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Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh ....... Village Voice

The Myths and Lies of Military Progress

My child was searched in school today...

Venezuela knows what it's doing

WP, Dan Froomkin: The White House 'After Party' for Ehud Elmo and Mahoomed Abbas

53 Bird Species Face Extinction in S.C.

US greenhouse gas emissions fall 1.5% in 2006 from 2005: EIA

Singer James Taylor: Last 300 Rare Whales Need You to Take Action

Kucinich LIVE Town Hall Meeting - Live now on

Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Justice should Stop Defamation of Rape Victim

U.S. busts up Canadian-based human smuggling ring: Officials

Pentagon lodges official protest to China over refusing port entry for U.S. ships

U.S. cannot impose vision on Mideast, Bush says

Intel centers losing anti-terror focus

Labor leaders to join march on Burger King

Bankers Plead Guilty in Enron Case

CBS Democratic Debates Cancelled

In Iowa, evangelicals give Huckabee a boost

Stagehands, theater producers reach deal

Vast Nazi Archive Opens to Public

Ford Agrees to Settle Rollover Case

Bellevue Barista's Antitrust Suit Against Starbucks Heading to Court

6,000 Sunnis Join Pact With US in Iraq

Russia opens consulate in Kurdistan Iraq

Venezuela threatens to expel US embassy official as referendum nears

Laugh tracks

Who Else Likes S*X

The GDP forum makes me sad.

What do you think aboutGoPsUx asking you what you think about Southpawkicker asking us what

Drugged Britney, "really upset" that she couldn't try on underwear in sex store, steals wig instead

Who else likes c***ing?

Aw, how adorable. Jessica Simpson's dad is also her matchmaker. Not at ALL creepy. Not at all.


File under: "Been done"

some pics from an email I got

I Just Fell Off.....My Bad

I believe you, Danny!

I always know when Its Time to Clear Private Data

My sheep was sprayed yesterday...and now she's pink! Help!


oops; wrong forum - please delete

They're Shooting "The Lovely Bones" Right Outside My House As We Speak.

What's on your Christmas gift wish list?

OK, so the kids are over here.

Anyone ever been or knows some one who has been

When Retrolounge tells you to do something by God you should do it

Dallas fans outside of Dallas, are going to miss out...

Saint Taterguy Has Spoken

Decent Administration joke: Fixing the White House fence

I think its time for this....

A mod, I must speak to a mod...someone point me toward a mod.

What would you do they were here with you right now?

Where the heck is LaraMN?

Would some Lounge Moderator please have mercy on me

Any women/girls here ever buy/wear socks from "Kushyfoot"?

Hey! Now we can listen to "O Holy Nightmare!"

For those who are interested

Do You Remember CARD SHARKS!!!!!

Stoner talk deleted

I cooked collard greens for the first time!

15 of our neighbors lost everything tonight...

Crybaby restaurant reviewer whines about unevenly distributed bacon on his sandwich

47 posts to 800. Post here and...

"Father Christmas": Best Christmas Song EVER!

Death by 25-page term paper, menstrual cramps, and a chapped lip

biblical sex and violence post?

Ok, the tongue-kissing-kitties are really starting to freak me out.

I'm sitting here listening to Zappa's Willie the Pimp from his Hot Rats LP, and I want to share

Yeah, those little Candiru bastards are good swimmers...but not THAT good.

Are we here for ATTENTION and RESPONSE VALIDATION?????1`

VIDEO: "Shockolate! Chocolate energy! It's like adding chocolate to an electrical storm!"

Sugar Smack rocks my little world.

Anyone else want to run away and join the circus?

Who Else Likes F***ING?

ok, here's a disturbing story for you.

Do You Remember LAND SHARK!!!!!

Meat eaters: Do you ever Struggle and give in?

This thread brought to you by Boojatta Corporation

Buzz Aldrin punches a guy who calls him a coward and a liar.

"Shrek the Halls" on ABC tonight

Can y'all kick out some of those famous "Lounge Vibes"??

What should I put in my "emergency food" box

why do i feel like an asshole?

Videogame foe may be disbarred...

See what was dumped on us yesterday...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. And thank you for the ass-kicking

Anyone know anything about CableCards and programming?

From my very soul, a Philboy original poem

A Plumbing Conundrum: Stinky water in toilet and we don't know why!

Copycat Question: Do you judge people getting tested for ESP?

My sister was the most gorgeous bride ever.

Wicasa (fellow DUer) and I are married and on our honeymoon!

Caught a shoplifter tonight! Ask me anything...

HA HA! - That was NOT Schwartzenegger on Howard Stern today

Corporate Cosmology (from Network)

== Time For A Change ==

Republican YouTube Debate: Ron Paul, John McCain Get into It on the War

Olbermann, Arianna on Rove's "obscene chutzpah"

Republican CNN/YouTube Debate: Republican focus group woman chooses John Edwards over any Republican

Michael Moore cut this scene from Sicko because no one would believe it

Dennis Kucinich says Ron Paul first choice for running mate (MSNBC)

Is your computer watching you?

Anyone hear a positive comment about a Dem. on Sirius Left after Bill Press today?

I don't have a tin foil hat. I have a stainless steel colander

Who was Guiliani porking at taxpayers expense

Roberts says God forced his resignation

Mad Dog Giuliani Vs. Pat Boone Romney... Anyone else going to monitor the You Tube Debate?

Sugar Smack rocks my little world.

What/who was the source on this RudyJudy deal?

Let California Ring - "If only they could see...."

Anyone watching the Rep YouTube debate tonight?

What happened to

On Kudlow & CoI never thought I would hear the D word

Remember those impeachment letters to Nancy Pelosi?

Rudy gets caught red handed in the cookie jar. Rove lies his ASS off on Charlie Rose. All we hear ..

The YouTube debate has been on for 37 seconds

We've got one elephant fight on our hands!

Oh My God....

Maybe, it's just me BUT,...don't the Republican debates seem like ADD/ADHD possessed?

Poor Tucker

I absolutely hate Libertarians, worse than Commies or RepublikKKans

McCain just compared those who want to bring troops home to Hitler appeasers

This period before primary voting seems to me like some kind of poorly scripted play, or B movie.

******Official gop youtube debate thread 1***********

Our allies in Pakistan like the USofA...well, 13% of them do. (Pew)

Could people point me to good references for the Seattle WTO protest?

Now...Defending the Constitution Town Hall Meeting

Driving out of my charmless tract home subdivision this afternoon

******Official gop youtube debate thread 2***********

Separated at birth??

French Kissing Cats -- good lord what are we talking about that google ads gave us that

Tweety looked and sounded as though he was hit in the gut after Joan Walsh

Why does KO ALWAYS seem to spend time on Brittany Spears?

******Official gop youtube debate thread 3***********

On KO: Former AG John Asscraft named worst person in the world for

McCain lecturing Little Mitt Romney on torture

All of the dirt being unearthed on Rudy

Toxic dust from destructed World Trade Center increases rates of respiratory problems

Thompson said he would make overturning Roe vs Wade his #1 priority

Air firm accused of rendition flights role-US attempting to halt lawsuit connecting CIA

******Official gop youtube debate thread 4***********

Does anybody have a picture of Duncan Hunter building the fence?

Are WAR monuments versus PEACE monuments an INDICATOR of our society?

I've seen plenty of bullshit posted on FR but this one takes the cake!

I gotta say... CNN is letting some tough questions through

Heads Up: President Bill Clinton on C-span This Friday @ 8 PM (Presidential Libraries Series)

Duncan Hunter: Most of the troops are conservatives. ... WTF?

Oh dear God...I'm so incensed by duncan hunter!

Trent Lott's nephew and other relative indicted

American political discourse is a JOKE. World - I apologize.

So, which old, white, balding, man will win tonight?

CNN - Candidates quizzed on Muslim perception

Anyone notice the moles on McCain's forehead?

Bullshit Rudy

They are ALL morons. Blech!

Keith Olbermann reports he's kicking ass on

Bill Bennett: "Romney All in, as they say in Texas Hold'Em"

WHO Spent Taxpayers' Money to Tryst with His Mistress? ---pix--->>>

Mike Malloy will read the entire Declaration of Independence

OMG! Mitt's Got Nixon Syndrome! You can see him sweating!

Who won the Republican Dirtbag Debate?

Was the GOP debate as desperate as the highlight reel makes it look?

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Mitt Romney

the term is mercenaries, go KO

Someone Stick a Fork in Fred Thompson

******Official gop youtube debate thread 6***********

Huckabee is their best candidate and Romney is their worst.

Do You Think The Average American Believes

Hoo is yew suport in 2012

If you have C-SPAN 3 and want to listen to one of the GREATEST politicians EVER, PAUL WELLSTONE,

CNN Rejects 5,000 YouTube Questions Submitted By The Public To Give Airtime To Grover Norquist

Republican YouTube Debate - Live Stripping!

Republicans spend 2+ hours in a Debate without any Substance

What's with the gun nuts tonight?

So now we can all agree that our candidates are human and have made dumb mistakes...

So Romney wants to smack Edwards.

BREAKING: Politico reporting Lott's Brother in law indicted for bribery

Why do police bother chasing stolen cars ?

Help needed scholars

Once again the winner of the debate was--

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anderson Cooper Fucked this one up

Ask MSNBC to create a show hosted by Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder

Bill Bennett just alleged that the retired brigadier general is a Hillary operative

And there's your line of the night, Huckabee on sending Hillary to Mars

Kudos to Helen Thomas! AARP Inspire Award honoree

15 of our neighbors lost everything tonight...

Winner of the GOP Debate: Mike Huckabee.

******Official gop youtube debate thread 5***********

Why the Right gets "Family Values"all wrong!

So which repug is CNN falling all over

Thom Hartmann On HR 1959 (Tomorrow)

Gay General at Repub debate is on Hillary's GLBT Steering Committee

Is Chavez the next Castro

LMFAO!!!! @ Chuck Norris

Who lost the Republican Dirtbag Debate?

Gay Republican Veteran SPEAKING OUT at the Republican debate!!!

St Rudy of 9/11's ties to the terror Sheik

Fritz Wenzel: Reporter Who Suppressed GOP Scandal Works for Zogby

MSNBC: Sales Spike: Large sport-utility vehicles are making a quiet comeback on used-car lots

Which Republican Candidate do you most want us to face?

Trent Lott's Brother-In-Law, Nephew, Indicted On Federal Bribery Charges

Congress' "anti-extremist" bill targets online thoughtcrime

Lou Dobbs, overgrown bleached oompa loompa of hate?

Karl Rove, historical revisionist gobbledygook, and The Republican War On Iraq For Oil...

R'uh roh! Rudy on air with 9/11 conspirator and KSM protector -*BOOM!*


Damn Those Republicans Are a Good Looking Bunch! ---pix--->>>

The Fruits of the Bush/Cheney Torture Policies

Fascinating update on Arctic sea ice

Shout out of solidarity for Omaha Steve!

I want to thank everyone here

Say What! Zogby Poll - EACH Dem leader's numbers down since May. Not just HRC! Scoop

I think it's gonna be Huckabee

going to Chicago for art installation

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, you rat!

Who was the biggest asshole in tonight's debate?

What is this nonsense McCain is spouting about Vietnam?

New York, NY - Rally With Dennis Kucinich Thursday, November 29, 2007 At 05:00:00 PM

Dems Launch Video Site for GOP Foes: Looking for "macaca" moments

AP: European Writers Support US Strike

Another Hillary flip-flop? Opposed an Individual Mandate in 1993

Kucinich LIVE Town Hall Meeting - Live now on

There's a good Michelle Obama interview over at

John Edwards, in dead heat in Iowa, quietly starts to move up in NH and SC

McCaskill (D-Mo) urged to reject Peru trade deal

WTF???!! Firefighters spying on and reporting what people think, read and/or

People who think any of the Democratic candidates are "boring" are not paying attention

How many times will Guiliani say 9/11 tonight

****Official Dirtbag Debate Thread 1*****

Wow...The Repub Debate is

Obama supports mandates, he supports garnishment of wages and fines for deadbeats

After watching the debate, I'm thinking bipartisanship really is the answer

BREAKING: Politico reporting Lott's Brother in law indicted for bribery

Republican undecided chooses Edwards as winner of GOP debate!

Obama's Big Gay and Black Problem

I'm starting to see why people are already fed up with the election process

What if we all hold a "Kiss the Cardboard Cutout of Hillary for $50 a Kiss" picnic this summer?

It's a Huckabee avalanche, and only Joe Biden can save us.

Mittens says the Confederate Battle Rag "should not be shown"

This is how many of "them" saw it tonight.....

During tonites Repuke debate...not one mention of the foreclosure crisis or the staggering oil price

Jesus this has been a fun week

44% of American Voters Saying They Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton

So, I'm watching Pushing Daisies and every 12 minutes the news...

I Believe This is What The Republicans Should Be Hammered On.

Maybe Kucinich is positioning to be Ron Paul's running mate...

Oprah and Obama poll

Puffy McMoonface

YouTube....LOL! Another hopping mad conservative blathering on

Wow, Check out Huff Post front page. Roody is really, really toast...

Obama nabs Time cover

Bill Bennett suggests the gay general at the Pug debate was a Hillary plant

The freepers are discussing who they would vote for

Our guys were so superior to this group of nimrods, they had fun,

Zogby exec former GOP operative

Who stole McCain's brain?

Edwards Rallies With Striking Workers

Edwards will be live on Keith Olbermann tomorrow...Thursday.

Does this country need a left wing and a right wing, like an eagle?

Bill Clinton changed his line from "I opposed the Iraq war from the beginning" to

Watching the Repug debate, I'm frankly scared for this country's future

Edwards Campaign Statement On Romney "Two Americas" Attack In GOP Debate

I thought Bill had Prayer Sessions with Billy Graham about his "Problem with Monica"

More proof that it Al Gore is our only hope ... Run, Al, Run

Oprah stumps for.........Biden???

Edwards Statement on Universal Health Care

Re impeachment . . . listening to Randi Rhodes and . . .

Kucinich audio at Pee Dee says nothing about Paul as VP

Suspending my support for Kucinich because of Ron Paul

Labor's Climate Change Policies Will Boost Aust. Credibility


The Depressed Superpower

The plot to rig the 2008 US election

The RNC had no influence on the debate videos last night?

Risk of Deceptions in Venezuelan Referendum, CEPR Warns

The White Man's Burden in Iraq

Consensus Against Neoliberal Washington Consensus

Naomi Klein: In War on Terror, Are You Next?

Torture and America's Crisis of Faith

U.S. Companies Behind Anti-Reform Propaganda in Venezuela

Freedom Rider: Taser Nation

Berkeley's new cause: make homeless behave


OK, I surrender ...

The Bush Family Gets Away with Crimes That Would Land Anyone Else in Jail by Robert Parry

Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform: An Article-by-Article Summary

America's day of reckoning is at hand By Paul Craig Roberts

Hagel: Bush administration is 'incompetent' and he would consider joining a Dem ticket

Stars urge President Bush to change policy on Cuba

Mike Huckabee and the Coming Republican Realignment

Venezuelans Protest Chavez's Referendum (AP)

Keeping Up With Deflation

“Thousands” Illegally Rendered By Bush Administration for Interrogation, Torture by Massachusetts Sc

Venezuelan Opposition Protesters Shoot Chavez Supporter

CIA Operation "Pliers" Uncovered in Venezuela

intercepted CIA memo on attacking democracy in Venezuela

Fox: Library's White House mug shots might confuse little kids

Karl Rove’s Shameless, Remorseless, Soulless Attempt to Rewrite History

Rudd talks climate change with Gore

CH Energy to Build Plant in Upstate New York

Small steps, big energy savings (LaT OpEd)

As the Price of Oil Soars, Many Turn to Renewables

Lithuania nuclear chief sees delay to new plant

Sharp to boost thin-film solar cell output

Two Google efforts - solar thermal and high-altitude wind

Brewer uses solar power to cut oil use (Germany)

Mozambique: Solar Panels to Electrify Rural Areas

'Beer fridges' present a gassy problem

Xcel solar power plan catching on (Colorado)

UN Reports Emissions Growth Rate In Malaysia Highest In The World - Up 221% Since 1990 - IHT

Organic solar cells could make solar power economically feasible

GHG Emissions From Cars & Trucks Up 0.3% In 2006, Even As Overall Totals Slip - Detroit Free Press

Biologists Worry As Five Rare Australian Mammals Now Limited To Islands Face Drought Threat

Indonesian Minister - 24 Islands Gone - Tsunami, Exploitation, Environmental Damage - AFP

More feel cold's bite, bills' pinch

IAEA sealing Russian nuclear fuel bound for Iran

San Francisco Municipal Program to Produce Biofuels

Venezuelan Energy Minister Calls For Oil Sales In Currencies Other Than US Dollars - AFP

Calif. lawmaker cancels nuclear power ballot move

Washington State Rejects Coal Gasification Power Plant

Coal-fired power plants are opposed (Michigan)

Kansas rejection of coal plant fires up backlash

Power producers say nuclear energy no solution for Oklahoma

for democrats who may be Ron Paul fans- right from his website

Nuclear industry may be running out of steam

The real chill (oil prices Boston Globe)

Personally, I think HOA's are just plain evil, however, I have come up...

Say, how about those termites?

Tufts Study - In Florida, 2 Nuclear Plants, 3 Prisons, 1,300+ Hotels Underwater By 2100 w/o Action

CO2 captured as baking soda

China Nuclear Power Poised for Export in `Self-Reliance' Bid

Australia's Howard replaced as party leader

Labor's Climate Change Policies Will Boost Aust. Credibility

VIDEO: GOP candidates speak on gay Republicans and military ban

Alleged Philippine Coup Plotters March Against Arroyo (Update1)

Lenders’ Belt-Tightening Stifles Growth in Economy

Municipal Bond Deals Squeezed By Credit Crisis

Court sentences al Qaeda supporter to 25 years

U.S. soldier killed in western Baghdad

Growing chorus of complaints taints Russian election

From Smoking Boom, a Major Killer of Women

Broward minister charged in teen's pregnancy (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Bank robber may see lottery win scratched

US denies role in Nawaz’s return

US not seeking permanent Iraq bases: White House

Nordic countries, Netherlands top new ranking of humanitarian aid (US is16th out of 23)

Old Allies Abandon Chávez as Constitution Vote Nears

Former Rep. Henry Hyde Is Dead at 83

UPDATE: Lebanon's Aoun Backs Army Chief For President - AFP

Papers Focus on Local Stories As AP Expands International Coverage

Blackwater Grand Jury Resumes

The show must go on Broadway back after 19-day strike

Bolivian strikers vow more action

Report: Nixon feared Israeli nukes would spur arms race

14 civilians abducted in Diala (province Iraq) fake checkpoint

Enriched Uranium Seized in Slovakia Suitable for Dirty Bomb

Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Would Send FBI Agents on Trail of Pimps

Swift Boat donors explain their aid to Polis (Democratic candidate)

Musharraf Sworn in as Civilian President

World faces "cyber cold war" threat

Gorbachev endorses Putin in election and says Russia is serious partner of West

Ted Turner's Land Purchases Questioned

'Definite' signs of improvement in Iraq: Negroponte


Poll: Sarkozy's support slips below 50 percent after strikes, riots

"God Delusion" publisher may face prosecution

U.S.'s Rice to visit Ethiopia in rare Africa trip

Tainted pet food killed 200 dogs and cats: study

Tobacco-Deal Lawyer Indicted in Miss.

Lawyer Battling for Katrina Payments Is Indicted

Car bombs detonated (by Iraqi security forces) near Iraq Sunni leader's complex

Body Appears to Be Missing Kan. Student

Report: WGA talks "stalemated"

Some states wary on mental records for gun buys

China blames U.S. for denial of ship visit to Hong Kong

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 29

Clinton, AIDS And Evangelicals Make Unusual Trio

New-Home Sales Are Lower Than Forecast; Prices Drop Most in Four Decades

Former Midnight Oil rocker Garrett named Australia's environment minister

US Foreclosure Filings Up 94% in October

TIME Carries Correction on Hotly Disputed Joe Klein Column -- And So Does 'Chicago Tribune'

Biden: Oil prices cost of Bush failures

Military Hailing Poll that Says Americans See Progress in Iraq

MSU survey determines that more than 300 pets may have died from contaminated pet food

Mattel destroys unsafe toys in Mexico

Scottish local authorities reject Donald Trump golf course plan

Giuliani's Mistress Used N.Y. Police as Taxi Service

Rodney King shot, wounded near California home

Tempers still raw after fractious Republican debate

Hagel: Bush administration is 'incompetent' and he would consider joining a Dem ticket

Bill Clinton stumbles on stump for wife: "Partial clause in a sentence"

Venezuela Opposition Group Reverses Call on Ballot Abstention

Kennedy to challenge Landrieu for U.S. Senate seat

Bin Laden urges Europe to quit Afghanistan- (al Jazeera) TV

U.S. sponsorship of Sunni groups worries Iraq's government

Fire shuts main Canada-U.S. crude oil pipeline

Alleged shoplifter dies in Morgan Hill (Calif.) after store security guards detain him

Police: Thwarted sale involved uranium

Virginia GOP Gets Strict on Voting: Demand for Loyalty Pledge at Primary Targets Crossovers, Indepen

Henry Hyde just died

UK teacher jailed over teddy row

Leahy: Bush Not Involved In Firings (Therefore, Exec Privilege Claims for Rove, Bolton are Illegal)

$8B pulled from state investment pool (Florida)

Asbestos turns up in toys, children's clay

Tom Udall formally announcing his run

the lounge is where wannabes fart, and responses are lit matches

Remeber a few days ago when it just seemed like it was too warm for it

Anyone else want to run away to dim Carcosa?

Existential Blues

I have found a new use for my DU buddy list

Goodnight, Lounge!

Shel Silverstein classic

universal bathroom sign

Check your PM's

Why I post here.

Ever had a dream about your teeth falling out - well it just came true

I like this smiley and I have decided to use it at the end of every post:

Who else likes fucking?

What should I put in my "emergency toy" box?

Subterranean Homesick Blues

If Teh Lounge is where attention- and validation-seeking wannabes post, what's GD?

cool wave


French-kissing Tongue Cats pic (if you missed it)

Yup, I can't sleep....

This is what I have been reduced to....

I just got Hulu!

Who Does A Woman Get Her Hair Gene From? Mother or Father?

Ordering that chicken tartare seemed like a good idea at the time, but NOW...

My take on the Republican Debate

Nude carpentry & 14 other Weird Work stories of 2007

Any DUer who disses the South or Southerners will be sentenced

Be A Lert

the faculty and the doc students are congregating for coffee

Community leaders call for Kroger boycott over closing store losing money.

Why is it that the more disreputable the product or service the louder the commercial?

i'll give you $100 cash money if you sit in on Part II of the World's Most Boring Meeting for me

you can really scare yourself reading medical web sites!

Siouxsie says hi

Minnie Driver.

Resourcefulnacht is both a holiday and a small series of challenges for children

Bus Driver

Car and Driver

Wilson Driver

Baby Driver

Karin Driver

The Driver

Golf Driver

The thing about panhandling . . .

Miss Daisy Driver

I need celebrity costume ideas!!! HELP ME!!

School bus driver

August Rush - I liked the movie, but not Robin Williams, whats with his facial tic???

Who else is all pumped up for the Green Bay Dallas game tonight?

Interesting things found with google earth.

Cab Driver, Car Driver and a Rabbi

a couple of neat animations and a dog

The one I live with needs to get off her butt and get a job, dammit!

Anyone watch Kitchen Nightmares last night? Ramsay had the best line ever...

Jesus Christ on a chopper!

Nut driver

The COLDEST day of the year so far...

Cattle Driver

Is there a "Copycat" Record?

Is there a "Copycat" cassette tape?

Is there a "Copycat" CD?


DUers with bad tempests check in

Is there a "Copycat" 8-Track?

Is there a "Copycat" software Driver?

The girl flung poo yesterday, again

Me, "this isn't 'Green Acres' for crying out loud!"

DUers with bad Tempos check in

Mini Driver


The movie version of Thomas Kinkade's painting "The Christmas Cottage"

i am not sorry, i probably did mean to offend you.

Mini ha-ha

Mini Minor

Mr. Cab Driver

Warp Driver

Mini Minor Driver


Minnie Mouse

I got half an hour of sleep last night.

Minnie Pearl

E minor

Screw Driver

Football fans without the NFL network...

Sausage diver

Minne Sota

Mini Muffins

Who's With Me?!?

Question about money and lifestyle

sausage driver

Let's Remake Bullitt...just for Grins

Mine strone

Is there a "Copycat" Record?

Mini Cooper

Mini pooper scooper

Mini pooper

Is there a "Copycat" Record?

I have nothing witty to say in response to your cleverness.....

Minne haha

Night Ride Across the Caucasus - Loreena McKennitt

What do you think of Indiana people?

They are remaking "Triumph of the Will" with Steve Guttenberg!

Turtlensue is turtlely into me

Minne Sotans

Anyone have a link to the Ferrari racing through Paris video?

What Is Your Favorite Game Show

Do you think Square is funny?

Any one ever work for Common Cause?

The Deacon’s Masterpiece

What Do You Think Of Trolls

It's a Belle and Sebastian Day: Freezing cold, sun out but not doing much good

Fire at Dave Matthews Band bass player's house-PIC

Mini me

Music Videos that were better than the song?

Mini Me

There are €38 Million in the German Lottery

Wayne's World clip

Not calling anyone out...but do you ever have a gut feeling

What Do You Think Of Ohio People

Can't we all just get along? Rodney King shot in San Bernardino.

I live in the most depressed state in the country

Pssssssssssst! Kaghime! nt

Need advice for a cat

Any Pilots On Acid?

Who wants to share a Growler of Triple Rock IPAX with me at 5pm PST?

Elle Driver.

Cherry Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

Just so you guys know, i am a terrible mother..........

In this holiday season, let us not forget the little people in sweatshops who make it all possible

A limerick

Any Pilots On DU?

Nasty Ohiosmith rumor!

Remind Billyskank to buy bread

woohoo! I think I foud a place to repair my wifes music box!!

What do you think of The Village Idiot?

A little rickety

A Lime Ricky

A Little Ricky.

a Branch Rickey

A Big Hickey

Ooooo, I got 'em back GOOD!

is it cheesy to use networking functions and chamber of commerce involvement as a pretext to meet

What do you think of The Village People?

What makes a real SloppyRat?

A little Richie

What makes a real copycat?

What makes a reel copycat?

A little Rocky

A Sex Scene - With No Sex

Give tips for posting in GD and/or GD: Politics

Gotta love those CloseCaption people...

Is a copycat of copycat a clone?

Taxi Driver

Got my latest Classical Library CD's today...

So My Employer Told Me Today That Walmart Offers "Us" $4.00 Generic Drugs

What makes a copycat a good copycat?



I Am A Better Saint Then Taterguy!!!

Name The Airlines Part 10

Who was raised by a Village, people?

There was a panty raid last night.. IN MY HOUSE

What do you think of The Village, people?

Vadrum Meets William Tell (Drum Video) - for all you drum enthusiasts

What do you think of soylent green,people?

Ever notice that Thursday afternoons are either copycatathons or sexthreadathons?

What do you think of, Indian people?

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Dirty Words

My God, what have I done?

What makes a good turnover good?

Missing college student who led a secret life as an Internet porn star-body found

PBS: Crossroads Guitar Festival Chicago 2007!

Look who decided to watch me work today

HOLD THE PHONE!!!! The Contest results are contested!!!! There has been a last minute, err, entry!

It has come to my attention that some people here doubt my saltiness

Your three most embarrassing relatives?

For the record, THIS is why we need daily geography questions.

Santa Claus Is Coming......To Town

Any WoW players here?

Santa Claus Is Coming......To Iman

Ever notice that Thursday afternoons are either DS1athons or DS1threadathons?

It has come to my attention that some people here doubt my saltiness

Ladies and germs, your attention please. Matcom is in the house.

Ever notice that Thursday afternoons are either HypnoAthlons or HypnoIntels?

My God, who have I done?

My work here is done.

It has come to my attention that some people here doubt my saltines.

Who is the best "front man"?

Whatcha gonna do when you get out of jail?

My question earlier "how do you know if a guy likes you?"

For Sale: One blue bicycle

Fuckety fuck fuck: Has this ever happened to you?

When Is YOUR Birthday?

What makes a good turntable good?

What makes a cat a good cat?

I have been kept away from DU all evening!

Police: 300-Pound Hooker Robs Reluctant Customer

Why do auto loans need references?

Rosebud Frozen Peas

Post only bad advice, Part II.

new to DU-got some questions...

If you saw Christopher Walken in chaps riding a bobcat with a saddle...

DUers with bad tempers check in

i think the world is testing me for honesty

So what music have you listened to lately?

DU Members who work as temps and do it badly, check in here

Was this a fair hunt? Automatic weapons? Pic

A haiku

Britney? Pregnant? Again?

Mass driver

MSNBC: "Britney Spears' erratic behavior could stem from drug, mental health problems"

Sad Anniversary: George Harrison left us six years ago today

A really gross question regarding cats?

Get your Christmas Elf Name Here!

I'll see your 70's JC Penney Catalog and raise you some 70's Ebony magazine ads


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/29/07

There was a drug raid last night.. IN MY HOUSE

"As for the Pyramids...

Any fans of John Entwistle here?

The Contest is Over! The Mother of the Year Award goes to:

Street luging, 1922


Everyone have a great Holiday season!

Let's play Movie Chain........ #1 The Great Escape

(Dial-up warning) Look who's dating supermodel Adriana Lima! (DU women, is this guy hot?)

Day 1 of Adriana Lima watch has begun

Just so you guys know, i am going to be a terrible mother.

I'm gonna get drunk this weekend. Suggest a good hard liquor for me to try.

How long will Draft Beer last in a growler?

Joke of the day

My very first Indian wedding.

What is The Coldest Weather You Have Ever Been In?

It's my 49th birthday...

Can you keep a secret? Christina Aguilera is pregnant!

Lounge vibes please? I fractured something in my hand...

Posters of the Lounge who are also Jewish: Send me your favorite Chanukah poems, please?

Migraine Sufferers: What are some of the crazy things you have tried to get rid of a migraine?

My newest poem, redeemed from a homework assignment...

Post a picture of yourself... then caption it!

Mini Skirt

It has come to my attention that some people here doubt my saintliness

Happy Birthday qnr!


Report: Soldier died in joke that went too far

Soldier on leave from Iraq found dead

Air Force grounds F-15s — again

Army reactivates Rangers’ Dog Company

6,000 Sunnis join security pact with U.S.

Winter: IA duty won’t hurt careers

Harrier crashes in Arizona; pilot safe

Jones brings rep for independence to new job

3-star: Marine levels in Iraq to stay steady

DoD issues protest over China ship refusal

Trainers collide; all 4 crew members eject

Want to fly the Raptor? Get in line

Dragoons catch suspect linked to May abductions

Army prioritizing 37,000 GIs for first combat tours

Sasebo announces water restrictions

Japanese visitors get taste of Marine marksmanship course

Misawa sailors holding toy drive for needy families on base

Yokosuka residents seek suspension of dredging

Civilians in Japan see increase in post allowance

2 general officers lead Bangladesh relief

How to drop a bomb at speed of sound studied

F-15s Ordered Grounded Once Again

Hidden Wounds Lead to Drugs

NATO's Helo Woes

Gas-coupon abuses helped spur new plan

Next-Gen Robot Suit Lightens the Load

Afghan Airstrike Hit Legitimate Targets

Training in Arabic Culture Available

Army Instructions to Prepare for Funding Shortfall

Ghana Welcomes APS

Secretary Views Test of F101 Engine

Airmen Launch 'Care Strikes'

Czech site may host missile defense base

Aerographer Earns First EXW Pin

The Resister

Attack of the Robot Bombers

USAREUR announces '08 deployments for 4,200 more troops

Haditha Booming Thanks to Marines

Dana Perino on Wiping Computers

GHWB supports birth control

Chickenhawks, Brown Noses, Bullsh*t and Sellouts

Suicide bombers in Sri Lanka

Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21st Century

Republican YouTube Debate: Mitt Romney Refuses to Call Waterboarding Torture

Red State Update: Huckabee? F**k Me!

Olbermann: Blackwater Lawsuit - Steroid Use?

Olbermann: Firefighter Spies

Olbermann: Giuliani - The 'Direct-Ties-to-Terror Candidate'

John Edwards responds to Romney attack

power to the people vs give peace a chance

CNN: Gen. Kerr Sets the Record State on Clinton 'Controversy'

Election '08 and The Beatles: Part I

Joe Biden on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Huckabee Gets A Phone Call From God (No Kidding!)

Unbelievable: Bush says US cannont impose vision on the Middle East

Trent Lott's Likely Replacement Featured In Borat

Here's Mitt in a Nutshell

Shopping Our Way to Safety

Does Romney really stand a chance? The greasy slippery slimey smarmy empty suit?

Kucinich To Ask DNC To Reschedule Cancelled Presidential Debate

Will McLame now call for prosecutions?

I heard California may start allowing kids to chose their gender

About wealthy people.

An absolutely MUST SEE clock!

Anybody here have access to the "Dennis Miller Zone" podcasts?


I will take ANY and ALL bets: The Telecoms WILL receive retroactive immunity!

Roberts says God forced his resignation

Hadley on CSpan1now


Bush administration forced to turn over spying documents by Friday

self delete (double posted)

Briton Charged With Insulting Islam in Sudan (Allowed students to name teddybear, Muhammed)

Peter Garrett named Environment Minister in the Rudd Cabinet

Is it ever ok to kill a two-year-old?

I learned one thing from last nights debate.

CNN Cut Gay General Question on Replay

Free trade as long as it doesn't cost any jobs.

The Mississippi Democratic Party Platform

Time to heat up the “War on Christmas.”

How would I go about finding out who in Congress in the late 80s or early 90s,

Huckabee: "Put Hillary on a rocket to Mars"

Judge Orders Speedy Release of Telecom Lobbying Records

Republicans, rabies, and the debate.

Wis. Man Gets 69 Years for Killing Hmong- Apology had Ø effect on judge

"US Foreclosure Filings Up 94 Pct in Oct." .... 1 in 555 households had foreclosures filed in Oct.!

Algerian minister: Sarkozy in power thanks to Jewish lobby

Washington Journal callers have the worst phones on the planet

Fairlures of Occupation

* & Rove, Cheney and the neocons are worse than

Being nice is saying the GOP presidential candidates sound ignorant

How long until Karl Rove tries to tell us that Saddam hid his WMDs...

The Ghosts of Misplaced Conscience

Perhaps the best vanity license plate ever ..

Is Morrissey, the singer, a xenophobe?


120 War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week

Food makers pressured to cut sodium (Hearings this week?)

Vandals destroy 150 Headstones in Baltimore

Iraq: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Yahoo to put adverts in PDF files

Stats from Tavis Smiley commentary on Tom Joyner - African Americans and HIV/AIDS

“A 'surge' for Afghanistan?” Commandant wants more marines in Afghanistan

Republicans: "I will not raise taxes no matter if...."

Bringing down the house: my speech at my class reunion

US police file beard ban lawsuit

Voter Confidence Committee Gathers Community Support for Hand-Counting Paper Ballots

Russian Union takes on Ford

Enron: NatWest Three face jail sentence

Should the definition of torture for "suspected terrorists" be decided behind closed doors?

Who Is Defending Pakistan's Democracy? Not the Politicians, It's the Judges


Campaign Flashback: A Quaint Video in Which JFK Actually Answers...

ABC News provides an OJ countdown to next trial tracker

Civil Libertarians Warn of 'Patriot Act Lite'

The FCC is a perfect example of what is wrong with American politics

Hagel on Bush WH: ‘most arrogant, incompetent’ ever.

"Edwards Prefers Obama to Clinton" LINK ..(Will Cooperation Sink Hillary in Iowa?)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Giuliani Changes His Story SEVEN TIMES! Joliet Jake: I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire (etc.)

On This Date in Bush History-11/29: Free Press/Fake Press

Insane RW cartoon of the week

Hagel on Bush WH: ‘most arrogant, incompetent’ ever.

So....The Repug Debate was a heated affair... a "slug-fest" that

Watching Keith O. about Rudy and the Terrorists... Why

Daschle: "Rove has either a very bad memory or he's lying"

So Giuliani's Affair Cost Us Almost a Million Dollars!

New Edwards Website "" --Sign The Petition...LINK

Community leaders call for Kroger boycott over closing store losing money.


Southwest's oil hedge could save it $1 billion or more

NY Times Duped by CIS? (on immigration)

Henry Hyde died at around 3 A.M. this morning.

I dunno what the hell he's sayin' - I'll juss lissen to muh walkman

Henry Hyde's History

sL-IMUS's revenge on: Russert, Roker, Ford, Moonves, Newsweek

You Know Who REALLY Lost Tonight's Debate?

Conyer's HR 676 (Medicare for everyone, pretty much)--let's have it out.

"You must conceal the fact that you're black because the other members of your unit are in the KKK."

I Saw Two Shows Featuring Deviant Puppets Last Night: Avenue Q...

The ongoing war against Christmas-Battle plan X

High-Tech Drones Joining Miami Police Force

Does you bank charge high fees and if so, for what?

Let the Eagle Soak

caption this

I can kinda' understand how the people can not be up in arms to remove the bush/cheney cabal

Want a laugh? C-Span 2 showing old clip of Hastert praising Hyde.

TIME Preview: New 'Split' Between Bush and Cheney on Diplomacy

If you wondered how the Swift Liars gained traction, exhibit A: The MSM

Just to put things in perspective.

What's with the Kunich/Paul discussions?

Bankruptcies Up 40 Percent, Trend Expected To Carry Over Into 2008

Do Not Click on the French-Kissing Kitties Ad unless you enjoy

yet another Repub who lacked empathy

Clinton's Closed Campaign Site Model = Closed, Corporatist Administration?

Drama on MSNBC...

My letter to the editor in response to another LOE in my hometown paper

Chavez and the American msm news coverage

Politico Editor: It Looks Like Someone Helped Rudy 'Cover His Tracks' During Affair

Leahy: Bush not involved in US Attorneys Firings

Political Bumpers... what we drive and who we vote for

Is the net tightening on Nazi 'Dr Death'? (BBC)

REMINDER - Thom Hartmann's Air America on HR 1959 THIS MORNING

Yet another bogus press conference exposed....

ok, how about a Kucinich vs Paul race in 2008....

B. Clinton defends Bush. Says he supported "the Iraq thing"

REMINDER: Naomi Klein on Keith Olbermann Countdown tonight

Anyone watch the Repugnant party's Bad Teeth Brigade? Oogh, I just wanted to hand out

The mythology of The All-Volume One.

Salon: "The Godawful GOP Debate"

Another Gore supporter throws in the towel.

Does height and name influence who is President

Funny accents


Republicans complaining because a Democrats question got asked

War Criminal Richard Perle Grooming Future Ahmad Chalabis For Syria, Iran

Bank robber may see lottery win scratched

Iron Shell: Wondering on Turkey Day

I Am Crying , Henry Hyde Died.......

Well, it's been a week since Scotty's bombshell announcement

Fascinating: "Where to find progress in Iraq"

NY Public Library Exhibit Features Fake Mug Shots of Bush Administration

Even Dictators Get Weepy Sometimes

Manhattan DA says Citi Abu Dhabi deal 'a sad day'

Wall Street Journal: As Medical Costs Soar, the Insured Face a Huge Tab ($1.2 M Bill after PADDING):

Why does it matter who asked question last nite?

John Gibson - Media Putz of the Week

Inspiring Presidential Quotes

ABC New has an OJ trial tracker up and running

House passes legislation to designate a Native American Heritage Day

Politico editor: It looks like someone helped Rudy 'cover his tracks' during affair

Kick the habit. It doesn't hurt one little bit.

Caption this taker of terrorist money.

Court orders Bush administration to disclose telecom ties.

Aid shrinks as Iraq's internal refugee tally grows

What a guy! I guess all is forgotten, ha?

More Than One Billion Trees Planted in 2007: UN

Deadly cholera threatens Iraq's children

FDA: Flu Drugs Affecting Kids' Behavior

The Bush Family Gets Away with Crimes That Would Land Anyone Else in Jail

"Electronic Aggression"..

This morning Faux announced that "Statesman" Henry Hyde died!

WH: Congress has taken 70 days of vacation since receiving the war funding request in February


Obama would offer both Al Gore and Bill Clinton a position in his administration

"CBS And WGA In Messy Pissing Match Over Katie's Cancelled Democratic Debate"

My first thread and an attempt to start a chain email. (Re: "God, the Professor, and the Marine")

Juan Cole on McCain's "new low of despicable looniness, at the Republican debate"

Where is the dim one today?

RIAA funding might be cut by EMI

Export demand for Chinese toys rise despite US recalls

Bush is not just the worst President ever....

Rodney King shot in San Bernardino

"Iran Revolutionary Guard Controls Iran's Navy"

Caption this pic:

Baer re: Giuliani: "...a guy who could be president who's taking money...that harbored terrorists"

Bush Adminstration Forced to Turn Over Spying Documents by Friday

Exploding Cell Phone Kills South Korean Man

Oh, man, bin Laden just has a new Top 40 release. Just in time to

HELSINKI PROCESS: Consensus Against Neoliberal Washington Consensus

I have been hunting all over Colbert Nation & Comedy Central..

Does anybody think that swearling an oath means ANYTHING to the Party Of Lies?

Let me just check my notes - * pics

Caption this Pic!

Interesting conversation with a co-worker today

Question about the Siegelman case

Self-appointed enforcers of Islamic law spread influence in Egypt

China: Navy spat not a misunderstanding. Response to the Dalai Lama

Iraq: 35 US Soldiers Dead in November. Are we supposed to cheer for this?

Are you listening to Randy Rhodes?

Will the Congress that shows up in January be the Congress that should have

CT Scan Radiation Increases Cancer Risk

Leahy threatens contempt citations and presto -- Bin Laden tape appears

Name that republican:

Shit for brains on the tube now bitching at congress for not giving him money

British Comedian Keith Allen takes on the Westboro Baptist Church

Hagel: Bush administration is 'incompetent' and he would consider joining a Dem ticket

Want to "prove not only idiots like Coulter and O'Reilly can move some paper?" Buy Olbermann's book!

McCain: BUSHCO Is Guilty Of War Crimes

Too funny

A question about foreclosure.

To the Pelosi apologists.

LinkTV - Dec 3 - International Day of Disabled Persons

BREAKING: "Chaser's War On Everything" TV Show Admits Rigging Australian Elections!

Updates on America’s Most Prominent Political Prisoner, Gov. Don Siegelman

I am all for domestic spying, and more

A German Journalist´s View: The Depressed Superpower

About Rudy's security/travel mess.

Caption this pic

TIME Preview: New 'Split' Between Bush and Cheney on Diplomacy

Why can't the neighbors mow their own lawns; not let the city do it for them?

Jack Cafferty has an excellent question about mundane details:

Citigroup Abu Dhabi deal signals trouble ahead

Do you think America will ever recover? Do you think things will inevitably get worse? (Rant)

Republican Primary Voters have to sign Loyality Oath to GOP

It will feel so good...

Iraqi lawmakers protest ‘humiliating’ treatment by U.S

RFK Jr. Endorses Hillary Clinton

Graveyard shift work linked to cancer

So the surge is working, eh? Fine-Then Bush Should Be Impeached.

"Hey, Fred. You lure Giuliani out to the parking lot and I'll go get my baseball bat."

I want to know why the people of Ar. don't support Huckabee.

Library exhibit features 'mug shots' of President Bush, White House officials

The Freepers are starting some shit

Tribal Awakening or Rude Awakening in Iraq?

Report: 1M Illegal Immigrants Living In Fla.

Scott Horton: Updates on America’s Most Prominent Political Prisoner (Siegelman)

US: "The voice appears to be that of bin Laden"

GOP Debate Pics You Might Not Have Seen

The Road to Riches (and national ruin, if you ask me) Is Called K Street

This dimwit on Randi's show is astonishing

The NY Fire Department being trained by the Bush/Chertoff Department of SNOOPS a/k/a

Republicans, scabies, and the permethrin

Brit teacher in Sudan found guilty - escapes flogging

Thursday TOONS part 1: Republican nuts debating

If you see no other movie in yr life, make sure to see this one:

Pope invites senior muslims to a meetin'

Tweety is obviously not impressed with Hukcabee

Phil Kline, KS DA, continues to lie.

The Chávez revolution remains the most original and democratic experiment in Latin America

Rudy might have committed a felony with this one.

Mayor Refuses To Lower Flags For Fallen Firefighter

Sen. Obama moves up, and the Wash Post stoops to new low to bring him down, cbs piles on

"We are where we were with the black folks after the Revolutionary War-We can't send them back"


driving down federal highway today i spotted the following bumper sticker:

The January 26th Committee

Why did the other republicans let Rudy off the hook regarding booty gate and terrorism cash?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Endorses Sen. Clinton

Don't know why I answered the phone. This America first crap is disgusting.

has this been discussed yet? Tom Udall formally entered race for NM Senate!

le DU, c'est chaud - DU is hot! (condensed heating advice)

A PTSD Story: Gavin

Security v. Civil Liberties - How much domestic spying are you willing to "live with?"


Do we have to let him in? - pic

How many people are disappointed in their "progressive" representative?

I thought I would let my fellow DUers know, I flipped off *'s copter

Thursday TOONS part 2: Peace, economy, and other impossible things

Is it creepy and/or gross when people gather somewhere else on the Internet to talk junk about DU?

Has anyone seen or heard from Dick Cheney since his heart shock from this past Monday?

Tainted food killed 224 pets in latest tally

Oh Man! This One's A KEEPER!!!! LOL!

The Yearly War on Christmas: My LTTE in my small red town

Dick Is NOT Looking Well ---pix--->>>

The perfect gift for the Republicans in your family is carbon offsets.

7.4 Richter-scale earthquake rocks the Caribbean from Martinique to

Rudy Ghooliani: Is your impression of the man Honesty?

I got a cheap and oh-so-satisfying stocking stuffer today...

Report: Dem-Turned-GOPer Kennedy To Challenge Landrieu

So...When the scandalous news comes out..

Verizon Phone company's foot-dragging stymies police, owner in search for dog's torturers

Cop tasers pregnant woman (video)

Michigan Lawyers and Caregivers--HELP! Emergency With Adult Protective Services

Rasmussen: Tie in Iowa,... Edwards tops list of 2nd Choices ....LINK

WTF?! Hubby got unsolicited mail from Riyadh today!

GOP Elimination: Which Loon Should Go First?

Air America & Jones Radio Back on the Air in Columbus, OH

10 Reasons to Suspect "Save Darfur" is a PR Scam

Video of man being tasered earlier today.

Regarding Republicans and taxes...

111,111 users, Just for those who find such significant. nt

The Whitehouse Menu for Holiday Receptions....

Question: Why does the BBC (3&4 especially) does not find the "F" word as well as

I think I can take this.

FLASHBACK: Mike Huckabee’s Phone Call From God

look what my son's being taught in HS....his homework assignment

Firefighters asked to report people who express DISCONTENT with the government

7.3 Earthquake in Martinique

(IL-19) Durbin supports McMenamin for Congress

An Australian mirror?: The Party Is Over. We Are a Civilisation in Collapse

Local Law Enforcement "Centers" Using Intell For Non-Terrorist Related Law Enforcment

So who are the Nazi appeasers again? An open letter to John McCain.

Pat Robertson: Yoga is 'evil'

Study: Same-Sex Marriage Beneficial to Economy

Our Tragic State of Nation

Wis. Man Faces Charges in Miscarriages

Michael Moore cut this scene from Sicko because no one would believe it

Nancy Pelosi is not a traitor. full stop.

Rudy compromised national security through his affair with Judi

In case nobody else posted about this: Chavez is now officially a complete asshole.

DU makes the top 10

I hate being in this position. Should Kucinich supporters throw it behind Edwards?


H.R. 1955: National Lawyers Guild & Society of American Law Teachers in Opposition

What if a Kucinich/Paul ticket could actually win?

Giuliani Use of NYPD to transport Nathan a Class E Felony, Defrauding the Government - LIKE HEVESI

When Does it Become Fascism?

Botox is tested on animals first!

Edwards: "Here's an Inconvenient Truth. If You Want to Reverse Global Warming...

If blacks are a part of this country ...

Dodd Secures Public Financing, Biden To Follow?

Edwards Draws Link Between Clinton, Lobbyists With New Site

Was today's repig debate the most disturbing?

I believe

VIDEO: GOP candidates speak on gay Republicans and military ban

I'm Curious: Who Would Make a Better VP? Ron Paul or Joe Lieberman?

Des Moines Register editorial on "The Oprah Factor"

Obama Invests in Feb. 5 Strategy

"I want to appeal to everyone".

Free advice to our party - FDR's 4 Freedoms (Hey! Edwards! Read this!)

Re: The Gay General

'To hear President Clinton was supportive really silenced whatever questions I had'

Debunked Edwards TV ad still running constantly in New Hampshire

Wyden/Obama seeks rating system for credit cards

Susan Lynch Endorses Clinton For Democratic Nomination

Poster on NYT blog summed up last nights debate perfect

So yesterday it's revealed- with convincing evidence- that Rudy bilked taxpayers to fund his trysts

Another blah poll for Clinton

Linda Nelson, president of Iowa's State Education Association to endorse Obama!

Henry Hyde Dies At 83

wow, Guiliani also tied to 9-11 attackers, what more is going to come out?

Two Who Walk the Walk


Rasmussen-Tighter Than A Tick In The Hawkeye State - The Hill 27% Obama 25% Edwards 24%

Wingnut whining: "There were Democrats asking questions at the YouTube debate!"

With all the hoopla over the Annapolis talks, people in the US have to

Giuliani, Thompson now only viable GOP candidates

Bush! The most forgotten man in the debate last night.

k Street Endorsements, here is the LIst:

Here's another story about Rudy, yet to hit the MSM...but hopefully, will

Did anyone else notice something about the Republican debate?

Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh

ha ha! Dem infiltration of GOP debate?

Youtuber's Social Security Question

Florida Sun Sentinel Prints Dueling Columns on Cheney Impeachment

Rasmussen Tracking: Clinton 38 (-2) Obama 24 (+6) Edwards 13 (even)

Weekly Standard's William Kristol on why some Republicans like Obama

Summary of last nights debate

the Rudy/Mitt word fight was amusing

John Edwards to be on Charlie Rose tonight

Presidential Race Calendar - Thursday

Biden: One of top 3 Dems will fall in Iowa

Interesting- Latest Biden email...

Huckabee will not be the nominee

WP,pg1: Foes Use Obama's Muslim Ties to Fuel Rumors About Him

CNN Apologizes — Kerr Denies Coordination With Hillary Campaign (VIDEO)

If Hillary DID plant a question at the GOP debate, wouldn't that be cool?

Ron Paul equals trillions of dollars in savings on military spending

Why Rudy Giuliani won't get the Republican nomination and wouldn't win even if he did

CNN Rejects 5,000 YouTube Questions Submitted By The Public To Give Airtime To Grover Norquist

Edward's new website targets Hillary

Giuliani accuses Mitt of having illegal immigrants keeping his mansion.

All this media BS about "liberal" questions...and that idiot who fondled his "baby" gun @Dem debate?

9-year old suspended for 'hate crime' (used the B word = Brown)

John Edwards on Countdown tonight!

Republican Card Game

Breaking Rasmussen: Hillary Clinton slips below 40% level for just second time since late September

Edwards Campaign: Education leaders endorse John Edwards for president

Maybe Michigan Could Play An Influential Role In The Primaries By Being Non-Committal?

When it comes to endorsing candidates, who are the real heavyweights?

Democrats 2008: Hillary 47%, Obama 18%, Edwards 16%

Stupak backing Edwards

Question Regarding KO And Tweety

Poll: _____ is the Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

GOP Debate- not one question about healthcare, the environment, civil rights-I worry about 2008

Who is more authentic: Huckabee or Hillary?

Has MSNBC stopped printing transcripts?

Will the winner in Iowa be the eventual nominee?

Who Is More Authentic- Huckabee Or Ahmadinejad

Gotta share this, more of that gop compassion.

Politifact fact checks the GOPers from the CNN/YouTube debate:

Ron Paul-- something I've noticed missing from the discussions here


Hillary Leads GOP Rivals in United States

Obama Finds His Moment

Leading the pack

National Enquirer's affair rumor dispelled, says John Edwards

Flashback: Barry Goldwater on gays in the military

The Idiot, Decider... MORE THREATS!! Anyone Placing Bets Whether

I don't think the Ron Paul consideration by Kucinich means he's right wing, just that he's

Who will be our POLITICAL MESSIAH?!?!

How could Hillary boost Edwards?

Hillary is Still the Strong Favorite

Huck's on Tweety...

Would Kucinich / Paul 08 as independents sink the Democrats?

1/4 of Blackwater guards on steroids

Amalgamated Transit Union Endorses Clinton

GOP candidates implode on stage but what's the big story?? A Hillary plant.

So Hillary is a lesbian and Giulinni is a philanderer

Obama climbs 7 points in three days!!!

Washington Post reported only Obama's denials of madrassa smear, not media debunkings

Bill Clinton's Claim of Opposing Iraq War From Outset Disputed

Hillary & Obama supporters...

Here's what's sad about the whole Kucinich kerfuffle.

SC Poll: Clinton 19%, Obama 17%, Edwards 12% (Clinton down; Obama and Edwards up)

Washington Post calls Obama Muslim smear "falsehood" in email, 'rumor' on front page

Which candidate benefits from bin laden tape BS being pulled out on CNN again

Hillary ahead in NH polls:

WaPo Reporter Responds To All The Criticism Of Front-Page Obama Muslim Piece

Did anyone else get the idea from last night's debate that Thompson is running to be Giuliani's VP?

match the repub with their debate summary

Polls show Hillary wins in Head to Head competition:

Survey Suggests Hillary Clinton is the Overwhelming Favorite Among LGB Voters

The dimensions of Bill Clinton's mistake on Iraq

How That Streisand Endorsement Came About (Hint: Not Like Buttah!) :: Hillary's people polled it.

Calling All Buckeyes! OHIO CAUCUS INFO!

Rudy claims hit job but-doesnt deny using taxpayer money for his affair

Bwahahahaha! Thank you Republican candidates!

Deceased still lining political coffers, to tune of half-million

Douglas Wilder cools on Obama

Hillary Clinton: Most famous. Least known?

Did Rudy abuse taxpayer money? (Vote in this Newsday poll)

I love a good quote

Drudge is now LYING and headlining that Hillary "planted" the gay General

Senator Leahy rules WH "executive privilege" stonewalling on Rove et. al. subpoenas "invalid"

Within the next 2 weeks, we should have a pretty good idea

Real Clear Politics summary for Today shows Hillary leads:

Hillary ahead in SC polls:

This avalanche of bad news coming out on Ghouliani....

Clark fundraising for OH-05 Special Election: Robin Weirauch

The Rude Pundit: Batshit in St. Pete - The Republican Debate

Aide: Bill Clinton was briefed by Bush WH on Iraq war plans and "said he supported the invasion"

Obama - Richardson ticket is unbeatable!!!

Obama: "if they come at me hard, I will come back at them harder."

TORTURE general made spokesman for our party ! HOW?!

And yet another world leader calls Joe Biden

Please join me in a big FUCK YOU to the Washington Post

First Musharraf and Bhutto now . . .

Clinton campaign did polling on Streisand endorsement.

POLL Finds Clinton Has Support of 63% of LGB Likely Voters (lots of interesting findings here)

Iowa - Hillary's dropped to 3rd among "certain" caucus participants and 3rd in "2nd choice" support

Joe Biden

OK Biden guys - chance to convert me here. Why him?

I'll reluctantly admit it -- Dennis has Jumped the Shark

Clinton/Reid end run the Nevada caucus (Rory Reid, Harry's son)

Following last night's debate, which Repub do you LEAST want to face next year?

Biden draws distinctions with leading rivals

The Republican Debate last night revealed something everyone on this Board should know

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. formally endorses Hillary...will campaign in Iowa for her...

Graying flower children lose their wonder - HRC v. Obama / op-ed

Black voters tilt toward Clinton: study.. SC Primary : Clinton 43% Obama 33%

Hillary hatred finds its misogynistic voice