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Archives: November 28, 2007

Abu Dhabi breaks from its past with Citigroup investment

Reid and Pelosi: Shouldn't We Impeach for Illegal War, Trashing the Constitution and Treason...

CONASON: GOP tall tales about Reagan

Windows Vista = NSA Spy Tool?

San Francisco Chronicle, pg1: Bush has Democrats crying uncle in budget showdown

How Much Longer Can America Lead Without Followers?

Guardian UK: Rove's party is over

Spanish PM Pledges To Join "Front Line" Of Climate Fight (Spain's GHG Output Up 3.6% In 2005 Alone)

Indonesian Study Estimates 300K Ton Crops Lost Annually 1992 - 2000 To Climate Change - Reuters

Indian Government Slams UN Recommendation Of 20% GHG Cut By 2020 - AFP

Sea Levels Along Australia's Northern Territories Rising At 4X Rate Of Global Average

China On Three Gorges Dam - "Remain Calm! All Is Well!" After 31 Die In Dam-Induced Landslide

UMich Researcher - Antibacterial Soaps Provide No Benefit Over Regular, Breed Resistant Strains

DU this poll -- aesthetics of wind turbines

Any backyard tinkerers out there?

CIBC Economic Study - Energy Efficiency Gains Swallowed Up By Increased Energy Consumption - ENN

Clinton's Letter to Bush: No Permanent Bases in Iraq

Judge Charles Pickering Pushed as Lott Replacement

'Not very good' Saddam spy gets 4 years

Bill Richardson calls on Democratic rivals to quit flinging mud

Up to 40,000 Iraqis seek asylum in EU

Canadian fighter jets temporarily fill in for U.S. air defences

Feds retreat on Amazon buyers’ identities

Blackwater guards pumped on steroids, lawsuit alleges

Chinese warship on goodwill visit to Japan

Trent Lott in Gay Scandal, too.

Hate crime filed in taxi driver attack ('Iraqi terrorist')

bifurcation of cognition

Britney hires a chauffeur/driver, who immediately decides she's a "liability" and quits

a secret mystic guru

For Christmas, I'm giving people little cards saying I did an hour of volunteer work in their names.


Hypothetically speaking, if I got a gun and shot up my neighbor's outdoor Christmas display,

Something fun to do for Christmas?

CHOOSE your Sensei: Gordon Gecko from "Wall Street" or Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip

Post your favorite recipe, but substitute "Joran van der Sloot" for the main ingredient

When I look at my young daughter.......

festive holiday sausage

*flips notebook open and wets pencil with tongue* So, where were you when this all started?

I need a gift suggestion for my aunt with macular degeneration.

The Food Network Will Make You Think You're The Queen Of Your Universe...

Many queer deer will frolic tonight....

Another call for Phyllis!! Dammit!!

All time best movie flights?

Meta thoughts about GD

Omigod! How can this be? Today, my C-64 is old!


Wow - beautiful placement of a "Touch of Evil" movie poster on tonight's House episode!

ever ask strangers weird questions?

Damn! Burt's Bees is Purchased by Clorox.....

What were you thinking?

I wonder who's been sneaking into my house and photographing my dog?

Self delete. Link is not working.


Keith Moon presents Bachman Turner Overdrive

The Furminator

"Leather on the outside...all woman on the inside."

I'm feeling snacky. What should I eat?

Brendan just go take it all off

Need good thoughts.... and vibes

Elton v. Bernie

Holy batcrap - I wake up with a massive fever and find out I'm to be pitied as a sad DU poster

Bert v. Ernie

I bought a wonderful box DVD set

Who DU We Love?

Is it really so much to ask for a Dyson Sphere for Christmas? Geez.

Beefheart v. Zappa

Who needs a hug?

Snowing outside, took this cool picture.

What is one line you don't want your grandfather to say?

Is it time for Santa Claus to move?

Dumb alcohol question??

I'm dreaming of items to stuff into my Christmas stocking...

"I gave my love a cherry that had no stone...I gave my love a chicken that had no bone..."

Today a 14 yr.old boy told me he signed up for the Army

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Antipodes!

Señor Wences. Sharp-tongued visionary or just a some bastard's lipsticked fist?

I am feeling snarky, who should I snark?

Do you hate obnoxious car ads???

I saw MrCoffee AND Starbucks Anarchist...

do you know what flavor country is?

Cornwell v. Burnel

Does anyone make a tree stand that isn't a goddamned piece of shit?

Catch the rabbit.

I have the most amazing sore throat.


Sunset tonight...Cause one thread just isn't enough...

Oh, this is classic

AAA is a CULT!

Devoto v. Shelley

Did anything interesting happen around here lately?

Match Game Story Style: "Douchebag Dakota was such a douche, he even _____ Caytlyn, his sister."

What were you drinking?

Is a nylon jacket waterproof?

V v. Q

Sad Fact about DU

perhaps even sadly, *this* is classic!!

Celtic Thread - post your favorite Celtic music

Richardson Talks Education in New Iowa TV Ad

Question to Republican Candidates from a gay active duty member

Two Minute Take: Dennis Kucinich in N.H.

Dennis Kucinich speaks at Dartmouth College, Nov. 26 '07

Dennis Kucinich Q&A at Dartmouth College, Nov. 26 '07

Glenn Greenwald: Everything that is rancid and corrupt with modern journalism: The Nutshell

Lerk's treatise on good and evil

Dover man claims disfigurement from botched colostomy.

If we want the Middle East countries to settle their border disputes

Self delete

Noam Chomsky: Not Through Annapolis...Peace Lies in Organizing Against U.S.-Israeli “Rejectionism"

Arizona's 'Cokeheads' the National Guard

The first of the "10,000 Men" step out for some "field training." (program against violent crime)

We've had several incidents of gas tanks being siphoned in our little village of

Media Matters talking about the California initiative

American Indian Holocaust Tribute in Los Angeles - Elizabeth Kucinich participates

At this time of the Year Remember Christ Died on the Cross to Save You

Hershey, say it aint so!!!

BRAZIL: Auction of Oil Blocks in the Crossfire

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE comes to the BIG screen

Anyone else watching Tweety-the-tuba tonight

China refused request from U.S. ships to enter Hong Kong harbor to avoid a storm

Many queer deer will frolic tonight....

48% of Americans think Military Intervention is 'Going Well'.....

Democrats switch tack, seize on economic woes

what will happen when "do the right thing" consciousness overturns and overshadows the "greed/kiss

Zapruder film shows Mary Moorman wearing white shoes . . .

If the popular Dem candidates are backed by corporate money

Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Stifle Research

Reid Aide: Bush Ignoring Will of Congress, Public on Permanent Iraq Presence

Tweety: "If we can't come home from Iraq, we are not winning. We are losing."

Remember when Zogby had Lazio beating Hillary right before the 2000 election?

And a Firefighter responds

"An Inconvenient Truth" too controversial to be shown

Carson Daly is dead to me now

Um, "Jackpot"?

What is more critical? My right to display the Confederate flag?

Sad Fact about DU

Aren't "Christmas Trees" a form of genocide...


Bush: "I work the phones, I listen, I encourage, I have meetings. I do a lot of things."

Tasers? The great Canadian Taser controversy on CBC's "National" - 25min piece - video link

Anyone need a job?

Self-declared skinhead gets 7-year term on weapons charge

Just Watched Sicko. Blood Pressure now at 375/298

Moving to the "center" does not win us elections, getting people out to vote wins us elections

If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy of the past century...

Diesel goes up. Regular unleaded goes down.

Flynt Chose Not to Expose Sam Donaldson


Minorities and females shut out of media ownership.

Is there a list of Republicans

What do Hillary and Hedge Funds have in common? LINK (Hint $$$$)

Judge put the whole courtroom in jail because of a ringing phone

Lastest Gallup Poll: Kucinich vs the others

A suggestion for a future tweak for DU board performance...?

HA HA "Certified Christian!"

Indisputable proof of global warming

I hate hunting, but not the hunters.

NCIS tonite

Question for those who have spent time in countries where they drive on the left

Nov 30th, City of Fresno "cleans up" the Homeless.. where will the go?

Why I F**cking Hate Starbucks

Katie Couric (on a Colbert repeat now) looks horrible.

John Edwards' Plan To End The War In Iraq

The First Crusade, from This Day in History

Anyone up for the military?

The entire election hinges on the moderates.

Anyone watching the Biden interview on the News Hour? I like this guy...

Colin Powell's Chief of Staff on Bloomberg Tonight: Bush and Cheney Lack Mideast Chops

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Democratic Nominee Faces Scandal Charge: Would the Alexander Hamilton Gambit Work Today?

Not ever giving the fuck up! And busy as a beaver!

Anyone see Karl Rove on KO just now? He actually claimed that Bush

So...does posting on DU put me on "the list"?

Okay, I smoke, drink, cuss and don't like guns.

Acquiescence.... I heard that word on Countdown tonight.

Just talking ok, could it be that Albert Arnold Gore is only waiting as long as he can to announce

The candidate I will vote for will look the American public in the eye...

From an Angry Soldier

Edwards responds - No permanent bases in Iraq

Trent Lott in Gay Scandal, too.

Eating GM foods is a health risk

Robbing Kids, the Dying and the Elderly to Pay Medicare HMOs

Psst! What About the Damn Economy?

Kucinich...2 Days Left for matching funds

Kansas über-winger Phil Kline busted

were viet nam vets spat upon?

Do you believe George W. Bush was elected in 2000 and re-elected in 2004?


Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

Lerk's observation on message boards

Senator Clinton Leads in Wall Street $$$

(sigh) More liberal bias in effect..(OK for Chimpy..not for Hillary)

Obama brings on Carlyle Group lobbyist as a senior advisor.

Would you vote for Ron Paul over a Dem. hawk?

Media Lavishes Attention On Bogus Zogby Internet Poll While Ignoring Gallup Poll


Obama: Rural Iowans want to tell the world they aren't as Ingrown as they may be perceived to be

Thanks for going after Obama.

So, How do you think Iowa and New Hampshire will ultimately play out?

Crystal Ball prediction time: what will happen in Iowa?

This does not compute.

Obama said "foreign relations" NOT "foreign policy"

First Read: "Weeklies Vie For Candidates' Attention"

Biden thinks all the Dem candidates want him for Secratary of state?

Clinton's Letter to Bush: No Permanent Bases in Iraq

Bill Clinton flip-flops on Iraq in Iowa?

The GOP's "Big Tent" Will Be Filled With More Than Just Their Usual Elephant Shit Next Summer

Obama 'The Man for the Moment'

No other campaign has asked Zogby for more polling data than HRC's ...

Found a great editorial cartoon look here. Bad Reporter

Seen on a pick up truck in rural Ohio......Obama sign and two others...

A Zogby **online** poll? Everyone's hanging their laundry on a Zogby online poll?????????

CORPORATE MEDIA Mantra - Oprah vs. Bill Clinton cancel each other out.

IF Hillary Blows It, Would it be the Greatest Political Upset In History?

Latest Poll has Clinton and Obama tied in Iowa.

Democratic Debate dates coming up

Remember when it was BAD that Pelosi talked to the Syrians? Well it's GREAT when W does


"BushII doesn't Need Congressional Approval for War with Iraq.."

Save Yourself a Subpoena

This week Adolf Hitler finally got on the cover of Time magazine

Kucinich urges Bush impeachment

Does the behavior of supporters affect how you view a candidate

Amidst all the hoorah over HRC's Poll vs Republicans Joe Biden continues his steady progress:

Zogby Defends Poll; says Hillary's Pollster Buckling Under the Pressure of an Unfavorable Poll

Obama: When Good Put-Downs Go Bad

Heritage Foundation Forum on Conservatives in Hollywood

DU'ers abroad or have been abroad recently...question for you.

Obama backs away from his "strongest experience I have in foreign relations" claim

Clinton flip-flops on needle exchange in less than five months

Big Dog: "I opposed Iraq from the beginning." (not true, of course)

From Fact Rudy lied AGAIN!

I hear: "No way will the Fundies vote for Rudy!" THINK AGAIN!

Who said "I have repeatedly defended President Bush against the left on Iraq..."

Madeleine Albright responds to Obama's attack on Clinton

Senate Race That Fizzled Honed Skills for ’08 Stage

Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh - V V

A Loss for Privacy Rights


Dahr Jamail: Military Slaughters Iraqi Civilians

The Singing Revolution---A Film for Our Time

The Official Countdown--Timely!

The Human Costs of Bush's Wars: The Pentagon's "People System" Still Doesn't Work

War-Making is a Socialist Government Program

The Reagan Era Death Squads Surface Again, This Time In Iraq. Which Ones are on "Our Side"?

Brokaw says 1960s' legacy still unknown - CJ

The Big Sleep

Consumer-Driven Culture Is Killing Our Democracy

The pResident himself, now needs to be pursued actively by Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald

With Our History, Spinning America's Image Isn't Enough By Thomas Palaima

Michael Fumento: The CBS report on suicides among Iraq war vets is bogus

Civil Libertarians Warn of ‘Patriot Act Lite’

NeoCon : If The Queen Of England Says Iran Must Have A People Power Revolution, There Will Be One

Mexico Floods, America Shrugs

Words fail me (WGA strike)

NBC Uni time-shifts with TiVo data

Missin’ Nixon by W.R. Marshall

Bernie Sanders: Global Warming Is Reversible

Robert Parry: The 'Triumphant' Neocons

Cheney's Strong Heart Recalls the Best of RFK- LOL & OMG!

America in the Time of Empire

Army of Dude: Photo Story Monday - Groundhog Year

Beltway Democrats Sink Dean For America: The Fall of Howard Dean by Joshua Frank

Welcome To the Machine

I Don't Think Mitt Romney Is A Racist

Older white women join Kenya‘s sex tourists

Impending Destruction of the US Economy (PCRoberts)

Urban environmentalism in the Bronx

Climate change deals another blow to orangutans - Reuters

Chinese Think Tank Sees Nation's Grain Supply Running 27 Million Tons Behind Demand

HP taps solar, wind power

Biomass Plant Proposed For Connecticut

Thousands Flee, Airport Access Cut Off As Flooding Pounds Jakarta - Forbes

2007 set to be 6th warmest year on record - Reuters

In Vietnam, CO Levels On HCM City Streets Exceed Official Safety Levels By 3 - 7X

Die-Offs Of Australian Flying Foxes Linked To Record High Temperatures, Researchers Say - Telegraph

U.S. greenhouse emissions fell 1.5 percent in 2006

Increasing costs for oil push up price of firewood (Maine)

Scientists to exterminate Rat Island residents (AP/CNN)

Mass tree-planting in Indonesia (BBC)

Massive Schools Of Nomura Jellyfish - Which Grow Up To 450 Lbs - Now Appear Every Year Off Japan

Food ironies abound - grain and the environment vs. meat and human health (a 100% biofuel-free post)

More than 1/4 of U.S. birds threatened: report

Planting Carbon Deep In The Earth-Rather Than The Greenhouse

Waste could light 1 million N.J. homes

On Greenland, Some Meltwater Moulins Now As Big As Niagara Falls: Subglacial Water Levels 500M Deep

Afghans: US airstrikes kill 14 workers - AP

Iraq to give US$8 million to Jordan for hosting refugees

Report: VA's performance on benefits slips or is unchanged

Baghdad denies Iraqi newsman's family 'liquidated'

Musharraf Retires as Pakistan Army Chief

Man arrested for shooting traffic camera

Afghans: US airstrikes kill 14 workers

McCain doubts progress in peace talks

'Hillary Haters' Out in Force as 2008 Votes Loom

Facebook vetting 'could be illegal'

Stocks Rally After Citi Secures Capital

Speeding Car Kills 2 Deputies in Fla.

Judge suspended for jailing court

(Iraq) MNF anti-parliamentarian practices obstruct quorum ascertainment- source

Hunter Gets 69 Years in Hmong Death

Reporters say Baghdad too dangerous despite surge

‘Massive’ malware barrage poisoning search sites

Jennings Drops Suit Over '06 Election

Bush economic adviser Hubbard resigns

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf Steps Down as Army Chief

U.S. general wants big cuts in Iraqi detainees

Deep Throat a fixture in Nixon files

Hospital medication errors widespread

PM, Bush to hold private meeting on Iran

Existing home sales fall to record low in Oct

Upper house votes to end Japan's mission in Iraq

Exclusive audio: Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate

CBS Writers Considering Dec 10th Strike To Disrupt Network's Presidential Debate

Mortar attack leaves 16 casualties in Anbar

12 States Sue EPA for Data on Toxins

RJ Reynolds to stop running cigarette print ads in 2008

Sex with Americans risky for Mexican hookers

4th-graders losing ground on literacy

Groups: Detainee cases far-reaching (SCOTUS to Rule on Habeas Corpus)

ACLU Warns Of Pending Intelligence Bill

Giuliani's hopes fall in South Carolina

Head of Rove Inquiry in Hot Seat Himself

Humane Society calls for Rudd to support anti-whaling (and send the Navy)

Some foreign-owned firms "strip" US profit-Treasury

'Chinese' tequila worries Mexico

Venezuela Chavez: CNN may be instigating my murder

Venus has frequent bursts of lightning

Former PKK member admits US complicity and released

Bush economic adviser Hubbard to step down: report

Army brass orders commanders to prepare cuts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 28

John Ashcroft: I’m Willing To Be Waterboarded

U.S. income gap widens, richest share hits record

Judge: Feds Must Release Telecom Records

Two Out of Three Middle Class American Families on Shaky Financial Ground, According to New Report

Lab Finds Toxic Metals In Wal-Mart Pet Toys

U.S. military kills civilians in Iraq, apologizes

Chinese tiger has nothing in tank

Saudis: 208 arrested in different plots

Bush shrinks federal pay raises

"Roberts says God forced his resignation"

Giuliani billed obscure agencies for trips

Cuban father will get custody in settlement (Miami's female Elián)

Chávez threatens opponents of reform


Osmond-gate: Marie's fainting spell on "Dancing With The Stars" may have been scripted

Addicted to Stacker

I know this is late but Happy Birthday Peggy!

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (11/27/07)

Woo Hoo I'm done!!!


"Once Upon A Time"- Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise

60 lbs ($54K worth) of pot found on interstate (Florida):

What would you think if you got this wrapped up under the Xmas tree?

Lildreamer's advice: Learn you car.

Stumbled on a new review today...

Why do people say "sorry, ..." for things they have nothing to do with?

Robert Kuttner booksigning tonight: the subject of Kucinich came up

Have you tried Banana creme Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?

Sorry, but Toyota Has gone Downhill

I know who I am supporting for President now!

Batman Fans: Empire Magazine Unveils the Joker

For those who helped me with my Christmas/holiday card

"Redline" The Movie

My 26,374th Post on DU!

A delightful love story told in just 3 pictures!

For your pleasure: Cool Art that Will Mess With Your Head! (PHOTOS and DRAWINGS)

Who here is a recommend slut?

The Singing Revolution--Estonia Against WWII

If you are missing 60 pounds of pot please call the Tampa office

youth against fascism

Dennis Kucinich was the never-seen "Diane" in ABC's Twin Peaks

Free monitor cleaner

Where do you buy/find your holiday cards?

Which video is better

What is the best X-Men song ever

I will not be posting any popcorn smileys today.

Dennis Kucinich cures cancer

Google searches gateway to Malware

Dennis Kucinich rescues cat from tree, helps old lady cross the street

I'm going to walk over to the cafeteria before the students get out of class at 11:40

What Sort Of Gift WOULD You Give A billyskank?

Name a celebrity buttervoice....

Teacher arrested for naming teddy Muhammad

Why do people ask for personal information on business calls?

Dennis Kucinich: He doesn't have a name, so death won't find him.

30 mph, Nick Hogan? Nah, try 100+ mph.

I bet a buck and won $360

Associated Press corrects itself re: Marlo THOMAS's age

Dennis Kucinich makes GD rational

Lactaid question

Evel Knievel, Kanye West settle lawsuit

What is the BEST X-Mas song EVER???

Batman fans: Sign The Petition

DU men, do you wear panty hose?

Is Billy Mayes Just Annoying?

Hilarious thread pairing

so... last night I bought the MLB "2007 World Series"

Bank robber wins $1 million. May not collect. Probation violation.

thanks, I think I have the plaque now

I just want to say

thanks, I think I have to go to The Hague now

what will god praise you for

thanks, I think I have the ague now

thanks, I think I have to be vague now

Who did YOU see kissing Santa Claus?

Your tax dollars at work

If the kitty headbutts me in the butt, does that make her new name...

Rum balls a holiday treat

*now it's getting weird* Miss Puerto Rico insists outfit, makeup tainted

Life insurance has got to be the most boring topic on earth

My daughter (the artist) made this pinata for her birthday party:

Calling all golfers: my aunt is still playing golf but is getting frustrated because she

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Humanoid robot teaches dentists to feel people's pain. Knows if a feel was copped.

i just found $30 outside

Chevy Chase Rehired As An "SNL" Regular - At Scale

stupid gmail! what am i gonna do with all these invites?

I'm off on a 3-day holiday!

ohiosmith Appreciation Thread

That Conway Twitty clip during last week's Family Guy

Humbug! Best Scrooge Ever!

Serious Question: Do you judge people getting flowers at FTD?

Only 364 shopping days until CaliforniaPeggy's next birthday. What are you waiting for?

I Just Lost $30 On The Street Outside

Just a Thought....It’s time for Hollywood to come up with a Scalia movie starring Danny DeVito.


So what's worse? The checkout clerk who....

Tonight on ABC, "Shrek The Halls."

Who Else Is Tired Of Hearing About the Stacy Peterson Case

This may be the best LBN headline ever...

Wanna Help Me Write a Baby Shower Mad Lib?

War on Christmas. Act One: Dickens Christmas Festival will now be known as Dickens Holiday Festival

The Best All-Time Talk Show Host (Daytime)

"Dear Droopy"


Forget "e pluribus unum." What should the real U.S. motto be?

Quick, while she's distracted - redqueen appreciation thread!!

OK, I need some liberal bumper stickers after reading the other thread.

Do you think this is funny?

If the magnetic poles of the earth were reversed...

Thanks, I have the plague now - which one of you jerks gave it to me

Satan is a Herk

If you really like Celtic music and you want a fantastic Christmas CD

Danny Bonaduce is going to be in Penthouse

Well I'm never taking Lynnesin to my college book store again

Man killed after phone explosion


Praise the Lord! I just found $30.00 in loose change outside. It took a while to pick up, and the

Serious question: Do you want people getting tasered for STDs?

Thanks, I have the plague now - which one of you jerks gave it to me

Whose wurst?

ever hold a half million in cash in your hands?

What's for dinnah?

What do you think of ferengi?

GOATSE sighting in GDP

What Do You Think Of Endian People?

Rant: Student loan companies are so skeevy!

Gimme a D! Gimme an O! Gimme a U!......

The REAL War on Christmas

This is really cool if you've never seen it...

Mom sues school over YouTube video of disabled son being bullied by students.

How to stock a winter bar

Thanks, I have plaque now - which one of you jerks gave it to me

Neo-Con Bumper Stickers - post your faves.

Looking for Anti Christmas Greetings to piss off the Freeps!

Paul Rudd

Hot Damn! I've accrued 69 paid vacation days.

Breaking News: Midlodemocrat shopped at Walmart Last night

I broke down and ordered a sustain pedal for the keyboard

I Just Fell Off My Bed...

RICKROLL sighting on Youtube.

DUers, need help figuring out the name of something.

I Am Rushing Out And Buying A Penthouse

If you ... can come to work on time, not steal from us, not show up drunk, then come in and see us

are social networking sites like myspace and facebook

Who Else Has Read The Book Ass Antlers?

"Ass-antlers" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "ass-antlers".

I just noticed the Tim and Eric adverts in GD.

Has anyone else seen the ad on here with the 2 cats

What do you think of Ass Antler people?

Who Else Likes 69

What do you think of my ass antlers?

Still mulling it over: History Monster or History Dork?

Here's what's new in Canadian viral advertising (WARNING: some sexy lesbian bits)

Worried about people breastfeeding in public? IT'S COME TO DU NOW!

I Am Rushing Out And Buying A Penthouse

Ten year ban, lose your ride and prison time for pulling a wheelie.

Vegans, Vegetarians: Do you ever Struggle and give in?

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: The So-Called Seas.

If the 6, turned out to be 9; I don't mind ~

What do you think of Red-Headed People?

My birthday is 6/9, and my wedding anniversary will be 9/6

What Do You Think Of Strippers? (pic inside)

Wow, it just got really still around here. Where I live, that is.

I just returned from gift shopping, and I LOVE Christmas music!

What Do You Think Of Trippers? (pic inside)

Woohoo!!! I have HEAT again!

Woohoo!!! I'm in HEAT again!

What do you think of all these "What do you think...."

Dirty Santa Gifts

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia today.

To condemn gay marriage prohibition, clergy refuse to marry straight couples.

So I outwitted my stupid dog who keeps climbing in my lap

Serious question: Do you judge people getting tested for PTSD?

I need a vacation from my brain. Just today, within the last few hours, I have:

Ted Turner's land purchases questioned

What do you think of Dead people?

Everybody Loves A Clown: First look at Heath Ledger as "The Joker" from "Dark Knight"

Holy ties, Batman!

What do you think?


What do you think of Alien People?

IS 'Feliz Navidad' The Most Annoying Christmas Song Ever?

Who else likes 77?

Have you ever "done" a cat?

Why am I seeing all these pictures of Jumbo jets on DU lately?

BREAKING NEWS: Britney is NOT pregnant. I repeat, Britney is NOT pregnant. That is all.

I'm eating an apple....first time in a long time.

Signed 1st Edition of Junior's Karen Hughes-written "A Charge To Keep" for $75 on Amazon

Judge Rabrrrrr off the bench after locking up entire courtroom, nobody fessed up to cellphone

Hi everybody!

Do you Read and or Buy books from authors you usually disagree with?

All time favorite cowboy/western stars?

redqueen S*X thread, since she has a one track mind today

I wrote an OP that got zero (zilch, zip, nada, nul) replies, so I replied to myself.

Your Driver's Liscence can be viewed online!!!

What do you think of 24 Hour Party People?

Game: What Christmas Song Is This

What do you think of Up with People?

They just don't write'em like that anymore ..........

What do you think of dead people?

What do you think of pierogi?

Man arrested for shooting traffic camera

Oh, man, I may have rescued a dog... (REALLY LONG)

What do you think of freepers?

What do you think of Cat People?

ohhhhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmmmmm that feels soo good

Kwanzaa celebration canceled in Bangor. Threat to shoot NAACP members. 'Maine should be a white

Streisand's 'Whats Up Doc?' Who Else LOVES this Movie?

I'm really sick of the stupid ringtones on some people's cellphones.

Jake Gyllenhaal is such a talented actor, don't you think?

What do Indian people think of you?

What do you think of One eyed, One horned, Flying Purple People Eaters???

So, my mom says my aunt is not still playing golf .

what will god punish you for?

Parche is going to be in Mechanix Illustrated.

What do you think of Red People?

About 15 years ago...

What do you think about Southpawkicker asking us what we think about" What do you think...."

I don't have a tin foil hat. I have a stainless steel colander

Good news! Futurama "Bender's Big Score" is out on DVD! Bad news!

Britney's "Fantasy Room"..."white couches with hideous stains of diaper-changing and Britney's dog"

Is your computer watching you?

My ex rolled back into town the day after Thanksgiving

Whats the drinking game for tonights repub freak show?

Post your own Christmas wish list

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 11/28/07 (warning: very graphic language)

Random Questions

What is the capital of Alaska?

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the President his daily

Video: "Oh, God, NO, what the F**K?" Kermit the Frog reacts to "2 girls one cup"

Maggie Gyllenhaal is such a talented actress, don't you think?

Sweeney Todd!

Have You Ever Done A Copycat Post In GD?

Ever thought about joining the French Foreign Legion?

Vending machines: is there anything they can't do?

Any of you guys find $30? I dropped it outside.

Jury rejects 'small penis' claim

My kitten was spayed yesterday...and now she's insane! Help!

Santa is a Jerk

Christmas Trees

The lounge is where wannabes post for attention and responses are validation

Man tries to deposit fake $1 million bill

Did Brian Wilson have a stroke?

Hey! Hey, guys!!

Oh, Mr.Coffee!!!!! I found it.

Do you think round is funny?

Mr Coffee

I want a bumper sticker that will piss off freepers...any suggestions?

Do you have a list of 'stuff' you want from 'Santa'?

The next country the US should invade.....

NORAD ready to track the "FASTEST THING ON EARTH!

What Do You Think Of British People

What is the Worst XMas Song Ever?

Lerk's advice on quitting...anything

What Do You Think Of Indian People?

New pics of Ruby (warning: kitty pix)

It's not that the country store has deer heads on the wall.

Monkey Trouble!!

Serious Question: Do you judge people getting tested for STD's?

Female suicide bomber wounds 7 U.S. soldiers

COs must detail cuts forced by budget gridlock

Army chemical weapons monitor sues over firing

Army: GIs near Iraqi nuclear site are safe

Airstrike kills U.S.-contracted road workers

DoD: No repaying bonuses for wounded

Editorial: Give Young plan a chance

Backtalk: Self-service support

Special: Precision for infantry

Mullen: Time for Iraqi leaders to step up

McClatchy: Report: VA's performance on benefits slips or is unchanged

Military-themed phone charity makes bold goal

Veterans warily test waters of civilian work

Troops shoot, kill at least 5 at roadblocks

Poll: Public sees Iraq progress, wants pullout

Ex-Army depot civilian charged in kickback

China snubs perplex Roughead, Keating

No one hurt as Super Hornets make emergency landings

More than 100 demonstrate outside academy

Former sailor in terror case disputes evidence

Former lt. gets prison for having machine guns

Some question need for MRAP buildup

Inquiry into Afghan deaths delayed until 2008

Backtalk: Ready for war (Osprey)

Boeing studies how to drop bomb at speed of sound

AfriCom probably won’t own many aircraft

Prosecutors: Ex-guard at base hid ties to imam

Backtalk: Going with privatized housing is faster, cheaper, better

More Pacific airmen to be asked to deploy

Air Force officials make payments to grieving South Korean family

U.S. plans for Dal Molin altered, approved

Japanese base union plans Friday strike over pay cuts

Backtalk: Does the Bush administration care about veterans?

Capodichino base officials give single residents kitchen to prep meals

Fuel booklets taken in recent shoppette theft

Spouses in Germany have own predeployment training

Popular Iraqi general reassigned

Guardsmen Help Each Other Re-integrate

Posts Continue Pledge of Improved Care for Families

AF Builds on Energy, Environment

Iraqi Spooks Come in from the Cold

Self-Medicating Medics

Air Force personnel seeing longer tours downrange

NATO Short of Helicopters for Afghanistan

IVAW - E-Newsletter - 11.28.2007

Pakistan Retakes Taliban-Held Town

Bush's Middle East Peace Conference Speech

Howard Stern interviews Bill Hicks from 1993, This is part 2 of 2

Is Iran's Secret Weapon: The Pope

It is clear the president ordered a federal crime, Olbermann - Turley

Big Doggie Says He Was Against the Iraq War (GMA)

Olbermann: Bush Flubs at Mideast Summit

Fox News says “Blogs are Biased.” (Insider elite phenomenon)

Noami Wolf on WNYC radio: 3 American citizens held indefinitely as "enemy combatants"

Howard Stern interviews Bill Hicks from 1993, This is part 1 of 2

Howard Dean's question for the GOP debate tonight.

Olbermann, Professor Turley on "state secrets" and the law

Rudy Giuliani's Corruption Town hall Meeting (2001-Gets nasty with union members)

Two DU'ers get hitched

Will you take your time to answer this poll?

MUST SEE documentary: THE CENTURY OF SELF (Control of the masses)

any place where there is love

Former IRS Commissioner Everson Ousted as Red Cross President for Affair with Subordinate..LINK

'School of The Americas' is the topic with Bernie Ward. -- listening link

Lerk's view on life shaping


Rudy had lost interest in NY Senate race even before cancer scare

More: Guess who published the 9-11 book

Romney Supports Letting All Cubans Migrate To U.S.

I.D. Fees Further Voter Disenfranchisement

Everything that is rancid and corrupt with modern journalism: The Nutshell

Dontcha love the way that RWers like Scarborough

Businessman plans to donate $70M to Oral Roberts Univ.

Dutch court rules Srebrenica families can sue U.N.

Reporters say Baghdad too dangerous despite surge

Deceased still lining political coffers, to tune of half-million

Female suicide bomber wounds 7 US troops in Iraq

Alaska's `Papa Pilgrim' gets 14 years (AP)

SCOTUS: Why (your candidate here) is the best choice to remedy it...

when, "do the right thing," consciousness vs. the current "kiss the bushes' *ss" consciousness takes

ABC news crawler-Judge removed

OMG; on my other fave board they are running a pool for the demise of Citibank.

WJ this morning: The Meet the Press 60th Anniversary

digby: Don't Call Colin

Breaking: Musharraf steps down as army chief

I wish the Vice-President a speedy and full recovery

Major Defeat!! For Martin As FCC Scales Back His Cable Proposal

Seattle whistleblower pays steep price

Good people are all on the same side.

The Iraqification of Afghanistan

bu$h* and Middle East Peace....

Stephen King Suggests Waterboarding Jenna Bush

Three months ago, I would never have considered casting a primary vote for Dennis Kucinich.

Confronting the FCC

Did anyone hear Scarface go off on Nikka?

Stepped-up Army recruiting enlists many with problems

Bush Adviser Reportedly Resigning

Lawsuit Claims Blackwater Guards Abandoned Post on Day of Shootings, Used Steroids

Blackwater's Not-So-Little Steroids Problem (turning to Bud Selig for help?)

Lerk's advice on quitting...anything

whats a wednesday morning without Mark Morford

Just for fun: Tomatoes ... from an apple tree?

I saw a "Cheney Rove '08" bumper sticker this morning - serious or sarcastic?

Democracy Still Alive and Well in Venezuela

Fake News and Propaganda: Shaping Our Reality

look at the sheer joy on their faces - pic

a poll on candidates...

Paying the price for the war....

Hey Bush - the entire world can see through your little Mideast peace shtick

Has gwb had a stroke?

Atheists to erect holiday display (in VERY RED Chester County, Pennsylvania)

U.S. Mortgage Crisis Slams Property Values, Revenue

Teacher arrested for allowing studets to name a teddy bear Muhammad

Man tries to deposit fake $1 million bill

Let Carson Daly know how you feel about his crossing the picket line

Olbermann & Flying Monkeys

Bush names Hennessey as new economic adviser

British teacher in Sudan arrested after students name class teddy bear Mohammad

FCC meeting last night on CSPAN2 - what was going on?

MSNBC : An urgent investigation is being undertaken.. sabotage

What important issues are NOT being covered in the "American Idol"esque debates?

FBI says terror plot on Ft. Huachuca "not valid or credible"

Military Progress Doesn't Make * or War More Popular

Judge suspended for jailing court

This week I made up my mind.

Is it the norm every where in the world that murders have to be solved? I know in the US we obsess

Time to Hedge Your Home?

CNN calling peace talks a 'Breakthrough'

Richard Perle is back: Grooming the next Ahmad Chalabi

Huffington Post: Philip Giraldi on H.R. 1955

Demanding and insatiable creatures

Grim View of Iraq Dangers in Survey of Journalists

Tom Tomorrow: Special Bill O'Reilly super edition!

“The End of America”: Feminist Social Critic Naomi Wolf Warns U.S. in Slow Descent into Facism

John Ashcroft: I’m Willing To Be Waterboarded

Blackwater had dropped off the official when they killed 17 civilians

Female suicide bomber wounds 7 U.S. troops in Iraq

On This Date in BUSH HISTORY --11/28: Wrongs Admitted

THESE are the people to watch out for... PUKE ALERT

*Squeak, squeak* Another rat jumping off the ship

Do you think an Edwards/Biden ticket would be good?

Natl Lawyers Guild Backs Impeachment

Breaking: Wisconsin hunter gets 69 years in killing

Coal Industry Sponsoring Tonight’s CNN/YouTube Republican Presidential Debate

I wonder who is going to be the angriest?

RNC Paying Big Bucks In Treasure Hunt For ROVE's E-mails

Advocates sue * admin over Medicare drug coverage exclusions

Oily And Slick: The Scooter And Perle Show

Homegrown Terrorism bill can Obama stop it?

When Fliers Avoid The Domestic Route

Bush America

Bank official disavows letter threatening to withhold loans

Biden, Kucinich, Richardson, Edwards - Still getting short shrift by the cooperate owned MSM...

FL Republican legislator pushes to scrap public financing of campaigns


Selling the US by the dollar

“when I run into animals, I kill them.”

Musharraf is now a Civilian Dictator

Uncle Teddy's Endorsement Hold-up: It's the Judges, Stupid

Breaking: Cops bust nuclear material sale in Slovakia

The Afghanistan Counterinsurgency Academy (who knew?)

3,000 gallon chicken fat spill cause wrecks mayhem on Va.'s Eastern Shore

Reborn, from hate to faith - Former Aryan Brotherhood leader transformed by belief

AFA:"A year later, Gap continues to censor Christmas"

Afghans: US airstrikes kill 14 workers

Leaderless and clueless America heads for the trash can of history

Russia Urges Recognition Of Iran's Nuclear Cooperation With UN

Citigroup to lay off 45.000

can't win for losing - very sad

* administration appointee "may have improperly influenced" rulings to protect endangered species

Immigrants' use of healthcare system lower than expected

I was just reading this post and it has me wondering if the fact we don't have actual news

Is Chavez a fascist?

Facebook vetting 'could be illegal'

Wow! - Mexican leader: Machismo hurts women

12 states sue EPA for data on toxins


Important Question...Please take a moment...

As home prices fall, when will my city contact me about a property tax refund?

Chinese tiger has nothing in tank

the chimp is talking out of his ass live on tv

Caption this Annapolis photo op pic...

Florida real estate: FIRE SALE!

Oily And Slick: The Scooter And Perle Show

Trent for Rent cartoon

You supporters and your Rovian disinformation campaigns are turning me off of your candidate.

Good for the DNC! It's about thime we started letting the RW

Shrub At Annapolis Yesterday. What An Embarassment.

Google video on Venezuela Bolivarian Revolution and why the CIA

4 years ago, Edwards and Kucinich struck a deal in Iowa - could it happen again?

BANNED anti-war vid makes it to #33 on Neil Young's website

Don't believe for a minute that Repubs are bailing because of conscience

Dying to Live - Beautiful Ad Campaign

Caution: Taliban Crossing

Yet ANOTHER reason to despise William Donohue...

Do you know of a good bill tracking site?

Giuliani billed obscure agencies for trips

Bush Economic Advisor Resigns - Question

Visit the Wax Museum of "Overly Joyful" Leaders....

"Speculation is Rove was caught red-handed through emails and other docs"

My advice to anyone who is worried about heating this winter to check out the wood pellet burning

Lerk's argument: to those who disparage "conspiracy theories"

What EVER happened to..."Don't Worry Be Happy?"

"I just saw Elvis at the shopping market, but I refused to call police

CNN: American Public Can’t Be Trusted To Vote On Debate Questions

For Bush, the time is right for a photo op

watching the bush in the shitroom right now and I just now realized he really believes what he says

Operation Yellow Elephant: Blog Asks, "It's their war. Why aren't they fighting it?"

Sarkozy calls rioting "unacceptable"

Does anyone know of a connection between Blackwater and Base-X?

The best thing about * and the majority of this misadministration

"People think I'm a paranoid nutcase when I talk about this stuff"

Huckabee: God's Vote Only One That Matters To Me

U.S. Stocks Stage Biggest Two-Day Rally Since 2002; Banks Gain

ACLU Briefing: Connecting the Dots on Guantánamo, Habeas Corpus, and Torture

Home building brothers among 20 arrested in St. Lucie drug bust

My 1000th post !!

predict CNN questions for tonites debate

Alert to all ebay sellers!

Where's Dick? - each search gets about 1 cent for charity of your choice

Idiot Son of an A-Hole

Family Holidays..Heaven or Hell?

Computerworld warns of serious, ongoing malware attack on PCs

John Edwards speaks at rally for Striking Writers with Tina Fey, Tim Robbins, Kristin Davis... LINK

Crashing Citigroup Crony-Capitalists Fiddle While Main Street Burns

Anti-Terror Centers Losing Focus--- Looking at Street Crime

toy trivializing rape. WTF is wrong with people?

Will my fellow masochists be watching the debate tonight?

BB-Gun Sniper Targeting Pets

Washington Teachers Under Fire For War Protest Participation

Let's play WHEEL .... Of..... FORTUNE !!!

The president prepares for his big meeting

Fuckwit on CNN

Sexism and Hillary Clinton

Pentagon makes official protest to China

Want to understand the mind of a 29%er? watch this

Taser death sparks Canada debate (BBC)

About Sean Taylor's murder - does not the whole thing smell fishy?

Bu$h perfidy and his blatant contempt for the Geneva Conventions.

why can't we sell doctor appointments

Oprah and Babs are OK; Gore is the rock star

PM Rudd to formally apologize to Aborigines

Los Angeles Schools Move to Protect Student Privacy from Military

Diminished Buying Power: Thinking ahead, Preparing, Stocking Up

Have you ever noticed how all the Republican candidates are telling us how conservative they are?

The choice got easier this past week.

Iran Claims To Have Sonar Evading Submarine

Afghanistan Cannabis Crop Up 40 Percent--Finally, some good news from Afganjastan.

Jury duty scam

Giuliani billed obscure agencies for trips

Head of Rove Inquiry in Hot Seat Himself

HaHAH!1 Wingnut responds to wingnuts' obsession with Gay topics, and my reply to him

A Nation on the Edge of the Final Descent (IV): A Country Ready to Follow Orders -- Even into Hell

Violence in Somalia has created a humanitarian crisis without equal

More affluent voters aligning w/Democrats

Rudy is toast.

Grenada considering ban on gay cruises, reports say

Housing down, economy tanking, another rate cut likely ... and the Dow is up 335 points?


Lanny Davis is smacking Little Fucker upside the head.

Cafferty just said Rudy was lucky the Questions for debate have already been selected

Crazy Ass Old Man Wants to Shoot Kwanzaa Celebrators

My WalMart Doesn't Carry The Books or Videos of Progressive Dems

I have a 'concept' for Jan. 19, 2009

7 Decisions on Species Revised

I was interviewed outside the Republican Debate place today.. BUT.. LOL!

Wolf Blitzer will interview the chimp on the 'situation room' cnn

ACLU Statement on the Violent Radicalization

Rep. Henry Gonzalez, impeachment of Reagan and Bush

You’re not supposed to see this…

Why is it that the Dem hopefuls call the occupation a war ?

Are we safer? Statistics on the War on Terror

Still Standing

Why invite Syria and not Iran?

What If -- (Hypothetical Situation)

CNN Is An ACTIVE Participant In Planning War With Iran!!

"Deserves death - I daresay he does. Many live that deserve death.; and some die that deserve

Salvadoran wins prestigious prize for efficient, clean stove, but loses wife, family, life savings

New York TAXPAYERS Financed Rudy Giuliani's Extramarital Affair

Morality question (re: Joe Horn incident)

H.R. 676 Gains it's 86th Co-Sponsor

Who was the first neocon?

One in Ten Americans Went Hungry Last Year

In Seven Short Years

Brattleboro Reformer: Impeach Rally Draws Hundreds

Amnesty International re: Gary Tyler

Uncle Teddy Writes a Memoir

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

What has Hillary done as senator that should make me want to vote for her?

Set in Steel: Prison Life Without Parole (for weed???)

Aloha! DoJ Voting Chief is Frequent Flier

CBS Writers Considering Dec 10th Strike To Disrupt Network's Presidential Debate

Taser developing mini flying drone to taze people in crowds

Are you prepared for the coming financial crisis?

Is it always illegal to kill a woman?

Scotts to pay $500,000 fine over biotech bentgrass

Judge rules police must return 39 (medicinal) marijuana plants to couple

$760,000 home for a 26 year old making $15.00 per hour.

Rove investigator wiped computers

Inspiring Presidential Quotes:

I see "pro-choice" as very different from "pro-abortion" --- do you?

Pearlstine: Rove Never 'Merited' Confidential Source Status In Plame Case

Is anyone actually rooting for a recession?

Feds billing RNC big bucks to recover erased Rove emails



Americans will NEVER have Universal Health Care...Here's why....

Pity the poor cannibal restauranteur........

Hey, have we decided what we're doing for the War On Christmas this year?

I'm voting for Dennis Kucinich in the CA primary....regardless of his "chances"

U.S. Navy steaming from Chinese inhospitality


Morning Joe Show hits new level of sheer stupidity...


I've personally been robbed or burglarized (at least) 13 times in my

DU advice about keeping warmth in winter affordable?

Randi Rhodes Covers H.R. 1955 - And Nails It.

Friend of mine got hit with 49,000 bill - insurance pd 20,000

SCREW the Salvation Army. I'm so sick of this hateful

This post is too important not to share here in GD: "This scares the bejeepers out of me."

Uribe (Columbia) officials implicated in plot against Chavez!

The failure of the health care free market

Exclusive audio: Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate


Well, the season is already in full swing. It’s about time to make a choice.

John Edwards says "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was "always wrong"

CIA Venezuela Destabilization Memo Surfaces

all we are saying......

So, what do you think is up with Trent Lott?

YouTube Debate Raises Stakes (Sorry collection of repugs will face video questions tonight)

So Iran is the Bogey man behind the Annapolis meetings....

Bill Richardson is on Morning Blow--MSNBC. He's doing well.

Arianna Huffington takes a page from the Karl Rove playbook?

Every four years, the Pope tells American Catholics for whom they can't vote.

The Democrats on the Hill forced Bush to rush to war????

CNN suggested Dems' support for writers' strike compromised by media moguls' money

Will * Leave Office Being Touted As A Great President?.......

Wells Fargo Plunges Into Mortgage Muck

Clinton Campaign Launchers 'Nevada Caucus 101'

Company Markets Larry Craig 'I'm Not Gay' Action Doll

Déjà vu: In 2004, John Zogby Admitted His Polls Numbers Were Suspect

WP: Michelle Obama's Heart is in the Race

Odd bedfellows? Ron Paul, Tucker Carlson & Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel owner

Bush Planning Permanent Presence in Iraq?

The Rude Pundit: Batshit at Annapolis: A Picture Show and a Pondering

Hillary and the Politics of Disappointment

DNC unveils 'FlipperTV' (raw footage of slimy repugs on the trail)

Republican Iowa Caucus-Huckabee 28% Romney 25%

CNN pledges no Dem "gotchas" in Republican YouTube debate -- so why did CNN allow partisan "gotchas"

Ah! Humor! Kos diarist does great imitation of Tweety

Rush Limbaugh- "Zogby's My Favorite Pollster"

Democratic Party Launches FlipperTV

Richardson Woos Iowans With Education

Primary Switch Poses Problem (for Romney)

offbeat political stat of the day: Hillary buttons are biggest sellers for Ohio company

Bill Clinton on Bush uranium line: 'Everybody makes mistakes' (July, 2003)

What If The General Election Stage Is As Crowded With Candidates As The Primaries Have Been?


Before this goes any further, let me tender my apology

A campaign ad I made for John Edwards

Did Obama insult rural Iowans? YOU decide.

New Strat Vis Poll Proves Obama Iowa Surge is real

Joe Lieberman- Al Gore And Bill Clinton Supported The Iraq War

New Orleans asks debate panel: Where y'at?

Barack Obama: Govern by principle. Stand up for equality.

CNN-FL Poll -Hillary Clinton -51% The Ghoul 42%

You supporters and your Rovian disinformation campaigns are turning me off of your candidate.

Not that I want him to, but I think Edwards will win in Iowa if the other two continue duking it out

uh oh! Looks like Rudy's escapades in the Hamptons were on the taxpayer's ticket

I hate to sound cold and callous about Biden and his loss thirty years ago

Heres a thought.

Latest national head to head matchups available for Big 3 vs Rudy.

Are there any polls that factor in Nader?

Whatever happened to DUer AP?

Which candidate is "perfect" in your estimation?

Dodd Banking on Surge in Iowa (AP)

'Hillary Haters' Out in Force as 2008 Votes Loom

Mike Huckabee and the Coming Republican Realignment

A Battle-Scarred Edwards, Emerging a Fighter

‘Politics of Parsing’ Web ad a hit, survey says

A Mudslinging Reality Check for Clinton

Isn't it time to give someone else besides a white guy a chance

SC Palmetto Poll - Clinton -7%; Obama +1%; Edwards +2%; Undec. +14%

Some Candidates Are More Equal Than Others.

Clemson University Palmetto Poll - South Carolina: Clinton 19% -7, Obama 17% +1, Edwards 12% +2

During primary season, do you plan on .......

All R candidates are cramming for tonight to get their bible quotes memorized.

Who the fuck is he puckering up for?

New New York Poll- Hillary 56 The Ghoul 37 /The Ghoul 46- Obama 46

Is not being a "white guy" reason enough to vote for a candidate

Does anyone else find it odd that Hillary gets almost no credit for her African American support?

When a quote is taken out of context or cut short to make a candidate

Kucinich Supporters: Is it time to jump ship?

Surprising Stats (to some anyway) about 'Hillary Hate.'

Clinton wins surprise endorsement from wife of NH's popular Democratic gov — but will it matter?

Rasmussen: Huckabee now leading Romney in Iowa

"Mandate Model" Healthcare: Massachusetts Highlights Problems

Obama's Amnesia Problem

We're gong to need a really really good Attorney General next term.

John Hutson: Obama will restore America's standing by upholding our ideals

ON DEADLINE: "Good Bill" vs "Bad Bill"

Barack Obama is hip to Margaret Mead

The Atlantic: Obama Camp Spreads False Claim About Hillary Healthcare

Al Gore &/or Kucinich vs all other dem candidates!

Jan 5 debate - D's and R's - After Iowa - Before NH

NH POLL: Hillary lead over Obama shrinks to 12 (34 / 22), Edwards at 15

In Iowa, Mormon Issue Is Benefiting Huckabee

Obama explains stance on health care, talks international expertise

DNC cancels L.A. debate with Couric

The art of answering the essay question.

JUST IN: Dec. 10 Democratic Debate Cancelled

Biden: Iraq surge success a 'fantasy'

Tweety going OFF on Big Dog saying he was against the war from the start

Edwards and Kucinich... Kucinich and Edwards... Choices, choices

Kucinich Town Hall on Impeachment Televised Live Tonight

Why can't politicians just own up and say:"My bad--I'll try to learn from my mistakes

I gladly admit it.

The poll that really counts. Reading the analysis is mandatory.

NBC's First Read: Obama on Mandates, Bill Clinton

Now is it OK to not support Kucinich?

Kos: Zogby "interactive" polls are junk

"Michelle Obama Gets Real"

Was the Iraq invasion "wildly" popular in 2003 ?

Will Joe Biden finish in the top three in Iowa?

Zogby: Mark Penn (Hillary's DLC pollster) is 'buckling under the pressure'

Roland Martin: Clinton camp has problems doing their math

Obama's use of money questioned

An Emotional Joe Biden Opens Up

WOW! Check this poll out

How is Obama electable? He only ties Giuliani in NY

Sally Kohn: Are The Presidential Candidates In Touch With America?

It took John Edwards over two and a half years of the debacle in Iraq

Note to my fellow GDPers, when you find a hit piece on a candidate check the author.

Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown campaign for Edwards - YouTube clips.

who should we blame if we lose in 2008?

yes, I think Rudy is done. cooked. to a turn. too bad.

Lobbyist Money

Can you say "Gobama!"?

If Bernie Sanders were a Dem running for Prez, would you support his message?

Biden, Education, & UNI...

Poll: Is Bill Clinton being honest when he says he opposed the Iraq War from the start?

During his career as an attorney did John Edwards do any pro bono work?

Pro bono: being fair to Edwards

Edwards at the NYC Writer's Guild Solidarity Rally (11/27/07)

Biden. Wow.

National Jewish Democratic Council slams comments by Kucinich

Nov. 28, 2007 - Obama, Edwards Rallying in NH Democratic Primary

Are we going to support the Democratic candidate-regardless of who

i heard streisand endorsed hillary

I think it would be unhealthy for our democracy to have 28 years of the same two families

Is Kucinich a real contendah???

Edwards floats anti-lobbyist (and Clinton) pledge

Help me understand the double standard of Edwards supporters

Have your donation to Kucinich doubled if you donate by tomorrow

Interesting box she's in

Exclusive audio: Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate

One more myth shot down: Obama gets the most favorable coverage in the MSM (from kos)

It is not JUST that Biden voted to eliminate middle class bankruptcy protections. He voted against

for those who care to learn about Edwards legal career

Obama liked PAC money before he didn't like it

Do You Honestly Believe Bill Clinton's Story That He Opposed the Iraqi War?

Hillary hits Obama on health care - Obama's plan flunks the test

My Take - DU Results of Top Three Candidates