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Archives: November 4, 2007

Former President Clinton Joins Microsoft CEO Ballmer To Hail Giving Record

General {Musharraf} moves deeper into labyrinth (BBC) urged readers to refuse to give money to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,

Iraqi weapons 'expert' unmasked as a fraud


What is the mind set of Evil?

Climate wars threaten billions

The sun kings out to conquer the world (flying around the world on solar power)

A mission to change

Climate change: we have the power

Rallies against global warming in SF and beyond

Officials seek planning guidance in wind power study

Area wind energy to be featured on NBC

Home improvement - where do I begin?

French Shun Nuclear Energy, Choose Conservation

Changes ahead for Medicare drug program

Shay dies during U.S. Olympic marathon trials

Republicans waiting for the next Reagan

Campaign may have crossed line

New Detainee Rights Weighed in Plans to Close Guantánamo

N Korea reactor will be disabled

Rallies Against Global Warming in SF and Beyond

Pakistani Leader Sets Emergency Rule

Noel knocks out power to thousands in Massachusetts

Rice says Israeli-Palestinian document unlikely soon

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,850

Iraq Says U.S. Behind in Arms Deliveries (Only Fraction of $2B Order Filled)

Rice fails to calm Turkish leaders over rebels' presence in Iraq

Thousands return to safer Iraqi capital

Thompson Adviser Has Criminal Past [drug dealer]

Cuba Working on an AIDS Vaccine

My cough is fierce!!

I have a cell phone question

Making the Squad: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Starting a DU journal

Urge to kill... rising...

I just saw a fox up close, in the city. A nice redhead with dark legs.

I just saw a fox up close, in the city. A nice red one with dark legs.

I made it to 200 cakes!

GO TIGERS! LSU beats Alabama

George W. Bush, circa July 2008, following his removal from office:

Goodnight, you princes of Maine, you kings of New England!

(I can't help it.) This is wrong in soooo many ways ...

Legally Blonde....The MUSICAL!

Write your name in hieroglyphics... Hieroglypics generator..

How many miles are too many miles on a diesel work vehicle??


Funny, I didn;t know what the mod was going to say for my sugession for sex thread,

DAY 752 - My captors continue to taunt me .. (Cat Diary of Captivity)

Last Time Navy Beat Notre Dame in Football, Kennedy was Assassinated 20 Days Later

Hey Lounge! Do you know what month it is?

Did anyone watch "Runnin down the dream: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" on Sundance?

The Tooth Fairy Is Coming To My Place Tonight!!!!

I just saw two mice in the backyard - should we be worried?

Has anyone seen the film "The Hoax"?

My back hurts! My legs hurt!! I'm going to drink like a fish...

I hate it when the mods lock a thread while I'm responding.

MAC users - can the mighty mouse be opened?

Save me from going out to a restaurant for supper and then to buy a $50 strategy game!

The HypnoToad Semi-Nightly Drunken-Stupor Break, 11/3/07

Of a disastrous weekend, electricity, Convergence, and AT&T: An ain't-it-awful thread!1


My name is Writer. I am an iphone. (for GoPsUx)*

LaraMN's kids are on the loose again

So is Brad Garrett doing the voiceovers in ALL of the Disney films now?

Looks Like B.C. is gona Lose

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

When code enforcement people go "too far"

Any predictions for tomorrow's Packers vs Chiefs game?

When we were kids we dreamt of Space Travel, Jet packs and

What's in a Domain name

Gone With The Wind appreciation thread...

Is the geek in your life having a birthday soon? Cakes cakes cakes for geeks

Ashley Wilkes....

Ok, Lounge...I'm THIS close to pulling out my big firehose

And they say Britney Spears has problems, Amy Whinehouse sets new standard

Paul McCartney's ex, Heather Mills: "Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage"

So a large group is headed to Colorado. Who will be first to get Lucy?

Squirrels are funny

OBAMA is on SNL!1 Brian the NBC wedding cake guy is hosting

Sleepover At My House Tonight! Ask me anything!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/3/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/3/07 Bonus

Scotch appreciation thread!

DU's being slammed in the weblog awards.

I want it!!!! I want it bad!!!!!!

Appreciation Thread For lelapin!

I've ended my Rocky Horror Show virginity -- in my 60s.

Would you rather be Lithuanian,Latvian or Estonian?

A recent Patti Smith performance of "Pissing in a River" (July 2007)

aww hells yeah: we downloaded the ORIGINAL Zelda for the NES on the Wii

Orgy at RetroLounge's House Tonight! Ask him Anything.

Can someone go tell Gwen Stefani to STFU?

I dedicate my 25,000th post to miss_american_pie

Anyone else not buying a ton of crap for Christmas this year?

Well, I'm back on Jeopardy! again, this time the playoffs.

2nd Lt Tracy Alger US Army

Despotism (1946)

The Motions - Wasted Words

Firedoglake: Donna Edwards Debates Al Wynn (MD) - 'Sorry Is Just Too Late'

(Fox News) A Nation of Sheep by Judge Andrew Napolitano

Red State Update - Cruising For Votes

Lebanese army fired on IAF fighter jets

Working at TRADER JOE'S?

Got Breast Milk? Iowa mom runs classified ad to sell spare output $2/oz

Amazing how things can change so much in just 14 days...

Queen Victoria joins the General Strike

Bhutto Criticizes Martial Law In Pakistan - NBC (With Video)

Live Blogging State of Emergency in Pakistan

I believe we need a strong presence in Iraq

YOU Talk of Sacrifice ... (ToM the DaNCINg BUg 'TOON)

State department should not compel service in Iraq

Did someone forget to post "Hell froze over"?

Sunday Talk Shows, Curve Ball revealed on 60 Minutes

Katrina vanden Heuvel Reminds Us That CIA & Other Torturers Were Seeking Legal Counsel Over A Yr Ago

Cheney’s ‘close’ ally Musharraf declares martial law.

Who Said This?

Why I became a bleeding heart liberal: Remembering Mother Charleszetta Waddles

CNN: The Noose

New Detainee Rights Weighed in Plans to Close Guantánamo

The difference between what has happened in Pakistan vis-a-vis the US

Too many U.S. troops are still dying for Bush's lie

Just heard this church advertised on KLSD (AAR)

So .... where's the Rice woman tonight?

SASTM - Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

So, has Bush made a statement yet about the flooding in Mexico?

Texas County Official (Republican) caught in sting.

A million homeless after Mexican floods

WORLDNETDAILY: Use wounded troops if diplomats refuse service in Iraq

Republicans looking for Reagan

A bone for the libs? or something else?

Mexican help during katrina

Did You Step It Up Today?

Composite sketches released of 2-year-old girl stuffed in plastic storage box

Her First Ladyship and Those Bad Boys

BLACKWATER taking advantage of Potrero (Harris) FIRE in San Diego

Are you a political dissident? Are/were you on someone's list of dissidents?

"I'm not a member of any organized political party; I'm a Democrat."

Nothing on the cable news channels about Pakistan?

CSPAN 3 History April'92 Kerry revisits Viet Nam on now.....

Solar Powered USB Charger

Embassy in Iraq - I'm paying for this instead of healthcare for every U.S. resident!

SNL Doing Dem Debate Sketch: Kucinich Being Played By Amy Poehler

Security Breach, Working Assets/Act for Change-Please check out!

Children ... Children either behave or I am gonna stop this DU car.

Pentagon says emergency does not affect US support to Pakistan

Pakistan - SPECTACULAR FAILURE For Bush-MOCKERY Of His Promotion Of Democracy (NYT)

HEADS UP OBAMA PEOPLE: Tonight's SNL Will Be Right Up Your Alley

CNN: Contractor caught entering US nuclear plant with explosives

Starting with Chimpy, ex-presidents will get SS protection for only 10 years

Opening SNL sketch SLAMS Hillary -- plus, real live Obama

PHOTOS: "Step It Up 2007" Global Warming Awareness Rally

Level Four disaster response. aka international help and the US

The movie "Blood Diamond" -

Is anyone's computer connected to their satellite company, or their

A difference in response (Mexican Flood in tabasco)

Hissyspit PSA: TURN CLOCKS BACK This Morning 2 A.M. ("Get Your Hoe Ready!")

New (Illegal) Attempt To Return To Silence: The Cellphone Jammer

dear fred thompson.....are you as stupid as this makes you appear?

11-3-2007 DU GD straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Welcome to DU's General Discussion Forum - where patience is a virtue

As president, Giuliani would grab even more executive power than Bush & Cheney (Washington Monthly)

Don't you think it would help to know why ?

The real reason why republicans are just plain WEIRD.. Read it and weep

Two recommendations: "Fast Food Nation" and "Secret Societies."

Not a very flattering photo of Hillary:

Where do you get your learned goodness from?

So only 2 Democrats out of 10 are voting for an attorney general who was expected to sail through?

“Lock the door,” Bush said. A few minutes later Colin Powell could be heard trying the doorknob.

So Long Fred Thompson-Caught Using Private Jet Of Advisor With Criminal Record For Drug Dealing

When does KLSD (AIR AMERICA affiliate) go all sports?

Despite warnings, Bush officials couldn't stop Musharraf

You can absolutely not make this stuff up. Mike Shallow caught in a gay sex

UFO threads are being resurrected, so I have to ask again:

Bush Approval Ratings Map: No More Red States

Pelosi and Spineless Harry have taken back their last '06 election promise

Lay off Biden!

DU's being slammed in the weblog awards.

Micro-wind generator- Cheap and easy electricity

If We Give Them ALL Of The %[email protected]^&# Money, Will THAT Be Enough?

Impeachment Kit For Kucinich Nov. 6 Action!

Good evening my fellow DUers -- Give this thread at least 1000 recommends ....

NEWSWEEK-Dancing with the Dictator-How Bush's Relationship With Musharraf Compromised War On Terror

Romney shifts, steers campaign bus to right lane

Marchers: W. Va. Case is Hate Crime

Hillary supporters are trying to change the subject from her two faced debate performance to her VP

Edwards pays visit to Rock Hill (S.C. city mired in poverty)

The House, The Hedge, And The Hare

Is Blackwater Bush/Cheney's SS?

NYT: Clinton =liberals vs centrists; Edwards, party is leaning left; Obama, changing Dem identity

No Hillary is practicing the politics of HYPOCRISY

The diminutive conservative is at it again....

Iowa a toss up

Clinton supporters downplay ties to corrupt businessman Hsu

What's the latest on Hsu?

Did Richardson actually attack Hillary Clinton when he was saying to stop attacking?

Is America really ready to elect it's first woman President


Obama Criticizes Clinton's Drive to Win

What is Hillary & Baracks relationship like outside of the campaign?

A little fun for Biden Supporters.

Ok, who's going to dispute this statement from the DLC about privatizing Social Security?

The surprise political guest on Saturday Night Live was none other than...

Drivers hit by illegal immigrants speak up at Clinton appearance in Iowa

Security Breach, Working Assets/Act for Change-Please check out!

A PSA courtesy Hissyspit: TURN CLOCKS BACK This Morning 2 A.M. ("Get Your Hoe Ready!")

Dancing with the Dictator

CNN: American public is paying $200,000 per MINUTE to keep troops in Iraq

Why Did John Edwards Mislead America On Iraq

Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live!!!

John Edwards is practicing the POLITICS OF HYPOCRISY

I have this awful feeling Cheney will be the next POTUS. The worse the geo political scene gets,

Just many DU'ers think Dem political operatives post candidate messages?

Is Kerry V.P. material?

The lady who cried wolf and then changed her story...a rebuttal fairy tale...

The Headline Said....

In 200+ years, has a primary ballot ever been cast for a woman for President?

Obama spews republican propoganda: says Clinton feels she is owed presidency, had long-term plans

Obama table in Madison: November 3 Edition (Last one for 2007)

Pleeze, Mr. Prezident, Let Me Help

Lots of new Biden supporters around here-your opinions

immigration and ethnic cleansing

Clinton Supporters downplay ties to Anti Gay ministers

Nobody is my second choice

A New Dawn For America - Joe Biden

If Joe Biden learns to control his racist gaffes, he just might get my vote

Is nominating Hillary Clinton worth the risk to our general election chances?

Rich: Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats’ Defeat?

Crisis of opportunity for Iran and the US (Asia Times)

Gulf states 'offer Iran uranium'


Drifting From Redeployment

Is the U.S. targeting Dems for their beliefs?

America's Armageddonites Push for More War


With Services Being Privatized, is America Developing a Two-Tiered System for Responding to Disaster

George Will (!?) tells Congress to find its backbone to prevent Iran war

Cuba's hurricane contingency system proved to be particularly effective

Bush leads us down a morally muddy road (Valdez / Arizona Republic)

The Tortured Vote of Feinstein on Mukasey: Disingenuous or Just Plain Dishonest?

A very brave LttE in the Miami Herald/ el Nuevo Herald: Who will decide Cuba's future?

Cheney runs Pakistan now too

Venezuela's Oil Industry Signs New Labor Contract

And Now They Want to Privatize the Oceans ....When Capitalists Get a Free Ride

Krugman Criticizes Editors Of His Own Paper For Being Soft On Rudy

Gore Vidal on the jinxed Bush and America's dark age...

Cheney makes geographical gaffe, mixes up Peru with Venezuela


Our Co-Reigning AntiChrists: Schumer and Feinstein

China regulates development of new automobiles (green machines)

Massive pollution in Yangtze river can be reversed: scientists - AFP

Lindberg's goal: 1,000 Wilton residents signed up for clean energy (CT)

Proposed S.C. coal-fired plant fires up conservation groups

Duke's earnings sizzle with heat wave:...$100 million in extra profit (NC)

Thumbing your nose at the Devil?

Family farm sets itself apart (homegrown biodiesel, AL)

Utility plan powers worries (electricity deregulation, Ohio)

Exercising my right to dry (clothesline liberation, FL)

Australian town to run on solar power in 2 years (10 MW operating day and night)

Official sees N.E. energy shortage: Not enough terminals, pipelines, regulator says

Government Cannot Halt Oil Incentives, Judge Rules

Great show this morning on CBS's Sunday Morning about solar homes.

US edges towards cap on greenhouse gases

Pollution From China's Coal-Fired Plants Takes Only 5 To 10 Days To Reach US

U.S. Climate Bill Would Pay Farmers to Store Carbon in Soil

Oil crisis exercise bares US ‘impotence’

Six steps to “getting” the global ecological crisis...and they're not really all that hard.

DU's LaLaRawRaw Nominated For Weblog Award. Go Vote!! ( x-post )

Rare Sumatran Tigers Threatened By Palm Oil Plantations.

Amtrak gets more funding

Syrian gov't secrecy left nuclear facility undefended by army (update news)

Turkish soldiers freed after diplomatic push

Top distance runner Ryan Shay dies during marathon Olympic trials

Activists detained in Pakistan emergency

Despite warnings, Bush officials couldn't stop Musharraf

Whistleblowers claim contractor fraud ignored

Tom DeLay targets US liberals in media war

Activists to picket Tesco's first US store

Conservator takes over Cal State 9 credit union ('insolvent')

2007 Toll Nears Highest for US in Iraq

Guatemala Chooses a New President

Mondale endorses Clinton for president

Rice: US will review aid to Pakistan

Kentucky Senator McConnell Below 50% in Re-election Bid

Iraq, With U.S. Support, Voids a Russian Oil Contract

Iraqi Official Gunned Down in Baghdad

Ky. Gov Candidates Trade Ethics Charges (election on Tuesday)

Feisty Media Defied Pak Military Crackdown

Edwards calls global warming moral test

Iraq war was badly planned, says (UK) Army

Pakistan PM Says Up to 500 Detained (Activists, Lawyers Arrested)

ABC News found to be secretly taping reactions to gays kissing in public

Nation's sour mood favours Democrats

Feingold to oppose Mukasey

Interpol weighs putting Iranians on most-wanted list for 1994 Argentine Jewish center bombing

NO EVIDENCE of Iranian nuclear-weapons program, experts say

Thousands perched on rooftops in Mexico floods

Specter Says He Will Back AG Nominee

Last minute meeting underway to avert Hollywood writers' strike

U.S. unions ready to push new laws if Dems win big

Supporters of Venezuela's Chavez and his reforms stage massive march

Study: Gas prices up 16 cents in 2 weeks

Mondale Endorses Clinton for President

I do believe, I'll have one more (I hate everything)

When I was Eith years old, I called in a radio dedication to Christine

When I was eigth years old, I called in a radio dedication to

"Tin Man" new miniseries on SciFi channel..Richard Dreyfuss..looks pretty cool!

*chirp chirp chirp*

Saturday, November 3rd. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Oh Bother

OK. This makes me feel like a curmudgeon, but a kid about

How can a post I just posted show up later in the myposts list than something

Is it now or later?

Would you rather be Cherokee, Sioux, Navajo, or Iroquois?

Birdy Num-Num.

In less than 24-hours I will turn 21.

Someone please get the Ashley Wilkes thread off the top of the Lounge

Anyone else have problems with imgred?

I'm declaring MARVIN LAW!!!

To everyone concerned about apparent "abnormalities" on DU...

Ashley Roachclip....

If You Could Read My Mind....

I have insomnia.

Remind your Republicker acquaintances: Fall Ahead, Spring Back!

If Madona get's in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of fame...

Stupid idea; should I walk/jog to the store to buy those cool shirts?

Oh God, yes! $15 for a long sleeve polyester faux suede shirt! In my colors!!

Has anyone else noticed this?

In honor of the Tater, I set my clock FORWARD.

Attention Ohioans: Your're now in the Central Time Zone

Any Soul Train fans out there?

Here's a mountain nobody's climbed lately...

Post here if you support torturing children

If your working the night shift on Day Light Saving Times. . .

Grrr.... stupid Corel Paint Shop...stupid Toshiba...grr....

JAN BRADY....Marked man?

Teams that play in domed stadiums suck

Graham Chapman's eulogy (Monty Python)..what a riot

Hey Aristus, You had me at "Hark,"

Matcom logic

okay, to hell with politics. tell me something here ...

JAN HAMMER....Marked man?

White wine rules! Convince me to enjoy red, red wine!

Sitcom logic

The X-Files: The Ultimate Collection comes out on Tuesday.

is there anything that would make you wear KISS makeup when you went out?

do you think these guys were influenced by the New York Dolls

People suck!

I bought a pre-order dvd copy of "The Best of the Colbert Report" on ebay!

I vote the world changes their time to GMT.

Foods that should NEVER "go together"

"Low wages (are) creating a surf class."

What's wrong with DU? None of the threads are moving.

Red Hot Lips Talking Radio! Lips move in time with songs or talking! I WANT ONE!

Perogies For Lunch --

Eye Chart

Darth Vader (no not him!) brainstorming session

Colts or Patriots?

The Detroit Lions are clobbering the Denver Broncos!

I don't think this guy is going to be elected Councilor At Large

A Modest Proposal for Microsoft, Apple, and other O.S. makers...

if they did a remake of "deliverance"

Documentary films should be grainy with low quality technology

ashling inspired me. Check out this page...

Give a helping hand to Avabea (granddaughter is ill)

Can you be in love with more than one?


Superbowl 41.5 today! Who will reign supreme?

Ah, the SciFi Channel

23-22! (On edit: Packers WIN!)

sucks to be you

The last bank you'd ever want to be overdrawn from...

Best Red State update EVAH!

I want it!!!! I want it bad!!!!!!

Why is the lounge so slow today?

Today is the day of forms

My cellphone didn't adjust for DST yet

The movie "Rebecca" coming on TCM right now.

an anyone recommend a good human chew toy?

Britney walks into bar, ends up face-to-face with attorney behind K-Fed's custody victory, walks out

I am terrified this morning

It turns out I reeeally like long island iced teas.

Need cat advice

Woohoo! Seattle just scored a touchdown on a 93 yard punt return!

Can anyone recommend a good puppy chew toy?

Calling out Kitchen Witch...

Anybody know if there's a sense of humor in GDP? I see...

Do cats develop fetishes?

Ring Them Bells!

Do you think facial hair is sexy?

Why must liquor contain so much sugar?

Ooh! Ooooh! Look at the cool e-mail I just got!! It's a stock tip!!

A couple of great videos!

Did you know that Rozerem may cause drowsiness?

I need knock knock jokes

I am a lucky KitchenWitch

Chargers - 109 yard TD

Not many songs make me tear up.

Who remembers Silver Christmas trees and color wheels??

Do you use the word "forever"?

The Bizzare Art Thread!

I finally read the final Harry Potter book (maybe spoilers)

my fav. coping mechanism ... KITTENS (photos: dialup warning, too cute warning)

Chicago Bears DID NOT LOSE Today!!!

Like the Red Sox, the Dropkick Murphys on a winning streak

darkstar? Will you PLEASE take your earworm back ....

do you have dishwasher?

Good vibes needed, please

This drumset needs some cowbell!

I'm *really* glad that the Patriots picked today...

Which Indy player payed off the refs?

I need to stop losing weight (yeah, another rant)

Collection agency help

anyone ever build a greenhouse?

How much do you tip when a waitperson meets expectations?

"well I wish I was in New Orleans..."

I can has Lounge vibez plz? :(

My favorite Panda Picture ever.

Practicing for the holidays {dial-up, pic heavy, carnivorous warning}

What's the most pitiful thing you've done this week?

It's Sunday, I've been up for hours.. and it's only 10am!?

My kitty died...

Sad Image: A Mans Best Friend (Caution Image May Be Disturbing For Some)

ARGH Bluetooth!

*** Pic Thread *** (inspired by Maestro)

This year for the Consumerism Holiday - I got an artificial tree.

In celebration of: Steven Wright!

I just ate at the Olive Garden for the first time in my life - ask me anything

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/4/07

ND Sheriff invites 500 people with outstanding warrants to fake Ozzy concert, Osbourne wants apology

The Simpsons?

Wedding Magazine

TOM BRADY....Marked man?

DU's LaLaRawRaw Nominated For Weblog Award. Go Vote!! ( x-post )

School caters to wounded soldiers

Richardson plans $15 billion in veterans care

Low scores spur retooling of Arabic test

No shortage of drama in Academy court-martial

Navy shelves training bomb after accident

Black recruits up 49 percent in fiscal 2007

Elmendorf stands up second Raptor squadron

The Great Radar War Begins

Stuttgart sergeant’s bizarre death leaves family in the dark

Pilots tallying fewer bombings as Iraq hits lull

Colorado Ranchers Angry Over Army Site Expansion

Is the Air Force essential or outdated?

Eve of Destruction --- Barry McGuire

CSPAN caller on what should be played on 9/11

Musharraf Suspends Pakistan's Constitution

How To Waterboard

CSPAN prank calls

It's the End of the World as We know it

Brother Ali -- Uncle Sam Goddamn

the revolution will not be televised

Reese Erlich - What Happens if the U.S. Invades Iran?

10 Questions: Impeachment

Dennis Kucinich Introduce H Res 333 to Impeach VP Cheney

Obama's "Definitional" and "Corker of a Speech" in Spartanburg, SC

Dennis Kucinich-Democracy For America straw poll

SNL: Amy Poehler as Kucinich (Brian Williams: '...the Media has Already Chosen Hillary')

Fox News gets pranked on their 'news'

The fight for Iraq

SNL Democratic Halloween Party at the Clintons.

Bush41 in tears over Iraqi POWs. Defends not invading Baghdad in 91.


Syria bombing a mystery

Syrian gov't secrecy left nuclear facility undefended by army (update news)

Randi rhodes interview wtih Naomi Wolf on the repeat on KLSD

Special Investigations Unit: The Noose

Anyone having problems posting?

Putin decides he'd like to stay in power indefinitely.

Fark does campaign ads for geeks..

There appears to be a tear in the space-time continuum here at DU

And they say Britney Spears has problems, Amy Whinehouse sets new standard

Post your predictions for the FULL Senate vote on Mukasey

Photoblog of the Week - Week of November 4th 2007.

finally . . . some good news! . . .

Any Soul Train fans out there?

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Dogs Want To Rule The World"

Discussion on Pakistan: WJ n/t

Washington Journal

CSPAN - Pakistan's State of Emergency. Chr.Sci Monitor's reporter on now

Great LTTE: A combat veteran's antiwar effort

Any questions?

Ever wonder how many nuclear bombs have been set off? Think it is only a few? A few 100's, maybe?

Time to turn your clocks back!

Mississippi Clarion-Ledger: "Is The U.S. Targeting Dems For Their Beliefs"

Xpost "Oil crisis exercise bares US ‘impotence’" for maximum discussion

NYT's: Bush's Spectacular Failure in Pakistan

Freeper/Fredper speak

Fred Thompson on MTP talking of nuclear threats Pakistan (so far)

Joseph Galloway:What kind of nut wants war with Iran?

Here's a short list of....

Rudy Giuliani On Freedom

2nd year of negative saving for Americans. - Americans' Debt: Why Keep Digging Deeper Holes?

Check out this great web-site

Reason for Colorado to turn blue

Iraqi Official Gunned Down in Baghdad

When we should have impeached we haven't, and it has had long lasting harmful effects to the nation.

"Police wielding assault rifles rounded up opposition leaders and rights activists Sunday.....

Documentary Deftly Fields New Scrutiny Of Corn

Can someone with an understanding of recording real estate public

My cellphone didn't adjust for DST yet

Will America go after the terrorists in Pakistan now that the dictator is no longer in danger?

Why the low approval ratings of Congress mean spit for next year's elections

Déjà vu all over again

Tis another painfully unwatchable Meet The Press this morning

Al Gore Speaks On His Global Vision In Rolling Stone/Nov.15 Edition

300,000 people trapped in their homes by flooding, deja vu

Hyperinflation in heating oil has been ignited

New Poll: Americans Deeply Pessimistic, Eager For Change From Bush's Priorities

E.J. Dionne on THIS WEEK: "Democrats have blown elections before"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Waterboarding Justice

Frank Rich: Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats’ Defeat?

Dianne Feinstein "footprint" America's Empire of Bases

Any Democrat opposed to Mr. Kucinich's impeachment resolution needs to go

Gore a little over 3 points behind Kucinich on DFA pulse poll this Sunday morning

IMO, SNL w/ host Brian Williams was

ABC "This Week" -- interview with Edwards

Bush 41 Gets His News From Fox News; Warns More Bushes May Run For Public Office

GHOULIANI tries shaking KERIK, who just won't let him go!!1

make your own *bush speech..really cool interactive...

Josh Marshalls interview with Dr. Barnett Rubin, world-renowned expert on Afghanistan is incredible!

Sen Russ Feingold to vote against Mukasey

Whistleblowers claim contractor fraud ignored

WHY the surge isn't working. Or, is it???

"From Turkey to Iraq to Pakistan, the mounting chaos proves the White House is just winging it."

Al Gore Interview In New 40th Anniversary Issue Of Rolling Stone

White House looks at details of closing Guantanamo

So, Americans, this "line" that the cops put their lives on.

Has W pushed you farther to the left?

NYT: Even Cut 50 Percent, Earmarks Clog a Military Bill (lots of Murtha mentioned)

Rangel’s Fundraising Soars — Thanks to Corporate America

What will they think of next?

Gov. Perdue’s water meter has been broken for two years

Musharraf Consolidates His Control With Arrests

Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen-By Naomi Klein

CNN--Telegraphing a script for Al Qaeda or whipping the fear for Cheney's fifth column

Faith-based journalism -- coming soon to a town near you

Privatized disaster service: read and weep

One unconfirmed source said both suspects had "army connections".

Industry and the Right Wing

Musharraf Leaves White House in Lurch - NYT

caption *

FReeper thread of the day! "The Incredibile Cowardness of the Christian Right."

Idiots in power of both parties: Americans want politics to move LEFT

A profound comment on our violent culture.

so an associate told me that the NYT confirmed the recount in Florida indicate bush won

Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime

Former Pakistani cricket captain under house arrest

What night was the Daily Show thing of Obama checking out Clinton's derriere at the debate?

Americans Celebrate Christmas in Diverse Ways (early New England Puritans Criminalized it...)

is the justification "for officer safety" inimical to our civil rights?

FOX News says Obama made little girl cry BUT

Well, well, well. Ann Coulter: On the Gay Circuit in West Hollywood

Bill Maher: "I want to crush Republicans into a fine powder and snort them"

PKK captured uning US weapons!

Government Compels Israelis To Return Gas Masks, Now Won't Replace Them

How Low Can They Go?

Intoxicated by the Incense of Power Pakistan Sinks Deeper Into the Night

100-Car Pile Up on Hwy 99 S of Fresno

Name Some Things That You Believe Are Uncompromisable

Biden on Face the Nation now...sorry was as typing he went off

One Hundred Routes to War One Hundred Ways to Hell

What a boob!

Can't the Democrats grow even one ball?

This afternoon I get to hang out with Mayor Rocky Anderson, Mimi Kennedy, and Mary Dickson!

A hippy meets up with a republican rancher....

If you have BBC International there a good discussion

VA: Six Percent of Combat Vets Have Serious Brain Injuries

Once rock solid GOP N. Hampshire flips to Democrats

"if bin Laden wasn't on the payroll of (...) large defense contractors he deserves to have been"

New Dem talking point. If Dems don't vote the money * wants, he's gonna leave troops there without

Is it possible the real Dems used the waterboarding issue to out the DINOs in our party?

Did Bush Cut The Deficit in Half

"CURVE BALL" on 60 Minutes Tonight

What's this about Zoe's Ark that I keep hearing about on CNN?

Jesus wept

Musharraf Adopts Bush-Cheney Doctrine of "Lawfare"

"Undebated Challenges" and "The collapse of Bush's foreign policy"

More on the advantages of having *any* Dem as President

IMHO - failure to formulate a national alternative energy initiative borders on criminal negligence

Bill Richardson using William Kristol (PNAC) article to promote his candidacy

Schools ban on 'hoodies' draws ire

Rice aide, "Thank heavens for small favors" (that Pakistan is distracting from Iraq)

He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.

CINDY SHEEHAN: Leadership Void

Something Xerox is doing for our troops.

No End In Sight [full movie] link.....a must watch

my fav. coping mechanism ... KITTENS (photos: dialup warning, too cute warning)

‘Pakistan’s friends’ should ask US to stop supporting dictator: Asma

Let me tell you what I heard about a DCCC funded candidate

PHOTOS: 1 million homeless in Mexico. I am so proud that Bush went on TV asking for us to help.

"Pit Bull Lovers Hold Talent Show"

sorry but...Brian Williams hosting SNL is part of the problem

Joe Biden proposal re Torture

We can't impeach Bush and Cheney because we have some "Dems" who would vote against it

We have nothing against gays, right?

a quote to make you laugh, or cry, or puke

Senate Committee Cuts Mandatory Funding for Global School Lunch Program

Mukasey Is (Much) Worse Than Gonzales John Nichols

DU the NYT: "NYT' Introduces Comments on Web Stories

The Right Wing is funded by people who have gone off the deep end

That sonofabitch "Curveball" is exposed on "60 Minutes" tonight. See a guy who Bushco trusts.

Diet for a Dying Planet (Living on Earth w/ Vandana Shiva) A Must Read!

How will the MSM play Kucinich's introduction of Impeachment?

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,

State of the World and HUMANITY's FUTURE Poll, Please help out

FYI: Yes, you *CAN* recall a US Senator and/or Congressperson

Passengers revolt after being told to fly on jet with its wing tip missing

Listening to Charley Rangel on C-Span just now...he seems to blame Senate for House Problems!

PAKISTAN jails 500 protesters; Constitution 'temporarily suspended'; elections delayed

If 'waterboarding' is legal, why don't local police use it on suspects in every murder investigation

They Got the (O.C.) Sheriff

State of Virginia demands that man return his "POOFTER" vanity plates after 11 years

DUers interested in the Iran situation: BookTV segment 7pm Eastern.

It's a second coup: Bhutto

Pipe bomb found at Arizona nuclear plant, but officials won't call it terrorism

I just won't support a Dem who is pro choice on torture.

BUGLIOSI for 3 hours on C-SPAN 2. SCOTUS "two right wing loons"

SURPRISE! Pentagon Says Musharrafs "State Of Emergency" No Big Deal

Anyone watching C-Span's Road to WH? I've watched McCain & now Huckabee!

Burma - Buddhism and Power

Link for Fox News false report about Obama

How to help with the Mexican Crisis in the State of Tabasco

Are women as a whole more passive then men?

let's help HISSYSPIT'S IMPEACHMENT KIT stay on front page...

The next American President will:

"Concerned Citizen" Who Told Bush He Should Be "Ashamed Of Himself" Plans To Run For Congress

Musharaff, a US-Backed, Nuclear-Armed Dictator. Who Gives a Crap About Chavez!

I was having some good sex the other night, when some RW'ers burst into my room

THE MEDIA DID THIS TO US-Where is Kucinich?

Freeway blogging so rocks!!

Flyers and Graphics to Promote Impeachment Vote This Week (Kucinich Call-In Monday)

Al Gore Rolling Stone Interview: A Global Leader With a Vision of the Future

I need to stop coming here - I'm too angry.

Full Horror of Waterboarding to Be Demonstrated in DC on Monday

Over 30 anti-war protestors at Morton West High School in Berwyn face expulsion for a demonstration

here is what the FREEWAY BLOGGER inspired us to do...

Indicted in Beating of Gay Couple

My five year old daughter wanted to know what "war" is.

Regarding waterboarding--why don't we call it somthing more descriptive?

As Crisis Deepens, White House Endures Diminished Power to Influence Events

General to GA Middle Schoolers-We Need To Waterboard

Police taser sleeping man

The lead in your kid’s toys is why we can’t support a corporatist candidate for president.

King Tut's face unveiled to world


Traitors now; traitors then. Exactly what weapons were sold to Iran under Reagan/Bu$h?

We lose

If torturing "suspected" terrorists becomes the law US citizens become susceptible to being tortured

Actually, the police don't particularly put their lives on any lines.

Should California Recall Feinstein

I'll bet Bush and Cheney are watching with envy as Musharraf clings to power in Pakistan

Sign this petition: Democratic Donor Strike against the DSCC and DCCC

And people continually ask "Why do you insist on *Marriage*?"

GWB does not get his due here. He is a man of great depth, profundity and commitment.


My Ufo type story: Lights in the Garden - A true story

To those who complain about another Clinton being in the WH, I ask a question:

All DUers that have the impeachment of Richard B. Cheney as a priority check in and say hi

HARPERS: Those Who Are NOT Immunized Need Mukasey The Most: CHENEY, ADDINGTON, RUMMY, etc

So anyway, I was waterboarding one of my kids today

How Can I Support A Party That Condones Torture?

"Red State" haters, you have the luxury of living in a "Blue State"

Nader voters crippled Gore in 2000; now they love him

Friends of Andy, Please Check In --->>>

Please DU this poll!!! Keep an idiot at FR from winning!

Scienctific stereotypes and pseudoscience

If Feinstein and Schumer lived in Canada

Delete. n/t

If you want a better farm policy, Obama's your candidate.

Not the most important political news in the world you'll ever read

Thompson Adviser Has Criminal Past

China's Real Toy Story

The Pinocchio Test: Romney and Giuliani got facts wrong on "Hillary care"

Biden on Face The Nation

the media would tip the scales in favor of Giuliani

Head of "Thompson's Airforce" has multiple drug convictions

Is Feinstein the Democrats' Next Lieberman?

Rudy Giuliani On Freedom

Good news and bad news for Dems in new WP/ABC poll

2008 election countdown (The Bush era ends)

Full story: Kleebs balance politics, family life from last week now posted

WAPO Poll -The Hill 50% -The Ghoul 46% The Hill 52% McCain 43%

About That Misleading Media Study Regarding Obama

Kerry / Edwards - The Swift Boats of 2004

U.S. Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) to Host Discussion on Iran

WA PO / ABC News Poll: 75% "want to chart a course that is different than that pursued by Bush"

fred thompson

I have some ideas on what's going on with Dianne Feinstein...

Please delete

WAPO Poll -The Hill 49% Obama-26% Edwards 12%

Ohio Democrats Hope to Cement 2006 Gains

Is Hillary running away with the race?

WaPo lauds Schumer and Feinstein

DU's being slammed in the weblog awards. Need help from GDP

NYT's Coup of the Week: Who was the Masked Man?

NYT: Is Obama's Biography Our Destiny? (Long, but good read)

New Poll: Hillary Unhurt by Debate Attacks

David Brooks NYT casts Hillary as Col. "You can't handle the truth" Jesep

December 17th, 2003: Dean leads Kerry by 21%

If you think Edwards is not a PRETTY Boy..

Re-Elect Dean/Clark 2008!!!

What can/should be done about earmarks?

New site for real news

How Reliable Are the Early Presidential Polls?

Obama thrills crowd

Coming up this week: Kucinich puts some feet to the fire on impeachment

I should be taping the audio of the Fred Thompson interview on Meet The Press

When asked about UFOs, why couldn't Dennis or someone else just said,

First Katrina and the Levees, Now Atlanta and the Lakes

Don't Forget!!!!! Joe Biden is on "Face the Nation" tomorrow 11/4/07

Do some of us have unrealistic expectations about what Democrats can accomplish in this Congress?

I'm curious - Is Free Republic having the same circular firing squad as DU?

self delete

Obama fine-tunes Hillary distinctions

Clinton in Iowa - says she's 'Tough Enough'

Can we turn the MSM/Republican "Triangulation" meme on its ear?

Gender Card aside; Hillary isn't playing with a full deck

Will Fred T pack it in this week or hang around like Larry C. Fred's Law and Order image

Matthew Yglesias: Team Obama

Hey, that debate really hurt Sen. Clinton in the polls. I'm really concerned.

Is witch a popular Halloween costume? Yes or no? When SNL does a skit about Halloween costume . .

Both Parties Face Angry Public : Survey

What would have been an appropriate costume for Hillary on SNL other than a bride/witch ?

Penna: State's Political Color may DEEP BLUE

Does anyone have a video link of the SNL skit?

Did she say Osama was MURDERED? Well... (Added note for D.U. visitors)

SNL portrays Bill Clinton as a womanizing lech who hates his wife.

Northern Ireland, South Africa in Secret Iraq Peace Talks

Serious question: what is the DLC position on two issues:

London Sunday Times: "Slippery Hillary loses her aura of inevitability"

In a swath running right through the cradle of civilization...

Poll - Americans Pessimistic, Want Change

Thomas Edsall in Huffpo: Giulliani Poised to Launch His Own Version of the "Southern Strategy"

Dodd focuses on experience

ok, so it's January, 2009.

The Economist Poll- The Hill 45% Obama 21% Edwards 16%

the witch triaLs of saLem

Yes, calling Hillary a witch really is sexist.

If they had dressed Obama up as a ghost and referred to him as a SPOOK

Frank Rich: Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats’ Defeat?

Media Matters: Fox News' Megyn Kelly acknowledges "Obama makes little girl cry" teaser was not true

witch's teet is anti-pagan

One year to go in US presidential race

Remember the Conterfeiting In the 80's?

For those of you who ask "Is it sexist to call a man a (Blank)?"...

Pakistan turmoil. Another reason why Biden is the best option

The Audacity of Irony

I'm perpetually offended by

I went to the Equality NC conference and gala yesterday

Unsurprisingly, Mondale endorses Hillary. HRC camp writes the very familiar sounding endorsement.

Since the SNL sensitivity police are in overload mode right now, how'd you miss the "half Mexican"

Is it sexist to call a woman a witch?

Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Frightened

Are you a sexist?

11/04/07 Top Tier Straw Poll

Choice for President Bracket polling #2

Bracket Face Off #3: Edwards for Richardson

11/04/07: 2nd Tier Straw Poll

Gender card, race card; it's all just the MSM

Want to get rid of Inhofe ( R- Exxon)?

Is it me, or is Dobbs having problems?

Some questions to consider for 2008...

Raise your hand if an SNL skit is far less important to you than...

IRAN War Talk: Apocalypse for GOP Political Fun and Profit

Jesus is apparently very angry that a female portrayed Kucinich on SNL.

Clinton puts her war room on attack

Bracket Face Off #4: Biden vs Dodd

Much snark and truth - Maureen Dowd latest

General Electric's SNL & Obama on Hillary: "She's a witch!" A little misogynistic?

Obama or Edwards- Who makes better use of empty slogans?

Tim Grieve of Clinton campaign "routinely" sends out oppo-research on opponents.

So the "The MSM is biased in favor of Hillary" meme is disproven.

Tom DeLay targets US liberals in media war

When it comes to politics, I prefer realism over fantasy.

WAPO Poll -62% Think Clinton Electable 15% Think Obama Electable 14% Think John Edwards Electable

Edwards thrives on love of family, justice, South

Edwards' interview on ABC This Week

I'm hearing Hillary has a war room to smear and distort other

What Biden would do if Musharraf were "taken out"

Biden: White House has put the country in a tough spot on Pakistan

Edwards' Education Plan: "Restoring the Promise of America's Schools"

Kucinich: “I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his (Bush’s) mental health.”

Senator Biden on Face the Nation

Mark Penn sends sweet kisses to Edwards and Obama supporters

OK. Say the election is between Giuliani and Clinton ... who wins?

SNL uses a female cast member to play Kuccinich..

Today's Talking Point: Attacking HRC Is Misogynistic


I bought a BUDDY Poppy, the vet and I had a good cry

Former Vice President (Mondale) to endorse Clinton

Kucinich Schedules Nationwide Call-in Monday to Address Cheney Impeachment Measure

The press isn't in love with Democrats, it's in love with Barack Obama.

Obama attacks Hillary with a line Republicans used against Kerry

John Nichols: Kucinich's Challenge

Edwards on ABC double talking alien drivers's license issue

In your opinion is Pakistan a foe or friend?

Some, not all but some, of the criticism of Hillary Clinton is blatant sexism

Edwards: Senator Clinton Must Take A Stand On Peru Trade Deal

Voices grow louder in the anti-Clinton chorus

I've Imagined Barack as President

Bracket Face Off #1: Clinton vs. Gravel

DU's LaLaRawRaw Nominated For Weblog Award. Go Vote!! ( x - post)

Dennis needs to answer about whether or not he's following the UFO instructions, and what they are.

I will apologize about my criticisms of Hilary IF.....

DU 1,000+ challenge poll of all announced Democratic candidates (11-4-2007)

The Dutch point of view on American elections