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Archives: November 3, 2007

Voter Fraud That Isn't: Tricks of the Voter Suppression Trade

Where the housing crisis is worst

With an Entire State Under Water, Calderón Has Troops Searching Cars for Drugs Instead of Helping

Privacy Groups Propose Do-Not-Track List

Shirley Smith: No Attorney General? Frankly, Sir, We Americans Don't Give a Damn


Oil market is out of our control, says Opec

'Indian Americans for Hillary 2008' formed

A Potential Theme for Edwards? "The Politics of Unity" vs. "The Politics of Division"

Spoiled Brats Clash with Police!

Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen

Osama, read it and weep

Study: Right whales face pollution threat

British Telecom Forays Into Wind Energy Production

Intriquing technology: Inflatable solar reflectors

Solar firms encounter silicon gap

Crest of a wave (wave power pilot project)

Welcome to the Isle of Wight: yachting mecca, tourist haven ... and eco trailblazer

Trasoff (Tucson councilwoman) wants to make new city homes solar-ready

Green acres (an 8 acre solar plant that is)

Solar plant to be built near (California) Nevada border

Electric car breakthrough may be near

Fact check: Giuliani's cancer stats

Bush strategy: bash Democratic Congress

A&E pulls Dog's show 'for foreseeable future'

'USAF struck Syrian nuclear site'

Reviews clears finances of Katz (Gov. Jon S. Corzine's former girlfriend) union local

Schumer in a ‘Tough Spot’ After Supporting Mukasey

Osama, read it and weep

Jewish group protests death camp concert

Study ties time shift, pedestrian deaths

Suit Dropped Against Dockworkers' Union

U.S. Navy starts exercises in Gulf waters

Pipe Bomb Locks Down Ariz. Nuke Plant

FCC schedules Seattle hearing on media-ownership rules

Bush Administration Blocked Waterboarding Critic

Citigroup Chief Is Set to Exit Amid Losses

Vitter may be forced to testify

Global food crisis looms as climate change and fuel shortages bite

Judge booted for flipping coin to decide

Teamsters Back Interstate Bakeries Bid (Ho Hos, Twinkies)

(Schwarzenegger) not interested in U.S. Senate

WGA Strikewatch: Federal Mediator called in

Rice faces tall order mending fences in TurkeyStory Highlights (Street protestors: "Terrorist Rice"

Has there ever been a Sly Stone appreciation thread on DU? Regardless, DANCE TO THE MUSIC...

Ok-Ok- Happy Friday!

This boomer is on his 3rd bourbon

OK I fucking hate the CAPS LOCK key

OMFG! This is HUGH! I'm SERIES! "Britney Spears papers show lavish spending, no savings"

Is it ever possible to redeem yourself after using the N word?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Mendocino Winter Seasonal Imperial IPA

Peyton Manning sure knows how to pick 'em

45 years old and I have my first office!!

Appreciation for the anonymous South African woman in TJ's

Oooh, too much hand lotion.


Here's a tip. Don't EVER use Winamp 5.5's Auto-tagging function.

Is cheerleading a snort?

I am so drunk .....ask me anything

anyone here have facebook?

35 years old and I have my first orifice!!

There is a first time for everything

Leather or Lace?

Are you blocking me?

Anyone need stalker...

Is charioteering a sport?

What Is Your Favorite Goofy Word To Say or Write?

Someone tried to put a troll at the end of my driveway

Is cheerleading a sport?

Good night

Scared to make my first trip to a dog park

How many GOP sexual hypocrites and predators can you name from this past year?



Who is George Bush's favorite President?

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for Topo Gigio

The critters have gone to bed, guess I should too (critter pic)

Who likes Black Rock City?

Are you seeing this rock band on faux suxs right now?

Female Trouble on Sundance.....!!....

Silly question: is anyone else addicted to Frommer's guides?


Sales of Hybrids Up 30% in October


Shitty night tonight. Feeling PMSish and depressed.

Any Spanish speakers out there who learned it late in life? What way is best.

I've run out of apples and the beagle is pissed.

Super Duper Weenie!!1!!

Does Anyone Here feel a touch of the muse?

I am so anything .....ask me drunk

Is drinking a sport?

Butcher The English Language

CrossPost from Pets: My dog's blown his knee out. (pics - NOT graphic)

Living in a new city kinda sucks

MLS Playoffs: Houston Dynamo

Ok. I owe you all (well some of you) an apology...

A sharing thread...

Oooh, too much hand lotion.

reveal something embarassing about yourself

God will forgive me and no jury will convict me: My son is

Woo-hoo! Channel 8 -- KGW Portland (NBC) is now using my film reviews on their website!

Update - my cousin & the twins. Sad.

Post a POWER POP video!

Sarah Holmes, Lance Corporal (UK)

Whitehouse Halloween Party SuperNews!

MIR: Good Kurds, Bad Kurds

Are Today's Politicians Too Cautious?

George W Bush And The Have Mores

Important Message from 1976 about the Environment

Andy Kaufman on the abuses of mainstream media and the frailty of the human intellect.

What Europeans Think Of AMERICA!

Giuliani on Biden: What Foreign Policy Experience?


Why You Can't Be Afraid of "Islamo-Fascism"

The Thoughts of a Fast Food Panderer.

Bush Administration Blocked Waterboarding Critic

Giuliani seeks skills down on the farm...(pic)

Are you blocking me?

Watching Godfather 2

They are criminals.


Mukasey...Democrats Have the Votes

David Sirota: Halloween & The Lead Monster

Liar, liar, (Giuliani's) pants on fire

Judge booted for flipping coin to decide

Sen. Sherrod Brown: New Leadership Needed at the Consumer Product and Safety Commission

To Prep us for Dennis' Privilaged Resolution to impeach Dick...

In pictures: Faces of Battle (BBC) {some unsettling photos at the link}

Kucinich Lends Hand To Manufacturing Workers

Forty Six Billion more tax dollars for war profiteers or BY GOD!

Effort to Save Everglades Falters as Funds Drop

As long as I'm on the subject of Feinstein and Schumer supporting Mukasey (and thus waterboarding)

Carl Bernstein Raps Celebrity News

Respect, Integrity, Trust

Rudy's statistics for surviving cancer were

November 3.... National Day of Climate Action.... Step It Up 2007

If anything, this Mukasey thing should teach those who think any DEM WILL DO

Flooding traps 300,000 in Mexico

Media Consolidation ....... Republican Chair of FCC wants to allow more consolidation

Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown again.

Jon Elliot going OFF about Schumer and Feinstein Caving in!!!

A million people need to go to Washington DC on Monday

You know what? I like San Francisco values

Exclusive: Only Three Have Been Waterboarded by CIA

priceless mae west quote

Romney says Sen. Clinton 'intern' ad not meant to invoke scandal

Two links to release of presidential papers

Dog the bounty hunter is in trouble for being racist...what about fat limpballs?

*'s accomplishments, per Dana Perino:

David Brooks was incredible today -

Next time Tim Russert asks about a candidates favorite Bible verse

Does anyone remember the truck that was near a nuclear plant a few months ago?

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Joe & Valerie Wilson on now

My email to Diane Feinstein, re: Mukasey

Best reason to go to Swarthmore College--the Friday night shuttle to the liquor store

Schumer & Feinstein - Principled stands behind their votes? Why then dump news late Friday?

In no way are we experiencing "debates".

Kakistocracy in America

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Freeper paranoia at its' best

Sexist/Gender Slurs, Racial Slurs

This Republican Voter Group on CSPAN2 is just crackin me up!

That was a good Bill Maher.

How fitting - It's the Day of the Dead

Marc Maron was awesome the other day filling in for Randi


What Can The USA no longer afford?

Abortion, Immigration, Gay Marriage, Muslim "extremists"

bill Maher for President?

Has John Edwards' Moment Arrived? - Time

Requiem for the Last American Soldier to Die in Iraq

Virginia judge removed from bench after flipping coin to decide case, pants-dropping incidents

If Louisiana or Florida could go first in the primaries all ethanol would be from sugar cane

IF (only {your rep here} had a backbone)

Dennis Miller is on O'Reilly

If torture is a war crime, and it is, what does one call the mass slaughter of a million

Obama: "No doubt if we consolidate the Black vote, that would have a profound shift..."

My dad's (a Goldwater Republican) letter to Dianne Feinstein regarding Mukasey

Richard Belzer: "...there is more evidence for UFOs than WMDs, Hussein's involvement in 9/11"

We can not fight alone.


dont be worried about america

Now that Real Time is over, I can take my eyes off the television...

There is still time to camp out at DiFi's and Schumer's is TUESDAY.

Canadian economy 'decoupling' from U.S. ($1 = $1.07 U.S.)

Is it legal to waterboard our soldiers if they are captured? Why hasn't any Senator asked that

Senior Bush Official Had Himself Water-Boarded, Found Practice "Terrifying" And Tortuous

Bush attorney general nominee gets key Democratic support

Bush Vetoes Water Resources and Development Act

"If America's 1% are so rich that even a 5 star hotel isn't good enough, it's time to bring back ...

John Dean's last thoughts on Mukasey before "another sad concession to...Bush"

That does it!! I'm leaving the Democratic Party

US Army Contracting Alarms Panel

They folded the flag at my Grandfather's funeral this morning, and I'm proud of it.

Wow! Here is a picture where * doesn't look totally goofy.

Need a .jpg image of bush!

I smell nazi germany once more

Evidence against former astronaut tossed (AP)

This week's Catholic Pedophile Priest incident

This country is broken beyond repair.


Class - How to start a wild fire - Hillary

Valerie and Joe on Bill Maher right now

Strike "Waterboarding" From Your Vocabulary - PARTIAL DROWNING INTERROGATION

The US Dollar continues to plummet...

Realistically, does Gore have the best chance of winning?

Advertisers Pull Out of Paper That Printed Same-Sex Marriage Notice

if the dems had blocked Mukasey, he would have been forgotten just like Ted Olson

John Dean SOUNDS PERILOUS ALARM...about Senate Confirming Mukasy without "Special Prosecutor"

Dear Democratic Leaders, Is there anything that you people believe is worth fighting for?

I just wanted to say this RE: Schumer/Feinstein

The threats to my marriage

Did you know this about Giuliani? Yikes!

Global Food Crisis Begins! Food riots, soaring price in Third World. Biofuels, Global Warming Hit!

Feinstein and Schumer, may God have mercy on your miserable souls

Major NY Times Exposé of Giuliani-Kerik-Mob Corruption! "they kissed his cheek"

World War II Interrogators Denounce Administration (re: torture)

Wisconsin Teacher Protests No Child Law

What do you think of Political Correctness on DU?

US Sales of Hybrids Up 30% in October

Book TV Schedule: November 3rd - 5th

In 2005 Schumer took women's rights off the table....right out loud.

Has DiFi EVER done anything where she hasn't considered how

Why are Edwards supporter's posts so obnoxious?

Is Clinton playing the gender card?

This may give Edwards and Obama supporters hope, dick morris thinks hillary can be stopped in Iowa

India high on US presidential hopefuls' radar

CNN reported on Obama's missed Senate votes, but ignored McCain's

Should Congress impeach Dick Cheney?

The "extremely difficult" world of DINO Schumer, w/ a soupçon of DiFi's "Mukasey's not Gonzales"

Giuliani squeezes the 'farm' vote...

Did you hear Biden's smackdown of Giuliani in NH yesterday?

With the ongoing shit in California with the electoral vote splitting initiative,

When Bush said that , "we are addicted to oil"...

Memos Prove Rumsfeld Directed Psychological Terror Campaign

Which candidate do you match up with? Take this survey to find out.

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (11-2-07)

Who has CREDIBLE FACTS concerning Clinton's ability to release papers?

From the Desk of Donald Rumsfeld........

BBC NEWS -Rice subpoenaed in spying trial

Schumer And Feinstein To Civilized World: Drop Dead

Harvard's research center and "Project for Excellence in Journalism" study: Media has liberal bias

A candidate advocates IMPEACHMENT in a national televised debate and is ignored

Obama Launches New Attack Line: Clinton Copies My Votes

Obama's Response to Ghouli's iran remarks.

I don't know about other Californians, native or otherwise but

Barack Obama in Manning, SC

The real survey on the candidates and how you measure them....

Two campaign emails show the converging messages of political battle

got this e-mail from Barbara Boxer............

This BB in a Box Car is Bouncing with a Final Direction to Joe Biden.

Biden has the perfect strategy... other dems should follow if they want to compete with Hillary

Why Obama Matters

Biden as a non-candidate - 9/10/01

Clinton Retreats on Issue of Men vs. Woman

Do you support giving "gender cards" to undocumented aliens?

Does not giving drivers licenses to Illegal aliens stop them from driving?

Clinton says Russert was "Breathtakingly" misleading

Biden is officially my second choice

Where Were You, Mr. Schumer?

Please don't tell me that race and gender "shouldn't matter." The fact is, they do.

Poll: Driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants?

VPR: "Dean supports rotating regional presidential primaries"

Joe. My. God.: Obama "We had a controversy A WHILE BACK"

Herbert: Worsening the Odds (Dying Uninsured)

Crashing the blogosphere's party

The Nation: Is The Government Finally Scrutinizing The Death Penalty?

Sen. Feinstein: Judge Mukasey has my vote

Loyal to Kerik, Giuliani Missed Warning Signs

Former high-level officials challenge the conventional explanation of how and why.. Richard Clark


“Propaganda of the deed,” a phrase attributed to the Italian revolutionary Carlo Pisacane

If you weren't depressed enough here's DARPA's Urban Challenge Video's

It’s Time to Fire Washington! by Debbie Lewis

NYT Magazine: Is (His) Biography (Our) Destiny?

Make Immigration Legal

Dispatches from the Other Side of Despair

Sunshine Laws to Track European Lobbyists

The Boys from Baghdad: Iraqi Commandos Trained by U.S. Contractor


Richardson calls for sanity toward Iran again -- again -- again

Tom Joad Says,

Ten Reasons Why American Healthcare is so Bad!

Behind the Facade of Incompetence

Regarding Media. (the waterboarding debate)

thoughtful summary of competing forces in Iraq: Strategic Drift in Iraq

Mystery of the Missing Meters: Accounting for Iraq's Oil Revenue


Has the U.S. met its match in airport-security craziness? Plus: NASA's pilot survey coverup.

Waterboarding: Don't Ask. Don't Tell. SHOW.

Turkey to U.S.: Drop Your Orientalist Lens

India wants old soldiers to earn stripes saving tigers

AlterNet: What It Will Take to Build a Sustainable U.S.

Totally Cool Nylon Shopping Bags From My Favorite

Man wants to add (wind) power tower to forest of poles (NIMBY nonsense, AZ)

Northern California Home To Largest Geothermal Field

Coal power not economical, environmental groups say (AR)

Build an open source, universal nut sheller (for peanuts) video reduce carbon too

CO2 rules still in the air (Nevada coal plants)

Ecoenerg/EAB to build largest Czech wind farm

Philippines: "politics should be set aside ... to find alternative energy sources"

Maine wind farm wins state agency OK

Mexico's Katrina

Getting way too many Christmas catalogs in the mail?

Anyone know how to set up a charcoal-making pit for terra preta production?

Our climate's changing, and so are hardiness maps (Maine)

Scientific American: Is a Green Revolution Finally Blooming in Africa?

Rating the Presidential Candidates on Iraq; Another Agonizing Year Ahead (Rudy - most dangerous)..

In Guatemala runoff, echoes of past linger

Ford, UAW Reach Tentative Contract Deal

Iraq Defector "Curveball" Reportedly Identified

Dept. of Homeland Security Relaxes Chemical Plant Storage Rules: Chemical industry lobbyists pleased

Iraq says no one can stop Kurdish rebels

Loyal to Kerik, Giuliani Missed Warning Signs

USAF Struck Syrian Nuclear Site

Pakistan's Musharraf Declares Emergency

Pakistan's Musharraf Declares Emergency

Bush vetoes water-projects bill

Iraq vows to arrest Kurd rebel leaders

PAKISTAN Musharraf declares state of emergency, jams TV

Citigroup Chief Is Set to Exit Amid Billions in Losses

Thousands Return to Safer Iraqi Capital

Bush Compares Democrats in Congress to Those Who Ingored the Rise of Hitler and Lenin

NHS march draws thousands (UK)

Bhutto flying back to Pakistan from Dubai - husband

White House has asked President Musharraf to quit the army office before he is sworn in as the presi

Va. Dems sued for $1M for ad

Agriculture giant Cargill recalls ground beef

Senator accuses Bush of paying lip service to vets' needs

Romney Wants Help for Displaced Workers

Clinton says criticism goes with lead

Bolivia's Morales Recounts Police Abuse

Iraq: Female U.S. Soldier Killed (Roadside Bomb in Baghdad)

Union leaders expect CBS News writers to back strike

Military action still an option with Iran, Cheney says in Dallas

Iraqi President's Wife in Secret Visit to UK

Indonesian volcano 'has erupted'

Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire

Obama: Cheney "the Crazy Uncle in the Attic"

Pakistan TV stations off air amid emergency speculation

Middle school teacher arrested in Mexico after allegedly fleeing with boy, 13.

Clinton presses for WH papers: "(Hillary) didn't know what (Russert) was talking about."

I Sneezed. How May I Change The World?

According to GD, the world is going to end some time next week!

Friday Night Music Montage from Texas Kaos...

This is sooo fucking cool!!!

I'm sorry....

Britney runs over ANOTHER effing foot...this one attached to an L.A. County Sheriff

Must-see YouTube clip: Lee Ritenour & Steve Lukather "Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers"

Need a bit of help here...

I just want to celebrate

40 Interesting Facts You Will Never Need to Know

In the shop the other day. Four minute video - metal music


We need a "sex" forum. Like: I'm having trouble finding my GFs G spot do they really exist?

I Sneezed. How May I Change The World?

OK, could I have a bigger headache right now? Uh......

I was thinking Kucinich might be a Republican....

You never know what you'll find in an antique store...

Dammit, I'm craving a curry.

Now I feel safe... NOT!!!

Please Help-What should I make for a gift?

Are YOU afraid to go to You Tube? C'mon...Fess Up!!

Dammit, I'm craving a woman.

What Is More Important In this world than

Are You More Like Fred Flintstone or Barney Fife?

I like omelets (discussion) first thing in the morning.

Going to see Helen Thomas tonight!!!!!

This is MY problem with the Spider-Man movies:

You are a terrible, terrible person and I

"an uncanny talent for weird bacterial sex"

What's Apple going to do when it runs out of cat names?

Boston, MA weather news people are predicting RAIN!! ~ OMFG! I'm going to DIE!!!

What a rude awakening this morning.


I just got an email for a 'Free Rachael Ray Chef Package'.

Never mind Shelby Scott, how about Don Kent. We need him to

I need to become more like "The Tao Of Steve".

i was about 5 years old when i first became aware of KISS

Kittehs are tombstoning

I need to become more like "The Tao Of Booze".

I need to become more like "The Tao Of Pooh".

When I was unemployed, I didn't get sick at all...

Daylight Saving Time appreciation thread!!!

I love the smell of popcorn in the afternoon . . .

Thank you, Big Ten Network

It had to be you

So, with the tail end of a hurricane here...

Post a Paisley Underground video!


Forgive me if this has been covered (I haven't had much online time lately) Is Kitchen Witch OK?


Leave Hillary Alone!!!

One Year...

I think I've become a Pile of Poo....


Cute Guardian story today: The recycled teenagers

Breaking On CNN... Barack Obama Admits To Being A HOMO SAPIEN

Dammit! The James Bond collector sets are down to $35 each.

When YouTube will not do.....there's GodTube....

Loving the remastered Star Treks

Radio Lady Asks The DU Lounge: Who is this? (PHOTO)

My show's coming on in about fifteen minutes

I went to the grocery store this morning

DST Debate Thread!!!

597 to 65536, asketh me anything!

I made it to 200 smokes!

anyone have a good clean picture of grovelbot?

I haven't slept, therefore, I am

Unreal Torunament 4, surely?

Click it.. you won't be disappointed

"The Mist"

Notre Dame and Nerbraska are bowl eligble

Anyone else have African Dwarf Frogs?

Go Navy!!!

This ones from Mary Ellen Moffit

Don't Forget! Set your clocks one hour laterally tonight

My kids and I made a LOLcat of one of our kitties

Mmmm...SmartGround Taco/Burrito flavor...

feline asthma?

Help me choose a movie for tomorrow night...

Paging lizziegrace: I'm sorry

the Axis of Evil finger puppets

I made it to 200 posts!

I am in "setting up a wireless network hell" I tell you.

Saturday, November 3rd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Irish people gravitate toward me

i had to go to dinner last night. with people. and socialize.

This is absolutely disgusting! And not for the faint of heart. (Don't worry no photos)

I made it to 200 snakes!

Happy 1st Birthday, BabyCoffee!

Got Breast Milk? Iowa mom runs classified ad to sell spare output $2/oz

Picture Thread: Show us your bellybutton!

Let's form our own Spice Girls!

When re-heating food, what methods other than microwave do you use?

Today's College Football Thread

My new goal in life is to win a DUzy Award. Tell me what it will take.

WTF?? My Idiot neighbors have a...

I would like to dedicate this, my 20,000th post, to a MOST worthy DUer.

Wrestling Fans: We lost another one. . .

Who takes care of the caregiver?

Would you rather be Swedish, Nowegian, Danish, Finnish or Dutch?

I'm declaring MARTIAN LAW!!!!

I spoke with Gary Gygax on the phone (creator of D&D)......

Winter Hours

There are 3 cats on the dashboard in a van parked on the street.

Poll: Do you know that by setting the Clocks back tonight it will be the "Correct" Time?

Best athletic performance while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

I think this is a kitty hint

So I walked into the local comic shop today....

Don't forget to kick your cocks back tonight!

Funny Vista Sucks video

I like sex (discussion) first thing in the morning.

Stories From the Road: Cheryl

Why am I awake? I'll tell you why I'm awake.

Just rescued a little chickadee in the hallway of my apartment.

Youtube has stopped working for me.

movies never released on home video or DVD

Artists of All Kinds: Has your creativity every abandoned you? How did you get it back?

Language Police Tip of the Day: No such thing as being totally decimated

We are totally out of danger (have been for days) Why am I so tired

Ohio State beats Wisconsin-Madison 38-17

Don't Forget! Set your clocks one hour forward tonight

I just spent an obscene amount of money on a pair of jeans. Ask me anything

Would you still use Canola Oil if it was called

Working at TRADER JOE'S?

ALERT! This is HUGH!!!!!1111 Why Trampolines are Dangerous!!!!11111

What was the name of the Star Trek episode...

VA says 6 percent of combat vets have TBIs

Gates: Iran probably knows of bombs to Iraq

Ex-Redstone official charged with bribery

Hard Corps

Hampton nuke probe spurs larger inquiry

Judge tosses interview, search in Nowak case

Tarawa ESG, 11th MEU to deploy

Pilot, co-pilot eject in T-45 crash

Minot commander eyes rebuilding reputation

Latest shipment of MRAPs go to priority Army units

Promised Army funds tied up in Congress

Three major USFK medical units redesignated

Ederle eyes $500M construction boom

Sasebo asks for help with drought

For Soldiers’ Families, Battles Are Not Far Off

Iraq says US behind in arms deliveries

Missile Kills 5 in Northwest Pakistan; U.S. Denies Attack

The Air Force Cover-Up of That Minot-Barksdale Nuke Missile Flight

'National embarrassment,' says Cafferty: 1.8 million veterans without healthcare

How dangerous is Marine counter-intelligence in Iraq?

New MRAPs roll into Baghdad

Air Force’s ‘Fit to Fight’ leads to rising trend in airmen being discharged

Dennis Kucinich - AAI National Leadership Conference 3

Dennis Kucinich - AAI National Leadership Conference 2

BUSH CRAZY (Carter: "Must have been misquoted.")

Maher: I Want to Smash Repubs into Fine Powder & Snort Them

Getting a Grip on Money and Politics by Frances Moore Lappe

Bill Maher New Rules: "In America, It's the Haves and Been-Hads"

Floods in Mexico Signs of Global Warming

Bill Maher: "Can't the Dems Grow Just One Ball?" (w/ Markos)

French Revolution and Bush Politics of Fear...

Barack Obama in Manning, SC


Dennis Kucinich - AAI National Leadership Conference 1

Olbermann apologizes, then awards Giuliani Worst Person trifecta

Stephen Colbert Presidential Campaign Song

Bill Moyers On Impeachment Of Bush & Cheney

Sugarland Texas Stepped it up for Mother Earth

Bill Moyers: Dispensationalism And the Coming war With Iran...

The Exciting Fred Thompson

Run, Granny, Run! The Granny D. vs. Gregg Debate

Oliver North So Eager To Attack Iran, He Gets The Facts Wrong

Bill Maher: Jeremy Scahill on Threat of Blackwater

Real Time With Bill Maher - Full Episode

Real Time: The Wilsons' Interview

Bush + Deluded Christian Thought = Impending Catastrophe #1...

I Sneezed. How May I Change The World?

Peace Babe

Here is one that may sound strange to many of you

We are dangerous, I guess. (we're going to be responsible for deaths)

Ex-JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr's fiancee has a 3-year-old daughter

USA Men's Olympic Trials (Nov. 3)

Financial and Political Future Predictions.

Operation Diamondback -- Like we need another one of these -- !!!!

I ate all the candidates for president, and found my own

Ready for your morning chuckle? McCain says rivals aren't qualified to deal with torture, war

When Did Americans Stop Looking At The Big Picture

Diane and Chuck might ask the new AG if he thinks it would be okay if...

You know what really pisses me off?

It's too bad we couldn't have a "Reader's Digest" version of DU for our C-Critters

Jane Smiley: Bush Is Right To Worry If Waterboarding Is Defined As Torture

Police Search for Missing Illinois Woman

al-Qaida's No. 2 Threatens Libya (Someone has a serious death wish)

FBI Knew of O.J. Simpson Plan in Advance

New Leadership Now!

A caller, Ed Schultz, the second question, and the 52% approval for war with Iran...

Boston artist hops on the propaganda train

Medea Benjamin: "George Bush & CODEPINK Women For Peace"

Mexico's Katrina

Republican focus group for primaries on CSPAN2...interesting on several levels

OK, could I have a bigger headache right now? Uh......

Maker of Lipitor Digs In to Fight Generic Rival

CNN reported on Obama's missed Senate votes, but ignored McCain's

On Morning Joe, Kudlow falsely asserted that Democrats want to "rais[e] taxes across the board"

CSpin 1 Ed Epstein from Congr. Quart. on Nancy Pelosi

Washington Journal. Writer talking about Pelosi's first year

Bush: Iraqis Are 'Taking Back' Iraq

Judge Henry Kennedy is expected to issue an order early next week. (WH missing e- mails)

Young US voters may get scoop in 2008

Seven Years in the Dark Ages.

What's with this "E-Rock" and "E-Ron" business?

Bush & Blair Holocaust Commission

George Monbiot: Bring on the Recession

for your information-"the enemy in our hands"-

FBI Hoped to Follow Falafel Trail to Iranian Terrorists Here

No hockey forum?

Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime - WaPo

Please DU this poll

A good news story after fire disaster

Tucker Carlson says: "Thanks for watching my show...all eight of you."

Press writes off Hillary, public disagrees

Just how fucked are we? OFFENSIVE POLL

Blitzer cited "this notion that the Democrats are weak when it comes to national security"

On CNN, West said waterboarding is "not torture," claimed, "[Y]ou wake up feeling fine the next day"

Hmmmmmm I can't believe,wait yes I can...

NY Times: Law barring college aid to pot offenders should be repealed

My Other President Is Sailboarding.

Time for another "Sense of the Senate" Resolution:

Is Pakistan and ally or foe of Iran? Would Pakistan nuke Iran for us? n/t

What about the military families

CNN advertising Sicko as the comedy film of the year

Why didn't the Senate Dems show videotapes of waterboarding techniques to Mukasey?

Hemp:Marijuana + Bernie Sanders on Air America Radio Nov 2.

valerie plame on npr's "wait, wait, don't tell me" now

DOJ experienced Waterboarding---then said it was torture, then WH shut him up:

Jane Smiley: Bush Is Right to Worry If Waterboarding Is Defined as Torture

A MAGAZINE just for DUer's............(pic)

"Democracy in Pakistan" What does it look like?

Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans

Bu$h says he doesn't torture.... if he told one little truth he'd burst into flames... LINK>>>

STRATFOR: BREAKING: Bhutto in on Musharraf's martial law plan- and much much more

Anyone think that bush has a hand in the pakistan situation?

Are Republican leaders born hypocrites or do they choose that lifestyle?

Tests show that Texas "goat sucker" is a coyote

deleted -- for sourcing problem

We should waterboard the shit out of each other

Swift-boaters are bribing and/or screwing Seattle, looking for Corporate Welfare (re: Sonics)

Freerepublic getting about 1/3 the number of hits it got 2 years ago

Good luck to the people of Pakistan. The majority are caught in

Weissman's law:

Tropical Storm to hit Greenland?

Cheney’s office responds to Chavez slip-up (but only one of two explanations makes sense)

Is anyone else worried that "Rome" was the most expensive tv show in history...

"RENT-A-SPIES"-Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire

Is anyone else worried that Rome was in the Italian peninsula just before it fell?

If You and your family Was Faced With Starvation

Dick Does Dallas ---pix--->>>

Teacher Arrested in Mexico, Boy Released

My mom voted for Bu$h......

Is it just me or is the DU running really slow today?

Working at COSTCO...?

DKos Post: Tom Davis and Wife Shake Down Federal Contractors for Her State Race

Arnold calls for state of emergency in Riverside Co. - wind

Valerie Plame's on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and..

Soldiers Return, but for Families, Iraq Battlefields Are Not Far Off

Hey Congress: The Admin is FULL OF TRAITORS. This is TREASON!

is it time to begin educating the unwashed masses about our candidates?

Merrill Lynch may be pulling an Enron?


Poppadum preach: Curry being touted as an alternative medicine, healing food

Is anyone else worried that people made up the citizens of Rome just before it fell?

After 7 years of this disaster, and the presidential race between Dem and repug is neck to neck

South Carolina Cops versus the First Amendment

It's 20 degrees colder than last Saturday and ...

C-SPAN: More is better

Masharraf swears in his own NEW SC justice (old one removed from office)

PHOTOS: Pakistan emergency

Is Bhutto in Pakistan?

Newsweek: Clinton Maintains Her '08 Lead

Hillary's Card, Obama's Card, and Bush's Card

Wal Mart in trouble with Chinese law for treatment of workers

Musharraf Declares Emergency Rule - Not Good

Questions Christian voters need to ask themselves


PAK newspaper: General Musharraf's Second Coup

Pakisan: Constitution suspended, (new SC justice swarn in)

Bush's 2003 statement on torture by "rogue regimes"

The beach erosion in Florida is stunning.

Torture needs to represent Critical Mass

Ray McGovern: Iraq’s Early Vietnam Moment

* urges swift confirmation of Mukasey

CNN Out of Holy(?) Land

It's all the abortions.. That's what's causing the immigration mess!

anyone have a guess what the US response is going to be to the Pakistan crisis?

fast food hits NKorea!

"The avalanche has begun. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."

Anti-war protesters... I have some really good news for you!

In opposition to Abstinence only

Fuel Fraud Latest In Army Contracting Woes

DoJ Official Experienced Waterboarding, Told WH It Is Illegal, Was ‘Forced Out’

Veepstakes 08: Bayh, Strickland, or Warner?

Should the Democrats bring up the weak dollar

'USAF struck Syrian nuclear site'

Army's Prime Salesman of Counterinsurgency Manual Seeks to Defend Stolen Scholarship

Democrats Stand Back as War Funding Continues

70 years ago today FDR signed the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Act

Why Progressive Bloggers Are Talking Up Dodd - RawStory

With Musharraf claiming now-internal threats to his regime by Radical Islamo dudes...

"Extra-constitutional" moves are NOT the way to resolve the Pakistan crisis says Rice:

Is there such a thing as a national 'do not call list' against specific political parties?

Please call, e-mail, & show up at the offices of Feinstein & Schumer

Senator accuses Bush of paying lip service to vets' needs (Dem Sat. response)

Martin Lee Anderson's mom said the guards and lawyers laughed and joked during the trial.

Don't taze me, bro!

Condi Rice is a liar and a thief!

Southern states seek water truce

When much of the voting population is numb, dumb, and uninvolved .........

Need some inspiration? New documentary -- "Run, Granny, Run" (Granny D)

Do you think he's a Republican?

Blackwater delves into spying---um What?

C-Span I NOW! Dem FCC CHAIR Copps! on Media Ownership!

Does Blackwater have a chain of command similar to the military's?

Antiwar protesters disrupt Cheney's speech in Dallas

Since we are playing the "VP Dating Game" I will float two surprising names to pair with Clinton

Okay, so the US is going to be bankrupt, dismantled, torn down, you name it.

TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury.

Is Mukasey enough for the conservative Democrats to concede?

National Report Card on Women's Health

Whose Congress is It? Harry Reid also got money from Telecoms!

Changes ahead for Medicare drug program

Studs Terkel CSPAN2 NOW!!!...n/t

Do you admire Al Gore? Want to lend him a hand (quick & easy)?

Retired General Dunlavey: "Guantanamo Mission Came Straight From Bush, Rumsfeld"

'The Wall,' 25 Years Later


Studs Turkel ("Radical Conservative")intervew on C-Span 2 now

We will be up against a Mitt/Cheney ticket. Mitt will play the gender card

Protest Halts Condom Distribution By College Paper

Chemicals In Mattresses - "They are, in fact, using boric acid, which is roach killer"

'We Need Partners, Not Masters' (Q & A w/ Evo Morales)

How many dems in the House will support

Winter fog arrives early -- 108-vehicle pileup near Fresno

CNN reported on some who say single women voters are "stupid," "slutty, anxious female[s]"

Diversity program backfires

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Posters for the Homefront

"... I got my marching orders from the President of the United States."

Blue America Welcomes Rabbi Dennis Shulman, Our First NJ Candidate

Don't Tell Me Not to Compare it to Hitler!

CA Dems should recall Dino Feinstein.

If I were to begin walking to DC carrying the letter "I", would anyone join me with the letter "M"?

Good Golly, Don't Miss Molly: Ivins' Book Published Posthumously This Week

BREAKING -'Martial law declared in Pakistan'

Feingold to Vote Against Mukasey

Scholar says Bush and his thugs are War Criminals just as Japans leaders were

now that schumer has decided to give his vote of confidence to AG "Torture Mukasey"

my 114th ltte,endorsing Kucinich in my local Paper-feel free to comment

WOW! 'The Common Man', Written in 1929, by Julian Tuwim

Thousands Return to Safer Iraqi Capital

Who knew Embattled Citigroup Bank's biggest shareholder is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Does D.U. Have Anything To Do With The Democratic Party?

fax/emails of your REP. this weekend and call (Toll FREE):Re Cheney Impeachment:

Harry Reid and the "Mining Bill"....and Harry's interests in not letting it pass!

One Year, And One Day... And I Hope I Can Make It Without Going Completely Insane

Tulsa: US citizen arrested under state's new anti-illegal immigrant law

DLC Dems Ticket - No different than Bush/Cheney

i'm having a hard time seeing the connection between two events

Idea for fire-proof California home...

Call our Presidential candidates RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!1111

Dead parents better than gay ones says Romney

RW radio cracks me up sometimes

Gen. Petraeus, Plagarist?

If it's truly hopeless, if it's incontrovertibly over

Feingold: "I will not support Mr. Mukasey's nomination"

Now who was saying that bush was simian?

Final Book From Molly Ivins Released Posthumously

Where is the DU indignation over no help being sent to Mexico?

Militants seize 120 police, soldiers in Pakistan

Bush's Expectations of Normalcy in Iraq

A medical question...actually, a prescription drug question...

Why pensions are dying.

Duane "Dog" Chapman's tape-recorded tirade has cost him his TV show.

MA DUers how is Noel treating you


Opinions on my new bumper sticker

I've tried very hard to be patient, and to ignore the anti-Dem threads on this board

PHOTOSHOPS: Blackwater mercenary logo contest: my entries

Ground beef recall

Why do you think undocumented workers come north?

Harper's: Mukasey Asked To Obstruct Justice By Movement Conservatives?

From Senator Pat Leahy

The Republic is dead

Breaking:: The United States of America is about to go Under as a Despotic Empire

Obama plays the race card.

"Who is the bigger fool, Judge Mukasey...or Senator Schumer...?"

On Mukasey, Feinstein doesn't get it; Jack Balkin explains

How would a civilian go about volunteering...

Taser used on Trick or Treater!

A moment of your time in regard to sexist language

This Year I Went Trick-Or-Treating As A Democrat...

Retired Judge Advocates General Write To Leahy: "IT IS INHUMANE-IT IS TORTURE & IT IS ILLEGAL"

National Lawyers Guild Passes Impeachment Resolution

DU's LaLaRawRaw Nominated For Weblog Award. Go Vote!!

Rating the Presidential Candidates on Iraq; Another Agonizing Year Ahead (Rudy - most dangerous)..

No surprise here: Monica Goodling ‘thought of politics’ 24/7

Some HRC White House papers to go public

I'm sorry....

Brent Budowsky: Obama Strikes Gold on Iran: A Defining Moment

For Hillary, it's Triangulation 2.0

Young US voters may get scoop in 2008

Photos: Barack Obama speaks in front of historic Clarendon County Courthouse in Manning, S.C.

Kucinich Killing All Comers in DFA Poll of 119,000

The United States of Blue .... a must see. No more Red States!

Legal challenge on electoral change

Republicans waiting for the next Reagan - These people are the reason we are in this trouble.

Don't forget to smell the roses....Politics as a Passion

Bush Radio Slobberfest: Mukasey "a fine man, uniquely qualified, the kind of leader America needs"

Waterboarding. It's so simple.


The repeated appeasement by the Dems in Congress will hurt Franken

The main lesson the Bush Regime should teach us

Off Topic-Go See "American Gangster" It Rocks

A solution to the Pelosi Feinstein Reid Bush Cheney problem...(pic)

Bumper Sticker: “Invade and Bomb with Hillary and Rahm.”

Is Edwards's support of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants different from Clinton's?

Where did the 111 million dollars go, I want to know

Senator Edwards in S.C. & Elizabeth in Iowa today, anyone going?

"Counter-demonsrator" speaks out against our peace vigil

Why are we eating our own?

Biden tells audience "If I don't make it - I'm for him" when he ran into Dodd

Rasmussen- Clinton-43% Obama 21% Edwards 11%

Poll: Food for undocumented immigrants?

As a woman who was raised by a pack of wild dogs

Kucinich to move on impeachment next week!

Jeb, Hillary have same idea on immigrants

How about some Democracy in the USA?

Since the civil rights movement and race have been used to put the McClurkin issue in "perspective"

Newsweek Poll* -Clinton -49% -The Ghoul 45%

Crooks & Liars Video: K.O. talks with John Dean RE: Schumer & DiFi's caving on Mukasey vote

The Emotional Voter

Anyone actually think this candidate is not a bigot?

politics ain't an easy gig.

Here's a link to the BBC which has asked Pakistani people to comment. Interesting

The "gender card" is valid

Newsweek: Clinton 43%, Obama 24%, Edwards 12% in post-debate poll

Edwards says debate boosted his campaign

Is Craig Crawford just another Hillary supporter?

We can connect the price of gasoline and heating oil with Iraq

Breaking On CNN... Barack Obama Admits To Being A HOMO SAPIEN

While we are rightfully jumping all over Schumer & DiFi for their repugnant

Suggestions for keeping positive with all the bad news lately?

Newsweek: Hillary Maintains Strong Lead In Post-Debate Poll (Hillary 44%, Obama 24%, Edwards 12%)

Democratic Defections Clear Path For Mukasey

Despite polls, Obama, Edwards strong with primary state donors

Condi Rice urges "quick return to civilian rule"...

Draft Al Gore TV Ad Campaign Started Today

So which candidate is REALLY yours?

Photos: Barack Obama today speaking at Converse College in Spartanburg, S.C.

Obama plays the Race Card ... again!

Why Mukasey, and why now?

Anyone have the polling graph that was floating around a few weeks ago

Could we get the cable news writers to go out on strike too?

Andrew Sullivan's blog: A reader writes about Obama's speech at "historically black" NCCU

If you care about "Net Neutrality," today you can do something about it.

Are you to the left or to the right of...? Today, Hillary Clinton.

"Tech-savvy swarm of bloggers boost candidates' online presence" (SFGate)

Fred Thompson.

See? declaring martial law is easy


NYT Political Blog: Obama unleashed a corker of a speech for students today at Converse College, SC

Did she say Osama was MURDERED? Well...

Rep. Hunter urges Bush to fire rebellious officials who complain Baghdad assignment 'death sentence'

Tell me about Bob Graham of FL. Good VP choice?

Republicans waiting for the next Reagan

"We've come a long way" by Kate Michelman

John Dean on Mukasey

30% of SC Democratic voters undecided...

I think I've found my candidate! .... DODD!!!

Edwards parsing double talk on Iraq

Obama/Biden 08?

Why do our political candidates insist on trashing one another

Naomi Klein - great quote on official terrorism by free market supporters

Rasmussen: Hillary 43% Obama 21% Edwards 11%

Was John Edwards and Obama ambushed during the debate?

We've Come A Long Way

The best thing about a Clinton/Clark ticket would be...

Breaking News! Pakistan under Emergency Rule - Tanks in the street.

Dissolve Pakistan---These provinces were all knocked together, by the Brits

Sen. Biden on target with warning about Iran policy

Idiots who wave swatikas

Obama's Horrid Senate Voting Record

If Rudi Giuliani Were a DEMOCRAT the Corporate Media Would Be Calling Him a MOBSTER

I am shocked to see how well Giuliani is polling v. ANY Democratic candidate.

Digby on the Gender Card: "Let's See What You've Got, Babe"

Naomi Klein mentions interesting fact about Hillary's Burston-Marsteller firm

You may or may not understand: Hillary Clinton has to be FLAWLESS.

"Kate Michelman-- tackles Clinton for 'playing the victim' with gender card"

Breaking Rasmussen poll: Edwards Leads McCain by 9, Romney by 16

Trying to silence the opposition....And it's not GW Bush...

The Politics of Parsing... B E A UTIFUL....

To Hillary: In Praise of Political Flip-Floppers Everywhere

Cheers for the The Magistrate.

Edwards Addresses Global Warming ("the great moral test of our generation")

Awesome Kucinich piece in Esquire!!

Keeping Promises to Veterans: Gov Richardson policy speech

Biden was right about Pakistan

Joe Biden, the underdog grown-up

I don't understand liberal Democrats

The essential issue - - - Joe Biden can WIN . . . . .

Hillary's archive debate question - interesting backstory - she was ambushed.

About Obama missing the vote on Kyl-Lieberman:

Would average Americans buy this immigration plan (as explained)

Looking in the crystal ball, who is going to get spanked in the Iowa caucus?

Sorry but Hillary wasn't faced with "gotcha" questions..she did this to herself...

Do you believe the Internet has enough influence to...

Who would be preferable to Leahy as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee?

Here's how Leahy can make it up to us:

Oh oh! Obama: A Clinton-led ticket at best "barely" wins--I guess its on!

Where have all the heroes gone?