REALLY tell FL Dem leaders to keep him off FL Primary ballot?

Kucinich Speaking on C-SPAN

URGENT: Calls on Impeachment are working, need more! (with numbers to call)

Did your rep say they would vote to impeach Cheney today?

The PEOPLE have NO voice in this government. Most of the elected "dems" disgust me.

So they CAN line up under Pelosi when she wants them to.

Lieberman Declares Mission Accomplished: ‘The Tide Has Turned In Iraq,’ ‘We Are Winning’

Will there be a Presidential Election in 2008?

I'm not shopping at anymore. Here's why...

KUCINICH “It’s time for the American people to know who’s on the side of the Constitution.”


If the impeachment bill is tabled,

Hoyer HAS the votes to TABLE, IT's DEAD.....

Hoyers Voice Mail is FULL, we tried AGAIN

Election year politicking got us the IWR and election year politiciking is

a republican voted nay on tabling hr333 (NEVERMIND!)

Juan Cole: 'Bush supports a man who derailed the best chance President Clinton had to prevent 911.'

So we impeach Cheney and give his replacement VP Mitt Popeil Romney a 2 year VP gig

Damn these dickless Dems (pardon my french)

Impeachment - brought up by a democrat - tabled by democrats


Kucinich: Copy Of Speech Given On Floor Of US House Of Representatives

And now - the winner for the BIGGEST repuke hypocrite: Richard Mellon-Scaife

Remember, Remember the Seventh of November

President Clinton was making a leap comparing the treatment of his wife to swiftboating.

Any House Democrat who votes to table HR 333 (Cheney impeachment) should be thrown out in 2008

Dick Cheney is god.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Privileged Resolution :Transcript

The fax machine brought down the USSR. In Pakistan, they're

Phone numbers for Kucinich

Why hasn't Steny Hoyer gaveled this farce down?

Quick toon for this afternoon..

When Cheney and the neocons open new fronts in the war, I want these Dems to explain

FUCK RON PAUL re: HR333 impeach Cheney I called and ...

Who is voting to table it? Names? Anyone?

Rep's Conyers/Ellison/Waters Discuss Impeachment

What is going on with the vote AFTER IT CLOSED?? republicans

3 vote difference now!

Contact info for the DCCC and DSCC

May I suggest that DU honor Dennis Kucinich is some fashion?

Who's running against Stagnant Hoyer in the 2008 primaries?


Let's go to the map

I'm a tad bit disappointed

How many bet Kucinich Polls go up because of HR 333

Pelosi's aid in D.C. jut told me votes are still being changed/tally NOT final yet nt

Gavel it NOW

Bangalore doctors start operating a two-year-old girl with eight limbs

I have just tabled my vote for the Democratic Party

Dubious fees hit borrowers in foreclosure

Bwahahaha. Dems Plan to TRICK Repubs into getting Impeachment vote on the floor SUCCEEDS!!!

what kind of game is Hoyer playing here, this 15 min. vote has been going on about an hour?

FOUR MoRE Votes!!!!

QUICK – all Dems switch their votes! GO!!!

OMG: Reid To Vote Against Mukasey: Says He Was "Profoundly Disturbed" By Waterboarding Evasions

This 15 minute vote is now one hour old.

Repub Plan B --Have More Repubs Vote AGAINST Tabling Mtn than Dems...

Hit the phones NOW and call your reps

MSNBC now covering DK's resolution!!! 3:53 p.m. ET n/t

Guys, whether this is tabled or not, we just got totally played by the Republicans.

When you make a call to express your positions, do you limit it to a party?

WHOA! Repubs Switching Votes in favor of Impeachment! WTF?

Hoyer BS, this is a move of the DLC.


Hoyer just moved to table HR 333!!!! Now!!


Dems vote against tabling. The bill is alive. Democrats are HEROS!!! Flowers for Pelosi!

Randi: Boner is drunk again!!

206 yea with 205 no

Has hell frozen over? Am I rooting for the GOP on a vote?

Bush urges Congress to look beyond Peru Free Trade Agmt, on towards Columbia, Panama

This vote will result in a one hour debate on impeaching Cheney and then


Kerry: ‘Voter Caging’ Should Be Outlawed

WONDERS !! MSNBC is covering the action in the House

I think the pugs are "too smart by half"

Mexico's Strong Flood Response

Kucinich's impeachement measure reported on MSNBC

Vote HELD OPEN FOR 1 HOUR on a 15 Minute Vote....

Can we change the name of DU? Over 100 Dems in the house Voting to TABLE H.R.333; I don't feel like

Update - Currently: HR 333 TABLING MOTION - 'Nays' Have It (162 - 251) ...means won't be tabled

Vote on whether to vote to commit to Judiciary Committee (15 minutes)

Conspiracy anyone?

Repug Gambit: Force dems to vote on impeach.

242-170...not good

Hoyer to Pelosi:

Who is to blame for this? Opie Putnam or Boner? Or Blunt or...... ?

Steny Hoyer has no clue how to handle this situation


I don't give a rat's ass which party is responsible for getting

Chicago Police Tasered 82-Year-Old Woman

422-209-189 the GREEN PARTY JUST CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! OMG what a game!

what the heck are repugs up to??------there will a one hr debate now then final vote

How Pathetic. More republicans have voted NOT to table than democrats.

Tortured American Reacts To Rudy's 'Joke' About Sleep Deprivation

Keep posting all. Dayum, I have to go start dinner.

Okay Democrats, you're going to debate Cheney's crimes. Pick a side.


Congratulations, Dennis Kucinich. This root beer is for you.


if they dont have debate and vote to impeach ...

Ah, Democrats. The Finest Republicans Money Can Buy.

ON MSNBC: Susan Collins is a McCain supporter

More Republicans then Dems are voting not table impeachment vote

Who's the asswipe on CSPAN talking? It's all about Kucinichs' presidential run?.

FULL TEXT: Rep. Dennis Kucinich Privileged Resolution

CALL YOUR CONGESSPERSON: Just called mine!!!!!!

Kucinich is talking on CSPAN now!

Ok political pundits extraordinaire - tell us how the PEOPLE can foil the pukes game plan?

Is the "Surge" Working or is it a News Blackout?

USA Today: House tied in knots over resolution to impeach Cheney.. Update...Update...Update...

The Repukes are voting for it because they know the vote will fail

'm having the day from hell...can someone gimme the 2 second version of impeachment activity today?

CSPAN's spinning impeachment as embarrassing for the Dems.

Republicons Think They're Being So Smart But The Joke May Be On Them

Who is Ed Epstein?

Is "Blogs4Brownback" a joke?

When I want to clean a moldy, stinky, nasty, thing....

This is making the DEMS Look BAD....

Does anyone agree with me that the lineup on the talk shows tonight

I wonder what the dick is thinking right now, * too

Reminder: there may be an election today in your area

And we just watched history folks

Please raise your hand if you are confident you know what the fuck is happening with this vote.

Ann Coulter calls the Anti Defamation League anti-Semitic.


I give up.

Could Shrub want Cheney thrown under the bus?

never mind...delete

Maybe the Repugs think ousting Cheney would give them a better chance by installing Jeb as VP??

Can we now understand -why- impeachment is likely to fail at this time?

I propose a HUGE Impeachment Party in the Lounge!!

Why the f*ck does CSPAN qoute Faux News?????

Another vote to refer to Judiciary committee

If this is going to the floor for 30 minutes - GIVE DENNIS the first 25!

Too many threads to follow. Can someone bring me up to speed?

self delete

The Republicans see a major opportunity in bringing the Cheney impeachment to a vote

C-SPAN Quote From CONYERS-Forgetaboutit

Hoyer tries to refer it to committee, then GIVES UP when Kucinich challenges him!

Who else will be switching their registration to "Independent"

WEIRDEST. HOUSE. SESSION. EVER. Boehner standing up for Kucinich!


A Revolution is the only way out!


Rep. Pete Sessions (R): "We're going to give them their day in court."

ACLU Uncovers a Third Bradbury Torture Memo from 2005

with democrats like hoyer, feinstein and schumer, who needs republicans?

Cheney's assistant's husband is sending me emails

Text “IMPEACH” to 30644

16 percent of the nation's wealth gone in 2 years as dollar plummets - why reserve is destroying $

Randi Rhodes is making this CENTER stage - give her a listen


I'm gonna call Mr. Conyers office and introduce myself.

Is it just me or is there a sense of pending doom in this country

Anderson Cooper "Keeping them honest" tonight

Supermodel Bundchen Joins Hedge Funds Dumping Dollars

Has DFA announced the results of the poll yet? if not, WHY NOT?

I feel as if we are on the precipice of a great disaster


Who handles Blackwater's health care?

Extra kick to anyone who posts first overseas headline about Shooter's impeach debate!

Y 212 N 191 Not voting 29 =432 it PASSED!!!!

Update at bottom: House Republicans vote against Democratic-led motion to end debate on impeachment

My sports analogy for todays big event:

Remember, NOBODY likes Cheney. Repubs have constituents, too.

unusual process, predictable result



Ya want to let the world know you support impeachment? Send a couple

Here in Virginia, we voted in the senate race

AAAGGHH!! I need Peachtree (accounting) help PLEASE!

Is it possible that the GOP is taking their chance to not be saddled with Cheney come 2008?

So are the Dems up to the task of investigating Darth/Torquemada Cheney?

on MAY 4, 2007, HR 333 was refered to House Judiciary

Mukasey passed the cmte. with support from two Dem senators

Best way to Thank Dennis is to make a contribution to his campaign!

So at The End of The Day Cheney Impeachment Resolutions Stays in Judiciary Committee

My message to Sen. Feinstein

The leadership of BOTH parties set the people up...for more

So what do you think is the big story on the evening Talking Heads?

PERU-IRAQ: A Year in Hell for 1,000 Dollars a Month

Lieberman Declares Mission Accomplished: ‘The Tide Has Turned In Iraq,’ ‘We Are Winning’

They are not voting to send it to committee.

Well that's it, my DEM Congresswoman just lost my vote

For those who missed the action today - recommending this detailed account!

Democrats Reject G.O.P. Bid for More Iraq Spending

My Semi-Adopted son called from Iraq on Saturday

The Hill: Republicans keep Cheney impeachment bill alive

Rolll call on motion to table

162 To 251 - DENNIS WINS This Round - Hoyer Upset

WaPo comes out spinning for the GOP

Just curious. The ones who supported Hoyer for majority leader over Murtha

We have a MAJORITY, why not impeach Dick?

Reid To Vote Against Mukasey: Says He Was "Profoundly Disturbed" By Waterboarding Evasions

Kucinich On House Floor Now - Reading Full Cheney Impeachment Resolution

Contact your Judiciary Committee members regarding HR 333!

Disappearance of cop's fourth wife suspicious, relatives say

BUSH - How we love him

Give Impeachment a Chance

ACLU learns of third 'secret' torture memo from Gonzales' office

Civics/Procedural Experts -- why is this going to committee a good thing?

AP: GOP Forces Debate on Cheney Impeachment

There is surely a place in heaven for Dennis Kucinich!

If you're feeling good about the dems who voted not to table, don't bother.

Gore's nightmare: Europe turns to U.S. coal

"House voted to refer the Kucinich impeachment resolution to committee. That means it's dead."

Now 2 things need to happen next

A “Presidential Coup,” The Continuity Of Government, And Blackwater Watching Midtown Manhattan

Surprise! The Democratic Leadership is asking colleagues to cave!

Calling all Parliamentary Procedure Nerds

Who else suspects that Cheney will be retiring soon for 'health reasons'

Confused? Maybe this will help

If he can’t say no to torture – we say no to Michael Mukasey: Harry Reid

Who Played Bill Richardson On SNL Last Saturday Night?...

Waxman Asks a Critical Question: Is Iraq Government Too Corrupt to Help?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Stars & Stripes, America Supports You affiliation ending amid IG audit

Do you honestly believe John Conyers will let this Impeachment resolution die in committee?

PHOTO: The "Committee" gets right on that Cheney resolution.

Top immigration official awards costume prize to Homeland Security employee in dreadlocks, blackface

Message from Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Chairwoman Asma Jehangir, who was just arrested

Kuccinich coming up on Tucker-after the commercial

How can anyone still support Hillary now that a strong American has surfaced?

for those dissappointed with today, what did you want to happen?

REMINDER...on PBS TONIGHT..."Extraordinary Rendition" at 9:00 CT

Official thread # 1 Kuccinich ---impeachment resolutuon, cspan1

See what happens when you misstype

DELETE (Pending accuracy of reported source)

Why allowing the Kucinich resolution to impeach Cheney won't happen

Since Kucinich had a privileged resolution now that it's gone to committee

US JUDGE: Iraqi Torture Victims & Relatives CAN PROCEED With Lawsuit Against Contractors

junior just got his first veto

Kucinich voted AGAINST sending his resolution to committee.

More Americans support impeachment of Cheney than they did Clinton

PBS Frontline Looks at Extraordinary Rendition

Texas to lower speed limit on Interstate 35 in order to push traffic to private toll road

Let's work to defeat every Democrat who didn't vote for impeachment. Rebuild from the bottom up.

Larry Flynt Was Going to Expose a Republican Soon - Any Word...

the vote is shifting, WTF we won it?!?!?!?!

Why I am foolishly optimistic about today

Dennis K is on Tucker now n/t

Bottom Line: The Democratic defense of Bush/Cheney is so reliable...

EVERY "megachurch" leader or "televangelist" is a fucking THIEF.

A “Presidential Coup,” The Continuity Of Government, And Blackwater Watching Midtown Manhattan

So here is my letter to conyers

Speaker Nany Pelosi....(202) 225-0100

Oh, yeah, media really wants Hillary.

Barbie contracts a free-trade-transmitted disease from Ken.

PBS reporting about the Kucinich Bill today

Here are the Members of the House Judiciary Committee, FWIW:

Seven U.S. personnel were killed in Iraq on Monday.

I ***REALLY*** want to be there when the Carlson boy clears out his office .......

There's officially NO difference between (D) and (R). Kucinich should run 3rd party!

The MESS that is Pakistan. It will only get worse? or What?

Kucinich To Hold Press Conference at 3 p.m. Tuesday (Following Introduction of H.R. 333)

The MSM and Freepers are going to go NUTS over what KO did tonight...

Breaking: 90 Reported Killed in Afghan Bombing - (50 wounded and counting...)

John Waters wants to make film on Larry Craig bathroom event.

"Lions for Lambs"

Anyone have the guts to check Free Republic concerning this


Vote to over-ride *s veto of the Water Projects Bill happening in the House now

Positive Vibrations

Tweety's talking about the impeachment motion.

Tucker just defended the Swift Boat veterans

Casualties of the NFL

The House Leadership Must Go

Look at the shiny object!!!!

Virginia State Board of Elections Returns

Why is it a good idea to impeach Cheney?

Institute for Public Accuracy Calls for Impeaching Cheney

I think I'm going to go sit in the corner, suck my thumb, and whimper

Who Should I Waste My Primary Vote On?

How many DUers are in agreement with Freeptards about this?

Interesting quote from Conyers today..."If she(Pelosi) were to let this thing out of the box..


Iraq Body Count: 2007 sees the worst bombings ever – and more of them

Bush beats Nixon’s disapproval ratings (64%, first time in Gallup history 50% strongly disapprove)

Conyers Throws Cold Water on Cheney Impeachment Drive

schumer & feinstien ------caption?

Senate Panel Probes 6 Top Televangelists

DEMS Have An Alternative-Recognize Growing Disaster Of Pelosi's "Off The Table" Position

I just donated $33.30 to Dennis's campaign. Everyone else should do the same!

Conyers Re Impeachment Oct 23rd ----- "I really want you to convince me to do this."


MSNBC to bend to the Left? "Tucker is in real danger of being canceled"- Rosie considered for a slot

when a Majority of the House votes on a bill to go to Committee

Breaking: 5 US Soldiers Killed by Bombs in Iraq....Plus news the MSM hasn't reported!

All the posts attacking Democrats

C-SPAN. Guy saying a privileged vote can't be tabled

Richardson is just another one of "THEM"

Military may lower standards for recruits, again

With Election Day Here, Concerns of DIEBOLD Failures Rankle Cuyahoga County, OH (Again)

Based on today's House Party, I've done a 180 on Dennis Kucinich

So impeachment wasn't tabled, was it ever on the table and now that

TEDTalk Tuesday: How creativity is being strangled by the law

Girl with 8 limbs faces surgery.

I bought "SiCKO" today....and I'm hosting a little viewing party right now.....

Make Them stand up on the floor and DEFEND Dick Cheney.

Let's clear one thing up: the repukes voting not to table, do NOT support impeachment

Just out of curiousity....

Can Someone answer this? About the Kucinich ResolutionVote Today?

Mainstream news reports on Kucinich's impeachment articles

Bush Beats Nixon's Disapproval Ratings

Why do I have an eerie feeling at least 40 people will die

Political astrologers weigh in on: Ron Paul and Musharraf


Where Do You Stand on America's Wealth Spectrum?

Bush Nat'l Guard memo found..

Global Warming is minor compared to what they are NOT talking about.

I wonder if our m$m will report on this recent development of impeachment of dick

We Have Two Days PEOPLE. Get On The PHONES! (Hoyer may not block it)

However this vote goes... a debate on impeachment will be good for politics.

Currently: HR 333 TABLING MOTION - 'Nays' Have It (170 - 242)

I’ve been searching for an analogy for today’s Impeachment Spectacle…

Okay...Let's Make it SIMPLE! Did Kucinich get BOONDOGGLED TODAY...or was he A HERO!

The Geneva Convention DOES NOT say : You can't rip toenails out

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Now that you have seen what your Congress thinks of impeachment, can we please move on?

On Kucinich: OK, DU Put your money where your mouths are!

The real reason the right denies global warming.........

Kucinich reading impeachment resolution

Voices from PAKISTAN: "We feel as though the world has abandoned us."

U.N.: Blackwater contractors are ‘mercenaries.’

'Sadly, No' Endorses 'Jon Swift' for Funniest Blog Award --->>>

Two Marriage Equality Ads Premier on News 12 Tonight

If anyone (like me) had to leave and isn't sure how this Kucinich thing finally shook out...

Bush's growing madness shocks even his friends

I don't watch much TV lately, but I get a feeling that this writers strike is less about a deadlock,

Maxine Waters (D-CA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-MI)....

DUers that support HR 333 check in thread

So there is no difference between the two major parties Ralph?

Jailed Pakistani Dissident: "US Complicit-At Very Least KNEW About It Before It Took Place"

Impeach Cheney!

Contact MSNBC, tell them to hire RACHEL MADDOW!

Vets for Peace Warn Senators To Vote No on Mukasey-Refusal Puts All GIs At Risk

Al Gore SLAMS the Bush Regime

Donate $7.99 for Kucinich Campaign? H. Res. 799 to Impeach, $7.99 to Show Support


History of the Democratic Party

And we just watched history folks

Had a moment with a recruiter today.


As usual, Dennis did what most (if not all) of us want. As usual, there is little or no support

Thanks Everyone!

Oh, goody. Dennis Miller returns to network TV with "Amnesia" game show

Dennis Kucinich, Small in Stature, Towers As America's Champion for the Rule of Law!


Who will write Bush's memoirs?

"2.6 kilograms of highly enriched uranium in Tehran or an out-of-control Pakistan"...?


Thank you, Dennis.

I sense a credibility gap amongst ourselves. Self-indulgent / semi-coherent rant alert

The Bozos that are driving our bus

Some Help for Michael Mukasey

Which OS do you use on DU?

High Level Government and Military Officials Pilots to Tell Their UFO Stories for the First Time

Lets talk about Cuba

Columbia University: Peru Deal's Labor Provisions "Worse Than Existing Law"

11-6-2007 DU GD straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Hillary is Maureen Dowd's new Al Gore

So...whaddya think Feinstein and Schumer's price was?

It's Hillary versus Rudy

HEAR YEA, HEAR YEA, all DUers.....

My e-mail to Dianne Lieberman supporting her position on torture

NH Independents Moving to Democrats

Nelson (D-Ne) says he will vote for Mukasey

The Nation: Rolling Back The Bush Doctrine

A Clinton, Obama, and Edwards comparison

Election Day Baby!!!

In Iowa Field, Edwards Sees Only Senator Clinton

Is torture torture?

NH independents moving to Democrats

Crowd Wowed by Bill Clinton at Rally in Las Vegas

National GOP campaign committee recruiting surge is not panning out

Clinton's Support Among Liberals is Rising

Report from my NJ polling place...


Democrats poised to take back the Governor's office in Kentucky - not even Pat Boone can help!

Peace and Impeachment in Los Angeles

2008: The Big Prize!

U.S. food exports to Cuba dwindle under Bush

Kucinich Doesn't Floss After Meals. Does This Change Your Mind?

Clinton leads Giuliani in New York battle

Hillary Clinton vs. Ron Paul

Kucinich's skills at organization on display again. How often can supporter's be embarrassed by

Obama spends a couple of hours in Puerto Rico- fundraises 200K!


Paul breaks one online fund-raising record; Kerry still holds record for most successful day online

Democrats can learn a lesson from Ron Paul

Obama Supporters Worked To Keep Colbert Off Ballot - Can't Say That I Blame Them

Has anyone called Conyers and Pelosi's offices? My wife got no answer.

The Rude Pundit: Schumer Makes Sure We Get the Attorney General We Deserve

$460B Military Bill Omits War Funds (AP)

Robert Scheer Debates Ralph Nader

Does anyone know when Kucinich Bill suppose to come up?

Perhaps we need to be mature and philosophical (a bit)

What if the "left" candidate were Wellstone instead of Kucinich?

Graphics: Ron Paul raises $4M+ in one day, Nov 5

Al Gore's office confirmed he does not want to be on primary ballot

Dirty Tricks in Kentucky-2nd round of robocalls going out but no sources yet

Heres a thought... Maybe we need a Keith Olbermann to run for President! n/t

Protesters oppose military ads

Is the MSM Going to Treat Mushareff Like They Do Hugo Chavez?

White House Tells Musharraf: Never ‘Restrict Constitutional Freedoms’ To Fight Terrorism

Kucinich on C-SPAN Now. Laying out case to impeach Cheney. nt

Is Edwards's answer on driver's licenses for illegals better than Clinton's? (video)

I'm still pissed at Obama, BUT....

Today is Election Day. Have you voted yet?

I just tried to e-mail Feinstein again.

Dennis is on C-Span presenting his Impeach Cheney info. Here's link:

Obama supporters pressed officials to keep Colbert off ballot

Bush continues to fuck up this world, yet everyone just sits on their hands while he gets away w/it

Clinton endorsed by Siegfried & Roy!

Mukasey discussions on Senate Floor now - on C-span2 nt

Obama's backers worried

LIberals didn't like JFK, either.

Bob Villa to campaign for HRC

Mitch McConnell on "unfortunate partisanship" surrounding Mukasey: "Dems got what they asked for"

Barack Obama Vs. Ron Paul

T'was the fifth of November and NEW history was made

John Edwards: America's Attention has Moved Away From New Orleans

A much better case could be made for invading Pakistan than Iran or Iraq.

Does ANYONE look to see if a similar post is already here???????

I'm off to man the polls....


Do you agree with Hillary on the pro choice issue?

68 NH Republicans endorse Obama

whoops, dupe

Edwards aggressive strategy may be risky in Iowa

Edwards' campaign swings through New Orleans

Edwards will attack worldwide poverty

197 Yea 214 VOTES NAY

What Hillary should do with Bill

Gisele Refuses To Strut Stuff For Dollars, Only Euros

"INCURIOUS" -- How Spirograph Sees George W. Bush

ABC News has a candidate selector

I just got through to Mike Michaud 's office(D-ME) just now.

Kathleen Willey is now suggesting the Clintons murdered her husband

I'm almost for Kucinich

Ron Paul v. RuPaul

DK said he's going after Bush too.. I don't think he should wait.

"Guiliani admires disgraced cop"

Call Hoyer's office NOW!!!

Great article explaining who's running in Ron Paul circles

How many troops normally defend an embassy?

Let's DU some money to Dennis

Roll Call on Motion to Table

Here's a list of some of Giuliani’s most shameless, ridiculous exaggerations

In summary: Pelosi can't even set her own table.

Marist poll: Hil's 34% pre-debate lead over Obama shrinks to 25% after debate

John Edwards would remove Bush's endorsement of preventive war. It's "discredited and dangerous."

Edwards' Three Iraq Questions

John Edwards Challenges Hillary on Iraq: Five Questions for Hillary

Lantos calls Yahoo to answer for its betrayal of a Chinese journalist

Will Rep. Artur Davis get a crack @ Dick Cheney? .... OMG!

I wrote in "Stephen Colbert" today.

In Pakistan: Who Is The Terrorist?

Post-debate criticism against Hillary: Fair? Too little? or too much?

Can you show me examples of Hil playing the gender card?

Did Vice President Cheney break any laws? You'd better hope so.

Ted Rall: The Time-to-Make-the-Doughnuts Candidate

Just don't ask Edwards about those foreclosures

Obama's Red State Appeal

Did Rudy Really Tell Three Whoppers In One Sentence?

Anyone else see these two ideas conflicting with one another?

I'm about to head out to VOTE! Have you voted today?

I just thought of the perfect job for Bill Clinton

PLEASE CALL (202) 225-4131 (Hoyer's DC office) & let 'em know your disgust

Poll for those dead set against a Hillary nomination

Chris Matthews should be taken off the air.

God Bless Dennis Kucinich

Did all you Virginians vote today?

Democratic Party cannot be trusted to defend the United States

Barack Obama's support from liberals down to just 25%

Who is more liberal: Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton?

Need a little help if you would.

Remember when our candidates were asked to raise their hand if they favored impeachment?

Hillary will not say if waterboarding is torture??

"White folks in the South who drive pickup trucks with Confederate

The media double standard: They just love trashing those Democrats

Biden seeks to connect the dots

Why is Guy Fawkes and 'V for Vendetta' associated with a Republican candidate?

Oh my God! I was skeptical before. But now I'm convinced Al Gore is going to announce!

Hillary Clinton represents conservatism.

Candidate Commits Real Acts of Diplomacy!

Rachel Maddow said she's going to be on Olbermann tonight discussing the

Obama to Release New Disclosure on Bundlers

What if Kucinich supporters threw their support behind Edwards

Bill Clinton says in Vegas speech yesterday the country is over bashing Bush and Cheney, tho warns

High drama! House voting on whether to table Dennis Kucinich's resolution to impeach Dick Cheney.

Post-debate California poll: Hillary's 37% lead shrinks to 28% (Survey USA)

Herbert: With treasure of women voters, why campaign to "dimwitted guys, insecure in masculinity"?

"Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran" (and Hillary's hawkish?)

Borat endorses Obama!

If Clinton is the most liberal candidate, then why

Obama campaign rejects criticism not even aimed at him. Bill was going after rwers. MSM trickery?

Obama's Red State Appeal

Richardson just told Chris Matthews he'd vote NO on impeachment...

Your preferred method of worldwide annihilation?

This just out from one of Iowa'a top political columnists w/the Des Moines Register

Why does Edwards lead in funds raised on DU by such a wide margin? $6,406 Kucinich is 2nd $3,620

We Need a Pakistan Policy (Joe Biden)

I just explained the electoral college to my British husband. He is appalled!

Obama Rejects Bill's Comparison of Criticism of Hillary to 'Swift Boats'

Why haven’t any Democratic Candidates pointed out to the Fundies that Abortions are in the Bible?

Note to Obama: To get Senate experience one must actually be present.

John Edwards is a progressive candidate, who is starting to resonate with voters.

Mukasey Approved by SJC: This is NOT America

Hillary Clinton Rivals Take On Bill

Barrack Obama is not courting "Religious Right" Voters